Suburban Senshi Daizenshuu - Tomoe Hotaru

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"At length, corruption, like a general flood shall deluge all; and avarice, creeping on, Spread like a low-born mist, and blot the sun. I am the light of ruin which will bring balance to those wretched scales."

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IRC Handle: FireFly_9
Alternate Identities: Sailor Saturn, Mistress 9, The Messiah of Silence
First Appearance: Suburban Senshi Episode 1
Birthdate: January 6th, 1981 (Capricorn)
Blood Type: AB
Height / Weight: 140cm, 37kg
Function: Leader of the Gaibu Taiyôkei Yon Senshi (Outer Senshi)
Domicile: Ten'ou/Aino House, 2F 2-4-60 Azabu Juban Minato-ku
Education: Mugen Academy, Juuban Public Elementary, Homeschooling.


Tomoe Hotaru is a quiet, introverted girl, who is in turns confident in herself, and yet insecure in her position within her family group. She is unique amonst the Senshi in that her alternate persona of Sailor Saturn has a great deal of influence on her character at all times, tempering her soft and gentle nature with a cold iciness and resolve that can make her a fearsome sight to behold. Still, there is a kind-hearted young woman there, one who can't even bring herself to "harm" gummi bears without great effort.

A thinker by nature who has seen the stranger sides of reality in her years, Hotaru is extremely interested in the dark secrets and corruption that permeates the unseen side of reality. She makes it her business to collect arcane and esoteric knowledge, be it in the form of "fringe" conspiracy theories or ancient alchemical texts by Flamel. While most times, Hotaru can be very discerning, as Haruka has noted, if you manage to present even the silliest thing to Hotaru in a psudeointellectual context, she is more likely to take it under serious consideration.

A lover of poetry and imagery relating to the Eschaton, Hotaru tends to spout phrases that imply a fatalistic belief in predestination, however this is Sailor Saturn's influence on her. Hotaru herself perfers a more deterministic approach to events, believing firmly that people shape their own fates.

Due to the grim nature of her role in the world (being one who was born to lay waste to everything in creation should the need arise), and the treatment this earned her both at the hands of her father and Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna, Hotaru greatly values comfort and security, but secretly fears that her family may either turn on her one day, or be forced to by circumstances beyond her control. This is one reason she does not persue personal relationships, for the fear that she might one day have to kill the one she loves.

That, combined with her reserved nature, makes Hotaru uncomfortable with public displays of affection by others, or by others towards her (indeed, she can totally "lock up" when presented with even a simple love letter)-- but she does understand the emotion of love and does not begrudge anyone their happiness-- to the contrary, she is most happy when her friends are as well. She longs for someone who could understand her completely and not fear her for her vast power-- but the irony is that should she ever meet such a person, she would probably do her utmost to keep them away from her, just to keep them safe from what she percieves as the curse of her destiny.

Hotaru has often been called "Goth", a label she despises and shuns-- She maintains that the fact that her complexion is unnaturally pale, her favorite color is black, and she spends most of her time in a darkened room researching death and the apocalpyse is merely a coincidence.


Hotaru was an ordinary little girl, and had a happy life with her father, Souichi, and her mother, Keiko. Unfortunately for her, that life would not last.

After her father was forced to sell his genius on the open market, and was awarded control of the prestigious Mugen (Infinity) Academy project, it seemed as though Hotaru's life would be a charmed one of monied ease and luxury. But when Hotaru was six, there was a horrible accident in the basement laboratory of the still-under construction laboratory that claimed the life of her mother and left her lying at the edge of death in the blazing inferno.

By all rights, Hotaru should have died that night. But fate had another hand in store for her. Thanks to a deal her father made with the alien entity Pharaoh 90, Hotaru's body was "utlized" by the egg of a malevolent spirit known as Mistress 9. That, combined with her father's reconstruction of her badly scarred and damaged body with nanobots, resulted in her resurrection as an undead shell of her former self, a body which experienced constant seizures due to the growing Mistress 9 within her, and which was pale as marble because no blood flowed through it.

Hotaru grew up in great pain and seclusion, forced to wear full length black bodywear in order to conceal her horrible scars. She was shunned in school, and her strange ability to harm (from Mistress 9) and to heal (from Sailor Saturn, who was trapped and suffering, unable to escape the undead body or confront the emerging darkness within it) drove her further and further into isolation. This, combined with the harsh treatment she recieved at her father's "assistant" Kaolinite's hands, made her a very sullen, lonely and wary child. Indeed, her only solace was dreaming of the success of athlete Hayase Shun, who came from a frail childhood to become a star olympic athlete (this idolization turned to a bitter dissappointment in later years as it was revealed that Shun abused Creatine and Anabolic Steroids to reach his position.)

