Tuesday November 30, 2004

[07:19] <@spiritflame> auto log reset

[07:19] <@spiritflame> file beyond eight hundred k

[07:19] <@spiritflame> an archive post soon

[07:19] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeesssssssssssssssss!

[07:19] <Furu> I don't live near the ocean

[07:19] <Furu> A Winner Is Us

[07:19] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, Aquaman has access to the League's teleporters.

[07:20] <@Ikari Shinji> It doesn't matter where you go... Aquaman can find you!

[07:21] <Furu> Scary

[07:22] <@Ikari Shinji> Correct.

[07:23] <Furu> So I could be mauled by fish at ANY TIME

[07:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, his powers have been amped. He can like shut down your brain with his telepathic abilities or something.

[07:25] <Furu> WTF.COM

[07:25] <@Ikari Shinji> If he can't shut you down then he could give you one major f[BLEEP]king migraine that feels like it came from your head being ran over by a tank over and over again.

[07:27] <Furu> That's CRAZY s[BLEEP]t

[07:28] <@Ikari Shinji> I've said it before and I said it again here: Aquaman is a f[BLEEP]king bad ass.

[07:30] <Furu> Aquaman is cool now. I have nothing left to believe in.

[07:30] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[07:32] * Furu runs away crying

[07:33] * @Ikari Shinji shrugs

[07:34] * Furu returns with a donut hole

[07:35] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[07:35] <Furu> ^_^ I got over it

[07:37] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay.

[07:38] <Furu> I'm surprised you didn't make a "donut hole" joke XD

[07:38] <@Ikari Shinji> Too easy, Furu.

[07:39] <Furu> Indeed

[07:43] <Furu> LOL. Oh man. I found something funny. Apparently, dialouge was recorded for DBZ Budokai 3 with Chibi Goku having a story mode, but was never programmed in

[10:38] * Furu appears suddenly..again

[10:38] <Furu> Haha. Whaddya know. It's back up ^)_^

[10:38] * Furu does a little jig

[10:39] * @Ikari Shinji destroys Furu's jig with the moon walk

[10:39] <Furu> Jig Jig Jig Jig...

[10:39] <Furu> Gyaah! I am defeated!!

[10:40] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm a Smooth Criminal!

[10:40] * Sailor Io out jigs Shinji by adding the macarena AND the moon walk, AND the Cha Cha slide to her jig.

[10:41] <Sailor Io> :D

[10:41] <Furu> Woooow

[10:41] <Furu> Does that make her smooth-er?

[10:42] <Sailor Io> Yes, Furu. I am smooth-er.

[10:42] <Furu> Nice.

[10:43] <Sailor Io> And I have to say, I prefer Budokai to graphics, but Budokai 3 is decent.

[10:43] <Furu> Oh, so you have it, huh?

[10:44] <Sailor Io> ((My brother does))

[10:44] <Furu> Ah.....I wanna pla Bardock sooooooooo badly

[10:44] <Furu> play^

[10:44] <Sailor Io> It has spiffy music, though.

[10:45] <Sailor Io> Broly's better.

[10:45] <Furu> Bah!

[10:45] <Furu> Bardock's a REBEL! :P

[10:46] <Sailor Io> I don't know much about Bardok.

[10:46] <Furu> Someone should change that topic...

[10:46] * Furu nudges Ikari

[10:47] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm back.

[10:47] <@Ikari Shinji> What happened?

[10:47] <Furu> double-you bee

[10:48] <Furu> Nothin'. You got outdanced, we discussed Saiya-jin dudes, and I asked ya to change the topic

[10:48] <Sailor Io> We need the topic changed.

[10:48] <Furu> And I might of snuck a twenty out of your wallet

[10:48] * @Ikari Shinji does the moonwalk, spins, grabs his crotch and screams

[10:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Beat that, sucka.

[10:49] * @Ikari Shinji changes topic to `Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater... yo' damn right`

[10:49] <Furu> lol

[10:50] * Sailor Io does the moonwalk, then gets on her knees, and make an ecchi pose.

[10:51] * Sailor Io oddly has reminded herself of Q, now.

[10:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, yeah!

[10:52] * Furu closes his eyes but gives it a 10

[10:52] * @Ikari Shinji has his eyes wide-open

[10:52] * Sailor Io uses magma tunnel from where she is, pointing it right at Shinji's head.

[10:53] <Sailor Io> Pervert.

[10:53] <@Ikari Shinji> And you wouldn't have me any other way, sweety.

[10:53] * Sailor Io rolls her eyes and stands back up.

[10:54] <Furu> You two lovebirds done? :P

[10:54] <Sailor Io> Those stupid cell things need to die.

[10:54] <@Ikari Shinji> That's obviously a sign of affection. I knew you still cared.

[10:54] <@Ikari Shinji> So, Budokai 3, eh?

[10:54] <@Ikari Shinji> I need to play that.

[10:54] * Sailor Io walks over to Shinji, and sends a kick toward his head.

[10:55] <Sailor Io> Yes you do.

[10:55] <Furu> Ah, young love ^_^...

[10:56] * @Ikari Shinji blocks the kick

[10:56] *** Vanadine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:56] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Vanadine

[10:56] <Envy> Am I the only one who thinks that it's all one sided? *is sitting at the nearby window*

[10:57] <Vanadine> Goodmorning everyone.

[10:57] <Furu> 'ey Van-san.

[10:57] * Sailor Io tries to knee Shinji where the sun don't shine...unless it's the urnation of justice.

[10:58] * @Ikari Shinji yet again uses the ancient skill of blocking

[10:58] * Envy raises a hand in Greeting to Van-san. He notices there's still his puddle of blood by the sailor Sofa, "...Heh..."

[10:59] * Sailor Io tries two attacks at the same time, one intending to miss, and a knee headed for his abdomen.

[10:59] * Vanadine walks past the fighters and sits on tux sofa, her skirt raises alittle as she sits, but she doesn't notice. "So how's everyone this morning?"

[10:59] <Furu> Heh. A feint. Ikari, you better get this.

[10:59] * @Ikari Shinji dodges and then takes a shot in his abdomen

[10:59] <Furu> *ahem*..um...good..

[11:00] * @Ikari Shinji is tired

[11:00] <Furu> Gyah. C'mon man.

[11:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, I am teh tired!

[11:00] <Furu> Excuses, excuses.

[11:01] <Vanadine> It's too bad I don't wanna' cause trouble in here. You're kinda' cute little furu. ^_~

[11:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Furu, don't make me slap you.

[11:02] * Furu blushes a little but tries to remained focused on Ikari.

[11:02] <Furu> I...I'm just sayin'...

[11:02] <Vanadine> Poor Shinji-kun. Your girl there betain' you up?

[11:03] <@Ikari Shinji> I like it rough, Vana.

[11:03] * Furu snickers

[11:04] <Vanadine> Heh, ya' know, I've heard alot of guys say that. But when I go after 'em, they chicken out. *sighs* That's probably why I'm still single.

[11:04] <@Ikari Shinji> Sorry to hear that, Vana.

[11:04] <Furu> Aw. Poor Van-san.

[11:05] <Vanadine> Yeah it sucks. It's bad enough that my height scares guys sometimes (she's 6' tall), but when they realize I could beat them up, they leave me. ~_~

[11:06] <Furu> Bleh. Only idiots are afraid of women because of their height.

[11:06] <@Ikari Shinji> I second that, Furu.

[11:53] <Furu> Yay! Back up!

[11:55] <Furu> And I'm all alone...

[11:55] <Furu> ¬_¬

[11:56] * Furu sighs

[11:59] <Furu> Today's been less than stellar :P

[12:02] * Envy is back.

[12:02] <Furu> Yo En

[12:02] * Envy raises a hand in greeting.

[12:03] * Furu waves back

[12:06] <Furu> ^_^

[12:08] <Furu> Still too quiet

[12:08] * Envy sits on the sailor sofa.

[12:09] * Furu plops on TUXEDO SOFA

[12:10] <Furu> Whew.

[12:11] *** Envy has left #suburbansenshi2

[12:12] <Furu> ......

[12:12] * Furu snickers...and then bursts out laughing

[12:12] <Furu> Figures.

[12:16] * Furu is all allooone~

[12:57] <Furu> Crap

[12:58] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:58] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[12:58] <Furu> Hey Q-chan

[12:58] * Sailor Quinox is brushing her hair

[12:58] <Furu> Careful. Genvid's been wonky all morning

[12:58] <Sailor Quinox> I know.....

[12:59] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:59] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[12:59] <Furu> star-chan!

[12:59] * Furu hugs her

[12:59] * starcat gives Furu-kun a hug!

[12:59] <starcat> ^_^

[13:00] <Sailor Quinox> heh

[13:00] <Furu> ^_^

[13:00] * Sailor Quinox sits on the sofa, brushing her hair

[13:00] <starcat> Teh domain of Genvid has been wonky all morning? eeep.

[13:00] <Furu> Sory to say that if that chat goes down again, I'm gonna have to head to bed

[13:01] <starcat> Aww... :( You should sleep, though. I'm keeping the MSN #suburbansenshi-lite up just in case.

[13:01] <Furu> 'kay...

[13:02] <Furu> well, I guess off to bed then. I'll be around tonight ^_^

[13:02] * Furu kisses star-chan on the lips good night

[13:02] <starcat> (This is why you should get MSN Messenger, see? ^_^)

[13:02] <Sailor Quinox> awwww

[13:02] <Furu> (yeah, yeah :P. I might)

[13:02] * starcat kisses Furu-kun back ^_^

[13:03] <Furu> Night guys!

[13:03] <starcat> Good night. ^_^

[13:03] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 ("SNake?...SNAAAAAAAKEEE!!")

[13:04] <starcat> XD

[13:05] <Sailor Quinox> he's a nice guy....

[13:07] * starcat nods "He is. ^_^"

[13:08] * starcat returns to #suburbansenshi-lite for the meantime

[13:09] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Protected by the guardian star of the Xanga logs, Sailor C-4!")

[13:51] <Sailor Quinox> ....alone.....

[13:52] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:52] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[13:53] <Sailor Quinox> hello......

[13:53] <starcat> woo.

[13:53] <Sailor Quinox> woo

[13:53] * Furu pops back in. Still hasn't gone to bed yet...

[13:54] <Furu> Woo

[13:54] <Sailor Quinox> woo

[13:55] * Furu can't rest till he finds a torrent for DragonBall Z Movie 12

[13:55] <Furu> For some reason, I have the urge towatch it

[13:56] * Sailor Quinox kisses Furu

[13:56] <Furu> !! HEY!

[13:56] <Furu> w-what was that?!

[13:57] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[13:57] <starcat> HEY!

[13:57] <Furu> -_-;

[13:58] <starcat> Just because I'm distracted by the Slime Forest game doesn't mean that you can do that!! :P

[13:58] <Sailor Quinox> and what are you going to do???

[13:58] * starcat kisses Furu-kun

[13:58] * C'est_la_V comes out of the TARDIS flushed and grinning, disheveled with her PJ's buttoned all wrong

[13:58] <starcat> That. :P

[13:59] * C'est_la_V waves and plops on V. Sofa

[13:59] <starcat> Hi, Minako.

[14:00] <C'est_la_V> Konnichiwa!!! ^_^ ♡

[14:00] * C'est_la_V sips some Lucozade

[14:01] <starcat> ((What's with the server?))

[14:01] <Sailor Quinox> MINAKO-CHAN!!!

[14:01] * C'est_la_V has no idea

[14:01] * C'est_la_V thinks ionhosting needs to get on the trawl

[14:02] <C'est_la_V> Hi Q-chan!!

[14:02] <Sailor Quinox> have a nice night?

[14:02] * C'est_la_V drinks more lucozade

[14:02] * starcat may have to make a stick-figure comic about servers that go wonky...

[14:02] * C'est_la_V giggles

[14:03] * C'est_la_V notes that they ran out of Gatorade

[14:03] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[14:03] <starcat> The server...FROM HELL! (norelationtotherequestfromhell.)

[14:03] <Sailor Quinox> I had a good night too with Hideki...

[14:03] <C'est_la_V> I wish we had the money to go on our own server...

[14:03] <C'est_la_V> Q-chan: ^_^ V

[14:03] * starcat had a good night too, but not in the way that you two are talking about. :P

[14:04] <C'est_la_V> hee

[14:04] * @spiritflame presents Minako-chan with a bill for the new four-poster that will be coming in directly

[14:04] <Sailor Quinox> hehehehe

[14:04] * C'est_la_V pouts and pays up

[14:05] * starcat returns to "The Adventures of Crossplaying Jenk vs. The Slimes"

[14:05] <C'est_la_V> LOL

[14:05] * Sailor Quinox notices a slime on Minako's head

[14:06] <C'est_la_V> Ano....

[14:06] * C'est_la_V so misread that

[14:06] * C'est_la_V pats the slime and sends it on its way

[14:07] * Sailor Quinox hits the slime on Minako's head with a hammer

[14:07] * C'est_la_V , having sent the slime on its way, was thus hit on the head and is passed out

[14:07] <Sailor Quinox> oops!!

[14:07] <starcat> Why do slimes have Japanese characters appear over their heads, though?

[14:07] * @spiritflame sighs and gets the medical kit

[14:08] * Sailor Quinox takes out some smelling salts and places them under Minako's nose

[14:08] * @spiritflame treats Minako-chan

[14:08] <C'est_la_V> Ugh... what was the name of that speeding f[BLEEP]k...

[14:08] <Sailor Quinox> I'm so sorry...so sorry...sorry...

[14:08] <C'est_la_V> Err, truck...

[14:09] <C'est_la_V> Dai..jo...bu...

[14:09] <starcat> heh.

[14:09] * C'est_la_V is all woozy

[14:09] <Sailor Quinox> so sorry...so sorry...so sorry..

[14:09] * starcat bows to rei.bot-sama

[14:09] * C'est_la_V waves at no one in particular

[14:09] * Sailor Quinox runs over to a corner, sits there sadly

[14:09] * @spiritflame bows back

[14:10] * C'est_la_V staggers over to Q-chan and gives her a big hug, drooling

[14:10] <starcat> We need a Christmas tree in here!

[14:10] <Sailor Quinox> GAH!!!

[14:10] * starcat goes to go get a fake one so it'll last longer

[14:10] * C'est_la_V hears a beeping from her Teletia-S

[14:10] * starcat is away: finding tree!

[14:10] * Sailor Quinox puts the smelling salts under Minako's nose again

[14:11] <C'est_la_V> Oh, X-chan's downlow of Star Check Tenderize is done...

[14:11] <C'est_la_V> I'ma gona go wash hit with ham

[14:11] <C'est_la_V> I luv mai huzbend

[14:11] <C'est_la_V> fie, Goo-chan...

[14:11] <Sailor Quinox> WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!????!!!

[14:12] * C'est_la_V wabes at goo-chan and talks back to the retardis

[14:12] * Sailor Quinox hits Minako again on the head

[14:12] * C'est_la_V is khan

[14:12] <C'est_la_V> ITTAI!!!

[14:13] <C'est_la_V> Blue-chan that skirts!!

[14:13] <C'est_la_V> Bo!!

[14:13] <Sailor Quinox> STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[14:13] <Sailor Quinox> GO BACK TO NORMAL!!!!

[14:13] <Sailor Quinox> OR I'LL GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

[14:13] * C'est_la_V flows back into the gardis to swatch bar chck tenderize with her gusbend

[14:13] <C'est_la_V> vbl

[14:14] <C'est_la_V> /s[BLEEP]t

[14:14] <C'est_la_V> /spit

[14:14] *** @spiritflame has kicked C'est_la_V from #suburbansenshi REASON: (go )

[14:14] <Sailor Quinox> ......what have I done....

[14:14] <Sailor Quinox> ....I must be punished....

[14:15] * @spiritflame will fix minako-chan later, don't worry

[14:15] * @spiritflame gives quinox-san a cookie and leaves

[14:15] * Sailor Quinox eats the cookie

[14:17] * Sailor Quinox puts up a wreath on the door

[14:19] <Sailor Quinox> ......I hope Minako can forgive me.....

[14:19] * starcat is busy IRL, will be back later today

[14:20] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Sailor C-4 says, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Explode Responsibly!")

[14:21] <Sailor Quinox> what a day....

[14:23] * Sailor Quinox sits on the sofa

[14:26] <-starcat pet project 2> hello there.. adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[14:26] <Sailor Quinox> wonder if I should put christmas lights up

[14:27] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Oronde

[14:27] <Sailor Quinox> starcat isn't here

[14:34] * Sailor Quinox lays on the sofa

[14:40] <-YingGirl> Hello.

[14:40] * -YingGirl goes and updated TGTN.

[14:41] * -YingGirl still has the red mark on her neck and since she can't go to the past.....

[14:41] <Sailor Quinox> STOP THAT, YING!!!!!!!!

[14:42] <-YingGirl> ..........

[14:42] <-YingGirl> it's hopeless.

[14:43] * -YingGirl goes and sits in the corner

[14:43] <-YingGirl> i'm sorry. I'm a screw up.

[14:44] <Sailor Quinox> you are not a screw up...and you're not hopeless....

[14:45] <-YingGirl> .....

[14:46] <Sailor Quinox> there is also chances that there are other ways to get back to the past

[14:47] * - By the kotatsu, the rabbit backpack appears again and Little Girl steps out!

[14:47] * -YingGirl sighs.

[14:47] *** -Little Girl has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:47] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -Little Girl

[14:47] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[14:48] * -Little Girl bows to rei.bot, who is here in spirit if not fact!

[14:48] * -Little Girl bows to Sailor Quinox, America's superheroine!

[14:48] * -YingGirl wonders who Carbunckle brought to the poker game last night

[14:49] <-YingGirl> ...Does anyone know Haak's email? I'm think about registering

[14:49] * -Little Girl bows to Yinggirl, she of the Angst!

[14:49] <-YingGirl> thinking^

[14:49] * -Little Girl has a distracted, worried expression on her face.

[14:49] <-YingGirl> .............

[14:50] * -Little Girl runs out the front door.

[14:50] * Sailor Quinox giggles and bows back

[14:50] * -YingGirl twitches

[14:50] <-YingGirl> ...So, anyone know Haak's email?

[14:51] * -Little Girl is TEH RELIEVED to see Bear is still outside, waving the poster seeking a marriage partner for Sesshoumaru!

[14:51] <Sailor Quinox> I don't

[14:51] * -Little Girl runs up to Bear and bows in apology!

[14:52] <-YingGirl> Ok.

[14:52] * starcat has Haak's e-mail ((I think. Let me find it.))

[14:52] <-YingGirl> Anyways, my page been updated...so take a look

[14:52] *** Nate Detroit has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:52] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Nate Detroit

[14:52] <-YingGirl> --> http://www.genvid.com/TGTN/

[14:53] * -Little Girl did not mean to leave Bear out all night and day, but her player got busy cooking and never got back to the chatroom so Little Girl coulkd come out and rescue him!

[14:53] * starcat returns with a large box of fake tree!

[14:53] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Nate-san!

[14:53] <-YingGirl> I'm sorry, but on Live with Regis....Regis did his floral turkey arrangement.

[14:53] <Nate Detroit> hi...

[14:53] <-Little Girl> Gomen Gomen Gomen!

[14:53] * Nate Detroit looks at Matsumi, and feels his face

[14:53] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:53] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat


[14:54] <starcat> haakir@yahoo.co.uk or hakkir@hotmail.com, I'm not sure which he uses.

[14:54] <starcat> Hey, I'm NOT obsessed with turkeys!

[14:54] <Sailor Quinox> ....Nate......come here...

[14:54] <starcat> Hi, nate.

[14:54] * -Little Girl notes, though, that brining a turkey (ie, soaking it overnight in spiced and seasoned broth) DOES add a lot of flavor to turkey meat...

[14:55] * Nate Detroit approches her, slowly.

[14:55] * starcat kicks her comforter out of her corner

[14:55] <-YingGirl> .....Crap, he says he doesn't use hotmail no more.

[14:55] <Sailor Quinox> sit on my lap

[14:56] * starcat sets the box down and starts setting up the fake tree ((Remember, a live tree only dies, and it hurts the ozone layer, too!))

[14:56] * Nate Detroit complies, still looking troubled.

[14:56] * -Little Girl is outside talking to Bear; but even so she hears Yinggirl san's shout and wonders what is wrong with turkey?

[14:56] * starcat is away: tree setting up! woo! ((Food time for me. ^_^))

[14:56] * Sailor Quinox puts her arms around Nate

[14:57] <Sailor Quinox> I'm sorry...I didn't mean to....

[14:57] * Nate Detroit hugs her.

[14:57] <-Bear> Do not be concerned.

[14:57] <Nate Detroit> ok... but why did you?

[14:58] <-Bear> I was most entertained.

[14:58] * -Little Girl looks at Bear confusedly.

[14:58] <Sailor Quinox> ...I...I guess I was a little jealous...

[14:58] * -YingGirl stays in the corner, reading MGS2 script (440K long) @_@

[14:58] * -Bear explains.

[14:58] *** Senshi Guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:58] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi Guardian

[14:59] <-Bear> When I came out here with this sign, foam was still coming out of my mouth from you having washed it out with soap.

[14:59] <Senshi Guardian> hey everyone

[14:59] * -YingGirl has did comic 360.

[15:00] <-Bear> Someone saw, and reported a rabid bear was wandering about the city.

[15:00] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Mike-san

[15:00] <-YingGirl> heya mike....

[15:00] <Nate Detroit> I know I was looking at Van-chan... but your still my friend. I still think your pretty. And Im still greatful for your friendship..

[15:01] <Senshi Guardian> Hi Matsumi-chan, Vanessa, Nate, whats going on?

[15:01] <-Bear> The police and animal control officers came and attempted to capture me.

[15:01] * -Little Girl : O_O

[15:01] * Sailor Quinox smiles

[15:02] <-YingGirl> ......Too bad, it'll be over on Monday.

[15:02] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa, we're going to get you out of this.

[15:03] * -A male figure stays behind the Tuxedo Sofa, keeping still and cooly well hidden from everyone else

[15:03] <-Bear> After a few hours of them trying to hit me with tranquilizer darts, throw nets over me, or shoot me with bullets, I tasered them all unconscious.

[15:03] <Sailor Quinox> we are...

[15:03] * DvlmayCry is currently at the site of the former bone eater well, try to remove the rubble blocking the bottom of the well

[15:04] * -Carbunckle goes behind the Tuxedo Sofa, staring at....

[15:04] * -Little Girl O_O::::::

[15:04] * -Carbunckle taps her foot

[15:05] <Senshi Guardian> ok, telepathic bears?

[15:05] <-Bear> Then I tagged and put radio collars on all them, drove them to the nearest park, and left them there to recover.

[15:06] <Sailor Quinox> there are stranger things, Mike...

[15:06] <-Carbunckle> Ok. This isn't Zanzibar.... And no one trying to kill you!

[15:06] <-Bear> It was... entertaining....

[15:06] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: Vanessa, if you need it Haak's outer email is flameknight@gmail.com

[15:06] <Senshi Guardian> *other

[15:06] * -? silences the green rabbit with another dart

[15:07] * Nate Detroit hugs matsumi

[15:07] * -Carbunckle falls out, drugged as the mysterious figure leaves, almost as if he was never here

[15:07] <-YingGirl> ok...

[15:07] * -Little Girl feels faint. And hopes that isn't the sound of a police siren coming this way she hears.

[15:07] * Sailor Quinox hugs Nate back

[15:08] * -Carbunkle looks up, drugged

[15:08] * -Little Girl has Bear shrink down to his teddy bear form - QUICK - snatches him up, and runs back inside.

[15:08] <-Carbunkle> my mommie loves them brownies....

[15:09] * -Carbunkle has the same tranquillizer dart in her neck

[15:09] * -Little Girl is suprised at all the new people who showed up while she was outside.

[15:09] * Senshi Guardian here's talking from behind the sofa. "Hum, that you Katrice"

[15:10] * -Little Girl bows to Senshi Guardian san, Nate Detroit san, and Carbunkle san!

[15:10] * Senshi Guardian bows in return

[15:11] * -Little Girl does wonder why Carbunkle san has a dart in its neck and is talking funny, though...

[15:12] * DvlmayCry wipes his brow, his clothes and jacket covered in dirt, cuts in his hands, but keep digging through the rubble

[15:12] * -Little Girl bows back to Senshi Guardian san, then goes and sees if she can get the dart out of Carbunkle san's neck (owie)...

[15:12] <Senshi Guardian> what happened with you and Nate Matsumi-chan? I came in during an apology.

[15:13] * Senshi Guardian wonders were he's seen that dart before, remembering Dante's and Vannesa's darts

[15:14] <Sailor Quinox> I slapped Nate last night

[15:15] <Senshi Guardian> oh yeah, I remember that now.

[15:17] <Sailor Quinox> ...I'm sorry about that...

[15:18] <Nate Detroit> I accept your apology..

[15:18] * Nate Detroit hugs Matsumi

[15:18] <Sailor Quinox> if van-san hadn't helped me out.....I probably would have left for good...

[15:19] <Senshi Guardian> She seems like a nice person, I've only met her once so far.

[15:20] <Sailor Quinox> she is nice....once you get to know her

[15:21] <Nate Detroit> I hear you kissed her a few nights ago. ^^

[15:23] <Sailor Quinox> I did...more for a tease then anything...

[15:23] * Senshi Guardian resists the urgeto make a comment about HLA as a joke. ^^

[15:24] * Senshi Guardian thinks Vanessa's computer is being evil to her again aswell.

[15:24] * Senshi Guardian is about to start coloring Matsumi's picture too.


[15:25] * Senshi Guardian bougha spindle of 25 DVD+RW's and a pack of 25 Slimline DVD cases for burning PGSM, which is on episodes 41 & 42 of 50 in terms of torrenting

[15:25] <-Carrbunkle> *is still drugged* Don't mind Mr. Snake, he has an old habbit of not being here and being here

[15:26] <-Carrbunkle> ....Though he owes me one....

[15:26] <Sailor Quinox> Snake???

[15:26] * -Carbunkle looks up at the ceiling.

[15:26] <Nate Detroit> ung... need to start homework.... dont .... want to.... >.<

[15:26] * Senshi Guardian hopes Vanessa will someday get a new computer

[15:27] <-Carbunkle> oooh...pretty flowers....

[15:27] <-Little Girl> Snake???

[15:27] <Senshi Guardian> Woah, The Snake was here.

[15:27] <-Carbunkle> look at them all floating around me. I'm happy....

[15:28] * -Little Girl looks around, ready to beat any snake senseless with Bear if it comes towards her!

[15:28] <Senshi Guardian> Thats good Katrice, I'm glad your happy. ^_^

[15:28] <Senshi Guardian> Damn, that must be some powerful s[BLEEP]t in those darts

[15:29] * -YingGirl will have to talk to Snake about not doping her summons. They act quite differently on tranqullizer darts

[15:29] * -Carbunkle gets up whoozly

[15:29] <-Carbunkle> Look ma! I can fly!

[15:30] <Senshi Guardian> Maybe thats not a good idea Katrice..

[15:30] * -Carbunkle spreds her paws apart, running around the room if she was an airplane

[15:30] <Sailor Quinox> stop it Katrice...

[15:31] * -YingGirl stays in her corner, coughing....

[15:31] <-Carbunkle> WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

[15:32] <Senshi Guardian> Oh no! Live Action Sailor V run!

[15:32] <-Carbunkle> Dude, we had some real fun with a passed out Dantey....

[15:32] * -Little Girl wonders if Carbunkle san is imitating PGSM Sailor V and has her arms swept back like a jet.

[15:32] * -Carbunkle smacks into the leg of the sailor sofa

[15:32] <Senshi Guardian> Passed out Dante?

[15:32] * Sailor Quinox grabs Katrice

[15:33] * -Carbunkle falls down, still with the dart in her neck....as she starts to giggle to herself

[15:33] * Nate Detroit runs like that sometimes ever since he saw Krillin do it. He thinks its more aerodynamic.

[15:33] * Senshi Guardian goes over and removes the Dart "Ok, lets get that out before anymore gets in your system

[15:33] <-YingGirl> .....Mike, it's why Dante is wearing ladies' underwear right now.

[15:34] * -YingGirl whistles, Carbunkle told her they had a riot last night.

[15:34] * -Carbunkle cheerfully giggles

[15:35] <Senshi Guardian> O_O Somethings are better left unimagined....

[15:35] <-Carbunkle> he hee hee hee heee....

[15:35] * DvlmayCry wonders why his underwear feels weird as he takes a breather from clearing rubble

[15:36] <-YingGirl> ...Then, Sparda, the rabbit and their new buddy starting making wise cracks about Dante running away from Siren.

[15:36] <-YingGirl> ....After, they chucked eggs at cars passing by, still drunk

[15:37] <Senshi Guardian> Sounds like a riot....good thing Dante doesn't remember it. ^_^;

[15:37] <-Carbunkle> hee hee hee....

[15:37] * Senshi Guardian looks at Katrice "You summons known how to party.."

[15:38] * Sailor Quinox lets go of Katrice

[15:39] <-YingGirl> ....Well, how Snake ever encountered Katrice, we'll never know. All we know...Snake owes Katrice one since one time Snake decided to use Katrice as a chick magnet. Which, did works.

[15:40] <-YingGirl> ....Course, now I find cigerette butts in my driveway.

[15:40] <Senshi Guardian> hehehe

[15:40] <Adam Kanal> ... Do people actually use this, still?

[15:40] <Adam Kanal> WAIT!!!!

[15:40] <Adam Kanal> ZOMG!!!!!

[15:41] <Adam Kanal> They fixed the thing!

[15:41] <Senshi Guardian> ? Adam....what are you talking about......

[15:41] <Adam Kanal> X-dono fixed it!

[15:41] <-YingGirl> .....Adamn, we know how Dinsey ruined it

[15:41] <Adam Kanal> Nevermind!

[15:41] * Nate Detroit is away: cant keep up... something must be wrong with me..

[15:41] * -YingGirl stays in the corner.

[15:42] * -Carbunkle still giggles happily

[15:42] <Adam Kanal> I was not talking about "Spacey Poser Dorks".

[15:42] <Adam Kanal> I was talking about the chatbox.

[15:42] * starcat finishes setting up the tree and sits back to examine her work

[15:43] <-YingGirl> ...No. It's just our server was out for a while

[15:43] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:43] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[15:43] * -Little Girl bows to Adam Kanal san!

[15:43] <starcat> ^_^

[15:43] <Adam Kanal> See, there used to be seperate chatboxes in the different blogs. Like, the main one in #suburbansenshi.

[15:43] <-YingGirl> So...anyone seen TGTN's update?

[15:43] * DvlmayCry is covered in dirt and cuts

[15:43] * -Little Girl bows to Dante san, too!

[15:43] * Adam Kanal is suprised by the little girl, and screams.

[15:44] * starcat is pleased with the results

[15:44] <Senshi Guardian> I will now, didn't know you updated yet. ^_^

[17:01] * Sailor Quinox sips some ginger ale

[17:03] <-YingGirl> ......

[17:03] <-YingGirl> Back....

[17:03] * Senshi Guardian walks back in

[17:04] * -Carbunkle giggles, still dopped on tranquillizer darts

[17:04] * Envy is back.

[17:04] * -YingGirl goes sits in the corner, the red mark is still on her neck

[17:05] * Sailor Quinox lays on the sofa

[17:05] * Between_the_Lines decloaks

[17:05] *** Between_the_Lines has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:05] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Between_the_Lines

[17:05] <Senshi Guardian> ((gah, dinner, be back in about 30))

[17:05] <Between_the_Lines> Hey folks; how goes?

[17:05] * Envy is hiding under the sailor sofa.

[17:06] * Sailor Quinox sees a slime appear on BTL's head

[17:06] * Senshi Guardian is away: dinner *walks past a sleeping Dante, tired from trying to dig out a well*

[17:06] <Between_the_Lines> Here's something interesting... /url http://www.sorryeverybody.com

[17:06] <Between_the_Lines> --> http://ttp://www.sorryeverybody.com

[17:06] <Envy> ?

[17:06] <-Carbunkle> ....me and snakey are the bestest friends....hee hee

[17:06] * Sailor Quinox wacks the slime as hard as she can with a big ass hammer

[17:06] <Between_the_Lines> --> http://ttp://www.sorryeverybody.com

[17:07] <Between_the_Lines> Sorry, you'll have to copy and paste that.

[17:08] * Envy decides to just turn into a green fox, and find some left over turkey to attack.

[17:08] * Sailor Quinox has hit BTL in the head with a bigass hammer

[17:08] <-Carbunkle> heee hee hee.....

[17:08] <Between_the_Lines> --> http://ww.sorryeverybody.com

[17:08] * Between_the_Lines blocks the hammer with his spear

[17:08] * -YingGirl wonders if she'l ever get this mark removed

[17:09] * Envy finds some leftover turkey in the fridge, and decimates it.

[17:09] <Envy> --> http://www.sorryeverybody.com

[17:10] * Sailor Quinox finds a snowglobe and shakes it

[17:10] <Between_the_Lines> Envy: That's it. Slight technical glitches there. :)

[17:10] <-YingGirl> hmmm...

[17:10] * Envy realizes that he's becomming less and less homunculus every day...'this is bad...'

[17:11] * Envy moves out of the kitchen, and sits infront of Q as the fox, "Yerf!"

[17:11] <Sailor Quinox> then what are you becoming, Envy?

[17:12] <Sailor Quinox> what do you want me to do?

[17:12] * -YingGirl stays in her corner.

[17:12] <Envy> Yerf (I have no idea. I'm probabally just in need of more human things as I get older. I am almost 500 years old, after all.)

[17:13] <Envy> Yerf (And I'm just sitting infront of you for no real reason...other than the Sailor Sofa isn't comfortable to sleep under.)

[17:13] * Between_the_Lines is impressed by that site; what a neat idea

[17:13] <Sailor Quinox> so what do you want me to do???

[17:13] * Sailor Quinox picks up Envy and puts him in her lap

[17:14] <-YingGirl> --> http://www.bobandgeorge.com/Subcomics/Author/index.php?num=164

[17:15] * Envy sits on her lap, "Yerf!" (You're comfortable...and warm...)

[17:15] <-YingGirl> And somthing that's slightly political. --> http://www.bobandgeorge.com/Subcomics/Author/index.php?num=163

[17:15] * Sailor Quinox pets Envy "thanks"

[17:18] <Sailor Quinox> nice day....

[17:18] <-YingGirl> hmmm....

[17:18] * Envy is petted.

[17:18] * Between_the_Lines scrapes the whatever off of his head, and blasts it.

[17:19] * Mango-chan notes that Envy is probabally freezing as usual since he's DEAD!

[17:19] * Envy is not dead! He's just...not alive.

[17:19] * Sailor Quinox cuddles Envy

[17:20] * Envy would purr if he could.

[17:20] * starcat finishes stringing little white lights on the tree

[17:20] <starcat> Herro, everyone! ^_^

[17:20] * Sailor Quinox puts some blue lights on the tree

[17:21] <starcat> No blue lights!

[17:21] <Mango-chan> Hey star, along with all the pictures, can we have figurines on the tree? Like *holds up a figurine of Haruko from FLCL* This?

[17:21] <starcat> only lights on tree are white lights!

[17:21] * starcat takes the blue lights off :P

[17:21] <starcat> Hmm...Sure, Mango. ^_^

[17:21] <Mango-chan> Whoot!

[17:22] * Sailor Quinox hits Starcat on the head with the bigass hammer and puts the blue lights back up

[17:22] * Mango-chan puts her Haruko figurine on the tree.

[17:22] * Envy watches.

[17:23] * starcat hits Q with a blast from her Big-Ass Laser Cannon and takes the blue lights OFF

[17:23] * starcat SHREDS the blue lights

[17:24] <Sailor Quinox> why no blue lights?

[17:24] <starcat> because the attraction should be on the ornaments, not the lights. The lights are there to make it look shiny.

[17:24] <Sailor Quinox> well..how about red?

[17:24] <Mango-chan> Because...uhm....uhm....

[17:24] <starcat> That, and if we put blue lights on there, people will want to put other colors on there as well.

[17:25] * -YingGirl sighs, siting in her corner



[17:25] <Sailor Quinox> but..but..but..but..but......

[17:25] <-YingGirl> I've updated my site. Whee. --> http://www.genvid.com/TGTN

[17:26] <starcat> NO. You've already blown up my car.

[17:26] * Mango-chan gets a few more figurine ornaments, mostly the suburban senshi and Quinox figurines, which she found online.

[17:26] * -YingGirl cringes. Already has her decorations & tree up.

[17:26] <-YingGirl> Get a fiber-optic tree

[17:26] * Mango-chan also opens the secret santa box.

[17:26] * Sailor Quinox puts up a nice plain blue ortiment

[17:27] * Mango-chan has two of each suburban Senshi as figurine ornaments.

[17:28] <starcat> Okay, rules about putting stuff on the tree:

[17:28] * Mango-chan puts them all on, trying to spread them out.

[17:28] * Mango-chan stops for a second.

[17:28] <Sailor Quinox> hey...can I see that Sailor Quinox one, Mango?

[17:28] * Envy is still sitting on the sofa, watching.

[17:29] <starcat> 1. It must be non-hentai/ecchi. This pretty much goes without saying, but I just want to remind you.

[17:29] * -YingGirl stays in the corner. Keeping away from the tree

[17:29] <Mango-chan> Sure *tosses her the three figurines.*

[17:29] <starcat> 2. You can put any kind of pictures on the tree, execpt if they violate the first rule.

[17:30] <starcat> 3. You may put anime-, manga-, or game-related figurines on the tree, as long as they comply with the first rule.

[17:30] * Sailor Quinox looks at the figurines, giggling

[17:30] <-YingGirl> I dun wanna sniff and piss on trees

[17:30] * Senshi Guardian returns almost tripping over the still sleeping Dante

[17:31] <Senshi Guardian> Hey everyone, whats going on?

[17:31] <starcat> 4. If you want to put on any other kind of ornament, please ask. There will also be red and green glass balls that will be on the tree with the figurines and pictures.

[17:31] <-YingGirl> well, I do have a few figurines left from my tree

[17:31] <starcat> 5. Don't make the ornaments huge, please. ><

[17:31] * -YingGirl goes into her satchel....

[17:31] <starcat> okay, does anyone have any questions?

[17:32] * Senshi Guardian blinks "Oh christmas tree"

[17:32] <Sailor Quinox> MIKE-SAN!!!

[17:32] <starcat> Now, Q, this means that you will have to remove your ornament. Sorry. :(

[17:33] * starcat hands the ornament to Q

[17:33] <Sailor Quinox> alright

[17:33] * starcat goes to get her Galaxy angel figurines ^_^

[17:34] * -YingGirl pulls out a kawaii mini plushie Carbuncle oriment, A blue Eyes White Dragon oriment, a pyramind, a Snake oriment, a sitting Inu oriment, and Dante in his diseal costume oriment....

[17:34] <Senshi Guardian> Oh!!!! I've got something then!!!!!

[17:34] * Senshi Guardian see's Vanessa's ornaments "Those are kawaii Vanessa!"

[17:35] * Between_the_Lines holds up some Typo Demon skulls - "How about these?"

[17:35] * starcat returns with five Galaxy Angel figurines, three Sailor Moon gashapon figures, and two Ojamajo Doremi figures. ^_^

[17:35] <starcat> BTL: EHhh...^_^;; Let's pass on those.

[17:35] <starcat> Cute, Ying! ^_^

[17:36] * -YingGirl notes her orimintes are 10 cm tall

[17:36] * Senshi Guardian hops over Dante again and heads to his house

[17:36] <-YingGirl> Most are on my 10 foot fiber optic tree.

[17:36] * starcat actually has the figurines mentioned, and Mint-san is actually in her tree! ^_^

[17:37] <Between_the_Lines> starcat: Ok. *shrugs*

[17:37] * -YingGirl would like someone to put them on for her....otherwise she'll probablt try sniffing the tree

[17:37] <starcat> I'm thinking about putting the others on...My gashapon are Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Black Lady.

[17:37] * Senshi Guardian returns carrying an ornate box

[17:38] <starcat> Ying: It's a fake tree. ^_^

[17:38] <-YingGirl> probably^

[17:38] * starcat puts the ornaments on the tree for Ying ^_^

[17:38] <Senshi Guardian> I'll do it if you want Vanessa.

[17:38] <-YingGirl> ...Still, I'm gonna sniff it.

[17:38] <starcat> ((Do you think that we could bug Xadium into creating a photoshopped image of the tree?))

[17:39] <-YingGirl> ...Still, I'm gonna sniff it.

[17:39] <Sailor Quinox> ((why not..let's do it ^^))

[17:39] * Senshi Guardian opens the box

[17:39] <-YingGirl> I learned the hard way on not to pee on fake electrical tree.... T_T

[17:39] <starcat> ((Get pictures of your ornaments if possible, people! ^_^))

[17:40] * starcat opens up a box of red glass balls and starts placing them on the tree

[17:40] * -YingGirl has a nasty burn on her butt.

[17:40] * - inside the velvet lined box are a set of handmade Chatbox regulars Ornaments

[17:40] <-YingGirl> Thanks mike.

[17:40] * Sailor Quinox puts a little TARDIS ortiment on the tree

[17:41] <Senshi Guardian> No problem Vanessa.

[17:41] * -Little Girl is teh back!

[17:42] <starcat> Wow!!

[17:42] * Senshi Guardian out of respect will not ask about that burn

[17:42] <starcat> Hi, LG.

[17:42] * -YingGirl stays in the corner, watching her oriments

[17:42] * -Little Girl 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' at the pretty tree!

[17:43] * -Little Girl bows to starcat san!

[17:43] * Senshi Guardian goes over to Vanessa "You want me to but them up with mine?"

[17:43] <-YingGirl> if you want....

[17:43] <Senshi Guardian> *put them

[17:44] * starcat bows to the little girl ^_^

[17:44] <-YingGirl> OOC: did anyone see the update?

[17:44] * DvlmayCry stirs awake some

[17:45] <Sailor Quinox> can we put tinsel on the tree?

[17:45] <starcat> OOC: Yes, I did! I loved it. ^_^ Hehe, Snake in a Box!

[17:45] <Sailor Quinox> ooc: I did...funny ^_^

[17:45] * -Little Girl has Bear bow to Starcat san, too!

[17:45] <DvlmayCry> ooc: reading it now ^_^

[17:45] * -YingGirl wonders if MIke will go nuts since Dante had a blood bath with Usagi in comic 356

[17:46] * starcat bows to Bear, amused

[17:46] <starcat> No, Q. ~_~ No tinsel.

[17:46] * Mango-chan is back.

[17:47] * -Bear is not amused, but figures it's part of the job.

[17:47] * Senshi Guardian laughed in a good way when he saw that comic, didn't know chibi-usa had that much blood in her. ^_^

[17:47] * -Little Girl bows to Mango chan, who she doesn't think she's met yet!

[17:48] * Sailor Quinox puts a SG figure on the tree

[17:48] * Mango-chan puts a figurine Envy on the tree.

[17:48] * Mango-chan bows to little girl.

[17:48] * -YingGirl notes Dante killed off Usagi, not Chibi Usa

[17:48] <Senshi Guardian> *usagi

[17:48] <-YingGirl> It's why the rabbit disappears in the next comic.

[17:49] * Senshi Guardian is on the comic now

[17:49] <-YingGirl> Snake in a Box: Come back here! Or at least give me your number!!!

[17:49] * starcat places her Venus figurine where Xadium will see it

[17:49] * Mango-chan decides to put figurines of Lust, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Wrath,and Gluttony on the tree.

[17:49] * Senshi Guardian starts placing his ornaments along with Vanessa's on the tree

[17:50] <Mango-chan> Hm...

[17:50] * Mango-chan puts a figurine of the Major from GITS on the tree.

[17:51] * DvlmayCry and SenshiGuardian love the update

[17:51] * Sailor Io puts a picture of Jupiter's sattelite Senshi on the tree, suddenly feeling lonely...

[17:51] <Sailor Io> ((...SG And Dante are the same RPer? o.O; ))

[17:52] <starcat> ((Yes. You didn't know?))

[17:52] * Sailor Quinox puts a picture of her sattelite senshi next to Io's

[17:53] * DvlmayCry must have words with Mr. Box

[17:53] * DvlmayCry sweatdrops

[17:54] <Sailor Io> ((No, I didn't know. I just learned))

[17:54] * starcat puts a picture of her cats on the tree

[17:54] * Senshi Guardian does aswell

[17:54] * -YingGirl wonders what she's gonna do about Snake....

[17:55] * -YingGirl touches her neck

[17:56] * Sailor Io shakes her head, then places a figurine of Utena on the tree.

[17:56] * DvlmayCry takes a look at the tree seeing the figurine of him in his Diseal Outfit "Cute, how's is it?"

[17:57] <DvlmayCry> *whos is

[17:57] * Mango-chan puts the Saiyuki boys on the tree.

[17:57] <starcat> That's Ying's. ^_^

[17:58] * Envy trots over to the tree, and looks at the figurine of himself.

[17:58] <DvlmayCry> Aw, It's really Cute Vanessa. :)

[17:58] * starcat puts a Chrono figure on the tree

[17:59] * Sailor Quinox looks at the figurine of her

[17:59] * -YingGirl has sent the email....

[17:59] * -YingGirl whistles.....

[17:59] * Senshi Guardian finishes putting the last of the SSCR figurines on the tree "There we go eveyone has one"

[18:00] * Envy turns back into himself, and puts a figurine of the death scythe on the tree.

[18:00] * DvlmayCry sits down next to Vanessa, still a little dirty from earlier

[18:00] * -Carbunkle is lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling as she still giggles.

[18:00] * starcat touches the figurine of herself "Wow...nice! ^_^"

[18:01] * -YingGirl notes she has a long list of nicks.

[18:01] * Sailor Quinox giggles and leaves for a sec

[18:01] * DvlmayCry looks at Katrice "Whats up with her?"

[18:02] * DvlmayCry nots Mike has a long list too

[18:02] * Envy wonders how big the tree is.

[18:02] <DvlmayCry> *notes

[18:03] * - Whoops, Little Girl has got to go!

[18:03] * Senshi Guardian made sure to but the Yinggirl ornate next to Vanessa's Inu and Dante ones.

[18:03] *** -Little Girl has quit IRC ((bye-bye and buy bonds!))

[18:04] <Senshi Guardian> *put

[18:04] <starcat> bye, LG.

[18:04] <Mango-chan> I think I'm going to close the secret santa box, no one wants to enter their name, and I have a few people already.

[18:04] <Senshi Guardian> *ornamet

[18:04] * Sailor Quinox returns

[18:05] <Mango-chan> Seven people in the secret santa box...

[18:05] <starcat> Ornament, SG? ^_^

[18:06] <Mango-chan> Anyone wanna volunteer to give two presents?

[18:06] * Sailor Quinox has a box of wreaths

[18:06] *** Apricot-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:06] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Apricot-chan

[18:06] <Senshi Guardian> thanks star, my brain crashed and burned

[18:06] <starcat> Herro, Apricot. ^_^

[18:06] <starcat> you're welcome, SG. ^_^

[18:06] * Mango-chan waves to Apricot.

[18:06] * Sailor Quinox begins to put wreaths on the stairways

[18:06] * Mango-chan realizes something, "Wow, there's even a -chan at the end of our names!"

[18:07] <DvlmayCry> How you feeling Vanessa?

[18:07] <starcat> Mango: Yeah...there is. *says nothing about it*

[18:07] * Apricot-chan stands in the centre of the room with her arms outstretched, with candy canes hanging off her ears and yellow bulbs hanging on her fingers. "I'm a Christmas tree!"

[18:08] *** TuxRainbow has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:08] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TuxRainbow

[18:08] * TuxRainbow sips cider

[18:08] * starcat grabs a candy cane off of Apricot's ear

[18:08] <Senshi Guardian> Hey apricot

[18:08] <starcat> Hi, Tux!

[18:08] <TuxRainbow> HI all

[18:08] * Mango-chan still shakes the secret santa box, "Anyone wanna volunteer their name? I'm going to close the secret santa box at 19:00 tonight....or should I keep it open longer..."

[18:08] * Apricot-chan wobbles and falls over when the candy cane is removed. She lays on the floor, twitching occasionally.

[18:08] * starcat unwraps the candy cane and begins eating it

[18:09] <starcat> O_o;

[18:09] * starcat pokes Apricot

[18:09] * Apricot-chan jumps to her feet and starts hugging everyone.

[18:09] <Apricot-chan> I'm so happy to be... A Christmas tree...

[18:10] * TuxRainbow dos not believe in St. Nick

[18:10] * starcat is hugged?!

[18:10] * Apricot-chan doesn't either, but whatever!

[18:10] * Mango-chan places the box on her head.

[18:10] <starcat> Tux: St. Nicholas was a real guy. He just wasn't THE Santa.

[18:10] * Sailor Quinox doesn't...but belives in the spirt of christmas

[18:10] * Apricot-chan looks around, then collapses in a sobbing, twitchy pile on the floor because Jedite isn't here for her to hug. Oh well, she'll get over it.

[18:11] * Sailor Quinox goes and lights some holiday candles

[18:11] * Mango-chan places a non ecchi Miyuki-chan figurine on the tree, she curtsies when you poke her.

[18:11] * Senshi Guardian celebrates for the biblical and fun reasons for the holiday!

[18:11] <starcat> We're having a commercialized anime Christmas. ^_^

[18:12] * DvlmayCry sighs, thinks Vanessa's computer is being mean to her again,

[18:12] * Apricot-chan jumps to her feet again and tackles starcat.

[18:12] * starcat personally will be celebrating for religious reasons, but will keep it out of the chatbox as a courtesy.

[18:12] * Envy pales as he looks at one of the figurines in the box.

[18:13] * Between_the_Lines delurks - "In November?"

[18:13] <Envy> Ed...vy...figurine....

[18:13] * Sailor Quinox notes that christmas is one of the few holidays where it's message goes beyond reilgion and commercialized

[18:13] <Apricot-chan> Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way

[18:13] * Envy holds up a figurine of Ed and Envy cuddling.

[18:13] * Envy pales.

[18:13] <Apricot-chan> Oh what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh

[18:13] <Sailor Quinox> BTL- this is a normal time to get things up

[18:14] <starcat> It's AFTER THANKSGIVING. XP That means that the Christmas celebrations can begin!

[18:14] * Senshi Guardian loves the whole holiday season

[18:14] * Apricot-chan shrugs and crawls into a corner.

[18:14] <starcat> Envy: Heh!

[18:14] * Envy has lost all colour in his face, "I HATE THIS GUY! WHY MUST FANGIRLS FAWN OVER EDVY?!?!"

[18:14] <starcat> Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jadeite all the way! Oh what fun it is to vote when you're not decapittaaaa-ted!"

[18:15] * Apricot-chan starts singing random songs.

[18:15] <Mango-chan> ...I like Edvy....a lot...

[18:15] <-YingGirl> f[BLEEP]kEN PIECE OF CRAP.

[18:15] <starcat> Envy: Hey, just don't let Apricot know that you and ed are both guys. She's a slash-fiction writer. ~_~;;

[18:15] * Apricot-chan 's eyes widen. "LOVELY SONG, STARCAT! BEAUTIFUL!"

[18:15] * -YingGirl wonders if the email was sent....

[18:15] * starcat bows ^_^

[18:15] * Envy looks female, so it wouldn't matter. XP

[18:15] <Senshi Guardian> Welcome back vanessa

[18:15] * Apricot-chan 's eyes widen further. "I... love... slash... I LOVE YOU FOR POINTING THAT OUT, STARCAT!"

[18:16] * Mango-chan gives it one last shot, "Place your name and email in the secret Santa box if you want to take place in the secret santa!"

[18:16] <DvlmayCry> Welcome back Vanessa.

[18:16] <starcat> XD

[18:16] <-YingGirl> well, we'll just find out when haak comes.

[18:16] <Apricot-chan> Dun dununu, dun dundadundun Can't touch this

[18:16] <starcat> I wanted to bother Envy. ^_~

[18:16] <Mango-chan> XP I have an Edvy story in planning.

[18:16] * Envy melts...in the bad way.

[18:16] <Apricot-chan> Is that an appropriate Christmas song?

[18:16] * starcat dances around

[18:17] * -YingGirl glowers as she goes sits in the corner

[18:17] <Envy> Why does everyone want to torture me?

[18:17] <starcat> Not really, but sure!

[18:17] <starcat> Envy: Because you're so unlovable! XD

[18:17] * -Carbunkle is lying on the ground, still doped from the dart

[18:17] * Envy melts again.

[18:17] * DvlmayCry sits next to Vanessa again

[18:17] * Envy feels unloved.

[18:18] * Envy shrinks into the corner.

[18:18] * starcat gives Envy a friendly hug "Just kidding. ^_^"

[18:18] * -YingGirl has the mark on her neck

[18:18] <Envy> Heh...

[18:18] <Apricot-chan> *the Mario Bro.s 3 Theme*

[18:18] * starcat is wearing her winter outfit again, with auburn hair

[18:18] * Sailor Quinox giggles, then huggles Mike

[18:18] <-YingGirl> ....if we can't go to the past, you know what I'm gonna do.

[18:18] * DvlmayCry has been trying to cleat out the destroyed well all day, he's a hard headed half demon.

[18:19] <starcat> What about Set-san?

[18:19] <Mango-chan> I think it's time we blow this thing, get everybody and their stuff together...okay, three, two, one, let's jam.

[18:20] <Senshi Guardian> I know Set-chan would get us back there.

[18:20] * Senshi Guardian huggles matsumi back

[18:20] <-YingGirl> puu...

[18:20] * Mango-chan places a Zim and Gir figurine on the tree.

[18:20] <Apricot-chan> Kaorin <3 Sakaki

[18:21] <starcat> Mango: ...

[18:21] <starcat> Apricot: ><

[18:21] * -YingGirl stares at the floor, with the red mark on her neck

[18:21] * Apricot-chan lapses into silence and feels unloved.


[18:22] <starcat> Read over these. ^_^ --> http://angstyperson.freewebpage.org/ornamentrules.txt

[18:22] <starcat> Carbunkle: O_o;;;

[18:22] <-YingGirl> dumb dog demon....

[18:22] * TimeGal appears "I hear my name? ^_^"

[18:22] * starcat resumes placing the red and green balls on the tree

[18:23] <DvlmayCry> O_O What the.....

[18:23] * Between_the_Lines gives Apricot a JTHM plushie

[18:23] <-YingGirl> .....Dante, I think you have to check your underwear....

[18:23] * Apricot-chan grins happily. "JOHNNY!!!"

[18:24] <starcat> JTHM?

[18:24] <starcat> wait, what?

[18:24] <DvlmayCry> You know.....i they have felt weird all day...........*heads to the bathroom*

[18:24] * Apricot-chan hugs her plushie.

[18:25] * -Carbunkle laughs off her doped ass

[18:25] <starcat> Why are we talking about underwear?

[18:25] <DvlmayCry> ooc: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Star.

[18:25] <starcat> Didn't we talk ENOUGH about underwear last night?!

[18:26] * -YingGirl looks at Katrice

[18:26] <starcat> OOC: Thanks. >< Apricot also IMed me and told me. I feel so left out. :(

[18:26] * - a scream can be heard from the bathroom

[18:26] <-YingGirl> No more poker games for you.

[18:26] <TuxRainbow> Dante?

[18:26] <Sailor Quinox> what the??

[18:26] * -YingGirl cringes

[18:27] * Mango-chan blinks, "Nani?"

[18:27] * DvlmayCry walks down stairs, very red, and very embaressed.....

[18:27] <starcat> odd.

[18:27] <Between_the_Lines> Yeah, good ol' JTHM.

[18:27] * Apricot-chan snuggles with her new plushie in the corner. "Thank you thank you thank you!!!"

[18:29] * Mango-chan LOVES the JTHMness!

[18:29] <Between_the_Lines> You're welcome! ^_^

[18:29] * DvlmayCry sits back down next to Vanessa "......sorry for yelling....."

[18:29] * Mango-chan puts Squee and Jhonny figurines on the tree.

[18:29] * Apricot-chan does, however, wonder why she was given the plushie... o_o

[18:30] <starcat> READ CAREFULLY, Mango. --> http://angstyperson.freewebpage.org/ornamentrules.txt

[18:30] * -Meanwhile, the Legendary Dark Knight had decide to entertain Katrice's buddy by putting their shooting skills and sleathness to the test as they try to fight off the others in the game of.....APOLYPIC PAINTBALL

[18:30] * Apricot-chan shakes Mango-chan. "WHAT ABOUT HAPPY NOODLE BOY?!"

[18:30] <starcat> geaahhh??!

[18:30] <Mango-chan> It's not hentai or ecchi.

[18:31] <-YingGirl> gah....*still holds her ears*

[18:31] <starcat> ><

[18:31] <Mango-chan> It's not big.

[18:31] <starcat> It's not anime or manga or game related. XP

[18:31] <Mango-chan> ...Oh...

[18:31] <DvlmayCry> gomen....

[18:31] * Mango-chan takes it off, then gives the figurines (along with happy noodle boy) to Apricot.

[18:31] <-YingGirl> rrrr....

[18:31] <Apricot-chan> It's a comic! THAT SHOULD BE GOOD ENOUGH!

[18:32] <starcat> Franchise games don't count, either. Sorry. :/

[18:32] <Mango-chan> I used to draw Happy Noodle boy fancomics XD

[18:32] * Apricot-chan hugs the figurines happily.

[18:32] <starcat> Apricot: Ehhh....maybe...but no. Sorry. :/

[18:32] * Mango-chan puts the Final Fantasy VII-X heroes on the tree (FFX-2 irked me, so no.)

[18:33] <starcat> I've figured it out! You have to copy/paste it. ~_~ --> http://angstyperson.freewebpage.org/ornamentrules.txt

[18:33] * Apricot-chan sobs. "But Tidus pwnz..."

[18:33] * -YingGirl 's ears hurt

[18:33] * Sailor Io puts a Hotaru and child!Al on the tree, as they're two of the characters in her story.

[18:34] <Sailor Io> Al=FMA

[18:34] * DvlmayCry wonder how to help fix that

[18:34] * Apricot-chan kneels next to the tree, gazing at FFX figurines (namely Tidus).

[18:34] * starcat puts a Jade figure on the tree ^_^

[18:34] <starcat> (Beyond Good and Evil Jade. ^_^)

[18:34] * Senshi Guardian sits back on the sofa

[18:35] <Sailor Io> Jade? From Jackie Chan?

[18:35] * Between_the_Lines is away: Just a second...

[18:35] <-YingGirl> Is it just mean or does this doggie have a thing for snake? --> http://www.3dactionplanet.com/metalgearsolid/mgs/screens/047.jpg

[18:35] * starcat puts a Paper Mario picture on the tree

[18:35] <Sailor Quinox> Mike...you still here?

[18:36] * Mango-chan wonders if stuff Kagerou (from Electric Manga) counts...

[18:36] * Apricot-chan hangs a figurine of Punio from Paper Mario 2 on the tree.

[18:36] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: hehehe looks that way. ^^

[18:36] <Apricot-chan> Punio is cute. ^_^

[18:36] * Senshi Guardian is sitting on the sofa "Yeap!"

[18:37] * Mango-chan puts a picture of Kano from Kagerou on the tree.

[18:37] * starcat hangs a complete set of Sergeant Keroro figurines on the tree ^_^

[18:38] * Sailor Quinox skips over to the sofa and huggles him

[18:38] * Senshi Guardian huggles Matsumi-chan!

[18:38] <-YingGirl> *coughs* --> http://www.3dactionplanet.com/metalgearsolid/mgs/screens/042.jpg

[18:38] * Apricot-chan wonders if it would be okay to hang figurines of Azumanga Daioh characters?

[18:38] * DvlmayCry puts his arm around Vanessa "I'm sorry for yelling"

[18:38] * starcat puts a set of Azumanga Daioh figurines on the tree!

[18:39] <Mango-chan> Azumanga Daioh is an anime, Apricot.

[18:39] * Apricot-chan cheers.

[18:39] <starcat> Apricot: Dude. I swear that I typed that before you said that! XD

[18:39] <Apricot-chan> I know but I'm wierd. o_O

[18:39] <DvlmayCry> ooc: direct ain't she

[18:39] <starcat> XD

[18:39] <Apricot-chan> w00t! Retarded minds think alike!

[18:39] <starcat> OOC: Who, Apricot?

[18:40] <starcat> ¬_¬;;

[18:40] <DvlmayCry> ooc: talkin' about the screenshot

[18:40] <Apricot-chan> ...

[18:40] <starcat> OOC: Heh. You can say that twice. XD

[18:40] <starcat> Whaaat?

[18:40] <Sailor Quinox> /EM lays across Mike's lap

[18:40] * -YingGirl wags her tail

[18:41] * Apricot-chan falls asleep on the floor in the middle of the room.

[18:42] <DvlmayCry> I tried to unblock the well today....

[18:42] * starcat pokes Apricot

[18:42] * Senshi Guardian giggles and runs his fingers through matsumi's hair

[18:43] * Apricot-chan sleeps peacefully.

[18:43] * Sailor Quinox hands a reindeer bell around Mike's neck

[18:43] <-YingGirl> ...Dante, why were you screaming?

[18:43] * Apricot-chan is much better asleep, both because she's quiet and because she's the picture of innocence (in other words, she's a damn lie).

[18:43] <Sailor Quinox> *hangs

[18:44] <DvlmayCry> ............panties....-_-

[18:44] * starcat pokes Apricot again

[18:45] * Apricot-chan sleeps peacefully.

[18:45] <starcat> Dante: That was random.

[18:45] <-YingGirl> ..............

[18:45] * starcat pokes Apricot yet again

[18:45] * Apricot-chan wakes up.

[18:45] <-YingGirl> ...You're not becoming like Lord Havoc?

[18:45] * Apricot-chan sits up and yawns.

[18:46] <TuxRainbow> Very. What's gotten into you?

[18:46] <starcat> Welcome back to the land of the living, Apricot.

[18:46] * Mango-chan is away: more turkey!

[18:46] <TuxRainbow> I hope not, Ying. One Henntenou is bad enough

[18:46] * Apricot-chan clings to the nearest person - in this case, starcat. "I want a hug."

[18:46] <TuxRainbow> lol

[18:47] * Sailor Quinox hugs Mike

[18:47] * starcat is clung to O_o;;

[18:47] * starcat gives Apricot a Hershey's Hug

[18:47] * TuxRainbow falls off Tuxedo Sofa, laughing

[18:47] <starcat> Now leave me alone. ~_~

[18:48] * Apricot-chan hangs onto starcat's sleeve.

[18:48] <DvlmayCry> No....somehow i ended up in a pair of them.....

[18:48] * -YingGirl starts staring at the floor

[18:48] * Apricot-chan releases starcat's sleeve and sits in a corner crying.

[18:48] *** -Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2 (Hee hee heh hee hee....)

[18:48] <TuxRainbow> How?

[18:48] * Senshi Guardian jingles the bell and hugs Matsumi back

[18:48] <TuxRainbow> I'd sing now, but...

[18:49] * -YingGirl sighs, wonders if she'll ever get this mark removed

[18:49] * Sailor Quinox goes over and gives Apricot a hug

[18:49] * starcat sits on the venus Sofa

[18:50] * Apricot-chan is hugged and immediately clings to Sailor Q.

[18:50] <DvlmayCry> We've got two days((yay, nothing major to do except a small stop sat., no neccasary tasks left)) to work. We'll fix this, i know it.

[18:50] <-YingGirl> .....and what if we fail?

[18:51] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[18:51] <starcat> Ying: We won't.

[18:52] <DvlmayCry> We wont fail..........*does not wanting to think about faliure at all*

[18:52] <-YingGirl> ....Puu.

[18:53] * TimeGal notes this time goddes in on call 24/7 for helping Vanessa

[18:53] <TuxRainbow> Failure in NOT an option

[18:54] * -In the end of the battlefield, all the summons and Sparda are lying on the ground....cept for their guest. With a smirk across his face, he lights up a cig, looking over his victory upon such legendary beasts...

[18:54] <Senshi Guardian> You can count on us!

[18:54] <Sailor Quinox> YUP!!

[18:55] * -Fenrir lies on the ground, with paint covered fur.

[18:55] <-Fenrir> ....I call water polo for our next activity

[18:55] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:55] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[18:56] <starcat> Hi, Shaldra. ^_^

[18:56] * -BatFamiliar nods, also ridiculed with paint stains

[18:56] <Shaldra Darkness> Hi-ii! ^_^

[18:56] <-?> So...we up for another round?

[18:57] <-All Materia Summons> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

[18:58] <Senshi Guardian> hey shaldra

[18:58] * Sailor Quinox starts to get up

[18:58] * -YingGirl wonders how her summons are entertaining their guest as she stares at the floor

[18:58] * Shaldra Darkness fiddles with the chain of her necklace, a carefully decorated fang hanging from it

[18:58] * Apricot-chan is leaving... for no particular reason, but she is. "Good-bye."

[18:58] <starcat> Bye, apricot.

[18:58] * DvlmayCry scratches Vanessa behind the ear, hoping to cheer her up some.

[18:59] *** Apricot-chan has left #suburbansenshi2

[18:59] <Shaldra Darkness> BuBye!

[18:59] * -YingGirl places her hand on the marking, still doesn't know why the Inu gave her that tooth in the first place.

[19:00] * DvlmayCry thinks he knows why, but he feels the same way about vanessa

[19:01] * -YingGirl talked to Mike about the Inu...and why she feels so sorry for him, despite him betting to be on her nerves at time

[19:01] * Sailor Quinox goes over to Mike and pushes him down

[19:01] <-YingGirl> being on her nerves^

[19:01] <Senshi Guardian> whats up with the shimmery chooper Shaldra?

[19:02] <Shaldra Darkness> SG - A present from Mew's husband. She got one too. ^_^

[19:02] <starcat> hehe. Chooper. XD

[19:03] * Senshi Guardian remembers all of that, and understands

[19:03] * -YingGirl isn't in the mood to look at fangs. It was a fang that got her in this mess in the first place!!!

[19:03] * Sailor Quinox kisses Mike softly

[19:03] * Senshi Guardian is pushed down!

[19:04] * -YingGirl still stares at the floor....

[19:04] * Senshi Guardian kisses back

[19:04] <-YingGirl> puu....

[19:05] * Shaldra Darkness fiddles with the necklace, will probably be playing with it for a while now. ^_^;;

[19:05] * DvlmayCry isn't big on fangs now either

[19:06] * DvlmayCry puts his other arm around Vanessa "We're going to get you our of this mess"

[19:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, demon fangs are cool. ^_^

[19:06] <starcat> Shaldra: Let's change the subject, please.

[19:07] * Sailor Quinox huggles and snuggles Mike

[19:07] <-YingGirl> ....Shaldra, it was a demon fang that forced me in a marriage with a dog demon

[19:07] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, subject changed. How are you all?

[19:07] <starcat> I'm good.

[19:08] <-YingGirl> ...fine.

[19:08] * Senshi guardian huggles and snuggles back. ^_^.b

[19:08] <Sailor Quinox> fine

[19:08] <DvlmayCry> As good as can be expected...

[19:08] * -YingGirl still isn't a real dog demon

[19:09] * DvlmayCry still has feelings for vanessa no matter what form she's in.

[19:09] <starcat> We have a Christmas tree in the chatbox now! ^_^ Copy and paste the link to see the rules for putting ornaments on it. ^_^ --> http://angstyperson.freewebpage.org/ornamentrules.txt

[20:10] <Mango-chan> BOOOOO!

[20:10] <starcat> WOO!

[20:10] <starcat> Down for an entire hour. ><

[20:10] * TuxRainbow is back, again

[20:10] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[20:11] <Senshi Guardian> yay

[20:11] <-YingGirl> puu....

[20:11] <starcat> Hooray!

[20:11] <Mango-chan> Guys, should I close the secret santa box?

[20:11] <Senshi Guardian> it lives

[20:11] * -YingGirl stays in her corner.....

[20:11] <starcat> Mango: Leave it open until Sunday, I think.

[20:11] <Mango-chan> Okay!

[20:12] <DvlmayCry> Were have you guys been.....It was weird in here

[20:12] * Sailor Quinox puts up some evergreen garlands

[20:12] <Mango-chan> While time passed, I made that. --> http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v303/RubyNitemares/Matsumi.jpg

[20:12] * DvlmayCry saw nothng but floating 0's and 1's

[20:12] <-YingGirl> so....how you like the new update in tgtn?

[20:13] * Senshi Guardian covers his nose

[20:13] * Mango-chan places missletoe above the coffee table.

[20:13] <Senshi Guardian> I love it. More great work Vanessa. ^_^

[20:14] <starcat> Sorry, Dante. :/

[20:14] * Envy is asleep near the sailor sofa.

[20:14] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[20:14] <DvlmayCry> I'd expect nothing less, great work Vanessa. :)

[20:14] * Mango-chan slowly lifts the green fox (yes, Envy went to be a green fox) and places him on the coffee table.

[20:15] * -YingGirl sighs, wonder what she's gonna do with that Inu

[20:16] <-YingGirl> course dork knight might be haressing me to change my comics or do something better

[20:16] <starcat> Hey, what happens if we kill Inu?

[20:16] <DvlmayCry> I will personaly shatter his bones if he tries to insult you again.

[20:17] <-YingGirl> ....the wedding will be reversed. But I raither not see him dead.....

[20:17] * Mango-chan places mistletoe above the sofas. ALL the sofas.

[20:17] <starcat> Mango!!

[20:17] * DvlmayCry was refering to Dork Knight

[20:17] * Sailor Quinox sits on a sofa

[20:18] * Mango-chan takes the mistle toe off of the Tux sofa, "What?"

[20:18] * Senshi Guardian sits down aswell

[20:18] * Sailor Quinox looks up and notices teh mistletoe

[20:18] <Mango-chan> ...er...speaking of, what is the signifigance of this stuff?

[20:19] <-YingGirl> ....If one can't remove the mark by going in the past, one must die.

[20:19] * Senshi Guardian look and see's matsumi next to him.

[20:19] <starcat> when a couple is under it, they have to kiss.

[20:19] * TuxRainbow nods

[20:19] * Senshi Guardian gives Matsumi a kiss

[20:19] <Mango-chan> ...Oh...

[20:19] * Sailor Quinox kisses MIke...hard

[20:20] <DvlmayCry> I'd rather not see anyone dead....especialy you Vanessa.....we'll get that mark off, I'm sure.

[20:20] <-YingGirl> ...Least human engagments are easier to remove than this.

[20:20] * starcat wants Furu-kun to be here. T_T

[20:20] <Senshi Guardian> !

[20:20] * Mango-chan sweatdrops.

[20:21] * Envy wakes up slowly.

[20:22] * -YingGirl still doesn't know what's up with the priest in the InuYasha series....

[20:22] <-YingGirl> er monk....

[20:22] <DvlmayCry> I have to agree with you on that one Vanessa.

[20:23] * Envy looks around.

[20:23] <DvlmayCry> ooc: hehehe he is something.

[20:24] * -YingGirl wags her tail....still has the mark on her neck.

[20:24] * TuxRainbow waits for the pie to cool

[20:24] * Envy turns back into a teenage boy, "Ungh..."

[20:26] <DvlmayCry> He's a perverted holy man

[20:26] * Sailor Quinox is still kissing mike

[20:27] * Senshi Guardian aint complaining while kissing back

[20:27] * Nate Detroit returns

[20:27] * Sailor Quinox breaks the kiss

[20:27] * DvlmayCry sits next to vanessa, leaning on one of the walls that make the corner

[20:27] <Sailor Quinox> Nate-san!!

[20:27] <Nate Detroit> you know when you dont do homework for a week and out of the blue you start to do a term paper, you get a real headache? >.<

[20:28] * Sailor Quinox goes over to Nate and points up

[20:28] <starcat> Ouch. ><

[20:28] * Nate Detroit looks up

[20:28] * Envy isn't looking at Q or Mike.

[20:28] <Nate Detroit> leemee guess

[20:28] * Sailor Quinox and nate are right under a mistletoe

[20:29] * Nate Detroit kisses Matsumi

[20:29] <TuxRainbow> lol

[20:29] * Sailor Quinox grabs Nate and kisses back hard

[20:29] * -YingGirl still waits for Haak's reply, did email him....

[20:30] * Envy rolls off the coffee table.

[20:30] * Nate Detroit tries not to fall over.

[20:30] <DvlmayCry> ooc: Shinji's online, I could ask him for his email and he could register them for you

[20:31] * -YingGirl doesn't trust Shinji

[20:32] <starcat> Why not e-mail Xadium?

[20:32] <-YingGirl> forget it, I'll wait for Haak.

[20:32] <starcat> Haak's offline. :/ He'll probably stay that way until tomorrow morning.

[20:32] <DvlmayCry> ooc: ok

[20:33] * Sailor Quinox keeps kissing Nate

[20:33] <-YingGirl> ...I raither wait for someone I trust, than have a jerk help me.

[20:34] *** S. Terra has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:34] <@spiritflame> Irasshai S. Terra

[20:34] * S. Terra notes the mistletoe

[20:34] <-YingGirl> Sorry, I'm still not all right with Shinji.

[20:34] * S. Terra grabs Tux and kisses him deeply under it

[20:34] * Nate Detroit would say something in Shinjis defence if he wasnt liplocked at the moment

[20:34] <starcat> Yes, yes, we know that you don't like shinji, even though it's an unprecedented dislike.

[20:34] * S. Terra giggles and lets Tux go

[20:35] <TuxRainbow> Woah

[20:35] * DvlmayCry puts his am around Vanessa again "It's ok, do what you feel comfortable with"

[20:35] <starcat> Hi, Terra.

[20:35] <S. Terra> Hi hi all!

[20:35] * Senshi Guardian is coloring a SSCR pic

[20:35] * @Ikari Shinji coughs

[20:35] <-YingGirl> thanks....

[20:36] <starcat> Hi, Shinji. ^_^

[20:36] <@Ikari Shinji> Ying, yet again, let me thank you for being the type to show absolutely rational thought and decisions.

[20:36] * -YingGirl stays in her corner

[20:36] <starcat> okay, that's not helping your case, Shinji. ~_~

[20:37] <@Ikari Shinji> Star, this is a girl who's had a problem with me for a while.

[20:37] <-YingGirl> .........

[20:37] <@Ikari Shinji> I've tried to be polite but she isn't give back what she gets.

[20:37] * S. Terra sits down on Tuxedo Sofa

[20:38] <@Ikari Shinji> ^giving

[20:38] * DvlmayCry hopes this doesn't end badly....

[20:38] * Sailor Quinox keeps kissing

[20:38] <@Ikari Shinji> God, I just woke up and I get notified of that stuff showing up.

[20:38] <starcat> I'm staying out of this as best I can.

[20:38] * Envy just wonders how the hell someone can be liplocked as long as Q and Nate are.

[20:39] * Nate Detroit strokes Matsumi's hair

[20:39] <starcat> Envy, they just can, okay? Stop saying stupid stuff. ><

[20:39] * TuxRainbow takes a seat next to Terra

[20:39] <TuxRainbow> lol

[20:39] <Envy> >.><.<

[20:40] * Envy shrinks away.

[20:40] * Senshi Guardian notes when kissing Matsumi-chan time seems to not effect you. ^_-

[20:40] <starcat> okay, now...I have a problem. ><

[20:40] * Sailor Quinox rubs Nate's back

[20:41] <starcat> I want to have Christmas themes for both of my desktops on my computer...but this one has the Mimete background that Xadium made for me, and I don't know whether I should change it for the holidays, then change it back, or what.

[20:41] <starcat> I'd prefer not to change this background at all, but I reeeeally want a Christmas theme.

[20:42] <starcat> Then, of course, there's also the problem of what to change it to.

[20:42] * Senshi Guardian is about to torrent PGSM epsiodes 46 & 47, w00t only four left!

[20:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. I'm done with this. I'm an OP and I have things to do and s[BLEEP]t of that nature. I'm not going to be caught up in Ying's petty feelings nor am I going to get into any sort of arguements with her. Ying, you want to distrust me, fine? You want to call me a jerk? Fine. I'm not going to stop you. I have better things to do with my time then to waste them on such childish actions.

[20:42] <Envy> Change it back when christmas is over.

[20:42] <-YingGirl> why not have a witches 5 x-mas theme?

[20:43] * DvlmayCry hugs Vanessa, hoping to counteract any incoming negativity

[20:43] <@Ikari Shinji> That's not negativity, Dante, that's the truth.

[20:43] <-YingGirl> ..........

[20:43] * TuxRainbow sighs

[20:44] * Sailor Quinox breaks the kiss

[20:44] <starcat> Ying: That'd be cool...but I don't know where to get pictures to make such a theme. ><

[20:45] <Sailor Quinox> or...a chatbox christmas theme

[20:45] * starcat could just get screenshots and clean them up, but that's really annoying to do. ><

[20:45] * Nate Detroit catches his breath

[20:45] <Nate Detroit> I collect wallpapers Star. Have over 2000 and a program that rotates them hourly.

[20:45] <starcat> Q: find me a picture of everyone here, then. :P

[20:45] * Sailor Quinox grins at Nate

[20:46] <Sailor Quinox> oh...I thought you meant with Doc.X...then nevermind...

[20:46] * Nate Detroit smiles and sweatdrops.

[20:46] <DvlmayCry> It's still negative Ikari

[20:46] *** Furu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:46] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Furu

[20:46] <Furu> Heeey

[20:46] * Envy changes his background every month unless he likes the background.

[20:46] <starcat> Nate: Yay for you. I prefer anime themes, though...

[20:47] * -Senshi Guardan moves out of the path of Furu and Star

[20:47] <@Ikari Shinji> This is where you and I disagree, Dante.

[20:47] * starcat changes hers when she feels like it, or for holidays

[20:47] <Senshi Guardian> ^

[20:47] * starcat GLOMPS Furu-kun!

[20:47] * Furu is glomped

[20:48] <Furu> ^_^

[20:48] <starcat> ^_^

[20:48] * Envy goes to lean back on the sailor Sofa.

[20:48] <Furu> So, did the server problems finally stabilize?

[20:48] * Sailor Quinox glomps Nate

[20:48] <starcat> Watch out. There's mistletoe all over the place. <.< >.>

[20:49] <TuxRainbow> Looks like it

[20:49] <Furu> o_O really? This early before Christmas?

[20:49] * TuxRainbow kisses Terra

[20:49] <starcat> As far as we know, yes.

[20:49] <DvlmayCry> I'm not really up for a disagreement, but to me, it's still negative in the basic sense

[20:49] * Envy dosen't notice the mistletoe.

[20:49] <starcat> Furu-kun, it's after Thanksgiving! That means that we can decorate for Christmas! ^_^

[20:49] <@Ikari Shinji> You get to you give, Dante. That's a basic truth.

[20:50] <TuxRainbow> or Hanukah ^_^

[20:50] * Nate Detroit isnt glomped often, and likes it. ^.^

[20:50] * TuxRainbow looks to find a place for a dreidel

[20:50] * starcat walks over to the tree, gets the Furu figurine and the starcat figurine, and hangs them closer together ^_^

[20:50] * Sailor Quinox hyper-glomps Mike

[20:50] <DvlmayCry> OOC: Vanessa, if you can see this, Haak just signed on.

[20:51] <Furu> Aaaah. Right, right.

[20:51] <starcat> Tux: Or Hanukah!

[20:51] * starcat sits on the Venus Sofa

[20:51] * Senshi Guardian is amazed by the power of the hyper-glomp!

[20:51] * starcat looks at the mistletoe hanging above the tree

[20:51] *** Between_the_Lines has left #suburbansenshi2 (Sorry folks, been lurking...gotta go.)

