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<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> You know I have to admit
<--=[ SpeedRcrX ]=--> only in the [BLEEP]ed up world of Pro Wrestling could coming *off* an injury make you MORE prone to win
<// J_Daito //> They're like Saiya-jin

welcome to #suburbansenshi2

[20:52] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) is still clinging to the top of Haruka's head. >:3
[20:53] * @SpeedRcrX is overhwhemed and staggers dangerously close to the table
[20:55] * tries to push her over!
[20:55] * @SpeedRcrX CRASHES into the table, SPLITTING IT IN TWO
[20:55] <@SpeedRcrX> @_@
[20:56] * @Referee Chat is in position to make the count!
[20:58] <Megan O`Cain> Ouchies.
[20:59] <@Referee Chat> Is someone gonna go for the pin?
[20:59] * @SpeedRcrX begins to stir
[21:01] * PINS!
[21:01] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-AnTil is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:02] <Chibi-AnTil> ^
[21:02] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) wraps her tails around Haruka's face! >:3
[21:02] * @SpeedRcrX is smothered
[21:02] * @Referee Chat counts ONE
[21:02] * @Referee Chat counts TWO
[21:02] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
[21:02] * @Referee Chat counts THREE
[21:03] * keeps that pin going!!!!
[21:03] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-AnTil is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:03] <Chibi-AnTil> :D
[21:03] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) TRILLS!!!
[21:03] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-Sylvester is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:03] * @Referee Chat RINGS THE BELL
[21:03] <Chibi-Sylvester> :D
[21:03] <Chibi-Catri> :D
[21:03] <Chibi-Alex> Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[21:04] <Chibi-Alex> And Daddy beat on Haruka once before long ago!'
[21:04] <Chibi-Alex> That means...!!!
[21:04] <Chibi-Alex> We've avenged his old loss to Haruka!!
[21:05] <@SpeedRcrX> the worm... will turn...
[21:05] <Megan O`Cain> Eh? What happened then?
[21:05] <Joanna Smithson> GAAAAH AND I BET MONEY ON THIS
[21:05] * @SpeedRcrX sinks into the ground and vanishes into Tomoe's lab
[21:06] * @SpeedRcrX is away: hehhehe ehahahah ahahahah cough cough hack
[21:08] * Joanna Smithson pays up to Matsumi
[21:09] * The Kits celebrate wildly!
[21:09] <Megan O`Cain> Congrats!
[21:09] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) trots up to Joanna.
[21:09] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) gives Joanna tail-pats as consolation. ^__^
[21:10] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-AnTil is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[21:10] <Chibi-AnTil> We claim this victory for our father, our Mother, and the entire Ghost Fox Chapter!
[21:14] * Chibi-Alex perks her ears up, hearing something in the distance.
[21:15] <Chibi-Alex> Time for us to go now.
[21:15] <Chibi-Catri> Can't believe we beat her!
[21:17] <Megan O`Cain> Bye, kits.
[21:19] <Hideki Kaze> anyone want marshmellows?
[21:19] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[21:20] *** Chibi-Sylvester [LittleExplorer@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Where's this go? :3)
[21:20] *** has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:20] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:20] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Can we go to the park next? Can we, can we can we~!")
[21:20] *** Chibi-AnTil [WellManneredFoxBoy@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("I enjoyed seeing you! ^_^")
[21:21] <Megan O`Cain> Sure, Hideki.
[21:23] * Hideki Kaze has gotten a bonfire blazing
[21:30] <Megan O`Cain> Niiiice.
[21:38] * Matsumi Kaze sits down with marshmellows on sticks!
[21:43] <Megan O`Cain> So, how's everybody been?
[21:50] <Matsumi Kaze> oh here..there...there
[21:50] <Megan O`Cain> Hm?
[22:10] <Megan O`Cain> Right, then.
[22:10] <Matsumi Kaze> yup!
[22:14] * Giselle Bellerose has gotten herself a super fancy silk tent
[22:18] * The Felinus Twins are staaaaring at the fire
[22:18] <Megan O`Cain> Been up to much, Matsumi?
[22:19] <Matsumi Kaze> not much
[22:20] <Matsumi Kaze> teleported to each of my family members and extended family..gave them all hugs
[22:22] <Megan O`Cain> Awww. That's great.
[22:29] <Megan O`Cain> Hope your family appreciated the hugs.
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> no idea!
[22:36] <Megan O`Cain> You don't know?
[22:40] <Matsumi Kaze> did it really quickly
[22:44] <Megan O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[22:48] * The Felinus Twins are busy chasing moths!
[22:50] * Chiyoko Shinkaze sits near the fire, smiling
[23:00] <Megan O`Cain> Well, I think I'm gonna some sleep. Catch you guys later.
[23:01] <Matsumi Kaze> night!
[23:01] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Thank god for canvas tents.)
[23:07] * Matsumi Kaze plays her flute
[23:18] * Freya Felinus works on properly setting up her and Orion's tent
[00:01] * Freya Felinus moves the girls into their own tent
[00:54] *** Freya Felinus has left #suburbansenshi2 (off to bed)
[01:32] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (sleep time ♡)
[10:28] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:28] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Hideki Kaze
[10:28] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Because planetnamek can kiss our [BLEEP]
[10:28] * Hideki Kaze is pearched on the top of a beam, typing on a laptop
[10:34] * Haru E and Lyz are in the shop, having managed to save a lot of it from Haruka's decision to light up a GigaFart. (Personal note--- remember to give Haruka the biggest kick in the ass.)
[10:42] *** that's it. We're calliing this the Tokyo GigaFart™ incident
[10:43] * @Referee Chat changes topic to `HOTEL is exploded due to the Tokyo GigaFart™ incident. Tent City till Friday -`
[10:47] * Haru E sends a message back home to her father, requesting that backup be sent to help Chateaux regain her plasmic shell bits.
[10:52] <Hideki Kaze> nice day
[11:16] * Phobos has set up a makeshift desk, selling "bring back the Hotel faster" charms
[11:17] * Phobos has to make money somehow
[11:35] <Hideki Kaze> busy day, Haru?
[11:37] <Haru E> Same ol' same ol'. Only now we got a massive window to outside since Tenou lit up the Gigafart™
[11:38] <Chiyoko Shinkaze> anyone want some potatoes for lunch?
[11:38] <Lyz> What kind of potatoes?
[11:40] * Chiyoko Shinkaze holds them up "we'll cook them by a fire"
[11:41] <Lyz>'re secretly enjoying this, aren't you?
[11:42] <Chiyoko Shinkaze> oh a little
[11:49] * Chiyoko Shinkaze [Mario] starts to prepare a fire
[11:49] *** Chiyoko Shinkaze has moved back to the livingroom
[12:03] <Matsuo Shin> [Indiana Jones] well hel-...WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE SIX!?
[12:03] *** Matsuo Shin has moved back to the livingroom
[12:05] <Lyz> Hey Matsuo. Haruka did a stupid and lit a GigaFart™
[12:06] <Haru E> Things should be fixed by Friday, hopefully a bit sooner as more of Chateaux's plasmic shell bits come back.
[12:08] <Matsuo Shin> ...well
[12:08] <Haru E> Dad's got some of his buddies out and about helping get the bits collected, so we'll see how things go from here.
[12:16] <Matsuo Shin> seems smart
[12:21] * Chiyoko Shinkaze is working on the potatoes
[12:23] <Haru E> Eh, we learn to plan ahead.
[12:33] <Chiyoko Shinkaze> should br almost done
[12:39] <Chiyoko Shinkaze> alright everyone! potatoes are ready!
[12:43] * Chiyoko Shinkaze starts to hand them out
[13:19] * Matsuo Shin eats!
[13:30] * Baby Beryl crawls towards matsuo and Chiyoko OoO
[13:32] <Matsuo Shin> heh what are you doing here..shouldn't your mother be watching you?
[13:33] <Baby Beryl> :D
[13:35] <Matsuo Shin> wonder where she is
[13:38] * Baby Beryl sucks on her thumb
[13:46] * Baby Beryl pulls on matsuo's red hair :O
[13:52] <Matsuo Shin> oooooow
[13:54] <Baby Beryl> :O
[14:00] * Baby Beryl Holds a bottle :D
[14:01] <Chiyoko Shinkaze> hm??
[14:03] * Baby Beryl 's bottle is empty
[14:06] * Chiyoko Shinkaze looks around for someone to help beryl
[14:11] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, DD_Girl_Green
[14:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome. I see Tu Quieres Suburban Senshi.
[14:11] * DD_Girl_Green arrives in tent city with a doghouse that has the name "haruka" on it.
[14:12] <DD_Girl_Green> Aww, how is my baby doing?
[14:13] * Baby Beryl is picked up by mama:D
[14:16] <DD_Girl_Green> Is your bottle empty? Lete fix it for you
[14:16] * DD_Girl_Green proceeds to fill the bottle up with formula
[14:19] <Hideki Kaze> [Ryu Ninja] cloudy day today
[14:20] <DD_Girl_Green> Hey, hideki, got that special room for ms. Farts-a-lot.
[14:22] * Baby Beryl reached for hideki o.o
[14:23] *** Hideki Kaze has moved back to the livingroom
[14:23] <Hideki Kaze> hm?
[14:23] * Hideki Kaze picks up the child
[14:23] <Baby Beryl> :D
[14:28] <Hideki Kaze> exploring, hm?
[14:28] <DD_Girl_Green> She must want to explore a lot
[14:32] <Baby Beryl> :O
[14:34] <Hideki Kaze> she should be careful...alot of things to wach out for
[14:36] <DD_Girl_Green> Like a lit-up fart?
[14:37] <Baby Beryl> >__<
[14:39] <Burroughs> Somedays you wonder what kinds of thought trains go through Tenou's mind.... assuming they don't derail within minutes of leaving the station.
[14:40] <DD_Girl_Green> Well, here's where I was told she'd be living in.
[14:41] * DD_Girl_Green tosses the doghouse to the ground, landing upright away from the other tents.
[14:51] <Baby Beryl> :O
[14:52] <Burroughs> Best get Kaiou to sanction that one. Sure it'd be funny if Tenou saw that the doghouse was hers, but to then learn that her wife made it official? Hilarious♫
[14:53] * Chiyoko Shinkaze works on cleaning some stuff
[14:53] * Phobos looks absolutely bored...wondering if anyone will start buying her stuff
[14:54] * DD_Girl_Green looks at phobos.
[14:54] *** phobos is young woman with long black hair tied in a side ponytail tied in a blue ribbon. She has blue eyes and is one half of Neo Sailor Mars. She also has a crow form.
Her image Song is: .

[14:56] * DD_Girl_Green walks over and talks to michiru about the doghouse.
[14:59] * Baby Beryl bcrawls to phobos and smiles
[15:00] * Phobos glances down
[15:00] <Phobos> shoo
[15:01] <Baby Beryl> :D
[15:03] * Baby Beryl crawls back to hideki
[15:08] * Hideki Kaze [Ryu Ninja] picks up the child again
[15:09] * Baby Beryl smiles :D
[15:10] *** Hideki Kaze has moved back to the livingroom
[15:13] * Baby Beryl plays with hideki's hair
[15:15] * Hideki Kaze does not smile
[15:18] * Baby Beryl is wondering why grandpa does not smile?
[15:26] * Hideki Kaze is not the smiling sort
[15:28] *** Baby Beryl has left #suburbansenshi2
[15:32] * Hideki Kaze hands the child back to her mother
[15:42] * The Felinus Twins are playing hide and seek in the ruins
[16:36] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Matsumi Kaze
[16:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's be fortified with 100% Vitamin insane
[16:36] * Matsumi Kaze walks over to the tent city "hey guys"
[16:41] * Matsumi Kaze goes and sits in front of her and Hideki's tent, pulling out her homework
[16:45] * Eitak_Razal is playing Overwatch on a laptop
[16:46] * Matsumi Kaze starts to work on her homework
[17:36] * Phobos is just sitting at her table, looking absolutely bored...
[17:39] <Phobos> uggggh..this is boring...
[17:43] * @Miss Sunrise comes to... work....
[17:43] <@Miss Sunrise> ....Did Miss Haruka light up on'a her farts again?
[17:44] <Eitak_Razal> Is that what that smell is?
[17:44] <Matsumi Kaze> yup
[17:44] <Eitak_Razal> I assumed a monster just destoryed the place
[17:44] <Matsumi Kaze> I guess Ema had..something..and match...and..kaboom
[17:44] * @Miss Sunrise sighs
[17:44] <@Miss Sunrise> Ah heard tales of this sorta thing.
[17:44] <Matsumi Kaze> gonna make myself a tinfoil dinner tonight!
[17:45] <@Miss Sunrise> ...
[17:45] <@Miss Sunrise> Yer gonna eat tinfoil?
[17:46] <Matsumi Kaze> nooooo!
[17:46] <Matsumi Kaze> it's an old camping thing!
[17:47] <Matsumi Kaze> you put the food in tinfoil and cook it near a fire!
[17:47] <@Miss Sunrise> Oh?
[17:47] <@Miss Sunrise> Oh Ah see!
[17:49] <Matsumi Kaze> like you can get some meat..and potatoes...and wrap them in foil..put them near the fire
[17:49] <Matsumi Kaze> and then after a time..BOOM dinner!
[17:51] <Matsumi Kaze> what's up with you, gems?
[17:52] <@Miss Sunrise> Not much, jus' wanderin' around tokyo
[17:52] <Matsumi Kaze> you make it to lobelia's birthday?
[17:53] <@Miss Sunrise> Missed it :<
[17:53] <Matsumi Kaze> you didn't miss much..she bolted from the party
[17:53] <Matsumi Kaze> .....hey...gemini
[17:54] <@Miss Sunrise> Hmm?
[17:54] <Matsumi Kaze> you're a good person
[17:54] <Matsumi Kaze> you're a cheerful person
[17:54] <Matsumi Kaze> and you're one of my best friends
[17:55] <Matsumi Kaze> keep staying all three
[17:55] <Matsumi Kaze> more people should be like you
[17:55] <@Miss Sunrise> Shucks :D
[17:55] <@Miss Sunrise> Ah will!
[17:56] <Matsumi Kaze> aw thanks!
[17:56] * Matsumi Kaze shifts to adult form and hugs Gems tightly! ^^
[17:57] <Delilha Inochi> w..what happened O_O
[17:57] *** Delilha Inochi has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Delilha Inochi
[17:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Interfering with the Pedagogical Mission since 2002
[17:58] * Delilha Inochi stands there and nearly drops her school bag in shock
[17:59] <Matsumi Kaze> oh hi there, little one ^^
[18:02] * Delilha Inochi waves..nerviously
[18:02] *** brb
[18:07] * Delilha Inochi wanders through the tent city
[18:15] * Delilha Inochi [Delilha's Room - Skype] looks...very confused
[18:15] *** Delilha Inochi has moved back to the livingroom
[18:22] * Eitak_Razal noms on pretzal rods
[18:26] * Delilha Inochi nearly runs into a makeshift shower
[18:31] <Delilha Inochi> ow ><
[18:42] <Matsumi Kaze> oh whatch out for that, dear
[18:57] * Matsumi Kaze keeps working
[19:13] * Matsumi Kaze chats with gems in the meantime
[19:27] * Delilha Inochi finds a place to sit
[19:30] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:30] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, David O`Cain
[19:30] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: State of the Art (for 1984)
[19:30] <David O`Cain> Yo.
[19:31] <Delilha Inochi> oh hello
[19:33] <David O`Cain> How's it going?
[19:34] <Delilha Inochi> I am very confused
[19:35] <David O`Cain> About what, if I may ask?
[19:36] <Delilha Inochi> what happened here...
[19:38] <David O`Cain> From my understanding, it was a natural gas explosion.
[19:41] <Delilha Inochi> everything is gone!
[19:53] <Delilha Inochi> >.>
[19:56] <David O`Cain> Yeah...hopefully things will get put back together somehow.
[20:00] *** Aratasujou has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:00] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Aratasujou
[20:00] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: this is where Chuck got the Tiger Blood.
[20:00] <Aratasujou> Natural gas?
[20:00] <Delilha Inochi> it's...very creepy
[20:00] <Aratasujou> Most natural of gas exploded! Gas of peoples!
[20:00] <Aratasujou> One person!
[20:01] <Aratasujou> And then Haruka just had to light it. She blew it up. Damn her. Damn her all to heelllllllllllllll!
[20:02] <David O`Cain> Hey, Ara-su.
[20:03] * Aratasujou gets to work on setting up a couple of tents. They're all old-style military tents made of thick rubberized canvas tarps.
[20:04] * Matsumi Kaze is cooking some meat and potatoes in tinfoil around a small fire
[20:04] <David O`Cain> Anyway, how've you been?
[20:05] <Aratasujou> Me be good. Kits be super-happy!
[20:06] <David O`Cain> Matsumi? Delilha? How about you?
[20:07] <Matsumi Kaze> eh I'm fine!
[20:08] <@ShugoNoSenshi> When i heard the chatter over the channels about an explosion in Tokyo.... how'd i know it was here.
[20:08] *** @ShugoNoSenshi [ ] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:08] *** @Chateaux Concierge sets mode +o @ShugoNoSenshi

