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<// J_Daito //> Anywhere in the universe you go, it's always the [BLEEP]ing same... "pin it on the drunk turkish brother".

welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[20:47] <Natalia [fox form]> I will soon be the princess of unmei
[20:48] <Solarchos> Indeed you will.
[20:48] <Solarchos> And what a wonderful princess you'll be. Just make sure you don't forget that you're a member of the Federation too.
[20:49] <Natalia [fox form]> What is there to forget?
[20:49] <Solarchos> We're all one nation, one people. Human and Demon and Kitsune alike.
[20:49] <Natalia [fox form]> I've always known that
[20:50] <Solarchos> Good.
[20:50] <Solarchos> Ready for a walk on the beach before I go check in on you Kits for bed?
[20:51] <Natalia [fox form]> there's no beach anymore
[20:51] <Natalia [fox form]> (( ^ ))
[20:53] <Solarchos> Heh!
[20:53] <Solarchos> I keep forgetting. I'm so used to the island. How about we explore around the mountain for a bit before bed?
[20:53] <Natalia [fox form]> Very well
[20:54] * Solarchos carries Natalia in his arms, scratching her underneath her chin the whole time.
[20:55] * Natalia [fox form] trills and wavess her tails the entire time
[20:56] *** Natalia [fox form] has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:56] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Off to see how my beloved wife will surprise me now." ^__^)

[22:35] *** at the Les Chattes Noir
[22:37] *** Ren Hanataki has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:37] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ren hanataki
[22:37] * Ren Hanataki sits in the office of Isabella Penoit..looking nervous
[22:39] <Isabella Peniot> ...Miss Hanataki...what I am asking you to do is difficult....but I want to assure will be helping others
[22:42] <Isabella Peniot> what you have is a gift..a gift that you can use to protect the your father protected you
[22:43] * Ren Hanataki looks a bit pained..but nods
[22:50] <Isabella Peniot> there is...only one other requirment
[22:50] <Ren Hanataki> huh?
[22:54] <Isabella Peniot> you will be performing on stage at this theater....nothing too terrible...just give a show of your abilities....
[22:55] <Ren Hanataki> ................
[22:58] <Isabella Peniot> don't won't be alone
[22:58] * Isabella Peniot glances towards the door
[22:58] *** the door opens..and katie runs in..followed by nydia
[22:58] * Katie Roselaine hugs Ren!
[22:58] <Katie Roselaine> man if I had known you could do that...I would talked to you earlier!
[22:59] <Nydia de Martin> it will be good to have someone else to rely on
[23:01] <Isabella Peniot> so..what do you say?
[23:01] * Ren Hanataki pauses..then smiles and nods
[23:02] <Isabella Peniot> Hanataki...welcome to your new home!
[23:02] *** the three girls hug, smiling
[23:02] *** End of Chapter 4

[03:18] <Bixia Yuanjin> Prosecutor von Karma asks "How can I let others in without compromising my strengths?"
[03:18] <Bixia Yuanjin> Let's see if we can answer.
[03:18] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 2, 1, 1, 1 ]
[03:19] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 2, 1, 2 ]
[03:19] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 1, 2, 1 ]
[03:19] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 1, 2, 1 ]
[03:19] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
[03:19] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 2, 1, 2 ]
[03:21] <Bixia Yuanjin> Well, that's interesting.
[03:23] <Bixia Yuanjin> ...very interesting.
[03:24] <Bixia Yuanjin> The first hexagram is Possession in Great Measure, with the trigram of Fire resting above Heaven, the very picture of the sun at zenith.
[03:24] <Bixia Yuanjin> There's only one yin line in this trigram, and it holds a place of particular honor-- not by yang strength, but by unselfish modesty in what it does, it has, and it is.
[03:26] <Bixia Yuanjin> So long as the power you've gathered is administered gracefully and with restraint, there will ultimately be success. You're strong enough to remain what you are.
[03:27] <Bixia Yuanjin> It doesn't free you from what is called of you by having that strength-- and continuing to place it at the disposal of the highest is the sign of a high character. Smaller souls would think first to use it for their own gain, and in doing so hurt themselves with petty ambitions and schemes.
[03:29] <Bixia Yuanjin> Reject the temptation to vie with those about you in small-minded struggles, because they will come-- and it'll show, because coercion won't win people the way sincerity will.
[03:31] <Bixia Yuanjin> What's kind of amusing to me is that this hexagram transforms to Inner Truth.
[03:32] <Bixia Yuanjin> This hexagram is bounded by strength on the outside and is open on the inside-- the same kind of 'hollow' that an egg has. Life within.
[03:33] <Bixia Yuanjin> In order to be open to others, you have to be open to them.
[03:34] <Bixia Yuanjin> For all people can be pig-headed, they're going to be stuck in their way until someone can show them they're understood-- not just what they say, but who they are.
[03:35] <Bixia Yuanjin> Until then, you've got people bound together by common interest, which is useful but lasts only until you've got two of them caught in the prisoner's dilemma.
[03:37] <Bixia Yuanjin> All together? My thought on this-- and I'm just the diviner-- is that you -are- strong enough. You just have to have faith in yourself and struggle through your worries and fears that you aren't!
[03:37] <Bixia Yuanjin> Which, really, is the hardest part of things.
[03:37] <Bixia Yuanjin> What with all they say about hte mind-killer? Kind of super-true >_>
[03:38] <Bixia Yuanjin> John Constantine asks as to his destiny. Let's see if we can point him in the right direction.
[03:38] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 1, 1, 1 ]
[03:38] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 2, 2, 2 ]
[03:38] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 2, 1, 1 ]
[03:38] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 2, 2, 1, 2 ]
[03:38] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 1, 2, 1 ]
[03:38] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 2, 1, 1 ]
[03:46] <Bixia Yuanjin> Afraid I don't have any easy answers for you, John. :o
[03:47] <Bixia Yuanjin> The first hexagram is Gradual Progress, the very epitome of the notion where a work has already begun that must be given the proper time to complete. It'll be profound when it bears fruit, but a tree has to spend years growing in new soil before it'll bear fruit.
[03:49] <Bixia Yuanjin> Be patient. Take your time. Don't try to rush things, or the work that's being done won't really settle into your bones, will only be surface stuff, and surface stuff can change like a suit of clothes. Or a TIme Lord's face.
[03:50] <Bixia Yuanjin> It won't be easy, and people won't think too much of you for being properly careful about the matter, but all the difficulties you'll encounter along the way will help you actually mind the right processes-- because the dangers are real.
[03:52] <Bixia Yuanjin> Those you work with, those you care for, they may not see this for what it is, and there's a good likelihood that they'll be critical too-- but that's more likely to be the result of external factors trying to disfavor you, and in the course of your work there'll come a time where your ill-wishers can't harm you further.
[03:54] <Bixia Yuanjin> This hexagram transforms to Grace, speaking less of the profundity of the divine and more of the elegance of the forms.
[03:55] <Bixia Yuanjin> There will come a time when you have achieved a certain mastery of the small things, and these small things will bring pleasure to you and others. Everybody can approve of something beautifully-done.
[03:56] <Bixia Yuanjin> But in the end, mastery of the small forms is just that-- and while it can serve for small ends, this particular strength won't be enough on its own to tackle the Great Works.
[03:57] <Bixia Yuanjin> A spoon is good for eating soup, not so good for emptying a lake.
[03:57] <Bixia Yuanjin> Don't dismiss what you've done, but remember the right things for the right time.
[03:58] <Bixia Yuanjin> All together? I'd say your destiny is going to be a ways away-- but if you prepare yourself for the long haul, you'll be ready to meet it when you find it... or it finds you. >:3
[03:58] *** Bixia Yuanjin [hsan-tachi@celephais.dt] has left #suburbansenshi3 (It may be possible to own a clock, but no one can own Time.)

[19:40] *** it's the same temple location
[19:41] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hideki kaze *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[19:41] * Hideki Kaze waits in the room
[19:42] *** Jameson Atlas [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa jameson atlas *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[19:43] <Hideki Kaze> welcome
[19:43] * Jameson Atlas smiles
[19:45] <Hideki Kaze> today I'l be teaching you something a little different
[19:46] * Hideki Kaze moves out of the way....a large square stone on the floor
[19:46] * Jameson Atlas looks at it, "What's that?"
[19:48] <Hideki Kaze> sit down
[19:48] * Jameson Atlas sits
[19:49] <Hideki Kaze> today I'll be testing your discipline...and your ability to concentrate
[19:49] * Jameson Atlas makes a face :\
[19:51] <Hideki Kaze> close your eyes
[19:51] * Jameson Atlas closes his eyes
[19:54] <Hideki Kaze> computer....swarm...lvl 1
[19:54] *** some biting insects appear...and swarm around jameson
[19:55] <Hideki Kaze> stay there...don't move
[19:56] * Jameson Atlas tenses up, his eyes clench tightly, and he remains motionless
[19:56] <Hideki Kaze> being a knight..means being a rock in the water.......
[19:56] * Hideki Kaze pulls out a piece of twig...and slaps jameson's hand
[19:58] * Jameson Atlas cringes
[19:58] <Hideki Kaze> .....keep still
[19:58] <Hideki Kaze> ....think of her....think of only her...
[19:59] <Hideki Kaze> computer...swarm lvl 2
[19:59] *** the insects increase
[20:00] <Hideki Kaze> what are you thinking about?
[20:01] <Jameson Atlas> Eilean...
[20:02] * Hideki Kaze slaps jameson's hand
[20:03] * Jameson Atlas clenches his teeth, fighting back a groan
[20:06] <Hideki Kaze> computer....swarm.............lvl 10
[20:06] *** the insects are now blinding and biting
[20:08] <Jameson Atlas> ><
[20:10] * Hideki Kaze hits jameson's hand again
[20:11] <Jameson Atlas> OOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:13] <Hideki Kaze> computer end swarm
[20:13] *** swarm vanishes
[20:14] <Hideki Kaze> .....................*just looks at jameson*
[20:14] * Jameson Atlas stares back, looking rather agitated
[20:15] <Hideki Kaze> ...we will need to work on that
[20:16] <Jameson Atlas> What the hell am I supposed to imagine Eilean whipping and biting me?
[20:16] <Jameson Atlas> ><
[20:17] <Hideki Kaze> no you're suppose to use her to center yourself
[20:17] <Hideki Kaze> to remove yourself from outside pain
[20:20] <Jameson Atlas> That's a lot of pain for a training session
[20:22] <Hideki Kaze> pain is always a part of it...
[20:23] <Jameson Atlas> Just how far am I supposed to be able to go?
[20:25] <Hideki Kaze> if you had gone another ten would have gone longer then me
[20:26] <Jameson Atlas> And so on a scale from 1 to 10?
[20:27] <Hideki Kaze> you managed a seven
[20:28] <Jameson Atlas> And it needs work? o.O ....I'd say that's pretty damn good for the first time!
[20:29] <Hideki Kaze> a knight could manage an 8
[20:31] <Jameson Atlas> ......
[20:32] * Jameson Atlas looks at the ground, discouraged
[20:33] <Hideki Kaze> we will work on it
[20:33] <Hideki Kaze> perhaps take a different path here
[20:36] <Jameson Atlas> how do i work on something like that?
[20:37] <Hideki Kaze> you must center yourself...
[20:39] <Hideki Kaze> work on meditation
[20:40] <Jameson Atlas> meditate...
[20:44] <Hideki Kaze> yes
[20:48] * Jameson Atlas nods a bit
[20:52] <Hideki Kaze> if you want..I can teach you some techiques now
[20:53] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Hotel Roof
[20:53] <Jameson Atlas> Um...okay
[20:54] <> (( oh sorry ))
[20:54] <TG_Commander_Solaris> (( my bad ))
[20:54] *** TG_Commander_Solaris [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:55] <Hideki Kaze> (( it's ok ))
[20:56] <Hideki Kaze> the easiest way to through a mantra
[21:01] <Jameson Atlas> Okay...
[21:05] <Hideki Kaze> the jewel of the lotus flower is a useful one
[21:07] <Jameson Atlas> What's that?
[21:08] <Hideki Kaze> it goes..omn mali pambi um ((I think))
[21:10] * Jameson Atlas slowly repeats it
[21:11] <Hideki Kaze> repeat that while you are meditating.....and it will help you concentrate
[21:12] <Jameson Atlas> okay...
[21:15] <Hideki Kaze> I want you to practice that tonight
[21:15] * Jameson Atlas nods
[21:17] <Hideki Kaze> for are dismissed
[21:21] * Jameson Atlas gets back to his feet, bows, and teleports to EIlean's house
[21:21] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:21] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:26] *** TG_Commander_Solaris [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:26] <@spiritflame> konbanwa tg_commander_solaris *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[21:26] * TG_Commander_Solaris takes off her mask
[21:26] * TG_Commander_Solaris is now known as YingGirl
[21:27] * YingGirl sits near the railing, buried her face
[21:28] <DvlmayCry> Penny for your thoughts?
[21:28] *** DvlmayCry [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:28] <@spiritflame> konbanwa dvlmaycry *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[21:29] * YingGirl wipes her tears
[21:30] <YingGirl> go away
[21:30] *** Calypso_MD [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:30] <@spiritflame> konbanwa calypso_md *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[21:30] *** DmC_Sparda [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:30] <@spiritflame> konbanwa dmc_sparda *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[21:31] <Calypso_MD> there you are
[21:33] <Calypso_MD> now why can't you accept the news?
[21:33] <Calypso_MD> Dante is a father
[21:33] <Calypso_MD> you should be proud something came out of you
[21:35] <DvlmayCry> that sounds way wrong you know...
[21:37] <YingGirl> - go away -
[21:38] <Calypso_MD> cha, i'll never get why you so anti family
[21:38] <Calypso_MD> is it because the hotal is running with kits?
[21:38] <Calypso_MD> hotel even
[21:45] * DmC_Sparda looks as his parents fighting
[21:47] <YingGirl> just go
[21:48] <DmC_Sparda> boss lady, you're not feeling well.
[21:50] <YingGirl> just leave me alone
[21:51] <DvlmayCry> Babe, lets get you home we'll talk more there
[21:51] <YingGirl> no...please just go
[21:52] <DmC_Sparda> mom, just listen to him
[21:52] * YingGirl curls into a fetal position
[21:52] <YingGirl> just leave me alone
[21:53] <DmC_Sparda> I knew she'll recat like this
[21:54] <DvlmayCry> she can be stubborn
[21:54] <YingGirl> just leave me alonw
[21:55] * Calypso_MD releases a sleeping gas
[21:55] * YingGirl coughs and collaspes
[21:56] <Calypso_MD> take her home, Dante
[21:57] <DmC_Sparda> Guess I'll crash at your place too, Dad
[21:57] * YingGirl is passed out
[21:58] <DvlmayCry> yeah......that still sounds weird....
[21:58] <DmC_Sparda> heh
[21:59] * Calypso_MD tosses Dante Ying's phone'
[21:59] <Calypso_MD> take her to rest. it's been a long night
[21:59] <Calypso_MD> /pat i'
[21:59] *** Calypso_MD [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (i'll get my pay from her another way)
[22:00] *** DvlmayCry [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (*picks her up* we're in for a looooooooooooooong talk, aren't we..the both of you)
[22:01] *** DmC_Sparda [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (yeah)
[22:01] *** YingGirl [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (zzzz)

[22:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: -
[22:13] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:13] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze *** Happy Birthday, Tomoe Hotaru!!
[22:13] * Matsumi Kaze keeps walking down the street, looking upset and frowning
[22:14] * Matsumi Kaze pauses in front of a port a potty on a corner..then looks left and right....and pushes open the door, closing it behind
[22:14] <Matsumi Kaze> ♫
[22:15] <Thrash> watch out for that first step
[22:15] <Matsumi Kaze> I liked the old was sort of.....fancy
[22:15] * Matsumi Kaze walks down the steps, humming a happy tune
[22:16] <Thrash> ...putting on that performance for them?
[22:16] <Matsumi Kaze> know....if they found out, simon might find out :D
[22:16] <Thrash> YOU are devious
[22:18] <Matsumi Kaze> heeee :D
[22:19] <Thrash> alright then...*flips a few switches, turns a dial....and pulls down a red lever*
[22:21] <the porta potty>
[22:21] <the porta potty>
[22:22] * the porta potty fades away outside
[22:22] <Thrash> these short hops usually aren't much trouble
[22:23] <Matsumi Kaze> well do you have everything ready?
[22:24] <Thrash> of think I wouldn' hold on...going to make a little adjustment...
[22:26] * Thrash runs to one side of the machine "hold on!"
[22:26] * Matsumi Kaze grips part of the console
[22:26] * Thrash flips a switch
[22:27] *** the entire room shakes and shudders....causing matsumi to fall over..before it settles
[22:27] <Thrash> ...I told you to hold on
[22:27] <Matsumi Kaze> :P
[22:27] * Thrash helps Matsumi up and flips a switch..opening the doors
[22:27] <Thrash> come on
[22:28] * Matsumi Kaze follows Thrash up and out of the TARDIS, which is now disgusted as a statue of an apple
[22:30] *** the city of paris is quiet at night
[22:31] <Thrash> follow me..and keep close
[22:32] * Matsumi Kaze nods and stays close to Thrash
[22:32] *** Thrash has left #suburbansenshi3 (just like old times, eh?)
[22:32] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (heeee yeah!)

[23:47] <spiritflame> Fate rolls 2d6 [ 6, 4 ]
[23:47] *** They have, indeed, found something.
[00:15] *** Thrash has joined #suburbansenshi3
[00:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa thrash
[00:15] <Thrash> hm?
[00:15] <Matsumi Kaze> what is it?
[00:16] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Thrash, of the Time Lords... Matsumi of the Wind...
[00:17] <Thrash> hm *gets defensive in front of Matsumi*
[00:17] <Matsumi Kaze> ??? yes?
[00:17] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Your defensiveness is unmerited. I did NOT want it to be this way.
[00:18] <Thrash> who are you
[00:18] <Black-robed, lifeless being> It was NEVER supposed to be this way. Surely, you can see reason for what the demands are?
[00:19] <Matsumi Kaze> ..who are you...
[00:19] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Tell me, Thrash, what do you know of Nizhaladax?
[00:20] <Thrash> she is a member of Faction Paradox
[00:20] <Thrash> a former agent of the CIA
[00:21] <Black-robed, lifeless being> And what are her desires?
[00:21] <Thrash> most likely to destroy all time lords and bring chaos to time
[00:22] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Wouldn't handing over the dragonballs surely cause that to happen, then, should they be wished upon?
[00:22] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Wouldn't there be a way she discovered to drastically alter the past or future, should they be wished upon?
[00:23] * Black-robed, lifeless being 's face cannot be seen at all.
[00:23] <Thrash> to be honest I cannot be certain..there are a number of possabilities
[00:23] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Then think only of the worst.
[00:23] <Thrash> I would not put it over faction paradox to have certain plans in hand..they're devious that way
[00:24] <Thrash> if worse comes to worse...they could unraval causality and destroy everything
[00:24] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Then you understand why it is NOT my wish to for the only Dragonballs available to be the ones she provided.
[00:25] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Would it not be wiser to acquire the Dragonballs from Earth that are active, and allow the upcoming with to be powered by THOSE, instead of the ones acquired by the schemes of Nixhaladax?
[00:25] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Surely.... SURELY, you understand the wisdom in this?
[00:25] * Thrash nods
[00:26] <Thrash> I can understand the wisdom
[00:26] * Matsumi Kaze simply listens
[00:26] <Black-robed, lifeless being> If I were to surrender to you the 7 Namekian Dragonballs, you could return them to their proper locations in time and space, which would keep them from being used to further Nizhaladax' aims, could you not?
[00:27] <Matsumi Kaze> I could yes
[00:27] <Thrash> ^yes
[00:27] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Yes. Yes, I believe both of you could.
[00:27] <Thrash> however I sadly would not be able to gurentee the location of the earth dragonballs
[00:28] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Of course you can. They are guarded by Piccolo.
[00:28] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Wouldn't it be infinitely wiser to surrender THOSE dragonballs; that the ones to power the wish not be those that Nizhaladax desires used?
[00:28] <Thrash> and even if I could..the balls themselves are inert
[00:29] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I know there are two sets, Thrash, and that some are.... how to put this, "live."
[00:30] <Thrash> I am not an expert in these things to be honest
[00:30] <Thrash> it is better you spoke to someone better verse in this offense to you
[00:30] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Hmph. You do not know the most of FAction Paradox of anyone here? You are NOT a Time Lord, who would wish to safeguard all things against unravelling!
[00:31] <Thrash> that isn't what I said
[00:31] <Thrash> it is true however I don't know that much of faction paradox
[00:31] * Black-robed, lifeless being points its finger accusingly. "YOU are a time Lord, and I suspect you have unique insight into the potential disaster that would result if the Dragonballs' history were altered!"
[00:31] <Thrash> I was not privvy to information on them back home
[00:31] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Yes, and you are by no means a resourceful man.
[00:31] <Thrash> oh I could potentially guess what would occur
[00:32] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Lord Thrash, let me be clear. I do not ask for your action. I ask for your understanding.
[00:32] <Thrash> I understand
[00:32] <Black-robed, lifeless being> So you agree that it would be far safer to use the Terran dragonballs instead of the Namekian dragonballs?
[00:34] <Thrash> I could see that point being true
[00:35] <Thrash> in theory yes
[00:35] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I am not a foolish villain, or incapable of seeing reason. I do not want the world to unravel any more than the likes of you. I do not wish my accomplishments wasted.
[00:36] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Now, do ALL of you, think it beyond your ability to point out this fact to your compatriots?
[00:36] <Black-robed, lifeless being> That making the wish on the Namekian dragonballs is ABSURDLY more dangerous? That it would be very wise to trade them?
[00:36] <Thrash> I could attempt it
[00:36] <Thrash> I make no promises of succeding
[00:36] <Black-robed, lifeless being> You would be wise to do it.
[00:37] * Black-robed, lifeless being points to Matsumi. "And what of you. I know well of the pull you have. Point it out. Point out that Simon Kerrick DOES understand the dangers of playing into the hands of a true maniac."
[00:38] <Matsumi Kaze> ...alright.....but I have a question too!
[00:38] <Black-robed, lifeless being> By all means. Shoot.
[00:38] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Not literally, of course.
[00:39] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Ask your question.
[00:39] <Matsumi Kaze> where's eliza???
[00:40] * Black-robed, lifeless being folds his hands. "Safe. Distant."
[00:40] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I did not want to take her. I had no choice.
[00:41] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Desperation drives men to do sublime but horrible things. Eliza is unharmed; as harming her would be foolish.
[00:41] <Matsumi Kaze> promise she's safe....
[00:41] <Matsumi Kaze> ..don't you hurt her..or..or....stuff!
[00:41] <Black-robed, lifeless being> It was NEVER my desire to hurt her.
[00:41] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I told you. I had no choice.
[00:42] * Thrash glances at Matsumi..not certain if he should be embrassed or amused
[00:42] <Matsumi Kaze> ok......
[00:43] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Brute force will fail you. Remember that.
[00:43] <Black-robed, lifeless being> You NEED to convince the others that trading the Dragonballs to me is the right move. That wish will go off, one way or another. Wouldn't it be wisest for it to be made in the least dangerous way?
[00:44] <Thrash> yes I understand
[00:45] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Then you are wise. This IS going to happen. I am for it hurting as little as possible when it does. I'm not a madman. I hope you understand that.
[00:45] <Thrash> yes....yes I understand
[00:46] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Now go. You will not find what you seek here. Eliza is gone.
[00:47] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Play things right, and she'll be back.
[00:47] <Thrash> come along Matsumi...we better go
[00:48] <Matsumi Kaze> y..yeah
[00:49] * Thrash puts an arm around Matsumi and leads her back towards the statue of the apple..which both slip in
[00:49] * Black-robed, lifeless being lets them leave. It's face still is not visible.
[00:50] * The apple shudders..and vanishes
[00:50] *** Black-robed, lifeless being has quit IRC (Teleports away.)
[01:10] *** Bixia Yuanjin [hsan-tachi@celephais.dt] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[01:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa bixia yuanjin
[01:11] <Bixia Yuanjin> Back from the metafiction is me...
[01:11] <Bixia Yuanjin> Gemini Sunrise has a general reading done. Let's see what she's got going on right now...
[01:11] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 1, 2, 1, 2 ]
[01:11] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 2, 2, 1, 2 ]
[01:11] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 2, 2, 2, 1 ]
[01:11] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 2, 2, 2, 2 ]
[01:11] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 2, 2, 2, 2 ]
[01:11] <spiritflame> Bixia Yuanjin rolls 4d2 [ 2, 1, 1, 2 ]
[01:12] <Bixia Yuanjin> The first one to not actually have a transitional state, huh...
[01:16] <Bixia Yuanjin> This hexagram is called the Return, or the Turning Point, in the same sense that the winter solstice is when the days begin to grow again.
[01:18] <Bixia Yuanjin> Winter is followed by spring, high tide by low, drought by rainfall, sickness by health; this is the hexagram associated with the swing back to yang energies.
[01:19] <Bixia Yuanjin> It's a time of beginnings anew, and there has to be some tenderness and gentleness when you're planting seeds in fertile soil to make sure they grow big and strong, but now's the time to do that planting.
[01:21] <Bixia Yuanjin> And because it's a new turning of the wheel, expect the vitality of beginnings. :D
[01:21] *** Bixia Yuanjin [hsan-tachi@celephais.dt] has left #suburbansenshi3 (It may be possible to own a clock, but no one can own Time.)