[20:51] * Furu goes through the logs and notes that it seems things started staying up...shortly after he went to bed. The irony.

[20:52] <starcat> bye, BTL.

[20:52] <starcat> The irony of the situation, indeed!

[20:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Furu.

[20:53] <starcat> what, not ChibiShinji?

[20:53] <Furu> Hm?

[20:53] <TuxRainbow> Hey, Furu

[20:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh, I call ChibiShinji that whenever the mood comes up.

[20:53] <starcat> ^_^

[20:53] * DvlmayCry tends to Vanessa

[20:54] <TuxRainbow> Irony... heh

[20:54] <Furu> Heheh.

[20:54] * Furu is watching Cinematech. It's a Hideo Kojima special!

[20:54] * starcat grabs some apple pie from Pie-chan and digs in

[20:55] * Furu reeaally wants to play ZOE and the Bokatai games

[20:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay for Kojima!

[20:55] * Senshi Guardian is still in awe of the hyper-glomp

[20:55] <Sailor Quinox> /EM giggles

[20:55] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[20:55] <@Ikari Shinji> I own the original ZOE and rented the sequel.

[20:55] * TuxRainbow has Boktai 2... it's HARD

[20:55] <Furu> Yay for Psycho Director Man!

[20:56] * Envy gets comfortable on the sailor sofa.

[20:56] <starcat> Yay for me actually working on Q's doll for once in my lazy-ass life!

[20:56] <Furu> Um...yay? XD

[20:56] <Senshi Guardian> coloring a picture

[20:56] <TuxRainbow> Lazy? Vou?

[20:57] <starcat> XD

[20:57] * S. Terra is lazy

[20:57] * starcat was supposed to do this after Oronde's picture was made. Yeah, that's lazy.

[20:57] <Sailor Quinox> LOL

[20:58] <Nate Detroit> Botkai? I was under the impression those games sucked teh ass

[20:58] * Furu gasps

[20:59] * DvlmayCry waits for Vanessa's return

[20:59] * Furu looooves the MGS3 trailer they just showed

[20:59] <Furu> In fact, I love MGS3 in general.

[21:00] * Envy stares at the ceiling, realizing that there's mistletoe over him...

[21:00] * Senshi Guardian needs to play MGS-MGS3

[21:00] * Envy stares at the ceiling.

[21:00] * @Ikari Shinji points to the topic above

[21:01] * Sailor Quinox goes and gives Envy a kiss on the lips

[21:01] <Furu> Heh.

[21:01] * Furu is away: Gotta make fooood~

[21:01] <S. Terra> Fo' shinzznle my dizzle

[21:01] <starcat> There's no end punctuation in the topic.

[21:01] * Envy blushes, "Uhm...hi."

[21:01] * TuxRainbow smiles

[21:01] <starcat> gaah, slang-ness! ><

[21:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Represent, Terra.

[21:01] * starcat dives behind Tuxedo Sofa

[21:02] <starcat> ><

[21:02] * S. Terra reprasents da EAST SIDE

[21:02] <TuxRainbow> Word up my lady

[21:02] <Nate Detroit> Oh cool, Galaxy Quest is on.

[21:03] * @Ikari Shinji reprasents da OUTER SPACE SIDE

[21:03] * starcat pretends not to hear everything ><

[21:04] <Furu> T I M E P A R A D O X

[21:04] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[21:05] * Mango-chan represents DA WHATEVER GALAXY I COME FROM SIDE!

[21:05] *** Apricot-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:05] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Apricot-chan

[21:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Continue or Exit.

[21:05] <Apricot-chan> Yo, what up all mah homies?

[21:05] <starcat> Hi, Apricot.

[21:05] * Envy gets a tissue as he has blood lightly seeping out of his nose.

[21:05] <starcat> oh, no. ><

[21:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Yo, Apricot! We're reprasenting!

[21:05] <TuxRainbow> What up?

[21:06] * starcat stays behind Tuxedo Sofa and ignores the slang

[21:06] * S. Terra chills out

[21:06] <Apricot-chan> Yo, I'm a gangsta, yo. o.o

[21:06] * Senshi Guardian is almost done

[21:06] * Furu hops behind Tuxedo Sofa too

[21:06] * Sailor Quinox does not do slang

[21:06] <starcat> Hello, Furu-kun...

[21:06] <Furu> Heya star-chan ^_^

[21:07] * Envy manages to stop the nosebleed.

[21:07] <@Ikari Shinji> Yo, gangsta!

[21:07] <Apricot-chan> Yo, I got a kitty on mah shoulda, yo.

[21:08] * Furu covers star's ears for her

[21:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Yo, I got my AK at mah side. I'm willing to blash those suckas cold f[BLEEP]kin dead!

[21:08] * starcat smiles at Furu-kun "Thanks."

[21:09] * Mango-chan is now known as Gangsta' Mango.

[21:09] * Apricot-chan points at Ikari Shinji, who she still doesn't know. "Yo, what that homie said, yo."

[21:09] <S. Terra> Gangstaz in the hizzouze yo!

[21:09] * Sailor Quinox pulls out the bazooka and blows up a tree outside

[21:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Word up, home slice.

[21:09] <Furu> No problem.

[21:09] * Senshi Guardian would speak gangsat but is almost done the pic

[21:10] *** Adam Kanal has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:10] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Adam Kanal

[21:10] <-Gangsta' Mango> Yo, I don't do that s[BLEEP]t, but I definitely get mah n[BLEEP]as out and we'll all go get some b[BLEEP]ches and hoes.

[21:10] * Furu is slangproof, having grown up near St. Louis

[21:10] <starcat> Hi, Adam.

[21:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Adam! Reprasent for tah sentai gangstas!

[21:10] <starcat> ><

[21:10] * starcat is NOT slangproof...

[21:10] <Adam Kanal> Hey, y'all.

[21:10] <Nate Detroit> Whered ya get that, Matsumi?

[21:10] <S. Terra> Hey, Adam

[21:11] * Adam Kanal is representin', yo.

[21:11] <@Ikari Shinji> I hear ya, shortie! We need to get some b[BLEEP]ches and hoes up in this mother so we can have a smooth f[BLEEP]king party!

[21:11] <Furu> Yo Adam

[21:11] <Adam Kanal> SPD in da hoooouuuuuuse!

[21:11] <Sailor Quinox> from Starcat's stash

[21:11] * starcat is now known as $+4rc4+

[21:11] * $+4rc4+ is now known as starcat

[21:11] <@Ikari Shinji> I got my Colt 45 and some good s[BLEEP]t to smoke!

[21:11] <-Gangsta' Mango> Hell yeah, mah n[BLEEP]a!

[21:11] <starcat> WHAT?!

[21:11] * Apricot-chan is now known as A-dog


[21:11] * Senshi Guardian represent the Old School Sentai, brandishing the King Brace

[21:12] * starcat stands up

[21:12] * Adam Kanal is now known as G-Homie

[21:12] * Nate Detroit shrugs

[21:12] * starcat stomps over to Q

[21:12] * Nate Detroit is now known as Nate Dogg

[21:12] * starcat holds out her hand

[21:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Word up, A-dog and G-Homie!

[21:12] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (*has taken Ivory with her, seeing it's a loaded gun*)

[21:12] * -A-dog slaps starcat on the back (in a friendly way). "Yo, what up homie G?"

[21:12] <starcat> I want my bazooka back, please.

[21:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Nate Dog, REPRASENT!

[21:12] <starcat> Now.

[21:12] <-G-Homie> 'Sup, my GL brotha?

[21:12] <-Nate Dogg> Yo yo yo let me speak on dis!

[21:12] * starcat is slapped on the back, but ignores it

[21:12] * -Gangsta' Mango is now known as M-shortie

[21:12] <starcat> I want my bazooka back, now.

[21:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Nothin' much, my hardcore Sentai brotha!

[21:13] * Sailor Quinox tosses Starcat her bazooka

[21:13] <Furu> Er...star-chan..is that really neccessary?

[21:13] * starcat catches it and puts it away

[21:13] <@spiritflame> -G-Homie: only OPs may add registered users

[21:13] * starcat returns to the back of Tuxedo Sofa

[21:13] <Sailor Quinox> mike?

[21:13] <starcat> yes.

[21:13] <-A-dog> Word up!

[21:13] <-G-Homie> Ah, dammit!

[21:13] * DvlmayCry has been waiting for Vaness to come back feels a tug. "Hum......." check his holsters "Hey were's. Ivory...."

[21:13] * -A-dog wonders if the word 'down' has been forgotten.

[21:13] <-G-Homie> Oh, NOW I read that it's OPs only!

[21:13] <starcat> I keep it in my subspace pocket. She shouldn't've been able to get it.

[21:14] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t)

[21:14] <Furu> Ookay...

[21:14] <-M-shortie> Haha, dumb n[BLEEP]a! Ya' need to go see the Shin[BLEEP]a!

[21:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Nah, A-dog, I'm down with the usage of down!

[21:14] * starcat sits behind Tuxedo Sofa v. 2 and waits for the madness to subside

[21:14] * -Nate Dogg rips his sleaves off

[21:14] <Senshi Guardian> Gomen Matsumi-chan, working on your picture.

[21:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah, M-shortie! Teh Shinji is where the hardcore s[BLEEP]t is at!

[21:14] <starcat> If you want to, Furu-kun, you can go join in the slangparty...

[21:14] <-M-shortie> Shinji, let's go get some b[BLEEP]ches and hoes.

[21:14] <S. Terra> Tha madness will nevah subside, Star. NEVAH!

[21:15] <@Ikari Shinji> I hear ya, shortie!

[21:15] <Sailor Quinox> oh..just wanted to make she you didn't go gansta

[21:15] <-M-shortie> f[BLEEP]k yeah!

[21:15] <-A-dog> Awesome, Shinji-dog!

[21:15] <Furu> Nah, I don't like slang either

[21:15] * starcat is ignoring all slang

[21:15] <-M-shortie> I got b[BLEEP]ches and hoes in every area code!

[21:15] <Furu> Just because I grew up around it doesnt mean I like it.

[21:15] <starcat> yay. ^_^

[21:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Put those b[BLEEP]ches on the street and make me some money!

[21:16] <-G-Homie> I'll pass on the b[BLEEP]ches. Maybe some hoes, if they swing another way.

[21:16] * -A-dog twitches rapidly.

[21:16] <TuxRainbow> Terra's the only b!tch I need, yo

[21:16] * Sailor Quinox walks up to shinji "did you just call me a b[BLEEP]ch?"

[21:16] * -M-shortie passes them on to G-homie.

[21:16] * DvlmayCry has left the room, insearch of Vanessa, ASAP!!!!!!

[21:16] <-A-dog> I can't believe I'm using gangsta slang. I scare even myself sometimes.

[21:16] * -M-shortie passes the rest to the street.

[21:16] <S. Terra> Reprasent, Tux-man.

[21:16] <-Nate Dogg> Man, youd think coming from Da D I'd have more mindless rhymes and slang to sling..

[21:16] <-G-Homie> Ew... Girls...

[21:16] <-M-shortie> Go get us some money for Shin-dawg!

[21:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Better stop on back, Q-gal.

[21:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Step, too.

[21:17] * -A-dog is now known as Ghost of Apricot

[21:17] <Furu> It could be worse. They could be speaking Snoop Dawg's language.

[21:17] * Sailor Quinox blasts everyone with a shockwave

[21:17] * @Ikari Shinji protects everyone with his power ring

[21:17] <-Ghost of Apricot> I killed myself. I am now the Ghost of Apricot, who will no longer use gansta slang.

[21:17] <-G-Homie> Are we having a problem, Shinj?

[21:17] <starcat> Oh, great. ><

[21:17] <-M-shortie> Oh shnap! Apricot's dead!

[21:17] <starcat> hooray!

[21:18] <starcat> Apricot is dead! ^_^

[21:18] * -M-shortie is protected.

[21:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Someone gun down my sista!

[21:18] * -G-Homie is now known as Adam Kanal

[21:18] * starcat rejoices for reasons unknown

[21:18] * -Ghost of Apricot is all ghosty.

[21:18] <Adam Kanal> SPD!

[21:18] <S. Terra> Daaaamn!

[21:18] * @Ikari Shinji takes out his Colt 45 and pours half of the bottle down on the ground

[21:18] <-M-shortie> Oh shnap! Q-dawg's going up da wall!

[21:18] <Adam Kanal> And that is for our home girl.

[21:18] <-Ghost of Apricot> If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!

[21:18] <@Ikari Shinji> That's for all of my fallen homies.

[21:18] * Furu sticks his hand through Apricot

[21:18] <-Ghost of Apricot> *crickets chirp*

[21:19] <TuxRainbow> This glass is for you, Apricot!

[21:19] * Adam Kanal pulles out his blaster

[21:19] * -Ghost of Apricot screams. "AHHH!"

[21:19] <Sailor Quinox> any more...and I'll blast your head off, M-shortie..plus I'll cut you good

[21:19] <Furu> Cooooooooool

[21:19] * TuxRainbow and Terra duck

[21:19] * starcat claps her hands

[21:19] * Senshi Guardian blinks "What the..."

[21:19] <-M-shortie> Oh shnap, I'm gettin dissed, Shin-dawg!

[21:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, SNAP!

[21:20] * -Ghost of Apricot is now known as Apricot-chan

[21:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Someone's dissing my shortie?!

[21:20] <Apricot-chan> I somehow came back to life.

[21:20] <TuxRainbow> Don't diss tha shorties. man

[21:20] <-Nate Dogg> Dont be trippin, Mats-babe

[21:20] <Furu> Yay for unexplainable ressurections!

[21:21] <starcat> Drat it all. ><

[21:21] <-M-shortie> Hellz yeah, by dat n[BLEEP]a o'er dere!

[21:21] <@Ikari Shinji> Snap!

[21:21] <-M-shortie> ...o'er thurr...

[21:21] <Sailor Quinox> I'LL BE TRIPPEN IF I WANT TOO!!

[21:21] * Apricot-chan crawls behind a couch and cries.

[21:21] * @Dr_Xadium comes out of the TARDIS and leans on the front of it tired (can't stay long, just saying hi)

[21:21] * @Dr_Xadium flashes a complicated Shobogan gansta sign

[21:21] <starcat> Hi, X.

[21:21] <Senshi Guardian> Hi Dr. X!

[21:22] <-M-shortie> Oh shnap, it's Da X-dawg!

[21:22] <@Ikari Shinji> WORD UP, X-DOGG!

[21:22] <starcat> oh, great, you too?!

[21:22] <Furu> 'ey Dr. X

[21:22] * Sailor Quinox fires a gun in the air ((don't worry..all blanks))

[21:22] <Adam Kanal> (( Gah, AFK, hold on.))

[21:22] <starcat> ><

[21:22] <TuxRainbow> Yo, Doc X

[21:22] <-Nate Dogg> Wazup, Docta X

[21:22] * @Dr_Xadium louses it up and almost knots hisfingers together ><

[21:22] * @Ikari Shinji flashes back the complicated Shobogan gansta sign

[21:22] <TuxRainbow> heh

[21:22] <@Dr_Xadium> Err, yo.. or something. Heh.

[21:22] * -? has returned once again and places a passed out Ying, still holding a loaded gun. Taking the rabbit along with him, he parts once again...as if he was never here

[21:22] * @Dr_Xadium is useless with slang

[21:22] <starcat> hm.

[21:23] * -M-shortie whips out her Gunner girl lollipop gun.

[21:23] <@Ikari Shinji> So'up, X-dog? Reprasenting for all of the Time Lords?

[21:23] * -Nate Dogg covers his ears

[21:23] <@Dr_Xadium> I see we're being invaded by punctuation marks of dubious intent

[21:23] * starcat appears to be allergic to slang. ><

[21:23] <-Nate Dogg> Woah, Mats babe packin heat

[21:23] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:23] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[21:23] <Furu> *highly* dubious.

[21:23] * @Ikari Shinji creates a giant f[BLEEP]king laser gun with his power ring

[21:23] <@Dr_Xadium> Shobogans are Galifreyans who are not Time Lords

[21:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Now this, my brothas, is a f[BLEEP]king gun!

[21:23] <starcat> It's probably all of the utter annihilation of respect to punctuation marks and grammar, but hey...

[21:24] <Furu> Yeah, for someone who's a grammar nut as much as you, star-chan, this has to be Hell

[21:24] * starcat has a Big Ass Laser Cannon :P

[21:24] <-M-shortie> Oh snap! That's one motha' f[BLEEP]kin' bigass gun!

[21:24] *** -Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2 (......*sweatdrops*)

[21:24] * @Dr_Xadium starts polishing the TARDIS, it looks like it's been through hell

[21:24] * DvlmayCry gasps for air "There she is"

[21:24] <starcat> No, hell is colder.

[21:25] <-M-shortie> Damn, N[BLEEP]a, that is a big ass s[BLEEP]t

[21:25] <starcat> Also, hell wouldn't have you, Furu-kun! ^_^

[21:25] * Sailor Quinox dangles a TARDIS ordemint in front of Doc.X

[21:25] <starcat> ♡

[21:25] <@Dr_Xadium> Hmm?

[21:25] * Furu wants a Kannon Cannon

[21:25] * Envy is out cold from the slang.

[21:25] <Furu> ^_^; heh.

[21:25] * Apricot-chan points out the fact that starcat is not a grammar nut, she is the one and only Grammar Nazi.

[21:25] * DvlmayCry rushes to Vanessa taking back Ivory

[21:26] <@Dr_Xadium> Nice!

[21:26] * -M-shortie sticks her sunglasses on.

[21:26] * -YingGirl lies there.....holding a loaded gun

[21:26] * Sailor Quinox pokes Doc.X and points up

[21:26] * starcat is now known as The Grammarian

[21:26] <Furu> methinks Q is trying to make up for that blow to the head from earlier :P

[21:27] <The Grammarian> I feel the need to express my feelings on this sort of supposed "language" before I die from said words. It is silly.

[21:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[21:27] * -M-shortie inches to da ying-n[BLEEP]a, and takes her gun, running back, "Yo, Shin-dawg, I gots a gun!"

[21:27] <@Ikari Shinji> REPRASENT, SHORTIE!

[21:27] * starcat sits behind Tuxedo Sofa and meditates until the slang is gone

[21:27] * starcat is away: meditiation

[21:27] <Adam Kanal> (( Back ))

[21:27] * @Dr_Xadium is suffering from bad lag for many reasons

[21:27] * Sailor Quinox and Doc.X are standing right under mistletoe

[21:28] <DvlmayCry> Omg....thank god

[21:28] <-Nate Dogg> Uhh... Matsumi...

[21:28] <Adam Kanal> ZOMG...

[21:28] * -M-shortie c[BLEEP]ks da gun, "HELLZ YEAH!"

[21:28] <@Dr_Xadium> Uhh...

[21:28] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah, shortie, show yo' bad self!

[21:28] <-M-shortie> Oh snap!

[21:28] <Adam Kanal> Hey, X-dono!

[21:28] * C'est_la_V TACKLES Q-chan out of the way

[21:29] <Adam Kanal> Oh snap?

[21:29] <-Nate Dogg> Docta X has an old lady...

[21:29] <Sailor Quinox> ...MINAKO-CHAN!!!

[21:29] * C'est_la_V sweeps X-chan up in a big kiss!!

[21:29] <Furu> Wow. She's like a missile!

[21:29] <-Nate Dogg> Well played, V babe!

[21:29] <@Ikari Shinji> Damn, Mina! You one bad motherf[BLEEP]ka!

[21:29] <Adam Kanal> Go Mina-P!

[21:29] <Sailor Quinox> grrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

[21:30] <C'est_la_V> ^_^ V

[21:30] * DvlmayCry has bad lag too, but holds Vanessa close to him out of thankfullness she didn't get a shot off

[21:30] * Adam Kanal slaps Shinji,. "I think that's enough, dude."

[21:30] <C'est_la_V> XP

[21:30] <-M-shortie> Oh shnap, da Q-n[BLEEP]a got dissed!

[21:30] * @Ikari Shinji slaps Adam back

[21:30] * Furu re-listens to the Chibi Goku sound clips from DBZ Budokai 3 and morns that his DU mode didn't make it into the game

[21:30] * Sailor Quinox slaps Minako HARD

[21:30] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, some of us are still doing it!

[21:30] <Adam Kanal> Shinji! Don't do that!

[21:31] <Furu> "Hey, it's Bulma! WOW! You got OLD!"

[21:31] <@Ikari Shinji> You slapped me first!

[21:31] <-M-shortie> Oh shnap! Minako's been own3d!

[21:31] * -YingGirl lies there, bleeding.... Did get shot.

[21:31] <Senshi Guardian> O_O

[21:31] <C'est_la_V> Ow!!!

[21:31] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:31] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[21:31] <Adam Kanal> But...

[21:31] <-Nate Dogg> O.O

[21:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Yo', Shaldra!

[21:31] <C'est_la_V> What was that for! ?

[21:31] <Shaldra Darkness> Yo, Ikari!

[21:31] * Adam Kanal whispers inot Shinji's ear.

[21:31] <Sailor Quinox> YOU b[BLEEP]ch..YOU HURT ME!!!!!

[21:31] <-M-shortie> Yo, mah b[BLEEP]ches and hoes! Represent!

[21:31] * DvlmayCry curses lag, for not knowing

[21:32] * Shaldra Darkness covers her ears "Yelling, already?"

[21:32] <-M-shortie> Oh snap!

[21:32] <DvlmayCry> Mike, healing stat!!!!!!!

[21:32] * Furu curses lag as well

[21:33] <Senshi Guardian> On it!*casts curaga on Vanessa as Dante removes the bullet*

[21:33] <-Nate Dogg> Mats-babe, you shoulnt ha been mackin on her man...

[21:33] <Sailor Quinox> it's was just going to be an innocent kiss...and then she slams me to the floor...

[21:33] * C'est_la_V has lag too, may have to take X-chan away from all this shortly ♡

[21:33] <-M-shortie> Hellz yeah with da Nate Dawg.

[21:33] <Sailor Quinox> ...what kinda friend is that...

[21:33] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (I think I broke my arm...)

[21:33] <Adam Kanal> A friend who is very protective of their loved on, Quinox.

[21:34] <starcat> ((The lag is most likely from the server.))

[21:34] <TuxRainbow> mmm... pie :9

[21:34] * Shaldra Darkness is confused... so walks outside and hops on the roof. May as well hang out in the fresh air.

[21:34] <-Nate Dogg> Word, am I the only one lagging out?

[21:34] <Adam Kanal> And what the f[BLEEP]k is mistle toe doing out this early?

[21:34] * C'est_la_V didn't tackle you all that hard :P

[21:35] * @Ikari Shinji is lagging to a degree

[21:35] <Shaldra Darkness> ((I have no lag here. XP))

[21:35] * @Dr_Xadium is glad for the lag, his kiss is lasting longer ^_^

[21:35] * @Ikari Shinji also notices that Adam whispered in his ear

[21:35] * Adam Kanal isn't lagging./

[21:35] <starcat> ((I'm having sporadic lag. Sometimes it is lagging, sometimes not.))

[21:35] * DvlmayCry uses a vitality star along with Mike's healing

[21:35] <Adam Kanal> No more slapping , Shinji-dono. 'Kay?

[21:35] * -YingGirl is lying and bleeding

[21:36] <-Nate Dogg> Oh hells no. Mats babe got f[BLEEP]ked up

[21:36] * Adam Kanal sends a medic over to Ying?

[21:36] * Shaldra Darkness lays back on the roof and watches the sky... so much more peaceful outside...

[21:36] <Furu> Man, not playing video games sucks :P...well...you know what I mean

[21:36] <@Ikari Shinji> Ok, no more slapping.

[21:36] <Adam Kanal> ZOMG, she's not a she!

[21:36] * Adam Kanal read Matsumi's bio.

[21:37] * -Somewhere, a green rabbit smacks a snake.

[21:37] <-M-shortie> Oh snap! Q-n[BLEEP]a gawt busted!

[21:38] * Furu is looking at the "What If" fusions from Budokai 2

[21:38] * -YingGirl is still lying....

[21:39] * Adam Kanal said he'd send medics there, Ying, but noooooooooooo, you didn't respond.

[21:39] * Shaldra Darkness sighs, hops off the roof, walks back in and looks at Ying. "I'll ask, do you WANT to be healed?"

[21:40] * -YingGirl can't respond, KOed.

[21:41] * Shaldra Darkness pokes Ying a couple times... shrugs, and starts healing her

[21:42] *** Apricot-chan has left #suburbansenshi2

[21:46] <-M-shortie> Oh snap!

[22:09] <-M-shortie> It's back! Oh schnap!

[22:10] <Furu> ....<.<....

[22:10] <Furu> Jeeeez

[22:10] <starcat> IT LIVES!

[22:10] <Furu> That was teh suck

[22:10] <-M-shortie> ....should I drop this?

[22:10] <Furu> YES :P

[22:10] * Sailor Quinox is still angry with Minako

[22:10] <starcat> Furu-kun, if you had MSN, you could've been in #suburbansenshi-lite.

[22:10] * -M-shortie shall wait for Shinji's call.

[22:11] <Furu> Hmm...well, I could go get MSN...

[22:11] <Furu> Just in case it goes down again

[22:11] <starcat> It would be wise. :/

[22:11] * starcat trusts not this chatbox

[22:12] <TuxRainbow> Neither do we

[22:12] * -YingGirl is still lying on the ground

[22:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, it's back now... whew!

[22:12] * Sailor Quinox pouts in a corner

[22:12] <TuxRainbow> Yeah

[22:12] <TuxRainbow> But for how long?

[22:12] * DvlmayCry goes back to tending to Vanessa's wounds

[22:12] <Shaldra Darkness> One can never tell.

[22:12] <Nate Detroit> Lag check

[22:12] * @Ikari Shinji gives Furu a manly and platonic hug

[22:13] <S. Terra> That was fun...

[22:13] * Shaldra Darkness goes back to healing Ying

[22:13] <Furu> For at least a while, one can only hope

[22:13] * Furu hugs back

[22:13] * Nate Detroit is away: food

[22:13] <S. Terra> Lag check... 1, 2... 1,2

[22:13] <starcat> how long was it up for last time?

[22:13] <-M-shortie> Yo, Shinji-dawg...is the acting gangsta over?

[22:13] * DvlmayCry use a Vitality Star along with Mike's curaga spell that he cast earlier

[22:13] <Sailor Quinox> stupid Minako...it was just going to be an innocent kiss...nothing more....

[22:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Nah, shortie! Keep on reprasenting!

[22:13] * -YingGirl weakly starts getting up, coughing...still has the red mark on her neck

[22:13] * -M-shortie is now known as Magical Guardian Girl Mango

[22:14] * Senshi Guardian comes back with his digital sketchpad

[22:14] * Magical Guardian Girl Mango is now known as M-shortie

[22:14] <Sailor Quinox> ...maybe she thinks I'm a whore....that's it...

[22:14] * Nate Detroit hugs Matsumi

[22:14] * Shaldra Darkness smiles at Ying, puts a hand gently on the red mark and heals it without a problem.

[22:14] * -YingGirl lowers her ears, feeling the mark is still there.

[22:14] <starcat> Maybe she's being PROTECTIVE.

[22:14] <Nate Detroit> nonono, shes just protective

[22:14] <Sailor Quinox> ......well she doesn't have to push me that violently.....

[22:14] * C'est_la_V and X-chan are idling under mistletoe ♡

[22:14] <Furu> Q....It's not really a good idea to kiss married people.

[22:14] <-M-shortie> Q-n[BLEEP]a, that was her mahn, ya can't go hitting on other's s[BLEEP]t like that.

[22:14] <Nate Detroit> say, does anyone here know any easy way to melt cheese?

[22:14] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa....why did you do that?!?!?!

[22:15] <@Ikari Shinji> So'nuff, shortie.

[22:15] <starcat> Maybe she doesn't want people kissing her HUSBAND, who vowed to show devotion only to HER.

[22:15] <C'est_la_V> Q-chan, I didn't tackle toy that hard, quit it

[22:15] <Sailor Quinox> ....leave me alone....NOW....

[22:15] <-YingGirl> Shaldra...that mark means I'm getting married. You can't heal it or remove it.

[22:15] <Sailor Quinox> ...Now i'm mad for a different reason...

[22:15] <starcat> Can we stop with the slang?? please??

[22:15] * C'est_la_V is the only one who can kiss X-chan :P

[22:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Eh, just checking. *shugs*

[22:15] * Sailor Quinox wonders why people probably think she's a whore....

[22:15] * S. Terra is the only one who can kiss Tux-chan :)

[22:16] <-YingGirl> ...Unless you were the one who fricken blessed the weid looking demon FANG Inu gave me.

[22:16] <S. Terra> I do not hink you are, Matsumi

[22:16] <Furu> Of course, though, Mina-oneechan is allowed to kiss other people though ¬_¬

[22:16] * DvlmayCry will remove it when we get that fang unblessed

[22:16] * Sailor Quinox isn't going to kiss anyone...

[22:16] * Shaldra Darkness looks at the mark closely... "It could probably be transfered to another with the proper magic... but I'm truly not sure."

[22:16] <starcat> QUINOX. Stop that. NOW. You aren't a whore. None of us think that you are one, unless it's an attention whore, but that's different.

[22:16] <Sailor Quinox> that's the point, Furu....

[22:16] * @Dr_Xadium is the only one who can kiss his wife and so does so (idle, darn it!)

[22:16] <-M-shortie> Q-n[BLEEP]a, you've got mo' hoes than Paris Hilton and 'er Sis combined.

[22:16] * Sailor Quinox grumbles

[22:16] * Senshi Guardian does not think Matsumi's "that word" and will finish coloring her pic

[22:17] <starcat> Gaaaaahhh....

[22:17] * @Ikari Shinji wants to tap some of that Hilton ass... just for the money

[22:17] * -YingGirl sighs.

[22:17] * Sailor Quinox wallops M-Shortie suddenly

[22:17] * starcat is away: This is insane. Slang and angst and ARRRG. ><

[22:17] <TuxRainbow> You people...

[22:17] * Furu wouldn't touch Hilton with a 9/12 foot pole

[22:17] * -M-shortie is walloped, "OH SNAP! I BEEN WALLOPED!"

[22:17] <Sailor Quinox> DON'T COMPARE ME TO THAT b[BLEEP]ch!!!

[22:17] <-YingGirl> There's only two ways of getting rid of it. One is going to the past and find that woman to remove it for me....

[22:17] * @Ikari Shinji sets mode +r to M-shortie

[22:17] * Shaldra Darkness covers her ears.. ><

[22:17] <-YingGirl> The other is death.

[22:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, SNAP!

[22:18] <Furu> We're not, Q.

[22:18] <Furu> You're actually a cool person. Hilton ain't.

[22:18] <DvlmayCry> Don't do that again Vanessa.....please..

[22:18] * Sailor Quinox is pissed cause her husband is always working...her friends always look at her strange...

[22:18] <M-shortie> Woahmg, I was joking, Q-n[BLEEP]a!

[22:18] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying - I wouldn't actually be getting rid of it entirely, just transfering it to another person. If I can actually FIND someone who would take it.... ~_~

[22:18] * -YingGirl wags her tail and coughs. The red mark still remains, damn Demon Dog spirit

[22:19] * Sailor Quinox goes back to sitting in the corner with one of those rainclouds over her head

[22:19] <M-shortie> (The internet is 10 years old, oh snap!)

[22:19] <-YingGirl> ...Someone willing to marry Inu, yeah...that's a riot. Rei-chan is crude to him while Ami wants to disect him

[22:20] <Sailor Quinox> hideki-kun.......T_T

[22:20] * C'est_la_V and X-chan (bbl)

[22:20] <-YingGirl> Plus...that c[BLEEP]ky attitude and a bad temper

[22:20] * DvlmayCry sits next to Vanessa.

[22:20] <Sailor Quinox> T_T

[22:20] * Shaldra Darkness wonders where Kagome is....

[22:20] <@Ikari Shinji> See ya, Mina and Xad.

[22:20] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan, don't do this to yourself.

[22:20] <Adam Kanal> Meh.

[22:21] <TuxRainbow> 10, seems longer

[22:21] * -YingGirl has till monday night to stop this wedding.

[22:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Dude, if she where here, that would make everything easy.

[22:21] <TuxRainbow> Monday? Woah.

[22:21] * Sailor Quinox is also sad cause she lost her job two days ago

[22:21] * M-shortie is now known as Mango-chan

[22:21] <S. Terra> ah, snap!

[22:21] * Mango-chan sits in the corner, black lines over her head.

[22:22] <Furu> ...the next person to say oh snap gets a wedgie

[22:22] <-YingGirl> ...Monday's a full moon. If I don't remove this mark or kill myself before Monday, I'm forced to marry the Inu

[22:22] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, SNAP.

[22:22] <@Ikari Shinji> Bring it, Furu.

[22:22] <Shaldra Darkness> Furu - I was thinking of more violent ways of telling them that, but your wording is good.

[22:22] <-YingGirl> ...And Neko Girl doesn't want to deal with hanyou puppies

[22:22] <starcat> Give him a wedgie, Furu-kun!

[22:22] <Furu> Rrar!

[22:22] * Sailor Quinox is away: outside

[22:22] * Shaldra Darkness sighs a bit.

[22:22] <S. Terra> I hate forced marriages

[22:22] * Furu charges at Ikari

[22:22] * Adam Kanal goes to get pudding

[22:23] * @Ikari Shinji just watches Furu

[22:23] <DvlmayCry> We're gonna get that mark off you Vanessa.

[22:23] <S. Terra> pudding!

[22:23] <Shaldra Darkness> I'm a *cat*, I don't like dogs.

[22:23] * Furu vanishes from sight

[22:23] * Mango-chan has a random raincloud over her head.

[22:23] * Senshi guardian follows Matsumi with his sketch pad

[22:23] * Furu reappears behimd Ikari

[22:23] * @Ikari Shinji throws up a force-field

[22:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Please.

[22:23] *** Mango-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (Rain is cool.)

[22:23] * Furu reaches for teh pants

[22:24] <Furu> Ack!

[22:24] * Sailor Io delurks.

[22:24] <Shaldra Darkness> This is gonna be the stupidest thing I have ever said, but does anyone here want to marry a mutt?

[22:24] * @Ikari Shinji 's pants is protected

[22:24] <-YingGirl> ....I do feel sorry for Inu, I am an articifial represantation of another halfbreed dog demon

[22:24] <Furu> Damn ring. Runin' my vengence!

[22:24] * @Ikari Shinji just looks at Furu

[22:24] <-YingGirl> ...Guess that's why he likes being around me. And the fact others seem so cruel...

[22:25] * Sailor Io sits on a random couch.

[22:25] * Furu pouts

[22:25] <DvlmayCry> I feel sorry for him to......... but.........

[22:25] * Nate Detroit is back

[22:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Pout all you want, ChibiShinji. No one gets into my pants... unless I will it so.

[22:25] * -YingGirl blushes a little, thinking about something....

[22:26] <starcat> This is needed.

[22:26] <Sailor Io> Heh...

[22:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying... this might work... I'm not sure... but you're gonna owe me, BIG.

[22:26] <Sailor Io> Where's the angst comming from, Star?

[22:26] * DvlmayCry looks at Vanessa, wondering what she's thinking

[22:26] <Nate Detroit> always so angsty, Star..

[22:26] <Shaldra Darkness> That is, if you want to get out of this marrage.

[22:26] <-YingGirl> puu. *lowers her ears*

[22:26] <starcat> Me.

[22:27] <Sailor Io> Ah.

[22:27] * starcat is feeling really annoyed at herself.

[22:27] * -YingGirl looks up

[22:27] * Nate Detroit hugs Star

[22:27] * Shaldra Darkness never truly though she would waist a life on a dog... ><

[22:27] <-YingGirl> What do you mean?

[22:28] <-YingGirl> .......Shaldra, what are you doing?

[22:28] <Shaldra Darkness> I have nine lives, if I can transfer that mark to myself... I'll waist a life to get rid of it...

[22:28] <DvlmayCry> Shaldra?

[22:28] * -YingGirl finally gets up.

[22:28] <starcat> I always say the wrong thing. I have few, if any, useful talents. I do more harm than good, and I can't change it.

[22:28] * Nate Detroit hugs Star more, tighter

[22:28] <starcat> yeah. I'm feeling angsty.

[22:28] <Furu> star-chan...

[22:28] <-YingGirl> .......Shaldra, then Solar will f[BLEEP]ken kill me in the end.

[22:28] * starcat is hugged

[22:28] <Shaldra Darkness> It's a long shot... but it's best to try.

[22:29] <Nate Detroit> Your a very nice, wonderful person. Dont be so hard on yourself.

[22:29] * Furu hugs star-chan too

[22:29] <DvlmayCry> I wouldn't let him near you Vanessa, if he tried....

[22:29] <Furu> Don't be so hard on yourself

[22:29] * starcat is hugged again...

[22:29] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying, you're my friend. I'll be back in the morning, Solar-kun will understand.

[22:30] <-YingGirl> maybe do that for a final solution....

[22:30] * Sailor Io is away: going to watch some anime.

[22:30] <starcat> Oh, yeah, I'm also easily ignored, and I nag too much about grammar.

[22:30] <-YingGirl> We still haven't gone into the past....that's if we can go by other options....

[22:30] *** S. Terra has left #suburbansenshi2 (Gppd luck, Shaldra. May Tomorrow's light find Ying without the mark)

[22:31] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, Ying. If that is what you want. Just don't go killing yourself, I revive easily enough.

[22:31] <TuxRainbow> ^Good even

[22:31] *** TimeGal has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:31] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TimeGal

[22:31] <Nate Detroit> people always dont listen to me or heed my advice. I cant convince people when Im right. I nag too much about everything, usually because I find failing in everything too easily.

[22:31] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Sets

[22:31] <-YingGirl> And....Mike wants to try the Dragon Testicles.

[22:31] <TuxRainbow> What other options?

[22:31] <TimeGal> Some need some help crossing the barriers of time?

[22:31] <Furu> Nothing wrong with a little nagging

[22:32] <Shaldra Darkness> Wait... Ying.. the what?

[22:32] <Nate Detroit> Sometimes you have to nag.

[22:32] <starcat> Let's just all be angsty together. Woo.

[22:32] <TuxRainbow> Dragon Balls, Ying. BIG difference

[22:32] <Shaldra Darkness> Ooooo... whew...

[22:32] <-YingGirl> I dunno, but guys seem to enjoy fondling a dragon's ding dongs.

[22:32] <TuxRainbow> I ahven't watched all of DBZ and most of the horrid GT to hear someone call them that

[22:32] <starcat> yeah, well, what I nag about, no one ELSE cares about.

[22:32] * Furu hugs star-chan even more

[22:33] <Adam Kanal> Meh.

[22:33] <-YingGirl> .....Tux, it's the same same. :P

[22:33] * starcat is hugged more

[22:33] * TimeGal giggles loudly at Vanessa's comments

[22:33] <TuxRainbow> We are not "fondling" them. Just holding onto them to call Shenron

[22:33] <TuxRainbow> Or Shenlon, whichever way you say it.

[22:33] <-YingGirl> same name^

[22:34] <TuxRainbow> I can make preparations in case we need Parunga, but I do not know of anyone here that speaks Namekian

[22:34] <Furu> It'll be okay...

[22:34] <TimeGal> Mike-kun has been learning just in case Tux-san

[22:34] <-YingGirl> Mike does!

[22:35] <starcat> maybe.

[22:35] <TuxRainbow> Good.

[22:35] * -YingGirl looks around....has tseen a pic she wants to do as a banner for season 7

[22:35] <TuxRainbow> We may need SG's help then. I just hope the Nameks can find their Seven Dragon Balls again

[22:35] * Shaldra Darkness is not jumping into THIS!

[22:35] <Furu> No, not maybe. It will be.

[22:36] * TuxRainbow has to do some checking

[22:36] *** TuxRainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (Time to prepare for things, just in case. I just hope Namek is ready)

[22:36] <TimeGal> Mike-kun already gave The Elder a heads up that we may need them.

[22:36] <starcat> how do you know?

[22:36] <Adam Kanal> I think the Doc still has the seven Earth Balls.

[22:37] <Nate Detroit> Doc has the Dragon Balls?!

[22:37] <-YingGirl> --> http://animeyume.com/iycalendar9.jpg

[22:37] <Shaldra Darkness> Ya, X has the earth balls, they're in storage.

[22:37] <Adam Kanal> Yes. Go-Go collected them a while back.

[23:14] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> hey guys

[23:15] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> guess no one is here...

[23:21] <starcat> It broke.

[23:21] <starcat> It just now got fixed, apparently.

[23:21] <starcat> or rather, a while ago.

[23:21] <Adam Kanal> Wewt.

[23:22] <starcat> Should we just go to entirely #suburbansenshi-lite until the server gets back up?

[23:22] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:22] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[23:22] <Nate Detroit> Mike check Mike check

[23:22] <starcat> Hi, Dante.

[23:22] <Furu> Who knows how long that would be?

[23:22] <DvlmayCry> damn servers

[23:23] <DvlmayCry> hey everyone

[23:24] <starcat> Woo.

[23:24] <Furu> Whoooo.

[23:24] <starcat> Wooooooooooo.

[23:25] <Nate Detroit> wonder how long this round will last.

[23:25] <starcat> I'd almost prefer to not risk it. ~_~

[23:25] <Furu> Heh.

[23:25] <Furu> I say if it stays up for an hour, we're good

[23:26] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa? you here?

[23:26] <starcat> We're good. ^_^

[23:26] * starcat dances around

[23:27] * Nate Detroit looks up form his DS. Damnit, what red coin did I miss?!

[23:27] * Nate Detroit slaps his forhead. "Ohh, right."

[23:28] * DvlmayCry sulks

[23:28] <Furu> And if it goes down again...we RIOT.

[23:28] * starcat is enjoying this. ^_^

[23:28] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> wow... everyone shows up now...

[23:29] <starcat> RIOT!

[23:29] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> riots are bad...

[23:29] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:29] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[23:29] <Nate Detroit> damn.... 11:30 amazing how fast time goes when your in Mario 64...

[23:29] * Sailor Quinox is still grumpy

[23:29] * GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako hugs q

[23:29] <starcat> Nako: Check the times in the logs. The server's been wonky all day.

[23:29] <starcat> Hi, Q.

[23:30] <DvlmayCry> Hey Matsumi, seen Mike around?

[23:30] <Furu> A Zoot Suit Riot

[23:30] <Sailor Quinox> why are you asking me.....

[23:31] * starcat stops dancing under some mistletoe

[23:31] * Furu looks up at said mistletoe

[23:31] <Nate Detroit> Riots can be fun. They have them all the time in Lansing whenever MSU plays.

[23:32] * Nate Detroit whistles at Furu and Star

[23:32] * Sailor Quinox goes back to her corner

[23:32] <DvlmayCry> He went after you earlier

[23:33] * starcat blushes and kisses Furu-kun

[23:33] * GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako sits by his lonely self wishing he had an ooc gf in the chatbox to talk to

[23:33] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> q... come here...

[23:33] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> i got some milk and cookies

[23:33] * Furu kisses star-chan back

[23:33] <Sailor Quinox> not interested...

[23:34] *** Senshi Guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:34] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi Guardian

[23:34] <starcat> Hi, SG.

[23:34] <Nate Detroit> Matsumi....

[23:34] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> i see...

[23:35] * Sailor Quinox pouts

[23:35] <starcat> ((Sorry, Nako. :( I don't get to see Furu-kun that often, though. Just try to relax and have fun, okay? ^_^))

[23:35] <Senshi Guardian> ugh, I tripped.....

[23:35] * GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako leaves the chatbox to rehearse the eulogy for the 10th time today...

[23:35] * Nate Detroit goes to the corner and sits next to Matsumi..

[23:35] <Senshi Guardian> Atleast it didn't smash the finished pic of Matsumi. --> http://www.freewebs.com/sscrin/matsumi.jpg

[23:35] <GuyWhoPlaysNakoNako> can't really... funeral is on sunday... had to get his aunt's help to write it...

[23:36] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: copy and paste and all

[23:36] * Sailor Quinox gets up and goes outside

[23:36] <Nate Detroit> ((Odd, suddenly out of the blue my popup blocker is going off on this page))

[23:36] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (...........)

[23:36] * DvlmayCry sits in Vanessa's corner till she gets back.

[23:36] * Nate Detroit sighs. "I dont think I helped..."

[23:37] * Senshi guardian is away: Gonna after Matsumi

[00:43] <starcat> It lives!

[00:43] <starcat> LIIIVES, I tell you!

[00:44] * starcat dances around

[00:44] <Sailor Quinox> you don't have to yell....geez..

[00:44] <starcat> Yes, I do. :P

[00:45] *** Vanadine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:45] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Vanadine

[00:45] <Furu> Huzzah

[00:46] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Van-san!

[00:46] <Vanadine> Yay!!

[00:46] <starcat> Hi, Van!

[00:46] <Furu> Yo Van

[00:46] <Sailor Quinox> hey...Van-san..did you hear the news?

[00:47] <Vanadine> Hi Everyone

[00:47] <Vanadine> Hear what Matsy-chan?

[00:48] <Sailor Quinox> my record deal got termnated

[00:48] <starcat> ouch.

[00:49] <Vanadine> Awwwwww....*Huggles Matsumi*

[00:50] <Sailor Quinox> yeah..apperently someone's agent was accusing me of being a I quote "Aino-Minako wannabe"

[00:50] * Furu snickers

[00:50] <Vanadine> Geez, forget him then

[00:50] <Sailor Quinox> furu? what are you snickering about?

[00:51] <Furu> Nothin'.

[00:52] <Sailor Quinox> yeah..that same agent started to create rumors about me stealing lyrics from Minako-chan

[00:53] <Furu> Geeex

[00:53] <Furu> Geeeeez^

[00:53] <Sailor Quinox> yeah...but I'm going to get a new contract...I hope....

[00:54] <Sailor Quinox> but in order to do that...I need to talk to Minako-chan...I have somethings to talk to her about...

[00:54] <starcat> This is fun. I reccommend the candle. --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/zeldaoldman.php

[00:54] <Vanadine> That sucks babe. I'm sorry to hear it.

[00:55] <Sailor Quinox> nothing bad of course...

[00:55] <Sailor Quinox> anyway...I'm giving away free CDs as part of it...if anyone wants some....

[00:56] * starcat loves that game XD

[00:58] <Sailor Quinox> lol

[00:58] * Sailor Quinox hugs Van-san

[00:58] <Furu> Ooo..CDs..and free!

[00:59] <Vanadine> Fun game, star

[00:59] <Sailor Quinox> so...anyone want my CDs?...no one else seems to buy them....

[01:01] <Vanadine> I'll take one!

[01:01] <starcat> Sorry, was watching this. --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/mario-remix.php

[01:01] * Furu wants one

[01:02] * Sailor Quinox hands Furu the CDs...you get two

[01:02] <starcat> I'll take one. ^_^

[01:03] <Furu> Thanks!

[01:04] * Sailor Quinox hands the CDs to Starcat

[01:04] <Sailor Quinox> wish Minako-chan was here -_-

[01:04] <starcat> Thank you. ^_^

[01:06] * Sailor Quinox sighs

[01:07] <Sailor Quinox> quiet

[01:08] * Vanadine cuddles up to Matsumi

[01:08] <Sailor Quinox> who's here?

[01:09] <Furu> Meeeee

[01:09] <starcat> OMG! Stewie clips! --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/familyguy.php

[01:09] * Sailor Quinox giggles and carefully puts one arm around Van-san

[01:10] <starcat> I'm bouncing between here and Ablinoblacksheep.com. ^_^

[01:10] <starcat> *albino

[01:12] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/mikomiko.php

[01:12] <Sailor Quinox> you okay, Van-san?

[01:14] <Furu> That's soo awesome.

[01:14] <starcat> Comic Book Guy would fit in pretty well here. XD --> http://www.unrealisticexpectations.com/soundboards/cbg.asp

[01:15] <Furu> These are so awesome

[01:16] <Vanadine> Yeah

[01:16] <Sailor Quinox> I'm glad....

[01:17] * Vanadine lays her head on Matsumi's shoulder

[01:18] <starcat> Frog in a Blender. ^_^ --> http://www.joecartoon.com/pages/frogbender/

[01:18] * Sailor Quinox just smiles...is starting to get use to Van-san

[01:18] <Vanadine> ((frog in a blender is old school, yet still very fun))

[01:19] <starcat> ((The Original! XD))

[01:20] <starcat> Microwaving a Gerbil...^_^ --> http://www.joecartoon.com/pages/microgerbil/

[01:22] <Furu> Wow....the box has stayed up for quite a bit

[01:22] <Sailor Quinox> van-san.....I've wondered...what was it like for you as a kid...

[01:23] <Vanadine> Well.....things were fine, till the growth spurts

[01:24] <starcat> This is fun...very calming, too. ^_^ --> http://www.trevorvanmeter.com/flyguy/

[01:25] <Vanadine> Once I hit puberty and ended up being taller than most of the guys in my classes, things went downhill.

[01:27] <Vanadine> Then the girls used to mess with me, so that's when I started getting in trouble with fighting.

[01:29] <Furu> Yikes.

[01:29] * Vanadine sighs

[01:29] <Sailor Quinox> awwwww....

[01:30] <Sailor Quinox> Van-san....you know....I had a lot of problems too

[01:31] <Sailor Quinox> first, it was the bullies...and the teasing....just cause I liked classical music and anime

[01:31] <starcat> This is so obvious that it's funny! --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bubblepop.php

[01:32] <Sailor Quinox> ...then I was awoken as a senshi...and lost my male body.....

[01:32] <Sailor Quinox> ....had to hide it with tight bandages and such....

[01:32] <Vanadine> Yeah, you did mention you used to be male

[01:33] <Sailor Quinox> ...had to lie to friends and family....

[01:33] <Sailor Quinox> then the fights...and the death....

[01:34] <Vanadine> Yeah, dieing can't be fun

[01:35] <starcat> "dying."

[01:35] <starcat> Dieing sounds like you're playing with dice. ><

[01:36] <Vanadine> eh

[01:37] <Furu> ^_^;

[01:38] <-Sailor Quinox> then I met you guys...and now..things are a lot better...

[01:39] <starcat> ^_^

[01:39] <Sailor Quinox> yup..it's the truth

[01:41] * Vanadine hugs Matsumi

[01:41] <Sailor Quinox> and remember Van-san...if you ever need some help..i'll be there

[01:41] * Sailor Quinox hugs back

[01:42] <starcat> This is worth seeing. XD --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/finger.php

[01:42] <Furu> I'm playing with the Samuel L Jackson soundboard

[01:42] <Furu> "ENGLISH, mother f[BLEEP]ker, do you speak it?!"

[01:43] <Vanadine> It's nice to know there's someone to help me if I need it. Before, I was always alone.

[01:44] <starcat> XD

[01:44] <Furu> "This is...a tasty burger!"

[01:45] <Sailor Quinox> well....that's what I'm for, Van-san

[01:48] * Vanadine hugs Matsumi tight

[01:48] * Sailor Quinox giggles and hugs Van-san back

[01:49] <Sailor Quinox> you okay, Van-san?.....is there something in your eyes?

[01:50] <Vanadine> Why do you say that?

[01:50] <Sailor Quinox> you have a tear on your face

[01:52] <starcat> Cute. ^_^ --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/ddautta.php

[01:52] <Furu> I think the chatbox may actually stay up now!

[01:54] <starcat> I hope so! ^_^

[01:55] <Vanadine> Oh. *wipes her face* I think it's just cause I'm not used to being with someone.

[01:57] * starcat huggles Furu-kun

[01:57] * Furu huggles back

[01:59] <Furu> ^_^

[01:59] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[01:59] <Sailor Quinox> that was cute, Starcat

[01:59] <starcat> I'd want to learn English this way. XD --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/heh.php

[01:59] <starcat> It's one of my favorite flash videos. ^_^

[02:01] * starcat likes the little hearts. ^_^

[02:02] <Furu> Mmm...organized crime --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/homer.php

[02:02] <Vanadine> Hey Matsumi, there's something I could use some help with....but I don't know if you could or would do it....

[02:02] <Sailor Quinox> what is that, Van-san?

[02:03] <starcat> Furu: I saw that one already! XD

[02:03] * Vanadine leans up and wispers into Matsumi's ear

[02:04] <starcat> Only in Kenya! --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bkenya.php

[02:04] * Vanadine winks at Matsumi

[02:04] * Sailor Quinox turns really red...

[02:04] <Sailor Quinox> ...so you want me to do...that?

[02:05] <starcat> The badgers pwn all. --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/badgers.php

[02:05] <Vanadine> Heh....I don't think this is the best place for us to have this conversation.

[02:06] <Sailor Quinox> ....I'm sorry...but I have to leave....anyway...

[02:07] <starcat> bye. ^_^

[02:07] <Vanadine> Awwww.....ok

[02:08] <Furu> See ya Q

[02:08] <Sailor Quinox> goodnight everyone....

[02:08] <Furu> Kenya is second only to magical trevor

[02:08] <Sailor Quinox> goodnight, Van-san ^_^

[02:08] * Vanadine hugs Matsumi and kisses her on the cheek, "Goodnight Matsy-chan."

[02:09] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[02:09] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/robots.php

[02:09] <starcat> Furu: You're RIGHT!

[02:10] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (There is but one storm and its name is Matsumi Kaze)

[02:10] * Vanadine sighs with a light frown as Matsumi leaves.

[02:10] <Furu> Heheheh

[02:10] * Furu pats Van-san on the shoulder

[02:12] <starcat> Poor Van. :(

[02:14] <Furu> Yeah...I know how ya feel

[02:18] * Furu hops back over to star-chan

[02:19] <starcat> Albinoblacksheep.com sucks up your time. ^_^;;

[02:19] <starcat> ^_^

[02:22] <Furu> Indeeeeeed~

[02:23] <starcat> This may be cheesy, but the pictures are cool. --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/tourist.php

[02:24] <starcat> WAR! --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/war.php

[02:24] * Vanadine would hug Furu, but knows he's taken and his girl is right there

[02:25] <Furu> ....Well...hugs are okay, right, star-chan?

[02:25] <starcat> hugs are okay. ^_^

[02:26] <Furu> Hug away, Van-san

[02:26] * Vanadine hugs Furu-chan, "I feel a little batter now."

[02:27] * Vanadine pulls star into the hug for the fun of it. "Yay, can you tell I'm tired? I said I feel BATTER. lol"

[02:28] <starcat> lol!

[02:28] <Furu> XD

[02:28] <starcat> I'm tired too...

[02:29] <Furu> Ditto

[02:30] <starcat> We all should probably be sleeping. ~_~

[02:30] <Furu> We should...but...we're not :P

[02:30] <starcat> XD

[02:30] * starcat hugs Furu-kun

[02:31] <Vanadine> I do feel better though. Thanks you two.

[02:31] <starcat> You're welcome. ^_^

[02:31] <starcat> Any time. ^_^

[02:31] <Vanadine> Goodnight lovebirds. See ya' later. ^_^

[02:32] <starcat> good night!

[02:32] *** Vanadine has left #suburbansenshi2 (such a lonely bed.....)

[02:33] <starcat> So, we're actually alone now...

[02:34] <starcat> the chatbox is still working, too.

[02:36] <starcat> It's been working for almost two hours.

[02:36] <Furu> Heh. Yup

[02:36] <Furu> Pretty lucky!

[02:37] <starcat> ^_^

[02:37] <starcat> Sooo...

[02:38] <starcat> now what?

[02:40] * Furu coughs a little

[02:40] <Furu> well...umm...beats me ^_^;

[02:41] <starcat> "Football." :P Meh, I say to you, Haak, even though you're not English! --> http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/35/

[02:41] <Furu> XD

[02:41] * starcat settles for snuggling with Furu-kun ^_^

[02:43] * Furu kisses star-chan on her forhead

[02:43] * starcat smiles and kisses Furu-kun back on the lips

[02:44] * Furu kisses back, trying to see how long he can hold it

[02:45] * starcat kisses ^_^

[02:45] * Furu keeps going~

[02:46] * starcat closes her eyes and puts her arms around Furu-kun's wait, still kissing

[02:46] <starcat> *waist >.>

[02:49] * Furu blushes a little

[02:49] * starcat blushes a bit, but keeps kissing

[02:51] * Furu starts to run out of breath ><

[02:52] * starcat breaks the kiss, letting Furu-kun catch his breath ^_^

[02:55] <Furu> Geez...Whew...

[02:55] <Furu> thanks...

[02:55] <starcat> you're welcome...^^

[02:55] * starcat blushes

[02:57] <starcat> Maybe this is breaking the mood, but this song is just...yeah. --> http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/47/

[02:58] <Furu> XD

[02:58] <Furu> Eh, just breakin' it a little

[02:59] <Furu> ^_^

[02:59] <starcat> Back to . ^_^

[03:00] <Furu> Yes ma'am!

[03:00] * Furu practically glomps star-chan and kisses her

[03:00] * starcat is practically glomped, and kisses back! ^_^

[03:02] <Furu> I love yooou~

[03:03] <starcat> Arrg, it's two in the morning... :(

[03:03] <starcat> I love you tooo~

[03:03] <starcat> (My timing sucks. XD)

[03:04] * starcat huggles Furu-kun

[03:04] <Furu> XD

[03:04] <starcat> I really should be going. I'm going to be dead tired in the morning as it is. ><

[03:04] * Furu huggles back

[03:04] <Furu> Okay ^_^ See you tomorrow then

[03:05] <starcat> Bye~!

[03:05] * starcat kisses Furu-kun good night

[03:06] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Protected by the guardian star of those dancing Cadbury Creme eggs, Sailor C-4!")

[03:07] <Furu> Heheheheh

[03:10] <Furu> Nice to have the box back up

[03:23] * @Ikari Shinji sets mode +r to Raiden

[03:23] * @Ikari Shinji sets mode +r to Major Ocelot

[03:24] * Furu is now known as Major Ocelot

[03:24] <Major Ocelot> Heh.

[03:24] <Major Ocelot> Not bad.

[03:25] * @Ikari Shinji sets mode +r to Furu-Droid

[03:27] <Major Ocelot> *spinspinspinspinspinpspinspinspin*

[03:30] * @Ikari Shinji sets mode +r to Solid Snake

[03:30] * @Ikari Shinji sets mode +r to Naked Snake

[03:31] * @Ikari Shinji sets mode +r to Big Boss

[03:32] <Major Ocelot> ...........................................spinpspinspin*

[03:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[03:33] * Major Ocelot is now known as Furu

[03:33] <Furu> That was pointless and random. I liked it.

[03:34] <@Ikari Shinji> That was cool.

[03:36] <Furu> Indeed

[03:37] <Furu> Can't wait to do the loyality test

[03:38] <@Ikari Shinji> heh.

[03:43] * Furu tries to keep the box alive

[03:44] <@Ikari Shinji> Teh living dead girl!

[03:45] <Furu> Eh?

[03:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Rob Zombie reference.

[03:54] <Furu> Ah

[03:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Yup.

[03:58] <Furu> Yep

[03:59] <@Ikari Shinji> You know it.

[04:00] <Furu> Ham sandwich.

[04:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Go fix one.

[04:03] <Furu> Why should I? :P

[04:06] <@Ikari Shinji> Got no idea. :P

[04:11] <Furu> Heh

[04:22] <Furu> Whee

[04:38] <@Ikari Shinji> Wow.

[04:45] <Furu> STILL up!

[04:52] <Furu> This calls for a party!

[04:53] <Furu> With JOHN WAYNE --> http://www.celebsoundboards.com/soundboards/jwayne.swf

[04:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[04:55] <Furu> Fear the Duke

[05:20] <Furu> Now.

[05:29] <Furu> I command it! ><

[05:43] * Furu imagines things will be dead for a while

[05:55] * -YingGirl night be getting a new computer....abnd her sister isn't going to be around to haress her ass on the weekends.

[05:55] <-YingGirl> might^

[05:56] <-YingGirl> damn typos. Oh well, maybe I'll buy more manga in the states or get a copy of DMC2.

[05:58] <-YingGirl> heh.

[05:59] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (...f[BLEEP]k registering, my computer screws up anyways)

[06:05] <Furu> ..whoops.

[06:10] <-YingGirl> furu, know haak's gmail addy?

[06:10] <-YingGirl> i know mike posted it in the chatbox, but i can't seem to find it....

[06:12] <-YingGirl> .......well?

[06:14] <Furu> Nope. Sowwy.

[06:15] <Furu> I know nothin'.

[06:17] <-YingGirl> .............f[BLEEP]k.

[06:18] <-YingGirl> i ysed his yahoo addresses, hopefully he gets them, since I refuse to register

[06:19] <Furu> Heh.

[06:21] <-YingGirl> i'm sorry, but my computer just loves to freeze on me for no damn reason

[06:21] <-YingGirl> ...I'm not taking the other option.

[06:23] <-YingGirl> But if you see Haak, furu, tell him to NOT REIGISTER ME. Despite, I've already gave him all my nicks and password

[06:24] <-YingGirl> I dunno if my latest email will reach him in time.

[06:28] <Furu> .....

[06:28] <Furu> Really, if he did, would it be that horrible?

[06:29] <-YingGirl> ...Apparently, there's a nick that's been taken that I didn't know off

[06:29] <-YingGirl> ...YES.

[06:29] <Furu> Oooh.

[06:30] <-YingGirl> So...I want to be forget register in the first place.

[06:30] <-YingGirl> ...By the way, tell Snake to stop doping my damn rabbit.

[06:31] <Furu> Which nick was it?

[06:32] <-YingGirl> So I see, you foolish Ying Bratass, removed this years speacial comment of mine about your stupid Project: Acop that still isn't all running. Too bad you haven't received any new award. This site is so very crappy, maybe the awards where given to you to shut you up,down and forbids you to ever to update this nonsense. It's really must've been a waste of your time and others to make it since so a very long time no has hasn't seen it or commented upon you Project: Acup.

[06:32] <-YingGirl> "carbuncle"

[06:33] <Furu> Ah

[06:33] <-YingGirl> It's a shame so see it still running mocking a immortal soldier.

[06:33] <-YingGirl> For those who commented on this site and hated Ying Dog-Girl flaming on our leader, Sailor Chibi-Usa, Hate this worthless s[BLEEP]tass site, Join me, together, we will rebel and destroy this infernal beast/basterd who's names in Ying Dog-Girl?

[06:34] <-YingGirl> Humph, Banned list, My ass, Nice try, banning me will be a waste of your precious time in you f[BLEEP]ked up guestbook of your. I do what I can. You piece of slut.

[06:34] <-YingGirl> Why don't you delete other evil comments of 2003? Is my one the stronger then others or what?-Dark Knight.

[06:35] <-YingGirl> ....Apparently, the f[BLEEP]ker doesn't know when to give up.

[06:35] <-YingGirl> grrr.....

[06:36] * -YingGirl goes deletes his comments

[06:37] <-YingGirl> The fun part this guy wants to sleep with Chibi Usa. Heh. I feel really sorry for him.

[06:37] <-YingGirl> ....NOT. :P

[06:40] * -YingGirl scretches

[06:40] <Furu> XD

[06:41] <-YingGirl> So...I might get a new computer and no sister haressing me. Beast US Thanksgiving Weekend EVER

[06:41] <-YingGirl> best^

[06:42] * -YingGirl doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, despite the Canadians had it earlier.

[06:42] <Furu> That'd be cool

[06:43] <-YingGirl> so...so seen the comics in my latest update?

[06:43] <Furu> Not yet

[06:46] <-YingGirl> Ok. But seeing that floral arrangement that looks like a turkey and was made by Regis Phiblem was slightly akward & disturbing

[06:46] <Furu> lol

[06:48] <-YingGirl> yanks seem to be obsessed a little with thanksgiving

[06:48] * -YingGirl still wonders what do do for comic 360

[06:49] <-YingGirl> to do for comic 361^

[06:51] <-YingGirl> ....Damn snake in the box.

[06:51] * -YingGirl still has to do Snake sprites

[06:51] <-YingGirl> ....bleech.

[06:51] <Furu> Snake-In-The-Box...I'd eat there

[06:54] <-YingGirl> So far in my comick, Mars and Mercury's ultimate weapon to get rid of sprite comic authors is Snake in a Box.

[06:54] <Furu> heheh

[06:54] <-YingGirl> ...Problem is, Solid Snake is a player.

[06:54] <-YingGirl> ....So yeah. It's akward that a box is hitting on you.

[06:55] <-YingGirl> --> http://www.genvid.com/TGTN/smc60.jpg

[06:55] <Furu> That much is true

[06:56] <-YingGirl> hanyou is another word for half dog demon.

[06:57] * -YingGirl still isn't that good of a sprite comic author

[06:57] <-YingGirl> whee...almost close to 400 comics.

[06:57] <Furu> Actually, it's half-demon in general

[06:58] <-YingGirl> oh...well, I'm an articfial one, due to Hojo. :P

[06:59] <Furu> Heh

[07:01] <-YingGirl> I'm so gonna have good times with a Snake in a Box sprite, unless myself or someone can do Snake sprites

[07:02] <Furu> Maybe have him just be stuck in the box?

[07:03] <-YingGirl> ...Or maybe actually play MGS2

[07:05] <-YingGirl> Course, it would be funny for a box wanting to kill off Mamoru since Tux is TEH SEX in Sailor Moon

[07:06] <-YingGirl> Geez, who will win? Tuxedo Mask or Snake in the Box?

[07:09] <Furu> Do you have to ask?

[07:10] <-YingGirl> Appearently yes. Cause if this was Senshi Battle Zone, Tuxedo will always win.

[07:10] <Furu> True

[07:10] <-YingGirl> Bespite the fact his opponent will hurt him badly.

[07:12] <-YingGirl> Despite^. I dunno how Mars lost to Tuxedo Mask.

[07:13] <Furu> Snake has guns, man! Guns!

[07:14] <-YingGirl> And Tuxedo Kaman has a fanlist of 600 girls, not to mention the Sailor senshi will do anything to protect the tuxedo p[BLEEP]y

[07:15] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[07:15] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[07:15] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[07:15] <-YingGirl> Snake has guns, but he only has like 3-5 chicks hitting on him.

[07:15] <-YingGirl> Or vice versa....

[07:15] <@Haak> Hey Furu, Ying.

[07:16] <-YingGirl> Haak...forget my email and PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER ME.

[07:16] * @Haak changes topic to `Metroid Prime 2: Best game yet of 2004? Probably`

[07:17] <@Haak> Ying: Why not?

[07:17] <-YingGirl> ...I'm sorry, but this piece of crap loves freezing at random moments

[07:17] <@Haak> I don't see how this makes any difference.

[07:17] <-YingGirl> And the fact someone had taken some nicks, like Carbunkle & MoBC

[07:18] <@Haak> Well I say we should at least try.

[07:18] <-YingGirl> So...forget registering me, since my computer is a horrible little f[BLEEP]ker. It took me hours to get you an email cause my computer was freezing all the time.

[07:19] * @Haak sets mode +r to YingGirl

[07:19] <@Haak> Too late, heh

[07:19] <-YingGirl> ...Haak, please forget it.

[07:19] <Furu> Oh, hey Haak

[07:19] <@Haak> Hey Furu.

[07:20] <-YingGirl> ............

[07:20] <@Haak> I won't register any of your other handles then, if you insist.

[07:21] <-YingGirl> Someone, please stop doping the damn rabbit with tranqullizer darts

[07:22] <@Haak> Enter the password you sent to me in that email, and you can see if the registration worked.

[07:22] * -YingGirl is still holding Carbunkle, who looks extremely wasted

[07:22] <YingGirl> .......

[07:23] <@Haak> There we go, much better.

[07:23] <-Carbunkle> heee....

[07:23] <-Carbunkle> head hurts.....

[07:24] <@Haak> ((Will I register the rest then? Or what?))

[07:25] <YingGirl> ....Carbunkle, tell me...who did you invite you your poker game this time? And who's leaving cigerette butts in my driveway?!

[07:25] <YingGirl> ((No....))

[07:26] <-Carbunkle> .....ooo, I told ya...,..Snake did.

[07:26] <@Haak> Well, I'm off for a while. I have a veritable ton of work to get through today, so I might as well get started.

[07:26] <@Haak> Later, all.

[07:26] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Need more Metroid)

[07:27] <Furu> See ya

[07:27] <-YingGirl> ...I don't believe a cold blooded replitiane can smoke, or have all my other summons covered in paint.

[07:27] <-Carbunkle> .....*rubs her head* You're a dumbass, YIng. I mean the other "snake"

[07:28] * -YingGirl twitches. If Shinji was at her place last night, she would....

[07:29] * -Carbunkle lies in Ying's arms passed out... @_@

[07:30] <-YingGirl> ...Carbunkle, no more poker games for. Not to mention the fact, you are addicted to the crap in those cigerettes.

[07:31] <-YingGirl> for you^

[07:31] * YingGirl looks up

[07:31] <YingGirl> Sorry, my rabbit has gotten some bad habbits.

[07:33] <YingGirl> ......damn rabbit.

[07:36] <YingGirl> So anyways, despite the fact Snake can probably beat the s[BLEEP]t out of Tux by allmeans nesessary, Tix will somehow over come him and defeat Solid Snake.

[07:37] <YingGirl> ...And don't get me started on the wanna bes. I seen some otaku senshi fanfics, only having the chick's heroine another look a like of Tux boy.

[07:39] <YingGirl> I mean chick's boyfriend. Somehow, it's supposed to represent Prince Darian. >_<

[07:40] <Furu> Ah

[07:40] <YingGirl> Not a knight who can defend himself, or a guy who pretty handy with guns, it's another fricken tuxedo wearing rose throwing dumbass who always wins the heart of the sailor soldier.

[07:41] <YingGirl> who's

[07:42] <YingGirl> ..I'm shunned upon cause have half demons in love with me!

[07:43] <YingGirl> ......f[BLEEP]ken magicial shoujo rules.

[07:44] <YingGirl> I mean, what can Tuxedo do when he's faced with a highly trainned tactical op? Shoot a rose in his eye to make him go blind?

[07:46] <YingGirl> Bore Snake to death with corny speeches....or Snake even stops him from doing them in the first place by a single dart.

[07:46] <YingGirl> Like it or not...a Rose can NOT DEFLECT A BULLET.

[07:49] <Furu> A rose can't deflect lots of things

[07:49] <YingGirl> But when I look at this pic, I dunno if Snake does play for the other team. ♡ --> http://www.3dactionplanet.com/metalgearsolid/mgs2/screens/197.jpg

[07:49] * YingGirl has seen pics & fanfics of Snake & Raiden

[07:51] <YingGirl> Course, in Sailor Moon, it somehow deflects Dimando's third eye, Ruebus' attacks, and a crystal sword

[07:52] <YingGirl> OOC: Could have been worse. Had seen a screenshot with a dog with a big ♡ over its' head as it looked towards Snake.

[07:52] <Furu> Bleh. Pictures are just pictures

[07:53] <YingGirl> yes, but picture can tell funny stories.

[07:55] <YingGirl> anyways, saw the domo-kun's varity show while in china

[07:55] <Furu> Any good?

[07:56] <YingGirl> It was for kids. BUt it was funny seeing Domo-kun go shopping

[07:57] <Furu> Heh

[07:57] <YingGirl> then saw this show where 10 guys compete, and the losers get dunked in a tanks of water

[07:58] <YingGirl> i still have to pront out the rules to play mahjjong.

[07:58] <YingGirl> print^

[07:58] *** Senshi guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[07:58] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi guardian

[07:59] <Senshi guardian> Morning Vanessa, Furu

[07:59] <YingGirl> at least i won't see my sister for a couple of weekends...yay.

[07:59] * YingGirl might go out shopping soon, to buy a new computer.

[07:59] * Senshi guardian celebrates for Vanessa!

[08:00] <YingGirl> ...Might. I wanna get my hands on DMC2 and some manga

[08:00] * Senshi Guardian has been looking for PGSM group shots to use as DVD covers

[08:00] <Senshi Guardian> Gah, look what I found again, the foulest of the foul --> http://www.lizzard.net/cgi-bin/mov.cgi/SuperS/special/saban.mov

[08:01] <YingGirl> Cause there is no way in f[BLEEP]ken hell I can beat the s[BLEEP]t outta any metal gear games.

[08:01] * Senshi Guardian shudders at "Saban Moon"

[08:01] <YingGirl> ...It wasn't from Saban, MIke. It was from another group

[08:02] <YingGirl> Toon Makers

[08:02] * YingGirl does want to play MGS, but know she'll suck.

[08:02] * Senshi Guardian is going to a gameshop to see if there are any used copies of MGS or MGS2: Sol/Substance, Shinji and a RL are driving him to want to play them now too. ><

[08:03] <Furu> Hey, SG

[08:03] <Senshi Guardian> Ohhhhhh, It still is horrible.

[08:03] <YingGirl> ...I think Substance was only realeased in Europe.

[08:03] * Furu just got through watching the One Piece dub

[08:04] <Senshi Guardian> I saw it in a used game section at another store yesterday. 17.99 used

[08:04] <Furu> Pointing guns at someone is not okay, but holding a sword to their face is. Gotta love double standards.

[08:04] <Furu> Yeah, it came out here.

[08:04] <YingGirl> I want to finish up Petshop of horrs and at least buy an Inu manga that features Sessy.

[08:04] * Senshi Guardian needs to watch alot of things including PGSM now

[08:05] <Senshi Guardian> That reminds me I saw your new adopotions, cute. :)

[08:05] <YingGirl> ...Oh. No, it's just I dunno know to sneek around. I'm mostly the character that runs all over the place, avoiding confrontation and beating things mercelessly if I have confrontation, and getting lost a lot.

[08:06] <YingGirl> ..>I got lost in Mallet Island a couple of times.

[08:07] <Senshi Guardian> It's easy to get lost there

[08:08] <YingGirl> ...And in my CV games, SoTN & Lamment of Innocence

[08:08] * Senshi Guardian had some backtracking to do in DMC a few times

[08:09] <Senshi Guardian> Dracula kicked my ass a couple days agon in SoTN.

[08:09] <YingGirl> I have some bacttracking with Lucia, I still need to find those rooms & orbs

[08:09] <YingGirl> ...Mike, Alucard Shield & Shield Rod combo

[08:10] <Senshi Guardian> AH, Thanks!!!!!! I was just slashing away at him with the Alucard Sword. ^_^;

[08:10] <YingGirl> Or you can be like me and lvl to 70, wearing God's grab and the sword familiar

[08:11] * Senshi Guardian giggles "I shalt kick thine arse now lord of the undead!"

[08:11] <Senshi Guardian> Woah O_O I'm only level 48.

[08:11] <YingGirl> Or wear itemas that incress your attack power and have a LVL. 99 bat familiar kick his ass

[08:12] <YingGirl> My bat familiar can litterally take out those Guardians in one hit.

[08:12] <Senshi Guardian> For some reason I either use the Fairie or Bat Famaliar.

[08:13] <YingGirl> Fairie is good for healing, demon & bat are good for attacks, ghost tends to suck out life from enemies to give health to you....

[08:14] * Senshi Guardian is baka "So thats what the ghost does, I couldn't figure out what it did. ^_^;"

[08:14] <YingGirl> But if you can do the Sword Familiar spell, the sword can obliberate everything. Course it has to be at LVL 99 to do so...

[08:15] <YingGirl> The Ghost only does it at LVl 80.

[08:15] <Senshi Guardian> I do have to laugh when you die with the faerie and have no life apples left, that scream she gives off is priceless.

[08:16] <Senshi Guardian> Were's is that at, Library?

[08:16] <YingGirl> There were actually two faires and two demons in the Saturn version.

[08:16] <YingGirl> ...Orlox Quarters.

[08:17] <YingGirl> It's up on the ceiling so you have to strike it.

[08:17] * Senshi Guardian is reminded no matter how campy PGSM can be at times, it's still better then "American((no more saban)) Moon"

[08:17] <YingGirl> and go into the room to get it. Course, the Sword familiar is the best weapon you can ever get.

[08:18] <Senshi Guardian> Looks like I have to head back there then.

[08:18] <YingGirl> it changes its' appearence at lvl 40.

[08:18] <Senshi Guardian> Thats how i missed it, I never checked ceilings for hidden passages.

[08:19] <YingGirl> Yeah, the Holy armour is hidden in a hidden passage.

[08:19] <YingGirl> And so is the holy sword. Good for your fight with Ritchter

[08:19] <Senshi Guardian> I've got that.

[08:20] <YingGirl> course, if you killed richter, the games ends two ways

[08:23] <YingGirl> cha....I wish the video store had MGS for rental.

[08:23] <Senshi Guardian> I hope I can find it oeroid, not even any of the game stores i went to yesterdat had it used even.

[08:23] <Senshi Guardian> *peroid

[08:24] <YingGirl> Well, Blockbuster might have...but they're asses with their prices

[08:25] <YingGirl> ...Actually, our video store doesn't have any MGS games for rent

[08:25] <Senshi Guardian> Thats were i got CV:Sotn from, 14.99

[08:25] <Furu> Holy Sword, Batman

[08:26] <YingGirl> I think it's cause the game doesn't abid by the bi-lingual laws

[08:26] <YingGirl> game series^

[08:26] <Senshi Guardian> Jackpot, I found a gamestop that has it used for 17.99 alittle drive away.

[08:26] <YingGirl> I never saw any Megaman X7 or Command Mission on the shelves

[08:26] <Senshi Guardian> little late Furu? ^_^

[08:27] <Senshi Guardian> There already promoing X8 now.

[08:27] <YingGirl> ...Plus, the Ameriacan Idol game was ripped off the shelves, due to the fact the company refuses to have it in french too

[08:28] <YingGirl> ...Then again, games are cheaper in the US than here

[08:28] <YingGirl> ...I'll never find a PS2 for under 20$

[08:29] <Senshi Guardian> I heard the A.I. game was horrible anyway, they should pull that here too.

[08:29] <YingGirl> Wal-Mart has their games for 39.99$

[08:29] <YingGirl> With Tax it's 50$

[08:30] <YingGirl> Not to mention, some old games can be found near 80$

[08:30] <YingGirl> ....So whenever the dolleris stonger, it's cheare in the states...

[08:30] <YingGirl> cheaper^

[08:30] <Senshi Guardian> Damn, Thats harsh.

[08:31] <YingGirl> And I must be off. Ja nee. :P

[08:31] *** YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (.....Hope I can get a new computer *crosses fingers*)

[08:31] <Senshi Guardian> Oh....I forogot in MGS2: Substance....Snake has a skateboarding game...

[08:32] <Senshi Guardian> FOr when you come back, enjoy your day! --> http://www.gamestop.com/common/images/sscreen/938518s2.jpg

[08:32] <Furu> Yup

[08:32] <Senshi Guardian> Bye Vanessa.!*waves*

[08:33] * Senshi Guardian is probaly going to go there now and pick up both games used for $34.18 after using his 10% discount card for used games.

[08:34] <Furu> Coo'.

[08:35] <Senshi Guardian> My thanks to Shinji, Vanessa and my RL for wanting me to play these bad. ^_^

[08:35] * Senshi Guardian will be getting Substance over Son of Liberty though

[08:39] <Furu> Heheh. Well, they are the same, basic game

[08:39] <Senshi Guardian> Gah, I need more PGSM Images for these dvd covers...

[08:39] <Senshi Guardian> But Substance has all the extras for the same price used though Furu.

[08:40] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:40] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[08:41] * Shaldra Darkness flicks her tail as a greeting to the guys, then sits down with her spell book and continues to read...

[08:41] <Furu> Hey Shal

[08:42] <Shaldra Darkness> (idly) Hey, Fu.

