It was inevitable.

Writer's block has been my problem for some months now. Everything the senshi could do or say has been done or said after two years of nearly non stop updating. Unlike a show that stretches itself out for 46 episodes a year, I did almost 500 a year (there are over 1000 posts in the SS backlog). At some point, the well runs dry, the pen loses its ink, and one just wants to move on.

But all is not lost

The Suburban Senshi chatbox has given us a whole new plethora of characters and concepts to draw from, and they will be the future of the Sub Senshi. In a world, in a universe, where the senhi have ceased to be, they will be the standard bearers.

Meet now, the future of Sub. Senshi, a live action comic done by me, in photoshop, with the following cast and crew:


Yaijinden, an insane immortal from the burning sands of the far east, who brings a wisdom and insight all his own, all the while hatching his own machiavellian plans at the subconcious behest of his unseen masters....


Solarchos Langister, a Space Marine from the rough side of space, haunted by his ever-present past, unable to escape the cold grip of his painful upbringing. Can all his weapons and armor protect him from the threats that are to come?


starcat, a cosplayer from the planet Mau, last survivor of the Lunar cats. Unfortunately without her crescent moon cannot speak, but she commands a vast legion of Grammar Nazis who swing in at the last moment to painfully torture the enemy with lectures on comma splices.


Shinjesus, a divine green lantern Jedi from the planet Oa with super miracle powers, he punches through reality to have sinners and create / destroy plotholes with his mighty continuity waves.
This is just a sample of what awaits. Feel free to discuss it in the forums or the chatbox.