[19:07] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hideki kaze
[19:07] * Hideki Kaze waits in the temple
[19:08] *** Jameson Atlas [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa jameson atlas
[19:08] <Hideki Kaze> hello
[19:09] <Hideki Kaze> today is a very special day
[19:09] <Jameson Atlas> It is?
[19:10] * Hideki Kaze points towards a set of armor in the corner
[19:10] <Hideki Kaze> today is your first quiz and test
[19:11] * Jameson Atlas sweatdrops
[19:12] <Jameson Atlas> Um....already?
[19:13] <Hideki Kaze> I want to see what you've learned so far
[19:13] <Hideki Kaze> and if you remember it all
[19:13] <Jameson Atlas> O-okay
[19:16] * Hideki Kaze nods
[19:17] <Jameson Atlas> So I...need to put that on?
[19:17] <Hideki Kaze> yes
[19:18] * Jameson Atlas goes over to the armor and...slowly puts it on
[19:22] * Hideki Kaze waits
[19:23] * Jameson Atlas manages to get everything on and turns around, "Okay..."
[19:23] * Hideki Kaze tosses jameson his weapon
[19:23] * Jameson Atlas catches it
[19:24] ☼ Scouter indicates Hideki Kaze has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[19:24] <Hideki Kaze> are you prepared...
[19:24] ☼ Scouter indicates Jameson Atlas has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[19:25] <Jameson Atlas> I hope so...
[19:27] <Hideki Kaze> I will give you the first attack
[19:27] <Jameson Atlas> Um...okay
[19:28] [250 HP / 973 MP] Jameson Atlas launches forward, ducking low to slash upward at Hideki (-27 MP)
[19:28] [250 HP / 1005 MP] Hideki Kaze has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
[19:29] * Hideki Kaze moves quickly out of the way
[19:29] [250 HP / 970 MP] Hideki Kaze does a side sleash at Jameson (-35 MP)
[19:29] [248 HP / 981 MP] Jameson Atlas has BLOCKED the attack! (2 damage)
[19:29] * Jameson Atlas knocks the blade away with his own
[19:30] [248 HP / 977 MP] Jameson Atlas counters with a downward slash (-4 MP)
[19:31] [250 HP / 972 MP] Hideki Kaze has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
[19:31] * Hideki Kaze backflips out of the way and grabs his blade again
[19:31] [250 HP / 938 MP] Hideki Kaze does sideways slash (-34 MP)
[19:32] [217 HP / 999 MP] Jameson Atlas has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (31 damage)
[19:32] * Jameson Atlas stumbles....
[19:36] [250 HP / 899 MP] Hideki Kaze takes advantage of that and uses the blunt end of his blade to hit jameson in the gut (-39 MP)
[19:36] [167 HP / 1001 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (50 damage)
[19:37] * Jameson Atlas is hit and doubles over, coughing
[19:37] <Jameson Atlas> ><
[19:38] * Jameson Atlas takes a moment to recover
[19:39] [167 HP / 961 MP] Jameson Atlas aims a sweep kick to knock Hideki off his feet (-40 MP)
[19:39] [229 HP / 908 MP] Hideki Kaze has been HIT!! (21 damage)
[19:39] * Hideki Kaze is knocked over and lands on the ground
[19:40] [229 HP / 902 MP] Hideki Kaze tries to grab jameson's leg with his own and knock him over (-6 MP)
[19:40] [116 HP / 966 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (51 damage)
[19:40] * Jameson Atlas falls over too
[19:42] [116 HP / 940 MP] Jameson Atlas tries to slash at Hideki again (-26 MP)
[19:43] [229 HP / 903 MP] Hideki Kaze has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage)
[19:44] [88 HP / 952 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (28 damage)
[19:44] * Hideki Kaze bats back the slash with his sword to try hit him
[19:44] * Jameson Atlas is hit and stumbles back to the ground
[19:46] [229 HP / 872 MP] Hideki Kaze gives jameson a kick to the gut (-31 MP)
[19:46] [83 HP / 957 MP] Jameson Atlas has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage)
[19:47] * Jameson Atlas grabs Hideki's leg
[19:47] * Hideki Kaze is grabbed
[19:47] [83 HP / 931 MP] Jameson Atlas wraps his own leg around Hideki's and pulls him to the ground (-26 MP)
[19:49] [229 HP / 873 MP] Hideki Kaze has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
[19:49] * Hideki Kaze manages to move out of the way!
[19:49] [229 HP / 864 MP] Hideki Kaze runs back..and slashes jameson across the back (-9 MP)
[19:50] [83 HP / 932 MP] Jameson Atlas has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage)
[19:50] * Jameson Atlas blocks with his blade and slashes across Hideki's chest
[19:52] [229 HP / 869 MP] Hideki Kaze has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
[19:52] * Hideki Kaze dodges out of the way!
[19:54] [83 HP / 903 MP] Jameson Atlas surges forward and slashes again! (-29 MP)
[19:55] [195 HP / 877 MP] Hideki Kaze has been HIT!! (34 damage)
[19:55] * Hideki Kaze is hit by a slash!
[19:56] [195 HP / 858 MP] Hideki Kaze elbows jameson in the face (-19 MP)
[19:57] [83 HP / 909 MP] Jameson Atlas has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage)
[19:57] * Jameson Atlas grabs Hideki's arm and shoves it back toward his face
[20:01] [149 HP / 860 MP] Hideki Kaze has been HIT!! (46 damage)
[20:01] * Hideki Kaze is hit in the face ><
[20:03] [83 HP / 877 MP] Jameson Atlas PUNCHES Hideki (-32 MP)
[20:03] [115 HP / 879 MP] Hideki Kaze has been HIT!! (34 damage)
[20:03] * Hideki Kaze is hit in the face and stumbles back
[20:03] [115 HP / 867 MP] Hideki Kaze grabs jameson by the arm and attempts to flip hiim (-12 MP)
[20:05] [63 HP / 879 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (20 damage)
[20:05] * Jameson Atlas is flipped and slams into the ground
[20:05] [63 HP / 859 MP] Jameson Atlas spin kicks from the ground (-20 MP)
[20:07] [77 HP / 887 MP] Hideki Kaze has been HIT!! (38 damage)
[20:07] * Hideki Kaze is smashed into the wall
[20:08] [77 HP / 862 MP] Hideki Kaze pulls out his sword..and does a downward slash (-25 MP)
[20:08] [46 HP / 861 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (17 damage)
[20:08] * Jameson Atlas is hit by the slash and stumbles backwards ><
[20:14] [46 HP / 860 MP] Jameson Atlas tries to slash back at Hideki (-1 MP)
[20:14] [67 HP / 868 MP] Hideki Kaze has been HIT!! (10 damage)
[20:16] [67 HP / 859 MP] Hideki Kaze punches jameson in the chest..aiming for a nerve to give some pain but nothing more (-9 MP)
[20:18] [26 HP / 868 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (20 damage)
[20:18] <Jameson Atlas> ><
[20:19] <Jameson Atlas> .....
[20:21] [26 HP / 368 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Jameson Atlas punches Hideki in the shoulder to disable his blade arm (-500 MP)
[20:21] [67 HP / 868 MP ] Hideki Kaze has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell special ] (0 damage)
[20:22] * Hideki Kaze managse to barely survive the attack and hits jameson back in the leg
[20:22] [13 HP / 371 MP ] Jameson Atlas has BLOCKED a special attack! (13 damage)
[20:22] * Jameson Atlas knocks Hideki away
[20:23] [67 HP / 861 MP] Hideki Kaze hits jameson in the arm with his blade (-7 MP)
[20:23] [-25 HP / 379 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (38 damage)
[20:23] Jameson Atlas has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[20:24] * Jameson Atlas drops his own blade and grabs his arm, "Dammit...."
[20:24] * Hideki Kaze points his sword at jameson
[20:25] * Hideki Kaze offers his hand to jameson
[20:25] * Jameson Atlas takes Hideki's hand
[20:25] <Hideki Kaze> you pass
[20:26] <Jameson Atlas> I....I do?
[20:28] <Hideki Kaze> the point wasn't if you could beat me
[20:28] <Hideki Kaze> the point was if you could keep up with me
[20:28] <Hideki Kaze> and you managed that admerably
[20:28] <Jameson Atlas> Really?
[20:30] * Hideki Kaze nods
[20:30] <Hideki Kaze> this means you can continue onto the next lesson...
[20:30] <Hideki Kaze> what I have been teaching you is how to fight one on one against people such as yourself...
[20:30] <Hideki Kaze> ....our next lessons...will be fighting against those..who are superpowered
[20:32] * Jameson Atlas nods...
[20:33] <Hideki Kaze> when do you want to begin these lessons
[20:34] <Jameson Atlas> Anytime we can!
[20:36] <Hideki Kaze> heh alright..well I can start a bit today....
[20:36] <Jameson Atlas> That would be great!
[20:37] <Hideki Kaze> today...I will teach you how to combat energy blasts
[20:38] <Jameson Atlas> okay
[20:39] <Hideki Kaze> I'll teach you how to do it with a weapon
[20:39] <Hideki Kaze> keep hold of your sword
[20:39] * Jameson Atlas grips his sword tightly
[20:41] <Hideki Kaze> now...there is a trick to block energy blasts
[20:43] <Hideki Kaze> never use the flat side of the blade
[20:43] <Jameson Atlas> Okay
[20:45] <Hideki Kaze> use the sharp and thing part *moves a blade in front of jameson to show the correct postioning*
[20:47] * Jameson Atlas shifts himself to mimic the position
[20:50] <Hideki Kaze> now need to throw your weight behind that blade as well....
[20:57] <Hideki Kaze> ...are you ready
[20:57] <Jameson Atlas> I...I think so
[20:58] * Hideki Kaze powers up a ball of green energy in his hand..and fires it towards jameson
[21:03] * Jameson Atlas shoves himself forward with the blade still in position in the attempt to block the attack
[21:06] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[21:06] * Hideki Kaze 's energy blast isn't blocked
[21:07] * Jameson Atlas is blown backwards ><
[21:12] <Hideki Kaze> alright we'll try it again
[21:13] * Jameson Atlas nods...
[21:13] <Hideki Kaze> ok back into postion
[21:15] * Jameson Atlas returns to the position he was shown
[21:15] <Hideki Kaze> now this time...keep a VERY tight grip on the blade
[21:16] * Jameson Atlas nods again
[21:20] * Hideki Kaze powers up a nother blast...and fires it at jameson
[21:21] * Jameson Atlas braces himself and throws his weight forward again
[21:25] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 1d5 [ 4 ]
[21:25] * Hideki Kaze 's blast is deflected
[21:28] <Jameson Atlas> .....
[21:31] <Hideki Kaze> ...are you ready
[21:33] <Jameson Atlas> I think so
[21:34] * Hideki Kaze starts to walk forward...and fires a barrage of energy blasts
[21:34] * Jameson Atlas does his best to block each blast with his sword
[21:36] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 4d5 [ 5, 3, 1, 2 ]
[21:36] *** jameson manages to block the first...but the other three get past him
[21:38] <Hideki Kaze> how far do you awnt to continue with this
[21:38] <Hideki Kaze> *want
[21:40] <Jameson Atlas> I want to keep going
[21:41] <Hideki Kaze> here we go then...
[21:41] * Hideki Kaze creates two energy balls in each hand...then throws them at jameson
[21:45] * Jameson Atlas attempts to lock once again
[21:48] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 2d5 [ 5, 4 ]
[21:48] *** both blasts are blocked
[21:51] <Hideki Kaze> very good
[21:51] * Hideki Kaze raises his hands....and creates six balls of energy "...ready?"
[21:52] * Jameson Atlas gulps...then nods
[21:54] * Hideki Kaze fires them all
[21:55] * Jameson Atlas tries to block them all
[21:57] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 6d5 [ 4, 5, 2, 1, 5, 5 ]
[21:57] *** Jameson misses two....but blocks all the rest
[22:02] <Jameson Atlas> Wow...
[22:09] <Hideki Kaze> I think that's enough for tonight
[22:14] <Jameson Atlas> Okay...
[22:14] <Hideki Kaze> you did well
[22:15] * Jameson Atlas nods...bows to Hideki and teleports away
[22:16] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Eilean...I'm getting somewhere...)
[22:27] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[23:37] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Deception Island, Anarctica
[23:38] * a cloaked figure stands in the snow, clad in white, barely visible against the snow and sky
[23:39] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I figured you would come.
[23:39] <Nizhaladax> Well, I had to know for sure.
[23:40] <Black-robed, lifeless being> As I said before, in the note, it was EXTREMELY likely that they would damage or attempt to damage during the transaction. If you don't believe that, try using a Death Note in front of them.
[23:40] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I have it here.
[23:40] <Black-robed, lifeless being> It's yours.
[23:40] * Black-robed, lifeless being is holding out a book.
[23:40] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Heh... you know, I have dealt with others of your temperament.
[23:41] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I know there's always more to the deal, that lies unsaid. I suppose, in the end, I was always okay with that.
[23:41] * Nizhaladax sets down a box between them and gestures towards it. "You may leave it atop that box."
[23:41] <Nizhaladax> Heh.
[23:41] <Black-robed, lifeless being> You really want to make them pay, don't you?
[23:42] * Nizhaladax tilts her head sideways.
[23:42] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I could help you do that.
[23:42] <Nizhaladax> I'm not so sure anymore.
[23:42] <Nizhaladax> I'm not sure... that that is... sufficient.
[23:42] * Black-robed, lifeless being nods.
[23:42] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Then let me make you a proposal.
[23:43] * Nizhaladax looks upon the book, and at her hands, then back at him as he speaks.
[23:43] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Before you were around, the Time Lords were absurdly unguarded.
[23:43] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I have learned of something that they guard obsessively.
[23:43] <Nizhaladax> The ones in the Hotel or in the universe at large?
[23:43] <Nizhaladax> And what would this be?
[23:43] <Black-robed, lifeless being> THAT is not for sale.
[23:44] <Black-robed, lifeless being> However... if they f[BLEEP]k me over... if they are so obstinate that they won't see reason and piss all over me?
[23:44] <Black-robed, lifeless being> If they condemn me to absolute suffering and nonexistence and you manage to rescue me before it happens? I'll GIVE it to you.
[23:44] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I'll tell you all about it... I don't think that there is anything they would fear more than the idea of you successfully striking there.
[23:44] <Nizhaladax> Hmm.
[23:45] <Nizhaladax> I like the sound of that.
[23:46] <Black-robed, lifeless being> You know... I suppose I'm comfortable being the one who precipitates the destruction of the universe. It's alright. You don't need to comment.
[23:46] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I'm not after that... but if they deny me of everything I love and hold dear... that's a pretty good consolation prize, don't you think?
[23:46] <Nizhaladax> You're pretty sure of yourself.
[23:47] <Black-robed, lifeless being> No; I'm not.
[23:47] <Nizhaladax> I'm interested to see if you can pull it off.
[23:47] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Well, I'm interested to see if I can, too.
[23:47] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I won last time. Stakes are even higher now.
[23:47] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Question is... if I win, how can I keep them from re-writing it into a loss?
[23:48] <Nizhaladax> Well you won a low stakes game.
[23:48] <Nizhaladax> No one cared if an avaricious old man obtained immortality.
[23:48] <Black-robed, lifeless being> HAH.
[23:48] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Yes they did.
[23:48] <Nizhaladax> But now you're threatening all they know.
[23:49] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I appear to be.
[23:49] <Nizhaladax> Pssh, the ones with the true power didn't.
[23:49] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Do you think they'll back down?
[23:49] <Nizhaladax> Unlikely.
[23:49] <Black-robed, lifeless being> That they are capable of dealing, when faced with the worst of all possibilities?
[23:49] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Because you know what?
[23:49] <Nizhaladax> I'm pretty sure they have wheels within wheels. I would.
[23:50] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Well. We are not the only ones who have tried.
[23:50] <Black-robed, lifeless being> I'll be honest though... if they won't deal? If they won't compromise when threatened with the potential death of the universe which you yourself have probably sown?
[23:50] <Nizhaladax> They wpmt
[23:51] <Black-robed, lifeless being> - People that stupid don't DESERVE to have a multiverse to govern---I'll give you EXACTLY what you want. -
[23:51] <Nizhaladax> They won't compromise because I think they still think they can take you.
[23:51] <Nizhaladax> O ho~ you plan to collapse the multiverse~?
[23:51] <Nizhaladax> Is that really smart~
[23:51] <Nizhaladax> I'm not saying it won't work...
[23:52] <Nizhaladax> But walls exist for a reason~
[23:52] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Do I plan to?
[23:52] <Black-robed, lifeless being> No.
[23:52] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Do I suspect you plan to? Yes.
[23:52] <Nizhaladax> Me?
[23:52] <Nizhaladax> Hahaha no.
[23:52] <Nizhaladax> I'm not that stupid.
[23:52] <Nizhaladax> I don't seek ruin for ruin's sake.
[23:53] <Black-robed, lifeless being> Really? You are REALLY above utilizing me as your instrument to re-write time and wreck their weddings?
[23:53] * Black-robed, lifeless being pulls off his robe. He's wearing a suicide vest underneath it.
[23:53] <Nizhaladax> That's been done.
[23:53] * Black-robed, lifeless being is now known as Young Lich
[23:53] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Young Lich is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[23:53] <Young Lich> And yet they live.
[23:54] * Young Lich goes up and puts the copy of the millenia-old book of Elven Necromancy on the desired location.
[23:54] <Young Lich> This book is said to be cursed. I'm starting to believe it.
[23:54] <Nizhaladax> Of course they live.
[23:54] <Nizhaladax> They're not the types you can defeat in those simple strokes.
[23:54] <Nizhaladax> You need to break them mentally.
[23:55] <Nizhaladax> What consequence is a lost marraige they can't remember to begin with?
[23:55] <Nizhaladax> An abstraction, nothing more.
[23:55] <Nizhaladax> But gut their child in front of them~
[23:55] <Nizhaladax> though it may cost you your life...
[23:55] <Nizhaladax> That would certainly scar them.
[23:56] <Nizhaladax> Much more satisfactorily.
[23:56] <Young Lich> ....I appreciate the sentiment, but I've already literally done that on more that one occasion.
[23:56] <Nizhaladax> Bring them a searing pain they can never forget, never unsee.
[23:56] <Young Lich> I will. But only as revenge.
[23:57] <Young Lich> Only if they refuse my demands.
[23:57] <Young Lich> IF they are unwilling to bargain, they are unworthy of a bargain.
[23:57] <Nizhaladax> Why would they bargain?
[23:57] <Nizhaladax> you already have the strongest set of extant Dragonballs.
[23:58] <Young Lich> Yeah. I'd use them, too.
[23:58] <Nizhaladax> to them it smacks of duplicity that you want an inferior set.
[23:59] <Young Lich> Yup.
[00:00] <Young Lich> I suppose... I suppose there ARE things I could do to them... but I'll be honest about something. Do you trust me?
[00:00] <Nizhaladax> And I happen to know that they already have acces to two sets of Earth balls.
[00:00] <Nizhaladax> Well you didn't screw me with the book.
[00:00] <Nizhaladax> So I'll listen.
[00:01] <Young Lich> I suspect you've screwed me.
[00:01] * Nizhaladax covers the book with a cloth to keep any snow from gamaging it.
[00:01] <Young Lich> Let me ask you something...
[00:01] <Nizhaladax> Go ahead.
[00:02] <Young Lich> WHY would a woman who wants to cause paradoxes and destroy causality NOT bring me the balls when they WOULD have been used for something else, and cause me to change the future as her pawn, and be the fall guy?
[00:02] <Young Lich> If you can think of a reason, I'd just LOVE to hear it.
[00:02] <Nizhaladax> You assume much.
[00:03] <Nizhaladax> I brought you the balls from the present day.
[00:03] <Young Lich> .....
[00:03] <Nizhaladax> There are no wishes you'll negate by using them. Feel free to disbelieve me if you want, but that's on you.
[00:03] <Young Lich> I suppose it is.
[00:03] <Nizhaladax> I gave you the password to access them.
[00:04] <Young Lich> It was burned.
[00:04] <Nizhaladax> If you need it again, it is "PORUNGA".
[00:04] <Young Lich> Huh----o that?
[00:04] <Nizhaladax> The dragon knows English by this point in time.
[00:04] <Nizhaladax> You are set.
[00:04] <Young Lich> I can speak in Tongues whenever I desire. THAT has never been the barrier for me.
[00:04] <Nizhaladax> As for why I gave them to you?
[00:04] <Nizhaladax> Simple.
[00:04] <Nizhaladax> It made them fear me.
[00:05] * Young Lich laughs.
[00:05] <Young Lich> Well done.
[00:05] <Nizhaladax> Because I empowered you, someone they did not want empowered.
[00:05] <Young Lich> That's the book. It's the one that was given to me by the Necromantress. Be warned that it may be cursed in its own right.
[00:05] <Nizhaladax> In that sense, you are my pawn.
[00:05] <Nizhaladax> but so too will many others be.
[00:06] <Nizhaladax> I will elevate all their fears.
[00:06] <Young Lich> Eh. Well, if you move me t the edge of the board, I don't really care who your opponent is.
[00:06] <Nizhaladax> I will show them terror, and sleepless nights.
[00:06] * Nizhaladax claps
[00:06] <Nizhaladax> I like your style.
[00:06] <Nizhaladax> And I thank you for this book.
[00:07] <Nizhaladax> I look forward to seeing your next move.
[00:07] * Nizhaladax gingerly places the book in a time-proof box
[00:07] * Nizhaladax packs it away
[00:08] <Nizhaladax> May you bring them the misery they so richly deserve.
[00:08] <Young Lich> IF they f[BLEEP]k with me.... I'll surpass your wildest dreams.
[00:08] * Young Lich starts gesturing and chanting the Teleport spell.
[00:08] <Nizhaladax> Kerrick, they will not negotiate.
[00:08] <Young Lich> .....
[00:09] <Nizhaladax> Heed my words.
[00:09] * Nizhaladax snaps her fingers, and is gone.
[00:09] *** Nizhaladax [blackhand@houseixion.eleven-dayempire.dox] has left #suburbansenshi3 (I will free Time from the shackles of its indolent masters.)
[00:10] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has quit IRC (I will heed your words, but if they succeed, I hope you heed my words about you saving me.)