[20:08] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, @ShugoNoSenshi
[20:08] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We got yer Saucy, Cheeky Senshi rite here!
[20:08] <Matsumi Kaze> hey mike!
[20:08] <Matsumi Kaze> yup welcome to tent city!
[20:09] <@ShugoNoSenshi> Yo....what interdimensional devil gebril you all piss off this time?
[20:09] <Aratasujou> Haruka lit up MEGA-FART!
[20:10] <Rhia> I fed that Ema detective an old home cure for stick up the ass
[20:10] <@ShugoNoSenshi> ... sounds about right
[20:10] * @ShugoNoSenshi drops a sack down on the ground he had been carrying with him
[20:11] <@ShugoNoSenshi> I was able to apply for some emergency ration kits from HQ they give out
[20:11] <Matsumi Kaze> you moving back?
[20:11] <Matsumi Kaze> OH AWESOME
[20:11] <@ShugoNoSenshi> figure you all might need somes
[20:11] <David O`Cain> Hey, Mikey.
[20:11] * Matsumi Kaze notices Delilha hiding a bit
[20:11] <Matsumi Kaze> awww remember Mike....
[20:12] <@ShugoNoSenshi> yo daveyboy
[20:13] <Aratasujou> Ooooo, me see Delilha!
[20:13] <David O`Cain> MREs, huh? Better than nothing. (pulls out a chili mac MRE, and gets to prepping) So, what's been going on with you and S.H.I.E.L.D.?
[20:13] <Aratasujou> Me know Haruka get her butt beaten!
[20:14] <@ShugoNoSenshi> They've been keepin' me busy
[20:14] <@ShugoNoSenshi> you know, Celestials and the like
[20:14] <Matsumi Kaze> giant space people?
[20:15] <David O`Cain> Celestials, eh? What'd they try to do?
[20:15] <@ShugoNoSenshi> those are the ones mats. and thankfully nothin' dave. We got tipped off by some kid....
[20:16] <@ShugoNoSenshi> now everyone's bickering, and my lord sometimes adults act like kids
[20:16] <Aratasujou> Celestials?
[20:17] <Aratasujou> They no be ones that Etna complain about?
[20:17] <@ShugoNoSenshi> I'm kinda glad I got a reprieve to check on you lunatics, I'm still co-liaison for this place and boss lady is off on a cruise or something
[20:17] <Matsumi Kaze> WELCOME BACK TO MADNESS
[20:19] <@ShugoNoSenshi> don't think they're the same things, not demonic just..cosmicy
[20:20] <David O`Cain> Must have been some fun, though.
[20:21] <Aratasujou> Oh, me know it be fun!
[20:23] <@ShugoNoSenshi> "fun" is subjective, but drinking with double J is always a treat
[20:23] <David O`Cain> A real hoot and a half, huh?
[20:24] <Aratasujou> Who double J?
[20:25] <@ShugoNoSenshi> Just a P.I. I know, she doesn't like the spotlight to much
[20:31] * Aratasujou roasts a marshmellow, but it catches on fire! D:
[20:31] * Aratasujou tries to put it out by waving it around!
[20:35] <David O`Cain> Um...
[20:35] <Aratasujou> Eeeeeeeee! Eeeeeee!
[20:36] * David O`Cain gets a CO2 extinguisher, and sprays Ara-su down
[20:41] <Matsumi Kaze> oh geez!
[20:42] * Aratasujou is completely engulfed in sticky white foam.
[20:44] <Aratasujou> o___O
[20:46] <Matsumi Kaze> ..well...
[20:46] <Matsumi Kaze> that worked out
[20:47] <David O`Cain> Yep. What's been going on with you, Matsumi?
[20:48] <Matsumi Kaze> oh same old same old
[20:48] <Aratasujou> Eeewwww-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w
[20:54] * @ShugoNoSenshi is away: I need to let HQ know you all aren't dead. Eat up, I'll check back in later (IRLstuff)
[20:54] <Aratasujou> Me no have marshmellow now. T__T
[21:01] <Aratasujou> Me must find replacement.
[21:01] * Aratasujou looks at the MREs.
[21:01] <Aratasujou> Do these have heater-thingies?
[21:02] <David O`Cain> They should.
[21:03] <Aratasujou> >:D
[21:03] <Aratasujou> Me can make things go boom now!
[21:04] <David O`Cain> Anyway, family's having a blast with the whole camping thing while the Hotel is being rebuilt. (points over to the canvas tents) And HELL NO, Ara-su!
[21:05] <Aratasujou> Awwww, you be no fun.
[21:05] <Aratasujou> And me needs be going. Solar-kun be needing me.
[21:08] *** Aratasujou has left #suburbansenshi2 (NYORO~!! =^ ^=)
[21:11] * Matsumi Kaze sends a text to Sunnyside suggesting an emergency meeting of the council of Elders when they can
[21:11] <David O`Cain> See ya.
[21:13] * Matsumi Kaze relaxes
[21:15] <David O`Cain> Decent night, though.
[21:24] * Somewhere in a SECRET PLACE the body of Chris J. is found and placed into a SINISTER VAT
[21:25] * THINGS start to happen to it. MYSTERIOUS THINGS.
[21:26] * Things that will NOT be explained now.
[21:27] * Delilha Inochi sits on the ground and looks up in the sky....but looks sad that she can't see the stars....too much light in tokyo
[21:38] * Matsumi Kaze notices her daughter..then looks up
[21:45] <Matsumi Kaze> welp...
[21:45] * Matsumi Kaze stands....and reaches out with her hand....her eyes glowing green...
[21:46] * Matsumi Kaze shifts the air around the ruins of the hotel...blotting out the lights of the city from the view of those on the hotel grounds....but keep the stars intact
[21:49] <David O`Cain> Oh wow. Neat trick, Matsumi.
[21:50] * Delilha Inochi stands....and stares at the stars...
[21:50] <Matsumi Kaze> it's really like a camping trip ^^
[21:54] <David O`Cain> Yep.
[22:13] * Delilha Inochi smiles
[22:18] <Delilha Inochi> I..should get home
[22:19] * Matsumi Kaze smiles and shifts to adult form...
[22:19] * Matsumi Kaze hugs her daughter and gives her a kis son the forehead
[22:19] <Matsumi Kaze> be safe..and have a good night, little one
[22:20] <David O`Cain> Take care, Delilha.
[22:20] * Delilha Inochi smiles and waves..then heads off
[22:20] *** Delilha Inochi has left #suburbansenshi2 (^^)
[22:22] <David O`Cain> Sure is nice to relax in the great outdoors once in a while, isn't it?
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> mmhm!
[22:50] * Matsumi Kaze dismisses the air illusion
[22:57] * David O`Cain stretches a bit
[23:05] <David O`Cain> I better get going. Catch you later, Matsumi.
[23:05] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Time I head home for the night.)
[23:42] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:42] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, DD_Girl_Green
[23:42] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The Outlet it's safe to stick your things into.
[23:43] * Matsumi Kaze is sitting near her tent
[23:43] <DD_Girl_Green> The tents sure look deserted
[23:43] * Freya Felinus is working on getting her children to bed
[23:44] * Baby Beryl is crawling around grandma's tent :D
[23:45] <Matsumi Kaze> not so much desertd s people are sleeping
[23:45] <DD_Girl_Green> Woah now, little gem, grandma's getting sleepy :P
[23:45] * DD_Girl_Green picks up baby beryl
[23:47] <Matsumi Kaze> heh a bit
[23:47] <DD_Girl_Green> How are you doing, matsumi?
[23:48] <Baby Beryl> :D
[23:51] <Matsumi Kaze> oh i'm doing ok, you?
[23:52] <DD_Girl_Green> Doing well, got a dog house for haruka and went to talk to michiru about it
[23:59] <DD_Girl_Green> I think it's an appropriate pinishment, don't tlyou?
[00:00] <DD_Girl_Green> (( dang, the phpne keyboard is a bit too narrow ))
[00:00] <Matsumi Kaze> heh why not
[00:02] <DD_Girl_Green> Thoight "why not have an idiom become reality?"
[00:04] * Baby Beryl reached for some slightly scorxhed blocks
[00:05] <Matsumi Kaze> heh yeah I suppose so
[00:08] <DD_Girl_Green> So, what do you think we'll do for thanksgiving?
[00:10] <Matsumi Kaze> oh I'm going to several dinners
[00:11] <DD_Girl_Green> Will you be taking my grandchildren?
[00:15] <Matsumi Kaze> to one of them yes ^^
[00:15] <Baby Beryl> :D
[00:20] <Matsumi Kaze> have a ton of family to visit
[00:21] <DD_Girl_Green> Oh?
[00:22] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yeah!
[00:22] <Matsumi Kaze> inviting as many people as I can
[00:23] <DD_Girl_Green> That's a lot of big dinners
[00:30] <DD_Girl_Green> Rubs baby beryl's hair
[00:30] * DD_Girl_Green *
[00:30] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yes...well...have a big family and all that
[00:32] <DD_Girl_Green> Does everyone in your big family know about it?
[00:39] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yeah
[00:42] <DD_Girl_Green> Even your quinoxian family?
[00:43] <Matsumi Kaze> Matsuo and Freya know
[00:46] <DD_Girl_Green> What about minerva?
[00:48] <Matsumi Kaze> ....she's dead
[00:51] <DD_Girl_Green> Aw man, I wish my babies would have seen her.
[00:52] <DD_Girl_Green> So, how is your protege doing?
[00:56] <DD_Girl_Green> I read about thanksgiving, and it's very intresting hpw it came together.
[00:57] * Matsumi Kaze yawns and nods
[00:57] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I should get some to keep talking but i'm exausted
[00:58] <DD_Girl_Green> Heh, I guess it's that time
[00:58] <DD_Girl_Green> Better put ky little ones to sleep, too, night.
[00:58] * DD_Girl_Green goes to her tent and puts jer xhildren to bed
[00:58] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:59] <DD_Girl_Green> Booc narrow keys
[00:59] *** Baby Beryl has left #suburbansenshi2 (has fallen asleep in mommy's arms)
[01:00] * Matsumi Kaze crawls into her tent
[01:00] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (night!)
[01:00] <DD_Girl_Green> (( narrow keys ))
[09:26] * Several members of the Coalition Netherworld Forces arrive with a delivery of plasmic shell bits. They show up, quietly deliver, and head back out.
[12:26] * Several members of the Coalition Netherworld Forces drop off more plasmic shell bits and supplies.
[17:36] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Matsumi Kaze
[17:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: now with 100% more Obnoxious
[17:36] * Matsumi Kaze walks in over the wreckage
[19:06] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, David O`Cain
[19:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Defying the Laws of Physics Daily.
[19:07] *** Masaki O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:07] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Masaki O`Cain
[19:07] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Where Predestination Paradox is another four-letter word.
[19:08] <David O`Cain> Sure is quiet here despite the wreckage.
[19:08] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah really
[19:10] * David O`Cain wraps an arm around Masaki
[19:11] * Masaki O`Cain smiles
[19:16] <Matsumi Kaze> Hey you two!!!
[19:19] <David O`Cain> Hey, Matsumi.
[19:20] <David O`Cain> How's it going?
[19:21] <Matsumi Kaze> oh good! you two?
[19:22] <David O`Cain> We're doing pretty good.
[19:25] <Matsumi Kaze> enjoying the day?
[19:25] <David O`Cain> Yep. How about you?
[19:27] <Matsumi Kaze> oh it's fine
[19:28] <David O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[19:38] * David O`Cain finds himself a seat on the ground
[19:40] <Matsumi Kaze> so isn't today something specai for you two?
[19:43] <David O`Cain> Of course it is. I haven't forgotten.
[19:47] <Masaki O`Cain> well yeah ^^
[19:47] * Masaki O`Cain leans against david
[19:48] <Matsumi Kaze> I actually
[19:48] <Matsumi Kaze> I actually have a gift for you two
[19:51] <David O`Cain> Eh?
[19:54] <Masaki O`Cain> hm?
[19:56] * There is the sound of pitter-pattering little paws dancing around on rubberized fabric nearby.
[19:58] <Matsumi Kaze> man...don't get to this often
[19:58] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Chibi-Nat
[19:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> Dude if you can't say anything nice, at least sit by me so I can listen in.
[19:59] * Chibi-Nat is dashing across the tops of the numerous tents in her fox form, trilling and squeaking as she plays.
[20:00] <David O`Cain> What is it, Matsumi?
[20:00] * Matsumi Kaze takes a deep breath.....
[20:00] <Matsumi Kaze> ........
[20:01] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :3
[20:01] * Matsumi Kaze 's eyes slowly open...pure energy starts to surround her body and dance around her...
[20:02] * David O`Cain watches Matsumi carefully
[20:04] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) scampers on over to everyone across the tops of the tents. :D
[20:05] * Matsumi Kaze 's glow becomes intense until it covers her entire body
[20:06] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o__o
[20:07] * Matsumi Kaze starts to grow in size
[20:08] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> O__O
[20:09] * Matsumi Kaze is now known as Goddess of Quinox
[20:10] * Goddess of Quinox stands at around 20 meters....her skin and form are now covered in swirling stars...her hair blowing in an invisible wind
[20:10] * Goddess of Quinox has three pairs of floating wings which slowly unfurl
[20:10] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :O
[20:10] <David O`Cain> [Whoa.]
[20:10] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) dashes away to hide! ><;;;
[20:11] * Goddess of Quinox reaches out one of her hands into the starry energy swirls around and then beams deep into space
[20:13] * Goddess of Quinox lowers her hand.....then shrinks back to human size and collapses
[20:13] * Goddess of Quinox is now known as Matsumi Kaze
[20:13] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> is still hiding from the giant lady!
[20:14] <Matsumi Kaze> @_@
[20:14] * Matsumi Kaze is out cold
[20:15] * David O`Cain quickly goes over to Matsumi's side, "Matsumi?!"
[20:16] <Masaki O`Cain> hey mats!
[20:16] * Masaki O`Cain tries to slap matsumi awake but she's completely out cold
[20:17] <Masaki O`Cain> geez
[20:19] <David O`Cain> What did she do?
[20:20] <Masaki O`Cain> heck if I know
[20:20] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o__o
[20:20] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) carefully trots over to AUnty Matsy.
[20:22] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) sniff-sniffs on Aunty Matsy. o__o
[20:23] <David O`Cain> How do we find out what Matsumi gave us?
[20:24] <Masaki O`Cain> ..I don't know
[20:24] <Masaki O`Cain> looks like she beamed something into space
[20:25] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) starts giving Aunty Matsy tail-pats.
[20:28] <Masaki O`Cain> hey nat..your dad around?
[20:28] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Daddy? Why?
[20:29] <David O`Cain> We'd like to see where the beam Matsumi used went to.
[20:30] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah
[20:31] * The starship Hellesponte detected the strange energy discharge and began monitoring it.
[20:32] * the energy has discharged in the Quinox system
[20:34] <David O`Cain> Where?!
[20:35] * The starship Hellesponte transmits the data to the MKN and Federation Segmentum Command.
[20:36] * MKN transmits the data to David
[20:37] * David O`Cain opens a vid-window and checks the data
[20:39] * the data shows that the moon of Zephrius has had it's biosphere completely's now a liveable world
[20:39] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Aunty Matsy okay?
[20:40] <David O`Cain> Whaaaa...?
[20:44] <Masaki O`Cain> what?
[20:44] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :/
[20:44] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) is confused by all the grown-ups.
[20:44] * David O`Cain shows Masaki and Natalia that Zephrius is now habitable
[20:45] <Masaki O`Cain> .................
[20:45] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Where that?
[20:46] <David O`Cain> It's one of Quinox's moons, Natalia.
[20:47] <Masaki O`Cain> it was my home
[20:50] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> It go away?
[20:51] <David O`Cain> Masaki, wasn't it...?
[20:53] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah...
[20:55] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Good thing?
[20:56] <David O`Cain> Shall we check things out?
[20:57] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah...I think we better
[20:58] <Masaki O`Cain> do we get there?
[20:59] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Tail magic?
[21:05] <David O`Cain> I'm not sure, honestly.
[21:08] * David O`Cain keeps the vid-window as he looks for options to get to Zephrius
[21:08] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) perks her ears up. o__o
[21:08] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Mommy calling!
[21:08] <Masaki O`Cain> what would be the fastest way
[21:09] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) gives Aunty Matsy a COLDNOSE to the neck before she dashes away.
[21:09] <David O`Cain> See ya, Natalia.
[21:09] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (>:3)
[21:09] <David O`Cain> That's what I'm trying to find out, Masaki.
[21:18] <David O`Cain> Looks like the only way is to hitch a ride with the Navy.
[21:20] <Masaki O`Cain> can you contact them?
[21:23] * David O`Cain sends a message for a pick up, "Doing that now."
[21:26] * @SpeedRcrX is curled up in a small doghouse
[21:26] * @SpeedRcrX has moved to: [ Doghouse ]
[21:26] * @SpeedRcrX [Doghouse] is shivering, mubling "can't leave, or Michi will drown me"
[21:28] * David O`Cain awaits a response from the MKN
[21:29] * A small shuttle lands nearby
[21:30] <David O`Cain> Ready, Masaki?
[21:32] <Masaki O`Cain> yeah I think so
[21:32] * David O`Cain takes Masaki's hand, and climbs into the shuttle
[21:36] * Masaki O`Cain follows
[21:40] * the shuttle takes off
[21:40] * Matsumi Kaze is still uncious on the ground
[21:40] * David O`Cain is away: To Zephrius
[21:44] * Masaki O`Cain is away 
[23:27] * Matsumi Kaze 's fingers twitch
[00:21] * Matsumi Kaze is moved to her tent by her husband
[00:54] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[15:08] * Several members of the Coalition Netherworld Forces drop off more plasmic shell bits and some supplies.
[17:34] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:34] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Matsumi Kaze
[17:34] <@Chateaux Concierge> Ugh. I don't hate people. I just sometimes feel better when they're not around.
[17:34] * Matsumi Kaze walks over the wreckage on her phone
[17:34] <Matsumi Kaze> no..that's no problem
[17:35] <Matsumi Kaze> ...when do you plan to come?
[17:35] <Matsumi Kaze> huh that early?
[17:35] <Matsumi Kaze> well no I'm sure they'll be..happy to see you
[17:35] <Matsumi Kaze> no I'll be sure to invite them
[17:36] <Matsumi Kaze> wait...SHE'S coming!?
[17:36] <Matsumi Kaze> no no...I mean....yes...I'll behave
[17:38] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah...thanks....
[17:38] <Matsumi Kaze> ...bye
[17:38] * Matsumi Kaze hangs up
[17:39] <Burroughs> HL for your thoughts?
[17:41] <Matsumi Kaze> oh my parents are coming for thanksgiving week
[17:41] <Matsumi Kaze> ...they're bringing along my sister...
[17:41] <Burroughs> ???
[17:42] <Matsumi Kaze> my other sister
[17:42] <Burroughs> Guessing there's more bad blood?
[17:44] <Matsumi Kaze> we..don't get along
[17:44] <Matsumi Kaze> at all
[17:45] <Burroughs> ~_~ So be prepared for a brat to have constant dysentery of the mouth?
[17:48] <Matsumi Kaze> well more like a grown brat with a kid and husband
[18:06] <Eitak_Razal> You're welcome to come spend Thanksgiving at my place instead if you wish to run away
[18:06] *** Eitak_Razal [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Eitak_Razal
[18:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: No, seriously, drug free.
[18:07] <Eitak_Razal> (Nivek is cooking, not me, I promise)
[18:07] <Matsumi Kaze> heh well I don't mind my parents coming....but yeah she's...yeah
[18:16] <Eitak_Razal> You could always arrange so her plane never arrives
[18:20] <Matsumi Kaze> yeaaah my mom would not be happy
[18:23] <Eitak_Razal> And how would your Mom know you're behind the sudden high winds that makes it impossible to fly
[18:25] <Matsumi Kaze> I don't know
[19:08] * Euri Inochi texts Matsumi Kaze     Matsumi-chan, I know it's last minute but are you free for dinner tonight?
[19:11] * Matsumi Kaze texts Euri     yeah i can come over
[19:13] * Euri Inochi texts Matsumi Kaze     I had a dinner date with Kaida but she cancelled because she has to work more. Thanks so much, Matsumi.
[19:13] * Matsumi Kaze texts Euri     no probs!
[19:13] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[19:14] * Euri Inochi texts Matsumi Kaze     Alice is watching Delilha tonight so it'll just be the two of us. See you soon. Wear something nice, ne?
[19:18] * Matsumi Kaze texts Euri     okies!
[19:45] * Nearby comes the sound of little paws dashing across polyurethane tarps.
[19:46] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Chibi-Nat
[19:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Racier than Spongebob.
[19:46] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening,
[19:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Hey. Hey. I want you to know that someone cares. Not me, but someone.
[19:46] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Chibi-Catri
[19:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: ...Er..Well...there's people here. Mostly.
[19:46] * Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Nat are both in their fox forms, playing around on the various tents.
[19:50] * Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Nat dash into the tent the Kits all set up the other day and disappear within.
[20:16] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> :3
[20:46] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[21:19] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> No one come?
[21:20] <Chibi-Catri (fox form)> Silly people don't know what they missed out on. >:f
[21:24] <Matsuo Shin> having fun?
[21:25] * The Kits peer out from within the tent, their eyes gleaming in the dim light.
[21:29] * The Kits withdraw a little further into the tent.
[21:31] <Matsuo Shin> hm?
[21:40] * The Kits snuggle up inside and fall asleep.
[21:44] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:44] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[22:20] * Cellin glides down to the Tent City on tattered Demonic wings, wearing new armor (If new chest straps can be called that) and carrying new, more impressive looking Warglaives. "What happened to the building of impossible spaces? Did the magic sustaining it collapse on itself?"
[22:20] *** Cellin [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:20] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Cellin
[22:20] <@Chateaux Concierge> Hi. Leave me alone. I'm only talking to the cats today.
[22:27] <Matsuo Shin> apperently
[22:43] <Joanna Smithson> hm?
[22:43] *** Joanna Smithson has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:43] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Joanna Smithson
[22:43] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: 'It's funny because it's not me.'
[22:45] <Cellin> Hm what?
[22:51] <Joanna Smithson> eh nothing, what's up
[22:57] <Cellin> What's with the tents?
[23:03] <Joanna Smithson> hotel blew up
[23:09] <Joanna Smithson> who are you?
[23:11] <Cellin> I am called Cellin. I'm a Demon Hunter
[23:11] * Cellin taps on his blindfold, then his horns
[23:14] <Joanna Smithson> kind of horney?
[23:15] <Cellin> ...At least it's not a blind joke
[23:29] <Joanna Smithson> wait you're blind?
[23:44] * Freya Felinus is sitting by a fire, telling her daughters old stories she heard when she was a child
[23:58] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[23:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> Hey. Hey. I want you to know that someone cares. Not me, but someone.
[23:59] * Matsumi Kaze walks into the tent city, dressed in her best..though she has shrunk back down to teen form so it doesn't fit her perfectly now
[00:06] <Matsumi Kaze> hey guys
[00:39] <Matsumi Kaze> huh quiet
[00:39] * Matsumi Kaze crawls into her tent
[00:39] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[09:50] * Yips and trills come from within the Kit's Tent.
[10:21] <// J_Daito //> JESUS THEY'RE YIFFING
[10:24] <Matsuo Shin> what's Yiffing?
[10:24] *** Matsuo Shin [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Matsuo Shin
[10:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Yes. We went there.
[10:24] * Matsuo Shin is moving a few items
[10:25] * The trills continue. A teeny fox muzzle pokes out from inside the tent and sniffs the air a few times before withdrawing.
[10:25] <// J_Daito //> The name for / the sound of foxes doing the nasty.
[10:27] <Matsuo Shin> and how would you know this
[10:31] * Matsuo Shin arches eyebrow
[10:33] * HexGirl_Thorn texts Matsuo Shin     Heading into the recording studio with the girls. Miss you. Late lunch later?
[10:33] * // J_Daito // chuckles darkly
[10:35] * Matsuo Shin texts Thorn     of course, love you
[10:35] * HexGirl_Thorn texts Matsuo Shin     Love you too! Have a rockin' day! ♡
[10:46] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Chibi-Nat
[10:46] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's a block of horrid text.
[10:46] * Chibi-Nat pokes her head out of the tent and looks around at everyone.
[10:56] * Chibi-Nat lays a chocolate bar down on the ground by the entry and withdraws.
[11:00] * Riley stirs from beneath a pile of raked leaves.
[11:01] * Chibi-Nat watches closely from within the tent.
[11:01] * Riley dashes out and latches its buckteeth onto the chocolate bar! It whimpers briefly as its chipped tooth bites down.
[11:05] * Riley scampers off! It stumbles nearby over a small rock and crashes into someone's tent with a "'doof!"
[11:06] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) lunges out and pounces on Riley!
[11:07] * Riley shrieks! "BIDOOF!!!!!"
[11:07] * Riley scrambles/struggles to get out from beneath the larger creature.
[11:10] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) tries to pull Riley back towards the tent. :3
[11:12] <Chibi-Catri> I see we captured one!
[11:12] * Riley lets go of the chocolate bar and sinks its teeth into the fox's arm! Hyper-Fang!
[11:14] <Chibi-Catri> OW!!
[11:14] * Chibi-Catri gets nipped!
[11:14] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :<
[11:14] <Riley> ....dooooof...
[11:16] * Riley steadies itself, ready to defend itself!
[11:19] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> No hurt you.
[11:19] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-Catri is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[11:19] <Chibi-Catri> Yeah, we've created a den in our tent for snuggling and playing in. Especially with the weather getting colder.
[11:20] <Riley> Bi..doof?
[11:21] * Riley picks up the partially crushed chocolate bar with one bar, narrowing its beady black eyes at the two foxes.
[11:22] <Riley> Bidoof bidoof doof!
[11:23] * Chibi-Catri shows Riley the interior of their tent. There are blankets, plushies, and snacks galore!
[11:24] * Riley looks interested but a little anxious as it peers through the opening.
[11:24] <Riley> ...doof. Bidoof bidoof.
[11:24] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) scampers inside and hops onto the plushies while nibbling on a small piece of beef jerky. ^___^
[11:24] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Warm! Want more yum-yum bars?
[11:25] * Riley sounds a little sad. "Bidoof.."
[11:25] * Riley looks down at the chocolate bar and then looks at all the goodies inside.
[11:27] <Riley> Bidoof bidoof ?
[11:27] * Riley gestures as if it were asking if it could have more to take with it?
[11:27] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) nod-nods
[11:30] * Riley waits patiently to be give more treats.
[11:30] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-Catri is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[11:30] <Chibi-Catri> Go ahead. We're showing our littlest sister the fun of creating a Kit-Den.
[11:30] <Chibi-Catri> Because nothing's more fun than being captured in the Den of the Fox Kits! >:3
[11:31] * The Kits keep the Hershey's bars locked up in a sealed ammo can, to protect them from opportunistic choco-predators like the Intern!
[11:32] * Riley hesitantly walks in and beings sifting through the treats.
[11:34] * Riley takes a few different treats and looks assured.
[11:34] * Riley can't hold it all! Is there a bag it could use?
[11:35] <Chibi-Catri> Here's one!
[11:35] * Chibi-Catri offers Riley a plastic bag from a convenience store they all went to earlier when they got ramen packs.
[11:38] * Riley takes the back and deftly puts all of the treats. It puls the handles of the bag around its neck and places the bag itself on its back.
[11:38] <Riley> Bidoof!!
[11:38] * Riley smiles and does a happy dance.
[11:39] * Riley heads back outside, retrieving the chocolate bar and places it into the bag.
[11:40] * Riley waves goodbye to the two foxes and scampers away back to Academy City to deliver the treats to its master. ...why was it just hiding in a pile of leaves for so long? Did it fall asleep there?
[11:40] *** Riley has left #suburbansenshi2 (Bidoof!!)
[11:47] * Chibi-Catri waves and settles back into the plushie-pile, content to watch Natalia until the others get back.
[12:29] * Chibi-Catri is away: Snoozing!
[17:40] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:40] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Matsumi Kaze
[17:40] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Like a Rabid Saiya-jin, killing us only makes us Stronger
[17:40] * Matsumi Kaze walks over to Tent City
[17:43] * Matsumi Kaze sits down on a rock and starts to work on her homework
[18:14] * Matsumi Kaze looks around and sighs
[18:15] * Baby Beryl crawls inside her grandma's tent.
[18:16] * Matsumi Kaze is not in her tent
[18:18] * Baby Beryl crawls around :D
[18:24] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[18:31] * Baby Beryl plays with some of grandma's papers :D
[18:34] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[18:35] * Baby Beryl pulls on Matsumi's leg :O
[18:36] <Matsumi Kaze> hmm?
[18:39] * Baby Beryl points to some blocks :D
[18:39] <Matsumi Kaze> heh where did you get that
[18:43] <Baby Beryl> :D
[18:47] * Baby Beryl starts building a block castle :D
[18:47] * Matsumi Kaze watches
[19:08] <Baby Beryl> (( test ))
[19:09] * Baby Beryl reaches to put the next blocks up on the castle :O
[19:14] * Matsumi Kaze smiles
[19:22] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:22] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Megan O`Cain
[19:22] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The Otaku Geek's Home away from-- what's 'away' mean?
[19:22] <Megan O`Cain> Hey.
[19:36] * Chibi-Catri is back
[19:36] <Chibi-Catri> O_O
[19:36] * Chibi-Catri ducks back into the Kit Tent.
[19:36] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Reisen Udongein Inaba
[19:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The semicolons are the perspiration.
[19:37] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Oh my goodness. What the hell happened here? Why is there a tent city located where the Hotel used to be?
[19:38] * Pinako pops up O[]O
[19:38] <Pinako> FLUFFY :D
[19:38] * Pinako dives into the Kit Tent :D
[19:39] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Reisen.
[19:39] * The Kits are ALL waiting in the Kit Tent. All five of them are in their fox form, currently nestling in warm blankets and plushies.
[19:39] * The Kits POUNCE onto Pinako and pull her into the blankets and plushies. SNUGGLE TIME!!!
[19:40] * Pinako Hugs ALL The Kits :D "FLUFFIES FOR ALL :D"
[19:40] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Greetings to to, Megan. What happened here?
[19:40] * The Kits all chatter and trill and giggle and bury Pinako in tail-pats and paw-patterings.
[19:42] * Pinako has long due sweets to give out, along with long due cuddles :D
[19:42] <Megan O`Cain> All I know is that a lit fart created a massive explosion.
[19:43] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> A fart? A fart did THIS?! o__O
[19:43] <Megan O`Cain> Yes. You heard right.
[19:45] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] And the one who did it... is sleeping in...
[19:45] * DD_Girl_Green [1710] points to a doghouse with "Haruka" on it.
[19:45] <DD_Girl_Green> [1710] There!
[19:45] *** DD_Girl_Green has moved back to the livingroom
[19:45] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Normally I might find that hard to believe, but I remember onetime hearing about a whole stockpile of ⑨-Brand getting caught in a warehouse fire.
[19:46] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> The resulting explosion was unbelievable.
[19:47] <Megan O`Cain> Huh.
[19:48] * The Kits already have sweets and other goodies of their own stockpiled, but there's certainly no problem with adding to it all!
[19:51] <Megan O`Cain> Anyway, how've you been, Reisen?
[19:52] <The Kits> Exhausted...
[19:52] <The Kits> Things are so crazy back home right now.
[19:53] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> ^
[19:54] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Tronald Dump's being such a f[BLEEP]king a[BLEEP]le now. He just won't go away! It may be the start of a new Incident.
[19:55] <Megan O`Cain> No chance in booting him out, huh?
[19:56] <Megan O`Cain> Also, why not just ignore him?
[19:57] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Because he can't stand being ignored. He's one of these types that can't help but stick his nose in everything. Kind of like Yukari.
[19:58] <Megan O`Cain> Geez.
[19:59] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> So we have no choice but to deal with him. At least the audience-participation groin-stompings are always a huge crowd-pleaser.
[20:04] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> ^__^
[20:07] <Megan O`Cain> Really?
[20:08] * Reisen Udongein Inaba nods. "Indeed. Suika and Yuugi seem to especially enjoy it."
[20:10] <Megan O`Cain> Doubt they get bored of doing that.
[20:11] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Nope! They don't. Especially when they're really drunk.
[20:13] * The Kits continue to play with Pinako.
[20:15] <Megan O`Cain> Wow.
[20:17] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (picks up BEryl and goes to her tent)
[20:18] *** Pinako [Cookies@Cookies.Cookies :D] has left #suburbansenshi2 (plays with the kits)
[20:20] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Like I said, it's a mess.
[20:20] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> I'm pretty sure Eirin is planned something shady too.
[20:21] <Megan O`Cain> Heh. So, what else is going on in Gensokyo?
[20:22] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:25] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Everyone's getting ready for wrestling too.
[20:26] <Megan O`Cain> Oh yeah? What's on tap?
[20:28] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> I'm not entirely certain yet, but I've heard that the girls of the Scarlet Devil Mansion will be participating.
[20:30] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm. Well, what all can you tell me with regards to the upcoming wrestling event you just mentioned?
[20:30] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> That's about it for right now. I've mostly been busy preparing for a new tour with Maximum the Touhou.
[20:31] <Megan O`Cain> I see. Who would I need to speak to about what's coming up?
[20:34] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> I'm not certain. Sorry.
[20:38] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm. Will the event in its entirety be broadcast, or will we need to go to Gensokyo itself?
[20:40] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Knowing the Kappa, you guys will probably be able to see it here.
[20:42] <Megan O`Cain> Nice. Say, wouldn't Yukari know about wrestling events in Gensokyo?
[20:44] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> More than likely she would.
[20:45] <Megan O`Cain> Where is she?
[20:46] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Not sure.
[20:49] <Megan O`Cain> Anyway, who else is being involved in the wrestling stuff?
[20:52] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> I think everyone is involved in one way or another.
[20:53] <Megan O`Cain> You're not?
[20:54] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> In a way I am. i'm also helping to deliver the medicine.
[20:58] <Megan O`Cain> Oh neat.
[21:01] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> And now I need be going.
[21:03] <Megan O`Cain> See ya.
[21:03] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Uwaaaaaah?!)
[21:27] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm.
[21:41] * Megan O`Cain pulls out a chair with a footrest with it, and lounges a bit
[23:17] <Matsumi Kaze> huh
[23:17] <Matsumi Kaze> still tent city
[23:17] * Matsumi Kaze shrugs
[23:19] <Megan O`Cain> Seems that way, Matsumi. How ya been?
[23:20] <Matsumi Kaze> sore and tired
[23:23] <Megan O`Cain> What happened?
[23:38] <Matsumi Kaze> had to go to a Shin Meeting
[23:40] <Megan O`Cain> Rough going, was it?
[23:43] <Matsumi Kaze> oh a bit
[23:44] <Megan O`Cain> Anything else been going on with you?
[23:47] <Matsumi Kaze> nope!
[23:52] <Megan O`Cain> What about earlier in the week?
[23:57] <Matsumi Kaze> usual stuff!
[23:58] <Megan O`Cain> Heh. You're not gonna tell, are you? :P
[23:59] <Matsumi Kaze> :P
[00:04] <Megan O`Cain> Heard and saw a shuttle takeoff a couple nights back. What happened there?
[00:42] <Matsumi Kaze> oh Masaki and David went to zephrius
[00:44] <Megan O`Cain> Really?! What was there?
[00:48] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I have no idea..haven't been there in awhile
[00:53] <Megan O`Cain> Huh. Did you talk to Masaki any if they got back?
[00:55] <Megan O`Cain> Or rather when they got back?
[01:01] <Matsumi Kaze> honestly not yet
[01:02] * Megan O`Cain nods, "Thought I'd ask."
[01:06] <Megan O`Cain> Anyway, I better get some sleep. Take care, Matsumi.
[01:07] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night!)
[01:09] <Matsumi Kaze> huh bye
[01:34] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (off to bed!)
[09:59] <Burroughs> Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicolaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♫
[10:07] * Baby Beryl is playing with building blocks :D
[10:08] * DD_Girl_Green is watching
[10:28] <Baby Beryl> crawls to the tV :O
[10:28] * Baby Beryl *^
[10:59] * the TV is not working..on account of the hotel still being in ruins
[11:02] * it's a TVpsolypse
[11:16] * @Sailor Quinox changes topic to `Power of the Daleks Premire Viewing Party tonight @ 19:00!| HOTEL is exploded due to the Tokyo GigaFart™ incident. Tent City till Friday `
[11:21] <Burroughs> (( Say, it's Saturday. Shouldn't things have changed up a bit by now? ))
[11:22] <@Sailor Quinox> (( X has been abit busy ))
[11:23] <@Sailor Quinox> (( so it most likely will be going on a little bit longer ))
[11:41] * Baby Beryl is about to cry.
[11:43] <DD_Girl_Green> uhoh
[11:44] * DD_Girl_Green picks up Baby Beryl
[11:46] * Matsumi Kaze is setting up a make shift shelter
[12:38] <Matsumi Kaze> Hmm
[12:41] <Burroughs> HL for your thoughts?
[12:47] <Matsumi Kaze> Too
[12:47] <Matsumi Kaze> Too quit
[12:52] <@Chateaux Concierge> Hmm.
[12:52] <@Chateaux Concierge> Do I REBUILD or do we HAVE MORE CAMP OUT FUN
[12:53] <@SpeedRcrX> [Doghouse] Can I come out of the doghous enow
[12:53] <@Chateaux Concierge> NO THAT IS YOUR HABITAT NOW
[12:53] <@Chateaux Concierge> your habitat
[12:53] <@SpeedRcrX> [Doghouse] But I think I'm developing an ass cramp
[12:53] <@Chateaux Concierge> - Good -
[12:53] * @Chateaux Concierge produces a small vial
[12:54] * @Chateaux Concierge walks over to haruka and snaps it in her face
[12:54] * @SpeedRcrX [Doghouse] is hit with SCARECROW FEAR TOXIN
[12:55] * @SpeedRcrX [Doghouse] makes a homer simpson yelp and restrats into the doghouse
[12:55] <Matsumi Kaze> Whoa
[12:55] * @Chateaux Concierge boards it shut
[12:55] * @Chateaux Concierge listens to the incoherent yowling
[12:55] <Matsumi Kaze> Kind of rough there
[12:55] <@Chateaux Concierge> That's payback for 13+ years of her room
[12:56] <@Chateaux Concierge> So delicious
[12:56] * the Doghouse bucks and shivers as Haruka undergoes many terrors, most of them sctologial or michiruesque in nature
[12:56] * @SpeedRcrX has moved to: [ In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin ]
[12:57] <@SpeedRcrX> [In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin] NO NOT THE EXCREMENTAL!!!
[12:57] <@SpeedRcrX> [In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin] NOT THE EXCREMENTAL!
[12:58] <Burroughs> (Not sure if I should find this hilarious or sad...)
[13:03] <Matsumi Kaze> that...makes sense
[13:04] <Matsumi Kaze> so how do you feel, chat?
[13:04] <Burroughs> (Then again, could this be considered retribution for her actions in the prior years?)
[13:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> I feel delightful!
[13:05] <@SpeedRcrX> [In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin] I REPENT! I REPENT MY SINFUL WAYS!
[13:05] <@Chateaux Concierge> Talks to me in a few hours hon :3
[13:06] <Matsumi Kaze> so chat
[13:06] <Matsumi Kaze> what was it like to get a..."blow"..job
[13:06] <Matsumi Kaze> ..god I'm going to hell for that
[13:07] <@Chateaux Concierge> That was bad annd you should be ashamed
[13:07] * @Chateaux Concierge is away 
[13:12] <Matsumi Kaze> bloop
[13:19] *** @Paisley Pythia Peinforte [paisely_p@firstcircle.karn03-kasterborusrelay.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:19] *** @Chateaux Concierge sets mode +o @Paisley Pythia Peinforte

