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welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[22:19] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Simon's Old Room, filled with dust and memory
[22:19] *** Simon Kerrick has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:19] <@spiritflame> konbanwa simon kerrick
[22:19] * Simon Kerrick leads the way in, and crosses his elbows.
[22:20] *** Caligo has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:20] <@spiritflame> konbanwa caligo
[22:20] * Caligo walks in
[22:20] * Caligo smiles
[22:22] <Caligo> now isn't this pleasent..
[22:22] * Simon Kerrick does not smile.
[22:22] <Simon Kerrick> I broke something off because I assume you have a message for me. Do you?
[22:23] <Caligo> now...I can offer you something...if you are willing to offer me something
[22:23] * Simon Kerrick holds his hands where Caligo can see them.
[22:24] <Simon Kerrick> Mmmmm. You don't have a gesture or something to show me? Not even an old one?
[22:24] <Simon Kerrick> I've been gone for a while, you know. If this is about my obligation, you need to prove it.
[22:24] <Simon Kerrick> Oooooooooooooooooor, are you completely unrelated to such? Keeping your hands clean, are you?
[22:24] * Caligo just shows his hands
[22:25] * Caligo smiles
[22:25] <Caligo> I have access to some...very interesting magical artifacts
[22:25] * Simon Kerrick tilts his head, and looks at Caligo. He looks, and nods slowly.
[22:25] <Simon Kerrick> Mmmmm. What do you want from me?
[22:27] <Caligo> well in exchange for the artifacts, I get a look at some of the objects you have
[22:27] <Caligo> a simple trade
[22:27] <Simon Kerrick> You aren't with *THEM,* so who are you with?
[22:28] <Caligo> I serve a very powerful master
[22:28] <Caligo> one sadly who has been hounded by ruthless enemies
[22:28] * Simon Kerrick nods, having heard this before. "Ain't they always?"
[22:29] <Caligo> yes seems to be the nature of the world
[22:30] <Simon Kerrick> Mmmmm. You looking for a place to retreat to?
[22:32] <Caligo> not exactuly...I am just looking for friends to help me in my endvevors
[22:34] <Simon Kerrick> Well, I can help you.
[22:35] <Simon Kerrick> I can craft powerful magical objects, and since I need some cash rightnow, I won't ask questions about what you need them for.
[22:36] <Simon Kerrick> Of course, such is expensive. I would need unguents, herbs, potions, gold, filigree, and all matter of arcane components. I'll see to it you can get armor, magical weapons, or even magical objects, provided you have the coin.
[22:37] <Caligo> do you take gold?
[22:37] <Caligo> good good...
[22:37] * Caligo flicks his wrist and a gold coin appears between his fingers
[22:38] <Simon Kerrick> A Gold Piece!
[22:38] <Simon Kerrick> I never thought I would see one of these again here!
[22:38] <Simon Kerrick> Ahem.... you DO understand you'll need thousands more, correct?
[22:39] <Caligo> that is no problem
[22:40] <Simon Kerrick> Also, if you wanted to offer payment in slaves.... <.<
[22:41] <Simon Kerrick> ....Then I would be willing to deal. <.<
[22:41] * Simon Kerrick glances around behind him, as a force of habit when he brings this topic up.
[22:41] <Caligo> those...can be procured ^^
[22:43] <Simon Kerrick> Females are preferred.
[22:44] <Simon Kerrick> Young-to-middle age only. If they have seen too many winters, I won't pay for them.
[22:45] <Simon Kerrick> Oh. I'll take elves and dwarves and what not, too.
[22:45] * Caligo nods and smiles
[22:45] * Simon Kerrick counts upon his fingers. "Ah, there is another thing."
[22:45] <Simon Kerrick> I can also construct mindless soldiers that obey only their masters. I could craft those for you, but you would need to supply materials as well.
[22:46] <Simon Kerrick> YOu looks smart enough to know that Golems do not come cheaply, though.
[22:46] <Caligo> oh naturally
[22:47] <Simon Kerrick> Alright, how about Necklaces of Fireballs. Easy to conceal, blow rabble apart, and can be used at once like a bomb. Interested?
[22:48] <Caligo> that would be quite useful, yes
[22:49] <Simon Kerrick> Mmmm. Standard price, then.
[22:50] <Caligo> of course
[22:51] <Simon Kerrick> What about a Flame Blade? I can also make Weapons that can store a spell within them, and afflicting with the magic whoever the blade causes to bleed. Interested?
[22:51] <Caligo> do you have anything of a...darker nature
[22:52] <Simon Kerrick> Mmmm... Flame Tongue, but.... let me think...
[22:52] <Simon Kerrick> Oh. Yeah. Cursed stuff. I do that.
[22:54] <Caligo> ...interesting
[22:54] <Simon Kerrick> Dunno why you'd want that, unless you are going to betray somebody.
[22:55] <Caligo> oh I like all manner of options
[22:56] <Simon Kerrick> However, I am quite capable of crafting magical weapons, as well as armor. I can make equipment as well. If you have an elite group of soldiers to make scary, and a nigh-unlimied supply of money, you could not have found a better friend.
