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"You seem okay-- well, as okay as a maleveolent being of dark power can be, anyway."
-- Haruka to Jedite

welcome to #suburbansenshi2

[22:17] <The Magistra> .....I could tey one of those rounds...
[22:17] * Jameson Atlas resorts to simply trying to reach Eilean and pull her to safety.
[22:17] * Aes continues his climb up the creature's back.
[22:18] * The Magistra claims the log in the name of magical ammo
[22:18] * Eilean bolts..and trips ><
[22:18] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> Frightful presence. Of course.
[22:19] <The Magistra> no eilean just has a dragon phobia
[22:19] <LOVELYgirl> You think we could reach the underside? There's usually weaknesses there.
[22:20] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks gesture at Eilean, and attempt to lift her telekinetically if she does not subconsciously resist.
[22:20] * B.Dragon raises a claw....and pins jameson and eilean
[22:20] <Eilean> !!!
[22:20] <Aes> A soft underbelly? Perhaps; I'm still hoping my scans will reveal something useful.
[22:21] <The Magistra> What I'd give for some dragonsbane right now
[22:21] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks all walk over and touch the dragon with their bony hands. "A curse be upon you, wyrm."
[22:21] * David O`Cain fires another 20mm round at the dragon, this time at the leg
[22:21] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks unleash a magical curse to see if he can affect the dragon.
[22:21] <spiritflame> Five Identical Simon Kerricks rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[22:21] * Jameson Atlas is pinned!
[22:21] * LOVELYgirl tries calling a bunch of power in front of the dragon's eyes, hoping it might blind or occupy it
[22:22] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks look pretty confident, touching the dragon's claw like that.
[22:22] * B. Dragon ROARS..and sends out a magic filled shockwave
[22:22] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks checks to see if their spell has any affect.
[22:22] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks raises his hands, and blocks the portion of it that would harm himself, Eilean, or Jameson.
[22:23] * David O`Cain gets down to a crouch to lessen the chance of getting knocked over from the shockwave
[22:24] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks looks at the dragon, and his voice takes on a magically compelling tone.
[22:24] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> Let them go!"
[22:24] <B. Dragon> no
[22:25] <The Magistra> It spoke!
[22:25] <LOVELYgirl> what do you want them for?
[22:25] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> Then at least do not kill them, YET, we tried to be reasonable, you know.
[22:25] * Jameson Atlas is pinned on top of EIlean, trying to shield her
[22:25] <B. Dragon> what I was called for....
[22:26] * B. Dragon lifts it's claw up......
[22:26] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks look down on Jameson with this bile-filled expression of condemnation.
[22:26] <Aes> What was it called for then, Miss Miara?
[22:27] <LOVELYgirl> to do what?
[22:27] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> - Young fool. -
[22:28] <The Magistra> Shut up simon
[22:28] * B. Dragon 's eyes start to glow white...gulping's body glowing white..
[22:28] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> Spoken like somebody who was able to get better results, Magistra.
[22:29] <David O`Cain> Jameson was trying to protect her. (Dumbass.)
[22:30] <David O`Cain> (Yeah, I doubt Kerrick even understands that.)
[22:30] * B. Dragon fires a blast of white light over jameson and Eilean
[22:30] * B. Dragon vanishes in a burst of white light
[22:30] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks gets RIGHT THE F[BLEEP]K out of the way.
[22:30] *** B. Dragon has left #suburbansenshi2
[22:31] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> Well, let's hope that he never returns.
[22:31] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks goes over to the book.
[22:31] * LOVELYgirl grabs Aes and gets a cushion of power for a softer landing
[22:31] * Eilean groans...
[22:31] * Eilean has learned Dia!
[22:31] * Aes drops to the floor as he is suddenly not on a dragon's back.
[22:31] * Eilean slowly gets up...sparkling white
[22:31] * Jameson Atlas is still laying on top of Eilean, holding her tightly with his eyes clenched closed
[22:32] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> I get it. The dragon was sentimental.
[22:32] * Eilean has gotten a Job Change!!!
[22:32] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> You are both damned lucky.
[22:32] * Eilean is now a White Mage!!
[22:32] <Aes> Does that happen every time you cast a spell?
[22:32] <The Magistra> ....
[22:32] <LOVELYgirl> you're an idiot, simon >>
[22:32] * Eilean 's MP has increased!
[22:33] <The Magistra> That was Bahamut, wasn't it?
[22:33] * Eilean and Jameson have recieved 5 gold!!
[22:33] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> Am I an idiot? And yet I don't recall just summoning a dragon that almost killed me?
[22:33] * all other party members have recieved 2 gold!
[22:33] <Jameson Atlas> What the hell was that?
[22:33] <Five Identical Simon Kerricks> SWEET! Cash!
[22:33] <LOVELYgirl> it wasn't trying to
[22:34] * Five Identical Simon Kerricks is now known as Simon Kerrick
[22:34] <LOVELYgirl> and elie aan that was fun ^_^
[22:34] <Simon Kerrick> Oh, it was not trying to kill them. That's no question.... they'd have died... hoooeee.
[22:34] * all other members have recieved 20 EXP
[22:35] * Simon Kerrick will use that for crafting. :D
[22:36] <The Magistra> a killer dragon does not give people a class change simon
[22:36] *** Aes has gained 20 EXP!!
[22:36] *** LOVELYgirl has gained 20 EXP!!
[22:37] * Simon Kerrick has already recieved encounter-appropriate XP.
[22:37] *** LOVELYgirl is Level 3 with 4153.5 EXP
[22:37] *** Aes has recieved G¥2 !!
[22:37] *** The Magistra has gained 20 EXP!!
[22:37] * The Magistra whistles a victory theme
[22:37] *** Eilean has recieved G¥ 5 !!
[22:37] *** Jameson Atlas has gained 20 EXP!!
[22:37] *** David O`Cain has gained 20 EXP!!
[22:37] *** LOVELYgirl has recieved G¥2 !!
[22:38] *** LOVELYgirl is carrying:
1. Belt knife
2. Bag of stuff
3. Mini cake gun
4. Empty
5. Empty
6. Empty
7. Empty
8. Empty
9. Empty
10. Empty

Assets: G¥10660 .

[22:38] *** Jameson Atlas has recieved G¥ 5 !!
[22:38] <Cue> Music!
[22:39] <Eilean> ok?
[22:39] <Jameson Atlas> Yeah I think so
[22:39] *** Lt. David O`Cain has gained 20 EXP!!
[22:40] *** David O`Cain has recieved G¥2 !!
[22:40] *** Lt. David O`Cain has recieved G¥2 !!
[22:40] *** The Magistra has recieved G¥2 !!
[22:40] * Jameson Atlas gets back to his feet
[22:40] *** Eilean has gained 20 EXP!!
[22:40] <The Magistra> Nice duds Eilean
[22:41] <Eilean> huh?
[22:41] <LOVELYgirl> hee~ maybe the gold dragon will talk to me now :p
[22:41] * The Magistra points to the white mage robes
[22:42] <Simon Kerrick> I just wish I had learned Draconic. I might try to do that now...
[22:42] <Eilean> is currently dressed like this
[22:42] <Eilean> ......
[22:42] <David O`Cain> Nice threads.
[22:42] <Simon Kerrick> You seemed to have survived the Test.
[22:43] <Eilean> I feel kind of dizzy @_@
[22:43] <The Magistra> Class Change
[22:44] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[22:44] *** LOVELYgirl [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (later people!)
[22:44] * Simon Kerrick looks over at Jameson. "He looks the same. He's lucky to be alive."
[22:44] <Eilean> j..jamie @_@
[22:45] * Eilean fumbles a bit on her steps @_@
[22:54] <Simon Kerrick> So was the spell supposed to do that?
[22:54] * Eilean falls backwards @_@
[22:54] <Simon Kerrick> You know... I offered several times during that fight to get you out of here since it was targetting you. Did you even hear me?
[22:55] <Eilean> @_@ dizzzzy
[22:57] <David O`Cain> Well, you guys take care. I need to get going.
[22:57] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Need to get home.)
[23:02] * Simon Kerrick stands in front of Eilean.
[23:02] <Simon Kerrick> You really need to talk to that boyfriend of yours.
[23:02] <Eilean> huh?
[23:05] <Simon Kerrick> He was throwing away his life for you.
[23:05] <Eilean> ..cause he loves me..
[23:05] <Simon Kerrick> You are VERY lucky that dragon was compassionate. It could have killed you in a matter of seconds if it wanted.
[23:07] <Eilean> ..guess.......never seen a dragon before..
[23:08] <Simon Kerrick> It was.... big.
[23:12] <Simon Kerrick> Also very resistant to magic. I am certainly not surprised my spells failed to affect one of that stature.
[23:12] <The Magistra> You don't get it do you simon?
[23:12] <Simon Kerrick> Do not get what?
[23:13] <The Magistra> When you love someone, you would glady give your own life so they may live
[23:13] <Simon Kerrick> 9_9
[23:15] <Simon Kerrick> I fail to see the purpose in praising a social pairing and reprocdive instinct that makes people do stupid things.
[23:16] * The Magistra facepalms
[23:16] * Eilean slowly gets up, but fumbles a bit
[23:17] <The Magistra> LIke I said, you don't get it
[23:17] <Eilean> mind helping me up ><
[23:20] * The Magistra offers a hand
[23:21] * Simon Kerrick offers a hand too.
[23:21] * Eilean grabs magistra's hand and helps herself onto her feet
[23:21] * Eilean grabs simon's hand too
[23:24] <Simon Kerrick> So now that you have the new duds, what are yoru plans?
[23:24] <Eilean> clue
[23:25] <Eilean> ..I'll just keep doing what I've been doing
[23:26] <Simon Kerrick> Which is? :o
[23:26] <Eilean> same old same old
[23:26] <Eilean> work at the theater
[23:26] <Eilean> hang out with friends
[23:28] <Simon Kerrick> I noticed Matsumi is back. That's the real one, right?
[23:28] <Simon Kerrick> <.<
[23:29] <Eilean> huh? yeah that's really mom
[23:31] <Eilean> ugh...I feel aes still around?
[23:32] <Simon Kerrick> Why would the soreness relate to him.
[23:32] <Simon Kerrick> ?
[23:32] <Eilean> cause he's my trip home...
[23:32] <Simon Kerrick> I know, right?
[23:32] <Simon Kerrick> We live in a hotel with unlimited space and free food.
[23:33] <Simon Kerrick> Gods, if there were ONLY a place to stay.
[23:33] <Eilean> I really like my own bed
[23:33] <Simon Kerrick> Hang on, I'll do some research at the Theatre where there are even more rooms your mom would let you use.
[23:33] * Eilean frowns at that
[23:33] <Simon Kerrick> It's... a horrible dilemma. I think I've met my match.
[23:34] <Aes> Yes Miss EIlean?
[23:35] <Simon Kerrick> Hold on, Aes, she needs to pray that the gods might deliver her a safe, dry place with friends nearby that she could stay in.
[23:35] <Eilean> mind teleporting me home??..I'm really tired...
[23:35] <Eilean> you're an a[BLEEP]le
[23:36] <Simon Kerrick> And you are spoiled. Neither of us should contest the other's claim.
[23:36] <Aes> Not a problem Miss Eilean. A few items may have shifted slightly while the gravity was off, but I tried to replace everything as best I could.
[23:36] <The Magistra> She lives on Aes
[23:36] * Aes transmats Eilean.
[23:36] <Simon Kerrick> So do I.
[23:36] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:37] <Aes> Indeed. Did you wish to visit this evening?
[23:38] <Simon Kerrick> Hmmmmm.
[23:38] <Simon Kerrick> Sure, why not?
[23:38] * Simon Kerrick stands still.
[23:38] * Aes transmats Simon off to the section where he is studying.
[23:38] *** Simon Kerrick has quit IRC (Life is a calculated risk. So is Death.)
[23:49] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*went to bed eariler*)
[23:52] * A horrible creature crawls out from the water of the ocean...making it's way onto the beach
[23:52] * the creature gazes around...looking for it's very hungry...
[23:53] * A shining beacon of flame plows into the creature like a shooting star, raising a blazing sword!
[23:53] * the small crab is now dead
[23:54] * A shining beacon of flame was actually attacking the 12', tentacled beast on the other side of the island, who flees into the surf.
[23:55] *** Aes [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Until you again need my services...)
[23:55] * fighter covered in flame wraps something around itself, and then can not be seen anymore.
[23:57] * Kori blinks..sitting on a rock in the water and having watched this happen
[23:57] <Kori> woooow
[00:03] * Kori turns and quickly dives into the water
[00:03] *** Kori has left #suburbansenshi2 (wait till I tell mama what I saw! :D)
[00:06] * looks at Kori.
[00:06] *** Kori is young girl with long blue flowing hair, green eyes and pale looking skin. She wears a very simply blue dress that seems to shimmer as you look at it. She smells of salt and water.
Her image Song is: .

[00:07] * Kori has vanished under the waves and is currently swimming further underwater
[00:29] <Yaijinden> Splash~
[12:33] * The New York door opens and closes quickly, a small figure darting inside
[12:34] *** Aura Smith has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:34] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa aura smith
[12:35] * Aura Smith turns and stops, mouth slightly agape at the lobby
[12:37] * Aura Smith cracks the door open to look outside again, and then back in
[12:38] <Aura Smith> What the...
[12:40] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:40] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa matsumi kaze
[12:40] * Matsumi Kaze walks downstairs
[12:40] * Matsumi Kaze looks at Aura Smith.
[12:40] *** Aura Smith is a young girl with strangely textured white hair, blue eyes, and tiny freckles all over her skin. She's dressed in a halter top and capris.
Her image Song is: .

[12:40] <Matsumi Kaze> hello there
[12:40] * Aura Smith jumps
[12:42] * Aura Smith looks at Matsumi Kaze.
[12:42] *** Matsumi Kaze is

More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen.

[12:43] <Aura Smith> Uh...
[12:44] <Aura Smith> What's this place?
[12:46] <Aura Smith> Didn't think there was anywhere this fancy in this part of town.
[12:46] <Matsumi Kaze> this is The Hotel
[12:47] <Aura Smith> That not helpful. :/
[12:47] * Aura Smith cracks the door to check again, but stays in
[12:51] * Matsumi Kaze tilts her head, looking at the girl
[12:52] <Matsumi Kaze> heh....interesting
[12:52] <The Magistra> Welcome to the Pandorica Arms Embassy Hotel
[12:52] *** The Magistra [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:52] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa the magistra
[12:53] * Aura Smith looks at The Magistra.
[12:53] *** The Magistra is a red haired time lord with green eyes. She's dressed in sensible and fashionable white leather armor. She looks oddly familer. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: Histora Crux.

[12:54] <Aura Smith> You one of those ren fair weirdos or something?
[12:54] <The Magistra> ....
[12:54] <The Magistra> No
[12:54] <Matsumi Kaze> heh
[12:54] <The Magistra> I'm from the future~
[12:55] <Matsumi Kaze> you're special, aren't you
[12:55] * The Magistra moves her hand in a circle
[12:55] <Aura Smith> Riiiight.
[12:56] <The Magistra> Actully I'm being 100% serious
[12:58] <Aura Smith> Yeah, whatever.
[12:58] * Aura Smith checks her watch with a frown
[12:59] <Aura Smith> hope he's gone
[12:59] * The Magistra shrugs and walks into her TARDIS which is shaped like a copy of the bar, albit with a CLOSED sign on it
[12:59] * Aura Smith slams open the door and dashes down the alley, past a rather irate man
[12:59] *** Aura Smith has left #suburbansenshi2
[13:01] <Matsumi Kaze> ...interesting
[13:02] <Matsumi Kaze> AW CRAP FORGOT
[13:02] * Matsumi Kaze is away: have to go and buy something for my sister
[18:05] *** ThePaleElf [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa thepaleelf
[18:11] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eilean
[18:11] * Eilean walks in, holding a package under her arm
[18:12] <Eilean> hey dad
[18:16] <ThePaleElf> Hey. What's withthe box?
[18:17] <Eilean> present for aunt jo
[18:18] <Eilean> it's her sort of birthday
[18:19] * ThePaleElf nods
[18:21] <Eilean> ..lot happened last night...
[18:23] <ThePaleElf> So I heard. What's this I hear about you being attacked by a dragon?
[18:25] <Eilean> yeah I...tried learning that dia spell and it showed up.....
[18:27] <ThePaleElf> What happened?
[18:27] <ThePaleElf> Aside from it obviously not killing you
[18:28] <Eilean> it turned me into a white mage >.>
[18:28] <ThePaleElf> Good for you
[18:30] * ThePaleElf mentally notes this skillset is the exact opposite of his own magical skills
[18:31] <ThePaleElf> One of these days I need to shift back into a proper Ranger class
[18:31] <Eilean> though it's not like I lost any of my other skills...
[18:32] * ThePaleElf nods
[18:35] <Eilean> anyway I should get up to the is expecting me to be there
[18:39] <Eilean> I'll see you later, dad
[18:40] <ThePaleElf> Later
[18:41] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2 (hope she likes this)
[19:13] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:13] <@spiritflame> konbanwa david o`cain
[19:14] * David O`Cain takes a seat on a sofa after entering the Lobby
[19:32] <ThePaleElf> ....
[19:32] <David O`Cain> Yo.
[19:41] * .. Two little sets of ears perk up from behind the couch David is sitting on.
[19:41] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa chibi-catri
[19:42] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa chibi-alex
[19:43] * Chibi-Alex and Chibi-Catri both suddenly spring up from the behind the couch and start shooting everyone in the Lobby with Nerf darts! >:D >:3
[19:43] <David O`Cain> Gah! >_<
[19:45] <Chibi-Alex> Heeee!
[19:46] * Chibi-Catri goes after the Elf-lady next! >:3
[19:46] * ThePaleElf catches them
[19:46] * ThePaleElf is very male thank you, and the only elf in the room
[19:47] <David O`Cain> Geez, don't scare me like that, you two.
[19:48] <Kakanue> MOVIE SIGN
[19:48] <Kakanue> UP FOR PRELOADING
[19:48] <Chibi-Catri> :D
[19:48] * Chibi-Alex shoots the Elf-guy from the opposite direction!
[19:49] * ThePaleElf blocks them with an arm
[19:53] * Chibi-Catri ducks around to the right, shooting repeatedly.
[19:53] * Chibi-Alex keeps shooting, using cooperative tactics with her sister to try and outflank the target.
[19:56] <The Magistra> stop it
[19:57] <Chibi-Alex> :/
[19:57] *** [H!P]Allison Blitz [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa [h!p]allison blitz
[19:57] <Chibi-Catri> Why?
[19:58] * [H!P]Allison Blitz walks in the front door, carrying a few school books in her arms.
[20:00] <Chibi-Alex> We're playing! Wanna play too? :D
[20:00] * [H!P]Allison Blitz looks at the children.
[20:00] <The Magistra> No
[20:01] <[H!P]Allison Blitz> Well, I would, but I have a lot of school work to do!
[20:01] * Chibi-Alex quickly goes over to Allison to apply hugs! ^___^
[20:01] <Chibi-Catri> Why not?
[20:02] * [H!P]Allison Blitz sorta pats Alex on the head with her free hand.
[20:02] * Chibi-Alex gives Allison tail-pats. =^ ^=
[20:03] * David O`Cain is away: Well, time to go.
[20:04] * Chibi-Alex gives Allison her Nerf pistol. :D
[20:05] * Chibi-Catri shoots Allison with her Nerf rifle, then hands it to Magistra and points at her.
[20:05] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*giggles* >:3)
[20:05] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Movie!)
[20:14] * [H!P]Allison Blitz holds Nerf pistol.
[20:14] * [H!P]Allison Blitz holds Nerf rifle.
[20:14] * [H!P]Allison Blitz is away: Gonna teach Langley the meaning of a Love War ♡
[20:40] *** Ozu Reiko [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ozu reiko
[20:43] * Ozu Reiko walks in, taking her cloak off an pulling out her new wand.
[20:47] *** Nameless has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:47] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nameless
[20:47] <Nameless> No one here?
[20:49] <Ozu Reiko> Looks like.
[20:49] <Aes> That depends, Namless one.
[20:49] <Nameless> Gah!
[20:49] <Aes> I'm not here, but I'm paying attention.
[20:49] <Ozu Reiko> Oh, hello.
[20:50] <Aes> Good evening Miss Ozu.
[20:50] <Aes> Are you feeling better?
[20:51] <Ozu Reiko> As much as I can. Thank you.
[20:52] <Aes> I hope this won't exacerbate the condition that lead to your premature departure the last time you were here?
[20:53] <Ozu Reiko> Oh, no.
[20:53] <Ozu Reiko> I had to go fashion a wand. It took some time, but I made it work.
[20:55] <Nameless> It's a nice wand!
[20:55] <Ozu Reiko> Yes, it will do for now.
[20:56] <Aes> Ah. I'm not sure how a wand helps, I'm afraid I don't have the background in magic.
[20:58] <Nameless> Me neither, it just looks cool.
[20:59] <Aes> Style does have a certain power of its own, I have found.
[21:00] <Ozu Reiko> I need a channel for my magic to work, most of the time.
[21:00] <Ozu Reiko> Because of the shift in the timeline, my normal channel - my MagiKeitai - is no longer around.
[21:01] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:01] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eilean
[21:01] * Eilean walks in, eating a slice of cake
[21:01] <Eilean> hey aes
[21:03] <Aes> Hello Miss Eilean.
[21:03] * Eilean looks at Ozu Reiko.
[21:03] *** Ozu Reiko is a girl, about 5-foot-something, with black hair up in puffy pigtails. She's wearing a gothloli top, with a black miniskirt and black boots. Ignore the katana and the gun. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Sadistic Dance" -- HANGRY&ANGRY.

[21:04] * Eilean looks at Nameless.
[21:04] *** Nameless is the young man formerly known as Furu II. His messy hair is dyed brown and his eyes are blue thanks to contacts. He's wearing a stylish almost goth-y black and white school uniformish outfit.
His image Song is: .

[21:04] <Eilean> ...what's with the outfits
[21:04] * Ozu Reiko looks at Eilean.
[21:04] *** Eilean is young half elf woman with medium length darkish blond hair, pale green blue eyes, pointed ears and pale skin. She is 5'10 1/2 feet tall
Her image Song is: "Legend of the Deep Forest" by Nobuo Uematsu.

