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<[ Dr_Xadium ]> Yeah I mean if the author wants to show up he should damn well have the guts to be there himself and not make some cleverly disguised doppelganger!

welcome to #suburbansenshi2

[22:58] * Masaki O`Cain opens a beer and drinks
[22:59] <Masaki O`Cain> (( I claim this log in the name of my friends and a great summer ))
[23:00] <Sereanna> (( WOOHOO! been a good summer so far ))
[23:07] <Michelle O`Cain> I'm gonna head back up to the suite. Take care!
[23:07] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC (Night!)
[01:24] * Matsumi Kaze has a VERY strange dream that evening...
[12:12] * Matsuo Shin publishes both online and in an archology magazine the discovery of the "Qeinoss temple", fulfilling his promise...
[13:13] * Harusawa and Lyz are working at the shop. Haru is wearing a Birthday hat~
[13:37] <Matsumi Kaze> [Convention] how goes you two?
[13:37] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Shop ]
[13:43] * The Magistra is sitting at a table, fiddleing wth little statues laid out before her.
[13:49] <Harusawa> All's well~
[13:49] <Lyz> Though, how have you been holding up?
[13:51] <Matsumi Kaze> [Shop] eh been ok I guess
[14:07] <Matsumi Kaze> [Shop] anything new here?
[14:16] <Lyz> Couple of things, yeah. Just be careful --- some of 'em like to bite. >.>
[14:20] <Matsumi Kaze> [Shop] why am I not surprised....
[14:35] * Matsumi Kaze [Shop] picks up a piece of candy from a bowl on the table....then reads the sign..then..puts it back
[14:37] * The Magistra walks up to the shop.
[14:38] <Matsumi Kaze> [Shop] no thank you
[14:43] * The Magistra makes a delivery of Servant Enancment items to Sis's shop.
[14:51] * Harusawa and Lyz check over the items, getting them sorted into where they need to go.
[16:51] * Sarah Christensson , BluSky_Caprice and as many of the other members of the Sekai they can gather head out to celebrate Erica's birthday
[19:16] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[19:16] * Michelle O`Cain walks out of the elevator leading to the Atrium
[19:22] <Michelle O`Cain> Hello?
[19:25] * Poppy is sleeping on a sofa, snoring
[19:26] <Michelle O`Cain> (Oh. Didn't even see her earlier.)
[19:33] * Michelle O`Cain goes back to the Capcom arcade cabinet, and starts up Block Block again
[19:37] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Daini Felinus
[19:38] <Poppy> zzzz
[19:38] * Daini Felinus walks in and looks around
[19:39] * Michelle O`Cain waves to Daini as she plays her game
[19:40] * Daini Felinus heads over to a window waving to michelle
[19:40] <Michelle O`Cain> How ya doing, Daini?
[19:40] <Daini Felinus> Im okay i guess. How are you?
[19:42] <Michelle O`Cain> I'm doing pretty good.
[19:43] * Felinus Twins try to sneak up on Daini...
[19:44] * Daini Felinus disappears befire the twins eys
[19:46] * Felinus Twins blink and look around
[19:47] * Daini Felinus reappears next to the girls looking around too "what are we looking for?"
[19:48] * Felinus Twins jumps and darts behind a sofa, trying to hide!
[19:48] * Daini Felinus laughs grinning "that never gets old!"
[19:50] <Michelle O`Cain> Having fun?
[19:52] *** Freya Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Freya Felinus
[19:52] <Daini Felinus> Mhmm!
[19:53] <Freya Felinus> now Daini..what are you up to?
[19:53] <Michelle O`Cain> Hi, Freya.
[19:53] * Daini Felinus skips to freya "its not my fault they fall for it every time! You trained me.."
[19:59] <Freya Felinus> naturally *smiles*
[19:59] * Freya Felinus signals for the twins to come over
[19:59] <Freya Felinus> and how is my precoious baby today?
[20:10] <Daini Felinus> Which one?
[20:11] <Daini Felinus> You have like 5 now
[20:12] <Freya Felinus> you silly
[20:13] * Daini Felinus taps her chin thinking
[20:14] <Daini Felinus> Im ok i think.
[20:16] * Michelle O`Cain has an exasperated look on her face as she loses a life in her game, "How'd it get by me?!"
[20:18] * Freya Felinus gives Daini a hug
[20:21] * Daini Felinus hugs freya and purrs happily
[20:22] <Daini Felinus> Im much better at using my abilities
[20:26] <Freya Felinus> oh i'm so proud of you
[20:28] * Daini Felinus grins "i told yoi id make you proud too!"
[20:32] * Daini Felinus looks for the twins
[20:32] * Felinus Twins are both trying to sneak up on Daini!
[20:33] <Michelle O`Cain> How've you been, Freya?
[20:33] * Daini Felinus swishes her tail playfully and bounds away to the garden area
[20:48] * Felinus Twins runs after her
[20:49] * A hand snakes its way out to give Daini sneaky ear-scritches~
[20:53] * Daini Felinus LEAPS into the foliage disappearing O.O
[20:54] * Someone pursues♫
[20:54] * Daini Felinus is now known as Daini Felinus(kitten)
[20:55] * Daini Felinus(kitten) blends with her environment and scatter
[20:56] * Someone continues their pursuit. It's playtime~
[20:59] * Daini Felinus(kitten) finds her hiding spot and waits silently
[20:59] * Over there! For the briefest second it looks like there was a flash of white. And there ---- was that yellow?
[21:00] * Daini Felinus(kitten) stays completely still, shes not falling for that teick again
[21:02] * Something is getting close..... no, scratch that --- some things are getting closer.
[21:03] * Daini Felinus(kitten) waits patiently, calming her energies as she tracks the movements
[21:04] * They're getting closer... my word they're almost on top of you!
[21:04] * Daini Felinus(kitten) stays absolutely calm watching and waiting
[21:05] * Two sets of eyes appear from the thicket. One's a calming shade of purple.... but the other is a mismatching set of amber and silver...... and beware, a paw emerges for a nose-boop!
[21:07] * A rock rolls when the ground moves
[21:10] * Multiple white-foxtails spread out to detain that Daini~
[21:10] * A rock rolls away
[21:27] * Michelle O`Cain stretches a bit
[21:30] * The foxtails actively home in on Daini's position. They should look familiar --- wait, is that a beige tail mixed in with them?
[21:31] * A rock is now known as Daini Felinus(kitten)
[21:31] * Daini Felinus(kitten) bleeds her colors back and leaps away "awww you went the wrong way!"
[21:32] * The foxtails pull a 90-degree turn! Wait, are there more of 'em now?!
[21:32] <~> Mweeeeeeeeeeeeheheheheheeeeeeee~
[21:33] * Daini Felinus(kitten) bounces through the tails with precision, aiming straight ahaead
[21:34] * Someone whom should be very familiar pops up, right in your path!
[21:34] * Daini Felinus(kitten) is now known as Daini Felinus
[21:35] * Daini Felinus grins and pushes herself straight up "well hello!"
[21:35] * Monica reaches out to give Daini a boop on the nose~
[21:36] * Daini Felinus ducks still grinning "im too old for that now silly!"
[21:36] * Thirza comes in low, her hand near-perfectly positioned to continue Monica's attempt!
[21:36] <Thirza> No-one is too old for a boop♫
[21:37] * Daini Felinus spins midair and lands by the stairs "you,ll have to be quicker than that!"
[21:38] * Someone taps Daini's shoulder from behind.
[21:39] <~> Hey kiddo~
[21:42] * Daini Felinus expands her form into gas
[21:42] * Daini Felinus reforms behind the person "is that you brother?"
[21:44] * Someone is behind you, Daini! They're quick~
[21:46] * Daini Felinus giggles and jumps high blending in "IM NOT A KID ANYMORE! YOU SHALL NOT BOOP MY SNOOT AGAIN"
[21:47] * Someone pursues. Whomever they are, they're wise to your tricks~
[21:48] * Daini Felinus reappears on the Q sofa diving in
[21:49] * Someone dives up through the sofa! Oh god they're fast! "Daini.......... Daini...."
[21:50] * Daini Felinus isnt visible anymore. She could be any where
[21:51] * Someone doesn't need the visible spectrum to hunt Daini down. They are here to deliver a message.
[21:52] * Daini Felinus climbs out in a mask "found it!"
[21:53] <Daini Felinus> Now no one can touch my nose!!
[21:53] * Someone reaches over to pick Daini up!
[21:54] * Daini Felinus puffs up and swipes her claws "LISTEN HERE YOU! UNHAND ME!"
[21:54] <Haru E> Geez, talk about a mean reception.
[21:55] * Haru E has Daini. "And here I was about to ask if you wanted to head with Lyz and the girls for my birthday today."
[21:55] <Daini Felinus> I will if you PUT ME DOWN!
[21:55] * Daini Felinus struggles still
[21:56] * Haru E lets go.
[21:57] * Daini Felinus hugs the ground "why do people try to break us up so much?!"
[21:57] <Haru E> ...pretty sure you shouldn't be dating the ground. :P
[21:58] <Daini Felinus> Im not dating anyone!
[22:00] <Haru E> Well, soon as you're ready, let's head out for some fun♫
[22:01] * Daini Felinus looks in the mirror.
[22:01] *** Daini Felinus is a young girl about 13 with silver hair to her shoulders and rainbow hued eyes. She wears a mint green top and jeans as casual wear. She wears her middle school uniform after school. Her cat ears and tail swish with curiosity.
image Song is: 0.

[22:01] <Daini Felinus> Is this ok?
[22:01] <Haru E> That'll do just fine. Let's get going~
[22:02] <Daini Felinus> Ok!
[22:02] * Haru E is away: Time for some birthday fun~
[22:04] * Daini Felinus is away: happy birthday!
[23:15] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC
[00:41] * wanders downstairs in her cat form
[00:41] <Freya> ^
[00:42] * Freya streaaaaches
[00:56] * Freya goes to wander the Hotel
[00:58] *** Freya [CatGirl1@QTech.com] has left #suburbansenshi2
[09:18] * Matsumi Kaze [Shop] has breakfest with her family...and accidently breaks the spoon she's using in half.....followed by the table...
[09:18] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ 1603 ]
[09:18] <Matsumi Kaze> [1603] ..this is getting rediclious...
[09:24] * Matsumi Kaze [1603] decides she's going to take her family out today..just so she doesn't have to think about all this
[09:58] * Eilean , meanwhile, is trying to deal with work at the Theater with the help of her sisters
[15:49] * Janice pokes aroung the Hotel for a bit.
[19:24] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat
[19:24] <Chibi-Nat> >:3
[19:29] <Sereanna> >:3
[19:37] <Chibi-Nat> Hi!
[19:39] * Chibi-Nat starts searching around for Forest Kits!!!
[19:45] <Sereanna> hi :D
[19:46] * Chibi-Nat picks up Sereanna and hugs!!
[19:46] <Chibi-Nat> Missed you!
[19:50] <Chibi-Nat> Where are your other Friends?
[19:51] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:51] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:51] <Megan O`Cain> Hey there.
[19:52] <Chibi-Nat> Hi!
[19:52] *** M16A1 has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa M16A1
[19:55] * M16A1 smiles and watches as Natalia plays.
[19:56] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Sixteen.
[19:57] <M16A1> Hello. Seems pretty quiet in here nowadays.
[19:58] <Megan O`Cain> It happens at times. How've you been?
[19:58] <M16A1> Uneasy.
[19:59] <M16A1> We haven't heard any updates from the Zone in quite some time. That concerns me a little.
[20:00] * Chibi-Nat looks out the window at the other House and frowns a little.
[20:01] <Chibi-Nat> No going over there, right? My siblings told me it's not safe at all.
[20:04] <Megan O`Cain> I'm afraid not, Natalia.
[20:05] * Chibi-Nat frowns and nods sadly. "Okay."
[20:12] <Megan O`Cain> Anyway, where were we in talks about the Alliance?
[20:18] <Sereanna> :3
[20:20] <M16A1> Indeed we were.
[20:21] * Chibi-Nat hugs Sereanna tightly. "Don't worry. No one's going to hurt you or your Friends ever."
[20:22] <M16A1> You wanted know more about the War, yes? Or did you want to know more about the social problems that plagued the Alliance as the War went on?
[20:23] * Sereanna hugs back :D
[20:24] <Megan O`Cain> Both, actually.
[20:24] <Megan O`Cain> I want to know as much as possible, Sixteen.
[20:26] <M16A1> After the Federation defeated everyone at Rostov, it was then that the Alliance started going crazy. I know I mentioned some of the ways they did so.
[20:26] <M16A1> Nuclear weapons, bio-plagues, and AI-driven weapon systems like the T-Dolls.
[20:27] * Megan O`Cain nods
[20:27] <M16A1> They also did worse. They summoned Demons, made pacts, and engaged in all kinds of genetic research to try and create their own version of the Astartes.
[20:30] <M16A1> The Alliance's version of the Astartes was a disaster. They didn't have time to spare, so training and development time was cut down to months at best. They also used so much magic it was rediculous.
[20:30] <M16A1> The best way to describe those "FakeMarines" would have been sentient Flesh Golems.
[20:31] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm. Sounds like they made Chaos Marines if they brought in Demons.
[20:31] <M16A1> Not Chaos Marines. At least...not at first.
[20:32] <M16A1> When the Van Saar began their push into the Middle Colonies and even struck at a couple of the Core Worlds, that's when the panic set in.