[08:42] <Senshi Guardian> Hey Shaldra, whatcha reading?

[08:43] <Shaldra Darkness> Just some spells, if I'm gonna help Yingy, I gotta know the spell correctly...

[08:44] *** Knight Nephrite has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Knight Nephrite

[08:44] * Senshi Guardian nods " I known she'll appreciate the help"

[08:44] <Shaldra Darkness> And if she doesn't need the help, then I also know how to super power my regular spells now. ^_~

[08:44] <Senshi Guardian> Hey Neph. Long time no see.

[08:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, Neph.

[08:44] <Knight Nephrite> Hey Mike

[08:45] <Knight Nephrite> Hi Mary-chan. ^_^

[08:46] <Knight Nephrite> How's everyone been in my absence?

[08:46] <Senshi Guardian> ..........Not very good.

[08:46] <Shaldra Darkness> Not bad, kind'a prepairing for the idea of giving a life for a dog.

[08:46] <Knight Nephrite> What's wrong Mike?

[08:47] <Senshi Guardian> It's a long story

[08:47] * DvlmayCry is still in the corner, just waking up

[08:47] * Shaldra Darkness flips the page in the book and continues to research

[08:48] <Senshi Guardian> We've got till monday to unbless a demon fang, or Vanessa is gonna have to marry Inu Yasha or.........

[08:48] <Furu> Oh, hey, it's Neph

[08:48] * DvlmayCry looks at the floor not wanting to think about the other option

[08:49] <Knight Nephrite> I see.....

[08:49] * Shaldra Darkness just hopes her idea works, I have lives to spare, Ying doesn't...

[08:49] <Knight Nephrite> Hi Furu-dude`

[08:49] <DvlmayCry> We will not fail.......

[08:50] <DvlmayCry> Excuse me, I must prepare for this journey, gotta load up on Vitality Stars, Devil Stars, & Yellow Orbs...

[08:51] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (I'm gonna need to slay ALOT of demons FAST!)

[08:51] <Furu> Don't you have to buy those?

[08:51] <Knight Nephrite> Alright Dante

[08:51] <Shaldra Darkness> Good luck to you, Dante. I'm not sure if I'll be going with you, so just stay safe. The past can be a dangerous place.

[08:52] * Shaldra Darkness smirks and runs her finger down the page of the book.... "Heh, found the spell."

[08:52] <Knight Nephrite> I wonder....

[08:52] <Senshi Guardian> Poor guy, Vanessa's a good friend to me and I'm really worried, but I can't imagine whats gonin' on in his head right now...

[08:53] <Senshi Guardian> What Neph?

[08:53] <Shaldra Darkness> (bites her lip) Youch, this spell burns a s[BLEEP]t load of magical energy...

[08:53] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: Skateboarding Snake. O_o --> http://www.gamestop.com/common/images/lscreen/938518l2.jpg

[08:54] <Knight Nephrite> Just thought maybe there was something I could do. But I can't think of anything. ~_~

[08:54] <Senshi Guardian> Shaldra anything that will replenish it?

[08:54] * Shaldra Darkness wonders if she'll have enough energy to cast the damn spell... O_O

[08:55] <Shaldra Darkness> It's not replenshing it, it's do I have enough to get through the casting, I'm not worrying about the transfer.

[08:55] * Shaldra Darkness may need to borrow some magic from someone else...

[08:56] <Senshi Guardian> Who's a good canidate for that?

[08:56] * Furu has none, so don't look at him <.<

[08:57] * Shaldra Darkness notes everyone has magical power, wheather you use it or not is your choice.

[08:58] <Shaldra Darkness> I need someone who is compatable enough that I can drain magic from. It's not hard to drain magical energy from someone who is willing.

[08:59] <Senshi Guardian> You've got mine if you need it, I can speak on Set-chan and Dante's behalf aswell, you've got whatever you can get out of them.

[09:00] * Shaldra Darkness nods. "Thanks." ^_^

[09:01] <Senshi Guardian> No problem for such a worhty cause.

[09:02] <Furu> I...guess I could help if needed ^_^

[09:02] <Shaldra Darkness> Now my only worry is explaining this to Solar-kun.... O_O

[09:03] <Shaldra Darkness> I really don't know how he'll take the fact that I'll be dead for twelve hours if this happens...

[09:03] <Shaldra Darkness> Thanks, Furu. ^_^

[09:03] <Senshi Guardian> I'm sure Solar would understand, if not, we've got a big, red, bargining chip to help. ^_-

[09:04] * DvlmayCry would protest being compared to Kane if he was here. ><

[09:04] <Knight Nephrite> If I were around more often during the day, I'd offer mine as well.

[09:04] <Senshi Guardian> hehe

[09:05] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh, doesn't matter. If this past idea works out, I may not even need to do this spell.

[09:06] <Furu> lol

[09:07] <Knight Nephrite> Hhmm

[09:07] <Senshi Guardian> Right Shaldra! WE WILL SUCCED!

[09:08] <Senshi Guardian> I gotta head out for a bit BBL

[09:08] * Shaldra Darkness closes the book with a POOF of dust "Ah... CHOO!" then puts it down.

[09:08] <Shaldra Darkness> See ya, SG.

[09:08] *** Vanadine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:08] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Vanadine

[09:09] <Shaldra Darkness> Uhh... hi?

[09:09] <Knight Nephrite> See ya' Mike. Hi Vana

[09:09] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (off to look for MGS & MGS2:Substance)

[09:09] <Vanadine> A KITTY!!!

[09:09] * Shaldra Darkness actually doesn't know this person...

[09:09] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrr?

[09:10] * Vanadine hugs Shaldra out of pure instinct due to her love of cats

[09:10] * Shaldra Darkness blinks... "Uhhh... ya..."

[09:11] * Knight Nephrite chuckles, "Mary-chan, meet Vanadine. She's my "classmate" in mental training with Master Chang."

[09:11] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh. Hi, then.

[09:12] * Vanadine lets go of Shaldra when she realizes that she's not extactly normal cat size.

[09:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh, ya, cat-girl... ^_^;

[09:13] <Vanadine> Ohhh....you're one of those nekogirls I've heard so much about. Sorry about that....just saw the ears and went into auto cuddle mode. ^_^;;

[09:13] * Furu waves at Van-san

[09:13] <Shaldra Darkness> It's alright, I seem to get that a lot. ^_^;;

[09:14] * Vanadine bounds over and hugs Furu-chan, "Hi little cutie!"

[09:14] * Shaldra Darkness chuckles and sits down. ^_^;;

[09:15] * Knight Nephrite shakes his head, "She's almost as genki as Minako today.

[09:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Minako would counter that with some comment or another, but I think Minako is more hyper... ^_^;;

[09:15] * Furu blushes a lil'

[09:16] <Knight Nephrite> Hence why I said "almost", Mary-chan. ^_^

[09:16] <Shaldra Darkness> Wow, Furu gets starcat, Miss Dream, and Vanadine...

[09:17] * Vanadine lets go of Furu, then goes to sit next to Neph

[09:17] <Furu> ¬_¬

[09:17] <Furu> Hey, I don't *get* anyone but star-chan

[09:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, Okay, got ya. ^_^

[09:18] <Furu> all righty.

[09:18] * Shaldra Darkness hops up to snag herself a can of tuna

[09:19] <Vanadine> Here ya' go kitty-chan, a picture of me. ^_~ --> http://www.geocities.com/seeraa_zoisaito/Vanadine.png

[09:20] <Vanadine> Yeah, I'm just friendly. Noone's *got* me at the moment though. ~_~

[09:21] <Furu> Though you probably wish other wise, eh? :P

[09:21] * Shaldra Darkness chuckles "Very nice." ^_^

[09:22] <Vanadine> Hehe, thank you. And yes Furu, I would like to have someone to *get* me. Too bad you're taken. ^_~

[09:23] * Furu scratches the back of his head. "Eheh..."

[09:24] <Vanadine> As you can probably tell, Zoi did that pic. You should see the one she's working on now. Kawaii to the max. ^_~

[09:24] <Shaldra Darkness> Zoi is a really good artist, I have to say. ^_^

[09:25] <Vanadine> I just hope poor little furu-chan doesn't bleed out thru his nose when he sees it. ^_^

[09:25] <Furu> Can't wait to see it.

[09:25] * Furu agrees with Shal

[09:25] * Shaldra Darkness finishes up her tuna (Yes, she licks the can clean) then tosses it out

[09:25] <Furu> ...i..it's one of *those* kinds of pictures?...

[09:26] * Shaldra Darkness pats Furu on the head. "Poor guy." ^_~

[09:26] <Knight Nephrite> Yeah, Zoi's working on this secret one, then I think she's doing a picture of Seiyajedi

[09:27] * Knight Nephrite shrugs, "I dunno. The girls won't tell me what it is."

[09:27] <Shaldra Darkness> Secret pics are fun. I have my share of secret drawings. ^_^

[09:27] * Shaldra Darkness just never gets around to showing em. ^_^;

[09:27] * Furu has no drawings, secret or otherwise

[09:28] <Vanadine> Trust me.....you'll like it Nephy. And I know what you're thinkin' Furu-chan...and no, noone's naked, but we're close. ^_~

[09:28] * Shaldra Darkness giggles. ^_^

[09:30] * Knight Nephrite chuckles, noticing the "we" in that statement.

[09:30] * Furu briefly nosebleeds

[09:30] <Shaldra Darkness> Little things can slip so easily, can't they? ^_^

[09:30] <Knight Nephrite> Vana, exactly how many people are in this picture?

[09:31] <Vanadine> Just two...myself and one other person....but I'm not telling who, so. :P

[09:33] * Furu could probably venture a guess, but won't

[09:33] * Shaldra Darkness shivers slightly. "Whew, chill..."

[09:33] * Knight Nephrite blushes, "BTW Vana...sorry for walking in on you in the shower last night. I thought Zoi-chan was in there." ^_^;;

[09:34] <Shaldra Darkness> ((It's -20 degrees C right now... I'm cold too.... ><))

[09:35] * Vanadine giggles, "That's ok Nephy. Hope you got an eyeful. I know you got a handful." ^_~

[09:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Horrah for showers! ^_^

[09:35] * Furu isn't listening, la la la la~..

[09:36] * Knight Nephrite turns a deeper shade of red, "...hehe, sorry 'bout that too....like I said...thought you were Zoi."

[09:36] * Shaldra Darkness pokes Furu...

[09:37] * Knight Nephrite composes himself.

[09:37] * Shaldra Darkness flicks her tail "You alright, Furi Kuri?"

[09:37] <Furu> ...yes?

[09:38] <Furu> y-yeah, I'm fine

[09:38] <Shaldra Darkness> Oooo! I get it now! ^_~

[09:38] <Shaldra Darkness> Little ecchiness to much for ya. ^_~

[09:38] <Knight Nephrite> Well, all I knew was that Zoi said she was gonna' take a shower and I was feeling.....playful. So, I went to surprise her but there was so much steam in the shower that I couldn't see who I was grabbing and...well...mistaken identity.

[09:39] * Furu sighs "...Maybe."

[09:40] * Shaldra Darkness pats Furu on the head. "It's alright, some are different then others on what they like."

[09:41] <Vanadine> Hehe, basicly, I headed for the shower at the same time as Zoi-chan. She told me since I'd been out running around all day, I could go ahead of her. She was really understanding of the whole ordeal afterword. Though I have to admit, it felt nice being accidentally glomped by Nephy. ^_~

[09:42] <Shaldra Darkness> Being glomped is fun, that's for sure. ^_~

[09:42] <Furu> W...well, it's not that I d-don't like this kinda of....stuff...it's just a reaction I have.

[09:42] * Furu nods

[09:42] <Knight Nephrite> Heh, I'm just glad I had the forsight to keep my boxers on at that moment.

[09:43] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh! Furu, you have the Tenchi Masaki syndrome? Just like Solar-kun? I should have known!

[09:45] * Shaldra Darkness looks at Neph... and giggles a bit

[09:45] <Furu> Yeah, I guess that's a pretty good term for it ^_^;

[09:46] <Knight Nephrite> Obviously if Zoi'd been in there, the boxers would've come off before I got in with her. ^_~

[09:46] * Shaldra Darkness giggles a bit more, then hops up and goes to an open couch

[09:46] * Vanadine giggles

[09:47] <Furu> heh.....

[09:48] * Vanadine starts to get fidgity and looks at Shaldra, "Um.....would you be offended at all if I....petted you?"

[09:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Not at all. I'm one of the few neko-girls who people can pet. ^_^

[09:50] * Vanadine squeels happily as she hops over to sit next to Shaldra and scrathes her behind the ears

[09:50] * Shaldra Darkness hops off the couch, walks over to where Vanadine, and sits down on the floor. ^_^

[09:50] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuuurrrrrr....

[09:50] <Furu> The other ones take offense to it, hm?

[09:50] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrr... Ever tried petting a random neko-girl?

[09:51] <Knight Nephrite> Furu-dude, have you ever tried to pet a nekogirl who didn't want to be petted?

[09:51] <Shaldra Darkness> You get your face clawed off... Puuurrrrr...

[09:51] <Knight Nephrite> Indeed....I did once and barely escaped with my body intact

[09:52] <Vanadine> Shaldra is a combination of my two greatest weaknesses

[09:52] <Furu> Yikes...

[09:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Purrrr... cats and...?

[09:53] * Vanadine contines to scratch behind Shaldra's ears with a wink, "Cute girls"

[09:54] * Shaldra Darkness blushes a bit, but continues to purr

[09:55] * Furu stares at the cute scene in spite of himself

[09:56] * Vanadine hums a cute little tune as she continues to pet Shaldra

[09:56] * Shaldra Darkness continues to purr, tail flicking back and forth happily. ^_^

[09:57] * Knight Nephrite can only chuckle at the scene.

[09:58] <Knight Nephrite> Heh, you should've seen when she met Zoi the first time. I was starting to wonder if would let her go.

[09:58] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrr... that's so cute, Neph!

[10:00] <Vanadine> Yeah, Zoi's a cutie....Nephy's lucky I like him, or I'd've taken her for myself. ^_~

[10:01] * Shaldra Darkness chuckles, then continues to puurrrr...

[10:03] <Shaldra Darkness> Arg >< I gotta go for a bit. It was nice to talk to you all, though.

[10:03] * Furu snaps out of it

[10:03] <Vanadine> Awwww, ok. Bye, Shaldra...nice to meet you and pet you. ^_^

[10:03] <Furu> S-see ya, Shal.

[10:04] <Shaldra Darkness> See ya again, I'm sure of it!

[10:04] <Knight Nephrite> See ya' later Mary-chan. Take care.

[10:05] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (A flick of the tail, and I'm out! Mrawrr! ^_~)

[10:06] <Furu> Heheh

[10:07] <Vanadine> What's a matter furu-chan?

[10:07] <Furu> Nothin'.

[10:09] <Furu> ^_^; I was just..occupied

[10:09] * Vanadine goes over and sits next to Neph, "I think we need to go soon. Master Chang is gonna' be expecting us."

[10:12] <Knight Nephrite> Yeah, you're probably right. Sorry furu-dude. Don't mean to leave you alone, but today's our final lesson.

[10:12] * Furu yawns a littl

[10:12] <Furu> little^

[10:12] <Furu> Hey, it's okay. Good luck, guys.

[10:13] <Vanadine> Yeah, I still say I'm gonna' win Nephy!!

[10:14] <Knight Nephrite> Heh, perhaps so, but I'm not gonna' go easy on you.

[10:14] <Knight Nephrite> Oh well, see ya' later Furu-dude. Take care.

[10:15] * Knight Nephrite teleports out.

[10:15] *** Knight Nephrite has left #suburbansenshi2 (The final lesson is the hardest, but the most rewarding.)

[10:15] * Furu waves

[10:15] <Vanadine> Hehe

[10:16] * Vanadine waves and blows a kiss to Furu-chan. "See ya' later. ^_~"

[10:16] * Vanadine teleports out as well.

[10:16] <Furu> S-see ya

[10:17] *** Vanadine has left #suburbansenshi2 (...let the battle begin.)

[10:18] * Furu lays down on Tuxedo Sofa

[10:18] <-hey> gfg

[10:19] <-hey> i love sailor moon

[10:19] <-Chau> *wave* hello people

[10:20] <-Chau> have you seen Matsumi or Neith (Kitalia) around?

[10:21] <Furu> Nope, not recently

[10:22] <-Chau> aww...I was hoping to talk to them *yawn* maybe I'm up too early

[10:22] <Furu> Yeah, probably.

[10:23] <Furu> SAw Q just last night

[10:24] <-Chau> *giggle* ya he was on like all day yesterday

[10:25] <Furu> yup. heh.

[10:25] <-Chau> umm...So hi my name is Chau as you can see and I'm Neith' bff. And you are?

[10:28] <Furu> I'm...um..Furu. :P Not sure how I can get more specific than that

[10:28] <Furu> Nice to meet ya.

[10:30] <-Chau> lol...Not many people I'm Neith'bff (I don't know why) but we go to school together..She was the one who told me about this site

[10:30] <Furu> Aah.

[10:31] <Furu> Well, allow me to be the first to welcome you here, then.

[10:32] <Furu> Be sure to read the rules and check the logs to get a general idea of how things go around here.

[10:33] <-Chau> lol..I have been here alot of times...Just not when you are on that's all

[10:34] <Furu> ..Oh. Well, now I feel like an ass

[10:34] <Furu> Not for the first time today either :P

[10:35] <-Chau> lol..sorry dude! I just hardly go on..SO most people don't know me (and starcat hates me so ya)

[10:40] <Furu> Ah. I see ^_^;;

[10:40] <Furu> why's that?

[10:44] <-Chau> She said I can't type like "normal" people

[10:46] <Furu> Ah....well, you'll have to excuse star-chan..she's a mite..um..picky about that

[10:48] <-Chau> ya..Kinda hurtful though..

[10:49] <Furu> I know...

[10:51] <-Chau> :'(

[10:53] <-Chau> but whatever...I tried to avoid her whenever I can

[10:55] <Furu> Heh. I'll talk to her about lightening up a little for you.

[10:58] <-Chau> everyone have..she just don't like me...

[10:58] <Furu> I see...

[11:00] <-Chau> oh well...I can't make everyone happy...

[11:02] <Furu> That is true.

[11:04] <-Chau> so what's going on in the chatbox lately Furu-dude?

[11:06] <Furu> Not anythin' major that I can think of at the moment

[11:06] * Furu is tired as hell

[11:06] * Senshi Guardian celebrates! Gamestop had buy two used games get one free. Got MGS, MGS2:Substance((although there was no case....oh well I have empty DVD case. ^_^ Vnn), and Chaos Legion for under $40

[11:08] <-Chau> what are you doing up then? if I can sleep I would!

[11:10] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (w00t)

[11:13] <Furu> Downloading crap

[11:13] * Furu yays for SG

[11:22] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:22] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[11:22] <Furu> Hm...

[11:22] <Furu> Hiya Mango!

[11:22] <Furu> I was lookin' for ya

[11:22] <Mango-chan> Mmmm...Yugioh....

[11:23] <Mango-chan> Why are you looking for moi?

[11:23] <Furu> Got AIM or MSN?

[11:23] <Mango-chan> !rei.bot logsize

[11:23] <@spiritflame> channel log size: 276Kb

[11:23] <Mango-chan> Yup

[11:23] <Mango-chan> I have both, but I'm on MSN right now.

[11:24] <Mango-chan> naitumea@hotmail.com

[11:24] <Furu> okee dokee

[11:28] <Furu> BTW, I command everyone to go get episode 119 of One Piece

[11:29] <Furu> With all the seeds, it'll only take an hour and a half or so

[11:29] <Mango-chan> My sound card is busted, though.

[11:30] <Mango-chan> So if I downloaded it, I wouldn't be able to hear.

[11:30] <Furu> Aw snappu. That stinks.

[11:30] <Furu> It's just...so damn good.

[11:30] <Mango-chan> Yeah.

[11:30] <Furu> It's all a big fight so you don't really need to know the plot or anything

[11:31] <Mango-chan> XD Sounds like fun.

[11:32] <Furu> It basically takes everything a DBZ fight does in 8 plus episodes and does it in 1

[11:33] <Mango-chan> Hehe. I'm watching Yugioh now, though...*huggles her TV*

[11:33] <Mango-chan> Which is why it would probabally pwn DBZ.

[11:33] * Furu nods

[11:34] <Furu> Even though several DBZ seiyuu are in OP

[11:36] <Mango-chan> Ah, I see.

[11:37] <Furu> Kururin's is Luffy's and Piccolo's is Zoro

[11:38] <Mango-chan> Ah. Coolies...Weebl is wierd...uhm...I forgot his japanese name ><

[11:39] * Mango-chan notes that anime tends to get absorbed in her anime, so if she gets kinda innattentive...blame Yugioh.

[11:39] <Furu> lol

[11:39] <Furu> Ah

[11:40] * Mango-chan will be finished at inattentiveness at around noon.

[11:40] <Mango-chan> with inattentiveness^

[11:42] <Furu> XD

[11:46] <Mango-chan> Hey, it's Kenan as Fat albert.

[11:47] <Furu> I KNOW. Scary!

[11:47] <Mango-chan> We must all run the other way!

[11:48] <Furu> I like the fact that he knocks out Bill Cosby

[11:52] <Mango-chan> Heh, yes, that's fun.

[11:53] <Furu> Wish *I* could take the Cos out

[11:54] <Mango-chan> It's flashbacks, like the odd couple!

[11:54] <Mango-chan> Heh. Indeed, it would probabally be fun.

[11:55] <Furu> lol

[11:55] * Furu would knock him out with JELL-O PUDDING

[11:56] <Mango-chan> XDDD

[11:57] <Furu> The IRONY would take him out!!

[11:57] <Mango-chan> AND WEEBL IS DOWN!

[11:58] <Mango-chan> .....and it's so fluffy...

[11:59] <Furu> lol

[11:59] <Mango-chan> And then they all fell and died.

[11:59] <Mango-chan> Well, they didn't die, but it's fun to say that.

[12:01] * Mango-chan is away: But they did fall!

[12:02] <Furu> Heheh

[12:08] <Furu> Weeelll~ I'm out for bed. Gotta be up before 7!

[12:08] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (Poof)

[12:28] *** Adam Kanal has left #suburbansenshi2 (Never logged out last night~)

[12:42] *** Kurisutaru has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:42] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kurisutaru

[12:43] <Kurisutaru> --> http://www.geocities.com/crystal_curse/kurisutaru.html

[12:52] * Mango-chan is back

[12:53] <Mango-chan> Ne?

[12:57] * Mango-chan opens the secret santa box (place your name and email in the box to take part in the secret santa!)

[12:59] * Mango-chan will stick around for awhile.

[13:04] * Kurisutaru places Kakyuu's name and e-mail in the secret santa box

[13:05] * Mango-chan needs Kakyuu's email.

[13:07] * Mango-chan can't inform who Kakyuu will have for a secret santa without the email.

[13:09] *** Kurisutaru has left #suburbansenshi2

[13:10] <Mango-chan> <.<

[13:12] *** Kakyuu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:12] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kakyuu

[13:13] * Mango-chan keeps the box ope, "Seven members so far!

[13:13] <Mango-chan> Hey Kakyuu!

[13:13] <Mango-chan> Wanna put your name in the secret santa box? Just write down your name and email (so I can contact you for who your secret santa is)

[13:15] <Kakyuu> Crystal_Curse@hotmail.com

[13:16] <Mango-chan> thanks!

[13:23] * Kakyuu teleports Mango to PH "Relax! Let's have fun!"

[13:23] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:23] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[13:23] <starcat> Hello, everyone.

[13:23] * Mango-chan blinks, "Nani?"

[13:24] <Mango-chan> Hey Star!

[13:25] * Kakyuu buys Mango a vanilla coke

[13:25] <Mango-chan> //me is in planet hentai...o.O;

[13:25] <starcat> You know, I don't hate Chau. Her way of typing just reeeeally bothers me. ><

[13:25] * Mango-chan takes the vanlla coke, "Thanks!"

[13:25] <starcat> O_o;

[13:25] <Mango-chan> (Heh)

[13:25] * starcat will be staying at the house, thanks anyways

[13:26] <Kakyuu> Yes, it's undestandable

[13:26] * Mango-chan dosen't know who Chau is.

[13:27] <Kakyuu> ^understandable

[13:29] * Mango-chan checks the logs, "Ah."

[13:30] <Mango-chan> Budokai bores me...

[13:31] <-Chau> It's hurtful really

[13:31] <Mango-chan> Well, the third one does, except it has really spiffy music.

[13:31] <starcat> Well, I'm sorry, Chau.

[13:31] * Mango-chan waves to Chau.

[13:31] <starcat> I've told you that I was sorry before, did I not?

[13:31] * Kakyuu is away: Pinata for Spanish

[13:32] <Mango-chan> ((>< My brother is a lazy ass. He sits down and plays video games from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed.))

[13:33] <starcat> Here. Click on the second one. --> http://angstyperson.freewebpage.org/voiceclips/index.htm

[13:33] <-Chau> *wave* hello...ok starcat

[13:33] <starcat> ((Wow. He sounds like me on the computer. XD))

[13:34] <Mango-chan> ((Heh. I'm like that with the computer, but I actually get up and do stuff, like other stuff))

[13:34] * starcat needs to go eat food now, but doesn't want to ¬_¬

[13:35] <starcat> ((Name that Stuff and win a prize! XD))

[13:38] * starcat is too hungry to ignore teh food...

[13:38] * starcat is away: Oh, yeah, eat. That thing I have to do to NOT DIE.

[13:39] * Mango-chan has officially figured out the problem with her sound!

[13:41] *** Mango-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (Busy body!)

[13:44] *** Euri has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Euri

[13:45] <Euri> Happy (late) Thanksgiving!!

[13:46] <Euri> Oh...no one's here..

[13:47] * Euri pouts

[13:48] <Yaijinden> Nobody is here at aaaaaal.

[13:48] <Yaijinden> Two LLs there.

[13:49] <Euri> Hi Yajinden-san!! Long time no talk.

[13:50] <Yaijinden> Salutations yourself. My appearances of late have been shorter than in past times for whatever reasons so such is not entirely unexpected!

[13:50] <Yaijinden> Has your life changed in beneficial ways of late?

[13:51] <Euri> .....Yes.

[13:51] <Euri> Well, I'm in Virginia Beach, VA visitng relatives for Thanksgiving weekend. We went Go-Karting yesterday. =D

[13:52] <Yaijinden> A relatively enjoyable holiday, then?

[13:53] <Euri> It was mostly enjoyable, yeah. Beating the crap out of my cousins at Halo 2 was especially awesome. Then again, not being able to talk to Haak that much was a bit of a downer.

[13:56] <Euri> How has your weekend been?

[13:56] <Yaijinden> I see!

[13:57] <Yaijinden> Of a relatively generic holiday nature. The family gets together, the family eats, we watch movies and chat... the sort of thing we did when all the birds were in the nest.

[13:58] <Euri> Fun Fun.

[13:58] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:58] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[13:58] <Sailor Quinox> hi, guys...guess what happened last night?

[13:58] <Yaijinden> In its way, yes. Memories of a simpler time.

[13:58] <Yaijinden> You had SEX?!

[13:58] <Sailor Quinox> nooooooo

[13:59] * Sailor Quinox has something behind her back

[13:59] <Yaijinden> You snogged one of the many men around here?! Squee!

[13:59] <Sailor Quinox> noooooooooooo

[13:59] <Sailor Quinox> Euri...can you guess?

[14:00] <Euri> Hi Q-san!!

[14:00] <Euri> You....bought a new dildo?

[14:00] * Sailor Quinox sweatdrops "what is with you guys?"

[14:01] <Sailor Quinox> it has nothing to do with sex

[14:02] <Euri> Oh..well..hm...

[14:02] <Sailor Quinox> guys?

[14:02] <Yaijinden> I'm not getting any and Euri misses Haak. We're a little dirty-minded at the moment.

[14:02] <Euri> You found something rare and new?

[14:02] <Yaijinden> Is it bigger than a breadbox?

[14:03] <Sailor Quinox> it's this....

[14:03] <Euri> *^^*;

[14:03] * Sailor Quinox beans Euri and Yai with snowballs

[14:04] * Yaijinden sheds the snow with a flick of the wrist.

[14:04] <Yaijinden> Comedy ensues.

[14:04] <Sailor Quinox> It snowed!!

[14:04] * Euri EATS the snowballs

[14:04] * starcat is back!

[14:05] <starcat> Snow?! ^__^

[14:05] <Euri> I know it snowed in upstate NY, but it obviously isn't going to snow here for quite some time. *likes snow*

[14:05] <Euri> Hi Starkitty-san!

[14:06] <Sailor Quinox> Hi, Starcat *throws a snowball at her*

[14:06] <Euri> I hear that it's going to snow a lot back home, though. So that'll be really cooshy.

[14:06] <starcat> Hi, Euri! ^_^

[14:07] * starcat ducks

[14:07] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[14:07] * Euri creates a snowball in a flash of silveryblue and throws it at Q-san

[14:07] * starcat loves snow, but probably won't get any where she lives :(

[14:08] * starcat puts some gloves on and goes outside

[14:08] <Sailor Quinox> GAH!!! why you! ^^

[14:09] * starcat picks up some snow, packs it together, and throws it at Q!!

[14:09] * Sailor Quinox is hit and giggles

[14:09] * starcat begins making a large snowball

[14:10] <Euri> Fun fun fun fun fun.

[14:10] * Sailor Quinox goes outside and makes a big snowball to make a snowman

[14:10] * starcat rolls her snowball around on the ground, stopping occasionally to pack the new snow onto the existing snowball

[14:11] * Euri smirks and crouches down on the ground, placing both her hands, palm down on the snow

[14:12] * Sailor Quinox stops and makes a new snowball for the middle of the snowman

[14:13] * starcat straightens up, cheerfully yells "Comma splice!" to Euri, then continues with her snowball

[14:13] * Euri 's hands glow silveryblue again, and as she stands up, a largely undetailed mass of snow grows from the light

[14:13] <Sailor Quinox> should we put a sign up or something to let people know we're outside?

[14:14] *** Senshi Guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:14] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi Guardian

[14:14] <Euri> Yes, Starkitty-san. I noticed my grammatical error. =P

[14:15] <starcat> Hi, SG!

[14:15] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Mike-san!!

[14:15] * Sailor Quinox throws a snowball at Mike

[14:15] <starcat> Euri: ^_^ Heehee!

[14:15] <Senshi Guardian> Hey everyone*is wearing navy camo in honor of MGS/MGS2:substance he got today*

[14:15] * Euri starts putting some details into the snow-thing, "Hi S-G-San."

[14:15] <Senshi Guardian> !

[14:16] * Senshi Guardian notes it was buy two used games get a third free, he also got Chaos Legion too

[14:16] * Senshi Guardian is hit in the face with the snowball

[14:16] * Sailor Quinox giggles and keeps working on the snowman

[14:17] * starcat is lagging, but will stop as soon as her Keroro download is done

[14:17] * Euri finishes her project and steps away from her creation to gaze at it

[14:17] <Senshi Guardian> woah......*just finaly heard Stars voice*

[14:18] <Euri> A voicechat? Coosh.

[14:18] <Sailor Quinox> as you can see Mike...it snowed last night ^_^

[14:19] <starcat> SG: Is that a good "woah" or a bad "woah?" ^_^

[14:19] * Senshi Guardian is going through the logs and found the voice clip about grammar

[14:19] * Euri points to her 'masterpiece', "Minna-san! Look look!"

[14:19] <Senshi Guardian> Good woah Star. ^_^ ..b

[14:20] <Yaijinden> Dude, when did you pick up alchemy?

[14:20] <starcat> Yes, yes, voice clips of me are here. woo. --> http://angstyperson.freewebpage.org/voiceclips/index.htm

[14:20] <Senshi Guardian> This is awsome Matsumi-chan! ^_^*makes a snowball and starts tossing it up and down in his hand*

[14:21] * Senshi Guardian so far sucks at MGS >< Gah, "i keep making to much noice walking and getting in the line of sight!"

[14:21] * starcat smiles and hates her lag ((but only for a few more minutes...T_T))

[14:22] * Senshi Guardian hasn't played PGS2:Substance or Chaos Legion yet though, and is burning PGSM DVDs

[14:22] * Sailor Quinox makes the head of the snowman

[14:22] <Senshi Guardian> Snowmen!!!!!!! EEEEHHHH!!! ^_^

[14:23] <Senshi Guardian> *MGS2

[14:23] * Sailor Quinox blasts Mike's legs with a cold wind

[14:23] * Euri makes a sign that reads 'Princess Europa: Her Domain' and grins

[14:24] <Sailor Quinox> hey...Euri..are you saying we can't be out here??

[14:24] * Euri hands it on her snow-sculpture and hopes it doesn't get ruined

[14:24] * starcat finishes with her snowball and stops rolling it around

[14:25] <starcat> ((My lag is done! Yay!))

[14:25] <Euri> Nani? What'd I do?

[14:25] * starcat starts packing snow around the base of the snowball to stabilize it

[14:26] <Euri> Whoa...what just happened?

[14:26] <Euri> ..nevermind. =D;

[14:26] <Senshi Guardian> COLD!!!!!!

[14:27] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[14:28] * -someone hits mike with a snowball in the back of the head

[14:28] <Senshi Guardian> !

[14:28] <Euri> Hm...I have to get going guys. Relatives want me to do stuff with them.

[14:28] * Senshi Guardian shakes the snowout of his hair and turns around

[14:28] <starcat> Bye, Euri. ^_^

[14:28] <Euri> Have fun with the snow and if you ruin my sctulpture, I'll kill you! *^-^*

[14:29] *** Euri has left #suburbansenshi2 (I got new manga! WHOOHOO! *^-^*)

[14:29] * ChibiQ giggles and hides in the snowfort she built

[14:29] * starcat makes the snowball a bit more cubish

[14:30] * Senshi Guardian giggles "kawaii snowfort"

[14:30] * starcat begins removing part of the inside, as well as building up three sides of the outside

[14:31] * starcat makes one of the sides higher than the others

[14:31] * starcat sits in her Snow-Throne! ^_^

[14:32] * Sailor Quinox tears off Mike's scarf

[14:32] * Senshi Guardian looks across the Street seeing Yamato and Motoko having a smallball fight, and giggles again. "I love snow. ^_^"

[14:33] <Senshi Guardian> *snowball, XD weres my brain at!

[14:33] * starcat wants it to snow IRL, too!T_T

[14:34] * Sailor Quinox wraps the scarf around the snowman

[14:34] * Senshi Guardian smiles "It suits him. ^_^"

[14:34] * Senshi Guardian agrees with Star

[14:35] * starcat goes inside to get some hot chocolate, leaving her Link plushie on her throne to mark that it's taken

[14:36] * Sailor Quinox tackles Mike

[14:36] * TimeKidPuu and TimeKidGuard see everyone and rush across the unplowed street

[14:36] * Senshi Guardian is down! ^_^

[14:37] <TimeKidPuu> This is great!!!!! ^_^

[14:37] <TimeKidGuard> w00T! as dad would say. :)

[14:37] * starcat returns with her hot chocolate and sits on her "Throne, cradling her plushie in one arm ^_^

[14:38] <TimeKidGuard> Hi Aunt Starcat

[14:38] * Kakyuu has returned

[14:38] <TimeKidPuu> HELLO!!!!! ^_^

[14:38] <Senshi Guardian> Hi Kakyuu

[14:39] <Sailor Quinox> hi, kids!

[14:39] <Kakyuu> Hi! *hugs TimeKidPuu*

[14:39] <starcat> Hello, everyone. ^_^

[14:40] * Kakyuu dumps a bucket of snow on Mike

[14:40] <TimeKidPuu> Hi Auny Kakyuu!

[14:40] * TimeKidPuu & TimeKidGuard run over and hug Matsumi "Hi Aunt Matsumi!"

[14:40] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[14:41] <Senshi Guardian> mmhmhhmhmhm*spits out some snow*

[14:41] * Sailor Quinox giggles and scoops the kids up "hi, kids!"

[14:41] * TimeKidPuu giggles

[14:42] * TimeKidGuard chuckles "Daddy looks like frosty"

[14:43] <Sailor Quinox> why don't you kids play with Miki?

[14:43] * starcat sips her hot chocolate and watches everything, smiling ^_^

[14:43] <TimeKidGuard> Thats why we came over. ^_^ We wanted to say hi first.

[14:44] <TimeKidPuu> Daddy says it's always nice to great people first

[14:44] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[14:44] <Kakyuu> You know mike, they're right you do look like Frosty the Snowman

[14:44] * TimeKidPuu and TimeKidGuard "Hi Uncle Wolfwood!"

[14:44] * Wolfwood bangs his head on the fecking wall

[14:44] <starcat> Hi, Wolf!

[14:45] <starcat> Look! it snowed! ^_^

[14:45] * Senshi Guardian is covered from head to toe in snow "They are aren't they. ^_^"

[14:45] <Wolfwood> hello....err...kids =}

[14:45] * Sailor Quinox puts the kids down

[14:45] <starcat> Heeheehee! ^_^

[14:46] * Wolfwood is in a fanfic-related rut

[14:47] * Sailor Quinox falls backwards

[14:49] *** Apricot-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:49] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Apricot-chan

[14:49] * Sailor Quinox lands in the snow with a plop

[14:49] <starcat> Hello, Apricot! ^_^

[14:50] <Apricot-chan> Hi starcat-thing!

[14:50] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan?!?!

[14:50] * starcat is sitting outside on a "throne" made of snow, with her Link plushie and a mug of hot chocolate ^_^

[14:50] <Wolfwood> I need to come up with some profound Matrix-esq monologue to have at the end of chapter one...and I can't think of anything =\

[14:50] * TimeKidPuu & TimeKidGuard at Matsumi

[14:51] <Senshi guardian> wolf, how about "There is no Fuku"

[14:51] <-> *look at Matsumi

[14:51] * Sailor Quinox starts making a snow-angel

[14:52] * TimeKidPuu & TimeKidGuard giggles and go to play with Miki

[14:52] <Wolfwood> heh

[14:52] <Senshi Guardian> kawaii on all fronts. ^_^

[14:53] <starcat> ^_^

[14:54] <Wolfwood> heh

[14:54] * Senshi Guardian keeps on burning PGSM

[14:56] * starcat finishes her hot chocolate :(

[14:56] <starcat> Should I go in for more, or just stay out here?

[14:57] <Sailor Quinox> your decison...

[14:58] * Kakyuu creates a snow castle for Starcat

[14:58] <Senshi Guardian> Command a legion of demons to do it for you!((Chaos Legion refernce! XD))

[14:58] * starcat will stay out here. ^_^

[14:59] <starcat> Cool, Kakyuu! ^_^ Thanks!

[14:59] * Wolfwood is away: must write more

[14:59] <Senshi Guardian> ((It's from Capcom, it's sort of looks like DMC in gameplay but instead of turning into a demon you can call a legion on them to help you in battles, I hope it's good!))

[14:59] *** Nate Detroit has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:59] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Nate Detroit

[14:59] * Nate Detroit is nursing his shoulder, clearly in pain.

[15:00] <starcat> Hi, Nate! ^_^

[15:00] <starcat> Look, it snowed! ^_^

[15:00] <Senshi Guardian> Nate, what happened?

[15:00] <Nate Detroit> Hi

[15:00] <starcat> What happened to your shoulder?

[15:00] <Sailor Quinox> Nate-san??

[15:00] <Sailor Quinox> what happened?

[15:00] * starcat hops off of her throne, leaving her plushies in the "seat"

[15:00] * starcat walks over to Nate

[15:00] <Nate Detroit> My second parade in four days happened. I ran handheld for almost the whole thing. My camera is at least 20 pounds, and I am NOT a strong person...

[15:00] <starcat> *plushie

[15:01] <starcat> Awwwww.... :(

[15:01] * Kakyuu writes "STARCAT'S CASTLE" on the entryway which is made from ice blocks*

[15:01] <Senshi Guardian> ouchies

[15:01] <Nate Detroit> but I did some excelent camerawork.

[15:01] <starcat> ^_^

[15:01] <starcat> Relax, have fun in the snow!

[15:02] <Nate Detroit> Snow? We had mud and rain. well, he rain could have been a lot worse.

[15:02] <Sailor Quinox> awwwww...

[15:02] * starcat returns to her "throne" inside of the castle

[15:02] <Senshi Guardian> Star of Chaos Legion, Seig, looks like a redheaded Dante doesn't he. ^_^;;;; Well it is from the same company though. --> http://www.rpgslave.com/descargas/artworks/Chaos/images/Chaos%20Legion%20-%20ArtWork10_jpg.jpg

[15:02] <starcat> We have snow here!

[15:02] <Sailor Quinox> well, it snowed here...

[15:02] <Nate Detroit> Still ended up with my dad getting his truck and our tralior stuck in the mud in front of City Hall. Glad I wore boots.

[15:02] <starcat> He's kinda hot. ^_^

[15:03] * starcat wishes that she had a crown...

[15:03] <starcat> I hereby declare myself to be Queen of the Snow! ^_^

[15:03] <Nate Detroit> Im more of a title belt kinda guy. Headwear gets heavy

[15:03] * starcat stands in front of her throne and poses

[15:03] * Sailor Quinox throws a snowball at Nate

[15:04] <starcat> Well, maybe a tiara.

[15:04] * Senshi Guardian is straight, but will not he has the bishie factor going

[15:04] * Nate Detroit goes down like a house of cards.

[15:04] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[15:04] * starcat giggles! ^_^

[15:05] <Senshi Guardian> *will note he

[15:06] <Senshi Guardian> and for us guys, the cute female second playable character. ^_^ --> http://www.3dnews.ru/documents/5497/chaos-legion.jpg

[15:07] <starcat> XP

[15:07] * ChibiQ throws a snowball at Starcat from her fort

[15:07] * TimeKidPuu & TimeKidGuard giggle next to Miki

[15:07] <starcat> What kind of a person wears a scarf and a really short skirt?!

[15:07] <Nate Detroit> she is cute, but reminds me too much of Yuna ~.~

[15:07] * starcat is protected by the castle walls! ^_^

[15:08] <Nate Detroit> A hot gub bunny!

[15:08] <Nate Detroit> *gun

[15:08] * starcat only has one room in her castle, but that's okay!

[15:08] <TimeKidPuu> and a plot summary --> http://www.gamingbliss.com/chaoslegionpc.html

[15:08] <ChibiQ> what should we do guys?

[15:08] <starcat> Let's have a coronation! XD

[15:09] * ChibiQ is talking to the other kids

[15:10] <TimeKidPuu> oh oh! Lets go sledding!!!

[15:11] * Nate Detroit wishes he felt better. Sub Zippo is a king of winter time activities.

[15:11] * Kakyuu makes a Mimette tiara like the one Mimette wears

[15:12] * Senshi Guardian has wanted to get Chaos Legion for a while, since he was buying the first two MGS games used, and used games were buy 2 get one free, he decided to get Chaos Legion too! all for around $32 after b2g1f, 10% used games discount card, and $6.51 in store credit. ^_^

[15:12] <starcat> Poor Nate. :(

[15:12] <Kakyuu> ^a tiara like the one Mimette wears

[15:13] * Nate Detroit takes some snow and applies it to his shoulder.

[15:13] * Sailor Quinox goes over to Nate and gives him a healing wind

[15:14] * ChibiQ comes out of the fort with a sled

[15:14] * Nate Detroit rotates his shoulder. "Thats a little better."

[15:15] * ChibiQ goes sledding down the castle walls

[15:15] <starcat> Hey, no sledding on my castle! :P

[15:15] * Kakyuu gives Starcat the tiara "Here! This'll be perfect!"

[15:15] * TimeKidPuu and TimeKidGuard join the sledding fun

[15:16] <Kakyuu> --> http://www.litterbox.com/marcia/cels/SailorMoon/Enemies/images/bk11mimette.jpg

[15:16] <starcat> Thanks, Kakyuu! ^_^

[15:16] * starcat puts the tiara on ^_^

[15:17] * Nate Detroit kneels before starcat.

[15:17] <Nate Detroit> I pledge my loyalty to you, my Lady.

[15:17] * Sailor Quinox throws a snowball right at Starcat's face inside the castle

[15:17] * starcat blushes and tells Nate to rise

[15:18] * starcat ducks and scowls at Q

[15:18] * Nate Detroit stands

[15:18] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[15:19] <starcat> Attack the fiend which dared to attempt a violation of my right to not be hit by snowballs! ^_^

[15:19] * Nate Detroit grins sinisterly at Matsumi.

[15:19] <Sailor Quinox> I pleadge my loyalty....to myself and my boss

[15:19] * Nate Detroit puts on his sunglasses and henshins

[15:19] <Senshi Guardian> ack! I'll protect you Matsumi. ^_^

[15:19] * Nate Detroit is now known as Sub Zippo

[15:19] * Sailor Quinox gives Nate the big puppy eyes with tears

[15:20] * starcat giggles and sits on her throne again

[15:20] * Sub Zippo creates snowballs in his hands and starts throwing them at Mike and Matsumi rapid fire.

[15:20] <Kakyuu> I figured that the tiara would be of great use to a great mimette cosplayer like you Starcat!

[15:20] * Senshi Guardian henshins and reflects them with a Force Shield

[15:20] * Sailor Quinox incases herself in a sheild

[15:21] <Sub Zippo> well pu...

[15:21] <starcat> I like it. ^_^ thanks! (even though I'm not wearing the Mimete outfit because of the cold. ^_^)

[15:21] <starcat> Hey, no fair! :(

[15:21] <Senshi Guardian> Feedback attack!

[15:21] <Sub Zippo> o.o

[15:22] <Kakyuu> ^_^ Glad to be of assistance, your majesty.

[15:22] * Senshi Guardian hurls a snowball at Nate "No one didn't call no powers! ^_^"


[15:22] <starcat> Queen of the Snow! ^_^

[15:23] * Sub Zippo vaporises it in his hear barrier before it can hit him.

[15:23] <Sub Zippo> *heat

[15:23] <starcat> Ha!

[15:24] <starcat> Yay! go, Sir Nate, or should that be Sir Sub Zippo? XD

[15:24] <Senshi Guardian> hum, Stalemate Nate.

[15:24] <starcat> Sir Nate sounds better. ^_^

[15:24] * Sailor Quinox summons the winds of the artic and flash-freezes Starcat

[15:24] <Sub Zippo> Gah!!!! My Lady!

[15:25] * Sub Zippo franticly melts Star out before it can be too damaging.

[15:25] * starcat is frozen!

[15:25] * starcat is unfrozen!

[15:25] *** TuxRainbow has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:25] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TuxRainbow

[15:25] <starcat> Q, that's dangerous!!

[15:25] * Sailor Quinox grabs Nate and lifts him into the air

[15:25] <TuxRainbow> heh

[15:25] <starcat> Hi, Tux!

[15:25] * Senshi Guardian curses lack of elemental powers

[15:25] <TuxRainbow> Hey all

[15:25] <Sub Zippo> Careful Matsumi! Being frozen can really mess someone up!

[15:25] <starcat> It snowed, and I'm the Queen of the Snow!

[15:26] <TuxRainbow> Snow! :)

[15:26] <Senshi Guardian> Yo Tux

[15:26] <TuxRainbow> Hey SG

[15:26] <starcat> Q, Im a human. humans DIE when frozen for long enough!!

[15:26] <starcat> *I'm

[15:26] * TuxRainbow goes out to play in the snow

[15:26] *** Tempestt has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:26] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Tempestt

[15:26] * Sub Zippo hugs Star. You ok? Warm enough?

[15:26] * Tempestt makes it snow more

[15:27] <starcat> I'm okay now, thanks. ^_^

[15:27] * TimeKidPuu & TimeKidGuard wave to Tempestt

[15:27] <Tempestt> Mom's out for the moment. Figured I'd add to the snow :)

[15:27] * Sailor Quinox lifts nate into the air

[15:27] <Sub Zippo> gaaahh!!

[15:27] <Tempestt> Hi Puu and Guard! ♡

[15:27] <starcat> gaah!

[15:27] * Tempestt stops the snow

[15:27] <starcat> Q, you're being unfair!

[15:28] <Tempestt> Gomen *blushes*

[15:28] * Sailor Quinox throws Nate across the street

[15:28] * Tempestt lands and makes a chibi snow angel

[15:28] <Sub Zippo> AAAAaaaaaaaa......

[15:28] <TuxRainbow> Hello, daughter Mary

[15:28] * starcat is unprotected now!! T_T

[15:29] * Sub Zippo comes back, his shoulder hanging dead at his side, and a fire sword in his left hand.

[15:29] * TuxRainbow goes to protect starcat

[15:29] <Sub Zippo> This... is getting... ugly....

[15:29] <starcat> Q, you're taking this too far.

[15:29] * Senshi Guardian hopes Nate doesn't smash through his house.......the insurance hasn't kicked in yet

[15:29] <Sailor Quinox> Nate.....do you know who I am?

[15:29] * Tempestt hovers near starcat, ready to assist

[15:29] <Sub Zippo> Thanks for your concern Mike >=P

[15:29] <Tempestt> oh my

[15:30] <starcat> You okay, SZ?

[15:30] * Kakyuu is now known as Neith

[15:30] <Sub Zippo> That sounds like a loaded question I cant hope to answer right, so no, I dont.

[15:30] <starcat> Thanks for the help, guys. ^_^ *smiles at SZ, Tux, and Mary*

[15:30] * Neith will protect Starcat

[15:30] <Tempestt> NP, Starcat

[15:30] * Senshi Guardian was joking :p

[15:30] <Tempestt> Hello, aunt Neith

[15:30] * Tempestt giggles

[15:31] * TuxRainbow makes some snowballs

[15:31] <starcat> You too, Neith. ^_^

[15:31] <Neith> Hello Mary.

[15:31] <TuxRainbow> COme get some

[15:32] * Sub Zippo just noticed the new topic, and LOVES it.

[15:32] <Sailor Quinox> I am...Da master of snowballs!!!

[15:32] * Sailor Quinox pulls out a snowball bazooka

[15:33] <Sub Zippo> Good thing Im a master of thermal activity. >=)

[15:33] * Senshi Guardian takes cover from the Snow-ma-geddon thats about to go down

[15:33] * starcat pulls out her REAL bazooka and sets it for "snowballs"

[15:33] <TuxRainbow> argh... bad, SG

[15:33] * Tempestt is the master of snow

[15:34] * starcat aims at Q

[15:34] * starcat can't aim through the walls. ><

[15:34] * Sailor Quinox fires snowballs at Starcat

[15:34] * Sub Zippo vaporizes the sword, and waves his hand. dozens of snowballs appear floating around him.

[15:35] * starcat grumbles, walks down to the entrance carefully, and aims from the side of the door

[15:35] * Sailor Quinox shoots thru the opening of the castle

[15:35] * starcat fires snowballs at Q

[15:35] <Sub Zippo> Forgot I can do this...

[15:35] * starcat gets hit by a snowball on the shoulder!!

[15:35] * Sub Zippo lets loose the snowballs at Mikes area.

[15:36] * starcat stops firing and sits on the inside of the castle

[15:36] * Senshi Guardian henshin into GA mode, taking to the air to avoid the snowballs

[15:36] * Tempestt dodges snowballs

[15:37] <TuxRainbow> feigns death after being hit

[15:37] <TuxRainbow> heh, oops :)

[15:37] * Sub Zippo continues to shoot at Mike, new snowballs forming rapidly in the air around him.

[15:37] * Neith hands Starcat a cup of hot chocolate

[15:37] * Sailor Quinox goes behind Nate and puts him in a headlock while fireing at Starcat

[15:37] * starcat hoists the bazooka onto her other shoulder, and makes a dash for the other side of the opening

[15:38] <Sub Zippo> Gah!

[15:38] * starcat thanks Neith, takes a sip of the chocolate, then resumes firing at Q

[15:38] * Sub Zippo puts the orbital snowballs into a rapid spin, hitting Matsumi all over.

[15:38] * starcat stops firing when she sees that Q has a hostage!!

[15:39] * starcat ducks back to the safety of the wall, sipping her chocolate and thinking of a plan to get Sir nate out of the hands of the enemy

[15:39] <Sub Zippo> My Lady, dont hold your fire! I am expendable!

[15:39] <starcat> *Sir Nate

[15:39] <TuxRainbow> heh

[15:39] * TuxRainbow stands up. shaking the snow off

[15:39] <starcat> Never! No life is ever expendable!

[15:39] * Tempestt makes some snowballs

[15:40] * starcat checks the scope on her bazooka

[15:40] * starcat heads to a window secretly

[15:40] <Neith> Allow me Lady Starcat

[15:40] <starcat> wait.

[15:40] <starcat> Hold your fire, everyone.

[15:41] * Tempestt holds her fire

[15:41] <Sailor Quinox> surrender!!!!!

[15:41] <Tempestt> (and her ice and snow ^_^)

[15:41] * starcat packs some snow around the opening of her bazooka's barrel

[15:41] * starcat carefully places it in a window, aiming for Q's legs

[15:41] * Sub Zippo is tempted to just drop the area around him by about 100 degrees...

[15:41] <Tempestt> [Hypnotist] You are French. {Guards] We surrender!

[15:42] * starcat fires!

[15:42] <starcat> XD

[15:42] * starcat fires again, still aiming at Q's legs

[15:43] * Neith sneaks over and grabs Sir Nate and teleports with him to the safety of the castle

[15:43] * Senshi Guardian is back

[15:43] * Sailor Quinox falls, but sill holds onto Nate

[15:43] * starcat fires at Q once more

[15:43] <Sailor Quinox> why does no one love me :(

[15:43] <Senshi Guardian> >< Missed alot i see

[15:44] * Senshi Guardian stands in Stars path

[15:44] <Neith> We care about you but Lady Starcat has no wish to be hit with snowballs

[15:46] <Senshi Guardian> Light of the Soul!*projects afield around himself ressembling a golden AT Field from NGE*

[15:46] * starcat 's snowballs hit SG

[15:46] * Sub Zippo isnt sure where he is anymore.

[15:46] * starcat 's face disappears from the window

[15:47] * Sailor Quinox freezes herself

[15:47] * - small hexagram patterns ripples were the smallballs hit the field

[15:47] * starcat walks through the opening of the castle

[15:47] <starcat> I call truce.

[15:47] <starcat> Uhh...

[15:48] <starcat> Q just froze herself. O_o;

[15:48] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan?!

[15:48] * starcat has no idea how to react to this.

[15:48] <starcat> Sir Nate, come here please.

[15:48] <Sub Zippo> I... I wonder if she copied my Thermalport...

[15:48] <starcat> I don't know.

[15:48] * Sub Zippo comes, regardless of where he ended up.

[15:49] <Tempestt> The HFIL?

[15:49] * starcat straightens up and diplomatically walks over to where Q is

[15:49] * Sailor Quinox is frozen stiff

[15:49] * Sub Zippo scans her for signs of life.

[15:49] <starcat> I need you to thaw Sailor Quinox, please.

[15:50] * Senshi Guardian starts enegerising a feather of life

[15:51] * starcat picks up a large black cat, holding him as she watches Q ((Hehe, Black Jack is so nice to hold. ^_^))

[15:52] * Tempestt looks over Sailor Q

[15:52] <Tempestt> Stand back, please

[15:52] * Neith mutters a spell of thawing

[15:52] * Tempestt slowly raises the temperature around Q

[15:52] * starcat steps back, still holding her cat

[15:52] * TuxRainbow watches

[15:53] * Senshi Guardian is ready with the feather for when the ice is melted

[15:53] * Sub Zippo will brb

[15:53] * Sailor Quinox is thawed and slumps forward

[15:53] * Neith has a spell of revival ready for when the ice is melted as well just in case SG needs help

[15:53] * Tempestt stops

[15:54] <Tempestt> Matsumi-san?

[15:54] <Senshi Guardian> FEATHER OF LIFE!*flings the feather at Matsumi's body*

[15:54] <starcat> Q?

[15:54] * TuxRainbow goes to make cocoa

[15:54] * Sailor Quinox is revived and gets up

[15:55] * Neith activates the spell card and throws the strange green star at Q

[15:55] <Tempestt> *whew*

[15:55] <Sailor Quinox> you have defeated me..and as reward...I reliquish Nate to you....

[15:55] <starcat> Hooray! ^_^

[15:56] <Neith> It just makes it tougher for somone to try to steal your star seed.

[15:56] * Sailor Quinox bows and teleports Nate's necklace to her hand

[15:56] * Sailor Quinox takes the necklace and leaves

[15:56] * starcat bows to Q, and lets her cat go

[15:56] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/catsong.php

[15:56] <Sailor Quinox> ((anyone know what song this is?))

[15:56] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan! Wait!

[15:57] <starcat> ((Can't remember.))

[15:57] <Senshi Guardian> *loads the flash but has to go. ><))

[15:57] <starcat> Bye, SG!

[15:57] <Senshi Guardian> ((I'll be back a little later, till then everyone))

[15:58] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (((bbs)))

[15:58] * Sailor Quinox goes and sits near her tea house in her backyard

[15:58] * starcat retires to her castle and her hot chocolate

[15:59] <Sub Zippo> gah... she took my necklase...

[15:59] <starcat> I saw...

[16:00] <starcat> Let's let her be for now, though.

[16:00] <Sub Zippo> I... wonder why...

[16:00] <starcat> Only she knows...

[16:00] <Sub Zippo> yeah... theres probably something to it.. but I think that thing might have something to do with some kind of past of myself Im not aware of..

[16:01] * Sailor Quinox sits outside the tea house....feeling sorry for herself

[16:02] <Sub Zippo> heh... I dont know what to make of this flash

[16:02] * Tempestt likes the kitty flash ^_^

[16:02] <Tempestt> Kitties!

[16:02] <starcat> It's one of my favorites.

[16:03] * TuxRainbow tosses snowballs at Tempestt, who dodges them

[16:03] <Sub Zippo> thats cute...

[16:03] <starcat> This has translated signs. --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/shii.php

[16:04] * Sub Zippo looks out the window at Matsumi

[16:04] <-Sailor Quinox> --> http://ttp://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/maiyahi.php

[16:04] <-jennyJj> hi

[16:04] <starcat> Hi.

[16:04] * Sailor Quinox sees nate..and turns away

[16:05] <Sub Zippo> *sigh* I never know how to handle these kinds of situations..

[16:05] <-> so how is evreyone here?

[16:06] * starcat stands up from her throne and heads back into the house to get something

[16:06] <starcat> I'm doing well.

[16:06] <TuxRainbow> Good

[16:06] * Sailor Quinox sighs

[16:06] <Tempestt> I am fine ^_^

[16:07] * starcat returns from the house and walks across the street

[16:07] <-> *drinks eggnog*

[16:07] * Sub Zippo gets two cups of tea, and walks out beside Matsumi.

[16:08] <Sub Zippo> Whats wrong, Matsumi?

[16:08] * starcat walks around to the back of Q's house, and leaves a small package there

[16:08] <Sailor Quinox> ...why don't you go back to your master....

[16:08] * starcat returns to her "throne"

[16:08] <Sub Zippo> Ill leave you be if you prefer...

[16:08] <Sailor Quinox> ...why did you attack me?

[16:09] <Sub Zippo> What, that bit with Star? That was just playing around.

[16:09] <-> *sits in a tree*

[16:09] <Sub Zippo> Why did I attack you? I threw snowballs at you in a SNOWBALL FIGHT. You lifted me up and threw me across the street!

[16:09] <Tempestt> Who is this mystery person?

[16:09] * starcat takes off her tiara and sets it on the back of the throne

[16:09] <Tempestt> I love snowball fights!

[16:10] <Sub Zippo> Im lucky I didnt land on my head or something...

[16:10] * starcat sighs and sits

[16:11] <-> what mystery person?

[16:11] <Tempestt> You. The one with the -

[16:11] <starcat> The person without a name. Please type one in.

[16:11] <Tempestt> Type one in or else

[16:11] <Sub Zippo> I saw you had Mike, and I paired off with Star to even things up. I didnt know a bunch of other people would join her too

[16:12] <Tempestt> I was just having fun ^_^

[16:12] <Tempestt> FuN!

[16:13] <Sailor Quinox> ..I...I...I'm sorry....

[16:13] <Sailor Quinox> ..I have problems I guess...

[16:13] * Sub Zippo hugs her

[16:13] * Sailor Quinox notices the package and opens it

[16:13] <Sub Zippo> Dont sweat it.

[16:13] <Tempestt> A present?

[16:14] * -inside the package are cookies and a note

[16:14] <TuxRainbow> Cookies? What kind?

[16:14] <Sailor Quinox> hmmm? *looks at the note*

[16:15] <Tempestt> I love chocolate chip! :9

[16:16] * -the note reads "I'm sorry if I bothered you. It was supposed to be fun or all of us. :( (hand-drawn star) starcat"

[16:16] <Tempestt> Fun!

[16:17] * Sailor Quinox puts the note away..and walks back across the street...

[16:17] <Sailor Quinox> will everyone please stand back...

[16:17] <TuxRainbow> I'm glad that's solv3d

[16:17] * Sub Zippo does so

[16:18] <Sailor Quinox> everyone..please

[16:18] <TuxRainbow> Hmm?

[16:19] * Sailor Quinox concentraties and useing her freezing winds begins to scuplt something out of the snow

[16:20] * TuxRainbow looks outside

[16:20] * starcat is inside the castle on her "throne..."

[16:21] * Sailor Quinox falls to one knee as she finishes

[16:22] <Sailor Quinox> hey...starcat...come and see...

[16:22] * starcat stands up and walks out of the castle

[16:22] <starcat> What is it?

[16:23] * Sailor Quinox has sculpted a 15-foot tall statue of Starcat out of snow and ice...done in perfect detail

[16:24] <starcat> Wow.

[16:24] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/hoqoo.php

[16:24] * starcat stares up at "herself"

[16:26] * Sailor Quinox is out of breath

[16:26] <starcat> uhh...wow.

[16:26] * starcat sits down in the snow and stares at the statue

[16:28] <TuxRainbow> Heh glad to see Pikachu get its

[16:29] <Tempestt> And those Brothers Mario

[16:31] <Tempestt> [Mario] It's-a me, Mario... *kasquish*

[16:31] * Sub Zippo gives a scowl to all the Nintendo hate he sees.

[16:31] <TuxRainbow> Sorry, SZ

[16:31] <starcat> To that flash I say, meh.

[16:31] * starcat wasn't impressed.

[16:32] <Sub Zippo> agreed. Really doesnt go anywhere

[16:32] <Sailor Quinox> I have one everyone should see...it's trippy

[16:32] <starcat> Kenya. Oh, yeah. --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bkenya.php

[16:32] <-Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/cometogether.php

[16:32] * starcat wants a plushie of the little tiger. ^_^

[16:33] * Sailor Quinox snuggles with Nate

[16:33] <starcat> This reminds me of Minako for some reason. --> http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/47/

[16:33] * Sub Zippo snuggles back.

[16:34] <Sub Zippo> Did you take the necklase out of anger... or do you have another motive Im unaware of?

[16:35] <Sailor Quinox> out of anger....*puts the necklace back on his neck*

[16:35] <Sub Zippo> Im sorry...

[16:35] * Sailor Quinox goes back in for a sec and puts up a sign for the sub.sen

[16:35] * Sailor Quinox 's sign: We're outside at the moment playing in the snow

[16:36] * Sailor Quinox comes back out

[16:36] <starcat> Everyone loves Magical Trevor, right? --> http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/37/

[16:37] <starcat> You have to watch the other Kenya one first. --> http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/34/

[16:38] * TuxRainbow sighs and hugs Mary

[16:38] <Tempestt> I'm hungry.

[16:38] * Tempestt goes to find chocolate

[16:39] * starcat would SO be one of the people in that last video, except that the other people did it first. ~_~

[16:39] * Sailor Quinox fashions a tiara out of ice and puts it on her head

[16:39] <TuxRainbow> Don't spoil dinner

[16:39] * starcat plays the Chocolate song again

[16:39] * starcat returns to her throne

[16:40] <starcat> I hereby bestow unto Matsumi Kaze the title of "Princess of Ice."

[16:40] <TuxRainbow> lol

[16:40] * Sub Zippo creates an ice scepter for Matsumi.

[16:40] * TuxRainbow bows to Matsumi

[16:40] * starcat returns to watching the dancing cadbury creme eggs

[16:41] * Tempestt wants to be Duchess of Ice

[16:41] * Sailor Quinox bows to Starcat as well "my queen"

[16:41] <starcat> Hmmm...

[16:41] * starcat has to think of fitting titles for everyone now ><

[16:42] <TuxRainbow> I need not a title, Star

[16:43] * Tempestt was just joking

[16:43] <starcat> Mary, you may be the Duchess of Snowflakes. ((You push my creativity, you get lame names. :P))

[16:43] <starcat> Very well, Tux. ^_^

[16:44] <starcat> Sir Nate already has a title...

[16:44] * Sub Zippo likes it. =)

[16:44] <starcat> Now, bring out the dancing Cadbury creme eggs!

[16:45] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[16:45] * -little dancing chocolate eggs appear and dance

[16:45] * starcat claps her hands and relaxes ^_^

[16:45] <Tempestt> Fine. I like snowflakes.

[16:45] * Tempestt watches the eggs

[16:46] <-little dancing chocolate eggs> Who loves the chocolate? Everyone loves the chocolate! Nobody hates the chocolate. 'coz everyone loves the chocolate!

[16:46] * Kakyuu has returned with a glass of French red wine

[16:46] * starcat grooves

[16:46] <starcat> Welcome back, Kakyuu! ^_^

[16:48] <Tempestt> Hello, Kakyuu

[16:48] <TuxRainbow> Hello

[16:50] * Sailor Quinox claps happily ^^

[16:50] * -little dancing chocolate eggs dance and dance and dance some more

[16:51] * starcat giggles and watches the eggs

[16:51] <starcat> I love this song. --> http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/47/

[16:56] * Sub Zippo looks at his necklase.

[16:56] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:56] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[16:56] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[16:56] <starcat> Hi, Haak. ^_^

[16:57] <Sub Zippo> bluer then usual..

[16:57] * starcat puts her tiara back on

[16:57] <Sub Zippo> Hi Haak

[16:57] <starcat> It snowed! ^_^

[16:57] <@Haak> Hey guys. Ahh yes, the eggs. I remember that one.

[16:58] <@Haak> It snowed here about a week ago.

[16:58] * Sailor Quinox huggles Nate and kisses him

[16:58] <Sub Zippo> I gotta get going.

[16:58] * Sub Zippo hugs and kisses back

[16:58] <starcat> Bye, SZ.

[16:58] <@Haak> SZ: I now have Metroid Prime 2, and I'm currently finding it to be everything I'd hoped it to be. Did you get it yet?

[16:58] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:58] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[16:58] <starcat> Haak: T_T Lucky.

[16:58] <starcat> Hi, Mango.

[16:58] <@Haak> Ah, ok. Later man.

[16:59] <Mango-chan> Heya, guys!

[16:59] <Sub Zippo> No, Im hopign to get it as a Christmas present

[16:59] * starcat has declared herself the Queen of Snow! ^_^

[16:59] <Sub Zippo> Im sure it will be wonderful.

[16:59] <@Haak> SZ: You won't be disappointed then. Mango: Hi.

[17:00] * Mango-chan rubs her eyes.

[17:00] * Sub Zippo stands up, then turns to ice, falls over and shatters.

[17:00] * @Haak resists the obvious joke about ice queens

[17:00] *** Sub Zippo has left #suburbansenshi2 (Parades suck)

[17:00] <Sub Zippo> ((Does it involve shrinkage?))

[17:00] <Sailor Quinox> awwww....

[17:01] <Tempestt> Snow Kayuga? Where? *ducks*

[17:01] <starcat> Haak: No, no, Q is the Princess of Ice. ^_^ I'm the Queen of snow. XD

[17:01] * Sailor Quinox is the snow princess

[17:01] <Sailor Quinox> *ice

[17:01] <starcat> Now, Q, you're the ICE Princess.

[17:01] <starcat> *no

[17:03] <TuxRainbow> Whatever ;P

[17:03] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Crap, gotta go)

[17:03] <starcat> Bye, Haak.

[17:03] <Mango-chan> Ice princess?

[17:04] * starcat watches the eggs leave :(

[17:04] <Mango-chan> Nani?

[17:04] <starcat> Mango: Princess of Ice, yes.

[17:04] <starcat> I gave her the title. ^_^

[17:04] * starcat is the Queen of Snow! ^_^

[17:04] * starcat is in her one-room snow castle on her snow throne with her pretty tiara on!

[17:04] <Mango-chan> Cool!

[17:06] <starcat> ^_^

[17:06] * starcat made the throne herself!

[17:09] * Mango-chan is watching Phil of the Future

[17:10] <Mango-chan> I want a title like that...

[17:11] * Sailor Quinox is sitting on small ice stool outside

[17:12] * starcat will think of one for you...

[17:13] <Sailor Quinox> anyone here going to celebrate winter-een-mas?

[17:14] <starcat> Q:Of course! ^_^

[17:14] <starcat> I said that waaay back in October, I think it was.

[17:14] <starcat> The chatbox WILL be celebrating it.

[17:16] <TuxRainbow> That you did

[17:16] <TuxRainbow> Christmahanakwanzamas or something like that

[17:16] <Mango-chan> Heh.

[17:17] <starcat> Now, however, is a time for celebrating snow! ^_^

[17:17] <starcat> Well, and chocolate dancing eggs.

[17:18] <Tempestt> Chocolate :) :9

[17:20] <Sailor Quinox> choclate eggs....are they cream filled?

[17:20] <starcat> yes. ^_^

[17:20] * TuxRainbow 's ears are bleeding... Shatner SINGS!

[17:21] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/girtarted.php

[17:22] <TuxRainbow> make it stop

[17:24] <TuxRainbow> ow, my ears

[17:25] * Sailor Quinox freezes Tux's ears

[17:25] <TuxRainbow> Not helping, Quinox

[17:25] * TuxRainbow 's ears are now frozen

[17:25] <Sailor Quinox> well...that will keep the sounds out you know...

[17:26] * Tempestt looks at Matsumi, and warms her dad's ears

[17:26] <TuxRainbow> The song was long over...

[17:26] <TuxRainbow> Long, long over

[17:27] <Sailor Quinox> sorry....so sorry -_-

[17:27] * TuxRainbow is feeling better now ^_^

[17:27] <TuxRainbow> np

[17:27] * Sailor Quinox buries a ginger ale in the snow

[17:28] <starcat> The dancing eggs are hypnotizing me. @_@

[17:29] <TuxRainbow> heh

[17:29] * Tempestt is away: dinner with mom

[17:29] * TuxRainbow goes outside to make a snowperson

[17:30] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/jamezbond.php

[17:30] * Sailor Quinox takes the ginger ale out of the snow and opens it

[17:34] <Sailor Quinox> ahh..nice and cold ^_^

[17:36] <starcat> ^_^

[17:37] * TuxRainbow gathers up snow for his snowperson

[17:38] * Sailor Quinox makes a mini-snowman

[17:39] <starcat> Okay, see, this animutation beats all other animutations. --> http://tmst.twu.net/flash/151forever.html

[17:40] * Kakyuu has returned and is slightly creeped out since she thinks there's a ghost in her house

[17:41] <starcat> Kakyuu: Cool.

[17:46] *** Envy has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:46] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Envy

[17:46] * -YingGirl has returned and will hurt someone who mentions DBZ. Has gotten a bad headache cause of that. Also did see Metat Gear Solid 2: Subsitance for 23.95$

[17:47] <Sailor Quinox> I have to go guys....I'll be back later....

[17:47] <starcat> Hi, Envy, Ying.

[17:47] <starcat> Bye, Q.

[17:47] * Sailor Quinox curtsys and leaves

[17:48] <Kakyuu> Whee, i'm hyper

[17:48] * -YingGirl goes sits in the corner, has a red mark on her neck as she's wearing her mask as a bandana over her head, revealing baggy brown eyes

[17:48] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (There is but one storm and its name is Matsumi Kaze)

[17:48] <Envy> Heya.

[17:48] <-YingGirl> rrr.....

[17:48] * Envy is tired.

[17:49] <-YingGirl> they were selling MGS3 for 34$

[17:49] * starcat is tired, too. ><

[17:49] <-YingGirl> mmmm....stupid kid singing the dbz dubbed opening.

[17:51] * -YingGirl did like the Ani-Manga 2 of Inu Yasha....might get it next time.

[17:53] <-YingGirl> they were selling the other mgs2 game for 8.

[17:54] * -YingGirl got DMC2, her favourite game ♡. was thinking of getting Viewtiful Joe, but wonder if Dante likes doing "tongue"

[17:54] * Envy is removing some old fanfics from a fanfic.net account...aka, the ones he think suck.

[17:55] * TuxRainbow is done making his person

[17:55] *** S. Terra has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:55] <@spiritflame> Irasshai S. Terra

[17:55] * Tempestt is back

[17:55] *** Senshi Guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:55] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi Guardian

[17:55] * S. Terra sees the snow outside and the snowperson

[17:56] * -YingGirl sits in the corner, holding her head.

[17:56] <S. Terra> Hello, SG

[17:56] <Kakyuu> Hi SG!

[17:56] <starcat> Hi, Terra, SG.

[17:56] <Senshi Guardian> Hey everyone.

[17:56] * -YingGirl looks up

[17:56] <S. Terra> Nicely done, Tux

[17:56] <-YingGirl> ...Mike, in Viewtiful Joe....just how c[BLEEP]ky is Dante?

[17:57] * Envy is away: being kicked off the computer.

[17:57] <Senshi Guardian> Hey Vanessa. I see got got DMC2 congrats. ^_^

[17:57] * S. Terra looks at the made snow area

[17:57] * Senshi Guardian lowers his head "I.......still haven't unlocked him.........I'm stuck on the last level"

[17:58] <Senshi Guardian> Damn Fire Leo..........and you stupid attack patterns. ><

[17:58] <Senshi Guardian> *his

[17:58] <-YingGirl> Cause, I see in the backcover of that game for the PS2 that Dante seems to be well with his tongue

[17:59] <Senshi Guardian> OOC: I can start providing you with MGS info. I found MGS & MGS2: Substance.

[17:59] <-YingGirl> ....they were selling substance for 24$ at electroniques botique

[17:59] <Senshi Guardian> I saw that too. I want so bad to play his game but the only way to unlock it is the beat the game with Joe.....

[18:00] <Envy> Heh....

[18:00] <Envy> http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1043004/1/

[18:00] <Envy> The puppet's play. A FFVII Poem. --> http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1043004/1/

[18:00] <starcat> Envy: /url.

[18:01] <Senshi Guardian> I lucked at Gamestop was selling used games buy one get one free. I got MGS, MGS2:Substance, and Chaos Legion(sort of like DMC, It's made by Capcom, with a Red haired Dante clone as the star)) for about $32 after 10% discount and $6.51 in store credit

[18:01] <-YingGirl> on Kiddie Mode.

[18:01] * Envy seemingly wrote that two years ago.

[18:01] <Senshi Guardian> Seig, Dante clone # 2 --> http://www.rpgslave.com/descargas/artworks/Chaos/images/Chaos%20Legion%20-%20ArtWork10_jpg.jpg

[18:03] <Senshi Guardian> Yeah, I'm playing kiddie mode, but TO even hurt Fire Leo you need to smash a falling rock in his face to put out his body flames the you only get 2 or three punches end before he relights or dash across the whole area...-_-

[18:03] <Senshi Guardian> --> http://www.rpgslave.com/descargas/artworks/Chaos/images/Chaos%20Legion%20-%20ArtWork10_jpg

[18:04] <-YingGirl> This might explain the Skateboarding Snake. :P --> http://www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/cameo3.htm

[18:05] <Senshi Guardian> lol

[18:05] <-YingGirl> .....Cause Konami maded a skateboarding game...that features elements from their other games.

[18:06] <Senshi Guardian> Other link is broken, there Seig and the female playable character, not sure her name yet --> http://igrozone.com/pic/walls/chaos%20legion/wallpaper2_medium.jpg

[18:06] * -YingGirl holds her head.

[18:06] <-YingGirl> Next time, forget going to the gaming store and just buy the Inu Manga

[18:06] <S. Terra> heh

[18:06] <-YingGirl> ...A kid gave me this headache. >_<

[18:06] * Tempestt throws a snowball at her mom

[18:07] <Senshi Guardian> What happened?

[18:07] <S. Terra> ow... heh *starts a snowball fight*

[18:07] <-YingGirl> ...Oh, plus in their game...Solid Snake is an unlockable character

[18:07] <-YingGirl> ...Kid constantly sigining the dubbed DBZ theme

[18:08] * TuxRainbow is laughing, until he gets tackled in the snow by Mary aqnd Terra

[18:08] <-YingGirl> OOC: It could explain Snake skateboarind in MSG2: Subsitance.

[18:08] <TuxRainbow> Oh the one from Budokai, right?

[18:08] <TuxRainbow> The rap-esque one that sucks

[18:09] <TuxRainbow> I cna hear it in my head as we chat

[18:09] * -YingGirl throws a fireball at Tuxedo

[18:09] <TuxRainbow> ^can

[18:09] <-YingGirl> ENOUGH.

[18:09] <TuxRainbow> I was just asking a question... ow

[18:09] * TuxRainbow nods and is slightly burnt. The snow is also gone

[18:09] * -YingGirl isn't in the mood to talk about Budokai 3

[18:10] <Senshi Guardian> OOC: Thats really from substance. Thats were they got the idea from the Evolution one. I remembered reading about it when it came out.

[18:10] * Tempestt is crying T_T

[18:10] <-YingGirl> ....And I said earlier, I got a headache from that kid.

[18:10] <S. Terra> You can make it snow anytime, Mary.

[18:10] * Senshi Guardian hides his copy of DBZ:B3 that he's been playing till today ^_^;

[18:10] * S. Terra wishes that B2 will comeout for the 'Cube

[18:11] <Senshi Guardian> Gah, That theme song is one of the worst Dub themes to exsist, along with Digimon's.

[18:11] * Tempestt smiles ^_^

[18:11] * -YingGirl sits in her corner, still has to find a way to reverse it....but only has one day left.

[18:11] * Senshi Guardian notes to Terra it just came out for it

[18:11] * Envy is away: busy.

[18:11] * TuxRainbow nods. Digimon's themes sucked

[18:11] <S. Terra> It did. We have to check, then.

[18:12] <S. Terra> Eb says 12/14

[18:12] <S. Terra> But someone said it wouldn't come out

[18:12] * -YingGirl still prefers DMC2 than DMC1, more storyline, less chances of getting loss, and Dante looks and sound better....

[18:12] * Senshi Guardian can get Set-chan and Dante here whenever needed, linked there cellphones with an emergency ringer

[18:13] <Senshi Guardian> maybe it was just the coming soon box then terra

[18:14] * Senshi Guardian likes the control scheme is way better on DMC2

[18:14] <S. Terra> It looks like a real box with art on the site

[18:14] <TuxRainbow> If it does come out, we will get it

[18:14] <Senshi Guardian> that i saw, I mean

[18:14] * Tempestt plays with her DS.

[18:15] * Senshi Guardian ((notes the only thing he needs to do tomorrow is laundry and thats in house))

[18:15] * -YingGirl smirks, seeing they only have the first season of Saint Seiya on DVD. She has the last season :P

[18:15] <Senshi Guardian> Gah, I suck so far at MGS, I keep getting spotted and my aim sucks so far.....

[18:16] <Senshi Guardian> Funny thing MGS had no instruction book, and MGS2: Substance.....had no box.......

