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<// J_Daito //> If we saw someone wearing his heart on his sleeve we ripped it off and ate it

welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[15:55] <Meladina> i like him
[15:56] <Thrash> heh I think he likes you now
[15:57] <Meladina> good
[15:57] <Meladina> shall we keep going?
[15:57] <Thrash> of course
[15:58] * Thrash puts the cat on the floor and walks to another room...this one is covered in wood and stone and dominated by a large painting of a stern looking man
[15:58] * Meladina follows
[15:59] <Meladina> (( brb ))
[16:08] <Meladina> (( back ))
[16:10] <Thrash> our founder....Ulmas....was on the high council under Pandak III
[16:11] * Meladina nods softly
[16:11] <Thrash> ...he ALMOST became president...
[16:11] <Thrash> but was passed over
[16:13] <Thrash> swore his family would someday reach that pinnicle
[16:14] <Meladina> (( omg i won something ))
[16:15] * Meladina nods
[16:15] <Thrash> (( what?? ))
[16:16] <Thrash> ...when I was a child my father would drag me in front of that picture..and force me to stand and stare at it for hours
[16:17] <Meladina> (( $2000 on a notice from a car dealership in oskaloosa ))
[16:17] <Meladina> Why would he do that?
[16:18] <Thrash> (('re joking ))
[16:18] <Thrash> my father expected me to help him become president...
[16:19] <Thrash> and wanted me to constantly be reminded of this promise
[16:19] <Meladina> (( no im not! ))
[16:19] * Meladina frowns soflty and holds Thrash's hand
[16:20] <Thrash> (( holy s[BLEEP]t! ))
[16:20] <Thrash> father was supreme in his ego...
[16:21] <Meladina> I've noticed
[16:21] <Thrash> he told me I could never attain anything unless I pushed away all other things
[16:22] * Meladina frowns deeper
[16:23] <Thrash> which he did with my mother...
[16:23] <Thrash> he married her..cemented his political power through ties to her
[16:23] <Thrash> then threw her away
[16:24] <Meladina> horrible
[16:26] <Meladina> What happened to her then?
[16:26] <Thrash> he turned me into the man I became
[16:28] * Meladina nods
[16:30] <Meladina> What happened to your mother?
[16:31] <Thrash> (( brb ))
[16:34] <Thrash> (( back ))
[16:36] <Thrash> I don't know
[16:37] <Thrash> I never saw her again
[16:37] * Meladina squeezes his hand
[16:38] <Thrash> well...such is the nature of things *squeezes mel's hand*
[16:39] <Meladina> My parents didn't do that.
[16:39] <Meladina> They were hard workers and didn't get to see each other much...but they loved each other dearly
[16:40] <Thrash> you are lucky
[16:42] <Meladina> I was...
[16:43] <Thrash> you didn't have to learn how wrong you were
[16:45] <Meladina> What?
[16:46] <Thrash> nothing..I'll show you my room
[16:47] *** Thrash has left #suburbansenshi3 (follow me)
[16:47] *** Meladina has left #suburbansenshi3 (okay)
[00:33] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Enclave