[21:05] <Ozu Reiko> What's with your ears?
[21:05] <Eilean> ....I'm half elf
[21:05] <ThePaleElf> .....
[21:06] <ThePaleElf> Thete are oh so many insults to use here...
[21:06] <Aes> Miss Eilean, let me introduce you to Miss Reiko Ozu and her Nameless friend.
[21:07] <Aes> Miss Ozu, this is Miss Eilean, Matsumi's daughter.
[21:07] <Eilean> hi there *takes another bite of the cake*
[21:07] * Ozu Reiko just stands there, arms cross, judging Eilean. Just judging.
[21:08] <Aes> Good Evening Mister Mormeril.
[21:08] <ThePaleElf> Hello
[21:08] * ThePaleElf glares at Ozu
[21:09] <Aes> Mister Mormeril is Miss Eilean's father.
[21:09] *** Jameson Atlas [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa jameson atlas
[21:10] * Nameless waves?
[21:10] <Ozu Reiko> That's wonderful.
[21:10] * Eilean waves back
[21:10] <Eilean> something wrong?
[21:11] * Eilean is currently dressed in a green shirt, brown vest and blue jeans
[21:11] * ThePaleElf fiddles with a knife and some wood, carving it into something
[21:11] <Ozu Reiko> Time is f[BLEEP]ked.
[21:12] <Aes> It often is around here.
[21:12] * Ozu Reiko looks over at DenLiner, still inoperable, still in the middle of the lobby.
[21:12] * Jameson Atlas looks almost completely unaware as he wanders through the lobby
[21:12] * Eilean looks at a clock "...looks fine to me?"
[21:13] <The Magistra> Time is functioning normally
[21:14] <Eilean> so who are you guys again?
[21:15] <The Magistra> You just got retconned due to changes in the timeline. Only reason you two remember is your immunities due to problems with your personal timelines
[21:15] <Ozu Reiko> I'm not retconned.
[21:15] <The Magistra> You should be
[21:15] <Ozu Reiko> I'm a singularity point. Same with F-- Nameless.
[21:16] <The Magistra> I know
[21:16] <Ozu Reiko> Being a singularity is not a problem with my personal timeline.
[21:16] <Eilean> what's that
[21:16] <The Magistra> It is from my end
[21:17] <Ozu Reiko> I'm not your personal timeline.
[21:17] <Nameless> I'm kind of a special kind of clusterf[BLEEP]k.
[21:18] <The Magistra> exactly
[21:18] <Aes> Time Lords tend to object to singularities on philosophical grounds.
[21:18] <Aes> Based on my observations.
[21:19] * Eilean waves to jameson
[21:19] <The Magistra> also they feel weird to be around
[21:20] <Aes> In any case... was the timeline change hostile Miss Reiko?
[21:20] <Ozu Reiko> Elaborate, Aes.
[21:20] <Aes> Is this something we need to be looking into undoing?
[21:21] <Ozu Reiko> I'll take care of it.
[21:21] <Ozu Reiko> I've always taken care of things.
[21:21] <Aes> I mean if someone changed the timeline to attack you or ... why am I forgetting who your parents are?
[21:22] * Jameson Atlas is completely inattentive
[21:23] <The Magistra> Because Super Sentai is gone
[21:23] <Ozu Reiko> You only ever knew one of my parents.
[21:23] <Ozu Reiko> And you don't even know what a Super Sentai is.
[21:24] * Eilean walks over and pokes jameson
[21:24] <Aes> Super Sentai? Is that like a Sailor Senshi?
[21:24] <The Magistra> No one does but the local timelords and you two
[21:24] <The Magistra> Sort of, just less girls and weirder costumes
[21:25] <Jameson Atlas> Huh?
[21:25] <Ozu Reiko> No one does anymore, because for some Magiel forsaken reason, they never existed
[21:25] <The Magistra> More men too
[21:25] <Ozu Reiko> Not like they should have.
[21:25] <Nameless> IT's a headache.
[21:26] <Eilean> jamie, what are you doing?
[21:26] <The Magistra> Its a serious mystery
[21:27] <Ozu Reiko> Everything else is the same.
[21:27] <Ozu Reiko> Ultramen, Kamen Riders, UNIT, Torchwood, everything.
[21:28] <Ozu Reiko> Only the Super Sentai.
[21:30] <Aes> That seems very specific.
[21:32] <Jameson Atlas> Eh...zoning out
[21:32] <Ozu Reiko> It does.
[21:32] <Ozu Reiko> That's what worries me.
[21:32] <Aes> If I could recall what they were, I might have some idea as to their connections.
[21:32] <Nameless> Yeah, sorta the problem.
[21:33] <Eilean> want some cake?
[21:33] <Jameson Atlas> Uh...sure
[21:34] * Eilean cuts her slice of cake in half and offers it to jameson
[21:37] * Jameson Atlas takes it
[21:40] <Ozu Reiko> I checked in on my family.
[21:41] <Ozu Reiko> My father is dead, along with my grandparents and my uncle.
[21:41] <Ozu Reiko> One of my aunts is a vampire.
[21:41] * Nameless stays quiet.
[21:41] <Ozu Reiko> And another uncle was never freed from a frog curse.
[21:43] <Ozu Reiko> The Heavenly Saints were all... they all perished fixing the seal on Infershia.
[21:45] <Aes> So your family were the Super Sentai?
[21:45] <Ozu Reiko> Mahou Sentai Magiranger. They were active mostly in 2005.
[21:46] <Eilean> what are super sentai?
[21:46] <Aes> So there were other super sentai?
[21:46] <Ozu Reiko> Various groups of people who saved the world for decades.
[21:47] <Eilean> really?
[21:47] <Aes> Various Groups... so what links them all?
[21:49] <Ozu Reiko> The love of this planet.
[21:49] <Ozu Reiko> These people.
[21:49] <Ozu Reiko> The use of giant robots.
[21:49] <Eilean> sounds weird
[21:50] <Ozu Reiko> The fact that all but three teams have "sentai" in their name.
[21:51] <Aes> Giant Robots?
[21:52] <Nameless> It's all really weird.
[21:52] * Jameson Atlas eats the cake
[21:59] * Eilean eats her slice too
[22:00] <Ozu Reiko> Everything's changed and I don't get why.
[22:00] * Nameless 's belly rumbles
[22:01] <Ozu Reiko> The damned space pi--
[22:01] <Ozu Reiko> ... wanna go get something to eat?
[22:01] <Nameless> Hm? Nah, I'll be fine! We've got more important things to do, right?
[22:03] * Nameless gives Reiko his best reassuring smile.
[22:03] <Ozu Reiko> We can go to what used to be the Super Sentai café in Akiba and say it's an investigation?
[22:05] <Nameless> ...I guess that's a good excuse!
[22:06] * Ozu Reiko snaps her fingers, summoning DenBird to rev up and roll out of DenLiner.
[22:06] <Aes> If we can provide any assistance Miss Reiko...
[22:08] <Nameless> Can I drive this time?
[22:09] <Aes> Whatever happened was a major change to the timeline, as I am somewhat immune to such things in a way similar to the Time Lords.
[22:09] <Aes> Do not hesitate to contact me.
[22:10] <Ozu Reiko> You don't have the memories, Nameless.
[22:10] <Eilean> hm?
[22:10] <Ozu Reiko> ... Thank you, Aes.
[22:11] <Nameless> I've watched you enough!
[22:14] * Ozu Reiko hands him a helmet. "How about I henshin into Den-Ko so you can still look cool?"
[22:15] <Nameless> Okay, fine. As long as you don't mind my arms around your waist.
[22:15] * Nameless says it casually as he puts on the helmet.
[22:16] <Ozu Reiko> I never do.
[22:16] * Ozu Reiko takes out her Rider Pass, the Terminal Belt appearing on her waist.
[22:16] <Ozu Reiko> Henshin.
[22:16] * Hyper snickers from somewhere out of sight.
[22:17] <Eilean> hm???
[22:17] * Ozu Reiko presses the Green side button, and Den-Ko appears, a voice saying "Meido Mode".
[22:17] * Ozu Reiko is now known as Kamen Rider Den-Ko [Maid Mode]
[22:18] <Kamen Rider Den-Ko [Maid Mode]> Ah, Master Fu-- ano, Master Nameless!
[22:18] <Eilean> ..........
[22:18] <Nameless> Yo! Ready to get going?
[22:20] <Eilean> .....
[22:21] <Kamen Rider Den-Ko [Maid Mode]> Hai! Please be careful while we head towards our destination, Master Nameless!
[22:21] * Kamen Rider Den-Ko [Maid Mode] gets on the bike, revving the engine.
[22:21] <Nameless> When am I not careful?
[22:21] * Nameless climbs on behind her and holds on tight.
[22:22] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[22:22] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2 (...)
[22:26] *** Kamen Rider Den-Ko [Maid Mode] has left #suburbansenshi2 (When you tried to help Miss Reiko clean the dining car.)
[22:26] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:26] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[22:26] * Matsumi Kaze walks downstairs
[22:26] <Matsumi Kaze> hey aes
[22:27] *** Nameless has left #suburbansenshi2 (That was an accident!)
[22:28] <Matsumi Kaze> hm..seems people are leaving
[22:28] *** HARD_rain4 [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:28] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hard_rain4
[22:28] <HARD_rain4> ! weather
Click for Tokyo, Japan Forecast

[22:29] <HARD_rain4> Bit muggy outside...
[22:29] <Alienizer Ikarus> Really? Hadn't noticed.
[22:29] * David O`Cain is back
[22:29] * Alienizer Ikarus just teleported in the second his sensors detected Jasmine.
[22:29] *** Alienizer Ikarus has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa alienizer ikarus
[22:29] <Aes> Greetings Miss Matsumi.
[22:29] <Matsumi Kaze> hey there
[22:29] * Matsumi Kaze sips a mug of hot cocoa
[22:29] <David O`Cain> Oh, hey, guys. What's up?
[22:31] <HARD_rain4> Ikarus!
[22:31] <Matsumi Kaze> not much..relaxing after that party
[22:31] * HARD_rain4 backs away, toward the--- why is there a bullet train in the middle of the lobby?
[22:32] * Alienizer Ikarus turns around and looks at the train.
[22:32] <Alienizer Ikarus> Huh.
[22:32] <Alienizer Ikarus> I didn't do it.
[22:32] <David O`Cain> Party?
[22:32] <Matsumi Kaze> for my twin sister
[22:33] <Matsumi Kaze> technically she shares the same birthday as me...but we celebrate it on this day so she can get some special time
[22:33] * Alienizer Ikarus shrugs and steps towards Jasmine.
[22:33] <HARD_rain4> Stay away, Ikarus.
[22:34] <David O`Cain> Oh, okay, Matsumi. That makes sense.
[22:35] <Alienizer Ikarus> What? Why are you being all nervous? You know I'm not gonna hurt you.
[22:35] <HARD_rain4> I know that.
[22:35] <HARD_rain4> I'm afraid of why you're not going to hurt me.
[22:35] <Aes> The Train is apparently associated with something called Super Sentai, which has apparently ceased to exist.
[22:36] <Aes> I'm afraid the details are complicated and murky.
[22:36] <Alienizer Ikarus> Tch. You know, I met this cute vampire the other night. If you aren't careful you'll lose me to someone else!
[22:37] <Matsumi Kaze> you guys want me to move this thing?
[22:38] <David O`Cain> If you want to.
[22:39] <HARD_rain4> Vampire?
[22:39] <Alienizer Ikarus> Mmhm. I didn't catch the name but she said some stuff about us being destined to meet or whatev.
[22:39] * HARD_rain4 takes out her badge pad, and scrolls through a list of unknown lifeforms.
[22:39] * Matsumi Kaze looks over the train, as if trying to gauge it's weight
[22:40] * HARD_rain4 shows him a grainy shot of Vancuria. "This one?"
[22:40] * Momotaros hops out of DenLiner.
[22:41] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[22:41] <Matsumi Kaze> well..doesn't look like it would be too difficult
[22:41] <Alienizer Ikarus> Nnno, less monstery more hot.
[22:41] <Alienizer Ikarus> ...Though I guess that look has an appeal too...
[22:41] * Matsumi Kaze gives a glance at Momotaros
[22:42] * Momotaros looks at Matsumi Kaze
[22:42] <HARD_rain4> You're a pervert, you know that, Ikarus?
[22:43] <Alienizer Ikarus> Thank you, darling ♡
[22:43] * Matsumi Kaze is now known as Ultra Sailor Quinox
[22:43] * Ultra Sailor Quinox wiggles her fingers, which crackle with green energy
[22:43] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> alright then
[22:44] * Ultra Sailor Quinox walks along the train, looking for a good spot to move it
[22:45] <Momotaros> - What the f[BLEEP]k -
[22:45] <Momotaros> no
[22:45] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hm?
[22:45] <Momotaros> What are you doing to my train?
[22:46] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> I'm going to move it slightly
[22:47] <HARD_rain4> Why do you keep popping into our lives?
[22:47] <HARD_rain4> Was it not enough that you killed my partner's brother?
[22:47] <Momotaros> No you're not.
[22:47] <Aes> You will move the train then?
[22:47] * Alienizer Ikarus frowns.
[22:48] <Alienizer Ikarus> You really believe that too?
[22:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh why not?
[22:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hey it's not like I'm going to move it out of the hotel..just a bit to the left
[22:48] <Aes> It is rather inconveniently placed at the moment.
[22:49] <Momotaros> Yeah, I don't think the Owner would like that much.
[22:49] <HARD_rain4> I know what I saw when you... force your hand on me.
[22:49] <Aes> Ask the Owner then?
[22:50] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> well talk to the owner then and tell him or her to move it a bit
[22:50] <Momotaros> That's impossible.
[22:51] <Aes> Why?
[22:51] <Alienizer Ikarus> That's not-It's not how it happened!
[22:51] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> yeah why?
[22:52] <Momotaros> See how it's not making any train sounds?
[22:52] <Momotaros> How it's not making any heat?
[22:52] <Momotaros> How it's not on a train track?
[22:53] <Momotaros> It's broken./me suddenly has a giant paper fan thrown at him from the dining car.
[22:53] <Momotaros> It's sleeping.
[22:53] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh
[22:53] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> like I said I could just move it to the left...easy enough
[22:54] <David O`Cain> Wake it up, then. Have it move out of the way, and then it can get back to sleep.
[22:54] <Aes> That does not prevent us lifting the train and re positioning it slightly.
[22:55] <Alienizer Ikarus> I didn't kill anyone. I didn't!
[22:55] <Momotaros> Yeah, that's a bad idea.
[22:55] <Momotaros> Just don't do it.
[22:55] <Momotaros> Don't touch it.
[22:55] <Momotaros> Don't even look at it!
[22:55] <Momotaros> Pretend like it's not here, in the middle of your strange hotel lobby.
[22:56] <David O`Cain> Too late on the looking bit there, pal.
[22:56] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> well fine, red boy
[22:56] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> have it your way
[22:57] <Momotaros> Thank you for understanding, obaasan.
[22:57] <HARD_rain4> I saw you murder Furu Ikari.
[22:57] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> .................
[22:58] * Ultra Sailor Quinox rears back...and punches Momotaros with her enhanced strength
[22:58] <Alienizer Ikarus> It's impossible for me to have killed him!
[22:58] * Momotaros spins around on his heels, little birds fluttering around his head.
[22:59] <HARD_rain4> Then what did you do with him?!
[22:59] <David O`Cain> Meh. Night, you guys.
[22:59] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> DON'T call me Obaasan
[22:59] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (I'm going home.)
[22:59] <Momotaros> Heh, only old women are sensitive about their age!
[22:59] * Momotaros has a frying pan thrown at him from the dining car.
[22:59] <Alienizer Ikarus>'s a long story.
[23:00] <Momotaros> I deeply apologize for offending you.
[23:00] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> I am NOT OLD
[23:00] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> you better be
[23:01] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hmph
[23:01] <Momotaros> Look, just...
[23:01] <Momotaros> Leave DenLiner be, okay?
[23:02] <Alienizer Ikarus> Just trust me, okay?
[23:02] <Momotaros> Kurokuro is working on fixing everything and doing anything that could hurt her chances will hurt me.
[23:02] <HARD_rain4> Why would I ever trust you?
[23:03] <HARD_rain4> After what you did to Murphy...
[23:03] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> fine fine
[23:03] <The Magistra> Hmmm
[23:04] <Alienizer Ikarus> He got fixed!
[23:04] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is now known as Matsumi Kaze
[23:05] * Aes swivels to Ikarus...
[23:05] <The Magistra> Matsumi what the hell are you doing
[23:06] <Aes> - You. FIXED? Murphy? -
[23:06] <Matsumi Kaze> I was going to move a train
[23:07] <The Magistra> .....
[23:08] <Alienizer Ikarus> Stop accusing me of things!
[23:08] <Aes> You said it yourself.
[23:09] * Aes does a detailed scan of Ikarus
[23:10] <Alienizer Ikarus> I didn't fix him.
[23:12] <Aes> Murphy was fixed? By whom? Did Murphy agree to the proceedure?
[23:13] <Alienizer Ikarus> ...
[23:13] * Alienizer Ikarus tilts his head
[23:14] * a mist starts to pour in from the cracks of the door, crawling along the floor
[23:14] <Alienizer Ikarus> Are we talking about the same Murphy?
[23:15] * the mist slowly starts to form itself into a humanoid shape...
[23:16] <Aes> A very nice AI working for the Special Police? Has a canine body?
[23:16] <HARD_rain4> Yes, Murphy.
[23:17] *** Officer Hadja has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:17] <@spiritflame> konbanwa officer hadja
[23:17] <Alienizer Ikarus> Look, all I did was kick him a little.
[23:17] <Officer Hadja> >.> <.<
[23:17] <Aes> The fact he is an AI didn't preclude him having reproductive equipment...
[23:17] <HARD_rain4> You kicked him into the moon.
[23:18] <Officer Hadja> excuse me...
[23:18] * Aes looks at Officer Hadja.
[23:18] *** Officer Hadja is your average everyday Officer Hadja

[23:18] <Officer Hadja> (( whoops ))
[23:19] <The Magistra> I can't belive we're having this conversation
[23:19] * Aes stands menacingly close to Ikarus, despite appearing very calm.
[23:20] <Alienizer Ikarus> He was in my way!
[23:20] * Officer Hadja is now known as Officer Hasja
[23:20] <Officer Hasja> (( that should fix it ))
[23:20] <Officer Hasja> excuse me sorry to interrupt
[23:20] * Aes looks at Officer Hasja.
[23:20] *** Officer Hasja is pale young man with slicked back blueish black hair. He has red eyes and a slightly uneasy aura surrounds him. When he smiles you can see fangs.
His image Song is: .

[23:21] <Officer Hasja> as this place is often a meeting ground for non-earth species I was told to give a notice and warning to the inhabidents
[23:22] * Aes puts a hand on Ikarus's shoulder. He has a very strong grip.
[23:22] <Aes> Yes Officer?
[23:22] * Alienizer Ikarus looks at the hand.
[23:22] <Alienizer Ikarus> Don't touch me.
[23:22] <The Magistra> I'm native to A earth...
[23:23] <Aes> You didn't seem to give that benefit to my friend Murphy.
[23:23] <The Magistra> Aes, I'm pretty sure he ment fix as in repair
[23:24] <Aes> Oh.
[23:24] <Officer Hasja> an Alsorian Smuggler codenamed Big Nor has been spotted in the vinicienty of tokyo...if you see him or know any information on him, please contact the Alien Zone Police office
[23:24] * Aes lets go of Ikarus's shoulder, but doesn't move back.
[23:25] <Aes> Alsorian, Big Nor... Remind us what Alsorian's look like?
[23:25] * Alienizer Ikarus moves back and stands next to Jasmine.
[23:25] <Alienizer Ikarus> Weirdo.
[23:26] <Officer Hasja> much like you humans but lacking ears and pure black eyes
[23:26] <HARD_rain4> Don't stand near me like we're nakama, Alienizer!
[23:26] <The Magistra> I'm not human...
[23:26] <Officer Hasja> sorry to interrupt...this >.>
[23:27] <Alienizer Ikarus> T-that's so hurtful! What about all the good things I've done for you?!
[23:27] <Aes> Not a problem Officer.
[23:27] * Officer Hasja salutes....then turns into a mist, floating through the door again
[23:27] *** Officer Hasja has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:28] <Matsumi Kaze> interesting night
[23:28] <Aes> Now, Miss Jasmine, Murphy is doing well?
[23:29] <HARD_rain4> Name one.
[23:29] <HARD_rain4> Other than "letting me live."
[23:29] <HARD_rain4> Murphy is fine. He's being repaired right now.
[23:31] <Aes> Oh excellent. It has been a while since we communicated, I was wondering how our protegee was doing.
[23:31] <Alienizer Ikarus> Who do you think keeps some of the worst alienizers away from Earth? Hm? Surely you know there's badder things out there than some dumb thugs and thieves.
[23:32] <HARD_rain4> Fire Squad.
[23:32] <Alienizer Ikarus> They can't cover everything.
[23:34] * Matsumi Kaze turns on the TV, watching the news
[23:37] <Alienizer Ikarus> I scare some idiots off on my own.
[23:39] <HARD_rain4> Like my PARTNER'S BROTHER
[23:40] <HARD_rain4> Who you MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD
[23:41] <Matsumi Kaze> hm...
[23:44] * Aes looks at Alienizer Ikarus.
[23:44] *** Alienizer Ikarus is a humanoid resembling a young man with green hair and red eyes, one of which is clearly cybernetic. He's wearing some kind of silver body armor and his right arm ends in a dangerous looking cybernetic claw.
His image Song is: .

[23:49] <Matsumi Kaze> what's going on?
[23:49] * Aes scans Ikarus with his sensors.
[23:49] <HARD_rain4> - Crime. -
[23:50] * Aes looks at Hard_Rain4.
[23:50] *** Hard_Rain4 is Reimon Marika, a 5' tall woman, with black hair and brown eyes. Even while off duty, the ESPer wears her leather gloves, making sure she can't 'read' anything.
Her image Song is: Perfume - "Dream Fighter".

[23:52] <Matsumi Kaze> hm? crime?
[23:53] <Alienizer Ikarus> I didn't. Murder. Anyone.
[23:54] <Aes> So you acted in self-defense?
[23:54] <Alienizer Ikarus> No!
[23:55] <Aes> If you killed and it wasn't self defense, it is going to be murder.
[23:56] <Alienizer Ikarus> I DIDN'T KILL!
[23:58] <HARD_rain4> You lying piece of--
[23:58] <Aes> So what happened that everyone believes you killed someone?
[23:58] * HARD_rain4 slaps Ikarus.
[23:58] <Alienizer Ikarus> ...
[23:59] <Alienizer Ikarus> If you were anyone else-
[00:01] <Matsumi Kaze> stop fighting
[00:02] * HARD_rain4 just slaps him again, before running out.
[00:02] *** HARD_rain4 [] has quit IRC (Anata no hitomi no oku ni onaji ame wo mita)
[00:02] *** Alienizer Ikarus has left #suburbansenshi2 (Damnit.)
[00:05] <Matsumi Kaze> huh...
[00:06] <Aes> They appear to be acquiescing to your request.
[00:11] *** Aes [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Until you again need my services...)
[00:13] <Matsumi Kaze> apperently...
[00:13] * Matsumi Kaze sips her drink
[00:52] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (off to sleep)
[01:02] <Yaijinden> Fleeeeeeeee
[01:02] <Yaijinden> (fleeeeee)
[01:05] * Yaijinden balances on one foot
[10:47] *** CrimsonTamer [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:47] <@spiritflame> ohayo crimsontamer
[11:02] * CrimsonTamer obsessively attacks her messy hair with a brush "Please stop sticking up...."
[11:04] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:04] <@spiritflame> ohayo eilean
[11:04] * Eilean walks downstairs with a piece of toast in her mouth and pauses...
[11:04] <Eilean> mmph?
[11:05] * CrimsonTamer sighs in relief as she finally gets her bangs to stop sticking out
[11:05] <CrimsonTamer> I wouldn't want to be seen looking so disheveled....
[11:06] * Eilean chews the rest of her toast "hey"
[11:09] <CrimsonTamer> Hi ^^;;;
[11:09] <Eilean> your hair is kind of a mess
[11:19] * CrimsonTamer sighs
[11:19] <CrimsonTamer> Still?
[11:19] <CrimsonTamer> T_T
[11:19] <Eilean> here hold still
[11:19] * Eilean grabs the brush and starts to fix jillian's hair
[11:19] * CrimsonTamer holds still
[11:21] <Eilean> there..that should do it
[11:21] <CrimsonTamer> Thanks
[11:22] <CrimsonTamer> Just...there's someone I don't want seeing me looking disheveled...
[11:22] <Eilean> you didn't look THAT bad
[11:23] <CrimsonTamer> W-Well....I...I want him...t-to always see me...a-at my cutest.... Y-You know?
[11:24] <Eilean> huh? who?
[11:26] <CrimsonTamer> H-He's um....a member...of...of my clan...... It's know how...y-you always look your best...f-for y-your special person? >>
[11:27] <Eilean> well yeah
[11:27] <Eilean> I'm always looking good for him
[11:28] <CrimsonTamer> Th-That's h-how I feel...a-about Wyatt.. >> I...I want to look my best for him >>
[11:28] * Eilean currently has her blond hair tied up in a pony
[11:29] * CrimsonTamer is blushing
[11:30] * CrimsonTamer looks in the mirror.
[11:30] *** CrimsonTamer is a young woman with slightly wavy red hair that hangs just past her chin. She looks about 15 and has stormy gray eyes. She wears a blood-red cloak and dresses in black pants and an elegant black coat. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Jillian" by Within Temptation.

[11:31] <CrimsonTamer> H-How do you know if a boy likes you too?
[11:31] <Eilean> you just do
[11:32] <Eilean> guy probably will be all red in the face, kind of shy when you're around
[11:32] <Eilean> he'll act really weird
[11:32] <TheHunterKiller> Has it occurred to you to, you know, ask him?
[11:34] <Eilean> yeah that too
[11:35] * CrimsonTamer blushes furiously and shakes her head, "I...I couldn't just ask him! It''d be rude....he...he only joined the clan a few days ago...a-after getting out of the hospital...he...he lost his parents in a car crash....and...and if it hadn't...been for him becoming a...a Baskerville....he..he would have died too
[11:40] <Eilean> wow gruesome
[11:42] <CrimsonTamer> Y-You're either born into our clan...or something terrible happens that causes you deep your lowest either die or you overcome it....some overcome it by being chosen by the Abyss and finding solace in a new family
[11:42] <CrimsonTamer> I...I was born a father was Glen...
[11:43] <Eilean> what's a baskerville...
[11:46] <CrimsonTamer> Um....
[11:46] <TheHunterKiller> they carry on in wildly dramatic fashions and as a side note have superspecial blood *dripping sarcasm*
[11:47] <Eilean> oooooh
[11:47] <CrimsonTamer> Well....we're the chosen ones of the Abyss...we hold contracts with chains legally and we won't suffer from it....
[11:47] <CrimsonTamer> We....we protect this world from being affected too much by the abyss...
[11:48] <CrimsonTamer> illegal contractors are sent to the abyss to prevent mass-murder....
[11:50] <TheHunterKiller> yet you're incapable of asking a boy if he likes you
[11:50] <CrimsonTamer> TH-THAT'S DIFFERENT ><
[11:51] <CrimsonTamer> D-Doing my duties as a Baskerville is greatly different than asking a boy if he likes me! E-Especially since....since he lost his parents...s-so suddenly...
[11:52] <Eilean> take him out on a date
[11:52] <TheHunterKiller> then if you're not going to do anything about it then stop bothering us with it
[11:53] * CrimsonTamer sniffles and rushes off to the elevator
[11:53] *** CrimsonTamer [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Back to Paris!)
[11:54] <Eilean> wow you're blunt
[11:56] * TheHunterKiller turns her attention to Eilean, just looking at her a while as she sharpens the sword she's working on
[11:57] *** ApothecaryAssistant [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:57] <@spiritflame> ohayo apothecaryassistant
[11:57] <ApothecaryAssistant> Hm....I thought Jillian said she'd be here... *frowns*
[11:57] <Eilean> she ran off
[11:58] <Eilean> got scared off by that woman
[11:58] * Eilean doesn't even blinks at HK
[11:59] <TheHunterKiller> her weakness is hardly anyone else's fault
[12:02] <ApothecaryAssistant> .....
[12:02] <Eilean> yeah she's...pretty blunt
[12:02] <ApothecaryAssistant> Scared her off? How so?
[12:02] <ApothecaryAssistant> That's not like Jillian...
[12:04] <Eilean> not sure..something about dating and just got really blunt
[12:11] * Eilean shrugs
[12:24] * ApothecaryAssistant sighs
[12:24] <ApothecaryAssistant> I'll go talk to her
[12:24] *** ApothecaryAssistant [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Who is it...that my heart longs for?)
[12:30] * TheHunterKiller flips the sword up in the air, watching how it moves before catching it
[12:31] * Eilean sits on the Q sofa
[12:37] * TheHunterKiller puts the sword away, and looks at Eilean disgustedly before disappearing
[12:37] *** TheHunterKiller [] has quit IRC (you're unworthy of that power, little girl)
[12:38] <Eilean> ..huh?
[12:45] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2 (off to the theater)
[13:10] *** Aura Smith has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:10] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa aura smith
[13:10] * Aura Smith sneaks quietly through the New York door
[13:12] * Kori peeks her head in
[13:12] *** Kori has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:12] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa kori
[13:13] <Kori> hi
[13:15] * Aura Smith pauses mid-creep, hearing it even though she's all the way across the room
[13:15] * Kori is peeking from behind the bar
[13:16] * Aura Smith looks at Kori.
[13:16] *** Kori is young girl with long blue flowing hair, green eyes and pale looking skin. She wears a very simply blue dress that seems to shimmer as you look at it. She smells of salt and water.
Her image Song is: .

