Friday December 31, 2004

[00:21] <@spiritflame> system announce - a new log begun -

[00:22] <Sailor Quinox> oh goodie ^^

[00:22] <Furu> Yay log reset!

[00:24] <Furu> Heheh

[00:24] <-YingGirl> ....I SAID I WAS FRICKEN SHOPPING!

[00:24] * -YingGirl twitches at Mango's comment about her brother

[00:25] <Sailor Quinox> holy s[BLEEP]t!!

[00:25] <-YingGirl> yay...fixed my pages....cept i can't update due to the bandwidth issue

[00:25] <Furu> O_O

[00:25] <Furu> Um..y-yo, Ying-san

[00:26] * -YingGirl would loved to get this yahoo id fixed

[00:27] <-YingGirl> .......Geeh. I hate the holidays, and I also hate when people try to cheer me up

[00:29] <Furu> That's why I don't try.

[00:29] <Sailor Quinox> ahhh..poor furu got scared....*carresess furu* are you okay?

[00:29] * Furu blushes a little. ".um....yeah."

[00:30] * -YingGirl sighs. Next time, wants a fricken giftcard that's more than 20$

[00:31] <-YingGirl> or get me a card for electroniques botique....

[00:31] <Sailor Quinox> good....*giggles*

[00:31] <-YingGirl> their games are cheap.

[00:33] <-YingGirl> and i'm sorry, leon from RE4 has some features as Dante, which is irony cause Devil May Cry *was* supposed to be the new RE4, until it delevolped it's own plotine and stuff

[00:34] <Furu> That's true.

[00:34] <Furu> Still, RE4's a whole new ballgame ^_^ I can't wait.

[00:34] <-YingGirl> plotline^

[00:35] * Furu is all giddy

[00:36] <-YingGirl> ...I'm looking at the DS system and it looks like my sister's palm piolet, cept it has another screen

[00:37] <-YingGirl> HA! EB has MGS for 5.99$ and miked paid his for 14$

[00:37] <Furu> Are you kidding? It's huge.

[00:37] * Furu pokes Q-san for no reason

[00:38] * Sailor Quinox is poked in the chest

[00:38] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[00:38] <-YingGirl> ...It looks sorta small to me. and the games for it....don't interest me.

[00:39] * Furu blushes

[00:39] <Furu> T-that was an accident

[00:40] <-YingGirl> i must be off...need sleep

[00:40] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (....bye....)

[00:41] <Furu> Night Ying-san

[00:41] <Sailor Quinox> can touch it again if you really want to :P

[00:43] * Furu turns beet red!

[00:43] <Furu> t-t-t-t-t-t-t-haat's ookay

[00:46] <Furu> ><

[00:46] <Sailor Quinox> I'm just kidding ^^

[00:49] <Furu> I knew that...^_^;;

[00:50] <Sailor Quinox> oh? then what's that red stuff coming from your nose? katchup?

[00:53] <Furu> Um.......yes? <<;

[00:53] <Sailor Quinox> yes?

[00:54] * Furu gets a tissue

[00:56] <Sailor Quinox> oh...before I go...I have one thing to give you...

[00:58] * Sailor Quinox gives Furu a nice kiss...on the lips

[00:58] <Sailor Quinox> thanks for being a friend...

[00:59] <Furu> problem...

[00:59] * Furu blushes a little more

[00:59] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (There is but one storm and its name is Matsumi Kaze)

[01:01] <Furu> Heheh...

[01:07] * Furu is away: Luuuuurk

[03:13] <Yaijinden> WHOA WHOA someone's gettin' the moves put on them.

[03:14] <Yaijinden> ...yeah, I got nothin'.

[03:14] *** Yaijinden has left #suburbansenshi2 (AGAIN AHDSA.)

[03:14] <Wolfwood> indeed it would seem

[03:15] <Wolfwood> ...and alone I am

[03:15] * Wolfwood is away: sleep

[03:24] * Furu returns intime to see that he MISSED PEOPLE T_T

[03:24] <Furu> [BLEEP]

[03:28] <Furu> Figures.

[03:28] * Furu is away: Training

[06:08] * Furu pops back in briefly

[06:13] <Furu> Nothin' to see here, it seems ^_^...not yet anyway

[07:02] <-YingGirl> hmm....

[07:02] * -YingGirl likes her new cd

[07:03] <-YingGirl> and i'll be off to do some shopping very avoid the crowds

[07:04] <-YingGirl> oh my....manga kana is gonna do inuyasha!

[07:04] <-YingGirl> no wonder i couldn'tr find it with the english manga

[07:05] <-YingGirl> and since french manga sells cheaper than english ones.

[07:06] <-YingGirl> i might finally get one so i can finally do drawings of inu

[07:08] <-YingGirl> lucky! ♡

[07:11] <Furu> Oh hey Ying-san

[07:11] * Furu blinks

[07:11] <Furu> ^_^ I like seein' ya happy.

[07:13] <-YingGirl> ...well, french manga is cheap! the ones that cost 10 in the states are now 20$ here

[07:13] <-YingGirl> and i can get french mangas from 5 to 12$ CDN

[07:14] <Furu> Cool!

[07:14] * -YingGirl has gotten most of her yu-gi-oh manga from kana

[07:15] <-YingGirl> Heh. Well, I'm suprised I got the hard cover of Trigun 1

[07:16] <-YingGirl> and i can finially finish up the petshop of horrors

[07:16] * Furu hasn't read that yet

[07:17] <-YingGirl> whooo! wolfwood solo manga, out feb 9, 2005

[07:18] <-YingGirl> ....too bad the wolfy in the chatbox ain't that wolfy

[07:19] <Furu> Really?!

[07:19] <Furu> Where's this from?

[07:20] <-YingGirl> -->

[07:20] <-YingGirl> well, it's an anime manga, but it's kinda the same thing

[07:21] <Furu> Ah.

[07:21] <-YingGirl> since is a comic book version of the series

[07:24] <-YingGirl> mmm.....

[07:26] <-YingGirl> so...anything new?

[07:31] <Furu> Not really

[07:31] <-YingGirl> yeah....i need to get dress soon.

[07:31] <Furu> Q-san was last night..

[07:32] <Furu> That's about it

[07:35] <-YingGirl> ......ok

[07:38] <Furu> Sorry. >< I'm borin'

[07:38] <-YingGirl> did appear in xadium's fic

[07:42] <Furu> Hm?

[07:43] <Furu> Oh, yeah, the movie.

[07:43] <Furu> Yep.

[07:43] <-YingGirl> The only games series that attracts girls -->

[07:47] <-YingGirl> you do realize if the gaming does get a hold of the female market, there will be a lot of impulse buying.

[07:47] <-YingGirl> ...too bad games are the least on a girl's to buy list.

[07:48] <-YingGirl> Only 20 to 30% are girl games.

[07:49] <-YingGirl> then again, girls are never interested in game since they don't have money left after buying all those clothes, make-up, and purses

[07:53] <Furu> Heheheh

[07:54] <Furu> I know what you mean

[07:55] <-YingGirl> ....yeah, you get all the cool male action heros and fansrervice a-hoy! what we get, is fricken barbie, olson twins, hillary duff, and spears!

[07:56] <-YingGirl> oh yeah, and the naken raiden, which cause some gamers to not play msg2 again

[07:59] <-YingGirl> ...but then again, they hape topless chicks in doa vollyball and dmx dirtbiking

[07:59] <Furu> What would you suggest?

[07:59] <-YingGirl> or the scantly cladded chicks of ffx-2. Course having Anna Nicole Smith dressed up as Rikku was NOT HELPING!

[08:01] <Furu> >_< WHAT?!!

[08:01] <Furu> That dried up drug addict of a whore as Rikku-chan?!

[08:02] <-YingGirl> ...Oh yeah. She dressed up as Rikku for pictures. Now that image will never make me buy ffx-2

[08:02] <-YingGirl> EVER AGAIN.

[08:02] * Furu is filled with fury

[08:05] <-YingGirl> then again, i hate rpgs

[08:05] <Furu> Yes, yes, as you've said

[08:06] <-YingGirl> there is no way in hell the gaming matrket can attract girls if the trend of "forcing girls to become beauty modols" continues

[08:07] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (gotta go)

[08:13] <Furu> Hm...

[08:29] <-YingGirl> back

[08:30] <Furu> WB

[08:33] <-YingGirl> thanks...

[08:34] <Furu> You're welcome~

[08:37] <-YingGirl> where is everyone?

[08:40] <Furu> Beats me...still early.

[08:41] <-YingGirl> ...crud

[08:44] <Furu> >< yeah. Welcome to my world.

[08:57] <Furu> The World Where No One comes on for about 10 Hours

[08:58] *** Morrigan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:58] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Morrigan

[08:58] <Furu> hiya Morrigan

[08:58] <-YingGirl> .....that, and i'm shopping again

[08:58] <Morrigan> Hiiiiiiiiii! I'm back from Expel!!! ^_^

[08:58] <Furu> How was it?

[08:59] <Morrigan> Soooo...who had lotsa fun last night? And how much of it was that hot, sexy kind? ^_^

[08:59] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[09:00] * Furu doesn't have that kind of fun ^_^;;;

[09:00] <Morrigan> Expel wasn't too bad. Low-tech, kinda medieval, but nice and pleasant. Except for all the f[BLEEP]king shadow demons at night. >_<

[09:01] <Morrigan> Any-who, Mew, her husband ( who looks nothing like Indiana Jones, BTW ), and her friends are all okay. No one got hurt.

[09:01] <-YingGirl> yeah, gotta love them shadow demons

[09:01] <-YingGirl> :P

[09:02] <Furu> That's good to hear.

[09:04] <Morrigan> I took Solarchos' advice and made sure everyone got OUT of the ruins before nightfall, then we all hid out in the most fortified place we could find during the night. Setting up lots of beacon lights and actonite lamps kept *all* of the shadow demons at bay. Those things really hate light.

[09:04] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (gotta go....)

[09:04] <Furu> Makes sense :P

[09:06] <Morrigan> So right now I think Mew's snuggled up in a bed with Kelric somewhere, and the rest of Shaldra's friends are doing some more poking around the ruins. I came back to see what I've missed.

[09:06] <Furu> Being shadows and all

[09:07] <Furu> I'm not exactly sure if you've missed anything to be honest ^_^;

[09:10] <Morrigan> What? You mean Yingy hasn't gotten all drunk and started doing a strip-tease on top of a table? Darn!! ^_^

[09:10] * Furu apologizes for keeping things boring

[09:10] <Furu> Hahaa!!

[09:10] * Furu can't even nosebleed to that. Too impossible.

[09:12] <Morrigan> Hey, Fururururururu-san, it's happened before. When Yingy starting drinking, her inhibitions go right out the window.

[09:13] <Furu> You're kidding. O_O

[09:14] <Morrigan> Yup! If she gets drunk, she starts getting frisky! ^_~

[09:16] * Furu can't even picture that

[09:16] <Morrigan> Tipsy-Yingy is fun to be around!

[09:18] <Morrigan> It's true! Ages ago she got drunk and was all over Solarchos.

[09:19] <Morrigan> Then when Dante came around, she got drunk a few times at Planet Hentai and seduced him without too much trouble. Yingy definitely seems to be one of those "happy drunks".

[09:20] <Furu> That's insaaane

[09:20] <Morrigan> You know...I might be onto something. Hmmm...

[09:20] * Furu wonders what he'd be like drunk

[09:21] <Morrigan> Yingy's been in such a foul mood lately, maybe we just need to get her drunk?

[09:21] *** Envy has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:21] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Envy

[09:22] * Envy is back.

[09:22] <Furu> Yo Envy

[09:22] <Furu> Morrigan> Crazy enough to work.

[09:22] <Morrigan> Envy! Haven't seen you in a while!

[09:22] <Envy> I know, it's been awhile.

[09:23] <Envy> I got anime for christmas, so I decided to watch it.

[09:23] <Morrigan> Still hanging out at Planet Hentai and watching all the sexy, sexy schoolgirls?

[09:23] <Furu> Cool!

[09:24] <Envy> It's the first Christmas I actually got anything, mind you...

[09:24] * Furu has no idea what he got for Christmas yet <_<

[09:24] * -A dagger is thrown at Morrigan's head

[09:24] <Envy> Ah.

[09:24] * Morrigan grabs a Fosters from the fridge.

[09:25] * Morrigan blocks the dagger with her wing. "Hi Yingy!"

[09:26] <Furu> I guess Ying-san isn't too happy about the idea...

[09:26] * Envy lays back on the couch, note that his leather two piece now has two layers.

[09:27] * Envy read the logs, "I wouldn't be that much either if people were trying to get me drunk."

[09:27] * -A secretary walks in, wearing a black mask and a frilly violet outfit

[09:27] <Morrigan> Yingy's *never* happy about anything nowadays. ~_~;;

[09:27] <Envy> Well, just for that purpose. If it was for no purpose in general, then it would be a different story.

[09:27] <Morrigan> Hey, Envy-man, Yingy's a lot more pleasant to be around when she's tied one on.

[09:28] * -She charges at Morrigan, wieliding throwing a familiar pair of ears and tail are shown

[09:29] * Morrigan extends her wings and leap up onto the ceiling. ^_^

[09:29] * Envy dosen't really know Ying.

[09:29] * Morrigan is sitting on the ceiling, out of reach of the daggers.

[09:30] * -The woman tosses a cranky bomb at the ceiling

[09:30] <Morrigan> Well then...Envy, please say hi to Yinggirl. That's her dressed up like a Crazy-88.

[09:30] * Envy waves to Ying, he's met her before, and all.

[09:31] <Furu> I didn't know Ying-san was into cosplay.

[09:31] * Envy is away: I smell something...

[09:31] * Morrigan catches the cranky bomb, leaps off the ceiling, flies upstairs, and throws the bomb into Chibiusa' room.

[09:32] * -YingGirl lowers her ears. Isn't dressed at a Crazy her outfit is violet

[09:32] * Furu claps

[09:32] * -YingGirl charges and gives a quick kick at Morrigan's face

[09:32] <Morrigan> Fururururururururu-man, you weren't around when I helped Yingy create her famous "Succubus Outfit". She looked *good* that night!

[09:33] * Furu coughs, refuses to comment

[09:34] * Morrigan takes a glancing blow to her cheek. "Ouch. That kinda stung, Yingy"

[09:34] * -YingGirl is dressed up as a Secretary

[09:35] * -YingGirl uses her throwing knives to slash at the succubi

[09:35] <Morrigan> A secretary wearing a black Kato-mask! *snicker*

[09:36] * Morrigan dodges the knives again and flies up towards the ceiling.

[09:36] * -YingGirl notes to morrigan she really never saw what Arius' Secretaries look like

[09:37] <Morrigan> So Yingy, exactly why are you dressed up as a secretary? Planning on setting up an "appointment" with Dante later? ^_~

[09:37] * -YingGirl jumps and does a kick to Morrigan again

[09:38] <Morrigan> Oh, so *that's* what Arius' whore-corps looked like. Pretty conspicuous. They didn't even have *half* the style and looks of the Black Delmos.

[09:38] <-YingGirl> ...shut up, and die.

[09:39] * Morrigan blocks the kick as she hovers near the ceiling. "Wow! An 8-foot jump kick! Nicely done!"

[09:39] <Morrigan> Shut up and die? How can you say that, Yingy?! After all the fun we've had together?

[09:39] <-> What a secretary looks like -->

[09:40] <Furu> Ying-san, why bother?...You're obviously not even hurting her.

[09:40] * -YingGirl replies by chucking more cranky bombs at Morrigan

[09:40] <Morrigan> That mask makes that poor girl look like a peac[BLEEP]k!

[09:40] * -YingGirl whips a dagger at Furu

[09:41] * Morrigan teleports to the other side of the room before the cracky bombs get too close. "Yingy...what the heck's a cracky bomb, anyway?"

[09:41] * Morrigan blocks the dagger thrown at Furu.

[09:42] * -YingGirl watches at the cranky bombs blow up.....

[09:42] * Furu lets the dagger hit him...and then watches as it chips off his arm and hits the floor

[09:42] * Morrigan thwaps Yingy with a harisen whack-wand. "Hey! No throwing things at Furu. Starcat might respond by throwing grenades back at you!"

[09:42] <-YingGirl> instant hand grenade, but red & black, instead of green

[09:43] * -YingGirl brokes as she ficks Morrigan by grabbing her arms

[09:44] <-YingGirl> blocks^

[09:44] * Morrigan gets thrown across the room into the Bean Bag Chair.

[09:44] <-YingGirl> damn typos

[09:44] * -YingGirl lunges towards the bean bag chair

[09:45] * Morrigan landed on top of a Typo-Demon. "Ugh! These things squirt when you squash 'em." ><;

[09:45] * Morrigan leaps to her feet and dives towards Yingy.

[09:45] *** Kitalia has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:45] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kitalia

[09:45] <Furu> Nasty!

[09:46] * -YingGirl unleashes daggers on Morrigan

[09:46] * Morrigan GLOMPS YingGirl and gives her a great big friendly hug! ^____^

[09:46] * Kitalia is unimpressed

[09:47] <Morrigan> Hi, Kitalia!

[09:47] * Kitalia is dressed properly and modestly and not as a succubus.

[09:47] * -YingGirl sets Morrigan on fire...when the succubi touches her

[09:47] <Kitalia> Hello, Morrigan...

[09:47] <Morrigan> Huggies for Yingy!!! ^___^

[09:48] <Furu> Yo!

[09:48] * Morrigan gets engulfed by the flames! O_O

[09:49] * -Opera Ghost notes Kitalia better sing to show them how HE has taught her to sing like an angel.

[09:49] * Morrigan stands there stunned, her clothes burned to ashes, and exhales a small puff of smoke. "Whoa...that certainly sucked..."

[09:49] * -YingGirl quickly jabs a dagger in Morrigan's burning leg....

[09:49] <Morrigan> Uh...Kitalia? What's wrong? You seem different now?

[09:49] * Furu is so not looking at Morrigan-san

[09:49] <Kitalia> Alright Phantom, I'll sing.

[09:50] <Morrigan> OW!!! Stop poking me, Yingy! ><;

[09:50] <-YingGirl> ...touch me againg and i'm make sure we'll be having roasted succubi for dinner

[09:50] <-YingGirl> again^

[09:50] <Kitalia> Because I've been learning to sing like an angel from my Demon Lord Opera Ghost.

[09:50] <Morrigan> I was only trying to hug you, Yingy! Not *choke* you!

[09:51] * Envy retuns...with pot stickers!

[09:51] <-YingGirl> ....i do not swing that way. *lowers her ears*

[09:51] <Morrigan> Uhh...are you still following the Way of the Perv like a good succubus-aspirant, Kitalia?

[09:51] <Envy> ((Kit, saw Phantom of the Opera I'll assume?))

[09:51] * Morrigan sweatdrops at Yingy. "I was trying to be nice to you, doofus."

[09:51] * Envy sets the pot stickers on the table, "That's what I smelt."

[09:52] <Morrigan> Yup...Yingy fried me. ~_~

[09:52] * -YingGirl throws another dagger at Morrigan. "Heh, nice to me...that's a laugh."

[09:52] * Furu dashes across the room almost faster than can be seen....and grabs a potsticker

[09:52] * Morrigan is currently standing there wearing ashes instead of clothes.

[09:53] <Furu> I claim this potsticker in the name of the Red Ribbon Army! It's MINE!!

[09:53] * Envy nosebleeds at Morrigan.

[09:53] * Morrigan swats the dagger aside with her wing. "Yingy...if I wanted to be mean to you, trust me, you'd know it."

[09:54] <Morrigan> Heh! I love doing that. ^_^..V

[09:54] <-YingGirl> ...I think I already know it.

[09:54] <Kitalia> ((Sadly, no, I couldn't see it because IT DIDN'T COME TO THEATERS WHERE I LIVE))

[09:55] * Envy is passed out from the nosebleeding.

[09:55] <Envy> ((Same where I live ;-; I mourn!))

[09:55] <Morrigan> C'mon, Kitalia, you need to sing like an angel and look nosebleedingly awesome like a succubus! ^_^

[09:55] * Furu is not looking at Morrigan and is therefore unaffected!

[09:56] * -YingGirl tosses another cranky bomb at Morrigan

[09:56] <Morrigan> No, Yingy. If I was being mean to you I'd be blowing up your apartment, ambushing your friends, and setting Katrice on fire on a recurring basis. I'm just *playing* with you, you silly Inu-girl! XP


[09:57] <Kitalia> ((I mourn too!))

[09:57] * Morrigan catches the grenade and looks at it. "You forgot to pull the arming pin, baka!"

[09:58] <Kitalia> NO! No more Succubus costumes for me!

[09:58] * Morrigan throws the cranky bomb across the street, when it rolls underneath Nephrite's car.

[09:58] <Furu> Aaaw....really?

[09:58] <Furu> I MEAN

[09:58] <Morrigan> Huh? Why Kitalia?

[09:58] <-YingGirl> it doesn't have a pin.....

[09:58] <Furu> ..I don't pay attention to that kind of thing!!

[09:59] * -YingGirl sighs as she watches it blow up while Morrigan is holding it

[09:59] * -Nephrite's car explodes.

[09:59] * -YingGirl notes cranky bombs are touch activated

[09:59] <Morrigan> Jeez, Yingy, you're in a really foul mood. ~_~;;

[10:00] * Furu looks down at the tiny hole in the sleeve of his jacket from the dagger

[10:00] <Furu> Man...

[10:00] <-YingGirl> .....i just want you to leave me alone.

[10:00] <Furu> I just got this one!

[10:00] <Kitalia> My Angel of Music says so...

[10:01] <-YingGirl> Do i have to rip your wings off just to tell you to leave me alone?

[10:01] * Envy recovers and plugs his nose.

[10:01] <Morrigan> Kit...I think your Angel of Music needs to get a life. You're MY Padewan learner in the Way of the Perv! I've got dibs!

[10:02] <Envy> I wonder if it's possible to nosebleed my immortality.

[10:02] <Morrigan>'re no fun... ~_~;;

[10:02] * Envy won't try that...

[10:03] <-YingGirl> ...i never was fun in the first place

[10:04] <Morrigan> Yingy...I'm just *playing* with you! Jeepers, what's the matter with you lately?

[10:04] * Envy pops an incomplete philsopher's stone, "Let's see, that would make it fourty..."

[10:04] <-Opera Ghost> NO! SHE'S MINE FOREVER!

[10:05] <Morrigan> Yes you were, Yingy! I like you! I like playing with you!

[10:05] <-YingGirl> about i don't like you? and the holidays always have me in a bad mood.

[10:06] * -YingGirl whips a dagger at morrigan

[10:06] * Furu grabs the dagger out of the air

[10:06] <Furu> Enough.

[10:06] * Furu sighs

[10:06] * Envy grabs a potsticker, and looks outside, "The snow's melting..."

[10:07] * Morrigan glances at Opera Ghost, then pulls out a written contract from Regions Undisclosed (tm). "Not according to this! According to this contract Kitalia is officially recognized as a probationary member of the Succubus Club *and* my Padewan learner in the Way of the Perv. Sorry!"

[10:07] * Furu offers the dagger to Ying-san, if she wants it back

[10:08] <-YingGirl> .................

[10:08] <Morrigan> A second copy has been left in the care of the Cochran Firm.

[10:08] <-YingGirl> Furu, let me deal with this b[BLEEP]ch.

[10:08] <-Opera Ghost> Sadly you CAN'T have her back... She can never be free any more....

[10:09] * -YingGirl takes her dagger back from Furu

[10:09] <Furu> Sorry, but it's way too early for fightin'.

[10:09] <Morrigan> Also, both copies have been notarized and signed by Johnny Cochran himself. I rule!

[10:09] <-Opera Ghost> Not since she married me! ^_^

[10:09] <-YingGirl> ....Ghost Busters, we need.

[10:09] <Furu> Unless of course, someone's fightin' *me*...buuut no one here right now registers as anything more than a speed bump.

[10:10] * Kitalia nods "Yup, yup. My Demon Lord lover and I are now happily married!"

[10:10] <Morrigan> I am NOT a b[BLEEP]ch, Yingy! I'm a *succubus*! There's a difference!

[10:10] * Morrigan facefaults. "Married?!"

[10:10] * Envy opens the window, "Ying, if Furu dosen't intervine, then you'd probabally try to kill Morrigan by making her into Sushi style morrigan.

[10:11] <-YingGirl> ....Oh really?

[10:11] * -Opera Ghost takes off the costume to be dressed in a french style tux which was proper of the time when The Phantom of the Opera takes place

[10:11] <-YingGirl> ....But having Morrigan as sushi is fun. :)

[10:11] * Morrigan steps up in front of Furu and displays herself. ^_^

[10:12] * Furu promptly nosebleeds with enough force to push him backwards

[10:12] <Morrigan> Ahhhhhh! Tux-boy!

[10:12] * Morrigan smiles at Furu and flashes the V. "Heh-heh! Flawless victory!"

[10:12] <Furu> >_<....

[10:13] * Envy sits on the snow, watching it melt.

[10:13] <Morrigan> Uhhh, Kitalia...we're still friends, right?

[10:13] <-Erik> Heh, Kitalia and are very happy and her parents approved the marriage.

[10:13] <-YingGirl> ass

[10:14] <Morrigan> Wait a sec...Kakyuu never said anything about Kitalia getting married to a tuxedo-bunghole!

[10:14] <Kitalia> Definately! Though I still want to learn the way of the perv so I can PLEASE my husband!!!

[10:14] * Envy looks up at the sky, the sun beating down on him.

[10:14] <Morrigan> Ass? Yes, Yingy...I know I've got a nice one! Thanks! ^_~

[10:15] <Morrigan> Oh! In that case, I feel much better, Kitalia! Phew! For a moment I was worried.

[10:15] * Furu tries to ignore that

[10:16] <-YingGirl> ............

[10:16] * Morrigan goes to the bathroom.

[10:17] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (................)

[10:17] * Furu is still obsessing over the hole in his jacket


[10:18] * Kakyuu notes she wanted Morrigan to find out for herself

[10:19] * Envy feels the snow begin to move up to the top of his thighs...

[10:19] * Morrigan calls out from the bathroom. "Sorry, Kit. I've got a problem with guys in tuxedos going around saying he owns you're a piece of sculpture or something.

[10:20] * Furu reverts to doing what he was doing last night...dancing around the room like an idiot!

[10:20] * Morrigan washes off all the ash and puts on a towel.

[10:21] <Morrigan> Okay Furu, you no longer need to worry about bleeding to death.

[10:21] <Furu> Yay! Thanks!

[10:21] <Kitalia> Heh, apology accepted Morrigan! *kisses Erik*

[10:21] * Envy looks down to see the snow is now at his waist, "What the...?!"

[10:21] <Envy> ...?!?!?!

[10:21] <Morrigan> Uh, Envy, are you melting?

[10:22] <Envy> I can't melt...

[10:22] <Morrigan> So why are you sinking into the snow?

[10:22] * Envy suddenly feels a gag go around his mouth and he's pushed under the snow.

[10:23] * Envy is gone, the snow appears untouched.

[10:23] <Furu> ..What the?!

[10:24] * Morrigan reaches into the snow, grabs something, and yanks it out hard with one big tug. "Whoa, there, Nelly!"

[10:25] * -The top of Envy's two piece is in Morrigan's hands.

[10:25] <Morrigan> Well s[BLEEP]t! >_<

[10:25] <Furu> .......

[10:26] * Kitalia starts singing

[10:27] <Furu> What...happened?

[10:27] * -An Envy Doll sits on the snow.

[10:27] * Morrigan tosses a flash-bang grenade out into the middle of the yard.

[10:28] <Kitalia> In sleep he sang to me... In dreams he came... That voice that calls to me, and speaks my name... And though I dream again... For now I find.... The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside my mind...

[10:28] * -The flash-bang grenade explodes, sending a huge plume of snow into the air and shockwave through the snow on the ground.

[10:29] * Furu listens to Kitalia-san

[10:29] * Morrigan takes a look outside to see if anything's now lying stunned on the ground.

[10:29] * -Erik is now known as The Phantom of the Opera

[10:29] * -An Envy Doll is destroyed,

[10:30] * -No sign of Envy in the debris.

[10:30] * -There is a message where the Envy doll was, "Tonight."

[10:31] <Morrigan> Dang, man! A ding-dang-doo!

[10:32] * -The message is signed as "Muraki"

[10:32] <Furu> Who?...

[10:33] <Morrigan> I guess someone *really* wanted to go out of a date with Envy or something.

[10:33] <-The Phantom of the Opera> Sing once again with me... Our strange duet.... My power over you.... Grows stronger yet... And though you turn from me.... To glance behind... The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind...

[10:35] <Kitalia> Those who have seen your face... Back away with fear... I am the mask you wear....

[10:35] * Morrigan generally listens only to heavy speed-metal...White Zombie, Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Slayer, Metallica...

[10:35] <-The Phantom of the Opera> It's me they hear

[10:37] * Furu thinks Kitalia-san is very, very good....buuut...

[10:38] <-The Phantom of the Opera and Kitalia> Our spirit and my voice in one combined.... The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside my (POTO: your) heart

[10:38] <Morrigan> Eh...I've gotta go. I wanna see if I can track down Yingy and *talk* to her. I'm a little worried about her.

[10:39] * Furu still likes Mina-oneechan better ^_^

[10:39] <Furu> Bye Morrigan-san

[10:40] <Morrigan> Bye everyone! Oh, and Furu...

[10:40] * Morrigan flashes Furu briefly. ^_~

[10:40] <-The Phantom of the Opera and Kitalia> The Phantom of the Opera

[10:40] * Furu nosebleeds!

[10:41] <Kitalia> Is there....

[10:41] *** Morrigan has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Muahahahahahahahahaha!!")

[10:41] <Furu> -__-;;

[10:43] * Furu sighs

[10:46] *** Mew has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:46] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mew

[10:46] *** -Kelric has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:46] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -Kelric

[10:47] <-Kelric> Why do you always drag me to places I know nothing about, Mew?

[10:47] <Furu> Hi!!

[10:47] <Kitalia> The Phantom of the Opera

[10:47] <Mew> Because I can. And this place has people who'll help us, not to mention free tuna.

[10:48] <-Kelric> Hey, buddy.

[10:48] <Mew> Hey, Furu!

[10:48] <Furu> Hey, who's this?

[10:49] <Mew> Oh, Kelric? He's my husband. ^_^

[10:49] <-Kelric> She dragged me here. ~_~;;

[10:49] <Furu> have a husband?

[10:50] <Mew> I don't talk about him much, do I? ^_^;;

[10:50] <Mew> He's always off world. ~_~;

[10:51] <-Kelric> Hun, I'm an archeologist, I have to go off world a lot.

[10:51] <Furu> Ah....

[10:51] <Furu> That certainly explains a lot

[10:52] <-Erik> Sing my Angel of Music... Sing for me... Sing for me.... Sing..... Sing my Angel.... SING FOR ME!

[10:52] <-Kelric> Huh?

[10:52] <Mew> Who's singing?

[10:53] <Furu> At the moment? A ghost.

[10:53] <Furu> Or demon..or whatever. Wasn't payin' attention.

[10:53] <-YingGirl> ................

[10:53] <-Kelric> Interesting.

[10:53] <-YingGirl> can i nuke the newbie now?

[10:54] <-Kelric> Nuke the... what?!

[10:54] <Kitalia> NO! YOU CANNOT NUKE MY HUSBAND!!!!!

[10:54] <Mew> If you're talking about my husband, then no. He's here to give some info, not get blown up. ><

[10:55] * -YingGirl is still wearing that secretary outfit, but her demonic look since she taken off the black mask

[10:55] * -Erik has his arm around Kitalia's waist. "Exactly, I wouldn't get Kitalia angry.

[10:55] <Furu> Give info?..

[10:55] <-YingGirl> looking^

[10:56] <-Kelric> About that temple near Herlie, the one everyone has suddenly become so interested in.

[10:57] <Furu> Aah...

[10:58] <-YingGirl> .....

[10:58] * -Kelric goes to get some tuna, it's not often he gets this stuff anymore

[10:58] * -YingGirl looks around.....and places the black mask on. The demonic skin is getting worse

[10:59] <Furu> Heheh

[10:59] * Kitalia has her head on Erik's shoulder "Mew, I'd like you to meet Erik, my husband."

[10:59] * -Kelric walks over to Ying and looks at the mask. "Hmm... interesting item you have there, but it's not all that safe to wear."

[11:00] * Kitalia grabs the mask and takes it off Ying's face. "DON'T PUT THAT MASK ON!"

[11:00] <Mew> Nice to meet you, Erik.

[11:00] <-YingGirl> it's better to wear this mask, than to scare everyone behind it

[11:01] * -YingGirl 's face is demonic....

[11:01] <-Erik> It's nice to meey you as well Mew. Kitalia speaks well of you. She said you and your sister Shaldra are the coolest Neko girls ever.

[11:01] <-Kelric> Still, ms. Just by seeing what's happening, that mast just makes it worse. I sujest you simply leave the mask off and see if the effects wear off.

[11:02] <Mew> Coolest Neko-girls? I wouldn't say that. We're not that great.

[11:03] * -YingGirl returns her mask....and places it back on her face.

[11:03] <-Kelric> Heh, whatever you wish. I can't change how you think, I'm just warning you.

[11:03] * Furu thinks Shal-chan and Mew-chan are pretty damn cool

[11:04] * -Kelric flicks his tail and sits down beside Mew

[11:04] <-YingGirl>, this was before i placed the mask on

[11:04] <Kitalia> You are too Mew! You're the coolest Neko girl I've ever met besides Shaldra! And you're a talented bounty hunter as well.

[11:05] * Mew blushes a bit. "We're just regular neko-girls, nothing special." *^_^*

[11:05] * -YingGirl lowers her ears as her tail is still

[11:06] <-YingGirl> ..........

[11:07] <Kitalia> Well, Erik and I must be off! We're doing a performance tonight of The Phantom of the Opera!

[11:07] <Mew> Okay, see ya later.

[11:07] <-YingGirl> everyone prefers nekos

[11:07] <-Kelric> Farewell.

[11:07] *** Kitalia has left #suburbansenshi2 (Come along, mon amour! We mustn't be late for rehearsal!")

[11:07] <Furu> See ya

[11:08] * Furu likes normal people just FINE, Ying-san

[11:08] <-YingGirl> .................

[11:08] <-Erik> It was nice to meet you all! Bye!

[11:08] * -YingGirl gets up and leaves

[11:08] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (.........)

[11:09] *** -Erik has left #suburbansenshi2 (I'm comming, mon ange. We won't be late for rehearsal, don't worry!)

[11:09] <-Kelric> Does the inu-girl always do that?

[11:09] <Mew> Yep. ~_~;;

[11:09] <Kakyuu> Yup+

[11:09] <Kakyuu> ^yup

[11:10] <Kakyuu> Hello Mew, Kelric, and Furu.

[11:10] <Mew> Hey, Kakyuu.

[11:10] <Kakyuu> I've been Lurking....

[11:10] <-Kelric> Hello.

[11:11] <Kakyuu> So I see you met Kitalia's husband...

[11:11] <-Kelric> Yep.

[11:11] <Furu> Hiyaa Kakyuu-san

[11:11] * Kakyuu notes Kitalia is 22 and from the future as is Erik...

[11:12] <-Kelric> I did feel something odd about them, I wasn't sure what, though.

[11:13] <-Kelric> It was probably because they were from the future.

[11:13] <Kakyuu> Heh, you probably sensed the fact Kitalia is a half demon and Erik is a full demon...

[11:13] <Mew> My husband here has trained to sence even the slightest anomoly in space/time. You hung out with the ABH to much. ><

[11:13] <Kakyuu> Yes, that too

[11:14] <-Kelric> The demon thing would have done it too.

[11:14] <Furu> That's possible.

[11:14] <-Kelric> And Mew, the ABH are a extaordinary species. I'm happy I trained with them.

[11:14] <Kakyuu> Because I'm engaged to Rae-kun who's a Demon Lord which means he's a full demon

[11:15] * Mew shutters at the idea of marrying a demon. ><

[11:16] <Kakyuu> Heh, won't Havoc be dissapointed when he learns Kitalia's now married

[11:16] * Furu has been a little off on the sensing as of late. Has to do with his "upgrade", he guesses,,,

[11:16] * -Kelric scratches Mew behind the ear to take her mind off it

[11:16] <Kakyuu> Rae-kun's the world's most loveable demon lord though!

[11:17] <-Kelric> With what is happening to Mew and Shaldra, though, I'm not surprised they try and avoid demons.

[11:17] <-Kelric> You know whats happening, correct, Ms. Kakyuu?

[11:18] <Kakyuu> Raenef wouldn't hurt anyone...

[11:18] <Kakyuu> Yes, I know what's happening

[11:19] <-Kelric> Then you understand that my wife and sister are running for their lives from hords of demons.

[11:20] * -Kelric glares at a Typo Demon

[11:22] <Kakyuu> Yup.

[11:23] <Furu> Hordes, eh?

[11:24] <Furu> Define "hordes"?

[11:26] <Furu> ^_^

[11:26] <-Kelric> Hmmm... hundreds, if not more.

[11:27] <-Kelric> They seem to appear when others fall.

[11:27] <-Kelric> Mostly shadow demons.

[11:28] <Furu> And would you happen to need

[11:29] <-Kelric> That would be handy. We were planning to head back to the temple tonight for more exploring, I'm sure we could use a hand.

[11:30] <Furu> Hmm...i'll see what I can dooo...

[11:31] * Furu tries to hide his obvious joy at the thought of uses an army of shadow demons as training dummies

[11:32] * -Kelric chuckles a bit.

[11:33] <Furu> Anything that'll make me stronger~~

[11:33] <Furu> ..Of course, they might be too weak...

[11:34] <-Kelric> Training is always good. ^_^

[11:34] <-Kelric> I'm sure we'll get some rather strong ones, much like last night.

[11:35] <Furu> Heheh. All right then!

[11:35] <-Kelric> Luckily that succubus got us away quickly.

[11:35] * Furu might go easy on them. The power to destroy a major city in minutes might be a little harsh

[11:36] <Mew> You have been training. ^_^

[11:36] * Furu coughs. "It' just training..."

[11:37] <Mew> Heh.

[11:37] <-Kelric> Interesting.

[11:38] <Furu> ..I kind of...umm....*coughgotcyberneticimplantsfromadeadmadscientistatthecostofaultrapowerfulringcough*

[11:40] <-Kelric> You traided a green lantern power ring for cybernetic implants, interesting concept.

[11:40] <Furu> Yeah,'t tell Ikari

[11:40] * Mew jabs Kelric in the stomach. "Stop reading people's minds." ~_~;;

[11:41] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[11:41] <@Ikari Shinji> I KNEW you were lying!

[11:41] <-Kelric> The secret is safe with me.

[11:41] <Furu> GAH!!

[11:41] <@Ikari Shinji> I told you I was watching you!

[11:41] <-Kelric> And here's the green lantern in question.

[11:42] <@Ikari Shinji> I gave you the use of a power ring to get to and from Hell and you TRADED it!

[11:42] <Furu> Well, you know...I had to give him SOMETHING

[11:42] * @Ikari Shinji "corrects" Furu... very hard... with some added emerald energy

[11:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Idiot.

[11:43] <Furu> Evil ex-military cybernetics experts don't turn someone into a cyborg for FREE

[11:43] <@Ikari Shinji> I hope you know that you got screwed in the bargin.

[11:43] * Furu goes flying through the wall

[11:43] * -Kelric and Mew cringe ><

[11:43] * Furu climbs out of the rubble

[11:44] <@Ikari Shinji> Measly cybernetic implants, even though they are from a undeniable evil genius, can never compare to technology that's billions of years ahead in advancement.

[11:44] <Furu> Hey, I tried that ring thing before. Didn't like it then, don't like it now.

[11:44] <-Kelric> Again, why did you bring me here, hun?

[11:44] <Mew> I didn't expect this, my appologies.

[11:44] <Furu> Sorry guys ^_^

[11:45] * Furu is unhurt, but his jacket is torn up

[11:45] <Furu> Damnit!!

[11:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Er...

[11:45] <Mew> It's alright, I was just thinking I could have been watching something like this in a bar on Expel.

[11:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Who's the new guy?

[11:45] <-Kelric> Same here, any beer around?

[11:45] <Furu> Oh, that's Mew's hubbie.

[11:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Ah.

[11:46] <Furu> ..Yeah, I didn't know she was married either.

[11:46] <@Ikari Shinji> I knew she was married.

[11:46] <-Kelric> Again, I'm an archeologist, I don't stay on one planet much, sorry.

[11:47] <-Kelric> I'm only here to help my sister and my wife, then I'm off again.

[11:47] <Mew> /em thwaps her hubbie

[11:47] * Mew thwaps her hubbie and a Typo Demon. ><

[11:47] <@Ikari Shinji> Ah.

[11:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Well, welcome to this wonderful planet known as Earth.

[11:48] <-Kelric> Thanks, Ikari.

[11:48] <-Kelric> Oh, sorry. You prefer Shinji, don't you?

[11:48] * Furu notes that "wonderful" bit is debateable

[11:49] <@Ikari Shinji> And Furu, just because you've had what some might call bad experiences with the rings doesn't mean you should pawn one off the first chance you get. s[BLEEP]t, next time you need to bargin with some jackass, tell me. I got plenty of things I could give you to help.

[11:49] <-Kelric> I know that quite well, Mr, Furu.

[11:49] <@Ikari Shinji> Shinji or Ikari, whatever one you feel comfortable with.

[11:49] <-Kelric> ^Mr.

[11:50] <-Kelric> Okay. Thanks for the info, Shinji.

[11:50] <Furu> I'll think about it :P

[11:51] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:51] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[11:51] <-Kelric> Hello, Ms. Mango.

[11:51] <Mango-chan> Kelric? As in Elric with a K?

[11:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Mango.

[11:51] <Furu> Hii, Mango

[11:51] <Furu> <_<;

[11:51] * Mew thwaps Kelric again "Stop reading people's minds!" ><

[11:52] * Mango-chan bows to Kelric, though she has Yami no Matsuei plushies in her hands.

[11:52] <-Kelric> Sure, you can put it that way.

[11:53] * Mango-chan huggles her three plushies; Hisoka, Tszuki, and Dr. Muraki.

[11:54] <-Kelric> Well, we had better get to Expel. We need to finish mapping the temple before we actually go in as a group.

[11:54] * -Kelric grabs Mew by the tail. "Common, hun."

[11:54] <Mew> Why the tail?!

[11:54] <-Kelric> Because you wouldn't have gotten up, you're a scaredy cat around that temple.

[11:55] <Furu> Heheh. Bye you guys!

[11:55] <-Kelric> So long. We'll be back tonight, hopefully the mapping will be finished by then and we can get going.

[11:56] *** -Kelric has left #suburbansenshi2 (Common, get your claws out of the ground. ~_~)

[11:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, you two!

[11:56] *** Mew has left #suburbansenshi2 (Claws in the ground? What are you talking about...? ^_^;;)

[11:57] * Mango-chan waves, then checks the calandar, "Hm.."

[11:57] <Furu> Hm?

[11:57] * Mango-chan holds up her Muraki plushie, and begins to imitate him, "The blood moon is tonight, when I can make my move...and one day Tszuki will be miiiine..."

[11:58] <Mango-chan> Dr. Muraki is the bad guy in Yami no Matsuei.

[11:58] <Furu> ...Wait a sec..Muraki?

[11:58] <Mango-chan> He kidnaps people and kills them when the blood moon is out, because that's when the moon gives him power.

[11:59] <Mango-chan> Yep, Muraki!

[11:59] <Furu> ......

[11:59] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[11:59] <Mango-chan> ...?

[11:59] <Mango-chan> Hey Shinji!

[12:00] <Mango-chan> ...BUFFY!

[12:00] <Furu> Er...I think said doctor kidnapped Envy-kun...

[12:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Mango!

[12:01] <Mango-chan> Envy-kun? Kidnapped?

[12:02] <Furu> Yeah. He got pulled inyo a snowpile

[12:02] <@spiritflame> main page update (slight)

[12:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay!

[12:03] <Furu> into^

[12:03] <Furu> Hooo!

[12:04] * Mango-chan cheers.

[12:04] <Mango-chan> Wierd..

[12:05] * Mango-chan is away: Demo, I saw Envy this morning....

[12:05] <Furu> And in his place was a plushie with a note with Muraki's name on it...

[12:06] <Furu> Oooo...

[12:09] * Mango-chan returns, "Well, he's definitely not he must be gone.

[12:09] <Furu> >_<

[12:10] <Furu> Good logic, Mango-chan

[12:13] * Furu yawns. "I better head to bed. Night everyone!"

[12:14] <@Ikari Shinji> I need to get some rest, too.

[12:16] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (Sparking!!)

[12:17] *** @Ikari Shinji has left #suburbansenshi2 (Lagging and damn tired.)

[12:26] <-I forgot my handle> ^_^

[12:26] <Mango-chan> ^_^*

[12:29] * Mango-chan shall go check Envy's usual places.

[12:29] *** Mango-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (So that's uhm...Planet Hentai...and his apartment!)

[12:54] <@spiritflame> /main page updated :(

[12:55] <@spiritflame> main page updated :(

[13:27] * Mango-chan notes that was a very sad thing that happened...

[13:29] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:29] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[13:32] <starcat> Mango, don't you ever use the /join command? ~_~

[13:32] <Mango-chan> I did earlier!

[13:33] <Mango-chan> Why does it bother you so much?

[13:34] <starcat> Because it does bother me.

[13:34] <starcat> When you /part, you leave...

[13:34] <starcat> so when you come back, you should /join.

[13:35] <starcat> If you're planning to come back without /joining, then just use /away.

[13:36] <Mango-chan> @_@

[13:37] <Mango-chan> Okay, fine.

[13:37] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:37] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[13:38] * Mango-chan notes that she checked Planet Hentai and didn't find Envy-san, and she checked his apartment, and she didn't find him there, so Furu-san must've been right! Envy actually WAS kidnapped! *gasp*

[13:38] <starcat> Gasp.

[13:38] <Mango-chan> That means I get to meet Muraki-hakase and...GLOMP HIM!

[13:38] * starcat says gasp, not just gasps. ^_^;;

[13:39] <starcat> XD

[13:39] <Mango-chan> Sugoiiii~!

[13:43] * Mango-chan wants to meet the evil doctor...and steal his glasses!

[13:44] * Mango-chan also wants to steal Tsuzuki's ofuda, and...just take Hisoka in general! ^_^

[13:45] * Mango-chan notes that she meant that she wants to steal Hisoka.

[13:48] * starcat wants to fix this DSO Exploit thingy. ><

[13:51] <Mango-chan> ?

[13:52] <starcat> It's a security hole in IE.

[14:00] <starcat> Huzzah, for it exists no longer on my computer. ~_~

[14:11] <Mango-chan> Aha.

[14:11] *** Mango-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (reading.)

[14:13] <starcat> bye.

[14:34] * starcat kicks the spyware makers

[14:34] <starcat> May you rot in the lower circles of hell, scumbags.

[15:09] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:09] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[15:09] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[15:10] * @Haak waves to whoever's here

[15:12] * @Haak sits down and waits

[15:25] *** Kurisutaru has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:25] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kurisutaru

[15:27] <@Haak> Hey.

[15:28] <Kurisutaru> w00t I love the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack! CARLOTTA'S A BIIITCH!

[15:28] <Kurisutaru> ^b[BLEEP]ch

[15:28] <@Haak> I haven't seen it.

[15:29] <-YingGirl> ............puuu

[15:30] * -YingGirl wags her tail, thinking about her new game.... but doesn't want to play it....

[15:30] * -YingGirl stays quiet in her corner....

[15:30] <@Haak> Hi Ying.

[15:30] <Kurisutaru> I haven't seen the movie but I have the soundtrack and in Think of Me she complains about everything and in Notes/Primma Donna SHE'S A b[BLEEP]ch!

[15:31] <-YingGirl> .........................

[15:31] <-YingGirl> hello.

[15:31] <@Haak> New game?

[15:32] * -YingGirl got irl parents fighting.

[15:32] <-YingGirl> ...hai.

[15:32] * @Haak nods

[15:32] <-YingGirl> used my gift card to get it, so it cost me 20$

[15:33] <@Haak> What is it?

[15:33] <-YingGirl> ................

[15:33] <-YingGirl> VJ2

[15:35] <@Haak> Ah, cool.

[15:35] <-YingGirl> ....yeah, something tells me i bought a crappy game, nee?

[15:35] <@Haak> Wait, VJ2 is out for the PS2 already?

[15:35] <-YingGirl> .......y-yeah.

[15:36] * -YingGirl didn't want tp get snake eather cause it was 80$

[15:36] <@Haak> Well from what I've heard, it's very good.

[15:37] <-YingGirl> And there is no way I'll get my hands on FFX-2.

[15:37] <@Haak> 80? Ouch.

[15:38] <-YingGirl> Sorry, but the image of Anna Nicole Smith dressing up as FFX-2 Rikku will forver burn in my mind

[15:38] <@Haak> Urgh, can't say I blame you then.

[15:39] <-YingGirl> plus, it's a sexed up rpg. And I sucketh in RPGs

[15:39] * @Haak has been playing Tales of Symphonia for the GC

[15:40] <@Haak> Well, everybody has their preferred genre.

[15:41] <-YingGirl> chuu, my faves are puzzle games, fighting games, and platforms....I think

[15:42] <@Haak> Hm. I prefer RPGs, racing and adventure games.

[15:45] * -YingGirl was hopping to get the Sonic Collection. It's is her childhood gaming in one disc

[15:46] <-YingGirl> ...but i pratically played some of them games on that disc....

[15:46] <@Haak> Ahh yes, Sonic Mega Collection Plus. Or whatever they ended up calling it. I considered buying it myself, but I just don't have the time.

[15:46] <-YingGirl> heh...

[15:47] <@Haak> Sega Superstars looks fun too.

[15:47] <@Haak> At any rate, it's giving money to Sega, and that's never a bad thing.

[15:47] * -YingGirl has a Sonic & Tails plushie.

[15:48] <-YingGirl> ...yeah, they now owe the company that created puyo puyo

[15:49] <@Haak> Heh.

[15:49] <-YingGirl> i used to be a fantic of sonic series...till adventure came out on the dreamcast.

[15:50] <-YingGirl> didn't interest me.

[15:51] * -YingGirl has the Sonic Adventure OST

[15:51] <@Haak> Adventure was bad. Pretty bad. SA 2 was better, but still not that good. Heroes was an improvement again, but there's hasn't really been a Sonic console game recently that's done the series justice.

[15:52] * @Haak has quite a few Sega OSTs

[15:53] <-YingGirl> yeah, and ever since spazz left the archie sonic series as the cover artist, their storylines kept on repeating themselves

[15:54] <-YingGirl> Apparently, if Doc dies...another one of his egg man clones will be revived to do chaos

[15:54] <@Haak> Hm. Was "Sonic The Comic" ever released in the US?

[15:54] <-YingGirl> whooo....

[15:55] <@Haak> The STC comics were actually verified by Sega as canon, to an extent.

[15:55] <-YingGirl> .......No. But Archie Comics is still doing the Sonic series and making it based more on Sonic X

[15:56] <@Haak> Gah, Sonic X... I actually had high hopes for the show, until "Oh hay let's have everything happen on Earth so the kids can relate" happened.

[15:57] <-YingGirl> ...........Heh.

[15:57] <-YingGirl> I hate FoxBox.

[15:57] <@Haak> STC, unfortunately, ended prematurely, some years ago. It was a UK thing.

[15:58] <@Haak> FoxBox?

[15:58] <-YingGirl> yeah, it's airing sonic x, not to mention...destroyed shaman king and one piece

[15:59] <-YingGirl> I hope they do not get their hands on the Viewtiful Joe anime

[15:59] <-YingGirl> then again, dubbers got their hands on DarkStalkers

[16:00] <-YingGirl> ...Well, DiC did.

[16:00] <@Haak> Ah. Over here, the channel called "Fox Kids" has a segment called "Jetix", which is more or less the same thing, I assume. It has Shaman King, Megaman Battle Network, and Sonic X as well as a few other similar shows.

[16:00] <-YingGirl> ...FoxBox=A series on cartoons shown on Saturday...on FOX

[16:00] <@Haak> I haven't heard anything about a VJ anime.

[16:01] <-YingGirl> ..heh, least the mmbn manga isn't too bad.

[16:01] * @Haak shrugs

[16:01] <-YingGirl> i have....accidently.

[16:02] <-YingGirl> Official site. It's mostly based on the first game -->

[16:03] <@Haak> Interesting.

[16:04] <-YingGirl> i was looking for fanart.

[16:04] <-YingGirl> then, i found that

[16:05] <@Haak> Let's just hope it's decent.

[16:06] <-YingGirl> by the real player files, it's not bad. The artwork is similiar to the game. Course, I dun understand a fricken word of Japanese

[16:07] <@Haak> Heh.

[16:07] <-YingGirl> heh.... ^_^;

[16:07] <@Haak> I'd have a look at the clips but I'm still on dialup.

[16:09] * -YingGirl is gonna have a field day with VJ2. And if she's sucessful, hunt for the Dante Candy in the first one.

[16:10] <@Haak> Dante candy, eh? Heh. I'll refrain from the jokes so don't worry.

[16:10] <-YingGirl> ruff!

[16:11] * @Haak will be primarily concerned with Tales of Symphonia for the forseeable future

[16:11] <-YingGirl> ....well, in the ps2 version of viewtiful joe, they have dante running around only in a black speedo when dante runs low on energy

[16:12] <-YingGirl> chuu. *wags her tail*

[16:13] * @Haak is suddenly glad he's only played the GC version of the original

[16:13] <-YingGirl> .....hey! >:(

[16:14] <@Haak> Some of us would rather not see Dante in nowt but a speedo.

[16:15] * @Haak shrugs

[16:15] <-YingGirl> which is irony, cause dante is unlocked...after you defeat kiddie mode

[16:16] <@Haak> Heh.

[16:18] <-YingGirl> ....mmm.... i really don't like the holidays

[16:19] <@Haak> I love the holidays. Time away from work, class, and hassle in general.

[16:20] * @Haak relaxes

[16:21] <-YingGirl> ....hassles happen at my place... now my parents are getting on each others nerves ever single day. and i can't sleep in my room tonight due to my dad been kicked out of his room

[16:22] <-YingGirl> it's why i use games and mangas to not hear them

[16:23] <@Haak> I see.

[16:23] *** -The cloaked one has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:23] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -The cloaked one

[16:23] <@Haak> Hm. Any idea what the latest estimate is for the death toll from that earthquake / tsunami?

[16:24] * -The cloaked one sits down outside near one of the trees, trying not to disturb anyone.

[16:24] <@Haak> Last I heard it was 100,000, but I'm sure it's more now.

[16:24] <Kurisutaru> Helllo3.......

[16:24] * -The cloaked one glances at Haak. "The latest estimate is well over 100000."

[16:25] * -YingGirl stays in her corner, flickering her ears

[16:25] <@Haak> wb Kurisutaru.

[16:25] <-The cloaked one> One source estimates somewhere around 176000+. Mostly due to cholera and malaria.

[16:26] <@Haak> Hm, I'd say that's a pretty good guess considering.

[16:26] <@Haak> It's hard to be accurate about something like that.

[16:27] * @Haak notes he needs to contact the Doc about the new arrangements for FTP

[16:28] * @Haak stretches

[16:28] <@Haak> So, 2004 is soon to draw to a close.

[16:29] <-YingGirl> .......heh.

[16:29] <@Haak> It's been quite a year. Particularly if you live in FL, heh.

[16:30] <@Haak> The chatbox was created, and over the course of the year we had what, 2 marriages? I lost count of the proposals.

[16:30] <@Haak> The world was pretty much devastated by the Night Lords commanded by Nech'rim, and has since been restored.

[16:31] <-YingGirl> ......2 marriges, and two purposals. Actually, there are another two to me.....but ya know, i f[BLEEP]ked with them

[16:31] <@Haak> And of course, the whole Miss Dream episode.

[16:31] <@Haak> Heh.

[16:31] <-The cloaked one> And plenty more things to come, sooner or later.

[16:32] * -YingGirl notes Jedah looks interesting in Capcom Fighting Evolution. Same sprites though, but different character pic

[16:32] <@Haak> We've even had a fair amount of change in the control of the channel. There are now 4 OPs, after all.

[16:32] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:32] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[16:32] <@Haak> Hi Sol.

[16:32] * -YingGirl still needs to finish up season 6 and then.....worked on Season 7.

[16:33] <Kurisutaru> hmmm

[16:33] <@Haak> CFE isn't that good to be honest. It's just another rehash of Capcom's other fighting games.

[16:33] * -YingGirl stays in her corner

[16:34] <-YingGirl> ...That's why I didn't buy it. I bought VJ2 instead :P

[16:34] <@Haak> Heh, wise decision.

[16:34] <-> Memory Lane has alot of cracks in it Haak, make sure you don't trip as you walk down it....

[16:34] <Solarchos> Hi everyone. What's happening? I see Mew and Kelric made it back all right.

[16:34] <-> Memory Lane has alot of cracks in it Haak, make sure you don't trip as you walk down it....

[16:35] * @Haak raises an eyebrow

[16:35] * -YingGirl stays in her corner...yawning

[16:36] * - is now known as Michael D

[16:36] * -YingGirl didn't take part of any of the battles, and why should she? She's weak

[16:36] * -The cloaked one remains sitting outside.

[16:37] <-YingGirl> .and nathan's a real f[BLEEP]ktard if he needs me. I'm worthless.....

[16:37] <@Haak> Heh, not to sound arrogant or anything, but I had a feeling that was you, Mike.

[16:37] * -The cloaked one looks over at Ying. "You could've fought if you chose to."

[16:37] * -YingGirl sighs.

[16:37] <Solarchos> Mike - Hey, chummer. Feeling any better?

[16:37] <@Haak> I'm pretty sure Nathaniel's a "f[BLEEP]ktard" by default, given who he is and what he chooses to stand for.

[16:38] * -YingGirl notes the Cloaked One is outside and she's inside :P

[16:38] <Michael D> Have I become that predictable in my old age haak...

[16:38] <@Haak> I wouldn't say that, Mike. I'm just hard to fool.

[16:38] * Michael D is dressed differently, but won't say till he finds a certin pic

[16:38] <-YingGirl> ...yes. Yes you had

[16:38] <Michael D> Hello Vanessa, Solar, Haak..

[16:39] * @Haak notes the costume change

[16:39] <@Haak> So what caused all this then?

[16:39] * -The cloaked one shrugs and allows Ying to resume ignoring him.

[16:40] <Michael D> I change of pace if you will Haak

[16:41] * -YingGirl is wearing the seceratary outfit, along with the black mask on her face

[16:42] <Michael D> Have i missed much

[16:42] <@Haak> Not that I know of.

[16:42] <Solarchos> Mike - Not a whole lot.

[16:43] * -YingGirl watches the room

[16:43] <Michael D> I see someone else has changed there clothes, Vanessa, a reason?

[16:44] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - What the frell are you wearing...and why?

[16:44] <-YingGirl> kill Morrigan

[16:44] <Michael D> Ah, the succubus at it again i see.

[16:45] <@Haak> Heh. Good luck with that.

[16:45] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Frankly, I prefer your usual fuku. That just looks kinda tacky.

[16:46] <-YingGirl> .........

[16:46] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Oh, not this again!

[16:46] <-YingGirl> ....rrr...

[16:47] * -The cloaked one glances at Ying again, but says nothing.

[16:47] <@Haak> She's free to wear what she wants, I'd assume.

[16:48] <Solarchos> Haak - So what else has been going on today? Anything major?

[16:48] <-YingGirl> ....She just doesn't get it.

[16:48] <@Haak> Heh, and she wouldn't be the first to want Morrigan's head either.

[16:48] <-YingGirl> ...."Morrigan the Succcumbus" (from fan page)

[16:48] <Solarchos> Haak - I know, but that secretary outfit and black mask *really* doesn't do Yinggirl any justice.

[16:49] <@Haak> Sol: I'm not here that long before you, so I don't really know. I don't think anything too dramatic went down though.

[16:49] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - She's trying to be nice to you, and *that's* the way she expresses it. You should know that by now.

[16:50] <-YingGirl> nice, is leaving me alone...not trying to lock me up with a room with dante

[16:51] * Solarchos goes over and gets some Ginger Ale.

[16:51] <Michael D> *is wearing this outfit, but without the hood up* -->

[16:51] <@Haak> She's got a point.

[16:52] <Michael D> *closer look* -->

[16:52] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Morrigan was trying to help you make nice with Dante.

[16:52] <@Haak> Hm.

[16:53] <Solarchos> Mike - You were wearing that last night, weren't you?

[16:53] <Michael D> No, I was henshined last night. GA mode.

[16:53] <@Haak> So what caused this "change of pace"?

[16:53] <Michael D> I'm just me right now Solar.

[16:54] <Michael D> It just suited my mood.

[16:55] * Michael D did not have a good day

[16:55] <@Haak> I see.

[16:56] * Michael D was trying to find Axel's but cou;dn't find a good shot of him ><

[16:56] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - So, are you *really* going to try and kick Morrigan's ass?

[16:57] <Michael D> *finaly found one* -->

[16:58] <-YingGirl> ...pretty much....

[16:59] <Michael D> I wish you well on that endevor Vanessa.

[17:00] * Solarchos shakes his head at Yinggirl. "You know, that isn't going to work."

[17:00] * @Haak is away: Food, back soon

[17:02] * -The cloaked one looks at Ying. "If you need to fight someone you can fight me if you wish."

[17:02] <-YingGirl> what? it'll finally keep that succubi away from me.

[17:03] <Michael D> Forgive my rudeness, how was your day vanessa?

[17:04] * Michael D is working on some high res pic edits, the two he's doing them of should be able to guese who there for

[17:05] <-YingGirl> like s[BLEEP]t

[17:07] <Michael D> What happened?

[17:08] * Solarchos sighs heavily and sits down, drinking his Ginger Ale.

[17:08] <-YingGirl> ....parents finghting....and i got vj2

[17:08] * Michael D lounges on Sailor Sofa

[17:09] * -The cloaked one comes inside the house.

[17:09] <Michael D> I'm sorry to hear about the parents, I heard VJ2 was pretty good.

[17:09] <Solarchos> Mmmm...I wonder where Shaldra is. ^_^

[17:10] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Sorry to hear your day sucked.

[17:12] <-YingGirl> and morrigan poking fun at me and dante wasn't helping

[17:13] * -The cloaked one sits down on the stairs.

[17:14] *** Kitalia has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:14] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kitalia

[17:14] <Michael D> She seems to drive you crazy alot huh.

[17:14] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Stop taking Morrigan's antics so seriously. You'll live longer.

[17:15] * -YingGirl 's eyes glimmer red. "I want to see her beg for mercy...."

[17:15] * -YingGirl 's eyes return to normal as she holds her head

[17:16] *** -Erik has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:16] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -Erik

[17:16] * Michael D stops working on his projects for now "my mouse is sticking, gotta clean it"

[17:17] <Kitalia> Solarchos! Yay! You can meet my husband, Erik!

[17:19] <-YingGirl> .........

[17:19] * -The cloaked one gives Ying a stern look.

[17:19] <-YingGirl> i don't want to live longer....

[17:19] <Michael D> I'm back, I need a new mouse pad, keep getting dirt around my mouse rollers from it.

[17:20] <Solarchos> Kitalia - Your...husband?

[17:20] <Michael D> I do wish you wouldn't think like that at times Vanessa.

[17:21] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - You? Make Morrigan beg for mercy? I don't seem that happening.

[17:22] * -The cloaked one taps Ying on the shoulder.

[17:22] <-YingGirl> ............

[17:22] <Solarchos> ^see

[17:22] <Michael D> Morrigan does have weakness Solar, We've found that out once before.*smirk*

[17:22] * Solarchos grabs a Typo-Demon and starts beating it against the wall over and over and over again.

[17:23] <Solarchos> Mike - No, that was just sick and perverse. Anyone would freak out at the sight of that.

[17:24] <Solarchos> Kitalia - Since when did you get married?

[17:24] <-YingGirl> ......go away

[17:25] * -The cloaked one looks at Ying sternly. "Stop using that demon mask. It's not helping you."

[17:25] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:25] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[17:25] * - rebellion is stained with blood

[17:26] <Solarchos> Dante - What the frell happened to you?!

[17:26] <DvlmayCry> f[BLEEP]kers wouldn't leave well enough alone..

[17:26] <-YingGirl> .......clock figure, you can just f[BLEEP]k off

[17:26] <DvlmayCry> Let's just say there's one less demon lord in the world.

[17:27] * -YingGirl is sitting in a corner

[17:27] <DvlmayCry> Hey Vanessa, cute outfit, whats the occasion?

[17:28] * -YingGirl whips the dagger at Dante

[17:29] <-YingGirl> i'm not cute.....

[17:29] <Kitalia> O_O Demon Lord? You didn't shoot Demon Lord Raenef, or Demon Lord Krayon did you?

[17:29] <Solarchos> Dante - Apparently, Ying's a-huntin' Morrigan...supposedly. I still think that outfit looks *vastly* inferior to her usual fuku.

[17:29] * -YingGirl gets up slowly, wearing the secretary outfit

[17:30] * -The cloaked one holds out his hand towards the dagger. The dagger suddenly stops, changes course, and hands handle-first in his grip.

[17:30] * -Erik has Kitalia wrapped in his arms "Hello Dante."

[17:30] * DvlmayCry removes the dagger from his shoulder "I think she looks good in anything solar"

[17:30] <Solarchos> I see Ying's still throwing things. ~_~;;

[17:31] * @Haak is back

[17:31] <Solarchos> Eric - So...who exactly are you? Kitalia and Kakyuu never mentioned anything about a wedding.

[17:32] <-YingGirl> ......leave me be.

[17:32] <Kitalia> To answer your question Solarchos I got married on the 29th last month.

[17:32] <@Haak> Another wedding huh.

[17:32] <DvlmayCry> Don't even know the guys name, he sent a hoard of demons to this world, I destroy them, it's no big deal anymore.

[17:32] <Kitalia> I'm 23 Solarchos and Erik's a Demon Lord

[17:32] <@Haak> Wait, aren't you from the future, Kitalia?

[17:33] <DvlmayCry> Something bothering you Vanessa?

[17:33] <Solarchos> Kitalia - I'm not saying you're not old enough to marry. It's just nobody mentioned anything about it. I'm a little surprised, that's all.

[17:34] <Solarchos> Dante - Sorry, chummer, but something's *always* bothering Yinggirl. ~_~;;

[17:34] <Kitalia> Duh.

[17:35] * -YingGirl throws two daggers, one at Dante and one at Solar as she heads outside

[17:35] <Solarchos> Kitalia - Wait a sec...demon lord?!

[17:35] <Kitalia> That wouldn't have been any of the demon lords I know.

[17:35] <@Haak> If you're from a point in the future, why get married and live in THIS time period?

[17:35] * -The cloaked one whips out one of his swords and parries each dagger before they hit their targets.

[17:36] <Kitalia> Yes, Demon Lord.... Why do you ask Solarchos?

[17:36] <DvlmayCry> God, how many of them are there......

[17:36] <-The cloaked one> Stop throwing knives at people. You'll poke someone's eye out.

[17:36] <Kitalia> I got married to Erik in the future and I decided to come visit THIS time period

[17:37] <Solarchos> Kitalia - If he's a demon lord, that's not necessarily a good thing, you know. *eyes Eric nervously*

[17:37] * -YingGirl is outside, holding her head.

[17:37] * -YingGirl reverts to her plain fuku.....crying blood tears

[17:38] <@Haak> You said you got married last month, though.

[17:38] <DvlmayCry> I want to go after her, but I might make things worse...

[17:38] <Solarchos> Haak - She probably means last month relative to her.

[17:39] * Michael D gets up "I'll go" and swishing his robe in the air as he gets up

[17:39] * -The cloaked one begins to walk out the door towards the front yard.

[17:39] <Kitalia> My father's a demon lord, my husband is a demon lord, Kurisutaru is the Demon Queen and Leudast is the Demon King and Krayon's just an oddball Demon Lord of the realm of dreams...

[17:40] <Kitalia> Yes, last month in the future...

[17:40] <@Haak> I see.

[17:41] * -YingGirl clutches onto herself......wincing

[17:41] * Solarchos *really* does not feel good about all this talk about demons, considering his own background. ^_^;;

[17:41] <Kitalia> Sorry but I'm half demon myself remember?

[17:41] * Michael D walks out side

[17:41] *** TuxRainbow has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:41] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TuxRainbow

[17:41] * Kitalia is away: RL calls

[17:42] <@Haak> Heh, I advise you to get used to it Sol. We're not in 40k anymore. Life is, believe it or not, more complicated.

[17:42] * -The cloaked one sits beneath a tree several meters away from Ying and silently regards her.

[17:42] <Michael D> Vanessa, are you well?

[17:42] <@Haak> Hi Tux.

[17:42] <DvlmayCry> They all die the same way kid.

[17:42] * Michael D is still dressed like Axel.

[17:42] <Michael D> Tux, did you see the revised picture?

[17:43] <-YingGirl> ...i'm weak..... momma.... papa....

[17:43] <TuxRainbow> no

[17:43] <Michael D> -->*is dressed in this*

[17:43] <Michael D> Vanessa?

[17:43] * -YingGirl coughs, wincing as she cluches herself.

[17:43] <TuxRainbow> Interesting

[17:43] <-YingGirl> i have neither.....

[17:43] <Michael D> -->

[17:44] <TuxRainbow> BTW, saw the pic just now... much better, thanks.

[17:44] * Solarchos avoids getting involved in Yinggirl's antics. "It's not like I'd be able to help her anyway."

[17:44] <Michael D> -->

[17:45] * TuxRainbow refuses to lend aid

[17:45] <@Haak> Wise move, Sol. I'm choosing to stay well out of the way too. It's for the best.

[17:45] <Michael D> ooc: no prob, I missed the part about the cape.

[17:45] <-YingGirl> one can help me..... no everyone hates me....

[17:45] * -The cloaked one regards Ying coldly. "And what seems to be the problem *this* time?"

[17:46] * -YingGirl curses typos

[17:46] * -YingGirl starts weakly walking, searching for Morrigan

[17:46] <Michael D> that is complete bulls[BLEEP]t vanessa, in your own terms, there are many who care for you.

[17:46] * Kitalia has returned

[17:47] <@Haak> wb Kitalia.

[17:47] <-The cloaked one> Are you having another serving of self-pity and denial? What brought this on *this* time? It couldn't be Dante's kind words to you, can it?

[17:47] * Solarchos is still really confused about all these demons cavorting around. ~_~;;

[17:48] * Michael D puts up his hood, and begins to stealthly watch over the situation. is carrying is cellhphone

[17:48] * -YingGirl is still walking, searching for morrigan....

[17:48] * TuxRainbow sighs

[17:48] <@Haak> Not all demons associate themselves with Chaos.

[17:48] * DvlmayCry has his cellphone on, one of mike's old ones

[17:49] * -The cloaked one gets up and follows Ying.

[17:49] <Michael D> I take it, you accompying me

[17:49] * Kitalia and Erik teleport over to Planet Hentai

[17:50] <Solarchos> Haak - Yeah, but they do have a tendency of being a little too rambunctious. Just look at Morrigan, for example.

[17:50] * -YingGirl has her hands cover in blood tears

[17:50] * -The cloaked one looks at D, "I might as well."

[17:50] <@Haak> Morrigan isn't exactly what I'd call your average demon.

[17:51] * -Erik has his arm around Kitalia's waist "So, what should we do first, mon amour?"

[17:51] <@Haak> Then again, every demon tends to be very different from the next.

[17:51] <DvlmayCry> you get used to them, when your not killing them solar.

[17:51] <Solarchos> Haak - Tell me about it. She's what I'd call a nut-case!

[17:52] <DvlmayCry> Haak, mike wanted me to give you this...

[17:52] <@Haak> Hm?

[17:52] * Kitalia waves to Havoc "Bon soir madmoiselle Havoc."

[17:52] <DvlmayCry> *tosses Haak a pic* Mike finished it. -->

[17:52] * -Over at Planet Hentai it's Bishie Thursday as usual! Pretty-boys with long, flowing hair that puts Minako's to shame are all over the place!

[17:53] <@Haak> Ah, thanks.

[17:53] * -Havoc is currently preoccupied feeling up Sango and Kagome's butts. ^___^

[17:53] <Kitalia> Havoc, I'd like you to meet my husband, Erik.

[17:54] <@Haak> ((Nice work, Mike.))

[17:54] * -YingGirl stays in the line up of Planet she clutches herself....coughing harshly

[17:54] * -The cloaked one walks up alongside Ying. "You're not going to find Morrigan...primarily because you don't *want* to find her."

[17:55] * -Havoc sees Kitalia. "Ah, the prodigal girl returns! C'MERE BABY!!!"

[17:55] <Michael D> I'm worried tonight, my mood is not a good precusor for the evening,....what the hell should I call you anyway?

[17:55] <-YingGirl> f[BLEEP]k OFF! *replies by throwing a kick at the clocked figure*

[17:55] * Kitalia taps Havoc on the shoulder. "Miss me Madmoiselle Havoc?"

[17:56] <Michael D> ((thanks Haak, I'd give it to euri, but I haven't seen her since the move))

[17:56] * TuxRainbow smiles. He's now happy ^_^

[17:56] * -Havoc glomps Kitalia. "Absolutely!" ^_^

[17:56] *** S. Terra has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:56] <@spiritflame> Irasshai S. Terra

[17:56] <Kitalia> Sorry Havoc. I'm taken... *shows havoc her engagement and wedding rings*

[17:56] * -The cloaked one blocks Ying's kick effortlessly.

[17:56] <S. Terra> Saw the adjusted pic. Perfecto!

[17:56] <@Haak> ((She's currently in California, which is probably why, heh.))

[17:56] <S. Terra> heh, indeed

[17:57] <-Havoc> Ah, but even married couples must submit to the Power of the Perv!

[17:57] <-Erik> Havoc, get off my wife.

[17:57] <-YingGirl> ......Let me get rid of the one who pestures me....

[17:57] <Michael D> ((*chuckles* no wonder))

[17:57] * S. Terra is having trouble with Mary (Tempestt). She wants to stay up late tomorrow.

[17:57] <S. Terra> And she's only about 6...

[17:57] * -The cloaked one is unfortunately a little too preoccupied with defending himself from Ying to answer.

[17:57] <Kitalia> Indeed they do, I brought my husband here to have fun!

[17:58] * S. Terra is considering it, considering she'll be out tomorrow night

[17:58] * -YingGirl shoves the clocked one away from her

[17:58] <-The cloaked one> You're not going to find Morrigan, Ying. She's on Expel right now.

[17:58] <TuxRainbow> We have to make sure she doesn't drink anything stiffer than sparkling apple cider...

[17:58] <-YingGirl> bull s[BLEEP]t!

[17:58] <TuxRainbow> Why would she be there?

[17:59] <Michael D> a way with the ladies I see, cloaky

[17:59] <-The cloaked one> Also, weren't you going to kick *my* ass first, Ying?

[17:59] * S. Terra notes that she can make sure that Mary behaves herself...

[17:59] * TuxRainbow chuckles

[17:59] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............

[18:00] * -Havoc grins evilly and gives Kitalia the keys to one of the private nyotaimori rooms. ^_~

[18:00] <-YingGirl> f[BLEEP]k off.

[18:01] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:01] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[18:01] * Solarchos switches on the TV to the Planet Hentai Network; exterior camera views. "Oops, looks like Yinggirl's starting another fight." ~_~;;

[18:01] <Mango-chan> ...Planet Hentai?

[18:01] <@Haak> Hi Mango.

[18:01] <Mango-chan> Hey, Haak!

[18:01] * -YingGirl holds her head, her ears are lowered

[18:01] <Michael D> ooc: hey mango, did you ever see your picture?

[18:01] <@Haak> Ying, the cloaked one, Mike and Kitalia are at PH.

[18:02] <Kitalia> Thanks Havoc! ^_^ We'll have so much fun! *drags Havoc off to the private nyotaimori room Havoc gave her the keys to

[18:02] <-The cloaked one> Sorry, Ying, but I'm not going anywhere. You obviously don't believe me, but I'm trying to help you.

[18:02] * DvlmayCry watches the TV intensly "If she doesn't want my help, at least I can keep my eye on things here"

[18:02] <TuxRainbow> Indeed, Dante

[18:02] <Kitalia> ^2nd Havoc = Erik

[18:03] <Kitalia> ((DAMN TYPOS))

[18:03] <Solarchos> Mango - Yinggirl's in another one of her frequent bad moods. Steer clear of her and you won't have to worry about knives flung at you.

[18:03] <-YingGirl> no one wants to help me!

[18:03] <Mango-chan> Ah.

[18:03] <TuxRainbow> I wonder if her and Gizsu have a contract...

[18:03] <-YingGirl> so...why don't you f[BLEEP]k OF!!!

[18:03] <-YingGirl> OFF^

[18:04] <-Havoc> No! You said you were dragging *ME* away! I hold you to that! Muahahahahahahahahaha!! ^____^

[18:04] * Mango-chan looks out the window, "Yep, blood red moon, just as I predicted."

