Suburban Senshi Daizenshuu - Professor Souichi Tomoe

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"Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementia."

Portrait 1
Alternate Identities: Germatoid
First Appearance: Suburban Senshi Episode 3
Birthdate: March 12th, 1954 (Pisces)
Blood Type: AB
Height / Weight: 188cm, 71kg
Function: Head of Mugen Academy, Genetic Scientist / Physicist
Domicile: Ten'ou/Aino House, Basement 2-4-60 Azabu Juban Minato-ku
Education:  Nagatsuka Elementary School, Hiroshima Fukuyama Junior / Senior Hisgh School, Hiroshima, Undergraduate - Hiroshima University, Masters / Doctorate, Waseda University, Doctorate, Tokyo University of Science, Doctorate, University of Tokyo.


Souichi Tomoe as he exists today is a strange mix of the intellectual and insane. He possesses the high IQ of a trained scientist coupled with the insane non-linear genius that could only come from the mind of a totally alien intelligence such as the Daimon Germatoid, who is totally infused into his body. In his own words, he lives for "the thrill of that next profane creation, the sight of that next twisted thing that emerges from the font of darkness, stinking of hell and crying for the souls of the innocent. [He yearns] for the moment when [they] spring to ignoble life, and try to rip the innards out of their maker in supreme ingratitude."

Tomoe's insanity was born out of the trauma of seeing his wife and child killed before his eyes, coupled with the raw intellectual shock of being fused with an alien intelligence whose perspective on reality was totally different from his own. (Just imagine suddenly being able to mentally percieve four or five dimensions, being able to "taste" colors and "see" sounds, having the ability to peer through the veils of reality and having the thoughts and experiences of Albert Einstien's smarter older brother suddently forcibly integrated into your mind in an instant with no preparation.) He is not an evil man, but his already loose ethical code when it came to the strictures of Scientific convention, coupled with the complete disregard on Germatoid's part for any kind of human "law" or "ethics" has made him take actions which, to the outsider, would seem cruel or heartless.

Tomoe is more than just a cackling madman, however. He is still, even at the height of his maniac moments, a man thoroughly dedicated to his family. He sacrificed his very soul to save Hotaru in the lab accident which nearly took her life. His continual cloning experiments with the "Kaolinite" series of clones, which are based on the last decaying remnants of his deceased wife's DNA, are his desperate attempts to reunite his shattered family which was rent asunder so many years ago.

Even with this dedication to his family, Tomoe is undoubtedly a man who seems to have an eye for ladies, constantly inviting them to play "Twister" in his lab, and hitting his students up for favours back in the days of the first Mugen Academy. This aspect of his persona is twofold: On the one hand, the alien Germatoid, whose persona is now dominant in his mind, is fascinated with the idea of "breeding" with human-creatures, and on the other hand, Tomoe (who is in his fifties, even if he lies about his age by shaving off a decade and who doesn't look it) wants desperately to be seen as "hip" and "cool" by those he now lives with, who tend to be young and "wild" kids in comparison. In his own twisted way, it is his way of trying to relate to the MTV crowd.

In point of fact, Tomoe is *not* a pervert (unlike Elios and Chibiusa) and mainly does what he does these days in an attempt to both incense his straight-laced daughter Hotaru and to get her to loosen up. He has a secret diary, in which he has recorded his deepest feelings and these revelations, and he intends for Hotaru to discover all this about him at his death. (The problem with that plan is, of course, that the fusion with Germatoid has resulted in Tomoe having an incredibly hardy self-regenerating constitution that could concievably last for ten thousand years.)

These days, Professor Souichi Tomoe is a jolly, irreverent man who has "mellowed" since his Death Busters days (when he was more willing to just sacrifice those around him--Kaolinite II comes to mind--as opposed to trying to help them out) The restoration of Hotaru to him has made him much more protective of those whom she values. Still, beneath the tasty coffee-loving, twister- playing "laughing man" surface, there yet lurks a coldly amoral part of Tomoe that merely awaits the right stimulus--namely, harm to his child-- to resurface. And if it ever does... fear for the world.


Souichi Tomoe grew up in Hiroshima prefecture, in the decades following that city's obliteration in World War II. The traumatic aftermath of the world's first nuclear detonation lingered in the young boy's mind. He was fascinated by the notion of forces in nature that could wreak such profound and lasting change. The image of a single split atom being able to do so much was indelibly stamped into his conciousness and informed his choice of intellectual pursuits.

