Michiru and Haruka: A Union of Absolute Perfection

Michi and Me, the True Hollywood Story

Man it's been a long messed up road with Michi and me, but after a decade and a half we're finally gonna do it. No, not *that*. We do that all the damn time. I mean we're gonna get married. So I thought I'd take us down a little trip on mamma-- memory lane. Man I shouldn't have been drinking when doing this part. Oh well. Enjoy!

Haruka T. 

Back in the day Michi and I were the two baddest fighters for Justice in the world. While the other Sailor Senshi were out trying to find dates and making speeches and getting saved by freaks in Tuxes with roses, we were kicking ass and taking names, the two Sailor Senshi of the apocalypse.
But as time went on, we began to realize that there was more joining us than just a common uniform, or a mission to have the world from the silence. We both discovered that we both liked the ladies. A lot.
In particular, the ladies we saw reflected in each other's eyes. We couldn't stop staring. It was like deer caught in headlights. Such large, soft headlights that bounced ever so slightly when she moved, the split between them so alluring when she was in her bathing suit. I just wanted to reach out and touch it...
I resisted her animalistic advances for as long as I could, but she was ravenous, forcing me, compelling me, vicious, brutal, relentless... I was helpless before her raw animal instincts as she pressed, clawed, took me down...
...So yeah. We got it on. Again. And again. And again. And Again. OH yeah. It was like two ocean waves colliding, undulating back and forth, fighting, pressing for domination, the pressure building, a tsunami of pleasure...
It was a true love born of sweat and other bodily fluids. We were a match made in heaven, too big for even the biggest king size bed. You ever wonder why we had a damn olympic pool in our loft? Yeah baby.
After that it was your typical whirlwind globe trotting romance, like that crap you see in Utena but better. I was smooth like Akio and Michi was soft like silk. Of course Michi wanted the whole Marriage thing, calling me her "Prince Uranus" and whatnot. I was for the idea of course. 100% all the way.
The idea of two women hitching blew some people's minds. Hard. I mean there was look blood and bone and gristle everywhere. It still annoys some people, but it's nothing I can do if people are too small-minded to not be accepting.
I mean yeah, we had our issues, like my being unable to ingest the sickening foul poison that is Michi's excuse for cooking, but I mean what relationship doesn't have its ups and downs, right? It's a small price to pay when love's involved.
So now we're finally prepared (after Michi did EVERYTHING in her power to get out of it) to finally walk down that aisle after 15 years.