[18:04] <S. Terra> The typo demons are having a field day...

[18:04] * -YingGirl unleashes a blast of fire mage at the cloaked figure

[18:04] <@Haak> Gizsu?

[18:04] <Solarchos> TuxRainbow - Good question. Ying certainly seems to have a lot of those knives.

[18:04] <TuxRainbow> ^Ginzu... darn typo

[18:04] <@Haak> Oh, Ginzu.

[18:05] * Mango-chan sighs, "So the question is, where'd Envy go..."

[18:05] <TuxRainbow> That she does

[18:05] <@Haak> Heh.

[18:05] * -The cloaked one whips out one of his swords - the golden longsword that burns like the sun itself.

[18:05] <TuxRainbow> lol, not thta I mean Ying any disrespct

[18:05] <@Haak> I haven't seen Envy.

[18:05] <TuxRainbow> ^that

[18:05] <DvlmayCry> *tosses a pic to mango* mike finaly hacked that picture for you, the eye's need work, he'll fix them after his next projects are done -->

[18:05] * -The sword absorbs every scrap of power from Ying's attack, cancelling it out utterly.

[18:06] * Kitalia opens the door a crack and sets her panties out for Havoc before closing it and locking it before preceeding to have *fun* with Erik

[18:06] <-YingGirl> lay off....

[18:06] <TuxRainbow> Not bad for a first draft...

[18:06] <Mango-chan> Hehe, nifty!

[18:06] <Solarchos> Mango - I have no idea. Something snatched Envy earlier today and left a note that said "Tonight". That was it.

[18:06] * Mango-chan is amazed!

[18:06] * S. Terra wants to have "fun" at Planet Hentai with Tux. ^_~

[18:07] <DvlmayCry> Mike had to do them from scratch after removing the glasses, he just needs to tweak them some.

[18:07] <Solarchos> Mango looks so cute in that picture! ^_^

[18:07] <Mango-chan> It was signed...*holds up her plushies* Muraki! ^_^

[18:07] <Mango-chan> According to Furu, at least.

[18:07] * -The cloaked one glares at Yinggirl, holding his sword out in front of him. "Why?"

[18:08] * -YingGirl growls...... then begins coughing again

[18:08] <-The cloaked one> You want a fight, Ying. I'm offering myself as the victim instead of that succubus.

[18:08] <DvlmayCry> Mike'll be glad you like it, he'll fix it soon.

[18:08] <Mango-chan> So he said tonight...and it's the night of the blood

[18:08] * DvlmayCry goes back to watching the TV intensly

[18:08] * Mango-chan goes to investigate.

[18:09] <-YingGirl> .......f[BLEEP]k off. *coughs harshly*

[18:09] <Michael D> I'm more concerned about her health then her reasons, cloaky

[18:10] <S. Terra> Same here

[18:10] <-YingGirl> and i'm f[BLEEP]ken fine!

[18:10] * Mango-chan goes outside.

[18:10] <DvlmayCry> Just to f[BLEEP]k with you Solar*smirk* -->

[18:10] * @Haak takes a closer look at the screen, trying to catch a glimpse of the cloaked one's attire beneath those robes

[18:10] <TuxRainbow> You don't sound like it.

[18:10] <-The cloaked one> No. You seem to be hell-bent on making someone else suffer for your problems, so make ME the whipping boy instead of someone else.

[18:10] * Mango-chan sees one big red mark in the middle of the grass.

[18:11] * DvlmayCry goes back to the TV, and notes mike will fix the hair eventualy too.

[18:11] * @Haak could've sworn he saw a gold glint...

[18:11] <-YingGirl> the b[BLEEP]ch won't leave me alone....

[18:11] * -The cloaked one is wearing simple leather breaches with reinforced pads on the front, boots, and banded mail armor. Nothing technological.

[18:11] * Mango-chan sits down infront of it, "terepo-to..." The symbol glows.

[18:12] <Michael D> all that blood tells another tale Vanessa

[18:12] <Mango-chan> Mike-san, thank you for the picture!

[18:12] <@Haak> Hm, must be my imagination.

[18:12] * -The cloaked one is also carrying two swords. A broadsword forged out of some weird fluorescent green metal, and that gold longsword.

[18:13] <-YingGirl> shut up mike!!!!

[18:13] * Solarchos nosebleeds at the sight of Shaldra in a sailor fuku!! O_O

[18:13] <Michael D> OOC: Your welcome Mango, I told you I'd hack it when you posted it. ^_^ I keep my word. ^_^ V I'm glad you like it. ^_^

[18:13] * Mango-chan steps away, "There's two of these symbols. It was cast when Envy-san sat there, but at the other end it was cast at that moment...wierd."

[18:13] <Mango-chan> I like it a lot!

[18:13] <-The cloaked one> You're lying, Ying. You don't tell lies well.

[18:14] <Mango-chan> ^_^

[18:14] * -The cloaked one is also armed with a composite shortbow and a quiver of arrows. He'd be quite at home on a low-tech world.

[18:14] <-YingGirl> ....i'm perfectly fine.l i don't need backstabbing jerks like you, and you don't need me...

[18:15] * Mango-chan notes that it's hard for her to find a picture of herself, she usually draws them.

[18:15] <-YingGirl> so....f[BLEEP]k off.

[18:15] <Mango-chan> So now all I have to get to the other side...

[18:16] <Michael D> was that direct to me aswell Vanessa?

[18:16] <-YingGirl> both....

[18:16] <-The cloaked one> So why are you bleeding out your tear-ducts and nose, Ying? Don't even attempt to tell me it's seasonal allergies.

[18:17] <Solarchos> Haak - So how'd you think that guy in the cloak was?

[18:17] <-The cloaked one> How am I a backstabbing jerk, Ying?

[18:18] <@Haak> I can't be certain, but I have my suspicions. That said, I have no explanation behind them, so I'll just stay silent on the matter a while longer.

[18:18] <Michael D> Have i ever stabbed you in the back? I've kept every thing you've old me to myself, except for that which you wanted me to talk to Dante about,

[18:18] * Mango-chan watches the crimson moon carefully...

[18:18] * -The cloaked one looks at D. "SOmehow, I get the impression she's not talking *to* us as much as she's talking *at* us.

[18:18] <Mango-chan> As we speak, Envy-san could be DEAD! ...Wait, he's immortal...nevermind.

[18:18] * -YingGirl replies by throwing daggers at the cloaked figure and Mike

[18:18] <-YingGirl> LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

[18:19] * Solarchos is curious what Haak is getting at.

[18:19] * Mango-chan notes that a girl's sister at her school IRL is in the movie Coach Carter

[18:20] * -The cloaked one immediately springs into action, swinging at the daggers faster than Ying can throw them, deflecting, blocking, or shattering each one she throws.

[18:20] * Michael D dodges matrix style

[18:21] * @Haak watches carefully

[18:21] <-The cloaked one> Go ahead Ying. Instead of hurting someone who regards you as a friend, why don't you attack me instead?

[18:21] * Kitalia slips out of the private room with mussed up curls and a slightly wrinkled dress

[18:22] <-YingGirl> morrigan was never my friend.

[18:22] * Kitalia 's face is slightly flushed

[18:22] <Solarchos> I see Kitalia's been having "fun."

[18:22] <-The cloaked one> That's not what she says, Ying.

[18:23] * -Erik comes out his 'Phantom' costume slightly sloppy

[18:23] <@Haak> Hm.

[18:23] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:23] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[18:23] <@Haak> Hi Shaldra.

[18:23] <-Solarchos > Shaldra!! ^___^

[18:23] * Kitalia hands Havoc the keys before going up on stage with Erik to sing!

[18:23] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (f[BLEEP]k, RL s[BLEEP]t.)

[18:23] * Solarchos is happy now!

[18:24] <Solarchos> T_T

[18:24] <@Haak> Heh, mood swing.

[18:24] <-YingGirl> ..........

[18:25] <Kitalia> In sleep he sang to me... In dreams he came... That voice that calls to me, and speaks my name... And though I dream again.. For now I find... The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside my mind

[18:25] <Solarchos> Haak - No Shaldra-kun! Denied! T_T

[18:25] * Mango-chan is away: Hit a midget on the head with a stick, he turns into fourty gold coins...?!?!

[18:25] <@Haak> She'll be back, don't worry.

[18:26] <-YingGirl> morrigan is a liar....

[18:26] * -YingGirl holds her head, growling....

[18:26] <-The cloaked one> Well, Ying. Decision time. Are you going to start pulling yourself together and begin confronting your demons? Or are you going to let them begin consuming you and start taking your frustrations out on other people?

[18:27] <-YingGirl> and i suggest you two buzz off and let me take care of this b[BLEEP]ch

[18:27] <-Erik> Sing once more with me... Our strange duet... My power over you... Grows stronger yet... And though you turn from me... To glance behind... The Phantom of the Opera is there... Inside your mind......

[18:27] <Solarchos> Mango - Hit a midget, and he turned into gold pieces? The frell are you playing?


[18:28] <-The cloaked one> Ying...Morrigan...isn'! Hel-loooo!

[18:28] * -YingGirl whips her dagger at Cloaked figure

[18:28] * -The cloaked one has faced dragons, demons, and the true source of evil ( himself ). An angry dog-girl is nothing.

[18:29] * -The cloaked one swats the dagger aside on the blade of his sword.

[18:29] <-YingGirl> f[BLEEP]k off!!!

[18:29] <Michael D> stalemate

[18:30] * -YingGirl snarls, growling.....

[18:30] * -The cloaked one gazes levelly at Ying. "No. Not until you start thinking about what you're doing."

[18:30] * -YingGirl whips a cranky bomb at the cloaked figure

[18:31] <-YingGirl> f[BLEEP]k YOU!

[18:31] <Kitalia> Those who have seen your face.... Draw back in fear... I am the mask you wear.......

[18:31] <-Erik> It's me they hear...

[18:31] * -The cloaked one hacks at the bomb. The sword slices through it effortlessly, destroying its mechanisms and preventing its detonation.

[18:31] * -YingGirl is gonna to maul that succubi, whenever no one likes it or not.

[18:31] <@Haak> I think I'll take my leave for tonight.

[18:32] <@Haak> Goodnight all.

[18:32] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Another early night?)

[18:32] <Solarchos> Haak - Catch you later.

[18:32] <Michael D> Maybe I should just breach timespace and make a portal to expel.....*smirks under his hood*

[18:33] <-YingGirl> You can't tell me what to do, and no one gives a bloody f[BLEEP]k about me! Piss off and let me deal with this fricken b[BLEEP]ch who's haressing me when I am near Dante!

[18:33] <-Kitalia and Erik> Your spirit and my voice... In one combined.... The Phantom of the Opera....

[18:33] * -YingGirl snarls, keeping her ears lowered

[18:34] <-Kitalia and Erik> Is there inside my (Erik: your) heart.... The Phantom of the Opera...

[18:34] <DvlmayCry> woah, *is watching on TV* such....passion...*goes a little red* altou I still disagree with the "no ones cares about me" part..

[18:35] <-The cloaked one> Dispense with the belly-aching and start thinking, Ying. A lot of people give a "bloody f[BLEEP]k" about you. Far more than you deserve, considering the way you act towards them.

[18:35] <Kitalia> Is there... The Phantom of the Opera...

[18:35] <Solarchos> Planet Hentai and opera-singing. It's...different, that's for sure.

[18:35] <-YingGirl> ..Stop with your bulls[BLEEP]t!

[18:36] * -YingGirl unleashes more daggers at the cloaked figure

[18:35] <Michael D> alittle bit of a low blow maybe cloaky.

[18:36] * Michael D raises his hand some and starts muttering something.

[18:37] * -The cloaked one spins his sword, parries, and swings so quickly his movements are almost a blur. The daggers are all deflected and swatted aside like autumn leaves.

[18:37] <-Erik> Sing my Angel of Music... Sing for me... Sing for me... Sing.. Sing my angel... SING FOR ME!

[18:37] * -YingGirl growls deeper....

[18:38] * -The cloaked one glances at D. "Perhaps, but she needs a cold shot of reality to snap her out of her mood."

[18:38] <Michael D> I wonder how much energy it takes for wormholes....

[18:38] <-The cloaked one> Besides, it's better she takes her frustrations out on me instead of someone else.

[18:39] <-YingGirl> ...just leave me alone.

[18:39] * -YingGirl whips another cranky bomb at the cloaked figure

[18:40] * -The cloaked one takes a step back, kneels down, and *bunt* the bomb off the blade of his sword like a ball in a game of Cricket. The bomb flies across the street and lands in a sewer-grate.

[18:41] <TuxRainbow> I agree

[18:41] <Michael D> altough you may do more harm then good at times...

[18:43] <Solarchos> Giving Morrigan to Yinggirl would NOT be a good idea. ~_~;;

[18:43] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[18:44] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[18:44] * -YingGirl 's eyes goes daek as she glares at the two of them

[18:44] <-YingGirl> dark^

[18:44] * Kitalia sings the high E which is the last note of the song when she ends the note she looks around hoping that at least some people would clap especially since she changed to her SUCCUBUS outfit in mid-performance

[18:44] * -The cloaked one just waits for Ying and watches her carefully, holding his sword loosly at his side.

[18:45] * Wolfwood is groveing to DJ Shadow & Dan The Automator-Sachidananda [trip-hop]

[18:45] * -Various fanboys break out into applause at the sight of Kitalia in a succubus outfit!

[18:45] * Kitalia also notes that it was the REMIX which is very modern and fun to GROOVE to

[18:45] * Michael D idle begins weaving through time and space with the energy he's gathered

[18:46] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - Hey, man. What's up?

[18:46] <Wolfwood> grove,'s good music

[18:47] <Wolfwood> hey Sol, not much...just taking care of a little something

[18:47] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - Just a warning. Ying's in a bad mood tonight. She's gunning for Morrigan...again.

[18:48] * S. Terra wishes she was at PH for the song

[18:48] <Wolfwood> -_-;; another normal night at Suburban Senshi

[18:48] * Kitalia tears off the succubus outfit to reveal a bikini top and a wrap around beach skirt

[18:48] <-YingGirl> .......leave me alone

[18:48] <TuxRainbow> And the fanboys go wild

[18:49] <TuxRainbow> Indeed, Wolfwood

[18:49] * Michael D suddenly stops and twitches

[18:49] * -The fanboys go wild!! ^___^

[18:49] * -Erik nosebleeds!

[18:49] <TuxRainbow> I knew it

[18:50] <-The cloaked one> No. You want to hurt Morrigan? I won't allow it. Either hurt *me* or *no one*! Got it?!

[18:50] * Wolfwood will drown out the angst with the super happy fun time music of Puffy AmiYumi

[18:50] * Michael D pulls down the hood, his face pale, a few tiny black viens around his eyes...his features slowly return to normal

[18:50] <TuxRainbow> lol

[18:50] * -YingGirl growls....and whips more daggers at the cloaked figure

[18:51] <TuxRainbow> She must have a few Cutco sets in there

[18:51] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - PuffyAmiYumi? Is that show any good?

[18:51] * S. Terra giggles

[18:51] * -Erik proceeds to grab Kitalia and kiss her passionately

[18:51] <Michael D> what...happened...and why am I dressed like this?

[18:51] <TuxRainbow> I wish I knew, Mike

[18:52] * -The cloaked one starts slashing and parrying the daggers again, knocking each and every one of them aside effortlessly.

[18:52] <Wolfwood> the shows....ok, i'm more a fan of the music than anything else

[18:52] <-YingGirl> ............

[18:52] <-> damn....he resisted me......just like the last time.......I shall find a way of revenge thou........

[18:53] <TuxRainbow> Who? Man... seems like everyone and their brother is after us

[18:53] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - Ah. And yeah, Ying's been in an angsty mood again today.

[18:53] * Michael D pieces things together "oh crap, I remember now"

[18:53] <Wolfwood> my sister likes that Larc en Ciel and Gackto crap, so i've been turned off to most other J pop music

[18:53] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (You can all just go to hell! I know when I'm not wanted...You don't need to shove it in my face!)

[18:53] <S. Terra> So we've noticed. The has been sounded

[18:53] * Solarchos wonders what just happened with Mike?

[18:53] <Michael D> damn, geat job people

[18:53] <S. Terra> Sorry

[18:54] <TuxRainbow> Someone tried to get to him

[18:54] * TuxRainbow was away

[18:54] * -The cloaked one sighs heavily. "At least no one *else* got hurt."

[18:55] <TuxRainbow> Agreed

[18:56] * -The cloaked one looks at D. "What were you trying to attempt? Teleport that succubus here?"

[18:56] * Mango-chan is back.

[18:56] <Michael D> I'm....not sure...

[18:58] * Mango-chan sits down and decides to rest.

[18:58] * -The cloaked one sheathes his sword.

[18:59] <Solarchos> Hmm...I'm actually kinda proud of Yinggirl. She didn't go into werewolf form and trash the area.

[19:01] * Mango-chan turns on the TV

[19:02] * -The cloaked one quickly examines D for injuries. "Something attempted to magically dominate you. You were fortunate."

[19:02] * Kitalia is being CARRIED back into the private room by Erik!

[19:03] * -Erik whispers something to Kitalia who giggles

[19:03] * Michael D for some reason facepalms at someones comment.

[19:04] <Michael D> I think I know what it was........chaos......

[19:04] <-The cloaked one> Who? Let me guess...the Fallen Angel's comment?

[19:06] <Michael D> i have low level telepathy, it's hazy i just heard the words

[19:07] * Solarchos browtwitches. "You know, maybe I should just shut up whenever Yinggirl's around and completely ignore her. I'd save myself a lot of aggrevation."

[19:09] <Michael D> it just doesn't help sometimes solar

[19:09] <Solarchos> ~_~;;;

[19:09] * Michael D teleports back to the house, in his normal clothes

[19:11] * -The cloaked one nods at D and begins to walk away.

[19:12] *** -The cloaked one has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "I think I've done all I can for today.")

[19:12] <Michael D> I take it nothing happened while i was "gone"

[19:13] * - there is a low laughter from outside.

[19:13] * Solarchos sits back in the couch. ~_~;;

[19:15] <Michael D> I remember a little but not alot of what happened after i came here tonight

[19:16] * Solarchos takes a quick look outside. "Who's laughing out there? Haruka? Zendeera ( browtwitch ) ?

[19:17] <Michael D> huh?

[19:17] * Solarchos is carrying an armed plasma rifle and a photon grenade, just in case.

[19:19] * Solarchos quickly fills in Mike on what he and the cloaked one did with Yinggirl outside Planet Hentai.

[19:19] * - a figure stands on the nearby roof, holding a gagged person, appearing to be female since the figure has long hair.

[19:20] <Michael D> whats going on?

[19:20] <DvlmayCry> Hey, what happened?

[19:21] * - drives a sword through the figure, causing a scream, and he throws the body off the building, sword and all.

[19:21] * - the person who was laughing drove the sword through the female figure*

[19:21] * Solarchos focuses in on the figure, his Occulobe implant filtering his vision and allowing his eyes to adapt to the low-light conditions.

[19:22] * - The Female figure hits the ground with a crack.

[19:22] * - The person leaves before being seen.

[19:22] * Solarchos opens fire at the sword-carrying female figure! Max-yield blast!

[19:22] * DvlmayCry charges outside the house, followed by Mike

[19:22] * -The Female Figure is clearly visible.

[19:23] <DvlmayCry> I hate shadowy figures......

[19:23] * Solarchos rushes over to the girl on the ground with a trauma pack and a terrible feeling...

[19:23] * -The Female Figure is now known as Envy

[19:23] <DvlmayCry> the f[BLEEP]k?

[19:23] * Envy has a sword in his chest.

[19:24] * -YingGirl is away: hanging around DMC office

[19:24] <Envy> ((Envy appears female))

[19:24] * Solarchos immediately begins performing emergency first aid on Envy, slapping a torso-patch and lots of blood-stopper on her.

[19:24] <Solarchos> HEY! Can I get some help here?!!

[19:25] * Solarchos immediately gives Envy a shot of morphine and *leaves the sword alone* for the moment. Removing a weapon from a stab-victim can do more harm than good.

[19:26] * Michael D begins casting curaga

[19:26] * Envy is male, so you know.

[19:26] <DvlmayCry> I'm out of supplies, I need to swing by the office for some stars and orbs, I'll be back ASAP.

[19:27] * DvlmayCry hopes and on his bike and takes off

[19:27] * Solarchos is silently grateful. "For a moment I though Zendeera had gotten a hold of Shaldra! For a moment I though it might have been Shaldra on the ground!"

[19:27] * DvlmayCry enroute to DMC "Speed limit....whats that again?"

[19:27] * Kitalia comes out of the private room with Erik her curls now mussed and her dress quite wrinkled

[19:28] * DvlmayCry had some bad thoughts that, that might have been vanessa

[19:28] * Michael D continues to cast "Work quick solar, don't know how much longer I can keep this up"

[19:29] * Envy isn't recovering well, though, something's missing...

[19:29] * Solarchos uses blood-stopper on both sides of Envy's wound, trying to stop the bleeding.

[19:31] * Envy 's bleeding stops.

[19:31] * -Course, Ying is hanging around the DMC. She hung herself by using cord as her lifeless body stays still....

[19:31] <Solarchos> Mike - This is something that can't be rushed. If I pull that sword out, he'll bleed to death within minutes.

[19:32] * Solarchos slowly begins pulling the sword out...millimeter by millimeter...using more blood-stopper with each pull to control the bleeding.

[19:33] * Michael D starts groaning "please......hurry......"

[19:33] * -The cloaked one walks up to Ying, draws his sword, hacks through the cord she's dangling from, and allows her to fall to the floor.

[19:33] * DvlmayCry walks in the door, carrying a bag from his bike, dropping it on the ground as he see's.....

[19:34] <DvlmayCry> VANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[19:34] * Solarchos pulls out the sword half-way...stuffing a batch of Stinger Mold inside the wound to staunch the bleeding.

[19:34] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:34] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[19:34] * -She slams into the floor, like a rag doll

[19:35] * -The cloaked one kneels down next to Ying. "She's still alive...barely. Another few seconds, though."

[19:35] * Shaldra Darkness came from family hell into hell. Fun. ><

[19:35] * Solarchos finally pulls the sword out of Envy and applies a LOT of plastiskin bandages to him.

[19:36] * DvlmayCry grabs a yellow orb, ready to use it "you'd better not f[BLEEP]k up...."

[19:36] * Solarchos feels TOTAL RELIEF at the sight of Shaldra. ^_^

[19:37] * -The cloaked one places both of his hands on Ying's chest and begins to magically heal her.

[19:37] * Shaldra Darkness raises one hand idly. "Jease, I can't leave this place for one hour without having to come back to heal."

[19:37] * Michael D falls to his knees

[19:37] * Envy is healed, but his eyes are blank, something is still missing.

[19:38] * Kitalia and Erik have gone back to the Suburban Senshi's house

[19:38] <Solarchos> Mike - Okay! Done! I hope it's enough.

[19:39] <Solarchos> Uhh, can somebody scan Envy for his mind or his soul? That blank expression he's got is a clue.

[19:39] * Solarchos quickly rushes over to Shaldra and hugs her tight.

[19:39] * -YingGirl lies there....

[19:39] * DvlmayCry smashes the yellow orb

[19:40] * Shaldra Darkness narrows her eyes slightly, watching Envy... "Heh, a soul stolen."

[19:40] * DvlmayCry let's the contence leak into Vanessa's mouth "I hope this works like the last time"

[19:40] * -The cloaked one continues to focus his powers on Ying...restarting the neurons in her brain, telepathically reactivating her autonomic nervous system...

[19:40] * Shaldra Darkness hugs Solarchos lightly, though seems oddly depressed...

[19:41] * Envy isn't missing his soul, he's missing something else.

[19:41] <Solarchos> Shaldra - What's wrong?

[19:42] <Shaldra Darkness> Hmm... *sigh*

[19:42] * -The cloaked one continues to focus his healing powers onto Ying...her lungs start up again, as does her heart...

[19:43] * Solarchos listens intently to whatever Shaldra has to say.

[19:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - It's... Mew... she's gone...

[19:44] * Envy has a note in his hand.

[19:44] <Solarchos> Shaldra - What? But she was here this morning with Kelric? What happened?

[19:45] * -YingGirl jolts back up, coughing

[19:45] * Solarchos is near the house, so he doesn't notice the note in Envy's hand.

[19:46] <DvlmayCry> Thank god, Vanessa, why did you do that!?!?!

[19:46] * Mango-chan goes outside to find Envy c[BLEEP]ked out, and picks up the note.

[19:46] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - She... she was exploring the temple with Kelric... and just vanished... We couldn't get a strait answer out of Kel...

[19:46] * -The cloaked one leans down close to Ying's face, his eyes blazing emerald green. "What were you trying to do?! Speak!!"

[19:46] * -YingGirl narrows her eyes, growling lowly

[19:46] <Mango-chan> "I promised you he'd be back. Muraki."

[19:47] <-YingGirl> ....getting rid of my problems.

[19:47] <Mango-chan> ...Strange, I'd never imagine Muraki to be so straight forward. He's more of a person who wouldn't make it evident it was him...

[19:47] * Mango-chan mentally picks up Envy and walks back to the house.

[19:48] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Morrigan's currently on Expel. Maybe she snatched Mew out of harm's way?

[19:48] * Mango-chan enters the house.

[19:48] <DvlmayCry> and what's that suppose to mean?!?!

[19:48] <-YingGirl> but it seems they're still here.

[19:49] * Mango-chan sets him down on the sailor sofa, and brushes a hair away from his neck, "...wait..."

[19:49] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[19:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I... I don't know... I'm so worried...

[19:49] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Wait a sec. When exactly did this happen?

[19:50] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Later in the afternoon... while the sun was setting...

[19:50] <DvlmayCry> I REALLY want to know what that's suppose to mean.

[19:50] * Mango-chan places her hand on his chest, and sends a telepathic pulse through his body, "Oh my god..."

[19:50] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[19:51] <-The cloaked one> Nice, Ying. You tried to "solve" your problems...and created all new ones.

[19:51] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[19:51] * -YingGirl gives a swift kick at the cloaked figure

[19:52] <Mango-chan> Envy...he has no heart!

[19:52] * Solarchos cringes at the news. "I *warned* them to stay away from the temple when the sun went down! I was afraid that kinda thing might happen!"

[19:52] * Shaldra Darkness looks over at Mango. "What? How is he possibly surviving?!"

[19:52] <Mango-chan> I...I don't know!

[19:53] * -The cloaked one grabs Ying's leg, twists to the side, falls to the floor, and puts Ying into a leg-lock.

[19:53] <Solarchos> Mango - It sounds like Envy's been put under some kind of magical curse.

[19:54] <Mango-chan> ...It must be the homunculus...

[19:54] <Michael D> thats a new aligment to me....

[19:54] <Mango-chan> That would make more sense.

[19:54] <-YingGirl> HEY!!!!!

[19:54] <-The cloaked one> Right now Ying, you don't have any right to be pissed off at anyone. Also, unless you want me to break your knee like a twig you'd better calm DOWN!!!

[19:54] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - If it was a curse, I've never heard of it. Only extremely powerful magic could do that!

[19:55] <Solarchos> Somebody tie up Envy *good*! Whoever did that to him might be able to magically control him now.

[19:55] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrrrrr......

[19:55] * DvlmayCry blinks "dude, the f[BLEEP]k?"

[19:56] * Solarchos hugs Shaldra tight again. "For a moment, I thought that Envy might've been you."

[19:57] * Mango-chan notes that there was a curse used to kidnap him, so there must be a curse used to kidnap him...

[19:57] <Mango-chan> keep him alive*

[19:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I'm sorry I made you worry.

[19:57] * -The cloaked one glances at Dante. "I'm not going to hurt her unless she tries something stupid again."

[19:58] * Solarchos kisses Shaldra. "You have nothing to be sorry about, love."

[19:58] * Mango-chan mentally places a bubble around Envy

[19:59] * Mango-chan goes to get some rope.

[19:59] <Solarchos> Mango - I've read that removing the heart from someone like that is a major componant in spells designed to create undead creatures.

[19:59] <Mango-chan> Perhaps.

[20:00] * Mango-chan looks out the window, "But I know a lot about that moon."

[20:00] * -YingGirl snarls....

[20:00] * -The cloaked one applies enough pressure to Ying's knee to make it hurt. "Now EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!!"

[20:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - You're quite correct. Many people, mainly necromancers, commonly take live victims and remove eather their heart or brain to creat undead worriors or, in some cases, demons.

[20:01] * Shaldra Darkness steps on a Typo Demon

[20:01] * -YingGirl yelps

[20:01] <-YingGirl> yipe!

[20:01] <DvlmayCry> Dude, if you do any perminite damage......

[20:02] <DvlmayCry> so help me..........*pupils go red*

[20:03] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Now what about Kelric? What's up with him?

[20:03] <Mango-chan> Dr. Muraki only kills under the blood moon.When anyone sheds blood under the blood moon, their power is heightened.

[20:04] * -The cloaked one glances at Dante. "If I wanted to injure her, her knee would be bending sideways at a 45-degree angle right now."

[20:04] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - His memorys of inside the temple seems to be completely gone...

[20:05] <Mango-chan> If a person takes their heart then he must've used his new power to use the heart of a stronger being so that he could become even more powerful.

[20:06] <Mango-chan> Meaning that the heart has a curse on it so that right now he's Muraki's puppet.

[20:06] <Solarchos> Mango - On a more gruesome note, taking the heart of someone is also a big part of many cannibalistic cultures. Supposedly, the taker gains the strength of power of the original owner. XP

[20:07] <Mango-chan> I know. The heart and the brain.

[20:07] <Shaldra Darkness> Mnago - Well, that's great. ><

[20:07] <Shaldra Darkness> ^Mango

[20:07] * Shaldra Darkness steps on another Typo Demon

[20:08] <Mango-chan> If he merges the heart with his body, then Envy'll probabally be property of Muraki for as long as he's alive....

[20:08] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:08] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[20:08] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa..

[20:08] <Wolfwood> grrrrrrrrrrrr

[20:08] <Solarchos> Shaldra - We need to find Mew.

[20:08] <-YingGirl> ..............

[20:09] * -The cloaked one maintains his grip on Ying. "Now starting talking! You owe Dante an explanation about why you scared the living s[BLEEP]t out of him!!"

[20:09] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Yes... but how? She left no trace!

[20:09] <-YingGirl> ....get off me

[20:11] <-The cloaked one> Hell, seeing you hanging dead inside his office would probably give Dante nightmares for the rest of his life! Now TALK!!"

[20:12] <DvlmayCry> ....

[20:12] <DvlmayCry> ..don't...hurt her

[20:13] <-YingGirl> get off me.

[20:13] * Shaldra Darkness can't believe this, Envy... Mew... why does this all have to happen at once...

[20:13] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Maybe we should begin exploring the temple by room.

[20:14] <-YingGirl> dante does not deserve me.

[20:14] * Mango-chan sits and watches Envy carefully.

[20:16] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Yes... but... when? We can't go there at night, but we can't leave it long... who knows what will happen!

[20:16] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, please....stop saying that, It's not true....

[20:16] <-The cloaked one> So you try to get the point across by attempting suicide?!

[20:16] * Michael D silently in a corner, trying to recover himself

[20:17] <-YingGirl> is. Cause no f[BLEEP]ker deserves someone who goes very violent when folks touch her....

[20:17] * Solarchos truly wishes he didn't have to go to work in the morning IRL. >_<;;

[20:17] * -YingGirl glares at the cloaked figure. "I said get off me."

[20:18] * Mango-chan wonders where the shinigami would be right about now...

[20:18] <DvlmayCry> but i understand why you do thou.

[20:19] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I doubt I can help directly, except to send the Delmos on a rescue mission with you, armed with every weapon in my arsenal...and LOTS and LOTS of pulse-lasers and photon flash-grenades.

[20:19] <-YingGirl> grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

[20:20] * -The cloaked one slowly gets off Ying and lets her stand up.

[20:21] * Shaldra Darkness shivers... "I... I don't..."

[20:21] <-YingGirl> ...why can you just let me die?

[20:21] * DvlmayCry goes over to Vanessa "that better?"

[20:21] <DvlmayCry> I still don't understand why you want to?

[20:22] * Solarchos hugs Shaldra close. "We'll find her. We find Mew. I promise."

[20:22] * -YingGirl weakly get up, limping a little as her leg is now blue

[20:22] <-YingGirl> cause i'm useless alive

[20:22] <DvlmayCry> I've got a few vitality stars around vanessa

[20:23] <-YingGirl> ....i'm fine.

[20:24] * Shaldra Darkness leans heavily on Solarchos, tears streaming down her face

[20:24] <DvlmayCry> your not useless to me vanessa.

[20:25] <-YingGirl> ...dante. Stop it.

[20:26] * Mango-chan watches Envy.

[20:26] *** Morrigan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:26] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Morrigan

[20:26] <Mango-chan> Morrigan-san!

[20:26] <DvlmayCry> but I don't think your useless

[20:27] * Morrigan slumps to the ground, carrying something in her arms and bleeding from dozens of jagged lacerations.

[20:27] <Shaldra Darkness> Huh?!

[20:27] * -The cloaked one watches Ying carefully...and makes sure there's nothing sharp within reach of her.

[20:27] <Solarchos> Morrigan! What the...?

[20:28] <-YingGirl> ...........

[20:28] * Morrigan smiles weakly, winks, and lays the huge bundle on the ground.

[20:29] <-YingGirl> ....

[20:29] <Mango-chan> Is that...mew-san?

[20:29] <Morrigan> Oh Shaldra...I found your sister for you...! ^_^

[20:30] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, I don't want to lose you

[20:30] * Shaldra Darkness gasps and rushes over to Morrigan and Mew

[20:30] <-YingGirl> ...i better be going. I know i'm not wanted.... and like the figure said, "I create more problems."

[20:30] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, please don't go

[20:31] <-YingGirl> why?!

[20:31] * Mango-chan smiles, one drama case solved.

[20:31] * Morrigan lays an unconscious, but very much alive Mew on the ground. "She took a wrong turn in a bad neighborhood. You know, there are some places you just don't go into after dark..."

[20:32] * Mew lays there, blood dripping from multiple wounds

[20:32] * Solarchos rushes over to Morrigan and Mew.

[20:32] <DvlmayCry> I just don't want you to go.....I was actualy....scarred....when i saw you like that...

[20:33] * Shaldra Darkness smiles happily, tears still streaming down her face "Thank you... thank you so much.."

[20:33] * Mango-chan watches Envy carefully, though.

[20:33] * Shaldra Darkness goes on to healing both of them.

[20:33] <-YingGirl> ....dante, humans don't live should get used to it seeing me dead

[20:33] * Solarchos begins treating Mew, bandaging her wounds, applying blood-stoppers and painkillers, and giving her a shot of morphine for shock.

[20:34] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, I know, but I don't want it to be like that for a long time.

[20:35] <-The cloaked one> Ying, yes you're going to die one day and Dante needs to realize that, BUT NOT BY DANGLING IN FRONT OF HIM LIKE A f[BLEEP]kING TURKEY IN A MARKET!!

[20:35] <Shaldra Darkness> I... I'm so happy...

[20:36] * Morrigan is badly hurt. She went through hell rescuing Mew from Zendeera. "Heh...I know I look bad but you should see the other b[BLEEP]ch!"

[20:37] * Shaldra Darkness continues to heal Morrigan

[20:37] * Envy turns lightly, and begins to sweat lightly.

[20:37] * DvlmayCry has lost everyone he's care about in his life before he should have......

[20:38] * -The cloaked one looks at Dante. "I'm going to leave this in your hands, since you and Ying have a LOT to talk about. And believe me, she has a LOT to deal and in the enar future."

[20:39] * Mango-chan lightly dabs Envy's head with her sleeve.

[20:39] *** -The cloaked one has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "That was stupid, Ying. Stupid, stupid, stupid.")

[20:40] <-YingGirl> .....f[BLEEP]ker

[20:40] <Solarchos> Mango - You'd better put a gag and blindfold on Envy, just in case whoever did that to him can see through his eyes or cast spells through him.

[20:40] * DvlmayCry sweatdrops at cloaky

[20:41] <Mango-chan> Hm...alright.

[20:41] * Mango-chan goes to get a blindfold and a gag.

[20:41] * Solarchos would thwap Yinggirl HARD if she wasn't halfway across town at DMC. ><;

[20:42] * Mango-chan thinks of raiding chibiusa's room for a gag.

[20:42] * Shaldra Darkness figures Mango shouldn't go in there. ><

[20:43] <Mango-chan> I know, I was kidding. I figured that she'd have a ball gag.

[20:43] * Mango-chan goes into the kitchen.

[20:43] * Morrigan slumps over into Solarchos' arms, smiling weakly.

[20:43] * Envy 's hand slowly moves.

[20:43] * -YingGirl notes the DMC office is in the US

[20:44] * Shaldra Darkness looks down at Mew, brushing a bit of hair from her face.

[20:45] * Envy sits up, though ends up hitting his head against the bubble.

[20:45] <Morrigan> Ugh...I feel like s[BLEEP]t...

[20:46] <Solarchos> Morrigan - Easy girl. We'll get you fixed up.

[20:47] * Envy looks around.

[20:47] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa...

[20:47] * -YingGirl turns to face Dante. "What?"

[20:47] * @S.X. Aino is sitting quietly on her mom's sofa.

[20:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Sakura, you're way to quiet.

[20:48] * Envy cringes, and places his hand through the bubble, tightening his grip.

[20:48] * @S.X. Aino smiles

[20:48] <@S.X. Aino> I'm kinda tired ^_^

[20:48] <Morrigan> I did find something pretty cool...Zendeera's got a nice little ceremonial hall for herself...looks like something out of that "Dark Crystal" movie...big glowing black rock in the middle of a creepy temple...

[20:49] *** Furu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:49] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Furu

[20:49] <DvlmayCry> Why did you want to leave me like that....

[20:49] * Envy walks through the bubble, and falls.

[20:49] <Furu> Hey hey hey

[20:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Morrigan - Glowing... black.. rock...?

[20:49] * @S.X. Aino waves to everyone, and to her Uncle Furu

[20:49] * Envy goes back to being lifeless.

[20:49] <Solarchos> Somebody reinforce that force-bubble on Envy! Ugh, where's a Green Lantern when you really need one?

[20:50] * Mango-chan reenters with a gag and blindfold, "...FURU! Solar found Envy!"

[20:50] * Furu waves back

[20:50] <-YingGirl> ...why can't i? i deserve to die

[20:51] * Mango-chan notes that her bubble musn't be strong enough, she'll go into meditation after she gags and blindfolds him.

[20:51] * DvlmayCry shakes his head "You don't vanessa, you don't deserve to die"

[20:51] <Furu> Ha! Good for him! ^_^

[20:51] * Morrigan nods weakly at Shaldra, still smiling. "Yup...big glowing black rock covered with weird etchings...typical magical power-source for those ancient demon-magi-types...I've seen hundreds of those things in my life..."

[20:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Someone call for a Green Lantern?

[20:51] <@S.X. Aino> I played bongo on some on Planet Nemesis.

[20:52] <Solarchos> Sakura - much have you witnessed tonight?

[20:52] <Mango-chan> see, Furu...his heart was ripped of his body...

[20:52] <@S.X. Aino> Nothing really, I just wandered out of my TARDIS for some fresh air.

[20:52] * Mango-chan finishes gagging Envy, and blindfolds her.

[20:52] *** Ikari Shinji has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:52] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Ikari Shinji

[20:52] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Ikari Shinji
[20:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Eh, make it official.

[20:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Furu, Sakura, whoever called for GL room service, and everyone else.

[20:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Morrgian - Can you describe any of the etchings? Even one?

[20:53] <Mango-chan> Hey Shinji!

[20:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey Mango!

[20:54] <Furu> Hiya Ikari

[20:54] * Mango-chan moves Envy back toward the sailor sofa, sits crosslegged five feet away from him, and meditates.

[20:54] * @S.X. Aino notes BitTorrent may soon be back with a vengeance.

[20:54] <@S.X. Aino> -->

[20:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Double greetings to you, Furu, son of... nevermind.

[20:55] * Solarchos points at Envy. "Shinji...put a Green Lantern-style containment field on him. He's been possessed!"

[20:55] <DvlmayCry> I lost everyone I cared about before there time Vanessa....I didn't want to lose you the same way....

[20:55] * @Ikari Shinji was totally going to do a "Lord of the Rings" greeting but changed his mind due to something...

[20:55] * Mango-chan is creating a strong vacuum like bubble.

[20:55] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, Ikari.

[20:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Shaldra.

[20:56] * Furu GLARES at Ikari. "...Damn right, nevermind."

[20:56] <Morrigan> Old, ancient stuff, Shaldra...stuff from before the current civilizations on Expel...according to Kelric...( cough )

[20:56] * Shaldra Darkness nods lightly

[20:57] <-YingGirl> rrr

[20:58] * Michael D comes to in the corner

[20:58] * Furu goes to his dancing like an idiot act

[20:58] <Morrigan> Mmmm...sleepy...^_^

[20:59] * Mango-chan has now blocked all communication from her mind, and is in a deep meditation.

[20:59] <TuxRainbow> heh

[20:59] <S. Terra> Interesting

[20:59] * @Ikari Shinji reinforces Mango's bubble with his ring

[20:59] * Mango-chan has a strong barrier around Envy...

[20:59] <@Ikari Shinji> There's my heoric duty.

[20:59] * Solarchos finishes bandaging up Morrigan and Mew.

[21:00] <Solarchos> Shinji - Thanks.

[21:00] * -YingGirl looks at Dante

[21:00] <Solarchos> Mew - Are you all right? Are you conscious?

[21:01] <@Ikari Shinji> You're welcome, Sol.

[21:01] * DvlmayCry looks to vanessa

[21:01] <Morrigan> ...Kelric said something about that place being the core of the bad mojo filling the place...

[21:01] <S. Terra> You felt it?

[21:02] <TuxRainbow> I won't say it

[21:02] <Morrigan> Mmm...I think I need to sleep this off...can somebody get me to bed, please?

[21:02] <S. Terra> WHose bed? *ducks*

[21:02] * TuxRainbow chuckles

[21:02] * Shaldra Darkness is thinking...

[21:02] *** Sailor Io has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:02] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Io

[21:02] <-YingGirl> why me?

[21:03] * Morrigan snickers and smiles at Terra. "Why mine of course!" ^_~

[21:03] <TuxRainbow> Something wrong, Shaldra?

[21:03] <S. Terra> Oh... heh ^_^;;

[21:03] <Furu> Heya Io-san

[21:03] * Mew groans

[21:03] <S. Terra> Hello, Io

[21:03] * Sailor Io has a hot cup of coffee in her hands.

[21:03] <Sailor Io> Hey.

[21:03] * S. Terra notes that she will let Mary stay up until midnight tomorrow, if she can make it

[21:04] <DvlmayCry> I've told you before vanessa, I love you becuase of your personality and who you are..

[21:04] * Sailor Io is currently on her third of six DVDs.

[21:04] <Shaldra Darkness> Ya, I'm thinking about Zendeera...

[21:04] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I'd better get Morrigan back to the Bunker. She's a wreck. Mew's not doing too badly. Mostly just shock, some scratches, and she's probably had all of her available mana for spell-casting drained. She should be all right, though.

[21:04] <-YingGirl> .......course if we end in bed, morrigan will enjoy poking me

[21:04] <Sailor Io> Or five of eight, if you include Yami no Matsuei...

[21:04] * Shaldra Darkness nods at Solar's words.

[21:04] * @S.X. Aino waves to io.

[21:05] * Solarchos hugs Shaldra tight. "I'm really glad everything worked out all right for Mew."

[21:05] * Sailor Io bows to Sakura.

[21:05] <DvlmayCry> morrigan is a pain...

[21:05] <S. Terra> Hello, Sakura. Didn't notice you were here.

[21:05] * @S.X. Aino hands out gummi bears

[21:05] * Shaldra Darkness hugs back "Ya, it's such a relief."

[21:05] <TuxRainbow> But she's our pain, Dante. One of us, so to speak

[21:05] <@S.X. Aino> I'm being inconspicuously inconspicuous.

[21:06] * Morrigan passes out...too much of a beating, too little energy left.

[21:06] * Michael D crawls out of the corner "hey everyone"

[21:06] * TuxRainbow eats some gummi bears

[21:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Dante - Morrigan is not a pain! She just saved my sister!

[21:06] * Furu scarfs down on gummi bears...and chokes on one

[21:06] <TuxRainbow> lol

[21:06] <-YingGirl> ....

[21:06] * @S.X. Aino THWACKS Furu on the back

[21:06] <S. Terra> It's just her good deed for the millennium, I guess ^_~

[21:06] <Solarchos> Somebody use the Heimlich Maneuver on Furu.

[21:06] * S. Terra nibbles on gummi bears

[21:07] <Solarchos> Everyone - I'll see you later.

[21:07] <S. Terra> What about the Furulich Maneuver? *ducks*

[21:07] <@S.X. Aino> Byes Solar!

[21:07] * DvlmayCry is referring to something else shaldra...

[21:07] <S. Terra> Bye, Solar

[21:07] <Shaldra Darkness> Night, love. I'll catch up with you later.

[21:07] * Michael D pulls himself onto a sofa

[21:07] * S. Terra chuckles to herself

[21:08] * Furu sends the gummi bear flying across the room

[21:08] <S. Terra> YOu okay, Mike?

[21:08] <S. Terra> Incoming.

[21:08] * Sailor Io looks to the big green bubble.

[21:08] <Sailor Io> ...Eh?

[21:08] <Furu> Gah...

[21:08] * @S.X. Aino calaculates the trajectory of the bear for no reason.

[21:08] * Solarchos smiles and tosses a Sailor V plushie into S.Terra's lap. ;P

[21:08] <Furu> Thanks..

[21:08] * Shaldra Darkness gets pegged in the forehead with a gummi bear. O_o;;

[21:08] * TuxRainbow hugs Terra comfortingly

[21:08] <Furu> Phht. Showoff :P

[21:08] <Michael D> Just very tired Terra, i've had a rough day and night

[21:08] *** Solarchos has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Thank goodness Mew is all right. The Emperor protects.")

[21:09] * S. Terra watches the plushie land in her lap ^_^

[21:09] <@S.X. Aino> Shaldra.. the bear will hit yo... oh, I see you noticed.

[21:09] * S. Terra tosses the plushie back to SOlar. "I have one already."

[21:09] * Morrigan is gone. Out like a light for the night.

[21:09] <Shaldra Darkness> Yes, I noticed. ~_~;;

[21:09] * @S.X. Aino is suffering a bit of mental lag tonight

[21:09] <-YingGirl> .....

[21:09] <S. Terra> ok

[21:09] <Sailor Io> Ikari, want to explain why there's a big green bubble behind where the meditating one is?

[21:09] <-YingGirl> i must get some rest

[21:10] <S. Terra> np, Sakura... it's been a long night, and tomorrow, even longer

[21:10] <S. Terra> See you later, Ying

[21:10] * Shaldra Darkness flicks the gummi bear off her forehead

[21:10] <DvlmayCry> alright Vanessa, sleep well

[21:10] <Furu> There needs to be no explanation :P

[21:10] <@S.X. Aino> Hmm? Oh, your new Year's.

[21:10] * TuxRainbow whispers something to Terra

[21:10] <Michael D> Goodnight Vanessa

[21:10] <S. Terra> Indeed, Sakura

[21:11] * S. Terra can't wait until 2005

[21:11] * Shaldra Darkness might not be on New Years, has some stuff to do. ((Anime marathon with friends. ^_^))

[21:11] <-YingGirl> do you want me to rest here?

[21:11] <@S.X. Aino> Cool!!

[21:11] <TuxRainbow> Another year ends, and a new one starts... a good year for all, I hope

[21:11] * @S.X. Aino will prbably be on planet Namek.

[21:11] <Furu> Is there gonna be a party or something tomorrow?

[21:11] <DvlmayCry> I'd be more then happy to house you vanessa.

[21:12] <Furu> Namek?

[21:12] * S. Terra assumes that Xadium and Minako are celebrating New Year's somewhere (or somewhen)

[21:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Namek! The Planet of the Puns!

[21:12] <@S.X. Aino> Furu: I dunno, I guess Mom will try to do something.

[21:12] * -YingGirl takes towards the guest room

[21:12] <@S.X. Aino> They'll probably be here to celebrate.

[21:12] *** Sailor Io has left #suburbansenshi2 (blah.)

[21:12] * TuxRainbow has always wanted to see Namek and Piccolo

[21:12] * @Ikari Shinji has returned from being distracted

[21:13] <@S.X. Aino> I will be conversing with the Namek Elders.

[21:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Ugh, I was just about to answer Io's question.

[21:13] <S. Terra> Nevermind my comment, then :D

[21:13] <S. Terra> About?

[21:13] <@S.X. Aino> Byes Io.

[21:13] * Shaldra Darkness still has to finish getting the anime all sorted out. 12 hours straight. With beer and chips. ^_^

[21:13] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (sleep)

[21:13] <@S.X. Aino> Terra: Just about the rebuilding of their society after suffering so much devastation at the hands of Furiza.

[21:14] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (resting)

[21:14] * @S.X. Aino may decide to do a marathon too. All by herself.

[21:14] <Furu> How long ago was that?

[21:14] * Furu notes that there's a lot of other planets Furiza got his hands on too

[21:15] <@S.X. Aino> Furu: Well, a while, relative to Earth, but I'm going to Namek II just a few months after.

[21:15] * @S.X. Aino spent a lot of time on Namek, feels a kinship with them, goes back often.

[21:15] <Michael D> I'll probaly be here online, not much to going on here.

[21:15] * Shaldra Darkness picks up Mew, yes, the younger sister is picking up the older (and taller) one that easily

[21:15] <@S.X. Aino> As a very famous Time Lord once said, "All sentient life is our kith."

[21:16] * @S.X. Aino has to go, take care all.

[21:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, Sakura.

[21:16] <Shaldra Darkness> I'm going to bring Mew out of here. Then catch up with Solar-kun. I'll see you all tomorrow, maybe.

[21:16] * @S.X. Aino dashes off to take care of something incredibly vital and urgent

[21:16] <Shaldra Darkness> See ya, Sakura.

[21:17] * @S.X. Aino changes topic to `Happy New Year from S.X. Aino and the Sub-Urban Senshi`

[21:17] * @S.X. Aino is gone

[21:17] *** SaiyaJedi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:17] <@spiritflame> Irasshai SaiyaJedi

[21:17] <SaiyaJedi> Hey, guys.

[21:17] * SaiyaJedi watches as Sakura dashes off

[21:17] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (Thank god Mew's alright, I don't want to lose anyone more in my life.)

[21:17] <Furu> Bye Sakura-chan!

[21:18] *** Mew has left #suburbansenshi2

[21:18] * @S.X. Aino tells SJ to check his mail as she goes.

[21:18] * SaiyaJedi nods

[21:18] * @S.X. Aino is away: for real. Honest.

[21:18] <Furu> Hiyaa SJ

[21:19] * Mango-chan in her meditation, wonders what the Ranma sense of the term date means...

[21:20] * Michael D shakes his head "Whats going on?"

[21:20] <SaiyaJedi> Hey, Shinji #2.

[21:20] * SaiyaJedi shrugs

[21:20] <SaiyaJedi> Nothin' much.

[21:20] <Furu> Not a clue :P

[21:20] <SaiyaJedi> Requested an image from the Doctor the instant he announced the CG service; otherwise, same as usual.

[21:22] <Furu> Damn fast.

[21:22] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[21:23] * SaiyaJedi notes he thought it about time he had an "avatar" for his chatbox persona.

[21:23] * Furu likes the Sakura-chan image on the banner...thingie

[21:23] <Furu> Oooo..I see...

[21:24] * Furu already has one of those, on teh SSCRIN page.

[21:25] * Michael D is watching funny flashes

[21:25] * SaiyaJedi nods

[21:25] <Furu> I also joined the forums of a certain site you're very familiar with, buuut I refuse to start posting until I can find the right avatar.

[21:25] * SaiyaJedi wonders if Xadium used his own sketch or another image as the base...

[21:25] <SaiyaJedi> Ah...

[21:26] <SaiyaJedi> Well

[21:26] <SaiyaJedi> Mine is a frame from the Japanese "Advance Adventure" commercial

[21:26] <SaiyaJedi> (Advance Adventure is a DB game for the GameBoy Advance)

[21:26] <SaiyaJedi> Although you hardly need to be so unique.

[21:27] <Michael D> someone say....SSCRIN?!?! ^_^

[21:27] <SaiyaJedi> Hehe.

[21:27] * Furu is looking for a good Mr. Buu one.

[21:27] * SaiyaJedi notes: the latest update to the site might provide a source for an avatar

[21:28] <SaiyaJedi> ...oh.

[21:28] <SaiyaJedi> In that case... hmm...

[21:28] <Furu> As for Advance Adventure, yeah, I got it on ROM and just ordered it the other day. (I consider ROMs to be a form of renting, since I find it hard to truly get into a game on a frickin' computer)

[21:28] <SaiyaJedi> Why not look for a song called "Pink Dinosaur" on

[21:29] * SaiyaJedi notes that it's Buu-centric

[21:29] <Furu> Got it, in fact.

[21:29] <SaiyaJedi> Hehe.

[21:29] <SaiyaJedi> Well, that's a possibility

[21:30] <SaiyaJedi> There's also a good number of Buu illustrations by the author... if you can find a site with Daizenshuu scans.

[21:30] <Michael D> I saw that AMV at Otakon. Funny as hell

[21:31] <Furu> Hmm. i'll go look for those.

[21:31] * Michael D wants to go to Otakon this year aswell

[21:33] * Furu is probably going to Acen next year

[21:33] <Furu> It'll be my first con. EVER.

[21:33] * Wolfwood yawns

[21:33] <Michael D> 2004's Otakon was my first ever. ^_^

[21:33] * Wolfwood is going to Ohyo con in a few weeks

[21:34] * Wolfwood will have to hang out with Furu at Acen

[21:34] * Michael D has to wait for july-august for the next otakon.

[21:35] <Michael D> would you beleave solar was at otakon too, and we never ran into each other. ^_^;;

[21:36] <Furu> What are the odds? XD Pretty good actually

[21:36] <Wolfwood> we need to get a Suburban Senshi photo shoot together at one of these cons

[21:36] * SaiyaJedi was at AnimeNEXT down in Secaucus this past June

[21:37] <SaiyaJedi> I'll be at Anime Boston this coming April.

[21:37] <Wolfwood> anyone gonna be at Ohyocon?

[21:37] * SaiyaJedi will not

[21:38] <Furu> Not having yet, no.

[21:38] <Michael D> I live in Maryland, so I'm a BIT to far away, I'm just glad Otakon is only a half hour drive away from were i live, I live in Baltimore County, and Otakon is in Baltimore, the city

[21:38] <Wolfwood> motherf[BLEEP]ker...I was hopeing to see at least one of you guys there =<

[21:38] <Furu> Sowwy

[21:39] <Wolfwood> i'll be at the next Otakon for sure though

[21:39] <Michael D> I would if I could Wolf, but It's a bit far for me. I'll deifinitely be at Otakon come summer. ^_^

[21:39] <Furu> 'tis out of my hands

[21:39] <Michael D> Solar might be there again too, so that be three Sub.Senshi people. ^_^

[21:40] <Wolfwood> i'll page you guys over the radio: "will the people from Suburban Senshi please get your asses to the front desk?"

[21:41] <Michael D> I was actualy thinking of getting a shirt made at one of the those T-shirt airbrushing places

[21:41] <SaiyaJedi> Heh

[21:41] * Mango-chan begins to leave deep meditation.

[21:41] * Mango-chan is in a trance.

[21:41] <Michael D> Get like a white camp shirt, and have "Team Suburban Senshi" airbrushed on the back and my handle under it...if it doesn't cost a fortune to do.

[21:41] <Furu> That'd be cool

[21:42] <Wolfwood> look for the freakishly tall guy in the bulletproof vest and the gun holsters...that'll be me

[21:42] <Michael D> Because Summer in B-More is...HOT....lose clothes that reflect light are a must.

[21:42] <Wolfwood> we should all cosplay as our chat char.

[21:42] <Michael D> hehe. Will do wolf.

[21:43] <Michael D> I was thinking about that too. Mine would be pretty simple, some blonde high lights and some black and gold robes a little metal disk on the chest with some kinda fake colored jewels on it and bam.

[21:44] * Furu could. He's got thejacket already.

[21:44] * Michael D would just need a lot of black and gold fabric to make robes.

[21:45] <Michael D> It's be pretty easy to make, and I have to color/redraw this too. XD -->

[21:45] <Wolfwood> on another note, anyone sent X money 'sides me yet?

[21:45] * Michael D would just have to make a black robe, and make a gold tunic and thats it.

[21:46] * Furu plans on it

[21:46] * SaiyaJedi prefers to "cosplay" as an ordinary con-goer

[21:46] <Michael D> I'm goinng to as soon as I make sure my credit card is payed off, should be by the weekend.

[21:46] <Wolfwood> ah

[21:46] * SaiyaJedi has sent his payment for his portrait; has not yet, however, sent any reference material

[21:46] * Michael D is more likely to go for the "Team Sub.Senshi" shirt over cosplay, but is entertaining the idea.

[21:47] <Furu> Ha!

[21:47] * Wolfwood drinks and smokes just like his chatbox char -_-;;

[21:47] <Michael D> I sent the check-in, but mail is screwed up due to the holidays.

[21:47] * SaiyaJedi (OOC), unlike his chatbox counterpart, has the occasional precognitive dream

[21:48] * Furu has the jacket and lack of social skills with women

[21:48] <Wolfwood> we should all come up with original chatbox char know, something for X to sell on the site

[21:48] * Michael D was never big on drinking, and can't stand smoke, dad used to smoke a pipe, no thanks to that hobby

[21:48] * SaiyaJedi (OOC), however, has no Force skills to speak of

[21:48] <Michael D> nice idea wolf.

[21:48] <SaiyaJedi> (OOC) or fancy color-changey hair.

[21:49] * Michael D unlike his character, has NO LUCK with girls

[21:50] <Furu> :P

[21:50] * Michael D is working on a new hack

[21:50] * Wolfwood notes the ladies love teh Wolfwood, except Wolf has a woman so he has no need for the fangirls

[21:50] <Furu> OOC: For me, you'd have to define "luck"

[21:50] <Michael D> status so far -->

[21:51] * Michael D resist the urge to point wolf at his Xanga for his tragric RL story

[21:51] <SaiyaJedi> Umm... it's a green Venus.

[21:52] * SaiyaJedi does, however, understand that it is to be made into Quinox; he's just being silly by pointing out the obvious

[21:52] * Michael D chuckles "It's matsumi-chan. :P"

[21:52] * SaiyaJedi nods

[21:53] <Mango-chan> It'll end up Mats soon, SJ

[21:53] * Michael D is also working on a mar's to ying one, he found these great pic of the inners online, and know who's bases are designed from who's so napped venus and mar's pics to play with

[21:53] * Furu declares SJ Master of The Obvious

[21:54] * SaiyaJedi gets up on his pedestal and smiles down on his admirers

[21:54] <SaiyaJedi> *at his admirers

[21:55] <Wolfwood> well, i'ma get off for a while and call my i'll see you poor crazy kids later

[21:56] <Furu> Adios, Wolf

[21:56] * Michael D delete's the evidence

[21:56] <Michael D> Matsumi-chan has to wait to see it finished, ^_~

[21:57] <Michael D> seeya wolf

[21:57] * SaiyaJedi would fine SG for apostrophe abuse, were he the Grammar Nazi

[21:57] * Wolfwood is away: my woman

[21:57] <Michael D> I'm no Dr. X, but I'm getting better at editing pictures....I hope ^_^;;

[21:57] * Mango-chan leaves her trance, meaning that Envy is now relying on whatever green lantern power there is surrounding him.

[21:57] * SaiyaJedi nods; is getting better just through experience

[21:58] * Michael D tosses a Bra Plushie at Saiya :p

[21:58] <SaiyaJedi> Of course, I can't draw; which is why I'm leaving my image up to him...

[21:58] <Mango-chan> s[BLEEP]t, I forgot to do that songfic thing...

[21:58] * Mango-chan notes that she'll have to work on that later.

[21:58] * SaiyaJedi catches the Bra plushie

[21:59] <SaiyaJedi> Does His Majesty know you have this? :-P

[21:59] <Michael D> I'm glad the "clone" brush worked, that's how I'm replicating the "stary" background effect to erase the extra hair with.

[21:59] * Michael D use Adobe Photodeluxe, not photoshop thou

[22:00] <Michael D> My watch can produce any plushie I think of thanks to nano stuffing & knitting technology

[22:00] * Furu demands a Pan plushie from Mike now :P

[22:00] * Michael D tosses Furu a Pan plushie, with plushie robo-suit to boot!

[22:01] * Mango-chan decides to sit over Envy, since there's now no barrier to him.

[22:01] <Furu> Ha! Thank you, Stuffed Toy Dispenser

[22:01] * Mango-chan wants a teen gohan plushie, but she won't ask for that.

[22:01] <S. Terra> AH, yes, Furiza...

[22:02] * Mr. Satan strides in

[22:02] <S. Terra> lol

[22:02] *** Mr. Satan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:02] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mr. Satan

[22:02] <S. Terra> Hooo, Mr. Satan

[22:02] <Mr. Satan> An' while you're at it, I demand a plushie of yours truly!

[22:02] <TuxRainbow> How is the Martial Arts champ?

[22:02] * SaiyaJedi nods to Satan

[22:03] * Michael D tosses Mr. Satan a....Mr. Satan plushie, with voice chip

[22:03] * TuxRainbow smiles at Mr. Satan

[22:03] <Mr. Satan> I've been pretty well.

[22:03] <TuxRainbow> Good, good

[22:03] <Mr. Satan> The life of a Champ is the good life.

[22:03] <Michael D> hug it to activate it.

[22:03] * Mr. Satan catches the plushie, and squeezes it

[22:03] <S. Terra> We know. We've seen your championship matches.

[22:03] <Michael D> I gotta go, gonna watch some Howard Stern and then get some sleep, night guys

[22:03] * S. Terra listens

[22:03] *** Michael D has left #suburbansenshi2 (night night)

[22:04] <S. Terra> Night, Mike

[22:04] * Furu twitches.

[22:04] * -Mr. Satan Plushie gives off a scared scream

[22:04] * Mr. Satan (the plushie): "I'm Mr. Satan, Champion of the World!"

[22:04] <S. Terra> lol

[22:04] <TuxRainbow> Nice likeness... it would sell

[22:04] <Mr. Satan> Aww, it's so cute!

[22:04] * Mr. Satan squeezes it again

[22:04] * Michael D chuckles as he leaves

[22:04] <TuxRainbow> Cute like Buu, and less dangerous to boot

[22:05] * Mr. Satan (the plushie): I'm gonna kick your butt, Cell!

[22:05] <Mr. Satan> I wonder if I can get that guy to make me a hundred thou in the next couple of days...

[22:05] * S. Terra recalls the "Adventure of Hercule" game from DBZ: Budokia and chuckles

[22:05] * S. Terra shrugs

[22:05] * Mango-chan is tempted to write Envy's whole day out as a story if she didn't have three other stories in pending.

[22:05] <Furu> Ha!

[22:06] <Mr. Satan> They'd be gone in no time!

[22:06] <S. Terra> I don't know the battery life, champ.

[22:06] <TuxRainbow> Such technoology... is out of our reach

[22:06] * Mr. Satan sternly warns S. Terra never to use that "H" word around him

[22:06] * Mango-chan realizes the other stories she can type up in school!

[22:06] * TuxRainbow hugs Terra

[22:07] <S. Terra> Sorry, Satan. Stupid dubs.

[22:07] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[22:07] * S. Terra notes she should of said "adventure of Mr. Satan"

[22:07] * S. Terra notes she meant "Mr. Satan" above

[22:08] * S. Terra hugs Mr. Statan apologetically.

[22:08] * SaiyaJedi is amused by all the plushie goings on, but has no need for one of his own

[22:08] <-> O_O;;;;; -->

[22:08] <S. Terra> 'Twas only meant in jest.

[22:08] <Mr. Satan> 's all right. People do that all the time when I go places.

[22:09] <S. Terra> OMGWTFBBQ @ the pic

[22:09] <Mr. Satan> I just have to show 'em who's boss of my name.

[22:09] <Furu> What the deuce?!

[22:09] <Mr. Satan> Which is me, naturally.

[22:09] <S. Terra> We know that none can defeat you, Mr. Satan.

[22:09] * Mr. Satan checks the link and goes all beady-eyed

[22:09] * Mr. Satan blinks

[22:09] <TuxRainbow> What the HFIL @ the pic

[22:09] <Mr. Satan> What in tarnation are you tryin' to push on us?!


[22:10] <Mr. Satan> 'r, actually... who showed us that?

[22:10] <TuxRainbow> Looking at this stuff is bad for you, you know

[22:10] <TuxRainbow> I wish I knew. Maybe some new evil.

[22:10] <Mr. Satan> You don't have to tell me twice.

[22:10] * TuxRainbow nods

[22:10] * Mr. Satan would show the dash what for, if he knew who was behind it

[22:11] * S. Terra wonders what has caused the champ to come here.

[22:11] <Furu> Damn you, mysterious dash.

[22:11] * SaiyaJedi is content not to click such links until he sees the reaction. Judging by the reaction to this one... he'll pass.

[22:11] <-> Don't worry, this isn't ecchi -->

[22:11] <Mr. Satan> W'll, actually, it's 'cause I heard of this new service Doc Whatshisface is doin'.

[22:11] * S. Terra wants to know who the guy is

[22:12] * Kakyuu was given the first pic from a friend as well as the second...

[22:12] <S. Terra> Oh, the art service... You want him to do a pic of your mighty psyique

[22:12] <Mr. Satan> You could say that, yeah.

[22:12] <S. Terra> You wouldn't hurt a lady, would you, champ?

[22:13] * Furu disappears from sight and reappears next to Mr. Satan holding his autographbook

[22:13] <S. Terra> I just did ^_^

[22:13] <Kakyuu> The guy in the pictures is Poor Gerard Butler

[22:13] * S. Terra already has Mr. Satan's autograph... she paid 200 Zenie for it

[22:13] <Mr. Satan> 'course not. Why'd I do a thing like that?

[22:13] <S. Terra> Never heard of him

[22:13] <Furu> Actually, it's not Mr. Satan's I'm after ^_^

[22:13] * Mr. Satan looks at Furu

[22:13] <S. Terra> oh

[22:13] <Kakyuu> Mine?!

[22:14] <Mr. Satan> An' what do we have here? Lookin' for my autograph?

[22:14] <S. Terra> Just checking ^_^

[22:14] <Mr. Satan> ...?!

[22:14] * TuxRainbow chuckles. It's great to have the Budokai champ here

[22:14] <Furu> Actually, I was wanting to know if you could pass this on to your daughter for me and bring it back ^__^

[22:14] <TuxRainbow> Videl-san?

[22:15] * Furu nods

[22:15] * S. Terra chuckles

[22:15] <Mr. Satan> To my... daughter?

[22:15] * TuxRainbow had some trouble unlocking her in DBZ:B@, but used the Champ well to get her.

[22:15] <-Voice> Ladies and Gentlemen.....introducing....

[22:15] <Mr. Satan> Well, sure, I could give it to Videl...

[22:16] <Mr. Satan> But you're sure you don't want mine?

[22:16] <Furu> Thanks!!

[22:16] <Mr. Satan> 'r even Buu's?

[22:16] <Furu> Positive.

[22:16] <Furu> .....

[22:16] <-Voice> .....the return of......

[22:16] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Mr. Announcer of the Budokai

[22:16] * Mr. Satan takes the autograph book confusedly

[22:16] <Furu> I could do with Mr. Buu's, yeah.

[22:16] *** Knight Nephrite has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:16] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Knight Nephrite

[22:16] <Mr. Satan> ...right.

[22:16] * S. Terra needs Buu's. She'll work on Videl's later

[22:16] * Mr. Satan sweatdrops, but keeps his composure

[22:16] <Knight Nephrite> Guess who's baaaaaaaaack!

[22:17] <S. Terra> WB Neph. LTNC

[22:17] <Furu> Nephrin! YO!

[22:17] <Mr. Satan> ...So that's two for Buu, one for Videl. I'll let 'em know...

[22:17] * Furu hugs Neph a little too tight

[22:17] <TuxRainbow> Nephrite! WB!

[22:17] * Mr. Satan sighs. Not used to bein' a gofer for other people's autographs...

[22:17] <S. Terra> Please make sure he doesn't turn it into choclate and eat it.

[22:17] * SaiyaJedi nods to Nephrite

[22:17] <Furu> ..Okay, fine, you can sign it too if ya want.

[22:17] <S. Terra> You'll get used to it...

[22:18] <Knight Nephrite> Thanks to a frickin' virus....I was exiled for two weeks....but I'm back and ready to jam!

[22:18] <Kakyuu> Neph, look! -->

[22:18] <Mr. Satan> Don't worry 'bout that. Buu's got plenty o' stuff to eat back at my place.

[22:18] <S. Terra> Poor Nephrite... glad to hear you are back in good health

[22:18] * Mr. Satan thinks: "eatin' me outta house and home..."

[22:18] <S. Terra> ok

[22:18] <S. Terra> Maybe you need to win more Budokais...

[22:18] * Knight Nephrite hugs Furu back, but coughs a little and he is squeezed a little too tight

[22:19] * TuxRainbow chuckles

[22:19] * Mr. Satan has no problem winning the Budoukai, and has plenty of admiring fans who send him things all the time

[22:19] <TuxRainbow> Man, if Matsumi were here...

[22:19] * Envy opens his eyes and screams.

[22:19] <Furu> (mumbles) I BET you have no problem winning...

[22:19] <Mr. Satan> I'm pretty well set.

[22:19] <Kakyuu> Envy, look at this! -->

[22:19] <TuxRainbow> (mumbling) ixnay on the ixfay

[22:20] <Mr. Satan> Hm? You say somethin'?

[22:20] <Furu> Oh, me, no, why of course not ^_^;

[22:20] * Mr. Satan didn't quite hear

[22:20] <TuxRainbow> Nothing, champ, nothing. You beat Cell and Buu, fair and square

[22:20] <Mr. Satan> Huh. Guess it must be my ears, then.

[22:20] * Envy is currently incapable of understanding that.

[22:20] <S. Terra> They say the hearing is the first to go

[22:20] * Mr. Satan should get 'em checked, sometime... could prob'ly even get the guy to do it for free

[22:21] <S. Terra> Someone will tell Doc that you came a-calling

[22:21] * Mr. Satan fidgets and squeezes the plushie again

[22:21] * Mr. Satan (the plushie): "Make way for THE CHAMP!! YEAAAAH!!!"

[22:21] <TuxRainbow> I assure you he will do it for a reasonable rate.

[22:22] <Mr. Satan> All right. Tell 'im I want somethin' done nice.

[22:22] * Mr. Satan rummages around in his pockets

[22:22] <Knight Nephrite> so, what've i missed in my two week absence

[22:22] * Mr. Satan realizes he doesn't have it up anywhere

[22:22] <Furu> Things!

[22:22] <Kakyuu> Mr. Satan, are you going to take my soul for the picture of the guy who plays Phantom in the Phantom of the Opeara movie, GERARD BUTLER?

[22:22] * Mr. Satan goes over and whispers to the weird guy with the tail in the robe

[22:23] <TuxRainbow> He does a good job, Champ. I assure you

[22:23] * Envy sits up, his eyes still lifeless but now hard and unable to be read.

[22:23] <Kakyuu> -->

[22:23] <SaiyaJedi> You want me to do what?

[22:23] <Mr. Satan> You heard me.

[22:23] <Kakyuu> Saiya, click on the link

[22:23] <TuxRainbow> Many, many things, Nephrite.

[22:23] <SaiyaJedi> Well, I guess it's not too much of a problem. I think 2x3 feet is a tad large for the 'net, though. Lemme shrink it down first...

[22:24] <S. Terra> It's so glad to have you back.

[22:24] * SaiyaJedi refuses to click the link; is helping Satan with something

[22:24] <Knight Nephrite> I can only imagine tux

[22:24] * SaiyaJedi makes a few adjustments

[22:24] <TuxRainbow> lol

[22:24] <SaiyaJedi> All right... it should be all set.

[22:24] <Furu> Out of context, that sounds so wrong

[22:24] <Mr. Satan> All right, thanks.

[22:24] <Knight Nephrite> I wish Matsumi were around.....I've missed her since I've been gone

[22:24] <S. Terra> It's great to see you back in the Suburban Saddle, as it were.

[22:25] <S. Terra> We figured as much

[22:25] <Mr. Satan> Anyway, I want the Doc to gimme a portrait suited to me.

[22:25] <S. Terra> We understand.

[22:25] <Mr. Satan> I was thinkin' something along the lines of this: -->

[22:25] * Envy sits up and heads for the door.

[22:25] <TuxRainbow> We'll pass it on. We know Xadium reads the logs (or at least, looks them over)

[22:26] * Envy removes the blindfold, which was cut in half anyway.

[22:26] <Mr. Satan> Fine, then.

[22:26] <TuxRainbow> Not bad, a little work, some color...

[22:26] <Furu> Aw, it's so cute!

[22:26] <Mr. Satan> I've got a press conference in a couple minutes anyway, so I guess I should be headin' back.

[22:26] <S. Terra> I assure you, it will look great when it is done

[22:26] <S. Terra> Yeah.

[22:27] * TuxRainbow hugs Terra

[22:27] <Furu> See ya, Mr. Satan!

[22:27] <TuxRainbow> Knock 'em dead, champ

[22:27] <Furu> Keep fighting the good fight

[22:27] <TuxRainbow> and that as well

[22:27] <Mr. Satan> Farewell, all my loyal fans! Until we meet again!

[22:27] * Mr. Satan opens the window and leaps out, into the arms of his assistants

[22:27] * S. Terra cheers for Mr. Satan as he leaves

[22:28] <S. Terra> We'll fix it

[22:28] <Furu> (mumbling) ya cheap fraud.

[22:28] * SaiyaJedi nods to Satan as he exits

[22:28] <S. Terra> *sigh* that was fun

[22:28] *** Mr. Satan has left #suburbansenshi2 (It's good to be the Champ.)

[22:28] <S. Terra> Cheap indeed, Furu. But it oft times pays to pander to the frauds

[22:29] * Mr. Satan 's limousine can be heard, tires squealing, as it roars away from the Ten'Aino house

[22:29] <TuxRainbow> YOu never know...

[22:29] <TuxRainbow> That's one long limo

[22:30] <Furu> That's true, I guess.

[22:30] <SaiyaJedi> Indeed it is... O_o

[22:30] <Furu> He still owes 18-san an assload of cash though

[22:30] *** TuxRainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (Time to go and do stuff. Glad to see you back, Nephrite.)

[22:30] <SaiyaJedi> I wonder how it gets around corners...

[22:30] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[22:30] <S. Terra> We know...

[22:30] <Knight Nephrite> I gotta' go again for a little bit......(gotta' redownload my messanger clients)

[22:30] <Kakyuu> -->

[22:30] <S. Terra> She was paid off to throw a fight. I wonder if she will take it out on him the next Budokai, assuming she fights

[22:31] <Knight Nephrite> I will return tonight though. See ya'll a little later.

[22:31] <S. Terra> np

[22:31] <Kakyuu> The Suburban Senshi are going to kill me!

[22:31] *** Knight Nephrite has left #suburbansenshi2 (Feels so good to be home.)

[22:31] <S. Terra> I won't be on, and neither will Tux. We'll be on a bit New Year's Eve. Tempestt will be here

[22:31] * Furu will be here for New Years Eve. Wouldn't miss it.

[22:32] *** S. Terra has left #suburbansenshi2 (The Light shines on those that return. Glad to see that Nephrite is well.)

[22:32] * Envy is away: ...

[22:34] * SaiyaJedi contemplates going to grab a snack of some kind

[22:34] <Furu> Go! Snack to your hearts content!

[22:34] <SaiyaJedi> I shall weigh my options carefully before doing anything, young Furu.

[22:35] <Furu> Bah! What's the point of that? If you wanna do something, do it. He who hesitates, loses...or something like that.

[22:35] <SaiyaJedi> "Is lost."

[22:36] <Furu> Right, right. That.

[22:36] * Furu mumbles something about catching Minakoitis

[22:37] <SaiyaJedi> In that case, I suppose I shall

[22:37] * SaiyaJedi is away: Foraging

[22:42] * Kakyuu is away: GERARD BUTLER IS A HOTTIE

[22:44] <Furu> O_O

[22:45] <Furu> Whew.

[22:45] <-> Gerard Butler..... -->

[22:47] <Furu> Ah.

[22:50] <Furu> Right. Him.

[22:54] * Furu sits on Tuxedo Sofa, tapping his foot on the floor

[22:55] * starcat is finally back after having horrendously forgotten that she hadn't put up an away message. ^_^;;

[22:56] <Furu> Star-chaaan!