[22:58] <Caligo> I applaud you for that ^^
[22:58] <Simon Kerrick> I'm sure if I were to start seriously thinking, I could name much more.
[22:58] <Simon Kerrick> There are two methods of payment I desire.
[22:58] <Simon Kerrick> You can give me gold, jewels, furs, unguents and spell components. I accept wealth.
[22:59] <Simon Kerrick> The other object I am after is a powerful magical ring.
[22:59] <Simon Kerrick> Perhaps you have heard of the Ring of Regeneration?
[22:59] <Caligo> sadly I am afraid not
[23:03] <Simon Kerrick> It matters not. I'll acquire one somehow.
[23:03] <Simon Kerrick> Alright. I already happen to have a workspace where I can create weapons for you.
[23:03] <Simon Kerrick> Pay me on time, and in cash, and we won't have problems.
[23:04] <Simon Kerrick> I'll need seed materials first, to get started.
[23:04] <Simon Kerrick> I think I can interest you in continuing business. Everything from swords that set people on fire to helms that make the wearers slaves.
[23:05] <Caligo> excellent *offers his hand*
[23:06] * Simon Kerrick does not take his hand. "I exchange money, not vows."
[23:07] <Caligo> very well understood ^^
[23:07] <Caligo> till we meet again then ^^
[23:08] <Simon Kerrick> From the Robe of Stars to the Harp of Charming. It can be yours, but you need the money.
[23:08] <Simon Kerrick> Indeed. Taa-taa.
[23:08] *** Caligo has left #suburbansenshi3
[23:10] * Simon Kerrick shrugs. "Money is money."
[23:10] *** Simon Kerrick has quit IRC (Life is a calculated risk. So is Death.)

[09:46] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Danger Room
[09:47] *** The door opens. The door closes. No figure can be seen walking through it but once the lights flicker on there stands a figure in the center of the room.
[09:49] * Figure in black stands quietly, though lifts an arm to activate a program in the computer. The simulation starts.
[09:51] *** A training dojo appears in the room, with several other comfortably clad figures surrounding the figure in black. They hold weapons of all sorts, mostly oriental.
[10:01] * Figure in black rushes the figures, taking down one easily and using his weapon to block the rest
[10:03] * Figure in black is targeted by several of these stealthy opponents and knocks away many weapons, including kunai and throwing stars. Hir twirls the spear to catch each blade in the wooden handle, then with a swift and powerful swing, throws them all back.
[10:05] <spiritflame> Figure in black rolls 1d50 [ 1 ]
[10:05] * Figure in black misses several of them with the powerful, yet wild throw, but hits one and takes him down instantly
[10:09] * Figure in black is struck in the back by a figure wielding a katana and stumbles forward before thrusting the spear back to kill him
[10:12] * Figure in black takes a moment, body tensing. The weaponry of the fallen figures floats into the air steadily and follows hir command. Each one flies out to strike down and kill the remaining opponents.
[10:15] * Figure in black ends the simulation quickly and heads off for treatment
[10:15] *** Figure in black has quit IRC

[23:18] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:18] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[23:19] * looks around
[23:22] <> huh where is she?
[23:25] *** Adair [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa adair
[23:25] <spiritflame> Adair rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[23:26] <spiritflame> rolls 1d20 [ 6 ]
[23:26] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[23:26] ☼ Scouter indicates has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[23:26] 6 [250 HP / 942 MP] Adair throws a punch at (-8 MP +6 SP)
[23:27] 9 [204 HP / 998 MP] has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (46 damage +9 SP)
[23:27] * is hit and goes stumbling backwards
[23:29] * gets up
[23:29] 16 [204 HP / 961 MP] rushes forward and karate chops adair (-37 MP +7 SP)
[23:34] 14 [208 HP / 957 MP] Adair has been SLAMMED BACK!! (42 damage +8 SP)
[23:35] * Adair is distracted and gets slammed backwards surprised by the force
[23:35] 19 [208 HP / 929 MP] Adair flings the bot away (-28 MP +5 SP)
[23:37] 22 [197 HP / 963 MP] has BLOCKED the attack! (7 damage +6 SP)
[23:37] * weights quite a bit
[23:39] 27 [197 HP / 959 MP] does a swinging kick at Adair (-4 MP +5 SP)
[23:41] 24 [163 HP / 947 MP] Adair has been SLAMMED BACK!! (45 damage +5 SP)
[23:41] * Adair falls on her ass
[23:41] <Adair> ><
[23:41] 32 [163 HP / 911 MP] Adair gets up and throws a large ball of cracklin energy at the bot (-36 MP +8 SP)
[23:43] 36 [163 HP / 966 MP] has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (34 damage +9 SP)
[23:43] * is shocked by the energy blast O_O
[23:46] * 's left hand morphs into a blaster
[23:46] 43 [163 HP / 945 MP] fires a plasma blast at Adair (-21 MP +7 SP)
[23:50] 44 [126 HP / 946 MP] Adair has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (37 damage +12 SP)
[23:50] * Adair coughs
[23:50] * Adair notices a bit of blood ><
[23:50] <Adair> - F[BLEEP]k -
[23:51] 0 [201 HP / 916 MP] Adair deperately marshals their strength... and straightens up, ready to fight again...(+75 HP -30 MP -44 SP)
[23:51] * Adair grins
[23:51] <Adair> Okay!