[00:34] *** A new and ordered forest filled with adorable animals drips from a new rain. Bordering it are fields of ripening opium poppies.
[00:34] *** Simon Kerrick has joined #suburbansenshi3
[00:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon kerrick *** Happy Valentine's Day!!
[00:34] * Simon Kerrick gestures, and a portal leading to Enclave opens up in the middle of the Poppy field.
[00:34] <Simon Kerrick> This had better be important.
[00:35] * Prince Obsidian appears in the Enclave, looking like a nervous wreck.
[00:35] <Prince Obsidian> My lord...
[00:36] * Prince Obsidian gets down on his knees.
[00:37] * Simon Kerrick looks pretty angry.
[00:37] <Simon Kerrick> Speak.
[00:37] <Prince Obsidian> I'm sorry, I had to call on you like that.
[00:41] <Young Lich> (( test ))
[00:41] <Prince Obsidian> I was desperate..
[00:41] <Simon Kerrick> And yet I told you NEVER to call attention to our allegiance!
[00:42] <Simon Kerrick> What did you DO? What HAPPENED?
[00:43] <Simon Kerrick> And stand up---you are going to trample my poppies before I can sell their contents.
[00:44] * Prince Obsidian moves off the poppies.
[00:44] <Prince Obsidian> I-its about what happened to the Lady Nizhaladax.... I was there when she died.
[00:44] <Simon Kerrick> ....Goood... tell me more.
[00:45] <Simon Kerrick> How was she done in? She's not the only one with things it's imperative stay hidden.
[00:45] <Simon Kerrick> At least she was not.
[00:46] * Simon Kerrick paces back and forth through the infant forest. "How did she die?"
[00:47] <Prince Obsidian> Her hearts, she bound to the World Tree where destroyed by...
[00:47] <Prince Obsidian> Valeria Xadium Aino.
[00:47] <Simon Kerrick> So it IS true.
[00:48] <Simon Kerrick> She's hard core. Like they were decades ago.
[00:48] <Simon Kerrick> This is a very very very significant problem.
[00:48] <Prince Obsidian> S-she's a t-terror.
[00:48] <Simon Kerrick> So did SHE do that to you?
[00:49] <Prince Obsidian> She has made me loose my composure....
[00:49] * Simon Kerrick gestures to signs of strife on Obsidian.
[00:49] <Simon Kerrick> Well, at least you survived. Nizhaladax did not.
[00:50] <Simon Kerrick> You attempted to confront them, didn't you?
[00:50] <Prince Obsidian> I'm afraid, I lost my head...
[00:51] <Prince Obsidian> I try to kill them all in the Hotel with my battlestation... It failed.
[00:52] * Simon Kerrick walks up to Obsidian, and SMASHES him upside the face with whatever happens to be handy.
[00:52] <Simon Kerrick> - YOU FOOL! -
[00:52] <Simon Kerrick> NEVER proceed unless certain of victory. Now you have allowed them to see you are a threat.
[00:53] * Prince Obsidian falls to the ground, arms raised to head.
[00:53] <Simon Kerrick> That is NOT the way to prevail. You must become the LESSER evil. Divide them. Confuse them. Hide your strength.
[00:54] <Prince Obsidian> T-they mocked me...
[00:54] <Simon Kerrick> Of course they mocked you. You deserved it. You were going about it ALL WRONG. You cannot TAKE. If you TAKE, they will unite against you. You must threaten them, but be willing to deal. Make them GIVE IT TO YOU.
[00:54] <Prince Obsidian> Said I wasn't worth their time and efforts..
[00:55] <Simon Kerrick> I can understand how they might feel that way, considering most of the others who had that crest upon their head are not dead, aren't they?
[00:55] <Simon Kerrick> Remember something, my Vassal. We need only win ONCE.
[00:56] <Prince Obsidian> But that girl..
[00:56] <Simon Kerrick> Valeria.
[00:56] <Prince Obsidian> She could destroys us all....
[00:56] <Simon Kerrick> Yes, yes, it is a problem.
[00:56] <Simon Kerrick> But there is good news, which you likely have not considered.
[00:57] <Simon Kerrick> Nizhaladax, and her predecessor, Hazenine, had great amounts of time to plan their war against the Senshi.
[00:57] <Simon Kerrick> I'm certain it occurred to them that they might need to destroy another Sailor Soldier---after all, they could not rule while they remained a threat.
[00:59] <Prince Obsidian> And this would mean?
[00:59] <Simon Kerrick> I suspect they made weapons to deal with the Senshi. To deal with them in a manner that suggests finality.
[01:00] <Simon Kerrick> Oh, this does NOT mean they will be easy to find. I strongly believe that they both had incredibly powerful weapons that they never had a chance to make use of.
[01:01] <Simon Kerrick> Further, you must remember that they have other foes to deal with before ourselves. There is time.
[01:01] <Simon Kerrick> While we get ready, we simply sic the hounds pursuing us into attacking another we cannot trust.
[01:01] <Simon Kerrick> As an example...
[01:02] * Simon Kerrick has a hidden accusatory look in his eyes.
[01:02] <Simon Kerrick> Have you ever heard of "Sailor Neggerra?"
[01:02] <Prince Obsidian> No, I have not..
[01:02] <Prince Obsidian> Is she like the great Galaxia?
[01:03] <Simon Kerrick> You are CERTAIN?
[01:03] <Simon Kerrick> Arguably stronger, but utterly untrustworthy.
[01:03] <Prince Obsidian> Are you allies with her?
[01:04] <Simon Kerrick> I shall answer that with a story.
[01:05] <Simon Kerrick> Once, years ago, Sailor Neggerra, who bills herself as Galaxia reborn, made her presence known.
[01:05] <Simon Kerrick> An individual came up, and wished to praise her and worship her in exchange for power.
[01:06] <Simon Kerrick> He fell to his knees, and asked for her blessing and might. He promised he would serve her cause.
[01:06] <Simon Kerrick> Do you know what she did?
[01:06] <Prince Obsidian> Grant it in a most horrible way?
[01:07] <Simon Kerrick> She waved her hand, and bestowed power to him.
[01:07] <Simon Kerrick> After this petitioner left, she MOCKED HIM.
[01:07] <Simon Kerrick> She revealed that she had given him a short term blessing that would quickly wear off.
[01:08] <Simon Kerrick> If she would not honor and reward the allegiance of a being that was willing to treat her as a deity---who plegded and bowed with all he had...
[01:08] * Simon Kerrick makes a sweeping motion with his hand. "Then she will NEVER bestow power on those who would not."
[01:09] <Prince Obsidian> So what use is she to us?
[01:10] <Simon Kerrick> She is useful as an abject lesson. A lesson, and a convenient target.
[01:10] <Simon Kerrick> I do not welcome Vermelia's presence in reality any more than you. HOWEVER, we must simply use misdirection instead of assault.
[01:12] <Simon Kerrick> I, for one, do NOT intend to challenge Valeria Xadium Aino.