[22:56] * Furu glomps her

[22:57] <starcat> I went to go see a movie, then I went to Best Buy and the bookstore, and I forgot to put up an away message. ^_^;;

[22:57] * starcat glomps back!!

[22:58] <Furu> Heheh. ^_^; Understandable

[22:59] <starcat> CURSE YOU, SPYWARE!!!

[23:00] <starcat> I am going to end up stabbing my computer repeatedly with a blunt object. I don't know how or why, but I'm going to.

[23:00] <Furu> Gyah.

[23:00] <Furu> >_<

[23:00] <starcat> All these damn stuff keeps popping up, and spybot doesn't detect it!!

[23:01] <starcat> They rearranged my favorites.

[23:01] <starcat> You do not touch my settings.

[23:01] <starcat> They also reset my homepage and added a bajillion icons to my desktop that I can't remove and are totally messing up my scheme.

[23:02] <starcat> AND they added stuff to my favorites.

[23:02] <Furu> That's such bulls[BLEEP]t ><

[23:03] <starcat> Damn you to the lower circles of HELL, coders of such evil!!

[23:04] <starcat> Damned you are, and damned you shall be until the end of time or until you mend your ways, for you have taken something pure and tainted it until it is beyond recognition!!

[23:04] * SaiyaJedi has returned

[23:04] <SaiyaJedi> However, I'm off for the night, I think.

[23:04] <starcat> You shall burn.

[23:04] <Furu> Welcome back, SJ

[23:04] <SaiyaJedi> Good night, Starcat, Furu.

[23:04] <starcat> Congratulations, SJ.

[23:04] <Furu> Ah. Night!

[23:04] *** SaiyaJedi has left #suburbansenshi2 (Sleep is good.)

[23:05] <starcat> Enjoy your spyware-less sleep.

[23:05] <Furu> Welp, you and me star-chan.

[23:05] <starcat> Enough of the melodrama, though. ^_^;;

[23:05] <starcat> Sorry about that.

[23:06] <Furu> It's okay

[23:09] * Furu huggles star-chan again

[23:10] * starcat huggles back

[23:10] <starcat> It just really bothers me.

[23:14] <Furu> Understandable.

[23:14] <Furu> It is the next evolution of pop-ups after all

[23:16] <Furu> And no one should be able to put things on your computer without permission.

[23:17] <starcat> It's like putting stuff in your car. Computers are (generally) private property, and placing anything without permission within one should be illegal.

[23:18] <starcat> I'm downloading FireFox. ~_~

[23:18] <Furu> Exactly.

[23:19] <Furu> Yay!

[23:19] <starcat> I should have done it long ago, but this is enough.

[23:20] <Furu> Heheh

[23:21] <starcat> brb.

[23:21] * starcat is away: setting up FireFox

[23:22] <Furu> Yay

[23:26] <starcat> My God, I'll never beable to use IE again. ^_^

[23:27] <starcat> *be able

[23:28] <Furu> That nice, eh?

[23:29] <starcat> If only you knew. ^_^

[23:31] <Furu> I might eventually.

[23:32] <starcat> NEver again will I use IE unless it's absolutely necessary.

[23:35] * Envy opens his eyes, the blindfold gone, and he bites off the gag.

[23:35] <starcat> Oh, I also got a book abouit grammar today! Huzzah!

[23:36] <starcat> Okay, so it's only Strunk and White's The Elements of Style. ^_^;;

[23:36] <Furu> Hooo!

[23:36] * Envy opens the door slowly, and creeps outside.

[23:36] <starcat> Still, it's handy to have.

[23:36] <Furu> Hey, Envy-kun

[23:36] <Furu> Hey, where you goin'?

[23:37] <starcat> Bye. ^_^

[23:38] * Envy looks to Furu and Star, "Out...the moon is still high..."

[23:38] * Sub Zippo appears in a burst of flame.

[23:38] * Envy looks to the blood red moon.

[23:38] <starcat> Hi, SZ. ^_^

[23:38] <Furu> .......Whoa, wait a second.

[23:38] <Furu> You aren't going anywhere outside tonight.

[23:38] <Sub Zippo> Hi all.

[23:39] * starcat has totally recovered from her spyware-induced rage of earlier by now. ^_^

[23:39] <starcat> Wait, he's not?

[23:39] <Envy> ...Why not?

[23:40] <starcat> Let's all take a trip! ^_^

[23:40] <Sub Zippo> Ohh? Where we goin?

[23:40] <starcat> We can go somewhere and do something!

[23:40] <Furu> Because of the whole kidnapping thing!

[23:40] <starcat> We'll go to...uhh...

[23:40] <starcat> Kidnapping thing?

[23:41] <Envy> I was saved, remember?

[23:41] <Furu> ...True...

[23:41] * starcat turns on the Lapland music and bounces to it

[23:41] <starcat> ^_^ -->

[23:42] <Furu> Still, i'm not sure if its safe

[23:43] * Sub Zippo cracks his neck.

[23:44] * Envy shakes his head, and looks Furu in the eyes, which appear to be more like stone, "I'll be fine.."

[23:44] * starcat is away: brb

[23:45] <Furu>, you won't. Somethin's up. Now get back in here and sit your ass down.

[23:45] * Envy has a nasty look on his face, "...Fine."

[23:45] <Mango-chan> Just one quick thing...

[23:46] <Mango-chan> Anyone notice how he looks like Tomoe-hakase? -->

[23:46] *** Mango-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (Think about it.)

[23:46] <Sub Zippo> a little, but younger and more feminine.

[23:47] <Furu> Yeah o-o

[23:47] *** Envy has left #suburbansenshi2 (Nothing inside me seems to beat, yet I can live just fine.)

[23:49] <Furu> Eerie

[23:49] * starcat is back

[23:50] * Sub Zippo really hopes he doesnt spend tomorrow night in the chat, no offence to any of you ~.~

[23:51] * Furu huggles star-chan

[23:51] <starcat> SZ: Nah, you want to prove to yourself that you have a life, right? :)

[23:51] * starcat huggles Furu-kun

[23:51] <Sub Zippo> Or at least convince myself...

[23:52] <starcat> Hee. ^_^

[23:52] <Furu> Gee, thanks :P

[23:53] <starcat> What?

[23:53] * starcat knows nothing of that which you speak! :)

[23:53] * Furu will probably be here, so there goes his chance of having a life

[23:54] <starcat> My chances for having one left when I bought Eats, Shoots and Leaves.

[23:54] * Sub Zippo will be here and/or in his Animal Crossign town at this rate.

[23:55] <starcat> Where can you see Santa? Only in Lapland!

[23:56] <starcat> Come to Lapland, we've got Santa!

[23:56] <Furu> Star-chan, will you be here for New Years?

[23:56] <starcat> Where can you see snowflakes? Only in Lapland!

[23:56] <starcat> Yep. ^_^

[23:56] * Furu will need someone to kiss when the clock strikes midnight

[23:56] <Furu> Yay~

[23:56] <starcat> Got Santa and snowflakes only in Lapland!

[23:56] <starcat> (forget Norway!)

[23:56] <starcat> ^_^

[23:57] <starcat> Lapland, oh Lapland, where's there's Santa...and matanza?

[23:57] <starcat> eh, you get the gist. ^_^

[23:58] * starcat looks forward to it! ^_~

[23:58] <Furu> Heheheh

[23:58] * Furu is also still looking forward to seeing star-chan's special talent

[23:58] * starcat blushes

[23:59] <starcat> Someday. ^_~

[00:00] <Furu> ^_^

[00:00] * Sub Zippo will have to settle for Vegas on the second. ^.^

[00:01] <starcat> If you were thinking of buying a stripclub then you could consider calling it Lapland.

[00:01] <Furu> LOL

[00:01] <starcat> Huzzah for Vegas, for without it, where would CSI be set?

[00:02] <Sub Zippo> hehe

[00:02] <starcat> (quote taken from the Lapland Flash video.)

[00:03] <Furu> Haha!

[00:05] <Furu> It'd probably be in Miami or New York :P

[00:06] <starcat> :P

[00:06] <starcat> The original is the best.

[00:06] * Sub Zippo cant get into crime shows.

[00:06] <Sub Zippo> I speak in the third person too much...

[00:07] <starcat> CSI is the only one that I really like.

[00:07] <starcat> It has science and stuff as well, you see.

[00:08] <starcat> It's more of a murder-mystery show than a crime show.

[00:09] <Furu> Same here, same here

[00:09] <Furu> It's Detective Conan complex

[00:11] <Sub Zippo> heh
Posted 12/31/2004 at 1:16 AM

Thursday December 30, 2004

[02:49] <@spiritflame> system announce - a new log begun -

[02:49] <@spiritflame> main page updated

[02:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay!

[02:51] <Furu> Huzzah!

[02:58] <@Ikari Shinji> That was so f[BLEEP]king funny.

[02:59] <Furu> Single most disturbing thing EVER

[03:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Single most ammusing thing EVER.

[03:00] <Furu> Well, I can't disagree there

[03:01] <Furu> Poor....everyone!

[03:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Shingo is damn smooth.

[03:01] <@Ikari Shinji> I must give the boy mad props.

[03:02] <Furu> Gah

[03:02] <Furu> You would.

[03:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Damn right.

[03:04] <Furu> :P Pervert!

[03:04] * @Ikari Shinji changes topic to `All Your Goat Are Belong To Us.`

[03:04] <@Ikari Shinji> Like you're not.

[03:06] * Furu isn't!...most of the time!

[03:06] <@Ikari Shinji>

[03:09] <Furu> <_<

[03:09] * Furu denies the bulls[BLEEP]t call

[03:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[03:12] <Furu> Heh indeed

[03:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Deny all you want. You and I ultimately know the truth.

[03:13] <@Ikari Shinji> That'll never change.

[03:14] <Furu> ...That's true.

[03:16] <Furu> Doesn't mean the WORLD has to know :P

[03:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh. :P

[03:17] <Furu> very much Heh

[03:30] * Furu is away: Busy

[04:20] * Furu returns!

[04:23] <Furu> Hooha

[05:11] * Furu is away: LURK

[08:03] <Furu> <_<

[08:06] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:06] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[08:07] <Furu> Yo Solar

[08:07] <Solarchos> anyone here besides me?

[08:07] * Furu is

[08:07] <Solarchos> Furu - Oh hey there. What's up with you?

[08:08] <Furu> Not much, man. How about you?

[08:08] <Solarchos> Furu - Matsumi still flirting with you? ^_^

[08:08] <Furu> ...a....little <_<;;

[08:10] * Solarchos snickers a little. "Quinox is a cutie, that's for sure."

[08:10] * Furu coughs

[08:10] <Furu> Yeah, can't really disagree there ^_^;

[08:11] <Solarchos> Furu - Do you know if the Xanga archives are still functioning?

[08:11] * Solarchos will be sticking with his slinky Neko-girl, though.

[08:12] <Furu> I do believe they are.

[08:13] * Furu thinks he was combing through them last night

[08:14] <Solarchos> Please let me have the archive link.

[08:14] <Furu> -->

[08:15] <Solarchos> Excellent. Thanks!

[08:16] <Furu> No problem!

[08:17] <Solarchos> Now what happened last night that had Shinji so amused? I'm curious.

[08:17] <Furu> Whaddya mean by that?

[08:17] * -YingGirl ponders if she can unleash her problems onto Shinjo. Might as well chew him up like a fricken dog toy

[08:18] <Solarchos> Furu - He was laughing his butt off earlier today about something.

[08:18] <-YingGirl> ....Solar, he means Shinjo.

[08:18] <Furu> Er...hey Ying-san <<

[08:19] <-YingGirl> Or....nevermind. Gomen

[08:19] * Solarchos looks at Yinggirl. "Ah, just the girl I've been wanting to see."

[08:20] <-YingGirl> Thought you were talking about something else

[08:20] <Solarchos> Pimp-daddy Shingo? I've gotta read about this.

[08:20] <-YingGirl> .....Solar, i did nothing to pesture you or your neko girl.

[08:20] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - All right. Talk. What the frell is up between you and Dante?

[08:21] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Nothing to pester me or Shaldra...except ignore us and much as possible.

[08:22] * -YingGirl appears to have a large hickey on her neck

[08:22] <-YingGirl> i....hate...tthe holidays

[08:23] * Furu looks at the hickey. "...Did ya bump into a shelf or something?"

[08:23] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - With how you keep beating up on Dante, you seem to hate him even *more*. Are you trying to drive him away?

[08:23] <-YingGirl> ....furu, shut up.

[08:24] * Furu blinks. "all right, all right.."

[08:24] <-YingGirl> ...pretty much. he knows i can't love him

[08:25] <-YingGirl> ....and these holidays make it worse

[08:25] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - And why do you say that? Why are you being so mean to him?

[08:25] <-YingGirl> because i can't love. it's my biggest fear and when i do get scared, i get violent....

[08:26] <-YingGirl> and how can i show affecting when i was taught beatings were a sign of love?

[08:26] <-YingGirl> affection^

[08:26] * -YingGirl holds her head...and heads towards the corner

[08:28] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - If you don't know how to love, then *learn*. If you get violent when you're scared, then learn how to express it another way...or *overcome* your fear. And beatings being a sign of love?! Take a look at Shaldra and me and take a lesson. I HAVE NEVER and WOULD NEVER hit her!

[08:28] <Furu> .......

[08:30] <-YingGirl> ........

[08:30] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - You seem to be a lost nicer to InuYasha than Dante.

[08:31] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Also, there was no reason you couldn't accept Dante's gift. He was trying to be nice to you. You could've been nice back.

[08:31] <Solarchos> ^lot *Shoots a Typo-Demon...twice.*

[08:32] <Solarchos> Furu - Ah! So that's what you and Shinji were doing. Breakdancing! XD

[08:32] <-YingGirl> ..................

[08:33] <-YingGirl> it was in a box....

[08:33] * Solarchos fumes silently at Yinggirl and takes a breath.

[08:35] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - I know you never listen to me, but I'm going to try anyway. Beatings are absolutely *NOT* a sign of affection. They're a sign to disrespect and sadism. When Dante's, or anyone else for that matter, is trying to show you affection, they're trying to make you feel good and at ease...NOT in pain!

[08:35] * -YingGirl holds her head. Still has a hickey on her neck

[08:36] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - So...who'd you get from, anyway? Probably not Dante.

[08:37] * Solarchos grabs another Typo-Demon and stuffs it down the garbage disposal.

[08:37] * -YingGirl whips a dagger at Solar. It was from Dante

[08:38] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - DId you go to Planet Hentai, or have you been getting "affectionate" with InuYahsa?

[08:38] * Solarchos dodges aside. The dagger deflects off his armor.

[08:39] <-YingGirl> ...................

[08:39] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[08:39] <-YingGirl> grrrrr....

[08:39] * Solarchos sits down in front of Yinggirl and looks straight into her face.

[08:40] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - What do you want?

[08:41] <-YingGirl> ....just folks to leave me alone during the holidays

[08:41] <Furu> are you here if ya wanna be left alone?

[08:42] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Do you want to have a relationship with anyone?

[08:42] <-YingGirl> cause with company, it's always complains and agurements

[08:43] <-YingGirl> ...i dunno.

[08:44] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - Dante cares about you a great deal, but if you keep treating him like dirt, sooner or later he's going to leave and *not* come back to you...and you'll have no one to blame but yourself for it.

[08:45] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - I look happy with Shaldra?

[08:45] <-YingGirl> .....i must get going

[08:46] <Solarchos> Furu - Not to ignore you...what are you planning to do about Quinox? Does Starcat know?

[08:46] * -YingGirl gets up and leaves

[08:46] * Solarchos watches Yinggirl go.

[08:47] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (....No one cares about me. IRL: Going Shopping)

[08:47] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:47] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[08:48] <Solarchos> Furu - And, of course, Ying does that when she doesn't want to answer someone.

[08:48] <Solarchos> Shaldra!! ^_^

[08:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh, that's Ying... for you...

[08:49] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Sorry I missed you last night. Hope you weren't lonely, love.

[08:49] * Shaldra Darkness finally steps in and collapses... had a rather unfortunate run in last night...

[08:49] * Furu pops in after a brief absence

[08:49] <Furu> Yeah, star-chan knows. She's okay with it.

[08:50] * Solarchos rushes over and catches Shaldra before she hits the floor. O_O;;;

[08:50] <Solarchos> Shaldra - What happened?! You weren't attacked again, were you?!

[08:50] *** TuxRainbow has joined #suburbansenshi2
[08:50] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TuxRainbow

[08:50] <TuxRainbow> just testing the chat

[08:51] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Heh... seems I can't take two steps outside at night anymore...

[08:51] * Solarchos waves at Tux-Rainbow.

[08:51] <Furu> Hiyaa Tux

[08:51] * Solarchos pulls out his trauma kit. "How bad is it, Shaldra?"

[08:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Just a few cuts and scrapes.... I'm more tired then injured...

[08:53] * Solarchos starts cleaning and bandaging Shadra's cuts and scrapes.

[08:54] <Solarchos> Shaldra - No wonder I couldn't find you last night. I was hoping to give you a little "bedtime surprise". ^_~

[08:54] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Heh, would have loved it, but was forcefully preoccupied.

[08:55] <Furu> That doesn't sound good

[08:56] <Solarchos> Shaldra - It's time to finish off that damn demon-skank. I'm sick of seeing you and Mew getting hurt for no reason. Why *is* Zendeera attacking you two, anyway? Neither one of you were born when your parents first encountered her.

[08:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - My best guess is a family grudge... or something like that. The weapons Mew and I carry were our parent's weapons, so that might be it.

[08:58] * Solarchos finishes applying bandages to Shaldra's cuts...then leans in and starts nibbling on her ear.

[08:58] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuurrrrrr... ^_^

[08:59] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I take it the Blindsnake pouch I gave you helped out a little.

[08:59] <Shaldra Darkness> Take a look, I'm pretty sure you haven't seen this one yet. -->

[09:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Ya, that's one of the reasons I got out of there without to much injury.

[09:01] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Heh! I saw it last night. I gotta look *good* in a Sailor Fuku! ^_~

[09:02] * Furu has yet to see a girl that doesn't

[09:03] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^ V

[09:03] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I also have to confess that I'm guilty of originally thinking the "S" stood for "Sailor". I submit myself to punishment. ^_^

[09:04] * Furu notes that star-chan should really wear her Sailor C-4 fuku more often~

[09:05] * Shaldra Darkness smirks... and pounces on Solarchos! "You asked for it!"

[09:05] <Solarchos> Furu - Oh yeah! We haven't seen much of Sailor C-4 lately.

[09:06] * Solarchos has been pounced on!! O_O

[09:06] <Solarchos> ^___^

[09:07] * Shaldra Darkness throws off her jacket. "It'll get in the way."

[09:08] <Solarchos> Shaldra - O_O

[09:08] * Shaldra Darkness smirks darkly... and drags Solarchos behind the couch for some... heh... private time.

[09:08] <Solarchos> wh00t!!!

[09:09] <Furu> <_<; you two....

[09:09] * Furu sighs, pulls out a watch, and decides to time for fun

[09:09] * Solarchos starts removing his armor, tosses off his helmet, and grabs a blanket on the way behind the couch! ^_~

[09:09] * Shaldra Darkness quickly gets to work! Now he'll see what this neko can do with her toung. ^_~

[09:10] * Solarchos *likes* this kind of "punishment"!

[09:11] <Solarchos> ^_______^

[09:11] * Furu turns on the TV and idley flips through the channels

[09:11] * Solarchos also starts going to work! Let's see, left hand goes...*here*!

[09:12] <Shaldra Darkness> O_O

[09:12] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^

[09:12] * Solarchos wraps the blanket around him and Shaldra. No peeking, everyone!

[09:13] * Furu turns red from the noises and talking

[09:14] * -The couch shifts outwards a little from the weight pressed up against it.

[09:14] * TuxRainbow sighs

[09:14] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrrr... *lick!*

[09:15] * -Some heavy breathing and deep purring starts to rise from behind the couch.

[09:16] <Solarchos> Mmmmmmmm...! *lick, lick!*

[09:16] * Furu turns redder and flips through the channels faster

[09:17] <TuxRainbow> lol

[09:17] * Solarchos starts showing Shaldra just what *he* can do with his tongue! ^_~

[09:17] <TuxRainbow> I wonder how much of those journals those two have read.

[09:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrrr-rawrrr... *nuzzle, rub, lick!*

[09:17] * TuxRainbow blushes slightly

[09:18] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuurrrrr..!

[09:19] * Furu stands up suddenly, head looking like a tomato


[09:19] * Solarchos keeps up the pace, matching his sexy-sexy Neko-girl!

[09:19] * Furu walks off like a robo in a random direction

[09:20] *** Morrigan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:20] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Morrigan

[09:20] * Shaldra Darkness is quite enjoying this! *_*

[09:20] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Morrigan... welcome to the show ^_^

[09:20] <Morrigan> C'mon, Furu! This is quality entertainment!

[09:20] * TuxRainbow laughs

[09:21] <Morrigan> Thankie, TuxMan! I'll get the popcorn.

[09:21] * Furu has his hands over his ears. Lalalalallaaa~

[09:21] * Solarchos is absolutely loving this! ^__^

[09:21] * Solarchos does NOT let up! *lick, lick, lick!*

[09:22] * Shaldra Darkness isn't letting up eather, trust me!

[09:22] <Morrigan> Eee-hehehehehehehehehehehehe! ^_^

[09:23] <TuxRainbow> popcorn? A todos sus propios...

[09:23] <TuxRainbow> You must like this...

[09:23] <Morrigan> Popcorn is the staple of ANY entertaining situation!

[09:24] * Furu is in the kitchen with his head in the freezer

[09:24] * Morrigan goes to the kitchen and begins preparing a bag of microwave popcorn.

[09:25] * Solarchos picks up the pace a little. ^_~

[09:25] <Furu> ...Hey, there's some Hungry Man dinners in here.

[09:26] * Shaldra Darkness keeps up! ^_~ *lick, lick, lick!*

[09:26] * Solarchos raises his hand up from behind the couch. "Gatorade me... ( pant, pant )!"

[09:27] * Furu starts opening and closing the freezer door on his head

[09:27] <Morrigan> Hungry Man dinners? I love those!

[09:27] * Shaldra Darkness is starting to think we should hold this off for Furu's sanity.

[09:28] <Morrigan> Uhh, Furu dear? Why not just pay intense attention to Plant-kun?

[09:28] * -YingGirl returns, to sit in her corner

[09:29] * -YingGirl notes her IRL sister is a b[BLEEP]ch

[09:29] * Morrigan yanks Furu out of the freezer. ~_~;;

[09:29] <TuxRainbow> PLant-kun looks lonely anyway

[09:29] <TuxRainbow> Why so, Ying?

[09:30] *** Mew has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:30] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mew

[09:30] * Solarchos keeps on going. ^__~

[09:30] * Furu is all dazed

[09:30] * Mew currently has her nose in a journal, has no clue what's happening here.

[09:30] <-YingGirl> let's see, my parents want to go to the states, but they also want to wait for my sister

[09:30] <Morrigan> Hi, Mew!

[09:30] * Shaldra Darkness isn't letting up! ^_~

[09:30] <TuxRainbow> Just ignore the peanut gallery, you two ^_^

[09:30] <-YingGirl> and she'll be home very late

[09:30] <Morrigan> Pay no attention to the ones behind the couch! ^_~

[09:30] * Mew waves lightly and sits down

[09:31] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Mew

[09:31] <Mew> Huh? O_o

[09:31] * Furu is trying not to ><

[09:31] * Mew looks over at the rocking couch... "Oh, my sis is having fun, I see."

[09:31] * -YingGirl still has a hicky on her neck....

[09:31] * Mew goes back to the books.

[09:32] * Solarchos will not let up, either! ~_^

[09:32] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuurrrr-rawrrr! ^_^

[09:32] * @Ikari Shinji checks back in for a moment

[09:32] <Morrigan> Watcha reading, Mew? Playgirl?

[09:32] * -YingGirl stares at the floor....for her enjoyment

[09:32] <@Ikari Shinji> I see some of you are having fun.

[09:32] <Shaldra Darkness> For those who know Japanese, check out this RP. I know a little, so I go there often. -->

[09:33] <Furu> It's amazing how immune you are to that, Mew-chan....

[09:33] <Morrigan> Ooooo, Yingy! Were you getting frisky last night? ^_~

[09:33] <Mew> My father's journals. ~_~;;

[09:33] <Mew> I'm a neko-girl, Furu. You get used to it.

[09:34] * -YingGirl replies to Morrigan by throwing two knives at the succubi

[09:34] <Morrigan> I think Mew's had plenty of practice, Furururururururururururururururururururururu-san.

[09:34] <Mew> I can not deny that, Morrigan.

[09:35] <Furu> ¬_¬

[09:35] * Furu is away: Tissues for the blood ><

[09:35] * Morrigan displays her knowledge of classic Elvis moves and dodges both daggers with some serious hip-sways. "Thankyou. Thankyouverymuch."

[09:35] <-YingGirl> .........

[09:35] * Shaldra Darkness lifts her hand above the couch. "Mrawrr!"

[09:35] * Mew tosses her sister a gatorade

[09:36] * -YingGirl whips 5 daggers at the succubi

[09:36] * Solarchos ignores all other considerations and focuses ONLY on Shaldra! *lick,lick,lick!*

[09:36] * -The throwing knives have the Yin/Yang signal engraved on the handle

[09:36] <Shaldra Darkness> Purrr! ^_^

[09:36] * Morrigan swats all five daggers aside with a sweep of her wing. "Jeez! What the f[BLEEP]k did I say??!!"

[09:37] * Mew shrugs, continues to read, and facefaults. O_o "Another one? Dad, you were suck a freak."

[09:37] * -YingGirl gets up, whipping more daggers at the succubi

[09:38] <Morrigan> What'd you find, Mew? Something interesting and ecchi? ^_^

[09:38] * -YingGirl calls back for her throwing knives, as she holds onto them, one in each hand

[09:38] * Furu returns with tissue bits up his nostrils

[09:38] <Mew> I'm sure you would get a kick out of it, Morrigan. I, in truth, prefer my mothers writing over my fathers. ^_^;;

[09:38] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:38] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[09:39] <Sailor Quinox> what's going on?

[09:39] <Mew> Hey, Q. Watch the couch over there. It's occupied.

[09:39] * Sailor Quinox is still in her underwear

[09:39] * Morrigan sweeps her wings up behind her like a cloak, blocking all of the daggers. "Yingy...what the f[BLEEP]k is your problem? I just said hi to you!"

[09:39] <Furu> -___-;

[09:39] * -YingGirl charges towards the Succubi, with her throwing knives in hand

[09:39] <Mew> Ying's throwing daggers at Morrigan, I'm reading, Furu is trying to ignore my sister and Solar behind the couch.

[09:40] * Solarchos picks up the pace even *more*!! ^__^

[09:40] * Shaldra Darkness keeps up! ^_^

[09:40] <Furu> key word: trying

[09:40] * Mew chuckles and continues to read.

[09:41] * -YingGirl is goinbg to carve into that succubi's flesh....

[09:41] * Morrigan spins around and blasts Yingy with a Super-soaker loaded with water. *Fwoosh*!

[09:41] <-YingGirl> going^

[09:41] * -YingGirl leaps, dodging the water

[09:42] * Morrigan keeps spraying Yingy with a big-ass watergun.

[09:42] * Mew covers her books from the suspected spray of blood.

[09:42] * -YingGirl throws a cranky bomb at Morrigan

[09:42] <Sailor Quinox> ....gah.....not in the morning

[09:42] <Mew> Hey, Shal-chan. Mind tossing my a protect scroll?

[09:43] * Shaldra Darkness points over to her jacket

[09:43] * Sailor Quinox unleashes a shockwave thru the room

[09:43] <Furu> It's too early for thiiiiis ><

[09:43] * Solarchos ignores the fighting and continues to make Shaldra purr like anything!

[09:43] * Mew grabs the scroll from the jacket pocket. "Anyone wanting protection, behind me."

[09:44] * -The couch shields Solarchos and Shaldra from the ensuing carnage.

[09:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuuurrrrr-rrawrrr!!

[09:44] * -YingGirl throws a dagger at the super soaker....

[09:44] * Furu is perfectly protected already

[09:44] * -Plant-Kun quickly extends an anti-magic field outwards to cover the entire room...and sweatdrops a little.

[09:45] <Sailor Quinox> .....*sigh*.....

[09:45] <Furu> Oh, Plant-kun. Yo so crazy.

[09:45] * -The super-soaker gets hit and squirts water all over Morrigan.

[09:45] * Sailor Quinox goes and gives Furu a friendly hug

[09:45] * -YingGirl lands....glaring at Morrigan.

[09:45] <Morrigan> Yingy! What the f[BLEEP]k's your problem??!!

[09:46] <-YingGirl> i said leave me alone when it comes to my relationships

[09:46] * Morrigan looks *good* drenched in water! ^_~

[09:46] * Furu friendly hugs Q-san back

[09:46] <Mew> Ah, screw this. *puts down the journal*

[09:46] * Mew can't read durring a battle.

[09:46] * -YingGirl hates the holidays as she holds her throwing knives as dueling swords

[09:47] <Morrigan> All I did was ask you where you got the hickey from!! Sheesh!

[09:47] * Solarchos keeps it up and doesn't stop! *lick, lick, lick!*

[09:48] <Furu> Touchy issue would be an understatement

[09:48] * Furu averts his eyes from the wet Morrigan-san

[09:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrr-rrawrrrr! *_*

[09:48] * Mew pulls out a rather beautiful golden staff from her bag of holding

[09:48] <-YingGirl> it's none of your concern...

[09:49] <Sailor Quinox> um...furu...what are you looking at?

[09:49] <Morrigan> All right! Fine! Forget I asked! Jeez, I was only trying to be nice to you!

[09:49] * TuxRainbow giggles

[09:49] * Sailor Quinox notes Furu's looking straight at her breasts now...

[09:49] * Furu blushes and then looks up at the ceiling. "NOTHING."

[09:49] <Morrigan> Uh, Mew. Is it true you had a bounty inside that thing?

[09:49] * Mew flips it around in her hands calmly, haven't used this in ages

[09:49] <-YingGirl> never were. You always try to lock me up with Dante

[09:50] <Mew> Inside my old one. This is a new bag, thank god. ><

[09:50] <Morrigan> Oooo...Matsumi's feeling naughty! ^_~

[09:51] * Sailor Quinox giggles "shut up, morri-san"

[09:51] * -YingGirl waits, wondering if Morrigan will pull off anything...

[09:51] <Morrigan> You know, Mew, I once heard a story about a guy that had a bag of holding and came up with a great idea about how to smuggle a bunch of people into someplace. He put about ten or so guys inside the bag and carried them around. Unfortunately, he forgot about them for like several weeks...

[09:52] * Mew continues to twirl the staff, the jingle of gold rings hitting eachother fills the air.

[09:52] * Solarchos sighs deeply and tenses up a little. Can't hold out much longer...

[09:52] <Furu> Boy this sure is a nice ceiling

[09:53] <Furu> Painted good an' everything...

[09:53] * Morrigan is ignoring Yingy, since that seems to be what Inu-girl wants.

[09:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Shall we take a break, love? You look at little tired.

[09:53] <Morrigan> Matsumi! I command you to glomp Furu! ^_^

[09:54] <Sailor Quinox> Furu...your nose...

[09:54] * Sailor Quinox shrugs and glomps Furu

[09:54] * Furu knows, he knows ><

[09:54] <Mew> Even with new powers, Furu still can't stop his nosebleeds. ^_^;;

[09:54] * Furu is glomped

[09:54] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Absolutely not! *pounces on top of her and takes everything to the next level!*

[09:54] <TuxRainbow> lol

[09:55] <Shaldra Darkness> O_O

[09:55] * -YingGirl returns to her corner. Still didn't know why Dante gave her that hickey as she holds her knives

[09:55] <Shaldra Darkness> Mr-rawrr! ^_^

[09:55] <Furu> >__<

[09:56] * Sailor Quinox gets off Furu

[09:56] * Mew holds the staff still and shakes her head.

[09:56] <Morrigan> Anyway, Mew...the guy forgot all about the people he was carrying around, then remembered. *snicker* The people inside the bag had had their own "Donner Party" and only one of them was still alive! XD

[09:56] * Sailor Quinox goes over and sits on the sofa

[09:56] * Furu resumes looking at the ceiling....after wiping off his nose again

[09:57] * -YingGirl returns to stare at the floor painting again

[09:57] <Morrigan> V..^_^..V

[09:57] * -The couch begins to rock steadily.

[09:57] <Mew> Ha! What a laugh. ^_^ Lucky I only put the guy in here because my car broke down and I was on the other side of town. I was not going to drag a bounty that far.

[09:58] <-YingGirl> -->

[09:58] * Mew leans lightly on the staff. "Mom used to be so good with this..."

[09:58] <Morrigan> Oh, I've heard weirder stories than that.

[09:59] * Furu decides to chance it and stop looking at the ceiling.

[10:00] <Mew> Furu, keep your eyes away from the sofa and you're fine.

[10:00] * TuxRainbow nods

[10:01] <Furu> >< y-yeah...should be, in theory

[10:01] <Sailor Quinox> and be careful not to look this way either...

[10:01] <Morrigan> Damn, somebodies' got a thing for shapeshifters and lycanthropy. O_o;;

[10:01] * -The couch continues to rock and thump steadily.

[10:02] * Solarchos continues to try and blow Shaldra's mind! ^_~

[10:03] * Furu looks at Q-san. "why? Am I not allowed to look in your general direction?"

[10:03] * Shaldra Darkness is quite close to that. *_*

[10:03] *** TuxRainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (time to see a wife about causing something ^_~)

[10:03] * Sailor Quinox has taken off her bra, since it got a little blood on it

[10:03] <Sailor Quinox> FURU!!!

[10:03] * Mew sits down again and begins cleaning the staff...

[10:04] * Furu nosebleeds even worse

[10:04] <Morrigan> Because, Fururururururururururu-kun...Matsumi's wearing some of that "Barely-there" underwear! ^_~

[10:04] * Mew throws Q her jacket.

[10:04] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (shopping)

[10:04] * Mew whacks Morrigan over the head with the staff

[10:04] * Morrigan is still quite damp, too.

[10:05] <Morrigan> Ow! Mew!

[10:05] * Sailor Quinox wraps the jacket around her

[10:05] <Mew> Give Furu a break. Shesh.

[10:06] * Furu realizes he can nosebleed a lot more since his "upgrade"

[10:06] * Sailor Quinox puts her bra back on

[10:06] * Solarchos keeps it up and is not slowing down! ^__^

[10:06] <Mew> I may be ecchi at times, but I don't torture guys with it. At the rate you're going, Furu's gonna die from blood loss.

[10:07] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuurrr-rrawrrr!!

[10:07] <Morrigan> Give him a break? What for? This is *me* we're talking about! ^_^..V

[10:07] * Mew will hit you again, Morrgian.

[10:08] * Morrigan goes over and starts examining Plant-Kun closely.

[10:08] <Mew> Thank you. I don't ofter use my mother's staff, but it works.

[10:08] * Solarchos is panting hard. ""

[10:09] <Sailor Quinox> sorry, Furu-chan....

[10:09] <Furu> One of these days, I'll develop an immunity....I hope

[10:09] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurr-rrawrrr! *_* V

[10:09] <Furu> It's okay.

[10:10] * Furu nosebleeds MORE from the sounds and talking

[10:10] * Mew nods and goes back to cleaning the staff

[10:10] * Morrigan knows there *is* no immunity to the power of TEH POWAH!! ^_^

[10:10] * -The couch starts rocking even more than before.

[10:10] <Mew> Sorry, Furu. But I'm *not* going back there to stop em. Shal-chan can get pretty pissed at times.

[10:11] * Mew jabs Morrigan with the staff

[10:11] <Furu> I...don't doubt.

[10:12] <Morrigan> Are you okay sitting on that couch, Mew? It's starting to rock pretty hard.

[10:12] * Mew grabs her books and gets up to move to another couch. ~_~;

[10:12] * Morrigan is jabbed. "Ouch. Quit it."

[10:13] * Furu points and laughs at Morrigan-san. "Haw haw."

[10:13] * Mew sits down, drops the books beside her, and goes back to carefully cleaning

[10:13] * Solarchos can't hold out much longer! O_O

[10:13] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrrr!! *_*

[10:14] * Morrigan walks over to Mew. "Seriously, watcha doing?"

[10:14] <Mew> Since I couldn't read with that fight going on, I thought I should clean my mom's staff instead.

[10:15] * Mew doesn't use it much, but it was her moms.

[10:16] * Mew reaches into her bag and pulls out a container of polish and a piece of cloth.

[10:16] <Morrigan> Hmmm...what'd your mom use it for?

[10:17] <Mew> Mom was a sorceress, this staff gave her a boost with her magic.

[10:17] * -The couch *really* starts to rock as the sounds of passion coming from behind it intensify!

[10:18] * Furu bursts into nosebleeding again

[10:18] <Morrigan> Nice. Where'd she find it? I'm just asking because Solarchos told me about all the problems you and Shal are having lately.

[10:18] <Mew> Shal-chan's sword was actually dads, way back when.

[10:19] <Solarchos> O_O

[10:19] <Mew> I'm not exactly sure. It's not something I usually check up on. It was definatly somewhere around Herlie, by the craftsmanship.

[10:20] * Solarchos lets out a gigantic groan as he...well, you can figure it out!

[10:21] * Shaldra Darkness squeels! ^_^

[10:21] * Mew facefaults O_o;;

[10:21] <Morrigan> Well, I've been thinking that if your mom and dad actually entered that temple and either took, moved, or disturbed something, they might've weakened the prison holding that demon-gal.

[10:22] * Furu finally passes out and hits the floor, cracking it

[10:22] <Morrigan> Muahahahahahahahahahaha!!! ^_^..V

[10:22] <Mew> That may have done it. I guess we had better go to Herlie sometime and check it out. One of the entrences is almost cleared, I'm sure.

[10:23] <Mew> Great, broke Furu.

[10:23] <Furu> x_x.....

[10:24] * -Behind the couch, Solarchos is lying down next to Shaldra, holding her close and nibbling on her ear. ^____^

[10:25] <Morrigan> I didn't touch him!

[10:25] * Shaldra Darkness is purring quite contently...

[10:25] <Mew> I know, I know. ~_~;;

[10:26] * Mew finishes polishing the staff, then gives it a few twirls...

[10:26] <Morrigan> So...was Furu actually timing those two? ^_~

[10:27] <Mew> Good question.

[10:27] * Solarchos is feeling quite content, too. "Heh...if that was punishment, chain me to the wall, love!"

[10:28] * Mew checks the timer... "'Bout an hour and a half."

[10:28] * Furu suddenly sits back up, taking a bit of the floor up with him

[10:28] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrr... I don't know who was punishing who by the end if it... ^_^

[10:29] * Mew helps Furu up, brushing bits of floor off him with her tail

[10:30] * Morrigan glances at the timer. "Oh yeah!! Nice!!"

[10:30] <Furu> Thanks, Mew-chan

[10:30] <Mew> Not a problem, Furi Kuri.

[10:30] <Furu> ^_^;

[10:30] * Mew pats Furu on the back

[10:31] * Solarchos continues to snuggle with Shaldra, wrapping the blanket tightly around them both. ^__^

[10:31] * Furu laughs a little

[10:31] <Morrigan> You okay there, Furu?

[10:31] * Shaldra Darkness giggles a bit and nuzzles Solarchos. ^_^

[10:33] <Furu> y-yeah, fine.

[10:33] * Solarchos nuzzles Shaldra right back. "You know what would be great right now. A cat-nap."

[10:33] <Shaldra Darkness> Got that right...

[10:34] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I've never heard you squeal like *that* before! ^_^

[10:34] <Mew> I gotta get my tail outta here. Have to check up on the work in Herlie.

[10:34] * Furu is sorely tempted to gain payback by moving the couch and exposing the happy couple...

[10:34] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Well, you really got me going. ^_~

[10:35] <Morrigan> Maybe I should tag along with you, Mew. You might need the back-up.

[10:35] *** Mew has left #suburbansenshi2 (A flick of the tail, and the black neko is gone)

[10:35] <Mew> Then common. I'll show you around while we're there.

[10:36] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Shall we go someplace quiet and take a little cat-nap? I wouldn't mind one bit.

[10:36] <Morrigan> Cool! Let's go!

[10:36] <Furu> Meh. I get up off the floor and now everyone's bailing on me. :P

[10:36] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Sounds like a good idea, love. I could use a cat-nap right about now. ^_^;

[10:37] *** Morrigan has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "I've never been to Expel. I shall introduce them to the Way of the Perv!")

[10:37] *** Mew has left #suburbansenshi2 (Again, I'm gone.)

[10:38] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Me, too! I'm in need of some quiet snuggle-time with you! ^_~

[10:38] * Shaldra Darkness giggles a bit and nuzzles Solarchos lightly. "Shall we depart?"

[10:39] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Yeah. I think everyone else in the room needs some quiet time themselves! XD

[10:40] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^;;

[10:40] <Furu> Heheh

[10:40] * Solarchos quickly grabs his discarded armor and gear. ^_^;;

[10:40] * Shaldra Darkness grabs her cloths. ^_^;;

[10:40] <Furu> Have a nice nap, you two :P

[10:40] <Solarchos> Furu - Take it easy, man! ^_^;;

[10:41] * Furu waves

[10:41] <Shaldra Darkness> Sorry about ditchin ya, Furi Kuri. Here, this should make it up to ya. *tosses him 10 thousand yen*

[10:41] *** Solarchos has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "A cat-nap and some snuggle-time with my love. This day couldn't get any better.")

[10:41] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (After that, who wouldn't need a good cat-nap? ^_^)

[10:42] <Furu> Yay, money!

[10:43] * Furu is so eating udon tonight...

[10:46] * Furu face faults as he realizes he won't be hungry, thanks to the senzu bean

[10:48] <Furu> Just my luck.

[10:52] * Furu goes into Lurk mode


[10:54] * Yaijinden adds a bookmark

[10:54] *** Yaijinden has left #suburbansenshi2 (witty AHEHHAh.)

[10:54] <Furu> OHNOES

[10:59] <Furu> XD

[11:05] <GERMATOID> GOOD GOD -->

[11:05] * GERMATOID is away

[11:05] <@spiritflame> ♦ GERMATOID is on the board with 1 point! ♦
[11:05] <@spiritflame> next question: jedite's final showdown with the senshi was at Handea _______

[11:05] <@spiritflame> @spiritflame has stopped the trivia mode

[11:12] <Furu> Holy....

[11:14] * Furu thinks that maybe the world is close to crumbling after all

[11:17] <Furu> Stupid NASA better get to work on that whole colonizing thing

[11:19] <Furu> ...That was..a horrible typo wasn't it

[11:19] * Furu blames lack of sleep

[11:21] *** SaiyaJedi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:21] <@spiritflame> Irasshai SaiyaJedi

[11:22] <Furu> Yo SJ

[11:22] <SaiyaJedi> This just keeps getting worse -->

[11:22] * Furu has seen

[11:23] <Furu> I can't even IMAGINE that...

[11:24] <SaiyaJedi> The mind truly boggles.

[11:24] <SaiyaJedi> They keep saying in Indonesia that they're "only just reaching" the hardest-hit areas

[11:24] <SaiyaJedi> Which means that each new area they get to must be worse than the last

[11:25] <Furu> Christ...

[11:25] <SaiyaJedi> Seems to be where most of the casualties are, given the epicenter of the quake

[11:27] <Furu> Horrible, horrible stuff

[11:27] <SaiyaJedi> A tragedy that in human-induced terms, rivals a nuclear strike or a small-scale genocide

[11:28] <SaiyaJedi> Perturbed as I am to put it in such words.

[11:29] <Furu> Nature can truly be a destructive, uncaring thing

[11:30] <SaiyaJedi> Indeed

[11:30] <SaiyaJedi> It's apparently the worst disaster in the Indian Ocean since Krakatoa exploded in 1883

[11:31] <Furu> Wow....

[11:33] * Furu shakes his head

[11:33] <Furu> I feel for everyone that has family there

[11:34] * SaiyaJedi nods

[11:37] <Furu> I kinda don't know what to talk about.

[11:39] * Furu wonders where everyone's AT anyway

[11:42] <Furu> I got bailed on quite a while ago

[11:43] * SaiyaJedi shrugs

[11:43] * SaiyaJedi has to go, now

[11:43] <SaiyaJedi> Later

[11:43] *** SaiyaJedi has left #suburbansenshi2 (Daytime stuff)

[11:45] <Furu> Wow, deja vu.

[11:51] * Furu will wait a little before leaving himself

[12:03] * Furu has waited a sufficent amount of time :P

[12:03] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (Sparking!!)

[12:16] * Sailor Quinox is back

[12:16] <Sailor Quinox> hmm? where is everyone?

[12:22] <Furu> Yay!

[12:22] <Furu> ^_^ someone showed up

[12:23] * Furu bets Q-san's left by now, though...

[12:23] <Sailor Quinox> oh, hi, furu-chan! ^^

[12:24] * Sailor Quinox is still in her underwear

[12:26] * Furu nosebleeds. "Y...yo.."

[12:26] <Sailor Quinox> um..furu-chan?

[12:26] <Sailor Quinox> something wrong?

[12:27] <Furu>'re..n-not wearin' a whole lot...

[12:28] <Sailor Quinox> yeah? so?

[12:29] * Furu points to his bleeding nose as he pulls a tissue out of his pocket

[12:29] <Sailor Quinox> awwww..poor furu-chan

[12:30] <Furu> Y..yeah. Poor me. -_-;

[12:32] * Furu goes to looking at the ceiling

[12:35] <Furu> doodeedodeedoooo

[12:37] * Sailor Quinox hugs Furu

[12:39] <Sailor Quinox> poor furu-chan....

[12:39] * Furu is hugged

[12:39] * Furu hesitently hugs Q-san back, without looking

[12:40] * Sailor Quinox giggles "um...furu..."

[12:40] * -starcat JUMPS onto Q's back!!

[12:40] <starcat> :P

[12:41] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:41] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[12:41] <Furu> Yay! Saved!

[12:41] <Sailor Quinox> ........hey, starcat...I was just about to tell furu not to squeeze so hard...

[12:41] * Sailor Quinox notes Furu's hand is still accedtely on her left breast

[12:42] <starcat> ^_^

[12:42] <Sailor Quinox> but I forgive him...

[12:42] * starcat hops down to the floor and removes Furu's hand

[12:42] <starcat> XP

[12:42] * Furu promptly wobbles and falls over

[12:42] <starcat> it's also "accidentally."

[12:43] * starcat drags Furu-kun over to the couch

[12:43] <starcat> Q, help me to get him on this couch, would you?

[12:43] * Sailor Quinox giggles "poor Furu-chan"

[12:43] <Furu> x_x...

[12:44] * Sailor Quinox helps Furu to the couch

[12:45] * starcat helps, too

[12:45] <starcat> You know, I was going to wear the bikini today, but it's too cold outside. ><

[12:45] * Furu starts to come around

[12:46] <starcat> I wore it under my clothes, instead! ^_^

[12:46] * starcat moves around behind the couch and begins taking her clothes off, revealing the bikini

[12:46] * Furu starts wobbling again after that

[12:46] <Sailor Quinox> LOL

[12:47] <starcat> Dhould I put them back on?

[12:47] * Furu stops and shakes his head no...then starts again

[12:48] <starcat> *Should

[12:48] * starcat glomps Furu-kun ^_^

[12:49] <Sailor Quinox> do I have permission to give him a quick playful glomp, starcat?

[12:49] * Furu is glomped and falls over happily ^_^

[12:49] <starcat> No. :P

[12:50] <starcat> My glomping session. ^_^

[12:50] <Furu> Eheheheh

[12:50] <Sailor Quinox> awwwwwwww :P

[12:52] <starcat> Besides, you're married. Go glomp your hubby.

[12:52] * Furu hugs star-chan tight

[12:52] * Sailor Quinox giggles and teleports Hideki here

[12:53] * starcat hugs Furu-kun back, though not as tightly ><

[12:53] * starcat isn't as strond as Furu-kun, you know!

[12:53] * windknight is in a bathrobe..."um...what's going on?"

[12:54] <Furu> Ack..I'm sorry..

[12:54] * Furu loosens his hug

[12:54] * windknight is tackle-glomped by Matsumi

[12:54] <starcat> *strong

[12:54] <starcat> It's okay. ^_^

[12:55] <starcat> It wasn't too tight.

[12:55] <Furu> OKay ^_^

[12:57] * Furu kisses star-chan on the forehead

[12:57] <Furu> ...Whew..I've been up longer than I thought o-o

[12:57] * starcat smiles "haopily" and kisses Furu-kun back, on the lips

[12:58] <starcat> Do you need to go to sleep?

[12:58] <Furu> Haha!

[12:59] <Furu> a few minutes, yeah.

[12:59] * Windknight is being cuddled by Matsumi

[13:00] <Furu> but for now, I'm way too happy ^^

[13:01] <starcat> ^^

[13:01] * starcat snuggles with Furu-kun

[13:01] * Furu snuggles back

[13:02] * Furu realizes again while snuggling exactly how little clothing star-chan is wearing and resorts to blushing once again

[13:03] <starcat> Just don't pass out on me, okay? ^^

[13:04] * Sailor Quinox kisses Hideki passonitly

[13:04] <Furu> I..w-won't

[13:06] * Furu will resist!

[13:06] * starcat gets closer to Furu-kun and kisses him again

[13:06] <starcat> you're cute when you're asleep, so I guess it'd be okay if you did go to sleep. ^_^

[13:07] <starcat> Or pass out, even!

[13:08] * Furu blushes even more, but manages to kiss back

[13:08] <Furu> W-well...if you don't mind....

[13:09] <starcat> Sleep is important. I can tell you that ymself...

[13:09] <starcat> *myself

[13:09] * Furu nods

[13:10] <Furu> We"Do stuff" later ^_^

[13:10] <starcat> ^_^ Okay!

[13:11] * Furu gives star-chan one last big kiss

[13:12] * starcat kisses back

[13:13] <starcat> Good night, I guess. :(

[13:13] * Furu then promptly falls over asleep

[13:14] <starcat> ^_^

[13:14] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (I'll give you one good guess what I'm dreamin' about ^__^)

[13:14] * starcat sits and watches Furu-kun sleep

[13:14] * Sailor Quinox kisses hideki and sends him home

[13:15] *** Windknight has left #suburbansenshi2 (Whoa....)

[13:15] <starcat> He's so cute when he sleeps...

[13:16] <Windknight> you're so lucky, star-chan

[13:16] <starcat> O_o;

[13:17] <starcat> ((Don't you hate it when that happens? ;) ))

[13:17] <starcat> How so?

[13:17] <-Sarilor Quinox> ((I do))

[13:18] <Sailor Quinox> ((grrr))

[13:18] <Sailor Quinox> to have furu love you so much ^_^

[13:19] <starcat> ^_^

[13:19] <starcat> I am indeed, in that regard...

[13:21] * Sailor Quinox lays back on the sofa

[13:26] <Sailor Quinox> it's a nice quiet day

[13:28] <starcat> yep. ^_^

[13:32] * Sailor Quinox sips some ginger ale

[13:41] <Sailor Quinox> *sigh*

[13:51] <Sailor Quinox> what a day......

[14:17] * starcat is back (sorry, forgot to put up an away message. ><)

[14:19] <Sailor Quinox> it's alright....

[14:19] * Sailor Quinox 's glass of ginger ale suddenly shakes

[14:20] <starcat> woo. ^_^

[14:20] * Sailor Quinox looks out the window as Gojira walks by

[14:21] <starcat> ?

[14:21] <starcat> Interesting.

[14:22] <starcat> ((Ow, my cat just scratched my lip!! ))

[14:22] <Sailor Quinox> ((ouch))

[14:23] <Sailor Quinox> well...this is Tokyo....

[14:27] <starcat> Of course. ^_^

[14:30] * Sailor Quinox puts an apple in Starcat's mouth and giggles

[14:33] * starcat eats the apple :P

[14:34] * starcat suposes that she should go put her clothes on again now that Furu-kun is asleep...

[14:35] * Sailor Quinox is already in a nice plain green dress

[14:36] * starcat retrieves her clothes and dons them again

[14:41] * starcat pulls out her DS and plays picture poker

[14:42] * Sailor Quinox steals away the DS!

[14:43] <starcat> Hey, give that back!!

[14:43] <starcat> It was a Christmas present!!

[14:43] <Sailor Quinox> nope :P *starts messing around with it*

[14:44] <starcat> Please, give it back.

[14:45] <Sailor Quinox> oooooo....yay ^^

[14:45] <starcat> you'll make me lose!!

[14:46] * -L.D.S.Geeste takes the DS from Quinox and hands it back to Ms. starcat

[14:46] *** -L.D.S.Geeste has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:46] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -L.D.S.Geeste

[14:46] <Sailor Quinox> grrrrrrrrr

[14:46] * -L.D.S.Geeste actually just came in here for more tools.

[14:46] <starcat> thanks!! ^_^

[14:46] <-L.D.S.Geeste> Not a problem, Ms. starcat.

[14:47] <-L.D.S.Geeste> Those few giant explosions a while back wreaked my ship again. ><

[14:48] * starcat resumes her game of poker

[14:49] <starcat> I'd help you out, but I'm better at causing explosions than fixing them.

[14:49] * Sailor Quinox sticks her tongue out at Geeste

[14:49] * -L.D.S.Geeste replies in kind. :p

[14:50] <-L.D.S.Geeste> That's alright. I'll survive.

[14:52] * -L.D.S.Geeste grabs some food and the tools he needs. "That should do it."

[14:54] <-L.D.S.Geeste> Good bye, ladies, and take care.

[14:55] <starcat> Bye. ^_^

[14:55] <Sailor Quinox> alright..oh and :P

[14:55] <-L.D.S.Geeste> :P right back at you.

[14:55] *** -L.D.S.Geeste has left #suburbansenshi2

[15:00] <starcat> I am stuck in an endless game of picture poker.

[15:02] <Sailor Quinox> do you want me to help you?

[15:02] <starcat> Err, no...

[15:03] <starcat> I'm doing fine, great even...

[15:03] <Sailor Quinox> are you sure?

[15:03] <starcat> that's the problem.

[15:04] <starcat> I don't want to quit it without saving my score. ><

[15:04] <Sailor Quinox> I can fix that ^_^

[15:05] <starcat> I don't want to do badly on purpose...

[15:06] <Sailor Quinox> no...I wouldn't do it on purpose...I just suck genearly...

[15:07] <starcat> ((No, really. I'm going to be playing this mini-game for the rest of my life.

[15:08] <starcat> It's okay, but I don't want to. T_T))

[15:11] * Sailor Quinox sits and watchs starcat play the game over her shoulder

[15:21] * starcat presses pause and closes the top of the DS

[15:22] <Sailor Quinox> what?

[15:22] <starcat> I'm never going to finish. ~_~

[15:24] <starcat> ((Actually, I'm getting new glasses, and I need to go pick them up.))

[15:26] <Sailor Quinox> awwwwwwwwww

[15:26] * starcat goes to go attempt to finish the game

[15:28] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 (huzzah...)

[15:31] <Sailor Quinox> alone......

[15:34] *** Apricot-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:34] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Apricot-chan

[15:34] <Sailor Quinox> hi, apricot-chan!!

[15:39] <Apricot-chan> Hi.

[15:39] <Sailor Quinox> what's up?

[15:41] <Apricot-chan> Nothing whatsoever.

[15:42] <Sailor Quinox> same here, really....

[15:42] <Apricot-chan> Nobody else is here...

[15:44] <Sailor Quinox> nope.....

[15:46] * Sub Zippo comes in, holding his head and carrying a gallon jug of orange juice.

[15:47] <Sailor Quinox> NATE-SAN!!

[15:47] <Sub Zippo> Hi ladies...

[15:48] * Sailor Quinox skips over and huggles Nate-san

[15:49] <Sub Zippo> Glad your well... whats going on?

[15:50] <Sailor Quinox> nothing at the moment...

[15:50] <Sailor Quinox> but now it's good that you're here!!

[15:51] <Sub Zippo> heh.. thanks.

[15:51] * Sub Zippo takes a long chug from his Jug.

[15:52] <Sailor Quinox> want to take a chug from my jug :P

[15:52] <Sub Zippo> Dont ask ^.^

[15:53] <Sailor Quinox> hehehee

[15:53] * Sub Zippo sighs

[15:54] <Sailor Quinox> what's wrong?

[15:55] <Sub Zippo> nothing new...

[15:55] <Sub Zippo> Dont mind me.

[15:55] * Sub Zippo takes another chug.

[15:56] <Sub Zippo> I swear Ohio is killing me... not to mention I cant see if the elf wants to go on a date..

[15:57] <Sub Zippo> God bless OJ, the universal antidote.

[15:58] <Sub Zippo> So Matsy, got any plans for new years? Did Ialready ask you?

[15:58] * Sailor Quinox walks around Nate, magically changing into a uber-sexy bikni

[15:58] <Sailor Quinox> plans.....however I have a funiral to go to on new years day

[15:59] <Sub Zippo> unnehehe.. thats ether the first or the last thing I need right now..

[16:00] <Sailor Quinox> what are you talking about ^_~

[16:01] <Sub Zippo> Hehe, you. You always know how to make a guy smile.

[16:01] * Sailor Quinox rubs slightly against Nate

[16:02] * Sub Zippo blushes

[16:03] <Sub Zippo> ehehe...Matsy.. I gotta go... =(

[16:03] <Sailor Quinox> about I help you relax a bit...

[16:03] <Sub Zippo> sorry..

[16:03] <Sub Zippo> Later. ;)

[16:03] <Sailor Quinox> awwwwwwwwwwww

[16:04] <Sailor Quinox> alright.....later ^_~

[16:09] * Sailor Quinox pouts

[16:15] <Sailor Quinox> alone, again.....

[16:30] * Sailor Quinox tosses a pin on the floor with a loud CLANG

[16:43] * Sailor Quinox is lonely

[16:47] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:47] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[16:48] * Solarchos is currently carrying a LOT of weapons, photon-flash grenades, and extra ammo.

[16:48] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Solar-san!!!

[16:48] * Sailor Quinox hugs Solarchos

[16:49] <Solarchos> Matsumi - Hey there. Hopefully things have been quiet so far tonight.

[16:49] * Solarchos has been hugged!

[16:51] * Sailor Quinox giggles in her uber-sexy bikni

[16:52] * Solarchos sees what Matsumi's wearing and gulps a little. O_o;;

[16:53] <Sailor Quinox> oh...sorry ^_^

[16:55] <Sailor Quinox> what's with the merchindise?

[16:56] <Solarchos> Matsumi - Preparing for combat in case that damn demon-b[BLEEP]ch attacks Shaldra and Mew again.

[16:56] <Sailor Quinox> ahhhhhh....

[16:58] <Solarchos> Matsumi - So, what's with the sexy get-up? Planning a little "party" for someone?

[16:59] <Sailor Quinox> nah...just in a sexy mood ^_~

[17:00] *** Michael D has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:00] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Michael D

[17:01] * Michael D hugs Matsumi from behind "I'll say"

[17:01] <Solarchos> Mmmm...Shaldra was sure in a sexy mood earlier. She and I had a nice nap together.

[17:01] <Solarchos> Mike - Hey there. I never received that e-mail from you about the new site.

[17:02] <Michael D> Let me make sure I've got you in my contacts list solar.

[17:03] * Sailor Quinox giggles and holds Mike tight

[17:04] * Michael D sweatdrops "No wonder, sorry man. ^_^;;;"

[17:04] * Solarchos sits down on the Ubercouch and curls up, humming contentedly.

[17:04] <Michael D> right?

[17:04] <Sailor Quinox> ((gah...gotta go for dinner...brb))

[17:04] * Sailor Quinox is away: somethings come up

[17:04] * Michael D holds matsumi tight "How you feeling?"

[17:06] * Michael D reads the backlogs "Solar, what the frell happened this morning?!?!?! O_O"

[17:06] <Michael D> Comic Book Guy: There is no emoticon for what I'm feeling!!!

[17:06] <Solarchos> Mike - Simple, Shaldra and I had some "fun" today! ^_^

[17:07] <Michael D> I mean 8:00 o'clock this morning

[17:09] <Solarchos> Mike - Uh, what do you mean? I tried talking some sense into Yinggirl, but naturally she never listens to me.

[17:09] <Michael D> BTW Shaldra ever explain to you about that pen?

[17:10] <Michael D> Thats what I ment, turned out to be less then what I though, I just started reading it when i commented on it.

[17:10] <Solarchos> Mike - She hasn't mentioned that makeshift Henshin Pen you gave her.

[17:10] * Michael D notes that does explain why Dante was a little less moody today....

[17:11] * Michael D sweatdrops "makeshift....."

[17:11] <Solarchos> Mike - If anything, I'm trying to help Dante out, but I can't figure out what's going through Ying's head for the life of me.

[17:12] * - a white cat with a Gold Guardian sigil leaps on Solar's head and smacks him with her paw "I DON'T PRODUCE MAKESHIFT ITEMS!!!!!"

[17:13] <Michael D> I wont mention much out of respect but I had a talk with her, I think I understand whats going on, but out of respect I shall so no more.

[17:13] * Solarchos has been smacked! "The frell?!"

[17:14] <Michael D> Sela, No smacking Solar!

[17:14] * - the white cat looks up "but he insulted my pen.......T_T"

[17:14] * Solarchos looks at the white cat. "You wouldn't happen to be Shaldra's Guardian Cat, are you?"

[17:15] <Michael D> She's mine Solar. ~_~ Sela, solar, solar, sela

[17:15] * -the white cat is now known as Sela-chan

[17:16] <Solarchos> Mike - I just hope Yinggirl will stop hurting Dante like that, before she does something she'll regret...again.

[17:16] <-Sela-chan> Meow...but he called it makeshift....

[17:17] <Solarchos> Sela - Hi there, little kitty. Sorry about that.

[17:17] <Michael D> I know Dante appreciates your concern Solar

[17:17] * Michael D sits down on Sailor Sofa as Sela jumps off of Solar's head and onto Mike's lap

[17:18] <-Sela-chan> It's alright Solar, But it's the first time I made one...i was proud of it. :(

[17:20] * Michael D pets Sela "She's a little hyper thing, but she's good"

[17:21] <Solarchos> No prob.

[17:22] <-Sela-chan> I'm not sure is Shaldra-chan is the senshi of Expel....but after all that talk everyone did, I thought It might me worth a try..

[17:22] * Solarchos is in a *really* good mood after the events of this morning...and an extremely pleasurable cat-nap afterwards! ^_~

[17:23] *** -AnTilZha has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:23] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -AnTilZha

[17:23] <-Sela-chan> Not everysailor crystal was tapped in the present and some even in the past. Expel was far out of the reach of the royal house, it never fell into the danger area, so it's sailor senshi slept of many other planets out there...

[17:24] * -AnTilZha goes over to the fridge and grabs some tuna. ^_^

[17:24] <-Sela-chan> Hi future kid-chan!!!

[17:26] <Solarchos> Sela - I know for a fact that there are NO Sailor Senshi within the Imperium. I guess the instant a Senshi awakens, she's immediately set upon by the Ordo Hereticus.

[17:27] <-AnTilZha> that cat talking to me? O_o

[17:27] <-Sela-chan> So true, and I know what happened to the sailor for Xadium-chan's many slaughtered.....

[17:27] <-Sela-chan> Yes Kawaii-chan!

[17:27] <-Sela-chan> your almost as cute as Chronos-kun. ^_^

[17:28] <Michael D> Chronos is Set-chan's Guardian Cat, Matsumi found them both at the same time. He's a bit stuffy but he's cool

[17:28] <Solarchos> Sela - Gallifrey had Senshi? I didn't think non-humans could be Senshi?

[17:29] <-AnTilZha> Me? Cute? *blushes*

[17:29] <-Sela-chan> Dr. X mentioned there used to be one till they used there sailor crystal for experimentation to devlope technology....

[17:30] * -AnTilZha sits down cautiously on the Tuxedo Sofa.

[17:30] <-Sela-chan> but anyway, as part of the Guardian Clan, It's me and Mike-chan's job to look out for all those with sailor crystals. Luna and Artemis and Freya all look after there clans, but We're the ones who look out for them all.

[17:31] <Solarchos> Yup, that sounds like the early Gallifreans before the rise of the Time Lords.

[17:31] <-Sela-chan> I just though Shaldra might have been Expels......She looks so Kawaii in a sailor fuku!!!!!! =^_^=

[17:32] <Michael D> Sela-chan....~_~

[17:33] <Solarchos> Sela - I can't disagree with you there. Shaldra looks *awesome* in a fuku! ^_^

[17:34] * -AnTilZha starts eating some tuna. Yum! ^_^

[17:37] <Michael D> I think I inspired her with that hack I was working on....

[17:37] * @S.X. Aino drops by for a moment to explain the sad tale of Gallifrey's only Sailor Senshi, Sailor Kronos.

[17:38] * @S.X. Aino taps her own forehead.

[17:38] * Solarchos wishes Shaldra was here. "Hmm...I wonder where she is, anyway?"

[17:38] <Michael D> Hey Sakura

[17:38] <Michael D> Hewo Sakura-chan! =^_^=

[17:38] <-AnTilZha> Sakura! ^_^ *waves*

[17:38] <-Sela-chan> ^, rats....

[17:38] <@S.X. Aino> The Rassilon Imprimatur, the biocelluar interface nexus that lets us link to our TARDISes and other technologies...

[17:38] * @S.X. Aino waves to the others.

[17:39] <@S.X. Aino> It was dervied, by Rassilon, from a combination of his own DNA and the sailor Crystal of Sailor Kronos.

[17:39] <@S.X. Aino> ^derived.

[17:39] <-Sela-chan> I was close. =^_^=

[17:40] <@S.X. Aino> Legend says he tore her arpart looking for the crystal, molecule by molecule.

[17:40] <Solarchos> Sakura - Are you saying the Gallifreans somehow used Kronos to create those things?

[17:40] <@S.X. Aino> So each of us... we Time Lords, carry a piece of her in us, as well as the collective generational shame of her slaughter.

[17:40] * -Sela-chan lowers her head "It was truely a sad day for the priestess when she heard of it"

[17:41] <@S.X. Aino> No, I'm saying Kronos' power is inherent in the Imprimatur.

[17:41] <@S.X. Aino> Much of our technology does not need the imprimatur, but it is a security against the lesser races playing with our toys.

[17:42] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:42] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[17:42] * @S.X. Aino notes the Sisterhood of Karn, a group of psychically attuned Gallifryan Priestesses, was so infuritated by the primal slaughter that they left Gallifrey for the Ice-moon Karn.

[17:42] <Solarchos> Hmm...sounds like the Time Lords have a few skeletons in their closets after all. Not unlike Terrans.

[17:43] <@S.X. Aino> It is said that one day Sailor Kronos would return for her revenge, and she did... but that's a tale for Pop and Mom and Hotaru to tell.

[17:43] * -AnTilZha hops over to Sakura and hugs her leg. "I forgive you."

[17:43] <@S.X. Aino> A few?! Hah! My forebears had the monopoly on skeletal remains.

[17:43] <Shaldra Darkness> What we going on spooky senshi stories tonight?

[17:43] <Solarchos> Shaldra-kun! Hey, love. ^_~

[17:43] * -Sela-chan keeps quiet on the matter

[17:44] * @S.X. Aino hugs the boy. "Hey, it's not like I chose for it to happen, Rassilon did that aeons ago."

[17:44] <Michael D> made Sela.....quiet......O_O

[17:44] <@S.X. Aino> Hiyas Darkness...

[17:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, Sakura.

[17:45] <Michael D> I hold nothing against You or your father Sakura, it was a long time ago, before my time.

[17:45] * @S.X. Aino doesn't have a Mau Guardian.

[17:45] <Michael D> I didn't know either till Matsumi ran into her and Set-chans

[17:45] <@S.X. Aino> Mike, it was before practically everyone's time, heh.

[17:45] * Michael D notes it was a few monthes ago.

[17:46] <@S.X. Aino> Rassilon will pay for his sins one day. Such a shame. A great mind, corrupted by the quest for his children's pre-eminence in the universe.

[17:46] * Solarchos goes over to Shaldra and hugs her close, greeting her with a long kiss. ^_~

[17:46] <-Sela-chan> It was even before your mother during the silver millenium, Priestess Anna's time aswell, she had heard tales of it thou.

[17:46] * Shaldra Darkness doesn't mind this one bit. ^_^

[17:46] * @S.X. Aino was talking about the slaughter of Sailor Kronos at the dawn of the Rassilonian era.

[17:47] <@S.X. Aino> We're talking millions upon millions of your years, relative time.

[17:48] <Michael D> Damn, thats a pretty long time.

[17:48] <@S.X. Aino> There has never been another Sailor Crystal produced on Gallifrey, probably because we all have a fractional share of its power.

[17:48] <-AnTilZha> I once heard an old story about another race that did something like that, Miss Sakura.

[17:48] <@S.X. Aino> Technically, I stand as the Senshi for Venus and Gallifrey, but my people don't really need a senshi, so it is unimportant.

[17:48] <Michael D> you know, thats one thing that always bugged me.....I have no idea if I even have one...

[17:49] <@S.X. Aino> Antil'Zha... really?

[17:49] <Solarchos> Sakura - Or maybe because of what Rassilon did, Gallifrey may be considered "tainted".

[17:49] * Michael D has powers tied to the senshi, but never figured out if he possessed some form of sailor crystal

[17:49] <@S.X. Aino> Mike, you are a man. You can't have a Sailor crystal.

[17:49] <@S.X. Aino> Gallifrey is tainted.

[17:50] <Michael D> True, but what the frell do me and tux boy have?

[17:50] <@S.X. Aino> You may however, have a different type of crystal.

[17:50] <@S.X. Aino> Endymion has the Golden Crystal of Earth.

[17:50] * -Sela-chan whistles inocently and sneaks out

[17:51] *** -Sela-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (um......don't know mike-chan)

[17:51] <@S.X. Aino> (If you observe the manga, Endy's crystal is the Golden Crystal. Also Takeuchi said only females can be sailor Senshi, so only they can have Sailor Crystals. )

[17:51] <Michael D> that cat......

[17:51] <Shaldra Darkness> And the cat leaves.

[17:51] <-AnTilZha> I once heard an old, old about a race called the Necrontyr. They started a war against the Old Ones, the oldest, most advanced race my home galaxy had ever seen. The wars lasted millions of year, destroyed a lot of worlds, and ultimately wiped each other out.

[17:52] <@S.X. Aino> Ahh, the Old Ones.

[17:52] <Michael D> (I remember that, but sometimes you get the whole mess of speculation of things online)

[17:52] <@S.X. Aino> We had some skirmishes with them as well. They tore holes through the fabric of space, using planetary cores as portals.

[17:52] * Solarchos nuzzles Shaldra happily.

[17:53] <@S.X. Aino> Emerged from planets by cracking them open like eggs.

[17:53] * Shaldra Darkness giggles. ^_^

[17:54] <-AnTilZha> The Old Ones were all slaughtered by the Necrontyr, or more correctly, the Necrons and the C'Tan.

[17:54] <@S.X. Aino> A great war ensued, and the ones we couldn't kill were driven into E-space. Some of their minions in the form of vampires reamined throughout the universe.

[17:54] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Did you sleep well, love?

[17:55] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Yep, as always. ^_^

[17:55] <@S.X. Aino> Even now their descendants lurk at the edges of reality, waiting for the chance to slip through once again to exact vengeance upon those routed them so long ago.

[17:55] <@S.X. Aino> ^those who, frell I can't spell... HAH That rhymed!

[17:56] * @S.X. Aino giggles and hands out gummi bears

[17:56] <Michael D> That last part reminds me a little of the matrix reloaded.

[17:56] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Heh, we certainly didn't go to sleep right away, though. You were pretty energetic.

[17:57] <@S.X. Aino> Mike: LOL well I ain't no morpheus!

[17:57] * DvlmayCry lurks

[17:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Hey, I'm a neko-girl, I can keep going for a while. ^_~

[17:57] <-AnTilZha> Gummi bears!! ^_^

[17:57] <Michael D> as long as you don't pass out "special pie" there's nothing to worry about Sakura.

[17:58] * @S.X. Aino tugs at her vest a little and looks at the sheath of her sword, the Arataka.

[17:58] <@S.X. Aino> Mike: I'm afraid I don't get the reference, sorries, I'm a little behind on Earther slang.

[18:00] <Michael D> Just remembering part of the movie thats all. ^_^;

[18:00] * =^catablanca^= crawls in, covered in pink lipstick.

[18:00] * Shaldra Darkness facefaults...

[18:00] <@S.X. Aino> ...Uncle Artemis?

[18:00] <Solarchos> Sakura - I know a little of what AnTilZha's talking about. From what I've heard, the Old Ones he's talking about were creatures that raised astrology and astronomy to a perfect science. They could manipulate alternate dimensions, made huge advances in psychic engineering, and created hundreds of races. Apparantly, they recognized that all life is useful.

[18:00] * Michael D remembers the french dude that he would never be able to spell his name, programed pie that after you ate would.....*coughs*

[18:00] <Shaldra Darkness> I figured I smelled *something* weird.

[18:00] * =^catablanca^= is too tired to talk, just wants to die.

[18:01] <-AnTilZha> Pink...lipstick?

[18:01] <Michael D> dude, what happened arty?

[18:01] * Shaldra Darkness won't give *him* an energy boost. XP

[18:01] <Solarchos> Mike - The Merovingian. Ah yes, the PIE!

[18:02] <Shaldra Darkness> Mike - I give you three guesses, and pink hair.

[18:02] <Solarchos> Artemis has been tainted by the Spore! Ugh! >_<;

[18:02] <-AnTilZha> Not the Pink One?!

[18:03] <@S.X. Aino> Yes, the Merovingian... I wish they had explored whether or not her was a previous Neo. The name certainly fits, as the merovingian line was said to have been descended from Christ, and Neo is a Gnostic Christ reference.

[18:03] * @S.X. Aino picks up Uncle Artemis...

[18:04] <@S.X. Aino> Goodness me... it looks like Serenity III has been all over you... be thanksful this isn't the future... your wife would have a fit.

[18:04] * =^catablanca^= passes out, limp.

[18:04] <Shaldra Darkness> I'm not sure if I pitty Artemis, or am disgusted. ><

[18:04] <Solarchos> Sakura - I don't think so. The Merovingian mentioned "I have survived your predicessors, and I will survive you."

[18:05] <@S.X. Aino> Poor thing... the vices of Serenity III are well known throughout the solar system... she made Caligula look like a boy scout who just like to peep at women in the shower.

[18:05] <@S.X. Aino> Solar: But there were many Neos... he could have survived the others.

[18:05] <Michael D> gah, To much info Sakura.

[18:06] * -AnTilZha pokes Artemis with his finger.

[18:06] * @S.X. Aino is angered that "revolutions" wasted thg whole premise and failed to explore these matters.

[18:06] <Shaldra Darkness> I didn't need to know that. O_o;;

[18:06] <Michael D> ah the matrix, america's Eva

[18:06] * @S.X. Aino notes you all LIVE with her, it should be rather obvious to you by now, even without her saying so.

[18:07] * Michael D still enjoyed "Dragon Ball matrix" at the end thou

[18:07] <@S.X. Aino> Well interact with her on a daily basis, rather.

[18:07] <@S.X. Aino> Mike: Indeedies!!

[18:07] <Michael D> But none of us want to know about here sex life thou sakura.

[18:07] <Shaldra Darkness> I ignore spore as much has possible. And with with what I can ignore, I barily even know she exists some times.

[18:08] <Solarchos> Sakura - The vices of the Spore? Do we even want to know?

[18:08] * @S.X. Aino wonders what Artemis' wife would say to seeing her husband like this.

[18:08] <@S.X. Aino> I will not detail them, thanks, heh.

[18:08] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 ("oh noes, I get back and it's time to leave again! Chrono Crusade volume 2 calls!")

[18:10] * Solarchos continues to nuzzle Shaldra, despite the mention of Chibiusa.

[18:10] * Shaldra Darkness purrs lightly. ^_^

[18:10] <-AnTilZha> She'd probably be really mad, Miss Sakura.

[18:10] * @S.X. Aino carries Artemis to her TARDIS and puts him safely inside and returns.

[18:10] <Michael D> Chibi-usa I think keeps h-doujin's in print sometimes.

[18:11] <@S.X. Aino> Oh, she'd be VERY angry. Her temper almost makes me fear, and I have no fear.

[18:12] * -AnTilZha idly wonders where that dumb dog-girl Ying is.

[18:12] * Shaldra Darkness wonders how Mew and Morrigan are doing on Expel...

[18:12] * Solarchos lies down on the couch, using Shaldra's lap as a pillow. ^_^

[18:13] * @S.X. Aino wonders where Artemis' future wife is anyway.

[18:13] * Shaldra Darkness giggles lightly at Solarchos. ^_^

[18:13] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Have you heard back from Mew yet?

[18:13] * DvlmayCry glares at the kid

[18:13] <Solarchos> Sakura - Didn't Luna run away with Teddy Ruxpin?