[00:24] <Hideki Kaze>
[00:25] <Hideki Kaze> test
[00:25] * Hideki Kaze shudders then slowly fades away
[00:25] <Hideki Kaze> (( ok that was a test ))

[13:12] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[13:12] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa hideki kaze
[13:13] * Hideki Kaze stops at the foothills just under the mountain
[13:14] * Jameson Atlas stops just behind Hideki
[13:14] * Hideki Kaze digs in his pocket and pulls out a small device and looks over it
[13:14] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 1d50 [ 10 ]
[13:15] * Hideki Kaze shrugs and puts it away
[13:15] <Hideki Kaze> today.....I will be working on building up your endurance
[13:15] <Jameson Atlas> My...endurance...
[13:16] <Hideki Kaze> you will be carrying that *points to a large tree trunk, freshing cut
[13:18] <Hideki Kaze> up there *points to the top of the mountain*
[13:19] <Jameson Atlas> Um...alright...
[13:20] * Jameson Atlas crouches by the tree trunk and grabs onto it. He hoists with all his strength and manages to perch it over his shoulder*
[13:21] * Hideki Kaze picks up a backpack...crouchs..and gives a jump a good 50 ft away from jameson further up the mountain
[13:21] * Hideki Kaze watches jameson..then gives him a wave to signal him to start moving
[13:22] * Jameson Atlas sighs and starts his way up the mountain
[13:23] * Hideki Kaze watches jameson calmy...and lowers the backpack, opening it
[13:24] * Jameson Atlas slowly inches along, trying to keep his grip on the heavy tree
[13:24] * Hideki Kaze pulls out a large metal ball...and watches jameson...
[13:26] * Hideki Kaze throws the metal ball down towards Jameson
[13:27] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 5 ]
[13:28] * Jameson Atlas jumps out of the way and lands several feet away from the ball, even managing to avoid dropping the tree or falling over
[13:29] * Hideki Kaze keeps his eye on jameson....watching him move
[13:29] <Hideki Kaze> WHY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A KNIGHT (is shouting in order to be heard*
[13:29] * Jameson Atlas moves along and keeps up his pace
[13:31] <Hideki Kaze> WHAT IS YOUR GOAL?
[13:31] * Hideki Kaze picks up another steel ball and watches
[13:35] * Hideki Kaze throws another steel ball down the mountain
[13:36] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 3 ]
[13:37] * Jameson Atlas doesn't manage to dodge this time and takes the ball in the gut. He falls to his knees and coughs...but still keeps the tree on his shoulders
[13:38] * Jameson Atlas takes a deep breath once he can...and gets back to his feet to continue up the mountain
[13:39] * Hideki Kaze moves further up the mountain
[13:41] <Hideki Kaze> WHAT IS EILEAN TO YOU
[13:42] <Jameson Atlas> SHE IS MY LOVE, MY LIFE, AND MY FUTURE
[13:45] * Hideki Kaze picks up another steel ball "IF YOU AREN'T STRONG ENOUGH..YOU'LL FAIL HER..DO YOU WANT THAT?"
[13:46] <Jameson Atlas> NO! I...I CAN NEVER FAIL HER!
[13:46] * Hideki Kaze throws another steel ball
[13:48] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 2 ]
[13:48] * Jameson Atlas is hit in the chest by the ball and stumbles backwards several steps ><
[13:50] * Jameson Atlas curses to himself and surges forward again
[13:50] <Hideki Kaze> WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO FACE???
[13:52] <Hideki Kaze> good
[13:53] * Hideki Kaze turns..and fires an energy ball into a large pile of snow further up the mountain..before jumping onto a tree
[13:53] *** there's a an avelanch begins.....
[13:54] <Jameson Atlas> ........
[13:55] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 10 ]
[13:56] * Jameson Atlas finds an alternate route to avoid the avalanche
[13:58] * Jameson Atlas keeps going....
[13:59] * Hideki Kaze follows jameson through the trees
[14:00] * Jameson Atlas works to regulate his breath through the cold. He shivers slightly but the energy it takes to carry this tree is keeping him warm.
[14:02] * Hideki Kaze picks up a smaller steel ball
[14:03] * Jameson Atlas hesitates a moment...
[14:03] <Jameson Atlas> I....I FEAR FAILURE
[14:04] <Hideki Kaze> WHY
[14:06] * Hideki Kaze throws the smaller ball at Jameson
[14:07] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 5 ]
[14:07] * Jameson Atlas ducks and dodges
[14:09] * Hideki Kaze moves closer to the peak
[14:11] * Hideki Kaze stands behind a pile of logs
[14:11] * Jameson Atlas keeps moving....
[14:14] * Hideki Kaze puts his foot on the pile of logs
[14:15] <Hideki Kaze> Jameson
[14:16] <Jameson Atlas> ......
[14:17] * Hideki Kaze gives the pile of logs a kick....sending them falling down the side towards jameson
[14:22] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 5 ]
[14:23] * Jameson Atlas misses his jump over the logs and stumbles. He crashes to the ground and curls up to protect his head from the logs falling over him.
[14:23] <Hideki Kaze> GET BACK UP!
[14:25] * Jameson Atlas jumps back to his feet and finds his tree...and starts back up the mountain again ><
[14:26] * Hideki Kaze sits in the snow..and waits for jameson
[14:28] * Jameson Atlas keeps going...he's growing tired and is very cold but...keeps moving
[14:30] * Hideki Kaze digs through his backpack and pulls out a thermos
[14:32] * Jameson Atlas continues stumbling up the mountain
[14:34] * Hideki Kaze picks up a small stone......and throws it at jameson
[14:34] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 3 ]
[14:35] * Jameson Atlas feels the smack from the stone...but has his teeth clenched and doesn't care. He continues on.
[14:39] * Hideki Kaze watches jameson calmly
[14:40] * Jameson Atlas finally reaches Hideki and stops, then gazes at him
[14:41] * Hideki Kaze offers jameson a mug of hot tea
[14:42] * Jameson Atlas drops the tree onto the ground...and takes the tea
[14:43] <Hideki Kaze> very good...very good
[14:44] * Jameson Atlas has no idea what to say...and simply drinks his tea
[14:46] <Hideki Kaze> when you're warmed up enough...we'll move onto the next part of today's training
[14:47] * Jameson Atlas nods and finishes the mug...rubs his hands on his arms to warm himself
[14:49] <Hideki Kaze> the next spot is a few feet away
[14:49] <Jameson Atlas> Okay...
[14:51] <Hideki Kaze> we will start for it when you feel ready
[14:52] <Jameson Atlas> I'm ready...
[14:54] * Hideki Kaze stands and picks up his backpack and starts to walk towards a small section of large trees
[14:55] <Hideki Kaze> follow me
[14:56] * Jameson Atlas follows
[14:58] * Hideki Kaze stops a bit of a distance away in front of a large tree
[15:00] <Jameson Atlas> do I do now?
[15:00] * Hideki Kaze waits for jameson to arrive
[15:00] <Hideki Kaze> come over here
[15:01] * Jameson Atlas goes over to Hideki
[15:02] * Hideki Kaze pulls out a rope from the backpack and ties one end to the tree...and hte other end around jameson's right leg
[15:04] * Jameson Atlas watches out of curiousity
[15:05] * Hideki Kaze digs in the bag...and pulls out some very heavy weights...and ties them to both of jameson's wrists
[15:07] <Jameson Atlas> What the....
[15:08] <Hideki Kaze> ...I want you to punch that tree....thirty times..with your bare hands
[15:10] <Jameson Atlas> Punch...the tree?
[15:11] <Hideki Kaze> yes
[15:12] <Jameson Atlas>
[15:14] * Jameson Atlas tries to lift his arms
[15:16] *** the weights are at least 30 ibs each
[15:18] * Jameson Atlas takes a minute to adjust to the weights....and swings at the tree
[15:20] <Hideki Kaze> one
[15:21] * Jameson Atlas punches again..this time with his other hand
[15:21] * Jameson Atlas cringes...the bark hurts...
[15:22] <Hideki Kaze> two
[15:22] <Hideki Kaze> only twenty eight more to go
[15:25] * Jameson Atlas punches again....
[15:27] * Jameson Atlas continues punching until his knuckles are bloody and raw from the ragged bark on the tree
[15:30] <Hideki Kaze> ok...that's enough
[15:30] <Hideki Kaze> want you to kick that same tree..forty times
[15:31] * Jameson Atlas begins
[15:32] * Hideki Kaze is watching jameson carefully...............
[15:34] * Jameson Atlas keeps kicking as best he can
[15:38] *** snow is falling off the tree onto jameson with each kick
[15:44] * Jameson Atlas is covered in the snow, but keeps kicking
[15:46] * Hideki Kaze narrows his eyes..and flicks a pebble at jameson
[15:48] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 5 ]
[15:48] * Jameson Atlas bats it away
[15:49] <Hideki Kaze> ...................
[15:49] * Jameson Atlas keeps kicking at the tree, unphased by the pebble
[15:53] <Hideki Kaze> that's enough
[15:54] * Jameson Atlas stops
[15:54] * Hideki Kaze digs in his backpack..and pulls out the small device again and checks it
[15:55] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 1d50 [ 28 ]
[15:55] <Hideki Kaze> ...*nods*
[15:55] <Jameson Atlas> what?
[15:56] <Hideki Kaze> we can try another location if you want to continue training
[15:56] <Hideki Kaze> or we can stop here
[15:57] <Hideki Kaze> it is ultimatly your choice
[15:57] * Jameson Atlas thinks....then sets his face and clenches his fists
[15:57] <Jameson Atlas> I want to keep going.
[16:00] * Hideki Kaze pulls out his phone..and sends a text.................................
[16:01] *** the location suddenly shifts to the middle of a large quarry
[16:01] *** Hideki and Jameson are now on a platform..on the far other side of it is another platform
[16:02] <Jameson Atlas> .....
[16:06] <Hideki Kaze> this excercise is quite simple....go and fetch the flag on the other side and bring it back here
[16:14] * Hideki Kaze sits on the platform
[16:15] * Jameson Atlas glances at Hideki disbelievingly
[16:15] <Jameson Atlas> Like hell it's 'simple'
[16:16] * Hideki Kaze just nods at jameson with a deadpan face
[16:17] * Jameson Atlas steps off the platform
[16:20] * Hideki Kaze watches jameson
[16:20] <Jameson Atlas> roll 1d20
[16:20] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[16:21] *** it's all quiet...the only sound is the wind blowing sand around
[16:21] * Jameson Atlas looks around...and takes another step
[16:23] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 17 ]
[16:24] *** the ground EXPLODES next to jameson as a flare mine is set off
[16:26] *** the explosion is mostly smoke and noise...and dirt
[16:27] * Jameson Atlas closes his eyes and covers his nose and mouth....and takes another step toward the platform
[16:27] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 6 ]
[16:28] *** it's quiet again...the flag in the distance is fluttering in the wind
[16:29] * Jameson Atlas steps again
[16:29] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 5 ]
[16:31] *** it's still calm....
[16:31] <Hideki Kaze> you're doing well
[16:32] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 13 ]
[16:37] * Jameson Atlas waits...
[16:37] *** there is nothing...just the wind again.....and some pebbles bouncing on the ground
[16:38] * Jameson Atlas blinks and...steps again....
[16:38] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 16 ]
[16:40] *** there is another explosion from a mine set off
[16:41] <Jameson Atlas> ><
[16:43] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[16:44] *** it's silence again
[16:44] <Hideki Kaze> hm......impressive
[16:46] * Jameson Atlas keeps going
[16:46] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 7 ]
[16:47] *** another mine goes off
[16:47] <Jameson Atlas> ><
[16:47] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[16:47] *** safety again
[16:48] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 7 ]
[16:50] *** another mine goes off this time next to jameson
[16:51] <Jameson Atlas> GAH ><
[16:51] * Jameson Atlas grabs the flag...
[16:53] * Jameson Atlas turns and runs back toward Hideki
[16:53] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 10d20 [ 16, 11, 20, 6, 5, 3, 15, 5, 12, 12 ]
[16:56] *** jameson manages to get hit by a group of mines..but monstly avoids them
[16:56] * Jameson Atlas stops at the first platform...breathes heavily...and hands the flag to Hideki
[16:58] <Hideki Kaze> you did well
[16:58] * Hideki Kaze pulls out the device and checks it
[16:58] <spiritflame> Hideki Kaze rolls 1d50 [ 11 ]
[16:58] <Hideki Kaze> hmmm...
[17:02] <Jameson Atlas> So..??
[17:03] <Hideki Kaze> do you want to continue with training today..or save a lesson for tomorrow
[17:03] <Jameson Atlas> What time is it?
[17:05] <Hideki Kaze> about 5 or so
[17:06] * Jameson Atlas 's stomach growls
[17:06] <Jameson Atlas> I think...maybe I should stop for the day
[17:07] * Jameson Atlas 's knuckles are still bloody and raw from punching the tree and he's sweaty and covered in dirt
[17:07] <Hideki Kaze> alright...where do you want to be sent
[17:08] <Jameson Atlas> To Eilean
[17:18] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[17:24] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[17:24] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (*teleports jameson to eilean*)

[18:55] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Deception Island, Antarctic Circle
[18:55] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:55] <@spiritflame> konbanwa young lich
[18:55] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:55] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eliza mcintash
[18:55] *** Simon's Legionnaire has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:55] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon's legionnaire
[18:56] *** Simon's Legionnaire has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon's legionnaire
[18:56] *** Simon's Legionnaire has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon's legionnaire
[18:56] *** Simon's Legionnaire has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon's legionnaire
[18:56] *** Simon's Legionnaire has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon's legionnaire
[18:56] *** Simon's Legionnaire has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon's legionnaire
[18:56] *** Simon's Legionnaire has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:56] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon's legionnaire
[18:56] *** The Lich shakes his bag of holding... even MORE of his buff zombies fall out, shamble to their feet, and assume battle formation.
[18:57] <Young Lich> This is it this is it this is it!
[18:57] * Young Lich Spreads all 7 Namekian Dragonballs on the ground, and then drops several smoke markers to mark the spot as red on the middle of the white ice.
[18:57] * Young Lich stands there.
[18:57] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[18:58] * Filibert Wright bows. "Master, I have done as you ordered, and succeeded. You need NOT imperil the universe. Nizhaladax was wrong. They will compromise with you.
[18:58] <Young Lich> You have done well, my servant.
[19:00] * The Magistra 's TARDIS appears nearby
[19:00] *** The Magistra [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:00] <@spiritflame> konbanwa the magistra
[19:00] *** Two of the big scary spiked Zombies hold Eliza together with two chains attached to her wrists. A third stands behind her. She does not look afraid.
[19:01] *** Vermellia X. Rosso [vsxr@s-proc1.kasterborous.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:01] <@spiritflame> konbanwa vermellia x. rosso
[19:02] <Young Lich> I see you have, indeed, decided to see reason.
[19:03] *** BIG_Green [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa big_green
[19:03] *** The Shadow Architect [architex@s-proc0.kasterborous.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa the shadow architect
[19:03] *** John Constantine [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa john constantine
[19:03] * The Magistra remains in her TARDIS for a moment, opening a portal back to the hotel inside.
[19:03] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Well, we can fellate each other over the outcome after this is all signed, sealed and delivered.
[19:04] <Young Lich> Indeed.
[19:04] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Has Filibert there relayed the discussion we had?
[19:04] * The Magistra joins the others outside
[19:04] <Young Lich> I told him what I desired. I assume he has succeeded.
[19:04] <Vermellia X. Rosso> And... just to be very clear.
[19:04] <Vermellia X. Rosso> you ARE Simon Kerrick, yes?
[19:05] <Young Lich> Indeed.
[19:05] * The Magistra checks his magical aura
[19:07] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Reiterating: An absolute guaranteed of sovereignty in the worlds of your creation.... guaranteed entrance and residence in the room of Spirit and Time... which could NEVER be withdrawn or altered... and signed anmnesty from the Shadow Architect--the most high-ranking being of order and law in the plurality of worlds.... for that, the Dragonballs shall be surrendered to us before you've made any wishes on them, and you shall never seek any set of dragonballs or cause them to sought... forever.
[19:07] <Young Lich> Correct. in exchange for un-withdrawable access to the Room of Spirit and Time... in exchange for unforswearable sovereignty over the worlds I built for myself, and the ability to remove ANY intruders--even those of vast power--instantly as I see fit, and signed amnesty with immunity for all past crimes, signed by the highest known incarnate of order.
[19:08] <Young Lich> The alternative, of course, being a huge shakedown, me ordering the girl's execution, and the entire universe being imperiled.
[19:08] <Young Lich> So instead of painting the universe red....
[19:08] <John Constantine> One little point before we agree.
[19:08] * Young Lich walks up and offers his hand. "Yes?"
[19:08] <John Constantine> These hidden words of yours...
[19:08] *** Filibert Wright suddenly tenses up.
[19:09] <John Constantine> since you'd be the absolute sovereign...
[19:09] <John Constantine> And of course because we'd have to enable the means of that soverriengty...
[19:10] <John Constantine> We need to know where they are, or at the very least know that they don't overlap any of, say... the already existing worlds here...
[19:10] * Young Lich looks puzzled. "Yes?"
[19:10] <Young Lich> Agreed. The territory of my worlds, from this point forward, shall never impinge upon any of yours.
[19:10] <John Constantine> ...does it impinge now?
[19:11] <John Constantine> Because-- and just being a lawyer here--
[19:11] <John Constantine> if say, your worlds intersected with ours and we made you soverign that might give you claim over our worlds.
[19:11] <The Magistra> Words need to be choosen carefuly
[19:12] <John Constantine> As long as we can be sure your worlds are separate from ours, then it's no problem.
[19:12] <Young Lich> Well, I did need to have a little *seed* to begin my worlds.
[19:12] * The Magistra pulls out a pair of glasses and hands them to John
[19:12] <Young Lich> Do you remember that time when Sailor Anzu was wrecking everything? When you were scanning for another world's precence? Remember detecting one being formed?
[19:13] <John Constantine> I've heard of that.
[19:13] <The Magistra> I rigged thse up back during that thing with Sailor Anzu. They checked for dimensonal over-
[19:13] <The Magistra> ....
[19:13] <Young Lich> They were not faulty.
[19:13] * The Magistra puts on a second pair
[19:13] <John Constantine> What is it, Magistra?
[19:14] <Young Lich> Or, say, how all of a sudden there was a huge bit of the African savanna that was missing?
[19:14] * The Magistra holds the glasses out to him
[19:14] <The Magistra> Use these
[19:14] <Young Lich> Well, let's look at it this way. I'm being given amnesty for all past crimes, so who cares? ^__^
[19:14] <Young Lich> My worlds shall never again impinge upon yours. Ever.
[19:15] <The Magistra> Words. Any current "Impingeing" Also needs to stop
[19:15] <Young Lich> Errr... can I accept refugees, then?
[19:15] <John Constantine> Well can we make them not impinge now? then we can grant what you want.
[19:16] <Young Lich> I can grant asylum, right? That's not too much to ask, surely?
[19:17] <Vermellia X. Rosso> To be blunt, we trying to not have you having sovereign turf on our turf.
[19:17] <Young Lich> Okay. That's fine. I
[19:18] <Young Lich> My army won't invade you or something.
[19:18] <The Magistra> Willing communutors i'm sure could be arranged
[19:18] <Young Lich> I'm good with that.
[19:19] <The Magistra> Which means no blackmail, charms, magic, kiddnaping and stockholm sydrome etc
[19:19] <Young Lich> With allowance for willing commuters, all current and future overlappings will be prohibited. Deal?
[19:20] <Young Lich> I mean, that is what you want, right?
[19:20] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Commuters...
[19:21] <The Shadow Architect> You can have your worlds. But they must be moved immediately so they are separated from existing ones.
[19:21] <Young Lich> That was accomplished from the very beginning, my dear.
[19:21] <Young Lich> Fear not.
[19:21] <The Magistra> Here's the question. What happens if he regenges on his half of the bargin
[19:21] <Young Lich> Do you REALLY want to down this road, Magistra?
[19:22] <The Shadow Architect> War.
[19:22] <Young Lich> Yeah. I could see that.
[19:22] <Young Lich> War and vengeance and ruin all around.
[19:22] <The Shadow Architect> Yes.
[19:22] <The Magistra> I'm covering my bases Simon. I may not look it but I do know a bit about poltics and laws
[19:22] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Which we are trying to avoid here.
[19:22] <Young Lich> But let me ask something. It's EXTREMELY likely that you guys might have contingencies to stop my wishes. If I get these without wishing, why would I f[BLEEP]k it up?
[19:22] <Vermellia X. Rosso> and I hope I won't go down as my family's Camberlain.
[19:23] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ^Chamberlain.
[19:23] <Young Lich> No. This is what I wanted from the Dragonballs. Well, that and one other thing.
[19:23] <John Constantine> Last question: Do any of your territories overlap the Hotel?
[19:23] <Young Lich> Let me think....
[19:23] <The Magistra> What's the other thing?
[19:24] <Young Lich> A portal might lead there, but no. I claim nothing within the hotel, or in the nation of Pandorica, as my territory.
[19:24] <The Magistra> ....
[19:24] <Young Lich> Though I would be willing to allow a 10 meter Neutral zone between the Hotel and what I might claim in the future, with allowances that both my people and Pandoricans could both enjoy it.
[19:24] <BIG_Green> Where are the Namekian Balls.
[19:25] <The Magistra> Words. They mean something
[19:25] * Young Lich points about 5 meters away, where Filibert Wright is standing. There are two rapiers protruding from his hands, now.
[19:25] <Young Lich> They are right there.
[19:25] <Young Lich> Shake hands, give me the amnesty, and they are yours.
[19:25] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I think we can make the deal.
[19:25] <The Magistra> Hold on.
[19:26] <Young Lich> Please don't f[BLEEP]k this up.
[19:26] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Maggie don't f[BLEEP]k this up~
[19:26] <Young Lich> Yes?
[19:26] <The Magistra> It needs to not overlap with anything, not just the hotel.
[19:26] <Young Lich> Is that even possible?
[19:27] <Young Lich> Are you talking about your world?
[19:27] <The Magistra> Any world
[19:27] <Vermellia X. Rosso> It has to overlap with space, d00d.
[19:27] <The Magistra> Well yes...
[19:27] <The Magistra> But space is a vacum
[19:27] <The Magistra> So there's "Nothing" there
[19:27] <The Shadow Architect> I think we have sufficient assurances.
[19:28] <The Magistra> As you wish
[19:28] * Eliza McIntash shouts, "WHAT's THE HOLD UP? These chains are TIGHT!"
[19:28] <The Shadow Architect> Mister Constantine, you--
[19:28] <Young Lich> <.<
[19:28] <Young Lich> Sorry, sorry. Let's continue?
[19:28] <Vermellia X. Rosso> She looks kinda... blasé about her predicament...
[19:29] <Young Lich> It must be something Filibert said to her. He has insisted upon being by her side whenever possible. Even I don't know what they said.
[19:29] <The Shadow Architect> As I was saying.
[19:30] * Young Lich rubs his hands. "Yes yes yes?"
[19:30] <The Shadow Architect> Mister Constantine, have you drafted the amnesty for all the past crimes of Simon Kerrick?
[19:30] <John Constantine> Yup, it just needs your signature.
[19:31] <Young Lich> Let's just get that right. "All past crimes, correct?"
[19:31] <The Magistra> Yeah cause that's not suspious
[19:31] <The Shadow Architect> Rosso, you have the surveillance, long-range transmat and planetary shield systems, plus documentation, ready?
[19:31] <John Constantine> All the past crimes of Simon Kerrick.
[19:32] * Young Lich is grinning in spite of himself.
[19:32] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I got 'em. With these he can keep an eye on his populations, transport them or anyone within range away from his planets, and he can sheild the planets from outsiders. Only he would have the master jey to bring down the shields.
[19:33] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ^key
[19:33] <BIG_Green> and I have the key to the Room of Spirit and Time.
[19:33] * Vermellia X. Rosso gives Piccolo the Amnesty paper and the Transcendentally Dimensional Box of Tech.
[19:34] <Young Lich> Filibert. Bring me the Namekian Dragonballs.
[19:34] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Now that box will implode three hours after you've emptied it.
[19:34] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Because we're not letting you keep the Time Lord tech used to make it.
[19:34] *** The amored figure obeys and brings all 7 Dragonballs before Simon. The zombies seem to tense up.
[19:34] <Vermellia X. Rosso> But in there is everything, and you can inopect it. There are also instructional videos.
[19:34] <The Magistra> Make sure not leave anything of value inside it
[19:34] <Young Lich> This is acceptable to me.
[19:35] * Vermellia X. Rosso takes out a Dragon Radar and checks the balls
[19:35] <Young Lich> Do we have an agreement?
[19:35] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Just checking the merchandise~
[19:36] *** All 7 balls show up on the Dragon Radar.
[19:36] <Vermellia X. Rosso> They're legit.
[19:36] * Vermellia X. Rosso slides over 7 black, soundproof boxes.
[19:36] * they are normal boxes, no mechanisms other than soundproofing.
[19:37] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Put them in the boxes, one ball each, and separate them about six feet apart. Just to prevent any last-second summonings you understand.
[19:37] <Vermellia X. Rosso> After that, we'll hand over the paperwork and the toys.
[19:37] <Young Lich> Okay. Filibert; I'm going do do as she says. If it's a trap, I COMMAND you to kill that girl.
[19:38] *** Filibert Slouches, and resignedly stands directly behind Eliza.
[19:38] <Young Lich> Are we ready, then?
[19:38] <The Shadow Architect> Yes.
[19:39] * Young Lich puts the Dragonballs into the Soundproof boxes, one at a time, starting with the First Star ball...
[19:39] * Vermellia X. Rosso keeps an eye on the radar to make sure the balls move in time with the movement of the balls she sees
[19:39] *** All of the Balls do exactly that.
[19:40] * Young Lich finishes with the 7 star Dragonball.
[19:40] <Young Lich> Yours forever.
[19:41] * BIG_Green hands over the signed Amnesty, key to the Room of Spirit and Time and Box of Technology to Simon Kerrick.
[19:41] <BIG_Green> And these are yours now.
[19:41] <Young Lich> ^__^
[19:42] * Young Lich takes them.
[19:42] *** Eliza's chains shatter into a million pieces.
[19:42] * John Constantine collects the seven boxes.
[19:43] * Eliza McIntash slowly slowly walks toward the group of protagonists, at increasing speed. Filibert continues to follow her.
[19:43] <Young Lich> So be it!
[19:44] <Young Lich> As the new ruler of the independent demesnes of Enclave, I proclaim....... PEACE!
[19:44] * The Magistra hurries over to Eliza "Are you alright?"
[19:44] * Eliza McIntash does not say anything, has an intense look in her eyes. She does quiver or cry or speak, but she grips Magistra's hand tightly.
[19:44] <The Shadow Architect> It might be wise to inform us of the boundaries of your territory so we might avoid infringement.
[19:45] <Young Lich> Agreed, but the Ethereal plane and astral plane do not really HAVE boundaries.
[19:45] <Young Lich> I am sure the worlds will never overlap, unless one of us is looking.
[19:45] <Young Lich> ^looking to make that happen.
[19:46] <The Shadow Architect> Fair enough.
[19:46] <The Magistra> Let's head back to my TARDIS. Maybe have a something to eat and make sure you're not hurt
[19:46] * The Shadow Architect turns to Vermellia.
[19:46] <The Shadow Architect> You truly have managed what your mother could not.
[19:46] <Young Lich> Peace?
[19:46] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Peace in our time.
[19:47] * Vermellia X. Rosso nods softly and heads back to the TARDIS
[19:47] <Young Lich> For ones as long lived as ourselves, such is an amazing accomplishment.
[19:47] <John Constantine> Well, Simon, this is where the test really begins.
[19:47] <John Constantine> Both for us, and for you.
[19:47] <Young Lich> How do you figure?
[19:48] <Young Lich> If you were referring to "past crimes," I get the point.
[19:48] <John Constantine> Making an agreement is one thing. Holding to it is another. It's where character really gets tested.
[19:48] <John Constantine> I hope we can all pass it.
[19:48] * The Magistra leads Eliza back to the TARDIS
[19:48] <Young Lich> Well, Constantine, one of the truest reinforcements to proper behavior is having a lot to lose.
[19:49] <John Constantine> True.
[19:49] *** Eliza does not say anything until she gets into the TARDIS, though her grip grows tighter and tighter.
[19:49] <John Constantine> You've got a good thing going here now.
[19:49] <Young Lich> You may depart now.
[19:49] <The Magistra> Constantine would you like a ride back?
[19:49] <John Constantine> Don't forget that.
[19:49] <Young Lich> Oh, goodness. Do I EVER...
[19:49] <Young Lich> Do I ever...
[19:49] <John Constantine> Yep, I would.
[19:49] * John Constantine goes in.
[19:50] * The Shadow Architect goes in as well.
[19:50] <Young Lich> Filibert. You may go with them if you wish.
[19:50] * BIG_Green flies off.
[19:50] <Filibert Wright> I do not wish it, Master.
[19:51] * Filibert Wright just stands there, quietly, looking somehow sad but triumphant.
[19:51] * The Magistra shuts the door. And takes off
[19:52] * The Magistra 's TARDIS vanishes
[19:52] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Young Lich is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[19:52] <Young Lich> ^_______^