[18:17] <-YingGirl> ...Smart.

[18:17] * Senshi Guardian had to find the Xbox cover someone scanned online, but the PS2 Coverart on the front, alter the spine to read Playstation 2, print it out and but that, the game and manual, and an empty DVD together for it.

[18:18] <-YingGirl> Well, the game for substance did have a cover....

[18:18] <Senshi Guardian> They were used, but thats the first time I've gotten a used game that didn't have the game case. I found the moves for MGS at gamefaqs, so I'm good on what to do thankfully. I just suck at it right now though.

[18:18] * Tempestt comes inside. Tux and Terra follow

[18:19] * S. Terra hugs Tux

[18:19] * TuxRainbow winces in pain

[18:20] <-YingGirl> .....Keh. Wonder what other suprises are in Subsitance?

[18:20] <Senshi Guardian> Other then wanting to punt that kid into low orbit, I take it your day was nice?

[18:20] <-YingGirl> huh?

[18:21] <Senshi Guardian> They have a ton of VR missions in it. Plus more missions for Snake to do. But there alot of weird stuff too.

[18:21] <-YingGirl> No...I was just drooling over nice colored artwork pics of the Inu

[18:22] <-YingGirl> ...Did they remove the "naked Raiden"?

[18:22] <Senshi Guardian> He's still in there.

[18:23] <TuxRainbow> heh

[18:24] <-YingGirl> WHOOO. Eerr...I mean, I'm sorry you have to see a Dante wanna be run around, covering his nuts and avoiding guards. Heh.

[18:24] <starcat> Hehe...

[18:25] <starcat> It's our revenge for such games as DOA: Beach Volleyball and FFX-2.

[18:25] <Senshi Guardian> ^^ I've actualy accepted it now as a valid plot point.

[18:25] <starcat> ^_^

[18:25] * Senshi Guardian coughs "I liked FFX-2"

[18:25] <starcat> Girl gamers rejoice as male gamers everywhere feel uncomfortable!

[18:25] <starcat> Then, of course, the girl gamers realize that it's not really THAT great, and sigh.

[18:25] <Senshi Guardian> The skateboarding game in MGS2:S --> http://dw.com.com/redir?asid=561508&astid=8&siteid=19&edid=107&destCat=29232&destURL=http%3A%2F%2Fdb.gamefaqs.com%2Fconsole%2Fps2%2Ffile%2Fmetal_gear_solid_2_substance_skateboarding_a.txt

[18:25] * starcat sighs...

[18:26] <-YingGirl> ...Actually, there was this magizine that was called "The Girls of Gaming", the front cover have a succubi.

[18:26] <starcat> SG: As a game, or for the hot girls? :P

[18:26] <starcat> Ying: Eurgh. ><

[18:27] <-YingGirl> ....Yes, cause FFX-2 have scantly cladded chicks.

[18:27] <Senshi Guardian> I liked the dress sphere system.

[18:27] * TuxRainbow blushes *^_^*

[18:27] <Senshi Guardian> I loved FFX and the fact they actualy continued the story.

[18:27] * S. Terra giggles

[18:27] <starcat> SG: I'm not going to talk to you any more about this. ~_~

[18:28] <starcat> Meanwhile, the girl gamers still have valid rights to complain.

[18:28] <Senshi Guardian> What? I liked the ability to switch battle tactics mid fight.

[18:29] <starcat> I said that I wasn't going to talk about it any more.

[18:29] <Senshi Guardian> and not to say it wrong but I liked the Henshin Sequences, made me feel like I was playing a Magical Girl Anime.

[18:29] <-YingGirl> ...Well, Dante is shirtless in DMC3

[18:29] <-YingGirl> ...Course Techno, then comes out with a Playboy Mansion game.

[18:30] <Senshi Guardian> oh Vanessa. I found out the full offical title for DMC3 stateside...

[18:30] <Senshi Guardian> "Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening"

[18:31] <Senshi Guardian> --> http://www.capcom.com/xpml/game.xpml?gameid=750079

[18:31] <-YingGirl> ...........Dante is no poiny earred bomb throwing Hyrulian.

[18:32] <Senshi Guardian> indeed

[18:33] * DvlmayCry will have some choice words about that once he gets here, on Capcoms name change

[18:33] <S. Terra> We know about PTM, Ying.

[18:35] <TuxRainbow> Still, I may get that, even though I have Sims 2

[18:35] <TuxRainbow> Indeed, he is not

[18:35] * Senshi Guardian has some interest in Rumbles Roses, has heard the grappling system lets you tweak your moves mid move, and depending on your wreslting style your wrestlers outfit and personality change from good to bad or vice versa

[18:36] * Tempestt was not listening to that. She was playing with Pictochat

[18:36] * Senshi Guardian will not mention the mud wreslting match, the "gimmick" match of the game.

[18:36] <TuxRainbow> Glorified skin-fest. 'nuff said

[18:36] * S. Terra wants to mud wrestle ^_~

[18:39] * Tempestt did not hear that, either

[18:40] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:40] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[18:40] <DvlmayCry> I'm in the mood to slay an elf.......

[18:42] <DvlmayCry> kinda quiet.....

[18:44] <Tempestt> Hello, Dante

[18:44] * DvlmayCry thinks a computer has effed up somewere

[18:44] * Kakyuu kicks Dante in the face for no apparent reason

[18:44] <DvlmayCry> Yo kiddo

[18:45] * DvlmayCry glares rubbing his face "Hello Kakyuu.."

[18:45] <Kakyuu> Heh! I'm in the mood to slay a Sparda! Which you are! You're Dante Sparda!

[18:45] <-YingGirl> ..................

[18:46] * -YingGirl twitches

[18:46] <-YingGirl> nani?

[18:46] <starcat> Kakyuu...~_~

[18:47] <Kakyuu> Don't worry! I won't slay him but he'll be a good opponent to try some new glaive moves I figured out today!

[18:47] <starcat> Eurgh.

[18:47] * -YingGirl twitches

[18:48] * DvlmayCry is pissed about his new game being a clone of a zelda title, not the best time to pick fights with discruntal half demons

[18:48] <-YingGirl> Dante is my punching bag.

[18:48] <DvlmayCry> You tell sweety......hey wait......

[18:48] * Tempestt laughs

[18:48] <DvlmayCry> *You tell um sweety

[18:49] <DvlmayCry> yeah...yeah I am.^_^;

[18:49] * -YingGirl still hasn't forgiven Dante for the time she saw him with Trish

[18:49] <starcat> Eh, it could be worse, you know...

[18:50] * -YingGirl saw Dante & trish....in bed^

[18:50] <starcat> You could've had a Pokemon ripoff: DMC 3: Red Version! XD

[18:50] * Kakyuu snickers "Okay! I'll just go pick a fight with Mike then!"

[18:51] * DvlmayCry didn't wany any parts of Trish, had no choise in the matter thanks to interference

[18:51] <-YingGirl> or a Megaman Ripoff

[18:51] <TuxRainbow> Enough

[18:52] <DvlmayCry> Valid points. I still don't know they couldn't just leave it at DMC3

[18:52] * -YingGirl notes a PS magazine had a DMC3 and MGS3 demon with it. >.<

[18:52] <starcat> Kakyuu:Stop picking fights, or I'll start insulting you.

[18:52] <-YingGirl> ....the japen version did, but the US wants to screw things up.

[18:52] *** Kakyuu has left #suburbansenshi2

[18:52] * DvlmayCry wants to find that magazine now >.<

[18:53] <Senshi Guardian> Nani?

[18:54] <DvlmayCry> Indeed, they always have to fiddle with things that don't need to be changed

[18:54] <-YingGirl> ya see, lament of innocence was called "castlevania" in jap.

[18:54] <-YingGirl> i mean demo, not demon

[18:55] <starcat> wooooooo.

[18:56] * starcat is getting cold ><

[18:56] <-YingGirl> f[BLEEP]k!!! ANOTHER SPRITE I HAVE TO DO!!!

[18:56] * starcat leaves her Link plushie on her throne and heads back into the house

[18:56] * -YingGirl points to DT Vergil for DMC3

[18:56] <-YingGirl> --> http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil3/characters03.html

[18:56] <DvlmayCry> What one now?

[18:57] <DvlmayCry> woah.....

[18:57] <DvlmayCry> ooc: That kinda cool how the katana's sheath is part of his arm.

[18:57] <starcat> He looks...stupid. O_o;

[18:57] <DvlmayCry> I don't look much better starry

[18:58] * Tempestt is playing Super Mario DS now

[18:58] <TuxRainbow> We know that, Dante

[18:58] <starcat> "starry?" *raises an eyebrow*

[18:58] <DvlmayCry> Here I am. --> http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil3/characters02.html

[18:58] <starcat> He looks stupider, though.

[18:58] <S. Terra> Hideous!

[18:59] <starcat> Anyways..."starry."

[18:59] <-YingGirl> Another pic of DT Vergil, and he's looking really pissed off --> http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil3/ss/ss01_50.html

[19:00] <DvlmayCry> bah, Just felt like it.

[19:01] <DvlmayCry> That Nocturn game I'm cameo'ing in. They guy who did the demon designs on that designed me and Virigil's DT forms......

[19:01] <S. Terra> Ugly...

[19:01] * -YingGirl still wants DMC3 TO BE CANNED. Hates re-doing her sprite sheets again

[19:01] <DvlmayCry> *The guy

[19:02] <TuxRainbow> We can't all get what we want

[19:02] * Tempestt yawns

[19:02] <starcat> "starry." Heh.

[19:02] * Tempestt turns off her DS

[19:02] <Tempestt> heh :)

[19:02] <DvlmayCry> -_-; I knew I'd regret that.

[19:02] * Tempestt is bored

[19:03] *** Tempestt has left #suburbansenshi2 (I am the future storm. I am the wind and the lightning. I am the Tempestt)

[19:03] <-YingGirl> fffffuuuuuccccc....

[19:03] <DvlmayCry> Whats wrong?

[19:03] <S. Terra> I hopes she gets home safe. It is her first time, after all

[19:03] * -YingGirl fumes

[19:03] <TuxRainbow> What is the matter?

[19:04] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:04] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[19:04] * -YingGirl has to make sprites based on Vergil

[19:04] <S. Terra> Hi Shaldra

[19:04] * S. Terra 's phone rings

[19:04] <-YingGirl> dt Vergil

[19:04] <S. Terra> Pardon me a moment

[19:04] <starcat> Hi, Shaldra.

[19:04] <TuxRainbow> I see

[19:04] * Shaldra Darkness waves idly to everyone, still with her nose in the spell book...

[19:05] <S. Terra> notes that it is Tempestt calling and that she is safely home

[19:05] <S. Terra> Oops ^_^;;

[19:06] * DvlmayCry just notcied "Why does virgil's head make him look like Dracula from "Braham Stokers Dracula?"

[19:06] <DvlmayCry> Hey Shaldra.

[19:06] * Shaldra Darkness leans back on the wall and continues to read...

[19:06] * S. Terra shrugs and hangs up the phone

[19:06] <-YingGirl> I could have leave it like that, but CAPCOM goes and gets another character!! --> http://www.genvid.com/TGTN/dmc_sheet2.png

[19:07] <DvlmayCry> I always like your work.

[19:08] <-YingGirl> .........RUFF!!!

[19:08] <-YingGirl> That's it! Someone has to do the Solid Snake sprites for me

[19:09] * -YingGirl wonders how the f[BLEEP]k she's gonna do the head.

[19:10] <starcat> I do dolls, not sprites.

[19:10] <starcat> Sorry.

[19:10] <DvlmayCry> ooc: Were do get your bases for? I can give it a shot.

[19:11] * DvlmayCry ooc: Used to be an amature spriter, hasn't lost his knowledge though

[19:11] <-YingGirl> This is where I get at the Sailor Moon Another Story bases --> http://www.broenink-art.nl/~azha/bases.htm

[19:12] <-YingGirl> probably, they don't have a back view....

[19:12] <-YingGirl> so...I ripped them from the orginal smas sprites

[19:12] * Shaldra Darkness yawns and slides down the wall, still reading

[19:13] * -YingGirl stays in her corner....

[19:13] <DvlmayCry> ooc: Thanks. What kind of poses do you want?

[19:14] * -YingGirl will go into the past, then run amock in Vie del Maril

[19:15] <-YingGirl> oooc: mostly front and side poses....

[19:15] * DvlmayCry sits next to Vanessa, tossing the info for the sprites to Mike "Your the graphic artist"

[19:15] <DvlmayCry> ooc: Any ones like holding a tranq gun or anything?

[19:15] <-YingGirl> ooc: that'll be good too.

[19:16] * Senshi Guardian catches it "I'll get right on it."*salues to Vanessa*

[19:16] * -YingGirl is gonnna have a field day with making DT Vergil

[19:18] * DvlmayCry wonders why that had to make the design so odd

[19:19] <-YingGirl> but i gotta first figure a way to remove this mark....

[19:19] <-YingGirl> Otherwise....

[19:20] * -YingGirl lowers her head. Still feels sorry for the dog boy, despite his arrogance & stupidity

[19:20] <DvlmayCry> We've got tonight and tomorrow, That should give us a decent window to go into the past

[19:20] * Shaldra Darkness continues with her research...

[19:21] <-YingGirl> Yeah....

[19:22] <DvlmayCry> We'll fix this...

[19:22] * -YingGirl looks up, wagging her tail

[19:23] * DvlmayCry puts his arm aroud Vanessa, wondering what going on in her head right now

[19:24] * Shaldra Darkness goes over the same page over and over again... trying to get the spell in her head...

[19:25] * -Black Carbunkle smirks, as she unleashes her petrifiinn spell onto Sets. With one of the time guardians incased in stone....Vergil takes the Garnet Globe. The two then leave....

[19:25] *** -Black Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2

[19:25] *** -NeloAnglo has left #suburbansenshi2

[19:25] <starcat> OWW. >< ((I just got a papercut. T_T))

[19:26] * Shaldra Darkness has this weird feeling that she WILL be using a life...

[19:26] * -YingGirl sighs to herself....wonders why she always causes such big messes

[19:26] * Senshi Guardian keels over holding his head

[19:26] <Shaldra Darkness> .... SG?

[19:27] * Senshi Guardian is shaking ".....Psychic Tremor.......something very bad just happened........"

[19:27] <starcat> SG??

[19:27] * Shaldra Darkness drops the book and puts her hands together... "Okay, someone used magic near here, very near..."

[19:28] * -YingGirl lowers her head....staring at the floor. The last question the Inu said before she head towards the office was "...Why can't you live with me?"

[19:28] * Senshi Guardian powers are tied to the Sailor Senshi's protection, different degrees of mental alerts are trigger when there in danger, Psychic Tremors being top level s[BLEEP]t just happened

[19:28] <starcat> Well, I'm out, then.

[19:29] <starcat> I'll stay here and let everyone know what's happened, okay?

[19:29] <Shaldra Darkness> Got ya, starcat. Might be best if someone does tell people what's going on anyways.

[19:29] * Senshi Guardian henshins in a blinding light dispearing in the process

[19:29] <Shaldra Darkness> SG - Can you tell which senshi this happened to?

[19:30] * Shaldra Darkness sighs...

[19:30] <DvlmayCry> becareful dude...

[19:30] <starcat> If you guys want to split up or something, I could also act as the "home base"-type person who's connected to each team or person or whatever.

[19:30] <starcat> Ehh...

[19:30] * Shaldra Darkness picks up her book again and goes back to reading...

[19:30] <Senshi guardian> Auto-telelporting......SET_CHAN!?!?!??!?!?!?!

[19:30] <starcat> Who wants to go look for him? ^_^

[19:31] * -YingGirl isn't a senshi, so....knows Mike can't get tremors from her

[19:31] <Shaldra Darkness> I could probably track him...

[19:31] <Senshi guardian> I've been working on that problem

[19:32] * Shaldra Darkness notes we now know something has happened to Setsuna.

[19:32] <Senshi guardian> remind me to talk to you when I get back.

[19:32] <-YingGirl> Mike, you can't. If you even help me...you'll be stripped of your powers. Become a rebel against Selenity

[19:33] <Senshi guardian> /flahs Shaldra, my house, across the street, ASAP!

[19:33] * Shaldra Darkness continues her work, mumbling to herself and casting practice spells in the air...

[19:33] <Senshi guardian> Shaldra, my house, across the street, ASAP!

[19:34] * -YingGirl looks at the floor, wonders who her parents was. Least Inu & Dante had a mom, before they died....

[19:34] <-YingGirl> were^

[19:34] <DvlmayCry> Dude, you know this telepathic crap weirds me out....could you turn it down alittle?

[19:35] * Shaldra Darkness jumps to her feet and dashes out the door as fast as her neko feet will carry her!!

[19:35] <Senshi Guardian> bah to you weird Mr. Devil Trigger, I know Vanessa, one day I hope to find a way around that....

[19:35] * -An older woman now posesses the Garnet Globe, thanking her faithful servants in stopping a dog girl.

[19:36] * Shaldra Darkness dashes into SGs house.

[19:36] <Senshi Guardian> doors open Shaldra, head upstairs, last room in the hall

[19:37] * Shaldra Darkness follows as told!

[19:37] * Shaldra Darkness slows and walks into the room

[19:38] * Senshi Guardian stands there in a new mode, next to a Petrified Setsuna

[19:39] * Shaldra Darkness chuckles "Just petrified? That's easy to fix." and begins casting...

[19:39] <Senshi Guardian> ((Matsumi gave me an amulet that aguments GA mode to a more powerfull level, still gotta name and design it though))

[19:40] * -She bows to them, her features looking awfully familiar as a Yin-Yang symbol is imprinted on her forehead

[19:40] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Bah, you and your levels. I don't need to transform!))

[19:40] <DvlmayCry> I wonder whats going on there.....Are you ok Vanessa?

[19:40] *** -? has left #suburbansenshi2

[19:41] * -YingGirl is still at the tenou/Aino's house....staring at the floor

[19:41] * starcat is writing down the katakana that she;s learned so far in the slime game

[19:41] * Shaldra Darkness continues to cast (Magical winds, glowing, regular casting s[BLEEP]t)

[19:41] <DvlmayCry> ((hehe It was a gift, Might aswell use it. ^_^))

[19:42] <-YingGirl> .......

[19:42] <-YingGirl> it's my fault.

[19:42] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, you can't keep blaming yourself.

[19:42] <-YingGirl> ...i'm an ill omen....

[19:42] * Shaldra Darkness opens her eyes, and slams the glowing orb that appeared in her hands toward Setsunas form, despell finished!

[19:43] * Solarchos leans in close to Shaldra's ear and purrs lowly. ^_^

[19:43] * TimeGal stands there a look of terror in her transformerd state, The time staff in her hand....but it's missing something......something important

[19:43] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:43] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[19:43] * TimeGal collapses to the ground returning to civillian form, Mike checks her pulse

[19:43] <Solarchos> Timegal - The Garnet Orb's gone! The hell?!

[19:44] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Heh, I'm at SGs place, just a sec, Solarchos ^_^;;))

[19:44] <starcat> Hi, Solar.

[19:44] <Senshi Guardian> Vitals look ok.....Thanks Shaldra..

[19:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Hmm... whoever cast that, they tried to make it stick.

[19:44] <starcat> ((Check the logs. It's for your own sanity.))

[19:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Not a problem, SG.

[19:44] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I know, love. I was keeping a distance. I didn't want to disturb you.

[19:45] * -A hooded figure holds a Dante plushie with a lock of Dante's hair hanging around it's neck. She then places the plushie on the street.....

[19:45] <Senshi Guardian> There going to pay...........

[19:45] <Shaldra Darkness> If this is magic... then I may have a LOT of work to do soon... ><

[19:45] <Envy> *They're*

[19:46] * Senshi Guardian dehenshins from the yet to be named form

[19:46] * -A hooded figure smiles, and finally leaves. Vergil, Walter, & the Black Carbuncle escort her.

[19:46] * Senshi Guardian does not care about grammar sadly right now, due to events

[19:46] <Shaldra Darkness> SG - Let's get her to Sub.Sen. It might be better to have her with a group.

[19:47] <Solarchos> What the frell is going on around here? Is there a magical hit-squad running around?

[19:47] <-Hooded Figure> ...When a car will hit that plushie, Dante will do splat.

[19:47] * Envy is away: checking logs

[19:47] <starcat> Envy: Thanks for catching that. i'm slacking right now, as you can tell. :P

[19:47] * Senshi Guardian picks up Setsuna "Yeah, I'm bring the kids with me too. I don't want to leave them alone after this.

[19:47] * Shaldra Darkness downs a couple blackberries and walks back over to the Sub.Sen place.

[19:48] <Solarchos> OOC - ( Got more of the packing done, but had another argument with my mother. She is *really* not taking this too well. )

[19:48] <-Black Carbunkle> ...And without the orb, which we have, she'll have to die.

[19:48] * TimeKidPuu and TimeKidGuard cling to Mike's legs in feer, they heard Setsuna scream and found her like that.

[19:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Guess I have to use that spell now, unless we have another way of getting to the past...

[19:48] *** -Black Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2 (*teleporting everyone and her mistress finally out for the night*)

[19:48] * Morrigan hovers in the air over the streets of Tokyo.

[19:49] *** -Walter Bernhard has left #suburbansenshi2

[19:49] <Senshi Guardian> .....

[19:49] *** -Hooded Figure has left #suburbansenshi2

[19:49] <Envy> Heh, no problem...now can someone please sum up what I just read?

[19:49] * Morrigan swoops down and snatches up the Dante-voodoo doll. "Tsk tsk, people really shouldn't leave things like this lying around."

[19:49] *** -NeloAnglo has left #suburbansenshi2

[19:50] <Shaldra Darkness> Evil magic, no way to get to past, problem for Ying.

[19:50] <Morrigan> I'll just hang onto *this* little thing until I can perform the ritual to *properly* dispose of it safely.

[19:50] <Shaldra Darkness> That work, Envy?

[19:50] <starcat> Envy: Welcome to the Suburban Senshi Chatbox. Please check your sanity at the door. Currently showing: Return of the Angst part IV.

[19:50] * -YingGirl is still at Tenou/Anio's place. Her ears flicker....as she keeps staring at the floor

[19:50] <starcat> Either that, or "strange things are afoot at the Circle K."

[19:50] * Shaldra Darkness walks back inside the house. "Hey, everyone."

[19:51] * DvlmayCry keeps looking at Vanessa, hopes things will succed

[19:51] <Solarchos> Starcat - "Check your sanity at the door?" That line sounds familiar! ^_^

[19:51] * Senshi Guardian enters carrying a sleeping Setsuna, Yamato and Motoko clinging to his sides.

[19:51] <starcat> Solar: Heh. ^_^

[19:51] * Morrigan teleports away...for now! ^_~

[19:52] * -The Dante plushie sets itself on fire, effecting who it represents

[19:52] <Senshi Guardian> OOC: B&T:EA LINE!!!! XD

[19:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, update. We're down 1 Garnet Orb, and some freak is playing with magic.

[19:52] <DvlmayCry> AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[19:53] <Morrigan> Excuse me, but I'm *holding* the plushie in a SAFE location.

[19:53] <starcat> OOC: Hey, it was neccessary! XD

[19:53] * Shaldra Darkness turns and casts Protect on Dante, blocking out any magical effects on him, including vodoo

[19:53] * DvlmayCry falls to the ground rolling around, trying to put out flames that aren't there.

[19:53] * -YingGirl cringes

[19:53] * Envy blinks.

[19:53] *** Envy has left #suburbansenshi2 (Before my head explodes.)

[19:53] * Solarchos douses Dante with a fire extinguisher.

[19:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Again, some freak is playing with magic ><

[19:53] * Senshi Guardian lays Setsuna on the nearest sofa

[19:54] * starcat is away: brb

[19:54] * -YingGirl holds her ears, staring at the floor

[19:54] * Solarchos finishes putting the flames out on Dante.

[19:54] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:54] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[19:54] * DvlmayCry still feels the flames, the doll is still on fire

[19:55] * Mango-chan would go find the doll if she knew where it was.

[19:55] * Morrigan returns to the Bunker and places the Dante-plushie inside an anti-magic ward. No magic functions inside - so magic can affect it.

[19:55] * Shaldra Darkness cast Protect, any magical effects are null and void.

[19:55] <Senshi Guardian> Dante?!?

[19:55] * Morrigan puts out the flames onthe plushie by upending a pitcher of water on it.

[19:56] * -The Dante plusie is still on fire, despite being in an anti magic ward.

[19:56] * DvlmayCry lays there, burns mysteriously on his skin

[19:56] <Solarchos> Starcat - I've missed a lot, haven't I? >_<;

[19:56] * -The plushie is burned....

[19:56] * DvlmayCry convulses in pain

[19:56] * Shaldra Darkness dashes over and goes to heal Dante... "I'm gonna run out of magic energy if this keeps up... ><"

[19:56] * starcat is back

[19:56] <-YingGirl> ..........

[19:56] * Morrigan grabs a fire extinguisher and pulls the tab on it, arming it.

[19:57] <starcat> I told you, Solar, it's for your own sanity that you read the logs.

[19:57] * DvlmayCry lays there burns covering his skin, as shaldra tries healing him

[19:57] * -YingGirl keeps stasring at the floor. Wonders why anyone will marry someone who's a bad omen

[19:57] * Solarchos pulls out the Null Rod. "I've got an anti-magic field ready to go."

[19:58] * Shaldra Darkness uses her free hand, the other still healing casting Fairy Heal on Dante, to rummage through her bag...

[19:58] * Morrigan sprays the plushie with the fire extinguisher, putting out the fires *permanently*!! "And since it's inside an anti-magic field the flames are NORMAL!! Hah!"

[19:58] <Senshi Guardian> WTF is going on tonight? >.<

[19:58] <Shaldra Darkness> I knew I kept this bag with me for a reason.

[19:58] * -YingGirl doesn't notice she has potions in her satchel....

[19:59] * Solarchos puts the Null Rod away and rushes over with the trauma kit.

[19:59] * -The fire is out....but the plushie is burnt

[19:59] <Shaldra Darkness> God, magical wounds are a btich to heal...

[19:59] <Senshi Guardian> Why does Dante look like he's been thrown into a furnace?

[19:59] <-YingGirl> .......

[19:59] <Mango-chan>

[20:00] * starcat applauds Mango

[20:00] * starcat goes back to copying kanji

[20:00] <Mango-chan>

[20:00] <starcat> *katakana

[20:00] * Solarchos first places a pain-blocking neural-inhibitor on the back of Dante's neck, then starts applying burn ointment to the worst of his burns.

[20:00] <starcat> That's ENOUGH, Mango. ><

[20:00] <Mango-chan> Sorry, couldn't resist.

[20:00] <-YingGirl> ...........

[20:00] * DvlmayCry lays there still covered in bad burns

[20:01] * starcat is away: I've got some falling to do!

[20:01] <Solarchos> Mango - I think I've got one of those going on IRL in my house right now.

[20:01] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Can you work with Dante? I have some things to check out.

[20:01] * -YingGirl gets up, taking her leave for the night.

[20:01] * Senshi Guardian tries casting Curaga, but fails, lack of Mp and concentraition

[20:01] * Shaldra Darkness grabs Ying by the tail. "Wait a minute, pup."

[20:01] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa?

[20:01] * -YingGirl thought she felt someone close....but that's impossible.

[20:02] <Mango-chan> Heh.

[20:02] * Morrigan starts brushing the worst of the carbon and ash off the plushie. "Well, it's a little scorched, but not too bad."

[20:02] <Mango-chan> This one's for Solar!

[20:02] <-YingGirl> Sorry Shaldra, I'm an Angsy b[BLEEP]ch...I have to leave

[20:02] <Mango-chan> Now I'll stop.

[20:02] <Senshi Guardian> Were are you going?

[20:02] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying, stay here, I need you in the room!

[20:02] * Solarchos nods at Shaldra and continues to treat Dante's burns.

[20:02] <Senshi Guardian> >.< Don't listen to them!

[20:03] <-YingGirl> off the tail

[20:03] <Solarchos> Mango - ^_^..V

[20:03] <Shaldra Darkness> I'm not letting you out till I finish what I need to do!!

[20:03] <-YingGirl> ...Why?

[20:03] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Be quiet and listen to what Shaldra's got to say.

[20:03] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[20:04] <Senshi Guardian> There just trying to judge when they shouldn't

[20:04] <Shaldra Darkness> You were in the room when all this happened, it's very obvious that this is happening around you!

[20:04] * Solarchos runs to the kitchen and grabs a bunch of ice-packs from the fridge. "Applying ice immediately to a burn victim can help reduce the severity of burns."

[20:04] <-YingGirl> ....Shaldra, I'm a bad omen.

[20:04] * Mango-chan is away: Busy! Busy! Busy!

[20:05] <-YingGirl> Same thing always happened during my travels, others get hurt

[20:05] <Shaldra Darkness> I'm not blaiming anything on you, but think. The Garnet Orb is gone, you needed that to get to the past so you could remove that mark. Something happened to Dante. Clue in.

[20:06] <-YingGirl> Now, get off the tail...cause apparently, I don't belong here

[20:06] <Solarchos> OOC - ( Hopefully, I can stay on for a little bit, but things are kinda tenuous at home right now. I'm starting to catch flak from my mom because I'm paying more attention to moving than anything else."

[20:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Someone is trying to hurt the ones around you, and possibly kill you! We can stop this, but I need your trust... and your help...

[20:06] <Senshi Guardian> if you didn't belong here, why is everyone helping you?

[20:07] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Things are happening because those ba[BLEEP]rds WANT you to fail. We *don't* want you to fail.

[20:07] <-YingGirl> .....You'll only get yourself hurt and killed.

[20:07] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying, you're my friend... I don't give up on friends. Even in the most dangerous times.

[20:08] * Solarchos examines Dante's burns, trying to figure out how bad they are ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd degree? ) and how extensive they are...

[20:08] <Senshi Guardian> I told you, I'd fight by your side anytime, I still beleave that.

[20:08] <-YingGirl> ....I tend to have no friends

[20:08] <Yaijinden> Oooh, are we having a "Talk Up Ying" day today?

[20:08] * DvlmayCry does not know what degree magic induced burns are

[20:08] <-YingGirl> ...Mike, and you'll loose your powers cause of that.

[20:09] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Everyone here, including me, cares quite a bit about you. We're not about to let you face this alone.

[20:09] <Shaldra Darkness> Well, like it or not, you have friends here. Just trust me on this, alright?

[20:09] <starcat> Hello, Yai.

[20:09] <-YingGirl> ......And friends to nbackstab me in the back

[20:09] <Senshi Guardian> a friend comes before power anyday, especialy when there in pain.

[20:09] <starcat> None of us here would do that to you.

[20:10] * Solarchos bad sunburn, blistering, or charring? Magical burns tend to be about as bad as regular fire.

[20:10] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa, I think of you as one of my best friends, I don't like seeing you in pain like this.

[20:10] <Yaijinden> Hi star. You people continue to astound me with your stubbornness!

[20:10] * -YingGirl uses her watch to teleport herself out of Shaldra's grasp

[20:10] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Since when have any of us ever back-stabbed you?

[20:11] <Solarchos> Yaijinden - Who's stubborn? Us or Yinggirl?

[20:11] <@Ikari Shinji> Yaijin! I need you!

[20:11] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (The Sign of the Chatbox says No Angsty Whinny Super Heriones Wannbes" Guess what? I'm that!)

[20:11] <@Ikari Shinji> Get on AOL, please!

[20:11] * Shaldra Darkness smirks... and holds just enough cloth from Yings fuku to work. "May not be Ying, but it'll probably work."

[20:11] <starcat> is astounded!

[20:11] * Solarchos shakes his head as Yinggirl disappears. "That girl..."

[20:11] <Yaijinden> Everyone. Her for insisting she wants to be lonely, and your collective selves for refusing to let her do that.

[20:12] <starcat> Hehe, I know that I'm stubborn. ^_^ I'm proud of it!

[20:12] * Senshi Guardian sighs sadly

[20:12] * starcat cannot remember what "Thank God it's Friday" is in French. O_o;

[20:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Would you prefer I be an evil brat then a stubborn friend?

[20:12] <starcat> Dieu merci, c'est Vendredi. That's it.

[20:13] * Senshi Guardian truely HATES the Angst Alert sign

[20:13] <Yaijinden> To have a preference would mean I would need an opinion on the matter other than amused indifference.

[20:13] <Solarchos> Yaijinden - The Dark Angels are famous for being stubborn. Heh!

[20:13] <starcat> remains aloof!

[20:13] * Shaldra Darkness can very easily become an evil brat.

[20:14] * DvlmayCry lays there

[20:14] <Yaijinden> Hey, go with what works. I do!

[20:14] <Solarchos> All right, Dante seems to have 1st and 2nd degree burns over much of his body. Unless he can regenerate, he's going to be hurting for a while.

[20:14] <Yaijinden> I recommend cardiectomy. It works wonders!

[20:14] * TimeGal lays on a sofa, asleep and drained from being turned to stone, the kids laying next to her hugging onto her.

[20:14] <starcat> XD

[20:15] <Solarchos> I *do* have a couple of things that might help out.

[20:15] * Shaldra Darkness goes back to rummaging through her bag, the piece of cloth from Yings fuku in one hand...

[20:15] * Senshi Guardian collases to a sitting position

[20:16] <Solarchos> Yaijinden - NO REMOVING OF HEARTS, PLEASE!! Jeez, did you used to work for the WItches 5 or something?

[20:16] <Yaijinden> Stimpacks! Stimpacks! Supastims!

[20:16] <Yaijinden> I'm just terribly amused by the idea.

[20:16] <starcat> Solar: I wouldn't put it past him.

[20:16] * Solarchos reaches into his trauma kit and removes several bundles of what looks like dried plant matter.

[20:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Stupid magical artifacts... I was sure it was in this bag...

[20:17] <Yaijinden> Ooh, are we basting him for later consumption?

[20:17] <Yaijinden> Eleven herbs and spices, baby!

[20:17] <starcat> :9

[20:18] * Shaldra Darkness puts well over a dozen metalic bracelets down beside her, yes, all magical...

[20:18] <Solarchos> Back on Necromunda there's a type of fungus called "stinger mold". It has some very impressive healing properties, but only *after* it starts forming spines and *before* it bursts open spreading more spores.

[20:19] <Shaldra Darkness> Those will protect from magical effects of any sort... but that is STILL not what I want!!

[20:19] <Yaijinden> Sticky!

[20:19] <Solarchos> If you get caught in the burst radius of a patch of Stinger Mold when it goes to spore...well, does the plant Poison Ivy sound familiar?

[20:20] * Senshi Guardian is trying not to lose his mind

[20:20] <starcat> Hehe, spore. XD

[20:20] * Yaijinden glues himself to one of the sofas

[20:20] <Solarchos> Starcat - Hey! I guess Chibiusa has relatives on Necromunda!

[20:20] <starcat> XD

[20:21] * Senshi Guardian ooc: gonna start on those Snake Sprites soon

[20:21] * starcat glues a plastic spork to Yai's forehead

[20:21] * Solarchos only has three ( 3 ) stinger mold patches. "Oh well..." Applies *all three* to Dante.

[20:21] * Shaldra Darkness hits herself in the forhead. "God Dammit! I must have left the blasted tracker back on Expel!"

[20:22] * Yaijinden crosses his eyes to regard the spork

[20:22] * Shaldra Darkness ignores a Typo Demon... ><

[20:22] <Yaijinden> Well, isn't THIS a sticky situation!

[20:22] * Solarchos goes over and starts examining Setsuna. "Now, what happened to her?"

[20:22] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Something that WON'T happen to anyone else here, if I have ANYTHING to say about it!

[20:23] * starcat hands Yaijinden a pot of honey and maple syrup mixed together "Pour this around, and then it'll be REALLY sticky. XD"

[20:23] * Morrigan teleports in and slaps a sticky-note to Yaijinden's forehead.

[20:23] * Shaldra Darkness points to the bracelets. "If you don't want to be effected by ANY of this evil magic, I sujest you grab one of these and put it on!"

[20:23] * TimeGal is in a deep sleep recovering her energy that was lost after being turned to stone, slighty trama from forcefully being seperated from her tailsman, The Garnet Orb.

[20:23] * Morrigan is away: "Hee-hee!"

[20:24] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Not a bad idea. *Puts on one of the bracelets*

[20:24] * Shaldra Darkness is low on magcial energy, so is kind'a crabby!

[20:25] * Yaijinden uses his free hand to dump the pot on himself

[20:25] * Shaldra Darkness kicks a Typo Demon and makes it splat against the wall

[20:25] <Yaijinden> Now the fire ants CAN'T resist me!

[20:25] <Senshi Guardian> ........

[20:25] * Solarchos examines Setsuna. "Hmm...shock, exhaustion, and magical backlash. There's no other physical damage so the best thing for her is to rest right now."

[20:25] <starcat> XD

[20:26] * starcat enjoys encouraging Yai to be weird. XD

[20:26] * Yaijinden rolls around on the couch a bit

[20:26] * Solarchos goes over to Shaldra and purrs in her ear. ^_^

[20:26] * Shaldra Darkness tosses a couple bracelets to SG. "For you, Sets, your kids, and Dante."

[20:27] * Senshi Guardian idlely catches them "........thanks"

[20:27] * Shaldra Darkness trys to relax... but would feel a lot more secure with Rena or Celine around. ><

[20:27] <Yaijinden> And I'm sickly sweet, too!

[20:27] <Yaijinden> Sugar sugar~

[20:28] <Solarchos> Starcat - Yeah, plus Yai's picking up lint and dust from all over the place, too!

[20:28] * starcat goes to get some powdered sugar for Yai

[20:28] <Shaldra Darkness> starcat, he's on one of your couches... rolling around, covered in honey...

[20:28] * starcat returns with a box of powdered sugar

[20:28] <starcat> Darkness: No, *A* sofa. It's not MINE. ^_^

[20:28] <Shaldra Darkness> Ahhh... good point.

[20:29] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Don't worry. I've seen you handle yourself in worse situations.

[20:29] * starcat says nothing more

[20:30] <Yaijinden> ...I seem to be absorbing this through osmosis...

[20:30] * Shaldra Darkness despises evil magic now, she used to use it, but now hates the stuff!

[20:30] * starcat sprinkles the sugar all over Yai

[20:30] <starcat> Cool!

[20:30] <starcat> you will soon become SugarMan! XD

[20:30] <Solarchos> How's Dante doing? Those three patches of stinger mold I used on him should be taking effect by now.

[20:31] <Yaijinden> This would be a very bad time to magically discover I'm diabetic. Eeeeeeeeeee...

[20:31] * starcat epties the box of sugar on Yai

[20:31] * Shaldra Darkness tosses a bracelet to starcat. "Just in case, you never know when magic will strike, or who."

[20:31] <Solarchos> Starcat - Are you sure that's a good idea? What if Yaijinden's hair turns pink and he starts talking as bad as Oronde?

[20:31] <starcat> *empties

[20:31] <starcat> Solar: Nah, that wouldn't happen. ^_^ NO ONE can talk as badly as Oronde does.

[20:32] * starcat puts the bracelet on "Thanks! ^_^"

[20:32] * DvlmayCry lays there

[20:32] <Solarchos> Starcat - But still, what if Yaijinden goes past some unknown threshold and transforms into the "Mate of the Spore" or something?

[20:33] <Senshi Guardian> .........

[20:33] <starcat> Then we're all doomed.

[20:33] * Solarchos examines Dante. "All right! Those burns are already starting to look better! Hopefully he'll be bck to normal in just a couple of days!"

[20:33] <Yaijinden> Besides, this is just a budding sugar high. To speak like an idiot I would also have to drink myself into stupidity!

[20:34] * Solarchos is away: "Be right back - relatives just pulled in."

[20:34] <starcat> Wheeeeee! Relativistic sugar high time! ^_^

[20:34] * starcat runs into the kitchen to get a box of Krispy Kreme donuts

[20:35] * Shaldra Darkness will give Yai a bracelet once he's done with the honey...

[20:35] * starcat returns and sits on the couch with said donuts

[20:35] * starcat eats donut #1

[20:35] * Yaijinden strays a hand over to the box

[20:35] * starcat slaps Yai's hand away, then eats donut # 2

[20:36] * starcat eats donut # 3

[20:36] * starcat eats donut # 4

[20:36] * Yaijinden settles for licking his arm

[20:36] * starcat eats donut # 5

[20:36] * starcat gives Yaijinden an odd look, then eats donut # 6

[20:36] * starcat is looking fuzzy now

[20:37] * Shaldra Darkness rolls her eyes...

[20:37] * starcat eats donut # 7

[20:37] <Yaijinden> Ferret hybrid biology!

[20:37] * Senshi Guardian contimplates blasting the donut box

[20:37] * starcat eats donut # 8 ((oh, crap, I can't remember what number I'm supposed to stop at!! ><))

[20:38] * starcat eats # 9

[20:38] <-> FZT

[20:38] * starcat is missing!

[20:38] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: FZT?

[20:39] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Sound effect used when someone disappears, or is struck by lightning.))

[20:39] <starcat> ((The sound effect made when a realtivistic state due to sugar high is made.))

[20:39] * Shaldra Darkness OOC has to know this for manga perposes.

[20:39] <starcat> *relativistic

[20:39] <Yaijinden> Where diiiiid she go?

[20:39] <starcat> ((I forgot to put an exclamation mark. T_T))

[20:40] * Senshi Guardian ooc: works on solid snake sprites for Vanessa

[20:40] <starcat> ((OOC: Everyone loves Magical Trevor, 'cause the tricks that he does are ever so clever. Look at him now, dissapearin' a cow...etc.))

[20:41] * starcat fades back in on the couch

[20:42] * starcat is semi-there

[20:42] * Senshi Guardian has the little raincloud over his head

[20:42] * Shaldra Darkness is tired... low on mana.... ugh...

[20:43] * starcat stands up and runs around the room, passing through stuff

[20:43] * starcat sticks her hand through Yai

[20:43] * starcat pulls her hand out of Yai

[20:43] * starcat becomes more solid

[20:44] * starcat has returned fully!

[20:44] * Yaijinden smears the sugar compouds back together

[20:44] <Solarchos> Starcat - The hell?

[20:45] * Shaldra Darkness trys not to collapse... but for a magical creature... being low on magical energy is bad...

[20:45] <Yaijinden> Geez, if I don't keep it a solid coat, the ants won't be completely covering me!

[20:45] <starcat> Solar: Relativistic sugar rush due to eating too many Krispy Kreme donuts in a short period of time. First invented by Greg of Real Life Comics.

[20:45] * Senshi Guardian chucks a Mana Prism at Shaldra

[20:45] <Solarchos> Starcat - Just don't do a sugar-phase-out like Quinox did that one time, okay?

[20:46] <starcat> I'd give you a link to explain how it works, but reallifecomics.com is having server errors. :/

[20:46] <starcat> Solar: That WAS a sugar-phase-out.

[20:46] * Solarchos goes over to Shaldra, wraps his arms around her, and kisses her firmly on the lips.

[20:46] <starcat> I disappeared ("phasing out").

[20:46] <Yaijinden> I'll relativistic your mom's speed!

[20:46] * Shaldra Darkness feels slightly better, but still not up to par...

[20:47] * Yaijinden doesn't really have any clue what he's talking about, though

[20:47] <Solarchos> Starcat - More like a Quinox-style hyperglucose freak-out.

[20:47] * Shaldra Darkness blinks... okay, this isn't bad. ^_^

[20:47] <starcat> Solar: I can do that too, but not with Krispy Kremes. ^_^

[20:47] <Solarchos> Shaldra - You're tired, aren't you?

[20:48] <starcat> Krispy Kreme donuts contain such a high sugar content that it affects you almost immediately, and wears off fairly soon after as well.

[20:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Just used to much energy... I guess I'm not as used to using mana as I used to be... ^_^

[20:48] <starcat> You need different sugars to get a lasting sugar rush. ^_^

[20:49] * starcat offers the last four donuts to Yai

[20:49] * Solarchos hugs Shaldra close. "Mmmm...my poor Shaldra-kun wore herself out. There's only *one* cure for that!" ^_~

[20:49] <starcat> Sorry for not letting you have any earlier, but I didn't know how many you would take.

[20:50] <Solarchos> Starcat - Are you trying to make Yaijinden explode in a sugar-meltdown?

[20:50] * Yaijinden takes one and smears it in his hair

[20:50] * Shaldra Darkness giggles "The answer to everything, eh?"

[20:50] <starcat> Solar: Uhhh...noooo. *shifty eyes*

[20:51] <Solarchos> Shaldra - How about a nice quiet night snuggled up next to your favorite Terran in a soft bed, tightly wrapped up in about two or three blankets?

[20:52] * Yaijinden then pops it in his mouth and chews

[20:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I could go for that. ^_^

[20:53] * Solarchos resumes nuzzling Shaldra. ^_^

[20:53] <Yaijinden> Oooh, the ants are coming... and they're stinging my legs!

[20:53] <Yaijinden> ...maybe this wasn't such a good idea afAUGAHSDAF

[20:53] <starcat> XD

[20:53] * Shaldra Darkness purrs lightly...

[20:53] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (time out)

[20:54] *** Yaijinden has left #suburbansenshi2 (fleeing for the pond (ANY pond))

[20:54] * starcat sprays Yaijinden all over with bug repellant

[20:54] <starcat> Eh, too late. *shrugs*

[20:54] * starcat wonders where everyone is

[20:54] <Solarchos> Starcat - Have you tried tasting Yaijinden yet?

[20:55] <starcat> Solar: No.

[20:55] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh, I'm just trying to stay in a sitting possiion.

[20:55] <Solarchos> Starcat - Maybe the Puchuu's carried everyone else away?

[20:55] * Shaldra Darkness kicks a Typo Demon.

[20:55] <starcat> He'd probably send me into a relativistic sugar rush right away. XD

[20:56] * Solarchos moves around behind Shaldra and lets her lean back against him. "How's this feel?"

[20:56] <Solarchos> Starcat - Whatever you do, do *not* suckle Yaijinden's sugar balls. XD

[20:57] * Shaldra Darkness leans back "Feels just fine..."

[20:57] * Shaldra Darkness blinks. "Do what now?!"

[20:57] <starcat> Solar: Okay, see, that was just unnecessary. ><

[20:57] * Solarchos reaches around in front of Shaldra and starts rubbing her belly in circles. ^_^

[20:58] * Shaldra Darkness can't help but puuurrrr...

[20:59] <Solarchos> Starcat - Homer Simpson once made a huge ball of caramel-coated cotten candy and Lisa and Bart starting having some.

[20:59] <starcat> Solar: Your point?

[20:59] <Shaldra Darkness> they ate his Sugar Balls...

[20:59] * Shaldra Darkness shakes her head, then goes back to purring

[21:00] <starcat> ~_~

[21:00] <Solarchos> Starcat - Homer's line was the same. "Yeah...that's it...suck on daddy's sugar ball." Laster Homer threw the thing out and got the s[BLEEP]t beaten out of him by a bear.

[21:00] <Solarchos> Later^

[21:01] <starcat> That's not what you said. ~_~

[21:01] * Solarchos pulls out the Ares Predator and *shoots* the Typo-Demon cavorting on the counter in the kitchen. "ba[BLEEP]rd!"

[21:02] <Solarchos> Shaldra and Starcat - Never mind. Feel free to thwap me.

[21:02] * Solarchos shuts up and continues stroking Shaldra.

[21:02] * starcat thwaps Solar ><

[21:03] <Senshi Guardian> back

[21:03] * Shaldra Darkness is preoccupied... puuurrrrr...

[21:03] <Senshi Guardian> ok, opinion time. ^_^

[21:03] <starcat> ?

[21:04] <Senshi Guardian> Doe it look like solid snake? --> http://senshiguardian/homestead.com/files/snaketest.bmp

[21:05] <Senshi Guardian> --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snaketest.bmp

[21:05] <starcat> I'm getting a Cannot find Server error, sorry.

[21:05] <Solarchos> SG - Is that a direct link or a paste?

[21:05] <Senshi Guardian> try the second lin ^^;

[21:05] <Senshi Guardian> *link

[21:06] <starcat> Hey, cool!

[21:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Not bad.

[21:06] <starcat> The hair's a bit tall, though.

[21:06] <Senshi Guardian> work in progress Star, thats why I'm getting input. ^_^

[21:07] <Solarchos> SG - Not bad for starters.

[21:07] <starcat> ^_^

[21:07] <Solarchos> SG - The hair looks fine for me. It wouldn't be noticable on a sprite if it was any shorter.

[21:08] <Senshi Guardian> I just shortened it by a pixel

[21:09] <Senshi Guardian> check the link again

[21:09] <starcat> better. ^_^

[21:10] <Shaldra Darkness> Yep, better. ^_^

[21:10] <Senshi Guardian> yay, I know how to do them now!! I'm going to make a good sprite sheet for Vanessa. ^_^ Vnn

[21:10] <starcat> ^_^

[21:12] <Solarchos> SG - Still looks pretty good. Vaness should be quite pleased.

[21:12] <Solarchos> OOC - ( Since I've got everyone here, I've got a question. Which is better for going on the Internet? DSL or high-speed cable? )

[21:13] <starcat> ((Cable.))

[21:13] <starcat> ((If this is everyone, we're smaller than I thought. :P))

[21:14] <Solarchos> Starcat - ;p

[21:14] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Cable, like starcat said.))

[21:14] <Senshi Guardian> ((cable))

[21:16] <Solarchos> OOC - ( The apartment can apparently be set up for high-speed cable easily, and everyone else I've asked has said the same thing. Thanks! )

[21:17] <starcat> ((You're welcome. ^_^))

[21:17] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Not a problem))

[21:17] * Solarchos continues to stroke Shaldra's tail. "I really like your new costume. You really look stylish in it."

[21:18] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Puuurrrr... it's just something I picked up on Expel. ^_^

[21:18] * Solarchos snickers a little bit, suddenly remembering Ying's newest problem with the "Snake in the Box".

[21:18] * DvlmayCry doesn't care for the snake but is out so don't mind him

[21:19] <Solarchos> Shaldra - You still look great in it. *nuzzle, nibble, nuzzle...*

[21:20] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuurrrrr....

[21:20] <Solarchos> I wonder if InuYasha will soon be able to realize his dream of having Ying...with ramen?

[21:20] * DvlmayCry can hear you Solar. ><

[21:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Over my dead body... okay... that came out way wrong...

[21:21] <Solarchos> Dante - Personally, I hope you win that contest, but I think you may have your work cut out for you.

[21:22] * DvlmayCry would also like to thanks solar for royaly f[BLEEP]king vanessa head up with that comparison to the usagi a week or so ago.....It's still messing with her!

[21:22] * Shaldra Darkness really doesn't want to do the last resort...

[21:22] <Solarchos> First we need to take care of these new enemies attacking her. And what was up with that Chaos Marine actually helping her?

[21:23] * -YingGirl has returned...washing dishes

[21:23] <Solarchos> .......

[21:23] <Shaldra Darkness> But I guess I'll do it... for Ying...

[21:23] <-YingGirl> ..........

[21:24] <Solarchos> Dante - All right...you can pay me back for that comment to Yinggirl later on.

[21:24] <-YingGirl> no.

[21:24] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Do what?

[21:24] <DvlmayCry> ooc: I got my first test sprite done, does it meet your approval? --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snaketest.bmp

[21:25] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Well...

[21:25] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Go ahead...

[21:25] <-YingGirl> nice costume, but the hair....looks like a top of a carrot

[21:26] <-YingGirl> keep the suit ahnd I may try fixing the head

[21:26] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - I think that's kind of the idea.

[21:26] <DvlmayCry> OOC: Gottcha, I was trying to do short and spikes like his hair in the pic I'm going from. I'll work on it

[21:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - It's a final option... but if Ying doesn't want to marry InuYasha, and noting else works... well... I have a spell that might be able to transfer that mark on her to me... then I'll give a life to get rid of it...

[21:27] <-YingGirl> ..........

[21:27] <DvlmayCry> The pic I'm going from, it has good detail for the cotsume --> http://www.lausd.k12.ca.us/Kennedy_HS/students/fall_2000/solid_snake.jpg

[21:27] * -YingGirl lowers her head.

[21:27] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I'll revive 12 hours after I'm killed... but it just feels weird....

[21:27] <DvlmayCry> *costume

[21:28] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Give your life??!! I WON'T LET YOU...wait, you said you had multiple lives, right? Would that actually work in this case?

[21:28] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I'm not sure... but as I said, it's a last resort...

[21:28] * DvlmayCry coughs comming out of his comatose state

[21:29] <Solarchos> SG - Your sprite, in comparison to that picture, looks fairly accurate.

[21:30] * Solarchos holds Shaldra tight, praying that she wouldn't have to resort to something like that.

[21:30] <starcat> ...hm...

[21:31] * Solarchos stands up and approaches Yinggirl.

[21:31] <starcat> If you guys are all done arguing, maybe we could actually DO something?

[21:31] <-YingGirl> .....She wouldn't. Cause I shall take my own life

[21:32] <DvlmayCry> you......can't.....

[21:32] <Shaldra Darkness> It's traditional, just like aluminum bats and the seventh inning grope. -Lila, Futurama

[21:32] <-YingGirl> we can't go into the past, there no way in hell we can use a dragon's balls....

[21:32] <starcat> okay, Ying: This isn't entirely your fault, but you're really not helping too much in solving the problem. I know that it's hard for you, and I'm trying to understand it a little bit, but can you show a little optimism and help us here?

[21:33] <Shaldra Darkness> The Dragon Balls..... ><

[21:33] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - A week ago I said something to you you really didn't like. I'm sorry. If it'll make you feel any better you can take a shot at me to punish me. I know you've been wanting to punch my lights out for a while now, so go ahead.

[21:33] <starcat> We can go to the past.

[21:33] <starcat> That's the thing.

[21:33] <starcat> There is ALWAYS more than one way to do something.

[21:33] <-YingGirl> .....

[21:33] <Shaldra Darkness> We have the TARDIS... if X will let us use it.

[21:34] <starcat> Not just that, but that's another option, yes.

[21:34] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - What happened to those scrolls that Chaos Marine gave you?

[21:35] <starcat> Now, would you prefer to DO something tonight, or to PLAN tonight and do it tomorrow??

[21:35] <Solarchos> Shaldra - The TARDIS is a great idea! It's perfect!

[21:35] <Shaldra Darkness> I say the plan idea is best.

[21:35] <starcat> Shaldra: Me too.

[21:35] <DvlmayCry> OOC: How about now? --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snaketest.bmp

[21:35] <-YingGirl> What scrolls?

[21:35] <Solarchos> Starcat - OOC - ( Unfortunately, I need to be heading off to bed. Gotta work tomorrow. >< )

[21:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Jumping headlong into something without knowing what you are getting into is BAD.

[21:35] <starcat> However, planning does not mean sitting here and moaning about our disadvantages.

[21:36] <starcat> It means that we have to figure out what to do and what NOT to do.

[21:36] <starcat> ((Okay, then. Bye.))

[21:36] * DvlmayCry can change to lift side to match to right side if wanted, was going to the wavy look from the picture

[21:36] <-YingGirl> not bad, but i'll fix the hair after i've done my vergil dt sprites

[21:36] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - The two scrolls that Night Lord gave you the other day? The ones it told you would allow you to travel to your destination and back?

[21:36] <starcat> So, the verdict?

[21:37] <-YingGirl> cause it's short and shaggy

[21:37] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Okay, Solarchos. See ya.))

[21:37] <DvlmayCry> ooc: when you do, let me know, then I can use it for the rest of the sprites.

[21:37] * -YingGirl never got any scrolls

[21:37] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying - The things you got hit over the head with.

[21:37] <starcat> Ying, whether you come or not, we're going to try to do SOMETHING.

[21:37] <Solarchos> Everyone - Unfortunately, I've gotta go. Dammit. >_<;

[21:37] <-YingGirl> It's good.....you can do the rest of the sprites

[21:37] <Shaldra Darkness> If Ying doesn't go, I'll take the mark and we can work from there!

[21:38] <DvlmayCry> I...We....can't let you...die.....

[21:38] <starcat> Bye, Solar.

[21:38] <-YingGirl> the suit is perfect.

[21:38] <DvlmayCry> ooc: alright, I'm working on the next one right now

[21:38] <starcat> Shaldra: That works.

[21:38] * Shaldra Darkness has nine lives, losing one ain't that bad.

[21:38] <DvlmayCry> ooc: Thanks. ^_^

[21:38] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Will you be coming with me, or should I just have your bed waiting for you, love? ^_~

[21:38] <starcat> Actually, if we got the fang-thingy to get it unblessed or whatever, we could work from there.

[21:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Heh, I think I'll escape now. Mew can come in and talk, she's better at plans then I'll ever be. ^_^

[21:39] *** -Night Lord Marine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:39] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -Night Lord Marine

[21:39] * -Night Lord Marine throws the two temporal teleportation scrolls at Ying's feet.

[21:39] <starcat> Wonderful. Tacticians are needed. ><

[21:40] <starcat> Actually...

[21:40] *** -Night Lord Marine has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Stupid humans!!!")

[21:40] <starcat> scratch that. ><

[21:40] <starcat> I'm going to go now, too.

[21:40] <starcat> Bye, everyone.

[21:40] <Solarchos> WHO THE f[BLEEP]k WAS *THAT*???!!!

[21:40] <Shaldra Darkness> Yep, I'm out. See ya!

[21:40] <starcat> I should be back later...

[21:41] <Solarchos> Starcat - Good night.

[21:41] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Leaving, leaving, leaving.")

[21:41] <Shaldra Darkness> Random Night Lord Marines? Wow...

[21:41] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Let's go. It's snuggle-time, love! ^_^

[21:42] <-YingGirl> ..........

[21:42] * -YingGirl knows no marine

[21:42] *** Solarchos has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Nuzzle-nuzzle, snuggle-snuggle...the perfect end fora winter night! ^_~ ")

[21:42] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Mind if I lean on you? Still kind'a tired...

[21:43] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (Heh, Solar-kun is nice and warm. ^_~)

[21:43] * Solarchos would happily *carry* Shaldra-kun, if necessary. ^_^

[21:43] <DvlmayCry> what are those scroll things?

[21:44] *** Mew has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mew

[21:44] <Mew> They'll bring you to the past, duh!

[21:47] * -YingGirl goes sits in the corner. Doesn't know what Solor was talking about

[21:48] <DvlmayCry> Those pieces of paper?

[21:48] * Mew rolls her eyes "If you won't use em, I'll take them!!"

[21:48] <Mew> They're magic...

[21:49] * DvlmayCry would go to them, but is still to banged up to walk

[21:50] <-YingGirl> ........It wouldn't work on me

[21:50] * Mew grabs the scrolls. "Maybe I should hold onto them, like the *last* pair..." ><

[21:50] <-YingGirl> go...take them.

[21:51] * -YingGirl stares at the floor

[21:52] <DvlmayCry> The crimson stones?

[21:53] * Mew takes the scrolls. "If you don't wanna get rid of those marks, then Shal-chan will take that mark to get rid of herself!"

[21:53] * DvlmayCry hates not being adle to get up >.<

[21:53] <DvlmayCry> *able

[21:53] <DvlmayCry> Mew wait.......just in case...

[21:54] <Mew> What?

[21:55] <DvlmayCry> don't take them......

[21:55] <-YingGirl> ............

[21:55] <Mew> Fine, I'll keep the other pair then.

[21:56] * Mew tosses the scrolls to Dante.

[21:58] <Mew> If this isn't fixed by Monday, Shal-chan WILL take the mark and get rid of it.

[21:59] *** Kakyuu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:59] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kakyuu

[22:00] * Kakyuu grins "Hello!"

[22:00] * DvlmayCry the scrolls land on Dante's chest, he reaches up and slowly pockets them in his coat

[22:00] * Mew is kind'a pissed today.

[22:00] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa.....are you...alright?

[22:01] * -YingGirl lowers her head.

[22:01] <-YingGirl> ....it's all my fault

[22:01] <-YingGirl> EVERYTHING is my fault

[22:02] * Kakyuu uses a levitation spell to hang mistletoe above Ying's head "Well Dante, since Vanessa's standing under the mistletoe you should follow the tradition!" got revenge on Seiya by hanging mistletoe in her doorway

[22:03] <Mew> Not it's not, Ying. You're just unlucky. A lot of people are...

[22:03] * Senshi Guardian wakes up, sleeping against the sofa Setsuna and the kids are on

[22:04] * Senshi Guardian rubs his eye's "I heard yelling"

[22:04] <Mew> Welcome back to the land of the living, SG.

[22:05] <Senshi Guardian> Hey Mew, Vanessa, I see you came too Dante

[22:05] <Mew> Not surprising, Ying's blaiming everything on herself and won't let a single person help her...

[22:06] * -YingGirl stares at the floor

[22:07] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa, This isn't your fault, you didn't perosnaly cause any of this, others did

[22:08] <Mew> Shaldra is starting to get fed up, so she's gonna take some of the pain of Yings shoulders by takeing the mark... Ying seems reluctant.

[22:09] <Mew> Though, like Shaldra is, she never does express her feelings in public.

[22:09] <Senshi Guardian> I've heard

[22:09] <-YingGirl> ........

[22:10] * Kakyuu levitates a sprig of mistletoe above the TARDIS so Minako doesn't have to

[22:10] * -YingGirl she gets up and leaves

[22:10] * -YingGirl starts heading towards the exit....

[22:11] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (No one needs to worry about me or this mark any longer....)

[22:11] * Mew isn't gonna stop Ying.

[22:12] * Senshi Guardian slings Dante over his shoulder & goes after Vanessa

[22:12] <Mew> Heh, it's her choice...

[22:12] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (a desperate task)

[22:12] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (hey watch how your slinging me around, and RUN FASTER!)

[22:13] <TimeGal> .........uh.....

[22:13] <Mew> Hey, Sets. You doing alright?

[22:13] <TimeGal> I think so Mew-san...........

[22:15] <Mew> You just rest, magic can be really hard to recover from, sometimes.

[22:15] <TimeGal> I remember what happened.........

[22:16] <Mew> You do? Can you explain?

[22:16] * TimeGal looks down and see's Yamato and Motoko curled up, there heads laying on the stomach, both sound asleep

[22:17] * Mew is trying to piece together this puzzle that is Yings problem.

[22:17] <TimeGal> I saw....Virgil and a Black Carbunkle, I henshined when they attacked me, but the Black Carbunkle cast that spell on me....last thing I saw before now as Virgil ripping the Garnet Orb off my Time Staff.....

[22:18] * TimeGal weakly smiles and put her arms around her future kids.

[22:19] <Mew> Okay, we have two perps... but there was more then just two I smelled when I entered the house...

[22:20] <Mew> One didn't even smell right for a human... it kind'a made me sick...

[22:20] * Kakyuu brings over a couple of spare blankets for Yamato, Motoko, and Setsuna. "Here Set-chan. A blanket for Yamato, Motoko, and you." smiles

[22:21] <TimeGal> Thanks Kakyuu-san :)

[22:21] <TimeGal> I only saw two....but there could have been more...

[22:22] <Mew> You just rest now, we'll figure this all out. ^_^

[22:23] * TimeGal covers herself and the kids with the blankets

[22:23] <TimeGal> Mike-kun and Dante went after her didn't they. I heard everyone talking for a bit before i opened my eyes

[22:24] * Mew pulls out a notebook and starts writing down some things. "Ya, they went after her."

[22:25] <TimeGal> I hope they find her before she does something......

[22:27] <Mew> Hmmm, Virgil.... a Black Carbunkle....

[22:28] <Mew> I know Walter Bernhard was after Ying for a while...

[22:28] <Mew> Then there's that freaky hooded figure...

[22:29] * Mew has cameras up all over town XP

[22:29] <TimeGal> ooc: I'm up to three. What do you think, I hope Vanessa likes them as much as the first --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snaketest.bmp

[22:29] <Mew> ((Looks great! I'm sure she'll love em. ^_^))

[22:31] <TimeGal> indeed

[22:31] <Mew> I'm gonna head out. Take care, Sets. Don't get into any trouble.

[22:31] * Mew has some work to do now... and it's not hunting her newest bounty.

[22:33] * TimeGal nods "Take care Mew-san"

[22:33] *** Mew has left #suburbansenshi2 (Remember, inform me if ANYTHING new happens, I may just be putting things together quicker then I thought...)

[22:34] * -Hooded Figure sits in a tree, holding the Garent Globe

[22:34] <-Hooded Figure> That witch will pay for stealing my role

[22:34] <S. Terra> Looks like we missed stuff

[22:35] <TuxRainbow> What witch?

[22:35] * TimeGal feels the presence of the Orb.

[22:35] <-Hooded Figure> If I can go in the past and get the Phoenix Locet before she does.... I wouldn't want her to kill herself.

[22:36] * -Hooded Figure unleashes the powers of the globe, parting

[22:36] *** -Hooded Figure has left #suburbansenshi2

[22:36] <TimeGal> Those voices.......what were they......

[22:37] * -Vanessa Alexandra is playing Metal Gear Solid on her PSOne.

[22:38] <TimeGal> History....rippling....

[22:39] * TimeGal holds her head

[22:39] * -Vanessa Alexandra freaks out her gameplay when Dante & Mike barg in....

[22:40] <Senshi Guardian> God your heavy......

[22:40] <DvlmayCry> I know you not talking...

[22:40] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa, we finaly found you.

[22:42] <-Vanessa Alexandra> Hey! HeY! I got this game! I didn't steal nothing!!!

[22:42] <DvlmayCry> Why'ed you run off like that?

[22:42] <Senshi Guardian> Nani?

[22:43] <TuxRainbow> History... this is never good

[22:43] * -Vanessa Alexandra backs away, her clothing looks like it's been worn out for a while as her hair is tied up in bandanas

[22:43] <S. Terra> Tux, we have to check, in private

[22:43] <S. Terra> What the?

[22:43] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...You know for cops, you sure do dress odd

[22:43] * S. Terra hides out of sight

[22:43] <DvlmayCry> Cops?

[22:44] <TuxRainbow> Vanessa, we are not cops.

[22:44] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa? Whats going on?

[22:44] * TuxRainbow thinks something is wrong

[22:44] <-Vanessa Alexandra> .....Then what are you doing barging in my room, rudely?

[22:44] <TuxRainbow> Set-chan? Did someone change history?

[22:45] <TuxRainbow> Your room? I thought we were in the Suburban Senshi house

[22:45] * S. Terra is checking something

[22:45] * TimeGal holds her head

[22:45] * TuxRainbow thinks that someone has altered Vanessa's history, but waits for conformation

[22:45] * -Vanessa Alexandra 's room is nothing but a large empty space...with boxes of clothes, a TV, and a matress on the floor

[22:45] <Senshi Guardian> Don't you know us?

[22:46] <TuxRainbow> Sets-chan? You ok?

[22:46] <TuxRainbow> Something is odd in the state of Time, SG

[22:46] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...Who are you, freaks?

[22:46] <DvlmayCry> Were are the summons....dad, Katrice, Aya, Enya?

[22:46] * TuxRainbow looks dumbstruck

[22:46] <-Vanessa Alexandra> .....

[22:46] * DvlmayCry is shocked

[22:46] * TuxRainbow notes that the summons are missing

[22:47] <TuxRainbow> Dante, They aren't with her

[22:47] <Senshi Guardian> Dante, I don't like this.....

[22:47] <-Vanessa Alexandra> Summons? Great...I got a bunch of cops who are D&D dorks.

[22:47] <TuxRainbow> Something is definately afoot

[22:47] * TuxRainbow looks at SG and Dante

[22:47] <TuxRainbow> I used to play D&D, but no longer

[22:47] * -Vanessa Alexandra still has some bruises on her

[22:48] <TuxRainbow> Very, very odd

[22:48] * S. Terra returns, and whispers something to Tux. She goes over to Setsuna (TimeGal) to check her

[22:48] <-Vanessa Alexandra> Who are you people? Plus you can't stay here....Grandma will freak out.

[22:48] <S. Terra> Setsuna-chan? TimeGal? Are you okay?

[22:49] <S. Terra> GRandma?

[22:49] <DvlmayCry> ...were'd those bruises come from?

[22:49] * S. Terra glances at Tux for a second

[22:49] <Senshi Guardian> Grandma?

[22:49] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...None of your dame busniess, whitey....

[22:49] <TuxRainbow> This is just wrong... I know it is

[22:49] <TimeGal> I'm trying to stabalise memories........if not we will lose of memories of Vanessa.....and were all screwed.......

[22:49] * TuxRainbow blinks

[22:50] * Kakyuu is confused "Vanessa are you feeling okay?"

[22:50] * S. Terra nods

[22:50] <S. Terra> It is as I feared... someone tampered with Time

[22:50] * S. Terra goes back to Tux

[22:51] <-Vanessa Alexandra> I'm fine, but you do realize Halloween is over

[22:51] <TuxRainbow> A simple slip, a subtle change, and all is ruined...

[22:51] <TuxRainbow> I know. This is my work uniform

[22:51] <Senshi Guardian> Not good....not good.....

[22:51] * TuxRainbow considers the options

[22:51] <TuxRainbow> Indeed, SG

[22:52] <S. Terra> We have to tell them

[22:52] <DvlmayCry> You don't remember me.....at all?

[22:52] * -Vanessa Alexandra folds her arms....looking at everyone. Has no dog ears or tail

[22:52] <S. Terra> I think not, Dante

[22:52] <S. Terra> Hmm...

[22:52] * -Vanessa Alexandra goes up to Dante, and looks at him closely.

[22:52] <S. Terra> This could be better... but...

[22:53] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ....I think...yeah. I do...

[22:53] * Senshi Guardian begins to put two and two together

[22:53] <DvlmayCry> You do?

[22:53] * TuxRainbow is now hiding and checking something. Several things, in fact

[22:53] * -Vanessa Alexandra slaps Dante HARD

[22:53] <S. Terra> Maybe we haven't lost all of her

[22:53] <Senshi Guardian> s[BLEEP]t! Someone is f[BLEEP]king with history!

[22:53] <S. Terra> ...or not

[22:53] <-Vanessa Alexandra> That's for sleeping with my sister and giving her AIDS.

[22:53] <S. Terra> No kidding, SG

[22:54] * DvlmayCry holds his face, looking a Vanessa in confusion

[22:54] <-Vanessa Alexandra> f[BLEEP]ker.

[22:54] <S. Terra> The HFIL?

[22:54] <DvlmayCry> THE f[BLEEP]k?!?!?!?!

[22:54] <-starcat pet project 2> hello.. adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[22:54] <TuxRainbow> Bad... very bad... Guys, we need to talk here

[22:54] <TuxRainbow> Silence, Oronde

[22:54] <TuxRainbow> This is bad...

[22:54] * TuxRainbow loks at Dante and SG

[22:55] <-Vanessa Alexandra> How about, getting outta here and join some loser con?

[22:55] <Senshi Guardian> Dante, It's no good, something is changing history.

[22:55] <TuxRainbow> *sighs* I have... no, we have no choice

[22:55] <DvlmayCry> but......but......

[22:55] <S. Terra> Vanessa won't understand, but the others... they will

[22:55] * S. Terra pulls out a strange device

[22:55] <Senshi Guardian> We'll regroup later...

[22:55] * -Vanessa Alexandra still don't know why these guys followed her to her room

[22:56] <S. Terra> We should go

[22:56] * Kakyuu notes we're not to feed the Oronde according to the punish image

[22:56] <S. Terra> If we knew where the Sub. Senshi house was

[22:56] <S. Terra> We know, kakyuu

[22:56] <DvlmayCry> You don't remembering being the guardian of the phoenix? Being Yinggirl, The Renegade Sailor Senshi?

[22:57] <Senshi Guardian> Dante.....

[22:57] <S. Terra> Dante, SG, look at this device. We, Tux and I have to tell you something

[22:57] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...Oh, the Sub's place is a 40 minute car ride from here

[22:57] * TuxRainbow notes what Vanessa said, and plots a course

[22:57] <-Vanessa Alexandra> .....Whitey, you f[BLEEP]ked my sister's life. I'm not letting you f[BLEEP]k mine.

[22:58] <S. Terra> SG? Dante? You listening?

[22:58] <Senshi Guardian> yeah

[22:58] * S. Terra sighs

[22:58] * DvlmayCry stares in shock

[22:58] <-Vanessa Alexandra> *rolls eyes* freaks....

[22:58] <S. Terra> Gomen. We are not only just Senshi and knight. AMongst our other jobs is to make sure Time moves smoothly.

[22:59] <S. Terra> We represent ACME TImeNet (like in Carmen Sandiego)

[22:59] * -Vanessa Alexandra snickers

[22:59] <S. Terra> The CHIEF isn't going to like this

[22:59] <TuxRainbow> He hates it what people and things change history

[23:00] * -Sailor Tempus appears at the Sub.Senshi's place "s[BLEEP]t......Time's being f[BLEEP]ked up..."

[23:00] <-Vanessa Alexandra> Uh huh...

[23:00] <TuxRainbow> ((I'm talking about the cartoon . computer game CHIEF, not Lynn THigpen, bless her soul))

[23:00] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Tempus-san

[23:00] <Senshi Guardian> (ah yes the floating yellow head))

[23:00] <S. Terra> We gathered as much.

[23:01] <S. Terra> ((One and the same))

[23:01] <S. Terra> We have met Zack and Ivy before. Player won't like this, either.

[23:01] * DvlmayCry is dispondent

[23:02] * -XioYing sits comfortably on the Ubercouch. Around her neck is the legendary Phoenix Crystal in a heart shape locket. She looks exactly like YingGirl, looks and all....except her eyes are violet

[23:02] <Senshi Guardian> So what do we do now?

[23:02] <TuxRainbow> At least, we think it isn't a Carmen plot, unless she broke out after Xadium and crew caught her.

[23:02] <-XioYing> This is the life...*giggle*

[23:02] <TuxRainbow> We have to find out when the change happened

[23:02] <-Sailor Tempus> You!

[23:02] * -Black Carbunkle looks up at her mistress.

[23:03] <TuxRainbow> And figure out the best way to undo it without more temporal damage

[23:03] <-Sailor Tempus> Your the one changing history.

[23:03] <TuxRainbow> We ahve to go to the 22nd Century to talk to the CHIEF

[23:03] <-Black Carbunkle> At least Vergil & Walter are sleeping

[23:03] <TuxRainbow> Xio? Her? Why?

[23:03] * -XioYing looks up....

[23:04] * TuxRainbow notes that this could change things...

[23:04] <-XioYing> What do you mean? I just simply fixed it....

[23:04] <-Sailor Tempus> I can not allow you to disrupt this timeline, I, Sailor Tempus, Renegade Senshi of Time, will not allow it!

[23:04] <TuxRainbow> Funny definition of "fixed"

[23:04] <S. Terra> We need to know when, Tempus.

[23:05] <-Black Carbunkle> Mistress, do you want me to deal with them?

[23:05] * -XioYing places her carbunkle aside

[23:06] <-XioYing> No....I think Sparda will

[23:06] * Senshi Guardian and Dante are at Vanessa's house while Sailor Tempus is back the the Sub.Senshi's place, Setsuna, Motoko's younger self, and Yamato are in hiding

[23:06] <-Sailor Tempus> What!

[23:07] * -XioYing gets up as she snaps her fingers. The Lengendary Dark Knight appears, yet he is dressed differently

[23:08] <-Black Carbunkle> *cover her eyes with her paws* GODDAMNIT SPARDA! WE SAID NO TO LEATHER CHAPS!!!

[23:09] * -Sailor Tempus facefaults

[23:09] <-Black Carbunkle> ARRH!!! I'M BLIND!

[23:09] <Senshi Guardian> You have to listen to us, this is not what your future was went to be Vanessa, someone is messing with your history

[23:09] * Kakyuu disappears and reappears at the Sub Sen's place "Xio! You're not the YingGirl we all know and care about!1"

[23:10] <-Sailor Tempus> No matter........I've delt with worse...

[23:10] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...And what have you been smoking?

[23:11] <-XioYing> I am. You see, the "YingGirl" had stolen the Phoenix from my family many years ago. We've been eagerly to get it back...

[23:11] <Senshi Guardian> You have to beleave me.

[23:12] <S. Terra> Curiouser and Curiouser

[23:12] <-XioYing> ....It's been centuries, but now Hitori belongs to us.

[23:12] <-Sailor Tempus> Sorry, Don't buy it. Even if so history was ment to be this way.

[23:12] <TuxRainbow> I defend Yinggirl's rght to be!

[23:12] <TuxRainbow> ^right

[23:13] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ....Sure, I believe you. I believe you're only here to get some ass

[23:13] * Senshi Guardian facefaults

[23:13] <-XioYing> Sparda, get her.

[23:14] <TuxRainbow> Excuse my cursing, but this is majorly f'ed up

[23:14] <-Sailor Tempus> Readies her Golden Time Staff.

[23:14] <S. Terra> Merde!

[23:14] * -Sailor Tempus Readies her Golden Time Staff.

[23:14] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...Now can I least go back to my game?

[23:15] * S. Terra and Tux teleport into the Sub. Senshi house

[23:15] * DvlmayCry collapses to his knees.

[23:15] * S. Terra readies her bo

[23:15] <TuxRainbow> Dante, please...

[23:15] * Senshi Guardian sighs "There's no way to convince you huh...."

[23:16] <TuxRainbow> I hate people who try to muff up time. It gets so hard to fix somedays

[23:16] * TuxRainbow is ready to defend anyone

[23:16] * -XiaYing raises her hand as she sends the girls flying via tapping into the powers of HItori

[23:16] <S. Terra> You dare change time to suit your needs! I. Sailor Terra, will not allow it.

[23:17] <S. Terra> oof

[23:17] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ....Idiots.

[23:17] <S. Terra> How do we stop her? Sh ecommands the pheonix!

[23:17] * -Sailor Tempus lands against the wall, springing off it "Temporal Shockwave!"

[23:17] * S. Terra ponders things

[23:17] * TuxRainbow watches Tempus

[23:18] * -Sailor Tempus hurls a golden colored dead scream toward Xio

[23:18] <-XioYing> ....I was the one who deserved to be YingGirl, the next chosen Guardian, but the phoenix takes her!

[23:18] * S. Terra stands up

[23:18] * -Sailor Tempus smirks "Just proves it's not ment to be yours"

[23:18] * -It's counter's by Bahamut's attack

[23:18] <S. Terra> It wasn't her choice?

[23:18] <S. Terra> Frick... we're being countered over here.

[23:19] <Senshi Guardian> some of us think that a compliment vanessa.

[23:19] <S. Terra> It isn't yours, so give all the summons back.

[23:19] * -Bahamut arrives, standing next to his master

[23:19] <-Sailor Tempus> cheecky thing ain't you.

[23:19] <S. Terra> Let see if you can counter when blinded... Terra... Rainbow... Blindness!

[23:19] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ....Buzz off, you're not getting any.

[23:20] * S. Terra sets forth a pattern of lights, trying to blind Xio

[23:20] <S. Terra> Watch and learn

[23:20] * DvlmayCry shakes, trying not the devil trigger from emotional stress

[23:20] * TuxRainbow waits for a change to try something

[23:20] * -XioYing yawns, as Carbunkle jumps up....reflecting Terra's blinding spell and letting it hit her instead

[23:21] <TuxRainbow> Dante, don't Trigger, plese, for Kami's sake... don't

[23:21] * S. Terra is blind

[23:21] <S. Terra> Can't see... *bumps into a wall*

[23:21] <-Sailor Tempus> my chance......"Worm Hole tunnel!"

