Meet George the Giraffe!!

03/31/08 | by Motoki | Categories: So_cool

GERMATOID 06:42 PM 03/31/08

  I think the one in the middle, devoured by that eyeless giraffe.
// J_Daito // 06:43 PM 03/31/08

  datz a giraffe? tit loks 2 mi lik a gient spatted dik
.'~SugaBB_2999~'. 06:43 PM 03/31/08

  At least of them is a Linux User.
Mizunomics01 06:44 PM 03/31/08

  Linux and Fur, so good together?
SpeedRcrX 06:44 PM 03/31/08

  Ara, one wonders why they look so happy.
Mdm_Maestro 06:44 PM 03/31/08

  I don't know but I wouldn't look _happy_ if I was yakign the plush foreskin of a giant psoriasis-covered phallus
// J_Daito // 06:45 PM 03/31/08

  o i dunno geydite i tank _u_ wuld b
.'~SugaBB_2999~'. 06:45 PM 03/31/08

// J_Daito // 06:46 PM 03/31/08

Mmm... Cheetarah~

03/27/08 | by Motoki | Categories: Hotness
I so remember this now... it was one of the eye-opening moments of my childhood...

Thanks, Haruka-kun, for bringing it up!

  Don't thank me, just ... get help dude. Like, now. Like... right now.
SpeedRcrX 11:25 AM 03/27/08

Tiny Turtle is pleased

03/25/08 | by Motoki | Categories: sexy

...and so Am I....

...Oh yes


03/24/08 | by Motoki | Categories: angry
something broke and my page was down for a bit, I fixed it...

Hotaru-kun was MEAN to me on her homepage saying she thought it was good thing!

What, just because I like to wear a turtle suti and have fun with Kamekichi-kun sometimes is that a bad thing!?

  Yes and once he gets this blog rolling we ALL will be // J_Daito // 01:31 AM 03/24/08

I'm testing my Blog

03/24/08 | by Motoki | Categories: upgrade
Professor Tomoe over at Mugen Academy is setting something up at the server, I hope it will be fun! I want to bring my message of anthromorphic friendship to the world as soon as I can!

my best girl

02/29/08 | by Motoki | Categories: Lurve

this is my girlfriend that i met in this really hot chatroom on the internet where people do all sorts of cool stuff like turn into little babies and nurse on their friends and stuff! her name is NyaoNyao and she is a catgirl who used to date a space jock who liked sunglasses but then he turned into a baby and started nursing on his friend and so it didnt work out.

I hope she likes me wjhen i meet her in real life, she says she likes to have turtles for dinner, wont' it be fun to have dinner with kamekichi?

Here my friends are talking about my furpals. They can be so mean. Listen to the junk they say!

013 - Spotted Di*k"
012 - "The Greatest American Zero"
011 - "We Bear all"
010 - "A Satanic Jackalope Strangulates Sherry Lee"
009 - "Uncle Bob's got a surprise for you in his suit, little boy"
008 - "Gay Lion-O and Fur Molester Lad"
007 - "All Pretty Sailors should wear Fur Coats"
006 - "That ain't no rash, Cletus, I's a FUR!"
005 - "Goatman and ZebraBoi"
004 - "Gettin' down with Skunky Mama"
003 - "Strange Growths"
002 - "Foxy Dad"
001 - "Jockstrap Rabbit"


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