[23:52] * 's left eye is glowing red, shining a laser point at adair
[23:52] <Adair> um....s[BLEEP]t....
[23:53] <Adair> Running time methinks
[23:53] 50 [163 HP / 925 MP] fires a rapid fire blast at Adair (-20 MP +7 SP)
[23:54] 6 [182 HP / 927 MP] Adair has been SLAMMED BACK!! (19 damage +6 SP)
[23:55] * Adair fails to get out of the way ><
[23:55] 13 [182 HP / 901 MP] Adair starts firing energy blasts back at the bot (-26 MP +7 SP)
[23:55] 55 [152 HP / 937 MP] has been HIT!! (11 damage +5 SP)
[23:55] * is hit by the blasts
[23:56] 62 [152 HP / 907 MP] zooms forward and kicks adair across the face (-30 MP +7 SP)
[23:58] 20 [170 HP / 905 MP] Adair has been HIT!! (12 damage +7 SP)
[23:59] * Adair gets kicked and relocates her jaw afterwards
[23:59] 25 [170 HP / 890 MP] Adair kicks the damn bot (-15 MP +5 SP)
[00:01] 68 [99 HP / 918 MP] has been HIT!! (53 damage +6 SP)
[00:01] * is kicked and blinks
[00:03] * removes her right hand...charging up a taser blade
[00:03] 74 [99 HP / 908 MP] slashes Adair (-10 MP +6 SP)
[00:04] 31 [155 HP / 899 MP] Adair has been HIT!! (15 damage +6 SP)
[00:04] * Adair is tased ><
[00:04] <Adair> OW
[00:05] 0 [155 HP / 799 MP] Adair tries everything she's got ><, unleashing a 14 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -31 SP) [ /sell 2]
[00:06] 79 [61 HP / 911 MP] has been EVISCERATED!! (x 2 Hits) (38 damage +5 SP)
[00:06] * is badly damaged...and powers up her plasma cannon
[00:07] * Adair grimaces ><
[00:09] 0 [61 HP / 211 MP] tries to summon up the power for a special, but splutters out... don't feel bad, it happens to everyone... [ LOSE A TURN ] (-0 MP)
[00:10] * powers down ~_~
[00:11] 6 [155 HP / 799 MP] Adair pokes the bot (-0 MP +6 SP)
[00:11] 6 [37 HP / 719 MP] has been EVISCERATED!! (24 damage +6 SP)
[00:11] * is badly damaged due to low power
[00:14] 12 [155 HP / 785 MP] Adair kicks Matsumi bot (-14 MP +6 SP)
[00:14] 12 [30 HP / 721 MP] has BLOCKED the attack! (7 damage +6 SP)
[00:14] * 's hard body manages to deflect that attack somehow
[00:15] 19 [30 HP / 705 MP] does a slow punch at adair (-16 MP +7 SP)
[00:16] 12 [155 HP / 789 MP] Adair has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:16] * Adair dashes out of the way
[00:17] 20 [155 HP / 785 MP] Adair throws a vase at the bot (-4 MP +8 SP)
[00:17] 24 [5 HP / 716 MP] has been EVISCERATED!! (25 damage +5 SP)
[00:17] * is BADLY damaged by the vase
[00:18] 29 [5 HP / 682 MP] does a weak kick to adair... (-34 MP +5 SP)
[00:19] 26 [149 HP / 790 MP] Adair has BLOCKED the attack! (6 damage +6 SP)
[00:19] * Adair simply grabs the bot's ankle
[00:19] 33 [149 HP / 781 MP] Adair flings the bot away (-9 MP +7 SP)
[00:19] 45 [-26 HP / 720 MP] has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (31 damage +16 SP)
[00:19] has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[00:19] * crashes and SHATTERS
[00:19] * is broken
[00:20] <Adair> Um....
[00:20] * Adair sweeps up the broken bot and carries it back to the lobby
[00:20] * Adair is away: s[BLEEP]t...
[00:20] *** has left #suburbansenshi3
[10:09] *** Paisley Pythia Peinforte [paisely_p@firstcircle.karn03-kasterborusrelay.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[10:09] <@spiritflame> ohayo paisley pythia peinforte
[10:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Paisley Pythia Peinforte has SP level of 79!
[10:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Paisley Pythia Peinforte has HP level of 61!
[10:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Paisley Pythia Peinforte has MP level of 911!
[10:10] 48 [61 HP / 411 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Paisley Pythia Peinforte punches a wall (-500 MP -31 SP)
[10:13] ☼ Scouter indicates has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[10:13] ☼ Scouter indicates has HP level of 61!
[10:13] ☼ Scouter indicates has MP level of 911!
