23rd May 08

University of Chicago Journal of business paper on 9/11 stock trading

Just got wind of this, but apparently it's been out there since July 2006. The money quote:

After September 11, 2001, there was a great deal of speculation that the terrorists or their associates had traded in the option market on advanced knowledge of the impending attacks. This paper generates systematic information about option market activity that can be used to assess the option trading that precedes any event of interest. Examination of the option trading leading up to September 11 reveals that there was an unusually high level of put buying. This finding is consistent with informed investors having traded options in advance of the attacks.

Interesting stuff.

15th May 08

The Stressful life of a Japanese Reporter

God, I know this pain. The Industry chews you up and spits you out. I mean, look at this poor guy-- from 2004-2007...

11th May 08

Steal my blog

LOL and now I find out that even the CSS Switching layout thing we use here for those who can't handle iChat has been stolen for use as a *wallpaper switcher*.

Oh, what's next, maybe pretending to be a teacher at a school like our own sensei over here? Oh wait. Check again.

The slow descent into inbred mediocrity continues apace.

9th May 08

Oh man oh man...

If I said what I *really* thought about certain malfunctioning bits of majadjusted human detritus the Boss would probably fire my ass on the spot.

But I will say this much. They make the absolute freak that is one Furuhata Motoki look positively normal.

They copy and copy and copy hoping to claim even a sliver of what they can't have. The problem is they're such perverts they can't pull it off worth one s[BLEEP]t because everything devolves into some kind of demented pedo-bestial transvestite clusterf[BLEEP]k without fail.

I hear they're going to try and smear the boss next. One time they tried to smear someone else at Ginga-- and they might try it again-- but they need to realize something-- if they do that all they're going to prove is that the people at Ginga are:

A) getting some (which the cut-rate Planet Hentai folk aren't)

B) f[BLEEP]king SANE compared to them.

The Boss is already getting ready for their bulls[BLEEP]t. And frankly, I'm going to laugh my ass off. Because while I've been telling Hino Rei to get over it, if they keep this s[BLEEP]t up they deserve everything they will get.

And I will sit here and enjoy every second of it.

  Karasuma-san- ^_^b
C'est_la_V 04:34 PM 05/09/08

  Ara, this looks fun!!
Aya_Reiko 04:34 PM 05/09/08

  ... I still say you should just let me do a study on them. That level of deviance is quite interesting from a psychosexual dysfunctional perspective.
Mizunomics01 04:35 PM 05/09/08

04:35 PM 05/09/08

9th May 08


This better work. I need to vent.

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