Suburban Senshi Daizenshuu - Ten'ou Haruka

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"Flat out until you see God, count to three, then brake."

Portrait 1
IRC Handle: --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--
Alternate Identities: Sailor Uranus
First Appearance: Suburban Senshi Episode 1
Birthdate: January 27th, 1975 (Aquarius)
Blood Type: B
Height / Weight: 172cm, 62kg
Function: Sub-Leader of the Gaibu Taiyôkei Yon Senshi (Outer Senshi)
Domicile: Ten'ou/Aino House, 2F 2-4-60 Azabu Juban Minato-ku
Education: Juuban Elementary School, Juuban Middle School, Azabu High School, Mugen Academy, Juuban High School.


Ten'ou Haruka is the ultimate tomboy. She has a hard time picturing herself as being overly feminine, instead fancying herself as a tough, aloof, cool and unapproachable woman of "intimidating quasimasculine standoffishness," and has a hard time when others don't percieve her in that way as well. (It is important to note that Haruka does not think of herself as a male, nor does she hold herself out as such, instead being quite happy to let others come to that erroneous conclusion on their own, and taking a somewhat perverse amusement in their folly.)

Despite her "perfect" image in public, at home Haruka is very much the "everyman". She is slobbish and somewhat lazy, likes to speed, listen to rap, watch wrestling and the "spice channel", eat greasy fast foods, get into fights and drink beer (Molson first, Duff, Yebisu and Sake / wine next, in that order). She loves to tinker with and customize things, "pimping them out" for no practical reason other than they "look cool". Even given her freakishly inordinate skill in this area, Haruka is not especially clever in areas outside of customization, racing, fighting or internet anarchy.

Haruka has always done things her own way, just for the thrill of pushing herself to her limits. She raced for the thrill of the speed, never really interested in who she passed along the way. This wilful philosophy carries over not only into her hobbies, but also her combat philosophy as Sailor Uranus. Haruka strongly believes that life is a race to be won, and battles are to be conquered, no matter the cost-- that in a fight someone is supposed to get bloody and it's not supposed to be you-- a position that often puts her at odds with the other senshi around her, most notably Usagi and her friends.

Even though Haruka seems to enjoy living a tumultuous, action-packed life, one might be surprised to learn that she does enjoy a great deal of stability in her environment. Haruka expends a great deal of effort holding back, swallowing the prejudice she still faces from many of her fellow male racers, coupled with the looks of disdain on people's faces, and the gossip spread about her, because she knows that if she snaps and does something about it, she would be no better than those her mocked her. Nonetheless, the pressure takes its toll, and so Haruka deeply craves a family with people she loves, who love her for who she is and who don't want to change her to suit their views.

For this reason, she finds herself drawn strongly to the other Suburban Senshi, most of whom, for one reason or another are outcast in their own right, and who each appreciate the unique qualities of the other.

Haruka is extremely lax on many topics, and prideful on others. She has an intense hatred for the live action Pretty Guardian Sailormoon series because she was not in it, for example. Principle means a lot to her.


Ten'ou Haruka, interestingly, was the child of "hippie" counterculture parents, who were always being mocked by their neighbors and the people around them. Despising their weakness, Haruka resolved to grow up tough so that she would never share their fate, even though she secretly admired their refusal to give into the pressures of society around them, a trait which rubbed off on her.

From the age of five, Haruka suffered persistent nightmares-- hellish images of a great war in the past, coupled with a sense of helplessness, dread and dying alone, which plagued her every night. Despite this, she managed to project a confident, suave image to those around her, which drew people to her like a magnet.

In elementary school, Haruka was the kid the boys wanted to beat in order to prove their worth, and she was the girl the girls didn't know what to do with. She was always bringing in toy cars and action figures to class, and giving her teacher, Miss Haruna, a great deal of grief. After school, the local junior high bullies would constantly beat her up in the arcades. The almost constant fighting led her to become stronger, faster and more self-reliant. By Junior high she was the toughest kid in school, even dressing like a mini-yakuza for a number of years. In her last year of junior high, she was voted to be "most likely to either be arrested for vehicular homicide or join All-Japan Pro Wrestling.'"

The first year of High school was tough for Haruka. She had gained her junior license, and begun a budding career as a racer, taking the All-Japan Touring Car Championship in a stunning upset, as well as dominating the field in interleague track. By the time she had taken the All-Japan Pro Rally, she was something of a superstar. This was when her troubles really began.

