Suburban Senshi Daizenshuu - General Jedite, D.K.F. (retired)

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"Everything that elevates an individual above the herd and intimidates the neighbor, is henceforth called evil."

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IRC Handle: // J_Daito //
Alternate Identities: TV's Jedite, Super Jedite, USSJ Jedite
First Appearance: Suburban Senshi Episode 3
Birthdate: May 15th, 8123 B.C. (Taurus)
Blood Type: X (ichor)
Height / Weight: 180cm, 70kg
Function: Former Asian commander, Shitennou, Dark Kingdom Forces
Domicile: Ten'ou/Aino House, subbasement 2-4-60 Azabu Juban Minato-ku
Education: Terra Imperial Defense Academy, Dark Point Military Brainwashing Camp, Dark Officer's College.


Jedite is the ultimate survivor. He is a focused, driven individual with a great deal of pride and confidence in his own skills and abilities who strongly believes in the ethic of "Survival of the fittest", and does not hesitate to look down upon / trample upon those he sees as his inferiors in order to accomplish his goals. He forsees a day when he will carve his name into human history with a bloodied sword and reign supreme as the monarch of a Neo-Dark Kingdom.

Jedite feels himself superior to most forms of life on Earth. The primary reason why he tortures and eats small rodents live is not, as one might think, because of his days in the Dark Kingdom when he was forced to forage for them in order to survive the 10,000 year entombment after the fall of Silver Millennium; rather it was because he enjoys imposing his will on the terrified creatures, watching them squeak and squirm as he rips their tiny, still-beating hearts out, consuming them while the animals watch.

A shameless egoist, Jedite goes to great lengths to prove to the world exactly how powerful he is. When he was in Dark Officer's College, he deliberately ignored his high school friends who had accompanied him there merely to impress upon them the fact that he had evolved beyond them. Then, merely to be cruel, he made friends with a host of new people and then shut them out, adding to his sense of self worth. For this same reason, he thumbs his nose at the strictures of modern society, refusing to pay retail for items (instead resorting to a five-finger discount) and sneaking into Dollar Theatres, merely to prove the principle that he is above humans and their law. He always wears the uniform of the Shitennou because he feals weak and pathetic in the clothes of the normal man.

Jedite's pride is so strong that if ever he is wronged or humilated, he goes to great lengths to avenge the slight. His whole reason for joining with the Suburban Senshi (as their *cook*, of all things) was merely so that he might be in a position to take vengeance on Nephlite for their altercations in the Dark Kingdom. There are times when this pride can blind Jedite, especially when his opponents are percieved to be overly weak or pathetic, and he can pay the price for his arrogance.

Interestingly, while Jedite might lose by underestimating the weak-looking, he rarely, if ever, loses by fighting a stronger opponent foolishly believing himself to be stronger. He has an uncanny knack for sizing up the blatantly powerful, and will simply refuse to engage in a battle if he feels his survival is at stake, or if he feels he has no reason to participate. Some call it cowardice, but in reality it simply is pragmatism. If Jedite knows he cannot beat an opponent that he knows he must defeat, he will simply go away to train and become stronger before coming back to confront it.

Despite all his great power, Jedite still has one interesting weakness, stemming from his entombment at the hands of Queen Beryl-- a fear of ice. There was a period of time when even the sight of ice would send him into paroxyms of shuddering fear-- but realizing his own weakness, Jedite took it upon himself to go to renowed pyschiatrist Dr. Jennifer Melfi, who cured him of 88.7% of his fear. Today, he merely twitches at the sight of ice and tries to avoid it, but can deal with it if needed.

Continuously dedicated to making himself stronger, better and faster, Jedite truly is a force to be reckoned with.


Jedite was born into a "noble" terran house during an era that saw tensions rising between the peoples of the Earth and the Moon. Quick-witted and aggressive as a boy, he was a figure who always inspired fear amongst the other children his age, a sensation that he relished. His father, sensing the potential of his son, considered his options. The tradition of the Jade clan was to pass on the secrets of magical power to the eldest born child; however, it was a well-known fact that another tradition of the Jade clan was that the eldest born child tended to ascend to power via patricide. Therefore, exercising judgement borne of a desire for self-preservation, Jedite's father sent him to the Terran Military academy, with the fond hope that his boy would meet an unfortunate training accident at the hands of the drill instructors there, who were reknowned for thieir hatred of "spoiled noble youth".

Oddly, the year Jedite was forcibly enlisted, the Drill instructor at the academy met his death in a strange boating accident. Jedite quickly rose through the cadet ranks, charming his instructors with his suave demeanour and severe tactical acumen. To those that were closest to him, it was clear Jedite was a cold, cruel and ruthless man, not quite psychopathic, but close to the line. When assigned to a task, he was dedicated, singularly focused and driven to see it to completion.