[13:20] * Kori blinks at aura
[13:23] * Aura Smith stops creeping
[13:23] <Aura Smith> Who're you?
[13:23] <Kori> ...kori...
[13:23] <Aura Smith> I'm Aura
[13:25] * Kori comes out of hiding, blinking at the newcomer
[13:27] <Aura Smith> Why do you smell like the ocean, anyway? Is there a salt water bath here or something?
[13:27] <Kori> cuz that's home
[13:28] <Kori> :D
[13:29] <Aura Smith> What is?
[13:29] * Aura Smith circles around a bit, looking at things
[13:29] <Kori> ocean
[13:33] <Kori> aura is pretty name..
[13:33] <Aura Smith> Heh. Thanks, I guess.
[13:34] <Aura Smith> So how do you get here all the way from the ocean?
[13:34] <Kori> swam
[13:35] * Kori points to the beach
[13:35] <Aura Smith> ......
[13:36] * Aura Smith kind of thought that was a poster...
[13:38] <Kori> it's really nice here!
[13:41] <Aura Smith> Um..where...did you say we were?
[13:41] <Kori> little place...they
[13:45] <Aura Smith> Um...riight. But I don't know of any oceans in the middle of a slum block in New York
[13:45] <Kori> new..york?
[13:47] <Aura Smith> You know, New York City?
[13:48] * Kori shakes head no
[13:53] <Aura Smith> Er....
[13:54] * Aura Smith goes ever to check out the beach, nonetheless
[13:55] * Kori follows!
[13:58] <Aura Smith> It's...really real, isn't it?
[13:59] * Kori nods, while dipping her head in the water
[14:01] <Kori> got to go! mama's calling! bye!
[14:01] <Aura Smith> This is so COOL, I'm SO going to hang out here!--
[14:02] * Kori jumps into the water..and vanishes under the waves
[14:02] <Aura Smith> Oh. Later, then, I guess.
[14:02] *** Kori has left #suburbansenshi2
[14:11] *** Aura Smith has left #suburbansenshi2 (pack to school :/)
[17:31] *** The Magistra [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:31] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa the magistra
[19:06] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:06] <@spiritflame> konbanwa david o`cain
[19:09] <David O`Cain> Huh. Empty room.
[19:10] * David O`Cain takes a seat on a sofa, opens a few small vid-windows and looks over info on the screens
[19:11] * The Magistra is inside her TARDIS, the door is wide open
[19:47] <David O`Cain> Hm.
[19:58] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:58] <@spiritflame> konbanwa solarchos
[19:59] <David O`Cain> Oh, hey, Solar.
[20:03] <Solarchos> Hello, David. What's up with you tonight?
[20:05] <Solarchos> How are the Time Lords this evening? I know things got kind of heated with that conversation we were all having back on Wednesday.
[20:06] <David O`Cain> I have no idea, man, with the Time Lords. As for tonight, just reviewing stuff from last night's viewing and such. If you ask me, turned into too many mysteries at once.
[20:10] <Solarchos> I just hope Suu knows what she's doing. I still don't like the idea of trying to undo past events.
[20:10] <Solarchos> Oh? How so?
[20:13] *** Thrash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:13] <@spiritflame> konbanwa thrash
[20:13] * Thrash gets out of his TARDIS
[20:14] <David O`Cain> Well, got a murder mystery, a kidnapping mystery, and a history mystery from this series. I tell ya, man. I'm lost on what to theorize.
[20:14] * Thrash walks over and knocks on Mel's TARDIS door
[20:14] <Solarchos> Hi Thrash.
[20:15] * Meladina answers the door
[20:15] *** Meladina has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa meladina
[20:15] <Solarchos> I'm sure it'll all tie in more as we watch more of it.
[20:15] <Thrash> ah Mel there you are!
[20:16] <Meladina> Good evening, Thrash.
[20:16] <Thrash> tell me are you busy tonight?
[20:17] <David O`Cain> Yeah. So, how've you been, Solar?
[20:18] <Meladina> I am not.
[20:18] <Thrash> ah good..I was wondering if you'd like to enjoy some dinner with me
[20:19] * David O`Cain closes all of the vid-windows at the same time
[20:20] <Meladina> Dinner? Well...that would be enjoyable. I think I can accept your request.
[20:21] <Thrash> do you wish to go somewhere..or eat here and I can bring the dinner here
[20:22] <Meladina> I am open to suggestion. Whichever you prefer.
[20:22] <Thrash> stay here...I shall be rght back
[20:22] * Thrash rushes into his TARDIS which demeteralizes
[20:23] <Solarchos> I've been all right.
[20:24] <David O`Cain> Good to hear.
[20:25] <Solarchos> Inu-Kit was a little upset Wednesday night.
[20:25] * the TARDIS rematerilizes, several arrows stuck in it's stone facade
[20:26] *** Thrash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:26] <@spiritflame> konbanwa thrash
[20:26] * Thrash walks back out with a large bag " we are"
[20:27] <Meladina> Where and when did you go?
[20:27] <David O`Cain> Awww. What'd she get upset about?
[20:29] <Thrash> China....1023 ad
[20:29] <Solarchos> Eh, I think she got upset that everyone was arguing.
[20:29] <David O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[20:30] <Thrash> sorry if it took so long
[20:30] <Meladina> I see...that explains why your TARDIS is riddled with arrows
[20:30] <Thrash> yes...I got slightly distracted by a minor uprising
[20:31] <Solarchos> Everything all right over there?
[20:31] <Thrash> someone mind getting me some tables and chairs?
[20:33] <Thrash> or..I shall myself
[20:33] * Thrash very carefully puts the bag down and walks over, dragging over a table and two chairs
[20:34] * Thrash opens the bag...and starts putting onto the table a veritble chinese banquet
[20:34] *** Raihosha [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa raihosha
[20:34] <Solarchos> I take it you two are planning dinner then.
[20:35] * Raihosha settles onto a couch with a wave to everyone.
[20:35] <David O`Cain> Hey, Rai.
[20:35] <Thrash> indeed
[20:35] <Solarchos> Hello Raihosha.
[20:36] *** Caroline Carr has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa caroline carr
[20:36] * Thrash moves one of the chairs for mel to sit down
[20:36] * Meladina approaches the table and takes a seat in the chair
[20:36] * Thrash pushes the chair in and sits down at his own chair
[20:36] * Caroline Carr comes in from London, a bag of take away danging precariously from an arm
[20:36] <Thrash> sample the's amazing
[20:37] * Raihosha waves to Caroline.
[20:37] <Caroline Carr> Hallo
[20:38] *** CrimsonLady has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa crimsonlady
[20:38] * CrimsonLady seems to be in extra high spirits
[20:38] <CrimsonLady> ^_^
[20:38] * Thrash tears himself off a piece of the drunk...carefully taking some rice as well
[20:38] <David O`Cain> Evening, Caroline.
[20:38] * Caroline Carr goes over and sits next to Rai, giving him a container
[20:38] * Solarchos looks at Crimsonlady.
[20:38] *** Crimsonlady is young woman with waist-length brown curls, and kind gray eyes. Appearing about 16, she has a quiet disposition and is a skilled harpist
Her image Song is: .

[20:38] * CrimsonLady texts Lottie     Jillian's going on her first date
[20:38] <Caroline Carr> Hallo, David
[20:39] * Raihosha hugs Caroline hello and accepts dinner.
[20:39] * Meladina takes her own dinner and begins eating it
[20:39] * Pink Lion texts Madison     Is that so??
[20:39] <Solarchos> Hello Caroline. This place suddenly became busy.
[20:39] <Caroline Carr> It happens.
[20:41] * CrimsonLady texts Lottie     Indeed! With the new clan member! Wyatt, if I remember correctly...
[20:41] <Solarchos> I wish Inu-Kit could join us all. I haven't had dinner yet myself.
[20:41] <Caroline Carr> You look kind of like you broke your brain, what did you do today?
[20:42] * A strange portal opens.
[20:42] <Thrash> I managed to procure this...from the royal cook of the emperor
[20:42] <Thrash> as thanks for services
[20:42] <CrimsonLady> Good evening everyone ^_^
[20:42] *** Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (PiratedServer] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yukari yakumo
[20:42] <Meladina> Is that so? is quite delicious.
[20:42] <Yukari Yakumo> I smell dinner! What shall I help myself too, hmmm?
[20:43] <Thrash> ...what this food?
[20:43] <Yukari Yakumo> ^___^
[20:43] <Thrash> can't have any
[20:43] <Solarchos> Heh, I see we have a Border Hag joining us now.
[20:44] <Yukari Yakumo> Oh how disappointing.
[20:44] <Yukari Yakumo> I'm so in the mood for fresh Chinese.
[20:44] <Raihosha> Mm? Oh, I tried to follow Rudy and Aes discuss upgrades to prevent a repeat of recent unpleasantness, then Junpei and Ana and Yuna chimed in and I just spent a lot of brain power following the discussion.
[20:44] <David O`Cain> Hey, Yukari.
[20:44] <Thrash> yes well this is only for me and the lady meladina
[20:44] * Pink Lion texts Madison     Good for her...I hope they do well
[20:45] <Caroline Carr> Ah. Well, Aes seems to be back to normal.
[20:45] <Solarchos> Ana and Yuna are both MGT's if I remember correctly.
[20:46] <Raihosha> You rescued me with your message just as they were going into blueprints and specifications.
[20:46] <Caroline Carr> And here I thought that would have interested you.
[20:46] <Raihosha> They are Solarchos. They're also becoming good engineers.
[20:47] <Thrash> I should have brought some tea...want some tea meladina?
[20:47] <Yukari Yakumo> I'd like some tea!
[20:47] <Yukari Yakumo> ^__^
[20:47] <Raihosha> It did, until the language got beyond me. The equivalent of medicine for Aes I could help with.
[20:48] <Caroline Carr> They make devices, and take things apart quite often.
[20:48] <Thrash> I will be right back, Mel
[20:48] * Yukari Yakumo opens a small portal next to her, reaches inside, and pulls out a small cup of fresh tea as well as a plate stacked high with steaming rice balls and cucumber rolls.
[20:48] * Thrash walks into his TARDIS for a second, but leaving the door open
[20:49] <Solarchos> Doesn't Aes have any backup processors?
[20:49] <David O`Cain> How've you been, Yukari? Been a while since we last saw ya.
[20:49] <Raihosha> He does, that's how we rebooted him yesterday.
[20:50] <Caroline Carr> It's a huge place.
[20:50] * Thrash walks back out with an old pot and some tea cups
[20:51] * Thrash puts one cup in front of Mel "how do you take your tea...suger or no suger"
[20:51] * Yukari Yakumo sips her tea and closes the portal, but not before everyone can hear someone else screaming from the other side "Son of a b[BLEEP]ch, YUKARI!!!!"
[20:52] <Raihosha> But Aes is a 3rd Singularity intelligence, Backups are huge.
[20:53] <Meladina> Just a pinch
[20:53] <Yukari Yakumo> I've been doing quite well, but what happened here earlier this week? There was some kind of massive dimensional distortion that made it impossible to open a rift here.
[20:54] * Thrash puts a bit of sugar in the tea and pours himself a cup, sitting in his chair
[20:54] * Thrash raises his cup "to timelessness"
[20:54] <Solarchos> What about using some of the backup processors as physical firewalls?
[20:54] <David O`Cain> Solar? Wanna field this? You probably know more about it than I do. All I know is that it involved fighting Sailor Anzu.
[20:55] <Raihosha> I mean, Solarchos, one of his backup modules (and there is more than one for redundancy) is 75 meters on a side in a cube.
[20:55] * Meladina raises hers and drinks afterwards
[20:55] <Raihosha> And that is very dense storage.
[20:56] <Yukari Yakumo> Actually David, Sakuya filled me in on the pertinent parts since she was watching over my little darlings, but still. I was very preturbed that I couldn't get here to assist you all.
[20:56] <Thrash> so any projects on your quary, Mel?
[20:57] <Yukari Yakumo> However, I was quite pleased that my Killer Angel did as well as he did under such sudden circumstances.
[20:58] <David O`Cain> Oh, okay. Yeah, didn't think she'd become one nasty computer virus in the end.
[20:59] <Meladina> No, not at the moment
[20:59] * Solarchos shrugs at Raihosha. "That's not much larger than the core cogitator of the Aika Sumeragi. Those things aren't small.
[20:59] <Caroline Carr> It was enlightening seeing it, that's for sure.
[21:00] <Raihosha> Solarchos, that's the backup, not the brain.
[21:00] <Solarchos> Still, I don't suppose you could rig it so that the extra processors act as firewall shunts in order to provide Aes with armor for his core functions?
[21:00] <Thrash> well that seems usually have something up your sleeve
[21:01] <Meladina> I decided to take a break
[21:02] * Caroline Carr finishes with her curry
[21:02] <Caroline Carr> You want a drink?
[21:02] <Raihosha> Yeah, Rudy and Aes are working on that with the others. Aes is already armored in a computer sense, not even Suthers could break in...
[21:02] <Yukari Yakumo> Yes! I would like a drink please! ^___^
[21:03] <Thrash> is that so? well that should give you some free time, correct
[21:03] <Solarchos> But Anzu did.
[21:03] <Raihosha> Yes... I need to unwind and my brain is about to go knurd.
[21:03] <David O`Cain> By the way, Yukari, what's been going on in Gensokyo? Furthermore, what is the environment like?
[21:04] <Meladina> Yes indeed it does, Thrash.
[21:04] <Thrash> perhaps you'd enjoy some time with me then?
[21:05] <Solarchos> I'm getting the impression that my own ships handled Anzu's cyber-attack better than Aes did, Raihosha.
[21:05] * Meladina blinks mid-sip from her teacup, a slight red rising in her cheeks....then she nods
[21:05] <Yukari Yakumo> You'd like to know more about Gensokyo, would you? ^___^
[21:06] <Raihosha> Not exactly, Solarchos.
[21:06] * Caroline Carr goes over to the bar for an ale, water, and some cold sake
[21:06] * Thrash smiles "excellent!"
[21:07] <Raihosha> Aes ended up doing the same thing your ships did, he's just a whole lot more complicated.
[21:07] <David O`Cain> I do. I'm rather curious, Yukari.
[21:07] <Thrash> we will have to do something special
[21:08] <Raihosha> Because of the nature of the attack, I think he's looking at encrypting his thoughts.
[21:08] * Caroline Carr hands Rai water first
[21:09] <Solarchos> Yeah, I think that actually worked in my people's favor. The Imperium is so phobic about automation and AIs that it uses a lot of electromechanical and manual technology in just about everything.
[21:09] * Raihosha drinks the water.
[21:09] * Meladina nods in agreement
[21:09] <Thrash> now let's see..where can we go....
[21:09] <Caroline Carr> That's going to be some horribly complicated programming, isn't it?
[21:09] <Yukari Yakumo> Well, the weather is not so different from this places. Actually, I think Gensokyo's climate is a little bit cooler and wetter. We don't have to worry about this whole "global warming" thing.
[21:09] <Raihosha> YOu have good reason for that phobia in the Imperium as far as I can tell.
[21:10] <Raihosha> Thinking about it is one of the things giving my my developing headache, Caroline. :)
[21:10] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[21:12] <Caroline Carr> Well, then. Have a drink? *offers sake*
[21:12] <Yukari Yakumo> The extra moisture comes from being in a closed environment and the waterfalls of Youkai Mountain. It makes the growing seasons bountiful and the forests very lush. Quite lovely to see in the spring.
[21:12] * Raihosha accepts the sake.
[21:12] * Yukari Yakumo opens a small portal next to her and reaches through it.
[21:12] <Raihosha> Locheim!
[21:12] <Thrash> the singing pools of Ixoion are very nice......bit dull though
[21:13] * A small, strange portal opens in front of Caroline and Yukari's hand comes out of it, holding a drinking cup in it.
[21:13] <David O`Cain> Sounds like a nice place to live, though. Anything else about Gensokyo itself?
[21:13] <Yukari Yakumo> There's so much to say about it! What would you like to know?
[21:14] <Caroline Carr> There's plenty at the bar, get your own.
[21:14] <David O`Cain> How about major landmarks for starters?
[21:15] <Yukari Yakumo> :P
[21:15] <Thrash> ..the jewelled mountains of Saraphan?......bit irritating in the busy season
[21:16] <Yukari Yakumo> Youkai Mountain would certainly be considered Gensokyo's most prominent landmark since you can see it from everywhere.
[21:16] <Meladina> How about TARDIS Russian Roulette?
[21:16] <David O`Cain> Okay then. What other landmarks are there?
[21:17] <Thrash> TARDIS russian roulette????
[21:18] <Meladina> Let the TARDIS pick our destination
[21:18] <Yukari Yakumo> Heh. There are many.
[21:18] * Yukari Yakumo helps herself to a bunch of booze from the bar and settles back to chat.
[21:19] * Caroline Carr drinks her ale
[21:19] <Thrash> hm...not a bad idea
[21:19] <Thrash> certainly could be interesting
[21:20] <David O`Cain> Well, feel free to talk, Yukari. Practically got all night.
[21:20] <Meladina> I think I'm up for an adventurous and risky gamble.
[21:21] <Yukari Yakumo> There is the Sanzu River that forms the border of part of Gensokyo. There's also the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, the Forest of Magic, the Garden of the Sun, the Road of Reconsideration, and the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
[21:21] <Yukari Yakumo> The Human Village would also be a landmark if its location was more well known.
[21:21] <Solarchos> Meladina, whose TARDIS would you two be using?
[21:22] <Solarchos> Because taking your TARDIS after all the damage it's taken sounds downright reckless.
[21:22] <Yukari Yakumo> Oh! And I certainly can't forget the Hakurei Shrine!
[21:22] <Caroline Carr> Hm..
[21:22] <Thrash> what damage?
[21:23] * CrimsonLady looks up eagerly as she noticed the Paris door open
[21:23] *** CrimsonTamer [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:23] <@spiritflame> konbanwa crimsontamer
[21:23] * CrimsonTamer is blushing softly, smiling extremely happily
[21:24] <Caroline Carr> Viir's probably out working in the garden, still.
[21:24] <Solarchos> Oh wait, I'm thinking Magistra's TARDIS, aren't I? I'm sorry.
[21:24] <David O`Cain> Anyplace else I should be aware of, Yukari?
[21:25] <Yukari Yakumo> I don't know. Which place would you like to know more about? Every place in Gensokyo is distinctive and has its own history and dangers.
[21:25] <Raihosha> Probably, I think he was asking Carlos about how the shutdown would affect things.
[21:26] <David O`Cain> Let's start with the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
[21:27] <Thrash> which shall we use..yours..or mine?
[21:27] <Caroline Carr> I think he's rather fond of Aes.
[21:27] <Yukari Yakumo> That's an unusual place, David. My Killer Angel knows it very well, as do the Kits themselves.
[21:27] <Raihosha> They certainly have long talks...
[21:28] <Meladina> Mine will do this time
[21:28] <Yukari Yakumo> The Bamboo Forest of the Lost gets its name from the fact that it's very easy to lose one's way within it.
[21:29] * CrimsonTamer tries to tiptoe to the elevator, holding hands with someone
[21:30] <Yukari Yakumo> The bamboo trees are very high and thick, so sound travels strangely and it can block the sight of landmarks. It also tends to be misty and foggy early in the mornings and in the evenings, so that makes it easy to get misdirected. The Bamboo Forest's most distinctive feature is that paths and trails can change.
[21:30] <Thrash> very well..yours it shall be
[21:30] <Yukari Yakumo> Almost as if the trees themselves can move.
[21:31] <David O`Cain> How does that happen? Optical illusion?
[21:33] <Yukari Yakumo> It's just the nature of the forest, and the inhabitants of Eientei itself. The beings residing them originally came to our world almost a thousand years ago, before Gensokyo was ever created.
[21:33] <Solarchos> It's time for me to get the Kits into bed, so I'll see you all later. Good night.
[21:33] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Off to see how my beloved wife will surprise me now." ^__^)
[21:33] <Caroline Carr> It's much cooler at the cottage than here, we could go sit in the shade.
[21:33] * Yukari Yakumo waves good night to her Killer Angel.
[21:34] <David O`Cain> Later, Solar.
[21:34] <David O`Cain> Eientei?
[21:34] <Raihosha> That would be nice...
[21:35] * Meladina finishes her meal and gets to her feet
[21:35] * Raihosha seems a bit more relaxed at the moment.
[21:35] * Thrash finishes his meal as well
[21:36] <Yukari Yakumo> The manor of Eientei. It's a small palace located in the heart of the Bamboo Forest. You can never find it accidentally unless the owners allow you to.
[21:36] <Caroline Carr> Well, whenever you're ready, then.
[21:37] <David O`Cain> Interesting. And who resides in both places?
[21:37] <Yukari Yakumo> The Bamboo Forest itself is home to numerous Youkai. Some of them are hostile to Humans, or at least unfriendly.
[21:38] * Raihosha finishes his drink.
[21:38] * CrimsonTamer trips over some random thing in the lobby and winds up knocking over a decorative vase causing it to shatter loudly. T_T
[21:38] <Thrash> well that meal was wonderful
[21:38] <Raihosha> I'll let you lead the way, Caroline.
[21:38] <Yukari Yakumo> Eientei, on the other hand, is at least somewhat friendly to Humans. However, they're not Human themselves. There are the rabbit-youkai, and then there at the Lunarians.
[21:38] <Caroline Carr> Oh? I thought the transmat would be easier.
[21:39] <Yukari Yakumo> Oh my, that sounded expensive. Is that young lady all right?
[21:39] <Raihosha> Shows where my brain is...
[21:39] <David O`Cain> Lunarians?
[21:39] * Caroline Carr laughs. "Well, I'll ask then."
[21:39] * Caroline Carr taps her phone
[21:40] <Caroline Carr> Aes, we'd like transport to the cottage, please?
[21:41] *** Raihosha [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (He's quick tonight...)
[21:41] *** Caroline Carr has left #suburbansenshi2 (a nice, lazy afternoon~)
[21:41] <Yukari Yakumo> Reisen Udongein Inaba, Eirin Yagokoro, and the princess are all from the Moon. Hence the name Lunarians. Although Reisen is actually a Moon-Rabbit, not a Lunarian.
[21:43] <David O`Cain> Huh. I guess I might be considered a Lunarian. Although, we've called ourselves Selenites.
[21:43] <Yukari Yakumo> Hmmm, curious.
[21:45] <Meladina> Shall we depart, Thrash?
[21:45] <David O`Cain> Well, believe it or not, I'm also from the Moon.
[21:46] <Yukari Yakumo> The Bamboo Forest is also home to one other person of note: a somewhat reclusive "tomboy" by the name of Fujiwara no Mokou. She left her own humanity behind a very long time ago.
[21:46] <Thrash> yes lets
[21:46] <Thrash> after you of course
[21:46] <The Magistra> I still have you all beat. I'm from the future~
[21:46] <Yukari Yakumo> Interesting. One can only wonder if you have any relation to Eirin or Kaguya. Although by looking at you I somewhat doubt it.
[21:47] * Meladina leads the way to her TARDIS, opening the door and walking inside
[21:47] <Yukari Yakumo> Greetings. You are the one called the Magistra?
[21:47] * Thrash follows
[21:47] <The Magistra> Yep!
[21:48] <Yukari Yakumo> The future is just a relative thing~
[21:49] <David O`Cain> Forgive me asking, but what do you mean by having any relation to the two you mentioned?
[21:50] <Yukari Yakumo> You mentioned that you are from the Moon, yes?
[21:51] <David O`Cain> Yes, I did.
[21:51] *** Meladina has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:51] <David O`Cain> More specifically, from the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millennium.
[21:51] * CrimsonTamer is clinging to the young gentleman accompanying her while she's being scoldedby Prinnies for causing a mess
[21:53] <Yukari Yakumo> Both Eirin and her princess are from the Moom as well, as is Reisen. But judging by your appearance I suspect that you are the product of an alternate reality rather than a related group.
[21:53] *** Thrash has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:53] <The Magistra> I should get going. I need to hurry up and find that last peice
[21:54] <The Magistra> Toodles~
[21:54] <David O`Cain> Well, all that I mentioned was at least ten millennia ago. Survived the kingdom's fall, and was in stasis until 2002 CE.
[21:55] * The Magistra enters her Tardis and closes the door. After a few moments it vanishes...and reappears a foot to the left
[21:56] *** The Magistra [] has quit IRC
[21:56] *** The Magistra [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa the magistra
[21:56] <Yukari Yakumo> The last contact the Humans of my world had with the inhabitants of the Moon was the War of 1969.
[21:56] <David O`Cain> Still, born and raised on the Moon.
[21:56] * The Magistra exits her Tardis "....."
[21:56] <Yukari Yakumo> Oh! And look at the time! I must be going myself.
[21:56] <The Magistra> How long was I gone?
[21:56] *** Chihiro go-Higarshi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa chihiro go-higarshi
[21:56] <Yukari Yakumo> We shall continue this conversation another night.
[21:57] * Chihiro go-Higarshi walks out of the TARDIS dressed in a simple dress
[21:57] <David O`Cain> Uh, a few seconds, Magi.
[21:57] <Yukari Yakumo> Less than ten seconds sidereal.
[21:57] <Chihiro go-Higarshi> we are back here again?
[21:57] <The Magistra> ....
[21:57] <The Magistra> Something has to be worng...
[21:58] * The Magistra pulls out the dector. "....I can't belive this
[21:58] <Chihiro go-Higarshi> what?..your machine..always worked before
[21:58] <Yukari Yakumo> How long ago did you depart from here from your standpoint?
[21:58] <The Magistra> the same amount of time it was for you
[21:59] <Yukari Yakumo> So you didn't actually leave here.
[21:59] <The Magistra> I did not
[22:00] * Yukari Yakumo smiles at Magistra as she whips her hand in front of herself and a portal opens.
[22:00] * Yukari Yakumo drops through the portal.
[22:00] * Jillian's young man is now known as ChevalierdeLeon
[22:01] *** Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (PiratedServer] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Good thing my own methods of transportation never let me down. ^__~)
[22:01] * The Magistra goes back inside and double checks the cordiantes. ".....I am the biggest idiot in the multiverse. The last peice was right under my nose this enitire time!"
[22:01] <Chihiro go-Higarshi> it was??
[22:01] <David O`Cain> Eh?
[22:02] * CrimsonTamer is clinging to Chevalier
[22:02] * CrimsonTamer looks at Chihiro go-Higarshi.
[22:02] *** Chihiro go-Higarshi is your average everyday Chihiro go-Higarshi

[22:03] * CrimsonTamer looks at ChevalierdeLeon.
[22:03] *** ChevalierdeLeon is a young man with short blonde/gray hair and stormy gray eyes with a strange glow about them. He is always seen in the company of another Baskerville or Vessalius family member. Wyatt wears comfortable clothes and tennis shoes along with a red sweater.
His image Song is: .

