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Thursday,Dec 04,2003
Image Gallery now up!

At last, the image gallery has arrived! Many thanks go out to ~taka j~ once again for the kind contribution of files!

As you'll notice, I've sorted the pictures into categories based on who donated them-- by my reckoning it's the best way to make sure credit is given where credit's due. So if you have any pictures or wallpaper you'd like me to add to the gallery, just let me know!

N.B. : I won't take anything from Kitagawa-san's official site, or any of the full scans of the Mars page from the 04 PGSM Calendar (unless they've been modified to be vastly different)... mainly because I don't want to be accused of ripping off the actual products themselves.

I'm going to be whipping up some Photoshop work too, so expect some goodies in the near future ^_^

Oh yes-- I'm instituting a link exchange for all Kitagawa fans-- if you link to me (you can use a little button in the lower left of the blog if you like) I'll put a link back to your site on the link exchange page. (As I am not psychic, you'll have to E-mail me to let me know you've linked to me)

- 北川景子 は火野レイです -


Heh... thanks to a certain fellow (You know who you are!), I now know that a search on Google for the words "Kitagawa Keiko" leads to the "She May be Rei-san, but can she dance?" article I wrote for this site... unfortunately, it's for the copy of the article in's archive... heheh...

So I have 15 seconds of fame... in some kind of quasi-alternate dimension.

I'm thinking of having some comedy fun with Babelfish and Kitagawa-san's official site (I've seen some anime news services that are little more than reposted babelfishings), but I'm still pondering the logistics of it. (After all I'm trying to promoteKitagawa-san, not make her look silly (or turn her into another Hama "Cookie Monster" Chisaki)


- 北川景子 は火野レイです -

Monday,Dec 01,2003
December belongs to Mars!

Special thanks to ~taka j~ for pointing out that the official Sailormoon site has none other than Kitagawa "Sailormars" Keiko on the December calendar which can be found here!

As you can tell, it's a bit difficult to find fresh and exciting info for this site (what with my recent computer troubles and all)-- I did anticipate this and I want to turn this site into a community site where we can collect all available data on Kitagawa-san, such as wallpapers, translated interviews, and even links to untranslated stuff as well. For comedy I might even MST3K some babelfished translations like I do on Suburban Senshi IRC.

I've managed to add in the community floodbox, so now you can chat to each other in between my oh-so-frequent update s ;>

One thing-- I know I'm using whatever pictures of Kitagawa-san I can scour from all over the 'net or via screengrabs (as most fan sites do), but I would like anyone who submits wallpaper or pictures or whatever to please not take anything from Kitagawa-san's homepage (well her agency's home page for her)... it's just that I respect their decision to try and carve out a unique space for themselves on the net and I don't want to step on their toes (or have them step on mine as I am fairly certain they have heavier "feet", heheheh).

And yes, this means I'm going to have a section for that kind of thing soon enough :)

- 北川景子 は火野レイです -

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