Suburban Senshi Daizenshuu - Chibiusa

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" I'm a sexy girl in this crazy world..."

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IRC Handle: .`~SugaBB_2999~`.
Full name: Small Lady Neo-Princess Serenity Tsukino Usagi "Chibiusa"
Alternate Identities: Sailor Chibimoon, Small Lady, Black Lady, Black Lady Serenity, Serenity III
First Appearance: Suburban Senshi Episode 1
Birthdate: June 30th, 2898 (Cancer)
Blood Type: O
Height / Weight: 104.14cm, 20kg
Function: Princess of the Crystal Millennium
Domicile: Ten'ou/Aino House, 2F 2-4-60 Azabu Juban Minato-ku
Education: Juuban Elementary School, Homeschooling.


A walking hormone, Chibiusa's personality seems dominated by her quest for love, whether it come in the form of a mandroid, the arms of her father, or in the hay of Elios' stables. A child of the modern age, Chibiusa is the end result of a society that gave its children the internet at 13 days of age and left them to be babysat by MTV Japan. Oversexed, overstimulated, hyperactive, and continually frustrated by the lack of respect she gets from those around her and constantly being bashed and hunted by those who dislike her, she constantly leans on the vast power of her Ginzuishou to even up the odds and try to maintain her own sense of self-control and empowerment.

All her life, Chibiusa lived her life in the shadow of the "easy love" that formed between her mother and father, a love ordained by fate and born out of a past life connection. She always assumed that love would come to her in a similarly magical and quick form, without any of the pain any agony of having to remain single and chase after men. Thus it was easy for her to accept the overtures of Helios and others, and why she expects men to be her playthings at her whim.

Fundamentally, however, Chibiusa is a lonely child. Her parents cast her out of the house in the future so they might have more private time with each other, and in the past they were too busy dating and fighting monsters to pay her much heed. Thus, without anyone to give her a proper moral compass, she grew to care little for where she could find affection, so long as she finds it.

Chibiusa is clever, willful and persistent. She will go to any lengths to achieve her goals, the bounds of decency be damned. For her, the pleasure principle is the only principle she respects.


Chibiusa was born within a year of Usagi and the others making their way to the Earth of the 31st Century. While her parents did their best to pay attention to her, the pressing needs of state took precedence, leaving Chibiusa to find friendship with her pet Diana, her Luna-P toy, and the occassional visit to Sailor Pluto, who seemed friendly, but distant.

Being in the seat of the Imperial Capitol, which for many years was populated only by the Sailor Senshi, Chibiusa was without friends her age to play with. The Nemesis war even further isolated her, as she was forced to flee for her life from the hostile forces of the Black Moon at a tender young age.

Living in the past, Chibiusa was left to her own devices for the most part, but she became fascinated with the flashy, bright, loud culture of the 21st century, learning everything she did about it from MTV, music videos, magazines and such. The future, by comparison, was cold, sterile and boring. Thus, she did her best to get her parents to send her back (which they were more than willing to do, just to get her out of their hair), and she began to let it all hang out as she began roaming the streets of Tokyo with her elementary school cohorts. By this point in her life, she was just about functionally illiterate, as her future parents had elected to homeschool her, the curriculum of which involved leaving her to "play" in the stables with Elios while they "played" behind the imperial throne.

Still in the fourth grade at the age of 903, Chibiusa turned her attention to getting what she wanted out of life. Under the influence of her best friend, Momoko Momohara, who had gotten herself breast enlargement surgery and a hairdye job in order to make good money as a lolicon's pet kogal, she learned the ways of the 21st century teenybopper and began seeking out pleasure in all its forms, using her Ginzuishou to make herself more appealing to the boys and able to experience said pleasures. She had a long and torrid relationship with Elios, which Hotaru did her best to terminate, to no avail.