[20:33] <M16A1> The Alliance, that had been so certain of its unstoppable agenda and its Manifest Destiny, had encountered a culture that was absolutely unrelenting in defending its own independence.
[20:36] <M16A1> And it was LOSING.
[20:38] <M16A1> The Gwynedd system, homeworld of the J'aadje species, was quickly converted into the newest "Fortress World" that'd serve as the center of the Alliance's defense efforts.
[20:39] * Chibi-Nat looks around to see if any FoxEx deliveries are near.
[20:41] <M16A1> And that was then that the T-Dolls were mass-produced and deployed on a dozen worlds as part of another huge counterattack against the Fleet and the Imperial Guard.
[20:45] <Megan O`Cain> Hmm.
[20:50] <M16A1> The Alliance Navy tried to rally and briefly pushed back against the Fleet, but then the Aika Sumeragi started fighting back directly. Her weapon systems had finally been fully repaired.
[20:51] <Megan O`Cain> The Aika had plenty to bear. The Alliance Navy had to be ripped to junk piles from all that firepower.
[20:57] <M16A1> Yes.
[20:57] <M16A1> I remember some of that quite well actually.
[21:02] * Sereanna spots a foxex kit :D
[21:04] <M16A1> G&K PMC came into its own, as did the Black Talons.
[21:04] <Chibi-Nat> Oooooo! Delivery?
[21:05] <Megan O`Cain> Black Talons?
[21:08] <M16A1> The Black Talon Company was an elite mercenary group that worked with Sakura Xadium-Aino. They were contracted to help defend Gwynedd.
[21:11] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[21:17] <M16A1> At the same time, we had plenty of bulls[BLEEP]t to contend with.
[21:18] <M16A1> Because the Alliance public and various special interest groups continued to try and push social issues and expectations on everyone in the war.
[21:20] <M16A1> On Nifelheim, a major protest against full corporate takeovers of local industries escalated into riots and the local police cracked down hard. The police were accused of being not only excessive in their use of force, but being Van Saar sympathizers.
[21:21] <Megan O`Cain> Wow.
[21:22] <M16A1> So they were not only imprisoned, but the Extranet outrage demanded that the local police undergo STRICT reductions to avoid upsetting certain Special Identity Groups...which turned out to actually BE infiltrated by the Van Saar.
[21:23] <M16A1> Crime spiked, discontent soared, and when the Fleet arrived to invade, the planetary defenses, of which the police were automatically a part of, were drastically undermined.
[21:24] <M16A1> Nifelheim only had a population of 250000. It was conquered in less than a DAY.
[21:25] * Chibi-Nat goes for that FoxEx Kit!! :D
[21:28] <Megan O`Cain> Damn.
[21:29] <M16A1> At first, T-Dolls were supposed to look male, but then some dumbass thought that looked "Inappropriate". Right up until we started getting blown away by the millions by gauss rifle shards and boltguns.
[21:29] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[21:30] <M16A1> Then there was the matter of our humanoid appearance, which made OTHER Special Identity Groups upset and indignant for reasons I still can't comprehend.
[21:30] <M16A1> So we were all redesigned AGAIN after millions MORE of us were shredded in battle by the Van Saar.
[21:32] <M16A1> Somewhere along the line someone in Griffin decided that enough was enough and we'd all be LOCKED into appearing like young humanoid females of Asian and Caucasian appearance because constantly trying to cater to the exclusive demands of over a DOZEN different demands was seriously affecting tactical abilities.
[21:33] * Megan O`Cain just shakes her head, "Just plain ridiculous."
[21:33] <M16A1> To the point that the Tesla and Niven systems were lost.
[21:34] <M16A1> "Morale missions" and "Special Identity Group" companies were deployed and featured on the Extranet to make everyone feel happy and included...
[21:35] <M16A1> Only to be specifically targeted by either the Ghost Foxes or the Draughr directly and annihilated in particularly gruesome ways. A few times at the hands of the Dark Angel of Death himself.
[21:36] <Megan O`Cain> Sounds like they were getting their just desserts.
[21:38] <M16A1> Yeah, by that time even WE were starting to question the sanity of the Alliance.
[21:39] <M16A1> They were obsessed with the most inane and ridiculous of beliefs that served absolutely no purpose in the course of the war, yet still expected their military to fight and die attempting to halt the Van Saar.
[21:40] <M16A1> I think that was when the Separatist Movement started to form.
[21:40] <Megan O`Cain> Go on.
[21:41] <M16A1> Sakura Xadium-Aino might have had something to do with it as well. It may have been that the rot in the Alliance had progressed too far to reverse, so removal was the only option.
[21:42] <M16A1> And let us stop for now. I sense that the little fox girl is ready for bed.
[21:43] <Megan O`Cain> Natalia?
[21:46] <Chibi-Nat> ^__^
[21:46] <Chibi-Nat> Night-night!
[21:46] <Chibi-Nat> Come on, Friends! Let's go home!
[21:46] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:46] *** M16A1 has left #suburbansenshi2 (Until next time.)
[21:48] <Megan O`Cain> Night.
[21:54] *** Sereanna has left #suburbansenshi2 (:3)
[23:02] <Eilean> [New Grand Imperial Theater] ....
[23:02] *** Eilean has moved back to the Atrium
[23:02] <Eilean> ...so what now
[23:03] <Megan O`Cain> Evening.
[23:06] <Eilean> oh hey there
[23:07] <Megan O`Cain> How's it going?
[23:09] * Eilean pulls out a bow and arrow and shoots a random kouma
[23:10] <Megan O`Cain> Nice shot.
[23:20] <Megan O`Cain> As much as I'd like to hang around longer, I should head back up to the suite. Take care, Eilean.
[23:20] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC
[23:20] <Eilean> seeya
[00:02] * Beryl giggles :D
[00:25] <Eilean> huh?
[00:28] <Eilean> oh hey there
[00:28] <Beryl> wana pway! :D
[00:28] <Eilean> huh ok
[00:30] <Beryl> :D
[00:43] * Eilean starts to play with beryl
[00:44] * Beryl starts playing with Auntie Eilean :D
[01:02] * Beryl holds some dollies and blocks :D
[02:10] * Eilean finishes playing "ok time for bed for you"
[02:17] <Beryl> :D
[02:18] <Beryl> stowy? :D
[02:31] * Eilean picks up Beryl "ok..just one"
[02:34] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2
[02:34] *** Beryl has left #suburbansenshi2 (:D)
[10:42] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[10:42] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] walks thorugh the city with Mira Eseme and the rest of her family
[10:45] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] pauses and looks in a shop front
[10:52] <Beryl> :O
[11:13] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] keeps walking!
[11:30] * ??? watches Matsumi and her family from the top of a building.
[11:32] <Beryl> :O
[11:33] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] walks out of a store, having bought some stuff for Mira
[11:47] * ??? just watches from above the city, and does nothing but observe them.
[11:49] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] shivers for a moment...
[11:53] <Beryl> gwanma oki? :O
[11:54] <Matsumi Kaze> [Tokyo] yes I'm fine
[12:06] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] goes off to take her family to lunch
[12:28] * Beryl looks at all the food :D
[12:37] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] is having a good laugh as she talks with her daughters about things
[15:18] * Matsumi Kaze , somehow ends up in an arcade
[16:33] * Matsumi Kaze is back
[16:33] * Matsumi Kaze returns and starts placing the pizza orders
[16:44] * Matsumi Kaze has hideki get out the tables
[16:48] * Hideki Kaze puts a few tables out...and glances down, noticing Mira following him
[17:16] * Masaki O`Cain leans against a wall as Carrie convinces her former co-worker to give them a discount
[17:20] * Eilean sets up an area in the atrium separate for the kids >.> so the parents can party
[17:21] *** Daini Felinus has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:21] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Daini Felinus *** Happy Tanabata!!
[17:22] * Eilean is helping to decorate the atrium for the celebration
[17:22] * Daini Felinus gets off the elevator in her pajamas and sniffs "is that what i think it is???"
[17:22] <Matsumi Kaze> you know..i always liked this holiday's story...the story of two lovers coming together after being separated from so long
[17:23] <Daini Felinus> Like mom and dad!
[17:23] * Matsumi Kaze feels Hideki wrap his arms around Matsumi from behind
[17:23] <Matsumi Kaze> hee
[17:23] <Freya Felinus> yes, Daini
[17:23] <Daini Felinus> Gross >>
[17:23] * Freya Felinus smiles and puts out a few snacks for the celebration
[17:23] * Daini Felinus turns her nose at hideki
[17:23] <~> Snrrrkkk
[17:24] * Daini Felinus follows freya peeking at all the food like the foodie she is
[17:25] <Matsumi Kaze> are we going to be ready for tonight?
[17:27] <Hideki Kaze> I have Mira's all ready
[17:28] <Masaki O`Cain> trying to convince this one takes forever
[17:28] <Carrie> I hate those things >.>
[17:28] * Daini Felinus looks up and gasps "ummm...my yukata is no good >////<
[17:29] <Freya Felinus> hm??
[17:30] <Daini Felinus> I may have used it to cover the falcon nursery last rain?
[17:30] <Daini Felinus> It is water proof
[17:31] <Freya Felinus> DAINI!
[17:31] * Janice rises up out of the nearby pond. "I sense shenanigans."
[17:33] <Matsumi Kaze> it's Tanabata..we're going out to the festival tonight
[17:33] * Daini Felinus tucks her ears and backs up " they would have gotten sick!......erma has a back up....."
[17:34] <Janice> Aha.
[17:43] <Giselle Bellerose> are you coming to the festival?
[17:48] * Daini Felinus runs upstairs "ill be back!"
[18:02] <Freya Felinus> alright!
[18:36] * Daini Felinus returns in a mint green and pink yukata "i found it! Kanri always has a spare!"
[18:37] <Matsumi Kaze> awww you look great!
[18:38] <Janice> Nice~
[18:38] * Daini Felinus blushes and holds up a brush "can you help me braid my hair?"
[18:40] <Matsumi Kaze> me?
[18:41] * Daini Felinus shrugs "cant be worst than mom...."
[18:45] <Daini Felinus> I get thw feeling she keeps her hair short on purpose.....i cant wait to cut mone again
[18:45] * Matsumi Kaze works on Daini's hair
[18:48] * Daini Felinus smoths her yukata " do you think they'll have the chocolate fish biscuits again?"
[18:50] <Freya Felinus> oh no doubt
[18:51] * Daini Felinus goes wide eyed and tries to find freya with
[18:52] <Daini Felinus> Really?
[18:52] <Daini Felinus> And the meats on sticks?
[18:56] <Matsumi Kaze> ok i'm going to get dressed..i'll meet you guys in a bit
[18:56] * Matsumi Kaze picks up Mira and heads upstairs "and yes they probably do"
[18:57] * Daini Felinus grins "mommy can i have some money from my. Savings please?"
[18:59] <Freya Felinus> daini..of course you can have some money for the festival
[19:00] <Daini Felinus> I know!i like to save money just for it!
[19:02] <Freya Felinus> now i have to get dressed as well...
[19:02] <Daini Felinus> I'll be here!
[19:05] * Freya Felinus heads upstairs with a few other people as well who are also changing to their yukatas
[19:06] * Daini Felinus grabs a book and reads it while waiting
[19:16] *** M16A1 has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa M16A1 *** Happy Tanabata!!
[19:17] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:17] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat *** Happy Tanabata!!
[19:17] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[19:20] * Matsumi Kaze , Freya and other family members walk downstairs in their yukatas
[19:20] <Chibi-Nat> Hi!
[19:21] * Chibi-Nat is wearing a tiny yukata too! She flaps her arms, making the fabric make crisp snapping noises.
[19:21] <Chibi-Nat> ^___^
[19:22] <Matsumi Kaze> oh are you coming with us?
[19:25] <Chibi-Nat> Maaaaaaaybe!
[19:30] <Matsumi Kaze> did you get your papa to ok it?
[19:33] <Chibi-Nat> Where are you going?
[19:35] * Daini Felinus looks at m16A1.
[19:35] *** m16A1 is your average everyday m16A1

[19:35] <Daini Felinus> %
[19:36] * M16A1 is a Griffin T-Doll that formerly served in the military of the long-destroyed Interstellar Alliance. She currently seems to be working with or for an AI faction called Sangvis Ferri
[19:36] * Daini Felinus puts her book away and skips to freya "you guys look so lovely mom!"
[19:36] <Matsumi Kaze> to the festival
[19:36] <Daini Felinus> Myaaaay!
[19:37] <M16A1> http://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/3467268?q=m16a1_%28girls_frontline%29_%28boss%29 Looks like this
[19:37] <M16A1> Festival?
[19:39] <Daini Felinus> Its time for festival food!!d
[19:39] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[19:39] <Chibi-Nat> Where is it?
[19:43] <Daini Felinus> Meats on sticks and fried yummies! Wishes! Stories!AND FIREWORKS!!!
[19:43] <Matsumi Kaze> in the city..ready to go?
[19:43] * Chibi-Nat nod-nods!!! :D
[19:43] *** Sakuya Izayoi [PerfectandElegant Maid@EnclaveFedCom.Net (pirated)] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Sakuya Izayoi *** Happy Tanabata!!
[19:44] * Sakuya Izayoi suddenly APPEARS!!! ^___^
[19:44] <Sakuya Izayoi> I shall provide escort for young Natalia and ensure that all remain safe.
[19:44] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Chibi-Nat is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[19:44] * Daini Felinus looks at sakuya izayoi.
[19:44] *** sakuya izayoi is Is a very beautiful young woman who instantly stands out. She’s tall, graceful, and very shapely. Her eyes are a dazzling shade of deep blue, but something about them seem cold and wary. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: .