[13:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, @Paisley Pythia Peinforte
[13:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome. All your Suburban Senshi are Belong to US!!
[13:19] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> So, it has xome to this.
[13:19] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Tent City Tokyo.
[13:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> MAX MAX TIME
[13:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> MAD MAX
[13:19] *** Roman Torchwick [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Roman Torchwick
[13:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Hey I just realized - Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear to be smart until you actually hear them speak.
[13:20] <Roman Torchwick> You guys are really brining the prerty values down, nan.
[13:20] <Roman Torchwick> ^man
[13:20] * Roman Torchwick shoots a Typo-demon with his cane
[13:20] <@Chateaux Concierge> Hey shut the f[BLEEP]k up before I blow up your house :P
[13:20] <Roman Torchwick> Yeah there's a reason our house doesn't talk :P
[13:21] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte sighs and pulls up a chair
[13:21] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I assume you protected my divan, yes? The one older than America
[13:21] <@Chateaux Concierge> Yes of course!
[13:21] * @Chateaux Concierge is lying so bad
[13:22] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> /...
[13:22] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte sighs, will deal with that later
[13:26] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> So the Americans have Thanksgiving coming up.
[13:27] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> We Enlish don't have that holiday. Nor do the Japanese.
[13:27] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I think a worthy project would be to invent one.
[13:27] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> A Special two-day holiday at the end of November.
[13:27] <Burroughs> Got any ideas for a catchy name?
[13:27] <@Chateaux Concierge> We could call it "day of thanks" or something :P
[13:33] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Har
[13:35] <Matsumi Kaze> how about
[13:35] <Matsumi Kaze> Turkey Massacre 16
[13:35] <Matsumi Kaze> RING OF FIRE
[13:37] <Burroughs> Oooh♫ Nice ring to it. Though now I wonder who will supply the turkeys and who will supply the massacre?
[13:37] <Matsumi Kaze> might be able to
[13:39] <Burroughs> ....mind clarifying? Will he supply the turkeys or the massacre?
[13:39] <Burroughs> 'Cause I can already see the massacre, moreso if he decides to invite some Gensokyo peeps♫
[13:39] <Burroughs> Especially Yuyuko--- she might rival Intern in food consumption~
[13:43] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> BEFORE YOU CAN EAT-- YOU MUST KILL
[13:43] <Burroughs> You make the kill, you eat the spill!
[13:43] <Matsumi Kaze> oh oh
[13:43] <Matsumi Kaze> and everyone must wrestle their way to the table
[13:43] <Matsumi Kaze> THE GAUNTLET
[13:44] * DD_Girl_Green is carrying Baby Beryl with her
[13:45] <Burroughs> Are you badass enough to earn your meal? Prove your mettle in The Gauntlet!!
[13:46] <DD_Girl_Green> Hey Matsumi, I think my little gem wants to see and climg the "Giant Space Grandma"
[13:46] * Baby Beryl reaches for Matsumi and giggles :D
[13:49] <@Chateaux Concierge> /m emakews a playpen for the infant so it doesn't you know, SUFFER in the post-apocalyptic lot.
[13:50] <Burroughs> Oh hey, speaking of which-- Miss Chateaux, I'd have imagined things would be repaired by now. You still missing bits of your shell, or is there another reason?
[13:51] *** Pinako [Cookies@Cookies.Cookies :D] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[13:51] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Pinako
[13:51] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We Got The Powah.
[13:52] * Pinako walks by dressed as Yuria from Fist of the North Star
[13:53] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Oh god now big muscly men are going to be chasing after her, breathlessly intoning "Yuria"
[13:53] <Pinako> Fluffies? :D
[13:54] <Matsumi Kaze> YURIAAAAAA
[13:56] * Baby Beryl still reaches for Matsumi in Green's arms :D
[13:57] * Matsumi Kaze holds her granddaughter
[13:59] <DD_Girl_Green> I think she wants to see the "Giant Space Grandma"
[13:59] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I can't
[14:00] * Baby Beryl tilts her head
[14:00] <DD_Girl_Green> huh? why?
[14:03] <Burroughs> It probably takes a lot of power to use that form, or perhaps the stars need to be in alignment?
[14:03] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah it does take alot of power
[14:08] <DD_Girl_Green> hey, did you hear some snoring?
[14:08] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[14:09] * Baby Beryl reaches for grandma's hair :O
[14:09] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Sorry was that me? Childrne tend to put me to sleep.
[14:09] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Too clyong and sweet. Sugar crash.
[14:10] <???> All this golden rope is mine! Tons of beer, here I come!
[14:10] <Burroughs> Over there--- something about a golden rope?
[14:10] * Burroughs points out where she hears something.
[14:11] * ??? is in Matsumi's hair
[14:11] * Baby Beryl reaches into Matsumi's hair :O
[14:12] <Matsumi Kaze> huh wha?
[14:12] * Matsumi Kaze looks up
[14:12] <???> Hey! Get your big mitts off me and this golden rope! @__@
[14:13] * Baby Beryl pulls something out of grandma's hair :D
[14:13] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Is wonder Woman practising bondage again?
[14:13] * ??? is now known as DD_Girl_Red
[14:14] * DD_Girl_Red has moved to: [ Baby Beryl's hand, Small ]
[14:14] <Burroughs> ....well, this is something. Red's micro-sized--- did she piss off someone?
[14:14] <DD_Girl_Red> No! Not my golden rope!
[14:14] <Burroughs> No wonder it was so quiet.
[14:15] <Burroughs> Also, Red--- I'm pretty certain that Matsumi would roast you over a fire if you decided to go plucking her hair.
[14:15] <DD_Girl_Green> I think Red tried flying to the Top of "Giant Space Grandma" *giggles*
[14:15] <Matsumi Kaze> eh?
[14:15] <Matsumi Kaze> ..when I shirnki back down that shouldn't..effect anyone else
[14:15] <DD_Girl_Red> Who said that, And What do you mean "Giant Space Grandma"?....
[14:16] * DD_Girl_Red [Baby Beryl's hand, Small] looks around.....
[14:16] * Burroughs LOOMS over Red.
[14:17] * DD_Girl_Green is looking at Red in her daughter's hands.
[14:17] <DD_Girl_Green> ... Look, Little gem, you got a toy form grandma ^__^
[14:17] <DD_Girl_Red> [Baby Beryl's hand, Small] *from
[14:17] * Baby Beryl hugs her grandma happily :D
[14:21] <Matsumi Kaze> hee
[14:23] <DD_Girl_Red> I Am NOT a toy, put me back with the golden rope! >__<
[14:24] <DD_Girl_Green> You mean, Matsumi's hair? No dice.
[14:24] * Baby Beryl wants to play dollies with grandma :D
[14:25] <Matsumi Kaze> huh but I don't have a doll
[14:26] * DD_Girl_Green holds out Beryl's bunny plush "here you go"
[14:28] <Matsumi Kaze> aww cute
[14:29] <DD_Girl_Green> We'll call it, "The adventures of Red Ann and Mr. Usagi"
[14:29] <DD_Girl_Red> Hey! Don't belittle me.
[14:31] * Baby Beryl puts the Red dolly on Mr. Usagi :D
[14:32] <DD_Girl_Red> Me on a Rabbit plush...?
[14:32] <DD_Girl_Green> Relax, and We'll get you the biggest beer you've seen in your life after this, Red.
[14:46] <Matsumi Kaze> man I'm going to take a shower
[14:51] * Matsumi Kaze smiles, watching Beryl
[15:04] <Matsumi Kaze> welp I'm going to take a shower
[15:23] * Matsumi Kaze climbs into the makeshift shower
[15:23] * Matsumi Kaze is away 
[15:31] * Baby Beryl continues to play with Red and Mr. Usagi
[15:31] <DD_Girl_Green> I wonder how Haruka's taken my gift to her? :P
[15:50] * Matsumi Kaze is taking a shower behind a make shift curtain
[15:51] <DD_Girl_Green> Well, I'm going to take a shower myself.
[15:51] <DD_Girl_Green> when Matsumi's done
[15:51] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:51] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Eliza McIntash
[15:51] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: No wireless. Less space than a nomad. Lame.
[15:51] <Matsumi Kaze> ♫
[15:51] * Eliza McIntash [????] wanders around the encampment.
[15:52] <DD_Girl_Red> Hi ho, Mr Usagi >__>
[15:52] *** Eliza McIntash has moved back to the livingroom
[15:53] * Eliza McIntash really hasn't, though. >,>
[15:53] <Matsumi Kaze> can someone hand me the shampoo?
[15:54] * DD_Girl_Green gets the shampoo
[15:54] <Eliza McIntash> ..........
[15:54] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[15:54] <Eliza McIntash> <.<
[15:54] * Eliza McIntash couldn't see any.
[15:54] * DD_Girl_Green hands it to Matsumi
[15:54] * Baby Beryl looks at Eliza :D
[15:54] * Eliza McIntash looks at Baby Beryl.
[15:54] *** Baby Beryl is your average everyday Baby Beryl

[15:54] <Eliza McIntash> ><
[15:55] * Eliza McIntash looks at Baby Beryl.
[15:55] *** Baby Beryl is your average everyday Baby Beryl

[15:55] <Eliza McIntash> (( grumble grumble ))
[15:56] * Eliza McIntash looks down at what is presumably a little kid.
[15:56] * Eliza McIntash climbs to the highest spot in the encampment.
[15:59] <Eliza McIntash> ........
[15:59] <Eliza McIntash> I sure wish the city were not here.
[16:00] * Matsumi Kaze turns off the shower and grabs her clothes, pulling them behind the curtain
[16:00] <Eliza McIntash> We should have camped somewhere far away from here that was beautiful.
[16:00] <DD_Girl_Green> well, Haruka blew the place up.
[16:01] <Eliza McIntash> It would at least be a teensy consolation from not being able to be inside Chateaux.
[16:01] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Cities have their own beauty.
[16:01] <Eliza McIntash> Yes. Because she is an ass-hiiii Paisley!
[16:01] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Differing architecture, hidden secrets round eery corner.
[16:01] <Eliza McIntash> This is true! But they are noisy and loud.
[16:02] <Matsumi Kaze> goddamn bra snaps
[16:02] <DD_Girl_Green> Want one of mine?
[16:02] * Eliza McIntash turns to DD_Girl Green. "So ah.... you are SURE that it was Haruka that blew up Chateaux?
[16:02] <DD_Girl_Green> Yes, she did.
[16:02] * Eliza McIntash scowls. "I see."
[16:03] <Eliza McIntash> Well, the more important thing is that Chateaux is alright, or at least seems to be.
[16:03] <DD_Girl_Green> I got her a little present, she's living in it right now XD
[16:03] <Eliza McIntash> I swear, though...
[16:03] <DD_Girl_Green> *got Haruka
[16:03] <Eliza McIntash> Wait, you got whom a presenta/
[16:03] * Eliza McIntash turns, interested.
[16:04] <Eliza McIntash> Oh. For Haruka.
[16:04] * Eliza McIntash is less interested.
[16:04] <Eliza McIntash> Hmph, what was it?
[16:04] <DD_Girl_Green> I got her a doghouse that she has to live in
[16:04] * Eliza McIntash laughs.
[16:04] <Eliza McIntash> Better than she deserves... but not by much. I approve.
[16:05] <Eliza McIntash> I swear, though, even after she's out of it she won't appreciate all that Chateaux does for her.
[16:05] * Eliza McIntash shakes her head, and jumps down from the upper level of the encampment.
[16:05] <@Chateaux Concierge> That's okay I shot her full of fear toxin.
[16:05] <spiritflame> Eliza McIntash rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[16:05] <@Chateaux Concierge> She'll be on a hell of a trip for a while.
[16:05] * Eliza McIntash lands with acrobatic mastery that one might not expect to see.
[16:06] * Eliza McIntash smiles at Chateaux. ^_^
[16:06] * @Chateaux Concierge waves
[16:06] <Eliza McIntash> ^_^
[16:07] * Eliza McIntash tries to put her concerns out of her mind, and sits down, barefoot, among the tents.
[16:07] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[16:07] * Matsumi Kaze steps out of the shower
[16:07] <Eliza McIntash> You... you are alright, aren't you?
[16:07] <Matsumi Kaze> so much better
[16:08] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> We're fine, yes.
[16:08] * DD_Girl_Green gets some clean clothes and gets in the shower after Matsumi gets out of it.
[16:08] * Eliza McIntash wasn't talking to Paisley, but whetever.
[16:08] <Eliza McIntash> Well, that's good.
[16:08] * Eliza McIntash gets a funny look in her eye. "Do you know where I have been?"
[16:09] <@Chateaux Concierge> You wandered off because we were being "rowdy" as Gemini would say.
[16:09] * Eliza McIntash looks at Chateaux.
[16:09] * Eliza McIntash nods. "Yeah but... I did but... do you know where?"
[16:10] <@Chateaux Concierge> Not exactly.
[16:10] * Eliza McIntash looks surprised, and like she doesn't believe that statement, but nods, satisfied.
[16:10] <Eliza McIntash> Yeah, I did go off.
[16:10] <@Chateaux Concierge> I don't track everyone at every moment
[16:11] <Eliza McIntash> Becuase I wonder sometimes, if you are.... eh.
[16:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> I'm not a stalker <_<
[16:11] <Eliza McIntash> No. You aren't. You are wonderful.
[16:11] <Eliza McIntash> You really didn't know?
[16:11] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> You totally could be
[16:11] * Eliza McIntash doesn't look like she believes it.
[16:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> Who's got time for that
[16:11] <Eliza McIntash> Somebody with unlimited time?
[16:12] * @Chateaux Concierge just shakes her head at Eliza wondering why she's digging so hard on this point
[16:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Oh yeah my time Is so unlimited
[16:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> I have a busy life.
[16:12] <Eliza McIntash> Anyway, I did leave, yes, because I hate it when you guys fight, and everybody was just so uncaring about your destruction.
[16:12] <Matsumi Kaze> by the way
[16:12] <Matsumi Kaze> when this blew up
[16:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Pfft I blow up all the time
[16:12] <Matsumi Kaze> ..did we bother to shut off the sewage lines?
[16:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> I'm pretty sure the sweagew went up in flames
[16:13] <@Chateaux Concierge> Japanese Spider Man is probably in a burn unit
[16:13] <Eliza McIntash> I know that. It's so hard to guage for me. Becuase you seem to feel pain when a hole is punched in the wall, or a person is thrown through a window, so I get REALLY SCARED when I see you go up in an eruption column.
[16:13] <Eliza McIntash> But you are okay after that.
[16:13] <@Chateaux Concierge> Eliza. Relax!
[16:13] <Eliza McIntash> I am trying to.
[16:13] <@Chateaux Concierge> Even I Don't really care
[16:13] <Eliza McIntash> I am trying to.
[16:13] <Eliza McIntash> ................
[16:13] <@SpeedRcrX> [In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin] THEN WHY DID YOU SHOOT ME FULL OF FEAR TOXIN
[16:14] <Eliza McIntash> I'm sorry Chateaux.
[16:14] <@Chateaux Concierge> BECAUSE YOU DON'T CLEAN YOUR ROOM
[16:14] <@SpeedRcrX> [In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin] I REPENTED!
[16:14] * Eliza McIntash scowls at her.
[16:14] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> (White Knighting?)
[16:14] * Eliza McIntash shakes her head, somewhat ashamed.
[16:15] * Eliza McIntash sits back down.
[16:16] <Eliza McIntash> ...
[16:16] <Eliza McIntash> I'm sorry, Chateaux. I never wanted to be a burden on you, and I know I'm being kind of a downer.
[16:17] <Eliza McIntash> Sometimes it's hard for me to feel that others are considerate towards your feelings.
[16:17] <@Chateaux Concierge> You're not a burdent
[16:17] <Eliza McIntash> Speaking of which, you did say that your favorite color was cerulean blue, right?
[16:17] * @Chateaux Concierge shrugs
[16:17] <@Chateaux Concierge> We have a rapport
[16:17] <@Chateaux Concierge> Yes
[16:17] * Eliza McIntash opens her eyes accusingly, but then is satisfied.
[16:17] * Eliza McIntash nods.
[16:17] <Eliza McIntash> Well. Alright.
[16:18] <Eliza McIntash> But yeah, I decided to come back, because I find any inconveniences I experience to be well worth what I have here. ^_^
[16:19] * @Chateaux Concierge smiles
[16:19] *** Castor has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Castor
[16:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Dude if you can't say anything nice, at least sit by me so I can listen in.
[16:19] *** Pollux has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Pollux
[16:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's a block of horrid text.
[16:19] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte has somehow erected a Victorian-Era field tent ala Captain Cook
[16:19] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[16:19] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte is setting up for a tea
[16:19] <Eliza McIntash> coool.
[16:20] * Eliza McIntash walks over to Paisley's tent.
[16:20] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Tea, everyone.
[16:20] * DD_Girl_Green is finished with her shower, and starts getting dressed
[16:20] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> And I've got some scones.
[16:20] <Matsumi Kaze> sugar please!
[16:20] * Eliza McIntash jumps scratches her bare feet. "Sure!"
[16:20] <Eliza McIntash> Sugar... uh oh.
[16:20] * Eitak_Razal is suddenly there, sipping tea already.
[16:21] * DD_Girl_Green joins in.
[16:21] <Matsumi Kaze> oooo what kind of scones?
[16:21] * Baby Beryl Wants some tea :O
[16:22] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I have a variety
[16:22] <@Chateaux Concierge> I'll take sweetened Iced Tea
[16:22] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Oh you heathen.
[16:22] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte gets her some
[16:23] <Eliza McIntash> Sugar... Crap... That's right... I kind of forgot to brush my teeth. ><
[16:23] <Eliza McIntash> Um, can I have it without sugar?
[16:23] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Yes.
[16:23] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte gives some to Eliza
[16:23] * Eliza McIntash sits next to Chateaux, happily. "Yay!"
[16:23] * Eliza McIntash sips, and enters rumination mode...
[16:24] * Matsumi Kaze keeps a pretentious meter on just in case
[16:24] <Eliza McIntash> You know... sitting here thinking, I can't help but wonder if all of the building was destroyed... I mean... What do you suppose happened to Rei-bot's Shrine? That seems like something that would survive most cataclysms.
[16:24] <Castor> so, our studio's been working on a big project for a while now with some other studios.
[16:25] <Eliza McIntash> I mean, I don't have any evidence of it, it's just something that seems like it would happen--you know, like how the tsunami didn't destroy the Bhudda statue?
[16:26] <Eliza McIntash> Hmmmm.
[16:26] <Eliza McIntash> I should really take a better look at what is to eat around the place.
[16:26] * Phobos is face down on her table..she's been at that table ALL WEEK
[16:26] <Phobos> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[16:27] <@Chateaux Concierge> The shrine is gone, it will have to be built up
[16:27] <Phobos> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
[16:27] * Phobos looks up briefly...the special prayer talismens she was selling are sticking to her forehead...
[16:27] * Phobos yawns and goes back to sleep
[16:28] <Eliza McIntash> Hmmmm. I think I would like to help build it.
[16:29] * Castor pokes Phobos with her tail
[16:29] <Castor> Hello? anyone there?
[16:29] * Eliza McIntash looks at Castor.
[16:29] *** Castor is your average everyday Castor