[13:41] *** Hideki Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[13:41] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa hideki kaze
[13:42] * Hideki Kaze waits in the danger room
[13:44] *** Jameson Atlas [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[13:44] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa jameson atlas
[13:45] <Hideki Kaze> hello Jameson
[13:49] <Jameson Atlas> hello
[13:51] <Hideki Kaze> today I'll be trying something much different....
[13:52] <Jameson Atlas> .....again?
[13:53] <Hideki Kaze> again yes
[13:54] <Jameson Atlas> Um...okay
[13:57] <Hideki Kaze> today I won't be teaching will be teaching yourself...
[13:59] * Jameson Atlas nods .....
[13:59] <Hideki Kaze> ...I want to see if you can survive
[14:01] <Jameson Atlas> ....survive?
[14:02] * Hideki Kaze nods
[14:03] * Hideki Kaze tosses jameson his sword
[14:04] <Hideki Kaze> are you ready?
[14:04] * Jameson Atlas nods....
[14:04] <Hideki Kaze> ........good luck
[14:05] <Hideki Kaze> computer...Program XV3
[14:05] * Hideki Kaze vanishes from sight
[14:05] <Jameson Atlas> ......
[14:05] *** the area transforms into the middle of a wide expanse of desert
[14:06] * Jameson Atlas holds his sword
[14:06] *** the air is hot and burning.......two suns shine high above you
[14:07] * Jameson Atlas starts to sweat
[14:09] *** something moves under the sand.......
[14:09] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[14:09] * Jameson Atlas grips his sword and concentrates on whatever is moving
[14:10] *** there is movement from bits of sand on every side of jameson...
[14:10] * Jameson Atlas looks around and tries to figure out what it is...and tries to rush forward to get away from it
[14:13] *** the sand bursts up as a large white scorpin creature leaps up and tries to pin down jameson
[14:15] * Jameson Atlas raises his sword to slash at the scorpion
[14:16] <spiritflame> Scorpion rolls 1d5 [ 2 ]
[14:17] * Scorpion is gutted and falls over, twitching....
[14:17] *** another scorpin LEAPS out of the sand towards jameson
[14:18] * Jameson Atlas LUNGES forward to stab the scorpion
[14:19] <spiritflame> Scorpion rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[14:20] * Scorpion is impaled on the sword, spraying blood at jameson
[14:21] * Jameson Atlas RIPS the sword through the scorpion and looks around to make sure that there isn't another
[14:22] *** another scorpion tries to jump on jameson's back
[14:23] * Jameson Atlas spins around and slashes at this scorpion
[14:24] <spiritflame> Scorpion rolls 1d5 [ 2 ]
[14:24] * Scorpion is cut in half...
[14:25] *** the ground bursts full of scorpions who try to chase jameson
[14:26] <Jameson Atlas> ......
[14:26] * Jameson Atlas runs for cover!
[14:28] *** the ground shakes....and bursts as a massive serpatine creature comes out, swollowing the scorpions
[14:29] * Jameson Atlas is still running and looking around for somewhere less open
[14:29] *** there is a cave not far from the location
[14:30] * Serpent notices jameson..and starts to chase after him
[14:30] * Jameson Atlas runs for the cave
[14:31] * Serpent tries to lunge forward to grab jameson
[14:31] <spiritflame> Serpent rolls 1d5 [ 3 ]
[14:32] * Serpent just BARELY misses jameson
[14:32] * Jameson Atlas keeps running
[14:34] *** jameson makes the cave...the serpent smashing into the entrance
[14:34] * Jameson Atlas stops inside and holds up his sword just in case
[14:36] *** the ground suddenly vanishes underneath jameson's feet
[14:36] <Jameson Atlas> !!!!
[14:38] *** jameson plunges under the water...deeper and deeper
[14:39] * Jameson Atlas starts kicking his legs in the effort to find the surface
[14:40] *** a dark shape moves through the water...
[14:41] * Jameson Atlas still has his sword but is trying harder to find air...
[14:42] *** something wraps around jameson's waist
[14:42] <Jameson Atlas> !!!!!
[14:42] * Jameson Atlas tries to swing his sword through the water at whatever has him
[14:44] <spiritflame> tenticle rolls 1d5 [ 2 ]
[14:44] * tenticle is severed......and another tries to grab jameson
[14:44] * Jameson Atlas swings again
[14:46] <spiritflame> tenticle rolls 1d5 [ 3 ]
[14:46] * tenticle is severed again........
[14:46] * squid turns..and lunges towards jameson with it's jagged mouth
[14:47] * Jameson Atlas slashes at the squid while he keeps kicking
[14:50] <spiritflame> squid rolls 1d5 [ 5 ]
[14:51] * squid clamps it's teeth on jameson's leg
[14:51] <Jameson Atlas> !!!!
[14:51] * Jameson Atlas stabs at the squid
[14:53] <spiritflame> squid rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[14:53] * squid is stabbed and lets go of jameson..bleeding......having bitten through the skin on jameson's leg
[14:54] * Jameson Atlas keeps kicking and tries desperately to get away
[14:55] *** there is a light from above
[14:57] * Jameson Atlas keeps kicking and tries not to look back toward where the squid was
[15:01] *** jameson finally breachs the surface......the ground turning from solid earth
[15:01] * Jameson Atlas crawls along the ground...then pulls off his shirt to tie around his leg
[15:02] *** the ground next to jameson EXPLODES
[15:03] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[15:03] * Jameson Atlas grips his sword...
[15:04] *** you are now a burning world...magma is flowing around you.....the ground is hot but not burning..but the heat is rising
[15:05] * Jameson Atlas gets to his feet...and limps along
[15:06] *** the ground is slowly starting to break apart....
[15:06] * Jameson Atlas looks around to see where he can go
[15:08] *** there is a higher point of ground
[15:10] *** the ground starts to shake.......
[15:10] * Jameson Atlas limps toward the higher ground
[15:11] *** there is another explosion near jameson
[15:11] <spiritflame> explosion rolls 1d5 [ 2 ]
[15:11] * Jameson Atlas stumbles
[15:12] *** luckly the explosion causes no damage
[15:12] * Jameson Atlas continues on
[15:13] *** the ground is crumbling under jameson..the magma is following him
[15:15] <spiritflame> magma rolls 1d5 [ 3 ]
[15:15] * magma is luckly slower then jameson's walking
[15:18] *** there is another another quake starts to shake the earth
[15:18] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[15:19] * Jameson Atlas tries to move faster
[15:20] *** the higher ground is only a few feet away
[15:20] * Jameson Atlas keeps moving
[15:23] *** as jameson reaches the high vanishes......and you are in a misty plain
[15:23] * Jameson Atlas wipes the sweat from his brow and looks around
[15:26] *** there is a sense of fear and dread around you
[15:27] * Jameson Atlas frowns....and starts walking
[15:29] *** there are whispers all around....
[15:30] * Jameson Atlas continues on, looking around at for all the whispers
[15:32] *** a figure seems to be standing in the distance
[15:32] * Jameson Atlas moves toward the figure
[15:34] *** paused for now
[17:19] * the figure is large...fairly large
[17:20] <Jameson Atlas> Um...
[17:20] * the figure 's eyes glow red.............
[17:41] * the figure lifts a heavy sword
[17:41] * Jameson Atlas clutches his sword and holds it in front of him
[17:42] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1d5 [ 3 ]
[17:42] * the figure slams his sword at jameson's sword..but it just about holds
[17:44] * Jameson Atlas holds his sword over his head and braces against the figure's sword ><
[17:44] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1D5d [ 1 ]
[17:45] * the figure tries to punch jameson in the face with a heavy mail fist..but misses just barely
[17:45] * Jameson Atlas slashes at the figure
[17:48] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[17:48] * the figure is slashed in the gut and roars angerly
[17:48] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1d5 [ 3 ]
[17:48] * the figure misses another sword swing
[17:49] * Jameson Atlas aims to slice off the figure's arm
[17:50] [-26 HP / 2 MP] the figure has been HIT!! (x 1d5 Hits) (26 damage)
[17:50] the figure has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[17:50] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1d5 [ 4 ]
[17:50] * the figure manages to block the attack
[17:51] * the figure tries to grab jameson by the head
[17:52] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[17:54] * the figure has managed to grab and picks up jameson
[17:55] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[17:57] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1d5 [ 5 ]
[17:57] * the figure SLAMS jameson into the ground hard
[17:57] <Jameson Atlas> GAH ><
[17:59] * Jameson Atlas coughs hard
[18:01] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[18:01] * the figure tries to bring down his heavy sword..but misses
[18:01] * Jameson Atlas jabs his sword up to stab the figure
[18:05] <spiritflame> the figure rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[18:05] * the figure is stabbed in the gut........
[18:05] <the figure> - this is not over, child of earth -
[18:07] <Jameson Atlas> .....
[18:07] * the figure STABS jameson in the side with his sword
[18:07] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d5 [ 1 ]
[18:09] * the figure 's sword pierces jameson's side
[18:10] <Jameson Atlas> AAAHHHHHH!!!!
[18:12] * the figure vanishes....t
[18:13] *** the danger room returns to normal...but jameson's wound is still there
[18:13] <Hideki Kaze> jameson!!
[18:13] * Hideki Kaze runs over and checks over jameson
[18:14] * Jameson Atlas is bleeding heavily from both his side and the bite on his leg. He lays silently on the ground.
[18:16] * Hideki Kaze grabs jameson and quickly has them both teleported to the EMH
[18:16] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (we'll get you through this)
[18:16] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (...)

[23:44] *** in the darkness outside the hotel...a very large Kouma is walking down the street, snarling angerly
[23:46] * Kouma snarls....then grabs onto a nearby car with it's teeth and tears a chunk out of it....throwing it into the distance
[23:50] * Kouma goes to move on but it bumps into a large armored machine
[23:55] * Purple Selpher stands's single eye glowing
[23:57] * Kouma roars and lunges towards the machine
[23:58] * Purple Selpher grabs the Kouma in a headlock....
[23:58] <Purple Selpher> you wanna fight?? alright then! I'll give ya it!
[00:00] * Purple Selpher 's joints it flips the monster over...smashing it into the road
[00:02] * Kouma screams in pain and then gets up slowly....only to get smashed by the open palm of the selpher
[00:10] * Kouma stumbles backwards...and gets hit by a wave of flame and ice
[00:10] <Purple Selpher> HEY...WHAT THE HELL..I HAD THAT COVERED!!!
[00:10] * Blue Selpher is about to say something..but is held back by a red one
[00:11] <Red Selpher> remember..we're a team, kid
[00:11] <Purple Selpher> I know I know! geez!
[00:14] <Red Selpher> HEADS UP!
[00:14] * Kouma has flown into the air and swoops down..knocking Purple over.....and causing red to barely avoid it
[00:14] <Purple Selpher> I'm fine I'm fine!
[00:16] * Kouma flies back up...and is preparing to dive bomb again..when it's hit by several shells....
[00:16] * Yellow Selpher calmly reloads it's launchers and guns
[00:18] * Kouma begins to there's a flash of metal....and a blade shines through the air
[00:18] * White Selpher lands on the other side.......
[00:18] * Kouma roars....falling to pieces..and exploding
[00:20] * Red Selpher and Blue Selpher help the Purple up..who brushes them off..and moves away...
[00:20] *** the rest of the selpher carefully move away into the night

[22:55] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Thrash's TARDIS
[22:55] *** Thrash has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:55] <@spiritflame> konbanwa thrash
[22:55] * Thrash listens as his engines finally stop....
[22:56] * Thrash flips on a switch for communication
[23:01] * Thrash turns......and flips a switch
[23:02] *** Thrash has left #suburbansenshi3 (gone)

[18:56] *** the danger room is already set up...
[18:56] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: -
[18:57] *** Jameson Atlas [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa jameson atlas
[18:58] *** the location is some dark plains..with purple grass near the foot of some mountains....Jameson's armor and weapons are on the ground
[18:58] * Jameson Atlas blinks...and puts on the armor
[19:00] <???> hello jameson
[19:00] * Jameson Atlas stands up straight, weapon in hand, "Hello..."
[19:01] * ??? is now known as Quinox Knight
[19:01] * Quinox Knight looks at jameson
[19:01] <Jameson Atlas> ....Hideki?
[19:02] * Quinox Knight nods
[19:02] <Quinox Knight> your final test
[19:02] <Jameson Atlas> That's not the same armor you had before
[19:03] <Quinox Knight> no...this is my official armor
[19:03] <Jameson Atlas> Your official armor?
[19:04] * Quinox Knight nods
[19:04] <Quinox Knight> ...for this final will fight me
[19:04] * Jameson Atlas nods....
[19:05] <Jameson Atlas> Okay...
[19:05] <Quinox Knight> ...there will be no going easy on me..there will be no pulling back
[19:05] <Quinox Knight> I want you to fight me with all your strength
[19:06] * Quinox Knight takes out his wind slicer...a blade on the end of chains
[19:06] * Jameson Atlas grips his weapon...and nods again
[19:06] <Quinox Knight> ...I want to see your strength
[19:07] <spiritflame> Quinox Knight rolls 1d10 [ 7 ]
[19:07] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[19:08] <Quinox Knight> ...very well
[19:08] ☼ Scouter indicates Quinox Knight has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[19:08] ☼ Scouter indicates Jameson Atlas has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[19:09] [250 HP / 962 MP] Quinox Knight swings his blade..and brings it down on Jameson's chest (-38 MP)
[19:10] [250 HP / 1002 MP] Jameson Atlas has DODGED the attack! (0 damage)
[19:10] * Jameson Atlas jumps out of the way!
[19:10] [250 HP / 973 MP] Jameson Atlas draws a dagger and throws it at Hideki (-29 MP)
[19:11] [250 HP / 966 MP] Quinox Knight has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage)
[19:11] [238 HP / 978 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (12 damage)
[19:11] * Quinox Knight uses his chain to bat it back towards jameson
[19:12] * Jameson Atlas is hit by the blade in the shoulder ><
[19:12] [250 HP / 948 MP] Quinox Knight kicks jameson in the face (-18 MP)
[19:13] [214 HP / 988 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (24 damage)
[19:13] * Jameson Atlas is kicked!
[19:14] <Jameson Atlas> Gah!
[19:14] [214 HP / 952 MP] Jameson Atlas sweeps a kick around to knock Hideki off his feet (-36 MP)
[19:16] [213 HP / 978 MP] Quinox Knight has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (37 damage)
[19:16] * Quinox Knight is hit in the head and goes down
[19:17] [214 HP / 918 MP] Jameson Atlas brings his blade down against hideki's chestplate (-34 MP)
[19:17] [183 HP / 980 MP] Quinox Knight has been HIT!! (30 damage)
[19:17] * Quinox Knight is hit in the chest and coughs as the hit knocks the air out of him
[19:18] [183 HP / 949 MP] Quinox Knight 's hand glows..and he fires an energy blast at Jameson (-31 MP)
[19:19] [210 HP / 925 MP] Jameson Atlas has BLOCKED the attack! (4 damage)
[19:19] * Jameson Atlas shoves the blast away with his sword
[19:19] * Quinox Knight blinks..and gives a small smile
[19:20] [210 HP / 918 MP] Jameson Atlas aims a punch for Hideki's shoulder, between the armor plates, to disable his arm (-7 MP)
[19:20] [183 HP / 952 MP] Quinox Knight has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage)
[19:20] [164 HP / 929 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (46 damage)
[19:20] * Quinox Knight grabs jameson's arm and tries to get it to hit him back
[19:21] * Jameson Atlas drops his blade....
[19:21] [183 HP / 940 MP] Quinox Knight does a right hook to Jameson's face (-12 MP)
[19:22] [116 HP / 934 MP] Jameson Atlas has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (48 damage)
[19:22] * Jameson Atlas stumbles backwards
[19:22] [183 HP / 914 MP] Quinox Knight headbutts Jameson (-26 MP)
[19:23] [67 HP / 952 MP] Jameson Atlas has been HIT!! (49 damage)
[19:23] * Jameson Atlas takes the headbutt and falls over ><
[19:25] [67 HP / 452 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Jameson Atlas gets to his feet and THROWS himself at Hideki to tackle him to the ground (-500 MP)
[19:25] [-204 HP/ 952 MP] Quinox Knight has been STUNNED by a special attack and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (387 damage)
[19:25] Quinox Knight has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[19:25] * Quinox Knight is knocked over..and hits his head.....knocking himself out
[19:26] * Jameson Atlas stands.....and stares down at Hideki disbelievingly
[19:26] * Quinox Knight is out cold
[19:27] * Jameson Atlas lugs hideki over his shoulders, armor and all....and takes him upstairs
[19:28] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Did I just do that?)
[19:29] *** Quinox Knight has left #suburbansenshi3

[18:04] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Quinox
[18:08] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa solarchos
[18:08] *** Chibi-Nat (fox form) has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa chibi-nat (fox form)
[18:08] *** the door opens onto this landscape
[18:09] * Freya is slowly walking through the grass, holding the torch in front of her
[18:09] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> >_>
[18:09] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> <_<
[18:09] * Jameson Atlas is following
[18:10] * Solarchos gently strokes little Natalia's ears and tails to calm her.
[18:10] * Freya starts to walk into a valley...downwards...
[18:10] * Jameson Atlas looks around as he follows Freya
[18:11] *** it's uncannly silent....
[18:12] * Freya is heading towards an outcropping of rocks..which just stands alone in the deep valley
[18:15] * Freya approches the rock silently...then looks at everyone
[18:17] * Freya presses part of the rock
[18:17] *** part of the face slowly opens up...revealing a stairwell downwards..and darkness
[18:18] <Jameson Atlas> ...
[18:19] * Freya turns..and starts to go down the stairwell
[18:19] * Jameson Atlas follows
[18:21] *** the stairwell is pitch black as you head down.........and down...........and down
[18:21] * Jameson Atlas thinks to himself how dark this is...
[18:21] * Solarchos continues to quietly follow with Inu-Kit and Natalia.
[18:22] * Freya keeps going down....
[18:23] *** your ears pop
[18:23] * Jameson Atlas .....keeps following and cringes at his popping ears
[18:26] * Freya finally gets to the bottom and stops....
[18:26] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) wiggles and bats at her ears since they feel so funny now.
[18:27] * Jameson Atlas stops behind Freya
[18:28] * Freya walks over and lights two torches with her own...
[18:28] *** the torches reveal a large metal door...very old and decorated with ancient unknown symbols
[18:29] * Freya looks at the door...which slowly opens...
[18:30] <Freya>
[18:30] <Freya> all of you
[18:31] <Freya> you must leave behind your weapons
[18:32] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o__o
[18:32] <Solarchos> Naturally that primarily means me.
[18:32] * Solarchos takes off all of his weapons and leaves them behind for later retrieval. It takes a minute or so to remove all of them.
[18:34] * Jameson Atlas removes anything he's carrying
[18:34] <Freya> ...are you all without weapons
[18:34] <Solarchos> I am.
[18:35] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) is just a little baby Kit. o__o
[18:35] * Jameson Atlas has no more weapons and Inukit was carrying none at all
[18:36] * Freya walks through the doorway....
[18:37] * Jameson Atlas follows
[18:39] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) remains curled up in Daddy's arms as he follows along as well.
[18:39] *** the only light in this hallway is Freya's torch..but as you keep can see the walls covered in murels depicting quinoxian history
[18:41] * Jameson Atlas looks at the murals as they walk by
[18:42] * Eitak_Razal catches up with the others. "What I miss?"
[18:42] *** Eitak_Razal [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eitak_razal
[18:42] *** one of the Murels depicts three armies battling one more primative looking army
[18:43] <Solarchos> Hmmm
[18:43] <Eitak_Razal> ...Never seen these before
[18:44] * Freya keeps walking silently...this hallway just seems to go on forever
[18:46] *** one of the other murials depiects people dying in droves by seems to be freshly painted
[18:47] * Jameson Atlas starts to wonder how far they're going
[18:50] * Freya finally stops in front of another metal door
[18:51] <Eitak_Razal> This is the history of Quiniox
[18:51] <Solarchos> One of them is new.
[18:52] <Solarchos> I wonder what time period it's covering.
[18:53] <Eitak_Razal> Quinox's Fall during the Silver Millenum. It fell before the other planets and some of Royal family escaped to Earth's moon
[18:53] <Jameson Atlas> But wasn't that a long time ago?
[18:53] <Eitak_Razal> Yes.
[18:53] <Freya> very
[18:54] <Jameson Atlas> Then why is it new?
[18:55] <Eitak_Razal> Because Matsumi is the recarnation of Quinox's princess.
[18:55] <Solarchos> Was that part of Quinox's history not remembered until now?
[18:55] <Eitak_Razal> There was no one here to paint it.
[18:56] <Freya> I painted it
[18:56] <Solarchos> Where is everyone else?
[18:57] * Freya opens the door slowly...............
[18:57] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[18:57] <Eitak_Razal> What everyone else?
[18:58] <Solarchos> This place is huge. Iget the impression that there should be more people here.
[18:59] <Eitak_Razal> The planet has been dead for thousands of years Solar.
[18:59] <Eitak_Razal> Just like the Moon Kingdom.
[19:00] *** the door opens to a VAST chamber.......there are statues depicting winged beings holding glowing crystals.....the area is circular and the walls covered in more dectorations.....farther towards the center is a throne..with a figure sitting..and several figures standing in the same area
[19:01] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[19:02] * Freya walks over to another statue..and takes from it a staff
[19:03] <Solarchos> Hmm.
[19:03] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o__o
[19:04] <Eitak_Razal> Seeing it this empty... It's depressing. Last time I was here it was much more cheerful.
[19:04] * Freya starts to walk towards the throne........holding out the staff
[19:05] * Freya waits for jameson to come...
[19:05] * Jameson Atlas slowly moves forward
[19:07] *** Matsumi sits on the throne...Hideki stands at one side of her..and Mormeril the other side...Joanna with victoria is further is Eilean
[19:08] *** OOC: for costume reference
[19:09] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[19:09] <Jameson Atlas> Wow...
[19:09] <Solarchos> Huh now, Natalia.
[19:10] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> YIP! ^__^
[19:10] * Freya looks at the child with a dissaproval glance
[19:10] * ThePaleElf is wearing a matching uniform: deep green with darker green designs suggesting wings on it. There is lighter armor attached to the chest and shoulder and wrists.
[19:11] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> =^ ^=
[19:11] <Solarchos> Sssh, Natalia.
[19:11] * Freya turns back..and kneels before Matsumi. holding out the staff
[19:12] <Freya> ...oh child of the six...daughter of Aether............
[19:14] <Freya> ...I have brought he who has walked the path of warriors to you........
[19:14] <Princess Quinox> ......Warrior
[19:14] <Princess Quinox> What do you desire
[19:17] <Jameson Atlas> I desire the right to be Eilean's knight
[19:18] * Princess Quinox nods to Freya
[19:18] * Freya turns to Jameson....
[19:19] <Freya> Child of Tylli.........
[19:20] <Freya> are you willing to give yourself to the protection of royal blood
[19:21] <Jameson Atlas> I am
[19:22] <Freya> Child of Earth.....
[19:22] <Freya> are you willing to shed blood for the preservation of the eternal light
[19:23] <Jameson Atlas> I am...
[19:24] * Solarchos stays quiet, but holds Inu-Kit's hand as he listens.
[19:24] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o__o
[19:26] <Freya> are you willing to devot yourself to the blade and the blood of the six and beyond
[19:26] <Jameson Atlas> I am
[19:30] <Freya> ...Child of have chosen this is not without you accept this price
[19:32] <Jameson Atlas> I do
[19:33] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o__o
[19:33] <Freya> ...Kneel, Jameson of Atlas
[19:33] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) flicks her ears a little as she listens.
[19:34] * Jameson Atlas kneels
[19:34] * Princess Quinox looks over to Mormeril and nods to him....
[19:37] *** Mormeril walks over...and places silver gauntlets on Jameson's wrists
[19:37] <Freya> as the arms of Utha protected may this protect you
[19:38] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) looks back and forth at Mommy and Daddy, looking confused.
[19:39] *** Mormeril clasps a metal breastplate over Jameson's chest
[19:40] <Freya> as the heart of our world is may this protect yours...
[19:46] * Jameson Atlas simply stares ahead, listening to Freya's words
[19:46] *** Lt. David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lt. david o`cain
[19:47] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :D
[19:47] * ThePaleElf places armor on Jameson's shoulders, makeing sure they're securely attached
[19:47] <Solarchos> Huh, Natalia
[19:47] * Lt. David O`Cain quietly enters the chamber
[19:47] <Solarchos> ^Hush
[19:49] <Freya> As Harut once took the world upon his may this bring you the strength to do so
[19:51] * CrimsonTamer is sitting silently, watching having left her whip on the table with the other weapons
[19:51] * ThePaleElf places a guard around Jameson's neck, takeing care it doesn't choke or restrict him in the process.
[19:53] <Freya> ...and so your voice may forever stay true....let this prevent those who silence it
[19:53] * Solarchos watches.
[19:54] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> :/
[19:54] * Eitak_Razal watches
[19:54] <Princess Quinox> ...arise...
[19:54] <Eitak_Razal> I wonder how Matsumi roped Morm into this
[19:55] <Princess Quinox> ...arise child
[19:57] * Jameson Atlas stands
[19:57] * Princess Quinox rises from her throne
[19:57] * Princess Quinox walks towards Jameson
[19:59] * Princess Quinox puts her thumb to Jameson's lips..and then to his forehead...
[20:00] <Princess Quinox> ...Jameson Atlas
[20:00] <Princess Quinox> ...I name you Knight of Quinox....
[20:00] <Princess Quinox> ...Lord of Mists....
[20:00] <Princess Quinox> The heart that beats unending
[20:01] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> o__o
[20:01] * Princess Quinox bends over and kisses jameson's forehead
[20:01] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) raises a paw to bat the air.
[20:01] *** there is a burning..then tingling sensation at the forehead
[20:02] * Jameson Atlas blinks...
[20:03] <Princess Quinox> ...welcome...Jameson...Knight of Quinox *gesures as if to introduce him to the others*
[20:04] * Jameson Atlas turns to glance over at everyone else
[20:04] <Chibi-Nat (fox form)> =^ ^=
[20:04] * Solarchos observes.
[20:05] * Eilean in her princess dress runs over and hugs jameson ^^
[20:06] * Lt. David O`Cain nods
[20:06] * Jameson Atlas is hugged....and wraps his arms around Eilean to hold her close
[20:06] <Solarchos> Awwww.
[20:06] <Hideki Kaze> congraulations
[20:07] <Joanna Smithson> man..can't wait to get out of this dress
[20:07] <Victoria Smithson> jammmy :D
[20:07] <Eitak_Razal> Congrats Jameson
[20:08] <Lt. David O`Cain> Awesome work, Jameson.
[20:09] <Princess Quinox> I say we return to Earth and the hotel...don't you agree??
[20:09] * Jameson Atlas holds Eilean's and, "I do agree...I have something special waiting there."
[20:10] <Eilean> ???
[20:11] <Princess Quinox> ok follow me!
[20:11] <Solarchos> You think?
[20:11] * Chibi-Nat (fox form) leans forward to sniff at everyone.
[20:13] * Princess Quinox walks out of the room
[20:13] * Jameson Atlas follows
[20:13] * Eitak_Razal follows
[20:13] *** Princess Quinox has left #suburbansenshi3 (♫)
[20:13] *** Hideki Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:13] *** Eitak_Razal [] has quit IRC (Hmm. Pity I'd like to look around more...)
[20:13] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:13] *** Joanna Smithson has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:13] *** Lt. David O`Cain [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Back to the Hotel.)
[20:13] *** CrimsonTamer [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Back to Paris!)
[20:13] *** Victoria Smithson has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:13] *** ThePaleElf [] has quit IRC
[20:14] *** Chibi-Nat (fox form) has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:14] *** Freya [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:14] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi3 ("Off to see how my beloved wife will surprise me now." ^__^)
[22:15] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Enclave