Despite her somewhat loose nature, Chibiusa does have standards. She once began a brief career as an internet camwhore, but terminated it when she found out that she would have to do pay-per-view hentai videos. These standards, however, did not stop her from seducing Kim-Jong il in order to get her hands on his nuclear warheads. Also, she would never do anything illegal. In the future, she passed a law mandating the legalization of horse-human relations simply that her love with Helios might proceed with the blessing of the legal system.

In order to make her love for her father legal (i.e. no longer incest), she even tried to get Minako and Xadium to adopt her, dressing up as Chibi-Sakura (before Sakura had ever shown up in the past) and trying to insinuate herself into the family and thus breaking the legal paternal bond with Mamoru. This gambit failed due to her horrible elocution, but Chibiusa was eventually able to get Haruka to adopt her after stealing Haruka's wallet and forging adoption papers.


Chibiusa has done little to ingratiate herself to others. She is constantly verbually abusive to even her best friend Hotaru, who she delights in calling "flat". She once tried to form an axis of evil with Jedite, but it failed due to mutual distrust.

Setsuna really dislikes Chibiusa, since Chibiusa is a constant reminder to her of the love between Usagi and Mamoru, and because Chibiusa is annoying.

Chibiusa's only real friend is "Silicon" Momoko Momohara, who she kidnapped from the 21st century and brought to the 31st. They used to hang out on the streets of Crystal Tokyo and trade pornographic printouts of men which they recieve in spam E-mail like Pokemon.

Elios is Chibiusa's on and off again boyfriend, depending upon her mood and degree of "need" at the moment.


Chibiusa's room is painted a garish pink, and is covered with picture of men in various beefcake poses. She has a good number of BDSM tools and implements all over the area. In the 31st century, she is served by a legion of hunky and devoted mandroids, built for her by the Sailor Animamate Senshi.

Fear the Mandroid.

Chibiusa also has a new Luna-P toy, built for her by Sailor Mercury.


Chibiusa can track and identify a man by his croth scent; knows her father's.

Chibiusa is an expert about cowpies given her time with Elios at the royal stables.

The Senshi side of Chibiusa

Chibiusa can perform "Moon Healing Escalation."

Chibiusa wields the slightly weaker, but still potent, Live-Action Ginzuishou, which she absorbed into her body. P>


Chibiusa was dissected at least once by Professor Tomoe, but revived thanks to her crystal.

Fun fact: Her "hshshshssh" laugh started on 8/14/03, in chat #400.

Chibiusa pawned off the "One Ring" for five dollars.

Losing her Libido one time, Chibiusa became a nun and trained as an assassin with the Vatican's elite Iscariot organization.

Chibiusa is very wealthy, having embezzled tons of money from the future, yet she gold digs.

Chibiusa regained her libido by seducing and breaking Batman.

Chibiusa likes wrestling, not because she is a fan of the action but because there are half-naked musclemen sweating all over each other.

Chibiusa lost most of her desire for her father after her stint in Miss Dream's mind, where she was able to live out her fantasy.

Chibiusa used to pen perverse fanfics to slake her repressed thirsts.

If Inbreeding between Chibiusa and her father were ever to occur, the resultant offspring would be the greatest threat to man ever known.

Chibiusa lost a popularity contest and had to kiss John Kerry (actually Jedite in disguise)

What really lost him the election.

Alt designs

Battle information

Attacks / Abilities:  Moon Healing Escalation
Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Pole Dance Strip Tease
Various Deus Ex Machina attacks with the Ginzuishou
Equipment:  Maboroshi no Ginzuishou (Live Action Version)
Mandroid Army
Hello Kitty Vibrating toy
Strengths: A born survivour. Knows what to do to live.
Weaknesses: An out of control libido.
Goal: Erotic Pleasure. Lots of it. True Love optional.
Element of Influence: Lewdness

Misc. Data

Gemstone: Diamond
Favourite Food: Pudding
Least Favourite Food: Carrots
Favourite Colours: Red, Pink
Favourite Class: Health Education
Least Favourite Class: Languages
Hobby: Chasing men
Theme Song:  Main: U2 - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.mp3
confidence : Aerosmith - Walk this Way
despair: Ugly Girl