[18:13] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - No, I haven't. I'm starting to get a bit worried.

[18:13] <@S.X. Aino> Expel... such a peaceful planet... but steeped in ancient powers.

[18:14] <@S.X. Aino> Luna? Who's Luna... oh, *her.*

[18:14] * -AnTilZha glares back at Dante. "Hey! She lit my tail on fire! My *tail*!!!"

[18:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Dante - That would piss any neko off. She's lucky I'm even friends with her after how she threatens me.

[18:15] <@S.X. Aino> That woman is a spitefully petty one. The restraining order's been in effect for something on the order of 2000 years I think. She's not the wife.

[18:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Thank god.

[18:15] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Morrigan probably made sure everyone's holed up somewhere safe at night. Besides, I doubt Zendeera could take Morrigan as easily as you and Mew under normal circumstances.

[18:16] <Solarchos> Sakura - Whachootalkinbout, Luna's not the wife?

[18:16] * DvlmayCry relurks

[18:16] * Shaldra Darkness nods lightly

[18:17] <@S.X. Aino> Luna's not the wife. QED.

[18:17] <Michael D> ~_~

[18:17] <@S.X. Aino> The divorce should be in the works even now.

[18:17] <Michael D> huh? Arty got remarried?

[18:17] <Solarchos> Shaldra = Zendeera sure seemed to ambush you and Mew easily, but Morrigan's a full-fledged succubus. Zendeera would have a tough time dealing with her.

[18:17] <@S.X. Aino> Well it HAS been hundreds of years from now... anyone would get lonely.

[18:18] <-AnTilZha> Are you talking about the Spore, Miss Sakura?

[18:19] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - But we still don't know how powerful this demon is.

[18:19] <@S.X. Aino> No, I never even heard of this tricky little tryst.

[18:19] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Speaking of Zendeera, as Matsumi knows I brought a whole *bunch* of weapons tonight. I wasn't sure if you were bringing "company" so I came prepared.

[18:20] <-AnTilZha> So who are you talking about?

[18:20] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I'm hoping no "company" will show.

[18:21] * @S.X. Aino opens her mouth, starts to answer, then thumbs her nose. "Time will tell." ^_~

[18:22] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:22] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[18:22] * Solarchos pulls out a bag containing almost a dozen cylindrical grenades. "Photon flash-flares from Necromunda. They're like flash-bang grenades but don't create nearly as much sound. Instead, they generate a one-time burst of extremely bright light across the entire visual spectrum and even a little into the infra-red frequencies."

[18:22] * Mango-chan is back from Florida!

[18:22] <@S.X. Aino> Hiyas Mango!

[18:23] * -AnTilZha shrugs, understanding that Sakura can't talk about some things just like he can't.

[18:23] <Michael D> hi Mango.

[18:23] <Mango-chan> Hey guys!

[18:23] * @S.X. Aino offers Mango a Gummi Bear.

[18:23] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, Mango.

[18:23] <Solarchos> Mango - Hey there!

[18:24] *** Hisui has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:24] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Hisui

[18:25] * Hisui walks in, towel around her neck

[18:25] <Michael D> *throws a picture at Mango* Remember this? I finaly hacked it. -->

[18:25] <Hisui> Hi, everyone.

[18:25] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I figured that since Zendeera only seems to attack at night, she *might* have a light sensitivity. Getting caught in the blast radius of one of these could actually damage her...or at least distract her so you and/or Mew can get away.

[18:25] <@S.X. Aino> Hiyas...

[18:25] * @S.X. Aino offers Hisui a gummi bear.

[18:25] <Solarchos> Hisui - Feeling a little better from earlier?

[18:25] <@S.X. Aino> You're looking more like yourself.

[18:26] * -AnTilZha sits down next to Sakura and purrs a little. ^_^

[18:26] * @S.X. Aino smiles at the felid boy a little.

[18:26] * Michael D notes the eye's seem off, He'll fix them thou

[18:27] *** -Alexianna has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:27] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -Alexianna

[18:27] <-Alexianna> Hi-hi, everyone! ^_^

[18:27] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, kitten. ^_^

[18:27] * Mango-chan thinks Elios is gonna end up leaving!

[18:27] <@S.X. Aino> Hiyas! (offers her a gummi)

[18:28] <Hisui> I suppose I'm feeling better.

[18:28] <Hisui> It's just... a lot to get used to.

[18:28] * -Alexianna happily eats the gummi bear. "Yum!"

[18:28] * @S.X. Aino nods

[18:28] <-AnTilZha> Uh, what's up Alex?

[18:28] <@S.X. Aino> Well, I've never regenerated, but I expect it will be something just as sudden for me.

[18:29] <-Alexianna> We were going to go to the movies tonight, remember?

[18:29] <-Alexianna> Come on! It's almost time!

[18:30] <-AnTilZha> Oh yeah, you're right. Bye, everyone. We'll see you later.

[18:30] <@S.X. Aino> Byes, you guys!

[18:30] <Shaldra Darkness> See ya, kittens. ^_^

[18:30] * Solarchos looks at the two Neko-children and slowly smiles, gripping Shaldra's leg a little tighter.

[18:31] <-Alexianna> Neko-pile on Sakura!!!

[18:31] <Hisui> Regeneration?

[18:31] <@S.X. Aino> Huh?!

[18:31] * Michael D is semi idle , reasearching something.

[18:31] * -Alexianna pounces on Sakura and glomps her. ^_^

[18:31] <Hisui> Oh, Time Lords, you mean?

[18:31] * -AnTilZha pounces on Sakura. Nuzzle, nuzzle, nuzzle, purr!

[18:31] <@S.X. Aino> Hisui: IF my body were to become fatally damaged, it can rengenerate into a new one, for up to 12 times.

[18:32] * @S.X. Aino giggles and laughs, falling over

[18:32] <Hisui> Oh, okay

[18:32] * @S.X. Aino tickles the nekos back ^_^

[18:32] <Solarchos> Hisui - Time Lords can regenerate and come back from the dead several times.

[18:32] <Hisui> . . .

[18:32] * Mango-chan is away: uhm...

[18:32] <Hisui> That's a bit weird. But I guess it's also pretty handy, huh. ^_^

[18:33] <@S.X. Aino> Rassilon is said to have discovered the secret of perpetual bodily regeneration.

[18:33] <Solarchos> Sakura - Although, since you're only half-Gallifrean, are you able to regenerate that many times?

[18:33] <@S.X. Aino> Hisui: Well, it might be handy, but I'd rather hang on to my lives, heh.

[18:33] * -AnTilZha laughs! ^_^

[18:33] <Hisui> Good point.

[18:33] <@S.X. Aino> Solar: My DNA seems to be mostly Gallifreyan, so yeah

[18:33] * Shaldra Darkness giggles at Alex and Sakura. ^_^

[18:34] * -Alexianna giggles and continues her assault on Sakura! "We conquer the universe with Neko-glomping!" XD

[18:34] <@S.X. Aino> And I seem to have inherited Mom's longevity, so I'm extra-hardy.

[18:34] * @S.X. Aino defends with a counter-tickle-chinscratch-fast attack!

[18:35] <Hisui> A hybrid with the advantages of both parents...

[18:35] <Solarchos> Sakura - Whatever works. Sounds like you just might be the next step in Time Lord evolution...if that's even possible.

[18:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh. ^_^

[18:35] <Hisui> You *are* something, aren't you.

[18:36] * -AnTilZha cannot resist the power of the Gallifrey chinscratch hyper-attack! "Purrrrrrr...!"

[18:36] * @S.X. Aino looks at Hisui and smiles, momentarily inscrutable. "And so are you, dearies." ^_^

[18:36] <Hisui> Hmm

[18:36] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:36] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[18:36] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[18:36] * -Alexianna counters with the dreaded Neko-neck-nibble!

[18:36] <@S.X. Aino> Hiyas Haakman!

[18:36] <@Haak> Hey everyone.

[18:36] * Hisui is less than thrilled by Sakura's cryptic comments, but has gotten used to it

[18:36] * @S.X. Aino blushes and giggles hysterically

[18:37] * Solarchos launches his own neck-nibble on Shaldra. ^_^

[18:37] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrr! ^_^

[18:37] * @S.X. Aino retaliantes using her own cat-like reflexes to tickle with terrific speed!

[18:37] * Hisui has an idea

[18:37] <@S.X. Aino> ^retaliates

[18:38] * -AnTilZha quickly recovers and dives into Sakura's lap, holding her tight and purring loudly. ^_^

[18:38] * Hisui deftly takes her hair, twists it, and knots it into a ponytail

[18:38] <Hisui> That's better. ^_^

[18:38] * @S.X. Aino is the Prisoner of Alexaban!!

[18:38] * @Haak blinks

[18:38] <-Alexianna> Eeeeee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!!! ^_^

[18:38] <@Haak> What did I walk in on here?

[18:38] <@S.X. Aino> (Whose hair just got tied)

[18:39] <@S.X. Aino> A ticklefight!

[18:39] <-AnTilZha> Ha! We win! ^_^..V

[18:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrr... our future kids having fun. ^_^

[18:39] * @S.X. Aino raises her hands and surrenders

[18:39] <Hisui> I did my own hair, you addled Time Lady.

[18:39] <@S.X. Aino> You both...fought well!

[18:39] <@Haak> Ah, I see...

[18:39] * -Alexianna quickly pounces on AnTilZha from behind and neko-piles on *him*!

[18:40] <Hisui> Searching for an effective hairstyle.

[18:40] <@S.X. Aino> Addled, hmm? Heh, I've been called lotsa things in my time, but addled, heh, that's a new one.

[18:40] <Hisui> Short is the most practical for fighting, but I've grown tired of it.

[18:40] <Shaldra Darkness> Didn't you two kitty-cats have a movie to watch?

[18:40] <@S.X. Aino> Ponytail's REAL great for combat... perfect for the enemy to grab and yank.

[18:40] <Hisui> So I've left it long.

[18:40] <-Alexianna> I claim this land in the name of Nekos everywhere! There will be tuna fish and nuzzles for every one!

[18:40] * Hisui knows this

[18:41] <@S.X. Aino> Of course you migjht want to make it into some kind of flail... I've seen that.

[18:41] <Hisui> Plus, I get comments from people about looking like either Dad, or Haruka

[18:41] * Sailor Quinox is back

[18:41] <-Alexianna> Oh yeah! THe movie! We'd better get going!

[18:41] * Shaldra Darkness nuzzles Solar-kun! ^_^

[18:41] * Sailor Quinox is still in her uber-sexy bikni

[18:41] <@S.X. Aino> Well, looking like one's parent's isn't bad. I bear a resemblance to my mother.

[18:41] <Hisui> ... put some clothes on, will you? By Metallia...

[18:41] <Solarchos> Matsumi - Hey! Where'd you disappear off to?

[18:41] * Michael D is finaly done

[18:42] <Sailor Quinox> things that had to be done....

[18:42] <Hisui> ...parent*s*?

[18:42] * @Haak has had long hair since he was first inducted into the Space Marines

[18:42] * Solarchos loves being Neko-piled! ^_^

[18:42] <@S.X. Aino> me as I am now (same name, new pic) -->

[18:42] <-AnTilZha> Bye everyone. That was fun! ^_^

[18:42] <@S.X. Aino> Even I make typographical errors.

[18:42] * Shaldra Darkness had long hair, but... well...

[18:43] <@Haak> Bye, AnTilZha.

[18:43] <Shaldra Darkness> Take care, kitty-cats!

[18:43] *** -AnTilZha has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Now it's time for a series of unfortunate events!")

[18:43] <@S.X. Aino> Byes you crazy kitten kiddos!

[18:43] * Hisui wonders if Aino really made a mistake, or is just trying to taunt her

[18:43] * Sailor Quinox hits Hisui in the back of the head "Respect your elders!"

[18:44] *** -Alexianna has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Take me to Pizza Hut!")

[18:44] <@Haak> ((Nice pic!))

[18:44] * Michael D rubs his head "I'm back"

[18:44] <Solarchos> I got shaved bald when I got inducted into the Dark Angels. ~_~;;

[18:44] <@S.X. Aino> (deadly serious) I would NEVER taunt someone about their parents.

[18:44] * Hisui raises a hand at Quinox. "I'll respect who I damn well please, Quinox"

[18:44] <@S.X. Aino> ((Thanks!!))

[18:44] <Solarchos> Sakura - Heh, you got your mom's looks and your dad's fashion sense. A perfect combination.

[18:45] * Hisui 's hand is grabbed from behind by someone

[18:45] * Sailor Quinox 's eyes begin to glow bright green

[18:45] * Michael D idlely grabs Hisui's hand "Now now..."

[18:45] * SaiyaJedi steps out of the shadows

[18:45] * Michael D likes that pic

[18:45] <Hisui> Who the...?

[18:45] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I like you hair as it is. It looks great on you.

[18:45] <@S.X. Aino> Aunt Mats, it's OK.

[18:45] <Shaldra Darkness> Thanks, Solar-kun. ^_^

[18:45] <SaiyaJedi> You need to control your emotions, Hisui.

[18:46] <Sailor Quinox> don't ever...disrespect me.....

[18:46] <@Haak> Hi SJ.

[18:46] * Sailor Quinox 's aura starts to rise

[18:46] <SaiyaJedi> You possess great power... never forget the amount of destruction you could wreak.

[18:46] <Shaldra Darkness> Woh, Q, calm down.

[18:46] <Solarchos> Matsumi and Hisui - Please don't fight, you two. It's not often that Sakura comes for a visit.

[18:46] <@S.X. Aino> Aunt Mats, calm down...

[18:46] <SaiyaJedi> And you settle, Q. She's been through a lot in the last week.

[18:46] * Michael D hugs Matsumi "It's not worth it matsumi-chan"

[18:46] <Hisui> I...

[18:47] * @S.X. Aino bows to Jedi and tosses him a gummi bear.

[18:47] * Hisui 's voice catches in her throat

[18:47] <Hisui> I'm sorry.

[18:47] <Sailor Quinox> alright......I'll calm down.....

[18:47] * Shaldra Darkness sighs and casts Seal on Q. "You arn't moving till you calm down."

[18:47] <@S.X. Aino> Karin-to stocks them now.

[18:47] * Hisui lowers her fist and goes to sit down

[18:47] * SaiyaJedi takes the gummi bear and bows in thanks

[18:47] <Sailor Quinox> ....but I've been thru alot this week too.....

[18:47] <@S.X. Aino> Well they will in a few hundred years.

[18:48] <SaiyaJedi> ...interesting.

[18:48] <@S.X. Aino> They're almost as good as Senzu but don't fill you up.

[18:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, I've been running for my life, and I'm still as calm as ever.

[18:48] <@Haak> All the more reason not to cause more trouble for yourself, Q.

[18:48] <SaiyaJedi> Are they normal, or are they imbued with the properties of senzu?

[18:48] <SaiyaJedi> I see.

[18:48] * SaiyaJedi curses the lag ><

[18:48] <@S.X. Aino> Almost as good... they only heal you to 90%

[18:49] * Solarchos continues to relax in Shaldra's lap. ^___^

[18:49] * Sailor Quinox breaks the seal and sits on a sofa

[18:49] * Michael D sits next to matsumi

[18:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Bah, wasn't a full power spell anyways.

[18:49] * SaiyaJedi notices that a cut on his knuckle sustained fighting Freeza loyalists is not completely healed

[18:49] <SaiyaJedi> ... so it would seem.

[18:49] <Solarchos> Sakura - 90% isn't bad at all. I wish I had something like that in my trauma kits.

[18:49] * @S.X. Aino remembers the time Vegita tied a bungee cord to himself and jumped off the tower... he'd break his bones on the impact when he hit the ground, then bounce up and Pop a Senzu, then repeat. He leveled a lot that day.

[18:50] <Hisui> I don't trust Senzu.

[18:50] <@Haak> Don't tell me there are people who still follow Freeza.

[18:50] * Michael D chuckles "Thats vegita for you"

[18:50] <@Haak> Heh.

[18:50] <SaiyaJedi> There are... scattered sporadically throughout his former territories.

[18:50] <@S.X. Aino> We all have things we don't trust, dearie.

[18:50] <SaiyaJedi> Though he ruled through fear, there were those who honestly bought into his propaganda.

[18:51] <SaiyaJedi> Idiots, the lot of them.

[18:51] <Solarchos> Sakura - Actually, maybe you could help me with something. I need to find another source of Stinger Mold, but it only grows in the Underhives of Necromunda. I don't supposed you know of a way to duplicate it or force-grow it?

[18:51] <Hisui> I took one

[18:51] <@Haak> I guess pockets of resistance are always the toughest opponents.

[18:51] <Hisui> And no more than a month or two later, I'm this.

[18:51] * Hisui gestures at her now-adult body.

[18:51] <@S.X. Aino> I have a quantum-level replicator.

[18:51] <Hisui> In my mind, the two are connected somehow.

[18:52] <@S.X. Aino> Hisui: Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc... a logical fallacy.

[18:52] <Sailor Quinox> I take it Miki won't be coming over anymore.....

[18:52] <@S.X. Aino> Senzu doesn't have that kind of an effect on the body.

[18:52] <@Haak> Understandable, Hisui. But bear in mind, the amount of people that have used senzu beans without any adverse affect.

[18:52] <Hisui> I don't care. Something's fishy, if you ask me.

[18:52] <@Haak> ^ effect

[18:52] <Michael D> Awwwwwww, don't say that Matsumi-chan!

[18:53] * Kakyuu notes she caught 3 fish when she went ice fishing!

[18:53] * Solarchos hands Sakura a poultice of Stinger Mold.

[18:53] <Sailor Quinox> well...I don't think Hisui will want to see her anymore...

[18:53] * @S.X. Aino takes it to her TARDIS and replicates a big batch, will research their horticulture later.

[18:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Who needs senzu beans when you have a fancy-dancy ring on your finger!

[18:53] <@Haak> What exactly do you need stinger mold for anyway?

[18:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Well, unless you died.

[18:54] * @S.X. Aino gives the batch to Solarchos.

[18:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Then you couldn't use either.

[18:54] <Shaldra Darkness> Bah, healing magic works for me. ^_^

[18:54] * @Ikari Shinji is here

[18:54] <@Haak> I don't think Senzu can revive the dead, though.

[18:54] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Anyways, I figured these photon-flash grenades might have some effect on Zendeera. Maybe. If we have to fight her, I'd like to experiment on her to figure out her weaknesses.

[18:54] * - a white cat with a guardian sigil jumps on matsumi's head "Hi Matsumi-chan!!!"

[18:54] * @S.X. Aino wonders if r-chan has learned her healing magic yet.

[18:54] <@Haak> Ah, touché.

[18:54] <@Haak> Hi Shinji.

[18:54] <Solarchos> Sakura - Wow! Thanks! About how many patches did you replicate?

[18:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Only at night, Haak.

[18:55] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - You really want to actually fight her?

[18:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Haak.

[18:55] <@S.X. Aino> There's about 75 there.

[18:55] <Sailor Quinox> oh...hi, Sela!

[18:55] * Shaldra Darkness does have a book of healing spells somewhere...

[18:55] <-Sela-Chan> It's been awhile. =^_^=

[18:56] <Solarchos> Sakura - 75?! Awesome! Thank you!

[18:56] <Hisui> Quinox: actually, it might be nice to see her again

[18:56] * @S.X. Aino knows some rudimentary healing techiques using indigenous plants.

[18:56] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Yes. I do. She hurt you and Mew. I want to hurt her back.

[18:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Hello, everyone. People in the cheap seats, cling your jewerly.

[18:56] <@S.X. Aino> I've been told my houriki is quite potent, but I've never channeled it into healing.

[18:57] * Shaldra Darkness is quite sure if she went outside alone long enough the demon would show. ><

[18:57] * Solarchos had to learn about how to patch wounds and cuts when he was just a child, using a variety of techniques.

[18:57] * @S.X. Aino remembers this one fight she got into in the Sengoku era... nevermind.

[18:57] <Hisui> Sakura: have you ever tried just "powering up"?

[18:57] * @Haak is not a healer, by any stretch of the imagination

[18:57] <Michael D> we can't have that shaldra.

[18:58] <Solarchos> Shaldra - What if I went outside alone? Would it come for me?

[18:58] * @Ikari Shinji knows some Jedi healing techniques

[18:58] * Michael D is a healer in GA mode.

[18:58] <Sailor Quinox> well...I don't know.....

[18:58] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - The only attacks have been toward Mew and I, unfortunatly.

[18:58] <@S.X. Aino> Hisui: Sailor Senshi can't usually do that without some emotional impetus, and my training with the Shinguuji clan was more of a mind-stilling discipline.

[18:58] <@Haak> I seem to recall that the aura generated by saiyan ki has healing qualities.

[18:58] * -someone taps Hisui on the shoulder

[18:58] <Solarchos> Haak - You mean you never watched the Apothecaries at work? Surprising.

[18:58] * SaiyaJedi does as well, but prefers the Senzu as less draining

[18:59] * -Hisui turns to see who it is

[18:59] <@S.X. Aino> So I improve my skills, and spiritual power, not my overall power lievel you might say.

[18:59] <@Haak> Sol: I've only heard things, but never really studied it.

[18:59] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I don't want to use you as bait for something like that. That's just...wrong.

[18:59] <Hisui> Interesting.

[18:59] <Hisui> Now.. who was that?

[19:00] * -A young woman stands behind Hisui...she looks to be the same age as Hisui....she has hair like Matsumi's but slightly longer...

[19:00] <-Sela-chan> Hi Shaldra-san!*waves a paw*

[19:00] * Shaldra Darkness came here, realised we all got injured on a regular basis, so talked to Rena and learned healing spells. ^_^;;

[19:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, kitty-cat.

[19:00] * -A young woman is now known as Teen_Q

[19:00] <Hisui> ... Miki?

[19:01] <-Teen_Q> well..yeah, Hisui..I'm here...but I'm still back at Mom's house...

[19:01] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - But it may be the only way to get the demon to show...

[19:01] <@S.X. Aino> Hiyas, Miki!

[19:01] <Solarchos> Haak - Heh, I'd always watch people at work. In the Imperial Guard I was always crawling through air-vents, underneath vehicles, and watching people as they worked. Tech-priests, field medics, drivers, officers, Comissars, you name it. ^_^

[19:01] <Michael D> Hi Miki-chan. ^_^

[19:01] <Hisui> It *is* you! But... you're the same as me?

[19:01] <Kakyuu> Christine: In sleep he sang to me... In dreams he came... That voice that calls to me, and speaks my name...

[19:01] <Solarchos> Miki?! You've grown! O_o;;

[19:02] <-Teen_Q> I'm from a farther part of my time-line......

[19:02] <@Haak> I was never in the Guard though, Sol. I was more interested in the tactics of battle. The strategies used, the formations employed.

[19:02] <Hisui> Oh... so you're you from a more distant future?

[19:02] * @S.X. Aino is totally unshocked!!

[19:02] <Solarchos> Haak - It's no wonder some of the Commissars hated me so much when I was 14 and 15. ~_~;;

[19:03] <@Haak> Heh.

[19:03] <-Teen_Q> yes....but I was sent here cause of you...

[19:03] <-Sela-Chan> Solar was meen shaldra-san! T_T

[19:03] * Shaldra Darkness actually isn't that shocked, eather. It happens to much.

[19:03] <Hisui> Hm? How so?

[19:03] <-Teen_Q> ha ha...very funny, always were the joker...

[19:03] <@Haak> If you managed to annoy comissars, I'm impressed you lived to tell about it.

[19:03] <Solarchos> Sakura - Lotta time-skipping seems to happen around here.

[19:03] <@Ikari Shinji> What are we supposed to be shocked or unshocked about?

[19:03] <Shaldra Darkness> Sela - Aww, it's alright. I'm sure he didn't mean it. ^_^

[19:03] * @S.X. Aino is unshocked because she's seen most of these guys all over their respective timelines.

[19:03] * TimeGal giggles

[19:03] <-Teen_Q> you seemed down, so Aunty Sets sent me here....

[19:04] <Hisui> Well, I'm glad to see you. Things have been... rough these past few days.

[19:04] <@Ikari Shinji> Spying you have been?

[19:04] <@Ikari Shinji> If so, party hard!

[19:04] <-Teen_Q> awwww..I know...*hugs Hisui*

[19:05] <@Haak> Hm.

[19:05] <@S.X. Aino> Mr. Ikari: Not spying... I just get around a lot.

[19:05] <Solarchos> Haak - I was so young at the time, they felt it was beneath them to summary execute a child. Besides, everything I did was more of a nuisanse and Taggart and my friends always tried to cover for me.

[19:05] * Hisui hugs back, blinking back tears

[19:05] <TimeGal> That sounds so ecchi Sakura-san

[19:05] <@Haak> Ahh, I see.

[19:06] <-Teen_Q> don't worry, Hisui...I know it's hard.....

[19:06] <Shaldra Darkness> I have to agree with Sets.

[19:06] <@S.X. Aino> Ecchi? In what sense?

[19:06] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Sela's upset because I called that henshin wand she gave you "makeshift". Besides, I already apologized to her earlier, as Mike can tell you. *annoyed glare at Sela.*

[19:06] <@Ikari Shinji> Well, perhaps I should've rephrased that. I mean, it's not as if I spy on people! No, sirey! I'm not secretly tracking the movements of the majority that visit these parts for the reason of gathering information about them!

[19:06] <@Haak> "Get around" = "Been around", I assume.

[19:06] <Hisui> I don't like this "growing up."

[19:07] * @S.X. Aino has been to past, present, future and a trillion points in between.

[19:07] <Solarchos> Sakura - You said you "get around a lot". Can be interpreted in ecchi ways.

[19:07] <-Teen_Q> it's always hard.....

[19:07] <@S.X. Aino> Haak: Presactly!

[19:07] * Hisui sighs

[19:07] <@Haak> Heh.

[19:08] <@S.X. Aino> Solar: So can T_Q's "it's always hard." You guys with your minds in the rudder...

[19:08] <TimeGal> "Get around" is terran slang for sleeping with alot of guys Sakura-san

[19:08] <Hisui> Dammit... I only want to bleed as a result of wounds I've earned on the battlefield! I want no part of this stupid... biological anomaly.

[19:08] <Solarchos> Sakura - Such as, by saying you "get around a lot", someone could take that to mean you're "been around the block" or something.

[19:08] <Shaldra Darkness> gutter, Sakura.

[19:08] <@S.X. Aino> Puu-P #2... Gah, stupid Terran slang.

[19:08] * Shaldra Darkness kicks a Typo Demon, quite annoyed. ><

[19:09] * -Sela-chan hops on shaldra's head "Your boyfriend is a meanie. :("

[19:09] <Solarchos> Sakura - That's "gutter", not rudder! I see you've picked up your mom's vocabulary. ~_~

[19:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Gutter, my future pal!

[19:09] <@S.X. Aino> Fine. I circumnavigate the tides of time. There. Ugh.

[19:09] <@Haak> I believe we finally have clarity. Anyone care to change the subject?

[19:09] * SaiyaJedi meditates on the future, the past, the present... connected in many ways, is the Force

[19:09] <Solarchos> Sela - I told you I'm sorry! What more do you want from me?!

[19:09] * Shaldra Darkness pets Sela. "It's alright, just a simple mistake."

[19:10] * @S.X. Aino has a midichlorian in a petri dish.

[19:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Many things you can see. The future, the past, old friends long gone.

[19:10] <-Teen_Q> thing, Sakura....

[19:10] <@S.X. Aino> I call it Bobby-Jo.

[19:10] <@Haak> I prefer to concentrate on the present for the most part.

[19:10] * -Sela-chan purrs

[19:10] <@S.X. Aino> Bobby-Jo Midichlorian.

[19:10] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh @ Sakura.

[19:10] <Hisui> ?

[19:10] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I do want a crack at Zendeera, though, but I'd rather not put you through any danger.

[19:11] <@Ikari Shinji> I like my midichlorians within me!

[19:11] <Hisui> What is it, Miki?

[19:11] <@S.X. Aino> Sometimes it tries to mind control the paramecium the next dish over.

[19:11] * Solarchos snickers at Sakura.

[19:11] * TimeGal giggles

[19:11] <@Haak> Well, it's a unique pet.

[19:11] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - If you want a crack at her, then the only thing to do is for me to get her here. ><

[19:11] <-Teen_Q> Sakura.......

[19:11] <Solarchos> Sakura - Mind control on a paramicium? To make it do what?

[19:12] <@S.X. Aino> Yeah. Miki?

[19:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Poor midichlorian.

[19:12] <-Teen_Q> you borrowed that book on Quinox and you never returned it ><

[19:12] * Hisui is curious since Sakura seems obvlivious

[19:12] <@S.X. Aino> Solar: I dunno, but they were doing the can-can for some reason, their cillia waving all about.

[19:12] <Hisui> Lag ><

[19:12] * Solarchos pushes Shaldra down onto the couch. "No...stay here. Let me try something first."

[19:13] <@S.X. Aino> My dear i'm never oblivious. Sometimes I just don't notice.

[19:13] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Okay...

[19:13] * @S.X. Aino notes Miki will have had her book back yesterday, go check.

[19:13] * Solarchos quickly goes outside, loading his Boltgun with anti-daemon rounds.

[19:14] * Solarchos checks his Ares Predator, making sure it's loaded with Mithril FMJ rounds.

[19:14] <-Teen_Q> .....I'm still not use to that, Sakura-chan ><

[19:15] <TimeGal> You will Miki-chan, you will. ^_^

[19:16] * Solarchos loads and arms a heavily-modified plasma rifle as he walks out onto the front yard. The rifle's been extensively modified to fire something *other* than superheated hydrogen plasma.

[19:16] * -Sela-chan twitches under shaldra's head

[19:16] <-Teen_Q> .....hey...Aunty's the young me doing?

[19:16] * @S.X. Aino chuckles at Miki

[19:16] <Hisui> It's mind-boggling how you do that.

[19:17] * Shaldra Darkness gets up off of Sela. "Oops." ^_^;;

[19:17] * Solarchos loads and primes the Bolt Pistol that Kakyuu stole from Nathaniel, loading it with Inferno bolts.

[19:17] <@S.X. Aino> Well I just have to remember what I want to do, then I go back and do it.

[19:17] <TimeGal> Your doing just fine and wonderfulll, and let me tell you, your making Yamato a very happy kid. ^^

[19:17] <TimeGal> Mike-kun calls that the "Bill and Ted effect"

[19:18] <-Teen_Q> hehehehe...Yamato-kun *blushes*

[19:18] * Solarchos opens the bag of photon-flash grenades. He also threw in a few Covenant plasma grenades to round things out! ^_^

[19:18] <@S.X. Aino> And since my memory is more or less Eidetic when I want it to be, it's no big deal.

[19:18] <-Sela-chan> I don't shaldra-chan....@_@

[19:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Time-traveling. I've had my good and bad experiences with it.

[19:18] <@Haak> Hm, I think I'm gonna go, guys. I could use an early night.

[19:18] * Solarchos idly wonders what Teen_Q has to say about AnTilZha. Hmm?

[19:18] * @S.X. Aino thinks Gallifrey has a Temporal Warrant out for them, and the old fellow who looks like a benign Goerge Carlin.

[19:18] <@Ikari Shinji> See ya, Haak!

[19:18] * Shaldra Darkness picks up Sela and pets her. ^_^;;

[19:19] <@S.X. Aino> Byes Haak.

[19:19] <Shaldra Darkness> Bye, Haak.

[19:19] <Solarchos> Haak - See you next time.

[19:19] * -Sela-chan purrs "he called the pen i gave you "makeshift...." T_T

[19:19] * -Teen_Q goes over and takes Sela...and starts to tickle her under the chin

[19:20] * -Sela-chan giggles

[19:20] <Michael D> night haak

[19:21] * DvlmayCry continues to lurk

[19:21] * Solarchos lays a Kantrael-pattern Mark-4 pulse-laser rifle on the ground. Standard Imperial Guard model, but modified to fire higer-than-normal intensity beams. Maybe it'll do something against Zendeera...

[19:21] <Sailor Quinox> so..Mike.....

[19:21] * Shaldra Darkness sighs and watches out the window...

[19:21] <Sailor Quinox> is it just me...or do I have the feeling I'm being....

[19:22] * Sailor Quinox suddenly throws a lead-pipe in Dante's direction "WATCHED!!"

[19:22] <Michael D> whats up matsumi-chan?

[19:22] * Solarchos goes over to the tree Yinggirl usually hangs out in and takes a look up into it. Checking to see if Ying's hanging out there.

[19:22] <@Ikari Shinji> The devil who cries is such a voyeur.

[19:22] * DvlmayCry grumbles removing the bent pipe from off his face

[19:22] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Gah, lag... Goodnight all)

[19:23] * Solarchos watches the pipe fly across the yard. "Hey! Matsumi! Next time try an orange or something!"

[19:23] <DvlmayCry> do i need to glare in your direction again ikari...

[19:24] * Solarchos pulls out his Auspex and starts scanning for anything remotely resembling a demon.

[19:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Do I need to remind you of the psychological and emotional damage you do when you glare?

[19:24] <Solarchos> Dante - Hey, you're a half-demon, aren't you?

[19:24] * -Teen_Q giggles "hey..Hisui..."

[19:24] <DvlmayCry> yeah solar. i am

[19:25] <Hisui> Yeah?

[19:25] * -Sela-chan purrs

[19:26] <DvlmayCry> Do I need to remind you i can be very your body

[19:26] * Solarchos starts scanning Dante, the Auspex recording all of Dante's nominal readings. "Shaldra mentioned that Zendeera's a half-demon. If I scan you, it might give this thing a baseline sample to scan for. It might work, it might not, but it's better than nothing."

[19:27] * Michael D waves the tranq gun in the air

[19:27] * DvlmayCry shuts up

[19:27] * -Something watches, completely hidden in the shadows... it's eyes narrow, and it raises it's hand lightly

[19:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Do I need to remind you that's you're messing with a Green Lantern and we're not so easly hurt? Do I also need to remind you that I can think of the most craziest s[BLEEP]t to fight you. You forget one thing: I'm a manga nut with a power ring.

[19:27] <Hisui> Miki...?

[19:28] <DvlmayCry> and I'm a half demon with anger management issues and a big ass sword!

[19:28] * Solarchos suddenly tenses a little. Something's out there...

[19:29] * -The Auspex scanner detects something. Position displayed.

[19:29] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. I have anger management issues when I was younger. Big deal.

[19:29] <-Teen_Q> how about I take you for a girl's night out, Hisui?

[19:29] <Hisui> I think I like tha idea. ^_^

[19:29] <Hisui> *that

[19:29] <DvlmayCry> i thought you just cried in a big robot with you mom's soul in it?

[19:29] * Hisui fires a small Final Flash at a typo-demon, which vaporizes

[19:29] * -Shadow demons seem to appear out of nowhere, diving toward Solarchos from every direction

[19:30] <-Teen_Q> when should we go?

[19:30] <Hisui> Why not now?

[19:30] * Solarchos raises his Boltgun to his shoulder, activates the orange-dot laser sight, and begins to move slowly and steadily towards the lurker in the shadows.

[19:30] * Solarchos opens fire!! Silver-tipped, isotopic-explosive, anti-demon gyroslugs away!!

[19:30] <@Ikari Shinji> Wrong Shinji. Talking about parential issues, aren't you the one to talk?

[19:30] * Kakyuu notes that her daughter, Kitalia, is a half demon...

[19:31] <-Teen_Q> alright! shall we go?

[19:31] * Shaldra Darkness just can't sit there and watch!

[19:31] * -The psycannon bolts strike their demonic targets, punching through their hides and exploding violently deep within their bodies.

[19:31] <DvlmayCry> rrrr.....

[19:32] * Solarchos tosses a photon flash-grenade into the shadows. The grenade goes off a few seconds later, exploding like a sun igniting!

[19:32] * - Multiple demons fall, vanishing into the shadows as quickly as they came

[19:32] * @S.X. Aino withdraws the Arataka, which glows with a bright blue holy light.

[19:33] * @S.X. Aino gets up slowly, deliberately.

[19:33] * Solarchos stands his ground, blowing away shadow demon after shadow demon, pivoting and turning as each new threat emerges. His arms are almost a blur as he speed-loads periodically.

[19:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Yet again, nice sword.

[19:33] <Kakyuu> Phantom: Insolent boy, this slave of fashion... Basking in your glory... Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor.. Sharing in my triumph...

[19:34] <-Sela-chan> Somone's in trouble...

[19:34] * Shaldra Darkness grabs her sword and stands up

[19:34] * @S.X. Aino nods and slowly stalks into the night.

[19:34] * Solarchos pulls out his Bolt Pistol with his left hand and starts shooting. The Inferno bolts hit their targets and explode, engulfing the demons in magical flames.

[19:34] * DvlmayCry resist craving Ikari cutlets......and relurks

[19:34] <@Ikari Shinji> All of these talks about phalic objects are starting to get me wondering. :)

[19:35] * there are bright flases of electric blue as the sword swings fast and furious, making quick precise cuts that cleave the demons into pieces, their bodies dissolving.

[19:35] <@Ikari Shinji> Thank you for showing that restraint, Dante.

[19:35] * @S.X. Aino LEAPS out of the shadows and begins cutting down Demons as she runs.

[19:35] * @Ikari Shinji also resists blasting Dante into atoms

[19:35] * Solarchos throws another photon flash grenade into the shadows, aiming for the spot where he knows something is lurking.

[19:35] * DvlmayCry is away: someone wake me if vanessa shows up

[19:36] <Kakyuu> Christine: Angel, I hear you. Speak, I listen. Stay by my side, guide me. Angel, my soul was weak, forgive me. Enter at last, master.

[19:36] * -The figure smirks, interested in this now, and raises it's hand slightly higher, more demons flying out toward the others

[19:36] <Solarchos> Sakura?! What are you doing here?!

[19:36] <@S.X. Aino> Getting in a little practice.

[19:36] <Kakyuu> Bah, I wanna sing a better song.....

[19:36] <Michael D> I think they've got it covered Sela, I'll just be in the way

[19:36] * -The figure cringes at the light and vanishes completely

[19:37] * Solarchos reloads the Boltgun and keeps blowing away the shadow demons, blasting them down as fast as they emerge.

[19:37] * @S.X. Aino spins her sword around in a figure 8, creating a pink shockwave that BLASTS out and tears into the demons!

[19:37] <Shaldra Darkness> I hate this... I wan't to help...

[19:38] * -Sela-chan sweatdrops "you sounds like v...."

[19:38] * Sailor Quinox protects mike with a shield

[19:38] * Kakyuu is away: Brb!

[19:38] * Solarchos tosses another photon grenade, the explosion of light tearing the shadow demons apart like it's a fragmentation grenade against a fleshy target.

[19:38] <Michael D> Don't even say it Sela....It's not right to talk about people that dont deserved to be put down"

[19:39] <Hisui> Miki: Sure, let's get going

[19:39] * Solarchos pauses...waiting to see if anything else happens. No more demons?

[19:39] <-Sela-chan> humph....

[19:39] * -tEEN_q grabs Hisui's hand and goes outside

[19:39] * -The demons slowly begin to hault their appearances

[19:39] * Hisui (OOC) apologizes for ignoring the chatbox; has been busy dealing with IRL stuff

[19:39] * @S.X. Aino stands ready, holding the glowing Arataki aloft... waiting.

[19:40] *** Hisui has left #suburbansenshi2 (Girls' night out with Miki-chan ^_^)

[19:40] * @S.X. Aino is not panting nor sweating. Her eyes are cold and focused.

[19:40] * Solarchos carefully picks up the Auspex and scans the area...

[19:40] *** -tEEN_q has left #suburbansenshi2 (Girl's night out!)

[19:40] <-tEEN_q> *

[19:41] <-Teen_Q> *

[19:41] * -A rather large demon stalks out of the shadows, acidic slime drippin from it's jaw, red glowing eyes pearcing the shadows around it

[19:41] * Hisui was wondering about that, heh

[19:41] * -The Auspex scanner detects no other life-forms in the area besides Solarchos, Sakura, and Dante. The thing lurking in the shadows is gone.

[19:41] <Sailor Quinox> Holy s[BLEEP]t!!

[19:41] <@S.X. Aino> Heh, looks like Daddy's here.

[19:41] <Michael D> Damn! O_O

[19:42] <Solarchos> Ugh! How could I have missed *that* thing?!

[19:42] * Shaldra Darkness runs outside, sword in hand

[19:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[19:42] <@S.X. Aino> Because it *wanted* to be missed.

[19:42] * Sailor Quinox pulls out The Bane of Demons

[19:42] * Solarchos grabs a Covenant plasma grenade, primes it, and lobs it at the big demon.

[19:43] * @S.X. Aino points the sword at the darkness, holding it overhead, two handed.

[19:43] <Solarchos> Shaldra! Stay inside!!

[19:43] * @S.X. Aino digs her heels into the ground.

[19:43] * -The demon swats the grenade away as if it were a fly

[19:43] * @Ikari Shinji sighs

[19:43] * @S.X. Aino concentrates, and the blade glows brighter.

[19:43] * -The plasma grenade strikes the big demon in the shoulder and *adheres* on tight!

[19:44] <Shaldra Darkness> I can't just stay in there and watch!


[19:44] * @Ikari Shinji teleports to where the Scooby gang is at

[19:44] * SaiyaJedi looks up from his meditation to see what all the fuss is about

[19:44] * @S.X. Aino runs at the demon, leaps and SLASHES with the holy sword!

[19:44] * SaiyaJedi is up a split second later, Lightsaber blazing

[19:44] * Solarchos starts blasting away with his Boltgun, pumping anti-demon gyroslugs into its body at an alarming rate.

[19:44] <SaiyaJedi> What the flying f[BLEEP]k is THAT?!

[19:44] * @S.X. Aino makes six lateral cross cuts before leaping out of the way. The wounds glow on the demon's body.

[19:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Something that doesn't want tea.

[19:45] * SaiyaJedi figured as much, Shinji.

[19:45] * @S.X. Aino ducks and rolls and comes back to a standing position.

[19:45] * -The demon vanishes as the attack is sent, and appears once more, hand slamming into Sakura

[19:45] * @Ikari Shinji makes a big fist with his power ring and punches the demon

[19:45] * -The plasma grenade detonates against the demon's skin, searing its flesh and shearing away great, huge hunks of its flesh.

[19:45] <@S.X. Aino> I could stand some tea about now, actually, heh.

[19:46] * @S.X. Aino flies backwards, but executes another roll.

[19:46] * Sailor Quinox leaps up and slashes with the holy whip

[19:46] <@Ikari Shinji> Tea there shall be then after.

[19:46] * Solarchos switches weapons, readying the modified plasma rifle.

[19:46] * SaiyaJedi charges towards the demon, flips OVER it, and dismembers it from behind

[19:46] * @S.X. Aino SLAMS arataka forward, sending a HUGE Shockwave of holy power at the demon!

[19:46] <Shaldra Darkness> Guys, shadow demon here, it can get anywhere in darkness like this. From what I can tell, it could probably even heal using it.

[19:46] * Solarchos aims at the demon and disengages the safety on his rifle. "Heh! Weapons test!"

[19:46] <@S.X. Aino> CHERRY BLOSSOM FIRE!

[19:47] <@S.X. Aino> Darkness, huh?

[19:47] <@Ikari Shinji> Darkness?

[19:47] * @S.X. Aino holds the glowing Arataka aloft.

[19:47] * - large bursts of holy energy rains from above like a meteor storm above the demon

[19:47] * -The demon seems to smirk... and vanishes once more

[19:47] * Solarchos opens fire! Instead of a blast of hydrogen plasma the rifle shoots a stream of liquid nitrogen at the demon!

[19:47] * @S.X. Aino concentrates, and the glow begins to intensify.

[19:47] * @Ikari Shinji starts to light up the area with his power ring, emerald light shining

[19:48] * @S.X. Aino makes the Arataka's holy light suffuse the area.

[19:48] * -The demon reappears, growling lowly "Cursed creatures...."

[19:48] * Solarchos gets another photon grenade ready.

[19:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice.

[19:48] <@S.X. Aino> Oh, want to see another trick?

[19:48] * Solarchos switches weapons and grabs the laser rifle off the ground.

[19:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Go right ahead.

[19:48] * Shaldra Darkness takes the opening and dives toward the demon, sword glowing "Let's get rid of this!"

[19:49] <-> stumbled on this, had to share it. XD -->

[19:49] * @S.X. Aino narrows her eyes and the holy light explodes into a massive shearing explosive holy energy burst that goes in all directions

[19:49] * Kakyuu has returned

[19:49] * @S.X. Aino notes it won't harm the others

[19:49] * SaiyaJedi goes SSJ, suffusing him*self* in light

[19:50] <@Ikari Shinji> Ah.

[19:50] * Solarchos opens fire at the demon, blasting away at it with intense beams of coherent light.

[19:50] * SaiyaJedi is now known as SSJ_Jedi

[19:50] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice trick indeed.

[19:50] * SSJ_Jedi is now known as SSJ2_Jedi.

[19:50] * -SSJ2_Jedi. is now known as SSJ3_Jedi

[19:50] * -The demon roars in pain, flailing around wildly, trying to hit *something*

[19:50] <SSJ3_Jedi> Heh.

[19:50] <Solarchos> Hey! Nice coplayer pic!

[19:50] <-> it's from one of the Miyu Solar

[19:50] * @S.X. Aino notes the Arataka is still glowing, but she can't keep pulling special like that. She slashes at the demon, the glow of her blade preventing it from healing her cuts.

[19:50] * SSJ3_Jedi allows it to hit his lightsaber, amputating its limb on contact

[19:51] * Solarchos tosses the photon grenade at the demon's feet. " NOT look at that grenade when it goes off!"

[19:51] * @S.X. Aino leaps back and closes her eyes

[19:51] * Shaldra Darkness slams her sword into the ground, and begins taking the demons energy with any problem. "Capturing it makes it so easy."

[19:51] * @Ikari Shinji sends off some rapid energy blasts at the demon

[19:51] * SSJ3_Jedi puts on his Full-Moon Glasses

[19:51] <SSJ3_Jedi> BARRIER!

[19:51] * SSJ3_Jedi puts up a barrier around everyone

[19:52] * Solarchos empties the laser rifle's power cell into the demon, blasting all 40 shots into it at point-blank range.

[19:52] <@S.X. Aino> Shaldra, don't let your blade every cross mine. The holy Arataka would probably purify it and ruin its sprit-chatching abilities.

[19:52] * - a figure hovers above the battlefield

[19:52] <@S.X. Aino> ^ever

[19:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Got ya, Sakura. Was never planning to do that anyways.

[19:52] * @S.X. Aino swings the arataka sideways and sends out a crescent of holy light at the demon.

[19:52] <@S.X. Aino> Well accidents can happen ^_^

[19:53] * Solarchos reloads the laser rifle and aims at the figure hovering above the yard.

[19:53] * SSJ3_Jedi glances at his watch, swears, and then reverts to normal

[19:53] * SSJ3_Jedi is now known as SaiyaJedi

[19:53] * Solarchos also moves in closer to protect Shaldra.

[19:53] * -The demon gives out an ear splitting roar, collapses, and vanishes

[19:53] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- takes the opportunity to blind the f[BLEEP]ker with a laser pointer.

[19:53] <SaiyaJedi> Well, err... sorry to leave you guys like this, but I've gotta go call my girlfriend ^^;

[19:53] <SaiyaJedi> I'm sure you can handle it.

[19:53] <SaiyaJedi> Bye!

[19:53] <@S.X. Aino> Bye, Jedi ^_~

[19:53] <Solarchos> Zendeera!!!

[19:53] * SaiyaJedi runs out

[19:54] *** SaiyaJedi has left #suburbansenshi2 (Phone)

[19:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, Jedi.

[19:54] * Shaldra Darkness pulls her sword from the ground, runs her hand over the demon carved into it, and grabs the crystal.

[19:54] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice job, Haruka.

[19:54] * Solarchos aims at the hovering figure and fires a single laser-pulse at its head.

[19:54] <Solarchos> Haruka - Thanks for the assist.

[19:55] <-> What The f[BLEEP]k!!!!!!

[19:55] <Shaldra Darkness> From the energy levels, that figure flying there is not Zendeera.

[19:55] * @S.X. Aino spins her sword around and fires a blast of energy at the creature above.

[19:55] * - the figure crashes to the ground....

[19:55] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Then who the frell is it?!

[19:55] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- nods

[19:55] * -the figure is now known as Senshi Guardian

[19:55] * @S.X. Aino sheathes her sword hastily

[19:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Err...

[19:56] <Shaldra Darkness> No clue, I can just tell ya it ain't the one we're after.

[19:56] <@Ikari Shinji> It wasn't me!

[19:56] <Shaldra Darkness> Oi.

[19:56] * @Ikari Shinji looks innocent

[19:56] <@S.X. Aino> Aww drats! Well an energy blast from Arataka shouldn't hurt him

[19:56] * Kakyuu is dressed as Christine Daae from the Phantom of the Opera "How do you like my costume Haruka?!

[19:56] * Senshi Guardian is down......his face scorched

[19:56] <Solarchos> Let's see...anti-demon bolts worked well, the photon grenades worked great, and the laser rifle seems to have some effectiveness. The liquid-nitrogen projector rifle, however...

[19:56] <@S.X. Aino> Now If I'd actually cut into him... ehehehehe... ^_^;;>

[19:56] * Shaldra Darkness walks over and heals SG. ~_~

[19:57] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- is away: taking a s[BLEEP]t in the manhole

[19:57] * Senshi Guardian twitches "thanks shaldra.....

[19:57] <Solarchos> Senshi Guardian??!! Was that *you* in the sky overhead?!

[19:57] <Kakyuu> lol

[19:57] <@S.X. Aino> Ugh, Harry-P.

[19:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Thank you for that wonderful bit of info, Haruka.

[19:57] * Senshi Guardian twitches "LAST TIME I HELP YOU! ><"

[19:57] * Senshi Guardian teleports out

[19:58] <Shaldra Darkness> SG, you don't make flashy entrences when demons are the opponets. It just ends up bad.

[19:58] * Solarchos goes over to Haruka and physically *hands her* another Imperial Guard outdoor survival kit. "Here. And this time Michi's damn turrets can't target it."

[19:58] <@S.X. Aino> LOL he needs to speak up next time and not just hover mysteriously. THAT'S WHAT SENSHI INTRO SPEECHES ARE FOR HAH

[19:58] * - was the one that did the holy energy hailstorm over head at the demon......SO OF COURSE HE'D BE IN THE AIR OVER THE AREA

[19:59] <@S.X. Aino> Holy Hail, batman!

[19:59] <Solarchos> SG - You bunghole!! What kind of idiot hovers in mid-air over a major fight like that?! Someone doing that is just *begging* to get fragged! >_<

[19:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. Speechies are so overdone nowadays.

[19:59] <Solarchos> He should've at least *warned* us he was out there!

[19:59] <@S.X. Aino> Aww, Mr. Ikari, that' because you can't do one to save your life :P

[19:59] * Shaldra Darkness sighs and fingers the crystal in her hand. "What a time." ><

[20:00] <Solarchos> Sakura - I thought *you* were the one who conjured that energy hailstorm.

[20:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey! I don't need to do a speech, thank you very much. :P

[20:00] * @S.X. Aino inspects the blade of the Arataka, then re-sheathes it and goes inside.

[20:00] * Kakyuu notes that she's trying to get noticed "Hello?! Dressed as Christine Daae.. Anyone notice that?"

[20:00] * -Sela-chan sits ontop og Matsumi's head "told you he was a meanie!"

[20:00] <@S.X. Aino> I can't do that kind of trick.

[20:00] * Shaldra Darkness straps her sword to her back and walks back in

[20:00] * @S.X. Aino has no idea who a Christine Daae is... sounds like a possessed car ice cream.

[20:01] * @Ikari Shinji teleports back in

[20:01] <Solarchos> Kakyuu - We were in the middle of a demon-battle! Of course we didn't notice!

[20:01] <-Sela-chan> -->

[20:02] * Solarchos sweatdrops at Sela and sighs big-time. ~_~;;;

[20:02] <Shaldra Darkness> In truth, by terms of shadow demons, that was pretty weak.

[20:02] <@S.X. Aino> Whoa Day-glo fuku.

[20:02] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Are you okay, love? Did you get hurt any?

[20:02] <-Sela-chan> when did your mom join the confederates? -->

[20:03] <Shaldra Darkness> No, actually. It scares me more then if I actually got hurt. ><

[20:03] <@S.X. Aino> Erk.

[20:03] <Solarchos> Sela - How many times do I have to say I'm sorry before you accept it?

[20:03] * Sailor Quinox goes after Mike

[20:04] <-Sela-chan> You blasted Mike-kun!

[20:04] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I have a feeling we took Zendeera by surprise. Those photon grenades really seemed to have an effect.

[20:05] <@S.X. Aino> Well he shouldn't have been hovering up there like a pinata!

[20:05] <-Sela-chan> Not the mouse ears!!!! -->

[20:05] <Solarchos> Sela - I didn't know it was him! I thought it was Zendeera!

[20:05] * @S.X. Aino didn't break a sweat.

[20:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Friendly fire does happen at times when you're in this vocation.

[20:06] * Solarchos O_o @ Sailor Florida. "A bikini fuku?"

[20:06] <Solarchos> Demonic adversaries DO tend to hover around or over battlefields in order to direct their forces better.

[20:07] * Shaldra Darkness is thinking...

[20:07] * Solarchos picks up all of his weapons and ejected ammo clips. "Come on, love. Hopefully, the danger's passed for tonight."

[20:07] * Sailor Quinox returns, dragging an knocked out Mike with her

[20:07] * @S.X. Aino chuckles, Mom could get a rise out of pop if she bought one of those LOL

[20:08] <-Sela-chan> FEEL THE PAIN! -->

[20:08] <Michael D> X_x

[20:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Pun intended, of course.

[20:08] <Solarchos> Sela - OH MY GODDESS! Sumo-Senshi!

[20:08] * Shaldra Darkness is BLIND

[20:09] * @S.X. Aino idly wonders who won the sumo match. All puns are intended, Mr. Ikari ^_~

[20:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[20:09] * Sailor Quinox props Mike on a sofa

[20:09] <Michael D> ooc: a kodak moment -->

[20:09] * Solarchos covers Shaldra's eyes and leads in back indoors, AWAY from the *evil* Sela-chan! >_<

[20:10] <Sailor Quinox> oh...Sela-chan....

[20:10] <-Sela-chan> YEEESSSS Matsumi-chan. =^_^=

[20:10] <@S.X. Aino> LOL

[20:10] * Solarchos comes back inside and quickly goes over to Mike. "Dude! Are you all right?!"

[20:11] * Shaldra Darkness rubs her eyes

[20:11] * Sailor Quinox holds up a bound and gagged green furred cat

[20:11] <-Sela-chan> EEEEPPPPP!!!!! CHRONOS-CHAN!!!!

[20:11] <Sailor Quinox> nice....

[20:11] <Solarchos> Matsumi - Yes! Thank you! If I wasn't deeply involved with Shaldra-kun I'd go over there and kiss you!

[20:12] * Michael D is knocked out, proped up on the sofa

[20:12] <-Sela-Chan> I'll be good.....*sniff*

[20:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh. ^_^;;

[20:12] <Sailor Quinox> or else....

[20:12] <-Chronos-chan> Mmmpppphhhh... =^T_T^=

[20:12] * Sailor Quinox puts the gagged and bound Chronos on the ground

[20:13] * Sailor Quinox splashes Mike with water

[20:13] * -Sela-Chan goes over and nuzzles poor Chronos-chan

[20:13] * Michael D coughs comming around

[20:13] * Solarchos quickly gives Mike a shot of general stimulant and applies some burn ointment to the glancing blow he took to the side of his head. ^_^;;;;

[20:14] <Sailor Quinox> now then, mike....

[20:14] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Now for you.

[20:14] <Michael D> yeah....

[20:14] <Michael D> This one, I gotta show Vanessa. XD -->

[20:15] * Solarchos goes over to Shaldra and pauses for a moment to look deeply into her eyes.

[20:15] * @S.X. Aino cracks her neck, is a little sore on one side from the hit from the demon.

[20:15] <Sailor Quinox> be nice too...or......

[20:15] <Michael D> or?

[20:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Ouchies.

[20:16] * Sailor Quinox 's eyes glow crimison for a brief second

[20:16] <@Ikari Shinji> You ok?

[20:16] * @S.X. Aino sits on the floor in a gallifreyan lotus position and meditates, slowly willing her body to heal up.

[20:16] <Michael D> eep

[20:16] <@S.X. Aino> ....i will be....

[20:17] * Solarchos pulls Sakura over and checks her neck. "You're a little scratched up, but it's nothing serious. However, I think you're going to have a major frelling bruise tomorrow."

[20:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Hope so.

[20:17] <@S.X. Aino> I won't....

[20:17] * Shaldra Darkness feels a twinge of pain down her arm...

[20:17] * Solarchos looks deeply into Shaldra's eyes, then pulls her close and begins kissing her.

[20:18] * @S.X. Aino is directing her cells to repair.

[20:18] * Shaldra Darkness relaxes, this is nice

[20:18] * Solarchos quickly checks Shaldra's arm. "What's wrong? You flinched a little."

[20:18] <Michael D> alright matsumi-chan.....

[20:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Interesting.

[20:18] * Sailor Quinox sits next to Mike

[20:18] * @S.X. Aino notes it's a standard gallifreyan healing trance.

[20:18] *** SaiyaJedi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:18] <@spiritflame> Irasshai SaiyaJedi

[20:19] * Shaldra Darkness rubs her arm. "Guess I pulled something."

[20:19] <@Ikari Shinji> Welcome back, SJ.

[20:19] * @S.X. Aino has a healing gummi-senzu, but doesn't want to rely on it unless she has to.

[20:19] <@Ikari Shinji> Gummi-senzu? Heh.

[20:20] * Solarchos quickly removes Shaldra's jacket, pulls her over to the nearest couch, and examines her arm carefully.

[20:20] * Michael D sighs alittle

[20:20] <SaiyaJedi> And I am now returned.

[20:20] <SaiyaJedi> So... what'd I miss?

[20:20] <Solarchos> Sakura - Do you need a cold compress or something? I'd offer you some asperin but you mentioned you might be allergic.

[20:20] <Sailor Quinox> a little tense, Mike?

[20:21] <Michael D> yeah, you could say that

[20:21] <SaiyaJedi> ?

[20:21] * @S.X. Aino will be completely right as brain in about 5 minutes, thankyes anyway.

[20:21] <SaiyaJedi> Fallout from the battle, I presume?

[20:21] <SaiyaJedi> *rain

[20:21] <Solarchos> SeiyaJedi - SenshiGuardian became the unfortunate victim of a "friendly-fire" incident. ~_~;;

[20:21] <@Ikari Shinji> Pretty much.

[20:21] <SAIYAjedi> ...?!

[20:22] <SAIYAjedi> Is he all right?

[20:22] <@Ikari Shinji> "Rain."

[20:22] <@S.X. Aino> ...that too, i suppose...

[20:22] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[20:22] * Solarchos notices that Shaldra didn't get cut up or scratched at all, but she sure did pull a muscle swinging that sword.

[20:22] * Sailor Quinox push Mike onto his stomich

[20:23] <Michael D> huh?

[20:23] <SAIYAjedi> Mike -- you all right, man?

[20:23] <Michael D> Matsumi-chan?

[20:23] * Sailor Quinox starts to give Mike a massage

[20:23] <Solarchos> SaiyaJedi - I think so. Shaldra cast a healing spell on him and I used my trauma kit on him. It's only fair : *I'm* the one that shot him.

[20:24] <SAIYAjedi> ...

[20:24] <Michael D> health wise, yes

[20:24] <SAIYAjedi> A little caution with firearms goes a long way, you know.

[20:24] * Solarchos gives Shaldra some asperin and begins rubbing some Icy-Hot into her arm. ^_^

[20:24] * Michael D groans happly "oy, that feels good..."

[20:25] <SaiyaJedi> Anyway, I have some good news to report!

[20:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Do tell!

[20:25] <Solarchos> SaiyaJedi - No, a little battlefield communication and common sense would've gone a lot further in his case. He was hovering directly over the battlefield while we were engaged with a majorly big demon. Even Sakura took a shot at him.

[20:25] * Shaldra Darkness sighs a bit, feels much better.

[20:25] <SaiyaJedi> The parody I've been translating is ready for download! -->

[20:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay, Jedi!

[20:26] * SaiyaJedi inwardly scolds SG -- even he would've taken a shot, had he been there at the time

[20:26] * Sailor Quinox keeps massaging

[20:26] <SaiyaJedi> (it's the second one down)

[20:26] <Solarchos> SaiyaJedi - Shaldra and Mew have been attacked repeated by a cloaked figure in the shadows, and I saw a cloaked, shadowy figure hovering over the head of a big demon. What was I supposed to think?

[20:27] * @S.X. Aino manages to leap up from her Gallifreyan Lotus position, fully healed!!

[20:27] <@S.X. Aino> Wows!! I'm gonna look at that Manga right now, cool beans, Jedi!

[20:27] * @Ikari Shinji celebrates the POWER

[20:27] * @S.X. Aino goes off to read it

[20:27] * SaiyaJedi nods acknowledging Sakura's healing abilities

[20:28] * SaiyaJedi bows deeply

[20:28] * Solarchos continues to massage Shaldra's arm. "Feeling better, love?"

[20:28] <@S.X. Aino> Nuts! Someone needs the BW, I'll grab it as soon as I can...

[20:28] * Michael D twitches "Were else would i be if i unleashed a hailstorm of holy energy like a meteor shower saiya. ><"

[20:29] <SaiyaJedi> BW?

[20:29] * Sailor Quinox suddenly twists Mike's arm back "MMMIKE???"

[20:29] <Solarchos> Mike - I do believe I owe you an apology. I sincerely thought you were Zendeera. I was expecting her to come back and try to blindside us from our flanks while we were preoccupied with that big demon.

[20:29] <@S.X. Aino> Bandwidth - someone's streaming something.


[20:29] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Ya, thanks. ^_^

[20:30] <Solarchos> Mike - I thought Sakura conjured that! She was doing something with her sword at the same time the attack happened!

[20:30] <Sailor Quinox> now nice!

[20:30] <SaiyaJedi> Ah.

[20:30] <Solarchos> [19:46] <@S.X. Aino> CHERRY BLOSSOM FIRE!

[20:30] <Solarchos> [19:47] * - large bursts of holy energy rains from above like a meteor storm above the demon

[20:31] <Solarchos> I honestly thought Sakura had done that!

[20:31] <@S.X. Aino> Ahh, Synchronicity can be a pain in the Gluteus Maximus at times...

[20:31] * Michael D lays there pain throbbing

[20:32] * Sailor Quinox goes back to massaging Mike...taking the pain away

[20:32] * Michael D in his arm T_T

[20:32] * Shaldra Darkness heals Mike, again

[20:32] <Solarchos> Sakura - Yup. I think that's what's called the "Fog of War".

[20:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Didn't Gerado use that phrase before?

[20:33] <Solarchos> Matsumi - Please let him talk. He's got a legitimate grievance with me and he has a right to voice it.

[20:33] * Solarchos takes some more Icy-Hot and begins massaging it into *more* of Shaldra's body, starting with her shoulders. ^_^

[20:34] * Michael D sighs from the massage, feel's good..

[20:34] * Shaldra Darkness can't help but purr in this case. ^_^

[20:34] * Sailor Quinox starts to use cold and warm air in her massage

[20:34] * @S.X. Aino idly sits on the edge of her mom's sofa.

[20:34] * -Sela-chan finaly unties Chronos-chan

[20:35] <-Sela-chan> having no thumbs like this sucks. :(

[20:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Sela, claws... puuuurrrrr....

[20:35] <Solarchos> Shaldra - You know, I haven't given you one of those full-body massages in a while, have I?

[20:36] <SaiyaJedi> Oh, and Sakura

[20:36] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Puuurrrr... no, actually...

[20:36] <-Sela-chan> gah >< Why didn't i think of that.....

[20:36] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Well, then... ^_~

[20:36] <SaiyaJedi> You don't suppose Xadium would mind me leaving a note for him, do you?

[20:36] <Sailor Quinox> and can't you turn human, sela?

[20:37] <Solarchos> SeiyaJedi - It shouldn't be a problem. People leave notes around here frequently.

[20:37] <SaiyaJedi> It's just that I'd like to request an image or two

[20:37] * -Sela-chan sweatdrops "I forgot about that too...." bops her head with her paw

[20:37] * Solarchos lays Shaldra down on the couch, then kneels down at her feet.

[20:37] <@S.X. Aino> No, go ahead!

[20:37] * SaiyaJedi scribbles on a scrap of paper

[20:38] * @S.X. Aino will make sure it's left in a place where Pop can find it.

[20:38] <sAiyajedi> Solarchos -- check the handle

[20:38] * -cHRONOS-CHAN tries to sneak away

[20:38] * DvlmayCry lurks still in an undisclosed location.....

[20:38] * Solarchos removes Shaldra's boots and sets them on the floor next to her sword and jacket.

[20:38] <-Chronos-chan> *

[20:38] <TimeGal> DANTE!!!!! Get out of there!!!!! ><

[20:38] * SaiyaJedi is not a cross-dressing, gender-bending sailor senshi in a bikini

[20:38] <-Sela-Chan> Chrony-chan!!!! Wait for me!!!! ♡~

[20:39] * SaiyaJedi is a proud and noble Saiya-jin

[20:39] * SaiyaJedi continues writing

[20:39] <DvlmayCry> Your not using it, this is only until Vanessa shows up anyway!

[20:39] <Solarchos> SaiyaJedi - Heh! Sorry about that! Seiya sometimes pops up here, too. ^_^;

[20:39] * -Chronos-chan breaks into a run!!!

[20:40] * -The note: "X. -- have several pic requests, will elaborate in e-mail. Have V check Tel. S later. --SJ"

[20:40] <@S.X. Aino> Heh, pop used to *hate* that Yaten one.

[20:40] * @S.X. Aino puts the note on her Pop's TARDIS blocking the lock.

[20:40] <TimeGal> Gah. >< I said get out of there!!!!!

[20:40] * Solarchos winks at Shaldra, then begins massaging her feet...slowly and carefully.

[20:40] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuurrrrrrr....

[20:41] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[20:41] <@S.X. Aino> Jedi- I'm sure he'll check tonight.

[20:41] * -Sela-chan gives chase like "peppi la pue"

[20:41] <SaiyaJedi> That's good.

[20:41] * TimeGal stalks off, wanting for mike-kun to come home

[20:42] <Michael D> gah, I'm so tense...

[20:42] * -Chronos-chan slams into a wall!

[20:42] * Solarchos is taking his time with the massage, slowly working Shaldra's muscles, trying to loosen the tension in her body.

[20:42] * Sailor Quinox keeps massaging

[20:43] <Solarchos> Mike - Seriously man, I'm really sorry.

[20:43] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrrr-rrawrrrr...

[20:43] <Michael D> *sigh* It's alright Solar........

[20:43] <@S.X. Aino> Yeah, sorry Mike.

[20:43] * Solarchos slowly moves his way up to Shaldra's ankles and shins.

[20:43] * @S.X. Aino is just glad she used a distance attack of holy power and didn't *cut* him.

[20:43] * Michael D now has a new number pain thou "laser pulses hurt like hell"

[20:44] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Honestly, I agree with you. That fight did seem a little easy. I was seriously expecting something else to come at us as we were fighting that big demon.

[20:44] * Shaldra Darkness sighs happily, purring all the while

[20:44] <Michael D> It's okay Sakura I was down before before the energy wave hit, the holy energy would haven't effected me, thats what fuels Guardian Angel mode, lasers on the other hand...hurt like hell

[20:45] * -Sela-chan glomps Chronos-chan

[20:45] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Puurrr... Maybe she was just checking things... she has never actually gone against you all.

[20:46] * -Chronos-chan is glomped T_T

[20:46] <Solarchos> Mike - They're supposed to. An Imperial Guard lasgun does about as much damage as an AK-47. Be grateful I wasn't using a "Hot-shot" power pack or you'd *really* be feeling some agony!

[20:47] <-Sela-chan> you know you love it Chrony-chan!!!!!! =^^_^^=

[20:47] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Possibly. Or perhaps we took her by surprise and actually hurt her a little bit. Probably more like a bit of both.

[20:47] <Michael D> I feel so much better now.....

[20:47] * @S.X. Aino is going to step away for a time, needs to go outside and clear her head.

[20:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, see ya, Sakura... puuurrrr...

[20:48] * Solarchos slowly works his way up past Shaldra's knees and into her thighs. ^_~

[20:48] <-Chronos-chan> help me.....

[20:48] * @S.X. Aino curtsies and heads outside to take in the cool night air.

[20:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Perhaps.

[20:48] <Solarchos> Sakura - So long and thanks for the assist.

[20:49] <Michael D> your on your own buddy, enjoy the glomp.

[20:49] * Shaldra Darkness ' purring gets louder

[20:49] * @S.X. Aino changes topic to `Three life rules: 1- Always have fun! 2- Smile lots! 3- Always make friends!`

[20:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrr... I'm occupied.... puuurrrr... sorry.

[20:49] <@Ikari Shinji> See ya, Sakura.

[20:50] <Michael D> seeya kiddo

[20:50] * @S.X. Aino changes topic to `Sakura's life rules: 1- Always have fun! 2- Smile lots! 3- Always make friends!`

[20:50] * @S.X. Aino smiles and vanishes into the night.

[20:50] *** Furu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:50] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Furu

[20:50] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Well, she was dealing with an extensively-armed Fallen Angel, a young Time Lady, a member of the Green Lantern Corps, a Jedi Knight, a Guardian, and you! Zendeera seems to be really sure of herself when she's only dealing with a single cat-girl.

[20:50] <Furu> Hey everyone

[20:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, ChibiShinji.

[20:51] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I still don't... puuurrrr... like it...

[20:51] * Furu 's timing seems to have as good of timing as ever

[20:51] <Solarchos> Furu - Hi there. You missed the fight.

[20:51] <Furu> Aw man.

[20:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Furu - I'm prrrrretty sure more will happen...

[20:52] <Michael D> be glad for that furu

[20:52] * Solarchos massages his way up to the top of Shaldra's legs, massaging her upper things and buttocks. ^___^

[20:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrr-rraawrrrrr....!

[20:52] <Michael D> you know how to use those hands matsumi-chan. ^_^

[20:53] <Solarchos> Shaldra - After getting ambushed and mangled so many times, I guess you'd be a little nervous. At least tonight proves she's not invulnerable. We hurt her, at least.

[20:53] <Sailor Quinox> of course I do....

[20:54] * Shaldra Darkness sighs and nodds... but continues to purr

[20:54] * Shaldra Darkness casts Thunderbolt on a Typo Demon. *ZZAP!*

[20:55] <Furu> One less typo demon in the world

[20:55] * Solarchos takes extra special care in massaging Shaldra's buttocks and upper thighs, making sure *each* and *every* muscle group is *thoroughly* worked! ^___^

[20:56] * DvlmayCry delurks with the log in his hands "Solar.......what happened this morning?" *slight twitch*

[20:56] * Shaldra Darkness figures Solarchos is just enjoying himself, but doesn't care! "Puuurrrr!"

[20:57] <Solarchos> Shaldra - At the *very* least, we drove her off for the night. Now she knows we're able to effectively defend ourselves...and protect YOU, which is far more important to me.

[20:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Puurrr... that you, love...

[20:57] <Solarchos> Dante - I tried confronting Yinggirl and talking to you on *your* behalf. I'm trying to figure out what the frell is up with her beating on you all the time.

[20:58] * DvlmayCry appreciated the efforts but did not like the mental thoughts Solar was comming up with.....

[20:59] * -Chronos-chan tries to escape....

[20:59] <DvlmayCry> [08:36] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - So...who'd you get from, anyway? Probably not Dante.

[20:59] <DvlmayCry> [08:38] <Solarchos> Yinggirl - DId you go to Planet Hentai, or have you been getting "affectionate" with InuYahsa?

[20:59] * DvlmayCry twitches

[21:00] <Solarchos> Dante - I know you care about Ying. I'm not trying to drive you two apart. But she's going to have to start talking to you, and the only way that's going to happen is if someone gets through to her somehow.

[21:01] <Solarchos> Dante - Sorry, but I had no idea you and her had gotten together. Dog-boy seems to be the only person she's half-way nice to.

[21:01] <DvlmayCry> I know your just helping, but I don't need to picture that, especialy when it wasn't that case....

[21:01] * Mango-chan is back.

[21:02] * Solarchos slowly and lovingly massages the base of Shaldra's tail.

[21:02] <Furu> Yo Mango-chan

[21:02] <Mango-chan> Fururururu!

[21:02] <Mango-chan> Io-san told me you lack a life!

[21:02] * Furu reappears with a sandwich...yes, yes, go ahead. Say it. I know you wanna

[21:03] <Furu> W-what?

[21:03] * Mango-chan takes the sandwich.

[21:03] *** Saiyajedi has left #suburbansenshi2 (Gah... IRL stuff to do. Might BBL.)

[21:03] <Solarchos> Dante - I know. She told me you were the one that gave it to her. You can't blame me for thinking otherwise when she was using you as a punching bag the night before.

[21:03] <Mango-chan> Because you're always on when no one else is on.

[21:03] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuuuuurrrrr-rrrawwrrr....

[21:03] <Mango-chan> And she took over my computer when I was gone!

[21:04] <Furu> My.....sandwich!!

[21:04] <Solarchos> Mango - Don't believe everything Io tells you.

[21:04] * Solarchos tosses Furu a corned beef snadwich from his backpack.

[21:05] * Solarchos works his way up towards Shaldra's lower back. "How's it feeling, love?"

[21:05] * Furu thanks Solar-san and starts eating

[21:05] <-Sela-chan> ain't lettin' chrony-chan go!

[21:05] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Simply Puuuurrrrrrfect...

[21:06] * DvlmayCry relurks

[21:06] * Solarchos massages his way up to the middle of Shaldra's back. ^_^

[21:06] * Michael D sighs happly

[21:07] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrrawrrrr... ^_^

[21:07] <Solarchos> So, how *is* it going between Yinggirl and Dante? Has there been any improvement?

[21:07] <Michael D> Mango, did you get that picture?

[21:07] * -Chronos-chan changes into a human to get away

[21:07] * Furu tries not to notice the things going on around him

[21:08] <Shaldra Darkness> Furu... after a battle you have to relax... puuurrrr...

[21:08] <Solarchos> Furu - Nothing going on but some massaging. Nothing to nosebleed about.

[21:09] * Solarchos massages his way up to Shaldra's upper back and shoulders.

[21:09] <Michael D> I'm not at liberty to say Solar. I don't wont to betray trusts.

[21:09] <Furu> <_<

[21:10] * Michael D has talked with both of them.

[21:10] <Solarchos> Mike - I won't force you, then. I just hope things are going better. It sucks seeing Dante get hurt like that.

[21:10] * Shaldra Darkness continues to purr, tail flicking back and forth happily

[21:11] <Michael D> I know Solar

[21:11] * Solarchos makes his way up to Shaldra's neck, massaging it carefully.

[21:11] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrr-rrawrrrr... ^_^

[21:12] * -sela-chan hangs on to Chrony-chan shifting to human form, still glomping

[21:12] * Solarchos idly wonders where Yinggirl is.

[21:12] * DvlmayCry wonders that too

[21:12] <Solarchos> Shaldra - And now...for part two!

[21:12] <-Chronos-chan> gah!!!

[21:12] * Solarchos rolls Shaldra onto her back!

[21:13] * -Chronos-chan falls over and waves a white flag

[21:13] * Furu idly wonders where star-chan is. It's not fair that everyone else gets to, and not me ;_;

[21:13] * -Sela-chan giggles ontop of Chronos "yay! I win!!!!!"

[21:13] * Sailor Quinox giggles and glomps Mike

[21:13] <Solarchos> Furu - Starcat was on earlier, but she got off soon after she arrived.

[21:14] * Michael D is happly glomped!!!!

[21:14] <Furu> Oh ><

[21:14] * Solarchos starts massaging the *front* of Shaldra's body, starting with her legs and slowly working upwards!

[21:14] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrrr...!

[21:16] * Solarchos works his way up to Shaldra's thighs.

[21:16] * DvlmayCry is alone right now too.

[21:16] <Shaldra Darkness> Puurr-rrawrrrr.... ^_^

[21:16] * Sailor Quinox pouts

[21:16] * Solarchos idly wonders what Sela's going to do to Chronos now that he's given up. Do we want to know?

[21:17] * Michael D glomps Matsumi back

[21:17] * Shaldra Darkness *could* call some old Expellian friends here. ^_^

[21:17] * -Sela-chan giggles nuzling against his chest

[21:18] <-Chronos-chan> T_T

[21:18] * Furu sighs,

[21:18] <Michael D> oh you know you like it Chronos. ^_~

[21:18] * Solarchos works his way up to Shaldra's lower torso. Don't worry, this isn't an *erotic* massage. That's for private! ^_~

[21:19] * Shaldra Darkness truly can't wait... "Puuurrrr!"

