12th Jul 08

My sh*ts are apparently trademarked by UPS

I was tracking a package (I pre-ordered a Das Keyboard Pro for myself, I spend enough time in front of the computer that I decided to treat myself) and spotted this notice on the bottom of the page:

"UPS, UPS brandmark, and the Color Brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All Rights Reserved."

(Emphasis mine)

What the hell. They trademarked a WHOLE COLOR. So my coffee, my leather wallet, Aya's teddy bear and my s[BLEEP]ts are apparently all in violation.

Great. WAY TO GO United States IP system!

  Well under trademark law they would look at the use of the color brown in context; i.e. advertising for a competing package delivery service.
Dr_Xadium 01:09 AM 07/12/08

  You really know how to ruin a good rant, you know that, X?
Karasuma_Akane 01:09 AM 07/12/08

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