Kung Fu Rascals

The Characters...

...or 10 reasons why this movie ROCKED!

1. the bamboo man

Evil lord of Dark Powers. He can make his eyes glow. He yells a lot.

2. raspmutant

The quintessential power-hungry sidekick with delusions of grandeur. He squeals when in pain. Thus, he squeals a lot.

3. the sheriff of ching wa county

The Man. Not only a snappy dresser, Not only a master of kickass sound FX, Not only Lord of the Sais... he is the master of all that is Kung Fu. With his snappy dialogue and tremendous staying power, he simply rules. Even Chen Chow Mein has trouble with this guy.

4. the imperial torture master

Second only to the Sheriff of Ching Wa County in the Badass department. He's got a lot of funky torture devices, makes insane noises and lacks many front teeth. Ain't nobody matches him for style, buds.

5. dar ling

He's one of the Sheriff's henchmen, but is he a henchman? With a penchant for large fans, a sensitive schnozz and an air of just plain wierdness about him, dar ling makes the perfect... something or other.

6. ba foon

Master of Chicken-Style Kung Fu, Ba Foon can peck your eyes out when yer not lookin', so be careful. Don't expect him to pass any IQ tests anytime soon, though.

7. the old wise guy

If you can catch him between drinks and have enough gold to keep him happy and a load of time on your hands, you can get service from the man who claims to "tell all for a price that is small". Just don't ring his doorbell.

8. chen chow mein

Leader of the Kung Fu Rascals. Master Thief. Knower of that which is. Chen uses many martial arts moves, including the proven-to-be-obsolete-for-centuries Sticky Flypaper Technique, to fight the villanous tyranny of the Bamboo Man.

9. lao ze

He wears a wig to look like Bruce Lee. Master of one out of the three elements of Kung Fu, Lao seeks to know more of the secrets of the philosophy of Kung Fu. His enemies think he's "super tough."

10. reepo

With Methane emissions that could ignite thermonuclear explosions, a keen tracking skill, a huge appetite and a not-bad falling skill, Reepo is the ultimate comic relief for the side of light.

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