[22:03] * Chihiro go-Higarshi is a young woman around 16 or so with long black hair and dark brown eyes
[22:03] * The Magistra facepalms "of all the places it could be its here"
[22:04] * CrimsonTamer nervously heads over to the couch Madison is on. " is Wyatt...I...I think you met him already..."
[22:04] <David O`Cain> What exactly are you looking for, anyway?
[22:04] * CrimsonLady smiles at Wyatt
[22:04] <CrimsonLady> It's a pleasure to meet you again...are you enjoying my daughter's company?'
[22:04] <The Magistra> The key to time
[22:04] <David O`Cain> And why are you looking for it here?
[22:05] <The Magistra> because the locator thingy the white guardian gave me says its here
[22:05] * ChevalierdeLeon has a slightly red tint to his face, and nods, " have met you before..."
[22:06] <David O`Cain> I see. Well, good luck to ya.
[22:06] <CrimsonLady> You may call me Madison
[22:06] * David O`Cain keeps an eye on Wyatt, Jillian, and Madison
[22:07] * The Magistra sighs. "Lets start in the libary chihrio and work our way up the building
[22:08] <Chihiro go-Higarshi> library?
[22:08] * The Magistra is away 
[22:09] * The Magistra is back
[22:09] <The Magistra> a place you keep books
[22:09] <The Magistra> its on the bottom floor
[22:09] <Chihiro go-Higarshi> mean like at that Melboria place?
[22:10] <The Magistra> yeah, ours is just... alot bigger
[22:11] <Chihiro go-Higarshi> then..lets go
[22:11] * The Magistra leads the way
[22:11] * The Magistra is away 
[22:12] * Chihiro go-Higarshi is away 
[22:14] *** Eitak_Razal [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eitak_razal
[22:14] <David O`Cain> Evening, Eitak.
[22:14] * ChevalierdeLeon sits down on a couch
[22:15] * Eitak_Razal walks in, polishing the gem on her sword. "Yo"
[22:16] <David O`Cain> What's new?
[22:17] <Eitak_Razal> Not much. Though I need to stop by the library, nivek asked me to find something for him
[22:17] <David O`Cain> Oh?
[22:19] <Eitak_Razal> apperntly a couple of his books went missing from his room upstairs, I offered to look and see if the prinnies put them downstairs by accident or just ran off with them
[22:22] * CrimsonTamer sits down beside Wyatt
[22:23] <David O`Cain> Gotcha.
[22:23] * David O`Cain waves to the couple on at a separate sofa/couch
[22:26] * ChevalierdeLeon is too shy to say anything
[22:27] <David O`Cain> He's not comfy around here, is he?
[22:29] <CrimsonTamer> U-Um...he's...s-still fairly new....
[22:29] <CrimsonTamer> W-We just...just got back...f-from our...our first date...
[22:29] * CrimsonTamer blushes softly at the words "first date"
[22:31] * ChevalierdeLeon is also blushing
[22:31] <David O`Cain> Ah.
[22:31] <David O`Cain> Go anywhere fun?
[22:34] <ChevalierdeLeon> >>
[22:37] * CrimsonTamer nods
[22:37] <CrimsonTamer> The....the nice restaurant...d-down the street...f-from the manor
[22:42] <David O`Cain> Sounds nice. Good food there?
[22:46] * ChevalierdeLeon gives the slightest hint of a nod
[22:50] <David O`Cain> Neat.
[22:51] * CrimsonTamer blushes deeply and kisses Wyatt on the cheek
[22:55] * ChevalierdeLeon blushes even deeper
[22:58] <CrimsonTamer> a really....g-good time.... M-Maybe...maybe we...we can go...go on another....a-another d-date....s-sometime?
[22:58] * CrimsonTamer is blushing deeply, her cheeks are more red than her hair
[23:09] * ChevalierdeLeon nods again
[23:14] <ChevalierdeLeon> Could...could we...go to bed?
[23:16] * CrimsonTamer blinks
[23:17] <CrimsonTamer> Y-You mean t-to our rooms? I...I don't'd be appropriate for us to share a bed...a-and I don't kn-know you well enough y-yet either...
[23:18] * CrimsonLady chuckles
[23:19] <CrimsonLady> You two should go to your rooms and get some sleep. Either here or at the manor. I'm starving so I'll be heading home to your father, Jillian...I'm sure he's got plenty of snacks for me.
[23:20] * ChevalierdeLeon blushes furiously, "O-of course I meant out separate rooms!"
[23:24] <Eitak_Razal> hehehe
[23:24] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[23:26] * CrimsonTamer looks to the elevator, "Sh-Shall we g-go up....o-or back t-to Paris?"
[23:34] <ChevalierdeLeon> I'm so tired...upstairs?
[23:42] *** ChevalierdeLeon has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:43] <David O`Cain> See ya.
[00:09] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (I guess I'll head home.)
[00:33] *** CrimsonTamer [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Back to Paris!)
[00:33] *** Crimson:ady has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:33] *** CrimsonLady has left #suburbansenshi2 (Music can express from the soul what the body has forgotten)
[01:22] *** Souldier [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[01:22] <@spiritflame> konbanwa souldier
[01:23] * Souldier walks in through a portal. Lunch in hand
[01:26] *** Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[01:26] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eiry
[01:27] * Eiry shuffles out of the elevator, wrapped in a blanket
[01:27] * Souldier sits down and snacks on some fruit, turning to see Eiry, he brightens up
[01:28] * Eiry sits next to him
[01:29] <Souldier> Trouble sleeping, Eiry?
[01:31] <Eiry> I like seeing you sometimes, you know.
[01:31] * Souldier teases "only like?"
[01:35] <Eiry> Hm...
[01:35] * Eiry just leans over on Guyver
[01:37] * Souldier chuckles. and puts an arm around her.
[01:38] <Souldier> tan hermosa...
[01:41] <Eiry> It's almost 6 months...
[01:42] <Souldier> Won't change how pretty you are.
[01:42] * Souldier puts a hand on her belly. "No problems?"
[01:43] <Eiry> The EMH said I should gain more weight.
[01:45] <Eiry> And we need to start buying things.
[01:46] * Souldier nods
[01:48] <Souldier> Just let me know what you need, I'll make it happen.
[01:48] * Souldier hugs
[01:49] * Eiry hugs back ^_^
[01:51] * Souldier sighs heavily. "Ahhhh I needed that"
[01:51] <Eiry> We need a mattress, but Miara's going to help with that.
[01:54] <Souldier> Yeah... I won't be comfy enough :<
[01:55] <Eiry> hm?
[01:56] <Souldier> I can't play pillow forever you know
[01:56] <Eiry> Well it's safer for her to sleep closer to the floor. Lupa babies roll around alot.
[01:57] <Souldier> Ah... no crib?
[01:57] <Eiry> nope.
[02:01] <Eiry> You want to come tuck me in again?
[02:01] <Souldier> I'd love too.
[02:02] <Souldier> but I'm gonna sneak in some kisses though
[02:03] * Eiry gets up and makes her way over to the elevator
[02:05] * Souldier joins her
[02:05] * Souldier holds her hand.
[02:08] *** Eiry [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[02:13] *** Souldier [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (We'll never walk alone, while our dreams are intertwined.)
[09:32] *** MusicArtisan [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:32] <@spiritflame> ohayo musicartisan
[09:32] * MusicArtisan valiantly attempts to try tying the wildflowers he picked for Lottie with a red ribbon
[09:42] *** LV [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[09:42] <@spiritflame> ohayo lv
[09:44] * MusicArtisan jumps when he hears footsteps, trying desperately to hide that he was trying to tie wildflowers together
[09:44] <MusicArtisan> L-Lacie ^_^;;
[09:44] <LV> Daddy? What're you doing?
[09:45] <MusicArtisan> N-Nothing ^_^;;
[09:46] * LV frowns, hand resting on her stomach, "Daddy, don't lie to me. You're a terrible liar."
[09:46] * MusicArtisan sighs
[09:47] <MusicArtisan> I was up early this morning to pick wildflowers for your mother
[09:50] <LV> Wildflowers?
[09:51] * MusicArtisan nods and shows lacie the dasies and other miscellaneous wildflowers he had picked
[09:51] <MusicArtisan> I'm having a terrible time putting them together with a ribbon...
[09:52] <LV> Well...would you like help?
[09:53] * MusicArtisan sheepishly nods
[09:54] * LV takes the ribbon, "Hold them then?"
[09:54] * MusicArtisan nods and holds the flowers
[09:55] * LV ties the flowers together in the ribbon
[10:00] <MusicArtisan> Thanks Lacie...
[10:00] <MusicArtisan> Your mother isn't awake yet, is she?
[10:04] <LV> Yeah she is
[10:05] <MusicArtisan> ><
[10:05] <MusicArtisan> I was planning to surprise her when she awoke. ><
[10:06] * MusicArtisan rushes out the Paris door
[10:06] *** MusicArtisan [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Lottieeeee!)
[10:09] * LV frowns...and sits down
[10:11] <LV> Well if you'd called me sooner....
[10:11] * LV curls up on the couch and pulls a blanket over herself
[10:12] *** ApothecaryAssistant [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:12] <@spiritflame> ohayo apothecaryassistant
[10:12] <ApothecaryAssistant> Now, now, what have we here! A lonely princess?
[10:13] <ApothecaryAssistant> That just won't do!
[10:14] * LV blushes softly, "There you are, Al..."
[10:15] * ApothecaryAssistant presents Lacie with a large plate of breakfast. Hashbrowns, sausages, scrambled eggs with a bit of cheese, english muffin with strawberry jelly, and a piece of buttered toast
[10:15] <ApothecaryAssistant> I was making you and our little boy breakfast.
[10:17] * LV blushes softly and sits up again
[10:19] * ApothecaryAssistant hands Lacie the plate along with a fork and knife
[10:19] <ApothecaryAssistant> Here you go, love...enjoy
[10:47] * LV takes the food and nibbles at it, savoring every bite she takes
[11:06] * ApothecaryAssistant smiles "I would never let my beautiul princess go hungry.
[11:13] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:13] <@spiritflame> ohayo eilean
[11:13] * Eilean walks in, streaaaching
[11:14] *** CrimsonTamer [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:14] <@spiritflame> ohayo crimsontamer
[11:14] * CrimsonTamer is blushing furiously as she hurries out of the elevator, holding up two different dresses
[11:14] * LV eats her food eagerly
[11:14] <CrimsonTamer> Wh-Which one is cuter? Th-the b-blue one o-or the wh-white one?
[11:15] <Eilean> ..ehh...both are pretty cute......but I'd say the blue
[11:15] * LV glances up from her almost empty plate
[11:23] * Eilean yawns, scratching the side of her head
[11:23] <LV> I like the blue one...
[11:24] * CrimsonTamer smiles and hurries off back to the elevator
[11:24] * CrimsonTamer is away 
[11:25] * ApothecaryAssistant chuckles "Our granddaughter is trying so hard to impress a boy, Lacie...."
[11:26] * LV nods...and sets the empty plate on a table, "She really likes Wyatt..."
[11:27] <ApothecaryAssistant> Yes...they went on their first date last night and already they're talking about a second date
[11:28] <LV> That's wonderful! I'm happy for her.
[11:29] <ApothecaryAssistant> I am too ^_^ After all of what she went through...she's finally going to be able to live a normal life...and fall in love like any other girl
[11:31] <LV> Yes she is...I'm happy for her...
[11:32] * Eilean gets herself a glass of water and drinks
[11:35] * Eilean digs in her pocket and checks her phone before putting it back in
[11:36] *** Jameson Atlas [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:36] <@spiritflame> ohayo jameson atlas
[11:38] <ApothecaryAssistant> Did you want more food, Lacie?
[11:38] <LV> No I'm was yummy though.
[11:39] <Eilean> hey jamie
[11:40] * Eilean smiles
[11:40] <ApothecaryAssistant> Something to drink then, dear?
[11:41] <LV> Maybe some juice?
[11:42] <Jameson Atlas> Hey Eilean...I see you made it back from my place okay.
[11:43] <Eilean> yeah...last night was nice :)
[11:44] <Jameson Atlas> It was. I'm glad you got to see my house
[11:45] <Eilean> it was a really nice place
[11:46] <Jameson Atlas> We've been there a couple months now...Amanda really wanted to give it a homey feel.
[11:47] <Eilean> know how important that is
[11:48] <Jameson Atlas> Yeah...and I"m glad I could share that with you last night.
[11:50] <Eilean> ^_^
[11:50] * ApothecaryAssistant nods and heads to the kitchen to get some juice
[11:51] * Jameson Atlas hugs Eilean
[11:53] * Eilean hugs back!
[11:53] <Jameson Atlas> Wanna go out for lunch?
[11:54] <Eilean> sure!
[11:55] <Jameson Atlas> Great!
[11:55] * ApothecaryAssistant returns to Lacie with a large glass of apple juice
[11:56] * LV takes the juice and drinks it happily, " good..."
[11:57] <ApothecaryAssistant> Hmmm~ You look so beautiful, Lacie
[11:59] * LV blushes softly
[12:01] <Eilean> ^^
[12:01] <Jameson Atlas> Let's go then! :D
[12:02] * Jameson Atlas leads the way out to Tokyo
[12:03] * Eilean follows, holding jameson's arm
[12:04] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Lunch date~)
[12:05] * LV reclines on the couch
[12:06] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2
[12:07] <ApothecaryAssistant> Shall we have a date of our own, Lacie? ^_~
[12:07] <ApothecaryAssistant> I think the bed in our room here must be lonely....since we haven't used it in a while...
[12:08] <LV> I would like that
[12:16] * ApothecaryAssistant lifts lacie into his arms
[12:16] *** ApothecaryAssistant [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (I think this date will be very enjoyable for us both)
[12:17] * LV blushes furiously
[12:17] *** LV [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Al! i'm so heavy!)
[16:03] *** The Magistra [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:03] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa the magistra
[16:03] <The Magistra> Ugh.
[16:03] <The Magistra> I thin this thing is broken
[16:05] <The Magistra> Maybe I'll have Him take a look at it
[16:27] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:27] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa solarchos
[16:28] <Solarchos> Hmmm, kind of quiet in here right now.
[16:29] <Solarchos> Which isn't a bad thing.
[16:33] *** Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:33] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa eiry
[16:33] <Solarchos> Hi Eiry.
[16:34] * Eiry comes in with a few shopping bags
[16:34] <Eiry> Oh, hi Solar.
[16:35] <Solarchos> Need some help with those bags?
[16:35] <Eiry> No, I'm fine. I just need a drink
[16:36] * Eiry puts her bags down and got to get some iced tea from the fridge
[16:36] <Eiry> *goes to
[16:36] <Solarchos> How has your day gone so far?
[16:37] <Eiry> Mostly cleaning and a few errands.
[16:37] <Eiry> I'm still not used to being home, still feels strange :/
[16:40] <Solarchos> How long were you gone for?
[16:41] <Solarchos> I know it's not the same thing that you're feeling, but I still feel a bit strange being back here from time to time. Not nearly as much as before though.
[16:43] <Eiry> Hm. I suppose I'll get used to it eventually. It's just...I've worked in the shop almost every day since we moved here.
[16:45] <Solarchos> Really?
[16:46] <Solarchos> I don't see you very often around here since you started working that much. I guess it goes without say that I hope you're not overworking yourself.
[16:47] <Solarchos> ^without saying
[16:48] <Solarchos> Is everything going all right for you at home?
[16:48] <Eiry> I've always worked that much since you've known me.
[16:48] <Eiry> Except for after the tsunami when we had no work.
[16:50] <Eiry> We finally have enough to pay someone else so we hired Richard after December and Doli redid all our schedules
[16:51] <Solarchos> I don't think you've always worked this much. Although it's good that business has picked up for you.
[16:52] <Eiry> I'm a florist and we ran our own shop. Of course we did.
[16:55] <Eiry> I wonder if the others are still here...
[16:57] <Eiry> It's nice during seminar when there are so many people here.
[16:57] <Solarchos> How'd the seminar go overall? I was here for part of it.
[16:58] <Eiry> Everyone said it went really well, better than last year.
[16:59] <Eiry> If you really want to know ask one of them.
[17:02] <Eiry> Oh, I also had something to ask Inu-Kit sometime, if she's around.
[17:03] <Solarchos> Oh?
[17:03] <Solarchos> She's around somewhere. Was it anything specific you wanted to ask her or something personal?
[17:03] <Eiry> Uh...both?
[17:06] <Eiry> A couple people have offered me a certain piece of equipment which I already have lined up. So I was wondering if any of the other ladies who are expecting around here might want one.
[17:08] <Solarchos> What's the equipment? Or can you say?
[17:09] <Eiry> It's a um...a pump. She'll know what it is.
[17:10] <Solarchos> Ah. I think I know what you're talking about. When I see her later I'll tell her you want to talk to her.
[17:11] <Solarchos> What was last year's Lupa seminar like? Were you there for that?
[17:11] <Eiry> Yes, but I don't participate.
[17:12] <Eiry> There were less people.
[17:13] <The Magistra> Isn't it a good thing theres more people?
[17:13] <Eiry> Yes, of course.
[17:14] <Solarchos> You don't participate? Any reason why you don't?
[17:14] <Eiry> Because I'm not astral, of course.
[17:14] <Eiry> It's for Speakers and astralgia like Miara.
[17:17] <Solarchos> But you could still meet with others of your kind, couldn't you?
[17:17] <Eiry> Besides, they meet during the day when the rest of us are at work.
[17:17] <Eiry> We do normally, yes.
[17:18] <The Magistra> I've always found that fasinateing, next year I should ask if I can observe some of the sessions...
[17:18] <Eiry> I dunno, ask Miara? A lot of the participants might not like that.
[17:19] <Solarchos> I've never been able to attend any of the seminars. Until recently Miara and Eiry were the only Lupa I was familiar with.
[17:19] <Eiry> You know Kai
[17:19] <The Magistra> I have...personal reasons for wanting to learn about them.
[17:19] <Eiry> And Zan
[17:20] <Eiry> Yes but that won't matter.
[17:21] <Solarchos> I know Kai and Zan now. I didn't prior to over a year ago. Still, I'm glad I've gotten to meet more of the Lupa.
[17:23] * there's a knock at the door
[17:23] * Solarchos goes to answer the door.
[17:24] * there are several large boxes and trunks outside the front door
[17:24] * Solarchos looks for a note or something.
[17:27] <Eiry> Is someone moving in?
[17:27] * the note lists it being delievered from Trbovljie, Slovenia
[17:29] <Solarchos> Not sure.
[17:29] <Eiry> Slovenia? Isn't that were Miro's from?
[17:29] * Solarchos looks on the note for any indication of who the boxes belong to and/or are being delivered to.
[17:30] * the note just lists the Hotel as being the delivery point
[17:30] * Eiry texts Vilya to see if Miro sent for his belongings
[17:31] * Vilya texts Eiry     yes. to move in.
[17:32] <Eiry> It's Miro's stuff.
[17:32] <Solarchos> Well...
[17:32] * Solarchos starts picking up some of the boxes to bring them inside.
[17:32] * Eiry texts Vilya     It's here.
[17:33] * Vilya texts Eiry     Miro will be down in a moment
[17:34] * Eiry grabs a few boxes and brings them in
[17:35] <Solarchos> Have I met Miro yet?
[17:35] <Eiry> Possibly? I don't know?
[17:35] *** Miroslav Tietz has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:35] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa miroslav tietz
[17:36] <Eiry> He's got long hair and he's rather pretty. You'd probably remember him.
[17:36] * Miroslav Tietz walks out of the elevator
[17:36] <Eiry> So you guys decided, huh?
[17:37] <Miroslav Tietz> hm?
[17:37] * Solarchos looks at Miroslav Tietz.
[17:37] *** Miroslav Tietz is your average everyday Miroslav Tietz

[17:37] <The Magistra> ....You're right. He is pretty
[17:37] * Miroslav Tietz grabs a trunk and lifts it onto his shoulder
[17:37] * Miroslav Tietz looks in the mirror.
[17:37] *** Miroslav Tietz is your average everyday Miroslav Tietz

[17:40] <Miroslav Tietz> what?
[17:41] <The Magistra> Nothing...
[17:41] * Miroslav Tietz grabs another bag "...I will be back down for the rest"
[17:42] <Eiry> I'll come with you.
[17:42] * Eiry grabs her bags and a box and heads over to the elevator
[17:44] * Solarchos brings in the rest of the boxes and lays them near the back of one of the couches in such a way as they don't block the walkways.
[17:44] *** Eiry [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[17:44] * Miroslav Tietz is away: *heads upstairs*
[17:45] <Solarchos> Oh, Magistra. I have something else for you.
[17:46] <The Magistra> Hmmm?
[17:48] * Solarchos sets a small box on top of a nearby table and opens it, revealing a large number of bullets, all of which are radiating warmth from the large amounts of spirit-energy contained within.
[17:48] <The Magistra> More ammo?
[17:49] <Solarchos> These are the spirit rounds I mentioned to you. The enchantments to make these take longer to complete.
[17:50] <The Magistra> ah. So how much these going to cost me?
[17:50] <The Magistra> and what exactly do they do
[17:51] * Miroslav Tietz is back
[17:52] * Miroslav Tietz comes out of the elevator and grabs some more boxes
[17:53] <Solarchos> What they do is that when they strike the target, they explode with a surge of spirit energy. That translates to slightly enhanced damage against mortal targets, but they're exceedingly dangerous against undead and ghosts.
[17:53] <Miroslav Tietz> just one more trip..
[17:53] <Solarchos> As for the cost, nothing. You already paid me, remember? These are part of the same order I delivered to you last week.
[17:54] * Miroslav Tietz is away 
[17:54] <Solarchos> It just took a little bit longer to get them done for you.
[17:56] *** Kori has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:56] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa kori
[17:56] * Kori pops out of the sink!
[17:56] <Solarchos> have you had a chance to test out any of the ones I've given you yet?
[17:57] * Solarchos looks at Kori.
[17:57] *** Kori is young girl with long blue flowing hair, green eyes and pale looking skin. She wears a very simple blue dress that seems to shimmer as you look at it. She smells of salt and water.
Her image Song is: .

[17:57] <Solarchos> Is that the water sprite Morrigan told me about?
[17:58] *** Kitsune no Hime [madamed'] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:58] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa kitsune no hime
[17:58] * Kori hides!
[17:59] <The Magistra> Yeag, i tried a vorpal round on a dragon
[17:59] <Solarchos> How'd it work out for you?
[17:59] <Solarchos> Inu-Kit!
[18:00] * Solarchos quickly goes over and hugs Inu-Kit tightly, but not too tightly around her belly.
[18:00] * Kitsune no Hime is hugged
[18:01] * Kori peeks out again..
[18:01] <Solarchos> How are you, love? Eiry was looking for you. She wanted to ask you a couple of questions since you're an expectant mother now.
[18:02] * Solarchos waves to Kori.
[18:02] <Kitsune no Hime> Well if she returns...I'll try to answer her
[18:02] <The Magistra> It did't. Barely nicked the thing
[18:02] * Kori squirts water at solar and kitsune
[18:03] <Solarchos> That's...surprising Magistra. Was it something about the dragon itself or was the round defective?
[18:03] * Solarchos is splashed now. o__o
[18:04] <Kitsune no Hime> O_O
[18:04] * Kitsune no Hime has been splashed...
[18:04] <The Magistra> Umm, given the dragon was the dragon king Bahamut, I'm going with the former
[18:04] * Kori hides!
[18:05] <Solarchos> It's all right, Kori. We're not going to hurt you at all. You can come on out.
[18:05] <Solarchos> Are you all right, love? You're a little wet.
[18:06] * Solarchos isn't too bad since he's wearing his usual hostile environment suit and armor. Inu-Kit's outfit is probably different.
[18:06] * Kitsune no Hime nods, "I'm okay."
[18:06] * Kori gets out of the sink..then works on climbing down..but is much too small to reach the floor with her feet
[18:08] * Solarchos gets a towel to dry Inu-Kit off. "How was your day, love?"
[18:08] <Kori> :(
[18:08] <Solarchos> Kori, would you like a little help there?
[18:08] <Kitsune no Hime> Very long...I spent most of it asleep.
[18:09] * Solarchos goes over to help Kori get down to the floor.
[18:09] <Solarchos> Don't tell me the Kits wore you out that much! Or were you practicing magic again?
[18:10] <Kitsune no Hime> Being pregnant is exhausting! But I was trying to get a little bit of practice in.
[18:10] * Kori is helped down!
[18:11] <Solarchos> You have to be careful, love. Remember, your powers get unpredictable when you're pregnant. At least they're more amusing than destructive.
[18:12] <Kori> powers???
[18:12] <Solarchos> Inu-Kit knows quite a lot about magic, Kori.
[18:13] * Solarchos goes back over to Inu-Kit and gives her another hug, along with a kiss and some yummy chocolate (Hershey's).
[18:13] <Kori> magic??? like mama?
[18:13] * Kitsune no Hime swipes the chocolate >>
[18:15] <Solarchos> Probably. Who's your mother?
[18:16] * Solarchos snickers at Inu-Kit. "You're hungry. Would you like me to fix you something?"
[18:16] <Kitsune no Hime> I'm happy with the chocolate right now
[18:16] <Kori> lakhe!
[18:17] <Solarchos> Are the Kits behaving today, love? Alexianna and Catriona aren't causing trouble again, are they?
[18:18] <Kitsune no Hime> No but I think they wanted to see you. They spent all day asking me when you'd be home.
[18:19] <Solarchos> I wanted to see you first, love. That's always the high-point of my day.
[18:19] * Solarchos gives Inu-Kit some playful ear-scratchings.
[18:19] <Solarchos> What's your mother like, Kori?
[18:20] <Kori> like me!
[18:21] <Solarchos> I mean what's she like personality-wise. I kind of figured she'd be a water sprite like yourself.
[18:22] * Kori nods nods
[18:23] * Solarchos steers Inu-Kit over to the nearest couch and sits down with her, happy to spend some time with her.
[18:25] <Kori> but she's reaaaally pretty
[18:25] * Kitsune no Hime nestles against Solar, ears flicking and tails swaying
[18:26] <Solarchos> How's our own daughter tonight, love? Quiet I hope. Last night it seemed like she was giving you some trouble.
[18:27] <Kitsune no Hime> Quiet for most part.
[18:29] <Solarchos> We're past the half-way point now. Have the medics told you any changes on the due date yet?
[18:30] <Kitsune no Hime> The first week of November
[18:31] * Solarchos gives Inu-Kit another kiss. "You're excited about that. I can see it in your ears and tails."
[18:32] <Kitsune no Hime> I'm always excited
[18:32] * Kori watches the adults
[18:34] <Solarchos> Sorry about that Kori. Inu-Kit and I are going to be having a baby in a few months.
[18:36] <Kori> baby????
[18:36] * Solarchos gently pats Inu-Kit's belly. "She's pregant with our fifth child. We're both really happy since she always wanted a large family of her own."
[18:37] <Kori> pregnant??
[18:37] <Solarchos> You don't know what that word means?
[18:38] * Kori shakes head no
[18:39] * Kitsune no Hime reclines against the back of the couch
[18:39] <Solarchos> Inu-Kit, would you like to explain it to her or shall I?
[18:39] <Kitsune no Hime> Hmm...
[18:39] * Solarchos reaches down and starts massaging Inu-Kit's feet.
[18:40] * Kitsune no Hime melts, ears drooped and tails laying listless wherever they are
[18:41] <Kitsune no Hime> Well...before a mommy has her baby...and they're still's called "pregnant"
[18:43] * Kori nods nods!
[18:43] <Kitsune no Hime> That's what I am right now. Pregnant.
[18:43] <Solarchos> Inu-Kit has a baby growing inside her. See?
[18:44] <Kori> ooooo
[18:45] * Solarchos gently rubs Inu-Kit's belly with his hand. "Her stomach feels a little strange because of the baby inside of her. It takes time for a baby to grow, so they grow inside of the mother so that she can protect them.
[18:45] <Solarchos> And my job as the father is to make certain absolutely nothing causes harm for the mother and the baby.
[18:46] * Kitsune no Hime blushes softly
[18:47] * Aura Smith quietly slips in the New York door
[18:48] <Solarchos> I'm not sure if you've met any of our other children yet, Kori. Inu-Kit and I both protect them just as fiercely as we intend to protect this one that's growing. That's what good parents do.
[18:48] * Solarchos waves to Aura and resumes massaging Inu-Kit's feet.
[18:49] <Solarchos> I see that blush, love. You know how much I love you. ^___~
[18:50] <Kitsune no Hime> You remind me every day
[18:50] * Kori waves to Aura!!
[18:51] <Aura Smith> Yo Kori
[18:51] <Solarchos> Of course. Because you remind me every day too, love. Because it's something I always want to remember and never forget.
[18:52] * Kitsune no Hime yawns softly and curls up on the couch
[18:52] <Kori> hii aura!
[18:53] <Solarchos> I hope I'm not boring you, love. Sometimes I worry that I do when I'm telling you things like that. ^__^;
[18:54] * Aura Smith goes and looks out at the beach
[18:55] <Aura Smith> It's not a private beach, is it?
[18:55] * Kori runs out to the beach and dips her head in the water!
[18:55] <Kitsune no Hime> No I'm just tired. That small water girl seems to be incredibly intrigued here.
[18:55] <Solarchos> No, it's not. Feel free to use the hot springs as well.
[18:56] * Kori grins "better!"
[18:56] <Solarchos> She sure seems like that. I think this is the first time she's ever visited a place like this or met people like us.
[18:57] * Aura Smith looks at Solarchos.
[18:57] *** Solarchos is is a tall, somewhat slender human with blue-green eyes, wearing his usual VanSaar hostile environment suit and a few sheathed weapons. He regards you with a cautious look in his eyes, but not distrust. He seems more at ease now than before. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: "Warriors of the World" by Manowar.