It was not until Chibiusa came into her life that Hotaru had much of a reason to care about the world outside of her home. Prior to that, her father was her whole world. She had just begun to taste the freedoms of normal life when Pharaoh 90's plans accelerated, and she became a pawn in a struggle between the Sailor Soldiers and the Death Busters.

Slowly, inexorably, Hotaru's body began to give in to the control of Mistress 9-- but at the same time, so too did Sailor Saturn's powers begin to rise, as the end of the world loomed nigh. Eventually, the two were brought into conflict, and Hotaru's affection for her new-found friend enabled her to allow Saturn to emerge triumphant-- albeit at the cost of her mortal life.

Thanks to Eternal Sailor Moon, Saturn was not allowed to pass into oblivion, and she was given a new, infant body, which was at first cared for by her amnesiac father, until Setsuna took her into her care and rendered her onto Haruka and Michiru as a kind of "sentient helper monkey". This new body, while physically healthy, still retained some of the outward features of the "old" Hotaru, including the pale complexion and seemingly frail build.

Hotaru's second childhood was a pleasant one for a time. With her rambunctious "Haruka-poppa" for a playmate (being so young she could not tell Haruka was a woman dressing as a man), she became sarcastic, unruly, curious and willful-- a stark contrast to her old self. With Setsuna as her teacher, Hotaru's innate intellect was expanded by leaps and bounds (helped along by the fact that any avatar of Saturn seems to need to be able to get "up to speed" very quickly by the nature of their job description-- which is to be as ready as possible to defend the planet at any given instant). With the meticulous Michiru in charge of her general health, Hotaru was at least forced to get her daily requirements of calcium.

A new emergency arose, however, and Hotaru's body began to mature in leaps and bounds, as Saturn made ready to emerge once again, this time in combination with her, as opposed to destroying her body (which had to be done the last time as it had been already killed by the "utilization" of Mistress 9). When Saturn re-awoke, so too did all the memories of the "old" Hotaru, resulting in the synththesis of introvert and sarcastic young woman we see today.

As peace came to the world again, Hotaru finally began to relax, going overseas to Paris for education, and enjoying time with her friends. When her family went bankrupt, her living conditions were again thrown into disarray. Hotaru was forced to stay home with the "parents" (Haruka and Michiru) she despised for trying to kill her in the battle with the Death Busters. The fact that they--Haruka especially--continued to distrust her and use her as a human shield, (as well as take risks with her person, such as when Haruka strapped her into a racecar and hurled her across a track at 300kph when she was but 3 years old) made her even more of a recluse and wont to look down upon those around her.

Hotaru is constantly frustrated that she is sometimes the smartest and most stable of those in her home. Indeed, she has even said that if they were not people she cared for, she would avoid them at all costs. It taxes her greatly to have to constantly bite her tongue and "dumb herself down" to be understood.


Hotaru spent the bulk of her time trying to wean Chibiusa off her various unhealthy attractions (first to Mamoru then to Elios), to the exclusion of her own social life. In truth, she did not care much for one. It was not until Chibiusa, and then Aino Minako moved into the neghborhood, that Hotaru began to feel comfortable again, taking the radical step of even leaving Haruka's home to live with her new "sempai" (Minako). Feeling comfortable with the woman who once worked so hard to save her life even when Haruka and Michiru were trying to take it, Hotaru began to open up and relax, even to the point of subsidizing Minako's home and mortgage in exchange for nothing more than the chance to live on her own terms. (Of course even Hotaru's generosity had its bounds-- when Minako's relationship with Xadium got too aggravating for her to bear, she kicked Minako out and invited the quiet in).

When Haruka went to far as to stage an elaborate set of summer games just to get Hotaru back, Hotaru's heart softened towards her--even after Haruka rigged the vote and caused her to lose and become her slave for a few days. After the almost fatal run-in with a demon named "Miss Dream" who had been implanted into Hotaru's mind by Nephelenia to kill all her friends, Hotaru finally realized the deep love she had for her new family-- even with all its foibles and flaws-- and finally gave up the grudge against those who had tried to harm her.

As of 2005, Hotaru has finally become a woman at peace with herself and her place in the world, and is actively interested in tasting what the world has to offer. It is even hinted that in the future she may find love with--of all people--Artemis. Just how this romance will come to bloom is still a question for the future, however.