[19:45] * Daini Felinus looks to freya holding out a debit card " here. I dont need this"
[19:46] <Chibi-Nat> Ready! =^ ^=
[19:46] <M16A1> I'll stay behind and keep an eye on things here.
[19:46] * M16A1 is setting up recording equipment at one of the windows.
[19:47] * Freya Felinus takes it
[19:48] <Daini Felinus> I dont want to over spend. I still need a halloween costume and christmas presents
[19:51] * Freya Felinus heads out with Matsumi and the others
[19:55] * Chibi-Nat heads out with everyone too! ^_____^
[19:55] * Sakuya Izayoi accompanies them all with grace and elegance. ^__^
[19:57] * Sakuya Izayoi is away 
[19:58] * Chibi-Nat is away: "We see Forest Kits too?"
[19:58] <M16A1> Heh. Little goofs.
[20:00] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ Festival ]
[20:00] <Matsumi Kaze> (( should we move this to SS3 ))
[20:01] <M16A1> (( Makes sense ))
[20:08] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area (ss3)] suddenly appears in the middle of the Atrium.
[20:08] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright *** Happy Tanabata!!
[20:08] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[20:09] <M16A1> <__<
[20:09] <M16A1> Teleportation?
[20:18] * Filibert Wright looks around.
[20:18] * Filibert Wright looks at M16A1.
[20:18] *** M16A1 is your average everyday M16A1

[20:18] * Filibert Wright looks a little bit closer.
[20:18] * Filibert Wright looks at M16A1.
[20:18] *** M16A1 is your average everyday M16A1

[20:19] * Filibert Wright is slightly taken aback, clearly having things on his mind.
[20:19] <Filibert Wright> ....
[20:20] <Filibert Wright> .....
[20:20] * Filibert Wright looks at M16A1.
[20:20] *** M16A1 is your average everyday M16A1

[20:20] <Filibert Wright> Alas. It seems nobody is here.
[20:20] * Filibert Wright leaves.
[20:20] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Reception Area ]
[20:21] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] gathers up four more of the crew members of the Enclavian ship, and then teleports away.
[20:21] * Filibert Wright is away 
[20:27] <M16A1> Interesting.
[20:53] * M16A1 is away 
[00:46] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] suddenly appears in the lobby.
[00:46] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[00:46] <Filibert Wright> Oh dear.
[00:47] <Filibert Wright> I suppose now is not an appropriate time to apologize, then.
[00:47] <Filibert Wright> <.<
[00:47] <Filibert Wright> >.>
[00:47] <Filibert Wright> Later, of course. Later.
[00:47] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Reception Area ]
[00:48] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] selects the four Enclavians to depart the HOTEL next, and teleports with them to elsewhere.
[00:48] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[10:37] *** Chibi-Antil [WellManneredFoxBoy@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:37] <@spiritflame> ohayo Chibi-Antil
[10:38] * Chibi-Antil wanders into the Hotel and seeks out the library section. ^__^
[10:40] <Chibi-Antil> Let's see...
[10:41] * Chibi-Antil starts looking through the various stacks in search of specific titles.
[10:55] <Chibi-Antil> Hmmmm.
[10:55] * Chibi-Antil is picking out several history books.
[11:25] <Chibi-Antil> There we go!
[11:25] * Chibi-Antil found all the books he needed.
[11:25] <Chibi-Antil> ^__^
[11:26] *** Chibi-Antil [WellManneredFoxBoy@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("I enjoyed seeing you! ^_^")
[21:15] * Haru E and Lyz take this time to kick back and relax. ^_^
[21:43] * Matsumi Kaze [Festival] lays on the Q sofa, feeling guilty
[21:51] * Matsumi Kaze has moved to: [ ]
[21:53] <Haru E> ??
[21:58] <Matsumi Kaze> I could have killed her ><
[22:04] <Haru E> ??
[22:12] <Haru E> Context por favor?
[22:13] <Matsumi Kaze> I poked freya
[22:19] <Haru E> ...lemme guess, testing out your "Phenominal Cosmic Powers"?
[22:22] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah...I didn't.....think it would be that powerful
[22:25] <Haru E> (If only I had 1¥ for every time I've heard that statement.) Either way, the important bits are as such: are you going to stew here and dwell over this? Or will you work on figuring out your abilities and such to ensure that this doesn't repeat?
[22:27] <Haru E> In experimentations like this, something going awry or "not as planned" shouldn't be taken as a total failure, but as a lesson --- a lesson on how to improve, to iron out the problems. Seraph only knows how many times I f[BLEEP]ked up trying to figure out whatever the hell it was those Chaos Gods did to me and dad...
[22:49] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I don't even know how i gained this power
[22:58] <Haru E> Knowing the general way things around here go, I'm willing to bet the answer is staring you right in the face, and has been doing so for a long time.
[23:18] <Matsumi Kaze> ugh maybe
[23:32] <Haru E> Perhaps that should be the first step --- learn how it was you acquired this. In that, perhaps the way forward will reveal itself.
[00:21] <Haru E> Anyway, I gotta get off to bed. You take care, all right?
[00:21] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:25] * Matsumi Kaze is asleep on the sofa
[00:46] * Masaki O`Cain has moved to: [ O`Cain home ]
[00:46] * Masaki O`Cain [O`Cain home] stares at the ceiling..unable to sleep
[00:53] <Masaki O`Cain> [O`Cain home] fuuuuuck
[01:00] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi2
[17:24] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[17:24] * Filibert Wright suddenly appears in the lobby.
[17:24] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[17:24] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Filibert Wright
[17:24] * Filibert Wright straightens his tie, and looks around.
[17:24] <Filibert Wright> <.<
[17:24] <Filibert Wright> >.>
[17:24] <Filibert Wright> Alas!
[17:25] <Filibert Wright> None are here, but of course that is no impediment to my mission.
[17:26] * Filibert Wright goes to the Reception Area where the soldiers of Enclave are being held in the HOTEL.
[17:26] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Reception Area ]
[17:27] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] ATTENTION!
[17:29] * Dozens upon dozens of soldiers all fall into formation at Filibert's command, and salute him, waiting for his command.
[17:31] <Dozens upon dozens of soldiers> .....
[17:31] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] Now hear this!
[17:34] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] Our illustrious realm of Enclave has pledged that, provided we have the right to grant asylum... to WHOMEVER WE WISH....
[17:34] * A few of the Soldiers look nervous at this statement.
[17:36] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] ...that we shall never impinge upon or invade any nation or sovereign state. I hereby order that, since you currently reside in a territory of Pandorica, you not explore, survey, break and enter, or snoop around this facility, because to do so could technically be cited as a breach of our treaty if we were skulking around or spying upon people here.
[17:38] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] While soldiers of Enclave are quartered in Pandorica, you are not to go into any area not CLEARLY marked for public use, and will get permission from a confirmed Pandorican representative, with the authority to do so, before going anywhere beyond this room.
[17:39] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] I understand this is asking a significant amount, so I shall do my utmost to bring supplies and luxury items here, as well as speak to others about having them provided for you. Until more blanket permissions are gained, we will each follow these guidelines to ensure the continued peace.
[17:39] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] That is an order.
[17:40] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] sweeps the Enclavian combatants with his eyes. "If anyone has unknowingly breached this agreement by exploring what could be an off-limits area within this facility, I order you to report it immediately.
[17:40] * The soldiers are all silent.
[17:43] * The soldiers remain silent. No breaches are reported.
[17:43] * Flibert Wright visibly relaxes. "Very well. As you were. I need four more to come with me for evacuation and debriefing."
[17:44] * Four soldiers walk up to Filibert as a group, without hesitation or discussion. It's pretty clear that an order has been established as to who goes first. Filbert wraps his cloak about this group, and then all 5 of them vanish.
[17:44] * The Soldiers go back to what they were doing throughout the reception area.
[18:31] <The Magistra> hmmm?
[19:24] * Little fox ears pop up nearby.
[19:43] * Little fox ears search around inside the Lobby.
[19:57] <Sereanna> :D Friend-Nata?
[20:01] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:01] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat
[20:01] <Chibi-Nat> ^___^
[20:01] * Chibi-Nat quickly rushes out to try and scoop up as many Forest Fox friends as she can!
[20:03] * Sereanna and the forest kits are scooped up :D :3 :D :3 :D :3
[20:03] <Chibi-Nat> Gotcha!
[20:04] * Chibi-Nat hugs them all and bestows tail-pats!
[20:07] <Chibi-Nat> You were hiding for me?
[20:09] <Sereanna> yuppa :D
[20:10] <Chibi-Nat> How have you all been? =^ ^=
[20:10] * Chibi-Nat teases them all with slices of cured salami.
[20:15] <Sereanna> we been Goooood :D
[20:18] <Chibi-Nat> Whatcha been doing? Playing?
[20:18] <Chibi-Nat> Have the Kumihos been bothering you?
[20:19] <Sereanna> noppa :D
[20:22] <Chibi-Nat> Good! I don't like them at all.
[20:23] <Chibi-Nat> They need to leave you all alone so you can just play and help people. >:f
[20:27] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:27] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[20:27] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, you two.
[20:28] <Sereanna> Hi :D
[20:28] * Sereanna waves her paw :D
[20:29] <Megan O`Cain> How're you doing this evening?
[20:30] <Sereanna> we do GOOOOOOOD :3
[20:31] <Chibi-Nat> My friends are all here! ^__^
[20:32] * Chibi-Nat feeds the Forest Kits some sliced meat.
[20:33] * Sereanna and the other forest kits nibble on the sliced lunch meat.
[20:36] * Meanwhile elsewhere, four T-Dolls plan and prepare for a desperate rescue mission to retrieve the bodies of the captured T-Dolls several weeks ago.
[20:42] * Squad 404 plans meticulously!!
[20:46] * Chibi-Nat gives the Forest Foxes in her arms lots of sniff-sniffs and ear-scratches.
[20:46] * Squad 404 will make their attack SOON!
[20:51] * Sereanna and the others earscratch back :D :3
[20:52] <Chibi-Nat> Wanna come home with me? It's the rainy season back home, so we have cozy tents set up in the Atrium and we can listen to the rain coming down. ^__^
[20:54] <Sereanna> yuppa :D
[20:54] <Chibi-Nat> Okay!
[20:54] * Chibi-Nat scoops up as many Forest Foxes as she can in her arms and lets the others follow her.
[20:54] * Chibi-Nat looks to see how many Friends she'll have with her tonight.
[20:55] * Sereanna and lots and lots of friends!
[20:56] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Yay! Lots of fun tonight! I wanna sleep with all of you!")
[20:56] *** Sereanna has left #suburbansenshi2 (:3)
[20:59] * Megan O`Cain is away: visiting the house
[21:34] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[21:34] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright
[21:35] * Filibert Wright appears without warning in the Lobby!
[21:35] * Filibert Wright unsling a very large back from his shoulder.
[21:37] * Filibert Wright looks around.
[21:37] <Filibert Wright> Well. That makes things less complex.
[21:38] * Filibert Wright sees that there is nobody to share with here, so he makes his way to the Reception Area which is filled with over 100 Enclave Soldiers.
[21:38] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Reception Area ]
[21:42] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] Hello everyone!
[21:43] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] smiles warmly. "I bring greetings and gifts to Enclave's finest!
[21:44] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] opens his bag, and starts passing out food from it---far more food than it seems could physically fit into the bag, and hands each person in the Reception Area an item of food!
[21:45] * Soldiers are very grateful and excited, and all eat their food once their buddies have gotten one too. "Oh. Thank you sir! Thank you so much!"
[21:45] * Food seems to be some kind of meat dish baked into a bread product that has been wrapped around a cheese core.
[21:46] <Filibert Wright> [Reception Area] I made the necessary arrangements. Please know that your fellow citizens benefit greatly from what you do.
[21:47] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] takes four more soldiers with him, and teleports away with them.
[21:47] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[22:41] <The Magistra> Summoning Tickets Get your summoning tickets here!
[23:21] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Haru E
[23:22] * Haru E drifts on downstairs.
[23:25] <Haru E> (Hm, nobody about?)
[23:26] <The Magistra> HAru! Wanna be a Master?
[23:27] <Haru E> Wut
[23:28] * The Magistra holds up summoning ticekts "No on has summoned a Servant besides Matsumi. I need people
[23:28] * Megan O`Cain is back
[23:28] <Megan O`Cain> Oh, hey, guys.
[23:28] <Haru E> Oh, that thing. Are you just looking for guinea pigs, or....
[23:31] <Megan O`Cain> What's going on?
[23:31] <The Magistra> I need people to sign up to go on furture missions. And I can't send anyone going forwards without a Servant
[23:33] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[23:34] <Megan O`Cain> Does it matter what Servant one gets?
[23:35] <The Magistra> Not really? I mean it's not like we can really choose
[23:36] <Haru E> Not gonna lie, kinda on the fence about this whole thing. Ain't there a way for people like us to fight on or beyond the level of those things?
[23:39] <The Magistra> With a grail in theory a strong mortal could fight on that level
[23:39] <The Magistra> but we only have one and most of it's eneergy is tappe
[23:40] <Haru E> That's what I don't like, having to rely on something like that to be effective in battle.
[23:42] <Haru E> And besides, I'm a demon, not a mortal human. You'd think that would count for something as far as kicking those spirits where it'd hurt 'em the most.
