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Legacy Archives

Suburban Senshi Entry #2223 - “Nostalgic memories and a turtle's curse! A deadline to save Motoki's soul!!”
#2223 “Nostalgic memories and a turtle's curse! A deadline to save Motoki's soul!!”
Excerpt Start - 12:12 PM 06/12/21

I got it back inside in time, so there was only a little mess and after I de-henshined it was all okay
... I uhh...
Never tell that story again, Mamoru-san.
You know what story I want to tell. Something new. Not the same old s[BLEEP]t repeated over and over again, but sometimes in a glossy edition, or sometimes in an oversized edition, or sometimes in a glossy AND oversized edition.
You're just jealous because I discovered the easiest way to print ¥ and you haven't!
No see your problem is you stole our life stories and because we haven't given you any more info to work with you're stuck having to go back to the same well again and again and again :P
Well all you do these days is talk about nonsense and random things that are all ecchi that I can't sell! ><
Exactly So go f[BLEEP]k off
For example what I do want to talk about is hazy 1990s memories I have as a kid!
Well a teen but w/e
Like with our satellite dish we'd always catch these American commercials from AT&T about the kind of future they would bring us
And looking at it we sort of got it, even if the results were more boring - looking. Like Google Home remotely controls your house, Zoom does the remote meeting / learning stuff, there are smartrwatches out there that can take / make calls.... the only things really missing are DMV Kiosks, medical histories on cards and insta-translations, but at least two out of those three are coming
// J_Daito //
LOL it only took 16 years
From a technological perspective, 16 years is nothing. That's well within a person's lifetime. Imagine it, the technological sea change you lived through, Haruka-san. And it's not even over yet.
Well if we're talking hazy memories...
Imagine being an impressionble kid of like 4-5, being up at around midnight or one, way past your bedtime... and then seeing stuff like this on public television.
Yo, dat's basically like trippin' balls without da drugs, yo.
That's freaking me out now and I'm stone cold sober.
Sorry to change the topic but I think Mako-chan needs an intervention
Whatever for, dear?
She had me build her this:

Agent McFUNderson
...but Gamera is a friend to all turtles!!
Agent McFUNderson
Err, children!
I think, despite my repeated advice that she'd be better off with someone who cared more for her than they did turtles, she still wants to reclaim her husband from the grip of those reptiles.
Yo Ami-san stop tryna be a homewrecka yo
...I have no idea what you mean
* adjusts her glasses *
Look, I've been consulting the sacred flame on this and I'm pretty sure the reason Motoki is the way he is is that a curse was placed on him by the first Kamekichi way back when
October 4th, 2003
17 years, 8 months, 8 days ago
Jesus f[BLEEP]k has it been that long
ror ul gat used 2 tat, wen u hav a sanshi lifspen deyz jast blead in2 ech odar
His curse has basically almost achieved the age of majority.
...that means if we don't cure him by October 4th... he may never be cured...
an mako-chun wal comat tartal genoside...
But the original kamekichi is dead how the hell do you break that curse?
We're going to have to try and exorcise Motoki-san.
Excerpt End - 01:21 PM 06/12/21


December 4, 1999: Umino was getting ready for an athletic meet, when Black Lady attacked using Suzuran, determined to conquer Earth. As the Senshi got tied up by the monster's tricks, Endymion appeared, commenting on how cruel and heartless the enemies were. Prince Endymion got impaled in the chest. When all hope seemed lost, the Senshi got a break through an amusingly pacifist monster. Sailor Moon used the Moon Gorgeous Meditation attack to win.
<// J_Daito //> You've had too much of that tasty Coffee, Tomoe! Nobody's gonna buy into a damn technology they can't even pronounce! What the hell is a "Vorbis" anyway?
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> I think I passed one of those once... from my kidney

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