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Holy Crap I have the answer
Wed, 18 June 2008 - 06:38:11 AM
Back in... '98(?) I downloaded two mp3s off the first Japanese MP3s I *ever* got. They got me into JPOP. I never could figure out what they were from. All I knew was the filenames were DPTVOP.mp3 and DPTVED.mp3.

I checked out all kinds of anime, like Dominion Tank Police to see if it was from them, but no go. Then, last May, I got into the Dirty Pair OVAs. I then found out there was a Dirty Pair TV series way before them, so I grabbed it so I could see everything in order.

And BAM. Start of episode 1, There was the music, and the answer to a f[BLEEP]king 10 year old mystery. Now, looking back on the filenames, it's so obvious.

And Dirty Pair is SO AWESOME. Girls, guns, explosions, no pretense at being heavy or meaningful Just fun.

But why does the team of a tanned redhead and a blue-haired chick with a rivalry seem so familiar to me...


Aya_Reiko 01:43 AM 06/18/08

Karasuma_Akane 01:44 AM 06/18/08

David Hasselhoff supports the new Knight Rider series!
Tue, 03 June 2008 - 04:56:59 PM
I know some of you (including me) had issues with the 2 hour revival movie of Knight Rider that aired back in February. A lot of that, I've learned, stemmed from the Writer's strike. They were rushed into production and did the best they could. Well, the new producer for the show is the guy who did the first Fast and the Furious movie, and he's promised to revamp everything, putting a lot more focus on the car, like it should be, and making the show awesome to watch.

But more than that, the new show has the Hoff's seal of approval too. don't just take my word for it:

The new Knight Rider will debut September 24th, 2008 on NBC.


  Pretty close to my birthday, neat!
Dr_Xadium 12:01 PM 06/03/08
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