Tomoe was something of a renaissance man even in his youth, composing waltzes ("Hope for the future" which was very un-waltz like) and performing experiments on sea monkeys (which he claims evolved into killer sea-predators, but with a lifespan of six minutes), as well as devouring every bit of scientific literature he could get his hands on. He desperately wanted to be the master of those fundamental forces which controlled reality, so that he could wreak change in the world for the good. For him, the idea that forces like the atom were being used to kill and not provide limitless power to mankind was nothing less than criminal. He was into the computer revolution obscenely early, watching ASCII Pornography on VAX mainframe dummy terminals ages before everyone else. He also set up the Japanese "scientist net", an E-mail list dedicated to the rapid exchange of scientfic information between scholars on the bleeding edge of research.

Tomoe dedicated himself to the study of math, physics, biology and chemistry. His brilliance was always evident, as well as his disregard for the conventions of the modern scientific institutions such as peer review and ethical constraint. Feeling that such things were artifical limitations placed on the sprit of scientific innovation by those of lesser vision, he plowed ahead, doing what he wanted with university facilities after hours. He made many breakthroughs, many of which never saw the light of day due to his refusal to play within the rules of the system and "share credit" with more senior researchers who had in reality done nothing, but merely wanted their names attached to his work in order to sweeten their own curriculum vitae.

Burning through schools in record time, Tomoe quickly picked up doctorate after doctorate (3 in all), and made associations with just about every fringe scientist on the planet, including Drs. Gero and Frappe (formerly of the Red Ribbon Army), Dr. Wily, Dr. Evil and Dr. Briefs (founder of the world famous Capsule Corporation.) His knowledge and skills increased to unheard levels, and he began working on banned technology and techniques, performing recombinant DNA experiements on animals using human material, hoping to create transgenic cross-species treatments that could be used to cure human disease. Even though he was breaking the rules, he still had standards-- he would only do things he saw as being of benefit to man. He would not work on weapons or techniques that could harm or kill. The shadow of Hiroshima was still foremost on his mind.

This was the last straw for the Japanese Scientific establishment, which had no desire to be associated with someone seen by the public as a man who sought to fuse "pigs and men." Tomoe was made a virtual exile, unable to get even a simple lab assistant's position at any of the universities in the country. Eventually, by early 1979, he was brought so low as to be nothing more than the janitor at a university physical plant. His days as a scientist seemed over.

This menial turn of events had an unexpected benefit, however. Janitor Tomoe, working late one night, ran into a harried and overstressed secretary who was working in one of the physics buildings. A pretty and kind woman named Keiko, she soon took to the scruffy and brilliant young man, and within mere months they had married.

For a time, life was good. The couple were able to get by even on their meager salaries, and Tomoe kept his mind sharp by reading everything he could at the university libraries, even as the scientists there mocked him behind his back (and sometimes even to his face.)

Things changed in 1981 when Soiuchi's daugther Hotaru was born. Suddenly, the family wages were not enough. Tomoe needed money, and he needed it fast, or his new family would starve. After much soul-searching, he desperately took a gamble and put his genius on the market, offering himself out to the highest bidder-- no strings attached. He would work on whatever he was told, be it weapons or plague. The sobering thought that his child and wife would have to starve was enough to force him to set his principles aside.

It wasn't long before the corporate world took notice. The Infinity Delta development project, which was tasked with reclaiming land from the Tokyo Delta and turning it into a high-class center of research and development, hired him to head their most daring project-- Mugen Academy-- a school dedicated to training the elite geniuses of Japan from elementary school all the way through Univesity. Tomoe was overjoyed at the chance to directly mould the minds of the future generation, and accepted, glad that he would not have to compromise himself after all.

Tomoe's joy would not last, however. Against the advice of his advisory committee, Tomoe had brought the underground labs of Mugen Academy online before the main school was even finished. Together with his five brightest students, he sought to get back to the world of hard science. During one of their more daring Physics experiments, contact was made with a probing alien presence from another universe. The shockwave tore through the lab and left Tomoe's student assistants, as well as his family, who had been visiting for the day, dead.

Traumatized with shock and overcome with grief for his family, Tomoe was in no shape to refuse when the malevolent entity Pharaoh 90, who was looking for new feeding grounds on this side of reality, offered him the chance to at least save his daughter-- the condition: consent to be implanted with the "seed of Daimon" and become host to the creature Germatoid, and allow his daughter to become similarly infused.