Hotaru's only real enemy in this time is Elios, who resents her for trying to get him split away from Chibiusa-- but this is tempered by Elios' lust for her-- the unattainable woman-- as well.


Hotaru's room is painted all black, has bookshelves on three walls, and has lamps everywhere. There are thick light-obscuring curtains on the windows, and there is much dust in it due to all the decaying books contained within it.

Because of the incredibly loud and obnoxious noises and sounds her housemates make in their vigorous nocturnal activities, Hotaru has installed a powerful soundsystem in her room, which is usually used to play zen and buddhist chants, but can be set to autorepeat those chimes played in Tokyo subway stations used to prevent people from commiting suicide when things get bad for hours at a time.


Hotaru knows some of the tongue of the old ones, mainly learned from her father and her study of old texts. She is fluent in English and Japanese thanks to her study.

Despite having a healthy body, Hotaru is Not good with athletics, mainly due to her bookish nature. While she was never interested in computers when she was young, being focused totally on books, she was taught their use by Mizuno Ami, and is now a very adept user.

Everything Hotaru knows about cooking she learned from Usagi, and later Minako, which is not much. She can make Macaroni and Cheese and some pastas, in addtion to being able to toast bread.

Hotaru van make sophistcated visual simulations and projections with the power of her mind.

The Senshi side of Tomoe Hotaru

Sailor Saturn's persona is so distinct from Hotaru's that she has been known to act on her own, forcibly transforming Hotaru or acting by releasing energy even when Hotaru is not transformed. She frequently appears before Hotaru via psychokinetic projection and even converses with her, demonstrating the separation that exists between those who carry the planet's power and the actual power of those planets.

Saturn has never had to use a Henshin item, being so powerful that she instincively knows how to transform by will-to-power (also probably a contingency plan in case an unawakened carrier of Saturn needed to rise up with no initiation like what Artemis gave Minako or Luna / Usagi.) Saturn is incredibly powerful. The "perfection" fields of the other Outer senshi have no impact on her, the self-described "One Senshi to Destroy them All". She was created to destroy the world... and anything in her way-- the other senshi included.

Saturn's well-known Death Reborn Revolution attack is capable of destroying the world and sending out a shockwave that can encompass the solar system. at the cost of her own life. It has no "minimum setting" and is an all-or-nothing, suicide maneuever. Silence Glaive Surprise, on the other hand, is adjustable and can do anywhere from low-grade damage to oppoents all the way up to a kamizake world-destroying assault. Both attacks, as well as the defensive Silent Wall (Which creates an impenetrable shield) require the use of the Silence Glaive, whose loss or damage in battle can prove to be extremely debilitating for Saturn.

Hotaru therefore took it upon heself to study with the martial arts master Kamesennin, and mastered a move that operates soley on her own power, known as the "Saturn Kamehameha". While it cannot destroy the world, it can do incredible amounts of specific damage.

The Silence Glave's blade is composed of an enchanted Adamantium alloy, and can cut through anything.


To the ancient Hindus Saturn was known as Sani, the god whose merest glance brought destruction.

Hotaru's pet name for her Glaive is "Glaive."

Hotaru's lamp collection spanned 52 lamps at its highest point.

Hotarus' father used to annoy her by not feeding her for a week.

Haruka and Michiru have tried to kill Hotaru on 37 separate occassions as of 2004.

Hotaru consistently ranks #1 as the most popular Suburban Senshi.

Hotaru's First kiss came from WWE personaility Jerry "The King" Lawler, after she lost a bet with Haruka, failing to predict the outcome of the 2003 Survivor Series. (get image)
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Battle information

Attacks / Abilities:  Silent Wall
Saturn Kamehameha
Silence Glaive Surprise
Death Reborn Revolution
Ability to heal energies (dependent on her lifeforce or borrowed energy source)
Equipment:  Silence Glaive
Strengths: Dispassionately analyzing situations
Weaknesses: Does not take well to overly embarassing situations.
Goal: To learn the truth behind human existence
Element of Influence: Decay, Death

Misc. Data

Gemstone: Garnet
Favourite Food: Soba Noodles
Least Favourite Food: Milk (to her it tastes like slimy water) But she likes Ice Cream.
Favourite Colours: Purple, Black
Favourite Class: World History
Least Favourite Class: Physical Education
Hobby: Reading and Collecting Lamps
Theme Song:  Main: Garbage - The Trick is to Keep Breathing
confidence : Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up
despair: Lorena McKennit - The Mummer's Dance