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Legacy Archives

Suburban Senshi Entry #2221 - “A new era of communication begins! Introducing Mugen Messenger!!”
#2221 “A new era of communication begins! Introducing Mugen Messenger!!”
Excerpt Start - 10:41 PM 06/04/21

OKAY. I'm sorry I got us banned from Discord for hacking my client so I could install the naked Tifa theme. I'm SORRY the Prof had to end up making a whole new app for us to talk on because Twitter and Facebook banned me for s[BLEEP]t talking the Japanese racing teams that won't take me on because I keep wrecking cars, and I'm SUPER SORRY I got our IRC server melted because I tried to mine Beercoin so I could afford the naked Kim Kardashian NFT.
Agent McFUNderson
There's sure a lot of "naked"s in there.
ror shi neadz 2 gew 2 horni jayl
I'm pretty sure our little group chat is the horny jail.
The Intern
I'm still working on integrating this into the server.
♡ Darienz_BAE ♡
wow this is so shiny and bubbly and cool!!
Like me~
♡ Darienz_BAE ♡
That's MAMORU you exchange student jerk! Stay away from my man!!
But will anyone end up using it~ also, Haruka, tonight you sleep on the floor, dear.
Not the couch~?
you're lucky you're not sleeping outside.
SpeedRcr_X has started a private conversation
Hey Jed
// J_Daito //
How do I get out of this?
// J_Daito //
Go get greviously injured so she will pity you and welcome you back into her bed. If you like, I have a grenade you can leap on.
...You just want to see me get blown up <_<
// J_Daito //
SpeedRcr_X has ended the private conversation
This can't be the horny jail, Paisley.
ror bcuz he kant gat ani
I am :3
The best part is, he never tires. When we're finished, I just rewind the tape, and if I stuff Ruxpin-sama with a heavy metal tape things become oh so very intense!
You know, Artemis, if you just stayed in human form more...
Look human form for me is like a transformation for you. We only used it on Planet Mau so we could reach things on high shelves and work can openers.
It's very hard on the body.
ror abewt da onli tang abut u dats hurd
Don't listen to her, Artemis! Just train yourself and get stronger!
Moh, Cressida-chan, he's only good at telling me to train, he won't do anything on his own! He's super lazy!
* doesn't have to sit here and take this <_< *
=/\catablanca/\= is away
MOH! Come back, Artemis!!
C'est_La_V is away
The Vampire Lyrica Hubert has joined the chat
The Vampire Lyrica Hubert
Oh god what the hell this is so bright where's the dark mode I live in a blacked-out dark mansion my EYES ARE BURNING
The Vampire Lyrica Hubert
The Vampire Lyrica Hubert
The Vampire Lyrica Hubert has left the chat
Agent McFUNderson
I love the colors! I'm going to use this all the time!
It reminds me of the old iChats we used to have...
Once again I've missed the chance to dominate the means of our communication.
Mizuno-san what can you tell me about turtles?
As much as you want. You may rely on me~
...I'm pretty sure Kamekichi the first cursed him. We need to undo it.
Yeah, really.
Mako-chan, don't be so quick to judge. Perhaps you need to admit his true destiny lies with Testudines.
Texas Samurai
Ah heard of love fer pet's but that's a bit much...
This foolish association with the turtle is against the laws of man and god and this unhealthy chapter of this foolish life must be dealt with once and for all!
I blended up one of the Kamekichis and fed it to him, it didn't solve the problem.
All it did was solve your boredom?
It didn't even do that
Masta Pimp KyuBAE
IF yoU wanT to FreE hIm jUsT mAkE a ConTRAct wiTH ME
Why the hell is this dude still here
Masta Pimp KyuBAE
iM geTTinG a NeW MoViE sOoN anD I'Ll bbE SuPer PopULAr! YoU SenShi aRe YesTerDay's NeWS
Oh, didn't you know about the new story I sold TOEI and they made movies for? The one that's making me a ton of money??
Moon_Princess has left the chat
Excerpt End - 11:15 PM 06/04/21


July 21, 2000: Luna and Artemis were angered after a big argument, when Sailor Aluminum Siren attacked using Renjii, determined to seduce Sailor Moon. As the Senshi were picked off one at a time, Haruka and Sailor Neptune arrived in a shower of sakura petals, refraining from battle while waxing philosophical about the sacrifices that have to be made in war. The Moonlight Knight got knocked on his butt, unable to do anything to help. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through a startling revelation regarding a previously overlooked minor plot point. Sailor Moon used a sudden powerup via the Holy Grail to win.
<CÚst_la_V> For X-chan I will exact an extra helping of cold vengeance!!

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