From that day on, Tomoe changed. His persona split between the kind, gentle man he had been, and the cackling, over the top, mad genius that Germatoid had helped him to become. Resurrecting his dead pupils with more of the Daimon DNA, he quickly formed an organization known as the "Death Busters", dedicated to bringing Pharaoh 90 to the Earth and achieving the successful fusion of humans with the Daimons to create "superhumans"-- of which he was the first.

For years, he would secretly toil away at his plan, using Mugen as the front and his new Tomoe Research Labs as the main center of operations. As before, he used animals as his first experimental subjects, eventually moving onto hapless Mugen students. Unfortunately for him, the first experiments failed, creating incidents of "atavism"-- humans seemingly reverting to feral forms. A run-in with one of these atavists awoke the sleeping Sailor Neptune, who in turn awoke Sailor Uranus, and for the first time Tomoe found himself against the Sailor Senshi.

Even as more Senshi joined the battle, Tomoe was still cool and collected. Unlike other stereotypical villans, he was always jolly and kind to his underlings, his humanity managing to somehow temper the cold amorality of the Germatoid entity, even if the latter's lack of repression resulted in Tomoe being more over-the-top and playful than he might have been otherwise. In his spare time, Tomoe managed to invent the VHS Camcorder, DVD player, Four Slice Toaster, Laser pointer, Plasma Television and Auto-flush toilet but was too busy with the Death Busters to patent them, and thus "got robbed by the collective unconscious" when other companies came out with them first.

Using the last of the damaged DNA from his wife in combination with Daimon DNA, Tomoe even managed to clone a parody of his beloved Keiko, the devoted, yet decidedly sinister Kaolinite. His faithful assitant, she was devoted soley to him, and viciously drove off the other women in his life, even her own daughter, whom she treated with great cruelty and spite.

Tomoe himself was still largely benign, even while serving the whims of his extradimensional overlord. It was not until the emergence of Mistress 9 from his sleeping daughter Hotaru-- which shocked the human side of Tomoe, who thought himself betrayed and his little girl lost to him forever--that Germatoid's coldness really took over and he summarily executed Kaolinite II, asking coldly, "what is love?".

After the defeat of the Death Busters, Tomoe was left amnesiac, the Germatoid portion of him seemingly vanquished by Uranus and Neptune. He had his little girl back, but was in no real shape to raise her. For her own reasons-- and to protect the world from Nephelenia, as well as making the Professor useful to the Senshi once more-- Meioh Setsuna appeared before him and forcibly restored his memory and insanity by striking him on the head with her staff-- an attack which restored his memory, and which actually stretched back in time and pulled the last remnants of Germatoid forward from the time of the Pharaoh 90 battle within him forward to the present day, re-infecting him and making him the mad scientist once again.

This time, there was no Pharaoh 90 to serve, and Hotaru was quite safe, so Tomoe decided to pursue a life of relatively harmless mad scientist, a life which his alien side happily embraced, as it had nothing else to do-- and besides, the Earth girls Tomoe was hanging around were cute. Moving from his own house, which imploded during his attempts to summon Pharaoh 95 to this universe, Tomoe took up residence in the basement of Ten'ou Haruka's home in order to be closer to his daughter-- and the cute girls.

Today, Tomoe is a happy member of the Suburban Senshi family, who delights in building whatever ridiculous apparatus they might need at a moment's notice, as well as working on his new dual goals of creating the world's perfect cup of Tasty Coffee and reviving his late wife.


Professor Tomoe gets on well with his housemates, even if some, like Minako, are still wary of him over the whole Death Busters debacle. He scares most of them, especially when he's creating the odd mutant creature or inviting them to play games of twister in his lab. His occassional wearing of nothing but an orange and red polka-dot speedo to the beach also inspires dread terror in them.

Tomoe has a friendship / rivalry going on with Jedite. As the only two "evil" people in the house, they share a common bond and often compare notes as to their respective run-ins with the Senshi. Each one thinks they could have been the one to take down the Senshi, but at the same time, they realize that the peace they now enjoy is somewhat better than having to constantly watch their backs and answer to a demanding superboss with delusions of grandeur.

Naturally, Souichi gets on best with his daughter, delighting in teasing her and trying to get her to broaden her horizons. He would go to any lengths to protect her, and does whatever he can to make her happy.