[23:45] <The Magistra> You want to fight yourself, fine. But if you wind up dead in a singularity you die for real
[23:48] <Megan O`Cain> Ouch.
[23:53] <The Magistra> So sorry if I want to keep my freinds safe.
[23:58] <Megan O`Cain> It's okay. Still, it seems like a roll of the dice.
[00:00] <The Magistra> Yes it is. Becuse the system chooses it based on compaitblity and a spirit that agrees to actully manifest
[00:00] <The Magistra> you can try to brute force it with a catalyst, but then you risk getting someone you have a terrrible relationship with
[00:02] <Haru E> ....hoo boy.
[00:05] <Megan O`Cain> Hmmm.
[00:08] <The Magistra> (( If there's a specfic Servant you want, unless it's on my restricted due to plot list, you can have it. ))
[00:26] <Megan O`Cain> Well, we'll see.
[00:30] <Haru E> This servant-summoning stuff seems extra-picky.
[00:56] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL tired*)
[01:03] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC
[18:28] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia pop in to visit Haru and Lyz for a bit.
[19:27] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:27] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:31] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[19:31] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:31] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat
[19:31] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Natalia.
[19:32] <Chibi-Nat> Hi!
[19:34] <Megan O`Cain> How are you?
[19:35] <Chibi-Nat> I'm goooooood!
[19:35] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:35] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Solarchos
[19:35] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[19:36] * Chibi-Nat POOFS into fox form and gallops over to join her Daddy at one of the chairs.
[19:36] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> =^ ^=
[19:36] <Solarchos> Hello
[19:36] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Solar.
[19:37] <Megan O`Cain> How've you been?
[19:38] <Solarchos> Quite busy actually. This is the first chance I've had to actually relax for any length of time for a while now.
[19:39] <Megan O`Cain> Oh?
[19:39] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) crawls up onto Daddy's shoulder and drapes herself around his neck to bestow Warm Fuzzies. ^___^
[19:44] <Solarchos> It seems like lately all I've been doing is getting directly involved in directing battlefield strategy on Algol and Centaurus.
[19:45] <Solarchos> On Centaurus, the Ctorr are still a major problem, but they're not quite the menace they once were. The long-term health problems of their spores are the biggest issue now.
[19:45] <Solarchos> Algol, however, is turning into a gigantic warzone as more and more supernatural things are awakening.
[19:50] <Megan O`Cain> Damn. Wish I knew what to say about all that.
[19:51] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :<
[19:52] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> He can't play with me as much. I wanna play with him all the time.
[19:53] <Megan O`Cain> I'm sure you do, Natalia.
[19:55] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) peers at Megan with big wide eyes. o__o
[19:56] * Megan O`Cain peers back at Natalia
[20:04] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> O__O
[20:08] <Megan O`Cain> Think you're peering into my soul, hm?
[20:10] <Sereanna> O____O
[20:11] <Megan O`Cain> :P
[20:14] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) bats at Megan's face with her paws. :D
[20:14] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Sereanna!
[20:14] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) bats playfully at Sereanna too!
[20:18] <Sereanna> :3
[20:18] * Sereanna trills at Chibi-Nat :3
[20:21] <Sereanna> :D
[20:22] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Hi Friend!
[20:23] <Solarchos> Awwww
[20:23] <Solarchos> So what have you been up to Megan? Did you catch Maximum the Touhou the other day?
[20:25] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[20:25] * Filibert Wright suddenly appears in the middle of the room!
[20:25] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright
[20:26] * Filibert Wright stands up, adjusting his tie.
[20:26] <Megan O`Cain> I did. Seems they're starving for attention, Solar.
[20:28] * Filibert Wright looks around. "Good evening, everyone. It is an honor to see you."
[20:30] <Megan O`Cain> Oh, hello.
[20:31] <Filibert Wright> It is a pleasure to see you. During my last few trips, I found the residence seemingly empty.
[20:32] <Solarchos> Filibert? It's been a long time since you've been here.
[20:32] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) tries to pounce on Sereanna!
[20:33] <Filibert Wright> Indeed. I cannot argue with your assessment, Governor Langister. I have had many duties upon me, and still do.
[20:37] <Filibert Wright> In fact, I have come to see to some of my people that are staying here, for a time.
[20:38] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) sniff-sniffs everyone
[20:39] <Solarchos> Starving for attention, Megan? How so? ^___^
[20:39] <Solarchos> And how are they doing, Filibert?
[20:40] * Filibert Wright smells like perfumes and antiseptics not in use on Earth.
[20:40] * Sereanna is pounced on :3
[20:40] * Sereanna is pounced on :3
[20:41] <Filibert Wright> I am.... grateful that so many of them are alive, but things are indeed stressful at this time, and I must look carefully to see what I think is the best course that my subjects should be on. It is, as I am sure you yourself are aware, a very very difficult desision.
[20:42] <Megan O`Cain> Well, it seems like Maximum the Touhou is trying to 1-up my brother, cousins, and their friends' band lately. I feel like Maximum gets trounced when it comes to stage perfomances.
[20:43] <Solarchos> Maybe they're just stepping up their game, Megan? :P
[20:43] * Filibert Wright thinks to himself.
[20:44] <Filibert Wright> How do things go in your realm, Governor?
[20:45] <Solarchos> Stable and peaceful on some worlds, Filibert. A few are still in a state of open warfare.
[20:45] <Solarchos> As I was telling Megan before you arrived, Centaurus is still beating back the Chtorr. Progress has been made, but it will remain an uphill battle for a long time.
[20:47] <Solarchos> Eridenia still fights against the mutants that plagued it, but whole sections of the planet have been successfully cleansed. Still, I've ordered them all to remain cautious.
[20:48] * Filibert Wright listens cautiously.
[20:48] <Solarchos> Algol, on the other hand, is still in the fight for its survival. The supernatural monsters stirred by the Stygian Abyss are still rampaging, as are the Aggendi. More and more resources of the Federation have been diverted to help them.
[20:49] <Solarchos> The Algolians are putting up stiff resistance. Even in the face of such monsters they refuse to back down.
[20:49] <Filibert Wright> .....
[20:49] <Solarchos> I just wish the rest of the Fleet would return from the 40K Realm and the Imperium. They're overdue, but given the status of the Warp I shouldn't be surprised.
[20:50] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> I want all fighting over!
[20:50] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> So Daddy stays with us! :<
[20:50] <Filibert Wright> Have you been able to map the areas of the wider galaxy that are infested with these creatures? Do they move from planet to planet? I would very much like to avoid accidentally stumbling on such hostile creatures during my own exploration and colonization efforts.
[20:51] <Filibert Wright> The weapons-bearing forces of Enclave are doughty and resilient, but they do not have many of the advantages of your people which have born them in such good stead.
[20:52] <Filibert Wright> ....I do not believe them remotely capable of the potential I would ascribe to your armed forces.
[20:53] * Megan O`Cain gets out her e-kiseru, and takes a puff of water vapor from it
[20:57] <Solarchos> The "40K Realm" can only be accessed by the wormhole located at 82-Eridani. We keep that guarded closely in order to prevent anything from the other side from coming through. As for the other threats...
[20:57] <Solarchos> The Chtorr infest other life-bearing worlds through spore-pods launched through space centuries earlier. We still haven't located their source.
[20:58] * Filibert Wright c[BLEEP]ks his head oddly.
[20:59] <Solarchos> As for the Stygian Abyss, it's approaching the Algol system at speeds that occasionally go past the speed of light. Although there have been some theories posited that suggest it might actually be either teleporting periodically or warping space as it travels.
[20:59] <Filibert Wright> So it is expanding?
[21:00] <Solarchos> No, it isn't. But as it's getting closer to Algol its effects are intensifying.
[21:01] <Solarchos> It's still 10 light-years away from Algol and its energies are still felt.
[21:02] <Filibert Wright> Oh, to it's a moving region in space.
[21:02] * Filibert Wright nods.
[21:02] <Solarchos> I think the threats to your people are currently minimal, Filibert. You should be okay.
[21:02] <Filibert Wright> I have... heard things about Algol anyway, assuming you are talking about the star.
[21:03] <Filibert Wright> Well, Governor Langister, while I certainly would admit that things could be significantly worse, I am not sure that I agree with you.
[21:03] <Solarchos> The star system and one of the planets that orbit it.
[21:04] <Filibert Wright> I suppose that, while holding fewer worlds, there are fewer places where hostile life-forms could intercept one's citizens.
[21:04] <Filibert Wright> ....I suppose that your worlds held are all roughly contiguous?
[21:04] <Solarchos> On the most part.
[21:05] <Solarchos> They're fairly close to each other. We tried to colonize star systems within a certain radius of the Gurhal system.
[21:06] <Filibert Wright> For ease of defense, I would assume. Or were there other reasons, Governor?
[21:07] <Solarchos> Which we refer to as the Zone of Influence. We've created a similarly-sized perimeter immediately beyond the Zone of Influence called the "Zone of Interest" that we patrol and observe in order to identify any incoming threats.
[21:07] <Solarchos> Ease of defense and ease of commerce. There's quite a bit of trading that goes on.
[21:07] <Filibert Wright> I apologize, but might I be so bold as to ask if your Zone of Interest is inhabited?
[21:08] <Filibert Wright> By other life, I mean.
[21:08] <Solarchos> No, the Zone of Interest contains no Federation colonies, but it DOES contain other inhabited worlds. Including this one.
[21:09] <Solarchos> We don't interfere in the Zone of Interest. Just observe unless we detect a major incoming threat. Then we'll formulate a plan of what to do to counter it.
[21:10] <Filibert Wright> Interesting. I had always figured that your civilization was much farther from here.
[21:10] <Filibert Wright> What do your forces typically do when you find ships within your Zone of Interest?
[21:12] <Solarchos> Nope. 82-Eridani and Gurhal are fairly close. In fact, Aramea orbits Kaeptayn's Star and Exile is located at Luhman-16b.
[21:13] <Filibert Wright> 82-Eridani. The place where you said that your fleet has gone, to oppose what lies beyond it? I must say, I must... really try to locate more information about the areas in this local region that are claimed, patrolled, etc.
[21:13] <Solarchos> If we find voidships operating in the Zone of Interest, the standing orders of the Fleet are merely to make contact, observe, and catalog. They're not actually IN Federation territory, so they wouldn't be intruding.
[21:15] <Solarchos> And there's no need to fight any discovered ships unless they actually attacked us.
[21:16] <Solarchos> Unfortunately, I need to be going. It's time to get Natalia into bed.
[21:16] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> =^ ^=
[21:16] <Megan O`Cain> Later, Solar.
[21:16] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Night-night! ^__^m
[21:17] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("I'll bring you the information you asked for next time, Filibert.")
[21:17] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:18] * Filibert Wright thinks long and hard about the things Solarchos said, not immediately commenting.
[21:23] <Filibert Wright> ....
[21:23] <Filibert Wright> All the more reason that it falls to me to do the best and do better.
[21:24] * Filibert Wright takes a sobering breath, and walks off to the Reception Area.
[21:24] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Reception Area ]
[21:24] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] again distributes gifts to the Enclave soldiers, and then teleports four more people away with him.
[21:24] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[21:26] <Megan O`Cain> See ya.
[22:14] *** Damien Souleater has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Damien Souleater
[22:15] <Megan O`Cain> Evening.
[22:17] <Carrie (Half Form)> yo
[22:17] <Megan O`Cain> Oh, hey, Carrie.
[22:23] * The Magistra is being counterproductive and informing you that he/she/it/whatever is lurking.
[23:01] <Carrie (Half Form)> yo
[23:06] <~> Boopity-boopity-boop♫
[23:06] <Megan O`Cain> Been doing alright?
[23:08] <The Magistra> Meh
[23:11] <Megan O`Cain> Carrie?
[23:19] <Carrie (Half Form)> yeah?
[23:24] <Megan O`Cain> Have you been doing alright?
[23:24] <Carrie (Half Form)> meh ok
[23:27] <Megan O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[23:55] * Megan O`Cain relaxes a bit as she takes an occasional puff, and exhales water vapor
[00:19] <Pinako> :)
[00:28] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:28] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright
[00:28] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[00:28] * Filibert Wright appears, again, in the middle of the HOTEL.
[00:29] * Filibert Wright gives a polite but cursory glance around, not expecting anybody at this hour.
[00:30] * Filibert Wright 's conscience is clear. He takes off his hat, and goes to the Enclave soldiers. He greets and encourages them, and then teleports away with four of them.
[00:30] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[00:42] <Pinako> Hi :D
[00:45] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Pinako.
[00:45] <Pinako> what'cha doing? :D
[00:50] <Megan O`Cain> Relaxing right now.
[01:00] <Pinako> :D
[01:01] <Megan O`Cain> What about you?
[01:02] <Pinako> I went on a Space ship :D
[01:04] * Pinako pretends that she's piloting a spaceship :D
[01:05] <Megan O`Cain> Oh? Where was this ship?
[01:07] <Pinako> Moonship :D
[01:15] <Megan O`Cain> Huh.
[01:40] <Pinako> Vrooooom vrooom
[01:54] <Megan O`Cain> Heh. Glad you had fun.
[01:55] <Pinako> Yup, I did :D
[01:56] <Megan O`Cain> Well, I'm gonna head upstairs. Take care, Pinako.
[01:56] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night.)
[02:12] <Pinako> nighty!
[13:32] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[13:33] * Filibert Wright teleports into the HOTEL
[13:33] * Filibert Wright appears suddenly, kneeling on the floor.
[13:36] * Filibert Wright looks around for people, and sees none.
