Get Deoderant!!

FOR THE LOVE of GOD Haruka Ten'ou slather some damn Secret on those hairy armpits of yours.

I dunno if Michiru just MISSES the smell because the rest of your damn landfill of a room drowns it out, but as a cat I can tell you it's F[BLEEP]ING NASTY.


You know, I trained the very fist Sailor Senshi of the modern age, Sailor V. And god, look at the crap legacy she's left behind. It makes me physically ill. I never tell her this, but Minako is SO DAMN annoying it's crazy.

If it's not an idol, it's clothes. If it's not clothes it's food. Or TV. GOD. STOP MINAKO. I don't CARE about your stupid obsessions! You're a MARRIED woman. SHUT UP ALREADY. Leave me alone. Just give me my milk and let me be. I have enough grief in my life.

You're a nice girl, but you're HYPERACTIVE. You need MEDICINE. OR SOMETHING. I used to think it was a man but I was WRONG.