Setsuna interests Tomoe, since her knowledge of theoretical physics (which she demonstrated during her time at Mugen) is quite good. He wants to recruit her to be his new assistant, but is waiting for the right time to make the overture.

Tomoe would also like to pillage Xadium's TARDIS for the advanced techology contained therein, but is fairly confident in his own skill to recreate the parts that truly interest him. He does not consider working with the Time Lord on a joint venture to be practical, due to the latter's overdeveloped sense of convenient ethics.

In addition to those in the house, Tomoe keeps close contact with many of his old scientist friends, including Frappe, Brown, Briefs and Frink. These days the Japanese scientific community once again accepts him (nominally) as one of their own, so long as he doesn't try to get any of his genetics work accepted into the mainstream.


Souichi has two main labs, one in the basement of new Mugen, and one in the basement of Ten'ou/Aino house. They are both state of the art, and have the working components of a chemisty, biology, and particle physics lab. The house lab is more "recreational", with big screen TV, surround system (with 15 subwoofers), pool table and workshop added to the amenities. Tomoe sleeps on a cot in the corner of the lab. There is also a massive computer core embedded in one corner, which is actually a beowulf cluster cobbled together from old DEC workstations.


Due to the influence of Germatoid, Tomoe knows the tongue of the Old ones. He is an accomplished geneticist, physicist, inventor, Saxaphone player and expert Twister player.

Tomoe is also a good dentist but does not use anaesthetic or sanitation.

The Alien side of Souichi Tomoe

Souichi may look like an unassuming man (despite his great height-- he is taller than Haruka), but when he transforms into Germatoid, he is quite formidable. His mass increases by two, and his muscles become five times as dense. His body is a "regenerator", meaning that he can recover from huge impacts within seconds, and he is capable of attacking with great force. The one drawback to his transformed form is its lack of speed, which he makes up for by being incredibly tough and persistent. Germatoid is capable of shapeshifting, splitting apart to form multiple copies of himself, and imbuing inanimate objects with his own essence to create controlled "puppets" with which he can attack (at the cost of diminished reaction time and concentration.)

The fusion with Germatoid has made Tomoe extremely long-lived. It is estimated he could easily live indefinitely due to his constantly renewing cell-structure.


Tomoe's caps lock key intermittently functioned for a bit for many years, at first working correctly, then capitalizing whole words, then whole sentences.

Tomoe has made his own Linux distribution called Tasty Coffee Linux. He also uses Daimon seeds in his coffee.

Tomoe once tried to clone Queen Beryl to see "if she had back".

Tomoe always cheats at twister because he lost at his first game and his assistants ruthlessly mocked him.

Tomoe never throws anything away if he can help it.

Tomoe writes his name in western order.

The reason Tomoe asked Shenlong to revive Kaolinite instead of his dead wife Keiko is because more than a year had passed since Keiko's death.
Alt designs

Battle information

Attacks / Abilities:  Ability to transform into the Superhuman / Alien Hybrid Germatoid
Germatoid Gene Splicer (placing parts of himself into inanimate objects and controlling them)
Germatoid Clone Confuse (spliiting into many different clones)
Germatoid Smash (smashing things with his fists)
Germatoid Finger (giving someone the finger ala the S season)
Germatoid Tasty Coffee Splash (scalding someone with hot coffee)
Germatoid Face Buster (smashing someone's face into the ground)
Germatoid Giga-Laugh (laughing at the aural threshold of pain)
Germatoid Pod Insemination (inserting many daimon pods into someone and exploding them in their body simultaneously)
Equipment:  Full scale basement lab (home) / research lab (Mugen)
Dimensional Portal
Labtop (Portable Briefcase Lab)
Innumerable Gizmos and Gadgets
Various probes
Strengths: Incredible Genius Intellect
Weaknesses: Easily Distracted and Absent-Minded
Goal: To create the perfect superhuman human / alien hybrid; To revive his dead wife; to make the perfect cup of Tasty Coffee
Element of Influence: n/a

Misc. Data

Gemstone: Amethyst
Favourite Food: Tasty Coffee
Least Favourite Food: Broccoli
Favourite Colours: Aquamarine Blue
Favourite Class: Cell Biology / any "Hard sciences" / Mathematics
Least Favourite Class: Sociology
Hobby: Genetic Engineering / Coffeemaking / Twister
Theme Song:  Main: Insane Clown Posse - Mad Professor
confidence: Utah Saints - Technowledgy
despair: Napoleon XIV: They're Coming to Take Me Away