[13:45] * Filibert Wright travels to the reception area, bringing gifts and musical instruments crafted in Enclave for them. He then selects four of them, and teleports away.
[13:45] * Filibert Wright is away 
[19:19] *** SYSTEM ANNOUNCE - Main Page updated with entry # 2169 - Back to the IRC II (Test) ***
[20:01] * Hinako Urashima and Camilla pop in for a bit to visit Haru and Lyz.
[20:14] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[20:22] <Megan O`Cain> Hello?
[21:09] * A Mysterious Buyer™ is offering Yotsuba Suu ¥1,786,432,569.42 for Big Grocery
[22:01] * The Magistra just paces
[22:06] <Megan O`Cain> Everything alright, Magi?
[22:11] <The Magistra> Oh. Just frustrated
[22:12] * Filibert Wright suddenly appears in the lobby!
[22:12] *** Filibert Wright has moved back to the Atrium
[22:12] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[22:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Filibert Wright
[22:12] <Megan O`Cain> How so?
[22:13] <The Magistra> We're making on progress on the stuff dowstairs
[22:13] * Filibert Wright stands, and making certain his stance and appearance is proper.
[22:14] <Filibert Wright> Ah. Good evening to you all.
[22:16] <Megan O`Cain> Hello.
[22:16] <The Magistra> hey
[22:18] * Filibert Wright bows.
[22:20] <Megan O`Cain> What brings you here?
[22:20] <Filibert Wright> Are you adressing me, my lady?
[22:20] * Filibert Wright turns to Megan O'Cain.
[22:23] <Megan O`Cain> Who else would I be addressing?
[22:32] <Filibert Wright> Well, there are other people here? I apologize.
[22:32] <Filibert Wright> I am here to see to my people.
[22:32] <Filibert Wright> They are the benefitting from local hospitality for a time, which is both good and bad.
[22:34] <Filibert Wright> There was a ship I was looking for, and the Time Lords found it.
[22:34] <Filibert Wright> They saved a tremendous number of my people from death, and for that I am most grateful.
[22:35] <Filibert Wright> So I have come to evacuate them to elsewhere, and see to their needs with the few things that this place cannot readily provide.
[22:36] <Megan O`Cain> Where are they going?
[22:38] <Filibert Wright> Oh! Why they are coming with me. I can teleport people, you see, but only a few at a time, which means it will take a few days to clear out the Reception Area that The Intern---well I'm 99% sure it's the Intern, Neminixblipsonara--has prepared for them.
[22:38] <Filibert Wright> She saved over 200 of my people's lives.
[22:39] <Megan O`Cain> I see. Well, hope the evac goes well.
[22:42] <Filibert Wright> Thank you very much. Unless there is something I am free to assist you with, I shall go see to them?
[22:43] <Megan O`Cain> Of course.
[22:53] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Reception Area ]
[22:53] * Filibert Wright [Reception Area] makes his way to where the soldiers are, speaks to them encouragingly, and then teleports four of them away with him.
[22:53] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[23:11] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Back to the suite.)
[11:07] <DD_Girl_Green> (( New site test ))
[14:51] *** DD_Girl_Blue has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:51] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa DD_Girl_Blue
[14:52] * DD_Girl_Blue is quietly playing piano in the atrium
[15:19] * DD_Girl_Red has bottles of whiskey in the room.
[18:20] *** FreyannaTaisho has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:20] <@spiritflame> konbanwa FreyannaTaisho
[18:20] * FreyannaTaisho hops through her portal and grins "its safe!"
[18:20] * Freya Felinus walks thorugh the random door
[18:20] <Freya Felinus> hm?
[18:20] *** AgarionTaisho has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:20] <@spiritflame> konbanwa AgarionTaisho
[18:21] * AgarionTaisho steps through the portal and waves to freya
[18:21] *** Keiko has joined #suburbansenshi2
[18:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Keiko
[18:21] * Freya Felinus waves hello!
[18:21] * Keiko hops through and drops a big bag "you actually did do it in one try. Good job!"
[18:22] * AgarionTaisho hugs freya and signs 'tea?' with his hands
[18:23] * Freya Felinus signs back "no thanks"
[18:23] * Freya Felinus is dressed for the beach
[18:24] * AgarionTaisho signs "leaving?"
[18:24] <Keiko> Ohhhhh Are you and Grandpa going on a Date?~
[18:24] <FreyannaTaisho> Is that a new bathing suit grandmother?~
[18:26] <Freya Felinus> why yes it is
[18:26] <Freya Felinus> ah no...we are at Matsumi's vacation island
[18:26] <Freya Felinus> you are of course invited as is your parents
[18:29] * Daini Felinus runs downstairs with a suitcase. Her mint green swimsuit matches her mint green sandals "WHO'S READY FOR SHAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRK?!!!!"
[18:29] * FreyannaTaisho blinks "shark?"
[18:29] * AgarionTaisho signs "like jaws?"
[18:29] <Freya Felinus> the island is through the random door
[18:30] * FreyannaTaisho and her brother take off through the door "WOOHOO" 'beach day'
[18:31] <Keiko> How come Aunt Daini is the fun twin? Aaaaand there they go
[18:31] <Freya Felinus> I'm glad to see everyone so happy
[18:32] * Daini Felinus grins "its a beach day what could go wrong mom?"
[18:32] <Freya Felinus> I'm sure Matsumi would be more then happy to allow you to stay as long as you want
[18:32] * Keiko grabs an extra dagger from the Q sofa "well we need this now."
[18:33] <Freya Felinus> hm?
[18:33] <Daini Felinus> Can Mckaela come visit
[18:34] <Freya Felinus> you should ask Matsumi but I'm sure she wouldn't mind
[18:34] <Daini Felinus> okay! Let's go!
[18:35] * Daini Felinus runs through the door
[18:35] * Keiko turns to Freya "im not running or skipping....you can though"
[18:37] * Freya Felinus just smiles and shakes her head
[18:38] * Keiko shrugs and hefts her bag "ready?"
[18:38] <Freya Felinus> of course
[18:39] * Freya Felinus walks back through the random door
[18:39] * Keiko follows after freya
[18:39] * Keiko is away 
[18:39] * AgarionTaisho is away 
[18:39] * FreyannaTaisho is away 
[18:40] * Daini Felinus is away 
[19:12] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:12] *** Aratasujou has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Aratasujou
[19:12] <Aratasujou> :D
[19:27] * Mystery Buyer now offers Yotsuba Suu ÂŁ410,757,864,530 for Big Grocery
[19:28] <Aratasujou> What be happening tonight?
[19:33] *** David O`Cain [JRPMoonSoldier@MKArmyRanger.mil] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:35] <Aratasujou> Konichiwa, David!
[19:36] <David O`Cain> Hey, Ara-su. What's up?
[19:40] <Aratasujou> Me be good!
[19:41] <Aratasujou> Things be quiet tonight.
[19:43] <David O`Cain> So it seems.
[19:47] <Aratasujou> How you be? ^__^
[19:47] <David O`Cain> I'm doing alright so far.
[19:52] <Aratasujou> Me be okies! Me be hearing things, though.
[19:54] <David O`Cain> Hearing what?
[19:58] <Aratasujou> The Fleet be back and be heading here!
[19:58] <Aratasujou> Not here yet though.
[19:59] <Aratasujou> And the Zone be having weird things happening.
[19:59] <David O`Cain> Oh?
[20:00] <David O`Cain> Hm?
[20:03] <Aratasujou> Report from the Fleet says they lost ships in battle.
[20:03] <Aratasujou> But brought back more.
[20:04] <David O`Cain> Say what?
[20:11] * Aratasujou nod-nods.
[20:11] * Aratasujou grins.
[20:11] <Aratasujou> They bring back ships from the Imperium! The Fleet now be larger! >D
[20:11] <Aratasujou> >:D
[20:14] <David O`Cain> Oh really? What did they bring back?
[20:16] <Aratasujou> Transports. Frigates. And a light cruiser! ^__^
[20:16] <Aratasujou> All ready for upgrading!
[20:23] <David O`Cain> Interesting.
[20:27] <Aratasujou> But fight was bad overall.
[20:34] <Aratasujou> Federation ships were destroyed, especially against Orks. Rest were damaged.
[20:34] <David O`Cain> How so?
[20:36] <Aratasujou> Big Ork ship ram strike cruiser "Ran Yakumo". It be destroyed.
[20:37] <David O`Cain> S[BLEEP]t.
[20:38] <Aratasujou> Two Exeters lo lost fighting Tyranids.
[20:39] <Aratasujou> BUT!! We help defeat Green Kroosade and Tyranid invasion!
[20:42] <David O`Cain> Damn. What were the Federation ships doing, though?
[20:46] <Aratasujou> Fighting!
[20:48] <David O`Cain> No, I meant what were they doing before the fighting?
[20:53] <Aratasujou> Exploring. Surveying. Assisting the Imperium in little ways as they fought back.
[20:56] <David O`Cain> I see.
[21:02] * Aratasujou perks her ears up.
[21:02] <Aratasujou> Ooooo! Solar-kun be needing me now.
[21:05] <Aratasujou> Night-night!
[21:08] <David O`Cain> Night, Ara-su.
[21:12] *** Aratasujou has left #suburbansenshi2 (NYORO~!! =^ ^=)
[23:01] *** David O`Cain [JRPMoonSoldier@MKArmyRanger.mil] has quit IRC (Back home I go.)
[07:59] *** SYSTEM ANNOUNCE - Main Page updated with entry # 2170 - You've got to FIGHT... for the RIGHT... to POTTY~! ***
[19:11] * Little fox ears pop up nearby
[20:03] *** David O`Cain [JRPMoonSoldier@MKArmyRanger.mil] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain *** Happy Obon!!
[20:05] *** Chibi-Alex [BoundlessExuberanceOfYouth@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Alex *** Happy Obon!!
[20:05] <Chibi-Alex> ^___^
[20:05] <Chibi-Alex> Hello!
[20:07] <David O`Cain> Hey, Alex.
[20:09] <Chibi-Alex> Whatcha doing?
[20:10] <David O`Cain> Not much at the moment.
[20:15] <Chibi-Alex> Not planning anything for the Obon?
[20:16] <David O`Cain> Oh. I didn't know that was going on. ^_^;
[20:22] <Chibi-Alex> Silly!
[20:22] <Chibi-Alex> It's always an excuse for us to wear yukatas!
[20:23] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[20:28] <Chibi-Alex> I wonder where everyone else is?
[20:34] <David O`Cain> I don't know, Alex.
[20:35] <Chibi-Alex> Hopefully everyone's okay and just busy.
[20:35] <Chibi-Alex> And didn't, like, get abducted en mass by the Empire of the Rising Floof. ;P
[20:36] <David O`Cain> Heh.
[20:41] <Chibi-Alex> Have you heard from anyone else?
[20:42] <David O`Cain> Nope. Have you?
[20:46] <Chibi-Alex> I think there's a festival around here somewhere.
[20:46] <David O`Cain> Hmm.
[20:52] * Chibi-Alex sniff-sniffs the air and follows a distant scent.
[20:53] <Chibi-Alex> I've got something!
[20:53] * Chibi-Alex is away 
[20:54] * David O`Cain is away 
[01:12] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[01:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsuo Shin *** Happy Obon!!
[01:12] * Matsuo Shin finds himself lost in thought
[01:12] * Matsuo Shin silently writes
[01:25] <Matsuo Shin> ugh..
[01:57] * Matsuo Shin finds himself stuck..but keeps writing
[02:06] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has left #suburbansenshi2
[09:34] * @ sendsMatsumi / Freya a picture of her and Exeter at the festival last night and a thank-you note.
[09:34] * ^Paisley
[10:48] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:48] <@spiritflame> ohayo Matsuo Shin *** Happy Obon!!
[10:48] * Matsuo Shin lounges on a sofa, writing, while keeping an eye on his daughter
[15:24] * Matsuo Shin tries to keep working while Jabberwocky enterains Lina
[18:15] * Monica pops in to see how things are going.
[18:26] * Matsuo Shin is asleep in a pile of papers
[18:41] <Monica> :3
[18:57] * Monica looks over to see if anyone else is around today.
[19:05] <Chibi-Nat> >:3
[19:05] * Chibi-Nat LEAPS at Monica from behind!!!! >:D
[19:06] * Monica lets her tail dart over to nab that Natty!
[19:10] * Chibi-Nat tries to DODGE!
[19:10] <Chibi-Nat> Can't get meeeee~!
[19:11] * Monica does quite the flexible roll to catch Natty with her paws!
[19:11] <Chibi-Nat> Too fast? Awwwwww.
[19:12] * Chibi-Nat tries to patter Monica's face with her tails. They're getting a little longer and fluffier.
[19:12] <Monica> Well don't forget, I do have time and experience on my side. Keep at it, though --- you can only improve from here on♫
[19:13] <Chibi-Nat> :P
[19:13] * Chibi-Nat keeps giving Monica a thorough tail-patting!
[19:18] <Chibi-Nat> Heeeee! How have you been? =^ ^=
[19:19] <Monica> I've been quite all right.
[19:19] * Monica returns fire with some tickles~
[19:25] <Chibi-Nat> Heeee~!
[19:25] <Chibi-Nat> Have you all been staying out of trouble?
[19:26] * Chibi-Nat POOFS!!!