[22:15] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa young lich
[22:16] *** Souldier [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:16] <@spiritflame> konbanwa souldier
[22:17] *** There is a world of mist and golden light. Birds call in the sky, and the smell of a fresh rain is in the air.
[22:17] <Young Lich> Guyver, welcome to Enclave.
[22:18] <Young Lich> I won this world after that brinkmanship stunt. It was what I was going to wish to be able to keep, so this is the main thing I wanted. I can control everyithing here. I can suppress magic, I can even keep souls of the dead from leaving this plane.
[22:19] *** Thunder rumbles overhead.
[22:19] <Young Lich> I can even eject anyone from here that I want. I can keep people from intruding whenever I wish. I suppose Raihosha and Eitak and Matsumi and Solarchos are not the only rulers anymore, huh?
[22:21] *** Orange light fills the sky ahead, and clouds approach. There is the sound of speech in various languages, and several small animals scurry into some undergrowth of trees and giant mushrooms and plants that appear unidentifiable.
[22:21] <Souldier> So. is this what you wished for? your own domain?
[22:21] <Young Lich> I realized that I didn't get you anything, even though you got me a present, so I wanted you to see it first.
[22:21] <Young Lich> I didn't NEED to wish for it.
[22:21] <Young Lich> I've been building it...
[22:22] <Young Lich> Remember that time I took you to that crumbling demiplane?
[22:22] <Souldier> Ah. Much like that world from before.
[22:22] <Young Lich> That was for practice! I've cast permanency here over and over, and cast the spell to make it bigger and bigger. I even used rituals to allow theplane to grow its own water and food.
[22:22] <Young Lich> I've made mountains, and forests, and beaches.
[22:23] <Souldier> I see.
[22:23] * Souldier looks around.
[22:23] *** A strange, elephant with missing tusks pokes its trunk through the brush, eating. It is covered with glyphs and runes, all over its sides.
[22:24] <Young Lich> You should climb up here. You can see it better.
[22:24] <Young Lich> And... Guyver? You should not summon your sword everywhere here. It would be a BAD idea.
[22:25] <Souldier> My sword is always with me. But I'll make it a point to not "turn it on"
[22:25] *** Toucans and mockingbirds and mice all scrounge for seeds on the ground. A crocodile wades through a small stream nearby that is flowing down the incline.
[22:25] <Young Lich> ...I didn't know that.
[22:25] <Young Lich> Guyver, I have... altered reality here.
[22:25] <Young Lich> Weapons... metal itself... it is dangerous to you here.
[22:26] <Young Lich> If you can't go into the sanctum, then climb up to the top of that hill, and keep looking around.
[22:27] <Souldier> I see.
[22:27] * Souldier looks around and starts climbing. "I've been meaning to ask you. Why build this? having Artistic urges? Turning a new leaf?"
[22:29] *** When Guyver gets to the top, he can observe a vast lagoon, and mountain far away. The mountain is emitting golden light, and wreathed in crackling lightning. It sits upon an island in the middle of a sargasso -choked sea, with strange trees on the banks that drop purplish fruits. Men and women are gathering them up. Birds fly across the sky, and there is a large cloud bank in the distance.
[22:30] <Young Lich> I made this because.... well, many reasons.
[22:30] <Young Lich> I was afraid, I wanted to have a place to rule for myself.... and I wanted a place to retreat to--and even be venerated, if you all came after me.
[22:30] <Souldier> There's people over there. You create them too? Or were they the ones who's names were listed
[22:31] *** Guyver notices that the closer he gets to the lagoon, the heavier his sword---and ANY metal on his entire body, is becoming. The weight grows with every step.
[22:31] <Young Lich> They are prisoners. I have set them free.
[22:32] <Young Lich> ...WERE prisoners. I have... for months, been aiding any fugitives I found, and many were desperate enough to face a new world instead of living forever as prisoners in the old one.
[22:32] <Young Lich> You aren't the only person I have planeshifted here, you know.
[22:33] <Young Lich> There's food and water aplenty, and I can always make more. I suspect that now that they don't have to be brutal to survive, they'll be content to live again.
[22:33] <Young Lich> ...of course, there were... problem cases. Don't concern yourself with such, though.
[22:33] <Souldier> Interesting...
[22:33] <Young Lich> Enclave is happy. It's a happy, populated trap, and a stronghold where I can face and eject any enemy.
[22:33] <Young Lich> You are welcome here anytime.
[22:34] <Young Lich> Look... watch the cloud bank.
[22:34] * Young Lich points.
[22:35] * Souldier looks at the cloud bank
[22:37] *** The cloud bank, slowly but surely, is moving. It seems to be billowing out of the mountaintop, and it sweeps the surrounding land in a slow circle, like a super-slow sonar beacon, or the lazy hands of a clock. Darkness is beneath it, but the rest of the world appears lit and bright. Far off in the distance, in the opposite direction of the sea, there appear to be incredibly jagged mountains, wreathed in mist and cloud.
[22:37] <Young Lich> You can call it a "sprinkler" if you want.
[22:38] <Souldier> Interesting idea
[22:38] <Young Lich> Beluga, Rhino, Elephant, Kitten, Robin, Butterfly, Man. Enclave is full of life.
[22:38] <Young Lich> I wish I could show Bixia too, but you arrived before she did.
[22:39] <Young Lich> Remember the night when you said you couldn't save me? Or that you couldn't save everyone?
[22:39] * Souldier nods
[22:39] <Young Lich> After I forced Noriko and everybody else to recognize me as the absolute sovereign of Enclave, and won trading and legal rights, as well as immunity from all past crimes, I came back here.
[22:40] <Young Lich> I flew around, and I showed everybody that paper.... I told them they were free.
[22:40] <Young Lich> It was a glorious thing.
[22:42] *** The thunder crackles in front of the approaching rain, and a soft red glow suffuses the sky. The people take baskets of fruit, and build shelters, and ready collectors for the rainwater. They really do seem happy.
[22:43] <Souldier> ...
[22:44] <Souldier> So you got these people their freedom as well
[22:45] <Young Lich> Enclave will not extradite.
[22:45] <Young Lich> Ever.
[22:47] * Souldier nods.
[22:50] <Young Lich> You may join me here whenever you wish... but don't come with your electronics. In fact, the weight likely has already ruined them. The further you go out into that water, the worse it will be. Even you would drown. That's intentional.
[22:50] <Young Lich> So... do you like my return present to you, now that I can show it to you?
[22:52] <Souldier> So you basically tried to save these people
[22:52] * Souldier doesnt really run around with electronics when he's out jogging. His bond with Eiry is enough contact
[22:57] <Young Lich> No. I DID save them.
[22:57] <Young Lich> Oh, sure, they are criminals. But so was I, and I escaped punishment. Why shouldn't they?
[22:58] <Souldier> fair enough
[22:59] <Young Lich> Now, that said, if I do all that for you, and you are going to terrorize and murder people who are trying to start fresh, and are pissing on what I have done and what I have given you... and I still have to keep this place a secret? Well....
[22:59] <Young Lich> Like I said. Not everybody I took here is still here. It is best to not pursue it further.
[23:01] <Souldier> I see. Shall I head bacl now?
[23:01] <Young Lich> Do whatever you want. Stay as long as you wish.
[23:01] <Young Lich> I'm curious, though, what you will tell the others about the world I have made.
[23:02] <Young Lich> ...................................
[23:03] <Souldier> I wont interfere.
[23:06] <Young Lich> Do you feel that I deserve to die, as Vermellia clearly does?
[23:06] * Young Lich clasps his hands behind his back, and looks out at the shore as the rain begins.
[23:06] <Souldier> ... no
[23:07] <Souldier> I do not know If I have told you this
[23:07] <Souldier> But Killing. I don't do that very often
[23:07] <Souldier> I still remember my first one of a person. Still regret it
[23:08] <Young Lich> Mmmm.
[23:08] <Young Lich> I am honestly not sure how many people I have killed anymore.
[23:09] * Young Lich pokes a spiderweb.
[23:09] <Souldier> We come from different backgrounds
[23:10] <Souldier> That topic perhaps we'll pick up another time. But I must ask. You mentioned me trying to save you. What does that have to do with this?
[23:12] <Young Lich> Well, it certainly occurred to me when I made my move--the night you said that, that I might very well die.
[23:12] <Young Lich> They certainly tried.
[23:12] <Young Lich> I've never regenerated yet. I'm too afraid to do it, ya know.
[23:13] * Souldier nods
[23:13] <Young Lich> I dunno what would happen.
[23:13] <Young Lich> Doctor Xadium thinks I'm weak. I suppose he's right. I suppose there is a difference between being audacious and ambitious, and simply being brave.
[23:14] <Young Lich> Can I ask you a question? This is about The Magistra.... she set all this into motion.
[23:14] <Souldier> What about her
[23:15] <Young Lich> I kept asking her if she knew what she was doing.
[23:16] <Young Lich> If she wanted to take anything back... I was wondering if she'd take back the threat that started all this mess. I was.... I was pretty happy, too.
[23:16] <Young Lich> Until she said she could kill me.
[23:16] <Young Lich> Then... telling me I was insignificantly weak compared to the Necromantress, that she could kill me without effort. I wanted to be safe, you know.
[23:16] * Souldier shrugs "Such is what people with power tend to do. Threats and the like"
[23:17] <Young Lich> Mmmm, I'm not sure what I"m going to do about Solarchos.
[23:17] <Souldier> Don't provoke him. Simple
[23:17] <Souldier> He's a simpleton
[23:17] <Young Lich> Eh.
[23:17] <Young Lich> I was not planning to provoke anyone.
[23:17] <Young Lich> Not now.
[23:17] <Young Lich> Too much to lose.
[23:17] <Souldier> He's a bit nosy however
[23:18] <Souldier> In anycase. we'll do this later.
[23:18] <Souldier> Thanks for showin me though
[23:18] *** Souldier [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (We'll never walk alone, while our dreams are intertwined.)
[23:18] * Young Lich watches him leave.
[23:18] <Young Lich> ......
[23:18] * Young Lich walks down the beach, and speaks to a crows of the people.

[23:20] * A dimensional portal suddenly opens in the Enclave.
[23:22] *** The entirety of the world roils and rolls... Time jumps erratically, and the portal is blasted shut with terrific force and a red flash.

[23:25] * manages to opens the portal again and gets out of it before can force it shut again.
[23:25] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Prince Obsidian is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[23:26] < Prince Obsidian > I wish to speak to the ruler of this land.
[23:26] < Prince Obsidian > And pay him homage.
[23:29] < Prince Obsidian > If he would be generous enough to allow me, of course...
[23:34] < Prince Obsidian > Please, Lord Lich. I ask only a moment of you're time. I promise it will be worthwhile.
[23:40] < Prince Obsidian > What must I do to get you to respond? If I tell you that I am willing serve you, will you appear before me?
[23:57] * Young Lich appears from where he was invisibly hiding.
[23:58] <Young Lich> I am the absolute ruler of Enclave. My power here is without limit.
[23:58] <Young Lich> Who are you?
[23:59] * Young Lich looks at Prince Obsidian.
[23:59] *** Prince Obsidian is A cruel but handsome looking man with long raven hair, intense gray eyes and the mark of the Black Moon Clan on his forehead; dressed in black and gold armor with heavy mantle cape.
His image Song is: . He is Level 1.

[23:59] * Young Lich grins when he sees the Armor.
[23:59] <Young Lich> Why do you seek me, petitioner?
[00:00] * Prince Obsidian gets down on one knee before Young Lich.
[00:00] * Young Lich cannot help but smile at this. Several people nearby take notice.
[00:00] <Young Lich> Rise, guest. Rise.
[00:00] <Young Lich> What do you seek? I know many things.
[00:01] < Prince Obsidian > My name is Obsidian, Prince of the Black Moon Clan of Planet Nemesis. I wish to join forces with you and you're allies.
[00:02] <Young Lich> You wish to join with MY ALLIES?
[00:03] <Young Lich> Well, there IS one being that I ally with who might welcome you.
[00:04] * Young Lich leads whoever this is to a balcony carved into the stone of a cliff, with unusual grape-like orange fruit growing on vines above it. "Please. Tell me, what brings you here?"
[00:04] <Young Lich> Sit. Join me.
[00:04] < Prince Obsidian > You may be able to help me achieve my long-cherished dream...
[00:04] * Young Lich sits down.
[00:04] <Young Lich> And what might that be?
[00:04] * Prince Obsidian sits.
[00:06] < Prince Obsidian > The complete and utter annihilation of Chrystal Tokyo and the Sailor Soldiers that protect it.
[00:07] <Young Lich> Ah, the Senshi.
[00:07] <Young Lich> Mmmm, well. I've never really heard of Crystal Tokyo.
[00:08] <Young Lich> However, let me give you this information for free---there are MANY sailor Soldiers. The more I learn about this universe, the more I learn that the repositories of power her that wear dresses and swear themselves to the cause of "good" is nearly without limit.
[00:09] <Young Lich> You also know they can return from the dead sometimes, correct?
[00:09] <Young Lich> You set your sights upon a massive undertaking.
[00:11] <Young Lich> But, I suppose it could be done. Many others have had mighty, world-shattering aspirations, and very nearly succeeded.
[00:11] < Prince Obsidian > Yes, I am all too aware of that.... But it must be done, so that I and my followers can take Mankind back to it's roots.
[00:11] <Young Lich> Mmmm, Mankind, eh? Not really attached to humans, but naturally, I would require that you leave Enclave alone.
[00:12] <Young Lich> Know that I control air, water, life, magic, and death here. If you intend trouble, you would be wise to simply leave now.
[00:12] <Young Lich> I'm curious, though, what you would consider the "roots" of mankind?
[00:14] < Prince Obsidian > Why, Hatred, Fear, War and Oppression of others. That is the natural stare of all humanity. I wish to create an empire of that.
[00:15] <Young Lich> Hmmmmmm.
[00:16] <Young Lich> I can't argue with the fact that this is at least PART of the natural state of Man. I have been many places, and people never seem to be willing to fully part with it.
[00:17] < Prince Obsidian > The Sailor Soldiers seek to deny the very nature of what it means to be human with their false utopia.
[00:17] <Young Lich> Is that a religious symbol upon your forehead? Are you a member of some faith I have never heard of?
[00:17] <Young Lich> Actually, you know what? I TOTALLY agree with that.
[00:17] <Young Lich> It really is a false utopia.
[00:20] <Young Lich> Honestly, the hubris of so many of them.
[00:20] < Prince Obsidian > Can you and you're friends assist us in bring it down and help build a new, more glorious future?
[00:21] <Young Lich> Eh, I don't really see any glory in it, but if they screw me over severely enough, I could be motivated to join your ranks.
[00:22] <Young Lich> I do not believe, really, that they could even create a semblance of a Utopia with their attitudes.
[00:22] <Young Lich> Really, it disgusts me.
[00:22] <Young Lich> Actually, I think I heard that there is at least one former officer who tried to destroy them that hangs out there now. Are you aware of him?
[00:24] < Prince Obsidian > I've tried to apporch him but he's no good..
[00:25] < Prince Obsidian > That is why I need you're power to aid me and my people.
[00:25] <Young Lich> Well, I suppose the insufferability is contagious if one spends too much time there.
[00:25] < Prince Obsidian > And the power of Lady Nizhaladax...
[00:25] <Young Lich> Mmmmm, what would you have me do? I mean, I would suuuuuuuuuure be tempted, if I were they, to send some kind of mole here, and try to get me to break the truce, and then invade me.
[00:26] <Young Lich> Heh.... we wouldn't be part of that now, would we?
[00:26] * Young Lich winks at Prince Obsidian, and it suddenly feels like armor and other metal nearby is many times heavier than it really is. ^_______~
[00:27] * Prince Obsidian falls to his knees in agony.
[00:27] < Prince Obsidian > Please.... I... will... Give...
[00:28] < Prince Obsidian > I. will. become. your. servant.
[00:28] < Prince Obsidian > Your. vassel.
[00:29] *** Everything returns to normal.
[00:29] <Young Lich> Mmmmmm.
[00:29] <Young Lich> Well. I COULD use another servant. They wound up figuring out who one of my stronger ones was.
[00:30] <Young Lich> I mean, if you really wanted me to count on you, you would need to prove your usefulness.
[00:30] * Prince Obsidian is breathing heavily.
[00:30] <Young Lich> ...if I'm going to strike at them, I need two things. Time, and money.
[00:30] < Prince Obsidian > I.... have power...
[00:31] <Young Lich> The first comes easily... the second one, I might need some help.
[00:31] <Young Lich> Well, I certainly hope you do.
[00:31] <Young Lich> Tell me, you intend to approach Nizhaladax as well?
[00:32] < Prince Obsidian > The Wealth of my entire nation will be yours to do as you see fit and yes, her and Lord Norom as well...
[00:34] < Prince Obsidian > Will you introduce them to me?
[00:34] <Young Lich> Mmmm. I cannot do this.
[00:34] <Young Lich> Quite honestly, I am confident they would rebuff you.
[00:35] < Prince Obsidian > But their enemies are my enemies as well.
[00:35] <Young Lich> By the way, did I hurt you there, before?
[00:36] <Young Lich> Let me tell you something I learned during worship. "The enemy of my enemy is the enemy of my enemy. Nothing more, and nothing less."
[00:36] <Young Lich> Speaking of which, you and I need to have a little talk.
[00:36] * Young Lich 's eyes glow red.
[00:36] <Young Lich> You are going to tell me how you found Enclave, or I'm going to torture you to death... right here.
[00:37] *** Lightning flashes in the sky, and the vines along the cliff gnarl together to form chains.
[00:37] <Young Lich> - I do so hope you will tell me. -
[00:39] < Prince Obsidian > I... have a magic crystal that gives me mastery over time and space. I can access any dimension in any universe in any time period I wish.
[00:39] < Prince Obsidian > It's the truth, I swear!
[00:39] * Young Lich looks pleased, and everything goes back to normal again.
[00:39] <Young Lich> I believe you.
[00:40] <Young Lich> So let me get this straight. You have the ability to go anywhere in time and space you wish?
[00:40] <Young Lich> Even places that are forbidden? "Locked," if you will?
[00:41] * Young Lich steeples his hands.
[00:42] < Prince Obsidian > Yes, Yes, there is no place in space-time I can not go. Is it not a most useful ability?
[00:42] <Young Lich> Indeed.
[00:42] <Young Lich> Most useful.
[00:43] <Young Lich> Very well. You are welcome here.
[00:43] < Prince Obsidian > I will share it with you... and your friends.
[00:44] <Young Lich> As master of Enclave, I welcome you, and greet you as a friend. You may stay here as long as you wish, PROVIDED you never approach my subjects. The minds of men are weapons, and the thoughts of those here belong to me forever. Is this understood?
[00:45] <Young Lich> .....Further, you are never to tell Nizhaladax or Noram of what we have discussed here today. As soon as they know you can do this, they will devise a defense.
[00:45] < Prince Obsidian > Yes, these are all you're subjects, I only want my own in the universe outside of this place.
[00:45] <Young Lich> This goes for... well, pretty much everyone.
[00:46] <Young Lich> So be it. You shall have them, in uncounted numbers.
[00:46] <Young Lich> Quite honestly, I think if push came to show, I could gain you many allies very quickly.
[00:46] <Young Lich> They would require favors in return, however---though your promises to wreak suffering and spread misfortune might go far in their eyes.
[00:47] < Prince Obsidian > Then you will aid us in our long and bitter war in whatever hidden way, you can?
[00:47] <Young Lich> Indeed. Indeed.
[00:47] <Young Lich> But it MUST be hidden. It must be a secret. Dark and terrible. None must know.
[00:48] <Young Lich> For if they EVER suspect that I have allied with you, I must pretend to turn against you.
[00:48] <Young Lich> That said... I do not protest at your desire to humiliate the senshi. I cannot stomach the self-righteous.
[00:48] <Young Lich> In fact.... in fact...
[00:49] * Young Lich rubs his chin.
[00:49] < Prince Obsidian > Oh, it absolutely will be, nothing shall get it out from me and my subjects.
[00:49] <Young Lich> I'm not worried about word getting out through you. I fear others.
[00:49] <Young Lich> HOWEVER... I will say this.
[00:49] <Young Lich> I offer you this...
[00:50] <Young Lich> You seem like a very competent and useful servant.
[00:50] <Young Lich> If you can get humans... or anything else to swear to your banner, I shall make you your own world, where you can rule them as you see fit.
[00:50] <Young Lich> If you are skillful enough, you can have an army in no time.
[00:51] <Young Lich> However, if you wish for me to equip this army, or forge you a demiplane, I need two things from you.
[00:51] <Young Lich> The first is money.... the second... is obedience.
[00:52] * Prince Obsidian gets down on his knees and puts his face on the ground.
[00:52] <Young Lich> Yes... yes.
[00:52] < Prince Obsidian > I will sigh an oath of loyalty to you.
[00:52] <Young Lich> I think we'll get along just fine.
[00:52] <Young Lich> No no. An OATH is evidence.
[00:53] * Young Lich chides him. "We want no evidence of formal partnership."
[00:53] < Prince Obsidian > If I break it, you are free to take my life.
[00:53] <Young Lich> Oh.... I would not seek your life.
[00:54] <Young Lich> Just keep mum, and say nothing. If you boast or reveal our allegiance, my other servant in the Hotel will alert me, and none suspect her. She's REALLY good.
[00:54] <Young Lich> I accept your allegiance.
[00:55] < Prince Obsidian > I have a Planet full of people who are willing to give up their lives to me and therefore to you...
[00:55] <Young Lich> Do a good job, and I shall introduce you to MY master, who always seeks better servants, and might very well award you governorship of your enemies' region after it is laid low.
[00:55] <Young Lich> A planet full of people? Goood...... goood. You can tell me the name of this planet later.
[00:56] < Prince Obsidian > You do not know of Nemesis?
[00:56] <Young Lich> But for now, you have much to do, as do I.
[00:56] <Young Lich> No. But there is time.
[00:57] <Young Lich> In the meanwhile, we must away. I must raise my defenses in case others follow you in.
[00:57] < Prince Obsidian > I have connections that may be of use to you...
[00:57] * Young Lich gets up off the bench, and turns his back on the mountain. The lightning crackles behind him.
[00:57] < Prince Obsidian > Cybermen.... Daleks...
[00:57] <Young Lich> Good. Good. You can tell me about them, but for now we must go. Return soon, and I shall teach you a worthy name to pray to.
[00:58] <Young Lich> .....
[00:58] <Young Lich> <.<
[00:58] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has quit IRC (Come. We must see to the Daleks first.)
[00:59] * Prince Obsidian has quit As you command, my master.
[01:00] *** Prince Obsidian has quit IRC (As you command my master)

