Suburban Senshi Daizenshuu: Sailor Crystals and Starseeds

Starseeds and Sailor Crystals

By Doctor Xadium

A Sailor Crystal / Starseed

The Starseed

According to legend, at the center of each Galaxy, there is a Cauldron which emits starseeds-- the basic stuff of life. Every living thing is said to possess one, and upon their death, their starseed returns to the cauldron to be re-absorbed and sent out into the universe again, to be reborn in a new body. But what is this "seed of life" really?

The human body generates a biolelectric charge, which helps transmit information back and forth through the human brain and the various nerves and muscles throughout the body. This "life-force" normally exists as a dispersed energy field, which can be detected as "ki", and sometimes lingers after the death of the body as a spiritual imprint or even a ghost. This energy (at least at a base level) is imparted to newly forming life by the dissolving of a starseed into the body at conception. This force remains dispersed through the body of the growing individual, recording and storing the overall essence of the individual it is taken from, including all their memories and experiences. Thus, those (like Sailor Galaxia) who know how can "extract" the starseed of an individual (and thus their essence) by forcing their bioelectric energy to undergo an energy-to-matter conversion, taking this elemental lifeforce and converting it to a sold, corporeal form.

Every world has trillions and trillions of starseeds around it, drawn to their gravity wells as they pass by in interstellar space on their journey from Galaxy Cauldron. Together, they suffuse their planetary bodies with energy and form an overall life-force for the planet (a "Gaia", if you will), and they permit a kind of low-level connection between all the lifeforms on a planet. The energies of each starseed resonate at a slightly different quantum frequencies and thus never accidentally intermingle. They are drawn to bodies with similar vibrations. Sometimes, however, starseeds can split, thus allowing the formation of closely linked identical twins. Cloning may also forcibly split a starseed, as its vibrations will be tied to the bodily material it inhabits.


Partially removing a starseed from a body renders it zombie-like. Without the bulk of its essence and memories, it becomes a sad parody of its former self, acting more on id than reason. The technical term for these types of beings are "Phages". Phages have been known to live for years, since their connection to their starseed is still present.

Death and Starseeds

Totally removing a starseed from a lifeform will kill it. Starseeds usually leave the body at death, unless a traumatic event shatters the seed and prevents it from reforming, in which case a ghost or psychic imprint may result. The essense and memory of the individual are stored in the energy patterns of the starseed, in what psychics call the akashic record of the soul. These patterns are maintained even when the starseed enters a new lifeform. Thus people can "remember" their past lives. With each successive transfer of a starseed, their energy structure becomes more complex and dense, since the life experiences of each host fortify and strengthen it.

The Sailor Crystal

"Sailor Crystals" are more advanced forms of starseeds. They come from planetary crystals. While each starseed usually gravitates to a nascent lifeform, there are times when starseeds are attracted not to biological lifeforms, but the energy signatures of forming worlds. These seeds will rush by the billions into the cores of these forming planets, their energies combining under the gravitational pressure, merging and creating much larger, more powerful and complex crystals that form the "hearts" of these worlds, intimately tied to their structures and unique energies. Like normal starseeds, they exist in a dispersed form, suffusing their planetary body. When a compatible host body is concieved (which is very rare, because their bodies would have to be almost totally in tunewith the vibrations of their planet), the energy of the Planetary Crystal will gravitate to it and infuse it with planetary power. These individuals will then possess not starseeds, but Sailor Crystals. There can be more than one such person per planet, because the energy of the planetary crystal cannot usually be safely contained by just one body. There is generally plenty left over.

Sailor Crystals are more powerful than starseeds because they possess the capacity to resonate with and channel the energy of their host planet. They also are capable not only perfectly recording the memories and experiences of their hosts, but their physical structure as well. They give a body far greater strength, speed, endurance, and longevity than otherwise conferred by a starseed, as well as enhanced traits in keeping with the attributes of the world that gave rise to them. Their energies can either be fully manifested at all times, resulting in a being who is literally the living avatar of their world, or they can be partially or wholly suppressed, resulting in a being who superficially seems to be just like any other, starseed- carrying individual. In the later case, there is a danger that when the Sailor Crystal is fully activated, the latent patterns of a past host body might overwhelm that of the new subsequent host, but this rarely occurs.

In short, holders of a Sailor Crystal are virtually immortal so long as their crystals are not destroyed. Their bodies may die, but upon the gerneration of a new suitable body, they are reborn just as before, Thus holders of Sailor Crystals, who usually hold the potential to be the strongest beings on their own worlds, have often been feared, revered, and even worshipped as gods. They represent a primal force in the universe that is at once ancient and modern.

Note: This differentiation between sailor crystals and starseeds is not made in the anime, but is in the manga, where Galaxia regards starseeds as "trash" but not Sailor Crystals, which she hunts ruthlessly.

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