[01:12] <Simon Kerrick> Far better to observe how she destroys a mutual threat, and work on defining her weaknesses from there.
[01:12] <Simon Kerrick> Prince Obsidian?
[01:12] <Simon Kerrick> Let me tell you something, and you shall swear to me that you will remember it.
[01:12] <Prince Obsidian> .... Yes?
[01:13] <Simon Kerrick> Now, repeat after me:
[01:14] <Simon Kerrick> - Every enemy, no matter how powerful, has a secret that can destroy them. -
[01:15] <Prince Obsidian> Every enemy, no matter how powerful, has a secret that can destroy them.
[01:16] <Simon Kerrick> Well done.
[01:16] <Simon Kerrick> Such is the dogma of the mightiest deity to ever live.
[01:17] <Prince Obsidian> But my liege, there is something you must understand...
[01:17] <Simon Kerrick> Mmm?
[01:18] <Prince Obsidian> I and my followers have a time-table we must follow, we cannot sit in the shadows waiting years upon years for our chance to come.
[01:19] <Simon Kerrick> Well, how did rash action work out for you?
[01:20] <Prince Obsidian> Not well, I admit...
[01:21] <Simon Kerrick> And, should you act too soon, and fail again, do you expect to escape with your life?
[01:22] <Prince Obsidian> Yes and no...
[01:22] <Simon Kerrick> Because it will NOT be this easy.
[01:22] <Simon Kerrick> We need not set our sights upon the wholesale destruction of Japan and everyone in it.
[01:22] <Simon Kerrick> I believe humans will not stand to be ruled by them---PROVIDED there are other alternatives in place.
[01:23] * Simon Kerrick points to the wide expanse of water and creatures, and the stormy sky, and says, "I have gone to great lengths to make my own alternative."
[01:23] <Simon Kerrick> Now, what is necessary, is to refocus upon my goal.
[01:24] <Simon Kerrick> As it would be folly to attack at once, all that is necessary is to PREVENT this one new senshi from serving as uniting banner and get the others to act the same way.
[01:25] <Simon Kerrick> Because if the others embrace Valeria's actions instead of the lazy and hubristic tolerances followed by most of the others, that would be VERY BAD.
[01:27] <Prince Obsidian> May we at least stage terrorist attacks upon Tokyo to stir up fear ?
[01:28] <Prince Obsidian> You see an important date is coming..
[01:28] <Prince Obsidian> March 5.
[01:29] <Simon Kerrick> Why is that particular date so important?
[01:29] <Simon Kerrick> It's not something of relevance to the Moon, is it?
[01:30] <Prince Obsidian> On March 5th, 1994, our Clan under the leadership of my cousin was defeated by Sailor Moon....
[01:32] <Prince Obsidian> I wish to make the 20th anniversary of that defeat our response.
[01:32] <Simon Kerrick> Hmmmmmmm.
[01:32] <Prince Obsidian> To show them that then war still goes on.
[01:32] <Simon Kerrick> You are playing a dangerous game.
[01:33] <Prince Obsidian> I know.
[01:33] <Simon Kerrick> Oh, not winning. I know you want to win, but if you arouse that which has fallen into disuse and slumber, do NOT come fleeing to me.
[01:35] <Prince Obsidian> I willing to fight that battle on my own.
[01:35] <Prince Obsidian> But I will need greater power to do it.
[01:35] <Prince Obsidian> I heard you're discussion with Lobelia Carlini.... If I could help?
[01:36] <Simon Kerrick> Doubtful.
[01:37] <Simon Kerrick> Lobelia has the delusions that she is making the world better.
[01:37] <Simon Kerrick> Having seen burning men screaming also, I... well, I MIGHT harbor similar ideas.
[01:38] <Simon Kerrick> That said, Lobelia will not turn against her friends.
[01:38] <Prince Obsidian> Then how can I serve then in exchange for more power? I have NEED of it!
[01:38] <Simon Kerrick> The solution, therefore, is to make her friends turn against HER.
[01:38] <Prince Obsidian> I want to be feared...
[01:39] <Prince Obsidian> How can I make the Hotel afraid of me like they are of you?
[01:42] <Simon Kerrick> ....I do not think they fear me.
[01:42] <Simon Kerrick> If they rallied, I would die.
[01:42] <Simon Kerrick> Er... more.
[01:43] <Simon Kerrick> I've gotten lucky.
[01:43] <Simon Kerrick> Twice.
[01:43] <Prince Obsidian> Then how they respect you then.
[01:43] <Simon Kerrick> Almost every time, really.
[01:43] <Simon Kerrick> ...I killed Brent Furlong. I helped, anyway.
[01:44] <Simon Kerrick> I think that it is not being feared and hated that is the key. I believe it is being well-liked JUST ENOUGH that they cannot resolve themselves to kill you.
[01:44] <Prince Obsidian> I want to be taking seriously and not as a joke...
[01:45] <Prince Obsidian> Because that all I've gotten from them.
[01:45] <Simon Kerrick> ....then distance yourself from the group that was defeated.
[01:45] <Simon Kerrick> Not an easy thing to consider, I know.
[01:46] <Simon Kerrick> If the people in that Hotel fear me, it is probably because I have a decent chance of irreparably harming things they love.
[01:47] <Simon Kerrick> However, if you show up and continually get defeated... well...
[01:48] <Simon Kerrick> Everybody wants to be taken seriously. Everybody.
[01:49] <Simon Kerrick> Remember this, always.
[01:50] <Simon Kerrick> Together they are stronger.
[01:50] <Prince Obsidian> I am not afraid of dying.
[01:50] <Simon Kerrick> If you are unafraid of failure, you will always fail.
[01:51] <Simon Kerrick> I will say this. I have seen what happens after beings like us fall in battle. It's not a pretty thing.
[01:52] <Simon Kerrick> Remember---I didn't win this by fighitng.
[01:52] <Simon Kerrick> I won this by making them cede it to me.
[01:52] <Simon Kerrick> ALL I HAVE, I have gained this way from them.
[01:53] <Simon Kerrick> What I advise is to make fighting you a less desirable option than negotiating.
[01:53] <Simon Kerrick> Besides.
[01:53] * Simon Kerrick winks.
[01:53] <Simon Kerrick> There are easier races to conquer than humanity.
[01:54] * Prince Obsidian is looking frustrated.
[01:54] <Simon Kerrick> Hey.
[01:54] <Simon Kerrick> Look.
[01:54] <Prince Obsidian> Let me lay out all my cards on the table...
[01:54] <Simon Kerrick> You are doing better than Hazenine and Nizhaladax are doing, right?
[01:54] <Prince Obsidian> I'm a warrior.
[01:55] * Simon Kerrick looks at Prince Obsidian.
[01:55] *** Prince Obsidian is A cruel but handsome looking man with long raven hair, intense gray eyes and the mark of the Black Moon Clan on his forehead; dressed in black and gold armor with heavy mantle cape.
His image Song is: . He is Level 1.