[18:56] * Prince Obsidian appears in the Enclave through a portal.
[18:57] <Prince Obsidian> Lord Lich, are you here? I have most urgent news!
[18:58] <Prince Obsidian> Lord Lich?
[19:01] <Prince Obsidian> I suppose if you're not here, I should came back later...
[19:02] * Prince Obsidian opens a portal and disappears through it.
[19:02] *** Prince Obsidian [0] has quit IRC
[21:43] * Prince Obsidian reappears in the Enclave.
[21:44] <Prince Obsidian> Lord Lich, Are you here now? I really must speak to you.
[21:49] <Prince Obsidian> Damn it, I must speak with him but how?
[22:09] <Prince Obsidian> Wait, I know...
[22:10] * Prince Obsidian pulls out a cellphone made of black crystal and calls someone on it.
[22:11] <Prince Obsidian> Hello Topaz? I'm going to need you to make a call fo me...
[22:14] <Prince Obsidian> Just say you have a message to a Mister Simon Kerrick that has to be taking in private.
[22:17] <Prince Obsidian> Oh, I hope he won't be angry.
[22:38] * Prince Obsidian is growing impatient.
[22:39] <Prince Obsidian> I'll just have to go back to the home-world and see what's the problem MYSELF!
[22:40] * Prince Obsidian has vanished.
[22:40] *** Prince Obsidian [0] has quit IRC

[18:56] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Mercury
[18:57] *** on the surface of mercury..towards the sunside of the planet.....
[18:59] *** Meladina has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:59] <@spiritflame> konbanwa meladina
[19:00] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:00] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kaelyn p. peinforte
[19:02] * Meladina 's TARDIS is situated between the sun and Mercury, facing the rocky, desolate, and crater ridden planet.
[19:04] <Meladina> (( er...or is landed on the sruface...i missed that part ))
[19:05] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> (( it's landed on the surface ))
[19:06] <Meladina> (( then nevermind ))
[19:06] <Meladina> (( continue ))
[19:08] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I suppose we should get into some sort of suit
[19:09] <Meladina> Taken care of
[19:09] * Meladina presses a button on the console, and fully formed environmental suits catered to Mercury are projected and encased to their bodies
[19:11] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ...interesting
[19:11] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> of your creation?
[19:12] <Meladina> Indeed
[19:13] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> do you have everything....
[19:14] <Meladina> Of course I do
[19:16] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> then I suppose we should go out...
[19:16] * Meladina nods and gathers what she needs, and opens the TARDIS door
[19:17] <Meladina> Be on your guard, Kaelyn. The temperature on the surface is approximately 800 degrees Fahrenheit on the dayside. Mind your step.
[19:18] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> I shall
[19:18] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte carefully steps out and winces at the brightness
[19:19] * Meladina carries the object in her arms several hundred yards away from the TARDIS and sets it down
[19:22] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte looks around..wincing and looking in the distance
[19:22] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> ...this should be the right distance Ii belive
[19:23] * Meladina pulls out another device and nods, "Zero by Zero. The closest point of Mercury to the sun."
[19:26] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> will this be operatable by remote?
[19:26] <Meladina> Yes it will
[19:29] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> good...we will need to use it at the right moment
[19:30] <Meladina> It will be activated anywhere...the control i sin my TARDIS
[19:36] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> good..that will work
[19:36] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> have you done the calculations my father gave you
[19:46] <Meladina> Yes I have
[19:48] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> then all should be prepared
[19:49] * Meladina sets down the device and begins the final programming sequences
[19:51] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte watches this, keeping her eyes out
[19:54] * Meladina flips a switch and a green light comes on, "There. Finished."
[19:55] <Meladina> We are green and armed. Kaelyn, program the activation sequence into the console to synchronize it with the device.
[19:56] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte nods and heads back towards the TARDIS
[19:59] * Meladina makes sure the device is stable on the ground and will not be disturbed by the solar wind
[20:01] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte starts to work the controls
[20:04] * Meladina waits for the synchronization to be complete, and hears a low pitched frequency emit from the device. After a moment, the pitch is sustained and she gives the thumbs up to Kaelyn.
[20:05] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte nods to mel and closes the doors
[20:05] * Meladina straightens herself out and goes back to the TARDIS
[20:09] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte keeps the doors open enough for mel
[20:12] * Meladina gets inside and pulls off her suit once the door is closed
[20:13] * Kaelyn P. Peinforte nods to Mel
[20:13] <Meladina> Primed and ready to go.
[20:14] * Meladina inputs the coordinate to return to the Hotel
[20:17] <Kaelyn P. Peinforte> indeed
[20:17] <Meladina> (( brb ))
[20:20] <Meladina> (( nevermind it's corissa's turn to do dishes ))
[20:21] *** Meladina has left #suburbansenshi3 (Back to the hotel)
[20:26] *** Kaelyn P. Peinforte has left #suburbansenshi3
[10:32] <spiritflame> ???? rolls 1d4 [ 4 ]

[20:10] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Astarte
[20:13] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Thrash's TARDIS
[20:13] *** Thrash has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:13] <@spiritflame> konbanwa thrash
[20:13] * Thrash is flipping switches...
[20:13] *** Thrash's TARDIS is a mess of wires, left over machine parts all strewn along the floor
[20:14] * @Doctor Xadium helps fix it up as they go.
[20:14] <Eitak_Razal> Yeash, I think this place is more of mess then last time.
[20:14] *** there is another pulse, smashing into the TARDIS
[20:14] * Thrash 's console sparks and sizzles
[20:14] <Meladina> You've made a mess in here again
[20:14] <Thrash> ..hold on girl...
[20:15] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa solarchos
[20:15] <Thrash> father was very clever.....creating a *flips another switch* time delay loop around the planet
[20:16] <@Doctor Xadium> Is that why Noriko was having such trouble with the readings?
[20:16] <Thrash> exactuly
[20:16] <Thrash> the planet is there but isn't
[20:17] <Solarchos> Hidden in plain sight almost.
[20:17] <Meladina> Not hidden enough for us to find
[20:18] <Thrash> heh a field of that nature tends to send ripples
[20:19] <Thrash> alright comes the tricky part...hold on
[20:19] <Solarchos> What's our objective now?
[20:19] <Thrash> HOLD ON
[20:20] * Thrash types on a mini keyboard on the console, flips a switch and rests his hand on a red lever
[20:20] * Eitak_Razal braces herself on the nearsest secure thing
[20:20] * @Doctor Xadium lashes himself to the console
[20:20] * Vermellia X. Rosso hangs on to granpa
[20:21] * Meladina is holding on to another section of the console
[20:21] * Solarchos holds onto a wall support.
[20:21] * Thrash pulls on the lever slowly
[20:22] *** the entire ship starts to shake...almost like it's going to fly apart....there are electric sparks and blasts of smoke everywhere
[20:23] <Thrash> come on...COME ON
[20:23] * Solarchos gets a fire extinguisher and prepares to use it on any fires that break out.
[20:24] *** part of the supports starts to come loose..and then crashes to the ground
[20:24] <@Doctor Xadium> Good grief, when this is over, I'm helping you fortify this thing!
[20:25] <Meladina> Fortify it? He's going to need an entirely new one by the time this is over
[20:25] *** there is a they land...
[20:25] <Thrash> ..we're here
[20:25] * Thrash walks over slowly..blowing out the smoke
[20:26] * Thrash walks around the console and flips a red switch
[20:26] *** the doors open
[20:26] * Eitak_Razal activates her armor
[20:26] * Vermellia X. Rosso snaps open her Gunscythe
[20:27] * Solarchos brings out the Sniper-Bolter and takes aim outside.
[20:27] <Thrash> ....everyone ready?
[20:27] * Meladina pulls her pistol out of her satchel and nods
[20:27] <@Doctor Xadium> Yup.
[20:27] * @Doctor Xadium has his umbrella.
[20:28] * Thrash walks outside
[20:29] * @Doctor Xadium follows with Vermellia
[20:29] * Solarchos looks around outside, trying to determine where they've all landed.
[20:29] * Meladina follows too
[20:29] * Eitak_Razal sweat drops and her visably displays expasperaion with her body language. "Xadium. Please tell me you aren't planning on fighting with an umbrella
[20:29] * Eitak_Razal joins the others outside, summoning her sword as she walks
[20:30] * @Doctor Xadium smirks
[20:30] <@Doctor Xadium> Of course.
[20:30] * @Doctor Xadium hefts it over his shoulder
[20:30] <Eitak_Razal> When it breaks, don't complain to me.
[20:30] *** outside is a spartan red landscape....the sky is dominated by a gigantic black hole like..something...glowing bright blue...
[20:30] <Eitak_Razal> I will not lend you my sword as a replacement
[20:30] * @Doctor Xadium grins
[20:30] <Eitak_Razal> \
[20:30] <@Doctor Xadium> Well look at that.
[20:30] <Solarchos> What in the name of the Throne is this place?
[20:31] <Thrash> ....indeed...
[20:31] * Meladina has a full charge on her pistol and it is currently set to fire dalek laser beams
[20:31] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I dunno what your toilet calls it but I think it's a black Hole.
[20:31] *** the singularity gives out another pulse..oddly it doesn't affect anyone there
[20:31] * Vermellia X. Rosso is looking at the thing in the sky
[20:32] *** in the distance is a large pyramid like structure...ontop of which you can see some sort of mechanical apperatise..and someone working on it
[20:33] <Thrash> ..there..
[20:34] * Solarchos looks at the figure through the targeting scope of his rifle and adjusts for maximum zoom.
[20:34] * ??? grabs Solar by the leg
[20:35] <Eitak_Razal> Your father does realize that Pyramids are assoisted with death right? Not the best place to hide out. It's like staying in room 4444 in a japanese hotel. Just asking for trouble
[20:35] * ??? grabs Vermellia by both legs
[20:36] <Vermellia X. Rosso> GAH!@
[20:36] <Vermellia X. Rosso> WHAT
[20:36] * Solarchos reacts and aims down at whatever is grabbing him!
[20:36] * ??? burst out of the ground..........
[20:37] * Eitak_Razal whirls at Vermilla's shouting, the palm free armored hand glowing with magical energy
[20:37] * Vermellia X. Rosso quickly fires shots from her gunscthe at what's granbbign folks
[20:38] *** Krargs has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa krargs
[20:38] * Solarchos whips out the Warp-Blade and prepares to defend himself.
[20:38] * Krargs is hit by the shot...which makes it glow hotter
[20:38] <@Doctor Xadium> Vermellia! they absorb energy!
[20:38] * Krargs lumber towards the group
[20:38] * Vermellia X. Rosso switches to freezie shots!
[20:39] * Vermellia X. Rosso fires!
[20:39] <Thrash> of course he'd use these!
[20:39] * Krarg is frozen solid
[20:39] * Krargs try to grab Meladina
[20:40] * Eitak_Razal gestures and SMASHES the frozen Karg with a large rock
[20:40] * Meladina is in the middle of changing the settings on her pistol as she's grabbed
[20:40] <@Doctor Xadium> /em presses a button on his umbrella and it shifts into a sword
[20:40] * @Doctor Xadium SWINGS at the Kargs
[20:40] * Solarchos starts hacking the Krargs left and right, moving almost gracefully as if the sword itself is moving of its own accord.
[20:41] * Krargs are getting chopped into pieces of crystal
[20:41] * Thrash breaks the monster's arm, holding onto Mel "SHOOT IT"
[20:42] <@Doctor Xadium> /em hacka t the ones holding Vermy to get her free
[20:42] * Meladina fires at the krargs holding her
[20:43] * Solarchos snap-shots at the Krarg Thrash is indicating. Each shot is accurate as if he'd spent a second or two aiming.
[20:43] * Krarg get shattered by the two shots.....
[20:43] *** the Krargs are now destroyed...
[20:44] * Meladina flips her pistol to the setting she was going for
[20:44] * Eitak_Razal tightens her grip on Save the Queen. "Is that all of them?"
[20:44] * Solarchos scans for new targets.
[20:44] <Thrash> I think so
[20:44] * @Doctor Xadium switches his sword back into an umbrella.
[20:44] *** there is no new targets
[20:44] <@Doctor Xadium> Your father has some goddamn issues.
[20:45] <Meladina> You think?
[20:45] <Thrash> Mel..Xadium..come with me..the rest of you..keep your eyes out
[20:45] * Meladina nods
[20:46] * Solarchos reloads.
[20:46] * Thrash starts to head for the pyramid
[20:46] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Okay!
[20:46] * Vermellia X. Rosso reloads and guards the base™
[20:46] * Solarchos scouts ahead of everyone else, using his enhanced senses to scan for any signs of threats.
[20:46] * @Doctor Xadium follows Thrash
[20:46] * Meladina follows Thrash too
[20:46] <Thrash>'s time we settled this score
[20:47] <@Doctor Xadium> By the way, ba[BLEEP]rd... it's good to see you alive again.
[20:47] <Thrash> I had to be work this out
[20:48] <@Doctor Xadium> I figured
[20:48] <Thrash> Mel do you have everything prepared?
[20:48] <Meladina> Yes
[20:48] <@Doctor Xadium> for a goddamn space pirate rock star you sure are secretive.
[20:49] <Thrash> I feel tired, xadium..very tired
[20:49] * Eitak_Razal gestures at Mel, Thrash and X as they walk off, casting a phsycial protection shield.
[20:49] * @Doctor Xadium punches him in the arm
[20:49] <@Doctor Xadium> I think dealing with dear old dad may help with that.
[20:49] *** something is moving through the sand towards Eitak, vermillia and Solar
[20:49] <@Doctor Xadium> We both owe him.
[20:49] <spiritflame> Vermellia X. Rosso rolls 1d20 [ 2 ]
[20:50] * Vermellia X. Rosso doesn't hear it, too focused on other stuff
[20:50] * Thrash stops in front of the pyramid...and looks up it's large steps
[20:50] <spiritflame> Solarchos rolls 1d20 [ 20 ]
[20:50] <Solarchos> (( I'm guessing that's a good roll? ))
[20:50] <spiritflame> Eitak_Razal rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[20:50] <@Doctor Xadium> Daddy thinks he's Sutekh the ever living.
[20:51] <Thrash> he always had quite the ego
[20:51] <Solarchos> TARGET!!!!!
[20:51] * Solarchos points at the movement in the sand.
[20:51] <Meladina> What is it with egotistical maniacs and pyramids?
[20:51] *** three cybermats leap out of the sand towards the three
[20:52] * Eitak_Razal fires a rocket from her armor's arm canon at whatever leaps out of the sand.
[20:52] <Vermellia X. Rosso> /me swings at then with her scythe, leaping up in the air and flipping upside down
[20:52] * Thrash looks back then looks up "let's go!"
[20:52] *** another pulse from the singularity rings out
[20:52] <Meladina> Let's
[20:53] * Solarchos opens fire at all three Cybermats with shaped-charge rounds.
[20:53] *** all three are destroyed..but more are on the way
[20:53] * Vermellia X. Rosso fires off EMP rounds in their general direction
[20:53] * Thrash starts to run up the steps
[20:54] * Meladina follows Thrash
[20:54] <Solarchos> Great.
[20:54] *** each keep dying..and more keep coming
[20:55] * Thrash finally reaches the top........
[20:55] <Thrash> .......................
[20:55] * Solarchos starts to rapid-fire at everything resembling a Cybermat. To his own combat reflexes they seem to be moving in slow motion.
[20:56] * Eitak_Razal fires spells and rockets at them "Just how many are there?
[20:56] * Vermellia X. Rosso finally takes out dome of her charges, and rewires them to make powerful magnets
[20:56] * Vermellia X. Rosso fires one into the air and sets it off, trying to opull all the cybermats to it
[20:56] * Norom is at the controls of a machine..pauses...and turns around
[20:56] <Norom> ....ah....
[20:56] *** the cybermats are pulled to the magnet
[20:57] * Vermellia X. Rosso hopes it can hold chaqrge long enough to grab more of them
[20:57] *** in the sky...the singularity is slowly getting bigger
[20:57] <Solarchos> Now THAT'S a nice trick, Vermellia.
[20:57] * Eitak_Razal looks up "That thing's growing bigger. That can't be a good sign.
[20:57] * Vermellia X. Rosso THUMBS UP
[20:57] <Solarchos> It must be gaining in strength.
[20:57] <Vermellia X. Rosso> no. It isn't.
[20:57] <Solarchos> Or building to critical mass.
[20:58] <Meladina> .....
[20:58] <Norom> ....the wayward child........the traitorious girl........and the man with no stomach
[20:58] <@Doctor Xadium> "No stomach", eh?
[20:58] <@Doctor Xadium> I'll have you know I eat quite a lot.
[20:58] <Meladina> Traitor? o.O
[20:58] <Norom> ...witness's known as The Singularity....
[20:59] <Norom> ...a weapon developed to kill time a time lord
[20:59] <@Doctor Xadium> And one thing I'm not going to eat from you any more... is s[BLEEP]t.
[20:59] <Thrash> ...enough of want can have me..but leave them alone
[21:00] <@Doctor Xadium> NO. HE GETS NOTHING.
[21:00] <Solarchos> Let me got the design from a certain stolen codex?
[21:00] <Norom> ...too cost me my chance for greater power...
[21:00] <Norom> ALL OF YOU
[21:00] <Solarchos> Glory? Greater power? Get over yourself and just stop this!
[21:01] <Norom> ...I was going to simply burn out every time senstive on this...paultry little planet
[21:01] * Norom too far from you guys to be heard
[21:01] <Solarchos> This isn't a game any more. It never was. There's more at stake here than just your ego.
[21:01] * Norom is^
[21:02] <Norom> so..plan B then........collapse the entire stinking timeline in on itself...
[21:02] * @Doctor Xadium holds up his hand, and something appears in it. A Validium Chakram.
[21:02] <Thrash>'re mad....
[21:02] * @Doctor Xadium fans it into five
[21:02] <Thrash> Mel get ready
[21:02] * Meladina reaches into her pocket and nods
[21:02] * @Doctor Xadium flings them at Norom!
[21:03] * Meladina hands her gun to Thrash, "This is your fight not mine...but this could help."
[21:03] * Norom is hit and falls back against the machine...growling and turns to operate it...
[21:03] * Solarchos loads a Depleted Necronium spell-piercing bolter round, takes aim at the base of Norom's spine, and FIRES.
[21:03] * Thrash takes the gun...
[21:03] * Norom turns..and is hit in the shoulder...wincing
[21:03] <Norom> YOU...IDIOTS
[21:03] * Norom starts to operate switches
[21:03] * @Doctor Xadium catches the chakram on the retrun arc
[21:04] <Thrash> now Mel!
[21:04] * @Doctor Xadium pulls out his sword
[21:04] * Thrash pulls out his phone and sends a message
[21:04] * Solarchos aims again and shoots at Norom's hands. Both of them.
[21:04] * Meladina pulls the switch from her pocket and activates it
[21:05] * Norom somehow manages to avoid the he pulls a lever............
[21:05] *** the singularity starts to flare...AND held in place....
[21:05] <Eitak_Razal> ... It stopped?
[21:06] <Norom> what...what is this.......
[21:06] <Norom> WHY ISN'T IT WORKING
[21:06] * Meladina pulls out her monitor to maintain systems and keep her little plan in action
[21:06] <Solarchos> Is something interfering with it from outside? Or did Norom's machine just break.
[21:07] <@Doctor Xadium> No idea! but this is our chance!
[21:07] * @Doctor Xadium RUSHES Norom
[21:07] <@Doctor Xadium> COME ON SPACE PIRATE BOY
[21:07] <Eitak_Razal> ...
[21:07] <@Doctor Xadium> TIME TO GET ACTIVE AGAIN!
[21:08] * Thrash runs forward......
[21:08] <Norom> you fools
[21:08] * Norom goes to activate his time ring.......and it doesn't work....
[21:08] *** to any time senstive in the area..time just...vanishes
[21:08] * @Doctor Xadium sudeenly loses his balance, but stumbles forward
[21:09] <Vermellia X. Rosso> God it feels like someone sucked the air out of the room ><
[21:09] <Meladina> .....
[21:09] * Norom stumbles " my PLAN"
[21:09] * @Doctor Xadium keeps runing for Moron
[21:09] <Eitak_Razal> ...
[21:09] * Eitak_Razal feels sick
[21:09] * Norom turns just in time to face Xadium
[21:10] * @Doctor Xadium 's FIST GREETS HIM
[21:10] * Eitak_Razal grabs onto Solar "Time is gone"
[21:10] * Thrash rushes to the controls to try and turn it off
[21:10] * Solarchos quickly moves to help Eitak, Meladina, and Vermellia.
[21:10] * Norom is HIT in the face and stumbles backwards
[21:10] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I'm fine... I'm good... GET HIM
[21:10] * Meladina is in the pyramid with Thrash and Xadium
[21:10] <Solarchos> What can I do to help you?
[21:11] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I'm not hurt just disorientededed.
[21:11] * Solarchos CHARGES towards Norom!
[21:11] * Norom turns and sees Thrash and rushes to stop him, grabbing the same control....and pulling it down
[21:11] *** the singularity suddenly BURSTS...............and changes into a gravitaonal singuarlity
[21:11] * Meladina continues maintaining systems from her monitor
[21:12] *** the pryamid starts to shake..and fall apart...including the ground under Xadium and Mel's feet
[21:12] * Solarchos whips out a blade, a broken sword whose mono-edged blade was snapped off by a heavy impact to the middle of its length, and THROWS it like a dagger at Norom.
[21:12] * @Doctor Xadium grabs Mel and pulls her to safety
[21:12] <@Doctor Xadium> THRASH LET'S GO
[21:13] * Eitak_Razal shakes her and gestures, running twords the pyramid. Platforms appear under X and Mel to keep them from falling
[21:13] * @Doctor Xadium starts to leg it for the door
[21:13] * Meladina is pulled away but still tapping away at various things on the screen
[21:14] *** Thrash and Norom are holding onto the the part of the pyramid they're on is lifted into the air
[21:14] * Solarchos quickly picks up anyone that's hurt or disoriented and helps them to run.
[21:14] <Meladina> Thrash!!
[21:14] <@Doctor Xadium> DON'T DIE! YOU HEAR ME!
[21:14] *** the black hole is pulling at the ground everywhere
[21:14] * @Doctor Xadium legs it for the TARDIS
[21:15] <Thrash> ................
[21:15] * @Doctor Xadium heads out of the Pyramid
[21:15] * Thrash roars and lunges at his father..struggling with him
[21:16] *** the pyramid is being pulled piece by piece is the ground
[21:16] <@Doctor Xadium> WE MAY NEED TO MAKE A SHORT HOP
[21:16] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I USE TIME RINGS
[21:16] <Solarchos> What about Thrash?
[21:16] <@Doctor Xadium> !@#$
[21:16] * Thrash SMASHES his father against the console...
[21:16] <@Doctor Xadium> GET TI STARTED I'LL DO IT
[21:16] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Okay!
[21:16] * Eitak_Razal starts casting mass teleport
[21:16] * Meladina keeps her eyes on Thrash......
[21:17] * Vermellia X. Rosso gets into the TARDIS and takes a few minutes fto figure out all the goddamn juryrigged switches
[21:17] * Vermellia X. Rosso gets it started
[21:17] * Norom starts to glow golden...pulling away his son's hands and grinning
[21:17] * @Doctor Xadium BARRELS IN
[21:17] <Thrash> NO...WE DIE TOGETHER
[21:17] * @Doctor Xadium sets co-ordinates for the pyramid
[21:17] * @Doctor Xadium his DEMATERIALIZE
[21:18] * Thrash SMASHES his father's face against the console
[21:18] * @Doctor Xadium calculates therash's position and aims to amterialize around him
[21:18] * Norom REELS in pain
[21:18] * Solarchos gets ready to help retrieve Thrash.
[21:18] * Eitak_Razal teleports into the TARDIS
[21:18] * Thrash grabs his father...and with inhuman strength lifts him over his head...
[21:18] <Thrash> THIS...ENDS....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:18] * @Doctor Xadium tries to materialize the TARDIS around Thrash
[21:18] * Thrash THROWS Norom into the black hole
[21:19] * Thrash is picked up by the TARDIS around the same time
[21:19] <@Doctor Xadium> VERMELLIA! HEADCOUNT!
[21:19] * Vermellia X. Rosso checks we got everybody
[21:19] *** Norom SCREAMS as he's pulled into the blackhole..while regenerating
[21:19] <Solarchos> Everyone's here. Get us out of here!
[21:19] <@Doctor Xadium> Meladina! you here!
[21:20] * @Doctor Xadium is busy looking at the controls
[21:20] <Meladina> Here
[21:20] * Solarchos quickly moves to bandage Thrash's injuries.
[21:20] * @Doctor Xadium moves the TARDIS off Astartes
[21:20] *** Norom has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:20] <@Doctor Xadium> That black hole. We need to stop it.
[21:20] *** the black hole is pulling at the TARDIS
[21:20] * Meladina nods, "On it"
[21:21] <Solarchos> How?
[21:21] <@Doctor Xadium> ...Why are we having trouble with this! The TARDIS should be able to handle it!
[21:21] * Thrash looks exausted and is bleeding a bit
[21:21] <Solarchos> How do you stop a black hole?
[21:21] * Vermellia X. Rosso tends to Mister Thrash
[21:21] * the black hole is eating at time itself...
[21:21] <Solarchos> Are we inside the event horizon?
[21:21] <@Doctor Xadium> Ask a stellar engineer.
[21:21] <@Doctor Xadium> not yet.
[21:21] * @Doctor Xadium points to Mel
[21:21] * Meladina flips screens on her monitor and feverishly begins calculating
[21:21] <Eitak_Razal> It's... Eating time
[21:21] <Meladina> (( according to that ba[BLEEP]rd stephen hawking event horizons don't exist >< ))
[21:22] <@Doctor Xadium> (( lol stop b[BLEEP]ching XD ))
[21:22] <Solarchos> How's that even possible? This must be what that weapon was meant to do.
[21:22] <Meladina> (( i'll b[BLEEP]ch all i want ))
[21:23] * Meladina quickly juryrigs a barrier similar to the one containing the area they're in...
[21:23] <Eitak_Razal> No. Whatever that thing was ment to do didn't happen. When Time ceased to exist I felt Riyana's magic. It was faint and breief but I know my daughter's magical aura anywhere
[21:23] <Meladina> I'll need a time loop too
[21:24] <Meladina> And I need to borrow a bit of energy from your TARDIS Thrash
[21:24] <@Doctor Xadium> I'll help with that.
[21:24] <Thrash> do the time loop..I'll do the energy
[21:24] <Solarchos> Is there anything I can do?
[21:24] <@Doctor Xadium> Already on it!
[21:24] * Meladina finds bits of scrap metal and begins building
[21:24] * Thrash gets up and moves to one side of the controls...pulling out the sliding keyboard and typing feversly on it
[21:24] <Meladina> Thrash just like the other one...remember our contingency plan? Let's use it here.
[21:25] <Thrash> ....yes of course
[21:25] * Thrash slides the keyboard back in and turns a dial and stands by a switch "ready for energy vent"
[21:25] * Meladina sets a finished box on top of the console, "Ready for receiving."
[21:25] <Solarchos> Thrash! Xadium! Is there anything I can do to help with this?
[21:26] * Thrash flips the switch..venting the energy to the location needed
[21:26] <Meladina> Yes. Don't look at this.
[21:26] <Thrash> JUST STAY BACK
[21:27] <Solarchos> You don't want me to watch?
[21:27] <Thrash> energy venting!
[21:27] * Meladina opens the door and THROWS THE BOX
[21:27] * Solarchos closes his eyes.
[21:27] * Meladina taps her monitor and PRESSES BUTAN!
[21:27] <Eitak_Razal> I think he ment stay outta the way
[21:29] <Solarchos> Sorry, I thought you meant there was going to be a gigantic, blinding flash of light or something.
[21:29] *** the barrier activates....surrounding and restricting the black hole
[21:29] <Meladina> Insert the time loop into the barrier! It will give it an infinite source of "food"
[21:29] * @Doctor Xadium injects it!
[21:30] * Meladina closes up the barrier!
[21:30] *** a time loop forms around the black hole....rendering it harmless
[21:30] * @Doctor Xadium takes us to a safe distance
[21:30] <Solarchos> And it'll eat itself to death essentially.
[21:30] <Thrash> ....*whew*
[21:31] <Meladina> "itself" is the keyword there
[21:31] *** time returns to the area
[21:31] * Thrash collapses into a chair
[21:31] <The Actuary> I am going to move the black hole.
[21:32] <The Actuary> any desire co-ordinates?
[21:32] <The Actuary> ^desired
[21:32] * Thrash walks over....and sends the coordinates
[21:32] <Solarchos> How about the heart of largest Tyranid hive-fleet back in my home galaxy?
[21:33] <Meladina> it is not a toy
[21:34] <Thrash> now then..back home?
[21:34] <Solarchos> And the Tyranids aren't a joke.
[21:34] * Meladina watches on her monitor as the primary barrier, the one which locked down Norom's transmissions, fizzles as it runs out of power
[21:34] <Meladina> Back home would be great
[21:34] * @Doctor Xadium throws the lever and takes us home
[21:34] <Solarchos> What about Norom? Is he dead?
[21:34] <Thrash> ..I hope so
[21:35] <Meladina> Even if he's not he's stuck elsewhere
[21:35] *** Thrash has left #suburbansenshi3 (I hope so)
[21:35] *** Meladina has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:36] *** Solarchos [Fallen0081@EnclaveFedCom.Net] has left #suburbansenshi3 (If he is, someone at some time should put a bullet through his head twelve times in a row just to make certain.)
[21:37] *** Eitak_Razal [] has quit IRC
[21:37] *** @Doctor Xadium [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (We all change when you think about it-- weíre all different people all through our lives, and thatís okay, thatís good-- you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you used to be.)
[21:37] *** Vermellia X. Rosso [vsxr@s-proc1.kasterborous.sen] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Get out of the way!)