[10:13] ☼ Scouter indicates has SP level of 79!
[10:13] 48 [61 HP / 411 MP] SPECIAL ATK: does a high flying kick (-500 MP -31 SP)
[10:15] ☼ Scouter indicates Paisley Pythia Peinforte has SP level of 45!
[10:15] 0 [61 HP / 311 MP] Paisley Pythia Peinforte kicks a wall, unleashing a 3 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -45 SP) [ /sell 2]
[10:16] ☼ Scouter indicates has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[10:16] ☼ Scouter indicates has SP level of 45!
[10:16] 0 [250 HP / 750 MP] tries to summon up the power for a Combo, but splutters out... don't feel bad, it happens to everyone... [ LOSE A TURN ] (- MP -0 SP)
[10:17] ☼ Scouter indicates Paisley Pythia Peinforte has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[10:21] ☼ Scouter indicates Paisley Pythia Peinforte has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[10:22] ☼ Scouter indicates Paisley Pythia Peinforte has SP level of 50!
[10:22] 0 [250 HP / 850 MP] Paisley Pythia Peinforte , unleashing a 22 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -50 SP) [ /sell 4]
[10:22] ☼ Scouter indicates has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[10:22] ☼ Scouter indicates has SP level of 50!
[10:22] 0 [250 HP / 850 MP] , unleashing a 10 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -50 SP) [ /sell 2]
[22:02] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:02] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:02] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:03] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:03] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:03] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:03] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:03] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:03] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:04] <@> \
[22:04] <@> \
[22:04] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:04] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:04] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:04] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:04] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:04] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:05] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:05] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:05] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:05] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[22:05] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:06] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:06] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:06] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[22:06] *** @ flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[14:27] *** Adair [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[14:27] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa adair
[17:59] *** Natalia [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[17:59] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa natalia
[18:00] <Adair> Soooo~ Would you spar with me Natalia?
[18:00] <Adair> Or would you rather fight against your beloved Remi?
[18:00] <Natalia> You....actually want to spar with me?
[18:00] * Adair nods
[18:00] <Adair> You are going to become my sister, aren't you?
[18:01] <Natalia> W-well yeah...but don't like me
[18:01] <Adair> Whatever gave you that idea? O_o
[18:02] <Natalia> >>
[18:05] <Natalia> nevermind...
[18:05] <Adair> I might not show it but I don't think there's any girl more suited to be my twin's beloved!
[18:06] <Adair> Now
[18:06] <Adair> Let's get to this fight, shall we?
[18:06] * Natalia manages a nod, but is still in her kimono >>
[18:07] * Adair tosses Natalia a training outfit along with magically setting up a privacy screen for Natalia to change
[18:07] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[18:08] <spiritflame> Adair rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[18:08] * Natalia magically changes, too
[18:08] ☼ Scouter indicates Natalia has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[18:08] <spiritflame> Natalia rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[18:08] <Adair> Hm....I have terrible luck with these dice
[18:09] 7 [250 HP / 921 MP] Natalia takes a moment to stretch herself a bit, then FLINGS a laughing hex at Adair (-29 MP +7 SP)
[18:09] 8 [229 HP / 958 MP] Adair has been HIT!! (21 damage +8 SP)
[18:09] * Adair can't.....stop....laughing
[18:09] 13 [229 HP / 942 MP] Adair barely manages to remove the hex before throwing the hex right back at the caster (-16 MP +5 SP)
[18:10] 23 [226 HP / 957 MP] Natalia has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (24 damage +16 SP)
[18:10] * Natalia topples over as she giggles herself silly
[18:12] * Adair grins and uses a hex to turn natalia's hair GREEN
[18:12] 20 [229 HP / 926 MP] Adair ^ (-16 MP +7 SP)
[18:13] 23 [226 HP / 962 MP] Natalia has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[18:13] * Natalia ducks under the path of the spell
[18:13] 31 [226 HP / 950 MP] Natalia casts a binding spell on Adair's legs (-12 MP +8 SP)
[18:14] 28 [175 HP / 944 MP] Adair has been EVISCERATED!! (54 damage +8 SP)
[18:14] * Adair falls over onto her face ><
[18:14] 33 [175 HP / 935 MP] Adair throws a binding spell on natalia's mouth! (-9 MP +5 SP)
[18:15] <Natalia> (( dammit it wont work ))
[18:15] 37 [183 HP / 966 MP] Natalia has been SLAMMED BACK!! (43 damage +6 SP)
[18:16] * Natalia slaps her hand to her mouth....good thing she can cast without words
[18:16] 44 [183 HP / 931 MP] Natalia sends an illusion charm to "remove" adair's clothes! (-35 MP +7 SP)
[18:16] 0 [272 HP / 898 MP] Adair deperately marshals their strength... and straightens up, ready to fight again...(+97 HP -37 MP -33 SP)
[18:17] * Adair grins
[18:17] <Natalia> (( wait whats that ))
[18:18] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has HP level of 175!
[18:18] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has MP level of 935!
[18:18] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has SP level of 33!