[23:21] * -Bahamut swings his tail as an attack on the two sailors

[23:22] * TuxRainbow fires a few flowers at Carbunkle, ducking and running in the process

[23:22] * -Sailor Tempus grabs Dante from Vanessa's transporting him to the Sub.Senshi's place

[23:22] <S. Terra> Ow... man, I am beginning to HATE summons

[23:22] <DvlmayCry> The f[BLEEP]k?

[23:22] <-XioYing> Idiots, the one who posesses the phoenix crystal is IMMORTAL.

[23:22] * -Sailor Tempus crashes against the wall as Dante appears

[23:22] <TuxRainbow> Welcome to the fun, Dante

[23:23] <Senshi Guardian> Dante? Were'd he go?

[23:23] <TuxRainbow> So she can't die... big whoop

[23:23] <TuxRainbow> ((He's with us, SG))

[23:23] <TuxRainbow> Stand still, lousy summon

[23:23] * -XioYing floats by as Bahamut continues his attacks

[23:23] * DvlmayCry looks at Xio "Vanessa?......No......your not..........you must be......"

[23:23] <TuxRainbow> Man, remind me to never play Final Fantasy again


[23:24] <TuxRainbow> Welcome to the head of the class, Dante

[23:24] <DvlmayCry> RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[23:24] <S. Terra> Kakyuu-hime? Is that you?

[23:24] <S. Terra> Oh HFIL...

[23:24] * DvlmayCry erupts into his Demon Form

[23:25] * S. Terra would hide, but she still cannot see

[23:25] <TuxRainbow> INCOMING!

[23:25] <DvlmayCry> you............

[23:25] * -XioYing passes by Dante, shoving him into Kakyuu's attack

[23:25] <TuxRainbow> Man, she is good

[23:25] * DvlmayCry smacks the attack away

[23:26] * TuxRainbow ponders options

[23:26] <DvlmayCry> rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[23:26] <-XioYing> Of course I am. I am what Ying will never become....

[23:26] <TuxRainbow> Remind me not to piss Dante off, ever

[23:26] * Kakyuu causes all the lights to go out as she henshins into Neith

[23:26] * -An arrow flies by Xio

[23:26] * TuxRainbow won't ask

[23:27] * TuxRainbow doesn't mind darkness

[23:27] * -XioYing holds her arm, bleeding from that arrow

[23:27] * S. Terra uses her bo like a walking stick to find her way

[23:27] <-XioYing> Grrr....

[23:27] <S. Terra> Who? Who did that?

[23:27] * DvlmayCry rushes at Xio, body crackling with electricity

[23:28] <S. Terra> Devil Trigger... heh

[23:28] <TuxRainbow> Warn us next time, Neith

[23:28] <TuxRainbow> ;)

[23:28] * -A beautiful elderly woman appears. Suted in a body suit Olga may wear. She carries a crossbow, smiling

[23:29] <DvlmayCry> --> http://www.thegamingonline.com/PS2/Screenshots/Pictures/devilmaycry2_deviltrigger2.jpg

[23:29] <-Ying The Archer> ....And, you were going after my daughter?

[23:29] <TuxRainbow> Okay, pardon me for making this joke... but is this Devil May Cry or Inuyasha? *ducks*

[23:29] * Neith "DEMONIC NIGHT EMPOWERMENT!" sends a bit of her extra power to Dante so he's even more powerful

[23:30] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Elder Ying

[23:30] <TuxRainbow> Nice pic, BTW, in a demoinc sense

[23:30] <-XioYing> ...YOU!!! The legendary Archer....the one that the constellations are made from....

[23:30] <-Sailor Tempus> ........Time shall beging the right itself..

[23:30] * S. Terra readjusts to the darkness. She uses the bo now to create a small bit of light to see by

[23:31] <S. Terra> I forgot how long that lasted... Stupid me

[23:31] * -Ying The Archer uses her magic and slams XioYing into the ground.....

[23:31] * DvlmayCry spins around, stopping in his tracks, looking at the archer

[23:32] <S. Terra> Yes, it's another Ying, Dante, an older one

[23:32] * S. Terra sits down

[23:32] * Senshi Guardian is seeing all this through remote telepathy

[23:32] * -XioYing screeches as she slams into the ground. the Garent Globe goes flying as everything reverts to normal

[23:32] <DvlmayCry> rrrrr........

[23:32] * TuxRainbow wonders how he's going to write THIS up

[23:33] * -Sailor Tempus grabs the Garnet Orb

[23:33] * TuxRainbow makes a play for the globe, trying to catch it

[23:33] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:33] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[23:33] <-Sailor Tempus> I think Mom needs this back

[23:33] <Sailor Quinox> what's going on?

[23:33] <-Ying the Archer> CELESTIAL SURROUND....SEAL!!!!

[23:33] <TuxRainbow> (slow-mo) Quinox... look... out...

[23:33] <-Sailor Tempus> It's along story Aunt Matsumi

[23:33] <TuxRainbow> I got it... I got it...

[23:34] * TuxRainbow cathces the orb, and rolls over in the process

[23:34] <Sailor Quinox> hmmm?.....*is surronded by her crystal's power*

[23:34] <TuxRainbow> ^er Catches

[23:34] * -XioYing is strapped down, via binding ropes....

[23:34] * -Sailor Tempus goes over to the hidden area Setsuna, Yamato, and her younger self are at, and hands her mother the orb "Here you go mom...take care. I must be off, my work is never done"

[23:34] * TuxRainbow ands the orb to Tempus... "That was close"

[23:34] <-XioYing> GODDAMN IT YINGY!!!

[23:34] <Sailor Quinox> wow...time feels different...

[23:34] <TuxRainbow> er hands

[23:35] <TuxRainbow> Indeed it does

[23:35] * Sailor Quinox starts to glow "what the?"

[23:35] * -Ying The Archer pulls out from her satchel a box....

[23:35] <-Sailor Tempus> I will stay till this ressolves

[23:35] <TuxRainbow> Um, Matsumi?

[23:35] *** Seijiro Debido has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:35] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Seijiro Debido

[23:35] * TuxRainbow wathes the elder Ying

[23:35] <-Ying The Archer> In you go, alone with the other temperal demons

[23:36] * Sailor Quinox is now known as Hyper S.Q.

[23:36] <DvlmayCry> rrr.....my...mind....is returning......

[23:36] * Seijiro Debido pokes his head in.* Hey all, do any of the Outers happen to be here?

[23:36] * -Ying The Archer opens the box....

[23:36] <TuxRainbow> hey Debido

[23:36] * -Hyper S.Q. is now known as Hyper S.Q. 2

[23:36] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> I'm here, Seijiro!

[23:36] * DvlmayCry is still in Devil Triggered form though

[23:36] * TuxRainbow is not sure

[23:37] <-Sailor Tempus> I'm a pseudo outer, Michael and Setsuna are my parents ^_^

[23:37] * TuxRainbow has never seen Htper Q2 before...

[23:37] <TuxRainbow> dang typos ;)

[23:37] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 unleashes her energy wings

[23:37] <TuxRainbow> Cool

[23:37] <S. Terra> Indeed

[23:37] * -Sailor Tempus has long brown hair in setsuna's style wearing a black and Gold Fuku, with a golde version of the time staff.

[23:37] * -The last thing people hear is a horrid screeching sound as XioYing is sucked into the box. The long haired archer seals the box shut. The phoenic crystal and the crimson stone that are in a heart shape locket lie on the floor

[23:38] <Seijiro Debido> I meant any one of Saturn-Pluto, Q.

[23:38] <S. Terra> Figured as much, Tempus

[23:38] * -Ying The Archer sighs

[23:38] <S. Terra> I guess this is Ying's brooch... thanks, Elder Ying

[23:38] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> wait...I count as an outer, Seijiro-san.....

[23:38] <-Ying The Archer> ....My, my, Caramel must had failed on watching this box.

[23:38] <S. Terra> I hope that Time can heal itself

[23:39] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 grabs Seijiro by the collar

[23:39] <S. Terra> Caramel? Who or what is that?

[23:39] * DvlmayCry looks at the archer "You....look so familiar"

[23:39] <-Ying The Archer> ...Oh it will.

[23:39] <TuxRainbow> Vanessa must get that brooch back

[23:39] <-Sailor Tempus> I'll clean up this mess Aunt Terra, It's my job.

[23:39] <TuxRainbow> Okay

[23:39] <Seijiro Debido> Hmm, this is a pickle then since they're in this fic series (before they awaken as Outers except for Pluto) and I need their opinions to make sure they're not too OOC

[23:40] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> oh...hi, older Matoko-chan

[23:40] <S. Terra> .me nods

[23:40] <S. Terra> gah

[23:40] <-Sailor Tempus> Hello Younger Aunt Matsumi. ^_^

[23:40] * S. Terra blushes

[23:40] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> ...oh...then this was defitnetly before I awoke....well...next time...don't just say outer senshi...alright?

[23:41] <S. Terra> I wonder if Vanessa will take it back

[23:41] <-Ying The Archer> Caramel is my kitten....she guards those who will be forever sealed in Pandora's box

[23:41] * Seijiro Debido sweatdrops...

[23:41] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 lets go of Seijiro-san...but kinda tosses him in the process

[23:41] * Senshi Guardian is still at Vanessa's seeing all this through remote telepathy

[23:41] *** Seijiro Debido has left #suburbansenshi2

[23:41] <-Ying The Archer> ...She will. Hitori is her only friend.

[23:41] <S. Terra> *mutters* ALl the evils in the world... but one good was left behind...

[23:42] * DvlmayCry lands near the Archer, returning to human form.

[23:42] <TuxRainbow> That is one big job for one so small

[23:42] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 lowers her firey wings

[23:42] <-Ying The Archer> Now I guess I have to punish my kitty for not doing her job.

[23:42] * Neith walks over to the Archer

[23:42] <TuxRainbow> Indeed

[23:42] <DvlmayCry> How are you anyway?

[23:43] * -Ying The Archer looks at Dante

[23:43] <TuxRainbow> (to Terra) They shall not forget, not Dante, not SG... Our fate is theirs

[23:43] <S. Terra> It oes not matter. They needed to know... all of them.

[23:43] <S. Terra> ^does

[23:44] <-Ying The Archer> ...Fine, isn't easy traviling to other world, in other galaxies....

[23:44] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> what are you two talking about???

[23:44] <Mango-chan>

[23:44] <-Ying The Archer> ...Never a break for once.

[23:44] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 has senstive hearing

[23:44] <DvlmayCry> Your her mother aren't you

[23:44] <-Ying The Archer> .....

[23:46] <-Ying The Archer> She....wouldn't want to see me anyways. Besides, Selenity took my kid away...in hopes to form a powerful protector of her kingdom...

[23:46] * DvlmayCry depite popular opinion, he's not as dumb as he lets on

[23:46] <DvlmayCry> She's always wanted to know her parents though...

[23:47] <-Ying The Archer> Alessa knows the truth. And she acted more like the mother Vaness will ever have....

[23:47] <S. Terra> A more powerful protector? Ying?

[23:47] <-Ying The Archer> ...it's best she never met me.

[23:48] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 starts to get dizzy

[23:48] <-Ying The Archer> ...Yes. I couldn't stop that b[BLEEP]ch and her guards.

[23:48] <DvlmayCry> I bet she'd still like to see you though,

[23:48] <-Ying The Archer> I better be going....

[23:48] <Neith> Wait, Vanessa really wants to meet you. It's best if she did meet you. You'd both be happier.

[23:49] * Neith is now known as Kakyuu

[23:49] * -Ying The Archer questily leaves, fadining into nothingness as she carries the box.

[23:49] <DvlmayCry> .............I hope one day you change your mind.

[23:49] * Kakyuu sighs

[23:50] *** -Ying The Archer has left #suburbansenshi2 (....I'm sorry, my child doesn't know me. Taken away from me when she was a babe....)

[23:50] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 faints

[23:50] <DvlmayCry> I hate Selenity.......

[23:51] * -Vanessa Alexandra is confused. OOC: Screw the DT Vergil. I f[BLEEP]ked up in the head....

[23:51] <S. Terra> I can see why

[23:51] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan?!

[23:51] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: I've got a sprite of Snake with a gun done!

[23:52] * -Vanessa Alexandra wags her ears, wonder why she was going to do....as she holds a razor blade in one hand, sitting on the floor in her room

[23:52] <Senshi Guardian> History will soon be corrected.

[23:52] <Kakyuu> Ah, so you hate the b[BLEEP]ch too Dante? Good! Then you can help me paint a giant "shi" kanji on the wall!

[23:52] <S. Terra> We can see that

[23:52] <Kakyuu> ^on the wall of Spore's room!

[23:52] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa? VANESSA!

[23:52] <-Vanessa Alexandra> her tail^

[23:53] * TuxRainbow chuckles We have Selenity haters in the house. THis is fun

[23:53] * Senshi Guardian has been at Vanessa the entire time of the battle

[23:53] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 reverts to normal

[23:53] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 is now known as Sailor Quinox

[23:53] <TuxRainbow> It is odd that time is fast to fix and faster to change

[23:53] <-Sailor Tempus> I'll take care of Aunt Matsumi till you get here dad!

[23:53] * Sailor Quinox is out like a light

[23:53] * -Vanessa Alexandra doesn't have her locket on her neck. Only has the red mark

[23:53] <TuxRainbow> Matsumi?

[23:53] <Senshi Guardian> Stop!!!

[23:54] * TuxRainbow sees th elocket at the Sub. Senshi House. It is Ying's locket

[23:54] * -Vanessa Alexandra drops the razor blade

[23:54] * DvlmayCry picks up the locket "This belongs to Vanessa"

[23:54] <TuxRainbow> not my day :)

[23:54] <TuxRainbow> We know. Give it to her, Dante... as a gift

[23:55] <S. Terra> *sighs*

[23:55] * DvlmayCry nods heading out the door for his bike

[23:55] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ......If I die.....then Shaldra wouldn't kill herself

[23:55] * S. Terra wonders if Ying will be the one to one day stop the Spore

[23:55] <-Sailor Tempus> Dad will be here as quick as he can Aunt Matsumi, hold on.

[23:55] <S. Terra> And we back to when we were

[23:55] <Senshi Guardian> But you dieing is just as bad,

[23:56] <TuxRainbow> That was fun

[23:56] * Sailor Quinox has passed out

[23:56] <TuxRainbow> Matsumi?

[23:56] <-Vanessa Alexandra> .....I can't live with the Inu. and I don't want others to take their lives for me

[23:56] * S. Terra whispers something to Tux

[23:56] * Kakyuu activates a spell star and presses it into Matsumi's hand "Star Revival!"

[23:57] <Senshi Guardian> Well theres alot of people who don't want you to take yours either.

[23:57] * S. Terra can count a few people

[23:57] * DvlmayCry pulls up outside Vanessa's house, it looks like it used to again.

[23:57] * Sailor Quinox is still out..just used too much energy

[23:57] * TuxRainbow would add his name to the list, if Ying didn't burn him earlier

[23:57] <-Sailor Tempus> Dad will be here soon.

[23:57] <TuxRainbow> Figures

[23:58] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ....We still have one day, can we actually find who we're looking for in time?

[23:58] * TuxRainbow mutters "24 hours... so little time"

[23:58] <Senshi guardian> Set-chan has the orb back, we can converse time once more, I'm sure we can.

[23:58] *** TuxRainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (Even Time cannot stop for those who do not try everything. Good luck, Ying... Vanessa)

[23:58] <Senshi guardian> If anthing I've learned faith is powerfull, I have faith in us, in you.

[23:59] * DvlmayCry walks through the door "and so do I"

[23:59] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ooc: you should have Snake kneeling or on his knees since he'll be in a box

[23:59] <S. Terra> We all have faith in each other. I know that you all can beat this

[23:59] <S. Terra> heh

[23:59] * -Sailor Tempus will lend a hand, Time is also her specialty, runs in the family. ^o~

[23:59] <-Vanessa Alexandra> .........i have no faith

[00:00] *** S. Terra has left #suburbansenshi2 (HT elight shines on those who try. Even in failure, there will always be Light.)

[00:00] <-Sailor Tempus> ooc: I'll get those bases too then. ^^ Vnn

[00:01] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, I do, i have faith in you.

[00:02] <-Vanessa Alexandra> .......

[00:02] * Kakyuu "Star energize!" presses a green star spell card into Matsumi's hand to give her some energy

[00:02] <DvlmayCry> and...I beleave this is yours....*takes the Phoenix Crystal Locket out of his pocket and presents it to Vanessa*

[00:03] * -Vanessa Alexandra blushes a little....

[00:03] <-Vanessa Alexandra> rrr....

[00:04] * -Vanessa Alexandra grabs her locket and quickly snaps it back on

[00:04] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...thanks

[00:05] <Senshi Guardian> I need to get back to the house, but Vanessa, we'll be there for you, whenever you needs us.

[00:05] <DvlmayCry> No problem, Now I've given you two hearts.

[00:05] * Sailor Quinox 's eyes twitch

[00:06] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ...!!!!

[00:06] * Sailor Quinox opens her eyes weakly

[00:07] * Senshi Guardian remote telelports

[00:07] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan? Are you ok?

[00:07] <Sailor Quinox> wha? huh?

[00:07] <Sailor Quinox> who's there?

[00:07] * DvlmayCry smiles

[00:08] * -Vanessa Alexandra 's face goes red

[00:09] <Senshi Guardian> It's me matsumi-chan.

[00:09] <-Vanessa Alexandra> ruff...

[00:09] <Sailor Quinox> who said that?

[00:09] <DvlmayCry> I'm glad you remember me again.

[00:09] * Sailor Quinox opens her eyes wide

[00:09] <Senshi Guardian> It's me, Mike

[00:09] <Sailor Quinox> anyone here?

[00:09] <Sailor Quinox> mike? where are you?

[00:10] * Sailor Quinox 's hand searches

[00:10] <Sailor Quinox> ((btw...are you going to be on MSN?))

[00:10] *** -Sailor Tempus has left #suburbansenshi2 (Renegade Senshi of Time, Sailor Tempus, departs with haste)

[00:10] <-Sailor Tempus> ooc: I have to go in a couple minutes sadly

[00:11] <-Vanessa Alexandra> puu....

[00:11] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan? Can you see me?

[00:11] * Sailor Quinox searches with her hands

[00:11] * Senshi Guardian lowers himself to Matsumi's hands

[00:11] <Sailor Quinox> I...I...can't see anything...

[00:11] * Sailor Quinox 's eyes are open, she touche's mike's face

[00:12] <Sailor Quinox> *touches

[00:12] * DvlmayCry looks at the razor blade "Please, don't try that again....we still have time.....ok"

[00:12] <Senshi Guardian> Omg, Matsumi-chan?

[00:12] <Sailor Quinox> I'm blind......

[00:13] <Senshi Guardian> hold still, maybe its an ocolar injury*casts curaga over Matsumi's eyes*

[00:13] <Senshi Guardian> *ocular

[00:13] * Sailor Quinox shakes her head "I still can't see"

[00:14] <Senshi Guardian> .....I...

[00:14] <Sailor Quinox> Mike...help me up...

[00:14] <Senshi Guardian> don't....know what to do.....

[00:15] * Senshi Guardian hugs Matsumi close......henshining to GA mode

[00:15] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa...?

[00:15] * Senshi Guardian begins emitting a holy aura

[00:16] <-Vanessa Alexandra> nothing.....

[00:16] <Sailor Quinox> ..................

[00:16] <Sailor Quinox> Mike....was there a time breech here?

[00:16] <-Vanessa Alexandra> but....do you wanna sleep over

[00:16] * -Vanessa Alexandra flusters

[00:17] * Senshi Guardian nods

[00:17] * DvlmayCry blushes "sure, If you want me too"

[00:18] <-Vanessa Alexandra> hai!

[00:18] <Sailor Quinox> then it may have permently damaged my retinas....or tempronery shorted out the optic nerves

[00:19] * DvlmayCry still blushes, a rarity for him

[00:19] <Senshi guardian> how long do you think it'll last, how do we fix it?

[00:20] <Sailor Quinox> if it's permentat....then we can't...

[00:20] <Senshi guardian> what if its not?

[00:21] <Sailor Quinox> ...then it will heal itself in maybe....an hour...

[00:21] <DvlmayCry> then, I'll stay here for the night, ^_^

[00:24] *** -Vanessa Alexandra has left #suburbansenshi2 (heading off to bed...heh ♡)

[00:24] <Senshi Guardian> is there anway to speed it up?

[00:24] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (♡)

[00:24] * Sailor Quinox shakes her head...

[00:25] * Senshi Guardian holds Matsumi close((I got 5 minutes :( ))

[00:26] <Sailor Quinox> don't worry....I'll be fine..hopefully....

[00:26] * Sailor Quinox holds Mike close as well

[00:27] <Senshi Guardian> I wish there was something I could do......

[00:27] <Sailor Quinox> there is what thing you can do....

[00:27] <Sailor Quinox> *one

[00:27] <Senshi Guardian> What is it?

[00:28] <Sailor Quinox> kiss me...

[00:29] <Senshi Guardian> Sure. ^_^

[00:29] * Senshi Guardian leans over and passionitly kisses Matsumi on the lips

[00:30] * Sailor Quinox blinks "mike...are you crying?"

[00:30] <Senshi Guardian> a little.........wait. YOU CAN SEE!

[00:31] * Sailor Quinox feels Mike's face

[00:31] <Sailor Quinox> ...I...I...I can see......it must have been your tears....

[00:32] * Senshi Guardian blinks and few more coming down "I'm glad......to help"

[00:32] <Sailor Quinox> Mike...don't cry...you're going to make me cry...

[00:34] * Senshi Guardian wipes his eyes "I'm sorry"

[00:34] * Sailor Quinox kisses Mike passonitly

[00:35] * Senshi Guardian kisses Matsumi back just as passonitly

[00:36] <Sailor Quinox> Mike....what happened...eailer?

[00:37] <Senshi Guardian> Someone took the Garent orb from Set-chan and tried chaning history, Vanessa's history.

[00:38] <Sailor Quinox> thank god it was fixed...

[00:38] <Senshi Guardian> yeah

[00:39] * Sailor Quinox hugs Mike tightly

[00:39] <Senshi Guardian> I sadly have to go,

[00:39] * Senshi Guardian hugs matsumi-chan back just as tight

[00:40] <Sailor Quinox> goodnight, Mike...

[00:40] * Sailor Quinox kisses him passonitly and with the tongue

[00:40] * Sailor Quinox stops kissing and smiles "sweet dreams"

[00:40] <Senshi Guardian> woah.......

[00:41] <Senshi Guardian> goodnight and sweet dreams to you aswell Matsumi-chan

[00:41] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (woah...........)

[00:42] * Senshi Guardian did return to kiss with the tonuge aswell

[00:42] <Sailor Quinox> am I alone?

[00:43] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:43] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[00:43] <Wolfwood> nope

[00:44] * Mango-chan notes that she's not alone either, but she's busy doing other things for other RPGs.

[00:44] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Wolf-san

[00:45] * Mango-chan has been in super lurk mode.

[00:45] <Wolfwood> i'm here, just trying to write this f[BLEEP]king fanfiction

[00:46] <Wolfwood> it's hard to write some of you serious, it's even harder to kill people in here off...and I won't say who

[00:46] <Sailor Quinox> alright...besides...death is never perment for us senshi....

[00:48] * Mango-chan notes that she can be very serious.

[00:48] * Sailor Quinox can be serious...

[00:48] <Sailor Io> Yes it is. If a senshi kills off another Senshi, then the senshi killed is gone forever.

[00:49] <Wolfwood> keyword is senshi, some of us are'nt

[00:49] <Sailor Io> Exactly.

[00:49] <Sailor Io> You can't exactly kill off Shinji, either.

[00:49] <Wolfwood> I pulled a serious Matrix reloaded / revolutions rip off on that note of a senshi kiling off another senshi

[00:50] * Sailor Quinox has been killed by a senshi and came back

[00:51] * Sailor Io notes that the planetary senshi are different stories, she's talking about the sattelite senshi.

[00:51] <Sailor Quinox> ohhhh....sorry

[00:51] * Sailor Io looks to Wolf, "PLEASE Tell me I kill Europa."

[00:51] <Wolfwood> if any of you feel up to helping me write, you're more than welcome too

[00:51] <Sailor Io> It's fine, Q. I don't really mind.

[00:52] * Sailor Quinox notes if she has to die...make it a decent death...

[00:52] * Sailor Io is willing to help Wolf write. She's been around long enough now.

[00:53] <Wolfwood> I promise no one a 5ux0r death

[00:53] * Sailor Quinox looks out the window....it's snowing again

[00:53] <Wolfwood> schweet, gimmie an IM Io

[00:54] * Wolfwood sighs

[00:54] <Wolfwood> I miss 'taru

[00:54] * Sailor Io watches teh snow fall.

[00:55] <Sailor Io> RainbowsRaver for AIM.

[00:55] <Sailor Quinox> .....I love snow....the way the light catches it...

[00:57] <Wolfwood> yea...

[00:57] <Sailor Quinox> *sigh*....wolf-san...come here....

[00:58] <Wolfwood> you're gonna hit me again are'nt you?

[00:58] * Wolfwood comes toward Matsumi

[00:59] * Sailor Quinox gives Wolf-san a nice friendly hug and kiss on the cheek

[01:00] <Wolfwood> ....that was entirely unexpected, but thank you...I needed that

[01:00] * Wolfwood hugs back

[01:00] <Sailor Quinox> why else do you think I did it...I know how you feel...

[01:01] <Wolfwood> i'm glad I have a friend like you Matsumi =]

[01:02] <Sailor Quinox> I'm glad I have a friend like you, Wolf-san :)

[01:02] <Wolfwood> heh

[01:03] <Wolfwood> I dunno Q, a solid week and I still can't track her down...

[01:04] * Sailor Quinox sits on the sofa

[01:04] <Sailor Quinox> have faith in yourself....

[01:05] *** Vanadine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[01:05] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Vanadine

[01:05] *** Knight Nephrite has joined #suburbansenshi2
[01:05] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Knight Nephrite

[01:06] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Van-san!! Neph-san!!

[01:08] * Wolfwood waves

[01:09] <Sailor Quinox> how's the snow for you guys?

[01:09] * Vanadine carries Nephrite, who's unconcious. They both look like they've been thru a fierce battle.

[01:09] <Sailor Quinox> WHAT'S HAPPENED???

[01:10] * Sailor Quinox rushes over and begins to heal them both

[01:10] * Vanadine lays Neph down on Tux Sofa, "I'm sorry Nephy.....I didn't mean to hurt you so badly....."

[01:10] * Vanadine cries, "It's my fault......"

[01:11] <Sailor Quinox> Van-san.......what happened?

[01:11] <Wolfwood> the hell?

[01:11] <Vanadine> Today.....was our last lesson.....Master Chang said the final test was to battle each other...."

[01:12] <Wolfwood> .....

[01:12] <Vanadine> .....we promised each other we wouldn't hold back.....and we didn't.

[01:12] <Wolfwood> does he have a pulse?

[01:12] <Sailor Quinox> .....is he alright?

[01:13] <Vanadine> He's alive....but he's hurt pretty bad....I didn't mean to do it, honest!!

[01:14] <Sailor Quinox> I know, Van-san...can you prop him up....

[01:14] <Sailor Quinox> ...I'm going to try something risky....

[01:14] * Knight Nephrite breaths shallowly, still unconcious

[01:15] * Vanadine does as Matsumi says, sitting Neph up

[01:15] * Sailor Quinox turns Hyper Mode 2

[01:15] * Sailor Quinox is now known as Hyper S.Q. 2

[01:16] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 raises her bright firey wings

[01:16] * Vanadine looks at Matsumi in awe

[01:16] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 's body burns bright white and the room is filled with a blinding light

[01:17] <Wolfwood> my eyeballs...ow

[01:17] * -the room turns bright white, as does Van-san and Neph

[01:18] <Wolfwood> >_< god damnit, i'm f[BLEEP]king blind

[01:18] * -the room goes back to normal

[01:19] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 's eyes goes to the back of her head..and she collapses

[01:19] * Wolfwood trips over the coffie table, cant f[BLEEP]king see

[01:20] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 reverts

[01:20] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 is now known as Matsumi Kaze

[01:22] * -Matsumi Kaze is passed out

[01:22] <Wolfwood> MY GOD DAMN f[BLEEP]kING EYES

[01:23] <Wolfwood> someone...I need...a....doctor..

[01:24] * Wolfwood collapses, eyes blistered over

[01:24] * Vanadine rubs her eyes, "Wow....I feel 100% better."

[01:25] * -Matsumi Kaze notes to wolf-san that the light will heal him in a couple seconds...

[01:25] * Knight Nephrite slowly comes around and opens his eyes

[01:25] * -Matsumi Kaze is sprawled on the ground

[01:26] * Wolfwood slowly begins to move

[01:27] * Wolfwood is away: suddenly I feel better, I must go do...something

[01:27] <-Matsumi Kaze> .........................

[01:27] * Sailor Io wants to pester Matsumi about something, but she's passed out, so she won't bother.

[01:28] * Knight Nephrite sits up slowly, "Oh....my head..."

[01:29] * -Matsumi Kaze is breathing slowly and hardly at all

[01:30] * Vanadine hugs Neph with tears in her eyes, "I'm so glad you're ok!!"

[01:32] * -Matsumi Kaze lays on the floor, breathing hardly at all and sweating

[01:33] * Sailor Io hunches over Matsumi.

[01:33] * Sailor Io tries to figure out what's wrong with her..

[01:34] * Vanadine hears Matsumi struggeling to breath and turns towards her, "Matsy!? No!!"

[01:35] * Knight Nephrite looks over, seeing Matsumi layed out on the floor, drops off the couch and move over to Matsumi, "What did you do....?"

[01:35] <-Matsumi Kaze> huhhh....huuuhh...hhhuuuhhh...

[01:36] <-Matsumi Kaze> ...transfer....ene..ene..energy....used.up........too much....

[01:37] <-Matsumi Kaze> huuhh...had to do it...huuhhhhh...

[01:40] * Yaijinden whips open a switchblade and tsks

[01:40] * Knight Nephrite shakes his head, "You didn't need to do that....", holds out his hand towards Vanadine, "Take my hand Vana....I'm gonna' try something."

[01:40] <Sailor Io> Yo, Yai.

[01:41] <Yaijinden> Tragedy.

[01:41] <Yaijinden> Try murder! It works for me.

[01:41] * Vanadine lightly takes hold of Neph's hand, "I hope you know what you're doing."

[01:42] <Sailor Io> Heh.

[01:42] <Sailor Io> Everything gruesome works for you, Yai.

[01:42] <Yaijinden> No, no! Murder! No trust, murder!

[01:42] <Yaijinden> I'm a gruesome kind of guy. Hee.

[01:44] * Knight Nephrite mutters an incantation, leans down and kisses matsumi on the lips, drawing energy from himself and Vana and sending it to Matsumi

[01:45] * -Matsumi Kaze suddenly goes into a seizure and goes still

[01:46] <Sailor Io> I think she's dead.

[01:47] <Yaijinden> Stab her! Stab her and make it better!

[01:47] * Knight Nephrite continues kissing Matsumi/transfering energy

[01:47] * -Matsumi Kaze is still

[01:48] <Yaijinden> stab her stab her stab her stab her stab her stab her

[01:48] * Sailor Io realizes that this is just a Sailor Moon R movie remake.

[01:48] * Vanadine concentraits, sending her energy to Matsumi thru Neph, "Please be ok..."

[01:49] <Yaijinden> teams teams teams teams teams teams teams

[01:49] * -Matsumi Kaze 's hand moves....and touches van's hand....

[01:50] <Yaijinden> teams teams teams teams teams

[01:50] * Vanadine smiles a little, realizing that's not Neph's hand

[01:50] * -Matsumi Kaze moves her other hand and embraces Neph, opening her eyes

[01:51] * -Matsumi Kaze is now known as Sailor Quinox

[01:51] <Yaijinden> boobs boobs boobs boobs

[01:51] <Sailor Io> XD @ Yai.

[01:51] * Knight Nephrite hugs Matsumi back and continues to kiss her, but stops the energy transfer.

[01:52] * Sailor Quinox stops kissing and giggles "everything alright now?"

[01:52] * Vanadine hugs them both, crying again, but out of joy now.

[01:52] * Knight Nephrite smiles, "Yes....everything is ok now."

[01:53] <Yaijinden> That's where the heart is on girls. Under the boob!

[01:53] * Sailor Quinox sets Yai's head on fire

[01:53] <Sailor Quinox> heh....hey, Van-san...hold on a sec

[01:53] * Sailor Io calls that GODMODDING!

[01:53] * Sailor Quinox gets up and goes outside briefly

[01:54] <Yaijinden> AUUUGH the sugar I coated myself in only makes it WORSE

[01:54] * Sailor Quinox notes to Io she does this to Yai all the time

[01:54] * Vanadine looks at Neph, still teary eyed, "Nephy, I'm so sorry! I didn't meant to hurt you so bad....."

[01:54] <Yaijinden> And I tolerate it because it amuses me. But only so much!

[01:55] * Sailor Quinox apologizes to yai if she went too far

[01:55] * Sailor Quinox comes back in holding something behind her back

[01:55] <Sailor Io> Heh, I'm a tad more of a b[BLEEP]ch about this though.

[01:55] * @Ikari Shinji appears infront of Quinox

[01:55] * Knight Nephrite shakes his head, "It's ok Vana. We were in a compation....you beat me straight up."

[01:55] <Yaijinden> There is copious amount of couch. It gets put out relatively quickly when you stick your head between the cushions.

[01:55] * @Ikari Shinji coughs

[01:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Teleportation, don't you love it?

[01:56] * Mango-chan delurks.

[01:57] * Furu pops in out of no where

[01:57] <Sailor Quinox> yeah....

[01:57] <Yaijinden> Oooh, did that thing you guys were doing ever take off?

[01:57] <@Ikari Shinji> I love it, too.

[01:57] <Mango-chan> Yep, Yai.

[01:57] <Sailor Quinox> hey..Van-san....

[01:57] <@Ikari Shinji> It allows me to appear wherever I'm needed.

[01:57] <Mango-chan> Indeed!

[01:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Can you teleport?

[01:58] * Vanadine looks at Matsumi, "What's up Matsy-chan?"

[01:58] <Furu> Yes, Yai. Well, part 1 of it anyway/

[01:58] * Sailor Quinox can teleport with the use of her braclet

[01:58] * Mango-chan is in the process of learning how.

[01:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice.

[01:58] * Sailor Quinox throws a snowball at Van-san

[01:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Quinox.

[01:58] * Vanadine notices Furu-chan and waves to him with a wink. "I've got something to show ya'll here in a second."

[01:58] <Furu> ..hoo boy..

[01:59] * Mango-chan can dematerialize things, but she's trying to learn how to rematerialize them.

[01:59] <Sailor Quinox> what, Shinji?

[01:59] <Yaijinden> I can teleport with the aid of dramatic irony.

[01:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Could you please stop setting Yaijin on fire?

[01:59] <Sailor Quinox> alright...

[01:59] * Vanadine is hit by a snowball and laughs. "Before I retaliate...."

[01:59] <Sailor Quinox> I will...and I'm sorry

[01:59] <Sailor Quinox> okay...

[01:59] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[01:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks for doing that. I appreciate it.

[02:00] * Knight Nephrite chuckles at Matsumi and Vana

[02:00] * Mango-chan was wondering why it was so cold, she thought it was just the metal.

[02:01] <Sailor Quinox> no, Mango..it's snowing...

[02:01] <Vanadine> Zoi's secret project. ^_~ --> http://www.geocities.com/delta_jupiter/VanaQ.png

[02:01] * Mango-chan nods.

[02:01] <Yaijinden> Boobies?!

[02:01] <@Ikari Shinji> No, Yaijin, no boobs.

[02:02] <Sailor Quinox> GAH!!

[02:02] <Sailor Io> Q. I'm going to ask you this once.

[02:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Unless you could having a hand on a boob.

[02:02] <Sailor Quinox> WHERE'D YOU GET THAT PICTURE!!

[02:02] * Furu nosebleeds

[02:02] <Sailor Io> I'm writing a story. And I'm willing to have you in it for one chapter.

[02:02] <Sailor Quinox> what, Io?

[02:02] <Yaijinden> There's the nuzzling and the groping.

[02:02] <Sailor Quinox> yes?

[02:02] * Vanadine giggles

[02:02] * - a puddle of blood seeps from beneath the couch.

[02:03] <Knight Nephrite> Oh my....

[02:03] <Sailor Quinox> Van-san.....can I talk to you a min.....

[02:04] <Vanadine> Hehe, I asked Zoi to do it for me. Wishfull thinking on my part. ^_~

[02:04] <Sailor Io> The thing is, you're going to have a small part. All the senshi are in civilian form, and you won't have the crystal.

[02:04] <Vanadine> Sure Matsy-chan

[02:04] <Sailor Quinox> alright...that's fine...

[02:04] <Yaijinden> Human transmutation!!!!!!!

[02:04] <Yaijinden> omg?

[02:05] <Sailor Quinox> um........I thought we agreed to not show that picture....

[02:05] <Sailor Io> -But- I'm going to let you have a choice for who you'd want to be.

[02:05] * Sailor Io notes that she's talking to snow.

[02:06] <Sailor Quinox> um..Io...who are you talking to?

[02:06] <Vanadine> I'm sorry Matsy-chan....It was so cute, I couldn't resist.

[02:07] <Yaijinden> That picture has girls in underwears~

[02:07] <Sailor Quinox> well...I guess it's alright...what did you do with the original photo?

[02:07] <Sailor Io> I'm talking to snow.

[02:08] <Sailor Io> Alright, I'm making you run the orphanage that Chibiusa lives at XP

[02:08] <Vanadine> It's in my room at Nephy's house

[02:08] <Sailor Quinox> heh

[02:09] * Furu has tissues stuffed up his nose now, and is thus immune

[02:09] * Sailor Quinox smirks..then hugs Van-san

[02:09] *** Sailor Io has left #suburbansenshi2

[02:09] * Vanadine huggles Matsumi back

[02:09] * Envy rolls out from beneath the sofa, and is laying in a pool of blood.

[02:10] <Sailor Quinox> so.....did walk here, Van-san?

[02:10] <Sailor Quinox> *you

[02:10] <Vanadine> No....I teleported with Nephy

[02:11] <Sailor Quinox> ah...then you didn't have to walk in the snow ^^

[02:11] * Yaijinden pokes Envy with a stick

[02:11] <Knight Nephrite> Speaking of which, I'm gonna' head home.

[02:12] <Sailor Quinox> are you okay, Neph?

[02:12] * Envy is out COLD!

[02:13] <Knight Nephrite> Yeah....I'm just very tired.

[02:14] <Sailor Quinox> alright...well..goodnight...*kisses Neph*

[02:14] <Knight Nephrite> Being beaten to within an inch of your life then being brought back, than reviving that person tends to drain one.

[02:15] * Knight Nephrite hugs and kisses Matsumi, then hugs Vana

[02:15] <Furu> Night Nephrin

[02:16] * Vanadine hugs Neph back. "I'll see you at home if you're awake when I get back."

[02:16] * Sailor Quinox quick-changes into her "pajamas"

[02:16] * Yaijinden pokes Envy in the face, giggling

[02:16] <Knight Nephrite> Ok Vana. G'night everyone!

[02:16] * Knight Nephrite teleports home

[02:17] *** Knight Nephrite has left #suburbansenshi2 (That girl packs a punch)

[02:18] <Yaijinden> Eee!

[02:18] <Vanadine> Hehe

[02:18] * Envy suddenly shifts a little.

[02:18] <Sailor Quinox> so...van-san....

[02:19] <Sailor Quinox> wanna see something cute?

[02:19] * Vanadine teleports out, then back in wearing her nightwear, "Yes Matsy-chan?"

[02:20] <Vanadine> Sure...

[02:20] * Sailor Quinox vanishes briefly and comes back...is now dressed in a black leotard with a black cat tail and fake black cat ears

[02:21] <Sailor Quinox> meow ^_^

[02:21] <Furu> ........

[02:22] * Furu twitches a little

[02:22] * Vanadine goes stary eyed, "KITTY!!!"

[02:23] * Vanadine jumps and grabs a hold of Matsumi, cuddleing her

[02:23] * Sailor Quinox purrs

[02:24] * Vanadine pets Matsumi with a smile

[02:24] * Sailor Quinox licks Van's hand and snuggles

[02:24] * Furu stares

[02:26] <Yaijinden> Lesbeens!

[02:26] * Vanadine giggles and huggles Neko-Matsumi some more

[02:26] * Sailor Quinox is not a lesbian....

[02:26] * Sailor Quinox just likes hugs

[02:26] * Sailor Quinox purrrs and meows happly

[02:27] * Vanadine is not saying what she is, so :P

[02:27] * Furu wobbles while watching

[02:27] * Sailor Quinox yawns and curls up in Van's lap

[02:28] <Furu> s...s...s...so...cute

[02:28] * Vanadine yawns

[02:29] * Sailor Quinox goes back to normal...but still lays in Van's lap for no reason :P

[02:30] * Vanadine giggles, running her hand thru Matsumi's hair

[02:31] <Sailor Quinox> heh.....you're really warm, Van-san....

[02:32] <Furu> ...

[02:33] <Vanadine> Hehe, thank you Matsy-chan.

[02:33] <Sailor Quinox> you okay, Furu?

[02:34] <Sailor Quinox> you're bleeding

[02:35] <Yaijinden> I think there's PLENTY reason.

[02:35] <Furu> ...I'm....f.i.n.e...

[02:35] * Yaijinden is inclined to quote Ep 2 Anakin for some reason

[02:36] <Vanadine> Poor little furu....can't handle seeing the two of us together. ^_~

[02:37] <Sailor Quinox> heh......

[02:37] <Yaijinden> He's sensitive about the sort of material Shinji and I are long inured to.

[02:37] <Sailor Quinox> .....snow............

[02:38] <Vanadine> I hate to do it, but I have to go.

[02:38] <Furu> ...b.y.e...V.a.n..

[02:38] * Vanadine huggles Matsumi and kisses her on the cheek

[02:39] <Sailor Quinox> alright, Van-san...goodnight..and have sweet dreams...

[02:39] * Sailor Quinox giggles and blushes

[02:40] * Yaijinden tests the sexual tension with a butterknife

[02:40] * Sailor Quinox gets up and pokes Furu

[02:40] <Furu> ........

[02:41] <Vanadine> Thank you, I sure will knowing you'll be in 'em. ^_~

[02:41] <Yaijinden> I think if you asked him to join in the cuddling his brain would pop.

[02:41] * Furu wobbles from the poke

[02:41] * Vanadine winks at Matsumi and blows a kiss to Furu before teleporing out, "Goodnight everyone!"

[02:41] <Yaijinden> Better for him that way, though, because it makes certain star won't get irritated or something!

[02:41] * Sailor Quinox blushes even more

[02:41] *** Vanadine has left #suburbansenshi2 (.....I can't believe I won!)

[02:42] * Furu nods a little

[02:42] <Yaijinden> Victory for V?!

[02:43] * Sailor Quinox is still plushing and she slaps Furu in the back

[02:44] <Sailor Quinox> *blushing

[02:44] * Furu falls flat on his face

[02:45] <Sailor Quinox> whoa!

[02:45] <Furu> >_<

[02:45] <Yaijinden> Paralysis due to arousal!

[02:46] <Yaijinden> Or not! Whatever!

[02:47] <Sailor Quinox> sorry, Furu-san......^^;;

[02:47] <Furu> ....'s.o.k.a.y

[02:48] * Furu gets back up

[02:49] <Furu> Whew

[02:49] <Yaijinden> Still, what a sight. Two girls snugging in their undies, one obviously deriving some sort of visceral pleasure from it, is never a sight to be taken lightly by any unattached male.

[02:49] <Sailor Quinox> is it my fault, Furu-san?

[02:50] <Furu> ....well...um..er....yes

[02:50] * Sailor Quinox gives furu big puppy dog eyes full of tears

[02:51] <Furu> ..I mean...no! Not at all! ^_^;

[02:51] <Yaijinden> THIS I have to hear.

[02:51] * Sailor Quinox giggles and hugs Furu

[02:53] * Furu is hugged ¬_¬

[02:53] * Yaijinden rolls his eyes

[02:53] <Yaijinden> The circle is now complete.

[02:53] * Sailor Quinox starts to give Furu the B.P.D.E.F.T.

[02:54] <Furu> ...er..

[02:54] * Furu hugs back ^_^

[02:54] * Sailor Quinox giggles and goes to sit on the sofa

[02:55] <Sailor Quinox> now to clear things up...I'm not...I repeat...not a lesibien

[02:55] * Furu sighs a little

[02:55] <Furu> Understood.

[02:56] <Yaijinden> You just like being groped.

[02:56] <Sailor Quinox> I just like hugs....that's it...

[02:56] * Sailor Quinox slams her fist into Yai's face

[02:57] <Furu> Owie

[02:57] <Sailor Quinox> shut up.....

[02:57] <Sailor Quinox> anyway..I'm leaving...goodnight everyone....

[02:58] * Yaijinden re-sets several of the bones with a resigned sigh

[02:58] <Yaijinden> There's no shame in enjoying gropes!

[02:58] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (There is but one storm and its name is Matsumi Kaze)

[02:59] <Yaijinden> Hell, gropes, snogging, more intimate touching...

[02:59] <Furu> Heh...

[02:59] <Furu> Welll, just you and me, Yai

[02:59] <Yaijinden> So it would seem, ja!

[03:00] <Yaijinden> How's things with you and star lately? Last time I looked you two were complaining about not really getting to see one another.

[03:00] <Furu> Going good. We've had some chances to spend good amounts of time together

[03:03] <Yaijinden> Marvellous! Young love is occasionally refreshing to the wizened sexless old crackpots like myself.

[03:04] <Furu> XD

[03:04] <Furu> And she discovered that...interesting talent

[03:05] <Yaijinden> How interesting is it?!

[03:05] <Furu> .........

[03:05] <Furu> very.

[03:05] * Furu nosebleeds

[03:06] <Yaijinden> Don't leave me hanging. Dish!

[03:07] <Furu> ..I dunno if she wants everyone to know

[03:08] <Furu> <.<

[03:08] <Yaijinden> You're only feeding my imagination by being vague.

[03:09] <Yaijinden> Hmm!

[03:09] <Yaijinden> !rei.bot logsize

[03:09] <@spiritflame> channel log size: 559Kb

[03:09] <Yaijinden> Then again, my imagination is a cesspool anyway.

[03:09] <Furu> Heeheh

[03:10] <Furu> I'll leave it to your imaginnation then

[03:11] <Yaijinden> Consider yourself lucky I am not Shinji! For he would have not made that tactical admission to give you a way out and instead dragged it out of you! Or simply unleashed the Urine of Justice on the carpet.

[03:12] <Furu> Oh, he knows. I think.

[03:13] <Yaijinden> Is this special talent something you can use with girls, too?

[03:13] <Furu> .......

[03:14] <Furu> Weeelll....

[03:14] <Furu> :p

[03:15] <Yaijinden> Too late! I'm already imagining such amusements as double-jointedness.

[03:16] <Furu> O_o;; Whoa now.

[03:17] <Yaijinden> ...and now I seem to be caught up in something not rated for the chatroom.

[03:17] <Yaijinden> Mmm.

[03:18] <Furu> O_O;;

[03:21] <Yaijinden> This'd make Q jealous if she wasn't already involved in it!

[03:21] <Furu> ?

[03:22] * Yaijinden taps his head, still grinning like a fool

[03:22] <Yaijinden> We're already a bad slash fic sometimes.

[03:23] <Furu> lol

[03:23] <Furu> If I had a nickle..

[03:25] <Yaijinden> The only issue is that some of the people don't have pairings! How can you have a slash orgy if someone doesn't have a partner?

[03:26] <Yaijinden> ...unless you have that person as one half of a double-team!

[03:26] <Yaijinden> I'm a genius!

[03:27] <Furu> Brilliant!

[03:27] <Furu> Damnit...now someone's going to write chatbox lemons

[03:28] <Yaijinden> Now all I need to do is read a dozen trashy romance novels to get the style down and I'm set.

[03:28] <@Ikari Shinji> So, Yaijin, you wanna defile the chatbox with me?

[03:29] <Furu> ><

[03:29] <Yaijinden> AGAIN?

[03:30] <@Ikari Shinji> You think once was enough?

[03:30] <Furu> yay for...defiling?

[03:30] <Yaijinden> We already had our one night of passion.

[03:30] <@Ikari Shinji> So, it was a one night stand, eh?

[03:31] <Yaijinden> In fact, I remember you unleashing the Urine of Justice shortly after that.

[03:31] <@Ikari Shinji> What a night that was.

[03:32] * Furu creeps away

[03:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Don't even think about it, Furu.

[03:32] <Yaijinden> It went a little like this.

[03:32] <Yaijinden> --> http://www.vgcats.com/comics/?strip_id=114

[03:33] <@Ikari Shinji> That it did, Yaijin.

[03:34] <Yaijinden> And the carpet was never the same again.

[03:34] <@Ikari Shinji> I think rei.bot either cleaned it heavly or burned it.

[03:35] <Furu> GGYARGH~

[03:35] <Yaijinden> Like she does after every time someone gets intimate!

[03:36] * @Ikari Shinji shakes his fist at the resting rei.bot

[03:37] <Furu> Heh

[03:38] <Yaijinden> Except for areas behind the couch. I think the carpet can tell who's there by tasting them.

[03:39] <Furu> ....

[03:39] <Yaijinden> It's... just not safe.

[03:39] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah.

[03:40] <Yaijinden> With all the active biomatter that gets flung around here- not the LEAST of which is occasionally my blood- it's sort of inevitable. Like zombie fire trolls.

[03:41] <@Ikari Shinji> Hmmm.

[03:41] <Furu> Yeah. This house is kind of a fluid depository

[03:41] * Furu spits on the floor

[03:42] <Yaijinden> Envy just bled hirself a puddle over there. You can't tell me that's not safe.

[03:44] <@Ikari Shinji> You know what? Some... devious person could take blood samples from all of this and do something with it...

[03:44] <Furu> ........They could!

[03:44] <Yaijinden> Can't tell me it's safe. Whatever.

[03:44] <Yaijinden> Ooh, clones! Amalgamates!

[03:44] <Furu> Amalga...wha?

[03:45] * @Ikari Shinji is not using his ring to scan the room and collect DNA samples from left-over fluids, nope! Absolutely not!

[03:45] * Furu already has a clone, damnit

[03:45] * Furu-Droid is not a clone!

[03:45] <Furu> Close enough.

[03:46] <@Ikari Shinji> He's a DROID!

[03:46] <Yaijinden> For those of us whose powers are biological in origin, you'd have a pretty snazzy beast.

[03:46] <@Ikari Shinji> Don't you love science?

[03:47] * Furu 's powers are learned, so he's safe

[03:47] <Yaijinden> Hmm. Unless you start accounting for pseudoscience...

[03:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Pseudo-science is teh s[BLEEP]t!

[03:48] <Yaijinden> Or, more interestingly, some sort of spiritual transmission!

[03:48] <Furu> Geez

[03:50] <Furu> Scary possibilites.

[03:50] <Yaijinden> If you go off of the idea that to take someone's power you must take a bit of them... hee. But I'm not sure the resultant entity could live with itself, really.

[03:51] <@Ikari Shinji> You forgot mind manipulation. Brainwashing.

[03:51] <Yaijinden> If it picked up Q or Ying's sense of drama and my cynicism, it'd probably just take a long walk off a short pier.

[03:51] <@Ikari Shinji> HAH!

[03:51] <Yaijinden> Or Q's sensuality combined with Furu's confuddlement with such things, it'd just go into a pleasant catatonia.

[03:51] <@Ikari Shinji> The entity with some of your persona? I'd pay for that.

[03:52] <Yaijinden> Shinji's sense of relationships constrasted with Solar's... I shudder to consider such a bizarrity.

[03:53] <Furu> ¬_¬

[03:53] <@Ikari Shinji> hehehehe.

[03:53] <Yaijinden> Cuddle cuddle cuddle HARDCORE STYLE! cuddle

[03:53] <Furu> LOL

[03:54] * @Ikari Shinji plays some porn music

[03:56] <Furu> oooh yeeeah

[03:56] <Yaijinden> Whatever girl you would be seeing at the time would eventually break up because she couldn't handle being talked dirty to all the damn time in front of company.

[03:56] <@Ikari Shinji> LOL!

[03:56] * Yaijinden sets facets of the earlier imagination scene

[03:56] <Furu> To be fair, I've never bleed on anything except my shirt, so my genetics aren't on the floor

[03:57] <Yaijinden> Or maybe, we could combine Herr Xadium's squeamishness about everything and spice it with the continual nasal flow of everyone else Q enjoys the company of.

[03:57] <Yaijinden> You could say the word "kiss" and they would propel themselves across the county through sheer blood flow.

[03:57] <@Ikari Shinji> What a beast we'd create.

[03:58] <Furu> LOL

[03:59] <Yaijinden> Anything more than that and you'd have a satellite in low orbit.

[04:00] * Furu writes these ideas down for future refefence

[04:00] <Furu> reference^

[04:02] <Yaijinden> Attach Haak or Euri's longing for the other to Q's fanatic search for someone to hold and you have the anime equivalent of the unshakable bloodhound.

[04:02] <Furu> fufufufufufufu

[04:02] <Furu> that's terrifying!

[04:02] <Furu> that's a stalker right there

[04:04] <Yaijinden> Blend Shaldra with Ying and you have a girl who chases her own tail. Mmm.

[04:04] <Furu> Now that's hawt.

[04:04] <Furu> ...neither of you saw me say that

[04:06] <Yaijinden> Ooh, Shinji, did you know star apparently has a very interesting secret talent?

[04:06] <@Ikari Shinji> Nope. We never saw you say that the idea above is hawt.

[04:06] <@Ikari Shinji> She does, eh?

[04:08] <Furu> <<;

[04:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Very Interesting Secret Talent, eh, Furu?

[04:08] * Yaijinden is away: One Piece recommendation then snnkz

[04:09] <Furu> snnkz?

[04:10] <Furu> Heh ^_^ Glad someone listened

[04:10] <Furu> Yes, Shinji ¬_¬

[04:10] <@Ikari Shinji> I plan on getting it in a few hours.

[04:11] <Furu> Yayz

[04:12] <Furu> Much sword fighting fun to be had

[04:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[04:15] <Furu> It answers the age old question: Who's stronger: A man with 3 swords, or an assasin who can make parts of his f[BLEEP]king BODY into blades

[04:16] <Furu> ..okay, so it's a question know one's thought of. Big deal.

[04:17] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[04:18] <Furu> still kewl

[04:22] * Furu is watching G4TechTV for some reason

[04:24] <@Ikari Shinji> I used to watch TechTV a lot before the combination.

[04:25] <Furu> Yeah. Now its 50% suck

[04:31] <Furu> Because G4 wasn't all that good

[04:36] <Furu> And I'm not alone in feeling that :P

[04:41] * Furu still wonders what snnkz are

[04:47] <Furu> Isn't that the sound of Wolverine's claws? :P

[04:48] <@Ikari Shinji> No.

[04:51] <Furu> I know. Just kiddin'

[04:51] <@Ikari Shinji> I know. :)

[04:52] <Furu> :P :P :P

[04:54] <@Ikari Shinji> :P

[04:54] <Furu> I had more, so I win

[04:55] <Furu> I wonder if yaijin exploded

[04:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Quanity does not equal quality.

[04:55] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm think he's either busy or simply asleep.

[05:00] <Furu> Ah

[05:00] <Furu> How was your :P better than mine?

[05:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Because I'm older and I said so.

[05:05] <Furu> Phht.

[05:05] <Furu> Hey, you never changed the topic.

[05:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks for reminding me.

[05:10] <Furu> Welcome~

[05:16] * @Ikari Shinji changes topic to `December 6th: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.`

[05:20] <Furu> heheheh

[05:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Can't wait for that game.

[05:22] <Furu> Indeed. I'm not as pumped up about it as for the first, but I think that's because there's less hype

[05:22] <@Ikari Shinji> The first was damn good. Won Game Of The Year.

[05:24] <Furu> So I've read

[05:50] * Furu returns

[06:36] <Furu> moo

[06:37] <@Ikari Shinji> Cow!

[06:42] <Furu> Baa

[07:09] * Furu is away: LURK

[07:52] <Furu> laaaa~

[08:02] <Furu> Mornings suck

[08:27] <Furu> ><

[08:46] <Furu> suck suck suck

[08:57] <Furu> ...pie is good

[09:11] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:11] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[09:11] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[09:12] <@Haak> Mmm, pie.

[09:12] <Furu> Hey Haak

[09:12] <@Haak> Hey Furu and/or Shinji.

[09:13] * @Ikari Shinji waves

[09:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Hello, the man from H.A.A.K.!

[09:14] <Furu> XD

[09:14] <@Haak> Heh. I've been pretty busy this weekend, seems I've hardly been on here. Anything big that I missed?

[09:14] <Furu> Hard Ass Ass Kickers?

[09:14] <Furu> Not reaaallly.

[09:14] <@Haak> Furu: Yes

[09:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Nothing, really.

[09:14] <@Haak> XD;

[09:14] * -YingGirl goes sits in the corner

[09:15] <@Haak> I see. I have mostly been spending my time writing up a report for uni and playing Metroid Prime 2.

[09:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Hello, Ying.

[09:15] <@Haak> Hey Ying.

[09:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Ah, Metroid Prime 2. The game you posted a topic about!

[09:16] <@Haak> It deserved it. Mmm, Metroid.

[09:16] * -YingGirl starts watching the floor. Could have got the Substane game for 24...yet is saving her money to buy some manga

[09:16] <@Haak> MGS: Substance is pretty good.

[09:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Mmm, MGS3.

[09:16] <@Ikari Shinji> I own SOL and Substance.

[09:17] * @Haak holds Metroid in a very high regard - second only to Zelda in favorite game series

[09:17] <Furu> Heheh..SOL...I love that

[09:17] <@Haak> Anyone played Twin Snakes?

[09:18] <Furu> Substance would be good if it were, you know...playable.

[09:18] <@Ikari Shinji> I own it.

[09:18] * Furu had issues with the control set up

[09:19] <@Haak> TS was awesome. I don't have it, but I have played it. Kitamura style cutscenes + MGS characters = awesome.

[09:19] <-YingGirl> nope. It's not on the shelves for rental due to the fact it doesn't go by the bi-lingual laws

[09:20] <-YingGirl> Course, I'll never play that game if i wanna run asround and get my char killed.

[09:21] <Furu> That's right...if it's not in both English and French, it's illegal or something, right?

[09:21] <@Ikari Shinji> I own MGS, MGS: TS, MGS2: SOL, MGS2: S, Document of MGS2, and MGS3. I played the original MG when I was younger but I never owned it.

[09:21] * Mango-chan is in celebration! HER SOUND IS WORKING AGAIN!

[09:22] <-YingGirl> it's won't be sold in Quebec. Like the PS2 American Idol game

[09:22] * Furu has MG, MGS, MGS2, MG Ghost Bable, and MGS3

[09:22] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Mango!

[09:22] <Furu> Yay Mango! GO GET OP EP. 119! Nooow!

[09:22] <Mango-chan> Heh. Furu, no Bittorrent.

[09:23] <-YingGirl> ...Shinji, did yoy see the special edition guidebook Brandygames made for MGS3.

[09:23] <-YingGirl> typos suck.

[09:23] * Mango-chan is away: Breakfast!

[09:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Special Edition guidebook? I knew they did a guidebook but not a special edition. Still, their regular guide, even though I don't own it, is missing things.

[09:24] <@Ikari Shinji> What's the point of publishing a book like that if you don't have all of your info down and correct?

[09:25] * Furu falls over

[09:25] <-YingGirl> .....They did another one. A hard cover, with fold in...and I'm not sure if it's autographed by the creators or not.

[09:26] <-YingGirl> i wanted to get out of that store due to too manypeople and annoyances.

[09:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Autographed by the creators, eh? Great. Another MG thing to hunt down and buy.

[09:26] * -YingGirl lowers her ears, wincing a little

[09:27] <-YingGirl> I said I'm not sure. :P

[09:28] <@Ikari Shinji> Still, something to hunt down.

[09:28] <Furu> Heh

[09:28] <-YingGirl> ....I think it'ssaid that moms are buying GTA: SA for little kids. No wonder that game and Halo 2 are the worst games for parents to buy

[09:29] <-YingGirl> It seems they ignore the RSBP rating....

[09:29] <-YingGirl> By the way, I asked Mike to do Solid Snake sprites


[09:31] <Furu> Not always

[09:33] * Mango-chan is so happy she has sound back.

[09:33] <-I forgot my handle> ...Bah. I wish I had friends interested in MGS that are nearby, but they mostly have gamecube and CB SP, mostly playing Pokemon.

[09:33] * @Ikari Shinji celebrates the LOVE

[09:34] <-YingGirl> ....f[BLEEP]ken computer.

[09:34] <Mango-chan> With a long range weapon, or suicid bomba' we could kindly use a weapon of mass destrucion.

[09:35] <Furu> Heheh

[09:35] * Mango-chan suicide^

[09:36] * -YingGirl notes the new computer doesn't have a floopy drive. >.<

[09:36] * Mango-chan LOVES that song.

[09:38] <-YingGirl> rrr....

[09:38] <Furu> Yikes

[09:38] * Mango-chan is now watching another AMV.

[09:39] <-YingGirl> nothing, my computer is just s[BLEEP]tTY

[09:39] * @Haak is back

[09:39] <@Haak> Sorry bout that guys, I got distracted. Hey Mango.

[09:40] <-starcat pet project 2> returns... adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[09:40] <-YingGirl> ...nee, would it be funny for a box to try to kill Tuxedo.

[09:40] <@Haak> Ying: I have no floppy drive either, heh.

[09:41] <-YingGirl> ?^

[09:41] <@Haak> Hello Oronde.

[09:41] <@Ikari Shinji> Oronde.

[09:41] <-starcat pet project 2> hi.. adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[09:41] <Mango-chan> Yo, Oronde.

[09:42] * @Haak thought he registered Ying's handle

[09:42] <Furu> 'ey.

[09:42] <-YingGirl> This is what Mike did so far in the Solid Snake sprites --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snaketest.bmp

[09:43] <@Haak> That's pretty good.

[09:45] <Furu> Yeah!

[09:46] * Mango-chan is enjoying the Budokai 3 music.

[09:46] * Furu also enjoys said music

[09:47] * Mango-chan notes that it pwns your soul.

[09:47] * @Haak discovered over the weekend that Budoukai 3 is finally out THIS Friday, 3rd December, not the past two times he's been told it was coming out

[09:47] <Furu> My sooooolle~

[09:47] <Furu> Now my shoes will fall apart!

[09:47] <@Ikari Shinji> /notes that Green Lantern: Rebirth owns my soul

[09:48] <Mango-chan> Heh.

[09:48] * @Ikari Shinji notes that Green Lantern: Rebirth owns my soul

[09:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh.

[09:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Tired.

[09:48] <@Ikari Shinji> I should be in bed.

[09:49] <Mango-chan> Yes you should, Shinji!

[09:49] * @Haak is not tired for once

[09:49] <Furu> Heh

[09:50] <@Ikari Shinji> I've never heard someone so eager to see me in bed. I don't know whether to fell flattered or offended.

[09:50] * Mango-chan gawks at her screen.

[09:50] <Mango-chan> Damn, I wish I was in Tokyo this July.

[09:50] <Mango-chan> The Full metal Alchemist movie is premering, and They're selling tickets NOW.

[09:50] <Mango-chan> Before any movie theatre here sells any starwars ticket.

[09:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Ah, Star Wars.

[09:51] <Furu> Yow

[09:51] <Mango-chan> This is how big FMA is in Japan.

[09:53] <@Ikari Shinji> They'll be selling those ROTS tickets in advance in Japan. The only reason they don't yet is because of Lucasfilms. In the end, Lucasfilms is the deity and the theatres are the preachers for it.

[09:54] <@Ikari Shinji> And when I'm starting to call Lucasfilms a deity, I know that I need some damn sleep.

[09:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Next I'll be lossing my pants.

[09:54] <@Ikari Shinji> I hated the last time that happened.

[09:54] <Mango-chan> Heh. Yeah, GO TO GET SOME SLEEP!

[09:54] <Furu> Yay!..I mean...Boo!

[09:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Couldn't find them for hours.

[09:55] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (Sencond try on DT Vergil)

[09:55] <@Haak> Heh.

[09:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Yet again, your eagerness to see me in bed. I'm not EASY, people!

[09:55] <Mango-chan> Hey Shinji! I found another hot girl for you.

[09:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Another hot girl?! Preach, Sister Mango, preach!

[09:56] * Mango-chan bows, "I'll celebrate later, but let me just show you this."

[09:56] <Mango-chan> Left side. --> http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/gallery/data/media/4/amh2004054.jpg

[09:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Is that who I think that is?

[09:57] *** Mango-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (I need to vanish!)

[09:57] <Mango-chan> Sloth?

[09:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Is Sloth who I think that is?

[09:58] <Furu> :P

[09:58] <@Ikari Shinji> :P

[09:58] <Furu> Thought you were vanishing!

[09:58] <Furu> And I thought Envy was a dude

[10:00] <@Ikari Shinji> I've been up too late.

[10:00] <Furu> Heh

[10:00] <@Ikari Shinji> I need to go.

[10:00] <Furu> Coming up with names for characters is a pain in the ass

[10:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Haak, have a good day.

[10:00] <Furu> See ya then, Ikari

[10:00] <Furu> Take care

[10:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Mango, have a good day.

[10:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Furu, have a good day and a safe trip back home.

[10:01] <Furu> Thanks, man ^_^

[10:01] <@Ikari Shinji> I'll see you in two weeks.

[10:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Until then, I look foward to your random LJ posts and my rare comments about them!

[10:01] <Furu> :P Heheheh.

[10:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh. :P :)

[10:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye!

[10:03] <Furu> See yaa!

[10:03] *** @Ikari Shinji has left #suburbansenshi2 ([power ring] Parallax is coming.)

[10:04] <Furu> lol

[10:06] <Furu> Hm...

[10:07] * @Haak got distracted again

[10:07] <@Haak> Dammit, what'd I miss?

[10:07] <@Haak> Other than Shinji obviously.

[10:09] <Furu> What's got you so distracted?

[10:10] <Furu> naked women?

[10:10] * @Haak was emailing Euri

[10:11] <Furu> Ah

[10:11] <Furu> So it's a women you'd like to *see* naked then ^_^

[10:12] * @Haak isn't entirely sure how to reply, lest he give away too much...

[10:12] <Furu> Heheheheh

[10:12] <Furu> 'sokay.

[10:12] <@Haak> I'll just say yes.

[10:12] <Furu> As I much as I get teased, I rarely get to dish it out

[10:12] <@Haak> Heh.

[10:13] <@Haak> How's star anyway? It's been a while since I talked to her.

[10:13] <Furu> You're just a coveient target

[10:14] <Furu> ..Whoo! Look at me not be able to type good

[10:14] <@Haak> Eh, you're safe. The Grammar Nazi is currently elsewhere.

[10:16] <Furu> That Grammar Nazi happens to be my girlfriend :P

[10:17] * @Haak was assuming they were two different characters IC though :P

[10:17] <Furu> Nah, it's her Superhero alter-ego.

[10:19] <Furu> or...somethin'.

[10:19] <@Haak> One of many, heh.

[10:21] <Furu> ^_^; yeah.

[10:21] * @Haak has been getting some more ideas for The Hand of Night - which should resume soon, incidentally

[10:22] <Furu> Cool~

[10:22] * Furu is working on ideas for a little something something too

[10:22] <@Haak> Hopefully I'll get another full length episode done before Christmas, along with the last of the mini-episodes.

[10:22] <Furu> Ikari give me his movie-script typing program. Gonna make a movie fanfic for something

[10:23] <@Haak> Interesting.

[10:24] * @Haak has now discovered why he was stuck in Metroid Prime 2

[10:24] <Furu> Indeedy

[10:24] <Furu> Hm?

[10:24] <@Haak> I just figured it out myself. Need to blow something very specific up.

[10:25] <@Haak> Then I can finally enter the Dark World.

[10:25] <@Haak> Dark Aether, where even the AIR itself hurts you.

[10:25] <Furu> gotta love puzzles that involve destruction

[10:25] <@Haak> Indeed.

[10:27] * @Haak needs to play more Halo 2 as well

[10:27] <Furu> heheh

[10:27] <@Haak> I'm gonna be busy this Christmas.

[10:28] * @Haak can't wait

[10:28] *** Vanadine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:28] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Vanadine

[10:28] <@Haak> Sessions of 4 player Metroid followed by 4 player Halo 2 followed by 2 player GTA. Yes please.

[10:28] <@Haak> Hey Vana.

[10:28] * @Haak may have to go soon

[10:29] <Vanadine> Hi Haak-san.

[10:30] <Furu> 'ey Van

[10:30] <Furu> ...2 player GTA? SA is 2 player? O_o

[10:30] * Vanadine yawns and sits on tux sofa, still dressed in her sleeping clothing

[10:30] * Furu is out of the loop

[10:30] <@Haak> Furu: Yes. One of the more fun multiplayer modes I've had the good fortune to play.

[10:30] <Vanadine> Hi Furu-chan. ^_~

[10:32] <Furu> Neat

[10:32] <Furu> ^_^; Eheh

[10:32] <@Haak> It's not splitscreen either. It works really well. But enough about that, and back to Vana teasing you.

[10:33] <Vanadine> lol

[10:34] <@Haak> Heh.

[10:34] <Furu> ¬_¬

[10:35] <Furu> Apparently, me getting teasted is truly The Greatest Show On Earth

[10:35] <Furu> ,..er...teased^

[10:36] <Vanadine> It's only fun cause you're so cute when you're nervous.

[10:37] * @Haak is away: brb

[10:38] <Furu> I guess that's true.....

[10:38] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Dammit gotta go)

[10:39] <Vanadine> Bye Haak-san

[10:39] <Furu> Bye .haak

[10:40] <Furu> And now there's just two.

[10:40] * Vanadine giggles then looks up at Furu with a grin

[10:41] * Furu gulps

[10:42] * Vanadine stands and slowly walks over to Furu

[10:42] <Furu> ...

[10:43] * Furu shifts around a little

[10:44] * Vanadine sits next to furu and looks at him with a smile

[10:44] * Furu smiles back weakly

[10:45] <Vanadine> Furu-chan....I wanna' ask you something.....and you need to be totally honest with me.

[10:46] <Furu> Okay..

[10:48] * Vanadine unbuttons her slip and opens it, as if it weren't already see through and looks at furu, "Do you....think I'm pretty?"

[10:48] * Furu stares

[10:49] * Furu nosebleeds and slowly nods

[10:49] * Furu then looks up at the ceiling, still red faced

[10:50] <Vanadine> I know this is gonna' sound strange, but even though I seem very confident...there are times when I doubt my looks.

[10:52] <Furu> W-why would you?

[10:53] * Vanadine sighs with a frown and looks down, "Well....like I told you an Shinji the other day, most guys are so intimidated by my height and reputatation that they avoid me.

[10:55] <Furu> Yeah, but that's no reason to doubt yourself, just because some men aren't secure enough with themselves to find you attractive!

[10:55] <Furu> That's their problem, not yours.

[10:56] <Vanadine> Well, also I've been single so long.......I'm not sure what I'd do in a relationship anymore.

[10:57] <Furu> I'm sure you'll find the answer for that yourself ^_^

[10:57] <Furu> Just stay optimistic!

[10:57] <Vanadine> The really strange thing is....I'm starting to like girls more than guys....

[10:58] <Furu> ah..w-well...maybe that's what you're suited for.

[10:59] <Vanadine> Yeah.....only problem is all the girls I know are with someone or don't swing that way.

[11:00] <Furu> i'm sure you'll find one if ya keep lookin' hard enough.

[11:00] <Furu> There's some one for everyone in this world. Just..takes a lil' work to find said someone.

[11:01] * Vanadine lays her head on Furu's shoulder with a sigh, "I hope so"

[11:02] * Furu blushes again

[11:03] * Vanadine looks up at Furu and giggles, "You blush so easily and you're so quick to get a nosebleed. Why is that furu-chan?"

[11:04] <Furu> I..I..don't really know...there's just something about women..I'm easily affected by them ^_^; I suppose

[11:05] <Vanadine> hehe, you must like what you see alot, eh?

[11:06] * Furu nods quietly

[11:07] * Vanadine hugs furu with a smile

[11:07] * Furu hugs back

[11:07] <Furu> I hate to say this...but I gotta go.

[11:07] <Furu> It was really.um..nice talkin' to you though!

[11:08] <Vanadine> Awww, ok Furu-chan

[11:08] <Furu> I'll see you around then, Van-san

[11:08] <Vanadine> Thanks for the chat, I really enjoyed it. ^_^

[11:08] <Furu> Heh. Anytime ^_^

[11:09] <Furu> See ya!

[11:09] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (And away I go)

[11:09] <Vanadine> Ok Furu-chan. See you later. ^_~

[11:10] * Vanadine sighs, still sitting on the couch after furu leaves, "Now I'm alone again"

[11:11] * Vanadine turns to the side and lays down on the couch, buttoning her slip back up after settleing

[11:14] * Vanadine stares up at the ceiling and sighs as she beings to fall asleep

[11:31] * Vanadine suddenly vanishes

[11:32] *** Senshi Guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:32] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi Guardian

[11:32] *** Vanadine has left #suburbansenshi2 (zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

[11:33] * Senshi Guardian uploads second draft Snake Sprites

[11:34] <Senshi Guardian> --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snakesheet.bmp

[11:35] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (be back in a bit, couple of things to do)

[11:44] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[11:44] <Sailor Quinox> hello? anyone?

[11:45] <Sailor Quinox> awwwwwwwwwww

[11:45] * Sailor Quinox sits on the sofa

[12:00] <Sailor Quinox> lonely...........

[12:04] * Envy is sitting outside in the snow.

[12:05] * - a pair of arms hug Matsumi from behind

[12:05] * Envy has realized something; snow is cold. Leather two pieces that act as a bikini is bad in snow even if you can't feel much coldness.

[12:06] <Sailor Quinox> WHA!

[12:06] * Envy fixes the last post he made, THAT'S NOT A BIKINI!

[12:06] <Sailor Quinox> who is it?

[12:06] * - is now known as Senshi Guardian

[12:07] <Senshi Guardian> Miss me?

[12:07] <Sailor Quinox> emensly! ^^

[12:07] * Envy has in in his hair.

[12:07] * Sailor Quinox huggles Mike

[12:08] * Senshi Guardian huggles Matsumi back

[12:08] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/cometogether.php

[12:08] * Senshi Guardian is in his Demon Hunter outfit

[12:08] * Senshi Guardian has some dried blood under his nose....

[12:08] <Sailor Quinox> I saw the kids this morning....nice snowmen ^^

[12:09] <Sailor Quinox> something happen mike?

[12:09] <Senshi Guardian> Yeah, there pretty good at it. ^_^

[12:09] *** Envy has left #suburbansenshi2 (Frozen solid...)

[12:09] <Senshi Guardian> um......I was just cheking to logs from last night

[12:10] <Sailor Quinox> ah...*giggles*

[12:10] <Senshi Guardian> The outfit is for later, If were going to the past, I want to be prepared for anything.

[12:10] <Sailor Quinox> are you being serious with me?

[12:10] <Sailor Quinox> ah......

[12:11] * Sailor Quinox sighs and looks out the window

[12:11] * Senshi Guardian saw the "Zoi's secret project" the bleeding stopped......... eventualy

[12:11] <Sailor Quinox> um...Mike....

[12:11] <Senshi Guardian> Yeah Matsumi-chan?

[12:13] <Sailor Quinox> Hiro is fighting with Yamato....I think it's getting really nasty...

[12:14] <Senshi Guardian> WHA?!?!

[12:14] * Senshi Guardian looks out the window

[12:14] <Sailor Quinox> yeah.....OMG.....

[12:15] <Sailor Quinox> Hiro's bleeding from the nose!

[12:15] * Senshi Guardian bolts out the door

[12:16] * TimeKidGuard is beating the snot out of Hiro

[12:16] * Sailor Quinox just watches from the window

[12:17] * -Hiro is really bleeding

[12:17] * Senshi Guardian pulls Yamato off "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"

[12:18] * -TimeKidGuard kicks at the air, as he is lifted into the air by Mike

[12:19] * -Hiro is in snow, his nose and lip bleeding

[12:20] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:20] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[12:20] <TimeKidGuard> let me at him!!!

[12:20] <starcat> Hi, everyone.

[12:20] <Senshi Guardian> Yamato, why the hell are you beating him up?!?!

[12:20] * -Hiro just keeps quiet

[12:21] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Starcat...oh..and don't ask who Hiro is...you don't want to know...

[12:22] <TimeKidGuard> He.......hit...Motoko

[12:22] <starcat> Hmmm...

[12:22] * Senshi Guardian looks over at Motoko, she has been hit in the face......with a snowball though...

[12:22] <Sailor Quinox> WHAT??

[12:23] <Sailor Quinox> oh...

[12:23] <TimeKidPuu> Yama is overeacting...AGAIN >.<

[12:23] <-Hiro> it was just a snowball....

[12:24] <TimeKidPuu> Yama, I though i said no beating up Hiro! I can handle myself.

[12:24] <TimeKidPuu> *thought, poopies....typos.

[12:25] * TimeKidPuu goes over and hugs Hiro "I'm sorry for my bonehead brother"

[12:25] <TimeKidGuard> ....I'm not a bonehead 'toko. >.<

[12:26] * -Hiro hugs back

[12:26] * Senshi Guardian sweatdrops "......Thank god I was an only child"

[12:26] * TimeKidPuu takes out a pack of tissues and starts cleaning up the blood

[12:27] <Sailor Quinox> you still here, Starcat?

[12:27] <Senshi Guardian> Yamato.......I want to say your sorry, and we'll have a talk later.

[12:28] <starcat> Heh. I've got one older brother, but I doubt he'd ever stand up for me like that. ¬_¬;;

[12:28] <starcat> I'm here.

[12:28] <starcat> I'm reading the logs, though, so I'm sort of busy.

[12:29] * -Hiro walks over to Yamato

[12:29] * TimeKidGuard is overproctive of his twin sister, Michael in the future to know matter what, to always look out for his sister

[12:29] <starcat> Why?

[12:29] * TimeKidGuard is set down by Michael

[12:30] <TimeKidGuard> *told him no matter what

[12:31] <TimeKidGuard> I'm sorry Hiro.......I...was out of line...

[12:33] <-Hiro> that's alright...maybe I shouldn't have thrown that snowball

[12:33] * - that told to Yamato as a protective father, Motoko was told the same thing, Yamato takes it a little to serious sometimes,

[12:34] <TimeKidGuard> no......you guys were just playing.....I had no right to hit you

[12:34] * Sailor Quinox sighs a little

[12:36] <Senshi Guardian> somethine wrong Matsumi-chan?

[12:36] <Sailor Quinox> why don't you kids go over to my house and see if Miki wants to play

[12:36] <TimeKidPuu> Ok Aunt Matsumi

[12:37] * -YingGirl goes sits in the corner, cracking her neck.

[12:38] <-Arius> ...I shall obtain asolute wisdom

[12:38] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: Hey Vanessa, I'm done the sprites, I just need the ok before I finalise the sheet.

[12:38] <-YingGirl> Good, cause you need some for getting a new wardrobe. :P

[12:38] <Senshi Guardian> --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snakesheet.bmp

[12:39] * Senshi Guardian giggles

[12:40] <TimeKidGuard> ok Aunt Matsumi

[12:40] * Sailor Quinox sits down, holding her head

[12:41] * -YingGirl is working on the Vergil DT sprites...again

[12:41] * Senshi Guardian comes back in sitting next to Matsumi

[12:42] <Senshi Guardian> Take two Vanessa?

