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::@Solarchos: I\'d shoot chisaki but i\'m afraid she\'d try to eat my gun.
::@Sheikm: Chisaki's appetite scares even me... and i've been used to things like this since i first saw usagi in the anime.
::@Kirsten: Hi all i just wanted to say hi and this is a great site about hama chisakis food for thought! keep up the good work.
::@Bill: Anybody home?
::@Adam: Dear... sweet jebus... what the hell is this place???
::@Leqt: I hope i was with her,hama chisaki
::@Andrew: Aww. you're being a bit mean with all this food stuff, even though it is as funny as hell. i think she's really cute. give her a few years and she'll be really hot. i'm going to marry her, you'll see! =p
::@Moonstar: Hehehehehehe
::@Vampire: She's cute and she likes to swallow? =)
::@Kou kakyuu: This is pretty dumb....

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