[18:18] 39 [170 HP / 944 MP] Adair has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage +6 SP)
[18:18] * Adair laughs and keeps the curse from hitting
[18:19] 0 [257 HP / 944 MP] Adair deperately marshals their strength... and straightens up, ready to fight again...(+87 HP -0 MP -39 SP)
[18:19] <Adair> (( /secondwind ))
[18:21] 13 [183 HP / 431 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Natalia throws a powerful spell at Adair to knock her off her feet! (-500 MP -31 SP)
[18:21] 9 [238 HP / 953 MP ] Adair has BLOCKED a special attack! (19 damage +9 SP)
[18:22] * Adair throws up a shield!
[18:22] * Adair LAUGHS
[18:22] <Natalia> :<
[18:23] 15 [238 HP / 933 MP] Adair throws an illusion charm to "remove" natalia's clothes (-20 MP +6 SP)
[18:23] 22 [135 HP / 444 MP] Natalia has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (48 damage +9 SP)
[18:23] <Natalia> O\\\\\)
[18:23] <Natalia> O\\\\\O
[18:23] 28 [135 HP / 422 MP] Natalia removes the charm and TACKLES Adair! (-22 MP +6 SP)
[18:23] *** RoyalTwin [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:23] <@spiritflame> konbanwa royaltwin
[18:24] * RoyalTwin saw Natalia when she was apparently undressed
[18:24] * RoyalTwin is away: out cold, nosebleed
[18:24] * A camera flash goes off nearby.
[18:24] 23 [212 HP / 953 MP] Adair has been HIT!! (26 damage +8 SP)
[18:24] * Adair grimaces as she's tackled
[18:24] * A camera flash goes off nearby again.
[18:24] 31 [212 HP / 934 MP] Adair throws Natalia into the camera flash! (-19 MP +8 SP)
[18:25] * A camera flash goes off again!
[18:25] *** Aya Shameimaru has left #suburbansenshi3 (What a scoop!)
[18:25] 37 [84 HP / 445 MP] Natalia has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (51 damage +9 SP)
[18:25] * Natalia is THrOWN at Aya
[18:26] 38 [206 HP / 943 MP] Adair has BLOCKED the attack! (6 damage +7 SP)
[18:26] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has HP level of 212!
[18:27] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has MP level of 934!
[18:27] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has SP level of 31!
[18:27] 0 [181 HP / 435 MP] Natalia deperately marshals their strength... and straightens up, ready to fight again...(+97 HP -10 MP -37 SP)
[18:28] 36 [212 HP / 929 MP] Adair throws Natalia onto Remi's unconscious form (-5 MP +5 SP)
[18:29] 0 [181 HP / 445 MP] Natalia has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[18:29] * Natalia flings Adair there instead!
[18:31] 43 [185 HP / 942 MP] Adair has been EVISCERATED!! (27 damage +7 SP)
[18:31] * Adair grnimaces as she hits her brother
[18:32] 0 [185 HP / 842 MP] Adair throws Remi at Natalia then shoves his face into Natalia's chest., unleashing a 16 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -43 SP) [ /sell 3]
[18:33] 5 [58 HP / 461 MP] Natalia has been HIT!! (x 3 Hits) (123 damage +5 SP)
[18:33] <Natalia> O_______O
[18:33] * Natalia falls over, Remi on top of her
[18:33] <Natalia> .....
[18:33] * Aya Shameimaru TAKES MORE PICTURES!
[18:34] <Aya Shameimaru> :D
[18:34] <Aya Shameimaru> Yes!
[18:34] <Aya Shameimaru> Yes!
[18:34] <Aya Shameimaru> Yes!
[18:34] <Aya Shameimaru> NO! NO! NO!
[18:34] *** Aya Shameimaru has left #suburbansenshi3 (And I'm *spent*!)
[18:34] <Adair> KILL THAT TENGU
[18:34] * Natalia climbs out from under Remi and CURSES Adair!
[18:34] 12 [58 HP / 445 MP] Natalia ^ (-16 MP +7 SP)
[18:35] 7 [180 HP / 845 MP] Adair has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage +7 SP)
[18:36] * Adair uses a magic shield
[18:36] <Natalia> ....
[18:37] 12 [180 HP / 813 MP] Adair flings the curse BACK (-32 MP +5 SP)
[18:38] 19 [53 HP / 451 MP] Natalia has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage +7 SP)
[18:38] * Natalia knocks it away
[18:38] 25 [53 HP / 442 MP] Natalia runs forward and rushes a quick jab to the pressure point on Adair's back (-9 MP +6 SP)
[18:39] 20 [137 HP / 814 MP] Adair has been SLAMMED BACK!! (43 damage +8 SP)
[18:40] * Adair gasps
[18:40] 25 [137 HP / 786 MP] Adair tries to back up and shove Natalia back (-28 MP +5 SP)
[18:40] 33 [-4 HP / 459 MP] Natalia has been EVISCERATED!! (57 damage +8 SP)
[18:40] Natalia has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[18:41] * Natalia falls over after losing her balance from her own attack @__@
[18:42] * Adair carries Natalia back to the hotel lobby and leaves the couple on a couch
[18:42] *** Adair [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (When will the killing begin? When will it end?)