[12:42] <-YingGirl> yeah.... nice.

[12:43] <Senshi Guardian> any other poses you need for Snake?

[12:43] <Sailor Quinox> kids...................

[12:44] <starcat> [03:07] <Furu> ..I dunno if she wants everyone to know

[12:44] * Senshi Guardian puts an arm around Matsumi "They'll be ok"

[12:45] <starcat> If I didn't want everyone to know, then I wouldn't have said it quite openly in the chatbox. XD

[12:45] <Sailor Quinox> about what, Starcat?

[12:46] * Senshi Guardian was about to ask that.

[12:46] <starcat> Q: My non-powah "talent". ^_^

[12:47] <-YingGirl> how abour freking out and embaressed?

[12:47] * starcat notes that it has to do with feet and bras.

[12:47] <Senshi Guardian> Ok, I can do that

[12:48] * Sailor Quinox puts both her legs over her head and walks

[12:49] <Senshi Guardian> O_O wow Matsumi

[12:49] <starcat> Cool. ^_^

[12:49] * Senshi Guardian gets the proper heads for freaking out and embaressed, and a special sprite, secret!

[12:50] * -YingGirl stays in her coner....

[12:50] * Senshi Guardian is decked out in Demon Hunter gear

[12:52] <Senshi Guardian> So, when should we get this show on the road? I've got Set-chan and Dante on call.

[12:54] <-YingGirl> .....we should be going now.

[12:54] * starcat wants to go ahead and clear things up: IC, The Grammarian (also known as the Grammar Nazi) and starcat ARE the same character, unlike ANGSTYPERSON and starcat, who are not. ^_^

[12:54] * -YingGirl gets up, but doesn't know how to get to the past....

[12:55] <starcat> Where are we going again?

[12:55] <Sailor Quinox> ME is not sure if she should go or not

[12:55] <Senshi Guardian> alright, who else besides us is going?

[12:55] * Sailor Quinox is not sure if she should go or not

[12:56] * Senshi Guardian hits a button on his cellphone, sending out a message to Setsuna and Dante it is time.

[12:56] * starcat heads back to her house for a few minutes, calling back "Don't leave without me."

[12:57] *** TimeGal has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:57] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TimeGal

[12:57] <TimeGal> Hi!

[12:57] <Sailor Quinox> do you guys need me?

[12:57] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:57] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[12:57] <-YingGirl> I think Wiolfy does.....

[12:57] <DvlmayCry> Yo people

[12:58] <-YingGirl> you can come if you want, just don't try to clear out areas

[12:58] * starcat returns, seemingly carrying nothing extra

[12:59] <Senshi Guardian> I found away around my problem Vaneesa, as long as i just use my demon hunting skills and not my powers, I shouldn't be breaking that decree on this trip!

[12:59] <starcat> Who exactly is going on the trip?

[13:00] <Sailor Quinox> what do you guys think?

[13:00] <Senshi Guardian> We could uses some more hands

[13:00] <Sailor Quinox> alright...I'll come then.....

[13:00] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:00] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[13:00] <starcat> Q: I'm not going to be going, so if you want to stay here, you wouldn't be alone.

[13:00] <Sailor Quinox> but...not as a senshi...

[13:00] <starcat> Hi, Wolf.

[13:00] * -YingGirl wags her tail, wonders if they can remove the mark

[13:01] <Wolfwood> 'ey guys

[13:01] <Sailor Quinox> alright...I'll stay then

[13:02] <Sailor Quinox> Mike....do you have the thing I gave you?

[13:02] <starcat> Now, then, that's Mike, Sets, Dante, and Ying, correct?

[13:03] * -YingGirl still thinks this is all her fault.

[13:03] * Senshi Guardian nods

[13:03] <-YingGirl> right...

[13:03] <Wolfwood> what are you doing now?

[13:03] <starcat> Ying: It's lots of people's fault.

[13:04] <starcat> Wolf: They're actually going to go back in time to get Ying's fang-thingy unblessed or something.

[13:04] <Senshi Guardian> Yeah, I'm wearing it now Matsumi

[13:04] <TimeGal> It's not your fault Vanessa-san

[13:04] <Wolfwood> cool, i'm in if you'll have me

[13:05] <starcat> Okay, then, Wolf also.

[13:05] <Senshi Guardian> I'm sure it'll come in handy ^_~

[13:05] * starcat looks at Wolf scrutinizingly, then nods

[13:05] * starcat pulls five small duffel bags out of her subspace pocket

[13:06] * starcat checks the tag on one, and hands it to Dante

[13:06] * DvlmayCry takes it "What's this?"

[13:06] <-YingGirl> .....I guess. But I thought Wolf wants to go stop Mistress 9

[13:06] <starcat> Okay, these SHOULD fit fine, but since I didn't get all of your measurements, they won't be as good as Dante's.

[13:07] * starcat passes out the other four

[13:07] <starcat> These are the basic outfit that a peasent would wear during the time period that you'll be visiting.

[13:07] <DvlmayCry> oh, the peroid clothes, what do they look like?

[13:07] <starcat> Just hope that it's not a festival day. ^_^

[13:07] <Wolfwood> I have'nt had a lead on where she is in days Ying...I don't even know where to look

[13:07] * -YingGirl scratches behing her ears. The tooth and the Shoken jewel in her pocket....as the mark is still on her neck.

[13:08] * starcat OOC forgot to find a picture, so just imagine. ¬.¬;;

[13:08] * TimeGal and Senshi Guardian take there bags

[13:09] <starcat> Oh, Ying, the one I gave you also has a hat in it to help cover your ears.

[13:09] * Wolfwood grabs a pair of knifes from his stuff

[13:09] * TimeGal grabs Mike's hand "excuse us..." and disapears for a moment, and returning with them in the mission clothes

[13:10] <starcat> Wolf, yours was an extra one that I made, so while it SHOULD fit, it probably won't be very comfortable. :/

[13:10] * Senshi Guardian still has his katana "The Endless Edge" but had to ditch his guns "Gold & Platinum "

[13:10] <starcat> I have a few extra costumes in case anyone else shows up and wants to join.

[13:11] <-YingGirl> ....Heh....

[13:11] <Wolfwood> where and when are we going exactally?

[13:11] <starcat> I'd recommend taking off watches, jewelry, etc. before you go.

[13:12] <Senshi Guardian> I need mine Star, Some of them have effects and/or meaning

[13:12] <starcat> You'll probably want to conceal them, then.

[13:12] * -YingGirl goes behind the cough, putting on the costume as she tucks the locket underneath her clothing. Along with the jewel and the tooth.

[13:13] * Senshi Guardian hides his under his clothes

[13:13] <-YingGirl> i dunno if it'll work....

[13:14] * Wolfwood takes off his watch and engagement ring, but tucks the ring in his pocket

[13:14] * DvlmayCry heads to the bathroom. changing his clothes and returning.

[13:14] <starcat> You guys do have pockets, even though they're not normally on the clothes. ^_^

[13:15] * Wolfwood ducks in his room real quick and changes, comes back out

[13:15] * DvlmayCry has rebellion on his back, Ebony and Ivory well conceled "I ain't leavin my guns, no chance in hell"

[13:16] * -YingGirl is now known as Peasant Lady

[13:16] * starcat smiles ^_^

[13:16] <-Peasant Lady> rrrr.....I dunno if this will help.I still smell like dog.

[13:17] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[13:17] <Sailor Quinox> ...maybe I should go...I am a ninja you know....

[13:17] * Wolfwood grabs his ba[BLEEP]rd sword just in case

[13:17] <starcat> Don't worry, Ying. It won't smell too much better back then.

[13:18] * -Peasant Lady lowers her head, thinking if she does remove the mark, the dog boy would...

[13:18] <starcat> Q: You're not a professional ninja. It'd probably be better if you were peasent-like, if at all.

[13:19] <starcat> We'd have to do something about your hair, anyways. :/

[13:19] <DvlmayCry> Everyone set?

[13:19] <-Peasant Lady> i guess....

[13:20] <Wolfwood> ...

[13:20] <starcat> Do your best. ^_^

[13:20] <Sailor Quinox> then I'll stay.....sorry everyone...

[13:21] * -Peasant Lady wonders if she did the other option to remove this mark....

[13:21] * Wolfwood sets his watch down on the table

[13:21] <TimeGal> We'll back soon everyone.....now.....PLUTO PLANET POWER....MAKE....UP!!!

[13:22] * TimeGal is now known as Sailor Pluto

[13:22] <starcat> Bye. ^_^

[13:22] * -l4m3r holds the Time Staff into the air

[13:22] * Wolfwood cracks his neck loudly

[13:22] <TimeGal> ooc: ........

[13:22] <starcat> O_o;

[13:23] <TimeGal> OOC: anyway...

[13:23] * TimeGal holds the Time Staff into the air

[13:23] <TimeGal> ooc: has to be something doc built

[13:24] <starcat> OOC: Perhaps some n00b was messing around?

[13:24] <-Peasant Lady> .............

[13:24] <TimeGal> ooc: probaly if anyone uses a name Dr. X has, it comes up l4m3r

[13:24] * starcat coughs "Anyways."

[13:24] <Wolfwood> w...t...f...????

[13:25] <starcat> ((OOC: That's it. I remember now.))

[13:25] * starcat is now known as FireFly_9

[13:25] <-IMA_Lamur> As you can see...


[13:25] <-IMA_Lamur> it's not the same. O_o;

[13:25] <starcat> Weird.

[13:26] * - mist starts filling the room, as a huge white double door begins the appear, the phases of the moon etched into it.

[13:26] <Wolfwood> I smell n00b b[BLEEP]ch-meat..-_-;

[13:28] <-Peasant Lady> heh.

[13:28] <starcat> Anyways, good luck on your Magical Mystery Tour! ^_^

[13:28] * - once the doorway solidifies, the doors slowly creak open

[13:28] <Wolfwood> worst....beatles joke...ever

[13:29] <starcat> Wolf: Okay, okay, I'm sorry. ~_~

[13:29] * starcat retracts her words "Of course, now I have to make ANOTHER joke."

[13:29] <starcat> Have an excellent adventure. :P

[13:29] <Sailor Quinox> I like that abulm

[13:29] <Wolfwood> (( jk, i'm actually a huge HUGE beatles fan ^^ ))

[13:29] <starcat> (( ^_^ ))

[13:30] * starcat wanted to make the Bill and Ted joke, though. XD

[13:30] <Senshi Guardian> I hope for a non bogus Journey Star,.

[13:30] <Wolfwood> >< PAUL IS TEH GOD!

[13:30] <starcat> SG: XD

[13:30] <starcat> "Be excellent to each other."

[13:30] * -Peasant Lady sighs....

[13:31] * starcat does the "guitar fingers" thing

[13:31] * Senshi Guardian airs guitars back

[13:31] <starcat> oh, right, you guys need to be leaving to do your job, save Ying, remove Princess from castle, etc.

[13:32] <starcat> Shoo. :P

[13:32] <TimeGal> That gate is open.....let us proceed

[13:32] <Wolfwood> please keep all traytables in there upright and lock positions untill the timedoor comes to a compleate and utter stop...your in-flight movie will be Showgirls!

[13:32] <-Peasant Lady> ..........

[13:33] * -Peasant Lady still feels akward....

[13:33] <DvlmayCry> Are you ready Vanessa?

[13:33] <starcat> XD

[13:33] <starcat> and then everybody DIED! Except for me. You know why?

[13:34] <starcat> "Cause I had my tray table up, and my seat back in the full upright position!

[13:34] <Wolfwood> lol

[13:34] <starcat> [/Weird Al]

[13:34] <Senshi Guardian> Star XD, Alberkirky(sp?) lyric

[13:35] <Senshi Guardian> I'm ready...Wish us luck

[13:35] * Sailor Quinox giggles and lays on the sofa

[13:35] <Sailor Quinox> come back alive guys.....please...

[13:35] <starcat> "Alberquerque," or something like that.

[13:35] <Wolfwood> i'm good to go /\ _/\

[13:35] <Senshi Guardian> We will Matsumi

[13:36] * DvlmayCry puts his hand on Vanessa's shoulder "Lets go"

[13:36] <Wolfwood> (in a Jim Carey voice) if we're not back in five minutes........just wait longer

[13:37] * starcat pulls out a pocket watch ((I want one of these IRL. T_T))

[13:37] <starcat> Why am I looking at this? You guys could've been back five minutes ago if you wanted to!

[13:37] * starcat puts the watch away

[13:37] * -Peasant Lady folls the others....sighing.

[13:38] * Senshi guardian salutes, heading into the gate

[13:38] <starcat> bye. ^_^

[13:38] * DvlmayCry walks next to Vanessa as they head into the gate

[13:38] * Wolfwood follows behind P

[13:38] <TimeGal> Besides Wolf? Anyone else comming?

[13:39] <Wolfwood> *Puu

[13:40] * TimeGal heads into the gate herself, the doors closing behind her

[13:40] <starcat> bye...

[13:40] * -Senshi Guadian looks around "Wow.....things sure look different"

[13:40] <Sailor Quinox> bye

[13:41] * Wolfwood is with TimeGal

[13:41] <Senshi Guardian> ^

[13:41] * -Peasant Lady doesn't notice her tail is stickingout from her disguise...as she sniffs around

[13:42] <DvlmayCry> So, this is feudal Japan...........Lets get this show on the road people.

[13:42] * Wolfwood wonders why the inside of the time gate smells like cheese

[13:42] <Sailor Quinox> so...Starcat..what's up?

[13:42] <starcat> I need a new cosplay project...

[13:43] <Wolfwood> oh yea, the 6' 8'' american really is'nt THAT odd in feudal Japan -_-;

[13:43] <-Peasant Lady> ....I think I'll have a field day, if I wasn't a unversity student drop out.

[13:43] <starcat> Oh, right. Uhh...I got Chrono Crusade manga 2 (finally ^_^;;) and DNAngel vol 4 mangas yesterday...

[13:44] <starcat> *manga

[13:44] <Wolfwood> ...

[13:44] * -Peasant Lady follows with the group, wondering where will she find that woman....

[13:45] <Wolfwood> so are we gonna stand here while the locals stare at us or are we gonna get going?

[13:45] <DvlmayCry> Anyone know were we shoudl start looking?

[13:46] * Sailor Quinox looks around

[13:46] <Sailor Quinox> so..we're alone, Starcat?

[13:46] <-Peasant Lady> not in the west. I heard in this's time, it's ruled by a powerful dog demon.

[13:46] <-Peasant Lady> but...i know nothing.... >.<

[13:47] <Wolfwood> =\

[13:47] <Senshi Guardian> Maybe theres a village around here?

[13:47] * -Peasant Lady doesn't notice her tail is sticking out and wagging

[13:49] <DvlmayCry> Hum, maybe we need to head west, we do have a demong fang.

[13:49] * Wolfwood attempts to tuck ying's tail underneith her outfit

[13:50] * Sailor Quinox lays on the sofa

[13:51] <-Peasant Lady> a werid looking demon fang.

[13:52] <starcat> oh, right, sorry. Watching badgers. ^_^;;

[13:52] <-Peasant Lady> .....But, does anyone have compass?

[13:52] <starcat> Yes, we're all alone here. :(

[13:52] <TimeGal> The dog demon said the jewel would guide us to were we need to be, Vanessa-san, could you check it?

[13:53] <Wolfwood> ...

[13:53] <Senshi Guardian> I do, i think.........yeah here it is.*pull one out of his pocket*

[13:54] * starcat watches the dancing Cadbury Creme eggs

[13:55] <Wolfwood> I don't like it here....it smells like a dogs ass

[13:55] * -Peasant Lady pulls out the jewel

[13:55] * -Peasant Lady coughs

[13:56] * Senshi Guardian -Tachi sweatdrop at wolf

[13:56] <-Peasant Lady> I...dunno how to work it.

[13:56] <Wolfwood> ...no offence Ying

[13:56] * starcat wonders if Peasant Lady is an oxymoron and concludes that it is, indeed, self-contradictory.

[13:57] <DvlmayCry> Maybe it'll light up or something if were close

[13:57] <-Peasant Lady> ....................................

[13:58] * -Peasant Lady lowers her head, looking at the jewel....

[13:58] <Sailor Quinox> *sigh*.....

[13:59] <Senshi Guardian> maybe we can ask it to show us were to go?

[14:00] <Wolfwood> ...

[14:01] <DvlmayCry> It's worth a shot.

[14:03] * -Peasant Lady looks at the jewel, realizing something she hadn;t seen before.....

[14:03] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa?

[14:04] * -The Shoken Jewel....is a rubber ball. Apparently when Ying showed it to the tooms & summons, the bats replaced the jewel with the ball

[14:05] * -Peasant Lady falls on her knees

[14:05] <Wolfwood> sonofa b[BLEEP]ch

[14:05] <DvlmayCry> O_O;;;;;;;;;;

[14:05] <-Peasant Lady> gomen.... I screwed up big time....

[14:05] <DvlmayCry> I'm gonna kill those bats.......*twitches*

[14:06] <Senshi Guardian> It's not your fault, Set-chan can go back and get the jewel.

[14:06] * -Peasant Lady looks at the rubber ball that's the same size of the jewel....

[14:07] <Wolfwood> ...motherf[BLEEP]ker..

[14:07] <starcat> ((Use Bill and Ted logic! Say that you'll get it AFTER you get back and bring it to yourself now!))

[14:07] * Sailor Quinox sips some ginger ale

[14:08] * -In the present time, the bats are getting the high taste treatment in Bevery Hills, after selling the jewel.

[14:08] * Senshi Guardian used to use B&T logic when he has his time key

[14:08] * starcat grabs herself a vanilla coke and channel surfs

[14:09] <starcat> ((Have Sets bring it, then!))

[14:10] * -Sailor Tempus twitches "...............why does everyone have to foul up history. >.< those bats are toast!"

[14:10] * -The bats had opened their own rich and fancy celebrity brothal.

[14:11] * -Peasant Lady stares at the ball

[14:11] <-Peasant Lady> ....This is all my fault.

[14:12] * -Sailor Tempus away, raiding a pawn shop

[14:12] <DvlmayCry> It's not your fault, it's those damn bats....

[14:13] <-Peasant Lady> ...Dante, don't you get it? I'm a BAD OMEN! Things do go wrong when I'm around!

[14:14] <starcat> ((Actually, a bad omen is a sign of something bad to happen. It means that something WILL happen, rather than something is happing now.))

[14:15] <DvlmayCry> I apparently dont

[14:16] <Wolfwood> alert::

[14:16] <-Peasant Lady> ...I should had just get over with myself in the first place

[14:17] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, I'm not going to give up on you!

[14:17] * -Peasant Lady gets up and starts walking into the woods....

[14:18] *** -Peasant Lady has left #suburbansenshi2 (*continues walking* I don't care if I get lost. I'm better off dead anyways....)

[14:18] * DvlmayCry follows her, flanked by Mike and Sets

[14:19] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (Vanessa!!!!!!)

[14:19] *** Senshi Guardian has left #suburbansenshi2 (wait up!)

[14:19] *** TimeGal has left #suburbansenshi2 (Vanessa-san wait)

[14:19] <Wolfwood> motherf[BLEEP]ker...

[14:19] * -Sailor Tempus appears in the Sub.Senshi's place

[14:20] *** Wolfwood has left #suburbansenshi2 (for the love of...)

[14:20] <-Sailor Tempus> Nani, Is the Time Gate still here?

[14:20] <Sailor Quinox> hi, older Motoko-chan

[14:21] <-Sailor Tempus> Hello Aunt Matsumi, I seem to end up here alot lately.

[14:21] <starcat> No...sorry.

[14:23] <Wolfwood> ((you know what, I was on Megatokyo's Megastore...we need t-shirts...we need a suburban store))

[14:23] <-Sailor Tempus> ((ooc: I wanted to for Otakon, I actualy printed out a picture and pinned it to my back saying "Team Suburban Senshi. ^_^))

[14:24] <starcat> ((It costs, though. ><))

[14:24] <-Peasant Lady> (((Wolf, WE CAN'T. Jay says we are not allowed to sell shirts that have Naoko's characters on them...despite the changes.))

[14:24] <-Sailor Tempus> ((we can do the logo though))

[14:24] <starcat> ((We can fan-make shirts, though.))

[14:26] <Wolfwood> (( we've had some great one-liners in here, that would make kickass t-shirts))

[14:26] <starcat> ((Mmmm...printable iron-on logo paper thingies. ^_^))

[14:26] * starcat knows what she means, just can't say it. ><

[14:26] <Wolfwood> ((is'nt X a copyright lawyer?))

[14:27] <starcat> ((If Xadium would make a design, we could each get that iron-on transfer paper stuff and print it onto that and make our own shirts is what I mean.))

[14:27] <-Sailor Tempus> ((*Suburban Senshi Logo* What the Frell, indeed

[14:28] <starcat> XD

[14:28] <Wolfwood> ((sort of a 'make your own' idea))

[14:28] <Wolfwood> (( we gotta maka a hypertime t-shirt))

[14:28] <starcat> ((MMmmm...no profits. ^_^))

[14:28] <Wolfwood> *make

[14:29] <starcat> ((No, even better! Hypertime vs. Typo Demons! XD))

[14:29] <-Sailor Tempus> ((*S.S. Logo* We are teh colness...er coolness...HYPERTIME!))

[14:30] <starcat> ((Typo demons!))

[14:30] <Wolfwood> XD

[14:30] <-Sailor Tempus> ((*S.S. Logo* Hunting Typos Demons since 2002))

[14:31] <Wolfwood> (( we should seriously do this ))

[14:31] * starcat can see it now... [12:21] <starcat> Typo demons! [12:21] <Ikari Shinji> Hypertime! [12:22] <starcat> Typo demons! [12:22] <Ikari Shinji> Hypertime! (with colored fonts, green for shinji, orange for me.)

[14:32] <starcat> ((Wolf, I'll make up a few simple designs, then we can talk more about it. Just remember, none of Naoko's characters. ><))

[14:33] <starcat> ((Which ones do you want first?))

[14:33] <Wolfwood> schweeeeeeeeeet

[14:34] <Wolfwood> (( we need to come up with our own char designs too ))

[14:34] <-Sailor Tempus> ((*S.S. Logo* Spearding the love....and nosebleeds since 2002))

[14:35] <Wolfwood> (( ph33r teh hypertime ))

[14:35] <-Sailor Tempus> ((i need to head of for a little bit bbl))

[14:35] <starcat> ((I'd have to actually get the logo from Xadium.))

[14:35] <starcat> ((Bye.))

[14:36] * Wolfwood is away: cooking up crazy-ness

[14:36] <Sailor Quinox> ((if I wanted to..I could just use Matsumi in civilien form....no copyright infringment...))

[14:36] <starcat> ((I have my char design. ^_^ I just change Mimete's eye color and remove her tiara, and voila! starcat! ^_^))

[14:36] * -Sailor Tempus is away: stuff

[14:37] <starcat> ((Yeah, but that'd only really work for you. :/))

[14:37] * starcat is now known as starcatOOC

[14:38] <starcatOOC> meh. As long as we're talking OOC, I'm not going to be adding double parentheses around everything I say.

[14:38] <starcatOOC> Hmm...maybe a group shot of the regulars?

[14:40] <starcatOOC> *Sub. Sen. logo* You know you want it.

[14:46] * Sailor Quinox sips some cold ginger ale

[14:49] * starcatOOC just totally forgot what designs we talked about. ~_~

[14:55] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/loz.php

[14:56] * starcatOOC loves that. ^_^

[14:59] <Sailor Quinox> LINK!!

[15:01] <Sailor Quinox> ........chat is dead.....

[15:02] <starcatOOC> No it's not! :P

[15:02] * starcatOOC performs CPR on the chatbox

[15:03] <starcatOOC> LIVE, I tell you, LIVE!

[15:04] <starcatOOC> WTF?! It made an error and it had to close?!!!

[15:04] <starcatOOC> T_T

[15:04] * starcatOOC had teh uber cool t-shirt design, and now it's gone...all gone...

[15:06] * Sailor Quinox pats Starcat on the head

[15:08] * starcatOOC will have to find some other design...

[15:12] <Sailor Quinox> anyone ever heard of that song, Wind's Rhapsody?

[15:12] <Sailor Quinox> no..wait..that's not the name...

[15:12] <starcatOOC> not really. No.

[15:14] <Sailor Quinox> ....alright....

[15:17] * starcatOOC twiddles her thumbs

[15:24] * Mango-chan is listening to-Full Metal Alchemist- 'Ready Steady Go'

[15:27] * Mango-chan notes that it stopped raining where she lives!

[15:27] * Sailor Quinox puts Mango in a headlock and gives her a noogie

[15:30] * Mango-chan gets a noogie!

[15:33] * Mango-chan must leave in ten minuites.

[15:34] <starcat> Woo.

[15:34] <starcat> Oh, er, sorry. ~_~ Bad timing.

[15:36] <Mango-chan> s'ok.

[15:36] * Sailor Quinox gives Starcat a noogie

[15:36] * starcat is noogied!

[15:37] <starcat> Usually only Shinji gives me noogies. O_o;

[15:37] * starcat mutters something about stupid old people with stupid rings

[15:37] <Mango-chan> It's a noogie day!

[15:38] <Sailor Quinox> are you calling me old!?!

[15:38] * Sailor Quinox gives Starcat a super hard noogie!!

[15:38] <starcat> See that "with stupid rings" part?

[15:38] <starcat> That implies SHINJI. XP

[15:38] * starcat hold her head "Owww...that one actually hurt. :("

[15:38] * Mango-chan puts a plastic figurine of her pocket watch (From FMA) on the tree.

[15:39] <starcat> *holds

[15:39] * Mango-chan notes that's her worst peeve about grammar, when people say '(name here) stare at you." Or something like that.

[15:40] * starcat wants to get a Chrono Crusade pocket watch, but doesn't know if they actually make them or not. ><

[15:40] <Sailor Quinox> sorry......

[15:41] * starcat stare at you. o.o

[15:41] <starcat> XD

[15:41] * Mango-chan twitches.

[15:41] <starcat> I make typos, yes, but I usually fix them.

[15:41] <Mango-chan> *stares*

[15:42] <Mango-chan> There are people who ACTUALLY write fanfiction like that.

[15:42] <starcat> The only times when I don't fix them are when I'm trying to make a really important point or I'm too damn lazy for my own good. :/

[15:42] <starcat> The sad thing, Mango, is that i know. :(

[15:42] <Sailor Quinox> which is a looooooooot

[15:43] * starcat had to give up reading fanfiction because she couldn't stand all the errors. ><

[15:43] * Mango-chan must leave.

[15:43] <Mango-chan> See you guys!

[15:44] <starcat> Bye!

[15:52] * starcat twiddles her thumbs

[15:59] * Sailor Quinox plays cat's cradle

[15:59] * starcat pets Black Jack

[16:01] *** Mango-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (strange, it never sent.)

[16:02] <Sailor Quinox> quiet day....

[16:04] * -Carbunkle perks her ears....

[16:05] <-Carbunkle> ...Strange guy the bats sold the jewel too. I wonder how Ying is doing in the past....

[16:05] <Sailor Quinox> *sigh*

[16:05] * starcat wonders as well...

[16:05] <-Carbunkle> He had this green looking midget guy around him.

[16:06] <-Carbunkle> Meeh, I got nothing about gay relationships with a midjet

[16:06] <Sailor Quinox> where you with the bats at the time the jewel got stolen?

[16:06] <Sailor Quinox> *were

[16:07] <-Carbunkle> ......Playing with Octocon's computer.

[16:08] <Sailor Quinox> don't worry....Sailor Tempest will get the jewel back

[16:08] <-Carbunkle> The bats were gonna give it back to her, but when this guy comfronted them, asking for the jewel....the bats gave it to him.

[16:09] <-Carbunkle> With a 25 Billion worth of gold

[16:10] <starcat> Q: I think you mean "Tempus."

[16:10] <-Carbunkle> odd looking fellow. I wonder if he was for the black moon. But if he was...why was his crescent moon on his forehead violet, instead of black?

[16:10] <starcat> A tempest is a kind of storm, I believe.

[16:10] <starcat> What color hair did he have?

[16:10] <Sailor Quinox> sorry...tempus

[16:11] * -Carbunkle yawns.

[16:11] <-Carbunkle> I didn't get much info.

[16:12] <starcat> hmm...

[16:13] * -Carbunkle curls up into a ball.

[16:13] <-Carbunkle> ...Course, Ying was gonna kill herself if this time traveling trip failed.

[16:13] * starcat has a sore throat. ><

[16:14] <starcat> Personally, I'd've thought that they'd be back by now, what with being able to manipulate time and all.

[16:14] <Sailor Quinox> and you arn't trying to stop her?

[16:16] <-Carbunkle> ....How can I stop her? She raither not tell anyone know about it....

[16:16] <starcat> That's an if.

[16:17] <starcat> I have another if to counter that if: If they don't succeed, then I will be forced to act all dramatic and go back in time and MAKE it succeed. ><

[16:17] <starcat> Yeah. Don't make me do that.

[16:17] <-Carbunkle> people tried to help her, and gave up....

[16:18] <starcat> If...

[16:18] <starcat> if, if, if...

[16:18] <starcat> two letters who hold the fate of the world.

[16:18] <-Carbunkle> She won't accept the marriage puposal....even though the Inu's in love with her

[16:18] <starcat> Well, who together hold the fate etc.

[16:19] <starcat> I don't blame her.

[16:19] *** S. Terra has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:19] <@spiritflame> Irasshai S. Terra

[16:19] <S. Terra> How goes the serach in the past?

[16:19] <starcat> Hi, Terra...

[16:19] <-Carbunkle> In cfact, she still can't accept Dante....it's rare they sleep together in her room.

[16:20] <starcat> We've had no word. :/

[16:21] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Terra-san

[16:22] <starcat> No one says that you have to have sex.

[16:22] <S. Terra> Hello, Star, Matsumi

[16:22] * S. Terra nods

[16:22] * starcat is a virgin, but is still Furu-kun's girlfriend.

[16:22] * -Sailor Tempus appears

[16:23] <Sailor Quinox> hi, older-Motoko-chan

[16:23] <starcat> Hi, kid-whose-name-name-I-have-forgotten!

[16:23] <-Sailor Tempus> Motoko Aunt Star....and I far from a kid now. ^_~

[16:23] <-Sailor Tempus> *I'm, acursed typos

[16:24] <starcat> You're still from the future. :P That makes you a kid.

[16:24] * -Sailor Tempus looks like a brown haired Setsuna

[16:24] <starcat> ((Yes, I realize that that means that Sakura is a "kid" too, but oh well. :P))

[16:24] <Sailor Quinox> so...what's up?

[16:24] * -Sailor Tempus is the adult bodied Motoko

[16:25] * starcat looks like an auburn-haired starcat! ^_^

[16:25] <-Sailor Tempus> Hum. I still can't seem to locate dad and the others yet.

[16:25] <starcat> Arrgh. ><

[16:25] * -Carbunkle sighs

[16:25] <Sailor Quinox> have you found the jewel?

[16:25] <S. Terra> I see

[16:26] <starcat> I'd prefer not to have to use the second-to-last resort, seeing as how it conflicts with my morals and all.

[16:26] <-Sailor Tempus> Funniest thing I ended during into the odd litle gremlin with a staff that had two faces at the top...

[16:27] <-> In the past, YingGIrl is being chased down by villagers...seeking to kill off the dog demon who entered their villiage with a kind disguise

[16:27] <-Carbunkle> Hey! That's the green guy that was hanging around with the Black Moon guy!

[16:28] <starcat> Seph. ><

[16:28] <starcat> Wow, I'm thick today.

[16:28] <starcat> I meant Sesshomaru, btw.

[16:28] * starcat kicks all the villians with names that begein with S (Shaldra excluded)

[16:28] <starcat> meh.

[16:29] <-Carbunkle> ......Ood fellow

[16:29] <Sailor Quinox> so....what now?

[16:29] * -Carbunkle wags her tail, sighing....

[16:29] <starcat> Now I stop talking in an attempt to regain my sanity.

[16:29] <starcat> Okay, here we go...

[16:30] <-Carbunkle> I can't play poker anymore....

[16:31] <-Sailor Tempus> You mean that bishies with the white hair has the jewel?!!

[16:31] <-Sailor Tempus> *Bishie, damn typos to limbo!

[16:31] <-Carbunkle> ......I think.

[16:31] <Sailor Quinox> yes...Motoko....

[16:31] <starcat> Meh. Longer hair is one thing, but Sesshomaru takes it too far.

[16:32] <-Carbunkle> But, never knew he had a relationship with a midget

[16:32] <-> Dante, Sesuna, and Michael are currently trying to subdue the villigers with non leathal means

[16:32] <-> *Setsuna

[16:33] <S. Terra> heh ^_^

[16:33] *** TuxRainbow has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:33] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TuxRainbow

[16:33] <TuxRainbow> I see I have not missed much

[16:33] <-Sailor Tempus> Sometimes ensuring time flows properly is a b[BLEEP]ch. >.<

[16:33] <starcat> Hi, Tux.

[16:34] * TuxRainbow nods

[16:34] * -YingGirl jumps and gets stuck in a tree. "Minna...I only wanted a bite to eat!!!"

[16:34] * TuxRainbow chuckles

[16:34] * DvlmayCry shouts at the crowd from the base of the tree "I said....BACK OFF!!!"

[16:34] * S. Terra huggles Tux

[16:35] * TuxRainbow is huggled

[16:35] <-Carbunkle> ...Is it a good thing that Inu's brother has the Shoken Jewel or not?

[16:35] * DvlmayCry goes through complicated sword movements while Michael and Setsuna sweatdrop at him.

[16:35] <-Sailor Tempus> It atleast gives me a target Katrice-san.

[16:36] <TuxRainbow> heh... not a good idea, Dante

[16:36] <TuxRainbow> Indeed

[16:36] * -Sango walks into the village and blinks... "Huh? What's going on here?"

[16:36] * -YingGirl cries "...I CAN'T GET DOWN!"

[16:37] * -YingGirl is stuck in a tree, holding her tail.

[16:37] * DvlmayCry looks up "What? I'll be right up!"

[16:37] * -YingGirl looks down. Maybe doesn't want to go down.....

[16:37] * -Sango walks through the crowd of villagers, herricotes safely on her back, and looks up in the tree. "Another dog demon... hm."

[16:38] <-Sailor Tempus> Katrice-san, I swear If i weren't bound by the laws of time. I'd have a get set down with Aunt Vanessa.

[16:38] * starcat wonders if she can negotiate with Xadium for topic-changing powers...

[16:38] <-Sailor Tempus> *get=long. >.<

[16:39] <-Carbunkle> .....Good luck.

[16:39] * DvlmayCry backflips into the treebranches, landing on one near Vanessa

[16:39] * -YingGirl yelps, still stuck in the tree

[16:40] * -Sango slides the boomerang off her shoulder, takes it into her hand, and nods. "May as well get rid of it. The villagers don't seem to be pleased."

[16:40] * Sailor Quinox wonders if she should have gone with them....

[16:40] <Sailor Quinox> ..Motoko...I have a question....

[16:41] <starcat> Q, they're trying to blend in...or they're supposed to be, anyways. ~_~ No offense, but you don't blend in very well.

[16:41] * -YingGirl doesn't like the look Sango is giving her as she lowers her ears

[16:41] * DvlmayCry grabs Vanessa from the tree branche ala TGTN Comic # 306

[16:41] <Sailor Quinox> hold on a sec

[16:41] <-Sailor Tempus> Yes Aunt Matsumi?

[16:41] <-YingGirl> RUFF!!!

[16:42] <-Sango> Herricotes!! (Flings the boomerang toward Ying)

[16:42] * -Carbunkle sleeps behind the tuxedo sofa

[16:42] * Sailor Quinox goes into the bathroom

[16:42] <TuxRainbow> They are blending in like jungle camoflaged soldiers in the artic

[16:43] * DvlmayCry draws Rebellion, preparing to counter the boomerang

[16:43] <Sailor Quinox> *from the bathroom*..is there anyway you can send me back in time...but drop me off somewhere where the villegers won't notice me?

[16:43] <TuxRainbow> That's a huge boomerang to counter

[16:43] <-Sailor Tempus> Yeah, No Problem Aunt Matsumi.

[16:43] * Sailor Quinox comes back out, with black hair and brown eyes

[16:44] * Sailor Quinox is dressed in peasent wear but has her ninja gear underneath

[16:44] <Sailor Quinox> alright...I'm ready...

[16:44] * TuxRainbow cannot interfere in this mission

[16:44] <-YingGirl> BUT I"M NOT A VEGTABLE!!!

[16:44] <TuxRainbow> Who said you were?

[16:44] * -YingGirl dodges the incoing big ass bomberang

[16:45] * S. Terra is watching the group work intently

[16:45] <starcat> Q, I don't recommend actually using your so-called "ninja" abilities when you're there.

[16:45] * -Sango catches her boomerang on its return. "What do you demons want here?"

[16:45] <-Sailor Tempus> Summons The Guardian Key, her gold time staff

[16:46] * starcat watches, sighs, and shakes her head

[16:46] <Senshi Guardian> Prehaps we should speak with you Ma'am.

[16:46] <Sailor Quinox> quiet, Starcat........

[16:46] <starcat> Heed advice of mine, no one does...

[16:46] <-YingGirl> ....Nothing! I was hungry! Plus I gotta remove this mark on my neck otherwise I'll end up marrying the Inu!

[16:46] <starcat> using am I twisted grammar.

[16:46] <-Sailor Tempus> .."Worm Hole Tunnel!"

[16:46] <-YingGirl> ...Course, Dante doesn't want that.

[16:46] <-Sango> Wait... InuYasha? What do you mean?

[16:47] * -Sailor Tempus points at Star " YODA-SAN!"

[16:47] <S. Terra> Welcome to the Story, Sango

[16:47] <Sailor Quinox> so...do I walk thru?

[16:47] <starcat> Hehe. ^_^

[16:47] <S. Terra> lol

[16:47] * -YingGirl sweatdrops, and reveals the mark on her neck, the one that binds two dog demons together in....marriage

[16:48] <-Sailor Tempus> Go through the worm hole Aunt Matsumi, it should take you a few 100 feet from them, good luck

[16:48] <TuxRainbow> Interfere, Terra and I cannot. Rules, we have.

[16:48] * -Sango looks at the group odly...

[16:48] <Sailor Quinox> thanks...I'll need it...

[16:48] <TuxRainbow> ^oddly

[16:48] <-Sango> Ya ya, whatever...

[16:48] * Sailor Quinox walks thru the wormhole and vanishes

[16:48] <starcat> ((Okay, just to set things straight: Tempus, Carbunkle, Terra, Tux, and starcat are all in the future, i. e. normal time, while Q is preparing to join the others in Feudal Japan. Okay?))

[16:48] <-YingGirl> LOng story, shorter version; Dog boy in the future f[BLEEP]ked me up real good.

[16:48] <-Sango> There are Typo Demons in the Feudal Era too ya know!!

[16:49] <Sailor Quinox> ((yes))

[16:49] <TuxRainbow> So we see

[16:49] <-Sango> Interesting...

[16:49] <Senshi Guardian> and were here to fix it.

[16:49] <DvlmayCry> damn straight mike!

[16:49] <-YingGirl> ...So, if you know anyone who can remove this mark off my neck....it'll be real helpful

[16:49] * Sailor Quinox appears behind some bushes about 100 feet

[16:49] <-Sango> Then you might want to get out of this village, the people here don't take kindly to demons.

[16:49] * Senshi Guardian glares at Dante "Was that neccesary....."

[16:50] <starcat> ((That means no contact between here and what they say/do in the past.))

[16:50] <-YingGirl> Ruff....

[16:50] <Sailor Quinox> *away*

[16:50] * Sailor Quinox gets up and carefully walks towards the group

[16:50] * -Sango looks back and calls out "Kirara!"

[16:50] <-YingGirl> I'm actually an artifial half demon. Dante's the real demon here. :P

[16:51] <Sailor Quinox> what's going on here?

[16:51] <TimeGal> If you could tell us were me may find someone with those talents, we would be greatfull.

[16:51] <TuxRainbow> ((Sorry about the comments. I thought We in the future were watching the past))

[16:51] <DvlmayCry> ........Did they need to know that.....-_-;

[16:51] <-Sango> Another one from the future, I take it. Anyone from here would have been screaming about a demon by this time.

[16:51] <Senshi Guardian> Matsumi-chan?!?!?!

[16:51] <Sailor Quinox> I heard a commotion...

[16:52] <Sailor Quinox> (whispers) shhhhhhhhhh

[16:52] <-YingGirl> ...Well, Dante's dad was a demon who protected the humans....

[16:52] <Senshi Guardian> Gomen, just surprised

[16:52] * -YingGirl raises her ears....

[16:52] * Sailor Quinox is dressed like a peasent woman...has black hair and brown eyes

[16:52] * -Sango continues to watch them oddly... then shrugs. "Come with me, I'll get you all some food."

[16:53] <starcat> ((Not really. :/ We're not aware of it, per say. We know that SOMETHING is happening, but not exactly what.))

[16:53] <DvlmayCry> Tell that to the stabby mcPitchforks that were chasing you Vanessa.

[16:53] <-YingGirl> yay...

[16:53] <Sailor Quinox> may I come as well?

[16:53] <-Sango> As I said, sir, the villagers do not take kindly to demons. And in some cases, I don't eather.

[16:53] <DvlmayCry> well, it's a start

[16:53] <-YingGirl> hey. *narrow her eyes*

[16:54] <-Sango> You're a friend of theirs, right, miss? If so, come.

[16:54] * DvlmayCry was refering to to getting a person who isn't trying to kill them so far

[16:54] <Sailor Quinox> thank you....

[16:54] * -Sango is the last surviving Demon Slayer, remember that.

[16:55] * DvlmayCry is a Demon Hunter, same difference

[16:55] <Sailor Quinox> sorry to suprise you, Mike....

[16:55] <Senshi Guardian> it was a pleasent one though. ^_^

[16:55] * -YingGirl sits on the floor and starts scratching behind her ears. Damn fricken itch

[16:55] * -Sango walks off out of the town, Kirara jumps lightly on her shoulder

[16:55] <TimeGal> indeed

[16:56] * DvlmayCry -tachi follow Sango

[16:56] <-Sango> As for your problem, I sujest we find Miroku. He may know someone who can help you.

[16:56] * -YingGirl gets up and goes and follows Sango....

[16:56] * Sailor Quinox follows as well

[16:56] <DvlmayCry> and Who's he?

[16:57] <-YingGirl> ...Wait, isn't Miroku the one who tries grabbing your ass?

[16:57] <-Sango> A friend of mine, a monk to be exact.

[16:57] * -Sango twitches... but ignores it and continues

[16:58] <-YingGirl> Damn perv monk.

[16:58] <Senshi Guardian> nice friend

[16:58] <-Sango> Kirara, go and find Miroku. If you do, bring him to us.

[16:58] * Sailor Quinox giggles a little but manages to control herself

[16:59] * -Kirara gives out a squeeky meow sound, hops off Sangos shoulder, turns into the giant flaming cat demon and flys off

[16:59] <Sailor Quinox> wow....

[16:59] <-YingGirl> .......

[16:59] <-YingGirl> COOL.

[16:59] <DvlmayCry> ....not bad

[17:00] <-Sango> Hmmm... So, InuYasha wants so marry the dog girl. I suspected he would take Kikyou or Kagome...

[17:01] <DvlmayCry> .....he has good taste though, I'll give him that.

[17:02] * Sailor Quinox notes that the black hair is real...not dyed....

[17:02] * TimeGal giggles "AAAWWWWWW"

[17:03] * -Sango can still tell Quinox is from the future, anyone from a village would not approach a demon.

[17:03] * Sailor Quinox nods to Sango but signals to her to keep quiet please about it

[17:04] * -Sango stops, turns to look at the others. "We can wait here, Kirara will bring Miroku, so we shouldn't walk far."

[17:04] <Senshi Guardian> Sounds good to me.

[17:04] * -Sango kept quiet about a lot of things, this will not be any different.

[17:04] <Sailor Quinox> yes...

[17:05] <-Sango> As for food, there's a lake near here, someone might be able to catch some fish.

[17:06] <Senshi Guardian> ((gah, dinner, >.< be about 15-15 mins.))

[17:06] <Sailor Quinox> I've never had trouble getting fish....

[17:06] <Senshi Guardian> *10-15

[17:06] <-Sango> ((15-15 minutes? well then. ^_^;;))

[17:07] <-Sango> ((I'll wait to bring Miroku till your return))

[17:07] <Senshi Guardian> ((cools))

[17:07] <TuxRainbow> mmm... fish :9

[17:07] <-Sango> Miss, could you catch some for us then? We can start a fire here.

[17:09] <Sailor Quinox> alright.....

[17:10] * -Sango gathers some wood, then rummages through her bag for flint

[17:10] * Sailor Quinox goes over to a small tree and breaks off a branch, sharping it with a small knife

[17:11] * Sailor Quinox takes the stick, then wades into the water

[17:12] * -Sango starts the fire without a problem, then looks up at the sky. "Hmmm... lets hope no demons arrive."

[17:12] * Sailor Quinox spears a fish in one swift move..then another..and another..and another

[17:12] <-YingGirl> ((OOC: MY COMPUTER IS STILL AN ASS!!!))

[17:13] * -YingGirl stays next to Dante

[17:13] <-Sango> ((Don't worry about it, nothing major has happened, just waiting for SG. ^_^))

[17:14] * Sailor Quinox wades back to shore with about 10 fish "that enough?"

[17:14] <-Sango> More then enough. You're quite skilled.

[17:15] * -YingGirl wonders if Miroki will help a female dog demon. She looks up....wondering about the Inu

[17:15] <-Sango> I don't seem to know any of your names...

[17:15] <Sailor Quinox> thank you...I learned some tricks from some friends

[17:16] * -Sango sighs... "Miroku must be visitiing Mushin at the monastery again."

[17:16] * -Sango slams her boomerang down on a Typo Demon. "Darn things, no power, but quite annoying."

[17:17] * -YingGirl wags her tail....scratching that itch again

[17:18] <-YingGirl> rrrurrr

[17:20] * -YingGirl still feels responsible for this mess.

[17:20] * -Sango takes a few of the fish, puts them of cleaned, strait sticks, and rests them near the fire to cook

[17:21] <-Sango> Miss... how is InuYasha anyways? Do you know that much about him?

[17:22] <-YingGirl> ...Well, he's a loner. One girl wants to disect him....while the other, a miko, bosses him around.

[17:22] <-YingGirl> I seem to ber his only friend, despite he can be so fricken arrogant to Vash & Candy.

[17:23] <-YingGirl> those we do share the same tempers....

[17:24] <-YingGirl> though^

[17:25] <-YingGirl> I guess he seems to be nice to me cause I represent his species, despite the fact I was genetically made

[17:25] <-Sango> I see. Then he hasn't changed.

[17:26] <-Sango> InuYasha has always been like that. After a while, you do get used to his temper, and having Kagome around did help.

[17:26] <-YingGirl> ...Who wouldn't if you're living with a b[BLEEP]ch and a science geek thinks it's impossible for a hanyou to exist.

[17:26] <-YingGirl> ......Kagome ain't around. He raither not say why....

[17:27] <-Sango> Hmm... could Kagome finally have gotten fed up with InuYasha? I guess it is possible...

[17:27] <-YingGirl> ...Though, the well at her place was sealed up and a grusome bloody scene was there

[17:28] * Sailor Quinox is mostly silent, looking at the water

[17:28] <-Sango> What? You mean Kagome can not come back here? That isn't exactly a good thing to hear...

[17:28] <-YingGirl> Like someone wanted to paint Kagome's house with blood.

[17:29] <-YingGirl> ...Uh huh. The Well has been sealed up.

[17:29] <-Sango> So, InuYasha and Kagome are stuck in Kagomes time... I wonder how Kagome is...

[17:30] <-YingGirl> ...I dunno, but her house recks of blood when I went to her place.

[17:30] * -Sango sighs lightly, then checks on the fish. "Hmm... almost ready."

[17:31] * -YingGirl pulls out a folded pic from her satchel.....and smirks a little. "...Candy."

[17:32] <Sailor Quinox> ...the water's so still here....

[17:32] * -Sango blinks. "The water? Well, this place is quite sheltered, we don't get many winds in this area.

[17:33] <-Sango> Now come and eat, the fish are ready.

[17:33] * -YingGirl places the pic back in her satchel. Knows that giving a dog demon weed is a bad idea

[17:33] * Sailor Quinox walks over "sorry..I'm very sensetive to the wind"

[17:34] * -YingGirl never had fish on a stick before.

[17:35] * -YingGirl looks around, wondering where Mike went.

[17:35] * -Sango takes one of the fish calmly and starts eating "Are you a miko, miss? Or some other form of warrior?"

[17:35] <Sailor Quinox> a bit of both actually....

[17:36] * starcat is the disciple of rei.bot-sama who is sort of a miko, so what does that make her?

[17:36] * Sailor Quinox eats the fish "this is good"

[17:36] * starcat must ponder this.

[17:36] <-YingGirl> Q is a warrior, so is Sets. I'm just a stupid excuse for a dog demon...

[17:37] <-Sango> You do remind me a lot of InuYasha, though...

[17:37] * DvlmayCry comes walking back carrying a pile wood followed by Mike and Setsuna "I beg to differe that Vanessa."

[17:37] * -YingGirl is curious as she bites the fish. Wonder if her being partify a dog lessens her taste for fish.

[17:38] <-Sango> Nice to see you back. There's food if you want it.

[17:38] <Senshi Guardian> Son of Sparda thought it be a good idea to rusle up supplies

[17:38] * -YingGirl holds the fish in her mouth, looking at Sango "...Rrr?"

[17:38] <-Sango> Though, I do not know any of your names.

[17:39] <Sailor Quinox> my name is Matsumi Kaze

[17:39] <Senshi Guardian> Michael D

[17:39] * -YingGirl wonders if she's a dog girl or a cat girl as she humbly eats the fish.

[17:39] <TimeGal> Setsuna Meiou

[17:39] <DvlmayCry> Dante Sparda

[17:40] * starcat twiddles her thumbs back in the Sub. Sen's house, bored...

[17:40] <-YingGirl> *is holding her fish* Vanessa Alexandra....

[17:40] <-Sango> A pleasure to meet you all, I'm Sango. Sorry about are meeting, by the way. I was just doing what came to mind.

[17:41] * -Sango slams her boomerang down on another Typo Demon. "You're useless, annoying, and don't make good weaponry..."

[17:41] <DvlmayCry> I know the feeling, I'm a demon hunter myself.

[17:41] * -YingGirl continues her fish, hasn't ate in a while

[17:41] <DvlmayCry> So, whats been going on?

[17:42] * -Overhead , a three tailed cat demon with flaming paws flys, then comes down for a landing, showing a monk and a small fox demon riding her

[17:43] <-Sango> Not much, Dante-san.

[17:43] <DvlmayCry> You see.....my normal reaction would be kill it.....but I know it's friendly....

[17:43] <-Sango> Oh, You have Shippo with you, Miroku?

[17:43] <-YingGirl> .....I though Dante was afraid of wood cause of puppets *burp*

[17:44] <-Miroku> As you can see... oh, you have company.

[17:44] * -Miroku dashes over to Matsumi, takes her hands "Miss, will you do me the honor of baring my child?"

[17:44] * DvlmayCry shivers "I HATE MOTHER f[BLEEP]kING PUPPETS. >.<"

[17:45] * -YingGirl wipes her face....

[17:45] * Senshi Guardian smacks Miroku upside the head, making Setsuna giggle

[17:45] <-YingGirl> .......Excuse me.

[17:45] * -Miroku dashes over to Setsuna. "Or how about you, miss?"

[17:45] <-Miroku> Ouch...

[17:45] * Sailor Quinox 's eyes grow wide...then she slams her fist into Miroku's face

[17:45] * -YingGirl holds her ears...

[17:45] <-Shippu> He always does that...

[17:46] <-Sango> Some things never do change...

[17:46] <DvlmayCry> Gomen, I have to remember not to yell. -_-

[17:46] * Senshi Guardian glares at Miroku

[17:46] * -Miroku sighs... "I guess that is a no, then."

[17:47] <Sailor Quinox> I'm married, baka

[17:47] <-Miroku> Well, on the business. What do you good people need?

[17:47] * -YingGirl wags her tail as she stretches

[17:47] <-YingGirl> ....Reversing a blessing.

[17:47] <DvlmayCry> How was it Vanessa?

[17:48] * -Sango looks over to Shippo, sighs, and shakes her head

[17:48] * -Miroku nods. "That isn't hard, in truth. What form blessing is it?"

[17:48] <-YingGirl> not bad.....

[17:49] <-Sango> A wedding blessing between Miss Ying and InuYasha.

[17:49] <-Miroku> A wedding? I thought he would go for Kagome or Kikyou!

[17:49] <-YingGirl> ...A dog demon's blessing. Cause of this mark, if I don't get someone to remove it....I have to kill myself tomorrow

[17:50] <DvlmayCry> I STILL don't like hearing you say that.

[17:50] * -YingGirl lowers her ears.

[17:50] <-YingGirl> It's the only other option, Dante :P

[17:51] <DvlmayCry> So I don't like hearing the women i love saying about killing herself.....:p

[17:51] <-Miroku> Don't worry about that, I know where to go. Though it may cost you a price...

[17:51] <-Sango> Shut it, Miroku. (thwaps him)

[17:52] <-YingGirl> ...I think we may have the money for it.

[17:52] <-Miroku> Okay then...

[17:52] <-YingGirl> What? We are willing to pay....

[17:52] * -YingGirl 's ears perk up....

[17:53] <-Sango> Don't worry about it, I am quite sure he is not asking for money. Leacherous monk...

[17:53] <-YingGirl> ...Ok.

[17:53] <DvlmayCry> ....if you weren't helping us.....

[17:53] * -YingGirl is confused

[17:53] * -Miroku sighs. "Lets get moving, the sun is begining to set, and the demons will come out more."

[17:54] <-YingGirl> ...So? Dante will kick their asses and I've been hunting vampires....

[17:55] <-Shippo> Oh, we're not worried about the smaller demons.

[17:55] <Senshi Guardian> Me and Set-chan have our own powers, and I have my apprentice Demon Hunter training.

[17:55] <-Sango> It's the more powerful ones we must avoid.

[17:55] <Sailor Quinox> I've dealt with huge monsters before...

[17:55] <DvlmayCry> Thanks for the vote of confidence ♡

[17:56] <-YingGirl> ...Rr. I'm sure we can handle the big ones

[17:56] <Sailor Quinox> ...plus I am a ninja

[17:56] * -Sango stands up and grabs Herricotes. "Eather way, let's get moving. We don't have time to waist."

[17:56] * -Sango , Miroku, and Shippo begin to walk off, better follow!

[17:57] * Sailor Quinox follows

[17:57] * DvlmayCry -tachi follow the three

[17:57] * -YingGirl gets up and starts following them. Wonder if she could meet more dog demons

[17:59] <-Sango> Miroku, where exactly are you bringing us anyways?

[18:00] <-Shippo> Better not be another demon infested village...

[18:00] <DvlmayCry> Bah, we can handle them.

[18:00] <-Miroku> No, the palace of the water goddess. She does owe us a favour for saving her, and her powers can easily help Miss Ying.

[18:01] * -Sango glares at Miroku "Is that all you're thinking of, monk?"

[18:01] <-Miroku> Sango, my intentions are pure in this matter.

[18:02] <TimeGal> Yay, no pervyness

[18:02] <-Shippo> That's what you said the last time...

[18:02] <-Miroku> That was different...

[18:02] <Sailor Quinox> because if he tries anything...he looses his manlyness...

[18:02] * TimeGal makes the "snip snip" motion at Miroku

[18:03] * -Miroku starts walking a bit faster...

[18:03] * -Sango chuckles a bit

[18:04] * DvlmayCry facepalms

[18:04] <-Shippo> What's got Miroku in such a rush?

[18:05] <-Sango> Don't worry about it, Shippo.

[18:07] <-> Soon, they reach the palace of the water goddess. Surrounded in water, and very beautifully decorated.

[18:07] <Sailor Quinox> ooooooooo

[18:07] <-Miroku> Okay, we just get in, talk to her, and this will be all over.

[18:07] <DvlmayCry> impressive

[18:08] <-Miroku> Now to swim there, why don't the ladies go first?

[18:08] <-Sango> They can ride on Kirara with me, if they wish...

[18:09] * -Sango just looks at Miroku for a moment...

[18:09] <Sailor Quinox> that will be fine ^^

[18:09] <DvlmayCry> if you don't mind, I've got my own way across

[18:10] <-Shippo> Didn't this place used to have a bridge?

[18:10] <-Miroku> It was destroied when we fought the kappa here, remember?

[18:10] <-Shippo> We've faught so many demons, it's hard to tell one from another anymore.

[18:11] * -Sango nods to Kirara, who changes into the largs cat demon, and she and Shippo hop on. "Anyone comming with us?"

[18:11] <Sailor Quinox> I'm coming!!

[18:11] * -Sango pegs yet another Typo Demon with her boomerang.

[18:12] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, how do you want to get across? Swim, Big Kitty, or Dante Express?

[18:12] * Sailor Quinox gets on the cat demon

[18:13] * Senshi Guardian and Setsun hop on the Cat Demon.

[18:14] * -Kirara takes off, Miroku follows by leaping from one rock to another.

[18:14] * -YingGirl OOC: notes her computer is a b[BLEEP]ch.

[18:14] * Senshi Guardian ooc: figured thats what happened

[18:14] <-YingGirl> s[BLEEP]t.....

[18:15] <-Sango> Miss Ying! Dante-san can take you!

[18:15] * -YingGirl call upons one of her summons....

[18:15] <DvlmayCry> Dante express, Now bording, ^_~

[18:15] <-Miroku> Or that works too...

[18:15] * starcat OOC likes talking OOCly. ^_^

[18:16] * -Fenrir appears, looking towards his mistress as his is a very large wolf summon

[18:16] <-Shippo> She can summon demons?

[18:16] <-Sango> That is incredible...

[18:16] <-Fenrir> You still had a fear of water, Mistress?

[18:17] <-Miroku> Quite a powerful skill...

[18:17] <-YingGirl> ...h-hai....

[18:17] <DvlmayCry> alright, I'll meet you there Vanessa.

[18:17] * DvlmayCry Devil Triggers

[18:17] * -Fenrir lowers his head, allowing Ying to ride him..

[18:18] * -Kirara lands on the steps of the Palace. Sango and Shippo hop off

[18:18] <-Fenrir> I would be too, since those boys teased you by drowning you when you were a kid....

[18:18] * Senshi Guardian and Setsuna hop off

[18:18] * -Fenrir takes off, almost like the wind as he follows the rest

[18:19] <-Sango> Hurry up! The demons will be comming out, and Kappa are not fun to battle!

[18:19] * DvlmayCry takes to the air, following Fenrir and Vanessa

[18:19] * -Fenrir lowers himself, arriving as he returns to his gray materia form

[18:19] * Sailor Quinox hops off as well

[18:20] * -Miroku takes off from the final rock and lands on the steps... but can't resist groping Sango as he passes...

[18:20] * -YingGirl heads towards the palace, placing the grey materia back in her satchel

[18:20] * DvlmayCry lands still in his Demon state

[18:20] * -Sango 's hand SLAMS into Mirokus face, there is now a hand print on his cheek.

[18:21] * -YingGirl notes Dante still has his daddy summon. ^_^;;

[18:21] <DvlmayCry> ouch that had to hurt pervo....that stings for hours

[18:21] * -Miroku takes the lead and walks into the palace, followed by the others

[18:21] <-YingGirl> Rrruff.

[18:21] <-Miroku> You get used to it quickly, heh.

[18:22] * DvlmayCry has it in the mouth of rebellion, will return it whenever vanessa wants it back

[18:22] * -YingGirl enters the palace as she follows the others...feeling akward

[18:22] * DvlmayCry rubs his own face, has gotten that a couple times

[18:22] * Sailor Quinox enters the palace

[18:22] * Senshi Guardian and Setsuna follow everyone

[18:23] <-> Inside the palace is decorated with silk and jewels, and near the center room stands the water goddess, true beauty if ever seen. She is a goddess, after all.

[18:23] * DvlmayCry reverts to human form and enters the palace

[18:23] <-YingGirl> wooooo

[18:23] <-Miroku> Hello again, mi'lady. (bows)

[18:24] * starcat wonders why gods and goddesses and such have all the time in the world to just stand around and do nothing...

[18:24] <-Sango> We come with a request. (bows aswell)

[18:24] * Sailor Quinox bows as well

[18:24] * -Sango has always questioned that, starcat...

[18:25] <-Miroku> Miss Ying, you and your friend will have to speak.

[18:25] * -YingGirl looks arouns, wagging her tail

[18:26] <-YingGirl> Oh me?

[18:26] * -YingGirl turns to the Goddess and cutesys

[18:26] <-Sango> It is your request, after all.

[18:26] * starcat is in the future. Nothing you say or do reaches her unless you mean it to. These are all totally coincidental thoughts. Really.

[18:26] * DvlmayCry -tachi bow

[18:27] <-Sango> ((Someone will have to take over miss Water Goddess, I have to split for about 15.))

[18:27] <-YingGirl> Uh...mam...er lady, I was wondering if you can help me remove this mark off my neck? Or know someone who could?

[18:28] <-YingGirl> ((the we'll be in limbo for 15 minutes, cause I'm pretty sure my computer cwants to f[BLEEP]k on me again.))

[18:28] <-Sango> ((FYI, whomever takes her, she can help Ying herself.))

[18:28] <Sailor Quinox> ((anyone know about the water goddess enough?))

[18:28] <-Sango> Eather that, or you can wait, sort of a commercial break. ^_^;))

[18:29] <DvlmayCry> ((I haven't gotten that far in Inu Yasha yet :( ))

[18:29] <starcat> ((gaahhh, sorry. >< I can't help you there. :/))

[18:29] <Sailor Quinox> ((I've only seen the first 6 episodes

[18:29] <-YingGirl> ((I never seen it. Or heard of it. ))

[18:29] <starcat> ((I've seen the first nine.))

[18:30] <-> Commercial Break!

[18:30] <-YingGirl> whoo! CM! BREAK --> http://www.3dactionplanet.com/metalgearsolid/mgs2/screens/197.jpg

[18:30] <-Announcer Guy> Do you wake up in the morning with aches and pains?

[18:31] * -Announcer Guy waits for a response

[18:31] <DvlmayCry> ((i'm only up to episode 5/6 on my season one box set -_-))

[18:31] <DvlmayCry> OOC: I'm actualy making you a naked radien sprite, I found the perfect base

[18:32] <-Little Jimmy> Yes?

[18:32] <-Announcer Guy> Do you find yourself suffering from boring old sanity?

[18:32] <-Little Jimmy> Yeah.

[18:33] <-TV> He only wanted to make it big in the town. Arnold Swagenagger is "Little Tortia Boy". Coming soon in 2005

[18:33] <-Announcer Guy> Then try THE SUBURBAN SENSHI CHATBOX!

[18:33] <-Announcer Guy> Garunteed to remove all traces of normal life from yours!

[18:33] * -YingGirl hates her computer

[18:34] <-Announcer> coming soon.....

[18:34] <-Announcer Guy> (paid for by the Suburban Senshi Chatbox Regulars.) [/fine print voice]

[18:34] <-Announcer> the kung-fu film to end all kung-fu films...

[18:34] * starcat giggles

[18:34] <-Announcer> I KNOW WHERE BRUCE LEE LIVES!!

[18:35] <-Announcer> --> http://www.skop.com/brucelee/

[18:35] <-Announcer> ((try this guys..it's fun!!))

[18:35] <-Announcer> he's here to make rice paddies and he's all out of Soy sauce!!!

[18:36] <-Announcer> coming whenever we can get money....

[18:37] <starcat> XD

[18:37] * starcat has to work on her projecty thing now, so will be rather inattentive

[18:41] * -YingGirl works on 4 more DT Vergil sprites.

[18:42] * DvlmayCry is working on more snakes sprites, and a special naked Radien one for vanessa.

[18:42] <starcat> Naked Raiden will kill you in your sleep.

[18:43] <starcat> ((Pretend that you can hear that. I'd say it OOC, but it sounds like a death threat, and it's not. O_o;))

[18:44] <-Announcer> hey, starcat? are you bored?

[18:44] <starcat> Why yes, I am!

[18:44] <-Announcer> are you finding your life without meaning?

[18:45] <starcat> i've been cruelly abandoned in my own timeline for Feudal Japan!

[18:45] <starcat> Not really, but let's pretend that I do and go from there!

[18:45] <-Announcer> well not any more!!!

[18:46] <-Announcer> WELL NOT ANY MORE!!

[18:46] <starcat> Why not??

[18:46] <TuxRainbow> lol

[18:47] <-Announcer> Because of Mr. Nuke!

[18:47] <starcat> Mr. Nuke?

[18:48] <-Announcer> yes. Mr. Nuke is the perfect game for any bored person your age!

[18:48] <starcat> ...You don't know my age. O_o;

[18:48] <starcat> or DO YOU?

[18:48] <starcat> Whatever.

[18:48] <-Announcer> of course not! I'm just a voice!!

[18:48] <starcat> You're creeping me out.

[18:49] <-Announcer> of course not!! I'm just a voice!!

[18:49] <starcat> Mr. Claudius Ptolemy is calling. ~_~

[18:49] * starcat kicks Ptolemy "That's for me having to research you!"

[18:50] <DvlmayCry> --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/radien.bmp

[18:50] <starcat> WHY did I click the link?! ><

[18:50] * -A bomb shaped puzzle..like a rubic's cube appears in Starcat's lap

[18:50] <DvlmayCry> :p It's naked Raiden for Vanessa.

[18:50] <starcat> Does it explode?

[18:51] * starcat tosses the puzzle to the other side of the room

[18:51] <-Announcer> OF COURSE!! with the strength of 20 modern atomic bombs!!

[18:51] <starcat> whoops.

[18:52] <-Announcer> but of course batteries are sold sepertly

[18:52] * starcat hopes that it doesn't explode this time...

[18:52] <starcat> woo.

[18:54] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:54] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[18:54] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[18:54] <starcat> Hi, Haak! ^_^

[18:54] <@Haak> Hi guys.

[18:54] * -YingGirl still is working on side poses for DT Vergil

[18:54] <starcat> Pretty much everyone is back in Feudal Japan right now. :/

[18:54] <-Announcer> remember! buy Mr. Nuke!!

[18:55] * starcat , Tux, and Terra are the only ones left

[18:55] <@Haak> Ahh yes so I recall.

[18:55] <starcat> ((We're currently having a small break due to no one being able to play the Water Goddess. ^_^;;))

[18:56] <@Haak> ((Ahh I see.))

[18:56] <DvlmayCry> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/radien.bmp|*distract Vanessa with Naked Raiden Sprite*

[18:56] <DvlmayCry> *distract Vanessa with Naked Raiden Sprite* --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/radien.bmp

[18:57] <starcat> ((If you could change the topic to say so, that would really help.))

[18:57] <@Haak> "Naked" and "Raiden" are two words I prefer not to see in a sentence.

[18:57] <starcat> ((Well, about them being in Feudal Japan. Not about the break.))

[18:57] <@Haak> ((star: Ok, what do you need it to say?))

[18:58] <starcat> Haak: Unless the "naked" part is preceded by "not."

[18:58] <@Haak> Heh.

[18:58] <starcat> (( " @ }-,-'-- Ying and co. are in Feudal Japan right now. We apologize for the delays. Normal RPing will continue soon. ^_^" ))

[19:00] * @Haak changes topic to `Ying and co. are in Feudal Japan right now. We apologize for the delays. Normal RPing will continue soon.`

[19:00] <starcat> but...but...there's no orange rose! T_T

[19:00] * @Haak doesn't use the orange rose :P

[19:00] <-Sango> ((And I am back, finally. Sorry about that. ^_^;;))

[19:01] <@Haak> ((Welcome back, whoever you are XD))

[19:01] <DvlmayCry> ((w00t))

[19:01] <-Sango> ((I am the all knowing InuYasha fan, Shaldra! ^_^..b ))

[19:01] <@Haak> ((So we're back in business now?))

[19:02] <-Sango> ((Back and ready to go!))

[19:02] <starcat> ((I'm going to have to negotiate with Xadium about topic-changing rights. ~_~))

[19:02] * @Haak changes topic to `Welcome to Feudal Japan`

[19:03] <-Sango> ((Thanks, Haak. ^_^))

[19:03] <DvlmayCry> ((i was wondering who it was, I had narrowed it down to either you or star))

[19:03] <@Haak> ((Meh, it got changed just fine :P))

[19:03] <TuxRainbow> lol

[19:03] * Shaldra Darkness bows from a secret location, with her InuYasha manga stacked beside her.

[19:03] <starcat> ((ME? No. >< I know next to nothing about InuYasha, and I could usually care less.))

[19:04] <DvlmayCry> ((you were around though star :p))

[19:04] <-Sango> Now, on with the show!

[19:04] * -YingGirl has three more to go.

[19:05] * -The Water Goddess smiles. "A mark, miss. Would you come closer so I can examine it?"

[19:05] <starcat> ((Meh. :P))

[19:05] * @Haak is away: ((Phone))

[19:05] <DvlmayCry> ooc: has normal, surprise, angery, and sweatdrop Snake done, just need to do blushing snake

[19:05] * Sailor Quinox watches

[19:05] <-starcat pet project 2> who the f[BLEEP]k you are water goddess?? adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[19:05] * DvlmayCry hopes the goddes can do it.

[19:06] * -YingGirl goes closer to the water goddess...lowering her ears

[19:06] <starcat> Oronde...

[19:06] <starcat> ((It's an RP. They're back in Feudal Japan.))

[19:06] * -YingGirl OOC: twitches

[19:07] <-starcat pet project 2> oh..sorry.. adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[19:07] <starcat> it's okay. ^_^

[19:07] * -The Water Goddess gently runs her fingers over the mark, then nods. "I see, I can get rid of it, that is not a problem."

[19:07] <-Miroku> See, told ya she can do it.

[19:08] <-YingGirl> Yeah..... I just hope the dog doesn't mind being single forever...

[19:08] <-Sango> Don't get to perky, mister, she hasn't done it yet.

[19:08] <-The Water Goddess> InuYasha will survive, do not worry.

[19:09] <-YingGirl> ...rrr.

[19:09] * DvlmayCry watches nervously

[19:09] * -The Water Goddess closes her eyes, moves around beside Ying, and puts both hands on the mark. Her hands glow lightly

[19:10] * -YingGirl stays still, closing her eyes

[19:11] * -The aura from her hands pulses slightly, the mark glowing a aqua blue... then fading...

[19:11] * DvlmayCry sighs smiling

[19:12] * Sailor Quinox sighs

[19:12] * -The Water Goddess lowers her hands a steps back. "There you are, Miss Ying. The mark has been removed."

[19:13] * TimeGal and Senshi Guardian sigh

[19:13] <starcat> ((Pardon me. WOOOOO HOOOO!!!!!))

[19:13] * -Sango looks toward Miroku, and smiles. "That wasn't hard, actually."

[19:14] * -Miroku chuckles "Lucky us, we didn't meet any demons."

[19:14] * DvlmayCry coughs

[19:14] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[19:15] <-Shippo> Can we go now? The last time I was here, I almost got killed...

[19:16] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa.....how do you feel?

[19:17] <-Sango> Let's wait till the others are ready, alright, Shippo?

[19:17] <Sailor Quinox> I'm ready....

[19:18] <-Miroku> Miss Ying, are you alright?

[19:18] * -YingGirl looks confused....

[19:18] <-YingGirl> Uhh...a bit drainned...

[19:19] <-Miroku> Well, that does occasionally happen after a blessing is removed...

[19:19] * DvlmayCry checks Vanessa's neck

[19:19] <-Miroku> ..But it should be alright in a short while.

[19:20] <Sailor Quinox> so...what now?

[19:20] <-Miroku> ((Okay, quick poll, demon attack, or no? Just in case you feel like fighting something.))

[19:20] <Sailor Quinox> oh..before we leave..I have something to give to Miroku...

[19:20] <-Miroku> Oh, what is that, Miss Matsumi?

[19:21] <Sailor Quinox> come here....

[19:21] <starcat> ((No. T_T I'm bored, all alone in the present.))

[19:21] * -Miroku walks over to Matsumi...

[19:22] * Sailor Quinox grabs Miroku and kisses him on the lips

[19:22] <-YingGirl> ((I'm interested. Course Carbunkle said the bats had sold the jewel to...))

[19:22] <DvlmayCry> ((i'm game if vanessa is))

[19:22] * -YingGirl has no mark on her neck....

[19:23] * -Miroku blinks... wow...

[19:23] <starcat> ((Meh. XP))

[19:23] * -Sango sweatdrops

[19:23] *** -Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2 (Arius is a p[BLEEP]y and Ying has three more DMC3 DT Vergil sprites to do :P)

[19:23] * DvlmayCry smiles happly and hugs Vanessa "Now you don't have to die.....*sniff*"

[19:24] * -YingGirl sighs to herself.

[19:24] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[19:24] * -Miroku smirks. "Quite a gift, thank you."

[19:25] * -Shippo fidgets a bit... "Guys... let's get out of here..."

[19:26] * TuxRainbow was lurking

[19:26] <Sailor Quinox> I think we should leave now...

[19:26] <-Sango> Yes, the sun has gone down, it's best we leave.

[19:26] * -YingGirl would had prefer the other option.

[19:27] * -YingGirl is still being held by Dante

[19:27] * -Miroku takes a few steps out of the palace, Sango following closely...

[19:28] * -YingGirl wonders why the bats taken the Shoken Jewel for....

[19:28] <DvlmayCry> are you ok?

[19:28] * Sailor Quinox starts to leave as well

[19:28] <-YingGirl> ...f-fine.

[19:28] <-YingGirl> let's get going....

[19:29] <DvlmayCry> maybe we should follow everyone before we get left behind...

[19:29] * DvlmayCry nods

[19:29] * -Sango suddenly slaps something on her neck... a flat Myoga floats down into her palm. "what do you want, Myoga?"

[19:30] <-YingGirl> ....you're still on me.

[19:30] * Senshi Guardian and Setsuna follow, Mike: Not much for us to do, Setsuna: I don't mind, Vanessa is safe now. Mike: Good point, I'm glad were not going to lose her, Setsuna nods

[19:30] <-Myoga> Lady Sango! There are demons comming this way! I came to warn you!

[19:30] <Sailor Quinox> what???

[19:30] <-Miroku> Demons? It was going so well, too...

[19:30] <DvlmayCry> oh Sorry.*lets go* I was lost in the moment

[19:31] <-Sango> That's nice to hear, Myoga, but was the snack necessary?

[19:31] <DvlmayCry> Demons huh....I could use some target practice

[19:31] <-YingGirl> .....So, we can kick their ass. Well, Dante would

[19:31] <-Shippo> Demons?! I knew this was gonna be bad!!

[19:32] * -Myoga hops out of Sango's hand and runs off!!

[19:32] * Sailor Quinox throws off her peasent wear, revealing Ninja wear

[19:32] <-Sango> He runs at any sign of danger...

[19:32] * -YingGirl sigh. Can't do much fighting. Is probably gonna get an earfull from dog boy when she tells him that she lost the Shoken Jewel

[19:32] * -Sango goes to change into her demon slayer outfit.

[19:32] * DvlmayCry throws off his peasent clothes, revealing his normal outfit, cracking his neck "Much better for fighting demons"

[19:33] * -Miroku watches the sky... "Hmm... I can't see the stars anymore... there must be many of them..."

[19:33] <Sailor Quinox> I'm ready......

[19:33] <DvlmayCry> hum, just the way I like it monk

[19:33] * -YingGirl was in her fuku. Her peasant wear was taken off when the villiagers attacked her

[19:33] * -And the demons attack!!

[19:33] * Sailor Quinox un-sealths her sword, it glowing full of wind energy

[19:34] * Senshi guardian flings off his peasent clothes, in Demon Hunter gear minus the guns, Setsuna henshins into Sailor Pluto

[19:34] <Sailor Quinox> SIIIIIIIIII!!!! *swipes with her sword, sending a shockwave out into the demons*

[19:35] * -YingGirl decides to find a safe place for covering as the demons are unleashed

[19:35] * -Miroku takes off the beads from around his hands and uses the abbis! (The black hole in his hand, he refers to it as the Abbis)

[19:35] * DvlmayCry unholsters Ebony and Ivory, spinning them on his fingers before readying them "Lets Rock"

[19:36] * -Sango dashes out, in full Demon Slayer gear, hops on Kirara, and flys up for battle!

[19:36] * -Shippo goes and hides with Ying

[19:36] * -YingGirl stays ouside the palace....hiding somewhere

[19:36] * DvlmayCry air hikes into the air, unloading round after round into the demon swarm

[19:36] * -The demons rip appart with horrid screaches, but more seem to take their place...

[19:37] * -YingGirl isn't no Inu.

[19:37] <-YingGirl> is no^

[19:37] <-Sango> Herricotes!! (Flings the boomerang, ripping through demons, then catches it again)

[19:38] * TimeGal unleashes a dead scream into demon hoard

[19:38] * Senshi Guardian takes up defending those hiding....guardian by nature.

[19:38] * -YingGirl stays quiet. Doesn't interfear due to the fact she isn't powerful

[19:38] <Sailor Quinox> TORNACO TSUNAMI!!!!!!!!! *creates two huge twisters and sends into the demons*

[19:38] * -Miroku wraps the beads around his hand again, then uses some ofuda and his staff

[19:39] * -More and more demons fall, and more take their place...

[19:39] <DvlmayCry> You know....I'm not in the mood to play with low level scum like this.....Time to show you what true power is......RRAAAAHHHHH

[19:39] <Sailor Quinox> *tornado

[19:39] * DvlmayCry Devil Trigger

[19:39] * starcat pulls out some papers and begins proofreading them for errors

[19:39] <-YingGirl> w-whay do these demons want?

[19:40] <-YingGirl> what^

[19:40] <DvlmayCry> *takes to the air glowing with energy* --> http://www.thegamingonline.com/PS2/Screenshots/Pictures/devilmaycry2_deviltrigger2.jpg

[19:40] <-Shippo> I'm not sure, it may be from the presence of more demons...

[19:41] <-YingGirl> .........

[19:41] * DvlmayCry floars infront of the swarm " WHO WANTS SOME!!!!"

[19:41] <DvlmayCry> *floats

[19:41] * -YingGirl sighs.

[19:42] * -The Demons split into groups, some charging toward Dante, some going toward where Ying and Shippo are hiding

[19:42] * Senshi Guardian readies his sword

[19:42] * starcat gets some leftover pie and heats it up, back in the present times

[19:42] * -Other demons are just going everywhere

[19:42] * DvlmayCry discharges huge arcs of lighting into the oncoming demons

[19:43] <-Sango> You guys get out of here! Miroku and I can handle them! Get back to your own time!!

[19:43] <TimeGal> Are you sure!!!!!!

[19:43] * Sailor Quinox nods

[19:43] * -More demons rip appart, and the ones replacing them are fewer in numbers

[19:43] <-YingGirl> mmmm...i always screw up....

[19:43] <-Sango> Don't worry about us! We've handled demons like this before!