[21:20] * Solarchos works his way up to Shaldra's stomach.

[21:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrrawrrr... *^_^*

[21:21] * -Chronos-chan shrugs and holds Sela close

[21:21] * Michael D kisses Matsumi-chan "Thanks for the massage"

[21:21] * Sailor Quinox kisses back

[21:21] * Furu eats his sandwich in solitude

[21:21] * -Sela-chan purrs even in human form and nuzzles Chronos more

[21:22] * DvlmayCry is doing shots of Jack Daniels

[21:22] * Solarchos tosses Furu a Starcat-plushie.

[21:22] * Furu glomps it out of mid-air

[21:23] * Solarchos works his way upwards to Shaldra's chest. Remember, this is *not* an erotic massage! Muscles only! Later, however... ^_~

[21:23] * Shaldra Darkness giggles. ^_^ "Puurrr!"

[21:23] * Michael D shifts behing matsumi and starts returning the favor. ^^

[21:24] * Sailor Quinox grons happily

[21:25] * Shaldra Darkness is losing it... her eyes start going starry and a little, ecchi smirk appears

[21:25] * Solarchos takes his time and begins massaging Shaldra's arms, first pulling on them a little to stretch the muscles, then massaging them slowly, one at a time.

[21:26] * Shaldra Darkness sighs happily

[21:27] * Furu suddenly realizes that he's sitting in the corner

[21:27] <Furu> !!

[21:27] * Solarchos gives Shaldra a gentle caress across her chest. ^_~

[21:27] * Furu jumps up out of it and starts dancing around the room like a maniac

[21:27] * Shaldra Darkness giggles. ^_~

[21:27] <Shaldra Darkness> LOL @ Furu

[21:28] * Sailor Quinox is in heaven

[21:28] * -Chronos-chan holds Sela in his powerful arms

[21:28] <Furu> LalalaLAAAAlalallalalaaaLAAALALALAlalala!!

[21:28] * Shaldra Darkness curls her tail around Solar's leg ^_~

[21:28] * Michael D keeps going and gives her a little kiss on the neck

[21:29] <Solarchos> Furu - Uhh, are you feeling all right, chummer?

[21:29] * -Sela-chan swoons

[21:29] * Solarchos notices what Shaldra's tail is doing and blushes brightly! *^_^*

[21:29] * -Chronos-chan gives sela a kiss...for the heck of it

[21:29] <Furu> Yep yep, just boooooooreeed~

[21:29] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[21:30] * DvlmayCry slides furu a shot of jack "then drink up"

[21:30] * Solarchos finishes the massage and lays down on top of Shaldra. "How are you feeling now, love? Lots better?"

[21:31] <Furu>'t drink.

[21:31] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - *Lots* better... ^_~

[21:32] * Shaldra Darkness is SOOOO temtped to bring in some friends from Expel. ^_^;;

[21:33] <Shaldra Darkness> Just because Furu and Dante seem so depressed.

[21:33] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Good. Heh, all of a sudden I'm kinda wishing for a massage. ^_^

[21:34] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Bring in who, per say?

[21:34] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I could always giving something just as good, if you care to head back to the Bunker. *ecchi smirk*

[21:34] * Solarchos notices that Shaldra's tail is still gently wrapped around his leg. ^_^

[21:35] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I'm *all* up for that! Shall we?

[21:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Just some girls I hang with quite often. Nedeen(elf) Expellian(human, basically) and, of course, neko.

[21:36] <Shaldra Darkness> And maybe a few Tetragenes if I can swing it. ^_^

[21:36] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I doubt Dante would care for any female "companionship", although Furu might go for it.

[21:36] * Furu continues dancing like an idiot

[21:36] <DvlmayCry> yeah, I'm actually happy with Vanessa

[21:36] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Tetragenes? You've never mentioned them.

[21:37] <-Chronos-chan> sela-chan?

[21:37] * -Sela-chan purrs nuzzling Chronos, in her own little world

[21:37] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - They're offworlders, though visit Expel quite often. Tall, blond, and the females are quite... heh... gifted. ^_~

[21:38] <Solarchos> Furu - Well, how about it? Shaldra can arrange a date for you tonight, if you want.

[21:38] <Shaldra Darkness> They also have a third eye on their forehead. Their aim is deadly, expecially since they're about as advanced as earth is.

[21:39] * Michael D has been playing Star Ocean: till the end of time he got fro christmas, is starting to undestand these species now.

[21:39] * Furu nods, not really paying attention to what he's agreeing to

[21:39] <-Chronos-chan> shall we

[21:39] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Gifted? As in "Makoto-talented"?

[21:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Ya, pretty mucuh.

[21:39] * Solarchos wishes Star Ocean would come out for the PC. >_<;

[21:39] <-Sela-chan> Yes my love ♡~~~

[21:39] * Shaldra Darkness Tunderbolts another Typo Demon

[21:40] * -Chronos-chan lifts Sela off her feet

[21:41] <Shaldra Darkness> Hmm... for Furu... a Nedeen Sorceress. ^_^

[21:41] <Solarchos> Furu - All right. Would you like to meet an elven girl, a regular human gal, a Neko-girl, or one of these three-eyed "Xeno-Swedish" girls?

[21:41] <Michael D> I just got off the first planet thou, so I'm not to far in yet.

[21:41] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Yeah, but how far does Furu want to take this?

[21:41] * Furu continues dancing...and then trips over a table, falling on it and smashing it to pieces

[21:42] * -Chronos-chan kicks the door open, kissing Sela on the lips also

[21:42] <Shaldra Darkness> Geh. I think we'll skip on the date tonight, that must'a hurt.

[21:42] * Michael D has met a Tetragene, a Expellian, and species from the first planet, can't remember there name. ><

[21:42] * -Sela-chan kisses back and giggles like a school girl

[21:43] * Solarchos gives Furu some asperin and one of Mike's patented life-sized Sailor C-4 plushies.

[21:43] *** -Chronos-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (Time is my ocean and I am thy guide....)

[21:43] <Shaldra Darkness> When I bring you all to Expel you can meet my friends. ^_^

[21:43] * Michael D is balancing playing SO:TTEoT, MGS3, KH:CoM, FF1&2:Dawn of soulds, and a poker game. ^_^

[21:43] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Then let's head for the Bunker and turn in for the night. ^_~

[21:43] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:43] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[21:44] *** -Sela-chan has left #suburbansenshi2 (swoons speachlessly)

[21:44] <Furu> Hey, Wolf-san

[21:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Puuuurrrrfect idea. ^_~

[21:44] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - Hey there. You missed tonight's fight.

[21:44] * Furu hugs the Sailor C-4 plushie like no man has hugged a plushie before

[21:44] <Michael D> BE glad of that wolf.

[21:45] <Wolfwood> did I?

[21:45] <Solarchos> Farewell, everyone. I've got a Neko-girl to tuck in for the night. ^_^

[21:45] <Michael D> just make sure all you is hug it or possibly kiss it furu...

[21:45] <Shaldra Darkness> Giant demon. Wasn't as hard as I would have thought.

[21:45] <Shaldra Darkness> Meow! Nighty-night!

[21:46] <Michael D> night you two!

[21:46] <Wolfwood> dare I ask who got into it tonight?

[21:46] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - The fight began shortly after 19:25 hours.

[21:46] <Sailor Quinox> night!

[21:46] <Wolfwood> night guys

[21:47] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - Just about all of us here *and* Sakura.

[21:47] * Furu is glad Solar said "tuck" <_<

[21:47] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Let us depart, love...and take care of those *other* things you really seem to want to do!

[21:47] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (See ya! Solar-kun and I have issues to undress--I mean, adress!)

[21:48] <Michael D> and some of us got shot in the face......

[21:48] * Furu missed it too >_<

[21:48] <Furu> Too bad, really

[21:49] * Furu throws a couple of rapid-fire punches which can barely be seen

[21:49] *** Solarchos has left #suburbansenshi2 ( " to make more love-love with my future Neko-bride! ^__^ ")

[21:49] <Sailor Quinox> mike......

[21:49] <Furu> I was looking forward to trying my new strength out

[21:49] <Michael D> yes?*still massaging matsumi*

[21:50] <Wolfwood> I just peaked in for a second because I need you guys to give X a message for me

[21:51] <Sailor Quinox> careful what you say...remember?

[21:51] * DvlmayCry is still doing shotsof jack, waiting to see if vanessa shows up tonight, not getting drunk, takes ALOT with his demon dna for him to get drunk

[21:51] <Wolfwood> tell him i'll send him the money by the end of the week, i'm having a few issues with my bank account

[21:52] <Michael D> Sorry Matsumi-chan, but that hurt, on a few levels....

[21:52] * Furu salutes. The messege will be passed!

[21:53] * Michael D is gonna contribute asoon as he can

[21:53] * Sailor Quinox kisses Mike surprisenly on the lips

[21:53] <Michael D> !

[21:53] <Wolfwood> thank you kindly, I go now to Pizza and a copy of Die Hard

[21:53] * Michael D kisses Matsumi-chan back

[21:54] *** Wolfwood has left #suburbansenshi2 (pappa johns and bruce willis)

[21:54] <Furu> Yippie Ki-yi-yo Mother f[BLEEP]ker, indeed

[21:56] * DvlmayCry sighs, gots something to take of

[21:56] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 ( I wish i could have seen vanessa tonight)

[21:57] * Michael D huggles matsumi-chan

[21:58] <Furu> Aw, poor Dante-san..

[21:58] * Sailor Quinox huggles back

[21:59] * Michael D frowns "I gotta go matsumi-chan"

[22:00] * Michael D gives matsumi a gentle kiss goodnight on the lips "Night matsumi-chan sweet dreams"

[22:00] <Sailor Quinox> same to you, mike...

[22:00] * Sailor Quinox kisses back

[22:01] <Michael D> night furu.

[22:01] <Michael D> and be strong matsumi

[22:01] <Furu> Night!

[22:01] *** Michael D has left #suburbansenshi2 (Ten points of light, I ensure they still shine)

[22:02] <Sailor Quinox> I will.....

[22:02] * Furu gets up off the floor and dusts himself off

[22:03] <Furu> Whew..

[22:04] * Furu coughs. Got some wood dust in his throat ><

[22:05] <Sailor Quinox> so....furu.....

[22:05] <Furu> Hm?

[22:07] <Sailor Quinox> we're pretty much alone....

[22:07] <Furu> y...yeah...

[22:08] <Sailor Quinox> ...and.....

[22:09] <Furu> a....a..and?

[22:09] <Sailor Quinox> ...I was wondering *gets closer to Furu*

[22:10] <Furu> y-y-y-yeah?

[22:12] <Sailor Quinox> do you think I should cut down on the ginger ale? i've been thinking of going on a diet....

[22:12] * Furu sweatdrops

[22:13] <Furu> I you really need a diet?

[22:13] * Furu isn't even sure how unhealthy ginger ale is

[22:14] <Sailor Quinox> you think I look a little...lumpy?

[22:15] <Furu> ..I don't think so

[22:16] <Sailor Quinox> really?

[22:18] * Furu nods

[22:18] <Sailor Quinox> thank you ^_^

[22:19] * Sailor Quinox gives Furu a friendly hug

[22:19] * Furu hugs Q-san back

[22:21] <Sailor Quinox> sorry about making you feel uncomfertible....

[22:21] <Furu> Nah, it's okay.

[22:21] <Furu> i'm almost used to it :P

[22:23] * Furu is building up a resistence, after all

[22:24] <Sailor Quinox> and besides...after I anticipated this thought...*whispers into Furu's ear*

[22:25] * Furu blushes

[22:26] <Sailor Quinox> sorry...couldn't help that...

[22:26] <Furu>'

[22:27] * Sailor Quinox ruffles Furu's hair playfully

[22:28] * Furu laughs a little

[22:28] <Furu> My haaaaiiir

[22:29] * Sailor Quinox gives furu a noogie XD

[22:30] <Furu> Gyah!

[22:31] * Furu disappears and reappears behind Q-san

[22:31] <Furu> >_<

[22:31] <Sailor Quinox> wha?

[22:33] <Furu> Sorry. Had to get away. I *haaaate* noogies.

[22:33] * Sailor Quinox vanishes

[22:34] <Furu> !

[22:36] * -something rubs against Furu's legs

[22:36] * Furu looks down

[22:37] * -a blond-frured cat hops into Furu's lap

[22:37] <Furu> Aaaawww...

[22:37] <-A blond furred> *

[22:37] <Furu> Sooo cuuuute

[22:38] * -The cat has a green Q on it's forehead

[22:39] * Furu huggles the kitty

[22:39] * -The cat purrs

[22:39] <-The cat> that's so nice, furu-chan =^_^=

[22:40] * Furu blinks

[22:40] * -The cat giggles

[22:40] <Furu> o___o

[22:40] <-The cat> what's wrong, furu-chan?

[22:41] * -The cat has a very familer voice

[22:41] <Furu> N..nothing..Just a little surprised ^_^;

[22:42] <-The cat> oh...about what?

[22:42] <Furu> I didn't know you could turn into a cat

[22:43] <-The cat> the crystal allows me to change into almost anything

[22:44] <-The cat> and I can do it to other people as well

[22:44] <Furu> Ah ,that's right ^_^;

[22:44] * -The cat turns back to Matsumi, turning furu into a cat in the process

[22:45] <Sailor Quinox> kawaii ^_^

[22:46] <Furu> ........^O_O^

[22:46] <Furu> I'!!

[22:46] * Sailor Quinox holds up the cat-furu

[22:47] <Sailor Quinox> so kawaii!!!

[22:48] * -Neko Furu sweatdrops

[22:48] <Sailor Quinox> poor widdle furu-puddy sad?

[22:49] <-Neko Furu> N.o, no.

[22:49] * Sailor Quinox puts furu on the floor and turns him back to normal

[22:50] * -Neko Furu is now known as Furu

[22:50] <Furu> >_<

[22:50] <Sailor Quinox> something wrong?

[22:51] <Furu> That was odd

[22:51] <Furu> That's all :P

[22:52] <Sailor Quinox>'s hard getting used to the sudden change of two to four legged

[22:54] <Furu> Heh. Yeah, I don't think I could of walked if I wanted to.

[22:54] <Sailor Quinox> and the fur is another thing entirely ><

[22:55] * Hisui comes in the door, with teenage-Miki following behind

[22:55] *** Hisui has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:55] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Hisui

[22:55] <Furu> Hi H-chan

[22:56] <Furu> ..And..Miki-chan?

[22:56] <-Teen_Q> hi, Uncle Furu!

[22:56] * -Teen_Q gives a toss of her hair

[22:56] <Hisui> Hi guys.

[22:57] <Sailor Quinox> hi, was the night?

[22:57] * Furu blinks

[22:57] * Hisui shows off her hairdo; it's short again, but dyed a dirty brown

[22:57] <Hisui> I'd say it went pretty well.

[22:57] * Hisui sets down a number of items in bags

[22:58] * -Teen_Q giggles "it was a pretty nice night"

[22:58] <Hisui> We went to Shinjuku for a night on the town.

[22:58] <Furu> You two go shopping?

[22:58] <Furu> Cool!

[22:58] * -Teen_Q sets down her bags as well

[22:58] * Hisui nods

[22:58] <-Teen_Q> *sigh* can tire a girl out....

[22:59] <Hisui> I'll say.

[22:59] * Hisui plops down on the couch.

[22:59] <Furu> ^_^ heheh.

[23:00] * Hisui has a number of new outfits, a dress (a black one with a slit up the left side, which she's wearing), and a number of other odds and ends

[23:00] * -Teen_Q hands a small crystal to Hisui....

[23:00] <Hisui> Hm?

[23:00] <Hisui> What's this?

[23:01] <-Teen_Q> if you ever need me again, Hisui...give me a call using this....

[23:01] * Hisui takes the crystal appreciatively

[23:01] <Hisui> Really? Thanks!

[23:02] <-Teen_Q> always told me...well..will tell me...crap....stupid time-words

[23:02] * Hisui gives Miki a hug

[23:02] * -Teen_Q hugs back

[23:02] <Furu> Heheh

[23:02] <Furu> Ah, time travel. Gotta love it.

[23:03] * -Teen_Q 's cell rings

[23:03] * -Teen_Q answers it, then frowns

[23:03] <Hisui> I think you've got a phone call. ^^;

[23:03] <Hisui> Trouble?

[23:04] <-Teen_Q> nope...just you telling me to get my butt back from talking to you....

[23:04] * Furu suddenly starts rifling through the bags the girls brought in. "..You didn't get me anything? I'm crushed!"

[23:04] * Furu fakes been dissapointed

[23:05] <-Teen_Q> so...I'll have to leave before I get yelled by you....

[23:05] <Furu> being^

[23:06] <Hisui> Heh.

[23:06] <Hisui> Fair enough.

[23:06] <Hisui> Well, take care, then.

[23:06] <-Teen_Q> I'll see you around, Hisui-chan...literly...

[23:07] * -Teen_Q gives Hisui a final hug...then vanishes

[23:07] <Hisui> Right.

[23:07] * Hisui stretches out

[23:07] * Furu waves

[23:07] <Hisui> Well, I think this night deserves a victory sandwich.

[23:07] *** -Teen_Q has left #suburbansenshi2 (I'm coming, Hisui-chan...geez..future you is so pushy....)

[23:07] <Hisui> And screw watching my figure -- I'm going all-out!

[23:08] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[23:08] * Hisui heads off to the kitchen

[23:08] * Hisui is away: Sandwich

[23:08] <Furu> ^_^;

[23:08] <Furu> That's right! Dieting has no place in sandwich making!!

[23:08] <Sailor Quinox> something wrong, furu-chan?

[23:09] <Furu> Eh?

[23:10] <Sailor Quinox> seemed surprised...

[23:10] <Furu> What about?

[23:11] <Sailor Quinox> miki.....

[23:12] <Furu> I've never seen her like that.

[23:12] <Sailor Quinox> that's her from a farther part of her timeline......she's cute, isn't she?

[23:13] * Furu shurgs....then nods a little

[23:14] <Furu> shrugs^

[23:15] <Sailor Quinox> are you?

[23:15] <Furu> i'm good, fine, dandy ^_^ are you feeling?

[23:17] <Sailor Quinox> fine, ^_~

[23:17] * Furu chuckles nervously

[23:20] <Furu> about that weather?

[23:21] <Sailor Quinox> rainy ^_~

[23:22] <Furu> Yup, yup. Very rainy indeed

[23:22] <Sailor Quinox> very, very, rainy....

[23:23] <Sailor Quinox> oooh...gotta go..sorry...bye

[23:23] <Furu> very very very very very very rainy

[23:23] <Furu> Bye, Q-san

[23:23] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (There is but one storm and its name is Matsumi Kaze)

[23:23] * Furu stretches and yawns

[23:24] <Furu> Damn...H-chan must be making on hell of a sandwich

[23:25] * Furu ki blasts a typo demon

[23:25] <Furu> one^, durnit

[23:29] * Furu sighs

[23:30] * Hisui returns with her übersandwich

[23:30] <Hisui> me

[23:31] * Hisui blasts the early return-key

[23:31] <Furu> Heheh

[23:31] * Hisui 's sandwich has over 50 different layers, incorporating 9 different kinds of lunchmeat, many condiments, and assorted vegetables

[23:31] <Furu> That's a big sandwich o_o

[23:31] * Hisui squishes it down into mouth-size and eats it whole

[23:31] <Hisui> Mfmgph...

[23:32] * -Translation : "It sure is." :-)

[23:32] * Furu just..stares.

[23:32] * Hisui swallows

[23:32] <Hisui> Ah...

[23:32] * Hisui pats her stomach.

[23:32] <Hisui> Now *that* is something I've been waiting for.

[23:33] * Furu misses being hungry, damnit!

[23:33] <Hisui> And what are you staring at?

[23:33] <Hisui> Oh.

[23:33] <Hisui> Go train or something.

[23:33] <Furu> Nothin'.

[23:33] <Hisui> Burns off a senzu faster.

[23:33] <Furu> hmph. Don't wanna.

[23:34] <Hisui> Lazy-ass.

[23:34] <Furu> What? I am not!

[23:34] * Furu is on a holiday break!

[23:35] * Hisui sticks out her tongue

[23:35] <Hisui> Bidaaaah!

[23:36] * Furu sticks his out back

[23:36] <Furu> Bleeeeehhhhh!!!

[23:37] * Hisui grabs Furu's tongue

[23:37] <Furu> !!!!!

[23:37] <Hisui> You should know better than to do that. ^_^

[23:38] * Hisui notes she could probably fling him several miles, throwing him by the tongue

[23:38] <Furu> ><;

[23:39] <Hisui> Well... this once, I'll be nice.

[23:39] * Hisui lets Furu's tongue go

[23:39] <Furu> Geez!

[23:39] <Furu> That was mean!

[23:39] <Hisui> Heheh. ♡

[23:40] <Furu> Methinks your father is starting to rub off on you.

[23:41] <Hisui> Perhaps.

[23:41] <Hisui> You know, I oughtta get Dad a better computer.

[23:41] <Hisui> Nothing too earth-shattering... maybe a 386.

[23:41] <Furu> that'd be a great post Christmas present

[23:42] <Furu> At this point, it's just embarassing.

[23:42] <Hisui> But just something that has a fighting chance of, I don't know... browsing the internet beyond #suburbansenshi

[23:42] * Hisui ponders this

[23:42] <Hisui> Well

[23:43] <Hisui> While I think about that, perhaps it's best if I go to bed.

[23:43] <Furu> Okay then

[23:43] <Furu> Night night, H-chan.

[23:43] <Hisui> Goodnight.

[23:44] * Hisui whaps Furu playfully on the head as she goes by to pick up her things

[23:44] <Furu> >_<

[23:44] * Hisui disappears in a cloud of attractive CGI

[23:44] *** Hisui has left #suburbansenshi2 (Bedtime, I think. Training in the morning...)

[23:45] * Furu stares at the CGI

[23:47] <Furu> *_*

[23:54] * Furu is away: Lurk!

[00:09] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:09] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[00:10] <Sailor Quinox> hmm? one here...

[00:12] <Furu> Hey Q-chan

[00:12] * Furu was lurking

[00:13] <Furu> ^_^

[00:15] * Furu thinks she probably left

[00:16] * Sailor Quinox covers Furu's eyes with her hands

[00:18] <Furu> Eep!

[00:19] * Sailor Quinox giggles "gotcha!"

[00:19] <Furu> Indeed you have ><

[00:19] <Sailor Quinox> sorry....did I scare you?

[00:20] <Furu> N-nah. Not really.
Posted 12/30/2004 at 1:24 AM

Wednesday December 29, 2004

[01:30] <@spiritflame> system announce - a new log begun -

[01:30] <Furu> Huzzah!

[01:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay.

[01:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Celebrate the LOVE.

[01:31] <Jack Flagg> Yay!

[01:31] * Furu celebrates

[01:32] * @Dr_Xadium is going to just upload the rest of sub.senshi and fix it later.

[01:32] <Furu> Just like old times

[01:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Yup.

[01:33] <@Dr_Xadium> I am SO gambling this site can be made self sustainable.

[01:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Before the dark times. Before the Empire...

[01:33] * @Dr_Xadium needs to set the damn server clock if he can.

[01:33] <Furu> Heheh

[01:33] <Jack Flagg> Well, here's hoping.

[01:35] * Furu crosses his robotic fingers

[01:35] <@Ikari Shinji> To make this official opening of the chatbox on the new server...

[01:35] <@Ikari Shinji> I shall urinate on something.

[01:35] <Furu> <_<

[01:35] <@Dr_Xadium> I hate being an hour behind.

[01:35] <Furu> Too bad we're the only ones who know of this so far :P

[01:36] <@Ikari Shinji> That makes us COOL.

[01:36] <Jack Flagg> Yes, that is unfortunate.

[01:36] <Furu> We gots to spread the word

[01:36] <Furu> Get it out on the street

[01:37] <Jack Flagg> I'll paint up some of those sandwich boards for everyone.

[01:37] <Jack Flagg> You can do your standard apocalypse warning on one side, and advertise the chatbox on the other.

[01:37] <Furu> Alert the media!

[01:38] <@Ikari Shinji> I'll be busy urinating on something.

[01:38] <@Ikari Shinji> Call me if there's something important to do.

[01:39] <Furu> The media's reaction -->

[01:39] <Jack Flagg> Hmm...well, there is that asteroid on a collision course with Earth in 2029. But I can remind you later, I guess.

[01:40] <Furu> you better.

[01:40] <@Ikari Shinji> Astroid in 2029?

[01:40] * @Dr_Xadium is currently uploading suburbansenshi

[01:40] <@Ikari Shinji> I'll be all over that like flys over s[BLEEP]t.

[01:41] <Furu> lol

[01:41] <Jack Flagg> Heh, glad to hear it. Actually it only stands a 1 in 45 chance of hitting us as of now, but that's the closest they've spotted yet.

[01:41] * Furu wnoders if he could generate the ki needed to blow up a moon

[01:42] <Furu> and thus an asteroid

[01:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Man, you kids and your need to blow up s[BLEEP]t.

[01:44] <Furu> Oh, and like you don't

[01:44] <@Ikari Shinji> ...that's not the point!

[01:44] <Jack Flagg> Deflecting it would be wiser, anyway. Unless you can vaporize the thing.

[01:44] <@Ikari Shinji> Do what I say! Don't say what I do!

[01:44] <Jack Flagg> Which you probably can, but I'm just saying.

[01:46] <@Ikari Shinji> I would most likely send it to another direction or towards a planet that's not inhabited.

[01:46] <Furu> This is for you, Ikari -->

[01:48] <@Ikari Shinji> See that before. :)

[01:48] <Jack Flagg> Awesome.

[01:49] <Furu> XD Aw man.

[01:50] <Furu> Also for Ikari -->

[01:51] <@Dr_Xadium> LMFAO

[01:51] <@Dr_Xadium> (at batman)

[01:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Seen that too. :)

[01:52] <Furu> you have? O_o

[01:52] * Furu notes it's from a Super Robot Wars Alpha 4-koma

[01:53] <@Ikari Shinji> I went through that site a bit a few days back.

[01:54] <Furu> Ah :P

[01:54] * Furu has been defeated!!

[01:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Give me your socks!

[01:55] * Furu surrenders his socks

[01:56] * @Ikari Shinji takes the socks with honor

[01:58] <Furu> T_T

[01:59] * @Ikari Shinji pats Furu on the back

[02:00] * Furu sniffles

[02:00] <Furu> I think Jack died

[02:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Poor Jack.

[02:01] * @Dr_Xadium is STILL uploading.

[02:01] * @Dr_Xadium will take the opportunity to make some kind of splashe screen for the main site, brb.

[02:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Cool.

[02:02] * Jack Flagg is alive, just distracted momentarily

[02:03] <Furu> Something shiny?

[02:03] <Furu> Random fanservice?

[02:03] * Furu hopes for the latter

[02:04] <Jack Flagg> Wrestling recaps, some of which could be considered fanservice. No shiny things, though.

[02:04] <@Dr_Xadium> Mo just a placeholder.

[02:04] <Jack Flagg> Oh, you meant...heh, never mind.

[02:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[02:05] <Furu> XD

[02:05] <Furu> Actually, I was talkin' to Jack, but hey, either way.

[02:05] * Furu can scour the infoweb for random fanservice any day

[02:06] <Jack Flagg> The developer of Mortal Kombat is doing the Wrestlemania 21 game for, okay.

[02:08] <Furu> O_o;

[02:09] <Jack Flagg> The guy who worked on Tao Feng, not the most recent MK game...anyway: -->

[02:11] <Furu> UGH. Not Tao Feng. ANYTHING but Tao Feng.

[02:12] * @Ikari Shinji is listening to: Shiro Sagisu - EVA - 00.mp3

[02:12] <Jack Flagg> Never played it, but that's probably a good thing.

[02:15] <Furu> You have no idea

[02:16] * Furu is listening to: WE ARE [Straw-hat Version].mp3

[02:16] <-Darth Vader> You don't know the power of the dark side. I must obey my master.

[02:18] <Furu> XD

[02:20] * Furu does the heavy breathing

[02:23] <@Ikari Shinji> -->

[02:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Go there.

[02:23] <Jack Flagg> I think I need some sleep...good night to the both of you, gentlemen.

[02:24] <@Ikari Shinji> 'Night, Jack.

[02:24] <Furu> See ya Jack

[02:24] <Jack Flagg> 'Night...nice site, by the way.

[02:25] *** Jack Flagg has left #suburbansenshi2 ("I'm a firm believer in the philosophy of a ruling class, especially since I rule.")

[02:25] <Furu> lol

[02:25] <Furu> I still say we need some way of spreading the word

[02:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[02:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, the word will be spread when X-man wants it to.

[02:28] <Furu> I know T_T I just miss everyone

[02:29] <@Ikari Shinji> When he builds it, they will come.

[02:30] <Furu> Heh

[02:31] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[02:33] <Furu> Haha

[02:33] <@Dr_Xadium> Jay will put out some of the word

[02:34] <@Dr_Xadium> I will be posting on the genvid forums as well.

[02:34] <@Ikari Shinji> Cool.

[02:34] <Furu> Awesome!

[02:36] <@Dr_Xadium> Plus when genvid bandwidth comes back I'll get up forwarders.

[02:37] <Furu> So all will be well

[02:37] <@Ikari Shinji> Coolbeans.

[02:38] * Furu will now post the drawings he showed ikari here for Dr. X's viewing pleasure

[02:38] <Furu> -->

[02:38] <Furu>

[02:38] <Furu> -->

[02:38] <@Dr_Xadium> k

[02:39] <@Dr_Xadium> nice!

[02:40] * Furu notes once again it's cool having friends who can draw :P

[02:40] <Furu> Of course, if I could do it myself, that'd be even better, but I'm sadly devoid of talent

[02:41] <@Ikari Shinji> You're not the only one, bro.

[02:42] <@Dr_Xadium> brb

[02:43] <Furu> Heheh

[02:46] <Furu> It's 2 in the morning, and there's 2 1/2 people on. Yeah, it's just like old times all right

[02:47] <@Ikari Shinji> Gotta love the good old times.

[02:47] <Furu> Like back in The Day

[02:49] <@Ikari Shinji> Old school.

[02:50] <Furu> WORD YO

[02:51] <@Ikari Shinji> West side for life.

[02:52] * Furu throws up a complicated gang sign

[02:54] * @Ikari Shinji throws up a complicated gang sign in responce

[02:55] * Furu throws an EVEN MORE complicated one

[02:56] * @Ikari Shinji throws the MOST COMPLICATED gang sign known to man back to Furu

[02:57] * Furu tries to do it and pokes himself in the eye

[02:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Ouchies!

[02:58] <@Ikari Shinji> You ok?

[02:59] <Furu> >< NO

[03:00] * Furu goes to find an eye patch

[03:01] <@Ikari Shinji> :(

[03:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Take solace in this: I just had to start my dryer.

[03:01] <Furu> .....And?

[03:02] <@Ikari Shinji> I had to dry my clothes that I washed earlier.

[03:02] <@Ikari Shinji> You can take solace in this.

[03:04] * Furu takes....solace in this?

[03:04] <@Ikari Shinji> I take it that your silence means that my words did their duty.

[03:04] <@Ikari Shinji> It seems it did!

[03:05] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm glad.

[03:06] <@Ikari Shinji> Just know that you are not alone in your suffering.

[03:06] <Furu> o-o

[03:07] <@Ikari Shinji> While you may be sporting the "Big Boss" look, I am forced to endure while drying my clothes..

[03:09] <Furu> Hell, I'll trade ya

[03:12] <@Ikari Shinji> No, we have our own sufferings tailor-suited for our own situation.

[03:12] <@Ikari Shinji> You must endure while having one eye injured while I must deal with my clothing beind dried by a machine.

[03:14] <@Ikari Shinji> ^being

[03:14] <@Dr_Xadium> --> LOL my super spiffy splash image ><

[03:15] <@Dr_Xadium> -->

[03:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice.

[03:16] <@Dr_Xadium> I'm tired. I hope the site is up tomorrow. I need to sleep. Please try to IM all those you can, hopefully the network effect will kick in.

[03:16] <@Ikari Shinji> It servers its purpose while stating "This is XADIUM'S HOME, b[BLEEP]ch! TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!"

[03:16] <Furu> Yay!

[03:17] <Furu> I'll do what I can. Spread the word and what.

[03:17] <@Dr_Xadium> Yeah I don't have to worry about genvid's good name here.

[03:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Genvid had a good name?


[03:18] <@Ikari Shinji> HAH!

[03:18] <@Ikari Shinji> Did they ever do the Special?

[03:18] <@Dr_Xadium> I dunno.

[03:19] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. At least someone did.

[03:20] <Furu> XD

[03:20] * @Dr_Xadium just hopes his plan to trade fanarts for cash will keep the site afloat till he can get a job

[03:21] * Furu re-crosses his fingers

[03:22] * @Ikari Shinji crosses his fingers and then his legs, prompting him to fall

[03:22] <@Ikari Shinji> Jerry Lewis, eat your heart out.

[03:23] <Furu> "HEY LADY!"

[03:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Even though I am hoping your plan works out, I do have a humorous back-up suggestion.

[03:24] * @Dr_Xadium is gonna recode the damn chatbox with an hour's time bump.

[03:24] <@Ikari Shinji> We could always pimp Furu.

[03:24] <@Dr_Xadium> Yes Shinji

[03:24] <@Dr_Xadium> LOL not Furu!

[03:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Selling his young man-boy body can get us quite a bit of money.

[03:24] <Furu> >_<

[03:24] <@Dr_Xadium> Not my brother in law!

[03:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Just think about it before you totally reject the notion.

[03:25] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm sure there's quite a few rich elderly women out there who would love to ride him senseless.

[03:26] * Furu rejects it automatically

[03:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Not to mention elderly men.

[03:27] <Furu> GAAH

[03:28] <@Ikari Shinji> See, he's excited by the idea!

[03:28] <@Dr_Xadium> LOL

[03:28] <@Dr_Xadium> OK I gotta go. Take care guys.

[03:29] <@Ikari Shinji> 'Night, Xad.

[03:29] <Furu> Niiight!

[03:31] <Furu> And then there were there will be for quite a while

[03:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[03:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. This is normal for us.

[03:32] * @Dr_Xadium is trying to get the subsenshi front page up.

[03:32] <@Ikari Shinji> We are the midnight crew.

[03:33] <Furu> lol. How true.

[03:34] * Furu 's Horrible Confession for the night: I Don't Like Witch Hunter Robin.

[03:35] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[03:35] <@Ikari Shinji> Why?

[03:37] <Furu> I have no idea

[03:37] <Furu> I sit. I try to watch it. And it holds my interest for 5 seconds.

[03:37] <@Ikari Shinji> I got confess something as well. Well, more then one thing but this will coinside with yours.

[03:38] <@Ikari Shinji> I tried to watch WHR but I never could get into it.

[03:38] <@Ikari Shinji> Same deal with Wolf's Rain.

[03:39] <Furu> Yes! Me too!

[03:39] <@Ikari Shinji> Of course I've seen more episodes of Wolf's Rain then WHR, though.

[03:39] <@Dr_Xadium> halfway up, will be fixed tomm. -->

[03:42] * @Dr_Xadium is away: sleep

[03:42] <@Ikari Shinji> We have the page back! Somewhat!

[03:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Night!

[03:42] <Furu> Huzz!

[03:42] <Furu> Half of Huzzah

[03:43] <Furu> the rest will come tomorrow

[03:45] * - holds the "ah" hostage

[03:45] <Furu> Me name!

[03:46] <@Ikari Shinji> Terrorist! We don't give into your demands! Well, truthfully, we will! But no one must know!

[03:49] <Furu> :P

[03:49] <Furu> "We do not negociate with terrorists!" "Well...can we find someone who WILL?"

[03:50] <@Ikari Shinji> LOL.

[03:51] <Furu> Great Simpsons episode, that one

[03:54] <@Ikari Shinji> I don't watch the Simpsons anymore.

[03:54] <Furu> I watched the last Christmas episode they did, because it was indeed hilarious

[03:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Ah.

[03:57] <Furu> Homer's life was changed after watching the Mr. Magoo Christmas Carol

[03:59] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[04:00] <Furu> [Bart] Oh, come on. That stories been an overused TV plot for years! (Turns on TV, showing a Family Matters episode) [Ghost of Christmas Future] Give up your evil ways, Ebneezer Urkel!

[04:04] <Furu> ...HA. I killed the conversation

[04:07] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes you did.

[04:08] <Furu> ;_;

[04:15] * Furu goes and sits in the corner

[04:21] * Furu sniffles

[04:41] <Furu> whew

[04:52] <Wolfwood> *test

[04:52] <Wolfwood> some one wanna tell me wtf happened?

[04:52] <Furu> Yo Wolf

[04:53] <Furu> Genvid's bandwidth crapped the hell out

[04:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Wolf.

[04:53] <Wolfwood> brb

[04:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Check yo' e-mail.

[04:55] <Furu> I think he did, Ikari. Why else would he be here?

[04:59] <Wolfwood> I presume things will be up and running verry soon?

[04:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Ah.

[04:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah.

[04:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Wasn't sure how fast the e-mails would arrive.

[04:59] <Furu> XD

[05:00] <@Ikari Shinji> And that yeah also serves to answer your question.

[05:00] <Wolfwood> good....because i'm cooking up something special for you guys

[05:00] <Furu> Oh really?

[05:01] <Wolfwood> ....something i'm dropping $50 + bucks on

[05:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Whoa.

[05:01] <Wolfwood> you know what they say...

[05:01] <Furu> !

[05:01] <Wolfwood> you have to pay if you want to play

[05:02] <Furu> Indeed O_o

[05:03] <Wolfwood> two words: teaser poster

[05:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Double whoa.

[05:03] <Wolfwood> and now I must take my leave...sleep is needed

[05:04] <Wolfwood> o'll keep you guys posted

[05:04] <Wolfwood> *i'll

[05:04] <@Ikari Shinji> Have a good night, Wolf.

[05:04] <Furu> Night!

[05:04] <Wolfwood> night fellas

[05:05] <Furu> (mumbles) Tease.

[05:05] *** Wolfwood has left #suburbansenshi2 (on 1-20-05, there are those who thought this end would never come...who are they to say such things)

[05:06] <Furu> Grr...damn suspense. It's killing me already.

[05:07] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[05:09] * Furu falls over from it

[05:15] <Furu> The suspense is 10 times Earth's normal gravity!

[05:21] <@Ikari Shinji> Wuss.

[05:23] <Furu> Oh shut up. I haven't done any gravity training yet.

[05:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh. :)

[05:24] * Furu gets up

[05:25] <Furu> Of course, if I goes according to plain, it won't be needed

[05:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Hmm.

[05:25] <@Ikari Shinji> I look foward to this.

[05:26] <Furu> plan^

[05:26] <Furu> i'm not. It might hurt.

[05:29] <Furu> And not it a good way

[05:30] <@Ikari Shinji> Unfortunately there are times you must suffer pain to achieve something great.

[05:32] <Furu> Very wise.....who are you and what did you do with Ikari?

[05:33] <@Ikari Shinji> How witty of you, Furu.

[05:34] <@Ikari Shinji> Just because I tend to act perverted at times and joke around doesn't mean I'm a fool.

[05:34] <@Ikari Shinji> We all wear masks, my friend.

[05:34] * Furu nods. Knows exactly what you mean...

[05:40] * Furu sighs

[05:40] <@Ikari Shinji> You ok?

[05:42] <Furu> Yeah, I'm fine.

[05:42] <@Ikari Shinji> If you're sure.

[05:44] <Furu> ^_^ I'm positive, damnit

[05:44] *** Michael D has joined #suburbansenshi2
[05:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Michael D

[05:44] <Michael D> w00t

[05:47] * Michael D starts commanding the legions a trained robot monkeys to start moving in the furniture

[05:47] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, SG.

[05:47] <Furu> Yo Mike

[05:47] <Furu> MONKEYS!!

[05:48] <@Ikari Shinji> I take it that you got the e-mail? :)

[05:48] <Michael D> hey guys, It's nice to be home. ^^ V

[05:48] <Michael D> yeap. ^_^ Twice!

[05:49] <@Ikari Shinji> You get the decoder ring!

[05:49] <Michael D> I take it this is the meeting place? I've got some robes but couldn't find a lamb

[05:49] * Furu didn't <_<

[05:49] * Michael D w00t's in victory

[05:49] <@Ikari Shinji> You forgot the lamb? Well, it's forgivable.

[05:50] * @Ikari Shinji gives Michael the decoder ring

[05:50] <Michael D> There robo monkeys kept eating it

[05:50] * @Ikari Shinji notes that Furu already has the ring

[05:50] * Michael D takes it and holds it up in triumph

[05:50] <Furu> "Give me your hand!" "GIVE ME THE RING!"

[05:51] <@Ikari Shinji> When have I heard that before...

[05:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Or something of that nature...

[05:51] <Furu> :P

[05:51] * @Ikari Shinji looks at Furu for some reason

[05:51] <-Robo Gollum> MY PRECIOUS!!!!!

[05:52] * Michael D kicks Robo G. "I told you to move the sofa, not covet rings!"

[05:53] <Furu> Isn't that a sin or something? Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor's Ring

[05:53] <@Ikari Shinji> It should be.

[05:54] <Michael D> probaly, or wife, or goods, something like that.

[05:54] <Furu> teh goods

[05:55] <Michael D> and Bah to the both of you, I order a HK Set of Witch Hunter Robin. :P *is reading the backlogs*

[05:55] <Furu> Sorry, sorry. Nothin' in that show's grabbed me yet.

[05:56] <Furu> Needs more mecha/fireworks/alchemists/Saiya-jins/fanservice

[05:56] <Furu> or one of those anyway

[05:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Gotta love mecha.

[05:58] * -The Robo Moneky 's celebrate Mecha!

[05:58] <Furu> SILENCE!

[05:58] <Michael D> Back to work! ><

[05:59] * -The Robo Monkey 's grumble and start bringing in das ubercouch

[05:59] <Michael D> better

[05:59] <Furu> ...Did that ever get repaired after H-chan blew off one of the arms the other night?

[05:59] <@Ikari Shinji> I hope so.

[05:59] <@Ikari Shinji> And yet again with the honorific.

[06:00] <Furu> What ABOUT it? I happen to like it.

[06:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Some might think you mean something else with it.

[06:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Especially since she's now lots older.

[06:02] <Furu> Eh, let them think what they will. I'm not gonna stop now just because she'

[06:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Interesting description.

[06:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Still, just be careful.

[06:03] * Michael D is fixing tux's picture

[06:04] * Furu will, Furu will

[06:05] <Michael D> Furu better not nosebleed. ^_~

[06:06] <Furu> ......

[06:07] <Michael D> I don''t wanna see a war between her and Star, thats all.

[06:07] <Furu> Understandable....but Star-chan seems to be forgiving if that's all I do ^_^;

[06:08] <@Ikari Shinji> I just want Furu to be safe.

[06:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Just think about this for a moment...

[06:09] <@Ikari Shinji> This is a girl who grew up on the birthplace of the Sith.

[06:09] <@Ikari Shinji> She was alone except for Sith spirits and the occasional visitor.

[06:09] <@Ikari Shinji> SJ found her and took her here.

[06:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Prior to this, she didn't have a regular childhood at all.

[06:10] <@Ikari Shinji> She came here and has been living in a box in the basement.

[06:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Living with Jedite.

[06:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Training to become stronger.

[06:10] <Michael D> ouchies, and she might be the offspring for jedite and haruka to boot

[06:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Still not entire a normal situation but what is there to expect around here.

[06:11] <@Ikari Shinji> She's powerful.

[06:11] <@Ikari Shinji> Now she's had some sort of a magical growth and now a teenager.

[06:11] <Furu> Yeah, she beat me...but she healed me after that.

[06:11] <@Ikari Shinji> Puberty, people.

[06:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Not to mention the fact that she'll be dealing with new emotions never felt before.

[06:12] <@Ikari Shinji> She might likely be emotionally unstable.

[06:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Emotionally unstable with that sort of power?

[06:12] <Michael D> oh god, she's going to have her way with our Furu!!! *gasp*

[06:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Not a good combination.

[06:12] <Furu> Heh. What teenager doesn't?...

[06:13] <Furu> >_< Don't go jumping to conclusions, Mike

[06:13] <@Ikari Shinji> There are some teenagers that have gained that power but were trained to use it wisely.

[06:13] <@Ikari Shinji> However they lived their natural childhood and naturally became teenagers.

[06:13] <@Ikari Shinji> This girl has not.

[06:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Like I said, Furu, be careful.

[06:15] * Furu waves it off. "Yeah, yeah, I will."

[06:15] <Furu> I just wanna beat her, not date her.

[06:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh.

[06:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Headstrong.

[06:17] * Furu tries :P

[06:17] <@Ikari Shinji> :P

[06:18] * Furu wonders how the monkies are doing

[06:19] * Michael D is down fixing the pic

[06:19] <Michael D> *done ><

[06:19] <Michael D> -->

[06:20] * Michael D is part of the description of the cape, so he fixed it

[06:20] <Furu> The colors, man, the colors...

[06:21] * Furu is all dizzy

[06:23] * Michael D tosses Furu a Starcat plushie

[06:24] * Furu hugs it

[06:24] * -The Robo Monkey's as acting like there hero Phonic's monkey......and are...."peeling there banana's" in the corner.....

[06:24] <Michael D> blast it!!!!!!! ><

[06:26] <Furu> GAH!!

[06:27] * Michael D intialises there internal implosive self destruct programs

[06:27] * -The Robo Monkey's twitching imploding into nothingness

[06:28] <Michael D> back to the drawing board, atleast they finsihed moving everything in...

[06:29] <Furu> ^_^;

[06:30] <Michael D> bah, I gotta head off to work. See you guys later.

[06:30] *** Michael D has left #suburbansenshi2 (

[06:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, SG.

[06:32] <Furu> See ya

[06:34] * Furu does a little jig

[06:39] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[06:41] <Furu> doodooodoodoooo

[06:44] <Furu> Everybody!

[06:46] <Furu> Words fail me. -->

[06:50] <@Ikari Shinji> A link Furu showed me earlier. -->

[06:52] <Furu> Oh snap. It's a banner.

[06:57] <Furu> O-o

[07:01] * Furu killed the conversation again

[07:04] <@Ikari Shinji> heh.

[07:05] <Furu> I'm the master

[07:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Only the master of evil, Darth.

[07:19] <Furu> OH MAN. You know what? For the splash image, Dr. X could of made it say "This is the WAY TO [Whatever]"

[07:19] <@Ikari Shinji> This is the WAY TO OA.

[07:20] <@Ikari Shinji> [small text] Only members of the Green Lantern Corps can go through.

[07:23] <Furu> LOL

[07:23] <Furu> Meh, no one wants to go there anyway

[07:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. You'd be suprised by the amount of those who want to go there.

[07:32] <Furu> I doubt it :P

[07:32] <Furu> Except to settle a bet: If they live in giant mushrooms or not

[07:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Don't underestimate the Corp's popularity... or the outright hatred it's gained through actions taken.

[07:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[07:33] <Furu> Heh

[07:37] <Furu> ...He sure do Heh a lot

[07:38] <Furu> We^

[07:41] * Furu notes that first sentence just looks like a really bad typo

[07:43] <Furu> Er...grammar^

[07:43] <Furu> Damnit XD.

[07:43] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah, I've noticed. :) And I don't mean the typo either.

[07:46] * Furu ish teh Typoo Kign

[07:47] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[07:47] * @Ikari Shinji gives Furu the crown

[07:49] * Furu putz eet om

[07:52] <Furu> ^_^ v victoly

[07:53] <@Ikari Shinji> I could've been a contender.

[07:56] <Furu> Instead of a BUM

[07:56] * @Ikari Shinji shakes his fist at Furu

[08:00] <Furu> :P

[08:00] <@Ikari Shinji> :P

[08:00] * Furu hopes more people read their e-mail than he does

[08:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Especially when it was quite the entertaining e-mail at that.

[08:04] <Furu> Indeed. Props for that.

[08:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks.

[08:08] * Furu hopes someone brings the goat

[08:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Someone damn better.

[08:10] * @Ikari Shinji changes topic to `Someone better have the goat, damnit!`

[08:12] <Furu> XD

[08:12] <Furu> Whoo~

[08:14] <Furu> Yay ritual sacrifice!

[08:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay!

[08:16] * Furu passes out the knives

[08:17] * @Ikari Shinji grabs the knife and puts it away

[08:17] <Furu> T_T

[08:19] * @Ikari Shinji pats Furu on the back

[08:20] * Furu runs away crying

[08:21] <@Ikari Shinji> So emotional.

[08:24] * Furu is full of AAAANGST!!!!!!!!1111oneoneichione

[08:24] * @Ikari Shinji "corrects" Furu

[08:26] * Furu is suddenly angstless

[08:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Damn right.

[08:29] * Furu pilots the Gundam!!!

[08:29] * @Ikari Shinji focuses his attention back on the Zion forces that attack the White Base

[08:33] * Furu owns teh Zakus

[08:35] * @Ikari Shinji notes that the Red Comet has been spotted

[08:35] * Furu gets the f[BLEEP]k out

[08:36] * @Ikari Shinji doesn't know whether to be proud or sadden by such a thing

[08:40] <Furu> Flip a coin.

[08:41] * @Ikari Shinji flips a coin and catches it mid-air

[08:41] * @Ikari Shinji opens up his hand...

[08:41] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm proud.

[08:43] <Furu> Yay

[08:49] * Furu is glad that Ikari is full of pride

[08:50] * @Ikari Shinji is glad to be proud of Furu

[08:51] <Furu> ^__^

[08:51] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[08:51] <Furu> Heh. Now it's gettingg weird

[08:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh.

[08:56] <Furu> Well, not as weird as slash night

[08:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Slash Night was funny.

[09:00] <Furu> For YOU, maybe. :P

[09:00] <@Ikari Shinji> :P

[09:02] <Furu> Some of us got paired with near-relatives

[09:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Emphasis on "near."

[09:03] <Furu> And small children!

[09:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Because you're not really related to her at all.

[09:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Uncle in spirit, not in blood.

[09:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Now that child is a teenager.

[09:04] <Furu> Close enough. ¬_¬

[09:07] <Furu> your point?!

[09:07] <@Ikari Shinji> My point was... it wasn't as bad as it seems in one regard.

[09:08] <Furu> Tch. "In one regard".

[09:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Of course, it was sick to be paired with a child.

[09:09] <@Ikari Shinji> At least now she's no longer one.

[09:12] <Furu> Point.

[09:14] * Furu still hates you though :P :P :P

[09:15] <@Ikari Shinji> I love you two, ChibiShinji.

[09:15] <Furu> Hee

[09:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[09:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Also I love you TOO.

[09:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Hypaatimeu.

[09:20] <Furu> XD For a seocnd there, I wondered if I had split in half or something

[09:20] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[09:25] <Furu> LOL. I've been cloned, Rei style.

[09:25] <@Ikari Shinji> A clone, eh?

[09:25] * Furu opens his mouth again, thinks of something and closes it.

[09:25] <Furu> .....

[09:27] <Furu> ...Thought we agreed you weren't gonna bring that up

[09:29] <@Ikari Shinji> ...sorry.

[09:29] <Furu> It's okay, it's okay. My fault anyway.

[09:29] <@Ikari Shinji> I'll try my best not to let that happen again.

[09:31] * Furu nods and decides to change the subject

[09:31] <Furu> Boy, hope someone shows up soon

[09:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah.

[09:33] * Furu is away: technical problems

[09:42] * Furu returns!!

[09:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Welcome back.

[09:46] <Furu> Thank you, sir

[09:46] <@Ikari Shinji> You're welcome.

[09:47] * Furu salutes

[09:47] * @Ikari Shinji salutes back

[09:48] * Furu then gives the one-finger salute

[09:48] * @Ikari Shinji gives two one-finger salutes to Furu

[09:49] <Furu> The ol' Double Deuce!

[09:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Weapon X style.

[09:54] <Furu> lol

[09:57] * Furu does the claw sound effect

[09:58] * @Ikari Shinji does some beserk rage motions

[10:03] * Furu plays Wolvie in Marvel Vs. Capcom

[10:04] * @Ikari Shinji could kick Wolverine's ass anyday

[10:06] <Furu> Well, YEAH. :P

[10:08] <@Ikari Shinji> :P

[10:10] <Furu> That's like saying I could take Mr. Satan. Everyone knows it.

[10:15] <@Ikari Shinji> HAH.

[10:16] <Furu> Common knowledge, almost

[10:21] <Furu> :P I'd ike to think so

[10:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh. :P

[10:27] * Furu notes he lacks the MAD MERCHANDIZE though

[10:31] * @Ikari Shinji has the MAD MERCHANDIZE

[10:32] *** Kakyuu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:32] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kakyuu

[10:33] <Furu> Yo Kakyuu

[10:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Kakyuu.

[10:33] <Furu> You are person number 5 to enter the new chatbox!

[10:33] * Furu is 1 :P :P :P

[10:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, I was the first.

[10:33] <@Ikari Shinji> I posted prior to him resetting the log.

[10:34] <Kakyuu> My curren/newest costume -->

[10:34] <Kakyuu> ^current

[10:34] <@Ikari Shinji> Interesting costume.

[10:34] <Kakyuu> An I nosebleed worthy yet?

[10:36] * Furu nosebleeds in response

[10:37] <@Ikari Shinji> I guess that's a yes.

[10:37] * Kakyuu grins "YAY! Now to check on Wolfwood."

[10:38] <Furu> -_-;

[10:38] * Kakyuu is away: Wolfwood needs another rifle.... A RUSSIAN DRAUGUNOV LIKE MINE!

[10:40] <Wolfwood> someone needs to answer some f[BLEEP]king questions for me

[10:41] <Wolfwood> ...because I is a very confused Wolfwood

[10:42] <Furu> Eh?

[10:43] <Furu> Question away, Wolf-san

[10:43] * Kakyuu has returned

[10:43] <Wolfwood> am I to understand that this is the perminent home of Suburban Senshi or is this temporary only?

[10:44] <Kakyuu> I was wondering the same thing....

[10:45] <Furu> Yup. This is the new place

[10:45] <@Ikari Shinji> If everything goes great, it should be the perminate home of Suburban Slash... err... Senshi!

[10:45] <Furu> It'll be redesigned anyway

[10:45] <Wolfwood> what happened to Genvid?

[10:45] <Furu> LOL

[10:46] <Wolfwood> aaside from the bandwith thing

[10:45] <@Ikari Shinji> I also totally misspelled perminent! Hypaatimeu!

[10:46] <@Ikari Shinji> It seems that Xadium decided to finally leave Genvid so he took his things and just walked out on them!

[10:46] <Wolfwood> ah

[10:46] <Furu> No, no it's not like that.

[10:47] <Furu> It's a mutal agreement thiung.

[10:47] <@Ikari Shinji> He also now has a magical bean plant that tells the future!

[10:47] <Wolfwood> I was worried that he would'nt be able to fund the site and he might have to shut it down

[10:47] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, you're totally ruining my thing!

[10:47] <Kakyuu> Well, tell us then Furu.

[10:47] <@Ikari Shinji> With the magical bean plant, he would've been wanting to ask the plant for the future!

[10:47] <Furu> Bleh. I'll let Dr. X explain later

[10:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Seriously.

[10:48] <Kakyuu> Meh.. My computer lags..... f[BLEEP]kING AO HELL!

[10:48] <@Ikari Shinji> The minute details don't really matter.

[10:48] * @Dr_Xadium is here

[10:48] <@Ikari Shinji> This is Suburban Senshi's home as of now unless something happens.

[10:48] <Kakyuu> Hi Xadium!

[10:48] * Wolfwood is a very worried Wolfwood

[10:48] * @Dr_Xadium will explain in one sec.

[10:49] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, tell them about the magical bean plant that tells the future!

[10:49] <Kakyuu> My current outfit -->

[10:49] <@Ikari Shinji> ...and you better have a damn goat!

[10:49] <Furu> And the part with the peas and the car chase!

[10:49] <Wolfwood> WHEN THE HELL DID WE HAVE A GOAT?!

[10:49] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes, kiddies, Furu and I haven't been to bed yet.

[10:49] * Kakyuu hands Ikari a goat

[10:50] <@Ikari Shinji> Read your e-mail!

[10:50] <@Ikari Shinji> You'll find out!

[10:50] <@Dr_Xadium> Wolf, the sub senshi chatbox blew genvid out of the water, I had to get my own server.

[10:50] <Wolfwood> ah

[10:50] * Kakyuu handed Ikari a MUMMIFIED GOAT

[10:50] * @Ikari Shinji takes the goat from Kakyuu and celebrates

[10:50] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[10:50] <@Dr_Xadium> I plan to make fanarts at 10 bucks a pop to cover server costs.

[10:50] <Wolfwood> I presume you have plenty of funding for this?

[10:50] <@Ikari Shinji> We needed a live one.

[10:50] <Wolfwood> ...

[10:50] * Furu has 10 bucks right here in his pocket

[10:51] <@Dr_Xadium> I have enough for the month, plus I am owed some cash so I may be able to fund it for a bit more.

[10:51] * @Ikari Shinji hands the goat to Xadium

[10:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Happy New Years.

[10:51] * Kakyuu hands Ikari a goat that was wrapped in linen bandages

[10:51] <@Dr_Xadium> But after that It will have to be donations + the sweat of my brow.

[10:51] * Wolfwood will be sending Xadium $50 via paypal very soon in order to help

[10:51] <Kakyuu> Live mummified goat.

[10:51] * @Dr_Xadium frees the goat... thing.

[10:51] <@Ikari Shinji> ...wait, that goat was alive?!

[10:51] <@Dr_Xadium> Dude...!

[10:52] * @Ikari Shinji TAKES the goat from Xadium

[10:52] <Wolfwood> this site...CANNOT die, I will not allow it

[10:52] * @Dr_Xadium will make you an f'ing monument on the site if you did that.

[10:52] * Kakyuu starts laughing at Ikari's stupidity

[10:52] <@Dr_Xadium> That would cover me for a good many months.

[10:52] <Furu> O_O that is so cool, Wolfman

[10:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Don't call me stupid, Kakyuu. You're the one to blame. Leaving out details like that.

[10:53] * Kakyuu notes that she is also a goddess of WARFARE

[10:53] <@Dr_Xadium> Which reminds me, I have to make FTP accounts for all the hosted folk, Wolf needs one too.

[10:53] * Kakyuu is now known as Neith

[10:53] <Wolfwood> hey, you guys have put up with my f[BLEEP]king wacked out gunplay s[BLEEP]t for so's the least I can do

[10:54] <@Dr_Xadium> That's just class.

[10:54] * @Dr_Xadium genuflects

[10:55] <Neith> Hey Wolf, EVERYONE got a Warthog from me for Christmas except I left a rocket launcher in yours with chaingun and rocketlauncher ammo in it.....

[10:55] <@Dr_Xadium> I'm gonna redesign the site, a lot of stuff still points to genvid.

[10:55] <@Dr_Xadium> So for the next few days stuff's going to be all broken and messed up.

[10:55] <Furu> Huzzah!

[10:55] <Furu> I mean..non-huzzah.

[10:55] <Neith> Xadium, need the link to that pic you said you were going to do a Minako hack of?

[10:56] <@Dr_Xadium> Nah I saved it ^_~

[10:56] <Neith> Okay, I'll show Wolf then

[10:56] <Neith> The pic that will be hacked -->

[10:57] <@Dr_Xadium> Sakura's new look -->

[10:57] <Wolfwood> niiiiiiiiiice

[10:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Gotta love a katana.

[10:58] * Furu notes to Dr. X that Ikari mas e-mailed everyone the new address

[10:59] <@Dr_Xadium> Thanks Shinji.

[10:59] <Wolfwood> tell you what Xadium, I dont need some monument....all you gotta do is write a little bit for the After Senshi fic i'm working on (when you have time) don't have to, i'm sending you the money itherway

[10:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Eh, no problem.

[10:59] <@Dr_Xadium> Today I have visitors coming over >< so I can't work on the site but I will try.

[10:59] <Neith> Minako hack? -->

[11:00] <@Dr_Xadium> Neith: Meh, doesn't have her "look"

[11:00] <@Dr_Xadium> Wolf: Sure I'll write some for you.

[11:00] * Wolfwood has a mile wide grin

[11:01] <Neith> Minako hack? -->

[11:01] <Wolfwood> well i'm out...stay cool guys

[11:01] <@Ikari Shinji> See ya, Wolf.

[11:02] <Furu> Adios Wolf

[11:02] <Neith> LAter wolf.

[11:02] <@Dr_Xadium> Bye Wolf

[11:02] <Wolfwood> bye...and thanks Xadium

[11:02] <@Dr_Xadium> Neith: I thought of Mina / Tifa before... I dunno, with me it's like there are just some pics that "work" and some that don't.

[11:02] *** Wolfwood has left #suburbansenshi2 (lunch, clean my room and download Puffy Ami Yumi songs..)

[11:03] <@Dr_Xadium> Wolf: Thank YOU man.

[11:03] <Furu> Tifa might have a little too much talent to be mina-oneechan

[11:04] * @Dr_Xadium refuses to confirm or deny that furu

[11:04] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, Tifa, what large... personality you have.

[11:04] <Furu> Denial can still be a confirmation, Doc.

[11:05] <@Dr_Xadium> Which is why I refuse to do either.

[11:05] * @Ikari Shinji is listening to: Ash - Clones.mp3

[11:06] * @Ikari Shinji points his finger at Xadium

[11:06] <Furu> Heheh

[11:06] <@Ikari Shinji> Did you bring your white robes?

[11:08] * @Dr_Xadium only wears the colors of arcal academy

[11:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh.

[11:08] * Furu doesn't own any white clothes

[11:09] * Furu is currently pondering how to get into Hell

[11:09] <@Ikari Shinji> You passed out the knives, Furu. That was enough.

[11:09] <@Ikari Shinji> I can send you to hell if needed.

[11:10] <Furu> AND GET BACK SAFELY <<

[11:10] <@Ikari Shinji> You would!

[11:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Trust me!

[11:10] * Furu has to see a man about some cybernetics

[11:10] <Furu> HA

[11:11] <@Ikari Shinji> Man, your lack of trust in people is sad to see.

[11:11] * @spiritflame tells furu where the secret backdoor to Enma's desk drawer is.

[11:11] <@Ikari Shinji> It isn't like I've ever done anything to you.

[11:11] * @spiritflame notes Piccolo could have used that to get out of hell in GT.

[11:12] <Furu> Oooooooo...thanks,

[11:13] <Furu> He would of, if it hadn't of been covered up by that damn plot hole

[11:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Plot holes, how I hate thee.

[11:13] <@spiritflame> ?

[11:14] <@spiritflame> ahh

[11:14] * @spiritflame has to go, reworking all of suburban senshi will be... aggravating.

[11:14] * Furu was jokin' on GT's crappy continuity

[11:14] <Furu> Heheh. See ya.

[11:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Good luck!

[11:15] * Furu crosses fingers

[11:17] * Furu now just has to figure out a way to get to the Afterlife without dying

[11:21] * Neith appears throwing a ball of mud in Ikari's face "Hehehehehehehehehehe!"

[11:22] <Furu> Ha!

[11:23] * Furu points, laughs

[11:23] * @Ikari Shinji uses the power of his ring to no-sell

[11:24] <@Ikari Shinji> I do not like mud on my face. I do not like green eggs and ham. Sam I am.

[11:24] <Furu> Poo on you, Ikari

[11:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Shouldn't you be preparing for your trip to hell, Furu?

[11:26] <Neith> WHAT?! Furu, what's he talking about?!

[11:27] <Furu> <_<; Nothing. Just going to go talk to a mad Hell

[11:33] <Furu> The usual.

[11:33] <Neith> ...............I'll accompany you

[11:34] <Furu> Eh? Sorry...but it's a little too personal

[11:34] * @Ikari Shinji digs around his pockets for a moment and finds something

[11:34] <Furu> This is really somethin' I want to do in private.

[11:35] * @Ikari Shinji removes his right hand from his pocket and tosses something to Furu

[11:36] * Furu catches it

[11:36] <@Ikari Shinji> Green Lantern Corps model power ring.

[11:36] <-YingGirl> .....

[11:36] <@Ikari Shinji> You know how to use it.

[11:36] <-YingGirl> I AM GONNA KILL YAHOO!

[11:37] <Furu> Thanks, man.

[11:37] <@Ikari Shinji> You're welcome. Just make sure to return in one piece.

[11:38] * -YingGirl twitches. Wants to mauln the f[BLEEP]ker who f[BLEEP]ked up her yahoo account!

[11:38] <Furu> Not making any promises :P

[11:39] <-YingGirl> how goes your fricken day?

[11:39] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[11:40] * Furu waves to everyone

[11:40] <Furu> Well, I'm off. Everyone wish me luck.

[11:40] <-YingGirl> ................look, yahoo never rarely f[BLEEP]ks on me and apparently, they have disabled my account for no damn reason!

[11:41] <@Ikari Shinji> Good luck, Furu.

[11:41] <@Ikari Shinji> I should be heading off as well.

[11:41] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (To Hell with me! :P)

[11:41] <-YingGirl> and i dun like the fricken msn messager

[11:42] <-YingGirl> .....F-U-C-K.

[11:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, folks.

[11:43] *** @Ikari Shinji has left #suburbansenshi2 (Tired.)

[11:45] <-YingGirl> DAMNETH TO HELL

[11:46] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (Hackers who hacked into Yahoo WILL FEEL MY WRATH!!!!)

[12:08] * Neith appears NOOOO!

[12:10] <Neith> ^"NOOOOO!"

[12:10] <Neith> DAMN MY COMPUTER!

[12:11] *** Neith has left #suburbansenshi2 (f[BLEEP]king computer)

[12:37] * Sailor Quinox wakes up

[12:37] <Sailor Quinox> huh?

[12:38] * Sailor Quinox looks around

[12:38] <Sailor Quinox> how long have I been asleep?

[12:41] * Sailor Quinox lays on the sofa

[12:48] *** Furu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:48] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Furu

[12:48] <Furu> .....That>_<...

[12:49] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Furu.........*her eye-makeup has run with her tears*

[12:49] <Furu> Hey, Q-san...

[12:49] * Furu is just back briefly

[12:50] <Sailor Quinox> how long have I been asleep?

[12:50] <Furu> ...I'd say about a day...

[12:51] <Sailor Quinox> oh....

[12:51] <Furu> Feeling any better after your rest?

[12:52] <Sailor Quinox> kinda.....

[12:53] <Furu> That's good...

[12:53] <Sailor Quinox> how's everyone been?

[12:54] * -YingGirl twitches at

[12:55] <Furu> Haven't seen a whole lot of everyone today, but those I've seen have been good

[12:55] <-YingGirl> THOSE ba[BLEEP]rd f[BLEEP]kED UP MY ACCOUNT!!! Not to mention, MSN Messager IS NOT HELPING

[12:56] <Sailor Quinox> sorry, ying....

[12:56] <Furu> Ying-san, Yahoo isn't the best. You should really look into changing.

[12:56] <-YingGirl> ....What did you say?

[12:56] * Sailor Quinox doesn't feel very genki....

[12:56] * -YingGirl twitches, bearing her fangs at Furu

[12:57] <Furu>'t say anything! Nothing at all!! ^_^;;

[12:58] * Furu laughs nervously

[12:58] <Sailor Quinox> stop it, you two....

[12:58] * Sailor Quinox sighs

[12:59] <-YingGirl> i have my account for 5-6 years and it never f[BLEEP]ked on me. Till now...

[12:59] <Furu> Sorry, Q-san

[12:59] <-YingGirl> Not to mention the new cd I bough was CONSTANTLY SKIPPING

[13:00] <Sailor Quinox> ..........

[13:00] <-YingGirl> i hope my sister replaces it with another same cd....and not one with U2

[13:01] * Sailor Quinox goes to get a drink

[13:02] <-YingGirl> so yeah, i'm in a pissy mood right now....

[13:03] <Furu> Understandable

[13:04] * Sailor Quinox comes back with a ginger ale...and sips it

[13:04] * Furu looks down at the papers in his hands, and laughs a little.

[13:04] <-YingGirl> and those ba[BLEEP]rds jacked up the price on english manga.... they now cost 20$ each...forthe ones that cost 9.99$ in the US

[13:06] * Furu hugs the papers to his chest and laughs more, almost giggling

[13:06] <-YingGirl> ......

[13:07] <Sailor Quinox> what's funny?

[13:08] <Furu> Nothin', nothin', nothin' ^___^

[13:08] * Furu calms down a little

[13:08] <Sailor Quinox> ....the funral is on friday....

[13:09] * -YingGirl does not like MSN messager

[13:10] <Furu> Good luck with that, Q-san..

[13:11] * Sailor Quinox nods

[13:11] <Furu> Just remember: A funeral is not for weeping over death, but celebrating a person's life.

[13:12] <-YingGirl> and i dunno why my sister changes the wallpaper for.... IT'S MT DAMN COMPUTER!

[13:12] <-YingGirl> my^

[13:14] <Sailor Quinox> anyone seen Neph lately?

[13:15] <Furu> Sadly, no..

[13:15] <-YingGirl> ......not me, yahoo disabled my account for no DAMN f[BLEEP]kEN REASON

[13:19] * Furu thumbs through the papers again.

[13:20] <Furu> ..I think I'm gonna go, guys. I have someone...

[13:20] * Furu walks over to Q-san and puts his hand on her shoulder. "I know you'll be okay, but nonetheless, good luck."

[13:21] * Furu gives Ying-san a thumbs up. "I'm sure with work itself out too...eventually."

[13:21] <Sailor Quinox> thank, Furu-chan..

[13:22] <Furu> Don't mention it. I like to help in anyway I can.

[13:23] * Sailor Quinox gives Furu a little kiss on his cheek

[13:24] * Sailor Quinox is away: have to think

[13:24] <Furu> Heheh ^_^

[13:24] * Furu scratches the back of his head and looks down at the papers one last time.

[13:24] <Furu> Off I go!

[13:24] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (Haha! i'll never lose again!!)

[13:26] * -YingGirl is away: gaming

[13:31] * Sailor Quinox is back

[13:32] * Sailor Quinox is dressed in a nice plain green dress

[13:33] * Furu barges back into the house

[13:33] <Furu> Damnit, what did I do with it?!

[13:33] <Furu> ...Ah, there it is.

[13:33] * Furu picks up one of the papers off the floor

[13:34] <Furu> Whew. Scared me for a sec.

[13:34] * Sailor Quinox rushes to Furu and hugs him, crying

[13:34] <Furu> h-huh?

[13:35] * Furu stumbles back a little in surprise

[13:35] * Sailor Quinox cries into furu's chest

[13:36] * Furu hugs Q-san "It'll be okay..."

[13:37] * Sailor Quinox keeps holding Furu

[13:39] * Sailor Quinox sniffles "I...I'm sorry"

[13:39] * Furu holds on to Q-san, feeling bad for having left

[13:40] <Furu> No..don't be. It's okay.

[13:40] * Sailor Quinox smiles and hugs Furu "thanks.."

[13:41] <Furu> No problem. Like I said, anything to help.

[13:41] * Furu smiles back

[13:43] * Sailor Quinox suddenly blushes and steps back "sorry"

[13:44] <Furu> Naah, 's allright. I understand.

[13:44] * Furu is desperately trying to keep from blushing himself

[13:45] <Sailor Quinox> no...I mean starcat....I don't want it to be misunderstood..

[13:45] <Furu> It won't be. I'll discuss it with her if I need to.

[13:47] * Sailor Quinox nods and sits down "is my makeup runnning again?"

[13:47] <Furu> Yeah, just a lil'.

[13:48] * Sailor Quinox fixes her makeup

[13:49] <Furu> Did that help any?

[13:49] <Sailor Quinox> yeah......I'm feeling better

[13:51] <Furu> That's good to hear ^_^

[13:52] * Sailor Quinox ushers Furu closer...

[13:53] * Furu goes over to Q-san

[13:53] * Sailor Quinox grabs Furu by the pants

[13:54] <Furu> G-Gah?!

[13:55] * Sailor Quinox pours an entire bottle of ginger ale down his underwear, giggling

[13:56] <Furu> >_<

[13:56] <Furu> w-what was that for?

[13:56] * Sailor Quinox hugs Furu and gives him a friendly kiss "thank, furu-chan"

[13:57] <Furu> No need for thanks...just doing what I felt was right.

[13:57] <Furu> ^_^; (mumbles) and now I have wet undies..

[13:57] <Sailor Quinox> I can hear you, furu....

[13:58] <Furu> Ahahahaha! Oh. <_<

[13:59] <Sailor Quinox> I can also somewhat read your mind.....

[13:59] <Furu> Hm?

[13:59] <Sailor Quinox> have such a dirty mind......*giggles*

[14:01] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[14:01] * Furu turns totally red

[14:01] <Furu> I have n-n-n-no idea what you're talking about

[14:02] <Sailor Quinox> do you explain....

[14:03] * Sailor Quinox whispers into Furu's ear

[14:03] * Furu turns even redder

[14:03] <Furu> saw that....

[14:04] <Sailor Quinox> or that idea of starcat....*whispers again into furu's ear*

[14:05] * Furu starts nosebleeding

[14:05] <Furu> t-t-t-t--t-t-t-t-t-that's out of context!!!!

[14:06] <Sailor Quinox> are you sure ^_~

[14:06] * Furu scoots away

[14:07] <Sailor Quinox> what?

[14:07] <Sailor Quinox> how about I tell Starcat?

[14:07] <Furu> I s-still gotta deliever those you mind if I leave?

[14:08] <Furu> No! o_o; That's okay!

[14:08] <Sailor Quinox> was nice to see you, furu-chan...

[14:09] <Furu> Very nice to see you, too.

[14:09] * Furu gives Q-san a goodbye hug.

[14:10] <Furu> A-and please don't mention those to anyone, okay? ^_^;;

[14:10] * Sailor Quinox hugs back

[14:10] <Sailor Quinox> nah...I won't...

[14:11] <Furu> Okay...See you later!

[14:11] <Sailor Quinox> seeya!

[14:11] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (Gotta run these papers back to Hell! ^_^;)

[14:13] * Sailor Quinox sits on the sofa

[14:41] <Sailor Quinox> quiet

[15:10] * Sailor Quinox sips her ginger ale

[15:33] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:33] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[15:34] <Shaldra Darkness> Yay, we're back. ^_^

[15:34] <Shaldra Darkness> And I think I'm alone...

[15:36] * Sailor Quinox tackle-hugs Shaldra

[15:36] * Shaldra Darkness is tackle-hugged!

[15:37] <Shaldra Darkness> Guess I'm not alone!

[15:37] <Sailor Quinox> hi, Shaldra ^_^

[15:37] <Shaldra Darkness> Good to be back, ain't it?

[15:39] * Sailor Quinox nods

[15:39] * Shaldra Darkness sits down on the Ubercouch. ^_^

[15:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Yay. ^_^

[15:41] <Sailor Quinox> do....did I tell you the sad news that happened to me?

[15:42] <Shaldra Darkness> The death? Ya, I feel sorry for you.

[15:42] * Shaldra Darkness read the logs before the sudden chat-stop.

[15:44] <Sailor Quinox> are you, shaldra-chan?

[15:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Not to bad. I've bored myself stupid by drawing. ><

[15:45] <Shaldra Darkness> But I did make a rather comical pic.

[15:45] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^

[15:47] <Shaldra Darkness> This is how much I would act as a senshi --> [BLEEP]kYou-large.jpg" TARGET=NEW style="font-size:11px;">[BLEEP]kYou-large.jpg

[15:47] <Sailor Quinox> ^_^

[15:47] <Shaldra Darkness> Cursed thing. ><

[15:47] <Shaldra Darkness> -->

[15:47] <Shaldra Darkness> Go through there. ^_^

[15:48] <Sailor Quinox> LOL

[15:48] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^

[15:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Sketchy, but good. ^_^

[15:50] <Sailor Quinox> I should ask you to do a pic of me....I like to see different drawings of me done by different artists

[15:50] <Sailor Quinox> ((thinking of putting up a gallery someday))

[15:50] <Shaldra Darkness> I could probably wip something up.

[15:53] * Shaldra Darkness is happy she got art supplies for chirstmas.

[15:53] * Sailor Quinox puts a silly hat on Shaldra's head

[15:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Somehow, I missed this. ^_^

[15:55] <Sailor Quinox> what? ^^

[15:55] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^ Do you mind if I take the hat off?

[15:56] * -YingGirl hisses at the MSN messager

[15:56] * -YingGirl goes takes a seat in her corner again

[15:56] <Sailor Quinox> I don't mine ^_^

[15:56] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh, hey, Yingy. ^_^

[15:57] * Shaldra Darkness takes the hat off

[15:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Some hats don't work when you have cat ears. ^_^;;

[15:58] <-YingGirl> not only that my cd i bought did not work, but now the ba[BLEEP]rds at yahoo disable my account, plus the bandwidth issue pisses me off since I CAN NOT EDIT MY PAGES!!

[15:59] <Shaldra Darkness> Don't worry about it. Concider it a vacation from Genvid. ^_^

[15:59] <-YingGirl> .......................................