[16:29] <Eliza McIntash> (( 9_9 ))
[16:29] <Eliza McIntash> (( /judgmental ))
[16:30] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> We're just having tea here.
[16:31] <DD_Girl_Green> Is it safe for My little gem to have tea, Matsumi?
[16:31] * Matsumi Kaze is sitting in a lounge chair, buttering the scone
[16:31] <Matsumi Kaze>
[16:33] * DD_Girl_Green has a bottle of baby formula ready, and feeds it to Baby Mira and Baby Beryl
[16:33] * Eliza McIntash looks at Baby Mira.
[16:33] *** Baby Mira is your average everyday Baby Mira

[16:33] <Eliza McIntash> (( 9_9 ))
[16:34] <DD_Girl_Green> (( Baby Mira and baby beryl are unregistered because if either Matt or I are away for a while, the other one can play both children, posssibly. ))
[16:34] <Eliza McIntash> Maaaaan, this makes me wish I'd been serious about starting that Coven.
[16:34] * Matsumi Kaze blinks
[16:35] <Eliza McIntash> (( so have a password both of you know, and both use at times, and register them so people can interact with them? ))
[16:35] <DD_Girl_Green> huh?
[16:35] <Eliza McIntash> Oh. Well, I was pretty serious about being a witch, but...
[16:35] * Eliza McIntash 's face takes on a pained expression, and she falls silent again.
[16:36] <DD_Girl_Green> (( Castor and pollux, though, I may have to amend with last names for their next appearence in the box, just in case anyone wants to play the actual greek twins and not the youma Castor and Pollux ))
[16:36] <Eliza McIntash> /turns to Chateaux. "Um, Chateaux... the room I used to live in inside you... that had the bed and the covers that were purple and was the place where you healed me and took care of me and I tried so hard to get ahold of myself and to negotiate with the other parts of me.... was that destroyed in the explosion too?
[16:37] <@Chateaux Concierge> It all blew up, but I can rebuild it.
[16:38] <Matsumi Kaze> you know...
[16:38] <Matsumi Kaze> scones are the only decent british food
[16:38] * Eliza McIntash sighs, and lets that sink in.
[16:38] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> What do you mean "the only."
[16:38] <Pollux> Oh, yeah, tht new Anime project, we
[16:39] <Pollux> 're one of the few people to get a character model for it, Here's one!
[16:39] <Matsumi Kaze> well relaly the rest is just...bland
[16:39] <Matsumi Kaze> and ugh
[16:39] <Matsumi Kaze> whoever heard of the great chefs of britain?
[16:39] <Matsumi Kaze> no one
[16:40] <Pollux> Gorgon Ramsey?
[16:40] <Eliza McIntash> I just... I dunno if it is better that it is gone or not, Chateaux. I mean, yeah, it was really scary, with the writing in blood on the walls, and the straitjacket, and being put under, and trying so HARD to.... to be what I am today. I mean, I wasn't sure I wanted to go back in there, and I suppose if I really cared to I would have done that before you blew up. It's just... that room held some of the most important moments of my life.
[16:40] <Castor> Robert Irvine?
[16:40] <Pollux> Those are the only british chefs anyone knows :P
[16:40] <Castor> Those are the only british chefs anyone knows :P
[16:40] <Castor> Those are the only british chefs anyone knows :P
[16:41] <Eliza McIntash> The scariest, the most frustrating, when I thought I you were going to snuff more of me out by mistake.... and it was also where I was the happiest I have ever been in all my life.
[16:41] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> A great philosopher once said "You can't go home again."
[16:41] <Matsumi Kaze> so does Gorgon Ramsey turn people to stone with his insults?
[16:41] * Eliza McIntash 's eyes become unfocused.
[16:41] <Eliza McIntash> Meh.
[16:41] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Which means you can't retreat to the past.
[16:41] <Eliza McIntash> Well, he was a dope.
[16:41] <Eliza McIntash> Time Travel.
[16:41] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> You keep moving forward.
[16:41] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte rolls her eyes
[16:42] <Eliza McIntash> Time Travel
[16:42] * Eliza McIntash snickers.
[16:42] <Castor> Yeah, He does
[16:42] <Eliza McIntash> I get it, I get it.
[16:42] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Yes, if you want to keep going backwards
[16:42] <Eitak_Razal> Isn't a pancrea for all your ills
[16:42] <Castor> So many people in hell's kitchen
[16:42] <Eliza McIntash> I understand, Paisley. I do. And I'll... I'll never forget it.
[16:42] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> .. Panacea
[16:42] * Eliza McIntash looks at Chateaux Concierge..
[16:42] *** Chateaux Concierge. is your average everyday Chateaux Concierge.

[16:42] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Not pancreas.
[16:42] <Castor> they all become stone, except for one winner.
[16:42] <Eliza McIntash> Ever
[16:42] * Eliza McIntash wipes a tiny bit of sand out of her eyes.
[16:43] <Eliza McIntash> <.<;
[16:43] <Eitak_Razal> Right that
[16:43] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte offers Eliza a scone.
[16:44] <Castor> We've been asked to design...
[16:44] <Castor> some new creatures for POKERA's secret Priceman Project 2018.
[16:44] <Pollux> *^
[16:45] * Eliza McIntash sniffs the scone
[16:45] <Eliza McIntash> does this have sugar in it? I haven't really been brushing my teeth as well as I should, now that the bathroom doesn't exist. <.<
[16:46] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Rinse with water after you eat it.
[16:46] <Matsumi Kaze> what do you mean no bathroom?
[16:47] <Matsumi Kaze> we have the hole in the dirt!
[16:48] <Eitak_Razal> I'm suddenly glad I just vist
[16:48] <Eliza McIntash> How is that a bath, or a room?
[16:48] * Castor and Pollux show off some monsters designs with everyone, it is marked "Gijutsuma Dezain" [TechDemon Design] and "kari" [Beta]
[16:49] <Eliza McIntash> What, you think that bothers me? I spent a looooong time in the Temple of Ulthar. It's known for its wisdom, not for its plumbing, electricity, and hypocaust.
[16:49] <Eitak_Razal> I refuse to become an uncouth savage without a proper restroom
[16:49] <Eliza McIntash> Well, Eitak, if you had a proper restroom, would you consider it then?
[16:49] <Eitak_Razal>
[16:50] <Eliza McIntash> Well, there are... things to be said for it.
[16:50] <Eliza McIntash> Savagery, not the bathroom.
[16:50] * Matsumi Kaze points to the make shift shower
[16:50] <Matsumi Kaze> we have that
[16:51] <DD_Girl_Green> I just used it.
[16:51] <DD_Girl_Green> ... I know where all the sewage can go!
[16:51] <Eliza McIntash> Mmmm, but there are things we lack. Fruit trees, an oven, a stream with fish... a slatted roof to sit upon in the afternoon sun.
[16:52] <Eliza McIntash> Huh. I guess I never got homesick for the temple wile I was inside you, Chateaux.
[16:52] <Eliza McIntash> Heh, no surprise there, though. ^_^
[16:53] <Eliza McIntash> Hey, can somebody summon a broom?
[16:55] <Eitak_Razal> I have a normal one up my sleeve
[16:56] <Eliza McIntash> May I have it?
[16:56] * Eitak_Razal pulls a broom out of her sleeve
[16:56] * Eliza McIntash claps
[16:57] * Eitak_Razal hands it to Eliza "keep it if you want, I'm not sure why I have it to begin with"
[16:57] <Eliza McIntash> Thanks! I'll keep it!
[16:58] * Eliza McIntash goes over to the very edge of the tent formation, in a spot next to the street, and starts sweeping if off and cleaning it and plushing up the grass.
[16:59] * Eliza McIntash sets stones in the right formation she wishes, and selects one for a pillow, and cleans the sidewalk in front of the section of the emcampment that she has claimed.
[17:01] * DD_Girl_Green has some tea and scones
[17:01] * Baby Beryl is playing with tiny red and MR. Usagi, her rabbit plush.
[17:02] * Eliza McIntash walks up and down the sidewalk, barefoot in her robe, and smiles at people passing by. She pulls out her dagger, and scrapes the bits of gum off of the sidewalk, one piece at a time.
[17:02] * Eliza McIntash has moved to: [ Edge of Camp ]
[17:06] *** away
[17:28] <Matsumi Kaze> pip pip!
[17:28] <DD_Girl_Green> Pooray!
[17:31] * Baby Beryl tries to climb grandma with her toys :D
[17:34] *** Pollux has left #suburbansenshi2
[17:43] <Matsumi Kaze> that tea was wonderful!
[17:48] <DD_Girl_Green> Yeah, especially the peach flavor
[17:49] * Baby Beryl climbs upto grandma's face :D
[17:51] <Matsumi Kaze> mmph!
[17:57] * Baby Beryl yawns and falls asleep on grandma's chest
[17:59] <DD_Girl_Red> Hey, Can someone have her let me go?
[18:02] <DD_Girl_Red> HELLO?
[18:04] <Sailor Skadi> probably can't hear you
[18:05] * Sailor Skadi is the same size as Red
[18:05] * Baby Beryl is snoring, her grip geetting loose -.-
[18:07] <DD_Girl_Red> thank goodness, can you get me out of her grip?
[18:07] * Sailor Skadi hops over and gently tries to loosen beryl's grip
[18:08] * Baby Beryl opens her hand, and drops red -.-
[18:08] * DD_Girl_Red [Baby Beryl's hand, Small] falls into Matsumi's cleavage
[18:08] <DD_Girl_Red> AHHHHHHHH
[18:10] * DD_Girl_Red [Baby Beryl's hand, Small] flies out nd lands where Sailor Skathi is
[18:10] * DD_Girl_Red has moved to: [ ]
[18:10] *** DD_Girl_Red has moved back to the livingroom
[18:11] * DD_Girl_Red has moved to: [ small ]
[18:11] * Sailor Skadi is on the ground, eating a very large cheeseburger
[18:17] <DD_Girl_Red> Where'd you get that burger?
[18:20] <Sailor Skadi> bought it
[18:22] <DD_Girl_Red> at bug size?
[18:23] <Sailor Skadi> nah I can grow to normal aize
[18:23] <DD_Girl_Red> HEY! Take me with you, please?
[18:26] <Sailor Skadi> ..I..can't change people's sizes
[18:28] <DD_Girl_Red> even if they're holding onto you?
[18:29] <Sailor Skadi> yeah it doesn't work like that
[18:30] <DD_Girl_Red> Dang.
[18:31] <DD_Girl_Red> So, I'm just going to remain toy sized until I grab onto Matsumi and she becomes giant again, huh?
[18:35] <Sailor Skadi> ...I don't even know how that worked that way
[18:40] <DD_Girl_Red> so... human teens prefer to talk about their crushes... who are you in love with?
[18:40] *** D.Kakaku has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:40] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, D.Kakaku
[18:40] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Because planetnamek can kiss our [BLEEP]
[18:41] <Sailor Skadi> O_O
[18:41] * Sailor Skadi hides her face at that
[18:41] <DD_Girl_Red> Aww, bashful at that are we?
[18:43] <D.Kakaku> Wow, what a campground, personally, I hate camping.
[18:48] <DD_Girl_Red> Aww, I bet you love the guy that just walked in
[18:48] *** DD_Girl_Red [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (with Skathi)
[18:48] <Sailor Skadi> hm?
[18:49] *** D.Kakaku has left #suburbansenshi2 (OOC heading inside)
[18:49] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[19:37] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:37] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Megan O`Cain
[19:37] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: There is no Spoo.
[19:41] <Matsumi Kaze> yo!
[19:41] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Matsumi!
[19:42] <Megan O`Cain> What's up?
[19:57] <Matsumi Kaze> heard there's going to be some wrestling :3
[19:58] <Megan O`Cain> Heh. Never took you for a fan.
[19:59] <Matsumi Kaze> eh it can be fun :)
[20:01] <Megan O`Cain> From what I know, this is stuff coming from Gensokyo. Who knows what sort of hijinks they've gotten themselves into.
[20:03] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yeah!
[20:04] <Megan O`Cain> I hope it's a good show. It could be interesting to see what they do.
[20:10] * Meanwhile several Kappa girls are getting the cameras set up.
[20:21] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[20:27] * Megan O`Cain stretches a bit
[20:33] <Matsumi Kaze> is there a way we can see this thing?
[20:34] <Megan O`Cain> I hope so!
[20:51] <Megan O`Cain> Oh wow. Nice job there, Ryoko.
[20:55] <Megan O`Cain> Whoa. Azumi being rich? No surprise there.
[21:02] <Megan O`Cain> Oh s[BLEEP]t...
[21:07] * Matsumi Kaze is eating popcorn
[21:18] <Megan O`Cain> So, whatcha been up to?
[21:24] <Matsumi Kaze> mmph mmh mmph
[21:24] <Megan O`Cain> What?
[21:28] * Matsumi Kaze swollows "not much"
[21:28] <Megan O`Cain> Anything fun?
[21:33] <Matsumi Kaze> not really nope
[21:34] <Megan O`Cain> Been a quiet night so far.
[22:01] <Matsumi Kaze> yuppers!
[22:07] * Matsumi Kaze sets up a bigger tent!
[22:08] <Megan O`Cain> What's that one for?
[22:14] <Matsumi Kaze> I dunno it's nice!
[22:20] <Megan O`Cain> Heh, so it is.
[22:24] * The Tiniest Tent has a sign reading "The Queen is in, keep out" . Does it belong to Eitak?
[22:24] <Megan O`Cain> Eh?
[22:27] * The Tiniest Tent is just a tent, it can't respond
[22:28] * Matsumi Kaze knocks on the tent
[22:29] * Eitak_Razal sticks her head out and in her best bugs bunny voice says "dud someone knock?
[22:29] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Eitak.
[22:33] <Eitak_Razal> Hallo, do yinz need something?
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> aw having fun?
[22:36] <Eitak_Razal> I have a big screen TV and a couple game systems in here so... yes?
[22:37] <Megan O`Cain> How big of a screen is it?
[22:37] <Eitak_Razal> 82 inch
[22:38] * Eitak_Razal notes there's no way that and her could fit in thus tiny tent under normal circumstances
[22:41] <Matsumi Kaze> ooo can I come in?
[22:47] <Eitak_Razal> Sure
[22:48] <Megan O`Cain> Sounds like fun.
[22:48] * Eitak_Razal retreats into the tent, allowing enterance
[22:49] * Matsumi Kaze crawls in
[22:51] * Megan O`Cain follows Matsumi
[22:52] * Eitak_Razal 's tent is apperntly smaller on the outside. She's got a couch, a large bed, the tv, a few bean bag chairs, an air hockey table, and is that a minibar?
[22:52] * Orion goes running by, chasing a mouse!
[22:53] <Freya> dear what are you doing?
[22:54] <Orion> Keeping the place free of vermin, my love!
[22:54] * Megan O`Cain has moved to: [ Eitak's tent ]
[22:54] <Megan O`Cain> [Eitak's tent] Wow. Nice digs.
[22:55] * Orion pounces the mouse!
[22:56] * Orion proudly presents the wiggling mouse to Freya.
[22:59] <Eitak_Razal> Thank you~
[23:00] <Eitak_Razal> When I camp, I camp in STYLE~
[23:01] <Freya> for me??
[23:02] <Orion> I shall always do my best to provide a proper offering to my Beloved!
[23:02] <Megan O`Cain> [Eitak's tent] What drinks do you have?
[23:03] * Freya blushes "oh...orion..."
[23:04] <Eitak_Razal> Honestly I'm not sure. I mostly just put wine and tea in there but I know Nivek stocked it up with other stuff before I took the tent
[23:05] * Eitak_Razal has moved to: [ Her Tent ]
[23:06] * Freya has moved to: [ Eitak's Tent ]
[23:06] <Orion> You, and the children shall always come first. ^_^
[23:06] <Matsumi Kaze> ^
[23:06] *** Freya has moved back to the livingroom
[23:06] * Freya looks honored
[23:06] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Eitak's Tent ]
[23:11] <Orion> You and the girls can eat up. I will catch more.
[23:11] * Megan O`Cain [Eitak's tent] pours herself a glass of wine
[23:14] * Orion gives the mouse to Freya.
[23:15] * Freya takes the mouse and goes over to two kittens who are waiting patiently
[23:19] <Eitak_Razal> [Her Tent] So, what do you guys wanna play?
[23:20] <Megan O`Cain> [Eitak's tent] Depends on what you got to play.
[23:21] * Orion goes back to prowling...
[23:21] <Matsumi Kaze> [Eitak's Tent] BIG ZAM
[23:22] <Eitak_Razal> [Her Tent] Big zam?
[23:23] <Matsumi Kaze> [Eitak's Tent] BIG...ZAM
[23:23] <Megan O`Cain> [Eitak's tent] What's that?
[23:24] * Eitak_Razal [Her Tent] just stares at Matsumi
[23:25] <Matsumi Kaze> [Eitak's Tent] .....ugh nevermind
[23:29] <Matsumi Kaze> [Eitak's Tent] let's just play something
[23:29] * Freya also trie sto keep the kittens from wandering off
[23:29] <Eitak_Razal> [Her Tent] Mario Kart?
[23:31] <Megan O`Cain> [Eitak's tent] Sure.
[23:31] * Eitak_Razal [Her Tent] hands out controllers and boots up the system. She picks Rosalina becaue she's awsome
[23:35] * Orion starts chasing a RAT!
[23:35] * Megan O`Cain [Eitak's tent] picks Bowser
[23:37] * Matsumi Kaze [Eitak's Tent] PICKS THE GREEN MAN HIMSELF..LUIGI
[23:44] <Eitak_Razal> [Her Tent] You guys have terrible taste in charcters
[23:47] <Megan O`Cain> [Eitak's tent] :P
[23:48] * Orion chases the rat into a sewer pipe!....and gets stuck!
[23:51] * Freya runs over and grabs orion's tail with her teeth
[23:51] * Orion 's tail floofs! as you hear an echoing "YOWL!" from inside the pipe!
[23:54] * Freya tries to pull!
[23:57] * Orion seems to be stuck good!
[00:00] <Freya> hm
[00:00] * Freya is now known as Freya Felinus
[00:00] * Freya Felinus morphs..and tries to find a way to get her husband out of the pipe
[00:03] <Freya Felinus> hold on..I'll get you out of there!
[00:06] <Freya Felinus> ugh..usually I can...get you out of..tight...spots..gah come on
[00:07] <Orion> Ouch! ooh! Please! Be gentle, my love!
[00:08] <Freya Felinus> JUST TAKE IT, ORION
[00:09] * Freya Felinus PULLS
[00:09] * Orion POPS out of the pipe at last!
[00:10] * Freya Felinus falls over
[00:11] * Orion is filthy, wet, and looking mortified...
[00:14] <Freya Felinus> are you alright?
[00:14] <Freya Felinus> ...orion....
[00:15] <Orion> T_T
[00:15] <Orion> I'M WET! I STINK! FILTHY!!! FILTYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
[00:17] <Freya Felinus> our children are watching
[00:18] <Orion> O.o
[00:18] * Orion runs off and DIVES into the neighbor's Bird Bath!
[00:20] * Felinus Twins blink in kitten form
[00:28] * Orion returns...looking like a drowned rat, and a dead pigeon in his mouth. He drops the bird, sits down and looks at his daughters... "And how you catch a bird!"
[00:28] <Freya Felinus> dear...
[00:29] * Felinus Twins bounds over to play with thier papa ^^
[00:31] <Orion> (Perfect cover!)
[00:34] <Orion> Okay, my little ones! Eat first, and then we can play!
[00:36] <Felinus Twins> :D
[00:36] * Felinus Twins rush over!
[00:39] * Orion healps to de-feather the pigeon
[00:47] * Freya morphs back to cat form and awtches with pride
[00:52] * Orion shakes out his fur away from the children and Freya while they eat.
[00:55] * Matsumi Kaze [Eitak's Tent] has fallen asleep in her pajamas
[00:58] * Orion returns to the family and they enjoy a hearty feline meal!
[00:58] * Freya eats does the twins
[00:59] *** Orion [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Tomorrow! You shall learn to catch your own mice! ^_^)
[01:03] *** Freya [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*smiles*)
[01:03] *** Felinus Twins has left #suburbansenshi2 (*cheer!*)
[10:15] * ?? looks at felinus twins.
[10:15] *** felinus twins is your average everyday felinus twins

[11:12] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', DD_Girl_Green
[11:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Put it on your chest and say Guyver!!
[11:12] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', DD_Girl_Green
[11:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We own you B[BLEEP]ch, Give up.
[11:12] * DD_Girl_Green comes to the campfire site with Mira
[11:16] <DD_Girl_Green> You wouldn't wander away form mommy, would you?
[11:16] * DD_Girl_Green tickles Mira
[11:27] <DD_Girl_Green> I wonder where your sister is?
[11:41] * DD_Girl_Green hugs Mira
[11:47] * Baby Beryl crawls through the campsite :D
[11:55] * Baby Beryl crawls into Matsumi's and Hideki's tent :D
[11:57] * Matsumi Kaze [Eitak's Tent] is sitting on a rock, typing on her laptop
[11:59] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the livingroom
[12:00] * Baby Beryl crawls onto Matsumi's back :D
[12:02] <DD_Girl_Green> Oh Little gem, Where are you?
[12:05] <Matsumi Kaze> she's behind me
[12:07] <Baby Beryl> :D
[12:08] * Matsumi Kaze is typing an email
[12:18] <DD_Girl_Green> You should know better than to crawl away form mommy
[12:20] <Baby Beryl> :D
[12:22] <Matsumi Kaze> emailing my dad..
[12:22] <Matsumi Kaze> it's his birthday
[12:25] <DD_Girl_Green> oh?
[12:25] <Matsumi Kaze> mmhm!
[12:26] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I can only imagine subraru is probably going to send a check or some terse email
[12:26] <DD_Girl_Green> what gift should we get for him?
[12:27] <Matsumi Kaze> eh? um I don't know..whatever you want
[12:28] * Matsumi Kaze winces as a shock wave rings through the air above their heads
[12:29] * DD_Girl_Green covers her ears
[12:29] <Baby Beryl> >__<
[12:30] * Matsumi Kaze frowns and looks up "HEY! MIND DOING THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE?
[12:30] * Joanna Smithson blinks and stops her training "..look you do your thing..I'll do my thing, sis"
[12:33] <Matsumi Kaze> oh by the way, green..whta are you bringing for thanksgiving?
[12:33] * Matsumi Kaze pulls up a list and looks it over
[12:34] <Matsumi Kaze> Eilean is doing a salad for it.....not sure if Euri is coming or not....Sarah and I are doing the turkey....
[12:36] <DD_Girl_Green> hmm, I was thinking of cooking
[12:36] <DD_Girl_Green> how about some pumpkin pie?
[12:36] <DD_Girl_Green> I can gether some berries to use as toppings.
[12:37] <Matsumi Kaze> ...well yes cooking is a part of it
[12:37] <Matsumi Kaze> oh and your siblings are invited to..but they have to bring a dish
[12:40] <DD_Girl_Green> have to or need to?
[12:41] <Matsumi Kaze> they should ^^ it would be nice
[12:46] <DD_Girl_Green> well, purple might be over at Carlo's thanksgiving if they have one, Red's confused for either food or a toy at the moment, I'm sure Pink and Pinako can come, as well as Katerina and Mika.
[12:47] <Matsumi Kaze> oh well I understand if purple can't make it..that's fine!
[12:48] <DD_Girl_Green> well, purple might be over at Carlo's thanksgiving if they have one, Red's confused for either food or a toy at the moment, I'm sure Pink and Pinako can come, as well as Katerina and Mika.
[12:49] <DD_Girl_Green> (( double post, it takes time to get it through. ))
[12:49] <DD_Girl_Green> (( like 4-5 minute delay ))
[12:50] <DD_Girl_Green> (( depends on how long the text is ))
[12:53] <Matsumi Kaze> (( okies ))
[12:56] <Matsumi Kaze> hm?
[12:57] <DD_Girl_Green> You know, Pink and Pinako, Katerina and Mika... and her "other" Aunts.
[12:59] <Matsumi Kaze> HEY JO WHAT AR EYOU BRINGING
[12:59] * Joanna Smithson pauses in mid kick
[12:59] <Joanna Smithson> probably bringing bars
[13:00] <Matsumi Kaze> always bring bars
[13:00] <Joanna Smithson> hey bars are easy to make
[13:03] <Baby Beryl> :D
[13:04] * Baby Beryl climbs on joanna for the fabled "Bars" :D
[13:05] <DD_Girl_Green> Bring bars my kids'll eat
[13:05] * Joanna Smithson is flying
[13:05] <Joanna Smithson> ...they're a little young
[13:06] <DD_Girl_Green> Bring bars my kids'll eat
[13:11] <DD_Girl_Green> then bring baby food.
[13:13] <Joanna Smithson> ...can't you bring the baby food?? O_o
[13:17] <DD_Girl_Green> anything but bars, Pinako's bringing them :P
[13:20] <Joanna Smithson> huh what?
[13:21] * Pinako brings over some sweets :D
[13:22] * Pinako has homemade honey bars, chocolate bars, and cookies of all kinds
[13:25] * Joanna Smithson shrugs and goes back to her training
[13:25] <Pinako> want one? :D
[13:26] <Joanna Smithson> bit busy at the moment!
[13:26] <Matsumi Kaze> I'll have some!
[13:35] * Pinako gives a few sweets to Matsumi :D
[13:36] * Matsumi Kaze takes them with thanks
[14:19] * Matsumi Kaze frowns, listening to various shock waves in the sky
[14:53] * Matsumi Kaze looks left and right..noitcing nobody seems to be around....and vanishes through a portal
[15:10] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Landmark Tower, Yokohama ]
[15:10] * Matsumi Kaze [Landmark Tower, Yokohama] streaches and sits at her desk
[15:10] <Matsumi Kaze> [Landmark Tower, Yokohama] ugggggh......
[15:14] <Matsumi Kaze> [Landmark Tower, Yokohama] least I can rest a bit now
[15:14] * Matsumi Kaze [Landmark Tower, Yokohama] walks over to one ofthe large windows nad looks out over yokohama
[16:31] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[17:59] * Tamiko Denshi looks in the mirror.
[17:59] *** Tamiko Denshi is your average everyday Tamiko Denshi

[17:59] * Tamiko Denji looks in the mirror.
[17:59] *** Tamiko Denji is teenage girl with black hair with electric blue streaks, which is tied in a spiky pony tail and often wears a pair of goggles.
Her image Song is: .