[18:43] *** Natalia [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (I shall learn to rule gracefully)
[23:57] *** Adair [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa adair
[23:57] ☼ Scouter indicates Adair has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[23:57] <spiritflame> Adair rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[23:57] *** RoyalTwin [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa royaltwin
[23:57] * RoyalTwin yawns
[23:57] <RoyalTwin> You dragged me out here for a fight....
[23:57] ☼ Scouter indicates RoyalTwin has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[23:58] <spiritflame> RoyalTwin rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[23:58] <RoyalTwin> Okay your attack Adair
[23:58] 8 [250 HP / 917 MP] Adair throws a knife at her brother (-33 MP +8 SP)
[23:59] 9 [210 HP / 1019 MP] RoyalTwin has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (40 damage +9 SP)
[23:59] * RoyalTwin gets nailed in the shoulder ><
[00:00] <RoyalTwin> OW
[00:00] 17 [210 HP / 1007 MP] RoyalTwin stabs his sister (-12 MP +8 SP)
[00:02] 8 [250 HP / 926 MP] Adair has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:02] * Adair flings the blade back to her twin
[00:02] 17 [210 HP / 1008 MP] RoyalTwin has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:04] * RoyalTwin twists the blade back again
[00:04] 18 [198 HP / 933 MP] Adair has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (52 damage +10 SP)
[00:04] * Adair takes a nasty blow to the side
[00:04] 24 [198 HP / 931 MP] Adair throws a hex at his twin (-2 MP +6 SP)
[00:05] <Adair> ^her twin
[00:05] 23 [185 HP / 1021 MP] RoyalTwin has been SLAMMED BACK!! (25 damage +6 SP)
[00:07] * RoyalTwin starts spewing slugs
[00:08] 28 [185 HP / 1007 MP] RoyalTwin pukes on his sister (-14 MP +5 SP)
[00:08] 34 [174 HP / 961 MP] Adair has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (24 damage +10 SP)
[00:09] <Adair> EEEEW
[00:10] 39 [174 HP / 927 MP] Adair uses a spell to fling the nasty slug slime and slugs back at remi (-34 MP +5 SP)
[00:10] 28 [185 HP / 1009 MP] RoyalTwin has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:10] * RoyalTwin sidesteps >>
[00:10] 35 [185 HP / 993 MP] RoyalTwin throws a rock at Adair (-16 MP +7 SP)
[00:11] 46 [134 HP / 940 MP] Adair has been SLAMMED BACK!! (40 damage +7 SP)
[00:11] * Adair coughs ><
[00:11] 0 [134 HP / 840 MP] Adair flings knives and smoke bombs at Remi, unleashing a 6 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -46 SP) [ /sell 4]
[00:12] 43 [21 HP / 1006 MP] RoyalTwin has been EVISCERATED!! (x 4 Hits) (164 damage +8 SP)
[00:12] 0 [121 HP / 992 MP] RoyalTwin deperately marshals their strength... and straightens up, ready to fight again...(+100 HP -14 MP -43 SP)
[00:12] * RoyalTwin grins at his sister "Not so fast...."
[00:13] 8 [134 HP / 817 MP] Adair slashes at her brother with her naginata (-23 MP +8 SP)
[00:13] 8 [87 HP / 1008 MP] RoyalTwin has been SLAMMED BACK!! (34 damage +8 SP)
[00:16] * RoyalTwin coughs
[00:16] 15 [87 HP / 971 MP] RoyalTwin strikes back with his sword (-37 MP +7 SP)
[00:21] 8 [134 HP / 822 MP] Adair has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:22] * Adair defends with her naginata!
[00:22] 24 [39 HP / 992 MP] RoyalTwin has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (48 damage +9 SP)
[00:22] * RoyalTwin grimaces ><
[00:22] 14 [134 HP / 797 MP] Adair yanks his sister's hair (-25 MP +6 SP)
[00:23] <Adair> ^yanks her brother's hair
[00:23] 24 [39 HP / 1000 MP] RoyalTwin has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:23] * RoyalTwin simply redirects his sister's hand to her own hair
[00:23] 14 [134 HP / 798 MP] Adair has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:23] * Adair reaches again for Remi's hair >D
[00:23] 31 [24 HP / 1020 MP] RoyalTwin has been EVISCERATED!! (15 damage +7 SP)
[00:24] * RoyalTwin cries out as his sister yanks out some of his hair
[00:24] <RoyalTwin> OW >< Hey! Natalia's not going to appreciate that
[00:24] 0 [24 HP / 920 MP] RoyalTwin flings knives and spells at Natalia, unleashing a 3 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -31 SP) [ /sell 4]
[00:24] 14 [134 HP / 806 MP] Adair has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell 4 ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:25] <RoyalTwin> ^Adair not Natalia
[00:25] 0 [24 HP / 925 MP] RoyalTwin has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[00:25] * RoyalTwin dodges ><
[00:25] <Adair> O_O
[00:25] <Adair> You're damn lucky
[00:25] 21 [134 HP / 786 MP] Adair flings spells at her twin (-20 MP +7 SP)
[00:26] 5 [9 HP / 935 MP] RoyalTwin has been EVISCERATED!! (15 damage +5 SP)
[00:26] * RoyalTwin coughs up a bit of blood
[00:26] 13 [9 HP / 919 MP] RoyalTwin throws one last hex at his sister (-16 MP +8 SP)
[00:28] 27 [127 HP / 788 MP] Adair has BLOCKED the attack! (7 damage +6 SP)
[00:28] * Adair puts up a shield
[00:28] 34 [127 HP / 787 MP] Adair takes a swing at Remi with the naginata (-1 MP +7 SP)
[00:28] 27 [-31 HP / 937 MP] RoyalTwin has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (40 damage +14 SP)
[00:28] RoyalTwin has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[00:28] * RoyalTwin staggers off through a mirror
[00:32] *** RoyalTwin [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Where might my best friend be?)
