As the October 22nd re-release date of the Sailor V manga looms ever nearer, rumours and speculations continue to run rampant. I, Dr. Xadium, one of the two world's greatest Aino Minako fans, have spent the last month using my highly paid (in pocky and pizza) contacts in the shadowy world of the doujin keitretsu to dumpster drive, microfilm and even satellite photograph the offices of Kodansha to being you, the loyal Genvid reader, sneak previews of the revised manga.

Last week we saw the introduction of Ten'ou Haruka in a more extended cameo in the Sailor V universe, similar to the way Usagi, Rei and Ami had been brought in in the original version. Well, to the surprise of our secret agent in Japan, Unnamed_Mangaholic_Z, Haruka shows up AGAIN in the new manga, in what is described as a new feature for the manga-- "one shot" sidestories, which are basically short comedic tales that are one or two pages in size as a nice bonus to the purchasers of the manga compilations.

But before we get to that, I would like to take a moment to dispel some of the more annoying rumours the Moldavian Sailor V sites are putting out:

I hope this clears up some misconceptions. At any rate, back to the manga.

In this segment, Minako and Haruka do meet again, but once more they are in disguise under assumed names, so their meeting in the Sailor Moon anime and manga canon won't be violated. The facing page (which we don't have, unfortunately) shows a picture of Haruka and Minako standing back to back, with their aliases "Ogata-san" and "Rika-chan" under them, and the logo of... a certain TV show above them (the name will be shown in the scan). There is also a quick blurb explaining that "the secret missions of Ten'ou Haruka and Aino Minako continue! Their paths cross on a super-elite game show as they seek the identity of their enemies! Be sure to cheer them on!" The story then proceeds on the next page: (As usual, my thanks to Unnamed_Mangaholic_Z for the pre-print scan and NipponCha_Cha_Chai for the quick trans/scanslation of the text)

Please remember to buy the manga when it's commercially available once again. (Read from right to left)



As a quick one-shot sidestory, this piece shouldn't be analyzed too deeply. Minako and Haruka's aliases, "Rika" and "Ogata" respectively, are obviously references to their voice actresses in the Sailor Moon anime (Fukami Rica and Megumi Ogata). Michiru can kind of be seen behind the frustrated Minako. And Artemis never lets Mina have any fun. Heh. Tune in again next week as we see what's next for Sailor V 2004!