[17:59] *** Tamiko Denji has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:59] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Tamiko Denji
[17:59] <@Chateaux Concierge> Dude if you can't say anything nice, at least sit by me so I can listen in.
[17:59] * Tamiko Denji [Computer Coding] is working on a makeshift TV in the ruins
[18:00] *** Tamiko Denji has moved back to the livingroom
[18:00] <Tamiko Denji> know...I have..better use of my abilities then this
[18:00] * Tamiko Denji adjusts the monitor while reworking the circuts
[18:03] * Tamiko Denji grumbles
[18:06] <Masaki O`Cain> how goes the new boss?
[18:06] *** Masaki O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Masaki O`Cain
[18:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Now with extra Bom Chikka Wow Wow
[18:06] * Masaki O`Cain is lounging
[18:06] <Tamiko Denji> eh he's ok I guess...he was always ok
[18:11] <Tamiko Denji> feel like he's probably going to be a hands off person
[18:20] * Saki Suminaka sits at a fancy table laid out for her and her friends ^^
[18:24] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Matsumi Kaze
[18:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: all over it like stink on poo.
[18:24] * Matsumi Kaze [Landmark Tower, Yokohama] is waiting for the TV to be set up
[18:24] *** Matsumi Kaze has moved back to the livingroom
[18:31] *** Takako Shin has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:31] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Takako Shin
[18:31] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We own you B[BLEEP]ch, Give up.
[18:31] * Takako Shin has no idea why she's here but she's here and enjoying some tea
[18:35] *** Eiko Kageko has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:35] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Eiko Kageko
[18:35] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome. Suburban Senshi asks: What would Vegita do?
[18:35] * Eiko Kageko sits at the table enjoying some tea as well
[18:40] * Ume Shin is sending texts from her home to a few of her fellow senshi
[18:47] * Izumi Nagai puts out some food ^^
[18:48] * Tomo Terakawa simply prays in a corner
[18:54] *** Kishiko Tamatsu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:54] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Kishiko Tamatsu
[18:54] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: True Typing Violence
[18:55] * Kishiko Tamatsu is chatting with Izumi...and ignoring everyone else...
[18:57] * Delilha Inochi looks around..a little overhwelmed
[19:00] <Delilha Inochi> alot of people here
[19:03] * Mari Svengard is grabbing a few foods herself
[19:07] * Megan Connor is staying far away from the rest
[19:10] * Sam Knutsen is trying to talk to the others...though her japanese is terrible
[19:10] <Tamiko Denji> OK I GOT IT RUNNING
[19:10] * Tamiko Denji turns on the wrestling match!
[19:18] <Masaki O`Cain> WOOT GO HUN!
[19:20] * Sam Knutsen watches and gives a cheer!
[19:26] <Mari Svengard> is this real or fake?
[19:26] <Matsumi Kaze> as haruka would's scripted
[19:29] *** Marjeta Janu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:29] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Marjeta Janu
[19:29] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Yes. We went there.
[19:29] <Marjeta Janu> I AM HERE WITH DRINKS!
[19:29] * Marjeta Janu walks through the ruins with several barrels
[19:31] * Takako Shin is texting Ume, while watching the wrestling match
[19:35] <Kishiko Tamatsu> meh this show is ok I guess
[19:37] <Eiko Kageko> does someone mind telling me what's going on please ^^
[19:37] <Delilha Inochi> oh well!
[19:38] * Delilha Inochi starts to helpfully describe the match to Eiko
[19:41] <Masaki O`Cain> WOOT GO DAVEY
[19:44] * Izumi Nagai starts stacking dishes
[19:47] * Tamiko Denji adjusts the TV a bit
[19:53] <Matsumi Kaze> don't move it too much! we'll lose the signal!
[19:58] * Marjeta Janu is passing drinks out to those who are old enough
[19:58] * Sam Knutsen grabs a beer..she's just barely old enough
[20:01] * Takako Shin texts Ume again, giving her updates on a few things
[20:02] * Delilha Inochi glances around at a few of the senshi she's suppose to lead
[20:03] * Kishiko Tamatsu goes to get some more food but Izumi moves the plate since it needs to be refilled
[20:03] *** George Glass [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:03] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, George Glass
[20:03] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It insists upon itself.
[20:03] *** Tenri Kiyo has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:03] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Tenri Kiyo
[20:03] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: we have start friendship now
[20:04] *** Kohana Someina [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Kohana Someina
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Interfering with the Pedagogical Mission since 2002
[20:04] *** Katsumi Isamu [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Katsumi Isamu
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We're not Elitist, unless you suck.
[20:04] <Tamiko Denji> I think I got the signal just right
[20:04] *** Ayami Karatsu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Ayami Karatsu
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Like cocaine, but better.
[20:04] *** Kazue Karatsu has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Kazue Karatsu
[20:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: WHAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZAP?!
[20:05] <Tamiko Denji> hey size girl...think you could give this cord some air?
[20:05] * Tamiko Denji hands a wire
[20:05] * Tenri Kiyo looks behind her at all the youngin's following her over. She grins.
[20:05] <Ayami Karatsu> It's a shame Jackie couldn't come, ne?
[20:05] <Mari Svengard> um..sure
[20:05] * Mari Svengard takes the wire....
[20:05] * Mari Svengard starts to grow to 30 meters in height
[20:06] * Katsumi Isamu nods. "Yeah. She'd rather work extra hours at Charm Coffee than hang out with us."
[20:06] <Kazue Karatsu> That job was so exhausting...
[20:06] <Kohana Someina> That's because you were studying at Mugen, too, Kazue-senpai.
[20:06] <Kazue Karatsu> I've told you, Kohana. Kazue is just fine.
[20:07] * Mari Svengard walks over and attaches the wire to a high place before shrinking back down
[20:07] <Katsumi Isamu> Hey but Ayami works at Charm Coffee and goes to Mugen, too. Why isn't she exhausted all the time?
[20:07] <Ayami Karatsu> Because I'm a bundle of energy!! Ne, onee-san??
[20:07] * Kazue Karatsu smiles a thin smile.
[20:08] * Tenri Kiyo looks around at all the unfamiliar faces, sizing them up. (They don't look intimidating at all...)
[20:08] <Matsumi Kaze> hi guys ^^
[20:08] <Masaki O`Cain> DO IT, DAVEY!
[20:08] *** Andy Dioli [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:08] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Andy Dioli
[20:08] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: the internet equivalent of guys with little stickers of Calvin taking a wizz.
[20:08] * George Glass finally spots her lover and goes over to Tamiko. She crouches down beside the shorter woman and wraps her arms around her in a brief hug, giving her a kiss on her head.
[20:09] <Andy Dioli> The heck is going on
[20:09] * Tamiko Denji blushes
[20:09] <George Glass> Missed you.
[20:09] <Sam Knutsen> watching a wrestling match I guess
[20:10] <Tamiko Denji> always miss you
[20:10] * Tenri Kiyo looks over at the fellow and shrugs, saying, "Some of the girls and I just came back from doing some training."
[20:10] <Tenri Kiyo> We couldn't get the whole team together but we did our best.
[20:10] <Andy Dioli> Team?
[20:11] * Tenri Kiyo nods.
[20:12] * Kishiko Tamatsu a disgusted glance at Matsumi, Masaki and Saki
[20:15] * Tenri Kiyo points to George, Kohana, Katsumi, Ayami, Kazue, Kishiko, Delilha, Megan, and herself.
[20:15] <Tenri Kiyo> We're most of the members of the Satellite Senshi of Neptune.
[20:16] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Megan O`Cain
[20:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Style over Substance since 2002.
[20:16] <Megan O`Cain> [Eitak's tent] Yo.
[20:16] *** Megan O`Cain has moved back to the livingroom
[20:16] <Andy Dioli> Oh! That's cool
[20:16] <Delilha Inochi> huh really?
[20:17] * Izumi Nagai passes out some snacks to Andy!
[20:17] <Andy Dioli> Thanks
[20:17] <Tenri Kiyo> Jackie's working at Charm Coffee, Sammy's working at some hospital or other, REINA's doing whatever it is up and coming musical artists do, and idk where Hinako is.
[20:18] <Ayami Karatsu> I wish we could've had everyone show up...
[20:18] <Katsumi Isamu> Right? It was so scary!
[20:18] <Andy Dioli> Eh, you do what you can.
[20:18] <Takako Shin> oh hey it's the new leader
[20:19] <Megan O`Cain> What's going on?
[20:19] <Kohana Someina> Kaifuu-sama was so scary...
[20:20] <George Glass> How are you doing, Tamiko? Are you alright?
[20:20] <Tenri Kiyo> I just wish we could get all our schedules in sync. I'm with Kaifuu-sama.
[20:21] <Tenri Kiyo> How are we going to be an unstoppable force of legend if we can't practice are formations properly?
[20:21] <Kazue Karatsu> Maybe we can....break off into little groups of legend?
[20:21] * Tenri Kiyo snorts.
[20:21] <Tamiko Denji> yeah..just...been busy with all that computer help
[20:21] <Tenri Kiyo> And be like all those other failed satellite senshi groupings?
[20:21] <Tenri Kiyo> No thanks.
[20:22] * Katsumi Isamu snickers.
[20:24] <Kohana Someina> Katsumi, you shouldn't laugh
[20:24] <Kohana Someina> It's not their fault they're too many and can't organize properly.
[20:24] * Katsumi Isamu guffaws loudly at her classmate.
[20:25] <Sam Knutsen> laughing for some reason?
[20:25] * Megan O`Cain pulls up a camping chair as she watches the gathering
[20:25] <Saki Suminaka> THIS IS FUN :d
[20:25] <Saki Suminaka> :D
[20:26] * Ayami Karatsu bounds over to Saki.
[20:26] <Ayami Karatsu> Isn't it???
[20:26] * Ayami Karatsu latches onto the older girl's arm.
[20:26] <Andy Dioli> does it really matter? I mean as long as you're being a hero that's all that matters right?
[20:26] <Saki Suminaka> yeah :D
[20:27] * Megan Connor keeps far away from everyone else...working on writing on her laptop
[20:27] * Tenri Kiyo scratches the back of her neck in consideration.
[20:27] <Tenri Kiyo> Why be a hero if you're terrible at it?
[20:28] <Ayami Karatsu> Ne ne, Saki-senpai. How was your date with Kenji-san??
[20:28] * Kazue Karatsu watches her little sister chat with her friend and smiles wistfully, wishing she still had time to be in the Sailor Senshi Fan Club at school.
[20:29] * Andy Dioli looks at Teri Kiyo.
[20:29] *** Teri Kiyo is your average everyday Teri Kiyo

[20:30] * Andy Dioli looks at Tenri Kiyo.
[20:30] *** Tenri Kiyo is your average everyday Tenri Kiyo

[20:30] * Tenri Kiyo looks in the mirror.
[20:30] *** Tenri Kiyo is a strong, well toned woman with lightly tanned skin, lavender eyes, and bright blue, short hair done up in an overly exaggerated pompadour style. She's wearing a white tank top, a black jacket, and blue jeans with bright blue high tops. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: .

[20:31] <Andy Dioli> Because even small things can make a difference, it's not about being good or bad at it, it's about doing what's right
[20:31] * Kazue Karatsu frowns.
[20:31] * Marjeta Janu offers Tenri some drink!
[20:31] <Kazue Karatsu> There are many satellite senshi that don't do what's right.
[20:32] * Megan O`Cain waves to Andy, Matsumi, Saki, and Masaki, "Hey."
[20:33] <Delilha Inochi> well...maybe we should!
[20:33] <Delilha Inochi> I...I think the Neptunian senshi should really try hard to be heroes!
[20:33] * Tomo Terakawa smiles, listenign to this
[20:34] * Kazue Karatsu gives a side eye to Tomo.
[20:34] <Katsumi Isamu> We ARE!
[20:34] <Katsumi Isamu> Well, that's what I want to be.
[20:34] <Katsumi Isamu> With Kaifuu-sama's guidance, she says we'l be an unstoppable force of legend. Coming to the world's aide in times of need.
[20:35] * George Glass gives Tamiko a small kiss on her nape as to not disturb her work and heads back on over to her comrades.
[20:35] <George Glass> What're you guys talking about?
[20:36] * Masaki O`Cain is busy watching the TV
[20:36] <Takako Shin> I guess it's about being heroes?
[20:37] <Kohana Someina> Oh yeah, that's right. George-senpai, weren't you a solo hero for a while?
[20:38] * George Glass blushes a little, looking awkward as rubs the back of her neck.
[20:38] <George Glass> Yeah...but I wouldn't recommend it..
[20:38] <George Glass> I got too caught up in it, I guess.
[20:38] * George Glass looks nervous. She really doesn't like talking about how she went rogue for a few months.
[20:38] * Kazue Karatsu shakes her head.
[20:39] <Eiko Kageko> I'm sure everyone here has a good soul ^^
[20:39] * Tenri Kiyo takes the drink that was offered to her with a big grin and word of thanks.
[20:39] <Kishiko Tamatsu> still not sure why we need a quinoxian to be our leader
[20:39] * Kohana Someina and Katsumi share a look before bursting out laughing.
[20:40] * Marjeta Janu gives Tenri a pat on the back and goes to get some food for herself
[20:40] * Kazue Karatsu frowns at Kishiko's words and looks over at Delilha.
[20:40] * Delilha Inochi looks a little ashamed
[20:41] <George Glass> It's what Kaifuu chose. She was our leader as Sailor Triton before and now that she's Sailor Neptune... honestly, who are we to question her?
[20:41] * Tenri Kiyo takes a sip and smiles at the good flavor.
[20:41] <Tenri Kiyo> Right, George?
[20:41] <Tenri Kiyo> I mean, I'm glad Kaifuu's more in charge now.
[20:41] <Tenri Kiyo> Michiru-san was nice and all but she was hardly a leader.
[20:41] <Katsumi Isamu> Right? She's so full of herself.
[20:41] <Kohana Someina> Katsumi! Don't say things like that.
[20:42] <Kishiko Tamatsu> ..I thought she was fine >.>
[20:42] * Katsumi Isamu rolls her eyes.
[20:43] <Kazue Karatsu> Really, Kishiko?
[20:43] <Saki Suminaka> Kenji's graet! we're relaly happy!
[20:43] <Kazue Karatsu> I know she let us do whatever she wanted but didn't that just mean she didn't care about us?
[20:43] <Kishiko Tamatsu> well she was..elegant..and awesome and...really neat
[20:43] <Ayami Karatsu> I'm so glad! I wish I could find someone someday
[20:45] <Izumi Nagai> this is a really great night!
[20:45] <Ayami Karatsu> Like Mitsuru Chiba from "Take Me In Your Arms." His Touji is to do for.
[20:46] <Saki Suminaka> yeah ^^
[20:46] <Ayami Karatsu> to die for^
[20:46] * Kazue Karatsu goes over to her sister.
[20:47] <Kazue Karatsu> Come on, little sis. We should get going home.
[20:47] * Ayami Karatsu lets out a whine.
[20:47] <Kazue Karatsu> [..omg..]]
[20:47] <Kazue Karatsu> (..omg..)^
[20:47] <Kazue Karatsu> You're not a child. You'll see your friends at school tomorrow.
[20:47] <Kazue Karatsu> Let's go. You need to go to bed.
[20:48] <Ayami Karatsu> But onee-san, it's not even 9!
[20:48] <Delilha Inochi> is..something wrong?
[20:49] <Kazue Karatsu> ...and you're fine with missing tonight's episode of Galactic Ninja Yuki?
[20:49] * Ayami Karatsu gasps.
[20:49] <Ayami Karatsu> Omg you're right!!
[20:49] * Ayami Karatsu quickly gives Saki and hug.
[20:49] <Ayami Karatsu> C'mon big sis, I don't wanna miss it!!
[20:50] <Ayami Karatsu> Tonight's the night Kaori's supposed to confess her feelings to Yuki!!
[20:50] <Kazue Karatsu> ..are you sure about that?
[20:50] <Ayami Karatsu> DEAD ASS SURE.
[20:50] * Kazue Karatsu covers a snort with her hand.
[20:50] * Saki Suminaka gives a hug!
[20:50] <Kazue Karatsu> Okay then. Let's get going.
[20:50] * Andy Dioli sighs, thinking to himself
[20:51] * Kazue Karatsu waves goodbye to her comrades and the others she knows and heads back towards their apartment.
[20:51] *** Kazue Karatsu has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:51] * Ayami Karatsu follows her college student big sis giddly, singing the theme song to Galactic Ninja Yuki as she goes.
[20:51] *** Ayami Karatsu has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:52] * George Glass looks over to Andy, feeling a faint blush form on her tanned face as she thinks back on when she had a crush on the man.
[20:52] <George Glass> You alright, Andy?
[20:53] * Tamiko Denji blinks, watching george
[20:55] <Andy Dioli> Just thinking about my own Senshi job
[20:55] * Kohana Someina starts chatting to Katsumi about Principal Arisugawa's upcoming announcement. She seems excited and eager to try and guess what it may be about.
[20:56] <Tenri Kiyo> What's it like being a planetary senshi?
[20:56] <Tenri Kiyo> You like it more than who you used to be?
[20:57] * Megan O`Cain smiles a bit as her parents and cousins join her
[20:58] * Katsumi Isamu disagrees with Kohana but smiles genially.
[20:59] <Kohana Someina> We should get going before we get locked out of the dorm...
[20:59] <Katsumi Isamu> Yeah, you're probably right.
[21:00] <Delilha Inochi> um it was...
[21:00] <Delilha Inochi> wonderful to see you two
[21:00] * Katsumi Isamu and Kohana Someina turn to their elders and bow in unison, bidding them a goodnight. They then head out to take the train back to Houou City to their dorms in Ohtori Academy.
[21:00] * Delilha Inochi does a slight bow at least as best she can
[21:00] <Andy Dioli> It feels like more weight on my shoulders, and there's more power, but other then that it's not markedly diffrent than what I personally was doing before
[21:00] *** Katsumi Isamu [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Let's practice again, Delilha-san!)
[21:00] *** Kohana Someina [] has left #suburbansenshi2 ( Yes, I really enjoy spending time with any and all of my fellow Neptune Satellite Senshi.)
[21:01] <Tenri Kiyo> No?
[21:01] <Tenri Kiyo> But what about being in charge of your Uranus Satelite Senshi?
[21:01] * George Glass rests her hands in her pockets of her jeans, clearly interested in what Andy has to say.
[21:01] <Andy Dioli> See the "More weight on my shoulders"
[21:02] * Megan O`Cain leans back in her seat
[21:02] *** Gavrison O`Cain has moved back to the livingroom
[21:02] <Gavrison O`Cain> Quite the gathering here tonight.
[21:04] <Tenri Kiyo> But can't you just tell them what to do and make your life easier?
[21:04] <Cassandra O`Cain> [Sorceress] Indeed. So many people have shown up.
[21:04] *** Cassandra O`Cain has moved back to the livingroom
[21:05] * Tamiko Denji pauses, listening and watching george
[21:05] <Gavrison O`Cain> I wonder what the occasion is.
[21:06] <Andy Dioli> That's not what I mean. Being a leader alone is pressure. People expect me to know what to do, even if I don't know myself.
[21:06] <Masaki O`Cain> guess it's just fun
[21:07] <George Glass> Can you not ask Haruka for help? Maybe give you some tips?
[21:08] <Tenri Kiyo> Yeah, why not ask your other planetary sailors senshi? Kaifuu-sama clearly knows what she's doing, somehow.
[21:08] <George Glass> Oh but Mayu has a pretty good head on her shoulders for leadership, too, don't you think?
[21:08] * Tenri Kiyo thinks that over and grunts, giving a grudging nod.
[21:08] <Gavrison O`Cain> How've you been, Masaki?
[21:08] <Masaki O`Cain> eh ok
[21:09] <Andy Dioli> ...Have you MET Haruka in person?
[21:09] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's good. Heard you and David went on a night trip.
[21:09] <Tenri Kiyo> She's alright...for a Saturnian..
[21:09] * George Glass rolls her eyes at Tenri's words and then chuckles at Andy's.
[21:09] <George Glass> Yeah, I guess you're right.
[21:09] <George Glass> Might not be the best person to ask for advice.
[21:10] * Tamiko Denji walks over and hugs George from behind
[21:10] <Andy Dioli> Her advice would be like "Don't f[BLEEP]k up" or something totally useless
[21:10] <Tamiko Denji> hey honeybabe....let's go home....I've missed your touch...
[21:11] * Tamiko Denji is actually..somewhat clinging
[21:11] * George Glass blushes deeply and coughs, embarrassed.
[21:11] * George Glass grins, still blushing.
[21:12] <George Glass> Well. I think that's my cue to head on out of here.
[21:12] * George Glass turns in Tamiko's embrace. She reaches down and picks up the slimmer girl with ease.
[21:12] * Tamiko Denji blushes a bit herself
[21:12] * George Glass gives Tamiko a deep kiss before heading out and carrying the girl over her chuckle with an evil grin.
[21:13] * Gavrison O`Cain and his family wave to George and Tamiko goodbye
[21:14] * Tamiko Denji returns the kiss, holding on, smiling
[21:14] *** George Glass [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:15] * Tenri Kiyo watches the two leave and shakes her head with a wry smile.
[21:15] *** Tamiko Denji has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:16] <Tenri Kiyo> They're cute.
[21:17] <Tenri Kiyo> I'll admit, I don't think relationships are in the cards for me.
[21:17] * Tenri Kiyo glances over at Andy.
[21:17] <Tenri Kiyo> You got anyone?
[21:18] * Delilha Inochi sits quietly, looking at the senshi she does command..and sighs
[21:20] * Tenri Kiyo hears the sigh and looks over at her new, young, leader. She smiles, a little unsure. (I keep forgetting how young she is.)
[21:20] <Tenri Kiyo> You okay, Delilha?
[21:21] <Andy Dioli> Nah. Not a whole lot of people are into guys like me, so finding someone willing to go out let alone form a relationship is hard enough
[21:21] <Delilha Inochi> there's alot of people....I don't know if I can do it
[21:23] * Tenri Kiyo nods at Andy in understanding.
[21:24] <Tenri Kiyo> A lot of people on the team? Or a lot of people here?
[21:25] * Gavrison O`Cain cracks open a can of beer
[21:26] <Delilha Inochi> alot of people on the team....
[21:26] <Delilha Inochi> I don't even know what my powers are like...
[21:30] <Tenri Kiyo> Well, that's what our training sessions are for, yeah?
[21:30] <Delilha Inochi> y..yeah you're right
[21:31] <Gavrison O`Cain> Anyone else care for a drink?
[21:31] * Delilha Inochi smiles
[21:32] <Marjeta Janu> I will have one!
[21:35] * Gavrison O`Cain tosses Marjeta a can of beer, "Drink up, miss!"
[21:35] <Tenri Kiyo> Yeah I'll take one before I head out.
[21:35] * Gavrison O`Cain tosses a can of beer to Tenri, "Enjoy!"
[21:36] * Gavrison O`Cain looks at Marjeta Janu.
[21:36] *** Marjeta Janu is tall woman about 7'2, with a large muscular body, brown eyes and grey hair tied back in a pony. She speaks with an eastern european accent. She is also Sailor Atlas.
Her image Song is: .

[21:36] * Gavrison O`Cain looks at Tenri Kiyo.
[21:36] *** Tenri Kiyo is a strong, well toned woman with lightly tanned skin, lavender eyes, and bright blue, short hair done up in an overly exaggerated pompadour style. She's wearing a white tank top, a black jacket, and blue jeans with bright blue high tops. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: .

[21:37] * Tenri Kiyo catches it, pops the tab away from her just in case, and then chugs it down.
[21:42] <Sam Knutsen> I'll have one too!
[21:42] <Tenri Kiyo> That's pretty good.
[21:43] * Tenri Kiyo checks out the brand and smiles.
[21:43] <Tenri Kiyo> You guys got trash and junk set up around here yet?
[21:43] * Cassandra O`Cain points to a trash bin, "Over there, miss."
[21:44] * Gavrison O`Cain tosses a can to Sam, "Here ya go."
[21:44] * Tenri Kiyo chucks the empty beer can on over to the trash.
[21:44] * Gavrison O`Cain looks at Sam Knutsen.
[21:44] *** Sam Knutsen is young woman with medium length brown hair and blue eyes.
Her image Song is: .

