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Friday,Jan 16,2004
Unbelievable!! It's the update!!

Heheh... it's so sad, Suburban Senshi IRC takes up so much of my blog.time that this site is like a poor, neglected stepchild. But, every once in a while the poor stepchild gets an update, so here it is, Kitagawa-fans!
Yes, this is a composite of the outfit Kitagawa-san wore in Episode 14 of PGSM, painstakingly assembled from stills and stitched together in Photoshop. Now while you will note it's not perfect, keep in mind only the top and the bottom were standing still, the whole center part of the shot was zooming up and down as well as out, so things had to be stretched, squished and whatnot in order to be made to produce a coherent whole.

I'll be making wallpapers later. Feel free to copy this or whatever-- just try not to file off the serial numbers, ok? :)

- 北川景子 は火野レイです -

Why is Dr. Xadium doing this?

I suppose by now it's somewhat obvious that I'm not really the obsessive fan-boy type webmaster who goes around drooling about the subject of their website. (Heck, I log about 90x more time on Suburban Senshi than I do here) So I thought (in the interests of killing time) that I'd take this chance to explain why I chose to make a site based on Kitagawa-san if I'm not really obsessive about her (in the "fan" as in "fanatic" sense).

When I contemplated setting up a website for one of the PGSM crew, I briefly pondered a parody site for Luna (one where she would be "writing" the entries complaining about the various Senshi, or one based on Komatsu Ayaka (as Sailor Venus is my favourite Senshi, so I could have made a Venus / Komatsu site), or a Hama Chisaki parody blog (which I did in fact set up, but the entries are done by Genvid forum visitors)

But anyway, I chose Kitagawa-san for this reason:

Her writing. As noted today on the Genvid front page, "Kitagawa's updates... tend to be the most formal." I have noted that Kitagawa-san tends to utilize a vocabulary and writing style that bespeaks a high degree of literacy and intellectual development. (Granted, the translator could be embellishing, but I doubt it).

Basically, someone like that sounds like someone I would be interested in conversing with. It's the same reason I'm fans of people like David Duchovny (he just doesn't play a smart man on X-Files, he is smart in real life), and I like the idea of one day having an intellectual exchange with Kitagawa-san. (Or anyone, for that matter, but since I was going to do a PGSM site my pool was more limited).

But my utter lack of any sort of command over written / spoken Japanese is a nasty impediment to any kind of discourse... (Do you have any idea how irritating it is to be -if I dare say so myself- in superb command of one language, and yet so pitifully pathetic in another that mere infants can outclass me? AGH!)

So there you have it. My reason: her Word Power and Diction. LOL.

Still, it's as arbitrary a thing as eye color, I suppose.

- 北川景子 は火野レイです -

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