[18:58] * Solarchos looks at Aura Smith.
[18:58] *** Aura Smith is a young girl with strangely textured white hair, blue eyes, and tiny freckles all over her skin. She's dressed in a halter top and capris.
Her image Song is: .

[18:58] * Aura Smith looks at Kitsune no Hime.
[18:58] *** Kitsune no Hime is a beautiful creature, whose humanoid body is remarkably shaped and tone. She has stern, but caring grey eyes, and slick, beautiful black hair. She is Inu-Kitsune Amestris-Langister, mother of the young Kits and beloved wife of Solarchos.
Her image Song is: "May It Be" by Enya.

[18:58] <Solarchos> How long have you known Kori, Aura?
[18:58] * Kori runs around aura!
[19:00] <Aura Smith> Yesterday.
[19:00] * Aura Smith turns and goes out into the beach
[19:02] * Kori follows aura!
[19:02] * Solarchos nods.
[19:03] <Solarchos> Any thoughts on what names you'd like to give our daughter, love?
[19:03] * Kitsune no Hime shakes her head, looking more interested in relaxing than thinking of names
[19:04] * Aura Smith strips down to a rather worn, almost too small bathing suit and wades out into the surf
[19:04] * Kori follows into the water
[19:07] <Aura Smith> There a lotta grown ups around here?
[19:07] * Solarchos stops massaging Inu-Kit's feet and starts massaging her shoulders and neck. "How's that now?"
[19:07] <Kitsune no Hime> Very nice
[19:07] <Solarchos> Yes, there are quite a few. But there are some children around as well. Not as many as the adults though.
[19:08] <Kori> mmhm
[19:08] * Aura Smith was asking kori, since the two are outside in the water?
[19:08] * Kori swims around aura
[19:08] * Kori is being followed by almost every fish nearby
[19:08] <Aura Smith> that normal?
[19:09] * Aura Smith backs up quite a bit
[19:09] <Kori> fishies like me :D they're my friends!
[19:09] * Solarchos gives Inu-Kit's tails playful tugs as well.
[20:07] *** Kori has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:08] <Solarchos> So what spells were you practicing today, love?
[20:08] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa david o`cain
[20:08] <David O`Cain> Evening, folks.
[20:14] <David O`Cain> Uh, hello?
[20:14] <Solarchos> Hello David.
[20:15] <David O`Cain> What's up, man?
[20:16] <Solarchos> Just enjoying a nice quiet evening with Inu-Kit.
[20:17] <Solarchos> She's exhausted.
[20:20] <David O`Cain> Ah. Yukari and I had a rather nice conversation last night. Never knew there were others on the Moon.
[20:21] <Solarchos> You and she were talking about the Lunarians, huh? I know a little about that subject msyelf.
[20:21] <Solarchos> I picked up a thing or two a long time back.
[20:22] * Solarchos cradles Inu-Kit's head in his lap as she sleeps and strokes her hair and tails.
[20:22] <David O`Cain> What do you know about them?
[20:23] <Solarchos> Lunarians like Eirin and Kaguya or Moon-Rabbits like Reisen?
[20:25] <David O`Cain> Let's start with the Lunarians first.
[20:25] <Solarchos> There's a big difference between the two.
[20:26] <Solarchos> The Lunarians all look Human because they basically are. They originally came from Earth long ago and used magic to not only dominate everything on the Moon, but make themselves very long-lived.
[20:28] <David O`Cain> Really?
[20:29] <Solarchos> Eirin and Kaguya are both almost 1000 years old, but they don't look it at all.
[20:29] <Solarchos> Some of the Lunarians are even older.
[20:30] <David O`Cain> Like how I'm over 10K, yet looking in my 30's?
[20:30] <Solarchos> Pretty much.
[20:30] * Solarchos runs his hands through Inu-Kit's tails, snickering a little as they react to his touch.
[20:31] <Solarchos> The Moon wasn't uninhabited though. It was already home to a race of humanoid rabbit-youkai, the Moon-Rabbits, Reisen's people.
[20:32] <Solarchos> They were subjugated by the original Lunarians soon after they arrived on the Moon and remain so to this day.
[20:32] <David O`Cain> Well, we should differentiate why we both look young yet are old. Theirs were magic yet mine was due to being in stasis.
[20:33] *** Sarah Christensson has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa sarah christensson
[20:34] * Sarah Christensson walks in with a covered plate "good evening everyone ^_^"
[20:34] <David O`Cain> Hey, Sarah.
[20:34] <David O`Cain> Anyway, Solar, continue.
[20:35] <Solarchos> Hi Sarah.
[20:35] <Solarchos> What's that you're carrying?
[20:36] <Solarchos> The Humans of Earth know a little about the Lunarians though. However, that knowledge is not at all public.
[20:37] * Sarah Christensson uncovers the plate..showing hot steaming peanut butter cookies :)
[20:38] <Solarchos> Oooo! Those smell good.
[20:38] <David O`Cain> "COOKIES!"
[20:38] <Solarchos> Down there, Cookie Monster!
[20:39] <Solarchos> shows David a picture of a rather strange-looking girl.
[20:39] * Sarah Christensson offers the cookies
[20:40] <Solarchos> That's Reisen Udongein Inaba right there, a Moon-Rabbit who came to Gensokyo back in 1969. She hasn't aged a day since.
[20:41] <David O`Cain> What happened back then?
[20:42] * David O`Cain takes a few cookies and munches a la Cookie Monster
[20:42] <Solarchos> The war between NASA and the Moon Rabbits
[20:42] * Solarchos gets a text
[20:43] <Solarchos> I'll be back in a sec....the kits are up to something
[20:43] * Solarchos is away 
[20:44] <Sarah Christensson> ^_^ I just made them
[20:45] <David O`Cain> They're still good.
[20:50] <David O`Cain> So, how're you, Sarah?
[20:53] <Sarah Christensson> oh I'm well now that I'm back at home
[20:56] <David O`Cain> That's good.
[21:06] <Sarah Christensson> mmhm ^^
[21:06] <Sarah Christensson> I dropped off some cookies also at the theatre..they have been so busy there
[21:08] <Sarah Christensson> your wife certainly seems to be working hard
[21:08] <David O`Cain> I'll bet.
[21:11] * Solarchos is back
[21:11] <David O`Cain> She's been giving her best in her performances.
[21:11] <Solarchos> (( Sorry about that. A certain someone insisted I accompany her to the store. ))
[21:11] <David O`Cain> Welcome back, Solar.
[21:13] <Solarchos> The Kits got into some mischief upstairs. Their usual antics actually.
[21:13] <Sarah Christensson> well she certainly does seem to be working hard...when not getting into arguements >.>
[21:13] <Solarchos> They somehow managed to make Serbius' clothes turn pink.
[21:14] <Solarchos> Anyway, back in 1968 when the Apollo lunar landings occured, the astronauts and the Lunarians came into contact.
[21:16] <David O`Cain> Hmm. I take it the history is vastly different between here and Gensokyo regarding Apollo.
[21:16] <Solarchos> According to what Reisen told me, NASA wanted to set up bases on the Moon and didn't want to coexist, so the Lunarians declared war. It backfired at first because NASA's technological weapons took them by surprise.
[21:17] <Solarchos> Ultimately the War of 1969 is the reason why NASA never returned to the moon.
[21:18] <David O`Cain> I see.
[21:19] <Solarchos> Your thoughts on that first picture I showed you?
[21:19] <David O`Cain> Well, I'll admit Reisen ain't bad looking.
[21:21] <Solarchos> finds another picture and shows it to both David and Sarah.
[21:21] <Sarah Christensson> hmm?
[21:22] <David O`Cain> Who's the beauty, Solar?
[21:22] <Solarchos> Eirin Yagokoro, a Lunarian and probably one of the smartest people in Gensokyo if not the planet. "The Brain of the Moon" is her unofficial title.
[21:23] <David O`Cain> Really?
[21:24] <Solarchos> She's apparently one of the people who originally helped to establish the Lunarian's society on the Moon, as well as the only person who can create the Hourai Elixir.
[21:25] <David O`Cain> Interesting. And what's her profession?
[21:25] <Solarchos> She's a doctor.
[21:26] * David O`Cain chuckles a bit
[21:26] <Solarchos> Physician, scholar, fighter, alchemist, and apparently Gensokyo's resident mad doctor.
[21:27] <David O`Cain> Damn. That's quite a resumé there.
[21:27] <Solarchos> Having known her for as long as I have, I can genuinely say that the stories about her intelligence aren't an exaggeration.
[21:28] * Plushie-chan is drops down on a bungie cable "she sounds" and bounces up and falls back down "like fun"
[21:29] *** Plushie-chan [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa plushie-chan
[21:29] <David O`Cain> Hmm.
[21:31] <Plushie-chan> Penny for..... your thou....ghts?
[21:31] <David O`Cain> Do you think Eirin and Reisen would get along with someone like me, Solar?
[21:31] <Solarchos> The Hourai Elixir is something that's appeared in Japanese history on more than one occasion.
[21:31] <Solarchos> Possibly, David. You'd have to meet them first.
[21:31] <Solarchos> Yes Plushie?
[21:32] * Plushie-chan is bounceing up and down on a bungie cable
[21:32] * Plushie-chan is also upside down
[21:33] <David O`Cain> True. How would I go about doing that, or visit Gensokyo in general?
[21:34] <Solarchos> There are two ways into Gensokyo. Well, three actually. The first is for us to arrange it. We have a portal that can connect to Gensokyo, but it only opens for several minutes once a week.
[21:35] <Plushie-chan> Its an...imortality....drug... right?
[21:35] <Solarchos> The second way is to wander around in Japan and become "spirited away". More than a few people who've vanished in places like the Suicide Woods or other forlorn places have actually wound up in Gensokyo.
[21:36] <Solarchos> Yes, the Hourai Elixir is an immortality potion taken in three doses. How did she describe it to me...?
[21:36] <Plushie-chan> I know...
[21:36] <Solarchos> With the first dose all wounds are healed. With the second dose you need never fear disease again. With the third dose eternity is yours.
[21:37] <Solarchos> The third way into Gensokyo is to have Yukari bring you.
[21:38] <David O`Cain> Sounds like options one and three might be the better and safer ways of going to Gensokyo.
[21:38] <Solarchos> And more reliable.
[21:39] <Solarchos> Did you want to know anything else, Plushie?
[21:42] <Solarchos> Ahhh, here she is...
[21:43] <Solarchos> shows everyone yet another picture on his dataslate.
[21:43] <David O`Cain> Who's this?
[21:45] <Solarchos> Kaguya Houraisan herself. The Eternal Moon Princess.
[21:45] <David O`Cain> How'd she become eternal?
[21:46] <Solarchos> The Hourai Elixir. The Elixir is one of the Lunarian's greatest treasures and once long ago Kaguya stole a bottle and drank it herself. She was put to death for doing so, but the Elixir itself had already taken effect.
[21:47] <Solarchos> Once you take all three doses, you can regenerate from any kind of injury in 24 hours. Even vaporization.
[21:48] <Solarchos> And between her and Mokou, I don't think anyone knows just how many times the two of them have killed each other over the last 1000 years.
[21:48] <David O`Cain> Damn. That'd make Grim's job of collecting their souls difficult at best.
[21:48] <Solarchos> And now I should be going. It's time to get the Kits into bed, and Inu-Kit's already fast asleep.
[21:50] <Sarah Christensson> very well..take care!
[21:51] * Solarchos picks up Inu-Kit and gently carries her towards the stairs.
[21:51] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Off to see how my beloved wife will surprise me now." ^__^)
[21:51] <David O`Cain> Night, Solar. Hopefully you or Yukari are around for another fun round of Gensokyo talk.
[21:51] * A strange portal opens.
[21:52] * From within the portal emerges the upper half of a young girl's head with long black hair and perky little fox-ears flicking cutely.
[21:53] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:53] <@spiritflame> konbanwa chibi-alex
[21:53] * Chibi-Alex leans out of the portal and looks down at Sarah.
[21:53] <Chibi-Alex> Yum-yums! =^ ^=
[21:53] <Plushie-chan> Why are... you... here..
[21:54] * Chibi-Alex smells delicious peanut butter cookies. :D
[21:54] <David O`Cain> Hey, Alex.
[21:54] * Sarah Christensson smiles and offers cookies to the child
[21:56] * Chibi-Alex takes the cookies. "Thank you!" ^___^
[21:57] <Sarah Christensson> you are very welcome!
[21:58] * Yukari Yakumo is fed one of the cookies by little Alexianna. ^__^
[21:58] <Yukari Yakumo> My complements to the cook!
[21:58] *** Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (PiratedServer] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Time for a night of playing and fun with my Boundless Exüberance of Youth!)
[21:59] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Oo-jamba~!")
[22:00] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[22:00] <David O`Cain> So, what's been going on with you, Sarah?
[22:01] *** Aura Smith has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:01] <@spiritflame> konbanwa aura smith
[22:01] <Sarah Christensson> oh not much
[22:02] <Sarah Christensson> why hello there little girl ^^
[22:02] * Aura Smith comes back in from the beach, pulling her pants back up over her bathingsuit
[22:02] <Aura Smith> ....
[22:03] * Sarah Christensson offers some cookies
[22:03] <Aura Smith> What do you want, lady?
[22:03] <David O`Cain> Hello.
[22:04] <Sarah Christensson> um..just offering some cookies?
[22:04] * Aura Smith eyes the cookies
[22:05] * Sarah Christensson is offering peanut butter cookies...they smell straight out the oven
[22:05] <spiritflame> Aura Smith rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[22:06] * Aura Smith takes a few before she can stop herself
[22:06] <Sarah Christensson> ^^
[22:08] * Aura Smith tries one, and quickly eats the rest
[22:08] <Sarah Christensson> ^_^
[22:09] <David O`Cain> Good, huh?
[22:10] <Aura Smith> No one gets food like that in the home.
[22:11] <Sarah Christensson> well I made it myself ^_^
[22:12] <Aura Smith> Well they get all their food from Sysco, and the cook's not so great.
[22:13] <Plushie-chan> We have....
[22:13] <Plushie-chan> a greay che...... in the restaraunt.... free too
[22:14] <Sarah Christensson> sysco?
[22:15] * Plushie-chan 's bungie coard makes CHUNK sound and she slowly loses her momentom
[22:15] <Plushie-chan> Uh oh...
[22:15] * Aura Smith looks at Plushie-chan.
[22:15] *** Plushie-chan is a twenty-something girl with purple hair. It's length is about halfway between her shoulders and the middle of her back. It is pulled back near the middle and there is a decoritve red ribbon near the top. She is wearing a normal T-shirt and jeans.
image Song is: 0.

[22:15] <Aura Smith> Why are there so many old people here? >>
[22:16] * David O`Cain looks at Aura Smith.
[22:16] *** Aura Smith is a young girl with strangely textured white hair, blue eyes, and tiny freckles all over her skin. She's dressed in a halter top and capris.
Her image Song is: .

[22:16] <Sarah Christensson> a cook?
[22:17] <Plushie-chan> I'm not old! I'm only 24
[22:17] <Aura Smith> Well yeah, that's how they feed us.
[22:17] <Aura Smith> You're an "adult", adults are old!
[22:18] * Plushie-chan 's cord makes another "Kachunk soun and she plumets to the ground
[22:18] <Plushie-chan> aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:18] *** Pink Lion [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:18] <@spiritflame> konbanwa pink lion
[22:18] * Pink Lion enters from Paris, holding a sleeping infant in her arms
[22:18] <Sarah Christensson> hello lottie!
[22:18] * David O`Cain telekinetically catches Plushie
[22:18] <David O`Cain> Hey, Lottie.
[22:19] * Plushie-chan narrowly avoids crashing into lottie "thanks david"
[22:19] * Aura Smith sees this and edges toward the New York door
[22:20] <Sarah Christensson> how are you tonight ^_^
[22:20] * David O`Cain sets Plushie down on the floor, "What?"
[22:20] <Pink Lion> Worn down...finally got the twins to sleep
[22:21] <The Magistra> If plushie's old, I must be ancient
[22:21] <David O`Cain> Same here, Magi.
[22:21] <Sarah Christensson> oh that is always good...I know how that was
[22:21] <The Magistra> Given I'm old enough to be her great grandmother
[22:21] *** MusicArtisan [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa musicartisan
[22:22] * MusicArtisan wraps his arms around Lottie from behind
[22:22] <MusicArtisan> Did you enjoy my surprise for you this morning?
[22:22] * Pink Lion blushes fiercely and jumps in surprise, then nods in response
[22:22] <Pink Lion> The flowers were very pretty Jack
[22:23] *** Plushie-chan [] has quit IRC (Off to buy a helmet)
[22:23] * Aura Smith sneaks another handful of cookies off Sarah's tray, wraps them up, and puts them in a clear bookbag
[22:23] <MusicArtisan> I hand picked each one thinking of you, my beloved, beautiful wife...the wonderfully wise mother of my children
[22:24] * Pink Lion takes a moment to think...."What did you do wrong, Jack."
[22:25] <MusicArtisan> I wasn't there when you awoke
[22:25] <MusicArtisan> >>
[22:25] <MusicArtisan> I know how you hate that
[22:26] <Sarah Christensson> take as many as you want
[22:26] <Pink Lion> Oh yes...
[22:26] <MusicArtisan> My intention was for you to wake and see the flowers waiting for you and me still curled by your side....
[22:26] * Aura Smith jumps, having gotten caught
[22:27] * Pink Lion leans against Jack, still holding Vinny, and yawns
[22:28] <Aura Smith> Seriously?
[22:28] <Sarah Christensson> mmhm ^_^
[22:29] * Pink Lion glances over to see what Sarah has
[22:29] * Sarah Christensson has a plate of peanut butter cookies
[22:30] <Pink Lion> Oh those look so good
[22:30] * Aura Smith takes a few more for good measure
[22:31] <Sarah Christensson> I made them today ^_^
[22:31] <Aura Smith> The other kids'll appreciate it.
[22:31] * Pink Lion takes one shyly
[22:32] <Sarah Christensson> do you live with many children?
[22:32] <Aura Smith> Yeah, in a home, like I said.
[22:33] * MusicArtisan holds Lottie happily
[22:33] <Sarah Christensson> live in a children's home?......
[22:33] <MusicArtisan> Do you forgiveme, Lottie?
[22:33] <Aura Smith> Yup
[22:34] * Pink Lion takes a moment....the nods, handing him Vinny. "Change his diaper."
[22:34] * Sarah Christensson looks a little sad
[22:34] * MusicArtisan grimaces and nods, "Okay...I'll be back in a bit...
[22:34] * MusicArtisan is away: Changing a diaper
[22:36] * Pink Lion nibbles at the cookie
[22:38] <Aura Smith> Got a problem with that, lady?
[22:38] <Sarah Christensson> hm no no of course not
[22:39] <Sarah Christensson> I am sorry
[22:39] * Sarah Christensson smiles to lottie
[22:40] <Sarah Christensson> are the cookies good?
[22:40] * Pink Lion nods, but yawns heavily
[22:40] <Pink Lion> I'm so tired...would you excuse me?
[22:41] * Pink Lion gets up and exhaustedly makes her way to the elevator
[22:42] *** Pink Lion [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (so tired @__@)
[22:42] <Sarah Christensson> oh goodnight lottie
[22:47] <David O`Cain> Night, Lottie.
[22:50] <Aura Smith> So...where exactly is this place?
[22:52] <Sarah Christensson> oh it's called The Hotel
[22:52] <The Magistra> A dimensonal pocket grounded in japan
[22:55] <Aura Smith> Japan? That's where the beach is? For reals?
[22:55] <The Magistra> No
[22:55] <The Magistra> The beach is papya island
[22:57] <Aura Smith> Where's that?
[22:57] <Sarah Christensson> in the south seas
[22:58] <The Magistra> ....I habe no idea
[22:58] <Sarah Christensson> if I recall
[22:59] <The Magistra> Forgive me if I'm not up to date on earth geography, I spent most of my life on another planet
[23:00] * Sarah Christensson gives a look to magistra
[23:01] <The Magistra> ?????
[23:02] <Aura Smith> ??
[23:04] <Sarah Christensson> that door *points* leads out to the island of papaya and that door *points to another* leads to tokyo
[23:05] <Aura Smith> And the other doors?
[23:05] <The Magistra> and that one to paris and that one to a random location
[23:05] <Aura Smith> Where's the one with the British flag go?
[23:05] <Sarah Christensson> London
[23:07] <Sarah Christensson> ^^
[23:08] <Aura Smith> Interesting.
[23:08] <Sarah Christensson> this place is open to any who wish to come
[23:09] <Aura Smith> It is? So I can come whenever I want?
[23:09] <Sarah Christensson> mmhm ^_^
[23:09] <David O`Cain> Pretty much.
[23:11] <The Magistra> If they can find it. Normal people seem to not find this place
[23:13] <Aura Smith> Well I did, so I guess I'm special.
[23:14] <Sarah Christensson> I suppose so ^^
[23:18] <Aura Smith> That's cause I'm AWESOME :D
[23:18] <Sarah Christensson> hehe is that so?
[23:19] <David O`Cain> Oh really?
[23:21] <Aura Smith> You bet ^_^
[23:22] <Sarah Christensson> hee you are such a funny little must be popular
[23:24] <Aura Smith> What do you mean, funny??
[23:25] <Sarah Christensson> only you seem quite brave ^^
[23:26] * Aura Smith just looks at Sarah
[23:27] * Sarah Christensson smiles
[23:27] * Aura Smith 's watch beeps
[23:28] <Aura Smith> I gotta go.
[23:29] <Sarah Christensson> is that so?
[23:29] <Aura Smith> Gotta sneak back in before checks.
[23:30] <David O`Cain> See ya, then.
[23:30] <Sarah Christensson> oh I suppose so
[23:30] * Aura Smith dashes out the New York door
[23:30] <Sarah Christensson> come visit any time!
[23:30] *** Aura Smith has left #suburbansenshi2
[23:32] <David O`Cain> Interesting kid, to say the least.
[23:32] <Sarah Christensson> mmhm
[23:39] <David O`Cain> Didn't seem to be all the comfy around adults, though.
[23:40] <Sarah Christensson> I suppose not
[23:49] <Sarah Christensson> I suppose they will be working all night tonight
[23:49] <David O`Cain> Do you think so?
[23:50] <Sarah Christensson> well says so on this text I got...
[23:51] <David O`Cain> Ah.
[23:53] * Masaki O`Cain texts Hun-Bunny     going to sleep at the theater tonight
[23:55] * David O`Cain texts Masaki     Alrighty. I guess see you in the morning.
[23:55] * Masaki O`Cain texts Hun-Bunny     yup. luv U <3
[23:57] * David O`Cain texts Masaki     luv u 2 <3
[23:58] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:22] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Guess I'll head home.)
[14:05] *** Aura Smith has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:05] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa aura smith
[14:08] * Aura Smith sneaks in, looking to see if anyone's around
[14:10] * Aura Smith goes up to the second story shops to look around
[14:10] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte 's shop is open
[14:12] * Aura Smith looks in the shop
[14:15] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte 's shop looks almost like an old pawn/antique shop...but filled with..very odd objects
[14:15] * Aura Smith picks something up, shakes it a bit to see if something's inside
[14:16] * it plays a tune
[14:19] * Aura Smith puts it back, looks at something else
[14:24] * Aura Smith is away: brb
[14:25] *** The Magistra [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:25] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa the magistra
[14:29] * The Magistra walks into the shop, and procedes to start examineing things. "No. No. Not this either"
[14:38] * Aura Smith is back
[14:40] <The Magistra> Ugh. Not here either...
[14:41] * Aura Smith looks at The Magistra.
[14:41] *** The Magistra is a red haired time lord with green eyes. She's dressed in sensible and fashionable white leather armor. She looks oddly familer. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: Histora Crux.

