Sorry for the lack of updates last week, but while invading Kodansha for more tidbits concerning the updated Sailor V manga, our secret spies were taken out with extreme prejudice. That's right, our normally unstoppable manga sneak preview team (called by the Moldavian Sailor V fans as "those sons of yaks who make Tom Cruise look like fat inefficient Latvian clown, curse them and their goat spawn)" got smacked down--HARD-- by dark shinobi in the employ of a shadowy third party organization. At first we thought the Moldavians had finally thrown their whole GDP into the hiring of one lone bucktooth ninja named Sasuke, but then we found out who had ganged up to take us out. The dark forces over at manga publishers Shueisha. Shueisha?! But they have nothing to do with Sailor Moon or Sailor V at all, right? I mean they do Shonen (boy's) manga... right? Right?!

Little did our poor, shattered operatives know as they lay broken and bleeding in their hospital beds that they had come across one of the most profound secrets in manga history. Luckily for us, they managed to get the microfilm out of the studios intact, secreted in places best not mentioned on a public website. And now, the existence of the greatest comics crossover since Wolverine got to throw down with Galactus has come to us. It's an update so BIG and so MIGHTY that this week you get not one, but TWO pages of preview power! (Blah, we got smacked down by NINJA. we have no capacity for powerfully potent prose)

This week, as we count down to the October 22nd, rerelease of Sailor V, we present to you two new pages which have been added on to the end of one of the shorter chapters in the three tankoubon, acting as a non-related epilougue to the story, and giving Sailor Moon fans (well some of them, anyway) a crossover they've been dying to see ever since anime hit the shores of America. While the subject of the crossover is never named explicitly, astute fans of the shounen genre will recognize him instantly. And, after these pages, it's a dead certainty Aino Minako will never forget him... ever. As usual, my thanks to the brutally brused, battered and broken Unnamed_Mangaholic_Z for the pre-print scan and the thankfully unscathed NipponCha_Cha_Chai for the quick trans/scanslation of the text)

Please remember to buy the manga when it's commercially available once again. (Read from right to left)


Yup, Dragonball fans will recognize the old gap-toothed lech as the great Muten Roshi ("Master Roshi") Kamesennin , using his killer move, the Kamehameha on the poor, unsuspecting Sailor V. Two great tastes that taste great together (at least for the fan of manga. Takeuchi and Toriyama on the same page, at long last. Who knows what other surprises will be in store? Tune in again next week as we see what's next for Sailor V 2004!