By now, Haruka was dressing fully as a male, not only because she liked the style of the clothing, but because it was neccessary in order for her to get into the races she now loved with a passion. This lead to many misunderstandings. When her fangirls found out her true gender, they suddenly became angry and disgusted, running off. The few who remained were too scared of societal pressure to say anything to her. The males, of course, despised the fact that a girl could so easily beat them. They either relentlessly attacked Haruka or spread awful rumours about her.

In this way, Haruka's isolation grew deeper and more profound. The nightmares from her past were also becoming clearer and more ominous, shifting into new visions of a terrible future that Haruka could not understand.

Confused, upset and isolated, Haruka took to making friends with university students, who were for the most part unconcerned about her gender. Lurking in coffee shops with them, learning about philosophy and culture, she became more worldy and wise, but also even more isolated from her high school peers, who now saw her as a stuck-up elite no longer content to hang out with them. (Not that they had deigned to hang out with her in the first place.)

As her racing career really took off, Haruka found herself actively having to claim that she was a man, which she did not like. She was feeling her own self-identity slipping further and further away from her. Confused, frustrated and upset, this was the time in her life when Kaioh Michiru first appeared to her.

Struck by Michiru's overt flirtation with her, even though Michiru knew her to be female, Haruka was stunned and left reeling. She was also taken aback by the strong sense that she knew Michiru from somewhere in the past. When Michiru's face began to haunt her dreams, for the first time Haruka found an enemy she couldnt fight-- love. The revelation that she was Sailor Uranus-- born to fight-- suddenly snapped Haruka's life into focus, and she decided to seize the reins of destiny.

Accepted for who she was at long last, Haruka eventually allowed herself to warm up to Michiru, and accepted her role as a Sailor Senshi with an intensity and drive that even scared Michiru. Quitting Azabu high school, Haruka made the decision to infiltrate Mugen along with Michiru, and they quickly rose through the ranks there, hoping to become student-teachers in order to crack the elite ranks of university and plumb its dark secrets.

After the run-in with Pharaoh 90 and the destruction of Mugen Academy, Haruka was given a rush graduation, ending her academic career. But by this time it hardly mattered to her. With Michiru by her side, and living well off her income from concerts and races, she "adopted" Hotaru and began a new family, along with Setsuna. For a time she lived the extreme high life. (For example, beer for her was no mere ordinary mortal beer. It was an ultra-expensive imported libation which had to cross at lease six different national borders and be sealed in cryogenic packaging to guarantee its freshness. One tin cost as much as a moderately overpriced bottle of champage.)

After the final battles with Nephelenia and Galaxia, Haruka decided to finally kick back and enjoy life, retiring from the pro racing circuit after taking the 1999 Super Taikyu race. She instead joined a real-life "Grand Theft Auto" simulation club, werakign havoc all over Tokyo and having a wild time, venting her stress, which she had previously released by beating up and killing monsters.

Haruka also took an active interest in internet anarchy, enjoying the MacGyver-like "fun" to be had in textfiles like The Anarchist's Cookbook and The Jolly Roger's Cookbook. Her crowning achievement was creatign a bomb which covered a quarter of Tokyo with a thick coat of manure. This led to a court order banning her from any further acts of internet Anarchy.

Haruka and Michael Forever?

Haruka's social life has seen many ups and downs-- during a brief estrangement from Michiru, she even found herself dating Michael Jackson (it was a mistake, as she was trying to date LaToya Jackson). But eventually, after violently disagreeing to it on philosophical grounds, Haruka decided to finally get engaged to Michiru, realizing that despite her belief that love was enough (and that a formal piece of paper was meaningless by comparison), that keeping Michiru in her was more important.


Haruka values all her friends, even if she has sharp arguments with them at times. She fears losing them, and especially fears the loss of Michiru.

Haruka is especially close with Jedite, whose antagonistic, overly confrontational and agressive attitude sits well with her own outlook on life. They constantly spar and drive each other to improve, speniding late nights getting drunk on the couch, swearing at and punching each other.

Haruka is overly protective of Hotaru, treating her like a little kid, and secretly driving off every boy who expresses even an iota of interest in her. She longs for the day when Hotaru will admit to looking up to her and thanking her for her kind parentage.