A major turning point came for the young Jedite one night when a troupe of assassins from House Jade infiltrated the camp and began slaughtering the cadets in Jedite's block, hoping to cast the blame on him and force his summary execution for treason. Unbeknownst to anyone, the young, naive prince Endymion was masquerading as a common soldier in order to better understand his troops, and he had been placed in that selfsame block.

Jedite, seeing through his family's cheap ploy almost instantly, took great delight in brutally flaying his attackers in a series of ever-more sadistic displays of force before incinerating their bodies. He was reckless and swift, killing almost as many innocent cadets as attackers as he exacted his bloody revenge. When dawn came, the carnage was so great that the Royal forensic teams were unable to distinguish the remnants of friend or foe, seeing only a panting and bloody Jedite knee-deep in a crescent of the dead, laughing hysterically. Behind him in the clear zone was the terrified Royal Prince, who was cowering in a puddle of his own leavings. Jedite had not killed him simply because the boy had had enough sense to stay behind him and out of sight. For his part, Endymion was so traumatized by the affair (having never seen battle in his young life) that he barely remembered anything of it.

With no one able to tell exactly what had happened the night before, Jedite was declared as the "brave young cadet who had saved the Prince" and immediately attached to his royal guard, along with older, more experienced soldiers from the house of Kun and Nephrin.

Shocked to find out that the whimpering sot hiding behind him that night was the future ruler of the Earth, Jedite vowed that one day he would take power, judging that the imperial line had become soft and weak. Despite Endymion's eventual maturity and ascension to fame through his many valiant exploits, that one image of the weeping boy stayed with Jedite all throughout his career. When the King's royal guards mysteriously fell ill, and he was promoted, along with Kunzite, Zoicite and Nephlite, to provide protection for the king, he realized his chance might be near. Impetuously, he decided that assassination was in order, for once not thinking of the consequences.

As fate would have it, the very night he impetuously broke into the king's bedchambers, he found the monarch already dead, his still-beating heart being consumed by a red-haired court attendant named Beryl. Jedite prepared to strike her down, sensing chance to parlay the incident into a means of boosting his profile, but when Beryl made the corpse of the King rise up and embrace her, he stayed his hand, knowing that before him lay a power he could not understand, but which he instinctively knew he must have. He also knew that should he try to kill her at this moment, she would probably kill him instead. So he did the only thing he could at at that moment, bending his knee and swearing allegiance to Beryl, secretly vowing that one day her power would be his, as well as the world which she-- falsely, as he knew-- promised him.

It was not long after that incident that Jedite, as one of the Dark Kingdom's "four kings" (Shitennou), first tasted his real morsel of power as he and the others led the invading hoardes from Earth onto the moon and laid waste to it. At that moment, in the heat of battle, he knew his destined path to glory would not be one of back room machinations or secret conquest by poison or a backstab-- no, it was the sweet road of domination through bloodshed, the way of the warrior, raining destruction in his wake.

Jedite never got to enjoy his new power, as Queen Serenity sealed him and the rest of the Dark Kingdom into the Arctic wastes at the North Pole. For the next 10 millenia life was rough, as constant battles with the last Old Ones on the Earth plane and territorial disputes with the Pagan God Sa'anToth made daily life a struggle to survive.

Still, Jedite trained and grew stronger. While the others gladly prostrated themselves before Beryl for her favours, he watched and learned, mastering the skills of teleportation, mental projection and 'ki' force attacks. He pioneered the mechanics of summary execution in order to herd the Youma-troops to a finer order of control. He was leveling rapidly, with the intention of killing the Queen who had cost them the Moon all over her love of the puny Earth-prince, and reigning in Hell as the strongest of them all. In preparation, he began embezzling large sums of capital from the Dark Kingdom's treasury.

Plans changed, however, when Metallia's power was able to crack the seal on the Arctic, allowing Kunzite to escape to the outside world. The tales he told of a somewhat advanced society which had evolved around mechanical, rather than magical lines intrigued Jedite. Now, instead of ruling over a smattering of Youma, for the first time, the chance to rule over billions again presented itself.

Thus, for the second time, Jedite stayed his hand, and recommitted himself to Beryl's cause for the time being.

