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::@Shaldra: I never talked here before, so i wouldn't know...
::@Starcat: I almost typed /me when i realized that it wouldn't work, hehe!
::@Shaldra: We're way to used to the other one...
::@Starcat: It's soooooo cool! i think i'll have to hang out here for a while.
::@Shaldra: We can use this one when we need an out of character chat... ^_^
::@Starcat: I'm loving this. ^_^ now, all i need are the rest of the sporehunt people in here!
::@Starcat: Shaldra: that would totally rock. (curse you, 30-second posting rule!)
::@Starcat: I think i love this place. ^_^
::@Starcat: Curses. this no caps thing gets on my nerves.
::@Chinde: Kitagawa san . . . kawaii

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