Michiru is, of course, the love of Haruka's life-- and she drives Haruka to ridiculous lengths in the name of jealousy. She hacks into Michiru's E-mail in order to to make sure no one is hitting on her online. This has led to a spy / counterspy relationship, using Keyloggers, TEMPEST scanners, backdoor trojans, and VNC stealth installations all in order for Haruka to keep tabs on her. Haruka has mailed death threats to David Hasselhoff and even traveled to Germany and fought with him in order to keep Michiru's love.

There is nothing Haruka would lke more than to smack Tsukino Usagi in the face and tell her off... but, in her own words, "[Usagi's] got those big Doe eyes that mentally castrate you, if you know what I mean. Bah."


Haruka's room is a filth-ridden cesspit. Hotaru's old diapers still exist in a substrata somwhere under a mass of throwrugs and racing suits reeking of sweat, oil and bodily excretions, over which a new carpet was placed. Haruka doesn't consider the place a mess, however-- she thinks of it as a training ground, with the filth being a neccessary survival training exercise needed for her to keep in shape now that history was over and there were no more enemies to fight.

The room is equipped with a 15 speaker Surround Sound system, Velodyne speakers and six additional subwoofers, on which Haruka likes to play Eminem with the subwoofers set to "Ultra-Maximum Infinity Bass++ 3000".

She keeps a computer in the room which is tied into several spy cameras linked all over the house, and on its own independent cable modem backup.

Every takeaway container from every meal Haruka has ever ordered out for (and she eats out three meals a day unless Michiru is not cooking) is still in the room, in a small, growing mountain.


Haruka is a legitimate athlete, master racer, pianist and a skilled mechanic, but is useless at computers beyond gaming, E-mailing, IRC or web surfing.

Haruka has learned Kung Fu from Bruce Lee. (Well his movies, at any rate). She uses Drunken Ba[BLEEP]rd style Kung-Fu. She is an excellent fighter but a lousy tactican.

Haruka can cook anything as long as it's instant, a skill she picked up from hanging out with racers at the speedway.

Haruka's command of English is excellent because of her world travel and her Ikuhara perfection field.

The Senshi side of Ten'ou Haruka

Haruka no longer needs to use her Henshin Pen, haivng learned to transform by will-to-power after Michiru blew up her pen.

The Space Sword Talisman Haruka carries can either look like a short, curved, jewl-encrusted scimitar or a long, elegant, rapier.

Haruka knows (but never uses) "Balkata" (Ballerina Kata), the twirling and prancing fight style from PGSM. She used to fight like that whwn she first became a senshi.

Haruka knows the Metamora Fusion dance and Kaio-ken fighting techniques, having learned them from North Kaiou in the afterlife.


Haruka has 50 racing trophies but can't drive well on roads with regular people.

Haruka and Michiru tried to kill Hotaru on 37 separate occassions. (as of 2002).

Haruka had laryngitis and was unable to sing her own theme image song for Toei's Sailormoon series, had to hire someone else to do it.

Haruka's arm was paralyzed for almost a week after that run in with Makoto in the S season.

Haruka always transforms "Before" for the stamina.

Haruka was Hotaru's playmate and diaper changer.

Haruka's old AOL screenname was "Sizzlingcrotch".

Haruka was arrested 6 times on her trip to Stockholm.

Haruka owned a Porsche, which she totalled by ramming it into Nephrites' Ferarri 12 times.

Haruka put her address in one of those 'Make Money fast' letters and has been getting cash ever since.

Haruka saves all the lemons about Michiru and herself that she finds on USENET.

Haruka used to own a Jaguar sportscar.

Mamoru used to borrow Haruka's Clothing.

Haruka answers to "b[BLEEP]h", a habit formed in her after years of livign with Michiru.

Haruka used to ignore the sermons her parents would make her attend as a child.

Alt designs

Battle information

Attacks / Abilities:  World Shaking
Space Sword Blaster
Haruka Flatulence Bomb
"Imma Gonna run you over 12 times, b[BLEEP]ch."
Equipment:  Space Sword Talisman
Internet Textfile collection
Strengths: Extremely dedicated to her mission.
Weaknesses: Does not listen to other people's advice.
Goal: To get as much out of life with as little effort as possible
Element of Influence: Wind

Misc. Data

Gemstone: Amber
Favourite Food: Salad
Least Favourite Food: Natto
Favourite Colours: Yellow, Navy Blue
Favourite Class: Physical Education
Least Favourite Class: Modern Japanese
Hobby: Driving, track and field, playing the piano
Theme Song:  Main: Milwaukee Brewers - This is MY House
confidence : Bon Jovi: It's My Life
despair: Savatage: This Isn't what we meant