[01:55] <Prince Obsidian> A man of action.
[01:55] <Simon Kerrick> Duel them.
[01:56] <Simon Kerrick> There is a series of battles coming up. Imagine their shock if one of their old foes struck a senshi to the ground?
[01:56] <Simon Kerrick> Budokai, it is called.
[01:56] <Simon Kerrick> Don't ask me what it means.
[01:57] <Simon Kerrick> If you joined, and struck a challenger down, could they laugh at you then?
[01:57] <Prince Obsidian> Very well...
[01:58] <Prince Obsidian> I will join.
[01:58] <Simon Kerrick> Oh... they could laugh. But not as hard, and NEVER without a shadow of doubt.
[01:58] <Simon Kerrick> Remember, tell none that I have advised you.
[01:58] * Simon Kerrick snaps his fingers, and the Portal flickers open.
[01:58] <Prince Obsidian> One more thing...
[01:59] <Simon Kerrick> Yes?
[02:01] <Prince Obsidian> Could you not give me a something, ANYTHING to even the playing field between me and my enemies?
[02:01] <Simon Kerrick> Yes. But you must allow me to consider what that would best be.
[02:02] <Prince Obsidian> I need more power...
[02:02] <Simon Kerrick> But now, you must depart, and I shall consider how best to empower you. That, and find a trading partner besides Lobelia.
[02:02] <Simon Kerrick> Everybody does. It's never enough, is it? We always need more. Can't stop.
[02:02] <Prince Obsidian> As you command then...
[02:02] <Simon Kerrick> I shall dwell upon how best to strengthen you, but now you must depart.
[02:03] <Simon Kerrick> If you EVER tell one of them I said that...
[02:03] <Prince Obsidian> I know.
[02:03] * Simon Kerrick narrows his eyes. "Good."
[02:03] <Prince Obsidian> How can I contact you in the future?
[02:04] <Simon Kerrick> That same manner shall do fine, but try to make certain none can see me vanish. My enemies asking questions is always a problem.
[02:04] <Prince Obsidian> The note then?
[02:05] * Simon Kerrick nods.
[02:05] <Prince Obsidian> Then I shall take my leave, as you command.
[02:05] * Prince Obsidian bows and vanishes.
[02:06] *** Prince Obsidian [0] has quit IRC (Our time will come sooner or later.)
[02:07] *** Simon Kerrick has quit IRC (Life is a calculated risk. So is Death.)