[14:43] <The Magistra> Ugh. I thought for sure it would be in here...
[14:46] * Aura Smith watches from behind another shelf
[14:49] <The Magistra> I mean if I were a peice of an all powerful artifact, this is where I'd hide
[14:51] <Aura Smith> What's it look like?
[14:52] <The Magistra> It could look like anything
[14:55] <The Magistra> ....I hope its not the building, that would suck
[14:56] <Aura Smith> Then I can't help you.
[14:58] <The Magistra> Nope, I already have a helper anyways.
[14:59] <The Magistra> If you see the shop keep, tell her The Magistra is looking for her
[14:59] * The Magistra walks of
[15:01] * Aura Smith shrugs, and goes to look in at the other shops
[15:07] * Rosenqueen is open
[15:16] * Aura Smith is away: beach!
[16:05] *** Sarah Christensson has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:05] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa sarah christensson
[16:05] * Sarah Christensson walks downstairs, humming a bit to herself
[16:06] <Sarah Christensson> what a busy day it is
[16:12] <Sarah Christensson> ^_^
[16:14] *** ThePaleElf [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:14] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa thepaleelf
[16:16] <Sarah Christensson> oh good afternoon, mormeril
[16:17] <ThePaleElf> Hello.
[16:18] <Sarah Christensson> how are you today?
[16:18] <ThePaleElf> Ok, I supposed
[16:20] <Sarah Christensson> I have to say..Eilean is doing so well at the theater
[16:20] <ThePaleElf> Yeah, she is. I'm glad.
[16:23] <Sarah Christensson> I am glad to see the theatre back on task
[16:25] * ThePaleElf nods
[16:26] <Sarah Christensson> I hope they do not need to spend all day rehersing again
[16:27] * ThePaleElf shrugs. "What's one day of practice in a lifetime
[16:40] <Sarah Christensson> oh it can be important
[16:44] <Rosenqueen> I know. I mean why worry about using the entireity of one day, when you have a lifetime yet ahead
[16:44] <ThePaleElf> ^
[16:46] <Sarah Christensson> I suppose so
[17:01] <Sarah Christensson> ^_^
[17:07] * The random door opens
[17:07] *** Athena Parthenos has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:07] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa athena parthenos
[17:09] * Athena Parthenos surveys the room in a glance
[17:10] <Sarah Christensson> hm??
[17:10] * Kori blinks and watches this from the sink
[17:11] <Kori> ???
[17:11] <Sarah Christensson> hello
[17:12] *** Chloe [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:12] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa chloe
[17:12] * Chloe skips into the lobby from the beach
[17:12] * Athena Parthenos nods to the girl
[17:12] * Kori waves to chloe!
[17:13] <Chloe> Kori!!
[17:13] * Chloe giggles and runs over to hug her friend!
[17:13] <Kori> chloe!
[17:13] <Athena Parthenos> Hello, children.
[17:13] * Kori hops down out of the sink and hugs chloe!
[17:13] * Arjuna looks at Athena Parthenos.
[17:13] *** Athena Parthenos is a beautiful statuesque woman with elaborately dressed dark hair and brown eyes. She wears long, flowing dress covered in a gilded breastplate and stately jewelry. She has a calm yet regal air.
Her image Song is: 'Pallas Athena'.

[17:14] * Kori blinks and looks up at the lady and hides behind chloe
[17:14] * Chloe tilts her head up at the lady, "Hello!"
[17:14] * Arjuna snifs Athena Parthenos
[17:15] <ThePaleElf> Hmmmm?
[17:16] * Kori looks scared
[17:16] * Athena Parthenos smiles kindly
[17:17] * Kori tries smiling back
[17:17] <Athena Parthenos> Fear not, little one.
[17:17] <Kori> n-no?
[17:19] <Athena Parthenos> No, there is nothing to fear here.
[17:19] * Athena Parthenos turns to Chloe
[17:19] <Athena Parthenos> You may tell your mother that I will speak with her later.
[17:20] * Arjuna snifs Athena some more.
[17:21] <Arjuna> Haroo.
[17:21] <Chloe> My mama? You wanna talk to my mama?
[17:21] * Athena Parthenos smells of unknown places and precious spices and ointments
[17:21] * Kori tilts her head, watching athena parthenos
[17:24] <Arjuna> Hyu snif nice. I Arjuna.
[17:24] <Kori> are you like old papa?
[17:27] <Athena Parthenos> I am Athena
[17:28] * Kori blinks and looks like she's thinking
[17:29] * Athena Parthenos reaches up and pats the top of Arjuna's head
[17:29] <Chloe> Athena like goddess Athena?
[17:30] <Arjuna> Ath-ina...
[17:30] <Arjuna> Prity nam!
[17:32] * Athena Parthenos smiles
[17:33] <Chloe> :D
[17:33] <Athena Parthenos> Now, I must pay a visit to someone, but perhaps we can speak later.
[17:33] <Kori> :D
[17:33] <Arjuna> Aww.
[17:34] * Athena Parthenos goes over to the elevator, and pushes the button
[17:34] <Arjuna> By-buy Athina!
[17:35] * Arjuna waves.
[17:35] <Athena Parthenos> Farewell, for now.
[17:35] * Kori 's hair bubbles
[17:35] *** Athena Parthenos has left #suburbansenshi2
[17:37] * Arjuna drops all to all fours and snifs Kori, cautiously.
[17:37] * Kori smells like fish and salt water
[17:37] * Kori backs away and hides behind chloe again!
[17:38] <Arjuna> Snif fishies!
[17:38] <Kori> w..who
[17:38] <Arjuna> I Arjuna!
[17:38] *** Aura Smith has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:38] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa aura smith
[17:39] * Arjuna lifts her front right arm and waves to Kori.
[17:39] <Kori> a..arjuna?
[17:39] <ThePaleElf> Lots of new kids as of late...
[17:40] <Arjuna> Dat rite! Arjuna! I a mongoosetiger.
[17:40] * Aura Smith looks at ThePaleElf.
[17:40] *** ThePaleElf is is a tall pale skinned elf with long black hair hanging over one of his shoulders and tied near the end. His eyes glow with a faint blue glow. His elvish looks are (unintentionally) capable of charming both women and men.
His image Song is: Lament of the Highborne.

[17:41] <Aura Smith> weirdo
[17:42] <Aura Smith> Hey Kori!
[17:42] <Kori> hi aura!
[17:42] <Kori> this is chloe!
[17:42] * Arjuna snifs Aura.
[17:42] * Aura Smith looks at Chloe.
[17:42] *** Chloe is a young girl of about age 6 with brown-green skin which shifts colors with her mood, and currently brown-green hair for the upcoming spring. Her eyes are orange-brown and graceful. She's very introverted, but can be talkative when prompted.
Her image Song is: .

[17:42] <ThePaleElf> I can hear you. These pointy ears aren't just for show
[17:43] <Aura Smith> So?
[17:43] * Chloe waves hi
[17:44] <Aura Smith> Your hair's kinda cute.
[17:44] <Arjuna> Haroo!
[17:45] <Aura Smith> Yeah um...hi..
[17:46] <Arjuna> I Arjuna!
[17:47] * Kori suddenly starts to look upset
[17:47] <Arjuna> Wat wrong?
[17:48] <Kori> feel dry
[17:48] * Kori 's hair is starting to grow shorter
[17:48] * Arjuna goes to the kitchen and brings back a glass of water.
[17:49] <Arjuna> Here go!
[17:49] <Aura Smith> You only have to go out to the beach, right?
[17:51] * Kori nods "need salty sea!"
[17:52] <Arjuna> Kitchen water no good?
[17:52] * Kori shakes head nooo
[17:52] <Aura Smith> It's right out there, we'll wait for you.
[17:54] * Arjuna hands the glass of water to Chloe.
[17:55] * Kori runs outside and dips her head in the sea
[17:56] * Arjuna looks at Aura Smith.
[17:56] *** Aura Smith is a young girl with strangely textured white hair, blue eyes, and tiny freckles all over her skin. She's dressed in a halter top and capris.
Her image Song is: .

[17:57] * Kori runs back in, dripping wet
[17:57] <Aura Smith> So...she said you're name's Chloe?
[17:58] <Aura Smith> *your
[17:58] * someone watches the group from the crack of one of the doors
[17:58] <Kori> yeah it is her name :D
[17:58] <ThePaleElf> .....
[18:03] * Arjuna snifs the air.
[18:05] * there's the smell of flowers and maybe a hint of dog in the air
[18:05] <Aura Smith> And you two are friends?
[18:06] * Kori nods!
[18:07] * Chloe nod nods
[18:08] <Chloe> ^____^
[18:08] * the door creaks a bit as the person tries to get a better look at what's going o n
[18:09] * Arjuna lies down on the floor, ears twitching at the sound of the door.
[18:10] * Kori notices the door and moves behind chloe
[18:11] * Arjuna turns to Aura.
[18:11] <Arjuna> What hyu name?
[18:11] * ThePaleElf reaches in his cloak for something. "Who's there?"
[18:12] *** Rosette Penoit has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa rosette penoit
[18:12] <Aura Smith> Are is ok if I hang out with you?
[18:12] <Aura Smith> *is it
[18:12] * Rosette Penoit glances in
[18:12] <Chloe> Rosie!!!
[18:12] <Rosette Penoit> chloe!
[18:12] * Kori nods to aura
[18:13] <Chloe> :D :D ;D
[18:13] <Chloe> :D
[18:14] <Rosette Penoit> :D :D :D
[18:14] * ThePaleElf relaxes. "Hello Rosette"
[18:14] <Aura Smith> Who're you?
[18:14] * Chloe tugs on Kori's arm, "That's my friend!!"
[18:16] <Rosette Penoit> rosette! *has a french accent*
[18:16] <Kori> she is?
[18:16] <Arjuna> Haroo!
[18:17] <Aura Smith> Are you from Paris? Someone said there was a Paris door.
[18:18] * Chloe giggles, "Rosie's my friend!!"
[18:20] <Chloe> Come play with us!!
[18:20] <Arjuna> Me play too?
[18:22] <Chloe> :D
[18:22] * Aura Smith stills looks rather warily at Arjuna
[18:22] <Rosette Penoit> nooo but my great grandmama works in paris!
[18:23] <ThePaleElf> Is she here with you today, or did you come alone?
[18:23] <Rosette Penoit> alone >.> mama dropped me off
[18:24] * Chloe thinks for a moment.....the grabs a bucket from behind the bar and runs outside!
[18:25] * ThePaleElf nods. (Great, this means I have to play babysitter....)
[18:26] * Arjuna looks in the mirror.
[18:26] *** Arjuna is a 10'6" mongoosetiger with white fur and blue eyes, wearing a judogi and carrying a Mongoosetiger Bow on her back.
Her image Song is: .

[18:27] <Aura Smith> So we don't have to deal with adults? Sweet :D
[18:27] * Chloe returns with the bucket full to the brim with seawater
[18:27] <Chloe> Let's go play!!!
[18:27] <Arjuna> Yay!
[18:28] <Rosette Penoit> ok!!
[18:28] <Aura Smith> What do you guys usually do?
[18:28] <Kori> :D
[18:29] <Chloe> Whatever we want!
[18:30] <Arjuna> I lik gif rides! Den I get run!
[18:31] * Chloe is away: Play time!
[18:31] * Arjuna is away: follows Chloe
[18:31] * Aura Smith follows the others
[18:31] * Aura Smith is away 
[18:32] * Kori is away 
[18:32] * ThePaleElf sighs
[18:32] * Rosette Penoit is away 
[19:00] *** Kitsune no Hime [madamed'] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:00] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kitsune no hime
[19:01] * Kitsune no Hime enters the room from the elevator, a bag of sweets in her hand and a tablet
[19:02] * Kitsune no Hime finds a couch and sits down, nibbling at the chocolates
[19:03] *** Saliena Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa saliena eiry
[19:04] * Saliena Eiry comes in from Tokyo, a large bag in one hand
[19:05] * Kitsune no Hime is reading articles on the tablet
[19:06] <Saliena Eiry> Hey there. You must be Inu-Kit, right?
[19:06] <Kitsune no Hime> Yes, that's me.
[19:06] * Kitsune no Hime glances up from her reading out of courtesy
[19:07] * Saliena Eiry is looking over Inu-Kit quite plainly
[19:07] <Kitsune no Hime> Is there something I can help you with?
[19:08] <Saliena Eiry> Huh? No, why?
[19:08] * Saliena Eiry puts the bag down and sits
[19:09] <Kitsune no Hime> Oh no reason really
[19:09] <Saliena Eiry> How are you? Everything's going well?
[19:10] <Kitsune no Hime> Mhmm...yes everything is going smoothly
[19:11] <Saliena Eiry> That's great.
[19:12] <Kitsune no Hime> Life is getting back to's nice to live in relative peace again.
[19:13] <Saliena Eiry> I bet it is.
[19:14] <Kitsune no Hime> We even started expanding the family again...the Kits are overjoyed
[19:15] <Saliena Eiry> Eiry kind of feels the same way.
[19:15] <Saliena Eiry> Yes, congratulations. It seems a lot of people are.
[19:16] <Saliena Eiry> Though when she married Guyver I thought we'd never have a chance to do it together, I know he's not keen on Changing...
[19:17] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:17] <@spiritflame> konbanwa david o`cain
[19:17] <David O`Cain> Evening.
[19:17] <Saliena Eiry> Hello!
[19:17] <Kitsune no Hime> Changing? Oh...oh yes I remember hearing about that once.
[19:17] <Kitsune no Hime> Hello, David
[19:18] * David O`Cain looks at Saliena Eiry.
[19:18] *** Saliena Eiry is a woman with braided blond-red hair and green eyes. She has a remarkable resmblense to her twin, Eiry.
Her image Song is: "Blue Bird" by Ayumi Hamasaki.

[19:18] <David O`Cain> I don't think we've met. I'm David.
[19:19] <Saliena Eiry> We have, I just haven't been here in a long time. You were at the wedding though, right?
[19:19] <Saliena Eiry> I'm Sali.
[19:21] <David O`Cain> Nice to see you, Sali.
[19:22] <David O`Cain> So, how're you two ladies doing the evening?
[19:23] <Saliena Eiry> I'm fine, enjoying a day off.
[19:23] <Kitsune no Hime> I am doing well. Waiting for my husband to finally grace me with his presence before bed.
[19:24] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa solarchos
[19:24] <Solarchos> Did I hear my beloved wife calling for me?
[19:24] <David O`Cain> There's the goofy ba[BLEEP]rd now.
[19:26] <Solarchos> Hello everyone. Especially you, Inu-Kit. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.
[19:26] <David O`Cain> What's up, Solar?
[19:26] <Kitsune no Hime> I've been here for a little bit
[19:27] * Saliena Eiry raises an eyebrow
[19:27] * Solarchos sits down next to Inu-Kit and starts running his fingers through her tails.
[19:28] * Solarchos looks at Saliena Eiry.
[19:28] *** Saliena Eiry is a woman with braided blond-red hair and green eyes. She has a remarkable resmblense to her twin, Eiry.
Her image Song is: "Blue Bird" by Ayumi Hamasaki.

[19:28] <Solarchos> Wow, for a moment I thought you were the Eiry we're all familiar with.
[19:29] * Kitsune no Hime nestles against Solar, abandoning her tablet in favor of relaxation
[19:29] <Saliena Eiry> Heh, that's not unusual.
[19:31] *** Vilya has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:31] <@spiritflame> konbanwa vilya
[19:31] <Saliena Eiry> Hi Vilya!
[19:31] * Vilya walks downstairs
[19:32] <Vilya> oh gutan nacht, Sali!
[19:32] <Solarchos> How are you feeling today, love? You fell asleep right here last night.
[19:32] <David O`Cain> Hello.
[19:32] <Kitsune no Hime> I'm better today. I'd rather not fall asleep down here again.
[19:33] <Solarchos> Hello Vilya.
[19:34] <Vilya> how are you tonight?
[19:34] <Solarchos> So what brings you here this evening, Saliena?
[19:34] <Solarchos> Fine here. Busy day at work though, and Inu-Kit's keeping herself quite occupied as well.
[19:35] <Saliena Eiry> I'm fine, haven't been up that long, actually.
[19:35] <Vilya> that is good :)
[19:35] * Solarchos reaches up and starts massaging Inu-Kit's neck and shoulders, then slowly moves his way down to massaging her lower back.
[19:36] * Kitsune no Hime moves to his lap to help make this easier
[19:37] <Vilya> I came down to get some extra vater
[19:38] <David O`Cain> How've things been for you, Vilya?
[19:39] * Saliena Eiry takes her bag over to the bar near Vilya and moves some things about
[19:40] <Solarchos> I smell chocolate.
[19:40] <Solarchos> Inu-Kit, have you been snacking again?
[19:40] * Saliena Eiry takes out a bakery box
[19:40] <Saliena Eiry> I thought you and Miroslav might like this ^_^
[19:40] * Kitsune no Hime playfully stuffs the bag of sweets into her kimono
[19:41] * Solarchos tempts Inu-Kit with a bag of trail mix. :P
[19:41] <Kitsune no Hime> I have my own treats~
[19:42] * Vilya looks in the box and smiles "danke"
[19:42] <Solarchos> Yeah, but you need to make sure you eat enough protein and carbohydrates. I don't want you risking dehydration again either.
[19:43] <Saliena Eiry> I haven't made one before, so you'll have to let me know how it is. We tried the other one at home, but I don't really know what it's supposed to taste like.
[19:43] <Solarchos> What'd you make Saliena?
[19:43] <Kitsune no Hime> I ate plenty of real food over the course of the day. This is my little indulgence
[19:43] <Vilya> prekmurska
[19:44] <Solarchos> Well, you have every right to indulge yourself.
[19:44] <Saliena Eiry> It's a type of Slovenian gibanica.
[19:44] <Saliena Eiry> Or, layer cake.
[19:45] * Kitsune no Hime pulls out her bag of chocolates again and continues eating them
[19:45] <Solarchos> Or as the Kits would say..."yum-yums".
[19:46] <Solarchos> Speaking of which, did you notice anything out of the ordinary with Alexianna this morning, love?
[19:46] * Saliena Eiry tilts her head a bit
[19:46] <Saliena Eiry> I thought your children were five or more now?
[19:47] <Vilya> I should bring this up..I vill be back!
[19:47] <Solarchos> AnTil and Alex are both six and Catriona and Sylvester are five.
[19:47] * Vilya is away: *heads upstairs*
[19:48] <Solarchos> Alexianna seemed rather slow to get up this morning. Like she hadn't slept well.
[19:48] <Saliena Eiry> I see.
[19:48] * Saliena Eiry gathers her bag again, and goes over to the elevator
[19:49] <Kitsune no Hime> She was a bit sluggish. Perhaps I'll keep an eye on her tonight.
[19:50] * Saliena Eiry is away 
[19:51] <David O`Cain> Do you think she's been up all night?
[19:51] <Solarchos> Not that I know, why?
[19:52] <Solarchos> Unless she snuck out and played after we put her to bed.
[19:52] * David O`Cain shrugs, "Just speculating on my part."
[19:55] <David O`Cain> I'm not sure what could be the cause other than maybe nightmares.
[19:57] <Solarchos> No, Alex hasn't had any nightmares in a long time...
[19:57] * A strange portal opens behind Inu-Kit.
[19:58] * Kitsune no Hime 's ears flick
[19:58] * Yukari Yakumo reaches through and gives one of Inu-Kit's ears a playful tweak.
[19:58] <Yukari Yakumo> :D
[19:59] * Kitsune no Hime trills in surprise
[20:00] <Solarchos> Huh?
[20:00] * David O`Cain waves to Yukari
[20:01] <Solarchos> Yukari!
[20:01] * Yukari Yakumo waves to everyone.
[20:02] <David O`Cain> How've you been since we last spoke?
[20:03] <Yukari Yakumo> Hello there, Inu-Kit. How is your lovely family doing today?
[20:04] <Kitsune no Hime> Alexianna was rather tired this morning. you wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?
[20:04] <Yukari Yakumo> I've been fine. I had a wonderful time last night with your eldest daughter. ^___^
[20:05] <Solarchos> So *you're* the reason she was tired this morning?
[20:06] * Yukari Yakumo nods and grins.
[20:07] <David O`Cain> Why?
[20:08] <Yukari Yakumo> I did borrow her for a little bit last night. A nice little treat for her. Plus we ate some delicious peanut butter cookies together!
[20:09] *** Neva has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa neva
[20:09] <Yukari Yakumo> I opened a portal for her, she leaned through, and got some yummy cookies. I'm almost tempted to make her into my "Border Hag Padewan Learner"?
[20:09] * Neva walks in with a mug
[20:09] <Yukari Yakumo> ^!
[20:10] <Solarchos> Hello Neva.
[20:10] <David O`Cain> Hey, Neva.
[20:10] * Yukari Yakumo reaches down and massages Inu-Kit between her shoulder blades.
[20:11] * Kitsune no Hime looks like the massage is going to put her to sleep
[20:12] <Neva> hey all
[20:13] <Neva> what's going on
[20:13] <Solarchos> Not too much right now.
[20:14] <Neva> suppose that's good *drinks and winces then walks over to a sink and spits in it*
[20:14] * Yukari Yakumo suddenly opens a portal in front of Neva's face, leans through it, and SHRIEKS like a banshee!
[20:14] <David O`Cain> Nothing much.
[20:14] <Neva> !!!
[20:14] * Neva SLASHES with her claws
[20:15] <Solarchos> o__O
[20:16] <Yukari Yakumo> Ouch! BAD KITTY!
[20:17] * Neva hisses angerly, her pupils narrowing and her hair standing on end, showing off her metal quills
[20:17] * Yukari Yakumo opens a portal directly over Neva's head and allows a big deluge of water to fall towards her.
[20:17] <Neva> ......
[20:17] <Neva> RWORRRRRRR
[20:17] * Neva reaches into the portal
[20:17] * Yukari Yakumo notes that there are several live fish within the water. Lake trout, to be exact.
[20:17] <LOVELYgirl> Oooo
[20:17] * LOVELYgirl skips in and settles to watch the fight
[20:18] *** LOVELYgirl [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:18] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lovelygirl
[20:18] * Solarchos ~___~; @ Yukari.
[20:18] <Solarchos> Hi Miara!
[20:18] <LOVELYgirl> yo
[20:18] <Solarchos> Still with us all, Inu-Kit?
[20:18] * David O`Cain facepalms
[20:18] <David O`Cain> Hey, Miara.
[20:18] * Kitsune no Hime nods nods
[20:18] * LOVELYgirl waves, not taking her eyes off Neva and Yukari
[20:18] <Kitsune no Hime> I'm getting very tired though...
[20:19] * Yukari Yakumo leans back from the portal and stands next to the couch, smiling. ^___^
[20:19] * Neva turns and GLARES at yukari
[20:19] <Solarchos> Big day, love?
[20:20] <Kitsune no Hime> Mmm...a bit
[20:20] <LOVELYgirl> Well, I think you're very lucky she's not Lupa.
[20:20] <Yukari Yakumo> Settle down there, young lady. You have fish to eat now!
[20:20] <LOVELYgirl> Really? You gave her an open invitation to fight.
[20:21] <Neva> HISSSSSS
[20:21] <David O`Cain> Oh, shall we continue our discussion of Gensokyo's landmarks and people, Yukari?
[20:22] <Yukari Yakumo> Oh wait, you're one of those Mycidians.
[20:22] * Neva elongates the claws on her hands and feet
[20:22] * Yukari Yakumo opens a portal next to Neva and allows a bunch of foil-wrapped food packages to fall out at her feet.
[20:22] * LOVELYgirl wonders what Neva's waiting for
[20:23] * Neva snarls and leaps at yukari
[20:24] * Yukari Yakumo sidesteps Neva with a smile. ^___^
[20:25] <Solarchos> You're tired, love. Do you want us to head on upstairs?
[20:26] * Neva lands on all fours and leaps again
[20:26] <Yukari Yakumo> I hardly invited her to fight. I thought I was playing a trick on her.
[20:26] <Kitsune no Hime> I'd like that
[20:26] * Yukari Yakumo opens a portal directly in front of Neva. :D
[20:27] * Solarchos helps Inu-Kit to her feet and escorts her towards the elevator.
[20:27] <Solarchos> I think this is where we say good night to you all. Take care and we'll see you again soon.
[20:28] <David O`Cain> Night, Solar and Inu-Kit.
[20:29] <Neva> grrrrrrr
[20:29] <LOVELYgirl> Night!
[20:29] *** Kitsune no Hime [madamed'] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Each moment I spend with my children makes up for a lifetime of pain.)
[20:29] <LOVELYgirl> Hm. One would think she's afraid to fight you without cheating.
[20:29] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Off to see how my beloved wife will surprise me now." ^__^)
[20:29] * Neva whips her tail...sending out a spray of metal quills
[20:30] <Yukari Yakumo> Now why would you say that?
[20:30] <LOVELYgirl> Cause that's what you're going? Duh?
[20:30] * Yukari Yakumo moves the portal to interpose it between herself and Neva's quills.
[20:32] <Yukari Yakumo> I hardly call this cheating. I rather call it playing.
[20:33] *** Solartiger [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa solartiger
[20:33] <LOVELYgirl> Oh really?
[20:33] * Neva 's face contorts in a rather ferel look of rage
[20:34] <Solartiger> Commissioner?
[20:34] <David O`Cain> Hey, STG.
[20:34] * Yukari Yakumo opens a portal behind her, sits down on top of it, and floats up above everyone, smiling broadly.
[20:34] * Solartiger stops short.
[20:34] <Neva> grrrrrrrrrrrrrRWAOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRR...
[20:34] <ThePaleElf> ......
[20:35] * Neva crouchs...then makes a leap upwards, bouncing off the walls and leaping towards yukari
[20:35] * ThePaleElf facepalms
[20:36] <Yukari Yakumo> Hmmm, what do do?
[20:37] <Yukari Yakumo> Should I just have fun, or should I genuinely fight? Or should I just stop now? Hmmm, decisions-decisions.
[20:38] * Neva has..managed to leap towards yukari
[20:39] * Yukari Yakumo points at Neva as she closes to within a few feet.
[20:40] * LOVELYgirl watches, eyes narrowed
[20:40] <Yukari Yakumo> SIT!!
[20:41] * Neva falls to the ground ><
[20:41] <Neva> grrrrrrr...
[20:42] * Yukari Yakumo then quickly whips off her mop-hat and throws it towards Neva. It lands perfectly on top of Neva's head.
[20:43] <David O`Cain> O_o
[20:43] <Neva> ><......
[20:44] * LOVELYgirl clenches her fists, trying very hard not to interfere
[20:45] * Neva just...GLARES at yukari
[20:45] <David O`Cain> Guess continuing our chat from the other night'll have to wait from the looks of it.
[20:45] * Yukari Yakumo floats down and smiles kindly at Neva. "There-there. Don't take it so personally. There are those that would provoke you far worse than I ever would."
[20:46] <Yukari Yakumo> And you getting this angry would just encourage them more.
[20:46] <Neva> grrrrrrrrrrrrr ><
[20:47] <LOVELYgirl> Like that's an excuse.
[20:47] <Solartiger> Should I reschedule tonight's appointment commissioner?
[20:48] * Neva looks like she's holding back all her fury
[20:48] <LOVELYgirl> Hey Neva, you wanna have a go downstairs?
[20:49] * Yukari Yakumo pats Neva on the head before opening another portal.
[20:49] <Neva> - ...sure...... -
[20:49] <Yukari Yakumo> Yes David, we'll talk more another time. Perhaps tomorrow if you're so inclined?
[20:49] <Yukari Yakumo> Farewell to you all!
[20:49] * Yukari Yakumo steps through the portal.
[20:49] * LOVELYgirl is away: a good fight'll do you good :3
[20:49] *** Yukari Yakumo [IllusoryBorderHag@EnclaveFedCom.Net (PiratedServer] has left #suburbansenshi2 (I see what you're doing in there! ^__^)
[20:50] <Solartiger> I'll tell the governor an emergency came up.
[20:51] * Neva is away: ..yes...
[20:51] <David O`Cain> Sure, Yukari. Night.
[20:51] * Solartiger makes a few phone calls from the front desk.
[20:54] * David O`Cain takes a seat on a sofa
[21:00] <Solartiger> I guess I'll have to drop of her dress uniform in the morning... shame it got soaked.
[21:04] <ThePaleElf> ....
[21:05] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[21:05] * Matsumi Kaze walks in "hello everyone"
[21:07] *** Hana Sagusa has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hana sagusa
[21:07] <Solartiger> Evening Prisoner Matsumi. :D
[21:07] <David O`Cain> Hey, Matsumi and Hana.
[21:07] * Hana Sagusa walks in, frowning "I really really reaaaally hate ballet ><"
[21:08] * Anni Esko follows "I rather like it..."
[21:08] <Solartiger> Ballet? That is one of the Terran Martial Arts?
[21:08] * Hana Sagusa glares at Anni, who shrinks back a bit
[21:09] <ThePaleElf> I belive it is a type of dance
[21:09] <Matsumi Kaze> mmhm
[21:09] <Matsumi Kaze> you two get some have more rehersials tomorrow
[21:09] <Solartiger> Oh, so it isn't the one with the high kicks?
[21:09] <Anni Esko> yes miss kaze!
[21:09] <Hana Sagusa> yeah yeah...
[21:09] <Hana Sagusa> ..oh joy...
[21:10] <Matsumi Kaze> what was that?
[21:10] <Hana Sagusa> nothing >.>
[21:10] *** Hana Sagusa has left #suburbansenshi2 (*heads upstairs*)
[21:10] *** Souldier [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa souldier
[21:10] *** Anni Esko has left #suburbansenshi2 (wait for me, hana!)
[21:11] <Matsumi Kaze> also..let me remind you, soltiger..I'm no longer a prisoner
[21:11] * Souldier walks in through a portal.
[21:11] <ThePaleElf> For which we are all very glad
[21:11] <David O`Cain> Yo, Guyver.
[21:12] <Solartiger> I realize that Matsumi. Otherwise I'd be tackling you and deploying the stun gun. I meant it as humor, but I supose I'm not good at that yet.
[21:12] <Matsumi Kaze> heh love to see you do that but yeah
[21:12] * Souldier yawns as he closes the portal.
[21:14] <Matsumi Kaze> hi guyver
[21:14] * Matsumi Kaze gets herself a glass of water and drinks
[21:14] <Souldier> Hey sis
[21:16] <David O`Cain> What's up, man?
[21:17] * Souldier yawns. "I dunno"
[21:17] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:17] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[21:17] *** Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:17] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eiry
[21:19] * Souldier looks at the sword. the blade arcs and sparks before fading
[21:19] <Matsumi Kaze> so how are you guys?
[21:19] * Matsumi Kaze undoes the ponytail she was wearing
[21:19] *** Saliena Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:19] <@spiritflame> konbanwa saliena eiry
[21:20] * Souldier looks half asleep.
[21:20] <Eiry> Hey, yatu ^_^
[21:20] * Souldier looks like he's not really paying attention
[21:20] <Souldier> Eh?
[21:20] * Souldier looks at Eiry and perks up
[21:21] <Souldier> ^_^
[21:21] * Solartiger looks back and forth between Eiry and her sister...
[21:21] <David O`Cain> Evening, Eiry.
[21:21] * Solartiger snifs them both so he can be sure who is who.
[21:22] * Souldier walks over lazily. he considers jumping on Solartiger and petting but he'd probably doze off
[21:22] <Saliena Eiry> Hi Guyver...and you're the big guy, aren't you?
[21:22] <Souldier> Sali's here too? sweet.
[21:22] * Souldier hugs'em both
[21:22] * Saliena Eiry smells of Vermont and kitchens and yummy foods, and early stage pregnancy hormones
[21:23] * ThePaleElf looks at Saliena Eiry.
[21:23] *** Saliena Eiry is a woman with braided blond-red hair and green eyes. She has a remarkable resmblense to her twin, Eiry.
Her image Song is: "Blue Bird" by Ayumi Hamasaki.

