Windows got my photos!

I took some photos with the camera in the iPhone but didn't see them in iTunes so I had no way to get them out!! then I realized windows will get them for me through the "Scanners and Cameras Wizard", because it treatas the iPhone just like a camera!! Isn't that CRAZY?! :D

Care and Feeding of your iPhone!!

I usually have problems with the batteries in muy Keitai because of charging issues. Tomoe-hakase recommends the following tips for the iPhone:
  • Charge the battery often. The battery lasts longer with partial rather than full discharges.
  • Try not to trickle-charge it when it's full.
  • Try not to let the phone get past 20% empty on charge.
  • If you have to store the phone, store it at 40% charge in a cool place. 100% in a warm place will cause the battery to age faster.
Wow... I wonder if this is what having a pet is like??

Must have Utilities!!

There are so many neat utilities for the Iphone that you can get through the installer!! I love these:
  • Summerboard - lets you have more than one page of icons so you can add in lots of applications!!
  • Voicenotes - turns the iPhone into a voice recorder so you can record voice memos to yourself!!
  • Stumbler - Detects any Wireless Access Points around you!!
  • VNsea - Lets you control your home PC by remote control if you install VNC server on it!!
  • Converter - Convert between all kinds of weights and measures and currencies!!
  • Locate Me - Uses Cellphone towers to fix your location within one kilometer!!
  • Splitter - Works out how much each person should pay for their part of a group meal!!
  • WeDict - Lets you load lots of dictionaries and Thesaurses on your iPhone!!


Changing wallpaper on the iPhone was easy! Tomoe-hakase showed me how! All you need to do is make a .PNG file in the dimensions of 240 wide by 320 high, and upload it to "/Library/Wallpaper/", and then pick it from the list of wallpaper on the iPhone!! It's tastier than eating out your best friend's warm cherry pie!!

Ringing Ringing Ringing

Making ringtones for the iPhone is tricky! You can't just use regular MP3s!! But I have the low down scoop!! And this works so perfectly, it's like when you smoothly drip hot, steamy dark chocolate onto pale, white ice cream and the flavors just sensually combine, you know??

Of course you do!! Well what we have to do is a complicated multistep process, like eating many courses in a long, passionate meal!

  • Put whatever MP3 or WAV you want to make into a ringtone into iTunes. Make sure it's less than 40 seconds long.
  • Left click the song and select “Convert to AAC”.
  • On a Windows PC the converted files (with the extension m4a) will be in:
    "C:\Users\[yourusername]\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Unknown Artist\Unknown Album"
  • Rename the files to have the extension "m4r"
  • Login to the iPhone with the STFP and upload those m4r files to the ringtones directory “/Library/Ringtones”.

And then they'll show up as new ringtones! Neat, huh!!

But what if you want to change other sounds, like the locking sound, or voicemail sound? Then there are other steps you have to take!!
  • Login to the iPhone with the STFP. Navigate to "/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/"
  • Download and backup the file you want to change. You're going to be replacing it with a file of the same name.
  • Take whatever sound you want to add into the phone, and using a converter, convert that sound to AIFF format.
  • Rename the files to have the extension "caf"
  • Making sure the new file has the same name as the sound you want to replace, upload it to the iPhone's "/System/Library/Audio/UISounds/" directory

And the sound should be changed!!

Teach a new iPhone newer tricks!!

I won't explain all the complicated stuff on how to "jailbreak" your iphone so that you can put whatever applications and stuff you want on it in there, there are plenty of tutorials for that on the internet... (look for links on the side of my page) Besides, you can probably pay someone to jailbreak it for you, or buy it that way!

The real fun comes from what you do with it after! So I'm just going to keep some notes on what I've added, and why, and leave it to you to figure out where to get them! Why? Because Boss-chan says if I get Ginga Sued again I'll be in rreal trouble!! and I don't want that!! The last time I pissed off a Ginga boss I kind of died!!

My phone came already opened up for me so there was something called "installer" on the screen. If your doesn't have it you'll have to get the AppTapp installer.

Once you have that, (and thansk Tomoe-Hakase, for helping with these steps!!) you'll have to do this to gain access to the guts of your iPhone:

  • Load the installer
  • Under All Packages, find OpenBSD Subsystem and install it
  • Under All Packages, find OpenSSH and install it

Then you're halfway to being able to access the insides of your iPhone so you can do stuff like drop in custom ringtones and things!!

Next you need an FTP client thingy~! Except instead of using it to login to a remote computer, you're going to use it to login to your iPhone! Wow, scary! But it's not!! Hakase told me the steps, but I don't understand them, so you'll need to figure them out for yourself!!

  • Configure the iPhone to use a wireless connection to your network. Get its IP Address
  • Using an SFTP client like the free Filezilla, login to the iPhone with the following info: Username: root Password: alpine (or "dottie" for older models) on Port 22

If everything worked, then you were able to login!! It's as much fun as eating a whole banana at once, taking your time to lick the tasty fruit and let it dissolve excitingly in your mouth!! Next time I'll show you what you can do while in there!! (in the Phone, not my mouth! HAHAHAAH!)

Wai!! I got the iPhone!!

Yesterday I went to Akhibara and got myself an unlocked iPhone!! It's so Kawaii!! I know I spent too much on it, but my old keitai was dying, and I can write it off as a business expense for Ginga TV reporter operations!! This is so cool!! I want to see what I can do with this phone!!

So what I'm going to do on this homepage is keep track of all the things I've done to my iphone and how I did them so other people can learn things too!! :D

This is what my phone, pi-pi-chan, looks like!!

God, it's so smooth and hard, you just want to run your fingers over it like a perfect chocolate shell~ :d