[19:26] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) is now held in Monica's hands! :3
[19:27] <Monica> I should be asking you that. :P
[19:28] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> I know how you Nether-people like to be sneaky. >:P
[19:28] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> If need be I'll make you behave~!!! >:D
[19:29] <Monica> Oh, that'll be the day~
[19:30] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> You doubt the power of a KIT? >:3
[19:32] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) reaches out with all of her paws, flexing them. >:3
[19:34] <Monica> :3
[19:36] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> >:D
[19:47] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Heeeeeeeeeee
[19:49] <Monica> Hehehe~
[19:58] <Sereanna> :3
[20:01] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Friend!
[20:01] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) wiggles her tails at Sereanna in greeting!
[20:01] <Sereanna> Friend :D
[20:03] * Sereanna gives Chibi-nat tailpats :D
[20:04] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> How are things in the Rising Floof?
[20:05] <Sereanna> Gooood :D
[20:08] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> And everyone is having fun?
[20:09] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Has Monica been shown the power of the Kit-Hat?
[20:16] <Sereanna> no :O
[20:17] <Monica> But you've already shown the power of the Nat-Hat~
[20:19] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> The Kit-Hat is strong too!
[20:20] <Sereanna> :3
[20:21] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> >:D
[20:26] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Try it, Monica!
[20:32] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:32] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain *** Happy Obon!!
[20:40] * Sereanna curls up into the ever popular Kit-Hat!
[20:40] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Hi!
[20:40] <Megan O`Cain> Hey there.
[20:41] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Heeeeeee! The Kit-Hat! Who wants to feel its power?
[20:44] <Megan O`Cain> What's going on?
[20:46] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> The power of Kits!
[20:48] <Megan O`Cain> Heh.
[20:55] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) perks her ears up, listening to something in the far distance.
[20:55] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Mommy's calling!
[20:55] <Monica> Safe travels, Natty~
[20:56] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) hops onto Monica's head for a moment!! >:3
[20:57] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) clings and SNUGGLES!
[20:57] <Megan O`Cain> Later, Natalia.
[20:57] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Heeeeeeeeee
[20:57] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) hops down and dashes off, trilling and giving tail-pats to everyone.
[20:57] *** has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:58] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[20:58] * Someone else watches little Natalia go@
[20:59] <???> Subject spotted. Maintaining distance and pursuing.
[20:59] *** UMP-9 has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:59] <Megan O`Cain> How've you been, Monica?
[20:59] *** UMP-45 has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:59] *** G-11 has left #suburbansenshi2
[20:59] *** HK-416 has left #suburbansenshi2
[21:00] <Monica> Been doing quite all right.
[21:06] <Megan O`Cain> That's good to hear.
[21:56] <Megan O`Cain> Quiet night.
[21:59] <Monica> Hey, it means a time to rest up. There have been some nice festivals going on.
[22:03] <Megan O`Cain> Indeed. Plenty of fun games and good food.
[22:07] <Monica> Oh, no doubt~
[22:20] <Megan O`Cain> Been up to much?
[22:21] <Monica> Mostly my usual work. Fair bet to say the same for you?
[22:23] <Megan O`Cain> Yep. Pretty much the same.
[23:11] <Megan O`Cain> Well, I better head back up. Take care, Monica.
[23:11] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC ( Good night.)
[23:23] *** Monica [CarnageShura@CarnageDimension.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*off to visit a friend*)
[00:42] * Matsuo Shin sips some tea..having returned to the hotel to do some further writing
[00:44] <Matsuo Shin> hm...
[00:44] * Matsuo Shin writes some more
[00:47] * Matsuo Shin lifts up a hand and a small cookie flies to his hand which he nibbles on
[00:51] <Matsuo Shin> hm...have to remember this...
[00:51] <Matsuo Shin> mmmm
[00:51] * Matsuo Shin grumbles a bit
[00:54] <Matsuo Shin> times like this I wish I wasn't the only one who could remember this
[01:00] <Matsuo Shin> would at least make the research easier
[01:04] <A voice from the darkness> You know, there might actually be other people who remember that.
[01:04] *** Akagi Mizuho has joined #suburbansenshi2
[01:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Akagi Mizuho *** Happy Obon!!
[01:04] <Akagi Mizuho> ....Just saying.
[01:05] * Akagi Mizuho walks out of an especially dark area in the Atrium that holds a storefront sign.
[01:06] <Matsuo Shin> hm?
[01:06] * Akagi Mizuho looks at Matsuo Shin.
[01:06] *** Matsuo Shin is Has short messy red hair, with green blue eyes. He looks much like his twin sister Matsumi.
His image Song is: "Finale and End Credits" by John Williams.

[01:06] * Matsuo Shin looks at Akagi Mizuho.
[01:06] *** Akagi Mizuho is a quiet and methodical Japanese girl wearing middle school uniform that is almost always freshly-cleaned. Her hair is often quite ornate as well, but she rarely makes eye contact and has no reflection or shadow.
Her image Song is: .

[01:07] * Matsuo Shin is not wearing his contacts at the moment..so his eyes seem unusually blue
[01:07] <Matsuo Shin> hello
[01:07] <Akagi Mizuho> I was merely saying, sir, that there are likely others who can recall such, if you were willing to seek that information out.
[01:08] * Akagi Mizuho courtsies with the skirt of her school uniform. "Good evening to you."
[01:10] <Matsuo Shin> I have no doubt there are...
[01:10] <Matsuo Shin> what brings you here tonight?
[01:11] <Matsuo Shin> err i mean
[01:11] <Akagi Mizuho> I'll grant you that some of them are dead.
[01:11] * Matsuo Shin realized that might sound creepy
[01:12] * Akagi Mizuho doesn't seem at all flustered.
[01:13] <Akagi Mizuho> There are ways you could get at that knowledge, is all I was saying. I didn't mean to intrude. I apologize.
[01:13] <Matsuo Shin> no it's fine
[01:13] * Akagi Mizuho offers a kind smile that doesn't show her teeth.
[01:13] <Akagi Mizuho> I'm glad to hear that.
[01:14] <Matsuo Shin> even with my experiences...I still have gaps to my knowledge
[01:18] <Matsuo Shin> oh sorry I must be thinking out loud
[01:18] <Akagi Mizuho> Perfectly understandable.
[01:20] <Akagi Mizuho> Many people do so, especially when under stress.
[01:21] <Akagi Mizuho> But of course, I am sure you are aware of all of this already. I shall leave you to your efforts, but please do not hesitate to knock if you think you could use some help.
[01:23] * Akagi Mizuho walks over and disappears into the door overhung by the "Shady Lady" sign.
[01:23] * Akagi Mizuho is away 
[01:24] <Matsuo Shin> hm
[02:17] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:08] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:08] <@spiritflame> ohayo Eilean *** Happy Obon!!
[10:08] * Eilean has moved to: [ Tokyo ]
[10:08] * Eilean [Tokyo] walks along tokyo, holding onto Kyra's hand as she looks over a list
[10:09] <Eilean> [Tokyo] let's see....hm
[10:09] <Eilean> [Tokyo] ....I really need to work on my handwriting...
[10:10] * Eilean [Tokyo] is bumped into by a man who then runs off
[10:11] * Man runs into an allyway and snickers to himself
[10:12] * Man grins and goes to look at the wallet he snatched off Eilean..only to find he doesn't have it..
[10:12] <Man> .....
[10:12] * Man pauses..then seraches his own pockets..and realizes HIS wallet is gone
[10:12] * Eilean [Tokyo] hums a tune as she throws the small wallet up and down in her hand
[10:12] <Eilean> [Tokyo] heh..amature...
[10:13] * Eilean [Tokyo] glances down at her daughter
[10:13] <Eilean> [Tokyo] Kyra...stealing is bad!
[10:14] * Eilean [Tokyo] sighs and stops by a police station to drop off the wallet and make a report
[10:17] * Eilean [Tokyo] heads back to her shopping
[10:17] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:27] * Giselle Bellerose has moved to: [ Tokyo Tower ]
[10:27] * Giselle Bellerose [Tokyo Tower] looks out from the view of Tokyo Tower, gazing over the city...
[10:28] * Giselle Bellerose [Tokyo Tower] realizes that summer break is half way done..and watches as a few birds fly in the sky
[10:48] * Matsumi Kaze [Tokyo] is out with the rest of her family at the Tokyo Zoo
[10:56] <Beryl> :O
[11:57] * Nelius Raoul and Zotia pop in to check with Haru and Lyz for a short while.
[14:46] <AMD> (( Does this wooooork ))
[14:46] <AMD> (( I cannot seeeeee it ))
[14:46] <zairafirefly> (( i can see your posts, AMD ))
[14:48] <Nelius Raoul> (( Seeing you here, dood. ))
[14:54] <AMD> (( There we go! ))
[14:54] <zairafirefly> (( woo ))
[14:54] <AMD> (( I'm just at the library filling out on-boarding stuff for the new jorb ))
[14:56] <AMD> (( And this means waiting for my friend to get back to me with his address so he can be listed as my emergency contact ))
[14:57] <zairafirefly> (( great, you got the job ))
[14:57] <AMD> (( Indeed~! I start on the 26th ))
[14:57] <zairafirefly> (( awesome ))
[15:39] <AMD> (( Is there wiki code for a quotebox? ))
[15:41] <zairafirefly> (( yes, it's on the wiki coding page ))
[15:41] <zairafirefly> (( https://whatis.suburbansenshi.com/index.php/Wiki_Coding ))
[15:57] <AMD> (( Thank you! ))
[16:02] <AMD> (( And now that my onboarding is done, I'm heading home! ))
[16:02] <AMD> (( Talk to y'all later, hopefully I can stop in for the anniversary ))
[16:06] <zairafirefly> (( later, hope the job goes well ))
[20:01] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:01] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain *** Happy Obon!!
[20:08] <Megan O`Cain> Hm. Must be a quiet night.
[21:37] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Haru E *** Happy Obon!!
[21:37] * Haru E drifts on downstairs.
[21:50] <Megan O`Cain> Hey, Haru.
[22:12] <Haru E> Hey Megan.
[22:12] <Megan O`Cain> What's up?
[22:12] <Haru E> Not much.
[22:14] <Megan O`Cain> Same.
[22:29] <Megan O`Cain> Pretty much just relaxing, is all.
[22:32] * Caligo [1710] sits in the atrium..watching his daughters play
[22:32] *** Caligo has moved back to the Atrium
[22:35] * Caligo just keeps an eye on Mira and Beryl
[23:10] <Megan O`Cain> Well, I ought to head back. Catch you later.
[23:10] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Good night.)
[00:05] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsuo Shin
[00:05] <Matsuo Shin> ...hm quiet
[00:08] <Haru E> Well, it is past midnight.
[00:13] <Matsuo Shin> heh you know...even with everything I've adapted to...
[00:13] <Matsuo Shin> this change over in time on Earth hasn't really..settled with me
[00:14] <Haru E> ?
[00:14] <Matsuo Shin> we have slightly longer hours on Quinox then on Earth
[00:17] <Haru E> Ah.
[00:19] <Matsuo Shin> granted at least it was a better experience then Uranus
[00:23] <Haru E> Do tell~
[00:25] <Matsuo Shin> well when we visited Uranus...we spent most of the time in the official Quinoxian Embassy grounds....but I do remember the...smell >.>
[00:26] <Matsuo Shin> I had heard stories of course of the days before the silver millennium..of how beaitful and peaceful it was....
[00:27] <Matsuo Shin> ...by the time I was born...Uranus had become such a hot bed of industrial activity..they had almost completely destroyed their own atmosphere
[00:30] <Haru E> Any idea as to who decided that was a good plan?
[00:31] <Matsuo Shin> my father always said it was cause the royal family of Uranus were idiots
[00:31] <Matsuo Shin> ..granted my father was..technically Uranian himself >.>
[00:32] <Haru E> ...hoo boy.
[00:38] <Matsuo Shin> well..Prosperian actually
[00:41] <Haru E> Hm?
[00:45] <Matsuo Shin> nothing
[00:46] <Matsuo Shin> I should probably head home anyway...I just came cause my mind was wandering
[00:50] <Haru E> Ah. Well, safe travels.
[00:51] <Haru E> I ought to get to bed as well. Seeya again.
[00:51] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2
[01:05] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has left #suburbansenshi2
[10:37] <Sereanna> (( test ))
[10:49] * Little fox ears pop up nearby!
[10:57] * The Magistra is sitting on a couch looking over data
[10:59] * Little fox ears move over behind the Magistra
[11:09] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[11:09] <@spiritflame> ohayo Chibi-Nat
[11:09] <Chibi-Nat> =^ ^+
[11:09] <Chibi-Nat> =^ ^=
[11:09] <The Magistra> Hello Natalia
[11:10] <Chibi-Nat> Hi!
[11:10] <Chibi-Nat> Whatcha doo-eng? ^__^
[11:13] <The Magistra> Looking over data on the other singularties that have popped up
[11:14] <Chibi-Nat> Sin-goo-larry?
[11:16] <The Magistra> Time bubbles. If they pop they'll mess up the timline and destory humanity
[11:16] <Chibi-Nat> That's not good!
[11:17] <Chibi-Nat> That would hurt my friends.
[11:17] <The Magistra> Yep.
[11:21] <Chibi-Nat> Why are they happening?
[11:32] <Chibi-Nat> And how can they be stopped?
[11:32] <Chibi-Nat> The Floof must prevail!
[11:39] <Sereanna> RISING FLOOOOOOOOF :D
[11:40] <Chibi-Nat> :D
[11:40] <Chibi-Nat> RIsing FLOOOOOOOOOF!!!
[11:43] <Sereanna> :3
[11:47] * Chibi-Nat perks her ears up, hearing Mommy calling her to lunch.