[10:21] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: -
[10:21] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[10:21] <@spiritflame> ohayo matsumi kaze *** Happy Birthday, Ten'ou Haruka!!
[10:21] * Matsumi Kaze winces..and slowly opens her eyes looking around
[10:22] *** Matsumi is in what appears to be the back of a truck...around here are teenage girls, all with their hands bound
[10:22] <Matsumi Kaze> ...geh what the hell???
[10:23] * Matsumi Kaze struggles but the plastic ties around her hands are too tight
[10:23] <Matsumi Kaze> ..freaking great
[10:25] <punk girl> it's no use ya know, kid...things are too tight I tried...
[10:25] <Matsumi Kaze> who are you calling a kid!?
[10:25] <punk girl> you kid *looks to be 18*
[10:25] <Matsumi Kaze> ...yeah good point
[10:26] <Young Girl> wh..where do you think we're being taken...
[10:27] * Young Girl looks around Matsumi's new age...with long black hair tied in pigtails..
[10:28] <Matsumi Kaze> ....hey what's your name?
[10:31] <Young Girl> Yuka....
[10:31] <Matsumi Kaze> hey Yuka! I'm Matsumi!
[10:31] <Matsumi Kaze> and guess what???
[10:32] <Young Girl> what???
[10:32] * Matsumi Kaze grins "I'm going to get us out of here"
[10:32] * Yuka seems a bit stunned by this...while punk girl just snorts in derision
[10:36] *** the truck suddenly comes to a halt
[10:36] <Matsumi Kaze> ...looks like we're going to find out what's going on....

[12:00] * Matsumi Kaze runs through the woods..Yuka, the punk girl and several other girls following after her
[12:02] * Matsumi Kaze looks back
[12:02] *** there are few masked figured running after them
[12:03] * Yuka stumbles and falls!
[12:03] <Matsumi Kaze> Yuka!!
[12:04] * Punk Girl notices about to keep running..but runs back and helps Yuka up
[12:04] <Yuka> t...thanks
[12:04] <Punk Girl> tch..'nuting
[12:05] * Matsumi Kaze turns..and skids to a more masked figures run towards them...along with a woman
[12:05] <Matsumi Kaze> oh great....
[12:05] * Yuka grips to Punk Girl's sleeve in terror
[12:07] <Woman> you have been very...bad...girls...
[12:07] * Woman walks over towards Yuka and the Punk Girl.....
[12:08] <Matsumi Kaze> HEY! YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE
[12:08] * Matsumi Kaze runs over to defend them......and gets b[BLEEP]chslapped into the side of a mountain..the rocks collapsing on her
[12:08] <Yuka> MATSUMI!!!
[12:09] <Woman> a test subject lost......shame...but we still have plenty here
[12:09] * Woman looks at the teenage girls who are all huddled in fear
[12:09] * Punk Girl frowns...tightening her fist
[12:12] * Masked Figure walks forward...and is about to use his gun to hit the punk girl....
[12:12] * Punk Girl grimaces
[12:16] *** a bouldier flies out of nowhere and SMASHES into the masked figure, sending him flying
[12:18] <Punk Girl> !!!
[12:18] <Yuka> !!!
[12:19] <Woman> WHAT!?
[12:19] * Woman turns and gets a boldier to the face..sending her flying and crashing into the rocks
[12:20] * Masked Figures turn to look atthe source
[12:21] * stands in the dust...eyes glowing green......
[12:21] <shadowed figure> ^
[12:21] * Masked Figures pull out their guns and open fire on the person...
[12:22] * Figure holds out their hand...and the bullets freeze in midair...
[12:22] <Masked Figures> !!!!!
[12:23] * Figure gestures again..and the bullets fly back...along with a burst of air
[12:23] *** the bullets hit a few of the masked men...the air blowing those men far into the distance
[12:23] * Masked Figures turn to look..and the figure is gone
[12:24] <Yuka> wh..what..
[12:25] * Figure appears suddenly in front of one of the masked figures...and does a sweeping kick...smashing him into the ground....
[12:25] * Masked Figure turns to shoot......and gets punched hard into the the same time another masked figure gets kicked in the stomach...
[12:26] * Figure backflips...and slams fist into the ground.....causing a tornado to erupt under the masked figures..and sends them flying far away
[12:26] *** Masked Figures has left #suburbansenshi3
[12:26] <Yuka> wha...
[12:26] * Yuka blinks and rubs her eyes....but the figure is gone
[12:32] <Matsumi Kaze> hey..hey you guys!!!
[12:32] * Matsumi Kaze runs up a bit dirty
[12:32] <Yuka> Matsumi!!!
[12:32] <Punk Girl> thought you were dead
[12:32] <Matsumi Kaze> nah....I got saved by Sailor Q
[12:33] <Yuka> you mean..that person who beat those people
[12:33] <Punk Girl> what a lame name
[12:33] <Matsumi Kaze> yes..well....that's her ^_^#
[12:33] <Matsumi Kaze> hey the trunk shouldn't be too far..come on!
[12:34] * Matsumi Kaze starts to run back to the truck..the girls following her
[12:34] * Matsumi Kaze gets into the cab "get in the back"
[12:34] <Yuka> you can drive???
[12:34] <Matsumi Kaze> um..yeah older sister taught let's get out of here!
[12:35] *** the girls pile in the back and Matsumi starts up the truck..before driving away
[12:35] *** back in the rock pile....several stones slowly move off as the woman stands brushing herself off
[12:35] <Woman> what an annoyance...
[12:35] *** Woman has left #suburbansenshi3

[19:09] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[19:09] * Matsumi Kaze quietly walks along the sidewalk, hands in her coat pocket
[19:09] * Matsumi Kaze looks at the faces of people she used to be the same age as...
[19:11] * Matsumi Kaze just keeps wandering....
[19:12] * Matsumi Kaze heads back towards the hotel
[19:12] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[20:20] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Hot Springs
[20:23] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:23] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[20:23] * Matsumi Kaze has a good grip on natalia's arm ^^
[20:23] *** Sarah and Eilean are already relaxing in the hot spring
[20:24] <Natalia> .....
[20:24] <Natalia> What...what's this?
[20:24] * Natalia sniffles
[20:25] <Matsumi Kaze> a hot spring and you look like you need some relaxation!
[20:25] * Matsumi Kaze is in a towel ^^
[20:25] <Eilean> hey nat!
[20:26] <Natalia> want get in with you?
[20:28] <Matsumi Kaze> why not!
[20:29] <Sarah Christensson> it's quite nice ^^
[20:30] <Natalia> Oh....
[20:32] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah but you first have to get out of that thing
[20:33] * Natalia Wh-what?
[20:34] <Matsumi Kaze> well you can't get in there wearing that
[20:35] <Natalia> Oh...
[20:36] <Matsumi Kaze> we're not going to bite!
[20:37] <Eilean> well yeah don't think we are
[20:37] <Natalia> But I...I dont have a bathing suit
[20:38] <Eilean> ...seriously does it look like we're wearing bathing suits
[20:40] <Natalia> Um....>>
[20:40] <Natalia> W-well okay
[20:40] <Matsumi Kaze> yay!
[20:40] * Natalia blushes deeply and pulls off her clothes...and steps into the spring
[20:40] <Matsumi Kaze> you are not going to regert this
[20:40] * Matsumi Kaze slips into the water, slipping her towel carefully aside
[20:40] <Matsumi Kaze> ...ahhhhh this is paradise
[20:43] * Natalia settles into the water
[20:43] * Sarah Christensson floats over a tray with drinks "care for some?"
[20:45] <Natalia> it sake?
[20:45] <Matsumi Kaze> nah it's milk
[20:46] <Sarah Christensson> technically none of us are old enough to drink
[20:46] <Natalia> >>
[20:46] <Natalia> I suppose not
[20:46] * Natalia takes some milk
[20:48] <Eilean> so you were upset?
[20:48] * Matsumi Kaze is just sighing happily
[20:49] <Natalia> guess I was
[20:51] <Matsumi Kaze> what was going on??
[20:51] * Sarah Christensson offers some snacks to Natalia
[20:51] * Natalia accepts and nibbles at the snacks
[20:55] <Matsumi Kaze> so...the rest of us...we're going to do karoke after in?
[20:56] <Natalia> Oh um...
[20:56] <Natalia> Well I have to...get home at some point
[20:57] <Matsumi Kaze> oh really ok...well then nevermind that..but relax!
[20:58] * Natalia frowns softly
[20:59] <Eilean> something wrong?
[20:59] <Natalia> Catriona...
[20:59] <Eilean> what happened to her?
[21:02] <Natalia> She was drunk...completely drunk...and when I arrived she was crying
[21:02] <Natalia> I never want to see my sister like that...
[21:02] <Eilean> oh geez that stinks!!
[21:02] <Matsumi Kaze> awww poor catty!
[21:04] <Matsumi Kaze> gave her a hug?
[21:07] <Natalia> I didn't...I...I sat on the couch...and she kept stumbling around...
[21:08] <Matsumi Kaze> wow..yeah that's drunk
[21:09] <Natalia> She didn't even notice I was there v_v
[21:09] <Sarah Christensson> oh dear...
[21:10] * Sarah Christensson swims to the other end of the hot tub and gives natalia a hug
[21:12] * Natalia sniffles
[21:12] <Sarah Christensson> it's ok you're with friends
[21:13] <Natalia> I don't ever want to see any of my family like that again
[21:15] <Eilean> then tell her you feel that way
[21:16] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah really...just tell her you don't like seeing her like that
[21:17] <Natalia> I don't even know if she's still inside
[21:18] <Matsumi Kaze> well...why don't you go check
[21:19] <Natalia> I...I'm afraid to
[21:25] * Natalia continues sniffling and starts to tremble
[21:25] <Matsumi Kaze> time for group hug
[21:25] * Matsumi Kaze , Eilean and Sarah all give Natalia a hug
[21:27] * Natalia is caught in the middle of the hug and does her best to calm in the presence of her friends
[21:29] <Matsumi Kaze> a hug always helps ^^
[21:30] <Natalia> Yeah I...I suppose it does
[21:31] <Matsumi Kaze> remember if you need help..just call for it
[21:34] * Natalia nods....
[21:36] * Matsumi Kaze gets out of the hot spring, putting on her towel
[21:36] * Eilean puts on her towel and helps Sarah with hers
[21:36] * Natalia vanishes from the pool O_O
[21:36] *** Natalia [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:38] <Eilean> ...did she have her clothes with her
[21:38] <Matsumi Kaze> no-pe
[21:39] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (karoke!)
[21:39] * Natalia 's clothes are still in a pile in front of you
[21:40] * Eilean picks up Natalia's clothes
[21:40] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:40] *** Sarah Christensson has left #suburbansenshi3 (oh dear)
[20:39] * - looks at Jameson Atlas.
[20:39] *** Jameson Atlas is a young man of approximately 18 years with brown hair, but bright green eyes. He is very steady and lithe on his feet and always watching over his back. He wears form fitting, but comfortable clothes for ease of movement along with boots tied tightly.
image Song is: "Long Way Down (Twister)" by Goo Goo Dolls. is Level 2.

[23:02] <spiritflame> - rolls 1d2 [ 1 ]
[23:02] <spiritflame> - rolls 1d2 [ 2 ]

[22:19] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:19] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[22:19] * Matsumi Kaze thinks living alongside the the same neighborhood......
[22:21] <Matsumi Kaze> .....
[22:21] * Matsumi Kaze looks at her hands......and body...
[22:23] * Matsumi Kaze starts to remember those words..." I'm not judging! I mean, she sure seems to be who she is, but I still worry! I mean, what will visitors think? How will the press take her seriously? We JUST had to uh... well, there was this disagreement with the military? How will she maintain esteem in their eyes NOW?"
[22:28] * Matsumi Kaze starts to think back...Mdm_Maestro headpats her and leaves her with ana tuograph, promisign her the real Matsumi Kaze will like her cosplay and give her an autogrpah too.
[22:29] * Matsumi Kaze clenches her hands....falling to her knees
[22:30] * Matsumi Kaze trembles..trying to hold tears..holding her head
[22:32] <Matsumi Kaze> ............
[22:34] * Matsumi Kaze slowly turns her head....
[22:35] <Hideki Kaze> ...hello Matsumi....
[22:36] * Hideki Kaze walks over and puts a hand on her shoulder...but it's quickly batted away...
[22:36] <Hideki Kaze> ..Matsumi..just listen to me...
[22:36] <Matsumi Kaze> ..just leave me alone...
[22:37] <Hideki Kaze> just..calm down and listen...
[22:37] <Matsumi Kaze> I said....
[22:37] * Matsumi Kaze is now known as Ultra Sailor Quinox
[22:37] * Ultra Sailor Quinox back hands her husband with the sound of a sonic boom
[22:38] * Hideki Kaze crashes through the pavement for several feet
[22:39] * Hideki Kaze is now known as Quinox Knight
[22:39] * Quinox Knight slowly gets up...only to get punched in the jaw..sending him high into the sky
[22:39] <Quinox Knight> ><
[22:39] * Ultra Sailor Quinox appears above him..and smashes down onto his head...sending him crashing into the ground...
[22:40] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> JUST SHUT UP...IT'S EASY FOR THEM...THEY CAN TALK ABOUT IT ALL....
[22:41] * Quinox Knight slowly gets back up.....powering up an energy ball in his his wife zooms towards him
[22:41] <Quinox Knight> JUST LISTEN TO ME
[22:42] * Quinox Knight fires the blast but Quinox is faster then him...and plows him through a parked car
[22:42] <Quinox Knight> ugh...
[22:43] * Quinox Knight looks up..and rolls out of the way just in time to avoid a lamp post being thrown at him
[22:44] * Quinox Knight jumps up and lands on a lamp post..then flips out of the way as a crushed car is thrown his way
[22:46] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> I HATE THEM...I HATE THEM ALL
[22:46] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is sparking with green energy from her eyes to her fists
[22:47] * Quinox Knight looks at Matsumi....his own eyes glowing green..his fists glowing as well
[22:48] * Ultra Sailor Quinox ROARS and charges towards her Knight
[22:49] * Quinox Knight charges towards his princess....
[22:49] *** both fighters hit at the same time..sending out a blast of green light..followed by a shockwave
[22:51] *** the light slowly does the smoke....
[22:52] * Quinox Knight is holding onto Ultra Sailor Quinox's wrists......the hit didn't even come close
[22:52] * Ultra Sailor Quinox has fallen onto her knees...her fists loosen...the light fading from them
[22:54] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...I'm sorry........
[22:55] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks up...tears are coming down her eyes....
[22:55] * Quinox Knight carefully helps Quinox to her feet..and brushes some hair from her face
[22:56] <Quinox Knight>'s very easy...when you're forget all the good things that have been said...isn't it
[22:57] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks the damage that they did in their fight
[22:57] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...oh god..what have I done......
[22:57] <Quinox Knight> will be fixed..come on
[22:57] * Quinox Knight scoops Ultra Sailor Quinox
[22:58] *** Quinox Knight has left #suburbansenshi3 (.let's go back)
[22:58] *** Ultra Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi3 (o..okay)