[21:10] *** New Grand Imperial Theater
[21:10] *** Masaki O`Cain has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:10] <@spiritflame> konbanwa masaki o`cain *** Happy Valentine's Day!!
[21:10] * Masaki O`Cain walks into the rest room, opening a bottle of water
[21:11] <Masaki O`Cain> ugh..finally a break
[21:11] *** Hana Sagusa has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:11] <@spiritflame> konbanwa hana sagusa *** Happy Valentine's Day!!
[21:11] <Hana Sagusa> you're telling me......
[21:11] * Hana Sagusa leans back a bit, sighing
[21:12] <Anni Esko> I think it is going great! don't you *looks to Euri, who is busy on the phone*
[21:12] <Anni Esko> .r..right?
[21:14] *** the other girls are working on magazines and chatting
[21:14] * Anni Esko sighs a bit
[21:15] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:15] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze *** Happy Valentine's Day!!
[21:15] <Matsumi Kaze> hey guys!! it's going great ^^
[21:15] <Matsumi Kaze> those people out there are loving it!
[21:15] <Anni Esko> see I knew it!
[21:17] * Matsumi Kaze grabs some water and drinks
[21:17] <Matsumi Kaze> you ready for your big scene, Masaki?
[21:17] <Matsumi Kaze> or should I say...Juliet??
[21:17] <Masaki O`Cain> >.>...yeah yeah laugh it up
[21:21] <Hana Sagusa> hey I have to do that stupid theater kiss with you
[21:21] <Masaki O`Cain> grrrr
[21:21] <Matsumi Kaze> hey you guys! come's going to be fine!
[21:24] *** the sound of a chime can be heard
[21:25] <Matsumi Kaze> ok ok guys come on come together
[21:25] *** everyone gathers together..some more unsure of others
[21:27] * Matsumi Kaze puts her hand out...everyone just staring....
[21:27] <Matsumi Kaze> come on guys!
[21:27] *** the others slowly put their hands on matsumi's
[21:30] <Matsumi Kaze> on the count of three!
[21:30] <Matsumi Kaze> 1!
[21:30] <Matsumi Kaze> 2!
[21:30] <Matsumi Kaze> 3!
[21:32] * Matsumi Kaze raises her hand into the air "COSMOS TROPE"
[21:33] *** the others just..weakly say hooray
[21:33] <Matsumi Kaze> NOW LET'S GO!
[21:33] * Matsumi Kaze runs out of the room
[21:33] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:34] <Masaki O`Cain> .....
[21:34] <Anni Esko> she's..energetic
[21:34] <Hana Sagusa> think I likced her better as an old woman
[21:35] *** Hana Sagusa has left #suburbansenshi3 (let's go)
[21:35] *** Anni Esko has left #suburbansenshi3 (oh ok)
[21:35] *** Masaki O`Cain has left #suburbansenshi3 (ugh this act)

[23:09] <spiritflame> Masaki O`Cain rolls 1d3 [ 1 ]
[22:30] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:30] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[22:30] * Matsumi Kaze walks down the street, hands in pockets..staring at her own feet
[22:33] <Matsumi Kaze> stupid night....stupid hotel...
[22:34] * Matsumi Kaze kicks a small pebble...
[22:35] * Matsumi Kaze sees something zoom up into the sky and frowns
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> ....probably
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> ...*sigh*
[22:36] * Matsumi Kaze sits by the street side....then immediatly keeps moving as a police officer warns her
[22:37] * Matsumi Kaze frowns a bit and keeps walking
[22:39] <Matsumi Kaze> ..all I do is keep punching people..and fighting...and hugging...
[22:39] <Matsumi Kaze> and all magistra says "it shouldn't matter what others think..blah blah blah"
[22:40] * Matsumi Kaze picks up a pebble, looking at it..and frowning...being reminded of magistra
[22:40] <Matsumi Kaze> ...stupid freaking magistra ><
[22:40] * Matsumi Kaze throws it with all her might
[22:41] * Matsumi Kaze keeps walking
[22:42] * Matsumi Kaze pauses and looks in the window of a store..which switches off it's lights
[22:43] <Matsumi Kaze> .....*sigh*
[22:45] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (better get back to the hotel)