[19:44] * starcat eats her warm, delicious, perfectly spiced apple pie while loucging on Tuxedo Sofa

[19:44] <starcat> *lounging

[19:44] <-Miroku> It was nice to meet you all (thawck) and I hope to see you again, if possible. Now GO!

[19:44] <TimeGal> alright! Thank you for everything!

[19:44] * starcat tells the Typo Demons to go back to Feudal Japan. :P

[19:45] * TimeGal raises the timestaff, opening the gates of time. "TIME GATE OPEN HURRY!"

[19:45] <-Miroku> Good luck!!!

[19:45] <-Sango> Take care, friends!

[19:45] <-Shippo> Bye!! Eep! (ducks from a low flying demon)

[19:46] <Senshi Guardian> DANTE GET DOWN HERE!!!!! I FOUND WOLF*is carrying to knocked out wolfwood* GET VANESSA AND GO INTO THE GATE!!!!

[19:46] * -YingGirl follows, but accidently places Shippo in her satchel

[19:46] * Senshi Guardian dashes throught the gate, falling into the Sub,Senshi living room

[19:46] * -Sango and Miroku continue hold back the demons

[19:47] * -YingGirl leaps into the TimeGate

[19:47] <-Shippo> GAH! *muffled yelling*

[19:47] * Sailor Quinox goes thru the gate

[19:47] * starcat finishes her pie and waggles her fork at SG "It's about time you showed up. We're out of pie."

[19:47] * DvlmayCry blasts one last arc of lightning and flies through the time gate

[19:47] * starcat yawns

[19:47] <starcat> Did you kiddies have fun? :)

[19:48] * starcat stands up to go put her plate in the kitchen

[19:48] <Senshi Guardian> My bad star. :p

[19:48] * -Later on Sango and Miroku look through the demon bodies... Sango: "Hey... where's Shippo?"

[19:48] * Sailor Quinox is on the floor, panting, her clothes half ripped apart

[19:48] * TimeGal leaps through the gate, it closing behind her

[19:49] <Sailor Quinox> what a rush!!

[19:49] * starcat gets a Vanilla Coke, and a ginger ale each for the returning travelers

[19:49] * -YingGirl appears in the Tenou's/Aino's room, scretching a little.

[19:49] <-> End Suburban Senshi Catbox - Feudal Era... Or is it?

[19:49] * starcat places the extra sodas on the coffee table and sits with hers on the Venus Sofa

[19:49] * DvlmayCry reverts to human form landing on his feet, Setsuna a few second behind him

[19:49] * starcat HOPES that it's not the Suburban Senshi Catbox...Artemis wouldn't be too happy. XD

[19:50] * -Sango slams her boomerang on yet another Typo Demon. "I said, get lost!"

[19:50] * starcat opens her Vanilla Coke and sips it

[19:50] * @Ikari Shinji walks in, dead tired

[19:50] <-YingGirl> Least the mark is gone. Still don't know why Inu gave me that tooth in the first place

[19:50] <starcat> Hi, Shinji.

[19:50] <starcat> What happened to YOU?

[19:50] * @Ikari Shinji waves at starkiddo

[19:50] <-> End Suburban Senshi Chatbox - Feudal Era... Or is it?

[19:50] <-YingGirl> Least the mark is gone. Still don't know why Inu gave me that tooth in the first place

[19:50] <@Ikari Shinji> No sleep at all.

[19:50] <starcat> I mean, these people just got back from Feudal Japan, so I know what's wrong with them.

[19:50] <starcat> No sleep at all. Wow.

[19:50] <DvlmayCry> probaly.....because he feel the same way I do about you.

[19:51] * -Muffled yelling comes from Yings bag...

[19:51] <-YingGirl> ....Damn demon dog.

[19:51] <starcat> I'd admire you, but it doesn't seem too wise. :/

[19:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, I've been up for over 24 hours.

[19:51] * -YingGirl blushes a little.....

[19:51] <@Ikari Shinji> I was originally going to sleep when I logged off earlier this morning but something came up.

[19:51] * Sailor Quinox opens up the ginger ale and takes a sip...."ahhhh"

[19:51] * starcat will be kind due to your sleep-deprived state and not bother Mr. Old Guy about being called "starkiddo" :)

[19:51] * -YingGirl doesn't notice her satchel is moving

[19:51] <-> Mummpf! Let me out!!

[19:52] * starcat is amazed, though.

[19:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah, kiddo, I caught your remark about old men with rings. :P

[19:52] * starcat OOC couldn't do that...><

[19:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Just got done reading the logs.

[19:52] <TimeGal> Whew.....I need some rest....I'll see you at home Mike-kun*kisses him on the lips* night everyone

[19:52] <starcat> ^_^

[19:52] *** TimeGal has left #suburbansenshi2 (sleepy time....until Mike-kun gets home ^_~)

[19:52] <-> Where am I?! Someone help!!

[19:53] <-YingGirl> .....I think he did it to piss me off.

[19:53] * Senshi Guardian blushes

[19:53] <@Ikari Shinji> For the record, this is OCC. Fingers are actually sore and I'm not doing anything else to change my name at the moment or my text.

[19:53] <starcat> heh.

[19:53] * -YingGirl looks at her satchel....which is talking?

[19:53] <starcat> Why are you on, then, and not sleeping?

[19:53] <-YingGirl> ....What the?

[19:53] <-> Let me out of here!!

[19:54] <DvlmayCry> Well....what ever the reason, it's over now, the mark is gone, you don't have to kill yourself. I'm sure Inu is going to be ok.

[19:54] <-YingGirl> ....Mike......

[19:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Too much caff. in my body now. Couldn't find any caff. free Diet Mountain Dew to drink so I got some Dr. Pepper.

[19:54] * -YingGirl stares at her talking satchel....

[19:54] <Senshi Guardian> yeah Vanessa?

[19:54] * -YingGirl lowers herself as she opens her satchel

[19:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Wasn't in the mood to get some flavored water or something like I might've normally.

[19:55] * -Shippo finally gets out of the satchel! "That place is cramped!!"

[19:55] <starcat> I'd say something right now, Shinji, but it'd probably be better for both of us if we didn't.

[19:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Little children drain your energy and they then have the gall to sleep. Remember that.

[19:55] <starcat> *if I didn't

[19:55] <Sailor Quinox> WHOA!!

[19:55] <Senshi Guardian> woah....little fox girl thing from the past!

[19:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh, say it.

[19:55] <-YingGirl> ......... O_o

[19:56] <starcat> Nah...

[19:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Say it.

[19:56] <-Shippo> Girl!? I'm a boy!! XP

[19:56] <starcat> It's cruel to take advantage of the elderly in their weakened state. :)

[19:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Was that is?

[19:56] <starcat> nope.

[19:56] <@Ikari Shinji> ^it

[19:56] <starcat> That's why I'm NOT saying it. ^_^

[19:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, say it. Don't be a wuss. Got too much respect for ya.

[19:57] <-YingGirl> ...Crude. this ain't good.

[19:57] <-Shippo> Now... where am I?

[19:57] <Senshi Guardian> my bad.

[19:57] <starcat> No, dude. It conflicts with my morals.

[19:58] <starcat> (is it just me, or has the word "dude" been showing up more often, lately?)

[19:58] <Sailor Quinox> welcome to 2004....

[19:58] <-YingGirl> ....The present.

[19:58] <starcat> (Was that last part repetitive?)

[19:58] <@Ikari Shinji> There will be many things in life that will conflict with your morals but you'll have to do them anyway. Consider this your own person advance test.

[19:58] * -Shippo is confused...

[19:59] <starcat> This is something that I have a choice in, Shinji. :P

[19:59] <@Ikari Shinji> ^personal

[19:59] * -Meanwhile, Carbunkle is bummed out of him not playing poker anymore with her.

[19:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes, I also have the choice to pest you endless until you tell me which I will until you do such a thing.

[19:59] <Senshi Guardian> your a victum of accidental time travel little dude

[19:59] <-YingGirl> heh.....

[19:59] * @Ikari Shinji goes totally IC for a moment

[20:00] <-Shippo> Oh... great...

[20:00] <starcat> Yes, you do.

[20:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, you brought a person back in time and it's not Sango?!

[20:00] <starcat> XD

[20:00] * DvlmayCry looks to his sword, the materia gone

[20:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, take back the fox boy and just bring back the fox.

[20:00] <DvlmayCry> weird....

[20:00] <starcat> LOL

[20:00] <-Shippo> I would gladly go back!

[20:00] <-YingGirl> ........I don't swing that way.

[20:01] <starcat> Meh, send him back anyways.

[20:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Good, Shippo! Now exchange yourself for the hottie of a demon slayer.

[20:01] * @Ikari Shinji is now done with IC for the moment

[20:01] <starcat> I've just discovered that I don't like kids from the past any more than kids from the future. ~_~

[20:01] <-Shippo> InuYasha will start hitting me again if I stay here...

[20:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Starkitty, if you won't tell me here then just tell me over MSN then.

[20:01] <-YingGirl> .....Uh oh. Dante, you don't supposed your father is in the past?

[20:01] * -Sailor Tempus appears "I got an APB on a missplaced chibi fox creature, seen one? ^_^"

[20:02] <-YingGirl> ...Not really, Rei is bossing the Inu around

[20:02] <starcat> No, Shinjuku.

[20:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Please?!?!

[20:02] <starcat> :P

[20:02] <DvlmayCry> I don't know...

[20:03] <-Shippo> Missplaced chibi fox, right here!!

[20:03] <-YingGirl> ... he does, I'll hit him back.

[20:03] * - meanwhile at Vanessa's place

[20:03] <-> Miss me Katrice?

[20:03] * -Shippo waves his arms!!!

[20:04] <-Sailor Tempus> Ah, my job is so easy tonight. ^_^

[20:05] <-YingGirl> ...I'm sorry.

[20:05] <-Shippo> It's alright, Miss Ying. Simple mistake. You got me away from the demons, too!

[20:06] <-Shippo> The group who helped Ying! ^_^ --> http://www.wot-club.org.uk/Inuyasha/images/vols/v26e.jpg

[20:06] <-Sailor Tempus> It was just a little boo-boo Aunt Vanessa, I'll take him back to were he belongs

[20:06] <-Carbunkle> ....Sparda, I'm thinking about Snake. Course...I dun think he'll be back for another round. Got a job to do....

[20:07] <-YingGirl> ....I'm still not that powerful

[20:08] <-LgndyDrkKnght> ah yes, he was a whoot. I'm gonna miss him, especialy all the fun we had, good news, my boy and there friends got that mark of Vanessa's neck

[20:08] <-LgndyDrkKnght> *off

[20:08] * -Carbunkle is lying on a soft Queen sized bed, looking down.

[20:08] <-Shippo> Can I go back now, miss?

[20:09] <-Sailor Tempus> You underestimate yourself Aunt Vanessa, thats all. ^_~

[20:09] <-YingGirl> I guess. I'm sorry for bringining you here

[20:09] * -LgndruDrkKnght pets Katrice on the head "He'll be back when he's done this mission"

[20:09] <-Shippo> Like I said, it's alright. Just a mistake. ^_^

[20:10] * -Sailor Tempus goes over and picks Shippo up "We'l going then, goodbye everyone, till we meet again!"

[20:10] <-Sailor Tempus> *we'll be

[20:10] * -Shippo waves to everyone. "Bye again!!"

[20:10] * -Carbunkle still recalls her first meeting with Snake.....since YingGirl was supposed "dead" from Hojo's lab exploding

[20:10] <starcat> bye.

[20:11] <Sailor Quinox> bye, cute little thing!

[20:11] * -Sailor Tempus waves

[20:11] *** -Sailor Tempus has left #suburbansenshi2 (Renegade Senshi of Time, Sailor Tempus, departs with haste)

[20:12] * -Carbunkle notes Mei was uber pissed with him, until she saw Snake carrying her (carbunkle) in his arms, Mei then had a change of heart

[20:12] *** -Shippo has left #suburbansenshi2 (That was interesting... but I prefer being with Sango, Miroku and Kirara.)

[20:12] <Sailor Quinox> *sigh* what a day....

[20:13] * DvlmayCry sits down near Vanessa, releived

[20:13] * -YingGirl would raither not bring Sango due to Gunarm_Dyne scaring her off

[20:13] <Senshi Guardian> Indeed

[20:13] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, we did it!

[20:14] <starcat> Yay.

[20:15] <starcat> Small children should not exist.

[20:15] * -YingGirl goes sits in her corner, no mark on her neck

[20:16] * DvlmayCry sits next to Vanessa, leaning against one of the walls that make up the corner

[20:16] <TuxRainbow> Congrats to all

[20:16] *** SaiyaJedi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:16] <@spiritflame> Irasshai SaiyaJedi

[20:16] * Senshi Guardian flops down on Sailor Sofa

[20:17] *** S. Terra has left #suburbansenshi2 (that was a fun adventure... now, to sleep)

[20:17] * SaiyaJedi looks at the topic

[20:17] <starcat> Hi, SJ.

[20:17] <SaiyaJedi> ...huh?

[20:17] <Senshi Guardian> w00t, I told you we would do it Vanessa. ^_^ Vnn

[20:17] <TuxRainbow> Hi, Saiya

[20:17] <starcat> SJ: You missed it. They went to Feudal Japan.

[20:17] <SaiyaJedi> What'd I miss?

[20:17] <SaiyaJedi> I see...

[20:17] <SaiyaJedi> But if they went... that implies they came back...?

[20:17] <SaiyaJedi> And thus the topic ought to be changed, ne?

[20:17] <Sailor Quinox> yeah....we're back...

[20:18] <starcat> Yep.

[20:18] * -YingGirl stays in her corner....

[20:18] <starcat> ((My toes are cold. ))

[20:18] * SaiyaJedi keeps his tail firmly hidden under his cloak

[20:18] <starcat> ((Just thought I'd be annoying and let you all know this fact.))

[20:18] * -YingGirl notes is not getting the whole manga collection of InuYasha, up to 37 volumes and still isn't finished.

[20:19] <SaiyaJedi> ((this coffee is nasty.))

[20:19] <DvlmayCry> whats bothering you Vanessa? I though you'd be happy you didn't have to kill yourself

[20:19] <SaiyaJedi> ((Typing in double-parentheses is fun.))

[20:19] <Sailor Io> ...Feudal Japan? Go figure.

[20:20] <starcat> ((It's OOC, you not-dork-person. :) ))

[20:20] <Sailor Quinox> someone change the topic...please...

[20:20] <Sailor Io> We can't. We're not OPs.

[20:20] <@spiritflame> Sailor Io: only OPs may change topic

[20:20] <-YingGirl> ..........

[20:21] <Sailor Io> See?

[20:21] * starcat is discussing it with Shinji. :P

[20:21] <Sailor Quinox> I know....wish an Op was here...

[20:21] * SaiyaJedi brings in Luffy

[20:21] <starcat> ((If I had my way, I'd have topic-changing powers.

[20:21] <starcat> Luffy?!

[20:21] <Sailor Io> ((I would too))

[20:21] *** -StrawHat02 has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:21] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -StrawHat02

[20:21] <-StrawHat02> Hi!

[20:22] <starcat> Furu-kun is going to be so sad that he missed this.

[20:22] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Luffy

[20:22] <Sailor Quinox> what???

[20:22] <-StrawHat02> I heard'ja needed a One Piece person ta' change the topic!!

[20:22] <starcat> XD

[20:22] <-StrawHat02> And... I dunno how to do that.

[20:22] * DvlmayCry facepalms at teh luffy

[20:22] * -YingGirl stays in her corner....watching the floor

[20:22] <starcat> Could I get an autograph for my boyfriend?

[20:23] <SaiyaJedi> Oh... a channel op, you mean?

[20:23] * starcat approaches Luffy with a card

[20:23] * SaiyaJedi facepalms at himself

[20:23] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa.....come on....whats wrong?

[20:23] <-StrawHat02> Oh... so y'don't need me after all, huh?

[20:23] <starcat> Wait!!

[20:23] <-StrawHat02> Huuuh?!

[20:24] * -StrawHat02 wants to know what he needs to wait for

[20:24] <-YingGirl> n-nothing....

[20:24] * starcat bows to luffy and holds out a pen and paper

[20:24] <starcat> Can you please sign this for my boyfriend, Furu??

[20:24] * @Ikari Shinji changes topic to `@ }-,-'-- Lack of topic is due to the fact that we had a better topic, but it would've offended certain people, you get this placeholder.`

[20:24] <-StrawHat02> Um... okay!

[20:25] * starcat made up the topic! ^_^

[20:25] * -StrawHat02 hopes this ain't some kind of Marines thing...

[20:25] <Sailor Io> XD

[20:25] * -StrawHat02 signs the paper

[20:25] <Sailor Io> We need purlple roses.

[20:25] * DvlmayCry puts his arm around Vanessa "Come now, I can tell when something is on your mind"

[20:26] * starcat made up the alternate topic as well, but it probably wouldn't've been well recieved. ¬_¬;;

[20:26] * -The paper reads: "To my budy Furu, from yer pall Lufy"

[20:26] <starcat> Yay! ^_^ Thank you!

[20:26] <-StrawHat02> All-righty! Time to skedaddle!

[20:26] * starcat carefully tucks the paper away for Furu-kun ^_^

[20:27] <-StrawHat02> GOMU GOMU NO...

[20:27] <starcat> Bye! ^_^

[20:27] * -YingGirl still stares at the floor

[20:27] <-StrawHat02> ROCKET!!!

[20:27] * -StrawHat02 launches himself straight through the roof

[20:27] *** -StrawHat02 has left #suburbansenshi2 (My head... ><)

[20:27] <SaiyaJedi> ... ^^;

[20:28] <DvlmayCry> ......come on....talk to me.....

[20:29] * SaiyaJedi has to get going; work to do IRL

[20:29] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:29] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[20:29] <SaiyaJedi> Later, everyone.

[20:30] <starcat> Bye, SJ.

[20:30] <DvlmayCry> ooc: surprised and Blushin Snake done, finaly sheet creation begining

[20:30] <starcat> Hi, Solar.

[20:30] <-YingGirl> ......

[20:30] * Solarchos sees the hole in the roof. "Did Team Rocket just blast off again?"

[20:30] *** Sailor Io has left #suburbansenshi2 (This: is a waste of time.)

[20:31] <starcat> Luffy was here. ^_^

[20:31] <Solarchos> OOC - ( I'm making progress with getting ready for the move. I'm about three-quarters of the way done with all the packing. )

[20:31] *** SaiyaJedi has left #suburbansenshi2 (There is no rest for the weary >_>)

[20:31] <starcat> ((Hey, once you get settled in, do we get more Sporehunt?))

[20:32] <Solarchos> Starcat - I know the answer to your earlier question! The one about why you didn't die!

[20:32] <starcat> ((Please? ^_^))

[20:32] <starcat> Wait, I had a question about why I didn't die? O_o;

[20:32] * DvlmayCry sighs

[20:33] <Solarchos> Starcat - Sporehunt WILL be coming soon once I get re-located into my new apartment.

[20:33] * starcat does not remember that.

[20:33] * starcat REJOICES!

[20:34] <Solarchos> Starcat - Oh wait, nevermind. I reskimmed the chatlogs.

[20:34] * -YingGirl keeps staring at the floor

[20:35] * starcat does the Provoke Dance to celebrate! *shakey shakey!*

[20:35] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, why wont you talk to me? We just freed you, aren't you happy?

[20:35] <Solarchos> Or rather, Sporehunt will continue once I return from my next off-world buying trip ( which will oddly enough coincide with my moving IRL. Odd. )

[20:35] <starcat> ((Yes, "odd." ^_^))

[20:36] * Solarchos snickers as he watches the famous Starcat Provoke "Shakey-shakey" Dance! XD

[20:37] <Solarchos> Dante - What's wrong with Yinggirl? DId everything go all right?

[20:38] * starcat sits down and sips her soda ^_^

[20:38] <DvlmayCry> I....don't know...she wont tell me...

[20:38] <-YingGirl> mmm...

[20:39] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa?

[20:39] <DvlmayCry> Snake's emotion test sheet --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/snaketest.bmp

[20:40] <DvlmayCry> ok now click it

[20:41] <Solarchos> Dante - Snake looks good!

[20:41] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Talk to us. What's wrong?

[20:42] <-YingGirl> nice...but there was a sprite that shown him to be looking and acting embaressed

[20:42] <DvlmayCry> ooc: Were' is it at on the page?

[20:43] <-YingGirl> me OOC: will finish up the 3 remaining DT Vergil sprites

[20:43] <-YingGirl> --> http://OOC: will finish up the 3 remaining DT Vergil sprites

[20:43] * DvlmayCry notes for each original sprite, there is the other emotions aswell.

[20:43] * -YingGirl OOC: will finish up the 3 remaining DT Vergil sprites^ f[BLEEP]ken typos

[20:43] <-YingGirl> nothing....

[20:44] * Solarchos pulls out the Ares Predator and starts rapid-firing into a gang of Typo-Demons. "Frelling ba[BLEEP]rds are everywhere!"

[20:45] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - I can tell something's wrong by how you've got your tail wrapped around you. Plus you're quieter than usual.

[20:45] <DvlmayCry> It's about Inu Yasha isn't it....

[20:45] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:45] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[20:45] <-YingGirl> ...........................

[20:46] <starcat> Hi, Shaldra. ^_^

[20:46] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Bow to the Mistress of Osuwari! j/k ^_^ V))

[20:46] * DvlmayCry once again notes, he's not as stupid as he lets on

[20:46] * -YingGirl still watches the floor

[20:46] * Shaldra Darkness notes Osuwari is what Kagome says in the japanese InuYasha, basically "sit"

[20:48] <DvlmayCry> ((well done))

[20:48] <-YingGirl> rrr.....

[20:48] * Solarchos falls to his knees before Shaldra and bows repeatedly! "We're not worthy! We're not worthy! We're not worthy!"

[20:48] * DvlmayCry sighs "I just want to know whats bugging you..."

[20:49] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Okay, back into character now. ^_^;;))

[20:49] * -YingGirl still has to figure out who the bats had sold the Shoken jewel too

[20:50] * Solarchos quickly goes over and GLOMPS Shaldra! ^_^

[20:50] * Shaldra Darkness sniffs the air... "Okay, why do I smell demon blood... and a fox?"

[20:51] * starcat has the Magical Trevor song stuck in her head.

[20:51] * Shaldra Darkness is GLOMPED!! ^_^

[20:51] <Solarchos> Shaldra - What? Is there a Kitsune lurking around?

[20:51] * Senshi Guardian wakes up

[20:52] <-YingGirl> ......

[20:52] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Feeling better, love? You fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow last night!

[20:52] <-YingGirl> shaldra, i accidently brought shippo here

[20:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying - Oh, that counts for the fox, but the demon blood?

[20:53] * -YingGirl keeps staring at the floor

[20:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Well, now I'm all better! ^_^

[20:53] <DvlmayCry> ...and we'll find the jewel too.

[20:53] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - You mean the chibi-fox-dude's here? Cool.

[20:53] <-YingGirl> dante and the others went demon slaying

[20:54] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh, that accounts for the demon blood smell. ^_^

[20:54] <-YingGirl> was, he's back now

[20:54] * Solarchos seriously enjoyed being snuggled up to a sleeping Neko-girl last night. ^_~

[20:55] <-YingGirl> in his own time^

[20:55] * Mango-chan opens the secret santa box! (Name and email if you want to take part in the chatbox's secret santa)

[20:55] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Are you sad about not having to marry InuYasha? Or is it something else?

[20:55] <Solarchos> Mango - Secret santa?

[20:55] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, this means I don't have to waist a life! ^_^

[20:56] <-YingGirl> it's nothing....

[20:56] <Mango-chan> Yes. Secret Santa. You know, where you get an email saying that you have to get something for someone in the chatbox.

[20:56] <Mango-chan> ((Nothing price consuming. I mean like a drawing, a fic, or an IC thing)

[20:57] <starcat> ((Oooh, or bad poetry!))

[20:58] <Mango-chan> ((YAY BAD POETRY!))

[20:58] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Eh, what the heck. Shaldra Darkness - nightsenshi@sailormoon.com))

[20:58] <DvlmayCry> ..............

[20:58] <starcat> ((Woo for bad poetry!))

[20:58] <Shaldra Darkness> ((I can do pics ^_^))

[20:58] * DvlmayCry didn't like solar's theory

[20:59] <Mango-chan> ((I cheer for Shaldra!))

[20:59] <Solarchos> Dante - Sorry. Like I said, is it something else besides that.

[21:00] <DvlmayCry> I think you'll like this one Vanessa. ^_~ --> http://senshiguardian/homestead.com/files/blushy.bmp

[21:01] <DvlmayCry> gomen, right link now --> http://senshiguardian.homestead.com/files/blushy.bmp

[21:03] * Sailor Quinox sips her ginger ale

[21:03] * -YingGirl is tired in irl....

[21:04] <starcat> "irl" stands for "in real life," or in Haak's case, "Ireland."

[21:04] * Solarchos shrugs and starts hugging Shaldra. ^_^

[21:04] * -YingGirl get gets up....and leaves

[21:04] * Shaldra Darkness stretches and yawns

[21:04] * starcat is now known as The Grammarian

[21:04] <-YingGirl> /psrt ....sleep

[21:04] * Shaldra Darkness nuzzles Solarchos and purrrsss....

[21:04] <Mango-chan> so Ying's tired in Ireland?

[21:04] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (sleep)

[21:05] <The Grammarian> Therefore, saying "in irl" is redundant, much like saying "it's is silly."

[21:05] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (hope)

[21:05] <The Grammarian> Unless, of course, you are Haak, and you insist on it meaning "Ireland."

[21:05] * -YingGirl kicks Dante out of her room. Raither sleep "alone"

[21:06] <Solarchos> Shaldra - You're tired, too?

[21:06] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (....Ass,)

[21:06] <Senshi Guardian> hehehe I can't beleave i did that sprite, but Vanessa like teh naked Raiden so I made it on a whim. ^^

[21:06] * Sailor Quinox rings a little bell

[21:06] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (X_x)

[21:06] <The Grammarian> Hmph. Naked Raiden shall be spared my scatching comments for now.

[21:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Not really, just bored. I haven't done much today. ^_^;;

[21:07] <Senshi Guardian> .

[21:08] * starcat is done being Grammar-Nazi-ish for now.

[21:08] * Senshi Guardian is finishing combining the sprites into a sprite sheet

[21:09] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - But now what *rub nuzzle* you're here, Solar-kun, *nuzzle rub* things are much better!

[21:09] <Shaldra Darkness> ^that.... stupid Typo Demons

[21:09] * Solarchos blushes as Shaldra starts nuzzling him. ^_^

[21:10] * Sailor Quinox rings the little bell again

[21:10] <Senshi Guardian> Whats the bell for Matsumi? Giving angles there wings? ^_^

[21:11] <starcat> Angles have wings?

[21:11] *** -NekidRaiden has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:11] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -NekidRaiden

[21:11] * -NekidRaiden runs through the room, hands covering his shame

[21:11] <Solarchos> SG - angles? *shoots the Typo-Demon responsible.*

[21:11] *** -NekidRaiden has left #suburbansenshi2

[21:11] * Shaldra Darkness burries her head in Solarchos' chest ><

[21:11] <Senshi Guardian> *angels

[21:11] <starcat> O_O

[21:11] * starcat faints

[21:11] * Solarchos covers Shaldra's eyes so she doesn't go blind!!! >_<;

[21:12] * Senshi Guardian will have to wash his eyes out now

[21:13] <Solarchos> Okay, who wants to go hunting that nekkid-jarhead?

[21:13] * Shaldra Darkness was lucky enough to NOT look....

[21:13] <Sailor Quinox> O.o

[21:13] <Shaldra Darkness> I am not going near that guy with a ten foot pole!!!

[21:13] * Senshi Guardian revives Starcat

[21:14] * starcat wakes up

[21:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Welcome back to the land of the living, starcat.

[21:16] <Solarchos> We could just blow his head off with a sniper rifle.

[21:16] <Shaldra Darkness> That still involves looking at him... ><

[21:16] <starcat> ^_^

[21:16] <Solarchos> Or locate him and call in a Starfury Thunderbolt strafing run?

[21:16] <starcat> *coughyoustoleShinji'slinecough*

[21:17] <Shaldra Darkness> I know, but he isn't here. I thought I should. ^_^

[21:17] <starcat> I know. ^_^

[21:18] * Solarchos starts nibbling on Shaldra's ear. ^_^

[21:18] <starcat> ((I'm talking to him on MSN, and he told me to subtly remind you where it came from, and so, voila. ^_^))

[21:18] * Mango-chan is going to close the secret santa box in 40 minuites...

[21:18] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuuurrrrrr....

[21:19] <Solarchos> Mango - All right. Count me in. Solarchos@aol.com

[21:19] * Sailor Quinox tackles Mike

[21:20] * Senshi Guardian is tackled!!!!!

[21:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Shinji also said that it's flattering when people tend to adapt things like that.

[21:21] * Sailor Quinox huggles Mike and kisses him too

[21:21] * Shaldra Darkness giggles a bit ^_^

[21:21] * Solarchos continues to nibble on Shaldra's ear while stroking her tail.

[21:21] <@Ikari Shinji> *coughsstarisaratcoughs*

[21:21] * Senshi Guardian giggles, hugging and kissing matsumi back

[21:21] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Looks like we've started a trend again! ^_^

[21:21] * Shaldra Darkness purrs... but can't help but laugh at Ikari's comment. ^_^

[21:22] <starcat> *coughstarcatenjoyssayingsillythingscough*

[21:22] <Mango-chan> Shinji! Wanna join in on the secret santa-ing?

[21:22] <@Ikari Shinji> *coughsinsertsomthingwittyaboutshinjiherecoughs*

[21:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Secret Qwardian spying, what?!

[21:23] <Shaldra Darkness> I break all this *caughing* with the Kagome chorus line! --> http://www.ear-tweak.com/iy_eps/inu135_04.jpg

[21:23] <starcat> *coughiseemtohaveacoldcough*

[21:23] <Mango-chan> *coughmangojustwantedtojoininonthefuncoughcough*

[21:23] <Solarchos> Everyone - I've gotta be heading off. Once again, I'll check in here one last time before signing off for a while because of the move. Then I'll be gone for the better part of a week. Maybe less. We'll see. Either way, after I move things will only get better for me!

[21:24] <starcat> Bye, Solar.

[21:24] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, bye, love!!

[21:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, Sol.

[21:24] * Mango-chan holds the secret santa box infront of Shinji, "It's called Secret Santa!'

[21:24] <Solarchos> Shaldra - OMG! Kagome has lost her mind ( if she ever HAD one, that is )!

[21:25] <Solarchos> Mango - DId you get my email address?

[21:25] <@Ikari Shinji> ...you promise it's not a trap by the Weaponers of Qward?

[21:25] <Shaldra Darkness> There's drunk Sango too. ^_^ --> http://www.ear-tweak.com/iy_eps/inu135_05.jpg

[21:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay for drunk Sango!

[21:25] <Sailor Quinox> so..Mike...are you warm now?

[21:25] * DvlmayCry twitches somewere

[21:25] * Shaldra Darkness remember when Shinji thought she was trying to kill him with pillows...

[21:25] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Would you like to come with me, love? I promise I'll make your night even better! ^_~

[21:25] * Senshi Guardian giggles and nods

[21:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Love to. ^_~

[21:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Shaldra, you never know when the Qwardians will strike!

[21:26] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Heh! Puppy-love!

[21:27] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Let's go then. *growls something Neko in her ear and winks*
Posted 11/30/2004 at 8:38 AM

Saturday November 27, 2004

[04:29] <@spiritflame> system announce - a new log begun -

[04:38] *** Moonstar has joined #suburbansenshi2
[04:38] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Moonstar

[04:39] <Moonstar> This is just a minor stop in for me. My sincere apologies to Nako and to the family of Nako's friend. I have lost many a friend, I know how this can feel.

[04:40] <Moonstar> I also wanted to say. get better soon Xadium-san.

[04:41] <Moonstar> For those of you who didn't know, I've been wenning myself away from the chatbox. I think it is for the better really. I've been ill for quite some time now.

[04:43] <Moonstar> If I don't return to the chat box, I'm sorry. I would like to take this moment to tell you guys that you've become something fond to my heart, and I'll miss you.

[04:44] <Moonstar> Take care you guys. You don't know how special this place is.

[04:44] *** Moonstar has left #suburbansenshi2 (this isn't farewell, but rather, see you later.)

[06:46] *** Senshi Guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[06:46] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi Guardian

[06:47] * Senshi Guardian flops down on Sailor Sofa, laying down in the process.

[07:03] <-YingGirl> Heya Mike.

[07:05] <-YingGirl> Guess what, Halo 2 & GTA:SA are the worst games to get for x-mas, due to the annual Parentals Groups who list those games....

[07:05] <-YingGirl> as Bad games for kids.

[07:06] <-YingGirl> ....I'm suprised MSG wasn't there, but Tactical Ops was.

[07:06] <Senshi Guardian> Hey Vanessa. Hows it going?

[07:07] <Senshi Guardian> Gah, I still can't beleave they do those lists.

[07:07] <-YingGirl> Course, I find parents are idiots for not looking at the RSBP Rating they have per game, and how old their kid is.

[07:08] <Senshi Guardian> I guese becuase MGS is "stealth" it not considered "Mindless harmfull violence"

[07:08] <Senshi Guardian> So true, they didn't spend all that money to create the little white box in the corner for nothing.

[07:09] <-YingGirl> fine. I guess we don't have a lot of selection of games like you do down in the states for various reasons....

[07:09] <Senshi Guardian> I still think that sucks Vanessa.

[07:10] <Senshi Guardian> O_O, They acutaly brought over a dating sim for the Nintendo DS!?!

[07:10] <-YingGirl> For that. And the fact some companies won't allow their game to come with french translation or a french guide book

[07:10] * Senshi Guardian has an add for a VIdeo Game store next to him

[07:11] <Senshi Guardian> oh yeah, thats a law up there isn't it.

[07:11] <-YingGirl> Since some games don't go by our bi-langugue law....they are off the shelf in the matter of seconds

[07:12] <Senshi Guardian> *facepalms* --> http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5Fid=180016

[07:12] <-YingGirl> Or not sold.

[07:13] <Senshi Guardian> I understand the bi-language law, but why can't they just sell them with a warning, you know.

[07:14] <-YingGirl> Ok...so they made a FRIGGEN COMIC BOOK

[07:15] <Senshi Guardian> worst yet, a Dating Sim Comic book.....

[07:15] * Senshi Guardian points out games like this make him want a PSP over a DS

[07:16] <-YingGirl> .....I was kidding with the parent thing, we're ok with what we get. Course, they take off some games that may be violent so the company doesn't get complaints

[07:16] <-YingGirl> from the parents who buy them.^

[07:17] <-YingGirl> And the high prices & taxes for games. A new game will be at Wal-Mart for 89.99$

[07:17] <Senshi Guardian> typical parents though, they just buy things not caring then when they see whats going on, then they make a big stink

[07:18] <-YingGirl> --> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=307&item=4054882376&rd=1

[07:18] <-YingGirl> --> http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=307&item=4054547213&rd=1

[07:19] <-YingGirl> ......I found them.

[07:20] <-YingGirl> the DMCs Soundtracks.

[07:20] <Senshi Guardian> Woah, pretty cool. To bad the accutions ended

[07:20] <Senshi Guardian> I didnt even know they exsisted.

[07:20] <-YingGirl> It's better from this guy cause the other guy wants cash...and there is chances you may not get the mechindise

[07:21] <-YingGirl> ........

[07:21] <-YingGirl> Well, there is more. Who bid on them?

[07:22] <Senshi Guardian> "safire333" won both accutions for them

[07:23] <-starcat pet project 2> hi ying girl.. adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[07:24] <-YingGirl> hmmm....

[07:24] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa, whats your pen name at FF.net? I'm looking for a story you did and posted a link for and can't seem to find it.

[07:25] <-YingGirl> .....when you're on ebay.com. type in devil my cry soundtracks and you may get them.....

[07:27] <Senshi Guardian> i'll check into it.

[07:28] <-YingGirl> "the clow hatter"

[07:32] <-YingGirl> you're late. :P

[07:37] <-YingGirl> what the hell, if worse comes to worse, I'll by them at the chinese quarters :P

[07:47] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2

[08:40] *** Candy has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:40] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Candy

[08:40] <Candy> Behold the power of oranges, which is orange like some cheeses!

[08:40] * Candy laughs manicly.

[08:41] * Candy yawns.

[08:43] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:43] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[08:43] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[08:44] * @Haak mumbles, aims for the Tuxedo Sofa, and lands

[08:44] * Candy giggles.

[08:45] <@Haak> Man... I just couldn't get to sleep last night. Like, at all. Now I'm quite possibly MORE tired than yesterday. What a way to start your birthday.

[08:46] <Candy> well happy birthday? How old do you turn now?

[08:46] <@Haak> Thanks. I'm now 20.

[08:47] <Candy> Your a year younger then I

[08:47] * Candy giggles.

[08:47] * @Haak shrugs

[08:47] <Candy> ahh not being a teenager anymore...its a weird feeling.

[08:48] <@Haak> Once you're around the 20s there doesn't seem to be much difference in ages anyway.

[08:48] * Candy laughs. "Well unless you drink and then its 21."

[08:49] <@Haak> What will stay with me is the way it all happened. I've been more tired over the past few days than I can remember ever being.

[08:49] * @Haak notes that not all countries are bound by the same laws

[08:50] <@Haak> Here in Ireland, age of consent is 16 and alcohol is legal at 18. You can drive at 17, too, so 21 actually has very little relevance.

[08:51] * @Haak has so much work to do today ><

[08:52] * @Haak won't get to see Euri either since her family's off somewhere for Thanksgiving

[08:55] <Candy> ahh >< that sucks

[08:55] <@Haak> Meh.

[08:55] <Candy> I'm gonna save up like a lot of money and move to Canada!

[08:57] <@Haak> I hear Canada is a nice place to live.

[08:57] <Candy> First I need to get a job..hey if I get this one job near my house within a month I could have my computer, internet and software I need!

[08:58] <Candy> Then sthh won't go on hiates

[08:58] <Candy> ..must...get that...job!

[08:58] <@Haak> Heh.

[08:59] <Candy> Then in a few months of saving up money I can move to Canada and bother ying and lunar!

[09:00] <Candy> and any other member here thats from Canada

[09:02] <@Haak> I think Shaldra is Canadian... not certain though.

[09:02] <Candy> Heh.

[09:03] * Candy hums.."Well now I go lirking."

[09:03] * Candy is away.

[09:16] * @Haak yawns

[09:19] <@Haak> I suppose I should get started on this work. Meh.

[09:19] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Happy birthday to me... bah)

[09:26] *** Inu_Yasha has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:26] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Inu_Yasha

[09:27] * Inu_Yasha jumps down from the tree he was in.

[09:30] * Inu_Yasha yawns looking at the book and sighing throwing it over his shoulder. So much for that plan.

[09:32] * Inu_Yasha begins walking down the street.

[09:43] * -YingGirl enters, her left arm/wrist, wrapped in bandages.. She then goes and sits in the corner....not hungry

[09:44] * -YingGirl finished recoloring the Inu sprites

[09:45] <-starcat pet project 2> hello.. adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[09:46] <-YingGirl> i have another 2 comics to work on.

[09:46] <-starcat pet project 2> wow..been busy..ying girl? *smiles.* adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[09:46] <-YingGirl> .......

[09:47] <-starcat pet project 2> hello?/ *pokes ying girl..8 why so silent?? adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[09:59] * Inu_Yasha glares.

[10:00] * Inu_Yasha goes to a noodle stand.

[10:02] * -YingGirl has Oronde on ignore as she listens to Listen Up

[10:02] <Candy> Yay photoshop died on me after I scanned in stuff and before I could save it!

[10:02] * Candy sighs.

[10:03] <-YingGirl> candy, photobucket.com f[BLEEP]ks up on my computer, so I gave up trying to see those scans

[10:03] <-YingGirl> gomen.....

[10:04] <Candy> Ahh ok..>> how else can I do this...

[10:05] * Inu_Yasha orders ramen at the noodle stand.

[10:05] <-YingGirl> how about waiting till i get a new comp, or buy one inu manga?

[10:07] * Candy giggles. "Actually with what you've been saying it'd be cheaper for you to have someone order it in the U.S. here and ship it to you."

[10:07] * -YingGirl goes sits in the corner....

[10:07] * Inu_Yasha eats the ramen.

[10:08] <-YingGirl> ....No, shipping to Canada is EXPENSIVE. UPS charges 30$ for one fricken parcile!!!

[10:08] <Candy> O_o

[10:09] <-YingGirl> ...it's true.

[10:09] <Candy> it cost 30 bucks to have something shipped from hong kong to the us and it cost that much and that was like 3 day priority!

[10:10] * Inu_Yasha pays for the food not wanting to start trouble.

[10:12] <Candy> ...wow..

[10:13] <-YingGirl> Oh yeah....

[10:15] <Candy> yeah?

[10:16] <-YingGirl> nothing.

[10:16] * -YingGirl keeps her left arm behind her

[10:17] <Candy> ahh...heh..I need to make candy sprites with my new fuku.

[10:17] <Candy> ..hey why are you sitting on your arm?

[10:18] * Inu_Yasha comes in the mansion.

[10:20] <-YingGirl> To keep it warm....

[10:20] <Candy> ...uh ok...

[10:20] <Candy> Hey Inu Yasha..

[10:21] * Inu_Yasha sniffs the air smelling something.

[10:21] * Inu_Yasha 's head turns towards Ying studing her.

[10:22] * -YingGirl has to work on the Snake comic, and make Snake sprites...but there isn't a decent pic of him

[10:24] <Inu_Yasha> ...Why are you sitting that way...?

[10:24] <-YingGirl> so...He's gonna be stuck in a box for a while

[10:24] * -YingGirl looks at the Inu

[10:25] <-YingGirl> I'm fine, just my arm is cold...

[10:25] <Inu_Yasha> ....lier.

[10:25] * Inu_Yasha sniffs the air again.

[10:28] * Inu_Yasha takes a step closer to Ying.

[10:28] <-YingGirl> .............

[10:28] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[10:29] <Inu_Yasha> ..You think you could lie to me?

[10:30] <-YingGirl> grrrrr......

[10:32] * Inu_Yasha growls.

[10:32] * -YingGirl narrows her eyes, getting defensive

[10:32] <Candy> ..um..guys..

[10:33] * Inu_Yasha 's eyes begin to glow.

[10:35] <Inu_Yasha> ...you should take care of yourself better woman!

[10:35] * Inu_Yasha reaches out to grab Ying.

[10:38] <Candy> ..ep

[10:39] * -YingGirl dodhes and flip kixks the Inu

[10:39] <-YingGirl> f[BLEEP]k! TYPOS!!

[10:42] * -YingGirl lands on her feet, glaring at the Inu

[10:42] <-YingGirl> leave me alone....

[10:43] * Inu_Yasha looks at her arm.

[10:47] * -YingGirl quickly puts her left arm behind her

[10:52] <-YingGirl> grr....

[10:55] <Inu_Yasha> ...fine

[10:55] <Inu_Yasha> You don't want help.

[10:56] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:56] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[10:56] * Sailor Quinox comes behind and grabs Inu-yasha

[10:57] <-YingGirl> ass....

[10:57] <Sailor Quinox> I could use your help ♡

[10:59] <Inu_Yasha> O.O

[10:59] * Inu_Yasha flips Q over his back .

[11:00] <Inu_Yasha> Well why the hell are you hiding it if you don't want help?

[11:00] * Inu_Yasha glares at Ying.

[11:00] <Candy> Are you ok Q?

[11:01] <-YingGirl> i don't want to others to know....dante got pissed when he saw it

[11:01] <Sailor Quinox> yup...I'm fine....

[11:02] <Sailor Quinox> what's ying hiding anyway?

[11:02] <-YingGirl> NOTHING.

[11:02] * Inu_Yasha growls at the name Dante.

[11:05] <Sailor Quinox> oh...btw, Candy..I loved the comic today ^^

[11:05] <Candy> ...heh.

[11:06] <Inu_Yasha> Hell he has every right to! He's worried about you! Anybody who cares about you would be worried!

[11:06] <Sailor Quinox> but are they ever going to find out who I am?....just curious...

[11:07] <Candy> I might pop in and say something.

[11:08] <Sailor Quinox> oh..sorry for bothering you.....

[11:09] <-YingGirl> ..........

[11:09] * -YingGirl lowers her head

[11:10] <-YingGirl> grrr

[11:10] <Inu_Yasha> You know I'm right!

[11:11] * Inu_Yasha sighs. "It's normal to worry about the ones you lov..care about."

[11:12] <Inu_Yasha> You shouldn't hide it or take offence to it.

[11:12] <-YingGirl> --> http://www.geocities.com/cooljd17/brothers.jpg

[11:12] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[11:15] <-YingGirl> grrrr........

[11:17] * Inu_Yasha looks at the picture and tears up the link.

[11:17] <Inu_Yasha> ..stupid ass brother...

[11:20] <Inu_Yasha> ..so stop being so offended by me worried about your ass!

[11:21] * Candy pulls out a donkey from no where and puts a sign on it that says: "YingGirls Donkey."

[11:21] <-YingGirl> ............I don't want others to know.

[11:21] * -YingGirl twitches

[11:22] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[11:22] <Inu_Yasha> Hell who cares!

[11:22] * Candy pushes the donkey toward Ying.

[11:23] <Inu_Yasha> So someone is worried about you! Your human, well where human, and do have friends weither you f[BLEEP]king try to get rid of them or not!

[11:23] * -YingGirl sets the donkey on fire, growling

[11:23] <Sailor Quinox> would you like a lollypop, Inu-chan *holds out the lollypop*

[11:26] * -YingGirl 's skin starts turning to fur as she goes on all fours

[11:26] * Inu_Yasha KILLS the lollypop growling as red marks start growing on his face.

[11:26] <Sailor Quinox> craps[BLEEP]t...not again...

[11:27] <Candy> ..He really does have a temper problem.

[11:28] * -YingGirl snarles as her face is ripped apart...turning more dog like as her body becomes more doglike....

[11:29] * -YingGirl 's eyes goes red as her hair is bristle....glaring ar the Inu

[11:30] <Sailor Quinox> so does she....

[11:30] <Candy> ...I'd say they where ment for each other but...I'm fearing for my life right now.

[11:30] <-YingGirl> GRRRRRAAAGGGGHHHH.......

[11:31] * -YingGirl has blood running down her fear as sheb charge at the Inu, large than the 18 wheeler truck

[11:31] * Inu_Yasha growls, his eyes becomign blood red.

[11:32] <-YingGirl> (fur^)

[11:32] * Inu_Yasha jumps up and lands on her back biting her neck.

[11:32] * Sailor Quinox transforms to hyper mode 2

[11:33] * Sailor Quinox is now known as Hyper S.Q. 2

[11:33] * Candy transforms.

[11:33] * -YingGirl flips the Inu off...yelping

[11:33] * Candy is now known as SolarSun

[11:33] * Inu_Yasha twirls landing behind her grabbing her tail.

[11:34] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 fires a freezing wind at Inu

[11:34] * -YingGirl turns her head, snarling at the Inu on her tail

[11:36] * Inu_Yasha turns growling at S.Q. and pulling out his sword sending a blast toward her.

[11:36] * -YingGirl lunges for swallow the Inu whole

[11:37] * Inu_Yasha gets an arm in her mouth and growls slashing at her nose and biting her lip trying to get his hand out.

[11:37] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 blocks the blast with her firey wings

[11:37] * SolarSun sends a wave of fire towards the battling inus

[11:38] * -YingGirl backs away.....only to toss Inu right across the room

[11:39] * Inu_Yasha lands holding his arm as his hair begins standing on end on the back of his neck.

[11:39] <SolarSun> Guys...guys..stop this!

[11:39] <SolarSun> I swear they fight more then my sister and I ~_~

[11:39] * -YingGirl snarls, bearing her large canine jaws

[11:40] * -YingGirl charges at the Inu, wanting to kill him or eat him alive

[11:40] * Inu_Yasha falls to the ground on all fours and begins transorming.

[11:41] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> this is sad....

[11:42] * -Black Carbunkle sits in the tree, sitting in Vergil's lap whil Walter sits on another brach. The three sit outside, watching the dog fight....

[11:43] * -YingGirl snarls, charging at Inu

[11:43] * Inu_Yasha turns into a giant white dog with red slashes all over his body..though is limping cuz of the wound inflicted by ying.

[11:43] * Inu_Yasha charges at Ying.

[11:43] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> *sigh*...should I do something, candy?

[11:44] <-Black Carbunkle > ...If we interfear, then we'll never know how powerful our enemies are

[11:45] <SolarSun> ...I don't think we should end..cuz they'll fight either way.

[11:45] <SolarSun> ~_~ Ying and Inu Yasha can do that to each other.

[11:45] * -NeloAnglo nods, then returns watching the fight

[11:46] * -A red light begins forming in Inu Yasha's mouth.

[11:46] * -YingGirl jumps and begins to wrestle with the Inu, bitting into his flesh

[11:47] <-YingGirl> RRRRRAHHHHHH

[11:47] * Inu_Yasha shoots off a beam with his mouth while wrestling.

[11:48] * -Black Carbunkle teleports Walter & Vergil out. It seems the beam was heading towards them

[11:48] *** -Black Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2

[11:49] <SolarSun> ..gah though we shouldn't stand here...

[11:50] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> I know....we should do something....

[11:50] <SolarSun> ...what though?

[11:50] * Inu_Yasha yelps as ying bites into him.

[11:50] * -YingGirl is trying to pin the Inu down, growling

[11:51] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 fires a healing wind at Ying

[11:52] * Inu_Yasha snarls back up trying to bite her.

[11:52] * -YingGirl fwaps the inu with her paw

[11:53] * -YingGirl yelps a bit....being hit by the healing spell

[11:54] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 turns Inu chibi and keeps fireing healing powers at YIng

[11:55] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> Candy..you grab Inu if the chibi worked...

[11:55] * -Magician Of Black Chaos smirks. He then unleashes his staff, returning Inu & Ying back to normal....and on top of each other as if they were....

[11:55] *** -Magician Of Black Chaos has left #suburbansenshi2

[11:56] * -YingGirl is turned to normal..her face is covered in scratches

[11:56] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> gah....

[11:56] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 heals ying

[11:58] * -YingGirl will stillhave their markings for a few days....

[11:59] * Inu_Yasha looks up realizing he transformed.

[11:59] <-YingGirl> ugh....

[11:59] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> you two okay?

[11:59] * -YingGirl collaspes on the Inu

[11:59] * Inu_Yasha doesn't even realize the position that he's in.

[12:00] * Inu_Yasha winces in pain as she lands on him and his bad arm.

[12:00] * Inu_Yasha weakly wraps his arms instentivly around her waist.

[12:00] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> ..........

[12:00] <SolarSun> O.O I think their out of it.

[12:01] * -YingGirl is lying on Inu, but it looks like she's snuggling him....

[12:01] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> if you two don't stop fighting, i'll make you both chibi forever

[12:01] * Inu_Yasha passes out.

[12:02] <SolarSun> ..its cute..but for the fact both of them are bleeding and like hurt!

[12:02] * Inu_Yasha sniffs yings hair while out.

[12:04] * Inu_Yasha winces in pain a bit as he holds her closer to himself.

[12:04] * -YingGirl is out too, her left wrist is wrapped in bandages

[12:05] * SolarSun pulls out a camera and takes pictures!

[12:06] *** Envy has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:06] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Envy

[12:08] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 giggles

[12:08] * Envy blinks, then raises an eyebrow.

[12:08] <-YingGirl> ((ooc: ying can't be affected by Q's chibi magic due to the Crimson & Ebony Stones she posesses))

[12:09] <Sailor Io> Q, if you made them chibi forever, that would be breaking the treaty.

[12:09] <-I forgot my handle> I need gravitation remixes!!!!!

[12:09] <Sailor Io> 2- Quinox will not impinge upon the person of any other character in an offensive way (Chibifying, breaking their limbs, throwing them out of windows, etc.) unless in self-defense or if it's obviously ok with the other person in context

[12:09] * SolarSun has finished taking 1903 pictures. He can't steal all of them and Ying can't burn them all!

[12:10] * Sailor Io returns to lurk.

[12:10] * Envy is now confused, but says nothing.

[12:10] * Inu_Yasha lets a growl out that sounds more like a purr...

[12:10] <-Nashlie> Does anyone have them......i'll buy them....or like does anyone know where i can just see them online? I swear im dying over here

[12:10] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> that's why I knew it wouldn't be forever, Io...I wasn't being seirous...

[12:11] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> ..i'm never that serious...

[12:11] * Sailor Io is in lurk mode, and says no more.

[12:11] <-Nashlie> hello??!!

[12:11] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> and I know the rules, thank-you

[12:11] * Envy runs to the kitchen to get himself some foodage.

[12:12] * SolarSun giggles handing Nashlie a picture.

[12:12] <-Hyper S.Q. 2> who are you and what do you want?

[12:13] * Envy returns with Ramen....lotsa Ramen...

[12:14] <-Nashlie> The Name is Ashlie, and im trying to find the Gravi remixes

[12:14] * Inu_Yasha starts sniffing the air.

[12:14] <Envy> ((Ashlie, try the forums, www.genvid.com ))

[12:15] * SolarSun throws all the other photos in a demental pocket so nobody can get to them without her.

[12:15] * Inu_Yasha kisses Yings forhead.

[12:16] * -YingGirl is still out

[12:16] * Inu_Yasha is as well out.

[12:17] * Envy celebrates! Chapter 33 of FMA has been translated!

[12:17] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 de-transforms

[12:18] * -Hyper S.Q. 2 is now known as Sailor Quinox

[12:18] * Envy will have to read it later, though (school computers)

[12:19] * SolarSun is now known as Candy

[12:19] <Candy> ..I hate that fuku!

[12:19] * Envy is now known as Envy

[12:20] <-YingGirl> [OOC: Could have been worse, could be a walking doily cover. :P]

[12:20] * Sailor Quinox sits on the sofa and relaxes

[12:20] <Envy> ?

[12:21] * Envy ducks underneath the sailor sofa.

[12:21] * Inu_Yasha huggles.

[12:22] <Candy> ..if Dante found them like this...

[12:22] * Candy doesn't want to think what'll happen

[12:24] <Envy> Finally! A picture of me! --> http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/gallery/data/media/6/envy02.gif

[12:25] * -YingGirl stirs a little....

[12:26] * Inu_Yasha whispers something in his sleep.

[12:26] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[12:27] <Candy> ..um I wonder who's gonna die first?

[12:27] * Envy is confused.

[12:29] <Envy> Can someone explain what you're talking about?

[12:30] <Candy> Ying and Inu Yasha..

[12:30] <Candy> they got into this super big fight and now their snuggling passed out on the floor

[12:31] <Candy> lucky Yings BOYFRIEND Dante isn't here

[12:31] <Envy> Ah.

[12:31] <Envy> It makes sense now.

[12:31] <Candy> Inu Yasha has this thing for Ying

[12:32] <Sailor Quinox> so...what now?

[12:32] <Candy> and ying says she just thinks their friends.

[12:32] <Candy> um have a camera ready for when one of them wakes up

[12:32] <Envy> Heh.

[12:33] * Candy giggles.

[12:33] * Envy tosses a camera to Q, "I'm only going to be here for about five minuites more, then I have to get going.

[12:34] * Inu_Yasha begins smiling.

[12:35] * Envy read Io's whole first draft of her story.

[12:35] * -YingGirl is lying on the Inu

[12:35] <Sailor Quinox> ooookayyy...

[12:36] * Envy checks a calander, "Today is the biggest party night of the year..."

[12:36] * Envy contemplates going to Planet Hentai tonight.

[12:38] * Envy ALWAYS goes to planet hentai though...

[12:39] <Candy> I don't.

[12:39] * Envy will figure it out before the end of the day.

[12:41] *** Envy has left #suburbansenshi2 (hmm...)

[12:42] * Inu_Yasha while in his sleep leans over and begins kissing ying on the lips.

[12:42] * -YingGirl scretches, getting up...

[12:42] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:42] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[12:43] <Candy> hehehehehehehe

[12:43] * -YingGirl notices the Inu kissing her.

[12:43] <starcat> Isn't it interesting how grenades and gunshots can go off inside this house without hurting it?

[12:43] <-YingGirl> ......!!!!

[12:43] * Candy takes a picture!

[12:43] <Candy> don't forget two gigantic dog demons fighting

[12:44] * Sailor Quinox takes a picture too!

[12:44] * Inu_Yasha 's eyes open slowly.

[12:44] <starcat> Plenty of interesting things. ^_^ Ki blasts, force fields, magic spells...

[12:44] * starcat politely lets them be

[12:45] <starcat> Oh, add "Senshi attacks" as well.

[12:45] <-YingGirl> ...............

[12:45] * Inu_Yasha blinks a few times not realizing what is going on.

[12:46] * Inu_Yasha NOW realizes it!

[12:46] <Inu_Yasha> Gah!!!

[12:46] <Inu_Yasha> s[BLEEP]t...

[12:46] * Sailor Quinox takes yet another picture

[12:46] <starcat> Not noticing someone is kissing you on the lips means that you must have REALLY bad perception skills! ^_^

[12:47] <Candy> oo oyou'll have to make doubles of that one!

[12:48] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[12:48] * Inu_Yasha looks at Ying and then looks down that she's sitting on his lap.

[12:49] * K-9 Murphy yawns

[12:49] <starcat> "What garbled grammar you have, Inu!" "All the better to confuse you with, my dear!"

[12:49] * Sailor Quinox takes another picture

[12:50] * -YingGirl glares at the Inu

[12:50] * starcat will have to wish Haak a happy birthday when he comes in! ^_^

[12:50] <Inu_Yasha> ..Your the one sitting on ME woman.

[12:51] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrrrrrrr............

[12:51] * Sailor Quinox walks off to develop the photos ^_^

[12:51] <starcat> "My the one?" No, no, i think you meant "you're" the one, Inu. ^_^

[12:52] * Inu_Yasha backs up but falls down when applying pressure to his bad arm growling.

[12:52] * starcat notes that the best way to check which "your/you're" is correct is to change the way it's used (Like saying "his the one" or "my the one" for "your the one.")

[12:54] * Sailor Quinox is back

[12:54] * Inu_Yasha turns around using his good hand and crawls slowly away.

[12:54] <Sailor Quinox> letting the photos devlop so I'm back...

[12:54] <Candy> ahh cool!

[12:55] <Candy> How you feeling ying?

[12:55] <-Sailer_Moon42> hihi evry1

[12:55] <-Sailer_Moon42> wuts up??

[12:55] <Candy> O.o

[12:56] * starcat calmly beheads the n00b

[12:56] <-Sailer_Moon42> lol u cant beat me im incausibal1!

[12:56] <-Sailer_Moon42> *invincaibal!

[12:57] * Inu_Yasha turns sitting away from ying holding his arm as he looks at whats left of his shirt..

[12:57] * -YingGirl gets off the Inu, growling

[12:57] <Sailor Quinox> what the hell?

[12:57] * starcat tries speaking to the n00b in its own language

[12:57] <Sailor Quinox> WHO ARE YOU???

[12:57] <-YingGirl> You spelled Sailor Moon wrong

[12:57] <starcat> u drok u r a lozer leve now plz kthxby

[12:58] <-Sailer_Moon42> im Serena, scout of luv n justics1!

[12:58] <-Sailer_Moon42> huh?? a drok? i dunno wat u meen

[12:58] <-Sailer_Moon42> im not a lozer u r

[12:59] * Candy controls evil urges...

[12:59] <-Sailer_Moon42> asl ne1??

[12:59] <Sailor Quinox> you really are a loser...and serena is a loser..

[12:59] * starcat tries again

[12:59] <-YingGirl> .........

[12:59] * Inu_Yasha growls at the annoying woman.

[12:59] <starcat> no u dnt belong here leve plz

[12:59] <-YingGirl> And you just proved it by saying the common question newbs ask

[13:00] <-Sailer_Moon42> k i can se wen im not wnated

[13:00] * -YingGirl still has her left wrirst in bandages

[13:00] * Candy has the urge to unleash hell upon her..

[13:00] <-Sailer_Moon42> by all

[13:00] <starcat> hooray. ~_~

[13:00] <Candy> ..quite simply l33t speak sucks here int he chat box.

[13:01] <-YingGirl> Type better and stop acting like an ass, then perhaps you'll be wanted here

[13:01] <starcat> That's NOT l33t speak!!

[13:01] * Candy 's eye twitches. "And I spent like hours on that blasted thing too..."

[13:01] <starcat> +|-|1$ 1$ |_33+.

[13:01] <Candy> stupid cookies! *kills cookies*

[13:01] <starcat> dis is chatspeek.

[13:01] <starcat> see d diffrence?

[13:02] * starcat resumes normal speech mode

[13:02] * Inu_Yasha gets up and heads into the bathroom digging for something to bandage his arm.

[13:02] <starcat> Anyways, neither are suitable for normal conversation.

[13:02] <Candy> ..hey ying..are you bleeding from the back of your neck?

[13:02] <-YingGirl> no.....

[13:03] <-YingGirl> Q healed us while we were lying....

[13:03] <Candy> ahh ok.

[13:04] <Sailor Quinox> I do what I can to help...

[13:04] <-YingGirl> thanks....

[13:04] <Candy> cool..you guys really need to control your tempers.

[13:05] <Candy> O.o

[13:05] <-YingGirl> he started it.

[13:05] * Inu_Yasha comes out sighing and walking around picking up the tatered remains of his shirt.

[13:05] <Inu_Yasha> Hell if you would allow people to worry about you I wouldn't have gotten mad,

[13:06] * -YingGirl sighs and throws a spell on the Inu....

[13:06] * -YingGirl uses the Crimson Stone to turn Inu into a kid

[13:06] <-YingGirl> i'm fine....

[13:07] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> f[BLEEP]k!

[13:07] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha then giggles looking at ying.

[13:07] <Candy> Hey remember what happened last time he was a kid, ying?

[13:07] <-YingGirl> Brat.

[13:07] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha looks over at ying grinning.

[13:07] <Sailor Quinox> ying...I didn't know you can do that...cool!!

[13:07] <-YingGirl> Yeah...I tried killing him. :P

[13:08] <-YingGirl> ...Actually, The Crimson Stone can do anything. Walter uses it to toy with the hunters that enter his castle....

[13:08] * starcat sits behind Tuxedo Sofa

[13:08] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> I loooove yous!

[13:09] <-YingGirl> ...He finds children's blood has a much more delightful taste

[13:10] <Sailor Quinox> ahhhhh....I see..

[13:10] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha looks at ying all happy like.

[13:10] <-YingGirl> Since children are rarely lured into his castle....turning the hunters into little kids will satisfy his bloodlust

[13:10] * starcat shudders

[13:11] <-YingGirl> And ladies who are loved by someone are his favourites too...

[13:11] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> --> http://freewebhosting.hostdepartment.com/F/FireGoddess/Inu/Lil.gif

[13:11] <Candy> is that why that one vampire wouldn't leave me alone!!

[13:12] <-YingGirl> I guess I must tapped into it.

[13:12] <Sailor Quinox> so..what now....

[13:13] * Sailor Quinox holds out a lollypop towards chibi-inu

[13:13] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> I'm gonnna marwy Yinggy!

[13:13] * starcat makes a note to stay far away from vampires, then ~_~

[13:13] <-YingGirl> yep, vampires always go after those who are loved by someone

[13:13] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha looks at the lollypop and goes all wide eyed taking it from her, pushing her down in the process, and eating it happily sitting next to ying.

[13:14] <starcat> Can we please change the topic?

[13:14] * Sailor Quinox grabs the lollypop away from Chibi-inu

[13:14] <Sailor Quinox> haha!

[13:14] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha growls swipping at her.

[13:15] <starcat> I'd rather not think about being loved right now.

[13:15] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha jumps on Q taking the lollypop from her knocking her back again and landing right beside Ying.

[13:15] * Sailor Quinox is standing up holding the lollypop over her head

[13:16] <Sailor Quinox> grrrrrrrrrrrrr

[13:16] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha points at Q and laughs!

[13:16] <-YingGirl> This is what Walter looks like, course Leon and myself managed to take him out --> http://www.classicgaming.com/castlevania/lament/walter.jpg

[13:17] <Sailor Quinox> I would use.....oh s[BLEEP]t....it's gone...where is it...

[13:17] <starcat> He looks like a girl. XD

[13:17] <-YingGirl> trust me, he doesn't fight like a girl....

[13:17] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha EATS the lollypop in one gulp..but starts choking!

[13:17] <Sailor Quinox> my crystal is gone.....

[13:18] * -YingGirl looks at the Inu

[13:18] <-YingGirl> Q....I think theInu ate your crystal

[13:18] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha is trying to cough but can't..

[13:19] <-YingGirl> anyone know the hemlock thingie?

[13:19] <Candy> Someone help him!

[13:19] * Sailor Quinox grabs Inu and does the heimlich menuver

[13:19] * Candy doesn't.

[13:19] <-YingGirl> or that....

[13:19] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha throws it up and it hits Ying squarly in the middle of the forhead.

[13:20] * -YingGirl gets smacked by it....

[13:20] * -YingGirl narrows her eyes as she glares at the Inu

[13:20] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha jumps out of Q's hands and grabst he lollypop before it lands on the ground looking sad at Ying.

[13:21] <Sailor Quinox> where's my crystal??? no one touch it!!

[13:21] * -YingGirl was smacked by the crystal

[13:21] <starcat> I wouldn't touch it if I were paid a million dollars.

[13:22] * -Black Carbunkle snatches the crystal that was at Ying's feet and runs off

[13:22] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha hands Ying the crystal..

[13:22] *** -Black Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2 (Thank you, Q-sama)

[13:22] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> stupid bunny!

[13:22] <Sailor Quinox> GAHHH!! MY CRYSTAL!! GIVE THAT BACK!!

[13:22] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha grows angrey.

[13:23] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (GIVE IT BACK!!!)

[13:23] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> Mawwy me yinggy!

[13:23] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:23] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[13:23] * -YingGirl sees a black carbunckle already got the crystal

[13:23] * Sailor Quinox comes back in with her crystal

[13:23] <Sailor Quinox> ....thank god she dropped it

[13:24] <-YingGirl> .....I don't go after kids

[13:24] <Sailor Quinox> .....since she wouldn't be able to use it anyway

[13:24] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha huggles Yings leg.

[13:24] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha then has an idea!

[13:24] * Sailor Quinox giggles and her crystal falls out of her hand into Inu's hands

[13:25] <-YingGirl> Uh Q, I don't want to be mean....but is your crystal suppose to represent or look like poop?

[13:25] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha digs around in his pockets and pulls out a weird demon tooth and holds it up for Ying to take.

[13:26] * Sailor Quinox replaces the fake crystal with a new one from quinox

[13:26] <Sailor Quinox> there...all better...

[13:26] <-YingGirl> ok.....

[13:26] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> tak it!

[13:27] <starcat> nine out of ten sociopaths agree, you gotta see the Hyakugojyuuichi!

[13:27] * -YingGirl turn to the Inu

[13:27] <Sailor Quinox> now inu-yasha..he could probably use it, with my permission...

[13:27] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles holding the fang up.

[13:27] * Sailor Quinox 's crystal slips out of her hand and lands in Inu's hands

[13:28] <-YingGirl> what's with the tooth?

[13:28] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha blinks looking at the crystal.

[13:28] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> just take IT!

[13:28] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha stuffs the crystal in a pocket.

[13:29] <Sailor Quinox> um..please give that crystal back to me...

[13:29] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha shakes his leg and the crystal falls out the bottom of it still showing Ying the fang.

[13:30] * Sailor Quinox grabs the crystal back

[13:31] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha begins to cry

[13:31] * -YingGirl lowers herself, placing a hand on the necklace....and quickly rips it off

[13:32] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha blinks looking at Ying.

[13:33] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> wa was tha for?

[13:34] <Candy> ..why did you do that?

[13:35] <-YingGirl> so you don't slam into the floor when someone says sit....

[13:35] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> YAY!

[13:35] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha jumps around.

[13:36] <Candy> ..he's different when your not around ying...seriously

[13:36] * Sailor Quinox puts her crystal away

[13:38] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha huggles yings leg.

[13:38] <-YingGirl> --> http://trg.fireball20xl.com/dl/Sesshomaru-FFT.gif

[13:38] * -YingGirl may use those sprites in future comics

[13:39] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> ..brother mean...

[13:39] <Sailor Quinox> hey, ying....how would you act as a chibi?...(don't worry..I'm not going to do it)

[13:40] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> --> http://trg.fireball20xl.com/dl/index.html

[13:41] <-YingGirl> i dunno, I was always in the corner, alone, and extremely shy. Plus you can't transform me into a chibi, the Crimson Stone & Ebony stones protects me from that...

[13:41] <Sailor Quinox> I know...

[13:41] <Candy> Ahh..me even though I had like no friends and an outcast i still tried to be happy and have fun.

[13:43] <Candy> I mean if I had let it get to me when I was younger I would be dead now >>

[13:44] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles holding up the fang again.

[13:44] <-YingGirl> ....In teens, I was being chased down by bullies

[13:45] <Candy> Teens I was being made fun of with every little thing I did.

[13:45] <-YingGirl> Ok, why is the Inu trying to give me a fang?

[13:46] <Candy> I don't know. Like I know his mind.

[13:46] <Candy> --> http://fs5.deviantart.com/i/2004/329/1/2/Elisabeth_by_solarsun.jpg

[13:46] <Candy> :D

[13:47] <-YingGirl> --> http://mangaoncrack.iscrappy.com/crack/inuyasha_pinnedtoatree/pinned_to_a_tree.htm

[13:49] <Candy> O.o

[13:49] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> WTF?!

[13:51] <Sailor Quinox> *gasp* Chibi-inu swore!!

[13:51] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha frowns. "Fine!"

[13:51] <starcat> The F could mean "fudge," you know.

[13:52] <Sailor Quinox> oh yeah..that's true

[13:52] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> Fine f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k

[13:52] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles grabbing yings hand and putting the fang in it.

[13:52] <Sailor Quinox> *gasp*...

[13:53] <Sailor Quinox> one thing we can be happy.......no other chibi-us's here

[13:53] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k f[[BLEEP]]k

[13:53] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles

[13:54] * Sailor Quinox puts a bar of soap in inu's mouth and starts scurbbing

[13:55] <starcat> Someone copy/pasted. XP

[13:55] <-YingGirl> ......

[13:55] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha bites Q's hand!

[13:56] <Sailor Quinox> GAHHHHHH!!!

[13:56] * Sailor Quinox runs around with an inu-chibi on her hand

[13:57] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha jumps off and looks at Ying grinning.

[13:57] <Sailor Quinox> STUPID LITTLE KID!!!

[13:58] * -YingGirl places the fang in her jacket pocket

[13:59] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles again waving Q off.

[13:59] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles and cheers!

[13:59] <-YingGirl> --> http://pageperso.aol.fr/zeppInu/humour/InuSess.gif

[13:59] * -A mysterious light surrounds ying and chibi inu yasha

[14:00] <Sailor Quinox> oh great...what now?

[14:01] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles hoping around ying happily!

[14:01] * -A strange red mark appears around each of their necks!

[14:01] <-YingGirl> .....?

[14:02] <Sailor Quinox> what the?

[14:02] * -YingGirl grab a hold on Chibi Inu, her broach is glowing

[14:02] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha bllinks.

[14:03] <Sailor Quinox> well...it can't be my crystal... once a new crystal is givin to me, all the power for the previous one is transferred....turning the last one into a regular stone

[14:03] * -YingGirl lowers her ears, holding the Inu tightly

[14:03] <-YingGirl> ....Show yourself....

[14:04] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha huggles Ying back!

[14:04] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> ...what do you mean?

[14:05] <Sailor Quinox> what's going on?

[14:05] * -YingGirl is talking to the person who doing this.

[14:05] * -YingGirl 's broach glows a Crimson Red

[14:06] <starcat> It's not ME.

[14:06] <Sailor Quinox> it isn't me...

[14:07] * -An older looking dog demon spirit appears.

[14:07] * -YingGirl has a red mark on her neck.....she lowers her ears, trying to bring out the cultprit

[14:07] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrr......

[14:07] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha looks over seeing the spirit.

[14:07] * -YingGirl glares at the dog demon spirit

[14:07] <-Old Dog Demon> ...

[14:08] <-Old Dog Demon> Hello.

[14:08] <-Chibi_Inu_Yasha> Papa!

[14:08] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha jumps from Yings arms running over to the spirit trying to huggle it..but falls through flat on his face.

[14:08] * -Old Dog Demon sweat drops

[14:09] <starcat> Hi!

[14:09] <-YingGirl> ...........

[14:09] <-Old Dog Demon> Hello.

[14:09] <Sailor Quinox> yo

[14:10] * -YingGirl goes picks up the Inu brat

[14:10] <starcat> j0. XD

[14:10] <-YingGirl> Dumb dog boy

[14:11] * -YingGirl looks at the spirit

[14:12] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha giggles happy being held in yings arms.

[14:12] <-Old Dog Demon> ..I thought he would be a bit...older when he uses the fang..

[14:12] <-YingGirl> ...So, you must be the dog demon that Hojo must had taken DNA from...that turned me into this.

[14:12] * -Old Dog Demon clears out his throat.

[14:12] <-Old Dog Demon> It is possible.

[14:12] * -YingGirl still holds the chibi Inu

[14:13] <-YingGirl> .....So what's with the fang?

[14:13] <-Old Dog Demon> I'm here to..*sigh* give my blessing..

[14:14] <-YingGirl> ....Give your blessing? In what?

[14:15] * -YingGirl wags her tail

[14:15] <-Old Dog Demon> ..with dog demons that fang is like...well..a ring I think...

[14:15] * -Old Dog Demon thinks about it. "Yeah that's what humans use now."

[14:15] <Sailor Quinox> whoa

[14:15] <-Old Dog Demon> ..though I thought he would look a bit..older..when he used it..should have had someone hold on to it for a while.

[14:15] <-YingGirl> ..............You mean like The One Ring to Rule them All? COOL!!!!

[14:16] * -YingGirl whistles

[14:16] <-Old Dog Demon> ...no...like a marriage proposal...

[14:17] <-Old Dog Demon> stupid peopel and their urge to have power.

[14:17] <-Old Dog Demon> ..its traditional in the dog demon realm.

[14:17] * -YingGirl 's face goes pale...

[14:18] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[14:18] <-YingGirl> ...B-but, I'm gentically man made...d-dog d-demon....

[14:18] <-Old Dog Demon> ..I don't think my son knew what he was doing though.

[14:18] <-Old Dog Demon> ..but your still a dog demon.

[14:19] <-YingGirl> a-artificial....

[14:19] * -Chibi_Inu_Yasha claps.

[14:19] * Duo appears and says "Your son was turned into a kid."

[14:19] * -Old Dog Demon sighs. "So I'm guessing you didn't know."

[14:19] * -YingGirl has lost her color....going paler as she holds Inu in her arms

[14:20] * -Old Dog Demon looks at the man. "Ahh I see.."

[14:20] * -Old Dog Demon waves his hand and his son regains his age.

[14:20] * Inu_Yasha blinks wondering what's going on.

[14:21] <Duo> I think ying already has a boyfriend

[14:21] <-Old Dog Demon> Ok much better.

[14:21] * -YingGirl collaspes due to carrying an Inu

[14:21] <-Old Dog Demon> ...

[14:21] <-YingGirl> g-get...*cough* o-off me....

[14:21] * Inu_Yasha looks down at ying and jumps off her quickly not trying to get her mad.

[14:22] <-Old Dog Demon> ..it doesn't matter now.

[14:22] * -YingGirl wags her tail, Inu sitting on her

[14:22] * -YingGirl twitches

[14:22] <-Old Dog Demon> Dog demons mate for life, once a proposal has been accepted the wedding will be held at the next full moon.

[14:22] * -YingGirl quietly get up...

[14:23] * Inu_Yasha looks over and realizes his father is there. "Uh...what the hell happened?!"

[14:23] <Duo> I think not....

[14:23] * -Old Dog Demon rubs his head out of frustration.

[14:23] * Sailor Quinox giggles again

[14:23] * -YingGirl goes look at the lunar calander

[14:23] <-Old Dog Demon> ..though if the marriage isn't wanted they have until the next full moon.

[14:24] <-Old Dog Demon> ...to find the one who blessed the fang and reverse it.

[14:24] <Duo> and ying didn't know about your customs

[14:25] <-Old Dog Demon> ..the only other way out of this type of marriage is death.

[14:25] <Duo> and who blessed the fang?

[14:25] <Inu_Yasha> What am minute!!

[14:25] * Inu_Yasha is bright red figureing out slowly what happened while he was chibi...

[14:25] <Inu_Yasha> ..hell no I didn't do that...

[14:26] <-Old Dog Demon> ....

[14:26] <-YingGirl> Oh good, the next full moon is Nov. 25, 2004

[14:26] <-Old Dog Demon> Well I'm here, airn't I?

[14:26] <-YingGirl> NOVEMBER 25, 2004?!!!

[14:26] <-Old Dog Demon> Though this day and age I don't think the creature that blessed the fang is still alive.

[14:26] <Duo> thats tomarrow ying....

[14:27] <-YingGirl> ...s[BLEEP]t. This is gonna be a real shotgun wedding, ain't it?

[14:27] <Inu_Yasha> ...

[14:27] <Duo> WHO blessed the FANG?

[14:27] <-YingGirl> ...Inu, you gave me the fricken fang....

[14:27] <-Old Dog Demon> ..you'd have to go back to the past.


[14:28] * -YingGirl glares at the Inu.

[14:28] <Duo> WHO BLESSED THE FANG?!

[14:28] <-YingGirl> You know, unfortunately for you....Dante will be here around this tome tomorrow.

[14:29] * -YingGirl cringes at Duo

[14:29] <-Old Dog Demon> She'll give you something that'll wash away the red mark..only one needs to be gone to reverse the wedding if you do so wish to be not in it.

[14:29] <-YingGirl> Duo, knock it off!

[14:29] * starcat is back ((I hate power outages. It was only RAINING, and my power went out! What's with that??))

[14:29] <Inu_Yasha> ((btw I'm not gonna be around tomorrow, might want to make the next full moon tonight...or next week or something))

[14:30] <-YingGirl> ....Great, Pluto isn't here to help us cause she's a cryptic b[BLEEP]ch.

[14:30] <starcat> ((Full moons can't be changed. XP))

[14:30] <Duo> I want names OLD MAN!

[14:30] <Inu_Yasha> ((in rp world they can!))

[14:30] <-YingGirl> ((Will you be here Friday?))

[14:30] <-Old Dog Demon> ....

[14:31] <Inu_Yasha> ((nope the next time I'll know I'm on is Monday))

[14:31] <-YingGirl> ((Cause Frome the 25 to the 30th...is a Full Moonie Week))

[14:31] <starcat> ((No comments. XP))

[14:31] * Duo pullies out a hand held time machine

[14:32] <-YingGirl> --> http://www.stardate.org/nightsky/moon/

[14:32] <-Old Dog Demon> ..that is all I can tell you.

[14:33] <Inu_Yasha> ..ok we can go through the well.

[14:33] <-YingGirl> Dog, I'll go try to fix this....

[14:33] <Inu_Yasha> that'll send us back to my original time.

[14:33] <Inu_Yasha> ..I'm sorry..

[14:34] <Duo> Do you want to DIE again OLD MAN?!

[14:34] <-Old Dog Demon> ..I also warn you now..if the vow is broken Inu Yasha my son very well never have a mate.