[23:03] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Eliza's room
[23:04] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[23:04] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:04] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eliza mcintash
[23:05] <Eliza McIntash> Here Matsumi. Sit down. I made us some hot Chocolate.
[23:05] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[23:05] * Matsumi Kaze sits down
[23:06] <Eliza McIntash> Matsumi, do you know how it's my job to keep morale up and make sure everybody is working at peak efficiency?
[23:06] <Eliza McIntash> I was wondering if you would mind if I asked you some questions?
[23:07] <Matsumi Kaze> ..go ahead
[23:08] <Eliza McIntash> You want nothing more than for the Kakadekkan to succeed, and reach its full potential, right?
[23:09] <Matsumi Kaze> yes
[23:10] <Eliza McIntash> I was just wondering. Do you feel you have put in as many office hours this last two weeks as you normally do?
[23:11] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I locked myself in my office from 9 am to 3 pm today...I filled out 80 different types of paperwork
[23:12] <Matsumi Kaze> this past week I reviweed 19 potential scripts, oversaw publicity material ove rthe gardens
[23:12] * Eliza McIntash smiles.
[23:13] <Eliza McIntash> So you would say nothing has changed about your level of commitment?
[23:14] <Matsumi Kaze>
[23:14] <Eliza McIntash> Er, you would say something has, or you would say nothing has? ^^;
[23:15] <Matsumi Kaze> oh something has changed
[23:15] <Matsumi Kaze> I can do more work now then I ever could
[23:16] <Eliza McIntash> Heh. I'm glad to hear it.
[23:17] * Eliza McIntash seems to relax. "Mostly because there have been other changes I've seen, and I'm not sure you have noticed them."
[23:18] <Matsumi Kaze> shoot
[23:20] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I wonder if you've noticed the way you've been abbreviating some people's names?
[23:20] <Matsumi Kaze> feels easier to do
[23:21] <Eliza McIntash> Do you feel uncomfortable driving, or is that just my imagination?
[23:22] <Matsumi Kaze> technically..can't drive
[23:22] <Matsumi Kaze> too young
[23:22] <Matsumi Kaze> so I'm using the bike now
[23:22] <Eliza McIntash> I noticed.
[23:23] <Eliza McIntash> But there are plenty of people who could give you rides, or chauffeur you around. I even heard you got hurt on the bike recently.
[23:23] <Eliza McIntash> I dunno, it just seemed like you were not being as careful as you normally are.
[23:23] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah hit a patch of ice
[23:24] <Matsumi Kaze> ..well..guess not...
[23:24] <Matsumi Kaze> guess I am a bit reckless
[23:24] <Eliza McIntash> Well, as the person whose job it is to take care of the emotional well-being of the team, I felt like it was my job to inform you that some of us are worried about that recklessness.
[23:25] <Matsumi Kaze> oh who?
[23:25] <Eliza McIntash> You know how it's important for everybody to be in high spirits and not distracted. I just wanted you to know that some of us are worried about you.
[23:25] <Eliza McIntash> For some people... that worry has become a distraction.
[23:26] <Matsumi Kaze> so whatcha want me to do?
[23:27] <Eliza McIntash> I just want you to know, and be careful.
[23:27] <Eliza McIntash> We are a family, and we care about you. Just... the number one thing? Please don't take risks that will get you hurt.
[23:28] <Matsumi Kaze> not going to
[23:28] <Eliza McIntash> Alright? You are part of us. I know that things are changing, but please be careful. We need you at your best, just like you need us at ours, alright?
[23:29] <Matsumi Kaze> look I'm not going out into battle..I know that
[23:29] <Matsumi Kaze> what I need to do is concentrate on the theater
[23:29] <Matsumi Kaze> listen, 'liza
[23:30] <Eliza McIntash> Do you feel that you are able to do that?
[23:30] <Matsumi Kaze> ya know what you sound like?
[23:30] <Matsumi Kaze> you sound like a parent talking to a kid
[23:30] <Matsumi Kaze> and that's what you see me as now don't you
[23:31] * Eliza McIntash nods.
[23:31] <Eliza McIntash> No. I don't see you as a kid.
[23:31] <Eliza McIntash> Children do not know better.
[23:31] <Eliza McIntash> However, I do not know if you are aware or not of the subtle ways you have changed.
[23:32] <Eliza McIntash> Yes, you are Matsumi Kaze, but please be aware that there are things about you that are different.
[23:32] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah I know
[23:32] <Matsumi Kaze> not sure if you've ever felt it but my hormones are back and driving me nuts >.>
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> I didn't intend to bring up things you cannot help.
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> And.... no, I have not. <.<
[23:34] <Matsumi Kaze> it's not much fun >.>
[23:34] <Eliza McIntash> I believe you.
[23:35] <Eliza McIntash> You know, you speak of how I come off as a parent talking to you.
[23:35] <Eliza McIntash> YOu know how Eilean made mistakes, and you instinctively wanted to protect her and advise her?
[23:36] <Matsumi Kaze> well yeah
[23:37] <Eliza McIntash> Well, when I heard you got... you know... arrested. It really struck me as something you wouldn't have done.
[23:38] <Matsumi Kaze> ....I got arrested cause I was driving a van full of kidnapped girls
[23:39] <Eliza McIntash> I get that--I get that, it's just.... Matsumi, I'm just worried about you. I'm not afraid of you or something. I just hope you are aware that it's impossible for our bodies to NOT affect who we are, at least to a degree.
[23:39] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I know....
[23:40] <Matsumi Kaze> I really am aware of that >.>
[23:40] <Eliza McIntash> But you don't think it's affecting your performance, right?
[23:42] <Matsumi Kaze> think it's improving my performance at the theater
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> Good.
[23:43] <Eliza McIntash> That's all I really care about, I swear.
[23:44] <Matsumi Kaze> ya know...if you're worried..just...tell me...straight up
[23:45] <Eliza McIntash> Then yes, I'm worried.
[23:46] <Matsumi Kaze> cause I'm young and might be unrealiable and you want someone who is older and more mature to take over as you aren't sure with all my emotions I can effectivly lead?
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> Matsumi, what I think is not the issue.
[23:47] <Eliza McIntash> I'm well aware that perceptions can be wrong.
[23:48] <Eliza McIntash> I want what's best for the Theatre.
[23:48] <Eliza McIntash> I don't think you are unreliable... you'd have to prove it.
[23:49] <Eliza McIntash> I bet you are aware that part of being a leader is psychological, yes?
[23:50] <Eliza McIntash> Some people get by through faking it. By *pretending* to be in control and calm and exuding confidence and dependability.
[23:51] <Eliza McIntash> I am perfectly willing to believe that you still possess all those traits. However, you do not *seem* to possess them in the proportion you did before.
[23:51] <Eliza McIntash> Does this make sense?
[23:53] <Matsumi Kaze> I'm different I get it.....and I'm not going's that word....shy? away from it
[23:54] <Eliza McIntash> Well, it's my job to talk about it, you know.
[23:55] * Matsumi Kaze takes out her phone, sending a text then puts it away
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> As long as you are doing well, I think that's what's important.
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> <.<
[23:55] <Matsumi Kaze> yup
[23:55] <Eliza McIntash> I'll talk to the others. Get some sleep.
[23:56] <Matsumi Kaze> good idea! where's a good place for me to lay down?
[23:57] <Matsumi Kaze> ^^
[23:58] <Eliza McIntash> Anywhere. It's a hotel for goodness sake.
[23:58] <Matsumi Kaze> no I mean in your room
[23:58] <Eliza McIntash> Oh, just anywhere.
[23:59] <Matsumi Kaze> ok!
[23:59] <Matsumi Kaze> I call the sofa!
[00:00] * Matsumi Kaze looks around for the sofa
[00:01] <Eliza McIntash> Go for it.
[00:01] <Eliza McIntash> Want me to pull it back, or not?
[00:01] <Eliza McIntash> Oh... and ignore the button hanging out. I think that gives it character.
[00:02] <Eliza McIntash> I mean for heaven's sake, there's a building full of immaculate things. I have to live among something that's different.... imperfect, for it to be meaningful.
[00:02] <Matsumi Kaze> got any extra blankets?
[00:03] * Matsumi Kaze has kicked off her shorts..using her t-shirt as a make shift pajama top
[00:05] <Eliza McIntash> You really think we need extra blankets? I keep it pretty hot.
[00:05] <Eliza McIntash> Well, to each their own.
[00:05] * Eliza McIntash points.
[00:05] * Matsumi Kaze has all the cheeriness of a teenager now
[00:05] * Matsumi Kaze grabs a blanket and lays on the sofa, covering herself with the blanket
[00:05] <Matsumi Kaze> heh..haven't done a sleepover in years ^^
[00:07] <Eliza McIntash> Call it what you like. I call it an excuse to talk.
[00:07] <Eliza McIntash> ...Honestly, I don't think I have ever been part of one.
[00:07] <Eliza McIntash> Well, decent start.
[00:07] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah *smiles*
[00:08] <Matsumi Kaze> well...back when I was in some..they're be food..sometimes board games or card games
[00:08] <Matsumi Kaze> and lots of talking
[00:09] <Eliza McIntash> No card games!
[00:10] <Eliza McIntash> Call me a rebel, but I feel like I can't escape them around here!
[00:10] <Eliza McIntash> No card games here.
[00:10] <Eliza McIntash> I mean, just last week, I went around, and it seemed like every place I looked, out of the corner of my eye, there was some various-aged person taking part in a card game.
[00:11] * Matsumi Kaze giggles "good point"
[00:11] <Matsumi Kaze> hmmm what can we play then???
[00:13] <Eliza McIntash> Truth or Dare.
[00:14] <Matsumi Kaze> ooo love that!
[00:14] <Matsumi Kaze> ok you start!
[00:14] * Matsumi Kaze sits on the floor
[00:15] <Eliza McIntash> Well, I dunno. I've never really played before.
[00:16] <Matsumi Kaze> well you ask me a truth..or make me do a dare!
[00:18] <Eliza McIntash> Uh....
[00:18] * Eliza McIntash thinks and thinks and thinks.
[00:18] <Eliza McIntash> ...Ya know. We really probably shouldn't do this.
[00:18] <Eliza McIntash> Not now, anyway. Let's do it some other night. We could invite Sarah and Eilean if you wanted.
[00:19] <Matsumi Kaze> ooo ok!
[00:19] <Matsumi Kaze> sounds good!
[00:20] <Eliza McIntash> Yeah, we are getting too late a start if we did it now.
[00:20] <Eliza McIntash> Anyway, I'm going to finish the last chapter of this book. I'll turn the light off then.
[00:21] <Eliza McIntash> Good night?
[00:22] <Matsumi Kaze> night then, 'liza! seeya tomorrow
[00:22] * Matsumi Kaze lays on the sofa and pulls the blanket over herself
[00:23] <Eliza McIntash> You sure will.

[02:02] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Danger Room
[02:03] *** The room is in default mode as Jameson appears in the room, fully armed and ready for combat
[02:03] *** Jameson Atlas [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[02:03] <@spiritflame> konbanwa jameson atlas
[02:03] * Jameson Atlas stands ready
[02:03] <Jameson Atlas> Computer....program 7633D
[02:05] *** The room the ruins of a burnt out city. The fire is long past and the dead removed, but still the half gone structures remain, a sore sight. Jameson stands in the middle of one of these structures.
[02:06] * Jameson Atlas climbs up to the top of the structure, it seems to be an old house, and looks around at the surrounding area. Most of the buildings are like this one, though the tender, subtle hints of rebuilding are obvious in stacked wood and blocks.
[02:07] * Jameson Atlas jumps down, landing in a soft pile of cloth and runs forward
[02:09] * Jameson Atlas runs past another of the incessant burnt out homes, but is sideswiped by someone.
[02:09] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[02:09] * Jameson Atlas is sent crashing into a pile of wood
[02:10] * Jameson Atlas climbs out of the pile, coughing, and looks at his attacker
[02:11] *** The man standing in the doorway looks half-demented, possibly a survivor of the fire who would have seen the after-effects of the town's tragedy. He stands against the wall of the house he was hiding in and waits for Jameson to approach again.
[02:12] * Jameson Atlas pulls a large splinter out of his forearm and curls up his fists
[02:12] * man CHARGES Jameson!
[02:12] <spiritflame> man rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[02:13] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 5 ]
[02:13] * Jameson Atlas is tackled again! This time the pair crash into a pile of straw and fight!
[02:13] * man punches Jameson square in the jaw
[02:14] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[02:14] * Jameson Atlas is hit
[02:22] * Jameson Atlas rolls out of the straw pile and makes a beeline for another route away from the man and the house he is guarding so heavily
[02:22] <spiritflame> man rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[02:22] * man reaches for Jameson's leg and misses, then lays in the straw and screams at the top of his lungs while Jameson runs
[02:24] *** There are a handful of people remaining here, though none of them are as hostile as the man Jameson just encountered. They stay away, closing themselves up in their burnt out shells as best they can to avoid him.
[02:24] * Jameson Atlas climbs up on top of a vacant roof and once again looks out over the area
[02:25] <Jameson Atlas> Computer....insert enemies 488 and 953
[02:25] *** an arrow whizzes at Jameson
[02:25] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[02:25] * Jameson Atlas is hit square in the shoulder from behind, and spins around to draw his blade
[02:26] * vigilante rushes Jameson, aiming another arrow at him while he runs
[02:26] <spiritflame> vigilante rolls 1d50 [ 39 ]
[02:26] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d50 [ 13 ]
[02:27] * Jameson Atlas is hit by this second arrow and falls to the rooftop beneath him
[02:27] * Jameson Atlas sheaths his blade and instead draws the bow he borrowed from Amanda
[02:27] * vigilante prepares another arrow, now standing only a few feet away from Jameson. This one is aimed for his head.
[02:28] * Jameson Atlas draws as well, staggering to his feet in pain
[02:28] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d100 [ 45 ]
[02:28] <spiritflame> vigilante rolls 1d100 [ 29 ]
[02:29] * vigilante is disarmed by Jameson's arrow while his own misses entirely. He drops his bow to the street below and is now defenseless.
[02:29] * Jameson Atlas CHARGES the vigilante and pins him down to the roof
[02:29] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 10 ]
[02:30] * vigilante disappears, it's purpose fulfilled in the simulation
[02:35] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d50 [ 31 ]
[02:35] * Jameson Atlas is hit square in the back by another arrow and tumbles off the roof, crashing to the ground below
[02:36] <Jameson Atlas> ......
[02:36] * Jameson Atlas lays on the cold ground and stares in whichever direction he's oriented just as an armed man approaches
[02:37] <guard> Hey!
[02:37] * guard runs toward Jameson, sword drawn
[02:37] <guard> GET UP!
[02:38] * Jameson Atlas slowly and unsteadily pulls himself to his feet. He has an unusual look on his face as if he's not expecting this much reality to the simulation.
[02:38] * guard PUNCHES Jameson
[02:38] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[02:38] * Jameson Atlas smacks into one of the stucco walls behind him, embedding the arrow deeper into his back while the shaft breaks off
[02:39] <Jameson Atlas> GAH! *cough cough*
[02:39] * Jameson Atlas stumbles forward....draws his own blade and unsteadily takes his stance
[02:41] * guard lunges at Jameson
[02:41] <spiritflame> guard rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[02:41] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[02:42] * Jameson Atlas blocks and deflects, shoving the man back
[02:42] * Jameson Atlas does a downward slash at the man's chest, aiming for the kill
[02:43] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 7 ]
[02:43] <spiritflame> guard rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[02:44] * guard deflects Jameson's attack and punches him in his injured shoulder
[02:44] <Jameson Atlas> AHH ><.......
[02:44] * guard grabs for Jameson's shirt to stab him in the gut
[02:45] <spiritflame> guard rolls 1d20 [ 16 ]
[02:45] <spiritflame> Jameson Atlas rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[02:46] * Jameson Atlas is stabbed...the sword pierces completely through his abdomen. He drops his blade to the ground, where it clatters on the stones of the street. The man releases him, removing his blade and watching as Jameson falls to the cold ground again.
[02:46] * Jameson Atlas lays in a daze....
[02:46] * guard disappears, cackling at his victory as his simulation shuts down
[02:48] * Jameson Atlas tries to pull himself to his feet, only succeeding to get as far as his knees
[02:48] <Jameson Atlas>
[02:49] * Jameson Atlas collapses again, this time staying down. The simulation wavers and falters but does not disappear, though now there are no more signs of life in the village
[02:49] * Jameson Atlas passes out, in a pool of blood.....
[02:50] *** Any attempts to monitor the danger room would come across spastically, ranting between "in use" and 'vacant' while the computer struggles with Jameson's half finished command. He remains there amidst the static-y buildings and awkward ground......and waits for rescue
[02:51] *** END

[14:31] *** Room 1603
[14:33] *** Eilean has joined #suburbansenshi3
[14:33] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa eilean
[14:33] * Eilean sits on the floor in the main "living room"
[14:34] *** Amanda Sharlan [ashar@interpol.neg] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[14:34] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa amanda sharlan
[14:34] * Amanda Sharlan is standing beside her
[14:35] <Eilean> ...he...doesn't look..too bad
[14:36] <Amanda Sharlan> I'm sure Hideki made sure he was cleaned up and all that before bringing him here
[14:36] * Eilean looks over Jameson quietly
[14:38] * Jameson Atlas is fast asleep on the couch, shirtless, with a bandage wrapped around his torso. He's quite peacefull, probably due to pain meds.
[14:38] <Eilean> ...I wonder how it happened....
[14:38] <Amanda Sharlan> I guess it was something wrong in the danger room
[14:42] <Amanda Sharlan> Though it seems that happened when hideki was training him too right?
[14:42] <Eilean> ...I wish I was there
[14:42] <Eilean> yeah I think so
[14:43] <Amanda Sharlan> Well you're here now and I'm sure he'll enjoy any bit of attention you give him.
[14:46] * Eilean adjusts a blanket over jameson and moves hair out of his face
[14:48] * Amanda Sharlan watches the two kids, hears a soft hum escape from Jameson, "I think he knows you're here."
[14:48] <Eilean> jamie??
[14:55] * Jameson Atlas is still out cold on the couch, but now has a soft smile on his face
[14:57] * Eilean smiles back "..I hope he'll be ok...we still need to get married"
[14:58] <Amanda Sharlan> I'm sure he'll be fine soon
[14:59] <Eilean> ..yeah..he better
[15:00] <Amanda Sharlan> I wonder why Hideki brought him here
[15:02] <Eilean> ..I don't know..maybe cause he thought it would be nicer then the medical area
[15:04] <Amanda Sharlan> I suppose so.
[15:04] <Amanda Sharlan> He still has a hotel room here, though
[15:04] <Eilean> heh...guessing hideki forgot that
[15:04] <Amanda Sharlan> Probably
[15:06] <Amanda Sharlan> Well I...should go call his boss and get ready to go to work myself
[15:06] <Amanda Sharlan> I'm sure he won't mind if you stay
[15:06] <Eilean> ...alright...thanks, amanda...
[15:07] <Amanda Sharlan> No problem kiddo.
[15:08] <Amanda Sharlan> Let me know if you need anything
[15:09] * Amanda Sharlan leaves the room, letting Eilean stay with Jameson in peace
[15:09] *** Amanda Sharlan [ashar@interpol.neg] has quit IRC
[15:13] * Eilean sticks close to jameson
[15:18] *** Eilean has left #suburbansenshi3 (relax...)

[12:56] *** Gallifrey....on the edge of the wastelands....
[12:57] *** it's bitterly cold here...a wind blows along patches of grass and bare dirt....
[12:57] *** Meladina has joined #suburbansenshi3
[12:57] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa meladina
[12:58] *** a fog can be seen in the's rolled in calmly
[12:59] * Meladina frowns and wraps herself up in a shawl she managed to grab....and presses on
[13:01] * Kaelyn P Peinfrote watches Mel leave "...he should be further will know the location when you get there"
[13:01] * Meladina nods
[13:01] *** the fog gets thicker as you apperoch it...
[13:02] *** a sound reaches your ears...lapping water
[13:02] * Meladina blinks...and follows the sound of the water
[13:03] *** as you can see two dark shapes in the fog...
[13:04] * Meladina walks toward these shapes, trying to maintain her bearings in the fog
[13:07] *** as mel, gets closer..she can see it's Thrash..standing near an old boat on the edge of what appears to be a lake
[13:08] * Meladina smiles a bit, "Thrash!"
[13:09] <Thrash> hey Mel...thanks for coming
[13:10] * Meladina makes her way to the shoreline
[13:10] <Meladina> Why did you have Kaelyn bring me to the wastelands?
[13:13] <Thrash> wanted some company for this trip
[13:14] <Meladina> Well of course I'll accompany you
[13:16] * Thrash climbs into the boat and offers his hand to Mel
[13:17] * Meladina takes his hand and lifts up her skirt so she can step into the boat
[13:20] <Thrash> take a seat
[13:21] * Thrash picks up a long pole..and pushes away from the shore
[13:21] * Thrash slowly starts to manuver through the fog
[13:21] * Meladina sit down, watching Thrash
[13:23] <Thrash> ..I haven't been here in years
[13:24] <Meladina> Oh?
[13:26] <Thrash> when I was young I would sit by this lake for hours.....looking into it
[13:26] * Meladina nods
[13:29] <Thrash> ...I had to come back here...
[13:29] *** there is little to no sound in the area...only the thick fog...the pole going through the water..and the occastional sound of a fish
[13:31] <Meladina> It's quite serene
[13:32] *** you can see a large dark object in the distance through the fog
[13:33] <Meladina> hm? what's that?
[13:33] <Thrash> home
[13:35] * Thrash gives a heavy sigh and keeps pushing forward
[13:35] <Meladina> Your home?
[13:36] *** the fog parts a bit...revealing an island sitting in the middle of the lake..dominated by a large imposing stone tower
[13:36] <Thrash> ...yes....House Ulmanish
[13:37] <Meladina> .....
[13:38] <Meladina> That is...quite intimidating
[13:41] <Thrash> ...yes
[13:41] * Thrash carefully manuivers the boat onto shore and hops off....securing it to an iron spike in the ground
[13:44] * Meladina stands and climbs out
[13:46] * Thrash offers Mel his hand
[13:49] * Meladina takes his hand and steps off the boat
[13:54] * Thrash walks towards an iron clad door..on the outside of the door is a symbol of a hand with a sundial in the center
[13:55] * Meladina stays silent, holding on to Thrash's hand tightly
[13:57] * Thrash slowly pushes open the door....revealing a spiral staircase that descends up........and to it hanging is a lit hand lamp
[13:58] <Meladina> This was where you grew up?
[13:59] <Thrash> yes
[13:59] <Thrash> you aren't claustrophobic are you?
[13:59] <Meladina> No
[14:01] <Thrash> your step
[14:01] * Thrash starts to descend the dark stairway
[14:04] * Meladina follows
[14:06] *** as you gets colder..and damper...the noise of dripping water can be heard..and the only light is the flickering candle light of the lamp
[14:07] * Meladina wraps her shawl tighter around herself
[14:08] * Thrash keeps get an overwhelming feeling of silence and emptiness
[14:10] * Meladina frowns
[14:11] <Thrash> the steps are pretty careful
[14:13] * Meladina nods
[14:15] * Thrash takes one more step and finally reaches the bottom..a hard cobblestone surface..then offers his hand to mel to help her down
[14:16] * Meladina takes his hand to step down
[14:17] * Thrash hangs the lamp on a nearby wall and approuches a set of iron doors
[14:18] <Meladina> Like a dungeon....
[14:19] * Thrash pushes it open....
[14:20] *** inside is a large large room..much like a sitting room...there is a large window showing the lake bed with comfortble chairs..a roaring fire and various odd things about....there is a line of paintings in the far end as well
[14:21] * Thrash gives a deep sigh
[14:21] <Meladina> It looks like someone's living here
[14:23] <Thrash> ...I can only think of one person...
[14:23] * Thrash looks around...and walks over to an old bell shaped like a clock....
[14:25] * Thrash picks up a small hammer and bangs the bell several times
[14:29] <???> coming coming!!!..can't anyone get any work done around here???
[14:29] *** a middle aged man with lightly greying temples walks down the hallway..he's dressed in gallfriyan robes and looks ready to bite someone's head off
[14:30] <???> listen for the last time..if you want to take this place away from me you'll need to contact......
[14:30] * ??? freezes in place at the sight of Thrash and Mel
[14:30] <Meladina> ....
[14:34] <????> Thrash....THRASH MY BOY!
[14:35] * ???? bounds over like a man half his age and grabs Thrash's hand, shaking it hard
[14:35] <????> the last I heard....I heard you had been exiled..and then the business with Norom and now''s good to see you
[14:36] * Thrash smiles and turns to Mel
[14:36] * Meladina blinks
[14:37] <Thrash> Mel I'd like you to meet my cousin Doldumalaaqualiatodabub
[14:37] <Doldum> Doldum to friends...and if you are friends to Thrash..then you are a friend to me
[14:38] * Doldum walks over and gives Mel a handshake
[14:38] <Meladina> (( lolol ))
[14:38] <Doldum> (( hm? ))
[14:38] <Meladina> (( doldum is the name of the mind control chain in pandora hearts ))
[14:39] <Meladina> I am more than a friend to Thrash, but it is a pleasure to meet you.
[14:39] <Doldum> (( oh that's where I must have gotten that name XD ))
[14:40] <Doldum> more then a....ha...never imagined the bookworm to catch one!
[14:40] <Thrash> Dol...mind getting us some tea?
[14:40] <Doldum> of course..of course
[14:40] * Meladina giggles a bit and squeezes Thrash's hand
[14:40] * Doldum walks away and goes through a wooden door
[14:41] <Thrash> I was always his favorite heh
[14:41] <Meladina> Your cousin, hm?
[14:43] * Thrash nods....then notices the paintings on the wall...and walks towards them...
[14:43] *** the wall is covered in at least 30 paintings..both men and women
[14:45] <Meladina> Is this your family?
[14:46] <Thrash> was...
[14:47] <Thrash> all of them are gone now
[14:47] <Thrash> ..only me and Doldum remain
[14:48] <Meladina> Makes me wonder...about my own family.
[14:49] * Thrash 's eye catches another painting..seperate from the others...
[14:50] * Thrash walks over.......and stares at it
[14:50] * Meladina looks over at it
[14:52] *** the painting depicts a young woman with long reddish blond grey eyes and wearing green time lord robes
[14:53] <Meladina> hm?
[14:56] <Thrash> the lady Alenia
[14:58] <Meladina> Lady Alenia?
[14:58] <Thrash> my mother
[14:59] <Meladina> Your....your mother?....she looks quite lovely.
[15:00] <Thrash> she was...
[15:00] * Doldum walks back in with a tray of tea and places it on a table
[15:00] <Meladina> You must miss her
[15:00] <Thrash> oh yes thank you
[15:00] * Thrash nods slowly, picking up some tea and drinking
[15:02] <Doldum> take it you returned due to.....
[15:03] <Thrash> yes..yes I did
[15:03] * Meladina sips at her own tea
[15:05] <Doldum> ...for all the...shame this place has would be a greater loss if they went through with it
[15:07] <Meladina> What?
[15:07] <Time Lady> quite simply...this house is to be closed down
[15:07] *** Time Lady has joined #suburbansenshi3
[15:07] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa time lady
[15:08] <Thrash> you are...
[15:08] <Meladina> ....what?
[15:11] <Time Lady> quite simply...this house has become a political embrassement....
[15:11] <Meladina> So you would leave two surviving family members to no house?
[15:11] <Time Lady> has been decided to prevent any further is to be closed and dissolved
[15:11] <Time Lady> they given compenstation
[15:12] <Doldum> yes we'll just be pushed under the rug! forgotten about!
[15:13] <Time Lady> yes well....if you have a better arguement as to why I shouldn't..then I would like to hear it......and as heir to the head of the household *looks at Thrash*..I'm sure you can
[15:14] * Meladina glances at Thrash
[15:14] <Thrash> yes well I could....but my representve can do a better job
[15:15] <Time Lady> representive?
[15:15] * Thrash nods and gestures to Meladina
[15:16] <Meladina> .....
[15:17] * Time Lady looks to Mel
[15:19] * Meladina steps forward a bit....
[15:19] <Meladina> Thrash was a front runner in stopping his father's actions, by my side, and making sure that he can never return.
[15:20] <Meladina> He keeps apeaceful existance and....*takes Trash's hand*
[15:20] <Meladina> It also appears that Doldum lives hear in peace...quietly...without issue.
[15:21] <Meladina> He is very welcoming and hospitable
[15:22] * Doldum smiles a bit at that
[15:23] <Time Lady> you feel this house should remain open
[15:23] <Meladina> I feel that the surviving members of this house should be allowed time to prove their worth
[15:25] <Time Lady> ..........very well...............I will return this to the high thankful you have such an impressive representive
[15:25] <Thrash> oh I am
[15:27] * Meladina bows gracefully, "Much appreciation."
[15:28] * Time Lady walks away
[15:28] *** Time Lady has left #suburbansenshi3
[15:30] * Meladina glances between Thrash and Doldum
[15:31] <Thrash> ..thank you, Mel
[15:31] <Doldum> a remarkablewoman you have
[15:31] <Thrash> and don't I know it
[15:35] * Meladina smiles a bit
[15:36] <Thrash> well you want to return to earth..or can you spare some moments here
[15:37] <Meladina> Whatever you'd like.
[15:38] <Thrash> well I'd like to show you more of the house perhaps
[15:39] <Meladina> Alright
[15:40] * Thrash offers his hand to Mel
[15:40] * Meladina takes his hand
[15:41] <Thrash> heh let me show you some more of our history
[15:41] <Meladina> Alright
[15:44] *** a cat darts between Mel's legs
[15:45] <Thrash> oh heh..forgot about you *picks up the cat*
[15:46] <Meladina> Oh my!
[15:47] <Thrash> Mel, meet Alyous
[15:47] * Alyous is a gallifryian cat with grey speckled fur and violet eyes
[15:47] * Alyous peers at Mel
[15:48] <Meladina> Hello, Alyous
[15:48] * Meladina reaches up to let the can sniff her hand
[15:49] * Alyous sniffs meladina's hand..then starts to lick it
[15:49] * Meladina smiles and pets Alyous
[15:51] * Alyous looks a bit fussed...then starts to purr
[15:51] <Meladina> I didn't know you have a cat
[15:52] <Thrash> he was the family's..we kept him around to kill pig-rats...
[15:53] <Thrash> he has been extremenly clever
[15:54] <Meladina> seem so. quite adorable too