[20:57] ☼ Scouter indicates has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[20:57] ☼ Scouter indicates has SP level of 30!
[20:57] <@spiritflame> : You have 950 MP / 250 HP / 30 SP
[20:57] <@spiritflame> : You have 950 MP / 250 HP / 30 SP
[20:57] <@spiritflame> : You have 850 MP / 250 HP / 0 SP
[20:57] 2 [250 HP / 822 MP] test (-28 MP +2 SP)
[20:57] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: the Intern is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[20:58] <the Intern> ...
[20:58] 0 [0 HP / -1000 MP] SPECIAL ATK: the Intern test OUT OF MANA - SPECIAL ATTACK FAILS! (-500 MP)
[20:58] <the Intern> ....
[20:21] *** Calypso_MD [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa calypso_md
[20:21] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Med Bay

[20:22] * Calypso_MD looks around, despite the lights are taken out
[20:22] <Calypso_MD> Oh dearm, this can't go well.
[20:23] * YingGirl is lying on a bed, wrapped in bandages
[20:24] <Calypso_MD> ah, there you are
[20:24] * YingGirl looks at the ceiling
[20:25] <Calypso_MD> you know, winning isn't everyuthing
[20:25] <Calypso_MD> you should know better, you're a loser
[20:26] <YingGirl> .....
[20:26] * Calypso_MD sighs.
[20:27] <Calypso_MD> I'm trying to help you, but it seems I've made it worse
[20:28] <Calypso_MD> you knowm, the people at trhe hotel don't bite
[20:29] <Calypso_MD> you really shouldn't make yourself so weak.
[20:30] <Calypso_MD> they want to help you.
[20:30] <Calypso_MD> but i guess you don't want them to suffer the fate you've endured
[20:30] <YingGirl> .....
[20:31] <Calypso_MD> it's not safe here.
[20:32] <Calypso_MD> I'll take you to Dante's place
[20:32] <Calypso_MD> something happening to the hotel
[20:33] <Calypso_MD> and the last time the hotel shut down was when Suthers...
[20:33] * Calypso_MD covers his mouth.
[20:33] <Calypso_MD> let's forget about him
[20:33] <Calypso_MD> i'm sure dante can make us some nice coco
[20:33] * Calypso_MD picks up ying from the bed
[20:34] * YingGirl is in Calypso's arms, staying quiet
[20:34] <YingGirl> ....
[20:34] <Calypso_MD> i'm sure Dante misses us.
[20:35] * Calypso_MD takes his leave, carrying Ying
[20:35] *** Calypso_MD [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:35] *** YingGirl [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (......)

[22:30] *** CrimsonTamer is carrying:
1. 0

Assets: G¥0 .

[22:31] * Solartiger looks in the mirror.
[22:31] *** Solartiger is a 5 meter tall felinoid, built like a wall and wearing heavy power armor (beautifully painted Pantone 2955c). One of his eyes is obviously mechanical, glowing balefully as he looks upon you with a weary expression. He is baby 149 of 400.
His image Song is: . He is Level 2.

[22:31] * Mongoosetiger looks in the mirror.
[22:31] *** Mongoosetiger is 10' tall, vaguely humanoid, collection of whipcord muscles covered in a layer of tiger fur. Wearing a CLAMP Gakuen high school boy's uniform. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: Resonance of the Earth from Arjuna: Into the Another World. He is Level 2.

[22:32] *** Mongoosetiger is Level 2 with 2065 EXP
[22:32] *** CrimsonTamer is Level 1 with 788.1 EXP
[22:32] *** Solartiger is Level 2 with 1532.5 EXP
[22:33] *** MusicArtisan is Level 2 with 1544.9 EXP
[22:33] *** MusicArtisan is carrying:
1. 0

Assets: G¥0 .

