it's not just another day of kung fu fighting

Kung Fu Rascals

Sporting the latest in cheesy sound effects, badly dubbed dialouge and impossible-move fight scenes that last for infinity, Kung Fu Rascals is the ultimate Kung Fu flick for the discriminating fan of the genre.

Read our interview with Steve Wang!

Lots of great info on Kung Fu Rascals, including scenes that got cut, the prequel, a possible TV series, the last word on the Sticky Flypaper Technique, where to send fan mail and MUCH MORE! Our thanks to Steve once again!

Pictures from Steve Wang

Check out some cool pictures sent by the creator of Kung Fu Rascals, now in the story and behind the scenes areas-- including the Kung Fu Rascals movie poster! Thanks, Steve!

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Kung Fu Rascals used to be available on video from York Pictures, and used to be found at Blockbuster video. Thanks to the efforts of Troy Fromin, you can now actually watch the movie right here!