[15:59] * Sailor Quinox sips some ginger ale/lemonaide

[15:59] <-YingGirl> ...but my email account is f[BLEEP]kITY

[16:00] <-YingGirl> so the new one is

[16:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Why not make a new one?

[16:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay. Just update it with everyone. That's what I did. ^_^

[16:01] <Sailor Quinox> send me an e-mail, Ying, so I can add it to my e-mail ^_^

[16:01] * -YingGirl will love a very good explaination about this....and dislikes the MSN messager

[16:02] <-YingGirl> ...............I dun know your email, it's was in my yahoo inbox....

[16:02] * Shaldra Darkness goes for a can of tuna.

[16:02] <Sailor Quinox>

[16:05] * Sailor Quinox sips her ginger ale

[16:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Back to the old routine. ^_^

[16:09] * -YingGirl was totally depressed yesterday....

[16:09] <-YingGirl> ...I couldn't even buy the DMC soundtrack for 30$

[16:10] <-YingGirl> ....Plus I wanted to get the Disney's Alice in Wonderland DVD, but....

[16:10] * Sailor Quinox puts a little catnip under shaldra's nose

[16:11] <Shaldra Darkness> So I'm not the only one with financial problems.

[16:11] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrrr... *^_^*

[16:11] * Shaldra Darkness is out of it. *^_^*

[16:11] <Sailor Quinox> nice kitty....

[16:11] <-YingGirl> ...That's the problem. I had the money to buy it right now, but I didn't

[16:11] * Sailor Quinox pets Shaldra

[16:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Purrrr-rawrrr... *^_^*

[16:12] <-YingGirl> And the reason I did not buy the Alice in Wonderland DVD was the fact it's too childish

[16:13] <-YingGirl> I've always wanted that and the Sleeping Beauty one, but you know....

[16:13] <Sailor Quinox> ahh..never liked that movie...

[16:13] * Sailor Quinox pulls out a rubber mouse.....

[16:14] <-YingGirl> IRL sister might come in my room complainng that I'm too much as a kid than I am an adult

[16:14] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrr..?

[16:14] <-YingGirl> ...and Dante might poke jokes

[16:15] * Shaldra Darkness bats at the mouse...

[16:15] <-YingGirl> Plus the fact I was walking around with a nice purse, and dressed like the Black Michlin Man.... no one ever saw me

[16:15] * Sailor Quinox throws the mouse across the sofa

[16:16] * Shaldra Darkness pounces after it!

[16:16] * -YingGirl stays in her corner, lowering her head........

[16:17] * Sailor Quinox hugs Shaldra

[16:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrrr! *^_^*

[16:17] * -YingGirl really would loved to get that DVD, but couldn't force herself to buy manga or drawing books

[16:18] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:18] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[16:18] * - a kawaii Dante Plushie falls into Vanessa's lap

[16:19] * Wolfwood is covered in sewage and smells...bad

[16:19] <Wolfwood> ugh....f[BLEEP]king pipes

[16:19] * -YingGirl lowers her ears, staying quiet in the corner

[16:20] * Shaldra Darkness covers her nose. Even being catnipped doesn't cover *that* smell.

[16:21] <Wolfwood> sorry, the pipes over at my old house cracked because of the cold and it's spewing sewage all over the street...i've been out there in it sence 2 o clock today trying to fix it

[16:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Mr-rawrr... ><

[16:21] * -YingGirl feels depressed again

[16:22] <Wolfwood> i'll just be in the shower then,,,

[16:22] * -YingGirl notes having FFX-2 on sale was not helping

[16:22] * Wolfwood takes off his shirt and heads to the bathroom

[16:23] * Shaldra Darkness starts batting the rubber mouse around. *^_^*

[16:24] * Wolfwood accidentally flings his clothes down Tomoe's garbage burner

[16:24] * Sailor Quinox wipes the drool off her mouth and puts anti-catnip on Shaldra's nose

[16:24] <Shaldra Darkness> ..... Huh?

[16:25] * Shaldra Darkness picks up the rubber mouse... and bats it across the room. XD

[16:25] <Shaldra Darkness> Ahhh... catnip. ^_^

[16:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Wait... why do I smell something burning?

[16:26] <Wolfwood> OH f[BLEEP]k!!!!!!

[16:26] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:26] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[16:26] <starcat> Nice. ^_^

[16:26] <-YingGirl> .......

[16:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Hi, starcat. ^_^

[16:27] * Wolfwood peaks out, very wet and non smelling clad in naught but a towel

[16:27] <Sailor Quinox> STARCAT!!!

[16:27] <starcat> Hi, Shaldra!

[16:27] * Sailor Quinox sees Wolf...and drools

[16:27] <Wolfwood> err...oops?

[16:28] * Shaldra Darkness sighs. ><

[16:28] * -YingGirl stays in her corner....staring at the floor painting

[16:28] <starcat> Q: Err, hi?

[16:28] <Shaldra Darkness> I gotta go. ><

[16:29] <starcat> Bye, shaldra. :(

[16:29] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (Bah, sisters ><)

[16:29] * Sailor Quinox keeps drooling

[16:29] * starcat will brb, resetting homepage to the new URL

[16:29] <Wolfwood> can someone fling me some pants or something?

[16:29] * starcat is away: huzzah for bandwidth!

[16:30] * Wolfwood is away: longer shower

[16:30] * Sailor Quinox keeps drooling, it dripping onto the carpet

[16:34] * -YingGirl is in her corner

[16:35] * -YingGirl doesn't notice the plushie as she watches the floor

[16:41] *** Michael D has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:41] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Michael D

[16:41] <Sailor Quinox> MIKE-SAN!!!!

[16:42] <Michael D> Hi Matsumi-chan, Hi Vanessa. ^_^

[16:42] * Sailor Quinox tackles Mike to the ground

[16:42] * Michael D is down!

[16:42] * Michael D chuckles "Glad to see i was missed"

[16:43] <Sailor Quinox> i've missed you so much!! ^_^

[16:43] * Michael D hugs Matsumi "I missed you too"

[16:43] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:43] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[16:44] <-YingGirl> .....

[16:44] <DvlmayCry> yo people....

[16:44] *** -aisasami has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:44] <@spiritflame> Irasshai -aisasami

[16:44] * DvlmayCry is groggy, those tranqs. are working there way out of his system

[16:45] <DvlmayCry> Hi Vanessa. It's been a while. :)*is able to produce a smile*

[16:45] * -YingGirl sighs....staring at the floor painting

[16:45] * DvlmayCry tiredly flops down next to her "How's it going"

[16:45] * Sailor Quinox kiss Mike over and over and over again

[16:46] * Michael D kissing Matsumi-chan back over and over again, and a few extra times

[16:46] * -YingGirl ooc: ponders if mike got the email of dante and leon pic

[16:47] * -aisasami looks at the room

[16:47] <Michael D> ooc: I did, The resemblance is uncanny, I sent a responce before your Yahoo went all evil

[16:47] <Sailor Quinox> oh..hello, aisasami...

[16:47] <Michael D> Hey New person

[16:48] <-aisasami> Hey!

[16:48] <Michael D> ooc: I thought something was weird, Your SN on Y! left me theoddest message

[16:48] * Sailor Quinox whispers into Mike's ear

[16:49] * Michael D giggles

[16:49] * -YingGirl lowers her ears

[16:50] * DvlmayCry puts his arms around vanessa "I missed you"

[16:51] <Sailor Quinox> welcome, aisasami

[16:51] * -aisasami pokes DvlmayCry

[16:51] * -YingGirl doesn't notice dante....

[16:52] <Michael D> OOC: They sent me to a site for a singer, and the sentance structure wasn't yours.

[16:52] * DvlmayCry looks to aisasami "Yes"

[16:53] <Michael D> How was your holiday matsumi-chan?

[16:54] <Sailor Quinox> good, until yesterday...

[16:54] <Michael D> what happened?

[16:55] <DvlmayCry> How are you doing Vanessa, It's been few days

[16:55] <Sailor Quinox> my grandfather died

[16:56] <-YingGirl> ...........

[16:57] * Michael D huggles Matsumi tight "I'm so sorry to hear that"

[16:57] <Sailor Quinox> yeah...well...I'm going to try and be happy....

[16:58] * -YingGirl still doesn't notice dante as she stays in her corner with her head lowered

[16:58] <Michael D> Thats all you can do Matsumi-chan, You know I'm there for you

[16:59] * DvlmayCry wonders were the new person went and what they wanted

[16:59] <Sailor Quinox> and I thank you for that *hugs mike*

[16:59] * DvlmayCry scratches Vanessa behind the ear "Whats up?"

[16:59] * Michael D hugs matsumi-chan back "anytime"

[17:00] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:00] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[17:01] <-YingGirl> ...........

[17:01] * Shaldra Darkness waves and goes for tuna.

[17:01] <Michael D> Hi Shaldra

[17:01] <Shaldra Darkness> Ha, look. ^_^ -->

[17:02] <Michael D> Damnit Shaldra. >< You beat me to it. ^_^

[17:03] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^

[17:03] <Shaldra Darkness> I can be quick when I want to. ^_^

[17:03] <DvlmayCry> Mike told me about the Yahoo stuff, I'm sorry to hear it, I'm gonna personaly hunt down the one that did it.

[17:04] * starcat is back (finally!)

[17:04] * Sailor Quinox gets a call

[17:05] * -YingGirl can't hook up her scanner, especially after hearing you can win a free ipod by sending in your best RE fanart

[17:05] * Shaldra Darkness sits down and munches on her tuna. ^_^

[17:05] <Sailor Quinox> gotta go...bbl...

[17:06] <Michael D> what is it matsumi-chan?

[17:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, Q. Take care.

[17:06] * Sailor Quinox is away: things to do

[17:06] <Michael D> alright

[17:06] <starcat> Bye, Q.

[17:06] <DvlmayCry> Thats a shame, I'd love to see what you'd come up with for that contest

[17:08] * Michael D wishes matsumi-chan the best

[17:08] * -YingGirl isn't gonna enter anyways. Knows her artwork was put to shame in a previous art contest

[17:08] <Michael D> Didn't take long for this place to come back up thou. ^_^

[17:08] <Shaldra Darkness> Nope, and I don't mind one bit. ^_^

[17:09] <Michael D> I like your work Vanessa. I've said before I think you have a great style

[17:10] <-YingGirl> ...........

[17:11] * -YingGirl doesn't notice anyone in the room, just keeps her head to watch the floor painting....

[17:11] <DvlmayCry> Your stuff is really good

[17:12] * DvlmayCry leans around, looking Vanessa as face to face as he can "You alright, I'm picking up on something"

[17:12] * starcat is away: attempting to find something

[17:13] <Michael D> I take it this place is still kinda lost to the reg's huh Shaldra

[17:14] * -YingGirl quickly smacks Dante in the face as she returns to stare at the floor.

[17:15] <starcat> Can anyone remember when I started using my ANGSTYPERSON screenname on AIM?

[17:15] <Michael D>'s been a few monthes atleast

[17:16] * DvlmayCry rubs his face "Gah, what I do now......"

[17:16] <starcat> October, maybe?

[17:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Mike - Most likely. I'm sure *someone* will come.

[17:18] <Michael D> sounds about right Star.

[17:18] <Michael D> Shaldra: yeah I was looking at the backlog, not alot of reg's here yet

[17:18] * Shaldra Darkness is away: FOOD....!

[17:18] * -YingGirl is still thinking bout yesterday

[17:18] <DvlmayCry> Can you atleast tell me why your blocking me out?

[17:19] <DvlmayCry> what happened yesterday?

[17:19] <-YingGirl> ....go away

[17:20] <starcat> I'll have to go look in the @suburbansenshi logs, it seems...

[17:20] <starcat> *#suburbansenshi Xanga logs

[17:22] <DvlmayCry> I'm consernded Vanessa.

[17:22] <Michael D> They are handy things star.

[17:25] <-YingGirl>'s nothing

[17:25] <DvlmayCry> It's it's bothering you, I want to do what I can.

[17:26] <DvlmayCry> *If it's

[17:26] <Michael D> I'm finaly almost done the pic Vanessa. I'm about to send you a copy of it.

[17:26] * starcat is away: brb

[17:27] * -YingGirl notes to mike to send it to her via hotmail....

[17:28] * Michael D nods

[17:30] * -YingGirl doesn't feel like talking

[17:31] * Michael D has sent it

[17:31] <starcat> Does Ying ever feel like talking?

[17:31] * starcat is not quite back yet.

[17:32] <Michael D> ooc: I read about what happened, I'm sorry you had so many problems when you went out.

[17:32] * DvlmayCry puts his arms around her again, kissing her on the cheek "It's alright"

[17:34] * Michael D inturns wonders if Star will ever be back. :p

[17:34] * -YingGirl was thinking about getting a DVD, but couldn't get it......

[17:35] * starcat is back!

[17:35] <starcat> On October 9, 2004, I created my ANGSTYPERSON AIM screenname!

[17:36] <Michael D> I saw, Hell, I admit, I kinda want to get the Special Edition of Mary Poppins.

[17:36] * Michael D already bought the SE Beuaty and the Beast with no shame

[17:37] <Michael D> *Beauty

[17:37] <Michael D> why did you needs to know star?

[17:37] <DvlmayCry> I wouldn't have made fun of you.

[17:38] <starcat> Mike: Someone that I didn't know IMed me on my old screenname, claiming that she got it from me in a chat room a month ago.

[17:38] <-YingGirl> ............

[17:38] <starcat> However, I was pretty sure that by then I'd changed over to ANGSTYPERSON, so it's illogical.

[17:38] <Michael D> weird star, weird

[17:38] <starcat> I've proved myself correct!

[17:39] * Michael D wonders how long it'll take the get those HK DVD's he ordered.....

[17:41] <DvlmayCry> why would I?

[17:41] <Michael D> weirdness is common on the net star.

[17:42] * starcat notes that the person logged off before she could find it, though. ><

[17:46] * Michael D wonders why stuff like that happens

[17:46] <-YingGirl> .........

[17:46] * DvlmayCry kiss the back of Vanessa's neck "How about I try to make you feel better"

[17:48] <-YingGirl>

[17:50] * DvlmayCry continues the kiss the back of Vanessa's neck "Well, does this help?"

[17:50] * DvlmayCry *to

[17:51] <Michael D> oh yeah, I gave Furu a talking Starcat Plushie, star

[17:51] <starcat> Mike: Cool! ^_^

[17:51] <Michael D> and watch out for the now teenaged Hisiu.....

[17:51] * Michael D tosses Star a talking furu plushie

[17:52] * -YingGirl shivers a little....still has her head lowered

[17:52] * starcat huggles the plushie "Thanks a lot!"

[17:52] <-Furu Plushie> I wuv my Star-chan! ♡

[17:52] * starcat makes a note to avoid the kid, then

[17:53] <DvlmayCry> I'd do anything to cheer you up, i hope you know that vanessa.

[17:53] <starcat> ♡!

[17:53] <Michael D> ^^

[17:54] <DvlmayCry> should I go on Vanessa?

[17:54] <-YingGirl> ..........

[17:55] * -YingGirl still doesn't notice the plushie as she accidently uses it as a blunt throwing object to Dante

[17:57] * DvlmayCry the plushie bounces off his head

[17:58] * -Dante Plushie voice chip goes off

[17:58] <-Dante Plushie> You the only women in my heart ♡

[17:58] <DvlmayCry> Was that a no Vanessa?

[17:59] * -YingGirl gets up....and leaves

[17:59] <Michael D> rats, I was hoppinh she would have liked that plushie. :(

[17:59] <starcat> There was no predicate in that sentence! O_O

[18:00] <DvlmayCry> blast ><

[18:01] * DvlmayCry is away: lurk!

[18:01] <Michael D> that man...

[18:03] * Michael D sits on sailor sofa

[18:05] * -YingGirl stays up in a tree

[18:05] * starcat pulls out her DS and plays mini-games on Super Mario 64 DS

[18:06] <Michael D> someone got a DS. ^^

[18:06] * DvlmayCry sits by the side of the house, near the tree.

[18:09] * Michael D still wants a PSP

[18:13] <starcat> My DS pwns your PSP because youdon't HAVE a PSP! Hah! ^_^

[18:13] <Michael D> silence is ebil

[18:14] <-YingGirl> ruff....

[18:14] <DvlmayCry> Hey up there

[18:16] <-YingGirl> ............go away dante

[18:16] <DvlmayCry> Why do you keep asking me that? Out of curiosity

[18:17] <DvlmayCry> *me to do that

[18:18] <-YingGirl> ...we are not supposed to be together

[18:18] <DvlmayCry> becuase of that silly rule my dad made?

[18:19] <-YingGirl> ....that. and i'm an unntractive b[BLEEP]ch

[18:20] * -YingGirl stays up in the tree, shivering

[18:20] <DvlmayCry> 1) I could careless about rules, you know that, and 2) I disagree with that 100%. I've told you before I think your beautiful, and your not a b[BLEEP]ch in the emotion sense!

[18:21] * -YingGirl throws a dagger at Dante's head

[18:21] * DvlmayCry ducks "Close one"

[18:22] <-YingGirl> ...just stop

[18:22] <DvlmayCry> What? Stop telling you how I feel?

[18:22] <DvlmayCry> stop telling you what I think?

[18:22] <Michael D> My PSP will rock once it's on the market!!! XD

[18:24] <starcat> Mike: The DS will be better by the time the PSP comes onto the US market!

[18:24] <-YingGirl> ....because it's nothing but lies

[18:24] <Michael D> Sorry star but I see more games i want that come out on the PSP then I do with the DS.

[18:25] <DvlmayCry> how can me thinking your beautiful be a lie if i beleave it?

[18:25] <starcat> Meh, I guess.

[18:25] <starcat> However, the DS will be better in the long run. :P

[18:26] * Michael D wants MGS:ACiD, Darkstalkers Chronicals, and a couple more he can't recall without his book with the planned games for the PSP

[18:27] <starcat> "chronicles"

[18:31] * -aisasami will stick with ps2

[18:31] <-YingGirl> Cactaur & Tomberry -->

[18:32] <Michael D> hi, your still here

[18:32] <starcat> Aisasami: Hello!

[18:32] * Michael D loads the flash

[18:33] * starcat can't decide between buying a gamecube or buying other stuff with her Christmas money...

[18:33] <starcat> If I buy a GC, then I'll also have to buy games for it. ><

[18:33] * Shaldra Darkness is back, horray for long talks. ><

[18:33] * starcat notes that she would be getting the holiday bundle with Double Dash, though.

[18:35] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:35] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[18:35] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[18:35] <-aisasami> Hello starcat!

[18:35] * Shaldra Darkness rapidly goes for a can of tuna.

[18:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Yo, Haak.

[18:35] <@Haak> Hey guys.

[18:35] <Michael D> hey haak

[18:35] <starcat> Hi, haak.

[18:36] * DvlmayCry looks up at the tree

[18:36] <Michael D> WB shaldra

[18:36] <@Haak> Someone needs a Gamecube? I recommend getting Metroid with it.

[18:36] * -YingGirl stays up in her tree

[18:36] * @Haak is pretty sure most people could have predicted that recommendation though, heh

[18:37] * Michael D falls over laughing "Barbie girl CODEC ring"

[18:37] * Shaldra Darkness flops down on the couch and eats.

[18:38] * -YingGirl was hoping to get some games. But bout herself the hardcover edition of Trigun 1, soft cover of Yu-Gi-Oh 30 & 31

[18:39] <@Haak> Whoa, Ying's upgraded from a corner to a tree now?

[18:39] <DvlmayCry> Still don't beleave me?

[18:39] * @Haak makes no bark jokes

[18:39] <Shaldra Darkness> She's been moving back and forth for a bit, now.

[18:41] * @Haak had friends round today playing Outrun, Halo 2, Tales of Symphonia, Budokai 3, even Metal Slug 3

[18:41] * @Haak is quite tired

[18:42] * Shaldra Darkness has been drawing, is currently brain dead, but is still drawing for some reason.

[18:42] * Michael D has been at work ><

[18:43] * @Haak stretches

[18:43] * Michael D is LMAO at that flash

[18:43] <Shaldra Darkness> Hmm... I'm tempted to draw the senshi Shaldra beating the s[BLEEP]t out of Sailor Luna, any objections?

[18:44] <@Haak> Heh, objections? You'll find only encouragement here I expect.

[18:44] <Michael D> go ahead Shaldra. ^_^

[18:44] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay! =^_^=

[18:45] * Michael D is still gonna have to do a hack of sailor Shaldra.

[18:45] <DvlmayCry> That flash was great Vanessa.

[18:45] * -YingGirl stays up in the tree

[18:46] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^;; V

[18:46] * starcat isn't sure about buying a GC...

[18:46] <starcat> I want one, but I don't know how much I would use it. :/

[18:47] <Michael D> Do you have a link to that picture of you Shaldra, the one in the white jacket and black skirt? I don't think I have it anymore. ><

[18:47] * Shaldra Darkness still can't believe she got a PS2 for Christmas.

[18:47] <DvlmayCry> Like I told you, I mean everything I tell you.

[18:47] <Shaldra Darkness> There you go. ^_^ -->

[18:48] <Michael D> Thanks you. ^_^*evil chuckle*

[18:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Curses, what I have done. ^_^;;

[18:50] * Michael D loads up the digital sketch pad, cackling

[18:50] <DvlmayCry> Still don't beleave me?

[18:51] <Shaldra Darkness> I shall be prancing around in a mini-skirt soon. ^_^;;

[18:51] * starcat could buy DVDs and manga with the money used for the GC...

[18:51] <-YingGirl> .............

[18:51] <starcat> Shaldra: Heh.

[18:51] * @Haak is back, blame dialup

[18:51] * Michael D just cackles in responce

[18:52] <@Haak> Bah, Gamecube trumps any manga or DVDs

[18:53] <Michael D> if you could pic you rbase who would it be? ^_^

[18:53] <starcat> Haak: Yes, but I wouldn't really be able to afford any extra games other than what came with it unless htey were really cheap. :/

[18:53] <starcat> *they

[18:53] <DvlmayCry> Or am I going to have to prove it?

[18:54] <@Haak> Then buy a big, long game with the GC. Like Metroid. Heh.

[18:54] <Shaldra Darkness> Doesn't really matter, in truth.

[18:55] <starcat> Haak: But what if I don't like Metroid?

[18:55] <-Michael Dembck> *dies laughing* -->

[18:56] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh good god! XD

[18:56] <starcat> XD

[18:56] <-aisasami> XD!

[18:56] <Shaldra Darkness> I see why they only made one. XD

[18:57] *** Ikari Shinji has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:57] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Ikari Shinji

[18:57] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Ikari Shinji
[18:57] <@Haak> My word... @ the pic

[18:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Phones should be made illegal. I hate them.

[18:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Yo, Ikari.

[18:57] <@Haak> star: I'd be very surprised if you didn't like Metroid, but you can always read some reviews first.

[18:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Shaldra.

[18:57] <@Haak> Hi Shinji.

[18:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Haak.

[18:58] <starcat> Hi, Shinji,

[18:58] <-YingGirl> ........

[18:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Hello, Star.

[18:58] * starcat replaces the comma with a period

[18:58] * DvlmayCry goes over and leans on the tree trunk

[18:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Hello, Ying.

[18:58] <starcat> Haak: I might...

[18:59] * -YingGirl shivers, staying up in the tree

[18:59] * @Ikari Shinji looks at the topic

[18:59] * @Ikari Shinji changes topic to `We have the goat!`

[18:59] <starcat> We hhave the goat?

[19:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Indeed we do, star.

[19:00] <starcat> *have

[19:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Cannot... resist... causing everyone... brain damage -->

[19:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Sister Kakyuu can be thanked for the contribution.

[19:00] <DvlmayCry> What I can do acualy get you to beleave me about all this?

[19:00] * starcat snickers at Uranus

[19:00] <Michael D> ....GGAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

[19:00] <starcat> Does...does Neptune have red eyes?!

[19:01] * Shaldra Darkness laughs evily

[19:01] <starcat> The costumes themselves aren't too bad...

[19:01] <Michael D> Your pic is getting vuter and cuter Shaldra.....><

[19:01] <starcat> They did a nice job on the collars.

[19:01] <starcat> I've always preferred non-shiny material for the Senshi outfits, but that's me.

[19:02] <Shaldra Darkness> ARG!! >< ..|..

[19:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Shaldra, I would like to note that I've seen your "F[BLEEP]k you all" senshi pic and I like it.

[19:03] <Shaldra Darkness> Thank you, Ikari. ^_^

[19:03] <-YingGirl> ruff

[19:03] * Shaldra Darkness may be changing it to other messages soon, though. ^_^

[19:03] <@Haak> Geh. Stupid settings. For some reason MSN now insists on opening all links clicked within it in IE, not Firefox, even Firefox is the default browser.

[19:04] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[19:04] <@Haak> Ahh, there it goes. It works fine now.

[19:05] * Shaldra Darkness will do that after she beats the s[BLEEP]t out of Sailor Luna, though.

[19:06] <@Ikari Shinji> I always celebrate glorified violence on idiotic creations.

[19:06] <Shaldra Darkness> It will be posted as well. ^_^

[19:06] * DvlmayCry climbs to a branch acrros the tree from Vanessa

[19:06] * @Ikari Shinji celebrates the POWER

[19:08] <Shaldra Darkness> The only downside to bashing Sailor Luna is that you have to stare at her pic to draw her. ><

[19:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Argh!

[19:08] <@Haak> Heh.

[19:09] <@Ikari Shinji> She burns! She burns perfectly but not in the good way!

[19:09] * Shaldra Darkness will need a recovery period after this. ><

[19:09] <@Ikari Shinji> ...although that begs to question what, exactly, is a good way to burn perfectly?

[19:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Would the Human Torch fall under that?

[19:10] <@Haak> Ask, heh.

[19:10] <@Ikari Shinji> is another good example.

[19:10] <starcat> Obviously burning yourself is perfect.

[19:10] * @Haak knows more than a few things about burning, himself, being a flame knight

[19:10] <@Ikari Shinji> No, star. If you burn yourself, you normally get degree burns.

[19:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Nasty things those are.

[19:11] <Shaldra Darkness> For Luna, burning herself would be perfect.

[19:11] <starcat> Shinji: Yet it is perfect, and therefore good! :)

[19:11] <@Ikari Shinji> So does that mean you burn perfectly, Haak?

[19:11] <DvlmayCry> heya, maybe we should talk face to face

[19:11] <starcat> I burn stuff perfectly.

[19:11] <@Ikari Shinji> You blow up stuff perfectly, star. :)

[19:11] * @Haak does

[19:12] <@Haak> Then again, I've had my fair share of practice.

[19:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Then master of the art of burning thyself perfectly, show me your skill!

[19:12] <starcat> No, I burn stuff too. :)

[19:12] * Michael D cackles as he continues

[19:13] <@Haak> Bah, we have enough flame wielding individuals around here by now.

[19:13] * Shaldra Darkness glares at Mike...

[19:13] * @Haak mumbles something about telekinesis

[19:13] <starcat> Grenades are not flames.

[19:13] <@Ikari Shinji> There's laughter about?! I thought it was stolen! Did my e-mail not work?! Is there not FEAR in thou hearts?!

[19:14] <-YingGirl> OOC: This might be fun -->

[19:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, I totally have telekinesis. Jedi training and all.

[19:14] <@Haak> They've been known to cause them though.

[19:14] <starcat> Shinji: Errr...what?

[19:15] <@Haak> "thy" hearts, you silly man.

[19:15] <@Ikari Shinji> ....don't you people check your e-mails?

[19:15] * @Ikari Shinji hugs Haak for the correction

[19:15] <starcat> Yes. I got the e-mail.

[19:15] * @Haak also got the email, hence his appearance here

[19:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Although Haak might not have gotten the e-mail due to the fact that I got some strange message from Hotmail about delaying.

[19:16] <starcat> At first, I didn't realize that it was from you...until the last two paragraphs. :)

[19:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay!

[19:16] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[19:16] * starcat doesn't often actually look at who sent the e-mail.

[19:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Now I have to kill you.

[19:16] <starcat> What?

[19:16] * -YingGirl still shivers in the tree. Is also outside

[19:16] <starcat> Why?

[19:16] <@Ikari Shinji> You know too much.

[19:17] <@Haak> People really should try and use my Gmail account more though. Hotmail has a habit of just not letting things through.

[19:17] * starcat actually didn't get the URL from the e-mail, though. :) Huzzah for MSN nicknames!

[19:17] <@Ikari Shinji> I forgot about your Gmail account until I just sent it.

[19:17] <starcat> The only thing that I know is that I know nothing.

[19:17] * @Ikari Shinji shakes his fist at MSN names

[19:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Then I can't kill you, star! Yay!

[19:18] <starcat> Yay!

[19:18] * @Ikari Shinji hugs star 'cause he won't have to gut her like a fish!

[19:18] * @Haak still needs to ask the Doc to display his Gmail beside the chatbox for registration purposes

[19:18] <-YingGirl> ......

[19:18] * DvlmayCry is siting on a branch across from Vanessa and tosses her his jacket "here"

[19:18] <@Ikari Shinji> I need to do that as well, Haak.

[19:18] * starcat hugs Shinji back for not being gutted like a fish!

[19:20] <@Ikari Shinji> While I'm hugging people...

[19:20] * @Ikari Shinji teleports to Dante and hugs him

[19:20] * Shaldra Darkness is sitting there drawing...

[19:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Happy Hugadays!

[19:20] <Shaldra Darkness> Hehehe... Die, Luna...

[19:21] <@Haak> Heh.

[19:21] <-YingGirl> ........

[19:21] * @Ikari Shinji considers hugging Ying but she might bite so he gives a friendly wave and teleports back

[19:21] <DvlmayCry> O_o

[19:21] * @Ikari Shinji totally hasn't forgotten about Shaldra

[19:21] * Michael D cackles more

[19:21] * @Ikari Shinji hugs Shaldra

[19:22] <@Ikari Shinji> Happy Hugadays!

[19:22] * Shaldra Darkness glares at Mike again.

[19:22] * Shaldra Darkness hugs Ikari back

[19:22] * @Ikari Shinji is hugged

[19:23] <Shaldra Darkness> Hmmm... choaking or punching into a wall... such choices...

[19:23] * @Ikari Shinji teleports to the man known as Michael and gives him a hug

[19:23] <@Haak> I hear putting people through mountains is fun. Hell, I've done it.

[19:23] <@Ikari Shinji> I like using the ring to pick up mountains.

[19:23] <-YingGirl> get away from me dante....

[19:24] * @Haak is away: Connection limitations, back in a few minutes

[19:24] <Shaldra Darkness> But I like slow and painful... putting them through mountains kills them to easily.

[19:25] * -YingGirl jumps down from the tree...sneezing

[19:25] <DvlmayCry> why Vanessa,why should I not be conserned about the most important women in my life and we her drepessed siting in a tree?

[19:25] * DvlmayCry jumps down after her

[19:26] <starcat> "concerned"

[19:28] * Michael D is almost done

[19:28] <Shaldra Darkness> ~_~;;

[19:29] <Shaldra Darkness> >< ..|.. @ Mike

[19:29] <-YingGirl> ...

[19:30] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh, that's nice... Luna has a tail when in human form.. O_o;;

[19:30] * -YingGirl whips another dagger at Dante as she runs back in...shivering

[19:30] <@Ikari Shinji> If you wanted to go the scary and insane deal then you should meticulously stab Luna.

[19:30] <Shaldra Darkness> Interesting idea, Ikari. ^_^

[19:30] <starcat> ^_^

[19:31] * DvlmayCry grabs the dagger out of the air as he follows her back in the house "I'm starting to get used to catching these"

[19:31] * starcat is away: pie!

[19:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Pie!

[19:32] * -YingGirl goes sits in her corner...coughing

[19:32] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa. Why do you keep doing this?

[19:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Also, I would like to note that you don't have to call me Ikari. You could call me Shinji. Or Master of all things. I like that.

[19:34] <-YingGirl> GET LOST, DANTE!

[19:34] <Shaldra Darkness> I've gotten used to calling you Ikari. It's just what I'm used to.

[19:34] <@Ikari Shinji> In some places I have been, I have been called.... Tim.

[19:34] * -YingGirl holds her head as she sits in her corner

[19:34] <@Ikari Shinji> Tim the Enchanter.

[19:35] * @Ikari Shinji uses his ring to fire off a big green fireball at something

[19:35] <Shaldra Darkness> The Holy Grail, wh00t.

[19:35] * @Ikari Shinji notes that the first person to get the obvious reference gets a cookie

[19:35] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay!

[19:35] <DvlmayCry> why?

[19:35] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^ V

[19:35] * @Ikari Shinji gives Shaldra her cookie

[19:35] * starcat is back

[19:36] <Shaldra Darkness> Cookie. ^_^

[19:36] <starcat> I wanted that cookie. :(

[19:36] * Shaldra Darkness eats the cookie

[19:36] <@Ikari Shinji> Poor star. :(

[19:36] * Shaldra Darkness gives starcat another cookie!

[19:37] * starcat now must go and bake the cookie dough in her refrigerator to fill her need for cookies!

[19:37] * starcat eats that cookie, thanks Shaldra, and goes to preheat the oven!

[19:38] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh, starcat, before you go. I have A Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch that I have to get rid of. You want it?

[19:38] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes!

[19:38] <-YingGirl> why me? youn know you're for another lady.... so, stop trying to cheer me up

[19:38] <@Ikari Shinji> Take the Holy Hand Grenade!

[19:38] <@Ikari Shinji> But it must be used on the number three.

[19:39] <@Ikari Shinji> Not 2 nor 4. If you reach 5 then you've gone too far.

[19:39] <DvlmayCry> oh god, are you talking about Trish again?

[19:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Four shalt thou not count, neither thou count two, exepting that thou then proceed to three.

[19:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Five is right out.

[19:39] * @Ikari Shinji notes that Shaldra can quote the film better then him

[19:40] * starcat is back

[19:40] <@Ikari Shinji> I used to pride myself on the fact that I could beat anyone.

[19:40] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^ V I have watched it to many times.

[19:40] <@Ikari Shinji> Of course it's been years since I've last seen the film. The special edition DVD release of it.

[19:40] <-YingGirl> ...........

[19:40] <starcat> I'll take that Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, and, should I ever find a Killer Rabbit, shall use it on the count of three to destroy said rodent.

[19:40] * -YingGirl stays in her corner

[19:41] * Michael D has the SE DVD of holy grail too.

[19:41] <@Ikari Shinji> When I was in middle or high school, I watched that film countless amount of times.

[19:41] <starcat> Do I need to get the DVD? :P

[19:41] * starcat has it as well! What a surprise! :)

[19:41] <Shaldra Darkness> O Lord, bless this thy hand grenade, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.

[19:41] <DvlmayCry> If so I'd like to make my own decesions instead of a gaming company, and I chose you ALONG time ago over that demonic whore.

[19:41] <starcat> (get as in bring, not get as in own.)

[19:41] * Shaldra Darkness hands starcat the Holy Hand Grenade!

[19:42] * starcat accepts the Holy Hand Genade carefully and places it away!

[19:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Talking about giving things, I need to continue my PS2 game list from yesterday!

[19:42] <starcat> Now all we need is a Killer Rabbit!

[19:42] <Shaldra Darkness> Yes!

[19:42] * starcat cues Chibi-usa

[19:43] <-YingGirl> ...................................

[19:43] <@Ikari Shinji> I believe I left off with Xenosaga.

[19:43] * Michael D cackles "just the bows and adding a tail a sailor shaldra is done! bwahahahahaha"

[19:43] <@Ikari Shinji> So I'll start there.

[19:43] * Shaldra Darkness sighs. ~_~;;

[19:44] <@Ikari Shinji> Xenosaga is the reimagination of the proposed Xenogears series.

[19:44] * Shaldra Darkness knows the entire Sir Robin Minstrel song. ^_^

[19:44] <DvlmayCry> Vanessa, your the women i chose to be with.......

[19:44] * @Haak is back

[19:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Xenogears was originally concieved as a series of games. I believe there was to be 6 episodes in all.

[19:45] * @Haak is listening to Thundercats out-takes

[19:46] <@Ikari Shinji> Obviously this did not happen.

[19:46] <-YingGirl> liar....

[19:46] <@Haak> XD

[19:46] <Shaldra Darkness> Obviously.

[19:46] * -YingGirl gets up and leaves....

[19:46] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (.........)

[19:46] <@Haak> Oh man that stuff was funny.

[19:46] <@Ikari Shinji> So the creators went to Namco and revamped the whole concept.

[19:46] * Shaldra Darkness shakes her head at Ying. "That girl..."

[19:47] <DvlmayCry> ><

[19:47] * @Haak switches to "Epona's Song - Live Version"

[19:47] <@Dr_Xadium> Does this work in IE. -->

[19:47] <@Ikari Shinji> Thus we got Xenosaga. Episode I: De Will zur Macht can be found for $20.

[19:47] <@Haak> Holys[BLEEP]t, they added WORDS to Epona's Song?

[19:47] <starcat> Xadium: Some of the images don't work.

[19:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Same as starcat here, X.

[19:48] <Michael D> ...

[19:48] <starcat> Actually, most of the images don't work.

[19:48] <@Ikari Shinji> Images are down, bro.

[19:48] <@Dr_Xadium> ... It works in firefox. What the hell.

[19:48] <Michael D> yeah doc, but there's broken images

[19:48] * @Dr_Xadium goes back to his code.

[19:48] <@Ikari Shinji> The second episode of Xenosaga will most likely be released in the U.S. next year. Feb., I think.

[19:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay.

[19:50] <@Ikari Shinji> I can not recommend Xenosaga enough. Great game.

[19:50] * Shaldra Darkness nods.

[19:50] <@Ikari Shinji> Interesting triva about the titles: They're all taken from works of Friedrich Nietzsche.

[19:50] <starcat> If it helps at all, the URL for one of the images is "http:///images/episodes_02.jpg".

[19:50] <@Ikari Shinji> He's my favorite philosopher.

[19:51] <@Haak> Maybe it's a local thing. Let me try it in Firefox.

[19:51] <@Ikari Shinji> The second game is offically called: Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose.

[19:51] <Shaldra Darkness> Cool.

[19:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Episode I's title translation is: the Will to Power.

[19:52] <@Haak> Nope, all the images work fine for me.

[19:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Episode II is Beyond Good and Evil.

[19:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Very cool. You know your games.

[19:53] <@Dr_Xadium> Try now?

[19:53] <@Ikari Shinji> And to dish up rumors for a second, it's been stated that the title for the third might be Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

[19:54] <starcat> works great!

[19:54] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, works fine here.

[19:54] <@Dr_Xadium> Cool. I'm going to rework bits of the site this way.

[19:54] <@Ikari Shinji> I would definately look foward to this since that's my all-time favorite piece of work by Nietzsche.

[19:55] <@Ikari Shinji> It's all good, Xad.

[19:55] <@Haak> I'm not really familiar with any of his work.

[19:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Shaldra, I'm not really an expert on games. I just know enough about the ones I love. :)

[19:56] <@Ikari Shinji> ARGH, Haak!

[19:56] <Shaldra Darkness> Makes sense. ^_^

[19:56] <@Ikari Shinji> Do a Yahoo or Google search or something!

[19:56] * Michael D is almost done. ^_~

[19:57] <@Ikari Shinji> His works can be downloaded nowadays even though I always recommend buying them.

[19:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Arg...

[19:57] * @Haak is about to leave anyway

[19:57] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay, see ya, Haak.

[19:57] * @Dr_Xadium is away: going to do another portion of the site now.

[19:57] <@Ikari Shinji> See ya, Haak.

[19:57] <@Haak> Goodnight, all.

[19:58] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Off to sleep I go)

[19:58] <starcat> Bye, haak.

[19:58] <@Dr_Xadium> Actually, a quick poll as some of you are here.

[19:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Quiz me, Xadium! For I shall take a break while you ask!

[19:58] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:58] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[19:58] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[19:59] <@Haak> I'll stick around for the poll then, if it helps.

[19:59] * @Ikari Shinji pokes Haak

[19:59] <@Dr_Xadium> As you can see I have been working the sub pages into cramming the information into these small boxes; now for the fromt page, for each entry, should they be done like that, or should they still scroll all the way down like it does now.

[19:59] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[19:59] <Michael D> it's not THAT bad shaldra, you may actualy like it.

[19:59] <starcat> Boxes.

[19:59] <@Haak> I'd vote for them to be in a similar style to the episodes page, with the scrolling.

[20:00] <starcat> Oh, but wait, that would increase the loading time, no?

[20:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Same as Haak and starcat.

[20:00] <starcat> Gah, indecision!

[20:00] * @Dr_Xadium nods.

[20:00] <starcat> go with the boxes, though.

[20:00] <@Dr_Xadium> Well keep in mind, each entry would be ain a box.

[20:00] <@Haak> And with that, I depart.

[20:01] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (Once again, I wish everyone a good night)

[20:01] <@Dr_Xadium> So imagine more than one box like that on the page.

[20:01] <starcat> Bye, Haak.

[20:01] <@Dr_Xadium> Bye Haak.

[20:01] <Shaldra Darkness> Bye again, Haak.

[20:01] <@Dr_Xadium> If you still think that's workable. I'll work on it.

[20:02] <starcat> Maybe you could make a test page before replacing the actual front page?

[20:02] <-Senator Ikari> I must confer with my fellow delegates, Supreme Chancellor Xadium.

[20:02] * @Dr_Xadium KNOWS YOUR GAME IKARI

[20:02] <-Senator Ikari> ...

[20:02] <@Dr_Xadium> NO CLONES FOR YOU

[20:03] * -Senator Ikari shakes his fist at Xadium

[20:03] <@Dr_Xadium> star: I'll see what I can do.

[20:03] * -Governator Arnold flexes his muscles and goes back to California

[20:03] <starcat> XD

[20:03] <Shaldra Darkness> LOL!

[20:04] * -Senator Ikari is a harmless senator... really...

[20:05] <starcat> *coughharmlessasaspikedclubcough*

[20:05] <@Ikari Shinji> If it's fessible, you should do a test page to see how it would ultimately look.

[20:06] * -Senator Ikari hands his fellow delegate some cough drops

[20:06] * @Dr_Xadium is testing a mod right now.

[20:07] <@Dr_Xadium> reload the main page.

[20:07] * Shaldra Darkness hears mod and thinks the new Diablo 2 mod. ^_^ Fun

[20:07] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes, sir.

[20:07] <@Dr_Xadium> The second+ entries down are affected, this is what I mean. though cosmetically ti would look different.

[20:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Hmmm.

[20:08] <Shaldra Darkness> It looks good to me.

[20:08] <@Ikari Shinji> I second that.

[20:08] <Shaldra Darkness> But that's just one kitty's opinion.

[20:09] <@Dr_Xadium> Ok cool. Then I'll go with it.

[20:09] <@Dr_Xadium> Well I'll wait for a sec to see if anyone screams "MY BRAIN!"

[20:09] * -Senators can be heard screaming, "Vote now! Vote now!"

[20:09] * -Senator Ikari smirks

[20:10] * Shaldra Darkness grabs a sniper and fires at Senator Ikari.

[20:11] * Shaldra Darkness then vanishes like all good assasins do

[20:11] * @Dr_Xadium thanks you all for supporting his clone arm.y... err, web page redesign idea, and leaves.

[20:11] * -Senator Ikari somehow dodges that shot... amazingly...

[20:11] <Shaldra Darkness> Curses.

[20:11] * -Senator Ikari has the Jedi Council send some Jedi after the mysterious assassian

[20:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Er, enough zaniness. :)

[20:13] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay. ^_^

[20:13] * Shaldra Darkness puts the sniper away. ^_^

[20:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Also, I just confirmed that Xenosaga Episode II should be released on Feb. 15th, 2005 in the United States.

[20:14] * @Ikari Shinji loves that

[20:14] <Shaldra Darkness> Sweet. It'll be after I get my manga in. ^_^

[20:14] <@Ikari Shinji> That'll be close to a joyous occasion of mine!

[20:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Anyway, Xenosaga is done.

[20:15] <Michael D> boots and tail!!! ^^

[20:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Now... Star Ocean.

[20:15] <@Ikari Shinji> Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

[20:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Just came out months ago so it'll still be around $50.

[20:16] <@Ikari Shinji> I haven't actually had the opportunity to beat it yet.

[20:16] <@Ikari Shinji> I'll be getting back to it after Zeta Gundam is completed.

[20:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Yep.

[20:17] <@Ikari Shinji> So far, though, it's been a good game.

[20:17] <@Ikari Shinji> The voice acting could've been better, though.

[20:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Well, it's Star Ocean. I've played 1, 2, and Blue Sphere. ^_^

[20:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh. :)

[20:18] * -YingGirl returns to her corner, crying to herself

[20:18] * Shaldra Darkness also owns the Anime and Manga. ^_^

[20:18] <@Ikari Shinji> I never played the original Star Ocean. I got the second back in 1999. Also, never touched the GB game.

[20:18] * -YingGirl ooc: did a drawing of the Evil Square Enix guy in her sketchbook....

[20:19] <@Ikari Shinji> I plan on starting to get the anime when it comes out here in Jan.

[20:19] <Shaldra Darkness> Blue Sphere is only in Japan, I was able to get my hands on a translated Emulator version.

[20:19] <@Ikari Shinji> However, though, I've seen some reviews for it.

[20:19] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice.

[20:19] * Michael D keeps Dante locked outside for now, for his own good at the moment

[20:19] <@Ikari Shinji> The reviews for the anime hasn't been good. I hoping that it was just the reviewers, though.

[20:20] <Shaldra Darkness> It's good. Unless it was horribly dubbed. That would ruin it.

[20:20] <@Ikari Shinji> Argh to horrible dubbing!

[20:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Dubbing ruins all. ><

[20:21] <@Ikari Shinji> Some dubbing is good.

[20:21] <@Ikari Shinji> Cowboy Bebop stands out in my mind.

[20:21] <Michael D> Are you alright Vanessa?

[20:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Ya, most Canadian dubbing. ^_^

[20:21] <@Ikari Shinji> Evangelion is not so good.

[20:21] <@Ikari Shinji> I refuse to watch the Evangelion dub nowadays.

[20:22] <Shaldra Darkness> I agree.

[20:22] <@Ikari Shinji> Since we're on the subject of anime... I think I'll bring up a video game of that nature.

[20:22] * -YingGirl covers her face with her knees, doesn't want anyone to see her tears

[20:22] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay.

[20:22] <@Ikari Shinji> InuYasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask.

[20:23] *** Kakyuu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:23] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kakyuu

[20:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice little game. Your main character can be either male or female.

[20:23] <Shaldra Darkness> Planning to get it ^_^

[20:23] <@Ikari Shinji> I totally seduced Sango.

[20:23] <Shaldra Darkness> Right...


[20:23] * starcat is finally back!

[20:23] <@Ikari Shinji> Welcome back, Star. Hey, Kakyuu.

[20:24] <Shaldra Darkness> Ears ringing. ><

[20:24] <@Ikari Shinji> The game could've been better.

[20:24] * starcat forgot to say that she was away, but was, and is now back. ^_^;;

[20:24] <Kakyuu> Sorry T_T

[20:24] * DvlmayCry bangs on the door "why the f[BLEEP]k did you lock me out here mike?"

[20:24] <@Ikari Shinji> I can't really recommend flat-out buying it even though I'm a IY fan.

[20:24] <Shaldra Darkness> S'okay.

[20:24] <Michael D> For you and Vanessa's benefit dante.

[20:24] <@Ikari Shinji> You might want to try renting it if possible.

[20:25] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay then.

[20:25] <starcat> [20:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Also, I just confirmed that Xenosaga Episode II should be released on Feb. 15th, 2005 in the United States.

[20:25] <starcat> My birthday. Fun...

[20:25] <Michael D> Sailor Shaldra -->

[20:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes, kiddo, your birthday. You should be honored.

[20:25] <Shaldra Darkness> ^_^;;

[20:25] <starcat> 'Tis yet another reason to ignore my brithday and celebrate something else on the day between Valentine's Day and President's Day...

[20:25] <@Ikari Shinji> I mean, it's not everyday that Beyond Good and Evil is released on your birthday.

[20:26] <Michael D> A tad rough, I'll fix the hair later, but I wanted to get it done before you left. ^_^

[20:26] <starcat> Shinji: It's the wrong Beyond Good and Evil!

[20:26] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[20:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Actually, it's not that bad. ^_^

[20:26] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm going to pretend you didn't just say that.

[20:26] <starcat> XP

[20:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Because if you DID say that then we're going to have a throwdown... of poking with my finger into your head.

[20:27] * starcat pokes Shinji in the head

[20:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Do you want your head to be poked by my holy finger?

[20:27] <Michael D> Thanks. ^_^ Wait till solar see's it. ^_~

[20:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, SNAP!

[20:27] * Shaldra Darkness giggles. ^_^

[20:27] * @Ikari Shinji pokes starcat back in the head

[20:28] <starcat> Michael: The aposrophe police will be here shortly about that murder of yours.

[20:28] * starcat pokes Shinji in the head again

[20:28] <-???> Must there be so much pokin'?

[20:28] * @Ikari Shinji pokes starcat back in the head again

[20:28] <starcat> Of course!

[20:28] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes, Furu.

[20:29] <-YingGirl> .................

[20:29] <starcat> Now, reveal your name or be poked!

[20:29] * Furu appears

[20:29] * @Ikari Shinji pokes Furu in the head

[20:29] <Shaldra Darkness> Nice guess, Ikari.

[20:29] <Furu> Heh, I guess that was a little obvious

[20:29] * -YingGirl stays quiet in her corner, no one seeing her face

[20:29] * starcat pokes Shinji in the head once more, then puts on a helmet :P

[20:29] <@Ikari Shinji> The Force was strong in this one.

[20:29] * Furu 's head is poked

[20:29] * starcat hugs Furu-kun, then pokes him in the head and laughs a bit

[20:30] * @Ikari Shinji uses his power ring to remove starcat's helmet and then pokes her for the final time then puts up a forcefield

[20:30] <starcat> Shinji: WAS strong? Why the past tense?

[20:30] * @Ikari Shinji huggles Furu AND starkiddo

[20:30] * Furu hugs star-chan back, and pokes her extra lightly

[20:30] <starcat> Curse you, Shinji! :P

[20:30] * starcat is huggled! O_o;

[20:30] <@Ikari Shinji> Because it was.

[20:30] * Michael D pats Vanessa on the shoulder "It's gonna be ok"

[20:30] <starcat> What, it isn't now?

[20:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Happy Hugadays!

[20:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. If I want it to be.

[20:31] * starcat hugs both Shinji and Furu-kun, then!

[20:31] * Furu is looking...slightly different than usually, namely due to the gloves on his hands, and trenchcoat-esque jacket.

[20:31] * Shaldra Darkness chuckles a bit

[20:31] <Furu> ^_^

[20:31] <Michael D> I just figure out, I should have called that pic "Sailor Expel" instead of "Sailor Shaldra"

[20:31] <@Ikari Shinji> So... how was your trip?

[20:32] <Furu> Good, good

[20:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Glad to hear that.

[20:32] * Furu looks down at his hands

[20:32] <Shaldra Darkness> Now Expel has a senshi, oi. XD

[20:32] <-YingGirl> won't

[20:33] * starcat looks at Furu-kun's hands

[20:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Obviously you've achieved your goals.

[20:33] * Furu quickly folds his arms and laughs

[20:33] * Michael D tosses Shaldra a makeshift Henshin Pen

[20:34] * Shaldra Darkness catches it. "Heh."

[20:34] * starcat hugs Furu-kun

[20:35] * Kakyuu has returned

[20:35] <Michael D> There's always a chance Vanessa.

[20:35] <starcat> what?

[20:35] * Furu hugs back, carefully

[20:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Furu, do you need to be healed?

[20:35] <Furu> Haha, no. Far from it.

[20:36] * @Ikari Shinji observes Furu

[20:36] <-YingGirl> .......mike, go get dante out of the locker and bring him home. he doesn't have yp see me like this

[20:36] * DvlmayCry bangs on the door "blast why am I out here. ><"

[20:36] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh, super Dragon Ball strength s[BLEEP]t?

[20:36] <Michael D> I'll let him out....

[20:37] * Michael D goes over unlocking the locker, and is greated by a boot to the face. X_x

[20:37] * Furu gives Shal-chan a "keep it the down low" look

[20:37] <DvlmayCry> Thats for locking me up......

[20:37] * Shaldra Darkness shuts up.

[20:37] * DvlmayCry looks over "Vanessa?????"

[20:37] <Michael D> Blackmail

[20:37] <starcat> Let's face it, Furu-kun: there's notmuch in the ways of superpower-type-stuff that gets missed around here.

[20:37] * Shaldra Darkness goes over and heals Mike

[20:38] <Furu> I was trying to be discreet!

[20:38] <starcat> *not much

[20:38] <Michael D> he....fear's....hisiu.......

[20:38] <starcat> Discretion is good. ^_^

[20:38] <-YingGirl> .............

[20:38] <starcat> "fears Hisui."

[20:38] * Kakyuu loves her new CD

[20:38] <Michael D> Thanks Shaldra.

[20:38] <DvlmayCry> What happened?!?!

[20:38] * -YingGirl is in a fetal positing...staying in the corner

[20:39] * Shaldra Darkness meow about Furu's new powers at the top of her lungs!!

[20:39] * DvlmayCry goes over near her, tries to keep a little distrance "...what...happened..."

[20:39] <starcat> Shaldra!! ><

[20:39] <Furu> I don't fear her!!

[20:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Hehe. ^_^

[20:39] * Michael D was loopy star. ><

[20:39] <@Ikari Shinji> Fear...

[20:40] <Shaldra Darkness> Well, who here knows neko besides me and Arty?!

[20:40] <starcat> Shaldra: Mew. :P

[20:40] <-YingGirl> ...just go away....

[20:40] * Shaldra Darkness is QUITE sure none of you know neko. XP

[20:40] <Michael D> Dante, she needs some space...

[20:41] <Shaldra Darkness> My sister wouldn't care.

[20:41] <starcat> Luna, then.

[20:41] <DvlmayCry> I don't want to leave you like this...

[20:41] <Furu> "The new anime quiz show game, You Don't Know Neko!"

[20:41] <@Ikari Shinji> My ring has a translator built into it. It can translate every known language in the universe.

[20:41] <Shaldra Darkness> Luna will die soon.

[20:42] <starcat> XD

[20:42] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrr! ^_^

[20:42] <@Ikari Shinji> But it can't translate that elite stuff.

[20:42] <@Ikari Shinji> You kids and your zany things.

[20:42] * Michael D idely notes that henshin pen could work, or could just be a prob, you never know and cackles EBILY!!!!!!

[20:42] <starcat> Random fanboys at PH that learned the language to communicate with their fetishes. :P

[20:42] <@Ikari Shinji> That's why I rely on 3PO!

[20:42] <-YingGirl> ...JUST GO

[20:42] * Kakyuu notes that La Carlotta is a b[BLEEP]ch....

[20:43] <Shaldra Darkness> They're not *that* smart.

[20:43] <DvlmayCry> But.....Vanessa...

[20:43] * Michael D doesn't want to....but is prepaired to Tranq. Dante......

[20:43] <starcat> Shaldra: You don't have to be smart to learn a language, you just have to have a good memory.

[20:43] <Furu> Random Fanboys...sounds like this place sometimes :P

[20:43] <Shaldra Darkness> The Puma Twins and I don't teach the fanboys neko.

[20:44] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh, Furu. :P

[20:44] <starcat> Furu: Indeed. ^_^

[20:44] <-YingGirl> dante, if you continue this...i will kill you.

[20:44] <starcat> Shaldra: Your point?

[20:45] <Shaldra Darkness> They have their mind on... ahem... other things then meowing.

[20:45] * Michael D closes his eye's and fires

[20:45] <starcat> I'm aware, sadly.

[20:45] <DvlmayCry> I JUST Can..t....lea..v...e....y.o....zzzzzzzzzz

[20:46] * DvlmayCry is out

[20:46] <Furu> o_o

[20:46] * Michael D grabs Dante's body

[20:46] <Michael D> For your own good.....

[20:47] * Shaldra Darkness sits back and looks at the henshin pen, slightly confused.

[20:47] * -YingGirl stays in her corner...keeping quite as her head is resting on her knees

[20:48] * Michael D lays Dante down on Sailor Sofa

[20:48] <Michael D> He'll be out for a while Vanessa....

[20:48] <Michael D> Lets just say, I got it from a friend Shaldra.......

[20:48] <Shaldra Darkness> Really...

[20:49] <Michael D> It's from Sela....

[20:49] <starcat> XD -->

[20:49] * Furu would like to point out that if they know anyone that isn't here, IM them for Great Justice or something and give them the new address

[20:50] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay...

[20:50] <starcat> It's in my MSN nick. ^_^

[20:50] <Michael D> Sela well......Is my guardian cat, Matsumi came across her a few monthes ago. Maybe that'll clear things up some.

[20:51] <Michael D> No ass jokes....

[20:51] * Shaldra Darkness looks at Mike... O_o;;

[20:51] <Michael D> Long Story Shaldra...

[20:51] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay then...

[20:52] <Michael D> atleast It was produced with a light beam from the Guardian Sigil....

[20:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay. Whew.

[20:53] <Michael D> She's a hyper little thing thats for sure. I mentioned our conversation last night and she staring babling about some legend and produced that

[20:53] * -YingGirl watche the floor painting again. Hates the holidays

[20:53] <Shaldra Darkness> Hmm... legend...?

[20:54] <Furu> O_o

[20:54] <Michael D> Vanessa, I just want you to know, You've always got a friend in me...

[20:54] * Shaldra Darkness will go with it, sure.

[20:55] <-YingGirl> OOC: Jupiter turning into a furry -->

[20:55] <Shaldra Darkness> Meh, seen it.

[20:55] <Michael D> Yeah, Sela said there were alot of things about lost Senshi in the galaxy, Dr. X mention before that the Sailor Crystal of his homeplanet was destroied before. Sela said alot of Sailor Crystals were never awakened due to various reasons.

[20:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Furu...

[20:55] <@Ikari Shinji> We need to talk.

[20:56] <Furu> Hmm?

[20:56] <Shaldra Darkness> So Expel does have a senshi!? O_o;;

[20:56] <@Ikari Shinji> The ring.

[20:56] <@Ikari Shinji> What happened to it?

[20:56] * Michael D resist blatant talent joke

[20:56] <Furu> Oh! see...

[20:56] <Shaldra Darkness> ~_~;;

[20:57] <Furu> Funny story! I kind of lost it coming back from the Afterlife. Silly me.

[20:57] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[20:57] <Michael D> It's possible Shaldra, When she gave it to me, she said she didn't know what planet it was for but the person would recognive the sigil

[20:57] <@Ikari Shinji> You lost...

[20:58] <Shaldra Darkness> Okay... O_o;;

[20:58] <Furu> ^_^;

[20:58] <@Ikari Shinji> I gave you the most powerful weapon around and you lost it...

[20:58] <Michael D> It was worth a shot thou. Sela is a little ditzy thou, *shrugs*

[20:59] * DvlmayCry snores

[20:59] <@Ikari Shinji> That ring survived Haruka... and you lost it.

[20:59] <Shaldra Darkness> I'll try it out later. When it may be needed.

[20:59] <-YingGirl> ..........

[20:59] * Shaldra Darkness meows something about maybe needing it soon

[20:59] <@Ikari Shinji> I don't get those out of Cracker Jack boxes, you know.

[21:00] <Furu> Hey, it accident

[21:00] * @Ikari Shinji just LOOKS at Furu

[21:00] <Michael D> Fine with me Shaldra, To weird for my tastes, last thing I need to be waking up more soldiers. ^o^

[21:00] <@Ikari Shinji> An "accident," eh?

[21:00] * Furu looks away, whistling innocently

[21:00] * starcat is staying out of this conversation.

[21:01] * Michael D hands Vanessa some tissues "Do you need any?"

[21:01] <Furu> Yuuup

[21:01] <@Ikari Shinji> ...I'm having a hard time believing that.

[21:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Giving our track record, I'll let this slide... for now.

[21:02] <-YingGirl> i'm fine

[21:02] <Furu> Ah, well, I guess you'll just have to

[21:02] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm sure that ring will be returned soon enough.

[21:02] <@Ikari Shinji> However...

[21:02] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm watching you.

[21:03] <Furu> ^__^

[21:03] * Kakyuu notes Gerard Butler did a WONDERFUL job hitting the higher notes in Music of the Night and Emmy Rossum is a WONDERFUL sorprano

[21:03] * @Ikari Shinji mutters how he's glad he didn't let Furu use HIS ring...

[21:03] * -YingGirl watches the floor again. Doesn't like when folks are close

[21:03] <Michael D> Alright, if you need anything just let me know.

[21:04] <Furu> Heheheh

[21:04] * @Ikari Shinji "corrects" Furu

[21:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Pilot the Gundam.

[21:05] * Furu looks down at his coat, sighing. The Matrix look really isn't him.

[21:05] <-YingGirl> mike...just bring dante home

[21:05] * Furu pilots the Gundam!!

[21:05] <Michael D> are you sure Vanessa?

[21:05] * Shaldra Darkness fiddles with the henshin pen some more...

[21:06] * Michael D wishes solar was here, would love to see his reaction. XD

[21:06] <Michael D> Kitty curiosity acting up shaldra?

[21:06] <Shaldra Darkness> Someone check to see if he knows about this place. I'm only on my laptop, so I can't talk to people.

[21:07] <-YingGirl> yes....

[21:07] <Shaldra Darkness> A little...

[21:08] * Kakyuu is away: *faints* Gerard Butler is my Erik!!!! MY PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!

[21:08] <Michael D> i checked AIM Shaldra, he's not on it. I'll hit his email with the new url in a couple mintues

[21:08] <Furu> Ikari> Did ya send the e-mail out to him too?

[21:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes, I did.

[21:08] <starcat> While I was searching for Sailor Moon wallpapers, I came upon this. "Talent" jokes, anyone? (ecchi warning) -->

[21:09] <@Ikari Shinji> I belive so.

[21:09] <@Ikari Shinji> ^believe

[21:09] <Shaldra Darkness> She's quite... tallented.

[21:09] <starcat> Yeah.

[21:09] * Shaldra Darkness is reminded of Naga.

[21:09] * Michael D collects Dante, teleporting him back to DMC and returning.

[21:09] <@Ikari Shinji> With that sort of talent, she'll go far in life.

[21:10] <starcat> This is a cool wallpaper, but sadly, I don't really like any of the Four Sisters. :/ -->

[21:10] * -YingGirl raises her head...omly to watch the room

[21:10] <Michael D> She quite talented in anything she does apparently

[21:10] * Furu nosebleeds!

[21:10] * starcat wonders if she should just search that site instead of the internet

[21:11] <-YingGirl> only^

[21:11] * Michael D curses the lack of pictures of Setsuna like the jupiter one. "fricken Inners...."

[21:11] <Shaldra Darkness> Ya, just the site, seems good.

[21:11] <Furu> Heheheh

[21:11] * Furu nudges Mike a little too hard

[21:11] * starcat is away: forgot about my cookies!!

[21:12] * Shaldra Darkness sighs... fanboys, yay... They can look at pics of chicks like that, and I can't find s[BLEEP]t about Miroku. ><

[21:12] <Michael D> I'll admit it, I'd love to see a sexified Setsuna picture! ><

[21:12] <Furu> Sorry, Shal-chan. Can't help it.

[21:12] * Shaldra Darkness shakes her fist at the sky

[21:12] <Michael D> but there aren't anime that hard hard hentai or worse. ><

[21:12] * @Ikari Shinji shakes his fist at the sky too

[21:13] <Michael D> *any that aren't hard hentai

[21:13] <-YingGirl> -->

[21:13] <Shaldra Darkness> DBZ pluto. My two bits.

[21:15] <Michael D> coolness, but I still wanna see one all sexiefed, why do the inners only get pics like the motoko one. ><

[21:16] <C'est_la_V> BEcause we're special :P

[21:16] <Furu> That's because Inners are cooler than Outers :P

[21:16] * starcat is back with a bit of cookie dough ^_^

[21:16] <Shaldra Darkness> Jupiter only gets pics like the juipter one, FYI.

[21:16] * chronos.typhoon.2k4 swipes at them both before vanishing

[21:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Mina.

[21:16] * Furu kids, he kids

[21:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Yes, Pluto, be jealous!

[21:16] * Furu dodges

[21:16] <@Dr_Xadium> You know, sometimes having this blog is an amusing curse.

[21:16] <Shaldra Darkness> Quite.

[21:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Because no one wants to see your talents! Well, Mike does! I'd rather see Jupiters!

[21:17] <@Dr_Xadium> Check out this spam that was OBVIOUSLY generated by the Luna situation.

[21:17] * -YingGirl watches the room

[21:17] <Michael D> I have full right to say that! *shakes his fist*

[21:17] <@Dr_Xadium> title: Bizar sexual plushie encounters

[21:17] * Shaldra Darkness continues to mumble about Miroku.

[21:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

[21:17] * Kakyuu has fallen in love with Gerard Butler <3

[21:17] <Furu> HA!

[21:17] <starcat> Weird. O_o;

[21:17] <@Dr_Xadium> body: "Weird f[BLEEP]king positions with weird toys (plushies) "

[21:17] <Furu> Like there are any other kind

[21:18] <Michael D> nani? O_o

[21:18] <starcat> O_o;;

[21:18] <@Dr_Xadium> ugh

[21:18] * Shaldra Darkness goes back to having Sailor Shaldra beating up Sailor Luna. ^_^

[21:18] <Furu> It's a stuffed animal. What part of that is NOT weird?

[21:18] <-Senator Ikari> Supreme Chancellor Xadium, I never knew you had that other side to you. Are you enaged in immoral acts?!

[21:18] <-YingGirl> i told you furries use plushies for sex

[21:18] * Michael D can see Setsuna's talent every night , but wants to see a pic done like that jupiter one of her. ><

[21:19] <@Dr_Xadium> Iuckily I had images turned off

[21:19] <@Dr_Xadium> Mike: You need the non-hentai covers of H-doujins then.

[21:19] * Furu laughs at Shinji

[21:19] * Shaldra Darkness wonders if X has seen her pic...?

[21:20] <@Dr_Xadium> Those are usually exagerrated beyond all reason.

[21:20] <-YingGirl> i think we all wanna beat up sailor luna

[21:20] <@Dr_Xadium> The Sailor Darkness who acts like Haruka? Yup ^_^

[21:20] <Furu> How true

[21:20] <-Senator Ikari> Heh.

[21:20] <Furu> h-artists tend to "fudge the details"

[21:20] <@Dr_Xadium> Great stuff as always!

[21:20] <Shaldra Darkness> Just because you brought it up yesterday. XD

[21:20] <Michael D> I'll try to look those up Doc. It's so hard being a Pluto fan. I image search and get the saem images a thousand times.

[21:20] * -YingGirl wants to do more pics of the Square Enix guy....

[21:21] <Michael D> Hey Doc, did you see my mock up?

[21:21] * @Dr_Xadium will need to link to all you guys

[21:21] * Shaldra Darkness bows. ^_^

[21:21] <-YingGirl> well, he's the head of square enix....

[21:21] <@Dr_Xadium> Mockup?

[21:21] * Furu sits on Tuxedo Sofa, waiting for his ULTIMATE ENEMY to arrive

[21:21] <Michael D> My version -->

[21:21] <-Senator Ikari> Ultimate enemy, eh?

[21:21] <@Dr_Xadium> Mike: I get the same V-chan images a billion times too.

[21:22] <Michael D> I did a quick pic hack for Sailor Shaldra. ^^

[21:22] * Furu pulls out some sunflower seeds, the ULTIMATE SNACK for waiting for ones ULTIMATE ENEMY

[21:22] <@Dr_Xadium> NOT BAD

[21:22] <-YingGirl> ..........

[21:22] * @Dr_Xadium basically HAS All the V-chan images out there.

[21:22] <Shaldra Darkness> Heh. ^_^;;

[21:22] <Michael D> the heads rough, but i was trying to get it done tonight, thats why It's a little pixelated.

[21:22] <-Senator Ikari> ALL of them, Supreme Chancellor?

[21:22] <Furu> Doc, if you were any one else, I'd call you a liar

[21:23] <@Dr_Xadium> Furu: I have the space, don't make me upload them.

[21:23] * Furu would have no problem with that :P

[21:23] <Shaldra Darkness> Please don't. It would probably kill my laptop.

[21:24] <@Dr_Xadium> heheh I wouldn't

[21:24] <Michael D> Thanks Doc.

[21:24] <@Dr_Xadium> I might do a "HQ Venus Gallery" though.

[21:24] * Shaldra Darkness needs to go through her files, has a habbit of saving pics she likes. ><

[21:24] <-Senator Ikari> So, you have pictures of Ms. Aino engaged in activities with tentacles?

[21:24] <@Dr_Xadium> Just all the High Res pics I can find.

[21:24] <Michael D> you mean the one from those flash movies Vanessa?

[21:24] <Furu> That'd be cool

[21:24] <@Dr_Xadium> I don't collect hentai, and there is a special place in hell for tentacle pr0n

[21:25] <-YingGirl> .............yeah. I like how he is.

[21:25] <-Senator Ikari> Good.

[21:25] * Shaldra Darkness shutters at the thought of tentacles. ><

[21:25] * Furu stretches his arms a little. The joints feel a little weird now, which makes sense, considering.....

[21:25] * -Senator Ikari notes that shall be no tentacle action in the New Order...

[21:25] <Michael D> He's hillarious, so is the Capcom guy.

[21:25] <starcat> To take the conversation away from the subject of tentacles, we have these pictures! -->

[21:25] * Furu seconds the no tentacle action

[21:25] <Shaldra Darkness> I'd like to see you try and take it away from Havoc.

[21:26] * Furu , on the other hand, decides not to comment on hentai collecting

[21:26] <-Senator Ikari> I'd like to see Havoc resist the strenght of the Grand Army of the Republic.

[21:26] <starcat> Ctrl+F for "Goku." :) -->

[21:26] <@Dr_Xadium> I have a boatload of Sims 1 Senshi but I need better models for Sims 2

[21:26] <Shaldra Darkness> Havoc can resist anything, cream lemon is a b[BLEEP]ch.

[21:27] * @Dr_Xadium is BLIND

[21:27] <starcat> This one is for you, Doc. -->

[21:27] <Michael D> Gah, evil setsuna skin!

[21:27] <C'est_la_V> So what if Havoc went up against someone like Goku who would eat all the cream lemon??

[21:27] <Furu> GYAH!

[21:27] * starcat reccommends that you scroll down to the bottom!

[21:28] * @Dr_Xadium saw, ^_^

[21:28] <-Senator Ikari> No one shall resist the Grand Army of the Republic!

[21:28] <Shaldra Darkness> He'd just get more, it's like... unstoppable! ><M

[21:28] <-YingGirl> ..............

[21:28] <-Senator Ikari> With Supreme Chancellor Xadium declares himself Emperor, all shall tremble at the might of his army!

[21:28] <C'est_la_V> But Gokou gets stronger the more he eats...

[21:29] * Shaldra Darkness doesn't even know where that s[BLEEP]t comes from!!!

[21:29] <-Senator Ikari> ...err...

[21:29] <-Senator Ikari> You didn't hear that.

[21:29] <-Senator Ikari> Nope.

[21:29] <Shaldra Darkness> But the cream lemon blocks all attacks whenever he is attacked... ><

[21:29] <Michael D> Doc, never let minako see this page*evil giggle* -->

[21:29] <-Senator Ikari> Not at all.

[21:29] <Furu> I wonder if it's possible for Saiya-jins to even be full

[21:29] <starcat> It gets better! Look about halfway down this page. :) -->

[21:30] <@Ikari Shinji> It's GENDO!

[21:30] <Michael D> the f[BLEEP]k star, O_o

[21:30] <starcat> Shinji: Yes, but above that.

[21:30] * C'est_la_V doesn't see what was wrong with that page

[21:30] <Shaldra Darkness> God. ><

[21:31] * Furu now SO wants to make Gendo in Sims now

[21:31] <Michael D> click the links...Cosplayers!!!!! XD

[21:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Redeath, Star. I imagine you haven't watched it. :)

[21:31] * -YingGirl watche the room from her corner. Knows it's best for not not to be with her

[21:31] * starcat thought that the horrible Venus one might provoke a few comments.

[21:31] <C'est_la_V> ><

[21:31] <Furu> His job would just to be to sit at a desk all day, hands folded, and go home

[21:32] <Michael D> each pic is a link to cosplayers for the outfit. *evil chuckle*

[21:32] <starcat> Shinji: Right about now, I'm looking for bad Sailor Moon sims. :P

[21:32] <@Dr_Xadium> NO MINAKO NO

[21:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh. :P

[21:32] * C'est_la_V resists the urlge to click

[21:32] <starcat> Sailor Moon...Swedish style! -->

[21:32] <Michael D> I am now vindicated for the Setsuna comment. ^_^

[21:33] * starcat apologizes to all those of Swedish descent.

[21:33] <Shaldra Darkness> LOL

[21:33] <Michael D> Thats not true Vanessa.

[21:33] <@Dr_Xadium> That Venus one is pretty good.

[21:33] <starcat> Chibi-usa meets her arch nemisis: too much hair gel. -->

[21:33] <starcat> Xadium: It is, actually.

[21:34] <Shaldra Darkness> O_o;;;

[21:34] <Michael D> Why does Setsuna look like Troy off of ST:TNG??????? O_o

[21:34] <@Dr_Xadium> Chibiusa could put EVERYONE'S eyes otu with that

[21:35] <-YingGirl> mike, dante is better off withoutme... i'll hurt him if he tries to be affectionate to me like solar is to shaldra

[21:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Don't drag me into this.

[21:35] * Furu drags Shal-chan into it :P

[21:36] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrr...!

[21:36] * @Ikari Shinji drags Shaldra, Furu, and kiddo into... something!

[21:36] <Michael D> I'll talk to him about that, I know I wont get him to stop loving you thou, and I don't think you want that either, if your honest withyourself.

[21:36] <Kakyuu> Why does Hotaru look like Jackie Chan?

[21:36] <@Dr_Xadium> In case you haven't seen it -->

[21:36] <Shaldra Darkness> O_o

[21:36] <-YingGirl> ..........................

[21:36] <Michael D> looks great Dr. X

[21:36] <Kakyuu> And Haruka has long hair? SINCE WHEN?!

[21:37] * starcat is dragged into something!

[21:37] <Michael D> -->

[21:37] <Furu> [Hotaru] I have to go save cousin in Carson City!

[21:37] <Michael D> I have to say, this is the best one I could find on that page.

[21:37] <Shaldra Darkness> No Mike! No cosplaying!

[21:37] <@Ikari Shinji> LOL.

[21:37] <starcat> Xadium: VERY nice. :) She now bears a resemblance to yet another Sakura in the world on anime!

[21:38] <starcat> *of anime

[21:38] * -YingGirl notes no one ever cosplay as her character before. Wonder how Wolfy is gonna pull it off

[21:38] <Michael D> I must be vindicated Shaldra! For Setsuna's honor!

[21:38] <@Dr_Xadium> star: yeah, I figured there would be more of an influence on her, plus, it makes her more distinct from Mina.

[21:38] <starcat> Mike: Nice, but the bow needs work. Other than that, it's pretty good!

[21:39] <Michael D> On the other hand I could be evil -->

[21:39] <starcat> The sleeves and the little roll-band thingies could use some work as well, but those would be very hard tog et right, so I'm willing to forgive. ^_^

[21:39] <starcat> *to get

[21:39] * C'est_la_V is away: puking

[21:40] <starcat> Mike: That's just indecent.

[21:40] <Shaldra Darkness> I gotta scat. See ya.

[21:40] <starcat> Bye, shladra.

[21:40] <Michael D> Seeya shaldra

[21:40] <@Ikari Shinji> Bye, Shaldra.

[21:40] <@Dr_Xadium> Bye!

[21:40] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (A flick of the tail, and I'm off.)

[21:40] * Furu would be disgusted if he didn't have an iron stomach. Almost literally.

[21:41] <starcat> This is what I was looking for when I found the sims page, but here it is finally! This is for you, Mike. -->

[21:41] * Michael D is vindicated. but will hurt himself too.

[21:41] <@Ikari Shinji> He's more machine now then man. Twisted and evil.

[21:41] <starcat> Now, then, I still need a New Year's wallpaper. ><

[21:41] * Michael D hugs Star "THANK YOU X 100000000000"

[21:41] <@Dr_Xadium> yes ob1

[21:41] <@Ikari Shinji> Or should've that been than?

[21:42] <Furu> Hey, I'm stillmostly flesh and stuff...and I'm NOT evil

[21:42] * starcat hugs back "You're welcome. :)"

[21:42] * @Ikari Shinji just LOOKS at Furu...

[21:42] <starcat> Shinji: Than.

[21:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Star: I thought I made a mistake. Typed too fast.