[14:34] <-Old Dog Demon> ...I'm already dead.

[14:34] <-YingGirl> ......If Dante, Dante will have both our heads. Course, Mikey & Sets will help us.

[14:35] <-YingGirl> .......

[14:35] * Inu_Yasha grumbles.


[14:35] <Inu_Yasha> Whatever, I was stupid! It's my fault! If I don't get another fang I'll be single...whatever...

[14:36] * -The word "F-U-C-K" can be heard throughout the entire city of Tokyo

[14:36] <-Old Dog Demon> ..no your not..

[14:36] * -YingGirl sighs.....

[14:36] <starcat> older isn't always wiser.

[14:36] <starcat> Old doggy, are you old Yeller? XD

[14:36] * Inu_Yasha pulls off a jewel he had been wearing and hands it to ying.

[14:37] <Inu_Yasha> ..that'll get you through to my time and the creature should be alive then.

[14:37] * Duo transforms into shinigami

[14:37] * -YingGirl was the one who said that.

[14:38] <-Old Dog Demon> ....shinigami are the guardians of death to LITTLE CHILDREN idiot.


[14:38] <Sailor Quinox> Duo..knock it off......

[14:38] <-Old Dog Demon> I'm not little nor a child.

[14:38] <Sailor Quinox> and why do you care, Duo...

[14:38] * -Old Dog Demon rolls his eyes.

[14:38] <-YingGirl> Duo....PISS OFF. I'm getting the fang and helping Inu out

[14:38] <starcat> I wasn't aware that you swung that way, Duo...

[14:39] <-Old Dog Demon> ..and I'm straight..


[14:39] <-Old Dog Demon> not to mention dead.

[14:39] <-YingGirl> ....Oh god, Duo wants Inu....

[14:39] <-Old Dog Demon> Shinigami in the japanese culture was the guardians of death, that helped little children cross over.

[14:40] <Inu_Yasha> ...

[14:40] <-YingGirl> Duo, please


[14:40] <-Old Dog Demon> ..they didn't cause death, nor did they bring people back from death...

[14:40] <-Old Dog Demon> ...idiot...

[14:41] <-Old Dog Demon> ..you should get some better people that hang around you son.

[14:41] * SHINIGAMI dissappears

[14:41] * -YingGirl grabs a blowhorn and cranks up

[14:41] <-Old Dog Demon> or their gonna warp your mind.

[14:41] <starcat> *whispers* Mr. Old Dog Demon,we all know that Duo isn't the brightest, but we don't say it to his face. It's not nice. ^_^

[14:42] * starcat turns on the Animutation Rap and grooves

[14:42] * -YingGirl twitches at the Spirit dog demon's comment....

[14:42] * -Old Dog Demon chuckles.

[14:43] <-Old Dog Demon> Well if you can't reverse it then congradulations and if you do, hopefully better luck next time son.

[14:43] * -YingGirl mutters "...I'm probably gonna be your daughter in law and you think I'm warping your son. Gee, thanks 'dad'."

[14:43] <-Old Dog Demon> ..well if your fiance here can get another fang.

[14:43] <-Old Dog Demon> ...no I didn't mean you dear..your the most saine of them.

[14:44] * -Old Dog Demon would pat her on the back but..well..he's a spirit.

[14:44] <starcat> Hey, I resent that. :P

[14:44] <starcat> I'm somewhat sane.

[14:45] <-YingGirl> ....I'm not even a dog demon. These ears & tail are just like those silicon boobies....THEY'RE FAKE!!!

[14:45] <-Old Dog Demon> ...you can turn into a dog demon, can you not?

[14:45] * -Old Dog Demon notices the slight mess that everything is in.

[14:46] <-YingGirl> ......Uh, yeah. But that's when I'm on PMS.

[14:46] <-Old Dog Demon> ...your dog demon enough to have our laws hold on you, or that mark wouldn't have appeared.

[14:46] * Inu_Yasha scratches at his mark.

[14:47] <-YingGirl> or when I find Dante sleeping with whorey Trish...

[14:47] <-YingGirl> Hojo did this to me!

[14:47] <-Old Dog Demon> ..I can not help that.

[14:48] * -YingGirl still has a mark on her neck.

[14:48] <-Old Dog Demon> ..I'm here just to inforce the laws and give my blessign to my son..now if my OTHER son would only take up a bride...

[14:48] * -Old Dog Demon grumbles about that.

[14:48] <Inu_Yasha> ...

[14:49] <-YingGirl> Your other son is at Planet Hentai.

[14:49] * -YingGirl gets an idea

[14:50] <-Old Dog Demon> ...why did I have two idiot sons..

[14:50] <-YingGirl> I need Neko, Sets, Mike, Shinji, and Dante!

[14:50] <Inu_Yasha> ..yeah he's turned into a perv dad.

[14:50] <Inu_Yasha> ..Dante is gonna kill me!!

[14:51] * Inu_Yasha doesn't like this idea.

[14:52] <-YingGirl> Well, it''l be Plan B, if Plan A tofind another fang fails

[14:53] <-YingGirl> Plan C is that we do....

[14:53] * Duo reappears and gives ying his handheld time machine and dissappears again

[14:53] <Inu_Yasha> ...ok. But if I get killed by your idiot boyfriend I'm gonna come back and haunt you!

[14:53] <Inu_Yasha> plan c?

[14:54] * Sailor Quinox has fallen alseep on the sofa

[14:54] <-YingGirl> Dante isn't an idiot!! He's a c[BLEEP]ky American Son of Sparda!

[14:54] <-YingGirl> .....I end it.

[14:55] * -YingGirl has the jewl that will take her to the past, thank you very much

[14:55] <Inu_Yasha> ...

[14:56] <Inu_Yasha> you go through the bone eaters well

[14:56] <Inu_Yasha> the Shikon jewel unlocks the gateway. That's how I got here.

[14:56] <-YingGirl> ....And when Mike comes, I'm taking him and a bunch of people with me. Cause...as you know, II'm a pathetic excuse for a dog demon

[14:57] <Inu_Yasha> ..you are not.

[14:58] * Inu_Yasha turns red. "Hell even my chibi self wouldn't marry someone I didn't admire and think was nice."

[14:58] * -Black Carbunkle smirks at this information. She turns to the others. "Vergil, Walter...go to the Bone Eaters Well and make sure no one enters it. And if they do, make sure, they never come back..."

[14:59] *** -NeloAnglo has left #suburbansenshi2

[14:59] <Inu_Yasha> ..I'm sorry for making you think that.

[15:00] *** -Walter Bernhard has left #suburbansenshi2 (To let dogs demons marry or not....that is the question. Hm heh heh...)

[15:00] * -A little thing on the old man's belt beeps. "Ahh well.."

[15:00] <-Old Dog Demon> It seems I'm wanted to scare someone in Texes again...stupid people...

[15:01] <-YingGirl> ....Inu, I'm gonna find another tooth

[15:01] *** -Old Dog Demon has left #suburbansenshi2 (Some good advice: NEVER sign a contract without reading it first!)

[15:01] <-YingGirl> You start Plan B. Find your brother and get Aino Minako's help to help him find a mate

[15:01] * Inu_Yasha looks puzzled at where his father once stood. "I think HE'S going crazy.."

[15:02] <Inu_Yasha> Ok...

[15:02] <-YingGirl> We got till Monday.

[15:02] <Inu_Yasha> Why exactly do we want to involve my brother?

[15:03] <-YingGirl> ...Well, maybe if he saw his other offspring married...he wouldn't be too hard on you gonna spend the rest of his life with someone who can't bear kids.

[15:03] * Candy wakes up yawning.

[15:04] <Inu_Yasha> ...

[15:04] <Inu_Yasha> ..ok

[15:04] <Candy> What did I miss?

[15:04] * Candy blinks.

[15:05] <-YingGirl> ........Candy, help Inu find a girlfriend for Sessy. Trust me, there are fans of him....

[15:05] <Inu_Yasha> I hope we find the creature/person.

[15:05] <-YingGirl> I'm gonna be on around 7 tonight and start Plan A

[15:06] <Candy> ...o sessamoru ♡_♡

[15:06] <Candy> I'd marry him but..well I've got Vash.

[15:06] <Inu_Yasha> ..ok..I'll be searching

[15:06] <-YingGirl> ....Inu, if there are nude pics of your brother out there, THERE ARE WOMEN OUT THERE WHO WANT TO RIDE HIS c[BLEEP]k

[15:06] <Inu_Yasha> hopefully you can find the woman.

[15:07] <Inu_Yasha> or the man or the creature..who ever the hell it was my father got that fang from.

[15:07] <-YingGirl> in the meantime, I have to go back to the feudal era....

[15:07] <Inu_Yasha> ...ok

[15:08] <Inu_Yasha> I am sorry you know...

[15:08] <Inu_Yasha> ..well it is partally YOUR fault for turning me chibi.

[15:09] <-YingGirl> ....Dude, you placed the fang in my hand like you were giving me a trinket

[15:09] <starcat> "partially," Inu. Can you spell at all?

[15:09] <Candy> ..finding a mate..finding a mate..so inu's brother can get a date!

[15:10] <Inu_Yasha> ...I really don't want to go to planet hentai..

[15:10] <Inu_Yasha> stupid ass brother..

[15:10] <Inu_Yasha> why in the hell is he even there?!

[15:11] * Inu_Yasha grumbles.

[15:11] <starcat> Because you won't go there, that's probably why.

[15:12] <-YingGirl> --> http://www.geocities.com/japanime27/pics/sesshomaru.gif

[15:12] <Inu_Yasha> I know what he looks like...

[15:12] <-YingGirl> Inu, you better be sucessful...asI try to be sucessful in mine.

[15:13] * Inu_Yasha nods.

[15:13] <Inu_Yasha> ..and if it doesn't work..

[15:14] * Inu_Yasha thinks about how Dante could possibly KILL him.

[15:15] <-YingGirl> ell, you have to be online on the weekends or late to meet him

[15:15] * -An annoying advertiseing dude appears. "Killing! It solves EVERY problem. Kill someone today!"

[15:15] <Inu_Yasha> ahh ok, I'm safe..for now.

[15:15] <Candy> XD

[15:16] * Sailor Quinox is sleeping

[15:16] <-YingGirl> .....Or get Varish. Maybe it'll get rid of that red mark

[15:17] <Candy> You could just color over it..or get it tatooed over.

[15:17] <Candy> you could trick inu yasha's ansestors!

[15:17] <Candy> and bring shame to his family.

[15:18] * starcat stretches out behind Tuxedo sofa v. 2

[15:18] * Candy is looking through the yellow pages calling up random people to see if they would like to marry a dog demon who kills humans and demons alike!

[15:19] <Inu_Yasha> are you gonna see him tonight?

[15:19] * starcat falls asleep as well

[15:19] <-YingGirl> HOLY CRAP. A DANTE YU-GI-OH CARD!!!!

[15:19] <Inu_Yasha> -_-

[15:20] <Candy> I would cuz I can make everyone good..but well..Vash would probably hurt him severly.

[15:21] * Candy giggles thinking about Vash.

[15:21] <-YingGirl> Yeah. I am.... I don't this he'll approve of the marking

[15:22] * Sailor Quinox is away: sleeping

[15:22] <Inu_Yasha> ...hide it or something..

[15:23] <Inu_Yasha> I don't want you to get in trouble with him for my mistake.

[15:23] <Inu_Yasha> but if you want to tell him go ahead.

[15:23] <-YingGirl> ........He was pissed when I did my first attempt.

[15:24] * Candy is on the phone: "Ahh hello..yes I'm calling to see...huh..they hung up.."

[15:24] <Inu_Yasha> attempt at what?

[15:24] * -Carbunkle looks up at Sparda

[15:25] <-YingGirl> ...Nothing...

[15:25] <Inu_Yasha> ok

[15:25] <-Carbunkle> ...We gotta do something!

[15:26] *** -Carbunkle has left #suburbansenshi2 (*teleports, taking Dante's dad with her*)

[15:27] <Inu_Yasha> ..ok

[15:27] <Inu_Yasha> if you get in trouble blame me..at least if he kills me you'll be free.

[15:27] <-YingGirl> ....You can't marry someone who is nothing....

[15:28] <-YingGirl> ...........

[15:28] * Candy is on the phone again: "Hello...I'm Candy and I would like to offer you a really bishonean dog demon's hand in marriag...no..it's not Inu Yasha..he's GETTING married..no..why the hell would you want to know what I'm wearing?! HENTAI!" *hangs up*

[15:28] <-YingGirl> Inu, why did you give me that fang?

[15:29] <Inu_Yasha> ..Because I lov..

[15:29] * Inu_Yasha sighs turning really red. "Because I care about you Ying."

[15:30] * Candy shivers.

[15:30] <-YingGirl> ((OOC: Candy, which Manga does Sesshomaru appear? ))

[15:30] <-YingGirl> .......

[15:31] * Candy picks the phone up again punching in a random amount of numbers. "Hello...er...¡I apesadumbrado don't habla español!

[15:31] <-YingGirl> Inu, if you knew this fang was gonna let me become your mate forever....

[15:31] * Candy goes looking

[15:31] <starcat> ((Volume two, I think.))

[15:32] <Inu_Yasha> hell when I'm a kid I don't think things through! Hell I'm not who I am now. I would have never offered it to you now with us being the way we are and you being with Dante.

[15:32] <-YingGirl> ...You seems to happy when I took the fang....

[15:33] <-YingGirl> ((Kay, cause once I finish up Petshop of Horrors, I'll obly but one manga that features both Inu & Sess cause I wanna draw them. :P))

[15:33] <-YingGirl> so happy^

[15:33] <Candy> (no volume two has the shima and when inu yasha turns human for the first time in the series)

[15:34] <starcat> ((Want me to check it?))

[15:34] <-YingGirl> ((ok....))

[15:35] <-YingGirl> ...Inu, you were fricken persturing in me taking the fang

[15:35] <starcat> ((I have my Viz manga volume 2 right here infront of me. Sesshomaru first appears in "Scroll Four" of this book.))

[15:35] <Candy> ((volume 3 it is!))

[15:36] <Candy> ((goes to look..))

[15:36] <starcat> *in front

[15:36] <starcat> ((It's volume two.))

[15:37] <-YingGirl> ............If I went away, will you be free?

[15:37] <Inu_Yasha> ..what the hell do you mean?

[15:38] <Candy> ((my scandilated stuff must be cut up differently then yours starcat cuz number 4 in book two is about the lighting brothers))

[15:38] <-YingGirl> ((Gah...back home, one book of InuYasha costs 30$))

[15:38] <-YingGirl> ((Candym Viz did a reprint....))

[15:39] <Candy> ((ahh that would explain it.))

[15:39] <Candy> well then listen to starcat.

[15:39] <starcat> ((I have the smaller versions. ^_^))

[15:40] * starcat wasn't going to pay more when she could have it for less

[15:40] <-YingGirl> ....You know, finsh this role of being a phoenix guardian.

[15:40] * Candy notes the first two books of trigun here in the U.S. was originally 6 books. They crammed everything together when they translated it.

[15:40] <-YingGirl> end this lie....

[15:40] <starcat> ((Even if they ARE flipped, I still prefer the smaller size. I like translated sound effects, you see.))

[15:41] <Inu_Yasha> ..Ying I don't want you to go!

[15:41] * -YingGirl still has her left wrist in bandages....

[15:41] <Inu_Yasha> ..I wouldn't have asked you at any age unless I truely thought you where wonderful!

[15:42] <-YingGirl> one of us has to if we both fail.

[15:42] * Inu_Yasha coughs blushing and looking away. He's not good with sappy s[BLEEP]t.

[15:42] <-YingGirl> ....Inu, I'm sorry.

[15:42] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (*is heading towards the DMC office*)

[15:42] <Inu_Yasha> ...what if wwe just...stayed together?

[15:43] <Inu_Yasha> ...

[15:44] <Candy> ..well I wonder what's going on...

[15:45] * starcat is sleeping behind Tuxedo Sofa v. 2

[15:47] * Candy continues calling random people.

[15:48] * Inu_Yasha heads off to find his brother.

[15:48] *** Inu_Yasha has left #suburbansenshi2 (She better not do what I think she might...)

[15:52] * starcat wakes up and walks into the kitchen

[15:53] * starcat has a craving for donuts. :(

[15:56] * starcat grabs a donut and sits on the venus Sofa

[15:59] * starcat eats her donut

[16:00] * Candy looks up from her thing and notices a big bag of cookies that they left!

[16:01] * - over by the kotatsu, the rabbit backpack appears again.

[16:01] *** -Little Girl has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:01] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -Little Girl

[16:01] * -Little Girl bows to the rei.bot sama, where she is!

[16:02] <Candy> YAY!

[16:02] * -Little Girl looks around and bows to candy san!

[16:02] * Candy huggles Little Girl!

[16:02] <Candy> There might be a wedding!

[16:03] * -Little Girl realizes Starcat san is here and freezes, wondering if she's about to get BLOWN UP!

[16:03] <Candy> Two of them if Inu Yasha can force his brother away from planet hentai to marry someone I picked out!.

[16:03] * -Little Girl huggies Candy san back!

[16:03] * -Little Girl gets excited at the idea of a wedding!

[16:04] <starcat> aHEM. *coughs*

[16:04] * -Little Girl gets doubly excited at the idea of TWO weddings!

[16:05] * Candy explains that while inu yasha was in chibi form he gave ying a fang. The fang wasn't any ordnary fang, no it's like a ring of marriage in the western culture. Ying accepted without knowing and now they've got to find the creature who blessed the fang before monday or else ying and inu yasha are offically married!

[16:05] <-Little Girl> / winces, waiiting for the "KA-BOOM" from Starcat san.

[16:05] <starcat> I don't blow up kids.

[16:05] <Candy> and Ying wats inu yasha to find his brother and with my help find him a mate so if they do get married their father, who is a spirit mind, you isn't disappointed in the fact that ying can't have children.

[16:06] * -Little Girl thinks giving fangs is a strange way to do things.

[16:06] <starcat> I slice them into little pieces. ^_^

[16:06] <Candy> and if it all comes down to the fact they can't get married one of them has to die to void it if they can't find the creature who blessed the fang before monday.

[16:07] * -Little Girl is teh CONFUSED by all this!

[16:07] <Candy> and inu yasha might not get another fang which means he might not be able to marry because of this.

[16:08] * -Little Girl has to be away for a few minutes!

[16:08] * -Little Girl tells Starcat san to hold that thought, this war has just begun!

[16:09] <starcat> what?!

[16:10] <starcat> No fair!

[16:11] * starcat is away: I have enough to think about without a WAR, thanks anyways.

[16:12] * Sailor Quinox wakes up

[16:12] <Sailor Quinox> hmmm? what war?

[16:12] <-Little Girl> /em is back!

[16:12] * -Little Girl is back!

[16:13] * -Little Girl sticks her tounge at Starcat san running away.

[16:14] <Sailor Quinox> what's going on?

[16:14] <Candy> no clue

[16:14] * -Little Girl bows to Sailor Quinox san and thanks her again for the Evil Starcat plushie!

[16:15] * Sailor Quinox bows back

[16:15] * -Little Girl holds up the plushie and shows she's drawn funny glasses on the plushie's face.

[16:16] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[16:16] * -Little Girl then turns her attention to this marriage business.

[16:17] <Candy> yeah?

[16:18] <Sailor Quinox> hopefully this whole marrage thing won't mess up any of fun-fun around here ^^

[16:19] * -Little Girl wonders how Candy san is picking out someone for Inu_Yasha's brother to marry?

[16:19] <Candy> yeah! Maybe Vash and i can get married ^^

[16:19] <Candy> Random phone calls!

[16:20] <Candy> That's how I'm gonna find her!

[16:21] * -Little Girl also wonders who or what blessed the fang.

[16:21] * Candy giggles picking up the phone again and dialing random numbers!

[16:22] * -Little Girl blinks at the idea of random phone calls to find a mate.

[16:23] * -Little Girl worries Candy san is going to reach the Goddess Helpline, and then things will get REALLY bad around here!

[16:23] * Sailor Quinox goes to get some ginger ale

[16:23] <Candy> --> http://look.cpanel21.gzo.com/art/l178_sesshoumaru.jpg

[16:24] * -Little Girl wonders, finally, why Yinggirl can't have children. After all, she (Little Girl) has read the Sacred logs and archives, she knows about all the powerful people here.

[16:25] <Candy> Bonjour mon nom est sucrerie et je voudrais vous demander d'épouser un ami à moi... Son nom est Sesshoumaru et il a besoin d'un compagnon. rapide ! ...

[16:26] <Sailor Quinox> so....I take it, little girl..you know all about me...

[16:27] * -Little Girl would think that the Professor Tomoe sama or Sailor Quinox san or even the Princes... er, ChibiUsa couldn't change that.

[16:28] * -Little Girl LIKES the picture. The face, that is, not the claws.

[16:28] <Candy> Hello meu nome é doce e eu gostaria de pedir que você case um amigo de meus... Seu nome é Sesshoumaru e necessita um mate.. rápido! ...

[16:29] * -Little Girl knows all about the superheroic Sailor Quinox san, America's heroine!

[16:29] <Candy> DZÇÒÇ…ÇøÇÕéÑÇÃñºëOÇÕÉLÉÉÉìÉfÅ[Ç?džÇËÅAéÑÇÕéÑÇÃóFêlÇ?åãç•Ç<sum>ÇÈÇÊǧDžóäÇfiDZÇ?Ç?ñ]Çfi... îfiÇÃñºëOÇÕSesshoumaru Ç?džÇËÅAîfiÇÕë¨Ç¢íáä‘Ç?ÅBïKóvÇ?Ç<sum>ÇÈ! ...

[16:29] * Candy giggles

[16:29] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[16:30] * -Little Girl has read the stories and the comic book!

[16:30] <Sailor Quinox> um...can I help you, Candy....

[16:31] * -Little Girl is IMPRESSED being near her!

[16:31] <-Candy> こんにちは私の名前はキャンデーであり、私は私の友人と結婚するように頼むことを望む... 彼の名前は

[16:31] <-Candy> Sesshoumaru であり、彼は速い仲間を。必要とする! ...

[16:31] * Sailor Quinox giggles and ruffles little girl's hair

[16:31] * -Candy laughs! Fun with babelfish!

[16:32] * Sailor Quinox goes over to a TTI machine she brought with her and dials a few numbers

[16:32] <-Candy> I just asked the same thing in french, dutch I think, and japanese!

[16:32] <Sailor Quinox> hello? alright...*types a message onto the phone*

[16:33] * Candy would marry sesshoumaru for them but her heart and cheese belong to Vash!

[16:33] <Sailor Quinox> *TTY

[16:34] * Sailor Quinox turns off the machine

[16:34] * -Little Girl wonders if she should help call people.

[16:35] * Sailor Quinox gets onto another phone

[16:35] <Candy> Sure!

[16:36] * -Little Girl has another idea!

[16:36] <Sailor Quinox> çäðàâñòâóëòå!? è âû ëþáèòå ïîæåíèòüñÿ äåìîí... åãî, êîòîð èìÿ áóäåò sessomaru.....

[16:37] * -Little Girl pulls Bear out of her backpack and pushes his nose, causing him to grow to his 8 foot mechanoid form!

[16:37] <starcat> Candy: All your base are belong to Vash! XD

[16:37] * starcat is back

[16:38] <Sailor Quinox> hallo? wurden Sie mögen einen Dämon heiraten..., das sein Name sessomaru..... ist

[16:39] * -Little Girl tells Bear to print out a BIG picture of Sesshoumaru san, put it on a sign saying "Marriage partner wanted", and go stand outside waving the sign at people!

[16:39] <Candy> Yes! That'll work!

[16:39] * -Bear looks at Little Girl.

[16:40] <Sailor Quinox> ciao? gradite sposare un demon... che il suo nome è sessomaru.....

[16:40] <-Bear> Say what???

[16:40] <starcat> Little Girl, do you have an actual name?

[16:41] * -Little Girl repeats herself, and asks Bear if his audio receptors are going bad.

[16:41] <Candy> she's my future child!

[16:42] <-Little Girl> Sore wa himitsu desu.

[16:42] * Candy jokes

[16:42] <Sailor Quinox> ãåéÜóïõ; èá åðéèõìïýóáôå íá ðáíôñåøåôå Ýíáí äáßìïíá... ôï üíïìÜ ðïõ ôïõ åßíáé sessomaru.....

[16:42] <starcat> Je ne parle pas le japonais, je parle le francais et l'anglais et le l33t.

[16:42] * -Little Girl doesn't think she's related to Xellos, though.

[16:43] <Sailor Quinox> alright.....*puts the phone reciever down*

[16:44] * -Little Girl believes that Starcat san just said she doesn't know Japanese, but does know French, English, and l33t.

[16:44] <Candy> well?

[16:44] * starcat said that she speaks/does not speak the languages, but yes. ^_^

[16:45] * -Little Girl notes that 'Sore wa himitsu desu' means 'It is a secret'.

[16:45] <starcat> Why is it a secret?

[16:45] <-Little Girl> /em smiles sweetly at Starcat san.

[16:45] <-starcat pet project 2> hmms... adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[16:45] <-Little Girl> Sore wa himitsu desu.

[16:46] <starcat> ...Don't look at me like that, please.

[16:46] * Sailor Quinox knows some japanese, l337, and is perfect at ASL

[16:46] <starcat> Hi, Oronde.

[16:46] <-starcat pet project 2> hello star... adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[16:46] * starcat sits on the Venus Sofa

[16:46] * -Little Girl that's what Little Girl has been told to say to anyone asking who she is or what she's doing here.

[16:47] <Candy> I think she's my future daughter ;)

[16:48] * -Little Girl ^notes that that's what :(

[16:48] <starcat> interesting.

[16:49] * -Little Girl turns back to Bear, who is still still standing there not following orders.

[16:49] <starcat> Are you from the future, kid?

[16:49] <-Little Girl> Well?

[16:49] <-starcat pet project 2> okay..for a last itme..I know oyu tried in the past..but..WHY OYU REFUSE OT FIGHT ME..STARCAT..WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE????WHY???? adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[16:49] <-Little Girl> Sore wa himitsu desu.

[16:49] <-starcat pet project 2> EVEN YOU COULD OD IT IN YOUR SELF DENFENSE... adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[16:49] <starcat> Oronde...

[16:50] <-starcat pet project 2> *tries to clam down..8 sorry.. adn.... by th eway... minako-sama ownz... me*8 ~♡~

[16:50] <starcat> I didn't fight you because fighting would only make it worse. You're a good person, or you can be, and fighting won't help you be that person.

[16:50] <-Bear> There is nothing wrong with my hearing. But I am an advanced Combat/Utility Mech and your orders make no sense.

[16:50] <starcat> It's okay, Oronde.

[16:51] <starcat> Don't worry about it. ^_^

[16:51] <Candy> ...Please mr bear?

[16:51] <Sailor Quinox> hmmmmm....I wonder.....

[16:51] * Candy tries to look really cute up at the bear that he'll listen.

[16:52] * -Little Girl exhales in irritation, kicks Bear in the shin, and tells him not to argue!

[16:52] * starcat gives Oronde a friendly hug "Just try to do better next time, okay? ^_^"

[16:52] <Sailor Quinox> ...what is better...1 percent or 2 percent milk?

[16:52] * starcat sits back down

[16:52] <starcat> I prefer 2 percent.

[16:53] * -Bear grumbles he's a fighter, dammit, Jim, not a signpost!

[16:53] * Candy holds out a honey jar full of oil and bullets.

[16:54] <Sailor Quinox> 2 percent for me too

[16:54] * -Little Girl makes Bear go washing his mouth out for swearing! And tells him not to call her 'Jim'.

[16:54] * -Little Girl ^wash

[16:55] * -Bear takes the jar from Candy and thanks her in a vioce like a deep rumble.

[16:55] <Candy> I'll give you this...if you help us

[16:55] <Candy> Yay!

[16:57] * -Bear signs at being stuck with this job and, sighing - and with soap foam still dripping out of his mouth - creates a sign as Little Girl ordered and goes out on the front yard, waving it around.

[16:57] * Candy hums happily.

[17:00] * Candy puts a honey pot of oil and bullets for bears later consumption

[17:00] <Candy> anyway I've got to go, interview canadates and crap.

[17:01] * Sailor Quinox sips her ginger ale

[17:01] <starcat> bye, Candy.

[17:02] <Candy> so see yeah all monday with a hopeful wife for inu yasha and him with his brother

[17:02] <Candy> bye!

[17:02] *** Candy has left #suburbansenshi2 (TURKEY DAY POWER!)

[17:03] * -Little Girl waves 'Goodbye' to the nice Candy san!

[17:03] <Sailor Quinox> bye, Candy!!

[17:05] * - Whoops, Little Girl has to go!

[17:05] <starcat> Bye, Little Girl.

[17:05] * - She'll pick up Bear, later!

[17:06] <Sailor Quinox> bye, Little girl!!

[17:06] *** -Little Girl has quit IRC

[17:13] * Sailor Quinox lays on the sofa, and sips her ginger ale

[17:23] <Sailor Quinox> all alone...

[17:23] <Sailor Quinox> and that can mean only one thing.....

[17:23] <Sailor Quinox> I HAVE THE TV TO MYSELF!!!!!

[17:25] * Sailor Quinox turns the TV to Doctor Who

[17:25] <Sailor Quinox> ooooo...The Green Death!!

[17:26] * starcat gets a Vanilla Coke and sips it

[17:26] * starcat is not impressed

[17:26] <Sailor Quinox> I love this show ^^

[17:27] <Sailor Quinox> what are you talking about, Starcat?

[17:28] <starcat> I'm not impressed that you think that you're all alone when I am here. :P

[17:29] <Sailor Quinox> sorry...didn't notice :P

[17:31] * Sailor Quinox watches as the giant maggots make their first apperance on the screen

[17:31] <Sailor Quinox> eeeeeeew

[17:32] <starcat> This is odd, but it's sorta fun. ^_^ --> http://tmst.twu.net/flash/igsf2d.htm

[17:35] *** Nate Detroit has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:35] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Nate Detroit

[17:35] * Nate Detroit walks in happily holding his new Nintendo DS.

[17:37] <starcat> Hi, Nate! ^_^

[17:37] * starcat rushes over to look!

[17:38] <starcat> I want to touch it. XD

[17:39] <Sailor Quinox> LOL

[17:39] * Nate Detroit holds it out for her

[17:39] <Sailor Quinox> HI, NATE!!!

[17:39] * Sailor Quinox suddenly feels bad

[17:39] <Nate Detroit> Hi ladies. How is everyone?

[17:39] * starcat touches it XD

[17:39] <Nate Detroit> Whats wrong, Matsumi?

[17:39] * Sailor Quinox walks over to a corner and sits down

[17:40] <Sailor Quinox> nothing.......just forget it....

[17:40] <Nate Detroit> ok...

[17:41] <starcat> I'm doing well. ^_^

[17:41] * Sailor Quinox is feeling as if techonlogy is passing her by

[17:41] <starcat> Poor Q. :(

[17:41] <starcat> I don't have a DS yet, either...

[17:42] <Sailor Quinox> the only diffence is that I can't afford it.....

[17:43] <Nate Detroit> I love me my Nintendo, so I had to get one. ^^ It was an early Christmas present.

[17:43] <starcat> Neither can I.

[17:44] <starcat> I'll have to get one for Christmas, or I'm out of luck.

[17:44] <Nate Detroit> Neither can I. God bless my grandmother and aunt.

[17:45] <Sailor Quinox> ...I could get my grandfather...but he's going to get me a Gamecube first ^_^

[17:45] <starcat> Lucky. XP

[17:46] <Sailor Quinox> but I have to wait until my B-day

[17:46] <Nate Detroit> Gamecube is where its at. =) I honestly dont see what people see in the other two..

[17:46] <Sailor Quinox> which is Feb.3 if anyone wants to give me gifts XP

[17:47] <starcat> Nate: Halo 2, dude! Halo 2!

[17:47] <starcat> Q: Dude! Right after Furu-kun's! ^_^

[17:47] <starcat> Wow. Two sets of consecutive birthdays in February...

[17:47] <Nate Detroit> Right.... that and Halo 1 are about it for Xbox...

[17:48] <Sailor Quinox> I'm hoping to do a party here at the chatbox

[17:48] <starcat> There's Furu(the 2nd) and Q (the 3rd), and myself (the 15th) and Shinji(the 16th).

[17:48] <starcat> Nate: Sadly, yes, but it's WORTH it.

[17:49] <starcat> Today is Haak's birthday, as well!

[17:49] * Sailor Quinox only has a PS2 -_-......go ahead throw rotten fruit at her

[17:49] <Nate Detroit> I disagree, but wont go into it... Gah... I dont remember Mario 64 being this hard... maybe its because I have no analog stick >.<

[17:50] <starcat> LOL! Kitties do have tempers. XD --> http://www.eviltrailmix.com/lemondemon/downloads/Kitten%20Is%20Angry.mp3

[17:50] * Nate Detroit would never =(

[17:51] <starcat> Q: Hey, the PS2 has SOME good games...

[17:51] <starcat> No current console is really bad, except for possibly the N-Gage.

[17:51] <Nate Detroit> Yeah.. I love Kingdom Hearts.. and the GTAs are good, if not overrated.

[17:51] <starcat> Does the N-Gage even count?

[17:51] <Sailor Quinox> N-GAGE!!! DO NOT SPEAK THAT FOUL NAME!!!

[17:52] <starcat> N-gage, N-Gage, N-Gage. :P

[17:52] * Sailor Quinox holds a cross against Starcat's head and splashes her with holy water

[17:52] * starcat is wet now ><

[17:53] <Sailor Quinox> BE-GONE, FOUL OFFSPRING OF SATAN!!!

[17:53] * Nate Detroit holds up his DS as if it wer ea holy symbol

[17:53] * starcat is wearing a white shirt, too... ><

[17:54] * starcat has a (wet) white long-sleeved t-shirt on and black pants

[17:54] * Sailor Quinox bows before nate's DS

[17:54] * Nate Detroit will try not to look innapropriately.

[17:55] * Sailor Quinox makes herself wet just to even things off

[17:55] <Sailor Quinox> *out

[17:56] * starcat goes to get a different shirt on and dry her long hair ><

[17:57] * starcat returns with a dark purple turtleneck on

[17:58] * Sailor Quinox is now all wet in a green dress

[17:58] * starcat sits on the Venus Sofa

[17:59] * starcat is no longer wet

[17:59] * Sailor Quinox quickchanges into a dry sweater, turtleneck, skirt mix

[18:01] * Sailor Quinox huggles Nate

[18:01] * starcat pets her kitty ^_^

[18:02] * Nate Detroit puts his arms around Matsumi, and continues playing his DS

[18:02] * starcat wuvs Black Jack

[18:03] * Sailor Quinox giggles and replaces the game in his DS with a different one

[18:04] <Sailor Quinox> enjoy ^_^

[18:04] <Nate Detroit> ^.^

[18:05] <starcat> ^_^

[18:05] <Nate Detroit> it cheeses me off that it doesnt play GB/SGB/GBC games tho...

[18:05] <Sailor Quinox> well...turn on the game...

[18:05] * Nate Detroit turns it on. "What do we have here?"

[18:06] <starcat> Nate: I thought it would?

[18:06] * -The logo shows up...SAILOR Q DS

[18:06] <starcat> ah, well.

[18:06] <Nate Detroit> just GBA. how ghetto is that?

[18:07] * starcat likes her GBA anyways. ^_^

[18:07] <Nate Detroit> heh... when did this come out?

[18:07] <starcat> I found my Game Boy Pocket the other day...

[18:07] <Sailor Quinox> just today...

[18:07] <Sailor Quinox> Hideki had it made....

[18:07] <starcat> It was amazing. ^_^

[18:08] * starcat wants to go play it, but doesn't have any AAA batteries :(

[18:08] * -YingGirl is working on comic 358

[18:09] * Nate Detroit has a gold GBP. He keeps all his games and systems.

[18:09] * starcat has a clear one. ^_^

[18:09] <starcat> I wish the DS came in different colors.

[18:10] <starcat> You could get GBPs in, like, ten colors.

[18:10] * starcat still loves her clear one.

[18:11] * -YingGirl still has that red mark on her neck....looking at the jewel and the tooth as she stares at them, sitting in her corner

[18:11] <Nate Detroit> I thought it was just 5 or 6.

[18:11] * -YingGirl curls up in the corner, as she clutches on these two items

[18:11] <starcat> Nate: It was more than they have now, that's my point.

[18:11] <-YingGirl> d-dante....gomenasi....

[18:12] * starcat wants a clear DS. That would so r0x0r.

[18:13] *** Senshi Guardian has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:13] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Senshi Guardian

[18:13] <starcat> Hi, SG.

[18:13] <Senshi Guardian> Hey everyone!

[18:13] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Mike-san!!!

[18:13] * -YingGirl sees Mike...places the items in her pockets. She then runs up to him, tears in her eyes

[18:14] * Nate Detroit is watching that anime popeye video in the log... freaky...

[18:14] <Senshi Guardian> Hi Matsumi-chan.

[18:14] <starcat> Nate: I saw that, too. It's odd...VERY odd.

[18:14] <Senshi Guardian> Vanessa? Whats wrong?

[18:14] * -YingGirl hugs Mike, muffling her tears

[18:14] <Senshi Guardian> ....

[18:15] * -YingGirl has a familiar red mark on her face

[18:15] * Senshi Guardian hugs Vanessa back "Whats going on? What happened?"

[18:15] <-YingGirl> neck^

[18:15] <-YingGirl> ....Mike, If I failed going back in time... I must die Monday.

[18:16] <-YingGirl> As you can see, I am going to be wed....

[18:16] <Senshi Guardian> Die............?

[18:17] <-YingGirl> The mark on my neck proves it....

[18:17] <-YingGirl> ...The way out of this wedding if one will die.

[18:17] * Senshi Guardian looks at the mark on her neck

[18:17] * -YingGirl looks up

[18:17] <Senshi Guardian> There had to be another way Vanessa..

[18:18] <Senshi Guardian> *has

[18:18] <-YingGirl> I told the demon dog spritit that I'm a fake dog demon, but I still abid by their customs

[18:18] <-YingGirl> ...There isn't.

[18:19] <-YingGirl> It's either finding that tooth, and unbless it in the past.....

[18:19] <Senshi Guardian> I could get Set-chan, we could go back and prevent this...

[18:19] <-YingGirl> Or kill myself.

[18:19] * -YingGirl pulls out a Shoken Jewel

[18:20] <-YingGirl> ....This will take us to the whereabouts of the creature who can help me remove this mark

[18:20] * Senshi Guardian hugs Vanessa tight "We'll fix this ok, I'm not gonna let you die ok"

[18:20] <-YingGirl> I got till Monday to find it

[18:21] <Senshi Guardian> You've got me and Set-chan's help for sure. I know Dante will help in a heartbeat.

[18:21] <-YingGirl> Or what timeline it's from

[18:21] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[18:22] <-YingGirl> I hope I don't ruin your thanksgiving

[18:22] * -YingGirl notes to check the chatbox at 14:32 to see it....

[18:23] <-YingGirl> ...I wish there was some way to keep a dog boy and a demon hunter happy...

[18:23] <Senshi Guardian> nah, It's alright, I've been itching for some action.((RL wise, nothing special going on this weekend, uncle comming over to eat with us tomorrow and thats it))

[18:23] <-YingGirl> But they both can't be happy, since they want the same thing....

[18:24] * Senshi Guardian OOC: saw it but felt it better the let the info come out this way

[18:25] * Sailor Quinox sips her ginger ale

[18:25] <-YingGirl> ((Wait, it started at 14:07))

[18:25] <Senshi Guardian> It is a complicated situation with those two.....

[18:25] * -YingGirl continues crying

[18:26] <-YingGirl> i'm nothing but a cursed being.

[18:27] * Senshi Guardian hugs Vanessa alittle tighter "Don't think like that, we need to think positive right now, especialy at a time like this"

[18:28] <-YingGirl> I didn't know that tooth was a marrige thingie!

[18:28] <Senshi Guardian> Who would have, I know I wouldn't have.

[18:28] <-YingGirl> Dante wants to kill Inu for this....

[18:29] * -YingGirl goes to place the Shoken Jewel in her pocket

[18:29] <Senshi Guardian> ....I do dread telling him this......but...I heard my self from the future grabbed him for a talk last night.....I wonder what he told him....

[18:29] <-YingGirl> ....And we have to go to this Bone Eaters Well, if we'll ever reach this place

[18:30] * -YingGirl still has her left arm in bandages

[18:30] * -YingGirl stays quiet

[18:30] <Senshi Guardian> Alright, do you know where its at?

[18:31] * Senshi Guardian knows what happened......but will keep Vanessa's secret

[18:31] <-YingGirl> ....Not really. ((Thought you do caused you watched the Inu series.))

[18:31] <starcat> It's somewhere in the city.

[18:32] <-YingGirl> ....Mike, we have to tell Dante and keep him calm about the situation.

[18:32] * starcat pulls out her laptop, goes to Google.com, and hands it to Ying "Search away. ^_^"

[18:32] <Senshi Guardian> ((yeah, I've got the first season box set. Just playing along))

[18:33] <Senshi Guardian> ((and the first movie, but haven't watched it yet. Darn lack of time ><))

[18:33] <Senshi Guardian> agreed

[18:33] <-YingGirl> Puu....

[18:34] <Senshi Guardian> he should be getting done pretty soon....I know he'll be headed here.

[18:34] * -Meanwhile Vergil & Walter are guarding the well, waiting for the band of fools trying to stop a wedding. The Black Carbunkle lies on the ground, yawning

[18:35] <starcat> When you guys go...

[18:35] * -YingGirl tries to wipe her tears away...

[18:35] <starcat> I want to come along, at least until you get to the well.

[18:35] <starcat> Would that be okay?

[18:35] * Senshi Guardian hands vanessa a hankerchief

[18:36] <starcat> You might want to try searching for "Bone Eater's Well location," Ying.

[18:36] <Senshi Guardian> Fine with me, what about you vanessa?

[18:36] * Sailor Quinox wonders if she should go.....

[18:36] <-YingGirl> Ok.....

[18:37] <-YingGirl> Do you think I'm an idiot for accepting that tooth from a child?

[18:38] <starcat> Of course not.

[18:38] *** Kakyuu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:38] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kakyuu

[18:38] <Senshi Guardian> Not at all Vanessa. You had no way to know that was the Dog Demon version of an engagement ring.

[18:39] <starcat> Hi, Kakyuu.

[18:39] * Nate Detroit hasnt been paying attention, caught up in his ds.

[18:39] * Senshi Guardian wouldn't mind Matsumi tagging along, back up from good friends never hurts.

[18:39] * -YingGirl touches the mark on her neck....

[18:40] <Sailor Quinox> playing Sailor Q, Nate?

[18:40] <-YingGirl> ....And if I can't find the one who blessed the tooth, I have to end it.

[18:40] <Senshi Guardian> We'll fix this Vanessa. We'll do everything we can. *gives her a warm smile*

[18:40] <Nate Detroit> mmmhmm... its immersive. ^.^

[18:41] * Senshi Guardian shifts attention for a second "Hey Nate, I bet it's great!"

[18:41] <Senshi Guardian> No one wants that option vanessa.

[18:41] <-YingGirl> ...it was cute when Inu saw his dad....

[18:42] <-YingGirl> ...Well I can't marry Inu! Dante wants to kill him!

[18:42] * Kakyuu doesn't understand what Spore was trying to say at the end of the newest log......

[18:42] * -YingGirl falls on her knees...looking at the floor

[18:43] <-YingGirl> She was going get some f[BLEEP]ken spinich and make herself like Popeye.

[18:43] <Nate Detroit> Im gonan get me some f[BLEEP]king spinach and some... something... so I can be like Popeye

[18:44] * Nate Detroit still remembers Hotaru not being able to make out Tightass

[18:44] <Kakyuu> Wow.... How can you read that?! SHE NEEDS TO GET HOOKED ON PHONICS!

[18:44] * Senshi Guardian goes to his knees, gently raising Vanessa's head up with his hand "If we explain things, Dante wont kill him........."

[18:45] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:45] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[18:45] * -YingGirl is listening to PiNK-Wheeler

[18:45] * Senshi Guardian only has P!nk's first album

[18:45] <starcat> Kakyuu: It's not THAT hard.

[18:45] * -YingGirl has a red mark on her neck, looking at Mike

[18:46] * Nate Detroit wonders if he'll be able to pass off his DS as a PDA in school.

[18:46] <Kakyuu> I can understand most of it but that M word... What the hellwas she trying to say?! Muscles?

[18:46] * -YingGirl gets up.....

[18:46] <starcat> Nate: You could try! XD

[18:46] <Senshi Guardian> I promise we'll get you out of this, without you having to lose your life. You mean to much to everyone to lose you.

[18:47] <Nate Detroit> I was really surprised the other day when my tv professor never saw an SP before..

[18:47] * DvlmayCry blinks "Hey everyone......mind filling the Demon Hunter in?"

[18:48] * Kakyuu is away: pizza and practice!

[18:48] <-YingGirl> ...I have until Monday for finding someone who will remove this blessing

[18:49] <DvlmayCry> monday.....blessing.....

[18:49] * DvlmayCry scratches his head

[18:50] <Senshi Guardian> Dante....sit down....and give me Rebellion, and Ebony and Ivory.

[18:51] <-YingGirl> ....Otherwise, I must kill myself.

[18:51] <DvlmayCry> ...I don't like the sound of this but......Your future self told me to trust you today....so alright.

[18:52] * DvlmayCry is in the proses of giving the equipment to Mike when he hears Vanessa, say that. Dropping the sword and guns on the floor "KILL YOURSELF!?!?!"

[18:52] * -YingGirl turns to Dante, revealing the red mark on her neck

[18:53] <DvlmayCry> Whats...that.....

[18:53] <-YingGirl> ...As you can see, the next full moon is on Monday, which I shall be wed.

[18:54] <-YingGirl> I don't want you to be angry. So in order to stop the wedding, if I fail on this quest....is to kill myself

[18:55] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa.....The last thing I want is for you to kill yourself...............and wed who?

[18:55] <-YingGirl> ...I found out how Inus proposed, without knowing...

[18:55] * Senshi Guardian secures Dante's weaponary in a safe secure place

[18:56] <-YingGirl> ....A dog demon.

[18:56] <DvlmayCry> you mean.......dog boy.........*twitch*

[18:57] * -YingGirl nods

[18:57] * DvlmayCry takes a deep breath "gah........Mike...your future self sucks......he told me i would here something that would reallly get to me....he made me promise not the do anything rash, for Vanessa's sake..."

[18:58] * -YingGirl shows Dante an Inu's engagment ring...the strange weird looking tooth

[18:59] * DvlmayCry mutters to himself "Will not kill dog boy.......for vanessa...i will not kill dog boy"

[18:59] * Kakyuu wonders if Ying could give back the tooth and not have to wed InuYasha...

[18:59] * DvlmayCry see's the fang "alright....I think I'll be ok for now. What do we need to do to solve this?"

[19:00] <Senshi Guardian> Dante, just keep calm, and everything will be ok.

[19:00] <-YingGirl> ....Kakyuu, even if I give back the tooth, I'll still have the mark. I have to get the tooth unblessed in the path and the person who blessed it in the first place to remove the mark

[19:01] <-YingGirl> past.^

[19:01] <Kakyuu> Hmmmm, and how do you go about doing that? *knows a shapeshifter*

[19:01] <-YingGirl> .....Though, if I can't find the critter/person in the past by Monday....

[19:01] <Senshi Guardian> We'll find them Vanessa.

[19:02] <-YingGirl> ...My death with stop the wedding.

[19:02] <Kakyuu> Who do you think blessed it Ying? That would be the place to start.

[19:02] <DvlmayCry> You know I'd do anything in the universe for you Vanessa. You have my all.

[19:02] <DvlmayCry> I don't want you to die.....

[19:03] <Senshi Guardian> neither do i.

[19:03] * Kakyuu wishes everyone who lives in the US a Happy Thanksgiving

[19:04] <-YingGirl> We'll find out when we're in the past.

[19:04] * -YingGirl notes yesterdy they were dropping turkeys off 12 story buildings on Dave Letterman

[19:05] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: isn't that like...illegal. :)

[19:06] <Senshi Guardian> When do we head out Vanessa?

[19:06] <-YingGirl> OOC: Actually,they were cooked.

[19:06] <-YingGirl> Buyo....is where I can find so far.

[19:07] <-YingGirl> Everything else is messageboards. I hope Shaldra doesn't mind we're dragging Sesshoumaru in this too.

[19:08] <-YingGirl> He's Plan B.

[19:08] <Senshi Guardian> ooc: oh, ok.

[19:09] <DvlmayCry> plan b?

[19:09] <-YingGirl> Oh, course she will mind. He's a dog demon LORD!!!

[19:10] <-YingGirl> ....I think if I Inu can lure his half brother to get married before I do, the Old Demon Dog Spirit might be pleased

[19:10] <-YingGirl> Or is it older brother?

[19:11] <Kakyuu> Ooooh! You mean Sexy Sessy?!

[19:11] * starcat is away: food

[19:11] <Senshi Guardian> I think older

[19:11] * Kitalia ends the shapeshift spell and is now her TRUE self

[19:11] <-YingGirl> ....Course, Mike & Dante....we need the other members of the team who will be joining me in the past

[19:12] * Kitalia raises her hand to volunteer to help!

[19:12] <-YingGirl> ...Yeah Kakyuu, we're trying to get him wed. I do hope he doesn't try to stop us. I hear he's powerful....

[19:12] * Sailor Quinox can' t come but with assit in different ways

[19:13] <Kitalia> Moh, Sexy Sessy isn't all that powerful. It's just mostly vanity and pride.....

[19:13] <Senshi Guardian> I'll get Set-chan, altouh I know she already knows. ^_^;

[19:13] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:13] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[19:14] * Kitalia is outta here for now! Time to practice!

[19:14] <Shaldra Darkness> Ouch, f[BLEEP]k. I gat my new costume, and I'm attacked. ><

[19:14] <-YingGirl> We can't bring everyone into the past, cause we'll be probably f[BLEEP]king around with the InuYasha series, warping it so it can never be looked the same way ever again

[19:14] * TimeGal appears from nowere "ah, you know me to well Mike-kun, Hi everyone!"

[19:14] *** Kitalia has left #suburbansenshi2 (Bye! And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the US!)

[19:14] *** Kakyuu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:14] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kakyuu

[19:15] <-YingGirl> Shaldra, stupid question: do you like Demon Dog Lords?

[19:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Though, here is the new costume, cut 'n paste --> http://www.freewebs.com/chaosart/NewNeko.JPG

[19:15] <TimeGal> I'll help 100% Vanessa-san

[19:15] <-YingGirl> Or better question...wanna hunt one down?

[19:15] <Kakyuu> Namely Sessy?

[19:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying - Really stupid question. I obviously don't.

[19:16] *** Full Metal Mango has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:16] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Full Metal Mango

[19:16] <Senshi Guardian> very nice shaldra.

[19:16] * -YingGirl is an uber idiot.

[19:16] <Shaldra Darkness> Oooo! I can do hunting! ^_^

[19:16] <Senshi Guardian> No you not Vanessa.

[19:16] <Full Metal Mango> Hey, guys! I'd say more, but I need dinner!

[19:16] * Full Metal Mango is away: PIZZA!

[19:16] <-YingGirl> Good! You can help Inu find his brother and get Sessy hitched...on anyday this week.

[19:17] <Kakyuu> Hi Envy.... Or are you Mango?

[19:17] * DvlmayCry puts his hand on vanessa's shoulder "dont think that"

[19:17] <-YingGirl> Cause it's full Moon O Rama

[19:17] * Shaldra Darkness nods, will sharped her sword! ^_^

[19:18] * Kakyuu has $20 to pay Shaldra to make sure her glaive is nice and sharp so she is able to help

[19:18] <-YingGirl> If not, we're going to an era where demons roam everywhere. :P

[19:19] * Sailor Quinox lays on the sofa

[19:19] * -YingGirl has a mark on her neck.

[19:19] <Kakyuu> Oh, maybe we should bring Rae-kun! He's a Demon Lord! And Kurisutaru and Leudast are Demons! They'd be of more help...

[19:19] <-YingGirl> Why? It's because I have to stop a wedding

[19:20] <Shaldra Darkness> Kakyuu - Got ya! I repair, sharpen, and make weapons of any kind! ^_^

[19:20] *** -The Duo of Trouble has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:20] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -The Duo of Trouble

[19:20] * -The Duo of Trouble is now known as Kurisutaru

[19:20] <Shaldra Darkness> The who...?

[19:20] <DvlmayCry> Demons...ah.....they don't stand a chance. *smirk*

[19:20] * -YingGirl wags her tail.

[19:21] <Kurisutaru> Did someone mention a Shadow Kitsune and her demon husband?

[19:21] * Shaldra Darkness loves being a demon slayer sometimes. ^_^

[19:21] <Senshi Guardian> aren't we confident.....

[19:21] <-YingGirl> ....I have to stop my own fricken wedding to an Inu.

[19:21] <Leudast> I'm not getting into this....

[19:22] <-YingGirl> So Shaldra, if you don't want any pups chasing you....I think you might help us.

[19:22] * DvlmayCry twitches slightly but stops

[19:22] * -YingGirl sighs....

[19:22] *** Leudast has left #suburbansenshi2 (No, dear, I'm staying out of this one but by all means go ahead and have fun tracking down Inu Yasha and Sesshomaru)

[19:22] <Shaldra Darkness> Ying - Pups?! No pups! NO!

[19:22] <-YingGirl> Dante, I can't bear kids....

[19:23] <-YingGirl> ..........

[19:23] * -YingGirl twitches

[19:23] <-YingGirl> Okay, we're gonna head towards Buyo after thanksgiving.

[19:24] <Shaldra Darkness> Got ya.

[19:24] <-YingGirl> Not all will go, cause then we'll f[BLEEP]k the past so much we make be screwing up with our present.

[19:24] * DvlmayCry twitched at the though of vanessa marrying the inu

[19:25] <Shaldra Darkness> Concidering how many future people do show up... we've already done a lot without even trying.

[19:25] <Kurisutaru> Kakyuu, I think you should stay as well as Kitalia... I've done time travel before and I'm a demon, it'd be better.

[19:25] <DvlmayCry> I know, Just the thought of marrying the Inu got to me.

[19:25] <Senshi Guardian> Dante, keep cool.

[19:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Just keep the demons out of my way, or we may have some accidental injuries.

[19:26] <DvlmayCry> well, if you had to deal with the possibilty of Setsuna marrying say.......Faris, how would you react...

[19:26] * Shaldra Darkness can trap demons in crystals the size of marbles, after all.

[19:26] <Senshi Guardian> .........point taken....

[19:27] * DvlmayCry just maks demons go splat......real good.

[19:27] <Kurisutaru> Shaldra, I mean no harm to you nor the Starlights and their Princess. I merely just want to help out a fellow demon....

[19:27] <Shaldra Darkness> Splatting them is fun too. ^_^

[19:28] <-YingGirl> I think we have to find the critter that produced this tooth...

[19:28] <Shaldra Darkness> Kuri, I'm a demon hunter, my sword doesn't agree well with demons in front of me while I attack.

[19:29] <DvlmayCry> Agreed Vanessa. I hope we can find him/her in time.

[19:29] <-YingGirl> Well, technically...the well is at Kamoge's place. So we need GunArm_Dyne to keep her "busy"

[19:30] <-Senshi Guardia> ah, our resident Hentai. ^_^

[19:30] <Shaldra Darkness> I can get in Kagome's place without a problem. Don't worry about that.

[19:30] <Senshi Guardian> ^

[19:30] <-YingGirl> No. I want Kagome to suffer for ditching Inu in the first place.

[19:31] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh, okay then. ^_^

[19:31] <-YingGirl> So Dyne goes.

[19:32] <Shaldra Darkness> If we need a guide, I can always snatch Miroku or Sango from Planet Hentai.

[19:32] <Senshi Guardian> Ok, party member #1 Dyne

[19:33] * DvlmayCry nods

[19:33] <Sailor Quinox> --> http://www.campchaos.com/show.php?iID=140

[19:33] * starcat is teh back!

[19:34] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, starcat.

[19:35] <DvlmayCry> Who else do we need Vanessa?

[19:35] <starcat> hey, shaldra. ^_^

[19:36] <DvlmayCry> ooc: hey star, and i'm loading the movie

[19:37] * Shaldra Darkness notes that movie is stupidly funny. XD

[19:38] * Full Metal Mango returns.

[19:40] <Full Metal Mango> Hey guys! Dead chatbox?

[19:40] <Shaldra Darkness> Just watchin movies.

[19:40] <Full Metal Mango> Oooh.

[19:40] * Kurisutaru has returned

[19:40] * DvlmayCry thinks Vanessa's computer died

[19:42] * Shaldra Darkness leans back, tail flicking back and forth absently

[19:42] * Senshi Guardian goes and sits next to matsumi for now.

[19:43] <starcat> Mmm...explosions. ^_^ --> http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=133633

[19:43] * Full Metal Mango is going to go sleep so that she can stay up past midnight tommorow and watch the third ep of FMA...again :D

[19:45] * Sailor Quinox lays on Mike's lap

[19:45] * Senshi Guardian giggles "Hi there"

[19:46] <Shaldra Darkness> starcat - DUDE! I'm SOOO gonna try that now!

[19:47] <starcat> I want to go get some sparklers now. XD

[19:47] * Full Metal Mango dives into the uber couch, and sleeps.

[19:47] <-YingGirl> Got that right!!! f[BLEEP]k.

[19:48] <-YingGirl> Shaldra, you say Sess is a p[BLEEP]y, so why does he hang around Planet Hentai?

[19:48] * -YingGirl has a headache.

[19:49] * -YingGirl goes sits in the corner....

[19:49] <starcat> This song is just fun, and the animations coordinate well. --> http://tmst.twu.net/flash/igsf2d.htm

[19:49] * DvlmayCry hugs Vanessa

[19:49] *** Ikari Shinji has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:49] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Ikari Shinji

[19:49] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Ikari Shinji
[19:49] * starcat has one of the lines stuck in her head

[19:49] <DvlmayCry> We're gonna fix this.

[19:49] * @Ikari Shinji walks in with the "Snake Eater" song playing in the background

[19:49] <starcat> Hi, Shinji.

[19:50] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Star.

[19:50] <Sailor Io> ....It went up in a mushroom cloud...

[19:50] <starcat> Io: Hell yes! ^_^

[19:50] * Shaldra Darkness is half idle, gotta train with Haru...

[19:51] <-YingGirl> I hope so.....

[19:51] * @Ikari Shinji is playing DBZ Budokai 2 at the moment

[19:51] * DvlmayCry hugs Vanessa close "I don't want to lose you"

[19:51] * -YingGirl has the early events recalled in her head

[19:51] <Sailor Quinox> after thanksgiving...we're starting to do the christmas decerations...

[19:52] <Sailor Io> It was rather intresting to watch, I must say.

[19:52] * Senshi Guardian is near getting Vegata's breakthrough capsule in DBZ: B3

[19:53] <Senshi Guardian> I've got the capsule for SSJ4 Gogeta for Goku, Shinji. *evil grin*

[19:53] * starcat loved it. ^_^

[19:53] * -YingGirl already has her X-mas decorations up....

[19:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Cool, SG.

[19:54] * Senshi Guardian IRL will start putting his up Dec. 1 or first weekend of dec. depends on the timing

[19:54] <-YingGirl> --> http://mangaoncrack.iscrappy.com/crack/inuyasha_pinnedtoatree/pinned_to_a_tree.htm

[19:55] * Senshi Guardian already has Goku and Broly' breakthrough capsules, and the normal SSJ4, Vegito and Gogeta capsules for Goku

[19:55] * Mango-chan notes that the secret santa box is now open while she sleeps, place your name and email on a card, and put the card in the box!

[19:55] <Sailor Io> ...

[19:56] * -YingGirl is sitting in the corner, recalling those events

[19:56] <Senshi Guardian> lol

[19:56] <starcat> When will the Secret Santa thing begin?

[19:56] * DvlmayCry is hugging Vanessa, trying to comfort her

[19:57] <-YingGirl> [14:22] -Old Dog Demon: Dog demons mate for life, once a proposal has been accepted the wedding will be held at the next full moon.

[19:57] <-MangoOOC> (November 28th)

[19:58] * Sailor Io leans back.

[19:58] * Shaldra Darkness yawns...

[19:58] <-YingGirl> [14:23] -Old Dog Demon: ..though if the marriage isn't wanted they have until the next full moon...to find the one who blessed the fang and reverse it.

[19:59] <-YingGirl> [14:24] -Old Dog Demon: ...The only other way out of this type of marriage is death.

[20:00] *** Sailor Io has left #suburbansenshi2

[20:00] * -YingGirl lowers her head....

[20:00] <Shaldra Darkness> BUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! --> http://mangaoncrack.iscrappy.com/crack/inuyasha_newpartner/new_partner_pg1.htm

[20:00] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, I'm not mad at you.....

[20:01] * Envy pops up as a fox from under the Venus sofa, then turns into a green haired teenager.

[20:01] <-YingGirl> [14:34] -Old Dog Demon: ..I also warn you now..if the vow is broken Inu Yasha my son very well never have a mate.

[20:01] * Shaldra Darkness finds it odd that a random old dog demon would pop up and describe everything... O_O?

[20:01] * DvlmayCry sighs

[20:02] * -YingGirl still has the mark.

[20:02] * starcat is sitting on the Venus Sofa

[20:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Those Old Dog Demons, always popping up somewhere.

[20:02] <-YingGirl> ...He appeared when the Inu gave me the fang

[20:03] <DvlmayCry> so that was his old man....

[20:03] <-YingGirl> damn....I feel like i'm screwing everyone up.

[20:03] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, no matter what happens. I'll still love you.

[20:03] * Shaldra Darkness is now known as Sagome

[20:04] * -YingGirl starts starting at the floor. Where's Morrigian to pop in and pop fun at this?

[20:04] <Senshi Guardian> Don't worry Vanessa. Me, Set-chan, and I know Dante are more then willing to help you.

[20:04] * Sailor Quinox snuggles close to Mike

[20:04] <-YingGirl> poke fun^

[20:04] <-YingGirl> Thanks Mike

[20:04] * Envy notes that Inu's dad is dead.

[20:04] <@Ikari Shinji> Sagome?!

[20:05] * @Ikari Shinji feels an unnatural urge to grope her

[20:05] <Sagome> I'll help when the time comes, but if you're going into the past, I think you should try and blend in.

[20:05] <Envy> His bone was used to make the two swords, how could he randomly show up if he's dead?

[20:05] <Senshi Guardian> Anything for you Vanessa, what are friends for. ^_^

[20:05] <Sagome> I feel so loved...

[20:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Indeed you are, Sagome!

[20:05] * Senshi Guardian puts his arm around Matsumi and snuggles back

[20:05] <-YingGirl> he was a spirit....

[20:06] <Envy> Ah.

[20:06] * starcat reminds heself that Furu-kun will be here tomorrow, and tries not to kill the people ><

[20:07] * Sagome giggles, the Kagome costume is just fun to have. ^_^

[20:07] * Mango-chan notes in her sleep that Q STILL didn't finish that thing that she was doing to Envy, whatever the hell it was, she forgot.

[20:07] * -YingGirl sighs. Still has the mark on her neck.

[20:07] * Envy dashes to the kitchen to get dark pepsi.

[20:08] <-YingGirl> Dante, Inu isn't like Faris....we usually fight cause we piss each other off at times.

[20:08] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, like i said I'll still love you, I don't want you to die......I'll give anything it takes to help you.

[20:09] <Sagome> Hmmm... I wonder if "Sit" works on InuYasha still...

[20:09] <DvlmayCry> I've heard. Some of those battles i heard were pretty intense.

[20:09] <-YingGirl> And if I can't find another tooth....

[20:09] <-YingGirl> It won't. I ripped that necklace off him earlier

[20:09] * Envy returns with a few bottles of dark pepsi.

[20:10] <DvlmayCry> well.....think of something Vanessa.

[20:10] <DvlmayCry> *we'll

[20:10] <Sagome> You know, Ying, if you kept the necklace on, I could have just had him sit, then he wouldn't have bothered you.

[20:10] * -YingGirl stares at the floor, starting to cry to herself....

[20:10] * Sailor Quinox gave up on that, Mango-chan

[20:11] <-YingGirl> I dunno what to do if I fail.

[20:11] * DvlmayCry leans forward kissing Vanessa on the cheek

[20:12] * Sailor Quinox leans up to kiss Mike

[20:12] <-YingGirl> yip.....

[20:13] <DvlmayCry> I can't let you die.....

[20:13] * Sagome idly wonders where Ikari went...

[20:13] * Senshi Guardian leans down, completing the kiss

[20:13] <-YingGirl> but you can't let me be with the dog boy either....

[20:14] <DvlmayCry> ........................if it would keep you alive........

[20:15] <DvlmayCry> I love you with all my heart....I do anything to save your life.......

[20:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Still here! Playing Budokai 2.

[20:15] <Sagome> Oh! Okay, just wondering. ^_^

[20:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Buu is getting a well-deserved ass kicking from me.

[20:15] * DvlmayCry tears runs down Dante's face

[20:16] <Sagome> Wouldn't be surprised, Shinji. ^_^

[20:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Buu beat me earlier this morning and I'm getting my revenge for doing so.

[20:17] * -YingGirl looks up at Dante....

[20:17] <Sagome> Makes sense, I suck at that game myself. ^_^;;

[20:17] <-YingGirl> ....You're crying.

[20:18] <DvlmayCry> Yeah.....I know.

[20:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh. I normally suck at fighting games but this one is ok.

[20:18] <DvlmayCry> Just the thought of losing you.

[20:18] * Sagome is reminded of a Miroku/Sango moment... but this is the time Miroku would grope Sango.

[20:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Fu-sion-HA!

[20:19] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm so for groping!

[20:19] <Sagome> What?! I meant Dante and Ying...!

[20:19] * Senshi Guardian loves watching SSJ4 Goku and Vegita fusion dance into SSJ4 Gogeta. ^_^

[20:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[20:20] <Senshi Guardian> to bad your fusion timer goes down ultra fast ><

[20:20] <starcat> You stole my HTML! XD --> http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/myhtml.php

[20:21] <-YingGirl> ........

[20:21] * Sailor Quinox sits up and snuggles close to Mike

[20:21] * DvlmayCry wipes his eyes "We'll fix this.........we will....."

[20:21] * -YingGirl places a finger to wipe Dante's tears

[20:21] * DvlmayCry looks to Vanessa

[20:21] <-YingGirl> i hope so....

[20:22] <-YingGirl> ....Devils Never Cry.

[20:22] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa....I love you...

[20:22] * DvlmayCry weakly chuckles "That sounds familiar"

[20:23] * Senshi Guardian snuggles up with Matsumi

[20:23] <-YingGirl> heh...

[20:23] * Sagome sighs

[20:24] <DvlmayCry> ...who else is going to the past?

[20:24] * -YingGirl looks up, hoping she can find another tooth...and hopes her irl sister doesn't kick her off

[20:24] * Envy is away: Busy

[20:24] <DvlmayCry> ooc: I think your sister is a bigger problem then finding the tooth. ^_-

[20:24] <Sagome> I still say that if you're going to the past, blend in. Sticking out will not get you far.

[20:25] <@Ikari Shinji> I agree with Sagome.

[20:25] <Sagome> I shouldn't have gone in a school uniform, but that wasn't intended.

[20:25] <-YingGirl> OOC: if she uses the computer on the days you're free....then I may have failed

[20:26] <DvlmayCry> We're are we gonna get clothes that will fit in?

[20:26] <Sagome> Well, there's eather starcat, or we wing it.

[20:26] <starcat> Hm?

[20:26] <starcat> What about me?

[20:27] <DvlmayCry> ooc: I've got all the way till sunday night open. Four day weekends rock

[20:28] <Sagome> starcat - Costumes, something or other that may help Ying and whomever else is going with her blend into the past.

[20:28] <starcat> I was watching Flash videos. What did I miss?

[20:28] <Sagome> Feudal Era, correct?

[20:29] <Sagome> starcat - InuYasha moment, we're trying to help Ying keep from getting hitched to Inu.

[20:29] <starcat> oh...I see...

[20:30] <starcat> hm.

[20:30] <starcat> I'd have to get the measurements of everyone, first.

[20:30] <-YingGirl> They have a Dante Yu-Oh-Oh card listed here :P --> http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/demons_lair/bishmasters/cards.htm

[20:30] <-YingGirl> Yu-Gi-Oh

[20:31] <DvlmayCry> Cute, but why do my stats suck......

[20:32] <starcat> Hehe, Shinji card! --> http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/demons_lair/bishmasters/Card--Shinji%20copy.jpg

[20:32] * Senshi Guardian giggles "Sorry dude, but you aren't going in my deck with that attack strength an no effect"

[20:32] <Sagome> Hmmm... no offence, but Shinjis attack and defence suck.

[20:33] <starcat> LOL! --> http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/demons_lair/bishmasters/Event--Mary%20Sue.jpg

[20:34] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh.

[20:34] * Senshi Guardian notes IRL with his Japanese Black Magician deck, he said screw the banned cards and made his fantasy deck, but did respect the restriction list

[20:35] <starcat> Dante is on this one, as well, just to let you know. --> http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/demons_lair/bishmasters/Trap--Weapon.jpg

[20:35] <Sagome> Oh, and Ying, if you're going into the Feudal Era, might be smart to hide the ears and tail. I don't think they would be kind around a Dog Demon.

[20:35] <Senshi Guardian> Solid Snake. XD --> http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/demons_lair/bishmasters/Card--Snake%20copy.jpg

[20:36] <@Ikari Shinji> Snake is teh s[BLEEP]t.

[20:36] <starcat> SG: I was going to link that one next! XD

[20:36] * DvlmayCry blushes "I knew that picture would come back to haunt me."

[20:37] <DvlmayCry> Can you say "Sailor Starlights" --> http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/demons_lair/bishmasters/Event--Sex%20Change.jpg

[20:37] <-YingGirl> ................

[20:37] <Sagome> LOL!

[20:38] <@Ikari Shinji> No, that's from Escaflowne.

[20:38] * -YingGirl sighs....

[20:38] <DvlmayCry> it's the name of the card ikari.

[20:38] <@Ikari Shinji> If I'm recalling correctly. I need to pull out my Perfect Collection and watch it again sometime.

[20:39] <@Ikari Shinji> The picture, however, is from Escaflowne.

[20:39] * DvlmayCry knows

[20:40] * -YingGirl keeps watching the floor, having the jewel and tooth in her pockets

[20:40] <Sagome> Eh, I'm going for a shower. I'll be back later.

[20:40] <DvlmayCry> seeya shaldra

[20:40] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, Sagome.

[20:40] * DvlmayCry sits next to Vanessa "Do you wanna talk about this?"

[20:41] <starcat> Later.

[20:41] * Sagome is away: A shower is better then a lake, though. ^_^

[20:41] <-YingGirl> i screwed up royally

[20:42] <@Ikari Shinji> But you can't as easly peep on a person taking a shower compared to one bathing in a lake!

[20:43] <DvlmayCry> Don't blame yourself, from what I've heard, you had no idea of knowing

[20:44] * -YingGirl sighs....still thinks it's her fault

[20:45] <starcat> Shouldn't that completely void the bond, then, if the person entered into it unwillingly or without knowledge of said agreement?

[20:46] <-YingGirl> nope..... Then this mark will be gone. But it's still here

[20:46] <starcat> mmm. Lawyer-speak. XD

[20:46] * -YingGirl has the red mark on her neck

[20:47] * DvlmayCry looks at the mark "We'll fix this......"

[20:48] <DvlmayCry> I guese, I might run into the Inu huh...

[20:50] <-YingGirl> ....he won't be around though.

[20:50] <DvlmayCry> hum, I see. Maybe it's for the best then.

[20:52] <-YingGirl> puu...

[20:52] * DvlmayCry hopes with all his heart he can help vanessa undo all this.

[20:53] * Senshi Guardian is lightly sleeping on the side of the sofa

[20:53] <starcat> So, who exactly will be going on this trip?

[20:54] * Nate Detroit comes out of his DS induced trance.

[20:54] * starcat needs to get their measurements for their costumes

[20:55] <DvlmayCry> I'm going Star, nothing can stop me from going..

[20:56] * Nate Detroit cracks his neck.

[20:56] <starcat> okay, then, you're first. ^_^

[20:56] * Senshi Guardian stirs awake

[20:57] * starcat stands up

[20:57] <Nate Detroit> Hi Mike..

[20:58] <starcat> I need you to stand up straight and hold your arms out like so. *demonstrates*

[20:58] * starcat pulls out a notebook and a tape measure

[21:00] * DvlmayCry stands up taking the pose

[21:00] <Senshi Guardian> hey Nate. Hows eveything going around here?

[21:01] <Nate Detroit> Not sure, been immersed in my ds

[21:01] * -YingGirl feels tired

[21:01] <Nate Detroit> How IS everything going around here?

[21:01] * starcat quickly yet deftly takes Dante's measurements

[21:02] <-YingGirl> dante....gomen....

[21:02] <DvlmayCry> Hold tight Vanessa. We'll get through this.

[21:02] * starcat nods to Dante when she finishes, indicating that he can sit down again now

[21:02] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (so damn tired....)

[21:03] <starcat> bye, ying...

[21:03] <DvlmayCry> ...Star, Thanks, I'm gonna head out though. Thanks.

[21:03] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (i wanna make sure she gets home ok)

[21:03] <Senshi Guardian> Take care Vanessa, Dante.

[21:03] <starcat> you're welcome. ^_^ I'll start on yours tonight.

[21:04] <starcat> bye.

[21:04] <Senshi Guardian> /is now up to episodes 20 and 21 of PGSM in terms or torrenting. "almost halfway done!"

[21:04] * Senshi Guardian is now up to episodes 20 and 21 of PGSM in terms or torrenting. "almost halfway done!"

[21:05] <Senshi Guardian> I wonder how long it'll take for them to subtittle the DVD special that comes out the 26th....

[21:05] * starcat has seven torrents working, two seeding, and is on her slower computer, so is lagging ^_^;;

[21:05] <Senshi Guardian> So far, I've only got to watch a little of episode one, but I kinda like it. It's campy, but in a entertaining way.

[21:05] <Nate Detroit> Thoughts so far, Mike?

[21:06] <Senshi Guardian> I kinda of like it. Like i said the henshins were a little campy and the opening, but there campy in a fun entertaining way.

[21:07] * Senshi Guardian still hasn't finished Act 1. WMP slows down torrent speed oddly....

[21:07] * Senshi Guardian is worried about Vanessa.

[21:08] <starcat> SG: You ARE seeding as well, right?

[21:08] <Yaijinden> I say let her jump off the cliff. Then she can't jump the shark!

[21:09] * Envy returns, though he's reading something on a school.

[21:09] <starcat> !

[21:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Yaijin!

[21:10] <Senshi Guardian> yeah. I'm using ABC and it auto seeds after completion

[21:11] <starcat> For how long, SG?

[21:11] <Envy> Once upon a time there was a dance class. There was 40-no, 50 students in it. Once upon a time there was an ambulence...

[21:11] * Envy finds that funny.

[21:11] <Yaijinden> !!!!!

[21:11] <Yaijinden> That must have been a horrible dance accident.

[21:12] <Senshi Guardian> i was doing 30 minutes, then i switched to 75% ul/dl

[21:12] <starcat> SG: That's it?

[21:14] <starcat> Switch it to at least 100% ul/dl...that means that you've uploaded the same number of KB that you downloaded.

[21:14] <Senshi Guardian> ABC will only let me torrent/speed two files at a time, I don't have alot of options.

[21:14] <Nate Detroit> SG, cant you set it to do more?

[21:14] <starcat> Really? I can change my number...

[21:15] <Senshi Guardian> well for episode 20 my download precentage is 11.9 while my ul/dl prescentage is 170.1%

[21:15] * starcat has hers set to 6 maximum uploads

[21:15] <Nate Detroit> go to action/settings and turn up the download number

[21:15] * Nate Detroit would just as soon set his to infinate

[21:16] <starcat> SG: That means that you've uploaded more than you've downloaded.

[21:16] <Senshi Guardian> and i can fix that how star?

[21:17] <starcat> You can override that, anyways, by clicking the torrent that you want to download and clicking the "resume" button.

[21:17] * Nate Detroit hates the fact nobody ever listens to him. >.<

[21:18] <Yaijinden> Nobody listens to Naaaaaaate

[21:18] <Yaijinden> neener neener

[21:19] <Senshi Guardian> I saw how to fix the torrent number, but not upload download issue,

[21:19] <starcat> Nate: What? I'm sorry, I wasn't listening. XD

[21:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Say what?

[21:20] <starcat> SG: Go to "Action," then "Global Upload Setting."

[21:20] * Nate Detroit pouts and goes back to his DS, even though the controls dont seem to be listening ether

[21:21] <Senshi Guardian> woah.....I got them to go green!!!!!! I unblocked the right ports!!!!

[21:21] * starcat was kidding. :P

[21:22] <Senshi Guardian> i'm there star

[21:22] <starcat> SG: Cool! ^_^

[21:23] <Yaijinden> I started writing a setting for an RPG. It turned into the foundation of a short story I'm not sure I have the mind to write.

[21:23] <Yaijinden> I strike the table irritably with my fist.

[21:23] * Senshi Guardian pumps his fist. I no longer have yello text, now green, that means the ports have properly connected!!!!!!! w00t!!!!

[21:23] * starcat is downloading the Sailor Moon PSX game, did she tell you?

[21:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Strike, Yaijin, strike!

[21:24] <starcat> Yai: Cool1 ^_^

[21:25] <Senshi Guardian> woah.....the PSO fighting game? OO

[21:25] <starcat> That was meant to be an exclamation point. ~_~;;

[21:25] * Shaldra Darkness is back, in a housecoat and drying her hair with a towel

[21:26] <Yaijinden> STEAM R0X0RS THE BIG ONE!111

[21:26] <starcat> SG: Yep!

[21:26] <Senshi Guardian> Hey Shaldra. ^_^*is happy for a fast moving PGSM series download*

[21:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, everyone.

[21:27] <Senshi Guardian> I still wonder how long it'll take for Tv-Nihon to fansub the Special Act of PGSM when it comes out in japan friday....

[21:27] <Nate Detroit> Ohh, thats cool Star. You gotta hook me up when you get it going! =D Are you burning it to disk or running it on emulator?

[21:27] <Senshi Guardian> I might have to get the link to that star. ^_~

[21:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Welcome back, SHaldra.

[21:28] <starcat> Yai: LOL!

[21:28] * Shaldra Darkness sits down and starts drying her tail too.

[21:28] * Yaijinden takes it out on the bottle

[21:29] * Yaijinden takes it ALL out ARGH

[21:29] * starcat has no idea, is lagging badly, and must stop talking because she's running out of patience ><

[21:30] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah, Yaijin! Take it ALL out!

[21:30] * Nate Detroit wishes he had more to play on his DS.

[21:31] <Senshi Guardian> what did you get for it nate?

[21:31] * @Ikari Shinji is currently playing DBZ Budokai 2

[21:31] <Nate Detroit> Just Mario 64 and the Hunters demo.

[21:33] * Shaldra Darkness yawns

[21:34] * Senshi Guardian notes shinji is giving him the urge to play DBZ Budokai 3. XD

[21:34] <@Ikari Shinji> heh.

[21:35] <@Ikari Shinji> Man, if I have some extra money next month, I might try to buy Bu