[21:48] * Sam Knutsen opens and drinks
[21:52] <Tenri Kiyo> Nice night.
[21:54] * Tenri Kiyo gazes up at the light polluted sky.
[21:56] * Matsumi Kaze reaches up....and causes an air illusion to blanket out the nearby city lights from their view...allowing full look at the nightsky
[21:57] <Gavrison O`Cain> Yep. Quite the beautiful night.
[21:57] <Takako Shin> whoa...
[21:57] <Donovan O`Cain> [Strider] Absolutely.
[21:57] *** Donovan O`Cain has moved back to the livingroom
[21:57] * Donovan O`Cain looks at Takako Shin.
[21:57] *** Takako Shin is your average everyday Takako Shin

[22:02] <Tenri Kiyo> Alright, I should get going.
[22:02] <Tenri Kiyo> I've a got a fight tonight.
[22:02] <Tenri Kiyo> See ya.
[22:02] * Tenri Kiyo strolls on down the road, pumping herself up for her illegal fight later tonight.
[22:02] *** Tenri Kiyo has left #suburbansenshi2
[22:02] <Delilha Inochi> seeya..
[22:05] <Gavrison O`Cain> Later.
[22:10] * some of the other sat senshi also begin to leave..heading their own ways home
[22:13] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hm. I guess the party's winding down.
[22:16] <Matsumi Kaze> yup!
[22:16] <Gavrison O`Cain> How've you been, Matsumi?
[22:19] <Matsumi Kaze> worn out and tired!
[22:21] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh yeah? What's been going on?
[22:23] <Matsumi Kaze> lots and lots of work!
[22:26] <Gavrison O`Cain> Gotcha.
[22:41] <Matsumi Kaze> what's up with you?
[22:50] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nothing much. Just enjoying our time together in the great outdoors even if it is in an urban area.
[22:52] * Matsumi Kaze gets her tent put together
[22:55] <Gavrison O`Cain> Need any help, Matsumi?
[22:57] <Matsumi Kaze> maybe a ilttle
[22:57] <Matsumi Kaze> tent city still lives!
[23:01] * Gavrison O`Cain and Donovan lend Matsumi a hand in putting up her tent
[23:26] <Matsumi Kaze> thanks!
[23:30] <Gavrison O`Cain> You're welcome, Matsumi.
[23:30] <Donovan O`Cain> Hey, glad to help out!
[23:46] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^
[23:52] <Gavrison O`Cain> Say, what's Hideki been up to?
[23:53] <Matsumi Kaze> oh busy..with things......
[23:53] <Matsumi Kaze> ..with many...things heee
[23:56] <Gavrison O`Cain> Yeah?
[00:29] <Gavrison O`Cain> So quiet now. Very relaxing given the current situation.
[00:30] <Matsumi Kaze> yuppers!
[00:39] * Gavrison O`Cain leans back in his seat
[01:02] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm going to get some sleep
[01:02] <Matsumi Kaze> night guys!
[01:02] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2
[01:07] <Gavrison O`Cain> Night, Matsumi.
[01:18] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC
[10:06] *** Baby Beryl has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Baby Beryl
[10:06] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Because planetnamek can kiss our [BLEEP]
[10:06] * Baby Beryl is clinging to grandma :D
[10:09] * Baby Beryl is crawling around grandma's yokohama office :D
[10:13] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:13] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', DD_Girl_Green
[10:13] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Dewey Cheatum and Howe!!!
[10:15] <DD_Girl_Green> Has anyone seen my little gem?
[10:20] <DD_Girl_Green> Sarah?
[10:26] <Sarah Christensson> yes?
[10:27] <DD_Girl_Green> have you seen my little gem anywhere?
[10:30] <Sarah Christensson> um give me a moment
[10:30] * Sarah Christensson vanishes
[10:31] <DD_Girl_Green> huh?
[10:33] * Sarah Christensson reapperas teleported to matsumi's tower office
[11:08] *** Sarah Christensson has left #suburbansenshi2 (*grabs beryl and leaves*)
[12:33] * it's raining over the ruins of the hotel and tent city
[12:39] * Sarah Christensson busies herself setting up umbrellas to keep everyone from getting wet ><
[12:53] * DD_Girl_Green is back
[12:56] * Baby Beryl is still with Sarah :D
[12:56] <DD_Girl_Green> Can I help out with those, Sarah?
[13:12] <Sarah Christensson> oh if you want
[13:13] * DD_Girl_Green helps out Sarah with the unbrellas.
[13:25] * Baby Beryl smiles at mommy and great-great-grandma :D
[13:25] * Sarah Christensson blinks at the kitchen equiptment having been set up
[13:25] <DD_Girl_Green> Now, what's this?
[13:30] <Sarah Christensson> I..on't know
[13:34] <Baby Beryl> O.O
[13:37] <DD_Girl_Green> I guess we can make something, what would you like?
[13:44] <Sarah Christensson> in this rain?
[14:24] <DD_Girl_Green> Hows my children today? ^__^
[14:25] * Baby Beryl giggles :D
[14:38] * Baby Mira doens't like the rain ><
[14:42] * DD_Girl_Green rubs Baby Mira's hair
[14:42] <DD_Girl_Green> Don't worry, we'll get you out of this rain soon.
[14:54] * DD_Girl_Green walks into the tent after helping Sarah out with umbrellas
[14:55] * Baby Beryl crawls into mommy's tent :O
[15:07] * DD_Girl_Green hugs her two children
[15:16] *** Eoria [CosmicWanderer@Priere.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Eoria
[15:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We Got The Powah.
[15:17] * Eoria comes walking up. (Man, Monday already and things still aren't finished. I begin to wonder if this is Chateaux's way of taking a break.)
[15:18] * it's still raining
[15:21] * Eoria pops an umbrella open. "Hello?"
[15:22] * Hara stands in the rain...waiting....
[15:23] * DD_Girl_Green peeks out of her tent
[15:23] * DD_Girl_Green looks at Hara.
[15:23] *** Hara is a young woman with long black hair, darker skin and a somewhat athletic build.
Her image Song is: .

[15:23] <DD_Girl_Green> Oh hello there
[15:24] <Eoria> How do?
[15:25] <DD_Girl_Green> I do god?
[15:25] <DD_Girl_Green> *good
[15:25] * Hara ignores Eoria and Green
[15:30] <Hara> today...I will get my revenge
[15:30] * Eoria slides an eye over to regard Hara, then back to Green. "She been waiting here long?"
[15:33] <DD_Girl_Green> no, I think She got here after you
[15:33] * DD_Girl_Green taps Hara's forehead "Hello, anyone there?"
[15:39] <DD_Girl_Green> so, who is she?
[15:39] * Eoria shrugs. "But I do know standing out in the rain can't be too comfortable, especially around this time of year."
[15:41] <DD_Girl_Green> I'll take her to my tent, is she wants.
[15:41] * Hara is holding an umbrella
[15:43] <DD_Girl_Green> I think I heard some muttering about revenge, though
[15:48] <Eoria> (Must be one of those obsessive types.)
[15:49] *** Tyrios [FallenButNeverForgotten@Priere.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[15:49] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Tyrios
[15:49] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Much More Rich of WTF since 2002
[15:49] * Tyrios walks up under his own umbrella, joining his wife. "And what's going on here today?"
[15:51] <DD_Girl_Green> nothing but rain
[15:54] <Tyrios> No wonder it feels so droll around here.
[16:02] <Eoria> Anyone else around, or is it just you, Green?
[16:04] <DD_Girl_Green> Sarah's handing out umbrellas
[16:08] <Eoria> Mhmm... and?
[16:09] * Baby Beryl crawls around the demon lady :O
[16:09] <DD_Girl_Green> Little gem's being very playful ^__^
[16:16] * Baby Beryl plays around on Eoria's hair :D
[16:17] * Eoria subtly shifts her hair to catch little Beryl. "Ah-ah-ah, tiny one♫"
[16:18] <Baby Beryl> :D
[16:18] * Baby Beryl coos and giggles :D
[16:18] <DD_Girl_Green> She's too much of an adventurist
[16:19] <DD_Girl_Green> she always seems to escape my sight.
[16:21] * Eoria moves her hair to hand Beryl back to Green. "Then I'd suggest you keep a tighter eye on this one."
[16:22] * DD_Girl_Green holds BAby BEryl
[16:23] * Baby Beryl giggles and crawls around on mommy :D
[16:31] * DD_Girl_Green feeds Baby Beryl some baby formula
[16:32] * Baby Beryl happily drinks :D
[16:32] <Eoria> Well, we'll be back at a later time. Take care♫
[16:33] *** Eoria [CosmicWanderer@Priere.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2
[16:33] *** Tyrios [FallenButNeverForgotten@Priere.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2
[18:27] * Filibert Wright fails to teleport.
[18:27] * Filibert Wright fails again to teleport.
[18:29] * Filibert Wright realizes that this is not a good sign.
[18:29] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon teleports to the Ginza Tower
[18:29] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon has moved to: [ Ginza Tower ]
[18:32] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon [Ginza Tower] simply tries to figure out what has happened to the Hotel, and doesn't take long to figure out that it exploded.
[18:34] * Beauty_Queen is lounging on a lounger couch that looks more like a fancy throne. She's having prinnies bring her sweets and there's a statue of her her nearby made of gold.
[18:35] * Pinako is making a lot of cookies and candies :D
[18:40] * Little fox ears pop up nearby.
[18:41] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon [Ginza Tower] realizes that the damage must have been catastrophic if the area is too unrecognizable for Teleportation.
[18:46] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon has moved to: [ s Flying Toward HOTEL site ]
[18:51] * @Miss Sunrise is discussin' Thanksgivin' with Makoto
[18:51] <IrnChef_Jovian> I'm sure we can make something great!
[18:52] * @Miss Sunrise nods
[18:52] <@Miss Sunrise> We're gonna have t' run th' dinner later
[18:52] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:52] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Chibi-Alex
[18:52] <@Chateaux Concierge> Aww. You bring out the sarcasm in me~ <3
[18:53] * Chibi-Alex pops up behind Gemini and Makoto.
[18:53] <Chibi-Alex> Whatcha doing? =^ ^=
[18:53] <@Miss Sunrise> Discussin' dinner!
[18:53] <IrnChef_Jovian> For Thanksgiving.
[18:55] <Chibi-Alex> Ooooooo! What's gonna be cooked up for everyone?
[18:56] <IrnChef_Jovian> I'm thinking Japanese - American fusion.
[18:57] <IrnChef_Jovian> Turkey as a centerpiece and lots of Japanese sides.
[18:58] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon [s Flying Toward HOTEL site] has nearly covered the distance from Ginga Tower to the HOTEL site.
[18:58] * Chibi-Alex nods and listens.
[18:59] <Chibi-Alex> What kinds of sides? Anything we can help bring?
[18:59] <IrnChef_Jovian> We haven't thought that far ahead yet...
[19:00] <@Miss Sunrise> Ain't much time. Whut if we did a potluck?
[19:02] <Chibi-Alex> Well, we have some hydroponics back at the Estate. And lots of fish we can get a hold of!
[19:05] <IrnChef_Jovian> Sounds good!
[19:05] *** Burroughs [DataMistress.TokyoGoddess@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:05] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Burroughs
[19:05] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's like Shakespeare but with lots more violence.
[19:06] * Burroughs pops into view. "Hi everyone!"
[19:06] <@Miss Sunrise> Howdy!
[19:07] <IrnChef_Jovian> Hi!
[19:07] <Chibi-Alex> Hello!
[19:07] <Burroughs> How do?
[19:07] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:07] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Chibi-Catri
[19:07] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The conquering Roman Republic of Fandom.
[19:07] * Chibi-Catri pops up behind Gemini and starts shooting at her with Nerf darts. >:3
[19:09] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon has moved to: [ Nearly at the HOTEL ]
[19:10] * @Miss Sunrise draws her sword n' deflects 'em!
[19:11] * Chibi-Catri keeps moving and shooting!
[19:11] * Chibi-Alex takes aim at Makoto and shoots a Nerf dart at her too. :D
[19:12] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Gavrison O`Cain
[19:12] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Put it on your chest and say Guyver!!
[19:12] <Gavrison O`Cain> Evening, everyone.
[19:13] * IrnChef_Jovian takes one in the forehead!
[19:16] * A Dimensional Gate opens nearby.
[19:16] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Nelius Raoul
[19:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Expect the Random
[19:16] *** Zotia [Shura.WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Zotia
[19:16] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: 100% Insanity.
[19:16] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia step through the gate, closing it behind them. "Hey."
[19:17] <@Miss Sunrise> Howdy, y'all!
[19:17] <IrnChef_Jovian> Hi!
[19:18] <Gavrison O`Cain> What's going on?
[19:18] <Nelius Raoul> I take it reconstruction is.... not coming along.
[19:18] * @Chateaux Concierge is lounged across the Peinforte Divan, vaping.
[19:18] <Zotia> Haru did mention Haruka lighting up a Gigafart™, but to see this firsthand.....
[19:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Bah, you guys are strong.
[19:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Face down nature
[19:19] <IrnChef_Jovian> Wow she is bitter
[19:19] <Chibi-Alex> I remember that!
[19:19] <Chibi-Catri> What's wrong, Miss Chat?
[19:20] <Burroughs> That reminds me, is Tenou still within her doghouse? (Have to remember to get some tapes later.)
[19:20] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well, Haruka did blow up the hotel along with Chateaux.
[19:21] * @SpeedRcrX [In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin] is in there
[19:21] <@Chateaux Concierge> Nothing, I'm on Vacatgion
[19:22] <Nelius Raoul> Suddenly that explains a lot.
[19:23] <Chibi-Catri> A what?
[19:24] <Chibi-Alex> Should we "break the glass" again?
[19:25] <Zotia> And what would that entail?
[19:27] <Chibi-Alex> It means getting a special package for Chateaux to help calm her down.
[19:27] <Chibi-Catri> Yeah, we've been told to get it for her whenever it looks like she's really upset about something.
[19:27] <Zotia> Aha.
[19:28] <@Chateaux Concierge> I'm not upset, i
[19:28] <@Chateaux Concierge> I'm chilling
[19:29] <Zotia> Incidentally, that's what we're here to do. Unwind.
[19:31] * Nelius Raoul rolls his neck, and those listening would hear a few 'pops'.
[19:31] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon [Nearly at the HOTEL] arrives over the HOTEL campsite, wreathed in flame and with sword drawn.
[19:31] *** Nimble Sky-Dragoon has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:31] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Nimble Sky-Dragoon
[19:31] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: You can't get voted off!
[19:31] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> [Nearly at the HOTEL] !!!!
[19:32] <Chibi-Catri> So, we'll have the tent city for a while longer then?
[19:32] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Gone? It Cannot be!
[19:32] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon [Nearly at the HOTEL] looks more closely, and realizes there are at least a few people.
[19:32] <Chibi-Alex> Nata doesn't mind. I think she likes the tents!
[19:32] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon has moved to: [ Above the HOTEL Encampment ]
[19:32] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> The spires, the stone, the building. Destroyed!
[19:33] * Nelius Raoul senses a presence above, and looks up. "Filibert? That you?"
[19:33] <@Chateaux Concierge> Pfft/ So Dramatic
[19:33] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Hold a moment.
[19:33] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon [Above the HOTEL Encampment] recognizes people tere.
[19:33] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon [Above the HOTEL Encampment] lands.
[19:33] *** Nimble Sky-Dragoon has moved back to the livingroom
[19:34] * Chibi-Alex waves
[19:34] * Chibi-Catri waves too.
[19:34] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> So much has gone! What caused the explosion?
[19:34] <Gavrison O`Cain> So, campfire dinner, anyone?
[19:34] <@Chateaux Concierge> A lit fart.
[19:35] <@Miss Sunrise> Sure! Ah can cook some fish!
[19:35] * Nelius Raoul looks over to Filibert. "Tenou lit up a gas main--- emphasis on the word 'gas'."
[19:35] * Gavrison O`Cain heads over to his tent for a moment
[19:36] <Chibi-Catri> Yeah, we were there when that happened.
[19:36] <Chibi-Alex> Not fun.
[19:37] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> The building. The furniture and the art within it... is it truly gone?
[19:37] <Chibi-Alex> Not really.
[19:38] <Chibi-Catri> Miss Chat can bring it all back whenever she wants. But she's being kinda lazy right now.
[19:38] <Zotia> Chateaux's enjoying her downtime.
[19:39] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> The memorial. The memorial to the fallen... where is it?
[19:39] * Gavrison O`Cain comes back with a boar on a spitroast, and also has a basket of potatoes wrapped in foil
[19:39] <@Chateaux Concierge> It blew up.
[19:40] <@Chateaux Concierge> Time to move on.
[19:40] <Chibi-Catri> But I liked the Hotel as it was. :<
[19:40] <Nelius Raoul> Give it time, Catri. It'll come back.
[19:41] <Chibi-Alex> Yeah, no destroying memorials, Chat. That's not nice.
[19:41] * @Chateaux Concierge waves her hand, and small portions of the walls can be seen slowly assembling themselves at the edges of the lobby perimeter
[19:42] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon flies over to where the Jedda Rain Memorial was, and kneels before it.
[19:42] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) dashes in and around the Fox Tent. :3
[19:43] * Chibi-Catri just watches.
[19:43] * Chibi-Alex helps with the cooking.
[19:43] <@Chateaux Concierge> Ahh, nobody wants to move on.
[19:43] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon 's shoulders sag.
[19:44] * Chibi-Catri shoots Chateaux with a Nerf dart. :P
[19:44] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Some people cling fiercely to the memory of those who inspired them by doing the seemingly impossible in making the virtuous decision and then paying for it with their lives.
[19:44] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Those who do that should be remembered. Do you disagree, my lady?
[19:45] * Nelius Raoul shrugs at Chateaux's comment--- he doesn't live here, and his daughter is merely rooming to help with Kae's shop, so..... (She could use this time to make new designs on the interior.)
[19:46] * Gavrison O`Cain has the boar roasting over a campfire while the potatoes bake away in the fire
[19:47] <@Chateaux Concierge> Eh, you have a point.
[19:48] * @Chateaux Concierge restores the memorial
[19:48] <Chibi-Alex> Want some, Chat?
[19:48] * Chibi-Catri gives Chateaux some tail-pats.
[19:48] <@Chateaux Concierge> I'm good~
[19:49] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon looks pleased that the memorial has returned, and looks squarely into the eyes of the portrait of Jedda Rain.
[19:49] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> ...............................
[19:51] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon supports himself on his sword, wearily.
[19:51] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Am I to assume, then, that all is well here, or shortly will be?
[19:51] <Chibi-Catri> Seems to be.
[19:52] * Chibi-Alex tosses Chateaux a baked potato anyway.
[19:53] * @Chateaux Concierge catches and takes an authoritative bite
[19:53] <@Chateaux Concierge> Yeah, we'll have it back up and running by thanksgiving
[19:54] <Gavrison O`Cain> Sounds good, Chateaux.
[19:54] * Chibi-Alex put chili powder on the potato. >:3
[19:54] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> That is welcome news.
[19:55] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> I am pleased that there is not another crisis.
[19:55] <Chibi-Alex> Not yet!
[19:55] <Chibi-Catri> Not unless WE make a crisis!
[19:56] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> ....
[19:57] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> I must speak to your father soon. Please inform him of this.
[19:57] <Chibi-Catri> Oh?
[19:57] <Chibi-Alex> Something bad happening?
[19:59] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> It has already happened.
[19:59] <Chibi-Alex> Oh no!
[19:59] <Chibi-Catri> You need the Imperial Guard?
[19:59] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> I feel it would do my people a disservice to call upon your soldiers at this time.
[20:01] *** Zotia [Shura.WiseWords@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*off to see how Haru's doing*)
[20:01] *** Nelius Raoul [Overlord.Shura.CreativeChaos@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:02] * Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Alex both nod.
[20:02] <Chibi-Catri> We'll tell him.
[20:02] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Good.
[20:03] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> Though I do not wish to call upon his soldiers, his ships might be able to help some of mine.
[20:05] * Gavrison O`Cain removes the boar from the spitroast, and procceds to carve up the meat on a platter, "Boar's ready, folks!"
[20:05] <Nimble Sky-Dragoon> I must speak to the Time Lords soon.
[20:05] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon looks down.
[20:06] * Nimble Sky-Dragoon is now known as Filibert Wright
[20:06] <Chibi-Catri> :D
[20:06] <Chibi-Alex> :D
[20:09] <Filibert Wright> Thank you, Noble Scions. I must depart. I have much work to do on behalf of my people now.
[20:11] * Filibert Wright begins carefully studying the camp, in case he needs to teleport back here.
[20:14] * Chibi-Alex relaxes with her plate of MEAT!!! :D
[20:14] <Chibi-Catri> What's boar taste like?
[20:18] * Filibert Wright finishes observing the camp.
[20:18] <Pinako> /e pops up begind Chibi-Nat
[20:18] * Pinako *^
[20:19] <Gavrison O`Cain> Think pork, but a bit gamey, Catri.
[20:19] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) is currently unaware as she wrestles with and tugs on a tent cord. :3
[20:20] * Pinako clutches onto Chibi-Nat "FLUFFY :D"
[20:21] <Filibert Wright> I must bid you farewell. My people need me very much.
[20:21] <Gavrison O`Cain> See ya.
[20:22] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) squeaks and trills, and starts flailing around with her fuzzy tails!!
[20:22] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-Alex is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[20:22] <Chibi-Alex> We'll tell Daddy what you said.
[20:22] <Filibert Wright> I thank you, Princess.
[20:22] * Filibert Wright quickly wraps his cloak around himself.
[20:22] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[20:22] <Chibi-Alex> >:3
[20:22] <Chibi-Alex> SEE?!
[20:23] <Chibi-Alex> I'm a Princess!
[20:23] <Chibi-Catri> I'm your sister, so I'm a princess too. :P
[20:24] * Pinako Huggles and cuddles Chibi-Nat, then moves onto the other kits :D
[20:24] <Chibi-Catri> :D
[20:24] <Chibi-Alex> Kitsune loving at the Hotel tonight!
[20:25] * Gavrison O`Cain gets himself a few pieces of boar meat and a baked potato, and proceeds to eat
[20:26] * Pinako has Cookies, cakes and sweets for ALL, including Mako and Gemini, she practically gives them away :D
[20:26] * The Kits go for the cookies and cakes!
[20:30] * Pinako gives some to Mr. O`Cian :D
[20:30] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh, thanks, Pinako.
[20:32] * The Kits happily trill for Pinako!
[20:35] <Pinako> :D
[20:37] <Pinako> I know what to do, is the Fluffy Tails lady around? :D
[20:37] <Chibi-Alex> You mean Ran?
[20:37] <Pinako> Yeah :D
[20:38] <Chibi-Catri> I think she's busy with what's going on in Gensokyo right now.
[20:38] <Chibi-Alex> Some kind of huge wrestling match.
[20:47] <Gavrison O`Cain> Really?
[20:50] <Pinako> I Wanna dump some sweets there! :D
[20:51] <Chibi-Catri> Oh?
[20:51] <Chibi-Alex> Sounds like fun!
[20:52] <Pinako> Can we, Mr. O`Cain? :D
[20:53] <Gavrison O`Cain> You kids can.
[20:54] <Pinako> Where's the match? :D
[20:55] <Chibi-Alex> Right in Gensokyo, near the Human Village.
[20:55] <Gavrison O`Cain> Somewhere in Gensokyo, I imagine.
[20:56] <Pinako> Is there a portal to there?
[21:00] * A strange portal opens! To Gensokyo!
[21:00] <Pinako> :D
[21:00] * Pinako Carries most of her sweets with her to Gensokyo!
[21:00] * Pinako is away: Dumping Desserts :D
[21:19] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:19] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[21:19] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Can we go to the park next? Can we, can we can we~!")
[21:19] <Gavrison O`Cain> And away the kits go.
[21:19] * Gavrison O`Cain grabs some more meat and taters
[21:32] * Pinako pops out of the portal, She'll be back tomorrow, hopefully.
[21:33] * Pinako 's dessert bag is empty for now.
[21:37] <Pinako> Cakes and cookies dumped on the fight :D
[21:38] <Gavrison O`Cain> Oh really? Hope they enjoy the free desserts.
[21:43] <Pinako> Everyone loves desserts :D
[21:50] <Gavrison O`Cain> So, what's been going on with you, Pinako?
[21:54] <Pinako> Making desserts and Wanting Fluffies
[21:58] <Gavrison O`Cain> Ah.
[22:03] <Pinako> where can I get a fluffy of my own? :D
[22:07] <Gavrison O`Cain> Depending on what fluffy you're looking for, there are pet shops in the city.
[22:15] <Pinako> I want all the fluffies :D
[22:19] <Gavrison O`Cain> Heh.
[22:51] <Pinako> Have you ever had a fluffy?
[22:52] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmmm. I don't think I have.
[22:54] <Pinako> no animals?
[22:55] <Gavrison O`Cain> No pets, honestly.
[22:56] <Pinako> did you want one? :O
[22:59] <Gavrison O`Cain> I hadn't given it much thought back then. We'll see, won't we?
[23:00] <Pinako> uh huh :D
[23:05] <Pinako> Sleepover? :D
[23:12] <Gavrison O`Cain> I suppose we could have one.
[23:13] <Pinako> YAY, I'll get ready :D
[23:14] * Pinako gets ready for a sleepover at the O`Cain tent
[23:14] <Pinako> :)
[23:18] <Gavrison O`Cain> Heh.
[23:59] * @mango-chan changes topic to `Suburban Senshi: Fun must be always!!!!!!!!!!!!`
[00:18] * Pinako is ready for story time :D
[00:18] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Heh, let's see what tale is in store tonight.)
[00:19] *** Pinako [Cookies@Cookies.Cookies :D] has left #suburbansenshi2 (YAY :D)
[01:18] * DD_Girl_Green is putting Beryl andd Mira to bed
[01:18] <DD_Girl_Green> do you two need anything?
[01:23] * Caligo stays near a fire
[01:24] <DD_Girl_Green> Heading in the tent, Caligo?
[01:26] <Caligo> yes of coures
[01:27] <DD_Girl_Green> So, what thanksgiving party are you going to?
[01:31] <Caligo> my mother's I suppose
[01:31] <DD_Girl_Green> ah, so what are you bringing?
[01:33] <Caligo> I'm not sure
[01:33] <DD_Girl_Green> will you be helping out with the pies?
[01:38] <Caligo> might be a good idea
[01:38] <Caligo> I'm going to get some sleep I think
[01:39] <DD_Girl_Green> ok, night honey.
[01:39] * DD_Girl_Green gets into bed with her husband
[01:39] *** DD_Girl_Green [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (what do you think of Pumpkin pie? zzzzz.)
[01:40] *** Caligo has left #suburbansenshi2 (might be good)
[12:01] *** Sarah Christenson has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:01] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Sarah Christenson
[12:01] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Where DBZ is still high art
[12:01] * Sarah Christenson works on looking through some recipe books
[13:07] * Sarah Christenson blinks and checks her phone
[14:05] * Sarah Christensson looks in the mirror.
[14:05] *** Sarah Christensson is young girl of 16. She has a short bob of blond hair, blue green eyes.
Her image Song is: "Nar som jag var pa mitt adertonde ar"" by Traditional.