[00:32] * Adair laughs
[00:32] *** Adair [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (When will the killing begin? When will it end?)
[11:39] *** YumikoTakanashi has joined #suburbansenshi3
[11:39] <@spiritflame> ohayo yumikotakanashi
[11:39] * YumikoTakanashi looks around nervously
[11:40] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[11:40] <@spiritflame> ohayo matsumi kaze
[11:40] <Matsumi Kaze> hey there!
[11:41] * Matsumi Kaze is tossing her Q phone up and down
[11:41] * YumikoTakanashi waves and fiddles with her necklace "hey.. all of a sudden yuhve become very intimidating"
[11:42] <Matsumi Kaze> hee sorry
[11:42] <Matsumi Kaze> so..guess I should suit up then!
[11:43] * YumikoTakanashi nods and transforms "yea i guess"
[11:43] * YumikoTakanashi is now known as SailorBlackstar
[11:43] * Komadori observes from some console in another room.
[11:43] * SailorBlackstar grips her senshi pen
[11:44] * Matsumi Kaze scrolls along her Q phone...bringing up a screen with several symbols..then traces her fingers along each of them
[11:44] <SailorBlackstar> what?
[11:45] <Matsumi Kaze> Ultra Planet Power...Make up...
[11:45] * Matsumi Kaze is now known as Ultra Sailor Quinox
[11:45] ☼ Scouter indicates Ultra Sailor Quinox has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[11:45] <SailorBlackstar> (her phone? well thats not as wierd as my necklace)
[11:46] ☼ Scouter indicates SailorBlackstar has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[11:46] <spiritflame> Ultra Sailor Quinox rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[11:46] <spiritflame> SailorBlackstar rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[11:46] <SailorBlackstar> heh
[11:47] <SailorBlackstar> (( 1d10???? ))
[11:47] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...another roll
[11:47] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( yeah ))
[11:47] <SailorBlackstar> ok
[11:47] <spiritflame> Ultra Sailor Quinox rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[11:47] <spiritflame> SailorBlackstar rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[11:47] <SailorBlackstar> (( hahahahaha ))
[11:47] <SailorBlackstar> another!
[11:48] <SailorBlackstar> lets just make bets huh?
[11:48] <Komadori> heads or tails
[11:48] <SailorBlackstar> ?
[11:48] <Komadori> Pick one.
[11:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> heads!
[11:48] <SailorBlackstar> who??
[11:48] <SailorBlackstar> tails i gues
[11:48] *** Komadori flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[11:48] <Komadori> Sunglasses goes first.
[11:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> aww ok
[11:49] * Ultra Sailor Quinox gets into a defensive postion
[11:49] <SailorBlackstar> sorry q chan
[11:50] 6 [250 HP / 914 MP] SailorBlackstar throws a simple punch at quinox (-36 MP +6 SP)
[11:50] 8 [208 HP / 982 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (42 damage +8 SP)
[11:51] * Ultra Sailor Quinox gets suckerpunched and trips...was not expecting that
[11:51] * Ultra Sailor Quinox blinks
[11:51] 14 [208 HP / 960 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox zooms forward and gives a swift kick to blackstar's side (-22 MP +6 SP)
[11:51] 15 [210 HP / 941 MP] SailorBlackstar has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (40 damage +9 SP)
[11:52] * SailorBlackstar stumbles to the side but holds her ground "wow"
[11:52] 21 [210 HP / 908 MP] SailorBlackstar sends 3 water orbs at quinox (-33 MP +6 SP)
[11:53] 24 [178 HP / 973 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (30 damage +10 SP)
[11:53] * Ultra Sailor Quinox gets smashed by the water orbs in quick succession
[11:53] 30 [178 HP / 934 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox fires an air blast at Blackstar (-39 MP +6 SP)
[11:53] 28 [157 HP / 923 MP] SailorBlackstar has been EVISCERATED!! (53 damage +7 SP)
[11:54] * SailorBlackstar is pushed back and sliced with the strong blow
[11:55] 33 [157 HP / 912 MP] SailorBlackstar runs at quinox with a roundhouse kick to her side (-11 MP +5 SP)
[11:55] 38 [131 HP / 938 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has been EVISCERATED!! (47 damage +8 SP)
[11:56] * Ultra Sailor Quinox takes the roundhouse kick and winces....