[21:23] <Solartiger> It seems Eiry's child will have a cousin of similar age.
[21:24] <Saliena Eiry> Mhm~
[21:24] <Souldier> yesh.... another to totally spoil
[21:27] <Eiry> Sali brought goodies, they're labelled, don't eat mine, okay?
[21:28] <Souldier> hey Sali.. could you make that Southern Caramel Cake afterwards?
[21:28] * Matsumi Kaze sits on the Q sofa
[21:29] <David O`Cain> How's it going, Matsumi?
[21:29] * Souldier slips over and hugs Matsumi also. "It'
[21:29] <Souldier> Its been a while
[21:30] * Matsumi Kaze smiles and hugs back
[21:30] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah it has
[21:30] <Saliena Eiry> after what?
[21:33] <Souldier> after the two bundles of joy of course
[21:33] * Saliena Eiry you realize that won't be until January, right?
[21:34] <Saliena Eiry> ^
[21:34] * Eiry blithly ignores the whispering
[21:38] <Eiry> So, we're going out with the girls.
[21:39] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[21:39] * Souldier goes back and hugs up Eiry
[21:40] *** Miroslav Tietz has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa miroslav tietz
[21:40] * Miroslav Tietz walks downstairs
[21:40] <Miroslav Tietz> *ahem*
[21:40] * Eiry hugs ^_^
[21:40] * Saliena Eiry waves
[21:40] * Solartiger waves to Miroslav
[21:40] <Miroslav Tietz> I was told to come down here..and..
[21:41] <Miroslav Tietz> zakaj moram to povedati...
[21:41] <Miroslav Tietz> tell you thank you very much for the cake
[21:41] <ThePaleElf> ....
[21:41] <Saliena Eiry> Oh, it was no problem. It's always nice to celebrate things, isn't it?
[21:42] <Saliena Eiry> Does it taste right?
[21:42] <Miroslav Tietz> it tastes odlično
[21:43] <Eiry> Don't wait up for me.
[21:44] <Miroslav Tietz> if you excuse me...I must return to my wife
[21:44] * Souldier is totally swarming Eiry at this point <3_<3
[21:44] <Saliena Eiry> Mhm. Have fun~
[21:45] *** Miroslav Tietz has left #suburbansenshi2 (that was...difficult)
[21:45] <Solartiger> Night.
[21:45] *** Solartiger [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (For the God-Emperor!)
[21:46] <Eiry> >>
[21:46] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hideki kaze
[21:46] * Souldier waves to Super Turbo
[21:46] * Hideki Kaze walks in "well..that's done"
[21:46] <Eiry> Let go, we're going to be late >>
[21:46] * Souldier nods
[21:47] <Matsumi Kaze> hey deki
[21:47] <Saliena Eiry> You get her all the time, it's my turn now.
[21:47] * Hideki Kaze walks over and gives his wife a kiss "hello dear"
[21:47] <David O`Cain> Hey, Hideki.
[21:48] * Eiry escapes and grabs her bag
[21:48] <Eiry> Don't worry, we'll be fine. Later~
[21:48] *** Eiry [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:48] *** Saliena Eiry [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:48] <Matsumi Kaze> cleared up the stage?
[21:49] <Hideki Kaze> mmm the girls are taking care of that
[21:49] <Souldier> T_T
[21:49] <Matsumi Kaze> mmhm good
[21:50] <Matsumi Kaze> you ok, air bro?
[21:50] * David O`Cain faces Hideki, "What's going on, man?"
[21:51] * LOVELYgirl is back
[21:51] <Hideki Kaze> hm? work per usual
[21:51] <Souldier> I'm greedy with Eiry sometimes
[21:51] * LOVELYgirl skips back in from downstairs, looking much better, if a bit scratched
[21:52] <LOVELYgirl> Aww. Sali told you to lay off, huh?
[21:52] *** Neva has left #suburbansenshi2 (*slips out the front door*)
[21:53] <Souldier> hah ha a bit. what's with the scratches?
[21:53] <Matsumi Kaze> hi there, miara
[21:53] * Souldier is already hugging Miara doe >_>
[21:53] * Souldier is listening to: Phantasy Star Online ost - Nostalgia in solitude part 2.mp3 [unknown kbps]
[21:53] <David O`Cain> Welcome back, Miara.
[21:54] <LOVELYgirl> Me and Neva went a few rounds. Hey Dave
[21:56] * LOVELYgirl hugs G back
[21:57] <LOVELYgirl> So, what're you up to tonight?
[21:58] * Hideki Kaze holds his wife for a bit
[22:00] <Souldier> not much
[22:00] <Souldier> Im kinda beat so I wanted to just snooze with Eirt
[22:00] <Souldier> *Eiry
[22:00] * Souldier glares at the typo demon
[22:01] <LOVELYgirl> Aw. Well they have been planning this. what'd you do today? Too much workout?
[22:02] <Souldier> I can barely walk
[22:02] * Matsumi Kaze smiles and leans against Hideki
[22:02] <David O`Cain> What'd you do, Guyver?
[22:02] <LOVELYgirl> Did you see the EMH about that, or do you just need an ice bath or hot springs?
[22:03] * Souldier is wearing shorts. his legs look like an anatomy chart
[22:05] * LOVELYgirl suddenly looks a bit distant
[22:06] <LOVELYgirl> Meh, I gotta go, the guys're going in for a mission >>
[22:06] <LOVELYgirl> Rest up, ne?
[22:06] *** LOVELYgirl [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (runs out the door)
[22:07] <David O`Cain> Later, Miara.
[22:08] *** Aura Smith has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa aura smith
[22:09] <Souldier> later sis
[22:09] * Aura Smith comes in from the beach, rubbing her eyes a little sleepily
[22:09] * Souldier looks at Aura Smith.
[22:09] *** Aura Smith is a young girl with strangely textured white hair, blue eyes, and tiny freckles all over her skin. She's dressed in a halter top and capris and has a definite New York (Bronx) accent.
Her image Song is: 'Firework' by Katy Perry.

[22:12] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hey there kid
[22:12] <Aura Smith> Uh...hi.
[22:13] <Souldier> Oy vey, you from da bronx?
[22:14] <Aura Smith> Yeah, why?
[22:15] <Souldier> just recognized it
[22:20] <Aura Smith> Oh. Well yeah. I lived in Queens for a while, once, but mostly there.
[22:23] * Souldier nod nods
[22:23] * Aura Smith looks around covertly to see if there's any more of Sarah's cookies around
[22:24] * Sarah Christensson has left a small bag on the bar with a note attached: "For Aura"
[22:24] <David O`Cain> How ya been this evening?
[22:25] * Aura Smith yoinks the bag and stashes it in her backpack :3
[22:25] <Aura Smith> >>
[22:25] <Aura Smith> <<
[22:25] <Souldier> o_O
[22:25] <Aura Smith> I fell alseep and now I'm going to have to figure out what to tell them when I get back, I've missed like two or three checks >>
[22:26] <Aura Smith> Though I don't suppose anyone would care that much if I didn't go back...
[22:27] <Matsumi Kaze> hm? what do you mean by that?
[22:29] <Souldier> :< this sucks
[22:29] <Souldier> I have hugs that need to be doled out
[22:29] <Aura Smith> ...
[22:29] * Aura Smith gives Guyver a full on creeper/weirdo look
[22:31] <Souldier> Relax I'm happily married, I have 3 'adopted' sisters. I just tend to be a bit on the over protected side
[22:32] <Aura Smith> And I know that's true cause....?
[22:32] * Souldier takes out a picture from his wallet.
[22:33] <Aura Smith> Well, Sammy might care.
[22:33] * Souldier passes it to her. "There's my wife"
[22:33] <Matsumi Kaze> sammy?
[22:34] * Aura Smith shrugs, gives it back
[22:34] <Aura Smith> Nobody wants him either, he's got too many problems.
[22:34] <Souldier> Who's Sammy?
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> where are you from...
[22:36] <Aura Smith> New York, we discussed that already.
[22:37] <Aura Smith> Sammy's my bro, I look out for him.
[22:39] <ThePaleElf> ....
[22:39] <Souldier> Ah a sibling. That's coo.
[22:39] * ThePaleElf just leanson a piller silently
[22:40] <Souldier> hey mats, where's Sailor Halley. I wanna see her progresss
[22:40] <Matsumi Kaze> be honest.......I haven't seen her in awhile...
[22:41] <Souldier> Well I gave her a scaling program to do, so by now she should be ready for the next step
[22:41] * FreezerBurn stumbles out of the elevator, falling flat on her face.
[22:41] * Souldier walks over to Morms and pats him on the back. "How ya doin, guy."
[22:41] *** FreezerBurn has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa freezerburn
[22:42] * Souldier looks at Aura. "So you're the big sis for Sammy?"
[22:42] <ThePaleElf> Better then your student
[22:42] <Aura Smith> Yeah, I guess.
[22:43] * ThePaleElf gestures at Aoi, who is climbing to her feet
[22:43] * Aura Smith looks at FreezerBurn.
[22:43] *** FreezerBurn is is a young woman with pale blue hair tied back in long tail that reaches her feet and bangs covering one eye, leaveing one visable red eye. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: .

[22:43] * Souldier facepalms. "Aoi. You ok there?"
[22:44] * Aura Smith realizes she's lost one of her earrings, and looks around on the floor for it
[22:44] <Hideki Kaze> ...are you looking for something
[22:45] <ThePaleElf> I'm fine! My hair just got caught in the elevator
[22:45] * ThePaleElf is totally lying, she tripped
[22:46] <FreezerBurn> 6
[22:46] <FreezerBurn> ^^^
[22:46] *** CrimsonTamer [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa crimsontamer
[22:46] <Souldier> Well. It's fine
[22:47] <FreezerBurn> I heard my name, did you need something?
[22:47] * CrimsonTamer walks in, clearly in a daze, hand on her lips with a smile
[22:47] * Aura Smith 's eyes go pale for just a moment, and she reaches under a table for a simple silver stud earring
[22:48] * Aura Smith puts the earring back on
[22:49] <Matsumi Kaze> ................
[22:49] * Matsumi Kaze walks over, looking at aura
[22:49] * CrimsonTamer happily sits down on a couch, blushing softly while still in her daze
[22:49] <Souldier> Yes Aoi
[22:49] <Matsumi Kaze> ..used a little trick there?
[22:49] <Souldier> come here for a second
[22:49] * FreezerBurn walks over
[22:50] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:50] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eliza mcintash
[22:51] * Matsumi Kaze smiles to Aura
[22:51] <Souldier> all right. time to see how you've developed.
[22:51] <Eliza McIntash> Hello everybody.
[22:51] <Aura Smith> Of course not what are you talking about?
[22:51] <Souldier> Let me see them muscles
[22:51] <Hideki Kaze> hello eliza
[22:51] * Aura Smith looks at Eliza McIntash.
[22:51] *** Eliza McIntash is red-haired woman that's only a few inches past 5 feet tall. She was created to become a famous actress and to resemble Gemini Sunrise, but she is ultimately the result of her own choices, and the caring actions of her friends.
His image Song is: "Universal Being " by Nicholas Gunn.

[22:51] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I'm talking about a little use of...a certain element
[22:52] * FreezerBurn flexes?
[22:52] <FreezerBurn> Like that?
[22:52] <Aura Smith> You must be mistaken.
[22:52] <FreezerBurn> ...i feel silly...
[22:52] <Aura Smith> Why are there so many redheads here?
[22:52] * Eliza McIntash waves to everyone, but walks over to Soldier. ^__^ "Hiiiiii."
[22:53] <Matsumi Kaze> what ever you say..
[22:53] <FreezerBurn> Popular color I guess. I rahter like my blue..
[22:53] * Aura Smith heads for the New York door
[22:53] * Matsumi Kaze flicks a finger..sending a small breeze to blow
[22:53] <David O`Cain> ?
[22:54] *** Aura Smith has left #suburbansenshi2 (I'll just tell them I fell asleep at the park...they'll actually believe that.)
[22:54] <Matsumi Kaze> interesting.....
[22:54] <Souldier> My redhead's the cutest. and the hottest.
[22:54] <Hideki Kaze> hm??
[22:55] <David O`Cain> No, mine is, Guyver. :P
[22:55] <Matsumi Kaze> ...that girl...I'll have to keep an eye on her
[22:55] <Souldier> HEyyyyyyy Eliza ^__^
[22:55] <David O`Cain> Something wrong, Matsumi?
[22:55] * Eliza McIntash stands in front of Souldier. ^_^
[22:55] * CrimsonTamer looks up at the mention of redheads
[22:55] <Eliza McIntash> I have a question, mister Guyver! :D
[22:55] <CrimsonTamer> Hm? What?
[22:56] <CrimsonTamer> Mine is the color of blood...I get it from my father and grandfather before him
[22:56] <Eliza McIntash> I was talking with Amanda, and she said that she was a really good cook. I thought she might be exaggerating until I tasted her gumbo.
[22:56] <Souldier> Gumbo....
[22:56] <Matsumi Kaze> the girl........she's more then she seems
[22:56] <spiritflame> Souldier rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[22:56] * Souldier RESISTS the urge to Homer drool for gumbo while he inspects Aoi's muscles
[22:56] <FreezerBurn> ....what happend to what we were doing?
[22:56] <Eliza McIntash> So I decided, we think too much about fighting, and never get a chance to really relax or get to focus on talents that do not involve saving the world! We should have a pot luck!
[22:57] * FreezerBurn is inspected
[22:57] <Matsumi Kaze> !!!
[22:57] <Matsumi Kaze> WONDERFUL IDEA
[22:57] <Eliza McIntash> I've heard you talk about all kinds of food, Mr. Guyver, would you be interested in helping? I mean, you ARE a good cook, right? :D
[22:57] <Matsumi Kaze> I'll make the hot dish!
[22:57] <FreezerBurn> ....I feel like a peice of meat right now
[22:57] <Souldier> Sure. I ddont see why not
[22:58] <Eliza McIntash> Awesome!
[22:59] <Souldier> Not in the slightest Aoi.
[23:00] <Eliza McIntash> You dont' have any idea of what you might prepare, do you? I'm trying to make a list!
[23:00] <Souldier> I am inspecting them to see how theyve grown, to check for muscular balance in case you favor a side, and to see if you were disciplined enough to do the side stuff I had you do.
[23:00] <Souldier> Uh... so we're bringing a collection of foods right?
[23:00] * Souldier doesnt even have to think. "Mangu"
[23:01] <Eliza McIntash> I was really upset recently, and I realized that we need to cheer up and celebrate. Heh, I need to, at least.
[23:01] <Eliza McIntash> Uh.... what is "mangu???"
[23:01] <David O`Cain> I should get going. Night, you guys.
[23:01] <Hideki Kaze>'re not going to bring that recipe are you...
[23:01] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Onward home.)
[23:01] <Matsumi Kaze> mmhm ^__^
[23:01] <Eliza McIntash> Awww, okay, head on off, but I'll grill you about what you can cook next time!
[23:02] <FreezerBurn> Yes but talking about food while doing it...
[23:02] <Hideki Kaze> ..ugh
[23:02] <Souldier> Dont worry. The only girl I'm interested in eating up is my wife.
[23:02] <Souldier> hehehe
[23:02] <FreezerBurn> ....
[23:03] <Souldier> Mangu is a specialty from the Dominican republic. Mashed plantains
[23:03] <Eliza McIntash> Cooool!
[23:04] <Souldier> They go with anything
[23:04] <Souldier> so it will definitely be a good thing
[23:04] <CrimsonTamer> O_o
[23:04] <ThePaleElf> I'll tell Nivek, I know he knows recipies from his home town and we can avoid Eitak's cooking
[23:05] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I realized that we knew recipes from everywhere. that's kind of the point. :D
[23:05] <Hideki Kaze> know the last time you served that....
[23:05] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah yeah...
[23:06] * Eliza McIntash turns to Hideki and Matsumi. "You two seem to be making decisions before I ever asked if you were interested. :)
[23:07] <Matsumi Kaze> well I'm interested!
[23:07] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm sure grandma would love to as well!
[23:10] <Eliza McIntash> Awesome!
[23:10] <Eliza McIntash> I wanted to see if anybody was interested before I tried to assign a date or something.
[23:10] * Eliza McIntash writes down the names of the interested parties.
[23:12] * CrimsonTamer sighs "I think....i'll go back to my room."
[23:12] <Eliza McIntash> Aww, but I was just about to ask you if you could coo, too!
[23:12] <Eliza McIntash> Can you?
[23:13] * Eliza McIntash looks at Crimsontamer.
[23:13] *** Crimsontamer is a young woman with slightly wavy red hair that hangs just past her chin. She looks about 15 and has stormy gray eyes. She wears a blood-red cloak and dresses in black pants and an elegant black coat. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Jillian" by Within Temptation.