Emerging into the world, Jedite found it pathetically easy to manipulate the minds of fickle modern man. Assuming many different guises, he fooled the humans into giving energy to the Dark Kingdom with panache and style. Unfortunately for him, his easy victories made him careless and arrogant. His discipline slipped as he found himself facing the reborn Sailor senshi, who seemed more like bickering, whining children than the professional soldiers of old. This arrogance on his part led to his ultimate downfall, as he challenged Sailors Mars, Moon and Mercury to a showdown at Haneda Airport, in which he was soundly defeated by his own power.

As punishment, Queen Beryl sentenced Jedite to "eternal sleep", wisely reasoning that it would be fooloish to waste her most seasoned warrior unneccessarily.

Jedite remained awake and aware in his icy tomb, claustrophobic and freezing, for almost a decade. Ice became his captor, his tormentor, his hated and implacable foe. He hated and feared the fact that an inanimate crystal could confine him-- the mighty Jedite!. His confidence left him, and, for the first time in his long life, dread fear took over and possessed his mind. But even then, in the depths of his fear, he knew... somehow... that his day was not over.

Jedite lost all sense of time and place trapped in his tomb. Moment flowed into moment without interruption. Then, suddenly-- almost as suddenly as he was imprisoned, he was free-- released by Nephrite to exact revenge on Ten'ou Haruka.

After taking a brief moment to ascertain that the Dark Kingdom had indeed fallen (and thus the old rank structure with it), Jedite took the chance to get some exercise and pummeled Nephrite mercilessly, choosing to align with Haruka and Michiru in order to buy himself some time and re-assess his position within the world, as well as get revenge on Nephrite.

Jedite now spends his time with the other Suburban Senshi, training and plotting the eventual rise of the Neo-Dark Kingdom, spending his weekends playing Risk on the pool table in Professor Tomoe's lab, and engaging in various schemes to dominate the globe in his spare time. One of his most recent attempts was to conquer the United States by replacing John Kerry with a Youma and trying to take the 2004 Presidential election, but the failure of Haruka to properly support the propaganda campaign caused him to lose by a razor-thin margin. He also battles whenever he can, even going so far as to flay the old god Cthulthu, wearing his skin as a halloween costume, training with the God of the North Galaxy, and journeying beyond the edge of creation to power up beyond the limits of the physical body.


Jedite, despite his inherent superiority complex, does have a complex web of social relationships. He considers Haruka to be his best friend, due to her ruthless nature in battle and strong command of situational ethics. He constantly spars with her and in the process has become stronger for it. While he normally does not stick his neck out for anyone, he might do so for Haruka merely because he appreciates the company.

He also has a friendship with Souichi Tomoe, due to their common background as forces of "evil" and their mutal struggles against the Sailor Senshi. He also has something of a rivalry with the mad scientist, as he hopes to take over the world before Tomoe can.

The Dark General also has a lingering attraction to his "ex-incredibly hot girlfriend", which is unsurprising as he built her to be his ideal woman. However, over time this has faded, as he has seen another lovely goddess of war... a brief glimpse of a woman who has yet to reach her prime, but will one day be formidable indeed. For the time being, he is forced to wait until she comes into her own.

Jedite can't being himself to kill Hotaru for some reason. Even he doesn't quite know why. He would, however, gladly kill the Lunar cats or Setsuna Meioh, because the former conspired to kill him in the Dark Kingdom wars, and the latter used him like a pawn in her machinations against Neo-Queen Serenity. He has a running feud with Aino Minako, who shot him in the posterior several times and lit him on fire. He blames her for the death of Danburite, believing the Dark Kingdom Propaganda which said Sailor V had tortured him for days before he died.

Despite being somewhat indifferent to the other Suburban Senshi, Jedite does tend to hold back when fighting them (except for Haruka), and he is willing to occassionally join them on their little adventures when it suits his purposes. His direct intervention was directly responsible for the saving of their lives in the incident with "Miss Dream", and for the (apparent) cessation of hostilities between Haruka and Hotaru.

Jedite has few direct enemies who yet live. Minako barely trusts him, and neither do Luna or Artemis. Endymion would be his foe if the future king still had a spine. At the moment, only the Elder gods hate him, along with the spawn of Cthulthu, for his massacre of that particular entity.


Jedite, despite being thawed for over 2 years, is still a man 10 years out of date. Living in a hollowed out cave under Tomoe's lab, he catches basement rats for early meal, and has a small 13" TV. HIs computer is ridiculously underpowered. He sometimes plans his days around the boot sequence of Win 3.1 on his 386, which has 1 megabyte of RAM and a 40 megabyte hard drive. He once bought a 56k modem but it was too fast for his CPU, so he went back to a 2400.

Jedite spends most of his day out of his hole, but when he returns to it he has a smaller hole in it, in which he keeps small mammals for pets and meat. Sometimes he has them fight, or he induces them to place lotion on thier bodies in exchange for pellets. When really bored he makes them engage in cannabalism.