[21:42] * starcat hugs Furu-kun and whispers "you'd better stay at least partly flesh, if you know what I mean. ^_~"

[21:43] <Furu> I'm not!! <_<

[21:43] * Furu turns red

[21:43] <starcat> Shinji: It happens. :)

[21:43] * @Ikari Shinji continues to look at Furu

[21:43] <@Ikari Shinji> I believe you, Darth Furu.

[21:44] * @Dr_Xadium is away: ramen + anime and more pondering as to the blog.

[21:45] <Furu> -_-;

[21:45] <@Dr_Xadium> All right you know what I'll tell you guys something.

[21:45] <Furu> hm?

[21:45] <starcat> Shock and awe, another Jupiter wallpaper with more "talent." -->

[21:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeah?

[21:45] <@Dr_Xadium> The next phase of the Genvid project has been decided.

[21:45] <starcat> Oooh, cool!

[21:45] <-YingGirl> .....?

[21:46] <@Dr_Xadium> It's my idea, since there's not much new happening in sailor moon world right now.

[21:46] <Michael D> ?

[21:46] * -YingGirl stays in her corner

[21:46] * starcat nods

[21:46] <@Dr_Xadium> Jay hasn't announced it yet because I have yet to work out the logistics.

[21:46] <starcat> Yes, yes, go on...

[21:46] <@Dr_Xadium> Tut, patience is a virtue.

[21:46] <Furu> Heheh

[21:46] <Furu> Teaser!

[21:46] * @Dr_Xadium then deliberately pauses to allow sufficient interest to build :P

[21:46] <@Ikari Shinji> Star, don't make me "correct" you.

[21:47] <starcat> It's a virtue that I don't have. :P

[21:47] <@Dr_Xadium> You see, there's a LOT of good data about Sailor Moon out there.

[21:47] <@Dr_Xadium> People have all kind sof rare fanbooks, movie books, etc. Stuff that's long out of print.

[21:47] <starcat> For teasing me so cruelly... -->

[21:48] <@Dr_Xadium> Plus they have all kinds of merchandise, etc.

[21:48] <@Dr_Xadium> There are scans and things of bits and pieces of some of this stuff out there.

[21:48] <@Dr_Xadium> For example the movie books have lots of nice sketches of the senshi plus power level stats etc.

[21:49] <Furu> ..So....a book depository?

[21:49] <starcat> So, you are proposing a compendium of Sailor Moon stuff?

[21:49] <Michael D> interesting

[21:49] <@Ikari Shinji> Let him get to his point!

[21:49] <@Dr_Xadium> What I aim to do with the help of the forums people is to gather high quality scans of all this stuff, plus photos of their rare merchandise.

[21:49] <starcat> Shinji: Only if he hurries up and GETS to it! :P

[21:49] <@Dr_Xadium> Yes, we're going to make a comprehensive compendium.

[21:49] * @Ikari Shinji "corrects" starcat

[21:50] <@Dr_Xadium> Or try to, anyway.

[21:50] <-YingGirl> ....well, there was a sailor moon rpg rulebook made by the guardians of the order

[21:50] <@Ikari Shinji> Go pilot the Gundam.

[21:50] <starcat> I've got the Sailor Jupiter and Sailor VEnus North American releases of the "Scout Guides."

[21:50] <@Dr_Xadium> Phase two will be translating whatever we get,

[21:50] <@Ikari Shinji> I have the Sailor Moon RPG Core Rulebook.

[21:50] <starcat> I don't have a gundam. :P

[21:50] <@Dr_Xadium> Well the NA stuff will be easy. I'm interested in the JP stuff.

[21:50] * Furu punches Ikari. "No correcting my girlfriend!"

[21:50] <@Ikari Shinji> I have one just prepared for you, kiddo.

[21:50] <@Dr_Xadium> The old newtype articles, specials and such.

[21:51] * @Ikari Shinji takes the punch and punches Furu back

[21:51] <starcat> I've got the Best Song Collection CD booklet!

[21:51] <@Ikari Shinji> She needs to learn some patience.

[21:51] <@Dr_Xadium> All the rare media that was generated back when the show was a going concern.

[21:51] <-YingGirl> like the wallscrolls and plushies

[21:51] * Furu barely even feels it

[21:51] <-YingGirl> or music?

[21:51] <starcat> (and the CD, but that doesn't seem tob e relevant. :) )

[21:51] <@Dr_Xadium> Right. So once I figure out our prioritization, the work will begin.

[21:51] <Furu> Old Newtype...Wouldn't that be Oldtype? :P

[21:51] <starcat> Shinji: I will. LAter.

[21:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice.

[21:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Oldtypes...

[21:52] <@Dr_Xadium> Well Music is covered alreasdy. I want the rare stuff that sites don't have covered in depth.

[21:52] <@Ikari Shinji> They need to stand aside and let the Newtypes rule humanity!

[21:52] <@Dr_Xadium> The later I'll add in databses of music and lyrics and such.

[21:52] <starcat> I've got some gashapon figures.

[21:53] * starcat is trying to think of stuff that she has

[21:53] <@Dr_Xadium> As do I. That kind of merchandise will probably be the second phase.

[21:53] <@Dr_Xadium> The first phase will be to try and hook up with the old school fans and see if they can't ship in some scans.

[21:53] <@Dr_Xadium> ^chip in

[21:53] * -YingGirl gets up and leaves

[21:54] <starcat> Bye, ying.

[21:54] <@Dr_Xadium> Because there's all kinds of old trivia and stuff to be gleaned from some of the JP stuff.

[21:54] <Furu> Dr. X, representing the old skool

[21:54] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (...Heading towards DMC. I wonder if Dante is all right)

[21:54] <Michael D> bye vanessa.

[21:54] <@Dr_Xadium> Bye Ying. We're not so interested in PGSM because lots of sites have that covered.

[21:54] <starcat> I've got a ROM of the PS fighter game that I could get screenshots of!

[21:55] <@Dr_Xadium> So we want to go back to the Japanese version and document its history to the present.

[21:55] <@Dr_Xadium> Star: I have it too, a good review would be welcome.

[21:55] * starcat will see about it. ^_^

[21:55] <Michael D> It sounds like a great plan doc, to bad only japanese stuff I have is a Sailor Venus Plushie and the capsupon PGSM figures

[21:55] <@Dr_Xadium> I wish we could do a head to head review of the Saturn's animation (I need to leech the rest of the vids)

[21:56] <@Dr_Xadium> Well Phase one will be print media.

[21:56] <@Dr_Xadium> Jay's too swamped to translate, so it will be raw unless we can get volunteers.

[21:56] <@Dr_Xadium> But the ultimate goal is to have it translated eventually.

[21:56] <@Dr_Xadium> The goal right now is just to get our hands on the stuff.

[21:57] <Furu> Sounds cooool

[21:57] <Michael D> star, were can I find that? ^_^

[21:58] <@Ikari Shinji> Sounds like a great idea.

[21:58] * -Meanwhile, the DMC office doesn't seem too lonely anymore ♡

[21:58] <starcat> This site has hi-res scans of images, but I'm not sure if she has the books or what. -->

[21:58] <@Dr_Xadium> Thanks, I have high hopes for this.

[21:58] <starcat> Mike: Let me see if the site still has it up...

[21:58] <@Ikari Shinji> You got my attention. :)

[21:59] <Michael D> thanks star

[21:59] <@Dr_Xadium> Star: I know about them. I have to work out an exact plan for this.

[21:59] <Michael D> Gotta go in literaly a couple minutes.

[21:59] <Furu> you've got my attention, too, but that's not hard :P

[21:59] <@Dr_Xadium> So next year, expect some movement on this front.

[21:59] * starcat wants to help! ^_^

[21:59] <Michael D> T_T Star.....thank you so much.... -->

[22:00] * Michael D suddenly disappears

[22:00] <starcat> Whaa??

[22:00] <TimeGal> Thanks for getting his motor started Star-san. ^_~

[22:00] <@Dr_Xadium> Star: You'll be able to, once this gets going.

[22:01] <starcat> Ahh... ^_^

[22:01] *** Wolfwood has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:01] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Wolfwood

[22:01] <starcat> You're welcome, Set-san. ^_^

[22:01] <@Dr_Xadium> Hi Wolf

[22:01] <@Ikari Shinji> I'd like to help in anyway possible.

[22:01] * TimeGal winks and heads off

[22:01] <Wolfwood> hello X, everyone

[22:01] <starcat> Xadium: Woo!

[22:02] <starcat> Hi, Wolf!

[22:02] *** TimeGal has left #suburbansenshi2 (Mike-kun ♡ If you like me in that picture, wait till the Fuku comes off. ^_~)

[22:02] <@Dr_Xadium> Well, if you see scans from old SM magazines (Japanese) or books on places like 4-chan save them for me.

[22:02] <Furu> Whew

[22:02] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:02] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[22:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Will do.

[22:02] <starcat> Hi, Solar!

[22:02] <@Dr_Xadium> Hi Solar, Wolf

[22:03] <Solarchos> Well, I see the site's back up. Partially, at least.

[22:03] <Michael D> Gotta run solar, nosebleed at this, ask shaldra about it seeya later. -->

[22:03] <Solarchos> What the frell have I missed?! I'm so late in getting here!

[22:03] <Furu> Yo Solar

[22:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Sol. Hey, Wolf.

[22:04] <@Dr_Xadium> Yes, I will be working the bugs out of it tomorrow.

[22:04] * Wolfwood notes he plans to send X the money sometime within the week

[22:04] *** Michael D has left #suburbansenshi2 (Set-chan.....fuku-less.....JOY!!!!! ♡)

[22:04] <Solarchos> Mike - I think that's one of her new costumes at Planet Hentai. Still...*nosebleed*

[22:04] <Furu> <_< Mike's way too excited. Not like it's a new thing.

[22:05] <@Dr_Xadium> Wolf, it's much appreciated. Let me know about that fic.

[22:05] <starcat> Solar: SHe got a henshin wand today, you know.

[22:05] <Kakyuu> Think of me, think of me fondly, when we've said goodbye. Remember me, once in a while, please promise me you'll try

[22:05] * @Dr_Xadium has to set up the paypal donate page too.

[22:05] <starcat> ((Curses, SG went offline. ><))

[22:06] <@Dr_Xadium> Now that I'm not on Genvid I'm probably gonna try to make Sub. Senshi merchandise for Cafepress that uses the senshi.

[22:06] <Wolfwood> will do X....tell you what, what if I just mailed you the money? I have a "christmas present" i'd like to send you anyway

[22:06] <Solarchos> Xadium - Dammit! Now I've gotta get a Paypal account!

[22:06] <@Dr_Xadium> Wolf, paypal is better actually, because I can pay ionhosting directly.

[22:06] <Wolfwood> my paypal is acting kinda....bad

[22:06] <Wolfwood> ok

[22:06] <@Dr_Xadium> Cash I have to run down to the bank which is a PITA

[22:06] <starcat> In case anyone else wants to download it... -->

[22:07] * Furu likes pita pockets. They're tasty.

[22:07] <Furu> .....

[22:07] <Michael D> ooc: thanks star, I was just about to power down before I saw this thanks.

[22:07] * Furu wonders if that damn old man left his tastebuds intact

[22:07] *** DvlmayCry has left #suburbansenshi2 (♡)

[22:07] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - So, how are you holding up? Kakyuu mentioned you've been pretty down lately.

[22:07] <@Dr_Xadium> You know... the saturn version of the game is so much better (real new anime clips) but... no emulators ><

[22:08] <starcat> ((Mike: You're welcome, I was afraid that you'd left.))

[22:08] <starcat> Xadium: Arrg. ><

[22:08] <Wolfwood> i've been better Solarchos, but Xadiums kid gave me the stern talking to I guess I needed

[22:08] <@Dr_Xadium> I have some of the clips but not all. I'm going to grab them all off WinMX

[22:09] <Solarchos> Starcat - So Shaldra's got a henshin wand now? How did that happen?

[22:09] <starcat> Solar: I don't know. Can you just read it in the logs? I wasn't really paying attention...sorry.

[22:10] * Solarchos is away: "Reading todays logs...dammit I wish I'd gotten on sooner!"

[22:10] <Wolfwood> I was all ready to off myself, but Sakura jacked me up and got in my i'm all better now =}

[22:11] * @Dr_Xadium notes Sakura vanishes whenever he shows up ><

[22:11] * Furu continues to wait...and wait...for his ULTIMATE...thingie

[22:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Poor Xadium. :(

[22:12] * @Ikari Shinji pats Xadium on his back

[22:12] * -EvilHamster squeaks and LEAPS onto Furu's head!

[22:12] * @Ikari Shinji blasts the EvilHamster off of Furu

[22:12] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - Dammit! Don't start acting like Yinggirl! You're better than that!

[22:12] * -EvilHamster is about the size of a cat, so is somewhat heavy.

[22:12] * @Dr_Xadium is watching James Bond carve a path of devastation through LA with a fire truck.

[22:13] * -EvilHamster is blasted off of Furu X_x

[22:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, James, how more creative can you get...

[22:13] * -EvilHamster squeaks and crawls over to starcat

[22:14] * starcat picks up her large hamster and sits on the windowsill

[22:14] * Kakyuu sneaks up behind Wolfwood and starts singing Think of Me

[22:14] <Wolfwood> apparently there's still some good I can do in this world

[22:14] <Furu> What the?!

[22:14] * Kakyuu is hoping to catch Wolf off guard and scare him slightly*

[22:14] <Furu> T-that's a big hamster.

[22:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Evil Hasmters, Furu.

[22:14] <@Ikari Shinji> Nasty bugger.

[22:14] <starcat> It's hard to explain.

[22:15] <starcat> He's not bad. :P

[22:15] <Furu> I'd..imagine so

[22:15] <starcat> He's actually a very nice hamster.

[22:15] * Wolfwood is teh unscareable

[22:15] <starcat> He started out small, you know.

[22:15] <Solarchos> Xadium - So seriously, about how much is going to cost you per month to keep the site up and running?

[22:16] <Wolfwood> there's a couple a people in here who's veiws about me I want to change

[22:16] <Kakyuu> DaMN! Brb

[22:16] <@Dr_Xadium> About 8 bucks give or take. So I figure if I do some fanarts for 10 a piece (got to cover paypal transfer fees too) I should be good.

[22:16] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - How so?

[22:18] <Solarchos> Xadium - That's not bad at all. Once you get that Paypal account set up for donations I have a feeling you'll be getting a steady trickle of funds.

[22:18] <Wolfwood> well, i'll let you guys see what I meen once things get back to normal 'round here

[22:18] <@Dr_Xadium> My domain name is good for two years, but that's something for me to take the hit on.

[22:18] <@Dr_Xadium> Solar: We'll see how it goes.

[22:19] <Wolfwood> Doc, I don't suppose the others are home right now are they?

[22:19] <starcat> Wolf: Things are NEVER normal around here.

[22:19] <@Dr_Xadium> Solar did you see the new Sakura pic?

[22:19] <@Dr_Xadium> Minako is off throwing up due to bad cosplay pics.

[22:20] <Wolfwood> ...I was refering to Helios

[22:20] <@Dr_Xadium> The others are off defacing the old site I guess.

[22:20] <Wolfwood> oh, ok

[22:20] * starcat will BRB

[22:20] <Solarchos> Xadium - Yes I did. She's looking as good as her mom!

[22:20] <@Dr_Xadium> Helios should be around tomorrow... when he gets his.

[22:20] * @Ikari Shinji is away: Root leaf I cook! Why do you wish to become Jedi?

[22:21] <Wolfwood> I never thought i'd say this but..I owe Helios an apology

[22:21] * papa_SHiNGO! sings one for the ladies and is gone, like a kiss in the nostalgia of youth

[22:22] <Wolfwood> I kinda went after him outta blind rage for nothing, so I feel I owe him an apology

[22:22] * @Ikari Shinji comes back quickly from starting a load of cloths and throws up a complicated gang sign to papa_SHiNGO! and goes back to house duties

[22:23] <Furu> O_o

[22:23] * papa_SHiNGO! is not a crudge gangster-person, you crude, crude man.

[22:23] * @Ikari Shinji notes that he isn't crude while sorting out his whites and darks

[22:24] * papa_SHiNGO! is a sweet delicate kiss of lustful ambrosia to lonely female lips

[22:24] * @Ikari Shinji has been trained in the ways of the Pimp

[22:24] * starcat is back

[22:24] * papa_SHiNGO! goes off to pleasure away the sorrows of a sad damsel.

[22:25] <starcat> O_O;

[22:25] * papa_SHiNGO! ... for when your love life needs some tender therapy

[22:25] * Solarchos is away: "Still reading from today..."

[22:25] <Wolfwood> right, i'll be back in a bit

[22:25] <starcat> There weren't even any women in the chatbox when he came!

[22:25] * Wolfwood is away: fic and RL girlfriend

[22:25] * @Ikari Shinji is now away while preparing some supper

[22:25] <Furu> ^_^;

[22:25] * papa_SHiNGO! ... dial 1-800-4a-lover

[22:26] <@spiritflame> ....

[22:26] * @Ikari Shinji is always here to show the Forbidden Love of a Jedi

[22:26] * starcat has Furu-kun, has no need for this "papa_SHiNGO!" guy :P

[22:26] * @Ikari Shinji drags himself away from the PC

[22:26] <papa_SHiNGO!> With Papa Shingo... no love is forbidden... only... forgotten.

[22:27] <Solarchos> Just so everyone knows...the real reason I was so later in getting on tonight. I was playing a *serious* game of "Evil Genius" and lost track of time. ~_~;;;

[22:27] * papa_SHiNGO! is away, soothing a wounded heart

[22:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Oh, SNAP.

[22:27] * Kakyuu laughs "I'm not lonely! I get to dress up as Christine Daae every day and my 'Erik' my 'Phantom', Rae-kun SINGS WITH ME! MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[22:27] <starcat> Solar: Dude! Evil Genius! XD

[22:27] * Solarchos shoots a Typo-Demon.

[22:27] <@Ikari Shinji> My love is so great that the Jedi Temple tried to but a chasity belt on me... but I can't be stopped.

[22:27] <Furu> GYAH

[22:27] * @Ikari Shinji is NOW AWAY, FOOOOOOD!

[22:28] <starcat> My notoriety level is rather low. ><

[22:28] <@Ikari Shinji> ^put

[22:28] * @Ikari Shinji IS AWAY AWAY AWAY!

[22:28] <Solarchos> Starcat - Yup, I'm trying to build the Bunker in that game. I was just getting some really nasty traps in place, too.

[22:28] * papa_SHiNGO! has keys for all the popular brands of chastity belts

[22:29] * Furu met an evil genius earlier. A very DEAD one, but an evil genius nonetheless

[22:29] *** papa_SHiNGO! [] has quit IRC (yes, haruna my darling, let me take you... to paradise...)

[22:30] <Solarchos> Starcat - My *funds* are currently rather low! ~_~

[22:30] <starcat> Solar: I need more guards to steal for me, but they get killed. ><

[22:31] <starcat> ACtually, I need more minions.

[22:31] * SaiyaJedi walks in, bewildered

[22:31] <starcat> Hi, SJ.

[22:31] *** SaiyaJedi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:31] <@spiritflame> Irasshai SaiyaJedi

[22:31] <SaiyaJedi> So the Doctor killed, eh?

[22:31] <@Dr_Xadium> Hi SJ

[22:32] <Furu> Yo SJ

[22:32] <Solarchos> Starcat - I'm trying to build up more minions so I can steal more cash. My only problem currently is that I've got a lot of foreign agents sniffing around on a routine basis.

[22:32] <@Dr_Xadium> Yeah, which is odd, usually genvid can take the bandwidth hit.

[22:32] <Furu> XD

[22:32] <Furu> It's all your fault, Dr. X.

[22:32] <Furu> ALL YOUR FAULT.

[22:32] <starcat> Solar: If you let them go with a blue ring around their feet, your heat goes down.

[22:32] <@Dr_Xadium> But oh well, it was time to move out anyway.

[22:33] <@Dr_Xadium> Not that I'm leaving the Genvid Project.

[22:33] <starcat> Capture the maid, interrogate her, and then make valets to psycologically weaken the agents.

[22:34] <Solarchos> Starcat - I've already got a valet, a technician, and a guard. I just need to start training more.

[22:34] <starcat> Solar: Then train more! Get at least two of each.

[22:35] * Furu walks to the kitchen to get something to drink...and trips over the damn trenchcoat

[22:36] <Solarchos> Starcat - I've gotta get the cash to build a training facility in addition to expanded barracks. That'll get done in due time, though.

[22:36] * @Dr_Xadium is NOT looking forward to having to fix all the image links in the archives.

[22:36] <starcat> Solar: No, do the training facility before the barracks. (my guys almost NEVER use the barracks. ><)

[22:37] <starcat> Xadium: Ouch. *winces*

[22:38] * Furu hops to his feet and mumbles something about idiotic fashion

[22:38] <Solarchos> Xadium - Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you. >_<

[22:38] <@Dr_Xadium> But there will never be a better time to do it, there's too much stuff scattered every where.

[22:38] <Furu> wow, that IS gonna be a pain

[22:39] <@Dr_Xadium> Well I tried to use relative urls as much as I could but sometimes I forgot.

[22:40] <Furu> Heh

[22:42] * Furu gives Dr. X a thumbs up and cheers him on

[22:42] * Solarchos is sad he didn't get to see Shaldra-kun tonight. T_T

[22:44] <Furu> i'm sure you'll see her tomorrow, Solar

[22:44] * Kakyuu must go

[22:44] <starcat> Bye, Kakyuu.

[22:44] <@Dr_Xadium> Bye Kakyuu

[22:45] <Solarchos> That's strange. At one point today SG said he was going to email me the new URL address, but I never received anything.

[22:45] * @Ikari Shinji is back

[22:45] <starcat> WB, Shinji.

[22:45] *** Kakyuu has left #suburbansenshi2 (Ice fishing tomorrow with my dad IRL! BYE!)

[22:45] * @Dr_Xadium is gonna go now, stuff to do.

[22:46] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks, Star.

[22:46] * @Dr_Xadium is away: ramen + The end of Sakura Taisen TV ><

[22:46] <Furu> See ya, Dr. X

[22:46] <@Ikari Shinji> See ya, Doc!

[22:46] <Furu> LOL. That's some stuff.

[22:46] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm only here for a short time, myself.

[22:46] <starcat> Bye, Doc.

[22:46] <@Ikari Shinji> I'm waiting for my food to get done.

[22:48] <starcat> My cookies have cooled!

[22:48] <Furu> Everyone's eating but me T_T

[22:48] * @Ikari Shinji pats Furu on the back and hugs him

[22:49] * starcat is away: chocolate chip cookies ^_^

[22:49] * Furu is hugged

[22:49] * Furu hugs back Ikari just a little too tight

[22:49] * @Ikari Shinji doesn't feel a thing

[22:51] <Furu> Impressive

[22:52] <@Ikari Shinji> Indeed.

[22:52] <@Ikari Shinji> When you've been around as long as I have, you tend to pick up a few things.

[22:53] <Furu> Heheh

[22:53] <Furu> You're OLD

[22:53] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[22:53] * starcat returns with a plate of cookies

[22:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Damn right I am.

[22:54] * starcat gives Furu-kun a cookie

[22:54] * starcat gives the old guy a cookie

[22:54] * @Ikari Shinji takes the cookie from the kid and eats it

[22:55] * Furu eats it, though he's not hungry at all

[22:55] <starcat> Everyone needs a cookie. :P

[22:56] * SaiyaJedi walks back in

[22:56] <SaiyaJedi> Sorry about that

[22:56] <Furu> 'sokay

[22:56] <SaiyaJedi> I got Shanghaied (literally)

[22:56] <starcat> It's okay. ^_^

[22:56] <SaiyaJedi> Well, sorta

[22:56] * Solarchos has finished reading up on today's events.

[22:56] * starcat gives SJ a cookie

[22:56] <SaiyaJedi> Video-chatting with my freshman-year roommate

[22:56] <SaiyaJedi> Who lives in Shanghai

[22:57] * starcat gives Solar a cookie

[22:57] * SaiyaJedi takes the cookie

[22:57] <SaiyaJedi> Thanks

[22:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Jedi.

[22:57] * SaiyaJedi savors the cookie, chewing slowly

[22:57] <starcat> You're welcome. ^_^

[22:57] <SaiyaJedi> Mmmff?

[22:58] * SaiyaJedi means: "Yeah, Shinji?"

[22:58] * SaiyaJedi swallows

[22:58] <SaiyaJedi> *ahem*

[22:58] <SaiyaJedi> Anyways... you were saying?

[22:58] * starcat loves her new MSN icon! ^_^

[22:58] <@Ikari Shinji> That was just a "Hey" as in "Hi."

[22:58] * Furu hasn't seen it

[22:59] * starcat has seen it!

[22:59] * Solarchos eats the cookie...but is still sad he missed Shaldra. T_T

[22:59] <SaiyaJedi> ...oh.

[22:59] <SaiyaJedi> ><

[22:59] <Furu> Heheh

[23:00] <-> “I watched as he opened the sixth seal. There was a great earthquake. The sun turned black like sackcloth made of goat hair, the whole moon turned blood red, and the stars in the sky fell to earth, as late figs drop from a fig tree when shaken by a strong wind. The sky receded like a scroll, rolling up, and every mountain and island was removed from its place.

[23:00] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[23:00] <SaiyaJedi> . . .

[23:00] <Furu> What the....

[23:00] <starcat> okay, then...

[23:01] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[23:01] <Solarchos> Book of Revelations, I believe.

[23:01] <-> Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains. They called to the mountains and the rocks, Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of their wrath has come, and who can stand?" ~Revelations 6:12-17~

[23:01] <starcat> Probably.

[23:01] <Solarchos> So who quoted it just now?

[23:01] <@Ikari Shinji> Someone has been reading from my play book!

[23:01] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[23:01] <starcat> Solar: You were right!

[23:01] <Furu> That[BLEEP]king creepy

[23:01] <starcat> It wasn't Xadium.

[23:02] <starcat> It wasn't me.

[23:02] * Furu just got BACK from Hell earlier! He doesn't want to go back down there now.

[23:02] <-> on 1-20-05, there were those who thought this end would never come...who are they to say such things?

[23:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Wolf.

[23:02] <starcat> probably.

[23:02] <@Ikari Shinji> No probably about it.

[23:02] <@Ikari Shinji> Nice teaser.

[23:03] <-> Suburban Senshi has ended, After Senshi begins

[23:03] <SaiyaJedi> Is he/she talking about the Budokai 1 & 2 soundtrack?

[23:03] <SaiyaJedi> . . .

[23:03] <starcat> I reccommend not being so stupidly cryptic, though.

[23:03] <Solarchos> Ahh! The countdown has begun! Nice!

[23:03] <-Master Chief> I need a weapon.

[23:03] * starcat glomps Mater Chief

[23:04] * Solarchos hands the Master Cheif an MA5B assault rifle.

[23:04] <SaiyaJedi> Yah, Sub. Sen. GT

[23:04] * Furu feels jealous

[23:04] <-Master Chief> Great, Cortana's gonna be pissed.

[23:04] <starcat> It's a great teaser, it just needed a nickname. :)

[23:04] * Solarchos first uses the assault rifle to waste another damn Typo-Demon. XP

[23:04] <Furu> i'm a cyborg now, too! Where's MY GLOMP?

[23:04] * starcat hugs MC

[23:04] * SaiyaJedi wonders...

[23:04] <-Master Chief> Many thanks, good Solarchos. On to victory!

[23:04] <starcat> Cortana is always pissed. :P

[23:04] <SaiyaJedi> Hmm.

[23:04] <@Ikari Shinji> She's showing her Master Chief fetish.

[23:04] * -Master Chief runs off to parts unknown

[23:04] <SaiyaJedi> Ah, well.

[23:05] <starcat> You'll get glomped later, Furu-kun! I promise.^_^

[23:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Dress up like him and you'll won't ever have her let you go.

[23:05] * Hisui walks in, covered in sweat, a towel draped around her neck

[23:05] * starcat kicks Shinji in the shins, then glomps Furu-kun

[23:05] <Hisui> Hi, everyone.

[23:05] <Furu> Heheh

[23:05] <Furu> Um..yo, H-chan

[23:05] * @Ikari Shinji kicks starcat back in the shins and THEN hugs Furu :P

[23:05] <starcat> Shinji: Just because I'm a fangirl doesn't mean that I have a fetish.

[23:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, Hisui.

[23:06] <Solarchos> Hisui - Hey there.

[23:06] <starcat> Hi, Hisui.

[23:06] <@Ikari Shinji> It was a joke, kiddo.

[23:06] * Hisui punches Furu in the arm. Need she remind everyone of his beatdown the other night?

[23:06] <Wolfwood> MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

[23:06] *** Jack Flagg has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:06] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Jack Flagg

[23:06] <@Ikari Shinji> JACK!

[23:06] <starcat> Hi, Jack.

[23:06] <@Ikari Shinji> MY LEGO MANIAC!

[23:06] <Jack Flagg> Hmm, our new home...nice.

[23:06] <Furu> Things are different now ^_^

[23:06] * starcat punches Hisui back

[23:06] <Hisui> It's nice to see such a full house here, tonight. ^_^

[23:06] <Jack Flagg> Hi star, Shinji, various other chatbox denizens.

[23:06] <Wolfwood> ...was that too over the top?

[23:07] <starcat> My Furu-kun. XP

[23:07] <@Ikari Shinji> I thought it was a nice teaser.

[23:07] * starcat glomps Furu-kun again

[23:07] <@Ikari Shinji> Of course I have my own unique tastes.

[23:07] * Hisui gets an evil look in her eye, then movies to throttle Starcat; the moment passes, and she stops and smiles again

[23:07] <starcat> Wolf: It just needed a nickname.

[23:07] <Jack Flagg> Over the top is good sometimes, I think.

[23:07] <Wolfwood> thank you Ikari

[23:07] <Solarchos>'s getting late. I'd better turn in and see if I can't track down my slinky Shaldra-kun! Later, everyone!

[23:07] <@Ikari Shinji> You're welcome, Wolf.

[23:08] <starcat> Hisui: Kill me, if you'd like.

[23:08] <Wolfwood> ...nickname?

[23:08] <Hisui> *ahem*

[23:08] <Hisui> Heh... sorry about that.

[23:08] <Solarchos> Wolfwood - Not bad. Not bad at all.

[23:08] <Hisui> Still mastering my emotions in this new form.

[23:08] <Wolfwood> bye Sol

[23:08] <-nick goes here> trailer goes here

[23:08] <starcat> Like that.

[23:08] <Furu> Different, is it?

[23:08] <Wolfwood> ah

[23:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Glad to hear that, Hisui.

[23:08] *** Solarchos has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "I know, I know. Get my @$$ back in the Bunker.")

[23:09] <starcat> Bye, solar.

[23:09] * Wolfwood notes he has little nods to Halo 2, Blade II & III and about a half dozen other films in the fic

[23:09] <Hisui> Furu: It's a bit harder to control my emotions now, for some reason.

[23:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Hormones.

[23:10] <Hisui> Dad calls it "hormones." O_o

[23:10] <@Ikari Shinji> Gotta love the Blade Trilogy.

[23:10] <Furu> Welcome to teenagerhood

[23:10] <starcat> Indeed.

[23:10] * Wolfwood notes it will be a suprise who delivers the first Blade 2 line

[23:11] <Hisui> Argh.

[23:11] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[23:11] <Wolfwood> unexpected it will be

[23:11] <Hisui> Dad made give me "the talk"...

[23:11] <Hisui> That's all pretty frightening stuff, if you ask me.

[23:11] <Furu>

[23:11] <@Ikari Shinji> giving "the talk?" Intriguing.

[23:11] <starcat> Just remember to stay away from tentacles.

[23:12] * Hisui punches Furu in the arm, more lightly this time.

[23:12] <starcat> Furu: What, you never got the talk?

[23:12] * Hisui shudders at Starcat's remark

[23:12] * Furu shakes his head

[23:12] <SaiyaJedi> ...You just had to bring that up, didn't you.

[23:12] <Furu> Nope.

[23:12] * Wolfwood is away: fic writing

[23:13] <starcat> I got it in fifth grade from my teacher. We had an entire quarter of sex-ed stuff. ><

[23:13] * Wolfwood notes he will continue to put that teaser in the chatbox every now and then

[23:13] <starcat> It was long, drawn-out, and painful.

[23:14] <Hisui> Well, considering I *skipped* the intermediate stages, it was high time.

[23:14] <starcat> Heh.

[23:14] <Hisui> I got a thorough talking-to, and a pamphlet.

[23:14] <Hisui> Designed by Tomoe. ><

[23:14] <Furu> Gah!

[23:14] <starcat> Eww. ><

[23:14] <Jack Flagg> A...pamphlet.

[23:14] <SaiyaJedi> Yuck.

[23:15] <SaiyaJedi> Just keep a safe distance from him, okay?

[23:15] <starcat> Don't play twister, whatever you do!

[23:15] * Hisui nods at Jedi

[23:15] <Hisui> You got a deal.

[23:16] <Furu> And don't go near the lab if you can help it

[23:16] <Hisui> It's in the basement, same as Dad's lair

[23:16] <Jack Flagg> And Shinji will probably try to nail you once you reach legal age, so be aware of that.

[23:16] <Hisui> But he's talking about me having my own room, now

[23:16] <@Ikari Shinji> ...

[23:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks, Jack.

[23:16] <Furu> You mean no more crate?

[23:16] <Hisui> Hotaru offered, but I don't want to be a bother.

[23:17] * Furu laughs at Ikari, 'cause it's true

[23:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks, Furu.

[23:17] <Jack Flagg> Hey, you go after everyone else. :)

[23:17] * Hisui is well aware of Shinji's antics, now that she recognizes them

[23:17] * @Ikari Shinji shakes his fist at the both of them! :P :)

[23:17] <Hisui> No, Furu. But you can have it, if you want it. :-P

[23:18] * starcat pokes Shinji

[23:18] * Furu turns totally red

[23:19] * SaiyaJedi sighs -_-;

[23:19] * starcat sticks her tounge out at Hisui

[23:19] * Hisui didn't mean it like that!! ><

[23:19] * @Ikari Shinji pokes starcat

[23:20] * SaiyaJedi walks over to the übercouch and sits down

[23:20] * Furu is so confused right now ¬_¬

[23:20] * starcat hugs Furu-kun to help clear his confusion

[23:21] * Hisui punches Furu in the arm one more time for thinking ecchi thoughts!

[23:22] <Furu> ><

[23:22] * starcat punches Hisui in the arm for making suggestive comments to make Furu-kun think ecchi thoughts then punching him for it!

[23:23] * Furu just stand there, sweatdropping

[23:23] * @Ikari Shinji pokes Hisui and starcat in the head for bickering like children

[23:24] * Jack Flagg sits back, watches, and adds more purple

[23:24] * starcat pokes Shinji in the head!

[23:24] * @Ikari Shinji pokes starcat back in the head

[23:24] <starcat> He's my boyfriend, I can bicker over him if I want!

[23:24] * @Ikari Shinji rolls his eyes

[23:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Poor Furu.

[23:25] * Hisui sighs and goes to sit next to Jedi

[23:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Being in the middle of this.

[23:25] <@Ikari Shinji> I feel for you, my old friend.

[23:26] <starcat> Hisui started it. :P

[23:26] <Hisui> I did not!

[23:26] <Jack Flagg> You'd think he'd be used to it by now, though.

[23:26] * starcat is sorry. :(

[23:26] <@Ikari Shinji> Well he is... nevermind.

[23:26] <starcat> You did too.

[23:26] * Furu sighs

[23:26] <Hisui> It's okay.

[23:27] <starcat> I'm sorry, Furu...

[23:27] * SaiyaJedi comes back

[23:27] * SaiyaJedi reads the log...

[23:27] <Furu> It's all right ^_^; I am kinda getting used to it,.

[23:27] * starcat sits in the windowsill and picks up her hamster

[23:28] <starcat> Yes, but I shouldn't do it.

[23:28] <SaiyaJedi> "sits next to *Jedi*"?

[23:28] <SaiyaJedi> Whatever happened to the honorific?

[23:28] <Hisui> I'm older now. I thought it sounded too childish.

[23:28] <@Ikari Shinji> Meh, you New Jedi Order kids.

[23:29] <SaiyaJedi> Well maybe, but you should still should show a Jedi some respect.

[23:30] <@Ikari Shinji> There was a time that if you and I were addressing each other, you would call me Master Ikari! Now you're so lax!

[23:30] <Jack Flagg> Eh, speak for yourself.

[23:30] <SaiyaJedi> Besides, I kinda liked being called "nii-san." :-P

[23:30] * Furu could call SJ nii-san if he wanted :P

[23:31] * Jack Flagg doesn't really care what people call him, within reason

[23:31] <Hisui> Oh!! I'm sory, Jedi-*san*!

[23:31] <@Ikari Shinji> Ohh.

[23:31] * Hisui bows deeply in apology, then looks up and curses the lag

[23:32] <starcat> Jack: So, I'm betting that "Mr. Asshat Jones" doesn't fall into your approval list. :)

[23:32] * Furu decides to throw his trenchcoat off in the most dramatic way possible, revealing...

[23:32] * -the same clothes he always wears!

[23:32] <Jack Flagg> That would be outside the boundaries, yes.

[23:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Better not be revealing "yourself" otherwise I'll bust you for indecent acts.

[23:33] * Sub Zippo appears in a burst of flame.

[23:33] <starcat> XD

[23:33] <Jack Flagg> Hooray for sameness!

[23:33] * @Ikari Shinji shakes his fist at the slow typing speed at that moment

[23:33] <starcat> Hi, SZ!

[23:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey, SZ.

[23:33] <Hisui> ...Oh. >_>

[23:33] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[23:33] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[23:33] <SaiyaJedi> . . .

[23:34] * SaiyaJedi facepalms

[23:34] * Furu does note one big difference, on the back of his jacket is a large red bow-like shape with two white Rs on it

[23:34] <SaiyaJedi> I gotta go easy on that "talk" button.

[23:34] <Furu> Don't beat the talk button, now.

[23:34] <SaiyaJedi> Red Ribbon, eh?

[23:34] <Furu> Yep.

[23:35] <Furu> Part of I made

[23:35] <SaiyaJedi> I don't need to go reminding you what happened the last time the Red Ribbon and a Saiya-jin crossed paths, do I? :-P

[23:35] <Sub Zippo> ung... Hi all.

[23:35] * SaiyaJedi nods towards SZ

[23:35] <Hisui> Hey, Zippohead.

[23:36] <Furu> The last time a Saiya-jin and the particular part of the Red Ribbon I represent now crosses paths, the Saiya-jin got the holy crap beat out of him

[23:36] * Sub Zippo lies down on the ubercouch, a vein on his forehead throbing

[23:37] <SaiyaJedi> And what part *do* you represent, exactly?

[23:37] * Hisui moves over to make room for SZ

[23:37] * SaiyaJedi does likewise

[23:37] * Furu smirks

[23:37] * Sub Zippo points out again that the Ubercouch is massive.

[23:38] * SaiyaJedi points out that... nevermind, not going to be unnecessarily rude.

[23:38] * SaiyaJedi coughs

[23:38] <Furu> i'll give you a hint: You can't feel my ki, amf I'm not surpressing it..though I wonder if you could even call it ki anymore..

[23:39] <SaiyaJedi> You'll also recall what happened to #17

[23:40] <SaiyaJedi> And #19 and #20

[23:40] <Sub Zippo> ung... times like this I wish I didnt just shrug off cold, I bet a cool cloth would feel good on my head..

[23:40] <SaiyaJedi> Not to mention #18

[23:40] <Furu> Meh, details.

[23:40] <Furu> I won't end up like that.

[23:40] <SaiyaJedi> Famous last words, my friend.

[23:41] * Hisui giggles lightly

[23:41] <starcat> *coughsmurfcommunismcough*

[23:42] <SaiyaJedi> Dare I even ask?

[23:42] * @Ikari Shinji looks at starcat

[23:42] * Furu knows what Star-chan's talkin' about

[23:42] <starcat> No, really! -->

[23:42] <starcat> See?

[23:43] * Jack Flagg has seen a similar page regarding Mario, but lost the URL ><

[23:43] <@Ikari Shinji> Red ba[BLEEP]rds.

[23:44] <Hisui> All I see is "Shoot the watermelon and WIN!"

[23:44] <Hisui> People on Earth can be so... odd, sometimes.

[23:44] <starcat> Hisui: Then refresh it or something.

[23:44] * Hisui did

[23:44] <Furu> Damn that watermelon

[23:45] <Hisui> I wonder if Dad's computer is rubbing off on mine ><

[23:45] <@Ikari Shinji> It's a COMMIE watermelon!

[23:45] <starcat> XD

[23:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Damn those commie ba[BLEEP]rds!

[23:45] * Hisui doesn't get all this political stuff

[23:45] <Furu> Dirty red melons!

[23:45] * -Kamikaze Watermelon zooms through the room and hits a wall

[23:46] * Jack Flagg hums the Soviet national anthem, but only because he likes the tune

[23:46] <starcat> Zeeky boogy doog!

[23:46] * starcat explodes

[23:46] <@Ikari Shinji> As much as I would like to stick around, I must take some away time so I can eat.

[23:46] <Furu> O_o

[23:46] <starcat> ((I'm on seven minutes now, right?))

[23:46] <@Ikari Shinji> See you people after I'm done.

[23:46] <Jack Flagg> Eating is important, yes.

[23:46] <starcat> ((Does anyone even know?))

[23:47] * SaiyaJedi starts to whistle the "International," then realizes what he is doing and stops

[23:47] * @Ikari Shinji is away: Food.

[23:47] * starcat has been disembodied. Joy.

[23:47] * SaiyaJedi would cast some sort of resurrection charm-thing, were he modeled after an RPG-type.

[23:48] <Furu> She'll respawn soon

[23:48] <Hisui> I'm going to go get a snack. BBL

[23:48] * Hisui is away: Late-night snack.

[23:48] * Sub Zippo is away. Gotta be something that will make my head not want to explode...

[23:49] <Furu> ....

[23:49] <Furu> Well, Hell. Everyone bailed pretty quick

[23:49] <SaiyaJedi> I'm still here.

[23:50] <Jack Flagg> I'm still here, for what that's worth.

[23:50] * SaiyaJedi gets out an eyedropper and a brown-tinted glass bottle, and drips the contents into his left ear

[23:50] <Furu> Yay. So, there's three. :P

[23:51] * starcat is technically here...

[23:51] <SaiyaJedi> Sorry... sinus infection playing havoc with my left ear.

[23:52] <SaiyaJedi> Geez. -->

[23:52] <Furu> You people get that?

[23:52] <SaiyaJedi> I hate to say it, but I thought 10,000 was a little low.

[23:52] <SaiyaJedi> I am many things, but completely resistant to infection, I am not.

[23:53] <Furu> Damn...

[23:53] <SaiyaJedi> Yeah.

[23:53] <SaiyaJedi> My condolences to all who are affected by the tragedy.

[23:53] * starcat respawns in the hall

[23:54] <starcat> (from the hall) curse it all!

[23:54] * starcat walks in

[23:54] <Jack Flagg> My condolences as well...s[BLEEP]t.

[23:54] <starcat> I need to find out who is in charge of my respawning. We need to talk...

[23:54] <Furu> Welcome back, star-chan.

[23:55] * starcat is wearing a bikini. ><

[23:55] <starcat> Thanks, Furu.

[23:55] * Furu nosebleeds

[23:55] <starcat> I need to see if anyone that I know in Korea was affected...

[23:55] <Furu> ..Nice to know that particular biological function is still there.

[23:55] <starcat> I hope not.

[23:55] * starcat sits on Tuxedo Sofa

[23:56] <Jack Flagg> I don't think anyone in the Pacific was affected...mainly the Indian Ocean.

[23:56] <starcat> I don't quite get that, but I'll pretend that I do. ^_^

[23:56] <Jack Flagg> And fortunately, the naval base on Diego Garcia escaped unscathed.

[23:56] * SaiyaJedi has a friend who's an exchange student in Thailand, right now

[23:56] <SaiyaJedi> Haven't heard as to their situation.

[23:56] <starcat> Jack: That's what I've heard, but it could happen.

[23:57] <SaiyaJedi> For what it's worth though, they said they were inland

[23:57] <SaiyaJedi> So hopefully they're fine

[23:57] <Jack Flagg> There is a possibility that part of a volcano will slide into the ocean from the Canary Islands...and the eastern seaboard would be pretty much wiped out.

[23:57] <starcat> Who does control respawns, anyways?

[23:57] <Jack Flagg> Just my cheerful thought for the day.

[23:58] <starcat> It's bad...

[23:58] <SaiyaJedi> Gah.

[23:58] <starcat> It's apocolypse-bad.

[23:58] <Sub Zippo> ung... my kingdom for a tylenol

[23:58] * starcat gives SZ a tylenol "Free of charge. ^_^"

[23:59] <Jack Flagg> And then there's that mega-volcano under Yellowstone...but I think I'll just stop there.

[23:59] <Sub Zippo> Apoc huh? works for me.

[23:59] <starcat> Huzzah for living mostly in the middle of nowhere!

[23:59] <SaiyaJedi> Hotaru would be thrilled, I'm sure. ><

[00:00] <starcat> I'm actally a bit east from the middle of nowhere, though.

[00:00] <Sub Zippo> You know, I saw something cool a while back. Apparently around what we now would call december 5 or 6 AD, I forget, Saturn would have been clearly visible over the bethlaham sky. Its posible that was the fabled star of bethlaham.

[00:00] <Furu> Whoa

[00:00] <Sub Zippo> Which would mean that this year or the next would be the true year 2000...

[00:01] <starcat> "Bethlehem", and that's cool. ^_^

[00:01] <Sub Zippo> So if God was as Cleché as to call it quits on an even number...

[00:01] <starcat> "cliche" (but with the accent mark)

[00:01] * SaiyaJedi notes "house of bread"

[00:02] <Furu> Mmm...bread

[00:02] <starcat> SJ: Interesting name.

[00:02] <SaiyaJedi> Blame it on the Julian calendar.

[00:02] * starcat should probably take down the Christmas tree soon...

[00:02] <SaiyaJedi> The fabled "city of David"

[00:02] <SaiyaJedi> Marred by ethnic violence in recent years.

[00:02] <starcat> Not tonight, though. ><

[00:03] <Sub Zippo> Not according to, Star.

[00:03] <starcat> SJ: It's sad, no?

[00:03] <starcat> SZ: Oh? Let's see, then.

[00:03] <Sub Zippo> Or at least, no mark is an accepted variant.

[00:03] * Jack Flagg is waiting until New Year's

[00:03] <Sub Zippo> -->

[00:03] <starcat> SZ: What, cliche?

[00:04] <starcat> Yes, I know. I meant the accent over the e.

[00:04] <Sub Zippo> Hai, Cliché

[00:04] <starcat> Did it sound like I meant the I?

[00:04] <Sub Zippo> huh? then what did... ung......

[00:04] * Hisui returns with a much more modest sandwich than usual

[00:04] * Sub Zippo continues to lie down.

[00:05] <Jack Flagg> Wow, usually those things are scraping the ceiling.

[00:05] <Hisui> Only seven layers this time...

[00:05] <starcat> You said "Cleché ".

[00:05] <Furu> Mini-sandwich?

[00:05] <Hisui> But I'm hungry, so...

[00:05] * Hisui digs in

[00:05] <Sub Zippo> ok, ok, nevermind, please

[00:05] <starcat> Furu-kun makes sandwiches.

[00:05] * Hisui motions to hold on a minute while she chews

[00:06] * starcat must say it in lieu of Shinji!

[00:06] * Hisui gulps

[00:06] <Hisui> Well, I would have made a larger one, but

[00:06] * Furu turns red

[00:06] <Hisui> a) there's not as much food in the fridge as usual

[00:06] <Hisui> And b) Dad says I need to watch my figure, now. ><

[00:07] <SaiyaJedi> Jedite said that?

[00:07] <Sub Zippo> I might have been loosing weight, but my junk food intake has probibly hextoupled wince about two weeks ago...

[00:07] <SaiyaJedi> Oh, wait... he would, wouldn't he. -_-;

[00:07] <SaiyaJedi> I don't think you need to worry about it, honestly.

[00:09] <Hisui> I'll keep that in mind, thanks.

[00:09] * Hisui finishes

[00:09] <Sub Zippo> hey... does anyone know if its bad to take dayquil at night?

[00:10] * Hisui shrugs

[00:10] <starcat> SZ: Possibly. I don't know.

[00:10] <Furu> LOL. I don't see why it would be.

[00:10] <Hisui> I've never used it.

[00:10] <Furu> I seriously doubt that's going to be a major difference.

[00:10] <starcat> Isn't that what they make nyquil for, though?

[00:10] <Hisui> I'm going to go to bed, I think.

[00:11] <Hisui> Goodnight, all.

[00:11] <starcat> Bye, Hisui.

[00:11] * Hisui walks by Furu and gets in one last hit before disappearing in a cloud of intriguing CGI

[00:11] <SaiyaJedi> Bye.

[00:11] <Sub Zippo> unfortunately that was all we had.

[00:11] <Jack Flagg> Nyquil makes you drowsy, Dayquil doesn't. That's the only difference, I think.

[00:11] *** Hisui has left #suburbansenshi2 (Bed!)

[00:11] <Furu> >_<

[00:11] <starcat> XP

[00:11] <Furu> Bye, H-chan.

[00:11] <Furu> Geez..

[00:12] * starcat will get Hisui for that next time. :P

[00:12] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[00:13] <SaiyaJedi> She certainly has gotten a bit more aggressive in recent days.

[00:13] <Furu> She's certainly gotten a little odd

[00:13] <SaiyaJedi> I wonder if it's because of the accelerated maturation.

[00:13] <starcat> Everyone knows I'm the oven-mitt master!

[00:13] <Furu> Gotta be.

[00:13] <starcat> SJ: Actually, my bets are on her first PMS.

[00:14] <Jack Flagg> Hotaru went through that too, but she wasn't, different.

[00:14] <starcat> I'm telling you, it's PMS.

[00:15] <Furu> ¬_¬

[00:16] <SaiyaJedi> ...

[00:16] <Sub Zippo> hmm...the new chat isnt on est anymore..

[00:16] <SaiyaJedi> I really can't relate, so...

[00:16] <starcat> Huzzah!

[00:16] <SaiyaJedi> ...uh, yeah.

[00:17] <starcat> Listen, if it's not PMS, it's a darn good simulation.

[00:17] *** Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:17] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Sailor Quinox

[00:17] <SaiyaJedi> Is X's alter-ego still in Florida, or did he too move westward?

[00:17] <starcat> Hello, Q.

[00:17] <Sub Zippo> ung... I should just go to bed. Im rambling incoherently..

[00:17] <Sub Zippo> Oh, Hi Matsy.

[00:17] <Sailor Quinox> hi, guys....

[00:17] * SaiyaJedi nods to Quinox

[00:18] <Furu> Yo Q-san..

[00:18] <Furu> SJ> Think's he's still there.

[00:18] <Sailor Quinox> what's up?

[00:18] <Sub Zippo> It feels like someone buerried an axe in my skull... you?

[00:18] <Sailor Quinox> btw...thanks for eailer, furu....

[00:19] <Sailor Quinox> I feel a little tired and worn out...

[00:19] <starcat> Hm? What happened earlier?

[00:20] <Furu> No problem, like I said.

[00:21] <Furu> Nothin', star-chan. Just helped Q-san a little.

[00:21] <Sailor Quinox> oh..btw.....that Idea of yours....I still know it ^_~

[00:21] <starcat> [03:24] <@Ikari Shinji> We could always pimp Furu.

[00:21] <Sub Zippo> hehehe....

[00:21] <starcat> I'm not sure how to react to that.

[00:22] * Furu turns RED

[00:22] <Sub Zippo> Id say you could pimp me, but I cant even give it away.. ~.~

[00:22] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[00:22] <Sailor Quinox> nothing, star...just been reading furu's mind....

[00:23] <SaiyaJedi> Well, I need to get some rest, myself.f

[00:23] <Sailor Quinox> you should hear some of Furu's thoughts about you...but....I promised not to speak

[00:23] * starcat is reading the logs. :)

[00:23] <SaiyaJedi> Night, guys.

[00:23] *** SaiyaJedi has left #suburbansenshi2 (Sleep.)

[00:23] <Sub Zippo> Night Jedi.

[00:23] <Sub Zippo> people should be allowed to keep their thoughts private..

[00:24] <Furu> N..night, SJ

[00:25] <starcat> Bye, SJ.

[00:25] <starcat> [06:07] <Michael D> I don''t wanna see a war between her and Star, thats all.

[00:25] <Sub Zippo> ung... this sucks. Im tired but restless. I wantto eat but Im not hungry...

[00:25] <Sailor Quinox> oh?'s not like I can fully read it...more like low-level...

[00:25] <starcat> Whoops.

[00:26] * Sailor Quinox gives Nate a sweet little kiss

[00:26] <Furu> <_<

[00:27] <Sub Zippo> hehe... I wouldnt be doing stuff like that for me right now Matsy... I might be contagious.

[00:27] <Sub Zippo> but thanks.

[00:27] * Furu would like to point out that his only interest in H-chan is as a friend and a fighter!

[00:27] <starcat> [08:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Slash Night was funny.

[00:27] <starcat> I'm glad that I missed it.

[00:28] <Sailor Quinox> in other words...I can only sense strong thoughts.....

[00:28] <Sub Zippo> ung... Im gonna go lie in bed and hope thatI dont choke on my own sinuses.

[00:29] <Sub Zippo> Goodnight all. take care.

[00:29] <starcat> Bye, SZ.

[00:29] <Sailor Quinox> goodnight, Nate-san

[00:29] <Furu> Night SZ

[00:29] * Sub Zippo turns to ice, leaving a frozen shell of himself to melt o nthe Ubercouch.

[00:29] <Furu> Q-san> thought was *that* strong?

[00:30] * Sailor Quinox nods

[00:31] <starcat> [10:51] <Kakyuu> Live mummified goat.

[00:31] <starcat> Physically impossible.

[00:31] * Furu blushes again and looks over to star-chan...causing him to blush harder

[00:32] <starcat> Should I go change?

[00:32] * Sailor Quinox walks over and whispers something into starcat's ear

[00:32] * starcat is still in the respawn bikini

[00:32] <Furu>'s okay...

[00:33] * starcat listens

[00:33] * Sailor Quinox giggles, finishing it

[00:34] * Sailor Quinox walks over and sits prokativly on the her underwear

[00:34] * Furu blushes even more. "You said you wouldn't tell!!!"

[00:35] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[00:36] <Furu> T_T

[00:36] * starcat smiles

[00:37] * Furu feels oddly uncomfortable now

[00:37] * starcat hugs Furu-kun

[00:37] * Sailor Quinox giggles some more

[00:38] * Furu hugs star-chan back

[00:39] <starcat> You know, if you wanted to watch us play beach volelyball, you could have asked. :)

[00:39] <starcat> *volleyball

[00:40] <Furu> Eheh...

[00:40] * Sailor Quinox bursts out laughing

[00:40] * Furu doesn't have the strength/guts to ask

[00:41] * starcat kisses Furu-kun's cheek

[00:41] <starcat> Hee. ^_^

[00:41] <Sailor Quinox> *whew* that was great!

[00:41] <starcat> I know that that's not what you were thinking.

[00:42] <Furu> >_<

[00:43] * Sailor Quinox sips her ginger ale

[00:43] <Furu> o-oh?

[00:44] <starcat> I know that you wouldn't object to it, though. ^_~

[00:45] * Jack Flagg wouldn't raise any objections

[00:45] * Furu blushes...AGAIN

[00:45] * Sailor Quinox giggles

[00:46] <starcat> Hello, jack. :)

[00:47] <Furu>'d be nice...but we'd need more girls

[00:47] <Furu> I MEAN..players

[00:47] <Jack Flagg> Hello. ^^ Got distracted for a while there.

[00:47] <starcat> Let's see...there's Q and me...

[00:47] <Jack Flagg> You had it right the first time.

[00:48] <starcat> We could probably get Shaldra and Kakyuu...

[00:48] <Sailor Quinox> unfortenly..I have to leave soon...

[00:49] <starcat> Well not right now, obviously.

[00:49] * Furu notes happily that we have to get this set up sometime ^_^

[00:50] <starcat> Indeed. ^_^

[00:50] <Jack Flagg> Indeed. Maybe we could even get some of the senshi in on it.

[00:50] <Furu> Let's see...who else...

[00:50] * Sailor Quinox nods....will wear her "extra-special" bathing suit ^_~

[00:50] <Furu> I dunno. Mina-oneechan might be a little too good.

[00:51] <Furu> "Extra-special"?

[00:51] <starcat> Xadium wouldn't object.

[00:52] <Furu> Hmm...

[00:52] * Sailor Quinox is pretty good at volleyball

[00:52] <Furu> Maybe we could get Euri-chan and H-chan?

[00:53] <starcat> Probably.

[00:54] <Furu> :P of course, we'd have to wait till summer for this..

[00:55] <Sailor Quinox> not nessacarly...

[00:55] * starcat is wearing a bikini right now, you know.

[00:56] * Jack Flagg is well aware

[00:56] <Sailor Quinox> I have to go guys..but I'll be back tomorrow....

[00:56] * Furu blushes and nods. "G-good point."

[00:56] <Sailor Quinox> goodnight everyone ^_^

[00:56] <Jack Flagg> 'Night, Q.

[00:57] <Furu> Night Q-san

[00:57] <starcat> Bye, Q!

[00:57] *** Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi2 (There is but one storm and its name is Matsumi Kaze)

[00:58] * starcat should be leaving as well. :(

[00:59] <Furu> Aw..well, good night, star-chan

[01:00] <starcat> Good night, Furu-kun, Jack.

[01:01] <Furu> ^_^ sleep tight and all

[01:01] <Jack Flagg> Good night to you as well, star.

[01:01] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Protected by the guardian star of Alfred Nobel, Sailor C-4!")

[01:03] <Furu> You an' me, Jack me man

[01:04] <Furu> :p

[01:05] <Jack Flagg> Yep...just the two of us. We can make it if we try.

[01:05] <Jack Flagg> Just the two of us, you and I.

[01:05] <Furu> lol

[01:05] <Jack Flagg> And I'm done quoting bad song lyrics for now.

[01:06] <Furu> Good to see everyone found the site again okay

[01:07] <Jack Flagg> People have a way of keeping their addictions going, no matter what. ^^

[01:08] * @Ikari Shinji is back

[01:09] <Furu> welcome back, Ikari

[01:09] <Furu> Jack> Wolf-san, for example

[01:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks, Furu.

[01:10] <Jack Flagg> I welcome your return as well, Shinji.

[01:11] <Furu> Ikari> We're organizing a beach volleyball game for the female denizens of the chatbox.

[01:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Thanks, my Lego Maniac.

[01:12] <-Darth Vader> This will be a day long remembered.

[01:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Also, I need to do something...

[01:12] * @Ikari Shinji hugs Jack

[01:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Happy Hugadays!

[01:12] <Jack Flagg> /is hugged

[01:13] <Furu> o_o

[01:13] * Jack Flagg is hugged in a manly yet platonic fashion

[01:13] <Jack Flagg> Hugadays?

[01:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Volleyball game for the females, eh? Been playing Dead or Alive Volleyball too much?

[01:13] <@Ikari Shinji> Just something I created today, Jack.

[01:14] <Furu> Eheheh...

[01:14] * Furu is going about recruting

[01:16] <@Ikari Shinji> Recruitiing... for war?

[01:18] * Jack Flagg will not condone a course of action that will lead us to war

[01:19] <@Ikari Shinji> I can protect you. I can't fight a war for you.

[01:19] <Furu> No, no, the volleyball game

[01:20] <Jack Flagg> Well, I guess you can eliminate Ying right off the bat.

[01:20] <@Ikari Shinji> I second that.

[01:22] <Jack Flagg> I also get the idea that Hisui wouldn't be interested.

[01:23] <Furu> Why's that?

[01:24] <Jack Flagg> She seems a bit too self-conscious to go parading around in a bikini.

[01:24] <Jack Flagg> Although as starcat said, I guess it's possible it's just PMS.

[01:26] <Furu> Hm...good point

[01:26] <Furu> Still, never hurts to ask. She's got a pretty competitive spirit

[01:27] <Jack Flagg> Yeah, that she does.

[01:28] * Furu notes she left tonight before he could get a crack at her

[01:30] <@Ikari Shinji> I noticed that in the logs.

[01:30] <@Ikari Shinji> Too bad. I was looking foward to a battle between you two.

[01:30] <Furu> There's always next time.

[01:31] <-Dr. Claw> Next time, Gadget...NEXT TIME!!!

[01:33] <Furu> LOL

[01:34] <Jack Flagg> Ah, memories.

[01:36] <Furu> Memories!

[01:36] <@Ikari Shinji> Hehehe.

[01:39] * Furu is so rarin' for a fight

[01:43] <Furu> Rarin' is a word that needs to be used more

[01:44] <Jack Flagg> That and "mellifluous."

[01:45] <Jack Flagg> Even if I'm not quite sure what it means.

[01:46] <Furu> O_o

[01:46] * Furu agrees

[01:49] <Furu> Although I don't know what it means either

[01:51] <Jack Flagg> It's a perfectly cromulent word...that's good enough for me.

[01:56] * Furu nods, confused

[01:57] <Furu> o-o

[02:00] <Furu> Wow. It got dead.

[02:02] <Jack Flagg> Yeah, I have that effect on people sometimes.

[02:05] <Furu> "Oh my God, Jack killed the chat!" "YOU ba[BLEEP]rd!"

[02:09] <Jack Flagg> "I'm not quite dead!" "Yes you are."

[02:10] <Furu> "I ain't dead yet, mothaf[BLEEP]ker"

[02:11] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[02:12] <Furu> :P

[02:15] <Jack Flagg> Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm dead tired. Ooh, how clever of me.

[02:16] <Jack Flagg> So, yeah, I'm going to bed. Good night and all that.

[02:16] <Furu> HAHA! GENIUS!

[02:16] <@Ikari Shinji> 'Night, Jack.

[02:17] <Jack Flagg> See y'all tomorrow.

[02:18] *** Jack Flagg has left #suburbansenshi2 ("When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.")

[02:18] <Furu> Night

[02:18] <Furu> Oh, snappu. Dawn of the Dead.

[02:21] * @Ikari Shinji does the Thriller dance

[02:24] <Furu> LOL

[02:24] <@Ikari Shinji> :)

[02:26] <Furu> Whooo!!

[02:26] * @Ikari Shinji keeps on grooving with the Thriller dance

[02:30] <Furu> Drop it like it's hoy!

[02:30] <Furu> HOT^

[02:33] * @Ikari Shinji gets down to the funky beat

[02:34] <Furu> Don't fake the funk on a nasty dunk

[02:36] <@Ikari Shinji> Word, Funkmaster Furu.

[02:41] <Furu> YEA-YEAH!!

[02:42] * @Ikari Shinji continues to get on down

[02:42] <Furu> BREAK IT DOWN

[02:43] * @Ikari Shinji shows off his excellent dance skills

[02:44] * Furu does an Irish jig

[02:46] * @Ikari Shinji notes that Furu has some mad Irish dancing moves

[02:48] <Furu> Haha!

[02:48] * Furu goes from jig to OLD SKOOL BREAKDANCING

[02:49] <@spiritflame> main page updated
Posted 12/29/2004 at 3:53 AM

Tuesday December 28, 2004

[03:54] <@spiritflame> system announce - a new log begun -

[04:03] <@Ikari Shinji> First post!

[04:03] <@Ikari Shinji> I claim this chatbox for the glory of the Corps!

[04:15] <Furu> Bah!

[04:16] * SaiyaJedi , sleep-deprived, steps out of the shadows long enough to smack both Shinji and mini-Shinji

[04:16] <Furu> I'll tell you what you can do with your Corps

[04:16] * SaiyaJedi melts back into the shadows

[04:16] * @Ikari Shinji blocks

[04:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, he just smacked you.

[04:17] <SaiyaJedi> You know what they say about those who talk to themselves...

[04:18] <Furu> Owie!

[04:18] <@Ikari Shinji> They're well-balanced individuals who should go far in life?

[04:18] * SaiyaJedi starts laughing, then falls asleep mid-laugh

[04:18] * Furu mutters something about offering SJ a banana...

[04:18] *** SaiyaJedi has left #suburbansenshi2 (ZZZZzzzzzzZZZ)

[04:20] <Furu> whoo

[04:21] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[04:23] <Furu> Heh Heh

[04:24] <@Ikari Shinji> Woo hoo.

[04:24] <Furu> Hoo Whoo

[04:25] <@Ikari Shinji> Yeeeha.

[04:27] <Furu> "HOOHA!"

[04:28] <@Ikari Shinji> You're all clear, kid. Let's blow this thing and go home!

[04:28] <Furu> I can't shake him! (BOOOOOOOM)

[04:31] <@Ikari Shinji> I have you now.

[04:31] <Furu> THe Force is strong in this one.

[04:33] <@Ikari Shinji> Use the Force, Luke.

[04:35] <Furu> Never tell me the odds!

[04:37] <@Ikari Shinji> You've failed me for the last time, Admeral.

[04:41] <Furu> I find your lack of faith disturbing

[04:41] <@Ikari Shinji> Enough of this! Vader, release him!

[04:44] <Furu> ....Okay, I'm out :P

[04:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Hehehe. :)

[04:49] <Furu> Happy? You beat a poor defenseless kid!

[04:49] <@Ikari Shinji> That makes me so happy.

[04:50] <@Ikari Shinji> I have a warm feeling deep inside at the moment.

[04:56] <Furu> Probably intestinal fire

[04:57] <@Ikari Shinji> Nah.

[05:00] <Furu> Could it be Christmas Spirit?

[05:00] <@Ikari Shinji> Bah!

[05:00] <@Ikari Shinji> I'd piss on the Spirit of Christmas if it tried anything.

[05:02] <Furu> That's not nice...and how do you piss on spirits?

[05:03] <@Ikari Shinji> Very hard, that's how.

[05:04] <Furu> Ah....right.

[05:08] * Furu opens his mouth to say something, then closes it

[05:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Speak, friend.

[05:17] <Furu> No thanks :P

[05:17] <@Ikari Shinji> Fine then. :P

[05:23] <Furu> All righty :P :P

[05:27] <@Ikari Shinji> Yay. :P :P :P

[05:34] <Furu> : P: P: P: P :P

[05:36] <@Ikari Shinji> :P times Infinity.

[05:43] <Furu> Ooooooooooh snap

[05:44] <@Ikari Shinji> Word.

[05:50] <Furu> Hibbidy dibbity

[05:51] <@Ikari Shinji> Dizzle my nizzle.

[05:52] <Furu> We didn't get a chance to Fuse tonight.

[05:53] <@Ikari Shinji> Unfortunately not.

[05:54] <Furu> Probably for the best. Wouldn't want your sick mind tryin' to get Sakura-chan into teh sack

[05:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Hey!

[05:55] <@Ikari Shinji> Dude, don't hate the playa. Hate the Game. Also, you neglict to mention that it's YOUR sick mind in there as well!

[05:57] <Furu> Hey, MY sick mind doesn't think of her like that

[06:00] <Furu> Yours on the other hand, tends to treat all females the same

[06:05] <@Ikari Shinji> HEY!

[06:05] <Furu> Ya perv.

[06:05] <@Ikari Shinji> Unfair. Generalization.

[06:06] <@Ikari Shinji> If you wanted to get down to the truth, I joke around. A lot.

[06:07] <Furu> I know, I know :P

[06:07] <@Ikari Shinji> :P

[06:07] <Furu> But joking can lead to pain.

[06:07] <@Ikari Shinji> Only if you take things too seriously.

[06:07] <Furu> And if said pain happens to you, that's okay, but if it happens to you/me/us that's different

[06:08] <@Ikari Shinji> Man, with the ring backing us, there's no worry.

[06:10] <Furu> ....True

[06:18] <Furu> Still, try to keep it under thumb, so to speak

[06:19] <@Ikari Shinji> Hmm.

[06:24] * Furu wonders how well the ring would hold up if Hotaru-san got made enough <_<

[06:24] <Furu> mad^

[06:25] <@Ikari Shinji> I think you'd be mighty suprised by the power of the ring if it ever had to go up against her.

[06:31] <Furu> Really now?

[06:32] <@Ikari Shinji> Indeed.

[06:34] * Furu is interested now

[06:42] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[06:42] <Furu> Heh Hooheh hoo

[06:45] <@Ikari Shinji> Like I said, we have nothing to worry about.

[06:45] * Furu nods ^_^

[06:45] <Furu> We could so take over this planet

[06:46] <@Ikari Shinji> Why think small?

[06:46] <@Ikari Shinji> We could so take over this universe.

[06:47] <Furu> Hmmmm....

[06:47] <Furu> In 30 minutes?

[06:48] <@Ikari Shinji> The limit.

[06:48] <@Ikari Shinji> There are ways to... correct that flaw.

[06:53] <Furu> ..You mean....Potara?

[06:55] <Furu> <_<

[06:57] <Furu> I dunno, man, too....permenant.

[07:02] <@Ikari Shinji> We could always research over means. See what's out there.

[07:03] <Furu> Hm..true

[07:09] <@Ikari Shinji> Just something to keep in mind.

[07:10] <@Ikari Shinji> ^other

[07:12] * Furu nods

[07:44] * Furu is teh idle

[07:58] * @Ikari Shinji is teh idle as well

[08:02] <Furu> heh

[08:09] <-YingGirl>, one realives is really cheap.

[08:09] <-YingGirl> realative^

[08:10] <Furu> Yeah Ying-san

[08:11] <Furu> Hey^

[08:12] <-YingGirl> ...i got a 25$ gift card, while I looked on the site..... And found out their site, their lowest giftcard is 30$

[08:16] <Furu> O_o

[08:18] <-YingGirl> ........y-yeah. *sighs*

[08:19] <-YingGirl> i would be happy if it was from Electronic Boutique, cause I know I can get cheap.

[08:20] <-YingGirl> but no, it's from the place that has their games uberly priced. The worst place to buy games other than that placem is the Sony Store. Except the Sony Outlet in Woodsbury, New York

[08:21] <-YingGirl> at least, i'm hoping the get together.... folks won't complain, like last night

[08:22] <Furu> Heh

[08:23] <-YingGirl> ...look, i dun care what you do... I just want a family get together with the other cousins doesn't end up with fricken complaining!

[08:25] <-YingGirl> i mean, my cousins can be as bratty as me.... any they don't appreaciate the things they get!

[08:30] <-YingGirl> ...i'm sorry, it's just i'm sick and tired being the one blammed for ruining christmas

[08:30] <-YingGirl> ...even though, i didn't do nothing....

[08:31] <-YingGirl> ...least my anuts cats are nice.

[08:31] <Furu> I understand.

[08:31] * Furu would pat Ying-san on the shoulder or something but knows she doesn't like that

[08:32] <-YingGirl> ........rrr. Yeah.

[08:34] <Furu> Heh ^_^

[08:34] <-I forgot my handle> nodity

[08:36] <-YingGirl> ....maybe i would be happy if someone gift wrap me a bottle of cydinide

[08:38] <-YingGirl> puu....

[08:39] <-YingGirl> i also can't belive my sister litterally bit my cheek yesterday

[08:41] <Furu> Ow ><

[08:43] <-YingGirl> yeah....

[08:44] <Furu> I feel sorry for ya

[08:45] <-YingGirl> got to go... catch you on Monday.

[08:45] <-YingGirl> Bye...

[08:45] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2

[08:46] <Furu> See ya

[09:21] *** Mango-chan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:21] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mango-chan

[09:21] <Mango-chan> Merry Christmahannakwanzakah!

[09:21] <Mango-chan> ....AND PAGANS TOO!

[09:22] <Mango-chan> Twenty minuites till I go to Florida...

[09:23] <Mango-chan> Walk in the the the rain...

[09:26] * Mango-chan is now known as Songstress Mango

[09:26] <Furu> Hiiii!

[09:27] <Furu> Oh, those crazy pagans

[09:27] <Songstress Mango> Have a happy Holidays!

[09:27] <Songstress Mango> FURU!

[09:27] <Furu> ^_^ v yo

[09:27] <Songstress Mango> Yes, the crazy pagans

[09:28] <Songstress Mango> Sup, Fururu?

[09:28] <Furu> Sacrificing the animals and such

[09:28] <Furu> Not a dern thing

[09:29] <Songstress Mango> XD;

[09:29] <Songstress Mango> T-minus fifteen minuites

[09:29] <Songstress Mango> Then the taxi comes and I get swooshed away to WARM WEATHER! ^_^

[09:30] <Furu> >_< LUCKY

[09:31] <Songstress Mango> I can take you with me!

[09:32] * Songstress Mango gets her suitcase!

[09:33] * Songstress Mango opens it and pulls out the space for pets...I MEAN PEOPLE!

[09:34] * Songstress Mango is now known as Croc Hunter Mango

[09:34] <Croc Hunter Mango> Crikey! I could fit Artemis in 'ere!

[09:35] <Furu> LOL

[09:35] * Croc Hunter Mango wonders what happened to Furu

[09:35] * Croc Hunter Mango crosses out Artemis with a marker, and writes Fururururururururu

[09:35] * Furu is here, just being uncharacteriscly quiet

[09:36] * Croc Hunter Mango nods.

[09:36] * Croc Hunter Mango offers Furu the chance to go to Florida!

[09:36] * Croc Hunter Mango is away: Vegemite Sandwich...and not because I'm the bloody croc hunter! ><

[09:37] *** Croc Hunter Mango has left #suburbansenshi2 (Crikey!)

[09:37] <Mango-chan> ((See you all Wedensday!))

[09:38] *** Mango-chan has quit IRC (I think the taxi'll be here in five minuites.)

[09:38] *** Neith has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:38] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Neith

[09:38] <Furu> Bye!!!

[09:38] <Furu> Yo K-san

[09:38] <-> FURUFURU!

[09:39] * Neith is dancing around in her new pajamas

[09:39] * Neith hugs Furufuru

[09:40] <Furu> ^_^;; eheh

[09:41] * Neith is uberhappy since she realized she's also the goddess of WARFARE "No wonder I'm always wanting to kill Helios."

[09:43] <Neith> And my parents have stopped fighting!

[09:43] <Furu> Yay!!

[09:43] <Furu> Good for you!


[09:45] <Furu> O_o

[09:55] * Furu is away: LURK

[10:32] * Furu is away: for another reason now.

[10:43] <-YingGirl> A Christmas Half Life 2 special for you.... -->

[11:08] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (gotta go)

[11:17] * Furu returns!

[11:41] <Furu> Everyone must be having Christmas fun

[11:45] <Furu> ...except me T_T

[12:02] <Furu> Oh WOE IS MEEEEE

[12:17] * Furu sobs

[12:34] * Furu keeps sobbing

[12:40] * Chris_J shows up for a bit, noting to Furu how she has it lucky. His relatives are a nightmare so he hopes the day would be over fast for him because of how short of free time he has.

[12:42] * Chris_J hugs Furu before his relatives show up and drag him away...

[12:42] *** Chris_J has quit IRC (Alright, y'got us! Don't Kree! -- O'neill)

[12:43] *** Chris_J has quit IRC (I forgot, Merry Christmas to you Furu!)

[12:47] <Furu> Merry Christmas~

[13:10] *** Kakyuu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:10] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Kakyuu


[13:11] <Kakyuu> OOC: My dad just took a picture of me wearing my new pajamas and mittens.... IT'S HILLARIOUS! I'll send you the picture when I get my film developed next with a Kodak Picture CD!

[13:13] <Furu> XD Cool

[13:13] <Kakyuu> Trust me, there's nothing crazier than me after eating 5 cookies 5 pieces of fudge 2 glasses of rootbeer and eating 5 chocolate covered cherries without getting sick from all the junk food....

[13:14] <Kakyuu> My mittens kinda match my pajamas too! Hehehehehehehe!

[13:16] <Furu> heheh ^_^;;

[13:17] <Kakyuu> ^_______________^ I'M SUPER HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!

[13:17] <Furu> T-that's cool ^_^;;;

[13:18] <Kakyuu> Double Double, Toil & Trouble

[13:18] <Kakyuu> And I can't think of the rest of the song!

[13:21] <Furu> What song?

[13:22] <Kakyuu> The song from the HP and the POA DVD Of course I've shortened the title of the DVD but yeah....

[13:24] * Kakyuu is away: Brb Furufuru!

[13:25] <Furu> Aaah

[13:34] <Furu> <_<

[13:45] *** Furu has left #suburbansenshi2 (Time for a naaap)

[14:26] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:26] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[14:28] * Shaldra Darkness currently has mistletoe tied on her tail, holy in her hair, and the jungle-bell collar on, again... but hey, it's christmas, she'll go with it for *one* day.

[14:28] <Shaldra Darkness> Anyone here?

[14:29] <Shaldra Darkness> Heeeelllloooo...

[14:30] <Shaldra Darkness> I'm alone...

[14:31] * Shaldra Darkness looks around

[14:31] <Shaldra Darkness> Eh, whatever. It *is* Christmas, after all.

[14:32] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (Gone to read my presents. ^_^)

[14:33] <-Vesh> sup?