[11:47] <Chibi-Nat> Oooo! Shall we spread the word of the Rising Floof to everyone? :D
[11:47] <Sereanna> Yuppa :D
[11:50] <Chibi-Nat> Let's go! Antil's going to make something called Pepperpot to eat!
[11:51] <Sereanna> YAAAAAAAAAY :D
[11:51] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("It's some kind of stew with meat and vegetables.")
[11:51] * Sereanna trots out :3
[11:51] *** Sereanna has left #suburbansenshi2 (oooooh :D)
[19:08] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:08] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Reisen Udongein Inaba
[19:08] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> ^__^
[19:09] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Hoooo boy.
[19:10] * Reisen Udongein Inaba flops over onto one of the couches and just goes limp
[19:39] * A pair of cat ears pop up nearby.They twitch ever so subtly....
[19:41] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Hmmm?
[19:54] * Reisen Udongein Inaba looks around curiously
[20:10] * A pair of cat paws dart out for tickles!
[20:17] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> D:
[20:17] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> /M has been surprised!
[20:17] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Monica! Is that you?
[20:19] * Monica pops up. "Yep♫"
[20:22] * Reisen Udongein Inaba tries to tickle right back!
[20:26] * Monica counter-tickles!
[20:26] <Carrie> ...
[20:26] * Carrie is watching Kung Fu but watches this display with a look of WTF
[20:28] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> ?ME engages with Tickle-Fu!!!
[20:28] * Reisen Udongein Inaba ~
[20:31] <Monica> >:3
[20:32] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> >:D
[20:35] <Carrie> ...huh
[20:44] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Hah! Your Tickle-Fu is WEAK!
[20:51] <Pinako> :)
[20:58] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Eh, break time's over. I've gotta get back to rehersal.
[20:58] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> We've been practicing several new songs lately
[21:00] <Monica> Does this mean we'll be getting more Maximum the Touhou goodness?
[21:01] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Yes.
[21:02] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> More goodness and more METAL
[21:03] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> So keep an eye out! WE're going to blow more stuff up. ^__^
[21:04] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba [LunaticMoonRabbit@FedCom.Net (Pirated Serve] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Uwaaaaaah?!)
[21:05] <Monica> Aww Yiisssss♫
[21:25] <-> (( test ))
[21:25] <-> test
[21:29] *** Michelle O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:29] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Michelle O`Cain
[21:29] * Michelle O`Cain stretches a bit as she enters the Atrium
[21:34] <Monica> Hey.
[21:35] <Voice Over> She learned almost too late that man is a feeling creature… and, because of it, the greatest in the universe. He learned too late for himself that men have to find their own way, to make their own mistakes. There can't be any gift of perfection from outside ourselves.
[21:36] <Voice Over> and when men seek such perfection… they find only death… fire… loss… disillusionment… the end of everything that's gone forward.
[21:36] <Voice Over> Men have always sought an end to the toil and misery, but it can't be given, it has to be achieved. There is hope, but it has to come from inside — from man himself
[21:37] <Michelle O`Cain> Hey, Monica! What's up?
[21:38] <Monica> You just missed an appearance by Reisen.
[21:41] <Michelle O`Cain> Oh? What was she up to?
[21:41] <Monica> Seems Maximum the Touhou's been practicing. We can look forward to all new madness♫
[21:44] <Michelle O`Cain> Really? Still trying to compete, are they?
[21:48] <Pinako> MAxin-Maxim-Maximum the Touhou! :D
[21:49] <Monica> Suppose we'll see soon.
[21:50] * Michelle O`Cain nods
[21:51] * Carrie lays on the floor, watching kung fu...looking bored out of her skull
[21:55] <Michelle O`Cain> Hey, Carrie.
[22:01] <Carrie> yo
[22:03] <Michelle O`Cain> How are you?
[22:14] <Carrie> bored
[22:16] <Michelle O`Cain> Awww.
[22:31] <Carrie> yuuuup
[22:41] <Carrie> WHY IS IT SO QUIET
[22:42] <Michelle O`Cain> I don't know! O_o
[22:44] <Pinako> O________O
[22:48] * Monica hurls a banana-cream pie at Carrie's face!
[22:48] * Pinako laughs :D
[22:58] <Carrie> MMPH
[23:01] * Monica turns and launches a cherry pie at Pinako!
[23:10] * Pinako gets hit with the cherry pie, and eats it up!
[23:16] <Michelle O`Cain> Heh.
[00:22] <Monica> Hm, about time for me to be headed home. You all take care, all right?
[00:23] *** Monica [CarnageShura@CarnageDimension.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2
[00:23] <Michelle O`Cain> Night!
[00:32] *** Michelle O`Cain has quit IRC (Back to the suite.)
[01:03] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[01:03] <Silicon Momoko> test
[01:03] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound off
[01:04] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound off
[01:04] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[01:05] <Silicon Momoko> so the cookies are reading
[01:05] <Silicon Momoko> I don't seethe oldlength set anywhere tho...
[01:07] <@> Ugh I'll check where it is being set
[01:07] * @ is now known as The Intern
[01:17] * @Eitak_Razal is on her chair, playing her switch
[01:21] <@The Intern> ugh I'm sorry it's too late for this, I can't think straight. :(
[01:21] <@The Intern> I'll fix it tomorrow.
[01:22] * @The Intern is away: sorry
[07:24] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[07:24] <Silicon Momoko> test
[07:25] <Silicon Momoko> test
[07:26] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[07:26] <silicon momoko> test
[07:29] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound off
[07:30] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[07:30] <silicon momoko> test
[07:33] <silicon momoko> test
[07:35] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[08:40] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[08:41] <@The Intern> test
[08:41] <@The Intern> test
[08:43] <@The Intern> test
[08:44] <@The Intern> test
[09:02] <silicon momoko> trest
[09:02] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[09:02] <silicon momoko> test
[09:02] <silicon momoko> boo
[09:10] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[09:10] <silicon momoko> test
[09:10] <silicon momoko> wth
[09:10] <@The Intern> check
[09:11] <@The Intern> odd.
[09:13] <silicon momoko> test
[09:15] <silicon momoko> test
[09:15] <silicon momoko> there
[10:02] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[10:02] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound off
[11:43] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[11:43] <silicon momoko> test
[11:44] <silicon momoko> test
[11:48] *** silicon momoko has turned their sound on
[11:49] <silicon momoko> test
[11:50] *** @The Intern has turned their sound on
[11:50] <@The Intern> test
[11:51] *** @The Intern has turned their sound on
[11:51] <@The Intern> test
[12:01] *** @The Intern has turned their sound on
[12:01] <@The Intern> test
[12:03] *** has turned their sound on
[12:03] <> test
[12:12] <Silicon Momoko> Front page ss2 audio check
[12:13] <Silicon Momoko> Pass
[12:15] <Silicon Momoko> RP Sound check
[12:15] <Silicon Momoko> Pass
[12:18] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[12:18] <Silicon Momoko> SS2 BE Sound Test PASS
[13:09] *** has turned their sound on
[13:36] *** Silicon Momoko has turned their sound on
[13:36] <Silicon Momoko> test
[13:36] <Silicon Momoko> test
[13:37] <Silicon Momoko> test
[15:50] * Camilla and Hinako pop in to visit with Haru and Lyz for a short while.
[17:18] *** has turned their sound on
[17:18] <> test
[17:19] *** Thank you all for putting up with sound testing bulls[BLEEP]t. We are all good to go.
[19:03] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsuo Shin
[19:03] * Matsuo Shin is quietly writing
[19:04] * LOOMS
[19:04] * is now known as Vermellia X. Rosso
[19:04] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Whatchya writin~
[19:05] <Matsuo Shin> hm?
[19:05] <Matsuo Shin> oh..a history
[19:06] <Matsuo Shin> I hope
[19:06] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Oh yeah? Like Pirates and stuff?
[19:06] <Matsuo Shin> it will be called The Rise and Fall of the Silver Millenium
[19:07] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Like how Earth was aftter the Da--- oh
[19:07] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ...ok
[19:07] * Vermellia X. Rosso looks deflated
[19:07] <Matsuo Shin> hm what's wrong?
[19:08] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I heard the Silver Millennium was all gowns and dancing and not big on pirates :<
[19:08] <Matsuo Shin> oh we had raiders
[19:08] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ...OF LOST ARKS?
[19:08] <Matsuo Shin> out about what's called the Oort Cloud now
[19:08] <Matsuo Shin> no no no
[19:08] <Matsuo Shin> not that we found that one again
[19:09] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ooh?
[19:10] <Matsuo Shin> hm?
[19:10] <Vermellia X. Rosso> What didn't ya find?
[19:10] <Matsuo Shin> ..it's a long story >.>
[19:11] <Vermellia X. Rosso> oh I get it!
[19:11] <Vermellia X. Rosso> you wanna sell it in your book!
[19:11] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Because if you don't they'll kill you!
[19:11] * Little fox ears pop up behind Vermellia
[19:11] <Matsuo Shin> um...something like that..I guess
[19:12] * Vermellia X. Rosso 's ear twitches as she hears the tiny inteloper
[19:12] <Vermellia X. Rosso> 'Publish oir Perish!' I know all about it!
[19:12] <Vermellia X. Rosso> If you don't bring in enough money to support to the corrupt State Academics they'll murder you and give your spot to another grad student!
[19:13] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ..or is that in a alter century. Hmm.
[19:13] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I never rememeber
[19:14] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Chibi-Nat
[19:14] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :3
[19:14] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Hiiii
[19:16] <Matsuo Shin> well I'm hoping to gether as much information as I can...
[19:18] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) carefully approaches Vermellia, seeming a little cautious and apprehensive. :/
[19:23] * Matsuo Shin keeps writing
[19:23] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Huh,. what is it.
[19:25] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) carefully paws at Vermellia, as if testing her reactions.
[19:26] * Vermellia X. Rosso is fine?
[19:28] * Jedite pops up ina thought bubble over her head saying "she's going to complain about the lava"
[19:28] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ¬_¬
[19:29] * Vermellia X. Rosso bats it away, surely not
[19:29] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) sniff-sniffs Vermellia, wiggling her tails just a little.
[19:29] * Vermellia X. Rosso smells like ACTION
[19:29] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) sniff-sniffs some more.
[19:30] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Red Bull?
[19:30] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Nah that's jsut my blood
[19:30] * Vermellia X. Rosso bleeds EXCITEMENT AND RED BULL AND CAFFIENE
[19:31] *** Megan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:31] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Megan O`Cain
[19:31] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Mommy says that stuff isn't good for Kits.
[19:31] <Megan O`Cain> Evening.
[19:32] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Hi!
[19:32] * Griselda rises up from within one of the unoccupied sofas. "Hello♫"
[19:32] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Well I'm a big girl!
[19:32] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[19:32] * ^Despite being short
[19:32] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) tries to hop onto Vermellia's shoulder.
[19:33] *** Megan O`Cain has turned their sound on
[19:33] * Vermellia X. Rosso lets her and giggles
[19:33] <Megan O`Cain> What's going on in here?
[19:33] <Vermellia X. Rosso> MAtsuo's writing a boot and Natty's natting~
[19:33] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ^Book
[19:34] <Megan O`Cain> A book about what?
[19:34] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ..... Dead people.
[19:35] * Vermellia X. Rosso says that in sa low, scary voice
[19:35] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :O
[19:35] <Megan O`Cain> Right.
[19:36] <Vermellia X. Rosso> It's true! Ask him!
[19:36] <Matsuo Shin> yes
[19:36] <Matsuo Shin> like my mother and father
[19:36] <Matsuo Shin> who are dead
[19:36] <Matsuo Shin> so yes I am writing about dead people
[19:36] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ...I killed my father.
[19:36] <Megan O`Cain> Oh. The Silver Millennium.
[19:36] * Vermellia X. Rosso will not be one upped on the angst game
[19:37] <Matsuo Shin> I lost my entire world
[19:38] * Megan O`Cain nods
[19:38] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> >__>
[19:38] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> <__<
[19:38] <Vermellia X. Rosso> fine you win
[19:38] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) gives Vermellia tail-pats of consolation.
[19:40] * Vermellia X. Rosso purss lightly
[19:41] <Griselda> Oh boy.
[19:41] <Matsuo Shin> heh it's fine....we shouldn't try and out angst each other
[19:41] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> What's angst?
[19:41] <Vermellia X. Rosso> It's a popular drinking game in NEo-NEo-Germany
[19:41] <Matsuo Shin> wait what?
[19:42] <Vermellia X. Rosso> The winner is the person with the biggest mentalderf[BLEEP]kenscarren
[19:42] <Griselda> ...they must be bored over there.
[19:43] <Vermellia X. Rosso> It beats them Starting liek Wold War Nineteen
[19:43] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ^World
[19:44] <Megan O`Cain> I suppose that's fair enough.
[19:45] <Matsuo Shin> it is hard to write this sometimes
[19:46] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> World War 19? :<
[19:47] * Vermellia X. Rosso shrugs
[19:47] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Humans are real good at starting those
[19:47] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Luckily by about 23 they just swettle them with games of 0-G football
[19:48] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> I don't like wars.
[19:50] <Vermellia X. Rosso> (With who your dad is I am HELLA SURPRISED)
[19:50] * Vermellia X. Rosso nods and smiles, only sweating a little
[19:51] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :<
[19:51] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> You okies?
[19:51] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Yupyup!
[19:51] * Vermellia X. Rosso drinks some juice out of a milk-box
[19:51] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Juice! :D
[19:53] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Want some?