[14:05] * Sarah Christensson [Ghost Countess] is looking over recipes still
[14:06] *** Sarah Christensson has moved back to the livingroom
[14:39] <Burroughs> Hi there♫
[14:41] <Sarah Christensson> hm? oh hello there!
[14:46] <Burroughs> How do?
[14:51] <Sarah Christensson> oh alright..just looking up a few things for thursday
[14:54] <Burroughs> Gotcha~
[14:58] <Sarah Christensson> I'm not sure what Matsumi's plans are honestly
[15:01] <Burroughs> Knowing her, it's gonna be something that will be remembered for a long time to come~
[15:54] <Sarah Christensson> oh most likely
[16:29] *** Sarah Christenson has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:34] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:34] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Gavrison O`Cain
[20:34] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's be fortified with 100% Vitamin insane
[20:36] *** Pinako [Cookies@Cookies.Cookies :D] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Pinako
[20:36] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Since 1974
[20:37] * Gavrison O`Cain takes a seat on a chair outside the family tent with his wife as they watch the night sky while Megan, Michelle, and Donovan are teaming up in an RTS battle via vid-windows
[20:37] <Gavrison O`Cain> Lovely night, isn't it?
[20:38] <Cassandra O`Cain> It is.
[20:39] <Pinako> Fluffy :D
[20:40] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hey, Pinako.
[20:41] <Pinako> I want a fluffy :D
[20:47] <Cassandra O`Cain> Was there anything in particular you're looking for?
[20:47] <Gavrison O`Cain> Er, did you talk with your mother about getting a fluffy?
[20:52] <Pinako> no, should I? :O
[20:59] <Gavrison O`Cain> It would be a good idea to that way you'll know if it's okay to get a family pet.
[21:04] *** DD_Girl_Pink [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, DD_Girl_Pink
[21:04] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Cow-filled Eyes
[21:16] <Gavrison O`Cain> Ah, hello, Pink.
[21:16] <Cassandra O`Cain> Good evening, Pink.
[21:24] <DD_Girl_Pink> hihii
[21:25] <DD_Girl_Pink> Do I hear Pinako wanting a pet?
[21:28] <Gavrison O`Cain> You heard correctly.
[21:28] <Pinako> I want a fluffy, mommy :D
[21:29] <DD_Girl_Pink> What kind of pet do you want?
[21:29] * Beauty_Queen tosses Pinako one of the puff ball keychains that are all the rage right now for some bizzare reason
[21:29] <Pinako> a fluffy pet :D
[21:31] * Pinako cuddles the puff ball keychain :D
[21:32] <Cassandra O`Cain> I think your mother is asking if you would like either a dog, a cat, or something else that's fluffy.
[21:32] <Pinako> Kitty AND Doggy :D
[21:33] <DD_Girl_Pink> Wah? :O
[21:34] <Pinako> AND a Fox :D
[21:37] <Gavrison O`Cain> (Hoo boy....)
[21:37] <DD_Girl_Pink> O__O
[21:38] <DD_Girl_Pink> ..... How about a Chanela instead? ^^;;
[21:39] <Beauty_Queen> Aren't those things evil?
[21:40] <Gavrison O`Cain> Chanela?
[21:42] <Daniel Icelean> unnatural, rabbit-like creatures whose only purpose is to distract someone into only caring for them, and no one else.
[21:42] <Daniel Icelean> they're usually given to captured and convicted prisoners.
[21:43] <DD_Girl_Pink> Oops... forgot about that o__o
[21:46] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see. Perhaps something like it.
[21:46] <Cassandra O`Cain> Except for the only caring for them and no one else part.
[21:46] <Gavrison O`Cain> Right.
[21:53] <Daniel Icelean> I'm guessing she wants a pet?
[21:56] <Gavrison O`Cain> That's correct, Daniel.
[21:57] <Daniel Icelean> Yeah... Sorry, but Chanelas are for convicts only.
[22:03] <Pinako> Fluffies :D
[22:22] <Daniel Icelean> no chanelas, now,what's going on, besides Pinako wanting a pet?
[22:27] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nothing much other than everyone camping out while the Hotel repairs itself.
[22:31] <Cassandra O`Cain> General relaxation for the most part.
[22:31] <Daniel Icelean> so, a lot of stuff going on for thanksgiving, eh?
[22:33] <Cassandra O`Cain> Families getting together to enjoy good food, and to give thanks. That's my understanding.
[22:36] <DD_Girl_Pink> so? Whosefiesta are you going to?
[22:36] <Pinako> OOH, Green lady invited me to join in her party! :D
[23:10] <Pinako> does anyone wanna go?
[23:10] <Pinako> you need to bring your own food for the party :D
[23:15] <Gavrison O`Cain> Our family will be having our own feast. David and Masaki will be splitting their time with us and her family.
[23:15] <Beauty_Queen> I don't celebrate human holidays
[23:32] <Pinako> You should celebrate thnaksgiving, after all, I'm bringing CANDIES and CAKES! :D
[23:35] * Pinako gives some cand to etna :D
[23:42] <Pinako> *candy
[23:42] *** Pinako [Cookies@Cookies.Cookies :D] has left #suburbansenshi2 (sleeping over)
[23:42] *** Daniel Icelean has left #suburbansenshi2 (calling it nihgt)
[00:51] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Time for sleep.)
[06:57] * @Chateaux Concierge creates a facsimile of Mjolnr
[06:57] * @Chateaux Concierge SLAMS it into the ground creating a HUGE shockwave that radiates everywhere
[06:58] * @Chateaux Concierge watches as the HOTEL springs forth from the ground and roars to the sky, reborn anew
[08:57] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> And Happy Birthday to me~ ♫
[08:57] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Twenty-Eight years old. Jesus.
[08:57] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte is away: I'd never thought I'd see it.
[12:23] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:23] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Kaelyn P. Peinforte
[12:23] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: You got served... HALF A MILLION TIMES. *** Happy Labour Thanksgiving Day [JP]
[12:23] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte [Yard] is checking over her shop
[12:23] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has moved back to the livingroom
[12:23] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^
[12:23] <Matsumi Kaze> YAY DAY OFF
[12:23] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:23] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Matsumi Kaze
[12:23] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: True Typing Violence *** Happy Labour Thanksgiving Day [JP]
[12:38] * Matsumi Kaze moves the Q sofa over
[13:13] * Matsumi Kaze goes to checkthe hotel!
[14:29] * Matsumi Kaze marves at floor 16
[14:52] * Haru E and Lyz are busy at the shop♫
[14:53] * Kaelyn P. Peinfort goes through the new stock
[14:59] <Kaelyn P. Peinfort> we lost quite a bit in the explosion...we'll need to recoup as much as we can
[15:00] * there is a gift for miss
[15:00] * there is a gift for miss PEINFORT
[15:00] * a big box from Big Grocewry
[15:00] <Kaelyn P. Peinfort> hm? a gift for my mother?
[15:00] * large enough to hold all the missing items they'd need.
[15:01] * large enough to hold all the missing items they'd need.
[15:01] <Kaelyn P. Peinfort> ....
[15:01] * no for you miss I can't spell my own last name
[15:01] <Kaelyn P. Peinfort> heh i owe him
[15:01] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> [Witch] ^
[15:01] * ::icebuen
[15:02] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has moved back to the livingroom
[15:02] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte is more grateful then anything
[15:03] <@The Proprietor> WE merchants of the HOTEL have to look out for each other
[15:03] <@The Proprietor> Besides, we're related somehow.
[15:05] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> yes in a tangled way
[15:06] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I see it's been redecorated slightly...don't like it
[15:09] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte smirks at that and has the box moved to her store
[15:10] <Haru E> Tried to get things back to how they used to look, but even with literal photographic memory....
[15:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> No dudes.
[15:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> I could have put it back the same way
[15:11] <@Chateaux Concierge> But I want to trigger all your OCDs
[15:12] <Haru E> Bit hard to trigger what ain't there... well, for me, personally.
[15:13] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte can hear Sskt panicking cause her quarters are suddenly all wrong
[15:15] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> you need to get your amusement from somewhere
[15:29] <Haru E> Eh, if I need amusement I go trolling around back home for random idiots who think that Overlord's Daughter == Helpless and Combat Blind.
[16:52] * @Chateaux Concierge starts expanding the walls of the Livingroom so they streatch out faw and wide
[16:52] * @Chateaux Concierge sets up a GIANT banquet table
[16:55] <Matsumi Kaze> whoa!
[16:55] <Matsumi Kaze> what's up?
[16:56] <@Chateaux Concierge> Whaddya mean "what's up"
[16:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> I'm preparing for the FEAST.
[16:57] <Matsumi Kaze> OH YEAH
[16:57] <@Chateaux Concierge> Durr
[16:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> I assume you fleshbags are going to be bringing foods.
[16:59] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yeah!
[17:11] <Matsumi Kaze> oh and my...parents and other sister might be coming >.>
[17:14] <Burroughs> The one said to be a more or less total b[BLEEP]ch?
[17:15] <Matsumi Kaze> yeaaah
[17:17] <Burroughs> Eh, if she gets too uppity I'm sure five fingers across the face will straighten her out.
[17:29] <Matsumi Kaze> not sure my parents would approve of that
[17:31] <Burroughs> Then what would they approve of when it comes to putting a fool in their place?
[17:33] <Matsumi Kaze> honestly I have no idea
[17:33] <Eitak_Razal> [Her Tent] If she does not behave right, I'm sure someone here would set her pants alight
[17:33] *** Eitak_Razal has moved back to the livingroom
[17:34] <Eitak_Razal> I actully have a spell I've been working on that only sets pants on fire. The victem isn't even burned
[17:35] <Matsumi Kaze> that...would be...helirious
[17:40] <Burroughs> I approve~
[18:00] <Matsumi Kaze> I approve too!
[18:14] * Eitak_Razal pulls out a scroll with the spell on it
[18:29] * Matsumi Kaze grins
[18:31] <Burroughs> Me likey~
[18:40] * Eitak_Razal quickly makes ready cast copies. "Do have water on hand anyways, the spell isn't 100% done and there's a 2% chance of it burning someone
[18:40] <Matsumi Kaze> well my sister isn't here yet
[18:42] <Eitak_Razal> ...Good point.
[18:42] * Eitak_Razal pulls out some books starts makeing some modfications to the scrolls
[18:56] <Matsumi Kaze> tomorrow is going to be fun!
[19:00] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:00] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Gavrison O`Cain
[19:00] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We Be Unorthodoxed *** Happy Labour Thanksgiving Day [JP]
[19:00] <Gavrison O`Cain> Evening, folks.
[19:03] <Burroughs> Hey there.
[19:05] <Gavrison O`Cain> What's up aside from the Hotel returning?
[19:08] <Burroughs> Mainly Thanksgiving preparations.
[19:09] <Gavrison O`Cain> Ah.
[19:12] <Eitak_Razal> Working on a spell to set pants on fire
[19:12] <Eitak_Razal> Though that falls into the above
[19:15] <Gavrison O`Cain> A spell that burns pants as part of Thanksgiving preparations?
[19:17] <Burroughs> Matsumi's folks are coming over. Joining them is Matsumi's other sister--- and she's something of a b[BLEEP]ch, so this is for when she gets a bit too big for her britches, so to say.
[19:20] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see. Hopefully be discreet about it.
[19:27] <Burroughs> That might depend on how overt a brat that Matsumi's other sister is. I know most people around here won't tolerate any BS.
[19:29] <Gavrison O`Cain> Of course.
[20:01] <Burroughs> So, anything on your end?
[20:05] <Gavrison O`Cain> Nothing much other than making sure we've got what we need for tomorrow.
[20:06] <Burroughs> Gotcha.
[20:20] *** DreadWolf [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:20] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, DreadWolf
[20:20] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Arbitrary in extremis *** Happy Labour Thanksgiving Day [JP]
[20:21] <DreadWolf> Good evening
[20:22] <Burroughs> Whoa, there's a face we've not seen in a while.
[20:22] <Gavrison O`Cain> Well now.
[20:31] <DreadWolf> Well I have been busy
[20:31] <DreadWolf> It's not easy to be a mother
[20:32] <Gavrison O`Cain> Being a parent is never easy.
[20:32] <Burroughs> Understandable.
[20:33] <Gavrison O`Cain> Yet, my wife and I raised two wonderful children. And I hope that yours is wonderful, Merrill.
[20:33] * DreadWolf nods
[20:34] <DreadWolf> But they're troublemakers at times
[20:35] <Gavrison O`Cain> That bad, huh?
[20:36] <DreadWolf> They've been coming into their magic and have had to have lessons on how not to do mean things to each other with it
[20:37] <DreadWolf> I should get going
[20:37] <DreadWolf> Have a great night :)
[20:37] *** DreadWolf [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (I know your secrets)
[20:37] <Burroughs> Take care.
[20:42] <Burroughs> Speaking of which, it's about time for me to making myself scarce. See you all another time♫
[20:42] *** Burroughs [DataMistress.TokyoGoddess@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*Fades away*)
[20:42] <Gavrison O`Cain> See ya, Burroughs.
[23:13] * Gavrison O`Cain leans back in his seat
[00:41] *** Gavrison O`Cain [0] has quit IRC (Time for some sleep.)
[08:22] * @The Proprietor changes topic to `Happy Thanksgiving you wild and crazy people, I'm truly glad for each and every one of you! `
[08:23] <@The Proprietor> I will try to be in thie evening
[08:23] * @Chateaux Concierge has extended the livingroom and furnished it with an absurdly long thanksgiving table
[08:29] * IrnChef_Jovian and Gemini have put out a huge spread, and that's not even dinner. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own!
[09:53] * Spectrix brings candy for the young ones to the table.
[09:57] * Little fox ears suddenly pop up nearby.
[10:07] * Pinako 's vines pop up behind the fox ears
[10:08] * Pinako 's vines pull the fox connected down for cuddles :D
[10:10] * All five of the Kits have come!
[10:10] <Chibi-Alex> Snuggle attacks!
[10:11] * Chibi-Nat TRILLS!!!
[10:12] <Pinako> Fluffy :D
[10:13] * and Chibi-AnTil start adding things to the table - freshly-baked bread and lots and lots of different kinds of fish from Neudaiz.
[10:14] <Chibi-Sylvester> ^
[10:16] * Chibi-Catri adds some of Mommy's fantastic beef stew!
[10:17] * Pinako adds bars :D
[10:27] <Chibi-Catri> Hi!
[10:33] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:33] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Matsumi Kaze
[10:33] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Klaatu... Verata... Ni*coughcough*huhuhu!
[10:33] <Matsumi Kaze> hi guys!
[10:33] <Chibi-Alex> Hi, AUnty Matsy!
[10:35] <Matsumi Kaze> I made a pie!
[10:35] * Matsumi Kaze shows a pumpkin pie she made!
[10:36] <Chibi-Alex> We brought lots of things!
[10:37] <Chibi-AnTil> Fish and bread mostly, but some other things too. We live right on the sea, so there's always lots of seafood we can eat.
[10:43] * The Felinus Twins tries to peek over the table O_O
[10:43] * Chibi-Sylvester and Chibi-Catri help the twins by picking them up so they can see.
[10:44] * The Felinus Twins marvel at the foods :D
[10:44] <The Felinus Twins> !!
[10:45] * The Felinus Twins rushes suddenly over to the window!
[10:45] * Matsumi Kaze glances over and looks
[10:45] <Matsumi Kaze> ...holy cow
[10:46] <Chibi-Sylvester> What's wrong?
[10:46] * Chibi-Alex looks too
[10:46] * it's snowing outside
[10:46] <Chibi-Alex> :O
[10:47] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[10:51] <Chibi-Catri> Snow!!!
[10:52] * Freya Felinus is working in the kitchen with chiyoko on a specific dish
[10:53] * Chibi-Catri and Chibi-Sylvester both play with the twins.
[10:58] <Freya Felinus> girls! be careful!
[11:04] <Chibi-Catri> We're fine!
[11:08] *** Joanna Smithson has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:08] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Joanna Smithson
[11:08] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Something about Haruka, beer, and a crapload of ants.
[11:08] * Joanna Smithson walks downstairs with some fresh made wild rice bread
[11:09] <Chibi-AnTil> Hi Joanna!
[11:12] * Victoria Smithson runs downstairs with a small salad ^^
[11:12] <Chibi-Alex> Look what we helped make!
[11:13] * Chibi-Alex shows off all the bread and fish they helped bring over.
[11:17] <Victoria Smithson> wooow :O
[11:18] <Chibi-Sylvester> Mommy was busy cooking all day yesterday, but all of us helped her out.
[11:19] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Eilean
[11:19] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Saves Your Soul.
[11:19] * Eilean walks in holding Kyra and holding a covered bowl in the other
[11:19] <Eilean> hey everyone!
[11:20] * Kyra waves her little hands ^^
[11:20] <Chibi-Sylvester> Hi Eilean!
[11:20] * Chibi-Nat waves her little hands back too. =^ ^=
[11:21] <Eilean> jamie will be in in alittle bit
[11:22] * Matsumi Kaze smiles and runs over, giving her eldest a hug and kisses kyra on the forehead
[11:27] * Chibi-Alex goes over to peer at Kyra. =^ ^=
[11:29] <Kyra> :D
[11:32] <Chibi-Alex> Hi!
[11:32] * Chibi-Alex shows Kyra her tails.
[11:33] * Victoria Smithson GLMOPS Slyvester ^^
[11:33] * Kyra tries to reach for the tails!
[11:34] * Chibi-Alex lets her take hold of her floofy tails. ^__^
[11:37] * Giselle Bellerose is working on placing a dessert she made herself...though it obviously smells burnt
[11:44] * Chibi-Nat goes over to see what Giselle cooked!
[11:44] <Giselle Bellerose> ...I did my best
[11:45] <Chibi-Nat> What is it?
[11:50] <Giselle Bellerose> >_> it was suppose to be a cake
[11:51] <Chibi-Nat> Cake?
[11:51] *** Caligo has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:51] <@Chateaux Concierge> Mornin', Caligo
[11:51] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The Rural Alabama of Japan.
[11:51] * Caligo walks in, holding Mira in his arm
[11:51] <Caligo> hello mother
[11:51] <Matsumi Kaze> son.
[11:51] <Caligo> sister
[11:52] <Eilean> - caligo -
[11:52] <Chibi-Nat> >__>
[11:52] * Baby Mira looks around the room, super curious
[11:52] <Chibi-AnTil> Is anything wrong?
[11:58] * Baby Mira looks at nat :O
[11:58] * Chibi-Nat peers at Baby Mira. "Hi!"
[11:59] <Baby Mira> :D *makes a happy noise!*
[12:00] * Chibi-Nat trills!
[12:03] * Baby Mira tries to copy the sound but she cant ><
[12:03] * Matsumi Kaze smiles and gives Mira a forehead kiss as well
[12:04] * gives Victoria plenty of tail-pats!
[12:04] <Chibi-Sylvester> ^
[12:13] * Freya Felinus chats with Chiyoko as she works on her own dish
[12:13] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi2
[12:13] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Daini Felinus
[12:13] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: number 1 in charts ox
[12:14] * Daini Felinus walks down stairs and hugs freya
[12:14] * Freya Felinus smiles and hugs Daini
[12:14] * The Felinus Twins swarm their older sister :D
[12:15] * Daini Felinus nuzzles her mother and pets the twins heads
[12:15] * Daini Felinus looks at the felinus twins.
[12:15] *** the felinus twins is Atalanta and Phoebe Felinus. Seperate one is tom-boyish and bold while the other is shy and sweet. Together a bundle of mischief!
Her image Song is: .

[12:15] * The Kits all change into fox form and start playing with all of the Felinuses!
[12:20] * The Felinus Twins giggle and start to play!
[12:38] <Matsumi Kaze> just waiting for delilha I think
[12:39] * Eitak_Razal pops in and hands Matsumi a few copies of the finished scroll
[12:40] <Matsumi Kaze> thank you
[12:40] <Eitak_Razal> No problem. Hopefully you woln't need them. Happy Thanksgiving Matsumi
[12:41] <Matsumi Kaze> happy thanksgiving!
[12:52] * Matsumi Kaze is away: thanksgiving!
[15:06] * DD_Girl_Green is away: Matsumi's thanksgiving OOC: mom wouldnot turn on her phone's hotspot, sorry I could not be here :(
[16:27] * Matsumi Kaze is enjoying the thanksgiving feast in the hotel
[16:27] * DD_Girl_Green is putting out the pies.
[16:28] * Nelius Raoul has brought Zotia and his parents with him. They've brought some dishes as well.
[16:29] * Baby Beryl is playing pattycake with Mira and Victoria :D
[16:29] * Megan Smithson is busy chatting with everyone, sharing stories and being very kind..her husband is keeping silent...though not..rude
[16:32] <DD_Girl_Green> Mira, Gem, say "hi" too all your grandmas :)
[16:32] * Lady Hale is sharing some tales of her own. Flynn is chatting with Regal.
[16:33] * Baby Beryl waves to Matsumi, Joanna and Megan :D
[16:38] * Megan Smithson smiles and waves ^^
[16:39] * Baby Beryl coos and continues to play with Mir and Vicki :D
[16:41] * DD_Girl_Green picks up her two children and smiles
[16:41] <DD_Girl_Green> you two should play with your other cousing, Kyra.
[16:43] <DD_Girl_Green> Eilean, where is Kyra?
[16:43] * Eilean points to the kids table that has been set up seperate from the rest
[16:45] * DD_Girl_Green takes her children to the table and sit them next to Kyra
[16:45] <Baby Beryl> :D
[16:45] * Baby Beryl waves hi to Kyra :D
[16:50] * @Miss Sunrise and Makoto are working on thre ginat 60+ pound turkeys
[16:50] *** Andy Dioli [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[16:50] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Andy Dioli
[16:50] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: The gurgling has a name.
[16:51] <IrnChef_Jovian> This is going to be so much food
[16:51] * Chiyoko Shinkaze is managing a few side dishes
[16:51] * Spectrix is helping out Sunrise and Makoto with some Youma delicacies.
[16:52] <Anesha> Eh, give it a few hours--- I have heard stories about how a certain someone can pack the food away♫
[16:54] * Spectrix gives Gemini and Makoto a taste of Arca Berry casserole.
[16:54] <IrnChef_Jovian> Interesting flavor~
[16:54] * golD_lux has gotten a horn of plenty for Intern to keep the main dinenr safe
[16:55] * Arthur Smithson just..drinks
[16:56] * @SpeedRcrX [In Doghouse, infected with fear toxin] sits by him and drinks more
[16:56] <Anesha> (( Very good call on Cressida's part XD ))
[16:56] *** @SpeedRcrX has moved back to the livingroom
[16:56] * @SpeedRcrX slides him over some Premium Wine Aged 100 years
[16:56] *** She prepares XD
[16:57] * The Doghouse drags behind Haruka
[16:58] <Arthur Smithson> thanks
[16:59] <@SpeedRcrX> No problem
[16:59] * Arthur Smithson glances at his wife...who GLARES at him
[16:59] <Arthur Smithson> ...I am learning...dear
[17:00] <@SpeedRcrX> I know how family gatherings can be. Liquor makes it all better.
[17:00] <Joanna Smithson> man you guys really prepared!
[17:02] <Nelius Raoul> Considering how many people are here, it'd be a fool's errand to not prepare.
[17:03] * Sara Archer just pokes at her food..looking both uncomfortable and...fairly unhappy at being here
[17:03] * @Miss Sunrise has made pumpkin pie, coconut pie, chocolate pie, key lime pie
[17:03] <Cellin> You are Not prepared! Oh, wait, I guess you are
[17:03] * Sara Archer eyes everyone as if they're a bunch of freaks
[17:04] * luna_P pH10475 by 54r4 4nd wink5 47 H3r [/me floats by Sara and winks at her]
[17:04] * luna_P 5H0w5 0pHpH 4 207Hy, pH4ngy grin [/me shows off a toothy, fangy grin]
[17:04] * DD_Girl_Green Glares at Sara
[17:05] * Cellin stares back through his blindfold. He's actually wearing a shirt today
[17:05] * Sara Archer scrambles a bit O_O
[17:05] <Megan Smithson> you have done a wonderful job with all this ^^
[17:05] <DD_Girl_Green> (Hurt my children and you'll wind up like Mercury on our first meeting....)
[17:06] <Freya Felinus> I hope my dish was alright...wasn't sure how well I had to treat the meat
[17:06] <DD_Girl_Green> Hello there.
[17:06] * Sakura Xadium Aino and Minako and Cressida and Intern and Ike and Kaelyn and Paisley and Robert and X are at one part of the super table
[17:06] * MITCHELL is playing on the TV
[17:07] <Freya Felinus> the dip should work though
[17:09] * setsy_meiou and Hotaru and Michiru are eating at another part of the table
[17:09] * Matsuo Shin passes some of the food along
[17:09] <Spectrix> The casseroles should be done in a bit.
[17:09] * Franziska von Karma and Miles and Contantine and Godfot are eating together
[17:10] * M.O.O.C. passes around bread
[17:10] * Erica Fontaine eats alongside Lobelia
[17:10] * DD_Girl_Green looks at M.O.O.C..
[17:10] *** M.O.O.C. is

More information about Hir is Here.
hir image Song is: .