[20:57] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze
[20:57] * Matsumi Kaze sits in an alleyway and pulls out the IV from her arm
[20:58] * Matsumi Kaze tosses it aside, frustrated
[21:00] <Matsumi Kaze> ..stupid hotel
[21:01] * Matsumi Kaze glances around
[21:03] * Matsumi Kaze walks out of the alleyway and looks around
[21:04] * Matsumi Kaze frowns a bit.....
[21:05] * Matsumi Kaze goes to call the hotel....but remembers her phone was destroyed
[21:10] * Matsumi Kaze walks over to a park..and finds a bench
[21:11] * Matsumi Kaze lays on the bench and curls up
[21:14] * Matsumi Kaze just thinks to herself of everything she has been doing wrong...
[21:15] <Matsumi Kaze> ...................
[21:23] * Someone is watching Matsumi from afar...
[21:24] * Matsumi Kaze closes her eyes, curling up tight
[21:27] * Prince Obsidian appears floating in the sky above the bench.
[21:27] * Matsumi Kaze just has her eyes closed
[21:28] <Prince Obsidian> she's all by herself now...
[21:29] * Matsumi Kaze keeps curled up
[21:31] <Prince Obsidian> This is far too good a chance to pass up...
[21:33] * Prince Obsidian snaps his fingers and six portals open. Out of them come six droid versions of himself.
[21:33] <Prince Obsidian> Surround her.
[21:34] * Matsumi Kaze stays asleep
[21:36] * The six Obsidians surround the beach, Matsumi's sleeping on in a circle.
[21:37] * Matsumi Kaze is still asleep
[21:38] * Matsumi Kaze opens a single eye..
[21:38] <Prince Obsidian> Grab her.
[21:39] <Matsumi Kaze> !?
[21:40] * The Obsidian droids try to grab her arms and legs.
[21:40] * Matsumi Kaze tries to make a run for it
[21:40] <spiritflame> Matsumi Kaze rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[21:40] * Matsumi Kaze is grabbed!
[21:41] * Matsumi Kaze struggles
[21:42] <Prince Obsidian> Please don't resist... I don't intend to kill... yet.
[21:42] <Matsumi Kaze> grrrr
[21:42] <Prince Obsidian> You're going to be my hostage.
[21:43] * Matsumi Kaze frowns angerly
[21:44] * Two more Obsidian droids appear carrying alot of rope.
[21:45] <Matsumi Kaze> ...first off I'm not into that whole bondage thing
[21:46] <Prince Obsidian> If you behave then I won't need to do it.
[21:47] * Matsumi Kaze growls..but her smaller frame means weaker strength
[21:48] <Prince Obsidian> Now then...
[21:49] * Prince Obsidian pulls a cellphone.
[21:50] <Prince Obsidian> What do you think you're friends will give me so that I don't harm you?
[21:50] <Matsumi Kaze> like heck I know!
[21:52] * Prince Obsidian walks over to Matsumi and put a hand to her face.
[21:53] <Prince Obsidian> You were careless and let you're guard down.
[21:54] * Matsumi Kaze frowns
[21:54] <Matsumi Kaze> ..isn't the first screw up I did today
[21:54] <Prince Obsidian> Look into my eyes...
[21:55] <Matsumi Kaze> ...why
[21:56] * Prince Obsidian begins to cast a hypnotic spell on Matsumi.
[21:56] <spiritflame> Matsumi Kaze rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[21:56] * Matsumi Kaze manages to keep her wits about..just barely
[21:56] <Matsumi Kaze> (( sorry for the rolls btw..just trying to be fair ))
[21:57] <Prince Obsidian> I am Prince Obsidian and you will OBEY me.
[21:57] <Matsumi Kaze> no......I won't ><
[21:58] <Prince Obsidian> ....
[21:58] <Prince Obsidian> Droids, Tie her up.
[21:59] <Matsumi Kaze> he-hey!! watch it!
[22:01] * The droids warp rope around her legs and bind her arms behind her back,
[22:02] * Matsumi Kaze is pinned ><
[22:03] <Prince Obsidian> That is no ordinary rope, it's knots will not come untied unless I will it.
[22:03] <Matsumi Kaze> I've..noticed >.O
[22:04] <Prince Obsidian> Comfortable?
[22:04] <Matsumi Kaze> ..not really
[22:06] <Prince Obsidian> Be thankful that you're not in the hands of some of my subordinates. They're into S and M.
[22:06] * Matsumi Kaze looks disgusted at that
[22:08] <Prince Obsidian> Of course, should you're friends not give me what I want...
[22:08] <Matsumi Kaze> ...yeah...not into that
[22:09] <Prince Obsidian> Then you best plead for your life as hard as you can when I call them.
[22:10] <Matsumi Kaze> grrrrrr
[22:11] <Prince Obsidian> Now to make my call.
[22:11] * Prince Obsidian dials the Hotel on his cellphone.
[22:11] <Matsumi Kaze> ...........
[22:13] <Matsumi Kaze> ...........
[22:16] <Prince Obsidian> Hello, Dave.
[22:17] <Prince Obsidian> I got a surprise for all of you....
[22:17] <Matsumi Kaze> ...
[22:17] <Prince Obsidian> I have Mrs. Kaze here as my hostage.
[22:19] <Prince Obsidian> Want to talk to her?
[22:20] <Prince Obsidian> Oh, we'll see about that.
[22:21] * Prince Obsidian sticks his phone in front of Matsumi.
[22:21] <Prince Obsidian> Speak.
[22:22] <Matsumi Kaze> (( to save my trouble, I'm only going to have her speak in main. hope you don't mind ))
[22:24] * Matsumi Kaze glances over at the droids...
[22:26] * Prince Obsidian summons a 100 more replicas of himself.
[22:27] <Prince Obsidian> Must prepare for battle...
[22:29] <Prince Obsidian> Tell him my demands...
[22:29] <Matsumi Kaze> ...what are your demands...
[22:31] <Prince Obsidian> I want all you're Sailor Senshi and Time Lord friends to surrender their powers to me at a time and place of my choosing.
[22:35] <Matsumi Kaze> you hear that?
[22:36] <Prince Obsidian> Tell them I am going to marry you if they don't.
[22:37] <Matsumi Kaze> ....................
[22:37] <Prince Obsidian> And Yes, I mean it.
[22:39] <Matsumi Kaze> ............
[22:40] <Prince Obsidian> Don't be so shocked, I told you, you capture my heart.
[22:41] * Matsumi Kaze turns pale at that
[22:41] <Prince Obsidian> Just because you're already married to another doesn't mean anything.
[22:42] <Matsumi Kaze> ...think he's thinking
[22:43] <Prince Obsidian> We Nemesisains have but one rule...
[22:44] <Prince Obsidian> If you have the power, take what ever you want.
[22:44] <Matsumi Kaze> ...nemesis is a bunch of stupid heads
[22:44] <Prince Obsidian> Do you get the picture?
[22:46] <Matsumi Kaze> yeah yeah I get it
[22:48] <Prince Obsidian> Do you have healing or regenerative abilities?
[22:48] <Matsumi Kaze> ..yeah
[22:50] * Prince Obsidian draws a knife from his belt and hold it over the thigh of Matsumi's left leg.
[22:50] <Prince Obsidian> Good.
[22:50] <Matsumi Kaze> .....
[22:51] <Prince Obsidian> Tell Dave what I'm about to do.
[22:52] <Prince Obsidian> Tell him not to rescue you at this moment or else...
[22:53] <Prince Obsidian> I'm not yet ready for the big party, that's to come.
[22:53] <Matsumi Kaze> ..............
[22:55] <Music> drifts through the air
[22:55] <Matsumi Kaze> !!
[22:55] <Prince Obsidian> !
[22:56] <Prince Obsidian> Droids, attack!
[22:56] * a barrage of feather shaped daggers zip through the air....and into several droids
[22:57] <Prince Obsidian> Who's there!?
[22:57] * a chain tipped with a blade flies out of the shadows...and slices across the droid crowd
[22:59] * figure stands ontop of a nearby building..shillouted by the moon....leaves blowing around him
[23:00] <figure> (( btw I want to thank you for this oddly enough. I was in a real depressive point but this is alot of fun and has made my night. ))
[23:00] * figure opens one of his eyes...which is glowing green
[23:01] * figure vanishes in a swirl of leaves
[23:01] * Matsumi Kaze looks around
[23:01] * Prince Obsidian summons a Grim Reaper-looking Droid, carrying a nasty-looking scythe.
[23:02] <Prince Obsidian> Jakoku! Find him!
[23:03] * Droid Jakoku vanishes in a blur.
[23:03] <Female Voice> Really now? Two on one? That's just not fair? Anyone care if I cut in
[23:03] * Figure appears and disappears several times
[23:05] * Figure sends out several feather knives at Jakoku
[23:05] <Matsumi Kaze> huh? who's that? *talking about the female voice*
[23:07] * Female Figure appears behind Obsidion and goes to kick him in the head
[23:07] * Droid Jakoku spins his scythe to deflect the feather knives back at their sender.
[23:07] * Figure appears in a burst of leaves in front of Matsumi, in a guarding postion
[23:08] * Figure tightens his grip on his mini scythe like weapon....and sends a slash of green energy at Jakoku
[23:08] * Prince Obsidian telports into the sky before the kick reaches him.
[23:08] <Female Figure> I don't think so!
[23:10] * The six Obsidian Droids guarding Matsumi, leap at the Female Figure with swords drawn.
[23:11] * Figure puts aside his scyth weapon....and summons a katana like sword in one hand....
[23:11] * Female Figure moves to the nearest droid and disarms it, stealing it's weapon. "Really? Melee attacks are my thing guys.