Interestingly, given his spartan stone-age, surroundings, he has a high tech cyrogenic sleep capsule stored in the room, a piece of gear taken from the professor.


Jedite Is a master tactician who can quickly size up situations and come to effective snap decisions. He has an organizational talent that is second to none. It should come as no surprise, then, that he is an excellent Risk player.

Jedite knows the tongue of the Old Ones, thanks to his battles with them on behalf of the Dark Kingdom and himself.

Jedite is a master of Psychology (except when it comes ot himself) and Neuro-linguistic programming.

Jedite is a frighteningly good cyberspace marketspeak droid, thanks to Professor Tomoe briefly upgrading him to a computer with a graphical webbrowser in chat 440.

Jedite knows a card throwing fighting style.

The Warrior side of Jedite

Jedite is incredibly strong. In his normal form he has enough power to rip a man apart with his bare hands. In "Super" form he is as tough as a Super-Saiyajin. This form is denoted by his eyes turning completely black. This form is faster and stronger, but uses ki at a greater rate.

Jedite also has an "ultimate" form, called USSJ Jedite (Ultra-Suave Super Jedite) in which his body is translucent, and his power beyond description. It is a form that exists outside the physical plane, so while his blows have force, anything aimed at him passes right through harmlessly. In this form Jedite speaks of himself in the third person, and is virtually unstoppable, except by the power of incredibly whiny angst. The primary drawback to this form is that once achieved, it cannot be "turned off", and in it Jedite cannot eat or engage in other... "physical" activities, as he tends to pass through any objects he encounters (unless he wants to smash them). Also, small objects can be thrown through him, which he finds unnerving.

Jedite loves to attack from a distance, using his power to obliterate an opponent from afar. Hand-to-hand sparring is something he will only do as a last resort, but he keeps in practice because he understands that it is concievable that his power might fail him in a pinch.

According to Professor Tomoe, Jedite uses Anabolic Steroids.

After undergoing a full body enema, Jedite lost a significant amount of 10,000 year old... mass, resulting in a speed and reaction time boost.


Jedite loves to sit back and daydream about how he stabbed Prince Endymion in the back.

Jedite started the ill-fated, canceled before production "Suburban sergants" live action show in an attempt to get royalties. He did manage to get a corvette out of the deal. He also started the "Suburban SiMs" show, which is in irregular production.

In order to preserve his legacy, Jedite managed to worm his way onto the set of Pretty Guardian Sailormoon, and managed to keep his character alive to the end, if mischaracterized.

Jedite has an unbeaten record at CCG playing. This is acheived by his beating up the other player and taking their cards.

For the longest time, Jedite did not know Minako was Sailor V.

Jedite has a pet Guineau Pig named "Lorax" who lives in the hole in his cave. It is insane. This is because one day he killed a Hamster, ground it up and fed it to a gerbil, which contracted the "laughing disease" and became rabid. He then fed that to the Guineau Pig.

Future Jedite (circa 3000) is actually a member of the resistance against Neo Queen Serenity, and, much to Jedites's ire, is a hippie liberal as well.

Jedite once got his ass kicked by a Panda bear when he visited Nerima.

Jedite has stolen gum from the supermarket.

Jedite's souce of income is Haruka's money, which in turn comes from Michiru.

Jedite likes to annoy people by driving around in a wheelchair for the disabled.

Jedite has named a certain portion of his anatomy "Mr. Maxx Power". Which one this is is left as an exercise for the reader.

Jedite got his PGSM-style uniform jacket off a cosplayer in the 30th century.
Alt designs

Battle information

Attacks / Abilities:  Disguise
Creation of projected illusions
Dark Ki bolts
Pink ki bolts
Dark Attack (generic name for a series of energy based attacks)
Energy Drain / Transfer / Manipulation
Telekinetic manipulation
Energy Barrier
Wields Crystal blades
Metamora Fusion Dance
Equipment:  Badass PGSM cape
White corvette with red stripe trim (think "Face"'s from the A-Team)
Strengths: Master tactician
Weaknesses: Easily roused to blinding anger.
Goal: To dominate the Earth
Element of Influence: n/a

Misc. Data

Gemstone: Jade
Favourite Food: Live Mammal
Least Favourite Food: Corn Meal
Favourite Colours: Maroon, Blue-Grey
Favourite Class: Military History
Least Favourite Class: Health Education
Hobby: Torturing small animals
Theme Song:  Main: // J_Daito // Rob Zombie: Superbeast
confidence: The Crystal Method: Name of the Game
despair: Gravity Kills - guilty