[19:53] <Megan O`Cain> So, how've you guys been so far?
[19:53] * Vermellia X. Rosso gives her a fresh box
[19:53] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Pretty good!
[19:53] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Thank you!
[19:53] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Yerr wellcome! :D
[19:54] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) sucks on the little straw and looks much happier than before.
[19:58] <Griselda> Heh.
[20:05] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) peers at Grieselda! :3
[20:06] * Griselda peers back.
[20:09] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> O__O
[20:09] <Griselda> 0w0
[20:10] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> oWo
[20:10] <Megan O`Cain> Heh, the ol' staring contest.
[20:17] * Vermellia X. Rosso CLAPS her hands to see who blinks first!
[20:17] <Griselda> OWO
[20:23] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> @_____@
[20:31] <Megan O`Cain> Who's fading?
[20:32] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> *___*
[20:38] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> I win!
[20:39] <Griselda> That's what you think♫
[20:43] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :P
[20:43] <Griselda> So how've you been, you fuzzy goof?
[20:48] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> I'm gooooood!
[20:48] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Strange people are wandering around. I don't like them.
[20:50] <Griselda> That right?
[20:50] <Megan O`Cain> Who are you talking about, Natalia?
[20:52] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Weird girls with guns.
[20:53] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> I don't like guns at all
[20:53] <Megan O`Cain> Is that so? Got an idea who they might be?
[20:57] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Not the ones who sometimes stay near my brothers and sisters. Different girls.
[20:57] <Matsuo Shin> hm?
[21:00] <Megan O`Cain> I see.
[21:06] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Who are they? Are they bad?
[21:08] <Megan O`Cain> I don't know. If we have a good look at them, we'll see.
[21:13] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) nod-nods.
[21:13] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) pokes Vermellia with her paw. "You help?"
[21:15] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) perks her ears up.
[21:15] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[21:16] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> Mommy's calling!
[21:16] <Megan O`Cain> Take care, Natalia.
[21:17] * Matsuo Shin is completely lost in thought
[21:18] *** Chibi-Nat [SilentSorceress@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("Gah!")
[21:19] <Griselda> You holding all right there, Matsuo?
[21:21] <Matsuo Shin> oh yes...yes..just distracted I guess
[21:25] <Griselda> Busy putting it all together, eh?
[21:42] <Megan O`Cain> Say, need anything, Matsuo?
[21:49] <Matsuo Shin> I might!
[21:51] <Megan O`Cain> Whatcha need?
[21:58] <Matsuo Shin> well I'll need to have information on the moon kingdom army at some point
[22:02] <Megan O`Cain> Ah.
[01:58] *** Griselda [FORBIDDEN@404] has left #suburbansenshi2
[01:58] *** Megan O`Cain has quit IRC (Back to the suite.)
[14:39] *** Filibert Wright has joined #suburbansenshi2
[14:39] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa Filibert Wright
[14:40] * Filibert Wright suddenly teleports into the Atrium of the HOTEL.
[14:40] * Filibert Wright looks around the immediate vicinity.
[14:41] * Filibert Wright sees none, and so does not forestall himself in his mission to speak to anyone.
[14:41] * Filibert Wright has moved to: [ Enclave Reception Area ]
[14:41] * Filibert Wright [Enclave Reception Area] goes to the place where the Enclave Crewmen are living in the HOTEL, and they interrupt their routines to salute him.
[14:42] * Filibert Wright [Enclave Reception Area] speaks briefly, and passes out foods from Enclave as well as some letters addressed to his people, and then teleports away with four of his soldiers.
[14:42] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[15:05] * Filibert Wright [Enclave Reception Area] teleports back into the HOTEL
[15:06] * Filibert Wright [Enclave Reception Area] spends more time speaking with the Enclave soldiers.
[15:11] * Filibert Wright [Enclave Reception Area] selects another group of four people from the dozens and dozens left over, wraps them in his cloak, and teleports away.
[15:12] *** Filibert Wright [0] has quit IRC (The honor was mine.)
[18:01] * keeps tabs on this extremely slow transporation process.
[18:01] * is now known as Dead-Eyes
[18:02] *** Dead-Eyes has turned their sound on
[18:02] <Dead-Eyes> Is he just inefficient or is there more to this.
[18:16] * Dead-Eyes is away 
[19:50] *** David O`Cain [JRPMoonSoldier@MKArmyRanger.mil] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:50] <@spiritflame> konbanwa David O`Cain
[19:51] <David O`Cain> Hm. Looks like a quiet night here.
[20:00] *** Matsuo Shin [Shin@history.um.u-tokyo.ac.jp] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[20:00] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Matsuo Shin
[20:00] * Matsuo Shin stretches, walking in
[20:01] <David O`Cain> Hey, Matsuo.
[20:02] <Matsuo Shin> oh hey..was just going to head to the island
[20:03] <David O`Cain> Oh yeah?
[20:11] <David O`Cain> What's going on?
[20:14] <Matsuo Shin> Lady Freya is putting on a Res'Ta festival
[20:23] <David O`Cain> Res'Ta? What was that again?
[20:24] <Matsuo Shin> it's a sort of very small festival...it was done in Mysn...it celebrates the ending of summer
[20:25] <David O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[20:27] <Matsuo Shin> you're free to come if you wish
[20:29] <David O`Cain> Thanks for the invite, man. I'll gladly attend.
[20:32] * Matsuo Shin heads out ot the island
[20:32] * Matsuo Shin is away 
[20:38] * David O`Cain is away 
[00:26] * Damien Souleater finds vandal somewhere and quickly grabs him and judo throws him "AHHHH S[BLEEP]TAKI"
[10:40] *** Kev Junia [ShogunKevJunia@GR.mil] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[10:40] <@spiritflame> ohayo Kev Junia
[10:40] * Kev Junia teleports in
[10:41] * Kev Junia looks around for a minute (business will pickup soon. Hope everyone is ready when it does)
[10:41] * Kev Junia teleports out
[10:41] *** Kev Junia [ShogunKevJunia@GR.mil] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Hail to the King baby)
[19:06] *** has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:06] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[19:06] *** Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:06] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Morrigan
[19:06] <Morrigan> Hmmm, looks a little different in here.
[19:25] * There is a HUGE Explosion outside of Greenstone Manor! A CARBOMB! No one is Injured, but the scene is CHAO! CHAOS! CHAOS! Car alarms have gone off across the entire block, and the front gate to the manor is DESTROYED!
[19:26] <Morrigan> What the hell?!
[19:27] * This was at GREENSTONE MANOR, not The HOTEL!
[19:28] * Morrigan still heard about the incident through livestreaming information coming through the Tanar'ri Noosphere.
[19:30] * it's DEVASTATION! Crime, and Chaos, and Panic! PANIC!
[19:34] *** Donovan O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi2
[19:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Donovan O`Cain
[19:35] * Matsuo Shin has just survived the explosion...having created a telekinetic shield around himself, his wife and his infant daughter
[19:36] <Morrigan> Wow!
[19:36] <Morrigan> Hello Donovan. There's a LOT going on elsewhere.
[19:38] <Donovan O`Cain> What's going on?
[19:39] * int he wreckage... a card... on the card.. ._writing in an acient tongue_ ... and a Golden Crescnet Moon
[19:39] * Matsuo Shin holds his crying daughter and narrows hie eyes at the card
[19:40] <Morrigan> Greenstone Manor was just attacked. Someone detonated a big carbomb right outside it.
[19:40] * The card reads "This was a warning. Cease your lies.We are the TRUTH. Society of the Golden Crescent."
[19:40] <Donovan O`Cain> The f[BLEEP]k?! Who and why?!
[19:41] <Matsuo Shin> ....
[19:41] * Matsuo Shin has moved to: [ Greenstone Manor ]
[19:44] * Nothing else is amiss at the Manor...
[19:44] <Morrigan> Don't know. I don't think anyone got hurt though.
[19:44] <Morrigan> But it's one hell of a mess
[19:44] <Donovan O`Cain> Geez.
[19:48] <Morrigan> I can confirm that the Shin's are all okay.
[19:50] <Donovan O`Cain> That's good. But who is targeting them, though?
[19:54] <Morrigan> That knowledge is currently unavailable, but I'm pretty sure Matsuo will know soon enough.
[19:54] * Matsuo Shin [Greenstone Manor] tries to get his family someplace safe for now.....jabberwocky as well
[19:55] * Donovan O`Cain nods
[20:07] <Morrigan> How are you doing?
[20:08] <Donovan O`Cain> I'm doing pretty good. Been enjoying my time with family and friends.
[20:10] <Morrigan> Oh? What hijinks have you been getting up to?
[20:11] <Donovan O`Cain> Checking out the sights, enjoying good food, maybe take Karen along when she isn't busy.
[20:11] <Morrigan> Kekekekekkeke. You've taken quite the liking to her, haven't you?
[20:11] <Donovan O`Cain> I have. ^_^
[20:14] <Donovan O`Cain> She's a beautiful woman. I don't think she's high maintenance, though. At least, not that I've noticed.
[20:17] <Morrigan> Well, she IS kind of a klutz.
[20:17] <Morrigan> And a ditz.
[20:18] <Donovan O`Cain> The clumsyness I've noticed. I've had to catch her a time or two.
[20:25] <Donovan O`Cain> And I hate to say, but I kinda agree on her ditziness.
[20:26] <Morrigan> Oh really? You like that type? ^__^
[20:27] <Donovan O`Cain> Well, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I guess I've been looking past those traits.
[20:27] * Morrigan snickers
[20:28] <Morrigan> I also heard that Megan's really been chatting it up with a certain former Alliance combat android.
[20:28] <Morrigan> Although bioroid would be a more accurate description of the Griffin T-Dolls
[20:38] <Donovan O`Cain> Yeah, Megan's been relaying info gleaned from Sixteen, as she's calling her.
[20:43] <Morrigan> About the Zealot War. Everyone seems pretty eager to hear about that lost conflict.
[20:45] <Donovan O`Cain> At least from a former member's perspective.
[20:54] <Morrigan> Finding out anything new and interesting?
[20:56] <Donovan O`Cain> Well, rather surprised that the Federation didn't let the rest of the Coalition fight. But who's to say that sneakier options came into play.
[21:01] <Morrigan> Actually, the Coalition largely stayed neutral for a long time.
[21:01] <Morrigan> Lots of people were hoping cooler heads would eventually prevail.
[21:03] <Donovan O`Cain> Something tells me that didn't happen. :/
[21:07] <Morrigan> It didn't. It never did.
[21:07] <Morrigan> Cooler heads never stepped forward, and nothing dissuaded the Dark Angel of Death.
[21:07] <Morrigan> Anywhoo, I need be going! Toodles!
[21:08] *** Morrigan [SexyNaughtyBitchyMe@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi2 ("You all love me; don't be ashamed to admit it.")
[21:12] * Donovan O`Cain finds himself a seat on a lounge chair
[21:54] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[21:54] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Haru E
[21:54] * Haru E floats on downstairs, Lyz on her shoulder. "Hey."
[22:00] <Donovan O`Cain> Hey, Haru.
[22:04] <Haru E> How do?
[22:16] <Donovan O`Cain> Doing alright. How about you lately?
[22:16] <Haru E> All's been well on my end.
[22:16] <Donovan O`Cain> Awesome.
[22:31] * Haru E takes a moment to stretch out, whilst Lyz goes to nab herself a snack♫
[22:31] <Donovan O`Cain> Been up to much?
[22:38] <Haru E> Mostly keeping on top of the shop, now that Kae's second kid has been born.
[22:43] <Donovan O`Cain> A second kid? When did this happen, if you don't mind me asking?
[22:44] <Haru E> Just a little under two weeks ago, Kae had her second kid.
[22:48] <Donovan O`Cain> Congrats to her and her family.
[23:14] <Donovan O`Cain> Anyway, I'm gonna head back upstairs. Later, Haru.
[23:14] *** Donovan O`Cain has quit IRC (Night.)
[23:36] *** Kev Junia [ShogunKevJunia@GR.mil] has joined #suburbansenshi2
[23:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Kev Junia
[23:37] * Kev Junia teleports in and sees the Budokai brackets.
[23:37] <Kev Junia> Wait?! What?! I missed it AGAIN?!! Every year I always miss it...
[23:38] * Kev Junia starts swearing up a storm.
[23:39] * Kev Junia teleports out I need a fit of angst.
[23:39] *** Kev Junia [ShogunKevJunia@GR.mil] has left #suburbansenshi2 (Hail to the King, baby.)
[23:40] <Haru E> That ain't the only thing he's missed. >.>
[23:53] <@Eitak_Razal> With how rarely he shows up, he'd be disqualifed before the first round ended
[00:11] <Haru E> Pretty much.
[00:19] *** Haru E [Shura.SpannerinDWorks@Rasetsu.Coalition.nw] has left #suburbansenshi2 (*IRL tired*)
[00:49] *** Sumi Mattine has joined #suburbansenshi2
[00:49] <@spiritflame> konbanwa Sumi Mattine
[00:49] * Sumi Mattine sits on a sofa, leaning on her sword
[00:54] <Sumi Mattine> hm
[00:59] * DD_Girl_Red is drinking some whiskey.
[01:10] <Sumi Mattine> hmm
[01:20] <DD_Girl_Red> want a bottle?
[01:34] <Sumi Mattine> nah
[01:58] <Sumi Mattine> too late for that
[02:01] <DD_Girl_Red> ehh.
[02:06] *** Sumi Mattine has left #suburbansenshi2