[23:13] * Figure grips the sword...which glows green..then creates a vortex around it
[23:13] * Droid Jakoku unleashes a slashing wave of energy at the Figure.
[23:14] * Figure raises it...then swings it...sending out a VERY large shockwave at Jakoku...which absorbs the energy on the way towards the droid
[23:15] * Droid Jakoku is vaporized by the shockwave.
[23:15] * Female Figure is busy swordfighting the lesser droids
[23:16] <Figure> 死の空気 (Air of Death)
[23:16] <Figure> SHI NO KAKU (Air of Death)
[23:17] * Figure is now known as Quinox Knight
[23:17] <Female Figure> Enough of this.
[23:17] * Prince Obsidian opens a portal next to him.
[23:17] <Prince Obsidian> Worm-Smasher.
[23:18] * Female Figure kicks some dust and it freezes into a commet shape which smashes into the remaining droids
[23:18] * Prince Obsidian fire a MASSIVE energy beam through the portal.
[23:18] * Female Figure is now known as Sailor Halley
[23:19] <Quinox Knight> !?
[23:20] <Sailor Halley> .....
[23:20] * Dozens of portals appear around Quinox Knight and Sailor Halley, raining beams from them.
[23:20] <Sailor Halley> Oh for f[BLEEP]ks sake
[23:21] * Sailor Halley starts dodgeing as they fire at her. She's surpisingly fast and has decent reflexs
[23:21] * Quinox Knight gets hit by one in the arm..but his armor manages to take most of the damage...
[23:22] * Quinox Knight swings his sword....sending a large air shield upward in an attempt to deflect the other blasts from him and Matsumi
[23:23] * Sailor Halley ducks under this shield. "Sorry, Stealing your protection. You may have armor but all I have is a mini skirt and a leotard
[23:24] * opens another portal, hundreds of ropes fall out of it.
[23:25] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Prince Obsidian is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[23:25] < Prince Obsidian > Binding Spell.
[23:26] * Sailor Halley just slashes at them with the sword she stole from the Droids eailer.
[23:27] * The ropes begin to move like snakes, coming towards Quinox Knight and Sailor Halley and trying to coil around them.
[23:27] * Quinox Knight flexes his hand...and fires an air blast at a few of them...though one wraps around his arm...the rope which he cuts with his scyth like blade
[23:29] <Sailor Halley> ....Actully. Hey Knight. Wanna try combineing your powers with mine. I can super heat your air blasts to make em burn stuff or cool em down enough to freeze stuff
[23:29] * Sailor Halley is really better as a support Senshi then an actual fighter.
[23:30] * Quinox Knight nods
[23:30] * Quinox Knight puts his hands together....and seperates them creating a ball of air energy
[23:31] * Quinox Knight nods to Halley
[23:31] * Sailor Halley points at QK "Halley Heat!"
[23:31] * The ropes start to burn away....
[23:31] <Sailor Halley> Now throw em, before they cool
[23:32] * Quinox Knight throws the ball towards the ropes
[23:33] * The ropes are all blow away.
[23:35] * Quinox Knight grabs Matsumi, scooping her up
[23:35] * Prince Obsidian just floating there in the sky, begins to laugh.
[23:36] <Prince Obsidian> You don't get it, do you?
[23:36] * Sailor Halley attacks him with Comet Crash!
[23:37] <Prince Obsidian> I/me craetes a portal to absorb the attack.
[23:37] * Prince Obsidian creates a portal to absorb the attack.
[23:37] <Prince Obsidian> I can do this all night long.
[23:38] <Prince Obsidian> And I have numbers on my side.
[23:38] * Prince Obsidian summons 9,999 droid versions of himself.
[23:39] <Prince Obsidian> 2 against 10,000.
[23:40] <Quinox Knight> don't get it you
[23:40] <Quinox Knight> ...I don't need to attack
[23:40] <Sailor Halley> True. We got what we came for
[23:41] <spiritflame> Quinox Knight rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[23:41] * Quinox Knight crouches, holding onto Matsumi....then bursts into nothing..leaving behind swirling leaves
[23:41] <All 10,000 Obsidian> We not letting you escape.
[23:42] * Quinox Knight is jumping off each rooftop at blinding speed
[23:42] <Sailor Halley> .....
[23:42] <Sailor Halley> Hey don't leave me here ;-;
[23:42] <All 10,000 Obsidian> We know where you're heading....
[23:42] <Sailor Halley> ....
[23:43] <All 10,000 Obsidian> But first...
[23:43] * Sailor Halley lowers her head and close her eyes. She suddeny leaps into the air and follows Deki
[23:43] * Sailor Halley is now known as Sailor Halley (Blue eyes)
[23:43] <Sailor Halley (Blue eyes)> Really now Aoi. I have to save your sorry ass again.
[23:44] * All 10,000 Obsidian give chase to Sailor Halley.
[23:44] <Sailor Halley (Blue eyes)> You're just lucky I die if you die.
[23:44] <All 10,000 Obsidian> You cannot escape us.
[23:44] <Sailor Halley (Blue eyes)> Sure I can.
[23:45] * Quinox Knight keeps leaping....past the Hotel
[23:45] * Sailor Halley (Blue eyes) drops the tempature in the area so that anything that attempts to follow freezes. Any living thing would find it too cold to even enter the space
[23:47] * Good thing, 9,999 of the Obsidians aren't alive. they continue to follow.
[23:47] <Sailor Halley (Blue eyes)> Damn it to hell. Idiot f[BLEEP]king knight, leaving us behind.
[23:48] <All 9,999 Obsidian> You cannot freeze a machine.
[23:48] * Quinox Knight looks forward....then quickly darts to the side
[23:48] * Sailor Halley (Blue eyes) super heats the space behind her. Anything that isn't alive that follows directly after her would super heat. A machine of courlse would overheat and shut down
[23:49] <Sailor Halley (Blue eyes)> YEah, but I can cook their insides
[23:51] * All 9,999 Obsidian vanish through portals before the heat can reach them. You are all alone now.
[23:51] <Sailor Halley (Blue eyes)> Yeah I thought so
[23:51] * Sailor Halley (Blue eyes) heads back to the hotel
[23:51] *** Sailor Halley (Blue eyes) has quit IRC
[23:52] * Quinox Knight keeps speeding off into the knight...holding Matsumi
[23:55] * Quinox Knight jumps down as they reach an older part of the city....and makes a dash for a disused temple complex
[23:55] * Quinox Knight runs into the main building and slides the door shut....barricading the entrance
[23:56] * Quinox Knight walks over and pulls out a razor feather...and slices through the bonds of Matsumi
[23:57] * Matsumi Kaze hugs Quinox Knight around the neck tightly T_T
[23:57] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I screwed up and ruined everything for everybody and I'm sorry
[23:59] * Quinox Knight hits Matsumi on the top of the head
[23:59] <Matsumi Kaze> oooooow that hurt..what was that for???
[00:01] * Quinox Knight is now known as Hideki Kaze
[00:01] <Hideki Kaze> for screwing things up...:P
[00:01] <Matsumi Kaze> .....*smiles..and giggles*
[00:01] * Hideki Kaze chuckles
[00:03] * Hideki Kaze looks around
[00:04] <Voice> OH MR. KAZE.
[00:05] <Hideki Kaze> (( question ))
[00:05] <Hideki Kaze> (( how did he find him ))
[00:05] * Hideki Kaze pauses and frowns
[00:05] <Hideki Kaze> did you find us
[00:05] * The Real Prince Obsidian appears behind them.
[00:05] * Matsumi Kaze moves close to Hideki
[00:06] * Hideki Kaze frowns and holds Matsumi close
[00:06] < Prince Obsidian> 1. I was never there in the first place. It was all droids.
[00:08] <Hideki Kaze> ..and?
[00:08] < Prince Obsidian> 2. I have invisible cameras all over Tokyo.
[00:08] <Hideki Kaze> what? you had to top overkill?
[00:10] < Prince Obsidian> 3. They are all link to a central computer system back on Nemesis in the 30th century.
[00:11] < Prince Obsidian> And 4, said central computer system told me exactly where you went.
[00:11] <Hideki Kaze> five
[00:13] * Prince Obsidian draws his broadsword.
[00:13] < Prince Obsidian> Shall we dual for your wife?
[00:13] * Hideki Kaze grips Matsumi tighter
[00:14] <Hideki Kaze> I don't think so
[00:14] * Hideki Kaze throws down a ball....which explodes into a smoke screen
[00:14] < Prince Obsidian> As a member of the nobility, I-
[00:15] * Prince Obsidian blast the smoke away.
[00:15] *** the room is completely empty
[00:16] < Prince Obsidian> You cannot keep hiding from me...
[00:19] *** the room is completely silent
[00:21] < Prince Obsidian> It would be better to face me now...
[00:21] *** there is no one there
[00:21] <Hideki Kaze> (( it's getting late for me so I had to pull my characters out ))
[00:22] * Prince Obsidian yells at the empty room.
[00:23] < Prince Obsidian> Don't you have any pride as man, Mr. Kaze!
[00:23] < Prince Obsidian> Or are you only good at RUNNING AWAY!
[00:24] * Prince Obsidian vanishes.
[00:24] *** Prince Obsidian has quit IRC (This is far from over.)
[19:50] *** Meladina is carrying:
1. 0

Assets: G¥0 .