The Rules
Revised July 16th, 2009

By the ops and users of the #suburbansenshi channels

[08:03] * C'est_la_V notes idly this channel is now EXACTLY like IRC.
[08:04] <C'est_la_V> What with the backbiting, the personal attacks, the yelling and screaming and punishing...
[08:05] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> So it's like Zed's basement from Pulp Fiction.
[08:05] <C'est_la_V> Hai...
[08:05] <Shinji Ikari> Without the gimp and anal rape?
[08:05] <Furu> ....What IRC channels do YOU guys hang out in?

Chatbox Rules

the F out
We're all just here to goof off.

Chatting and roleplaying isn't a job, and shouldn't be treated as one.

If you don't start none, there won't be none.

Be good to your fellow players and they'll be good to you. Be an asshole, expect to get reamed.

not hurt
Fuck it.

Coach those with problems, not punish or harass.

Except for the case of hackers / vandals or trolls there will be no banning or "punishing". We will do our best to coach people with issues to be better, and we all have to try and be more tolerant of each other.

LOL that didn't last long. So. In the case of metagaming, godmoding, or general stupidity against the box (where it's clear you're just being a troublesome git), you will be /warned by an OP. Three warnings and we will remove one of your characters from play. For keeps or until we feel you've earned it back, our choice. If you run out of characters due to not bloody well learning your lesson, you will be OOC only and forbidden from RPing. That is all.

Currently Lego3400 has one strike for godmoding. Should there be two more, Sailor Negerra will be taken off the field.

"People on internet forums always seem to be labouring under the misconception that there are rules for them to find loopholes in. There aren't. If you annoy the people who run the forum, they deal with you, and your cries of "noooo, oppression!" are like music to their ears. Funky music, on a porn soundtrack, with women panting "yes, yes!" in the background."