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::@Souldier: Wait a minute.... omg aino was in bible black o.o; oh shi- *flees*
::@Furu: It took me way too long to realize there was a box here >_>
::@Furu: ._. i am a simple creature
::@Furu: *stares off to the side
::@Kevryn: Ahh, nostalgia.
::@Starcat: Aw, furu-chaaaan...
::@Solarchos: Heh...flashback! i was wondering what xadium had in mind for today.
::@Knifey: Oh man this brings back memories long forgotten.
::@Knifey: I totally want that minako tho... however, i would like to change it into a michiru and..
::@Zap: Type here

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