Hunger pains interrupting your game?  Order pizza while playing!
Ever get those gnawing hunger pains while chatting in #suburbansenshi2?

You're in luck - pizza is just a few key strokes away! While chatting in #suburbansenshi2 just type /pizza and a link to the online ordering section of will display. Fill in your info and just kick back until fresh pizza is delivered straight to your door.

Dozens have experienced the world's #1 insane take on the Sailor Moon universe. Now behold the future...

The Suburban Senshi Expanded Universe is the next generation of the utterly mad universe populated by the outer senshi and friends, where a bunch of authors come together for adventure and community. Featuring breathtaking prose (possibly) a vast universe to explore, The Suburban Senshi Expanded Universe sets the bronze standard for literary realism as readers are immersed in the universe's exciting locales and dangerous lands.

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