[17:11] * Roman Torchwick and Delia and Coco and Nizzy are off in their corner watching Kreiger make out with Plant-kun
[17:12] * Noriko Marianna Xadium and Vermelliajoin Sakura's party
[17:12] * Thrash is there, enjoying a few of the vegitbles
[17:13] * @Flame Lotus , King Kai, Piccolo and Lydias are in another group
[17:14] <Megan Smithson> I apologize if myself and my family are intruding on your traidtion here
[17:15] * Katerina Markov is with her mommy and her aunties :D
[17:15] * Delilha Inochi sits next to her siblings, chatting and getting some food
[17:16] * Pinako has candies and bars of all kinds set at the table :D
[17:17] <Spectrix> Alright, they should be finished about..... now.
[17:17] * Spectrix takes the casseroles out of the oven, and sets them on the table.
[17:19] * Anesha entertains the young ones by showing off her plant-utilization skills. Watch those flowers dance♫
[17:19] <Baby Beryl> :O
[17:20] <Spectrix> Who wants Arca Berry Casserole?
[17:22] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Thanksgiving is a tradition of inclusion.
[17:22] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> You're most welcome.
[17:23] * Sarah Christensson keeps an eye on the kid's table
[17:24] <Matsumi Kaze> oooo mom you brought the rice pudding..excellent!!!
[17:24] * Baby Beryl puts her fist in her mouth :O
[17:26] * Arthur Smithson glances over at Harriet once in a while (if she's there that is)
[17:28] * Arthur Smithson goes back to his food
[17:28] <Matsumi Kaze> Freya....this isn't...
[17:28] <Freya Felinus> it is
[17:28] <Matsuo Shin> oh wonderful!
[17:29] <DD_Girl_Green> what is?
[17:30] <Matsuo Shin> oh nothing
[17:31] <DD_Girl_Green> now I wanna know :P
[17:37] <Matsuo Shin> trust
[17:38] <DD_Girl_Green> Aw, come on.
[17:41] <Matsumi Kaze> just enjoy your food
[17:43] <Spectrix> Does anyone want a piece of Arca Berry Casserole?
[17:43] <Matsumi Kaze> I'll have some!
[17:43] * Spectrix hands a piece to Matsumi.
[17:47] <Spectrix> anyone else?
[17:48] * It's snowing outside.
[17:50] * Plushie-chan pelts someone with a snowball
[17:50] <Matsumi Kaze> oh yeah forgot it was snowing!
[17:53] *** bbl
[17:58] * Spectrix serves Arca Berry Casserole to everyone.
[17:58] <Baby Beryl> :O
[17:58] * Spectrix takes Beryl's and Mira's pieces
[17:58] <Spectrix> Not for you two.
[17:59] * Matsumi Kaze is away: enjoys the meal with her family and friends
[18:37] * Space Mutiny is now playing
[19:22] * The Kits are all watching the MST3K Special!
[19:22] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:22] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Solarchos
[19:22] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Awesome Overloaded, please try again later
[19:23] * Solarchos is watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 with his children, and Natalia is flopped on top of his head.
[19:24] *** Gavrison O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Gavrison O`Cain
[19:24] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's like Shakespeare but with lots more violence.
[19:25] <Pinako> FLUFFIES :D
[19:25] * Gavrison O`Cain and his family are sitting at a round table and have eaten their fill of food
[19:25] <Solarchos> Hello Pinako!
[19:25] <Gavrison O`Cain> Fantastic meal.
[19:25] <Megan O`Cain> Absolutely. Best I've had in a while.
[19:25] <Solarchos> Good evening everyone!
[19:25] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Solar! How's it going?
[19:25] <Chibi-Alex> Did you enjoy all of the fish we brought?
[19:26] <Michelle O`Cain> That and more, Alex. So much good food!
[19:26] <Chibi-Alex> =^ ^=
[19:27] <Solarchos> I'm doing quite well tonight. Thank you, Megan.
[19:28] <Donovan O`Cain> Today's been one hell of a feast.
[19:29] <Solarchos> Sure looks like it.
[19:30] * Pinako Attempts to dump cndy and sweets on Gensokyo in SS3 :D
[19:30] * Chibi-Nat reaches for all of the Rondo on the table!
[19:31] * Spectrix serves Arca Berry Casserole to everyone
[19:31] <Spectrix> dig in, everyone
[19:32] * Chibi-Nat POOFS!!!
[19:32] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) dives for the fish and starts gathering it all up on her own plate, trilling happily!
[19:33] <David O`Cain> How've things been around here?
[19:35] * Pinako is now sad that she didn't get to have gensokyo rain candy last night :(
[19:35] * Chibi-Catri gives Pinako tail pats!
[19:39] <Solarchos> Seems like things have been quite busy as usual.
[19:41] <David O`Cain> Yeah.
[19:44] <David O`Cain> What's new with you, Solar?
[19:44] <Solarchos> Well, I was busy helping Inu-Kit prepare the feast tonight.
[19:44] * Pinako plays with the fluffies :D
[19:45] * Pinako directs a rain of candy on David :D
[19:45] * David O`Cain uses a bucket to catch the candy
[19:45] <Solarchos> As for other things, we've been plenty busy back at Segmentum Command. The Morimoto's Downfall called for reinforcements from the Fleet.
[19:46] <David O`Cain> Uh oh. That doesn't sound good.
[19:46] <Gavrison O`Cain> What happened, Solar?
[19:47] * The Kits all change into fox form and pile onto Pinako!
[19:49] * Pinako laughs and hugs ALL the Kits
[19:50] <Solarchos> We've definitely found a lost Centaurian colony, and this one appears to be fairly advanced. They've definitely retained at least basic interplanetary spacecraft capabilities.
[19:51] <Solarchos> But it looks like these people are already fighting for their lives.
[19:51] <Gavrison O`Cain> Interesting.
[19:53] * Solarchos calls up some of the preliminary planetary data that's been collected so far. A hologram of an Earthlike world dominated by extensive polar ice caps appears.
[19:55] <Solarchos> Algol. It's a world that's currently in the beginning stages of an ice age, but the Algolians have managed to create six massive solar reflector stations in orbit to reflect and focus sunlight down towards the polar regions to melt the ice and release greenhouse gases.
[19:57] <Solarchos> However, the Algolians were knocked back big-time technologically when they were attacked by an alien race. Some kind of hive-mind insectoid species.
[19:57] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hmm.
[19:59] <Solarchos> It took then over 100 years to rebuild to this point and about ten years ago they built the orbital arrays. But about the same time the alien swarmship, which was still lurking in the outer reaches of the star system, was awakened.
[20:00] <Pinako> I Love Fluffies..... Can someone make MR. David into fluffy? :D
[20:00] <Solarchos> Now the interplanetary fighting is heating up, one of the orbital stations has been destroyed, and the Algolians are getting extremely worried.
[20:02] <David O`Cain> What?
[20:03] <Spectrix> Little Pinako wants you to turn into a little kit.
[20:03] <Solarchos> XD
[20:03] <David O`Cain> thanks. I like the way I am.
[20:03] * Nivek_Razal walks in holding a tray of fresh cupcakes "Extra desserts for anyone that still has room"
[20:03] *** Nivek_Razal [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:03] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Nivek_Razal
[20:03] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: all over it like stink on poo.
[20:03] <Pinako> aww :(
[20:05] <Pinako> I want more fluffies :<
[20:05] <Solarchos> As it is, the Morimoto's Downfall is calling for the Fleet's assistance in order to intervene on the Algolian's behalf.
[20:08] * David O`Cain and his family snag some cupcakes
[20:08] <Gavrison O`Cain> I see. What sort of help do they require?
[20:09] * Spectrix hands out more Arca Berry Casserole to the O`Cains and the Kits
[20:09] <Solarchos> I'll know more once I receive the official reports from the Explorators.
[20:10] <Solarchos> But once the Fleet arrives it'll officially come under my authority.
[20:11] <Solarchos> Right now, the Rebellious Command and two Tanar'ri carriers are en route, stopping by Centaurus to pick up additional escort ships as well as the Tyrannix
[20:13] <Spectrix> It'll taste strange to some of you, and these are the first ones to be baked in an oven.
[20:14] * The Kits munch on the casserole as they remain piled all over Pinako, brushing her with their tails.
[20:15] <Gavrison O`Cain> Hope things go well, Solar.
[20:18] * Pinako giggles with excitement :D
[20:18] <Solarchos> We'll find out soon.
[20:20] <Spectrix> How is the casserole?
[20:22] <Gavrison O`Cain> It's pretty good, Spectrix.
[20:22] <Cassandra O`Cain> Just delicious.
[20:23] <Solarchos> Not bad.
[20:24] * The Kits just trill happily!
[20:25] <Spectrix> These casseroles were cooked over an open fire when I last made them, before I escaped.
[20:26] <Cassandra O`Cain> Were you using a large pot for this at the time?
[20:27] <Spectrix> Made of rocks
[20:27] <Spectrix> yes
[20:27] <Spectrix> had to be washed out beforehand
[20:28] <Solarchos> You mean stoneware?
[20:29] <Spectrix> no, this was D-Point
[20:30] <Spectrix> it's easy to see how much has changed over the years.
[20:41] <Solarchos> WIth the Hotel? Indeed.
[20:42] <Spectrix> no, with D-Point, silly one.
[20:45] <Solarchos> What's D-Point?
[20:47] <Spectrix> It's where the youma were banished to for what the scrolls when I was there were calling "The greatest victory".
[20:47] <David O`Cain> The Dark Kingdom's hideout.
[20:50] <Spectrix> all the young ones are rightfully protesting those scripts and calling it "The greatest sin", as well as some of the elders.
[20:51] <Spectrix> especially after getting their hands on today's human history books.
[20:51] <David O`Cain> Hmm.
[20:52] <Solarchos> I don't think I've ever heard much about that place.
[20:54] <Spectrix> it's not surprising, it's located close to the north pole.
[21:07] <Solarchos> Time for me to bring the little ones home. Their mother is waiting.
[21:08] <Pinako> aww :<
[21:09] <Chibi-Alex> Good night!
[21:09] <Chibi-AnTil> Take care everyone!
[21:09] *** Chibi-AnTil [WellManneredFoxBoy@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("I enjoyed seeing you! ^_^")
[21:09] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Can we go to the park next? Can we, can we can we~!")
[21:09] *** Chibi-Catri [MakerOfMischief@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*snickers* >:3)
[21:09] *** Chibi-Sylvester [LittleExplorer@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Where's this go? :3)
[21:09] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:09] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Off to see how my beloved wife will surprise me now." ^__^)
[21:19] <Spectrix> anyone want more casserole?
[21:20] <David O`Cain> No thanks. I've had plenty to eat.
[21:20] <Gavrison O`Cain> I think we all had.
[21:26] <Spectrix> ok then, nyone taking leftovers?
[21:36] <Gavrison O`Cain> We'll see, Spectrix.
[22:29] * Spectrix packs leftovers
[22:32] * Gavrison O`Cain stretches a bit, and helps out in cleaning things up
[22:33] * Cassandra O`Cain and the rest of the family pitch in to help
[23:04] <Spectrix> You're welcome to take some home with you.
[23:10] <Cassandra O`Cain> Oh, why thank you. I'm sure we'll find some room for the food.
[23:13] <Spectrix> You're welcome, dearie.
[23:48] <@SpeedRcrX> Oh god so much turkey
[23:48] * @SpeedRcrX lies on a couch, belly distended into a large round thing
[23:49] <Spectrix> Dearies, what did you think of the casserole?
[23:49] * The Doghouse falls on Haruka.
[23:50] * @SpeedRcrX just lets it rest on her belly
[23:50] <@SpeedRcrX> It was good
[23:54] <David O`Cain> Hey, Haruka.
[23:54] * Spectrix turns to the other ladies and gentlemen.
[23:55] <Spectrix> and what about the rest of you?
[23:55] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Oh god so much food.
[23:55] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I can see why the Americans celebrate this.
[23:55] * @The Intern managed to steer clear of the main table thanks to the Horn of Plenty
[00:03] <David O`Cain> Heh. Today's was quite the spread from all the families.
[00:05] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> "All the Familes"
[00:05] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> You make it sound like the Mafia. :D
[00:08] <David O`Cain> :P
[00:09] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Well we all stick up for each otehr.
[00:10] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> So in everything but method we certainly do have "Our Thing"
[00:11] <David O`Cain> Yep.
[00:11] <Spectrix> well, I should get going, I've got two little tykes to babydit tomorrow.
[00:12] <David O`Cain> Take care, Spectrix.
[00:12] <Spectrix> night, dearies.
[00:14] *** Spectrix has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:16] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> So many kids.
[00:16] <@The Intern> I thought you were warming up to them?
[00:17] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I am warming up to my grandchild.
[00:17] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> S'not quite the same.
[00:17] <@The Intern> Everyone is someone's grandchild.
[00:17] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> More or less, I suppose.
[00:21] <David O`Cain> Sometimes kids can be a playful bunch. The kits show that a lot.
[00:22] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> They just demand so much energy that I don't really have at times.
[00:25] <David O`Cain> Fair enough.
[00:34] <@Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I'm going to turn in. G'night, David.
[00:34] * @Paisley Pythia Peinforte waves
[00:34] *** @Paisley Pythia Peinforte [paisely_p@firstcircle.karn03-kasterborusrelay.sen] has left #suburbansenshi2 (My dairy-based frozen confection creates a focal point to which all young males of the species are drawn. You are correct; it is far superior to yours. I could attempt to educate you on the finer points of this subject, but it would require monetary recompense on your part.)
[00:35] <David O`Cain> See ya, Paisley.
[00:37] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (I guess I'll head on home.)
[10:04] * Baby Beryl is playing with Sarah and Mira :D
[10:14] * Megan Smithson picks up Beryl ^^
[10:14] <Baby Beryl> :O
[10:14] <Baby Beryl> :D
[10:15] * Megan Smithson smlies and sits down, gently holding the girl
[10:15] * Baby Beryl wants to play Pattycake :D
[10:17] * Megan Smithson gently plays
[10:20] * Baby Beryl coos happily :D
[10:22] * Baby Beryl points to Baby Mira :O
[10:23] * Baby Beryl wants Mira to join in :D
[10:27] * Baby Beryl yawns and falls asleep in Megan's arms.
[11:11] <DD_Girl_Pink> Hm... I wonder where Harukas doghouse is?
[15:38] * a VERY VERY large semi truck is backing up towards the hotel
[15:49] * Burroughs watches with interest.
[15:50] * a VERY VERY large semi stops in front of the hotel
[16:06] * The roof is bumped into and gets knocked back a few inches, a bit of rooftop damage.
[16:07] <Burroughs> (( I think you might want to consult with whomever was playing the truck, which I believe was Matt. ))
[16:27] * Never mind, Roof was not bumped into.
[16:30] * Delivery man walks over to the door and knocks on it
[16:41] * Burroughs solidifies and answers. "Mmmmmmyeeeeesssss?"
[16:41] <Delivery man> deliverly *holds out paper*
[16:42] * Burroughs takes a look at the paper. She has a pen at the ready.
[16:45] * Delivery man just waits
[16:47] * Burroughs looks over the paper and signs where necessary.
[16:56] <Delivery man> thank you
[16:56] * Delivery man takes the paper and signals for the contents to be brought in to the hotel
[17:04] <Delivery man> (( I'll be back... ))
[17:37] * somehow don't ask how...a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE spruce like tree is brought into the hotel reaches up up up up into the highest levels of the hotel's bigger even then last year's
[17:38] <Burroughs> (Man, that didn't take long at all.)
[17:44] <Matsumi Kaze> oh it came
[17:44] <Burroughs> Yep. Gotta wonder what kinda plant food got shoveled into this one's roots.
[17:45] <Matsumi Kaze> not even sure it's from earth
[17:46] <Burroughs> Hmm....
[18:16] <Matsumi Kaze> still about time it got here
[18:22] * Burroughs does her best Achmed impression. "We're gonna decorate it and it's gonna be perfect and then we're gonna blow it up!"
[18:23] <Matsumi Kaze> NO NO BLOWING UP THE TREE
[18:25] <Burroughs> Say, what will become of the tree once the Christmas season passes?
[18:29] <Matsumi Kaze> probably will go where the other trees went
[18:33] * Delilha Inochi looks at the tree
[18:33] <Burroughs> Firewood?
[18:35] <Matsumi Kaze> actually no...granma has it beamed up to Aes and planted with the others
[18:36] <Burroughs> Aha.
[18:42] *** Erica Fontaine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:42] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Erica Fontaine
[18:42] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: SEAKING IS A FORCED MEME
[18:42] * Erica Fontaine pushes out a large box ^^
[18:43] <Burroughs> Greetings, Miss Erica. What's with the box?
[18:44] <Erica Fontaine> prepareing for the holiday ^^
[18:44] * Erica Fontaine opens the box..and starts setting up a large natvity set
[18:48] <Burroughs> Gotcha.
[18:51] * Erica Fontaine is happily setting it up
[19:01] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:01] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, David O`Cain
[19:01] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's True, It's True
[19:01] <David O`Cain> Hey, guys.
[19:02] <Burroughs> Hey David.
[19:02] <David O`Cain> What's new?
[19:03] <Burroughs> The tree is here.
[19:05] <David O`Cain> Ah, cool.
[19:19] * David O`Cain takes a seat on a sofa
[19:45] <David O`Cain> Quite a relaxing night so far.
[19:53] * Erica Fontaine is busy adjusting the postions of the three kings
[20:01] * Eitak_Razal passes by and waves a hand at the tree, icicles forming on it all pretty like
[20:04] <David O`Cain> Hey, Eitak.
[20:04] <David O`Cain> And Erica.
[20:06] <Eitak_Razal> Just passing through, don't mind me
[20:18] <Matsumi Kaze> ok
[20:21] <David O`Cain> Hey, Matsumi.
[20:39] <Matsumi Kaze> hey
[20:40] <David O`Cain> How's it going?
[20:42] <Matsumi Kaze> fine
[20:45] * Matsumi Kaze lounges on the Q sofa
[20:45] <David O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[20:50] <Matsumi Kaze> yup sure is..nice tree
[20:52] <David O`Cain> Yep.
[21:20] <Matsumi Kaze> always liked this season
[21:30] <David O`Cain> The Christmas season?
[21:31] <Matsumi Kaze> yes
[21:39] * Matsumi Kaze smiles up at the tree
[21:39] <David O`Cain> It's looking rather beautiful with all the decorations.
[21:42] <Matsumi Kaze> well it's not fully decorated yet >.>
[21:43] <David O`Cain> Okay, it's in the process of looking beautiful.
[21:58] <Matsumi Kaze> you going to add decorations?
[22:04] <David O`Cain> I might.
[22:30] <Matsumi Kaze> heh good
[22:30] <Matsumi Kaze> wow quiet
[22:30] <David O`Cain> Yep. But can be relaxing.
[22:38] <Matsumi Kaze> mmhm
[22:39] <David O`Cain> So, what have you been up to?
[22:42] <Matsumi Kaze> same old same old
[22:45] <David O`Cain> Gotcha.
[23:25] <David O`Cain> Thanksgiving was pretty neat.
[23:26] <Matsumi Kaze> oh it was alot of fun
[23:29] <David O`Cain> Good food, good friends, and good family.
[23:50] * Matsumi Kaze yawns a bit
[23:53] <David O`Cain> Long day?
[23:53] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah..think I need some sleep
[23:56] <Matsumi Kaze> night david!!
[00:00] <David O`Cain> Night, Matsumi!
[00:00] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi2 (off to bed)
[00:07] *** David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (Time to head home.)
[17:45] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:45] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Matsumi Kaze
[17:45] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: It's Bad Violation!
[17:45] * Matsumi Kaze lays on the floor
[17:49] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:49] <@Chateaux Concierge> Afternoon, Eliza McIntash
[17:49] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Defying the Laws of Physics Daily.
[17:49] * Eliza McIntash [Edge of Camp] walks inside, happy to be home.
[17:49] *** Eliza McIntash has moved back to the livingroom
[17:49] <Eliza McIntash> Aaaaaaaah, so nice.
[17:50] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah..
[17:53] <Matsumi Kaze> so tired...
[18:25] * Matsumi Kaze falls asleep on the floor
[18:25] <Delilha Inochi> she goin gto be ok?
[18:25] <Eilean> her own fault for pushing herself too hard shopping
[18:35] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:35] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Solarchos
[18:35] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: State of the Art (for 1984)
[18:36] * Solarchos sits down, reviewing a bunch of new information.
[18:40] <Giselle Bellerose> bonjour, solarchos
[18:41] <Solarchos> Hello Giselle. How have you been doing?
[18:50] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:50] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, Eliza McIntash
[18:50] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: We Be Unorthodoxed
[18:51] * Eliza McIntash waves to Solarchos
[18:54] <Giselle Bellerose> cold mostly
[18:54] * Giselle Bellerose hangs her faux fur coat up on a hanger
[18:56] <Solarchos> It's snowing back home on Neudaiz. The rainy season is over.
[18:57] <Eliza McIntash> That sounds interesting.
[18:57] <Giselle Bellerose> well it was snowing here too
[18:57] <Eliza McIntash> Do you have planets that you need a spacesuit to walk on?
[18:57] <Eilean> hey Eliza, how goes
[18:58] * Eilean hangs her scarf on the hanger as well
[18:58] <Eliza McIntash> Hi hi,, Eilean.
[18:58] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> Evening, David O`Cain
[18:58] <@Chateaux Concierge> Welcome to Suburban Senshi: Warez da beef??
[18:58] <Eliza McIntash> I'm doing alright, I think. Chateaux's physical destruction was not easy on me, but I used what I learned in the Temple to get by.
[18:58] <David O`Cain> Hey, guys and gals.
[18:58] <Eliza McIntash> I sang to the passerby on the sidewalk, and they gave me cash for it!
[18:58] <Eilean> you use magic, right?
[18:58] * Eliza McIntash waves to David
[18:59] <Eilean> have a question for you?
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> I.... *CAN* use magic. ~_^
[18:59] * Eilean goes to get some hot cocoa for her and her sisters
[18:59] <Eilean> by the way you want some cocoa?
[18:59] <Solarchos> Hi David.
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> Uh...
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> Um...
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> I probably shouldn't.
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> OH SHOOT
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> <.<
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> >.>
[18:59] <Eliza McIntash> Um, so what was your question?
[18:59] <David O`Cain> How's everybody doing tonight so far?
[19:00] <Solarchos> You were asking me about spacesuits, Eliza?
[19:00] * Eliza McIntash nods. "Yeah. I once asked Chateaux to help me learn how to use one, but she refused." : [
[19:00] <Eliza McIntash> She said I could ask you, though.
[19:01] <Eilean> you have any texts or info on healing magic?
[19:01] <Solarchos> There are a couple of worlds in the Federation where putting on a full spacesuit is definitely required.
[19:01] * Eilean goes into the kitchen to make it
[19:02] <Solarchos> So yes, I could teach you how to use one if you like.
[19:02] <Eliza McIntash> Well...
[19:02] <Eliza McIntash> That's cool.
[19:02] <Eliza McIntash> I dunno. I don't think it would be as much fun as Chateaux showing me, but I just can't get it out of my head that it's a skill I should possess.
[19:03] * Delilha Inochi sits down, removing her mittins and trying to wave friendly like to Eliza :)
[19:03] <Eliza McIntash> As for you, Eilean, I....THINK I am confident in healing magic, provided it is the positive energy conjurational type in healing wounds.
[19:03] <Solarchos> It's a useful skill to know, that's for sure.
[19:03] * Eliza McIntash looks at Delilha Inochi.
[19:03] *** Delilha Inochi is a teenage girl with upturned brown hair, blue green eyes and a cheerful personality. She is currently 12 years old.
Her image Song is: .