[15:04] *** starcat has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:04] <@spiritflame> Irasshai starcat

[15:04] <starcat> oh em gee Merry Christmas! ^_^

[15:04] * starcat is happy with her gifts, and sorry that she wasn't on before or last night and such...

[15:06] * starcat checks the logs!

[15:09] <starcat> [12:40] * Chris_J shows up for a bit, noting to Furu how she has it lucky.

[15:10] <starcat> Furu-kun is a GUY...T_T

[15:10] * starcat shrugs and settles down to read the newest update

[15:14] * starcat can't concentrate. ><

[15:14] * starcat is away: Chrono Crusade vol. 2 calls to me...

[15:31] <Kakyuu> Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

[15:36] <Kakyuu> Something wicked this way comes. Eye of newt and toe of frog

[15:36] <Kakyuu> Wool of Bat and Tounge of Dog

[15:37] <Kakyuu> Adder's fork and blind-worm's sting

[15:38] <Kakyuu> Lizard's leg and owlet's wing

[15:39] <Kakyuu> Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

[15:40] <Kakyuu> Double, double toil and trouble: Something wicked this way comes.

[15:41] <Kakyuu> In the cauldron boil and bake:

[15:42] <Kakyuu> Fillet of a fenny snake, scale of dragon, tooth of wolf, witches mummy, maw and gulf

[15:49] * starcat is back

[15:49] * starcat watched the first episode. ^_^

[15:50] * starcat is going to go install Evil Genius now, though!


[15:50] * starcat is away: Evil Genius? shouldn't that be for my other half?

[16:09] * Kakyuu is away: CRAP! GRANDPARENTS!

[16:17] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:17] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[16:17] <Shaldra Darkness> Arg!! STILL no one's here!!

[16:17] * Shaldra Darkness sits down and reads her new manga!

[16:19] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:19] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[16:19] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Whoa! We're the only ones here?

[16:20] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh! Solar-kun! Yep, just you and me! ^_^

[16:21] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I hope you enjoyed your present! ^_~

[16:21] * Shaldra Darkness never thought she would see the day when she would be alone with Solar-kun here. ^_^

[16:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Hell ya! You really think I wouldn't? ^_~

[16:22] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Uhh...what exactly would happen since we're alone here at Sub-Sen?

[16:22] * Shaldra Darkness pounces on Solar-kun! ^_^

[16:23] <Shaldra Darkness> Nothing much, I do expect someone to come in, that usually happens.

[16:23] * Solarchos has been pounced on! Oh my! O_O

[16:24] * Shaldra Darkness purrs and nuzzles Solarchos. ^_^

[16:26] <Solarchos> ^___^

[16:26] * Solarchos nuzzles Shaldra right back!

[16:27] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrr... *nuzzle rub* how are you *rub nuzzle* love?

[16:29] <Solarchos> Shaldra - *Much* better now, love! ^_^

[16:30] * Solarchos gives Shaldra a great big kiss!

[16:30] <Shaldra Darkness> Mr-rawrr! ^_^

[16:30] * Shaldra Darkness kisses right back!

[16:31] <Solarchos> Shaldra - I've got another gift for you. A *real* gift...something different than what we did last night.

[16:31] <Shaldra Darkness> Oh! Really?

[16:32] * Solarchos takes a gift-wrapped package from his backpack and offers it to Shaldra.

[16:32] <Shaldra Darkness> Thanks, love! ^_^

[16:33] * Shaldra Darkness takes it and carefully unwraps it.

[16:33] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Just so you know that I think of you are something far more important to me than some felid sex-toy. You're a lot more to me than that.

[16:33] * -Inside the package is...

[16:33] <Shaldra Darkness> Awww... thank you!

[16:34] * -Inside the package is ten pounds of fresh, packaged fish! Shark, salmon, tuna, cod, catfish, rainbow trout, swordfish, flounder, and pike!

[16:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Ooooo! *_*

[16:35] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Enjoy, love! Merry Christmas to you!

[16:35] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrr! Thank you so much! ^_^

[16:35] * Solarchos absolutely *loves* seeing a starry-eyed Neko-girl. ^_^

[16:36] * Shaldra Darkness knew she smelled something *fishy*

[16:36] <Solarchos> Shaldra - See...I'm starting to be able to read you like a book. ^_~

[16:37] <Shaldra Darkness> And I don't mind that one bit! ^_^

[16:38] <Solarchos> Shaldra - So what is your favorite fish, anyway? You seem to like tuna a lot, but that could be because it's easy to get a hold of.

[16:39] * Solarchos pushes some of the fish aside to reveal a package of Alaskan lobster meat...already been peeled, too!

[16:39] <Shaldra Darkness> Favourite fish? From earth, that's a hard choice... but there's one fish on Expel I am SO addicted to!

[16:40] * Shaldra Darkness DOES like lobster, though! *_*

[16:40] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Oh? Tell me.

[16:41] * Solarchos smiles. The sight of Shaldra so happy makes his day. ^_^

[16:43] <Shaldra Darkness> Well, it taists a lot like salmon, but there's this little say... snap to the taist that makes it so good!

[16:43] * Shaldra Darkness loves having it fried ^_^

[16:44] * Solarchos pulls Shaldra down onto the nearest couch and huggles her. ^_^

[16:45] * Shaldra Darkness giggles happily. ^_^

[16:46] <Solarchos> Shaldra - So, what would you like to nibble on first, love?

[16:46] <Shaldra Darkness> Hmmm... the trout. ^_^

[16:47] * Solarchos sees the mistletoe tied to Shaldra's tail...and kisses her accordingly!

[16:47] * Shaldra Darkness really has to take everyone to Expel while the skiing conditions are still good...

[16:47] * Shaldra Darkness is quite enjoying Christmas! ^_^

[16:48] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Trout? Would you like me to cook it up for you or do you just wanna tear into it right now?

[16:49] <Shaldra Darkness> Well, I'm rather hungry... I'll just go for it! ^_^

[16:50] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Just be sure you brush your teeth afterwards. I'd hate for my kitty-chan to have fish-breath. ^_^

[16:50] * Shaldra Darkness giggles ^_^

[16:51] * Shaldra Darkness takes some of the trout and digs in ^_^

[16:51] * Solarchos strokes Shaldra's tail as he hands her the package of trout.

[16:52] <Solarchos> Shaldra - You know, I read something interesting a while ago about the ancient Vikings and cod-fish. They used to eat it raw by salting it, drying it, freezing it solid, and then eat it like hardtack.

[16:52] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrr! ^_^

[16:53] <Shaldra Darkness> I've never actually tried it like that. It would be interesting.

[16:53] * Solarchos watches Shaldra eat. She's so cute when she's eating, especially with her tail waving back and forth like that. ^_^

[16:54] * Shaldra Darkness is quite happy right now, it's not hard to tell. ^_^

[16:56] <Shaldra Darkness> Well, Christmas isn't that bad. ^_^

[16:57] <Solarchos> Shaldra - It'll be interesting to see how everyone else did.

[16:57] * Solarchos nuzzles Shaldra and nibbles on her ear.

[16:58] <Shaldra Darkness> Ya, it would be. They're probably having fun.

[16:58] <Shaldra Darkness> Puuurrrrr....

[16:59] * Solarchos keeps on nibbling. Mmm...yummy!

[17:00] * Solarchos moves down to the side of Shaldra's neck.

[17:00] * Shaldra Darkness giggles happily, gently nuzzling Solarchos, the bell around her neck jingling lightly

[17:00] <Shaldra Darkness> Puurrrr-rrawrrrr...

[17:01] * Solarchos hugs Shaldra a little bit closer as he continues to nibble on her neck gently.

[17:02] * Shaldra Darkness can't help but continue to puurrrrr...

[17:03] * Solarchos plays with Shaldra's bell-collar a little. ^_^

[17:03] * Shaldra Darkness curls her tail around Solar's arm. ^_^

[17:04] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Why did Mew put that collar on you, anyway? Is she just trying to be cute or does it have some meaning amongst the Felpurr?

[17:05] * Solarchos notices Shaldra's tail around his arm and blushes! *^_^*

[17:05] <Shaldra Darkness> Just cute, she's seen to many neko-girl pictures lately. ^_^;;

[17:06] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Ooo! So what's next on your "to-do" list now? *^_^*

[17:07] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Next? Hopefully spend some quality time with you. ^_~

[17:08] * Shaldra Darkness leans in and licks the side of Solarchos' face

[17:09] * Solarchos is definitely up for that! "Sofa, tent, or something else, love?"

[17:10] * Shaldra Darkness grabs him and drags him behind the sofa! ^_~

[17:10] <Solarchos> O_O

[17:10] <Solarchos> ^____^

[17:11] * Shaldra Darkness quickly gets to work!

[17:11] * Solarchos does *not* resist as he's dragged behind the couch!

[17:11] * Solarchos also gets to work!

[17:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Purrrr... ^_^

[17:13] * Solarchos proceeds to do his best to make his future Neko-bride purr liek anything!

[17:14] * Shaldra Darkness LIKES what Solar's doing! "Puurrrr-rawrrr!"

[17:14] * Shaldra Darkness kicks the Typo Demon watching them into the wall

[17:15] * Solarchos grabs a Typo-Demon, bashes against the wall, and continues making Shaldra meow!

[17:15] <Shaldra Darkness> Mrawrr! ^_^

[17:16] *** TuxRainbow has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:16] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TuxRainbow

[17:17] * Shaldra Darkness flicks her tail from behind the couch as a greeting. ^_^

[17:17] * Solarchos notices that someone else has arrived! O_O

[17:17] <TuxRainbow> I see people are busy,... ;)

[17:18] * Solarchos reaches over the couch, grabs a blanket, pulls it over him and Shaldra, and continues with her!

[17:18] <TuxRainbow> Carry on... I'm here, but ignore me

[17:18] <Shaldra Darkness> Uhh... you could say that. Heh.

[17:18] <TuxRainbow> lol

[17:19] <Shaldra Darkness> Hahahaha!! That tickles, Solar-kun!! ^_^

[17:19] * -The couch starts to rock gently...

[17:20] * TuxRainbow sits on another couch

[17:20] *** S. Terra has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:20] <@spiritflame> Irasshai S. Terra

[17:20] <Shaldra Darkness> ((Arg, I gotta go, dinner with the folks.))

[17:20] * S. Terra kisses Tux

[17:21] * S. Terra frowns

[17:21] * Solarchos starts to pant a little... ^___^

[17:21] <S. Terra> Sorry, we were at the movies

[17:21] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Wanna continue this somewhere a bit more private, love? ^_~

[17:21] * S. Terra and Tux and kissing each other

[17:21] * S. Terra sighs

[17:21] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Why not? The Bunker, love?

[17:22] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Of course! But I had better get something on first. ^_^;;

[17:22] * Shaldra Darkness ' hand reaches out and grabs her jacket

[17:23] * Solarchos pulls his VanSaar suit back on. ^_^

[17:23] * Shaldra Darkness grabs the blanket and stands up, the blanket around her waist, and the jacket on. Her hair is a mess and she's sweating. ^_^

[17:24] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (Now, come and catch me, lover boy! Mrawrr! ^_~)

[17:24] <Solarchos> Everyone - Bye!!

[17:25] *** Solarchos has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "I'll get you, my pretty! And your kawaii naughty tail, too!")

[17:27] *** Morrigan has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:27] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Morrigan

[17:27] <Morrigan> Aw darn! I missed everyone. Shoot.

[17:28] <S. Terra> Not us :)

[17:28] * S. Terra an dTux dive behind Tuxedo Sofa... ♡ ;)

[17:29] <Morrigan> Oooo! So I haven't missed everything! Let the lovin' commence!!

[17:31] <Morrigan> Well, since it's the holidays, I managed to find something *most* appropriate for this time of year!

[17:31] * Morrigan pulls out a guitar and sits down. ^_^..V

[17:32] * S. Terra and tux

[17:33] <Morrigan> You know, I *do* so love singing around this time of year! Love it so much I got a song about it! Liketohearithereitgoes!

[17:33] <Morrigan> Put on your's time for Chanunkah! So much celebrate Chanuhak!

[17:34] <Morrigan> Chanukah is...the festival of lights! Instead of one day of presents we get eight crazy nights!

[17:35] <Morrigan> When you feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas's a new list of people who are Jewish...just like you and me!

[17:36] <Morrigan> Winnona Ryder...drinks Manischewitz wine! Then spins a draydle with Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein!

[17:37] <Morrigan> Guess who gives and receives...loads of Chanukah toys. The girls from Veruca Salt and all three Beastie boys!

[17:39] <Morrigan> Lenny Kravitz is half Jewish. Courtney Love is half, too. Put them both together. What a funky bad-ass Jew!

[17:40] <Morrigan> We got Harvey Keitel...and flash dancer jennifer Beals. Yasmine Bleeth from Baywatch is Jewish...and yes her boobs are real!

[17:40] * S. Terra and Tux laugh... it's a bit late, Morrigan

[17:41] * S. Terra and Tux continue to each other

[17:41] <Morrigan> Put on your yarmulka! It's time for Chanukah! 2-time Oscar-winner Dustin Hofman-ika...celebrates Chanukah!

[17:42] <Morrigan> O.J. Simpson...still is not a Jew. But guess who is...the guy who does the voice for Scooby Doo!

[17:42] * C'est_la_V and X-chan join in the from behind V. Sofa ♡

[17:44] <Morrigan> Bob Dylan was born a Jew...then he wasn't and now he's back. Mary Tyler Moore's husband is Jewish 'cause we're pretty good in the sack!

[17:44] * Morrigan waves at Minako and Xadium. ^_^..V

[17:44] * C'est_la_V waves back from behind the sofa ^_~

[17:45] * @Dr_Xadium is having the breas.. err, best Christmas ever, heh

[17:45] <Morrigan> Guess who got bar-mizvahed...on the PGA tour. No I'm not talking about Mr. Happy Gilmore!

[17:46] <Morrigan> Heh! Solarchos and Shaldra are doing the same thing! Teehee!

[17:46] * C'est_la_V giggles softly

[17:47] <S. Terra> Were

[17:47] <Morrigan> So many Jews...are in the show biz. Bruce Springstein isn't...but my mother thinks he is!

[17:47] * S. Terra and Tux still are ♡

[17:47] <TuxRainbow> It's Chrstmas time

[17:47] <Morrigan> Oops, I flubbed a line. ><;

[17:47] * TuxRainbow s Terra ;)

[17:48] * @Dr_Xadium waves to the others for a moment before Mina grabs his hand back behind the couch!

[17:48] <Morrigan> Guess who got bar-mizvahed...on the PGA tour. No I'm not talking about Tiger Woods. I'm talking about Mr. Happy Gilmore!

[17:48] <TuxRainbow> lol

[17:49] * S. Terra waves briefly

[17:50] <Morrigan> Tell that Daryl's time for Chanukah! It's not pronounced Ch-nakah! The C is silent in Chanukah!

[17:51] * C'est_la_V is ing X-chan's X-mas present ♡

[17:52] <S. Terra> Jingle bell, Jingle Bell rock

[17:52] <Morrigan> So get your hooked-on-phonic-a! Get drunk in Tijuanaka! If you really wannaka! Have a happy happy happy Chanakah!!!

[17:52] * S. Terra :love s Tux's Belated Hanukkah present ;)

[17:52] <S. Terra> oopsie ;)

[17:53] * TuxRainbow was bored anyway :)

[17:54] * C'est_la_V giggles a little loudy from behind her sofa... but not at Terra ^_~

[17:54] * Morrigan bows.

[17:55] * a clapping sound comes from behind V. Sofa.

[17:56] * TuxRainbow hears Minako and Terra giggling :)

[17:57] <Morrigan> Thank you! Thankyouverymuch!

[17:57] * S. Terra claps and giggles ♡

[17:58] * C'est_la_V and X-chan clap for Morrigan in the way she likes best, ♡

[17:59] <Morrigan> I love that song! Now, what's going on behind those couches, hmmm? ^_^

[18:00] * C'est_la_V thinks Morrigan knows, heh ^_~

[18:01] * S. Terra is sure Morrigan knows ;)

[18:01] <Morrigan> Muahahahahahaha!!! Oh, I love my work!!!

[18:01] * S. Terra notes that Tuxedo sofa is rocking

[18:02] <TuxRainbow> I know you do :)

[18:02] * Venus Sofa is rocking quite steadily ♡

[18:03] * TuxRainbow sighs

[18:03] <Julie Andrews> and the Livingroom was alive with the sound of music....

[18:03] <TuxRainbow> rofl

[18:04] * C'est_la_V is making quite beautiful music with X-chan ^_^

[18:04] * S. Terra doesn't mind the rockin' as long as no one comes a knocking...

[18:04] <Morrigan> No, the chatroom is alive with the sounds of SEX!! XD

[18:04] * S. Terra is as well with Tux ;)

[18:05] <S. Terra> Indeed ^_~

[18:05] <C'est_la_V> Oh yes! it is

[18:05] * TuxRainbow decides to compose a "symphony of two" with Terra ^_~

[18:06] * @Dr_Xadium is well on the way to a magnum opus ^_~

[18:06] <TuxRainbow> I am outdone ^_^;;

[18:07] * S. Terra giggles, and doesn't care.

[18:07] * C'est_la_V is just glad everyone is enjoying their christmas ^_^

[18:08] * @Dr_Xadium is enjoying it quite a lot ^_~

[18:08] * S. Terra is also enjoying it... quite quiet here now

[18:08] * S. Terra notes taht she kissed Tux at the movies

[18:09] * TuxRainbow does a solo for Terra

[18:09] * C'est_la_V and X-chan watched James Bond movies all day yesterday and today, did that too, and a bit more ^_~

[18:10] * C'est_la_V is caught up in the rapture of a fugue by X-chan ^_^

[18:10] <Morrigan> Heh, well I'll leave everyone here to enjoy themselves. I've got places to go and people to take pictures of! Later!

[18:11] <TuxRainbow> We wish you a merry Crimbo

[18:11] <TuxRainbow> Bye *waves*

[18:11] * C'est_la_V waves a sweaty hand at Morrigan-chan before X-chan pulls it back

[18:12] *** Morrigan has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "! I *love* this place!")

[18:12] * C'est_la_V giggles quite loudly and squeals ^_^

[18:14] <TuxRainbow> heh

[18:14] * S. Terra waves sweatily and quickly ^_~

[18:15] <S. Terra> I love this time of the year ^_^

[18:15] *** Moonstar has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:15] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Moonstar

[18:15] * S. Terra frowns

[18:16] * Venus Sofa starts to rock a bit harder ♡

[18:16] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Moostar

[18:16] <Moonstar> Hey there everyone.

[18:16] <TuxRainbow> grr... Moonstar ;)

[18:16] <TuxRainbow> Hello :)

[18:16] * Moonstar wishes a better Christmas then Hers

[18:17] <C'est_la_V> Mo....OH....

[18:17] <Moonstar> ¬.¬;

[18:17] * @Dr_Xadium waves a bit quckly, hi.

[18:17] <S. Terra> Oh, helloooo... ;)

[18:17] * FireFly_9 sighs and tosses a tarp over both couches.

[18:17] <S. Terra> Hello,

[18:17] <-Christmas Oronde> *grabs and kidna[ps x-chan and puts him into a secret place..and lock the door..* ..i pissed of... hrauka adn.... married a taelbl*8

[18:18] * TuxRainbow sighs...

[18:18] <Moonstar> I'll.....sit on the floor. ^.^;;;

[18:18] <TuxRainbow> lol, You do that ;)

[18:18] * FireFly_9 cuts down Oronde before he can interrupt the lovers.

[18:19] * S. Terra is covered in the tarp... along with Tux

[18:19] <FireFly_9> Sempai wouldn't stand for it.

[18:19] <S. Terra> Thanks...

[18:19] <-Christmas Oronde> *blocks her lgaiv.e.* don;t start..hotaru it;s not your occnern... ..i pissed of... hrauka adn.... married a taelbl*8

[18:19] <Moonstar> So them, How are you enjoying Comercimas Hotaru?

[18:19] <FireFly_9> Oronde, it's not wise to block my glaive with your body like that, look at you, you're in two halves.

[18:19] <Moonstar> *So then

[18:20] <-Christmas Oronde> and i can reform..fools *reforms from liquid metal..* ..i pissed of... hrauka adn.... married a taelbl*8

[18:20] <FireFly_9> I am enjoying the holiday as well as can be expected.

[18:20] * FireFly_9 just turns on the supermagnet and hoists him to the ceiling.

[18:21] * Moonstar nods

[18:21] * S. Terra will go shopping tomorrow...

[18:21] * C'est_la_V and X-chan don't even notice Oronde ♡

[18:21] <-Christmas Oronde> put nme s[BLEEP]t ass... ..i pissed of... hrauka adn.... married a taelbl*8

[18:21] * S. Terra looks up briefly

[18:21] <TuxRainbow> Christmas pinata, anyone? ;)

[18:21] <Moonstar> Oronde, someone droppedyou on your head as a child, didn't they?

[18:21] * TuxRainbow giggles

[18:22] <FireFly_9> I might go buy some new boots on the morrow, when prices are cheap.

[18:22] <TuxRainbow> Several times

[18:22] * Moonstar looks at Oronde with Pity.

[18:22] * TuxRainbow knows that Terra wants to go shopping tomorrow

[18:22] * FireFly_9 passes out the sticks to whoever wants to have a whack at him.

[18:22] * S. Terra giggles happily

[18:22] * Moonstar nods

[18:23] * C'est_la_V and X-chan will be staying in tommorow ♡

[18:23] <S. Terra> After today, what else can you two do? *joking*

[18:23] * Moonstar winds up and SLAAAAAAAAMS Oronde. Feel the f[BLEEP]king Christmas love now b[BLEEP]ch.

[18:24] * C'est_la_V laughs from behind the couch.

[18:24] <S. Terra> Merry f'n Christmas, Oronde!

[18:24] * Moonstar sits back own on the floor

[18:24] <Moonstar> *down

[18:24] * S. Terra laughs

[18:25] * @Dr_Xadium notes the James Bond marathon is good for coming up with all kinds of new ideas for ways to "pass the time" ^_^

[18:25] <S. Terra> Indeed... the 007 days of Bond

[18:25] * S. Terra has an idea...

[18:25] <Moonstar> lol. The newest James Bond movie sucked hard core.

[18:26] * C'est_la_V giggles happily from behind the couch, License to Kill, X-chan's favourite movie, is on right now.

[18:26] * TuxRainbow and Terra are talking

[18:26] * @Dr_Xadium agrees with Moonstar.

[18:26] * @Dr_Xadium and Mina have completed their MAgnum Opus, are moving to the denoument.

[18:27] <Moonstar> My friend was sitting in her living room with me a few weeks ago. Someone had bought a new DVD of JB. She was like "Sweeeet! It's 00-Damn it! ¬.¬ It's Die Another Day..... "

[18:27] <FireFly_9> Die Another Day was utter tripe.

[18:28] <Moonstar> Can any one say $$$ I know you can!

[18:28] <FireFly_9> Bond 21 has no Bond, no Director, and no Plot. And it's due out in 06.

[18:28] <Moonstar> There's going to be ANOTHER? They've utterly killed the series now.

[18:29] <Moonstar> He's become the worst Magiver of all.

[18:29] * TuxRainbow and Terra are also in denoument...

[18:29] <FireFly_9> Well Bond can continue indefinitely, the plots just have to be good.

[18:29] * S. Terra sings several octaves above normal ^_^

[18:29] * Moonstar wishes she had gotten the ablity to spell for Christmas. Would have been better then...

[18:30] * C'est_la_V could be called "Alto Aino" ^_^

[18:30] <S. Terra> I wonder if you ever ever read FHM's (?) Ideas for revitalizing Bond?

[18:30] <S. Terra> lol

[18:31] <FireFly_9> No? Like what?

[18:31] <Moonstar> X.x @ Mina

[18:31] * C'est_la_V Venus Sofa shudders and becomes still

[18:32] * C'est_la_V giggles softly from behind the couch

[18:32] * Moonstar is NOT listening.... LALALALALALA

[18:33] * C'est_la_V and X-chan raise their heads above the back of V. Sofa, blushing, sweaty and smiling

[18:33] * C'est_la_V waves ^_^

[18:34] <S. Terra> Let's see... New Bond, new plot...

[18:34] * S. Terra raises her head up, smiling

[18:35] <S. Terra> New director...

[18:35] * C'est_la_V climbs over the top of V. Sofa, wearing X-chan's long coat over her

[18:35] * TuxRainbow raises his head, blushing

[18:35] <C'est_la_V> Quentin Tarentino and Pierce Bond-san wanted to do a remake of Casino Royale

[18:35] * S. Terra ducks back under the tarp for a moment

[18:35] <S. Terra> Pierce should quit

[18:36] * @Dr_Xadium can be heard snoring lightly from behind the couch

[18:36] <S. Terra> I think they wanted Hugh Jackman

[18:36] <S. Terra> You wore him out ^_^

[18:36] <C'est_la_V> Terra-san: He was discharged.

[18:36] * S. Terra steps out from behind the Tuxedo Sofa, dressed and smiling

[18:36] * Moonstar sits

[18:36] <S. Terra> I see

[18:37] <C'est_la_V> Ano... Pierce-san, not X-chan!! Well, him too... but ... ugh, you know...

[18:37] <Moonstar> Yeah, this last bond was getting too old for the part.

[18:37] * TuxRainbow steps out as well, slightly dishevled

[18:37] * C'est_la_V hates lag for putting her boot in her mouth

[18:37] <TuxRainbow> "foot"

[18:37] * TuxRainbow and Terra hug, and share some Gatorade and Powerade

[18:38] <Moonstar> I can't wait for New Years Eve.

[18:38] * C'est_la_V giggles and buttons up X-chan's coat better.

[18:38] <TuxRainbow> I wish Starcat was here... "Christmas at Ground Zero" is playing

[18:38] <Moonstar> I don't like Christmas.

[18:38] <S. Terra> That "exercize" Wears you out ^_~

[18:39] * Moonstar has not heard Christmas at Ground Zero.

[18:39] <C'est_la_V> That should be fun. Moon-chan ^_^

[18:39] <S. Terra> We don't celebrate it... we go to the movies

[18:39] * C'est_la_V isn't the incarnation of Aphrodite for nothing ^_~

[18:39] <C'est_la_V> What movies did you guys see??

[18:39] <TuxRainbow> Terra is the only one I need

[18:40] <TuxRainbow> The Incredibles

[18:40] <Moonstar> My family.... has issues with me. So... it's a painful holiday for me. For instance at the Christmas feast earlier I simply went and ate inthe solitude of me room. They didn't leave me a place to eat with them.

[18:40] <C'est_la_V> Cool!!

[18:40] <TuxRainbow> Ugh, not this one...

[18:41] <S. Terra> Overplayed... and done as a cartoon... too much

[18:41] <C'est_la_V> Cool - Tux-san not Moon-chan. gomen.

[18:41] * S. Terra are talking about a song... the movie was good

[18:41] <TuxRainbow> We're sorry about your poor christmas, Moonstar

[18:42] * C'est_la_V thinks the lag is making her sound stupid today ><

[18:42] <S. Terra> (shouting) Send them back!

[18:42] <FireFly_9> (mutters) As opposed to when

[18:42] <Moonstar> It's only until I find a new place to live.

[18:42] <S. Terra> We hope you at least have a happy New Year, Moonstar :)

[18:43] * S. Terra nods

[18:43] * C'est_la_V would hug Moon-chan but is still pretty sweaty... ><

[18:43] <Moonstar> Aw. Thanks.

[18:43] <C'est_la_V> I hope your New year is fun, Moon-chan ^_^

[18:43] * S. Terra would as well, but is also sweating

[18:43] <S. Terra> NP, Moonsstar-chan

[18:44] <TuxRainbow> I hope you get a new place, Moonstar

[18:44] <Moonstar> lol. 2005 is the a means to an end for me, and with endings there is always a beginninng.

[18:45] * TuxRainbow and Terra sigh, and hug, still both sweaty

[18:45] <TuxRainbow> I hope so

[18:45] * @Dr_Xadium is curled up behind V. Sofa on a pile of his and Mina's things, under the tarp, fast asleep.

[18:46] * C'est_la_V ponders getting a bucket of warm water and sticking his hand it it, LOL

[18:47] <Moonstar> lol. Christmas here is like a real Festivus where we draw blood at eachother. Nothing is sacred in my family's primal rage.

[18:47] <C'est_la_V> Aww Moon-chan, well here you're our very important friend. ^_^

[18:48] * Moonstar would chuckle at a Time Lord Wetting himself.

[18:48] <Moonstar> Thanks. =)

[18:48] * C'est_la_V coughs, can arrange that at any time

[18:49] <Moonstar> But I'm not here to bring you down. We should just be happy it's another day. ^.~

[18:49] <TuxRainbow> Yes

[18:50] <TuxRainbow> turn it up... darn it

[18:50] <S. Terra> It's okay... we take all the bad with the good... even on this day

[18:50] * C'est_la_V can only think of that wrestler when she hears "turn it up" LOL

[18:50] *** Michael D has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:50] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Michael D

[18:51] <Moonstar> Hi there Mich.

[18:52] <Michael D> Hey Moonstar, hey everyone, Merry Christmas or the proper equivlent to everyone!

[18:52] * C'est_la_V waves at Mike-san, still sweaty

[18:52] * Michael D just got back from family get together, everything went well.

[18:52] <Moonstar> Happy Christmahannakwanzakah

[18:52] <C'est_la_V> Merry Christmas and things!!

[18:53] * Moonstar tosses Minako-san a bar or Secret Platinum Protection deorderant and antipersperant

[18:53] <Michael D> something tells me not to ask Minako. ^_^

[18:54] <S. Terra> HI, Mike

[18:54] * Michael D is happly swimming in new games. ^_^

[18:54] <Moonstar> î.î

[18:54] * C'est_la_V smiles softly and nods to behind the couch where X-chan is sleeping ♡

[18:54] <Michael D> Hi terra

[18:54] <Moonstar> lol.

[18:54] * C'est_la_V is just wearing his long coat.

[18:55] * TuxRainbow goes off to make eggnog

[18:55] * Moonstar has yet to try to Nog of teh Egg

[18:55] * S. Terra pulls out a mistletoe sprig, waiting for Tux

[18:55] * Michael D can't stand the taste of egg nog

[18:56] <TuxRainbow> To quote on old Jetsons line: "One Egg and One Nog"

[18:56] * C'est_la_V smiles at Terra-san

[18:56] <Moonstar> lol. Don't tell X that.

[18:56] * TuxRainbow will use very little rum

[18:56] * C'est_la_V notes X-chan loves (nonalcoholic) Egg Nog

[18:56] * Moonstar 's last comment was to Mich

[18:56] * TuxRainbow likes his with a little rum, but not much

[18:57] <Moonstar> Rum? More Rum! (really...why is the rum gone?)

[18:57] <Moonstar> *Pirates Ripp off*

[18:57] * TuxRainbow places the Eggnog near the tree, and is kissed by Terra

[18:57] * C'est_la_V notes X-chan doesn't drink, hence nonalcoholic, she doesn't mind the lightly alcoholic kind.

[18:58] * S. Terra kisses Tux ♡

[18:58] * S. Terra takes a bit o' the nog

[18:58] * Michael D notes Star Ocean till the end of time and MGS3 doth rock!

[18:58] * C'est_la_V decides to move X-chan to somewhere he can rest better

[18:58] * TuxRainbow sips of the nog... good stuff ^_^

[18:59] * C'est_la_V goes behind the couch, wraps him up in the tarp and picks him up

[18:59] <Moonstar> This is a bloody bloody Holiday. Think of all the inoccent Trees being murdered. And what about all the squirls who are now Homeless. You know how hard it is to be a homeless squirl?

[18:59] <C'est_la_V> LOL Moon-chan

[18:59] <TuxRainbow> lol

[19:00] <Michael D> But squirles worshipp the anti-christ, they had it comming!!

[19:00] * S. Terra giggles merrily

[19:00] <C'est_la_V> Well We'll be back later, I just want to snuggle and relax for a while :)

[19:00] <S. Terra> Someone saw South Park, I see

[19:00] <Moonstar> Ttyl Minako.

[19:00] <S. Terra> Have fun... snuggle lots ♡

[19:00] * C'est_la_V waves and wishes everyone happy holidays as she carries X-chan back to the TARDIS

[19:00] <-TuxRainbow > See you two later

[19:00] <Michael D> I missed, still mad about missingit, but i hear what happened.

[19:01] <TuxRainbow> Same to you

[19:01] <Michael D> seeya!

[19:01] <-YingGirl> hello

[19:01] * C'est_la_V is away: curled up together like two lovebirds in a nest, dreaming of a bright future... ♡

[19:01] * -YingGirl returne, wagging her tail

[19:02] <Moonstar> Missed what Mich]?

[19:03] <TuxRainbow> Hi, Ying

[19:03] <Michael D> Hi Vanessa! How's it goig?

[19:03] * TuxRainbow and Terra snuggle ♡

[19:03] <Moonstar> I think I'm gonna go. I need to find something to eat.

[19:03] <Michael D> Last weeks south park, the one about all the animal worshipping the anti-christ

[19:03] <-YingGirl> ...not bad. Didn't get anything i wanted....

[19:03] <Moonstar> ttyl everyone.

[19:03] <Michael D> seeya moon

[19:04] <Michael D> AWWWW, That sucks. :(

[19:04] *** Moonstar has left #suburbansenshi2 (Happy Comercimas everyone.)

[19:04] <TuxRainbow> Bye, Moonstar

[19:04] <Michael D> How's the family situation going?

[19:05] * -YingGirl sits in her corner. "Got 160$ to spend. And 50$ for books/manga...and 25$ for a gift card."

[19:05] <-YingGirl> ......same like last year.

[19:05] <Michael D> Not a bad chunk of change, should fund some nice things

[19:06] <Michael D> aw, I was hoping there wouldn't be any fighting.

[19:07] * Michael D "I only got 30 bucks cash from my uncle, my mom got me Star Ocean Till the End of Time, MGS3, KH:Com, FF1&2:Dawn of souls, and a Texas Holdem poker game, besides some clothes"

[19:07] <-YingGirl> -->

[19:08] <-YingGirl> ............................ I'll be happy with the games.

[19:08] <Michael D> um.....DMC3.....*drool*

[19:08] * Michael D is happy with the games, just stating what he got

[19:09] * Michael D loves them all so far from what he's got to play of them

[19:10] <Michael D> I'm gonna trade in some old games that I'm not gonna play for my PS2 and GBA, a preorder, if not hopefully the trade in will cover the whole price of DMC3

[19:10] * -YingGirl sighs

[19:10] <Michael D> *and preorder/reserve

[19:11] <-YingGirl> ...did ya see the media of dmc3 on gamespot?

[19:12] <Michael D> Yeah, thanks for the link, makes me want it to come out even more

[19:12] * TuxRainbow does not own a PS2 :(

[19:12] <-YingGirl> the movie whereas vergil kills dante

[19:13] * TuxRainbow and Terra hug

[19:13] <Michael D> I think I missed that one, which one is it?

[19:14] <-YingGirl> it;s the one at the bottom, the intro of dmc3

[19:14] <Michael D> Thanks!*goes to watch it*

[19:15] * Michael D is watching the intro

[19:17] * Michael D is back "......I so want this game....."

[19:19] <Michael D> Thanks again Vanessa.

[19:20] <-YingGirl> ......y-yeah.

[19:20] * TuxRainbow is drinking Mountain Dew Livewire

[19:20] * S. Terra is drinking MD Pitch Black

[19:20] <-YingGirl> I walked around my good intentions

[19:20] <-YingGirl> And found that there were none

[19:21] <Michael D> I'm sorry things didm't work out for you like you hoped.

[19:21] <-YingGirl> I blame my father for the wasted years

[19:21] <-YingGirl> We hardly talked

[19:21] <-YingGirl> I never thought I would forget this hate

[19:21] <-YingGirl> Then a phone call made me realize I'm wrong

[19:21] <-YingGirl> And if I don't make it

[19:22] <-YingGirl> Know that I've loved you all along

[19:22] <-YingGirl> Just like sunny days that

[19:22] <-YingGirl> We ignore because

[19:22] <-YingGirl> We're all dumb and jaded

[19:22] <-YingGirl> And I hope to God I figure out what's wrong

[19:22] <-YingGirl> I walked around my room

[19:22] <-YingGirl> Not thinking

[19:23] <-YingGirl> Sinking in this box

[19:23] <S. Terra> I hate christmas cartoons

[19:23] <-YingGirl> I blame myself for being too much like somebody else

[19:23] <-YingGirl> I never thought that I'd just bend this way

[19:23] <-YingGirl> Then a phone call made me realize I'm wrong

[19:23] <-YingGirl> And if I don't make it

[19:23] <-YingGirl> Know that I loved you all along

[19:24] <-YingGirl> Just like sunny days that

[19:24] <-YingGirl> We ignore because

[19:24] <-YingGirl> We're all dumb and jaded

[19:24] <-YingGirl> And I hope to God I figure out what's wrong

[19:24] <-YingGirl> And I hope to God I figure out what's wrong...

[19:24] <-YingGirl> I hope to God I figure out what's wrong

[19:24] <-YingGirl> If I don't make it

[19:25] <-YingGirl> Know that I loved you all along

[19:25] <-YingGirl> Just like sunny days that

[19:25] <-YingGirl> We ignore because

[19:25] <-YingGirl> We're all dumb and jaded

[19:25] <-YingGirl> And I hope to God I figure out what's wrong

[19:25] <-YingGirl> And if I don't make it

[19:26] <-YingGirl> Know that I *loved* you all along

[19:26] <-YingGirl> Just like sunny days that...

[19:26] <-YingGirl> We ignore because

[19:26] <-YingGirl> We're all dumb and jaded

[19:26] <-YingGirl> And I hope to God I figure out... .....

[19:27] * -YingGirl stays quiet in her corner, lowering her head

[19:27] * Michael D claps "That was wonderful Vanessa"

[19:28] <S. Terra> *sigh* nothing open... nothing to watch...

[19:28] * TuxRainbow hold Terra close

[19:28] * TuxRainbow whispers to Terra

[19:29] * S. Terra smiles

[19:29] * S. Terra is away: fulfilling a holiday wish ♡

[19:29] * TuxRainbow is away: time to do something new with Terra ♡

[19:29] * -YingGirl stays quiet in her corner....

[19:31] <Michael D> You wanna talk about it?

[19:32] <--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> holy s[BLEEP]t licence to kill is UNCENSORED FOR LANGIAGE ON SPIKE TV, did they f[BLEEP]k up?!

[19:32] * --=[ SpeedRcrX ]=-- is away: gawking

[19:33] * -YingGirl keeps quiet in her corner

[19:35] <Michael D> I think Dante might be back in town, want me to give him a call?

[19:36] <-YingGirl> ...........

[19:37] <Michael D> ...anything i can do for you?

[19:40] * -YingGirl notices the chat-logs, a lot were.....doing it. Continues to lower her head

[19:42] * Michael D gets up, and walks over to Vanessa, and sits down next to her "It's the holidays, I want to do something to make you happy, please let me do something for you"

[19:42] <-YingGirl> let me die.

[19:43] <Michael D> why do you want to die so badly Vanessa?

[19:45] <-YingGirl> ...i'm pretty useless

[19:47] <Michael D> your not. I know your goining to think I'm lying when i say that but I'm not. Your valued by alot of people Vanessa.

[19:50] <Michael D> You only think your useless Vanessa, but the turth is your far from it.

[19:50] <Michael D> We just have alot of insanely powerfull God modding type people that reack havoc in these parts.

[19:52] <-YingGirl> ................................

[19:55] <Michael D> are there other reasons aswell?

[19:57] * -YingGirl keeps quiet

[19:58] <Michael D> know I just want to do what I can, but I know death isn't the way out Vanessa, it never is.......

[20:00] <Michael D> You want anything to drink or eat?

[20:05] <-YingGirl>

[20:07] <Michael D> alright. Is there anything you want me to answer for you?

[20:08] <-YingGirl> no

[20:08] * Michael D nods "So I guese there is nothing i can do for you huh..."

[20:11] <Michael D> I will say, that I wish, You could be happy Vanessa, if there's anyone I've ever known, you deserve it.

[20:11] * DvlmayCry pulls up outside

[20:12] *** DvlmayCry has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:12] <@spiritflame> Irasshai DvlmayCry

[20:13] <DvlmayCry> damn, traffic is f[BLEEP]king horrible....

[20:13] <DvlmayCry> Hi Vanessa, Hi Mike.

[20:14] <Michael D> Hey Dante. Welcome back, howed it go?

[20:15] <DvlmayCry> not bad, that green furry thing was hard as hell to take down, never thought I'd ever get hired by that fat guy in the red suit for a job thou...

[20:18] <DvlmayCry> Whats up Vanessa, who you doing?

[20:19] * -The Grinch takes a sniper Shot at Dante

[20:21] * DvlmayCry draws Rebellion swiftly spining around and rebounding the shot back "Damn Whoreville dweller, can't you stay dead"

[20:22] * -The Grinch flees into the night cackling

[20:25] * DvlmayCry straps rebellion to his back "We shall tussle again you muppet...."

[20:27] * -YingGirl has her head lowered, staying in her corner

[20:28] * DvlmayCry sits on the otherside of vanessa "Whats wrong?"

[20:30] * DvlmayCry scratches her behind the ear "I'm back, how about I cheer you up"

[20:32] <-YingGirl> ............

[20:32] <TuxRainbow> YOu're a mean one, Mr. Grinch

[20:33] <DvlmayCry> I know you don't like this time of year, so why don't we do something to make you forget about it.

[20:33] * Michael D chuckles while Dante twitches

[20:34] * S. Terra is back, and quite sweaty ~_^

[20:34] * -YingGirl doesn't like the fact everyone else is.... Still keeps her head lowered

[20:36] * DvlmayCry keeps scratching behind her ear "come one whats wrong, so I can fix it"

[20:36] <-YingGirl> nothing

[20:37] <-YingGirl> absolutely nothing

[20:38] <DvlmayCry> something tells me your not being honest about that...

[20:40] <-YingGirl> something tells me you should shut your trap

[20:40] *** Mew has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:40] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Mew

[20:41] <DvlmayCry> touché Vanessa.

[20:41] <Michael D> Hi Mew.

[20:41] <DvlmayCry> Just trying to help....

[20:42] * Mew drags herself in... blood drenching her body, multiple deep gashes on her form... and one arm missing...

[20:43] <S. Terra> What's up, Mew?

[20:43] * Mew choaks on her words and collapses

[20:43] * -TuxRainbow notes that sometimes not helping is helping

[20:43] <TuxRainbow> Mew?

[20:44] * Michael D casts Curaga on Mew

[20:44] * Michael D has casts Revive, and then Curaga, darn skill skematics. ><

[20:45] * Mew is healed, but still down, and missing an arm

[20:45] <TuxRainbow> heh, you'll learn :)

[20:45] * TuxRainbow wonders what transpired to cause this injury to Mew

[20:46] * S. Terra looks concerned

[20:47] <Michael D> Holy s[BLEEP]t.....what did this....

[20:48] * S. Terra wonders what as well

[20:48] <TuxRainbow> Some bounty...

[20:48] * Kakyuu appears

[20:48] * Michael D closes his eyes, shifting into Guardian Angel mode

[20:49] <TuxRainbow> Hello, kakyuu

[20:50] * Michael D 's wings arch out, as he lifts into the air slightly

[20:50] <Kakyuu> God, I leave to open presents and I miss a s[BLEEP]tload.

[20:50] * S. Terra in concerned about Mew atm

[20:50] * -A shadowed figure off in the distance chuckles, the eye in it's hand, showing the current view of the Suburban Senshi house, closes. The figure vanishes

[20:50] * Kakyuu felt something strange "Hmm?"

[20:50] <Michael D> Light of God.......Please, do what you can to restores this fallen comrade.....Please lend me your power......

[20:51] <S. Terra> What the HFIL was that ?!

[20:51] *** Solarchos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:51] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Solarchos

[20:51] * -YingGirl stays in her corner

[20:51] <TuxRainbow> I wish I knew

[20:51] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Solar

[20:51] * TuxRainbow looks concerned

[20:51] *** Haak has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:51] *** spiritflame sets mode +o Haak

[20:51] <@spiritflame> Irasshai @Haak
[20:51] <Solarchos> Mew - What happened??!! Who did this??!!

[20:52] <TuxRainbow> If something could do THAT to Mew... *shudders*

[20:52] * Michael D eye's jolt open, his eyes compelely white "FEATHER HAILSTORM OF REVIVAL!!!"

[20:52] <@Haak> Hey all.

[20:52] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Haak

[20:52] <Kakyuu> Hey Haak, Solar.

[20:52] * -YingGirl keeps quiet, staying in her corner

[20:52] <@Haak> Oo;

[20:52] <S. Terra> I fear for all our safety now

[20:52] * @Haak wonders what he walked into

[20:52] * - thousands of feathers of life surrond and cover Mew.

[20:52] <S. Terra> I don't know if it is a who or a what

[20:53] <DvlmayCry> the f[BLEEP]k just happened,,,,,

[20:53] <S. Terra> You walked, quite literally, into HFIL, after all the fun we had :)

[20:53] <-> *surround

[20:53] <@Haak> Oh, I see. Well I shouldn't have expected a normal Christmas round these parts, heh.

[20:53] <TuxRainbow> Your guess is as good as any, Dante

[20:53] * Solarchos kneels down next to Mew, shaking her a little. "Wake up!!!"

[20:53] <TuxRainbow> lol

[20:54] * @Haak cannot stay long

[20:54] * Michael D shifts to normal form, and is out

[20:54] * Mew slowly wakes, her arm's now back, at the very least

[20:54] <Solarchos> Dante - Something just beat the crap outta Mew...and I've got a feeling who.

[20:55] <TuxRainbow> Who then?

[20:55] * S. Terra looks scared

[20:55] <@Haak> Nathaniel?

[20:55] <Solarchos> TuxRainbow - The son of a b[BLEEP]ch that murdered her and Shaldra's parents.

[20:55] * Michael D 's body smokes slightly from where his wings connect to his back....

[20:56] <Kakyuu> Merry Christmas, Haak! *tosses him the keys to a new warthog that also has a chaingun on it*

[20:56] <TuxRainbow> That SOB shall pay with his / her / its life

[20:56] <Solarchos> Mew - What happened? Who attacked you?

[20:56] <@Haak> Whoa. Thanks Kakyuu. I should probably NOT ask how you got this. Heh. Merry Christmas.

[20:56] <S. Terra> This person must have a thing against catpeople

[20:56] * DvlmayCry blinks

[20:56] <Mew> Does... someone know what happened...? I... I can't remember anything...

[20:57] <Kakyuu> Hehehehehehehe

[20:57] <S. Terra> You appeared here with a broken arm. We wondered what monster hit you.

[20:57] <Solarchos> Everyone - Not long ago Mew received a really nasty little "trophy" from someone...the tail of her and Shaldra's father. He and the rest of their family have been dead for years. And they died on Expel, not Earth.

[20:57] <TuxRainbow> Blood loss... memory loss...

[20:57] <-YingGirl> ......

[20:58] * TuxRainbow nods. He has heard tales of Expel from Shaldra, but none like this

[20:58] * -YingGirl stays in her corner, keeping very quiet

[20:58] * S. Terra mourns the losses

[20:58] <Solarchos> S.Terra - No, this a[BLEEP]le's just a sick f[BLEEP]k with a vendetta.

[20:58] * Mew sits up slowly and holds her head

[20:58] <S. Terra> A vicious killer with no compunction... this is bad

[20:59] * S. Terra nods

[20:59] <S. Terra> This ahole must pay, dearly

[20:59] * Kakyuu tosses mew the keys to a Warthog with a chaingun on it as well* Merry Christmas Mew!

[20:59] * S. Terra usually does not curse, but knows ways arond the filter :p

[20:59] * DvlmayCry looks at vanessa

[20:59] <Solarchos> Shaldra and Mew never did find out who killed their parents and younger brother.

[20:59] <S. Terra> Lots of Warhogs going around...

[21:00] <S. Terra> I see

[21:00] * Solarchos looks nervously at Mew. "What do you remember?"

[21:00] * TuxRainbow nods solemnly

[21:00] <Mew> Solarchos - No.. nothing... it's all a blur...

[21:01] <-YingGirl> .....

[21:02] <Solarchos> Mew - Nothing? Nothing at all? *leads her over to the nearest couch and sits her down*

[21:02] * -YingGirl lowers her head, keeping herself quiet and trying not attact attention

[21:02] * -The front door opens again.

[21:02] *** The cloaked one has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:02] <@spiritflame> Irasshai The cloaked one

[21:03] <@Haak> ((Gah, sorry guys, I gotta go. I have to backup my system and by the time that's done I'll be off to bed))

[21:03] <Mew> Solarchos - No...

[21:03] * @Haak eyes the cloaked one carefully before leaving

[21:03] * DvlmayCry puts his arm around vanessa comfortingly

[21:03] <Solarchos> Haak - Catch you later then. Happy holidays.

[21:04] <Mew> See ya... Haak...

[21:04] *** @Haak has left #suburbansenshi2 (I get a Warthog! Something tells me it may see use before long.)

[21:04] * The cloaked one approaches Mew. "May I be assistance to you?"

[21:05] * Solarchos pulls out his trauma kit. "Are you still hurting anywhere, Mew?"

[21:05] <-YingGirl> ........

[21:05] <Mew> Who... who are you...?

[21:05] * -YingGirl quickly kicks Dante off her

[21:05] * -YingGirl gets up and leaves

[21:05] <Mew> Solarchos - No... Mike was able to heal me...

[21:05] *** -YingGirl has left #suburbansenshi2 (...........)

[21:06] <TuxRainbow> Were you watching her?

[21:06] <DvlmayCry> ow.....

[21:06] * S. Terra sighs

[21:06] * DvlmayCry is away: thinking of sometime to do to make things better..

[21:07] * The cloaked one looks at Mew. "We haven't met before, have we? I was once a champion of honor and justice, much like the Senshi, but I turned my back on my oaths and embraced the evil I was fighting against in an effort to defeat it from within..."

[21:07] <S. Terra> How odd

[21:07] <S. Terra> But many have fallen from the path

[21:08] <Mew> I... I don't trust those shadowy figures who just seem to appear before me at times like this...

[21:08] * TuxRainbow nods

[21:09] *** TimeGal has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:09] <@spiritflame> Irasshai TimeGal

[21:09] * TimeGal collects Mike-kun's body

[21:09] <The cloaked one> "...Instead of defeating that evil I helped to strengthen it. I am responsible for the suffering of entire worlds as a result. I was finally redeemed, but I will never gain atonement until I undo the damage I wrought and destroy what I created. The mask I wear is a powerful weapon, but it's also my brand of shame.

[21:09] *** TimeGal has left #suburbansenshi2

[21:09] <TuxRainbow> Hello Sets-chan

[21:09] <TuxRainbow> We see

[21:09] * Solarchos moves in next to Mew, protectively.

[21:10] * The cloaked one looks at Mew. "I can help you remember what happened. The question is do you *want* to remember? It may be extremely unpleasant..."

[21:11] <Mew> Th-that still doesn't tell who you are, or why you decided to aid a simple neko-girl...

[21:11] <Mew> Well... is may be the only way to actually know who... or what... did this all...

[21:12] <The cloaked one> Who I am is unimportant. And I'm helping you because it's the sort of thing I must do.

[21:13] <Solarchos> Mew - Are you sure about this?

[21:13] * Kakyuu tosses Tux the keys to a warthog with a chaingun "That's for you and Terra!"

[21:13] * The cloaked one places his gloved hand on Mew's forehead and closes his glowing eyes...

[21:14] <Mew> Solarchos - I don't want to have Shaldra go through this... it's best we know the cause so we can stop it all...

[21:14] <Solarchos> Kakyuu - How many Warthogs do you have?! I've only got six!

[21:15] <TuxRainbow> Thanks,. Kakyuu.

[21:15] * The cloaked one begins focusing his telepathic powers on Mew's mind, placing her in something of a hypnotic trance and focusing her mind...

[21:15] <Kakyuu> I got one for everyone. *tosses Solarchos the keys to a warthog* For you and Shaldra.

[21:15] * S. Terra is away: Warthog Driving Lessons in Halo 2

[21:16] <Kakyuu> Now you have seven Solar.

[21:16] <The cloaked one> Now, Mew...what happened to you before you came here...?

[21:16] <Solarchos> Kakyuu - Heh! You can never have too many Warthogs. Thanks!

[21:16] <Solarchos> Kakyuu - Also, did you see Morrigan's gift to Sub-Sen?

[21:17] * Kakyuu leaves keys for a warthog in an enveloped taped to the TARDIS labeled MINAKO AND XADIUM'S PRESENT FROM KAKYUU

[21:17] * TuxRainbow knows Terra will be back, but what condition will the Warthog be in...?

[21:17] <Mew> I... I was just chasing after a bounty. It was nothing unusual...

[21:17] <TuxRainbow> I am sure they will love it, kakyuu

[21:18] * TuxRainbow can hear Terra screaming in delight now as she mows down aliens

[21:18] * The cloaked one continues to probe Mew's mind deeper, overwhelming the "Memory's Fleeting Touch" spell someone cast on her.

[21:18] <Kakyuu> I got EVERYONE warthogs. Seiya, Taiki, and Yaten got one that they have to share, and I have my own...... AND THEY ALL HAVE CHAINGUNS!

[21:19] * The cloaked one glances at Kakyuu. "Yes, but do you have any of the variants loaded with rocket launchers in place of chainguns?"

[21:21] * Mew starts shaking a bit...

[21:22] <Kakyuu> Heh, mine has a rocket launcher and a chaingun for usage on Kinmoku for protection.....

[21:23] * Solarchos grips Mew's hand tighter.

[21:23] <The cloaked one> What happened next, Mew?

[21:24] <Mew> I lost the bounty... and went to head home... but... but something appeared behind me in the dark...

[21:25] <The cloaked one> What appeared behind you? Who? Describe, Mew...

[21:27] <Mew> I-I couldn't see clearly... dressed in black... demonic, glowing eyes... I.. I can't make anything more out...

[21:28] <The cloaked one> Yes you can, Mew. Focus on that moment. Crystalize it. Focus on every detail...

[21:29] <Mew> There... there was an eye on it's hand...

[21:29] * The cloaked one continues to apply his telepathy, forcing Mew's mind to focus and suppressing her natural urge to retreat from the well as suppressing her fear.

[21:29] * TuxRainbow hears the sounds of a chaingun in the distance

[21:30] * S. Terra has returned, and washed the Warthog

[21:30] <S. Terra> Whee... ^_^

[21:30] <S. Terra> Caswashes wate blood... and dislike Warthogs

[21:30] <Mew> Long... jet black hair, strange markings around the eyes... female... yes... female...

[21:30] <S. Terra> Female?

[21:30] <S. Terra> ^Carwashes, arg

[21:31] <Solarchos> Mew - Female?

[21:31] * S. Terra looks at herself in a mirror.. she's got blood on her fuku

[21:31] * S. Terra grumbles... blood is so ahrd to get off magical girl clothing :/

[21:31] <S. Terra> ^hard

[21:32] * TuxRainbow looks at the keys

[21:32] * TuxRainbow is away: test drivin'

[21:32] <S. Terra> Next time, I jack Master CHief's armor >=)

[21:32] <Mew> But demonic in a way... claws and fangs... scars on her arms...

[21:33] * S. Terra shudders...

[21:33] <The cloaked one> Strange markings on the eyes? Have you ever seen them before?

[21:33] <S. Terra> Sounds like how Tux used to picture me...

[21:33] <The cloaked one> Anything else, Mew? Brooches? Amulets? Heraldry of any kind?

[21:34] <Mew> yes... I have...

[21:35] <Mew> A heraltic crest on the side of her neck... I've never seen one like it before...

[21:35] <The cloaked one> Where, Mew? Who possesses such things?

[21:37] <Mew> It's a demon mark... one worn by demon preists... but the mark's ancient... most don't bother with them anymore...

[21:37] <S. Terra> I see

[21:39] <Solarchos> Mew - Hold on, sis. Just stay with it.

[21:40] <The cloaked one> Does the mark resemble any orders you're familiar with? Many secret societies are offshoots of an earlier cult...

[21:41] * Kakyuu is now known as Neith

[21:41] * Neith tleports to PH

[21:42] <Neith> Hello Havoc! *wink*

[21:42] <Mew> .... Demonic worshipers... I have read about them... but I trule never believed they where even in existance any longer...

[21:43] <-Havoc> MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My hentai-hottie has come to me! Would you like to unwrap my "present"! ^_~

[21:43] <Neith> Sorry, still taken by Rae-kun. *is dressed as a VERY SEXY SANTA*

[21:44] <S. Terra> Cheesy line... heh

[21:44] <Neith> This goddess of warfare is here to enjoy the night with her Hentai Demon Lord!

[21:44] <TuxRainbow> That was fun ^_^

[21:44] <The cloaked one> What legends revolve around the demon-girl? What stories were told to you as a kitten about her? The stories told only in dimly-lit rooms and ended with gestures to ward off evil...

[21:45] <TuxRainbow> Evil? hmmm

[21:45] <Solarchos> TuxRainbow - So...what'd you run over?

[21:46] <-Havoc> Hentai demon lord?! There *is* no such thing! There is only the *Uber-Perv*!!!

[21:46] <TuxRainbow> Aliens... marines... what have you

[21:47] <TuxRainbow> Dashing through the snow in a chaingun warthog way

[21:48] * TuxRainbow wonders about painting the Warthog Black

[21:48] * Solarchos strokes Mew's tail to help keep her calm.

[21:48] * S. Terra thinks Camo Black is a good idea

[21:48] <Solarchos> S.Terra - What were you saying about the Master Chief's armor? You want a Spartan suit?

[21:48] <Neith> Oh yes there is! My Hentai Demon Lord is waiting for me over by the jello pit! Later! *makes a point in flicking her hair away to reveal how much CLEAVAGE she's exposing in her santa costume she stole from 'Mean Girls' and made it show more cleaage*

[21:49] <Mew> There... there was one... my father used to tell me it... the demon would come around once every two years... and destroy all those who strayed from the city after dark... though... strange disappearances made some believe it wasn't mearly a legend...

[21:50] <Solarchos> Didn't Shaldra tell us about some kind of specter that made young girls disappear from a certain area of the city around Halloween time?

[21:51] *** Shaldra Darkness has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:51] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Shaldra Darkness

[21:52] <The cloaked one> And the name of the demon...?

[21:52] * The cloaked one focuses his power more.

[21:52] <S. Terra> Hello, Shaldra. Solar, I am sure we can find our own armor

[21:52] * Solarchos smiles at Shaldra, albeit a little nervously.

[21:52] * Neith notices that Raenef isn't there and decides to change back to her normal form before teleporting back to the suburban senshi's place

[21:53] * TuxRainbow notes the Warthog handles well

[21:53] * starcat is back (finally)

[21:53] <starcat> My God.

[21:53] <TuxRainbow> wb, Star

[21:53] <S. Terra> What's up?

[21:53] * Neith is now known as Kakyuu

[21:53] <starcat> Evil Genius is by far one of the msot addicting games that I have played.

[21:53] * -A couple of fanboys start nosebleeding at the sight of Neith's yummy cleavage! :P

[21:53] <starcat> I can interrogate people using a giant mixing bowl.

[21:53] * Kakyuu is now back in the Sub Sen's place

[21:53] <starcat> How cool is that??

[21:53] <starcat> ^__^

[21:54] <Mew> The name... Zendeera...

[21:54] <Solarchos> starcat - Evil Genius? That must be a new game. I haven't heard of it yet.

[21:54] <Kakyuu> Hello Starcat!

[21:54] * Shaldra Darkness watches from the doorway...

[21:54] <starcat> Solar: O_O Not heard of Evil Genius?!

[21:54] <starcat> How terrible!

[21:55] <starcat> I have to like the domain name. -->

[21:55] * Kakyuu tosses starcat the keys to a warthog with a ROCKET LAUNCHER "I figured you'd like that better than one with a chaingun."

[21:55] * The cloaked one slowly withdraws his telepathic probe and gently releases his hold over Mew's mind by degrees, careful not to damage the fabric of her mind.

[21:55] <starcat> Kakyuu: Err, what's this for?

[21:56] * Mew collapses...

[21:56] * starcat is going to go eat pie, then watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. ^_^

[21:56] <Kakyuu> For christmas everyone's getting a warthog from me!

[21:56] <Solarchos> Starcat - Iron Maiden? Excellent!! ( air guitar riff )

[21:56] <starcat> Interesting...

[21:56] <starcat> Thanks.

[21:56] <starcat> Solar: Of course!! ^_^

[21:57] * Solarchos quickly grabs Mew before she hits the floor.

[21:57] *** starcat has left #suburbansenshi2 (maybe sugar will calm me down?)

[21:57] * Shaldra Darkness sighs lightly, looking rather scared...

[21:58] * The cloaked one goes over to Shaldra and looks at her...

[21:59] *** Furu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:59] <@spiritflame> Irasshai Furu

[21:59] <Furu> Yo!

[21:59] <Shaldra Darkness> Hey, Furu.

[22:00] <The cloaked one> You have good reason to be scared, but more reason to be hopeful. Especially since... *glances over his shoulder at Mew and Solarchos* *won't* be facing this "Zendeera" alone.

[22:00] * Solarchos puts Mew on the couch and lays her down.

[22:01] <S. Terra> Huh?

[22:01] * Solarchos looks up at Shaldra and smiles. ^_~

[22:01] * Kakyuu tosses Furu the keys to a Warthog with a chaingun "Have fun with your christmas gift!"

[22:02] * Shaldra Darkness sighs again and nods...

[22:02] <TuxRainbow> Who would be crazy enough to assist them?

[22:02] <Solarchos> Furu - Hey there. Happy holidays to you.

[22:02] * Shaldra Darkness looks over at Solarchos... and can't help but smile weakly

[22:02] <Furu> Same to you, Solar ^_^

[22:02] <Furu> Er...thanks, K-san...but I don'tt really drive well

[22:02] <Furu> And guns aren't my thing

[22:02] *** SaiyaJedi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:02] <@spiritflame> Irasshai SaiyaJedi

[22:03] <Kakyuu> That's okay! Crash it if you like!

[22:03] * TuxRainbow is drinking White Chocolate flavored cocoa, and trying to adjust to the taste

[22:03] <TuxRainbow> Hello, Saiya

[22:03] * SaiyaJedi sneaks up on chibi-Shinji and tousles his hair

[22:03] <SaiyaJedi> Hello.

[22:03] <Furu> ><

[22:03] <Furu> Hey!

[22:04] <SaiyaJedi> Hey.

[22:04] * Solarchos goes over and hugs Shaldra. "I think we finally figured out who's been attacking you...Zendeera, whoever that is.

[22:04] * SaiyaJedi puts his hands behind his back and brings out a gift for Furu

[22:04] <S. Terra> If it has been killing cat women, I don't know if it will move up

[22:05] <Furu> It takes me hours to mess up my hair just the way I like it, and then you come in it up..

[22:05] <SaiyaJedi> Here ya' go, kid.

[22:05] <Furu> Thanks!

[22:05] <S. Terra> lol

[22:05] * The cloaked one walks back towards Mew and touches her on the forehead.

[22:05] * SaiyaJedi watches as Furu unwraps it

[22:05] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Wait... Zendeera!?

[22:05] * Kakyuu tosses SJ keys to a warthog with a chaingun on it "Enjoy!"

[22:06] * -The gift is unwrapped to reveal One Piece vol. 35, plus Color Walk 1 and 2

[22:06] * Furu unwraps it lightning fast

[22:06] <Furu> Awesome!!

[22:06] <SaiyaJedi> Eh...?!

[22:06] <SaiyaJedi> For me?

[22:06] <Solarchos> Shaldra - That's the name Mew gave us. Why? Who is that anyway?

[22:06] <Furu> Thanks man ^_^

[22:06] <S. Terra> on the eighth day of Christmas, my Kakyuu gave to me... Eight Warthogs with chainguns...

[22:06] <SaiyaJedi> No problem.

[22:06] * SaiyaJedi bows deeply to Kakyuu

[22:07] <TuxRainbow> Not bad... that cocoa

[22:07] * The cloaked one rotates his fingers slightly on Mew's forehead. A tingle radiates out and downwards in her skin.

[22:07] <SaiyaJedi> I guess it's a *little* less conspicuous than flying around on this planet...

[22:07] <The cloaked one> Wake up, little kitten. *he smiles a little underneath the demon mask.*

[22:08] * SaiyaJedi hands Furu another gift

[22:08] * Furu adds the books to the Shelf of Manga and Manga Related Things

[22:08] * Furu opens this one too

[22:08] <SaiyaJedi> This one's for big-Shinji.

[22:08] * SaiyaJedi is too late to stop Furu from unwrapping it

[22:08] <Solarchos> Wow, Warthogs seem to be *really* popular gifts this year.

[22:08] <SaiyaJedi> Ah, well.

[22:08] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - My father was a demon slayer, everything I know today was taught by him. Zendeera was a demon priestess, named after the one from the old legends. My father clashed with her before I was born, but I was told the story durring my training.

[22:08] * Kakyuu grins

[22:09] * The cloaked one gets up, nods to everyone in the room, and silently walks out into the night, quickly vanishing.

[22:09] <Furu> I'm sure he won't mind.

[22:09] * Mew slowly stirs...

[22:09] * -Shinji's gift is unwrapped revealing: "LIGHTSABER FUN-PACK: Attach these fun molds to the emitter shroud of your Jedi weapon to create all sorts of shapes! HOURS OF FUN"

[22:09] <Furu> And if he does? Eh. Screw 'em. :P

[22:09] *** The cloaked one has left #suburbansenshi2

[22:09] <Furu> Ooooo...

[22:10] * Solarchos snickers. "Lightsaber fun-pack? LOL"

[22:10] <TuxRainbow> lol

[22:10] * Furu will pass this on

[22:10] * -Shinji's gift is inwardly annoyed at the laughter, but being inanimate, cannot comment

[22:10] * @Ikari Shinji smacks Furu

[22:11] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Maybe Zendeera's recovered or escaped from whatever your dad did to her and now wants revenge. Receiving your dad's tail certainly fits the bill.

[22:11] <@spiritflame> my gift to everyone, made by x: -->

[22:11] * Mew slowly sits up, shaking her head...

[22:11] <TuxRainbow> Indeed

[22:11] * Furu feels nothing!

[22:11] * -Shinji's gift bows to

[22:11] <TuxRainbow> Kawaii!

[22:11] <Solarchos> Furu - I think Shinji's going to pass you *something*...and I doubt it'll be the salt.

[22:11] * @spiritflame bows and is gone after wishing everyone a happy holiday

[22:11] <Furu> Aaaaaaawww

[22:11] <SaiyaJedi> WTF?! ... it moved?

[22:11] <Kakyuu> CUTE!!!!

[22:12] <Solarchos> no kawaii!! ^_^

[22:12] * -Shinji's gift gets up and starts to run, only to be grabbed by Shinji

[22:12] <S. Terra> So cuuuute ♡

[22:12] <SaiyaJedi> ...

[22:12] * SaiyaJedi likes the image

[22:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - I was truly hoping it wasn't that... if my father couldn't defeat her, what chance do any of us have?

[22:12] * S. Terra chuckles

[22:12] <Shaldra Darkness> Kawaii!!!

[22:12] <@Ikari Shinji> Thansk for the gift, Jedi.

[22:13] * SaiyaJedi is a Saiya-jin with fantastic SEKRET POWERS

[22:13] <SaiyaJedi> No problem. And uh... I guess keep an eye on it.

[22:13] * Solarchos kisses Shaldra reassuringly. "Your father didn't have your skills and looks, or your sister and future husband backing you up!"

[22:13] * @Ikari Shinji flies over to the gift and catches it!

[22:13] * SaiyaJedi eyes the package cautiously. It didn't move when he had it...

[22:14] <Solarchos> Mew - Are you all right? How are you feeling?

[22:14] * Shaldra Darkness hugs Solarchos tight. "Thanks... I don't know what I would do without you..."

[22:15] <Mew> Solarchos - One hell of a headache, and some pretty freaky memories, but other then that, I'm alright.

[22:15] * Solarchos hugs Shaldra back just as hard. "The feeling's mutual, Shaldra-kun."

[22:16] * Solarchos staggers a little. "Heh, I think I'm a little tired from all of our "gift-giving" earlier today. Shall we retire to the safety of the Bunker for tonight?"

[22:17] * Kakyuu tosses Shinji the keys to a warthog with a chaingun on it "Enjoy your gift Shinji!"

[22:17] <Solarchos> Mew - You're welcome to come along t, if you like.

[22:17] * Solarchos grabs a Typo-Demon and throws it under the tires of TuxRainbow's Warthog as he drives past the house. *Crunch!!*

[22:18] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Heh, may get my mind off my troubles. Just sleep, no late night romps tonight, okay?

[22:18] <TuxRainbow> Eww... Typo Demon

[22:19] <TuxRainbow> :)

[22:19] <Mew> Thanks, bro. I would really prefer it over the long walk home.

[22:19] <Solarchos> Shaldra - That's fine with me. We already have plenty of romps earlier, anyway. Tomorrow you and Mew should start researching this Zendeera-character.

[22:19] <TuxRainbow> Indeed. Any info will be useful

[22:19] * Shaldra Darkness and Mew both look at eachother and nod

[22:19] <S. Terra> No matter how obscure

[22:20] * S. Terra looks at Tux

[22:20] * Solarchos throws another Typo-demon at TuxRainbow's Warthog...this time up into the air so he can play with the chaingun!

[22:20] <Mew> We'll dig through our fathers old journals.

[22:20] * TuxRainbow SHREDS the demon with a chaingun

[22:20] <Solarchos> Everyone - I think I'll be checking out for the night and seeing you all tomorrow. Take care.

[22:20] <TuxRainbow> Happy fun time... ^_^

[22:20] <TuxRainbow> Bye, Solar

[22:20] * Mew and Shaldra wave lightly

[22:21] <Furu> O_o

[22:21] * S. Terra wonders if her and Tux could fit into the Warthog

[22:21] <TuxRainbow> I think we can try ;)

[22:21] <S. Terra> Thanks for the gift, Kakyuu

[22:22] <Solarchos> Mew - I'll see if Zendeera appears in any of the texts I stole from the Ordo Malleus. At the very least it'll give you one more weapon against her. The Inquisition's been dealing with demons and other things for over 10000 years. They know a LOT.

[22:22] *** Mew has left #suburbansenshi2 (A demon priestess... why don't I like hearing that name...)

[22:22] *** S. Terra has left #suburbansenshi2 (a repaining, some ammo... a Warthog is the gift to give anyone this year... even those who dislike violience)

[22:22] <TuxRainbow> Any and all texts should be read

[22:22] <Solarchos> S.Terra - A Warthog's got room for three people - driver, passenger, and chain-gunner. There's room.

[22:23] <Solarchos> Shaldra - Shall we, love? ^_^

[22:23] * Shaldra Darkness knows quite well there's room... ^_~

[22:23] *** TuxRainbow has left #suburbansenshi2 (time to climb aboard and put the vehicle through its paces, in several departments ;))

[22:23] <Shaldra Darkness> Solarchos - Ya, sleep would be nice.

[22:24] * Furu thinks of eating leftovers....

[22:24] *** Solarchos has left #suburbansenshi2 ( "Time to tuck in my Neko-bride for the night! ^_^ ")

[22:24] *** Shaldra Darkness has left #suburbansenshi2 (Sleep to calm my mind, clear my head, and prepare for what's to come.)

[22:27] <Furu> Whew. Am I all alone?

[22:27] <Kakyuu> Nope....

[22:28] * Venus Sofa is suspiciously rocking

[22:28] <Furu> ¬_¬

[22:29] * Furu pulls out a water balloon and tosses it behind the sofa without looking

[22:29] * C'est_la_V has a flashdance moment to X-chan's delight

[22:30] <Furu> Gaah

[22:31] * Furu has, oddly enough, seen that movie.

[22:31] * Furu is there for disturbed!

[22:31] * Kakyuu tosses the keys to Minako & X-chan's warthog behind the Venus Sofa without looking since she is not going to interrupt Minako and Xadium's delight

[22:32] <C'est_la_V> /venus sofa begins to rocka bit harder, thanks, Furu!

[22:32] * SaiyaJedi nods belatedly to Minako

[22:32] * @Dr_Xadium 's hand comes up from behind the sofa and gives Kakyuu a sweaty thumbs up, before Mina pulls it back down

[22:33] * @spiritflame bows to Jedi-san for them

[22:33] * SaiyaJedi realizes what is going on and averts his eyes too late

[22:33] * SaiyaJedi bows to

[22:33] <Furu> Heh

[22:34] * @spiritflame tosses a tarp over them for the second time today... blasted holidays.

[22:34] <@Ikari Shinji> Chibi is SO cute!

[22:35] * @spiritflame thinks it's too cute, but it was requested.

[22:35] <@Ikari Shinji> Awww!

[22:36] * Furu liked it a lot

[22:38] <Kakyuu> I got everyone the best gifts!!!! I even got HARUKA a warthog...

[22:38] <Furu> Geeez....

[22:38] * C'est_la_V likes it a lot too!! Oh wait, that's something else

[22:39] <Furu> GAH

[22:39] * Kakyuu laughs "RAE-KUN!" tackle glomps Raenef as he walks in the door

[22:40] * Raenef barely got through the door before getting tackled by a hyper Kakyuu that tore off her princess dress to reveal her 'Mean Girls' sexy santa outfit* *nosebleeds*

[22:41] <Raenef> Geez, you could've waited....

[22:41] <@Ikari Shinji> Heh.

[22:41] * Kakyuu whispers something to Raenef

[22:42] * C'est_la_V 's sexy santa outfit is... draped over the top of V. Sofa. ^_~

[22:42] * Raenef passes out at what his gift is from Kakyuu

[22:43] * SaiyaJedi frowns in the general direction of the sofa, still averting his eyes, attempting to subdue the blush that has crept into his cheeks

[22:44] * Venus Sofa replies to that gaze by rocking steadily

[22:44] <Furu> Aaaaaw. Look at the Saiya-jin blush!

[22:45] <Furu> I didn't know you guys did that

[22:46] * Kakyuu snickers

[22:46] * -YingGirl returns.....

[22:46] <Kakyuu> Minako, should I sing a song I just learned?

[22:46] * @spiritflame note Vegita blushed in GT

[22:46] * C'est_la_V is a little busy singing her own alto tune... ^_~

[22:47] * SaiyaJedi smacks Chibi-Shinji

[22:47] <Furu> He did? o_o

[22:47] * SaiyaJedi takes out some earplugs so he doesn't have to listen to the racket

[22:47] <@spiritflame> [Haiku off]

[22:47] <Furu> ><

[22:48] <@spiritflame> When Bulma said she was Vegita's Woman when she revealed the existence of the Brute Ray.

[22:48] * SaiyaJedi throws a few aspirin for her trouble

[22:48] <Furu> Aaw

[22:48] * -YingGirl goes sits in her corner....

[22:48] * -YingGirl is away: ......

[22:49] <@spiritflame> I no longer get headaches, my pet rectified that deficiency. I simply prefer haiku.

[22:51] <Furu> Qurstion that's been bothering me: Is it Brute or Bruits?

[22:51] * @spiritflame has shut off her ears and is lipreading the rest of you

[22:52] * @spiritflame saw it fansubbed as "Brute"

[22:52] <SaiyaJedi> The pun works both with "fruits" and "brutes"

[22:52] <SaiyaJedi> Furuutsu --> buruutsu

[22:52] <SaiyaJedi> One diacritical mark away.

[22:53] <SaiyaJedi> I prefer to spell it "bruits" for that reason.

[22:53] * @spiritflame favoured Brute because it made a Brute and because it was a Brute force Method.

[22:53] * SaiyaJedi nods

[22:53] * @spiritflame was not referring to romanization just the concept

[22:53] <-Furu-utsu> I see ^_^ Thanks

[22:54] <SaiyaJedi> Personal preference really, but I like my way the best 'cause it's pronounced the same way (unless your first language is French)

[22:54] <Furu> God, I love my name and its many possible pun applications

[22:54] * Furu is happy there's some one so knowledgeable around here

[22:54] <Kakyuu> Double, double toil and trouble: Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

[22:54] <SaiyaJedi> Heh.

[22:55] * SaiyaJedi notes that "furu" can also mean "old," "ancient," "to fall [that is, to precipitate]" and "to wave/shake"

[22:56] * SaiyaJedi wa shippo wo furu

[22:56] * SaiyaJedi 's tail shakes

[22:56] * @spiritflame found a Rom for Sakura Taisen GBC2 in color that is only in Hiragana and Katanana, may make Xadium work on decipher it

[22:56] <Kakyuu> Something wicked this way comes

[22:56] <@spiritflame> ^deciphering

[22:56] <SaiyaJedi> To be, or not to be, that is the question

[22:56] <Kakyuu> Eye of newt and toe of frog

[22:57] <SaiyaJedi> Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune

[22:57] <Furu> Fun Fact: I didn't even know this name was Japanese when I picked it

[22:57] <