iPhone 2.0 Pwned in less than 24 hours!!

Not even 24 hours after the release of the latest update for the iPhone, iPhone devTeam pwned it again getting it to work completely unlocked, and run all applications!! As they said: "Apple will not really be able to patch it this time." Wow!!

  Hackers cannot be stopped.
Mizunomics01 12:16 AM 03/31/08

I love this phone so much!!

In the last few weeks I've put on all kinds of neat applications, like MahJong, Tetris, Solitaire... it's like a portable computer in my pocket!!

Everyone should have an iPhone!! It's more satisfyign to use then sucking out the creamy, milky center of a luscious Lindor's candy...

  Aya, I used to think it would be a good thing to get you off your obsession with food, but this iPhone love is a bit ridiculous...
Karasuma_Akane 01:09 PM 03/24/08

  What are your thoughts on the 1.1.4 firmware?
Mizunomics01 01:09 PM 03/24/08