[23:13] <Souldier> hmmm
[23:13] <Souldier> Aoi...
[23:13] <Eliza McIntash> Can you cook, I mean? :p
[23:15] <FreezerBurn> Yes?
[23:16] <Souldier> You've been following the routine right?
[23:16] <FreezerBurn> Yep!
[23:17] * Eliza McIntash waves to Crimsontamer "Er, Miss?"
[23:17] <CrimsonTamer> Cook? Um.....over a fire?
[23:17] * Souldier looks at Crimson and looks a bit tense.
[23:18] <Eliza McIntash> It does not need to be over a fire. :)
[23:18] <Souldier> Good. Looks like you're progressing well.
[23:18] <Eliza McIntash> You could use a stove, or whatever i mpliment you wish. I bet you could come up with something really neat if you put your mind to it!
[23:18] <Souldier> You should be confident. You're gonna be sturdy.
[23:19] <Hideki Kaze> just...choose a different one alright?...
[23:19] * FreezerBurn nods
[23:19] <Matsumi Kaze> no..I won't!...are you disliking my cooking???
[23:19] <Hideki Kaze> of course's just.......don't you think it's a
[23:20] <FreezerBurn> Just don't turn me into a bodybuilder...
[23:20] * Eliza McIntash listens to this, interestedly. ;o
[23:20] <Matsumi Kaze> well yeah it's rich but it's suppose to be a bit...
[23:20] <Hideki Kaze> ...half the family got stomachaches from it........
[23:20] <ThePaleElf> Here we go again..
[23:21] <Matsumi Kaze> well that isn't my fault!! I followed the recipe
[23:21] <Souldier> ...
[23:21] * Souldier looks at Aoi sternly.
[23:21] <ThePaleElf> Not baked goods, baked bads?
[23:21] <Hideki Kaze> can't you just.....water down the sauce a bit....maybe adjust the recipe...
[23:21] <Souldier> I haven't had you lift things like crazy. Everything I'm having you do is for functional strength
[23:22] <Matsumi Kaze> CERTAINLY NOT!
[23:22] <Souldier> Soon enough you'll be explosive like me
[23:22] * Souldier stands up.
[23:22] <Souldier> One second you'll be here. and the next...
[23:22] <FreezerBurn> I'm just saying. I don't want to look all funy in senshi form..
[23:22] * Souldier leans forward slightly and with one step is far on the room
[23:23] <Souldier> on that note. Good night
[23:23] *** Souldier [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (We'll never walk alone, while our dreams are intertwined.)
[23:23] <Matsumi Kaze> night guyver
[23:23] <FreezerBurn> ....
[23:23] <Hideki Kaze> ...very well...I won't try arguing with you
[23:24] <CrimsonTamer> I....meant that I only know how to cook...over a fire >> I never...had to learn how to cook otherwise...
[23:27] <Eliza McIntash> But that's totallly fine! :)
[23:28] * Eliza McIntash smiles. "Don't worry about that at all. Remember, the idea is to have a variety of dishes, with lots of approaches and flavors. Whatever you cook, I'm sure it will be a perfect addition!
[23:30] <Eliza McIntash> Besides, the hidden point of the pot luck is to try new things, talk to new people, loosen up, and make new friends! :D
[23:30] <Eliza McIntash> Think about participating, okay?
[23:31] <CrimsonTamer> >>
[23:32] <CrimsonTamer> I'll ask Mom to help me make something...b-but...if...if I do okay....if I bring
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> Of course. :D
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> If it were not a social event, there would be no point in asking more than one person to cook, right?
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> ^__^
[23:34] <Matsumi Kaze> oh eliza..I will be bringing Eilean to it as well..I'm sure she'll want to come
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> Okay, but let me try to see what she wants to cook!
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> I'll bet where she grew up, she was exposed to recipes we have never heard about!
[23:36] <Matsumi Kaze> heh probably so
[23:37] <ThePaleElf> I doubt we have the herbs here for some of them though, i know I can't make some from where I'm from. I can try and make as well though
[23:39] <Eliza McIntash> Well, we might not have the right plants, but I bet that with all of the times and places and nations and history we can draw upon, we could find a reasonable facsimile.
[23:41] <Eliza McIntash> The point is to stay reasonable. If there is a specific extinct herb for a really great recipe that the library books we have say only still survives in the middle of a dangerous, god-forsaken world with deadly vipers and swamp hags and lizardmen and parasites, then we should do the sane thing and simply make something else.
[23:42] <Eliza McIntash> The idea is to have nice, non-stressful fun and social time. Not to go on some wacky, perilous adventure in order to compete for the ultimate recipe.
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> Oh---and dress casual. ^_^
[23:43] <ThePaleElf> You do realize SOMONE is going to end up doing that now
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> SHHHHH!
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[23:44] <Eliza McIntash> Quiet, you'll jinx it. We just want a nice, happy family-friendly meet-greet-eat.
[23:44] <Matsumi Kaze> oh I'm sure it will be
[23:45] <Eliza McIntash> See? You are worrying too much, Mr. Mormeril. ^_^
[23:46] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eilean
[23:46] * Eilean walks in
[23:46] <Eilean> @__@
[23:46] <Matsumi Kaze> heh good evening, eilean
[23:47] <ThePaleElf> Something wrong?
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> Hi Eilean, I was wondering if you would be interested in----wow, you look really blitzed!
[23:47] <Eilean> reaaaaally tired @_@
[23:47] <Eilean> had to help out tonight @_@
[23:48] <Eilean> whatcha need, eliza @_@
[23:48] <Eliza McIntash> Uh... well, maybe now is not the best time.... maybe you need a nice cold drink... or hot compress... or lukewarm blanket?
[23:48] <ThePaleElf> Or a nap?
[23:48] <Eilean> think I need a warm mgt @_@
[23:50] <Eliza McIntash> Awww.
[23:51] <Eliza McIntash> Why so tired, Eilean?
[23:51] <Eilean> talk to you tomorrow, eliza.....
[23:51] <Eilean> lots of worrrk
[23:51] <Eliza McIntash> Heh, okay. Sleep tight, then.
[23:51] <Matsumi Kaze> I had her go through inventory for the first aid station
[23:51] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2 (so..sleepy)
[23:51] <Eliza McIntash> Oh. Well, I would kind of rather dread being asked to go through it than not have an extensive one. <.<
[23:52] <Eliza McIntash> Still, I'm glad she was picked instead of me. <.<
[23:52] <Matsumi Kaze> well she's a healer, eliza
[23:52] <Matsumi Kaze> that's her job
[23:53] <ThePaleElf> Expecially since she got that Class Change
[23:54] <Eliza McIntash> Class Chance? o.O
[23:54] <Eliza McIntash> You mean she got a new job?
[23:55] <Matsumi Kaze> mormeril you take this one
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> I thought she would not want to go to school at ALL.
[23:56] <ThePaleElf> She's a white mage in title now
[23:56] <Eliza McIntash> Uuuuuhhhh.
[23:57] <Matsumi Kaze> basically she uses healing magic now
[23:57] <Eliza McIntash> Ooooh. Yes, that makes sense.
[23:57] <Matsumi Kaze> as a focus
[23:57] <Eliza McIntash> I went with her to the Library, and she said she wasa really interested in doing that.
[23:57] <Eliza McIntash> I'm happy it worked out.
[23:59] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah :)
[00:03] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I'm going to go double-check the invoices of flowers I ordered for the Theatre grounds while you were away, Mrs. Kaze.
[00:04] <Matsumi Kaze> very well..take care eliza :)
[00:04] <Matsumi Kaze> don't stay up too late...
[00:04] <Matsumi Kaze> get plenty of rest
[00:07] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I need to be at rehearsal tomorrow too, afterall.
[00:07] *** Eliza McIntash [0] has quit IRC
[00:16] <Matsumi Kaze> nice girl
[00:28] <Matsumi Kaze> well deki..shall we retire for the night?
[00:29] <Hideki Kaze> might be a good idea
[00:33] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (been a long day)
[00:33] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (yeah..)
[04:08] *** CrimsonTamer [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Back to Paris!)
[12:54] <Yaijinden> For those of you who aren't yet caught up on the Game of Thrones teevee, or who think you might be interested in watching it, I do not recommend clicking this link.
[12:54] <Yaijinden> Having read the books thus far, I can only find it in myself to point and laugh.
[12:56] * Yaijinden is away: human tears, so tasty
[14:39] *** Nime Tsewang has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:39] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa nime tsewang
[14:40] * Nima Tsewang comes in from the stairs and gets some tea from the bar fridge
[14:41] * Lobelia Carlini plays solitare at the bar, while Rosette is reading..or trying to read a book in front of her
[14:44] * Rosette Peron looks up and waves!
[14:47] * Nima Tsewang looks at Rosette Peron.
[14:47] *** Rosette Peron is your average everyday Rosette Peron

[14:47] <Rosette Peron> (( geh hold on ))
[14:48] * Nima Tsewang looks at Rosette.
[14:48] *** Rosette is small girl (about 5 years old) with long braided white hair and blue eyes.
Her image Song is: .

[14:48] <Rosette> :D
[14:48] <Nima Tsewang> h-hello
[14:49] <Rosette> hi :D
[14:54] <Rosette> I'm rosette!
[14:54] <Nima Tsewang> Nima
[14:55] <Rosette> pretty name!
[14:58] * Nima Tsewang glances nervously at Lobelia
[14:59] * Lobelia Carlini gives a single glance with her cold blue eyes but then goes back to her game
[15:03] <Nima Tsewang> what're you doing?
[15:06] <Rosette> reading!
[15:08] <Rosette> :D
[15:10] <Nima Tsewang> Oh.
[15:11] <Rosette> fairy tales!
[15:11] <Nima Tsewang> Don't you play?
[15:14] <Rosette> mmhm!
[15:18] <Rosette> I like playing:D
[15:21] <Nima Tsewang> want to play outside?
[15:21] * Rosette looks up to Lobelia, who just nods
[15:21] <Rosette> ok!
[15:23] * Nima Tsewang goes outside
[15:24] * Rosette follows!
[15:34] * Nima Tsewang is away: playing
[15:40] * Rosette is away 
[16:33] * Eiry wanders in from the elevator and sits on a couch in front of the TV
[16:45] * Eiry tips some strong, bitter smelling tea, and makes a face
[16:49] <Eiry> *sips
[16:53] * Eiry gets a blanket, not looking much better, and lies down with a movie on
[16:59] *** ThePaleElf [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:59] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa thepaleelf
[17:02] * Eiry sits up and lies in the other direction
[18:00] *** Joanna Smithson has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:00] <@spiritflame> konbanwa joanna smithson
[18:00] * Joanna Smithson walks in "hey"
[18:02] * Joanna Smithson yawns
[18:06] * Eiry starts, and sits up a bit to look at Joanna
[18:09] <Joanna Smithson> hey there
[18:10] <Eiry> hi...
[18:10] * Eiry lies back down
[18:11] <Joanna Smithson> you and me both...
[18:16] <Eiry> I think somebody mislabeled something and it made me sick.
[18:16] *** CrimsonTamer [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa crimsontamer
[18:16] * CrimsonTamer is blushing furiously
[18:17] <Joanna Smithson> ugh...
[18:18] <ThePaleElf> ....
[18:20] <Eiry> What about you?
[18:20] <Joanna Smithson> tired......want to see my little girl
[18:21] <Eiry> Heh...maybe I'll feel better when I can.
[18:25] * Joanna Smithson nods
[18:27] <Joanna Smithson> I'll be right back
[18:27] * Joanna Smithson is away: .so tired
[18:30] <Eiry> And the movie's over...
[18:38] * Joanna Smithson is back
[18:38] * Joanna Smithson walks downstairs holding Victoria "hey..we're back"
[18:39] <Victoria Smithson> apapaaaaa :D
[18:40] * Eiry waves
[18:40] <Joanna Smithson> wave hi to eiry, vicki! wave hi!
[18:41] * Victoria Smithson blinks and just wobbles her arm a bit :D
[18:43] <Joanna Smithson> so what's up
[18:44] <Eiry> Trying to feel better
[18:48] <Joanna Smithson> (( be back in a bit... ))
[18:54] * Eiry finds something else to watch
[19:05] *** Joanna Smithson has left #suburbansenshi2
[19:05] *** Victoria Smithson has left #suburbansenshi2
[19:06] * Eiry dozes off on the couch
[19:18] *** CrimsonTamer [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Back to Paris!)
[19:48] *** Andreas Stephonopolis has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa andreas stephonopolis
[19:48] * Andreas Stephonopolis goes over into the restaurant and sits with his laptop
[19:58] * goes over to talk to Andreas a bit
[19:58] * Eiry ^
[20:07] * Cora joins the two in the restaurant
[20:14] *** CrimsonTamer [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa crimsontamer
[20:18] * Eiry goes back into the lobby with a new mug of tea and some fruit for a snack
[20:19] <Eiry> Hi, Jillian.
[20:21] <CrimsonTamer> H-Hi Miss Eiry
[20:21] * CrimsonTamer is blushing softly
[20:21] * Eiry sits on a couch, eats a bit
[20:22] <Eiry> Are you okay?
[20:22] * CrimsonTamer nods
[20:22] <CrimsonTamer> I....had first kiss....t-today...
[20:24] <Eiry> Oh, that's lovely :)
[20:25] <Eiry> How was it?
[20:25] * CrimsonTamer blushes fiercely
[20:27] <Eiry> So, not bad.
[20:28] <Eiry> I remember my first kiss, I was rather nervous.
[20:31] * CrimsonTamer nods
[20:32] <CrimsonTamer> It....w-was'm terrified by storms....
[20:32] <CrimsonTamer> W-Wyatt...he...he held...held me...
[20:32] <CrimsonTamer> And....and I up...k-kissing him...
[20:36] * sirents can be heard starting to go off outside
[20:36] <sirens> ^
[20:38] * several police cars quickly race down the road in front of the hotel
[20:38] * CrimsonTamer frowns worriedly
[20:39] * the police cars can then be seen racing back the way they came....until one of them is hit by some sort of energy and explodes in a burst of flame
[20:40] <Eiry> ....
[20:41] * several jets can be heard flying by at super sonic speeds
[20:42] <Eiry> Wonder what's going on?
[20:43] * there's a sudden sound as if something is whistling through the air....
[20:44] * the remains of a jet crash into the ground not far from the entrance of the hotel...and explodes
[20:44] * Eiry puts a hand over an ear, goes over to a window
[20:45] * tanks are outside, firing towards something in the distance
[20:46] <Eiry> What on earth...?
[20:46] * one of the tanks is crushed by a large clawed foot
[20:48] *** Kastsujin has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kastsujin
[20:49] * Kastsujin is a large creature with red rhino like hide, large claws, crystal like dorsal fins and a lizard like face..
[20:50] * Kastsujin gives out a bellowing roar...and walks past the hotel...
[20:50] <Eiry> ...and I think we'd best leave that to Z-KAT
[20:51] * Kastsujin turns as the sounds of several jets can be heard....firing towards the monster
[20:54] * Kastsujin seems more annoyed then anything and gulps..before firing a red beam towards the object attacking it
[20:55] <CrimsonTamer> Wh-What.....what's that?!
[20:55] * Kastsujin swings it's tail...hitting some nearby buildings
[20:56] <Eiry> A kaiju, I guess.
[20:56] *** Ryu Haneda has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ryu haneda
[20:57] * Ryu Haneda ducks out of the way of the debri, looking like he's frantically trying to get out of the way
[20:57] * Eiry looks at Ryu Haneda.
[20:57] *** Ryu Haneda is teenage boy with brown hair and dark eyes.
His image Song is: .

[20:57] * Eiry looks to see if any civilians outside need help
[20:57] * there are people injured and frightened
[20:58] <Eiry> Jillian, can you get the first aid kit from the bar?
[20:59] * CrimsonTamer nods softly, rushing over to the bar
[21:00] <Ryu Haneda> geh...why do I have to...geh! do all this...
[21:00] * Ryu Haneda manages to dive out of the way of a falling piece of buiding
[21:00] * CrimsonTamer brings Eiry the first aid kit
[21:01] * Eiry goes out to help keep people out of the kaiju's way and attend to injured people
[21:01] * Kastsujin keeps firing attacks towards the attacking vehicles
[21:01] * Ryu Haneda coughs, pushing aside some debrie
[21:01] <Ryu Haneda> no I'm NOT trying to run away....don't tell me what to do!
[21:02] * Brightnight point of light streakes towards the monster!
[21:02] * Ryu Haneda looks up at the monster and goes a bit pale...
[21:02] * Kastsujin is hit by the light and staggers backwards a bit
[21:03] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon falls from the sky onto the kaiju, stabbing it on top of the head with a burning sword.
[21:03] *** Nimble Sky-Dragoon has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nimble sky-dragoon
[21:04] * Kastsujin 's head is stabbed but it roars and struggles to toss the creature off
[21:04] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon streaks along the creatures's hide, cutting him with his sword as he moves in a fiery cloud!
[21:05] * Ryu Haneda goes to bolt but stops in mid run
[21:05] <Ryu Haneda> nonono don't stop!
[21:05] * Kamen Rider Ginga just stand atop a roof, watching.
[21:05] * Ryu Haneda looks back
[21:06] * Kamen Rider Ginga looks at Nimble Sky-Dragoon.
[21:06] *** Nimble Sky-Dragoon is a being who's identity is covered by the armor and helmet he wears. He wears a long cape that slowly changes color and always moves. It's armor is set with a jewel in the front, and covered in wierd alien writing that brings hope.
His image Song is: .

[21:06] * Kastsujin keeps getting cut..and keeps trying to fire at the monster
[21:06] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon makes his cape flap like it is alive, and gains height. It stabs the kaiju again.
[21:06] <Kastsujin> *person
[21:06] <Ryu Haneda> ALRIGHT ALRIGHT..I'LL DO IT
[21:06] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon corkscrews with the agility of a fighter jet, and dodges!
[21:07] * Eiry helps a young woman with a gash in her leg
[21:07] * Ryu Haneda pulls out a gold handheld device and presses it against a golden braclet around his wrist, causing both to glow
[21:07] <Kamen Rider Ginga> Always the young one, so reluctant at times to their calling
[21:08] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon fires a bright red laser beam at the monster from the ruby in his chest!
[21:08] * Kastsujin is hit but tries to resist the attack..though getting damaged
[21:09] * Ryu Haneda sweeps the golden device across his wrist braclet....then holds it up into the air
[21:09] * Ryu Haneda EXPLODES in a golden and white light piller and streaks upwards
[21:09] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon 's cape gathers into a ball above it, and pulls it higher like a blimp. It uses the altatude to keep the laser on target.
[21:10] * the piller of light gets in the way of the target
[21:11] * Kastsujin is suddenly punched in the chest by a glowing fist
[21:11] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon is suddenly holding two blades, and it leaves a trail of sparks behind him as it flies in circles around the creature, cutting into it with every pass.
[21:11] *** Sailor Halley has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa sailor halley
[21:11] * Kastsujin staggers backwards, confused
[21:12] *** Ultraman Zorin has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ultraman zorin
[21:12] * Sailor Halley dashes out of the elevator, and runs outside
[21:12] * Ultraman Zorin appears out of the piller of light
[21:12] <Kamen Rider Ginga> <from the rooftop>I think the young Giant of Light, can handle this
[21:13] * Katsujin roars and fires several bursts of energy towards Zorin
[21:13] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon flies in front of the kaijus eyes, and glows so brightly it hurts to look at him.
[21:14] * Ultraman Zorin deflects each bolt of energy with his arms
[21:14] * Katsujin is blinded temporarly
[21:15] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon flies upward, its long cloak rippling like a swimming manta.
[21:15] * Ultraman Zorin starts beating the ever loving crap out of the monster, before kicking it in the chest
[21:16] * Katsujin is sent crashing to the ground...
[21:16] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon looks at Katsujin.
[21:16] *** Katsujin is your average everyday Katsujin

[21:16] * Ultraman Zorin dusts off his hands and cracks his neck
[21:16] * Katsujin is around 60 meters tall or so....
[21:17] * Katsujin gets up, roaring
[21:17] * Ultraman Zorin tilts his a slightly annoyed manner
[21:18] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Begone, creature!
[21:18] * Katsujin roars again......and glows armor plating covers it's entire body...
[21:18] * Ultraman Zorin rushes forward, punching it in the chest......which does...nothing
[21:19] * Sailor Halley works to help evacuate civillans from the area
[21:19] * Eiry turns her attention to a man with a sprained ankle
[21:19] * Katsujin swings back it's arm across Zorin, sending the ultra crashing into a building
[21:20] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon catches a person falling from the building, and sets them down safely.
[21:21] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon looks at Ultraman Zorin.
[21:21] *** Ultraman Zorin is Ultraman with a red, blue and gold pattern, a forward sweeping fin and large blue jewel in his forehead. His color timer is over his heart with gold gauntlets on his arm.
His image Song is: .

[21:21] * Katsujin fires a blue beam from it's mouth at the fallen ultra...causing the area around the giant to explode
[21:22] * Katsujin roars in trumpth
[21:22] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon dodges the beam, and soars into the air out of sight!
[21:22] * Kamen Rider Ginga continues to watch from his rooftop perch
[21:22] * Ultraman Zorin gets up again from the smoke...
[21:23] * Katsujin roars angerly, it's armor glowing red
[21:23] * Ultraman Zorin 's color timer gives a single flash of red, which spreads across his body
[21:24] * Ultraman Zorin is now known as Ultraman Zorin Nova Form
[21:25] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form cracks his knuckles...
[21:25] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon drops from the sky suddenly, leaving a trail of afterimages behind him, and embeds his sword into the Kaijo's shoulder as he lands!
[21:25] * Katsujin 's new armor is immensly hard...the sword mearly scratches it
[21:26] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form starts to run towards the monster, slower then before and each stop causing the ground to explode upward...his left fist, glowing red
[21:28] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form slams the glowing fist into the monster's chin with a loud sonic boom, sending the creature crashing into the ground
[21:29] * Katsujin roars, laying on the ground
[21:31] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form clenches both fists as red burning energy starts to flow from the fists into his chest and back again
[21:32] * Katsujin slowly gets up again...
[21:32] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form holds out both hands, sending out a MASSIVE red burning blast at the creature..creating a large fireball like explosion
[21:33] * Kamen Rider Ginga gives an approving chuckle and heads from the roof top
[21:33] *** Kamen Rider Ginga [*Transmission Blocked*] has left #suburbansenshi2 (I think he'll be alright)
[21:33] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form takes a deep the blast clears...
[21:34] * there is no sign of the monster.....just bits and pieces of the armor...
[21:35] * Eiry is still out helping people as best she can
[21:35] * CrimsonTamer sighs
[21:35] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form turns to leave...........and suddenly is smashed in the back by something....
[21:35] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form staggers foward...before getting slashed across the chest by something, causing him to stagger backwards...
[21:36] * Eiry could probably use some help if Jillian would like...
[21:37] * Katsujin slimmer..with longer claws....
[21:38] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form tries to punch the monster...but it zooms out of the way...his moves now way too heavy and slow for the creature
[21:39] * CrimsonTamer hurries over to Eiry
[21:39] <CrimsonTamer> U-Um...Um...what...what can I do?
[21:39] <CrimsonTamer> I...I don't have any experience...w-with healing...
[21:39] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form is getting beaten up...
[21:39] <Eiry> Just help people.
[21:40] <Eiry> Help them get out of the fighting zone, give them medical supplies, that kind of things.
[21:40] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon corkscrews across the sky, and his sword makes contact with the back of the monster's knee joint.
[21:41] * CrimsonTamer texts Lacie     Nana...there's people here...that could use your help...
[21:41] * CrimsonTamer nods and does her best to help people get out of the fighting zone using Leon
[21:42] * Katsujin roars in pain..and then zooms in the blink of the eye
[21:43] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form slowly stands...his color timer flashing blue once and then spreading along his body
[21:43] * Ultraman Zorin Nova Form is now known as Ultraman Zorin Comet Form
[21:44] * Ultraman Zorin Comet Form clenches his fists..which crackle with an electrical like energy...
[21:44] * Eiry directs a child with a broken arm and his mother in to the Hotel clinic
[21:45] * Ultraman Zorin Comet Form makes a leap and vanishes
[21:45] * CrimsonTamer does her best to keep calm
[21:45] * CrimsonTamer texts Wyatt     Want to help me with something?
[21:47] * several sonic booms can be heard in the sky and brief flashes of light
[21:48] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon glows brightly, and streaks of into the sky as well!
[21:48] * the movement of the fighters are so fast....they seem to appear only between blinks
[21:50] * Katsujin crashes to the ground, energy sparking around it
[21:50] * Ultraman Zorin Comet Form lands...his color timer flashing white and spreading across his body
[21:50] * Ultraman Zorin Comet Form is now known as Ultraman Zorin
[21:52] * Ultraman Zorin sweeps his hand along the fin on his head...which glows white, the energy traveling down his back and onto his right arm
[21:53] * Ultraman Zorin holds his left arm in front of his chest...
[21:53] * Katsujin struggles to get back up...
[21:55] * Ultraman Zorin slams his right arm down onto his left arm, firing a white beam of energy out from his outstreached arm...bursting through the monster's chest
[21:55] * Katsujin falls backwards...and explodes
[21:55] *** Katsujin has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:57] * Ultraman Zorin looks up into the sky....and flies off into the distance
[21:57] *** Ultraman Zorin has left #suburbansenshi2 (Suuuuwah!)
[22:00] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon appears and opens his billowing cape nearby. Several dazed and confused people are dumped onto the ground, all surprised to be safe and not about to die
[22:00] * Eiry goes over to another group of civilians to see if they need help
[22:01] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon bows to Eiry, and streaks off into the sky.
[22:02] *** Nimble Sky-Dragoon [0] has quit IRC
[22:02] * CrimsonTamer feels a bit overwhelmed
[22:07] <Eiry> The Z-KAT team should be able to handle crowd control now, Jillian
[22:08] * CrimsonTamer nods hurrying back into the hotel
[22:10] * the sound of a train can be heard underneath the hotel
[22:10] * Sailor Halley ducks behind something
[22:10] * Sailor Halley is now known as FreezerBurn
[22:10] * CrimsonTamer sniffles softly as she sees no one responded to her texts
[22:10] * FreezerBurn hurries inside
[22:10] <CrimsonTamer> I....I guess...
[22:11] * Eiry hands out bandaids and first aid cream to a small family who only have a few cuts and scrapes
[22:12] * CrimsonTamer looks heartbroken that her texts were left unanswered
[22:12] * the sound of train screetches to a halt
[22:12] * CrimsonTamer texts Wyatt     S-Sorry for being a bother....
[22:14] * CrimsonTamer looks as if she's about to burst into tears
[22:15] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[22:15] * Matsumi Kaze walks out of the elevator...
[22:15] <Matsumi Kaze> ...huh..what's wrong?
[22:15] <CrimsonTamer> N-nothing....
[22:16] * Matsumi Kaze walks over "..that doesn't look like nothing"
[22:17] <CrimsonTamer> I'll....I'll be fine...d-don't...d-don't worry....I have known better
[22:18] <CrimsonTamer> Than..than to get my hopes up...
[22:18] <Matsumi Kaze> .......
[22:18] <Matsumi Kaze> do you need a hug?
[22:19] * CrimsonTamer shakes her head
[22:19] * Eiry sees that Z-KAT seems to have everything under control, and goes back inside
[22:19] <Matsumi Kaze> look like you need one
[22:19] <CrimsonTamer> This is....nothing.....nothing I can't handle...
[22:20] * Matsumi Kaze gives her a hug
[22:21] * CrimsonTamer breaks down into soft sobs, trying hard to stop crying
[22:21] * Eiry slowly puts the medkit away, and sits down, looking more pale than she did before
[22:21] * Matsumi Kaze hugs the girl tightly
[22:24] <CrimsonTamer> I guess...I guess that kiss....m-meant nothing....that him telling me he wanted me to be happy....was a lie...
[22:24] <CrimsonTamer> I guess....only Mom and
[22:24] <Eiry> ...
[22:25] <Eiry> What are you talking about?
[22:25] <Eiry> You were excited about this guy earlier.
[22:26] <CrimsonTamer> N-No's been....o-over an hour....and...and answer....nothing...
[22:26] <ThePaleElf> People get busy. You can't expect them to drop everything and always be there
[22:27] *** ChevalierdeLeon has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:27] <@spiritflame> konbanwa chevalierdeleon
[22:27] <Eiry> It was just a text, relax.
[22:28] * ChevalierdeLeon enters from Paris, looking rather tattered, a bouquet of now ruined flowers in one hand and his smashed cell phone in the other
[22:28] <Matsumi Kaze> jurst relax....relax
[22:28] <Matsumi Kaze> it's alright
[22:28] <Matsumi Kaze> ...look who's here now
[22:29] * ChevalierdeLeon sees the look on Jillian's face...
[22:29] * Matsumi Kaze starts to guide the girl towards the boy
[22:30] * ChevalierdeLeon drops the flowers and the phone on the floor and sinks to his knees...he knows he's too late...
[22:31] <Matsumi Kaze> ...............
[22:31] <Matsumi Kaze> 9_9