[11:56] * Komadori leans forward and observes.
[11:57] * Ultra Sailor Quinox 's fists start to glow green
[11:57] 0 [131 HP / 838 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox does a flurry of multiple energy laden punches at Blackstar at supersonic speeds, unleashing a 11 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -38 SP) [ /sell 3]
[11:58] 38 [127 HP / 920 MP] SailorBlackstar has been HIT!! (30 damage +5 SP)
[11:58] <Komadori> (( did you /sell 3? ))
[11:59] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( she did /sell3 ))
[11:59] <SailorBlackstar> (( i didnt space ))
[11:59] 47 [83 HP / 946 MP] SailorBlackstar has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (x 2 Hits) (44 damage +9 SP)
[11:59] * Komadori raises an eyebrow.
[11:59] * Ultra Sailor Quinox 's body is glowing green and sparking with energy now....
[12:00] * SailorBlackstar flys back hitting a wall and sinks down "ow"
[12:00] 0 [144 HP / 916 MP] SailorBlackstar deperately marshals their strength... and straightens up, ready to fight again...(+61 HP -30 MP -47 SP)
[12:00] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> tch....
[12:01] 7 [131 HP / 825 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox zooms foward..and knees Blackstar in the throat (-13 MP +7 SP)
[12:01] 7 [106 HP / 931 MP] SailorBlackstar has been EVISCERATED!! (38 damage +7 SP)
[12:01] * SailorBlackstar chokes bending over
[12:02] 14 [106 HP / 894 MP] SailorBlackstar front flips aiming a kick down to quinox's shoulder (-37 MP +7 SP)
[12:03] 13 [124 HP / 830 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has BLOCKED the attack! (7 damage +6 SP)
[12:03] * Ultra Sailor Quinox blocks with her arm...
[12:03] * Ultra Sailor Quinox 's eyes are glowing bright green now
[12:04] <SailorBlackstar> (she looks pissed... did i do something??)
[12:04] 18 [124 HP / 796 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox grabs Blackstar's leg..and gives it a twist (-34 MP +5 SP)
[12:04] 19 [93 HP / 906 MP] SailorBlackstar has been HIT!! (13 damage +5 SP)
[12:05] * SailorBlackstar winces as she feel a bone crunch
[12:05] * Komadori feels like the leg has been swept
[12:06] 25 [93 HP / 881 MP] SailorBlackstar swings her other leg to quinox's head (-25 MP +6 SP)
[12:06] 26 [86 HP / 805 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has been HIT!! (38 damage +8 SP)
[12:06] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is hit in the side of the head.....
[12:07] * SailorBlackstar hops on her foot shuddering a bit from the pain
[12:09] * Ultra Sailor Quinox gathers energy into her fists..and pulls them back...grinning
[12:09] 26 [86 HP / 305 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox tries to summon up the power for a special, but splutters out... don't feel bad, it happens to everyone... [ LOSE A TURN (Opponent gets to attack now then you can go)] (-0 MP)
[12:09] <SailorBlackstar> s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t s[BLEEP]t
[12:10] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( WHAT THE F[BLEEP]K ))
[12:10] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( HOLDO N ))
[12:10] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( HOLD ON ))
[12:11] <SailorBlackstar> (( its ok.. it happens to the best of usXD ))
[12:12] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( just wait ))
[12:12] ☼ Scouter indicates Komadori has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[12:12] ☼ Scouter indicates Komadori has SP level of 30!
[12:12] 30 [250 HP / 450 MP] Komadori tries to summon up the power for a special, but splutters out... don't feel bad, it happens to everyone... [ LOSE A TURN (Opponent gets to attack now then you can go)] (-0 MP)
[12:13] ☼ Scouter indicates Komadori has SP level of 40!
[12:13] 9 [250 HP / 450 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Komadori types furiously (-500 MP -31 SP)
[12:14] * Ultra Sailor Quinox 's power isn't enough due to her teen body...and she's blown down by her own backlash ><
[12:15] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> urrk ><
[12:16] 30 [93 HP / 864 MP] SailorBlackstar sends a flying kick to quinox's stomach (-17 MP +5 SP)
[12:16] 43 [54 HP / 854 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (32 damage +17 SP)
[12:17] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is kicked hard in the stomach and goes sliding along the ground ><
[12:17] 38 [93 HP / 844 MP] SailorBlackstar slams 4 flame orbs down at quinox (-20 MP +8 SP)
[12:17] 51 [28 HP / 869 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has been HIT!! (26 damage +8 SP)
[12:18] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is hit by the flames and winces at the fight.....
[12:18] * Ultra Sailor Quinox gets up slowly....
[12:19] 20 [28 HP / 369 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Ultra Sailor Quinox slams her hands against Blackstar's stomach..and fires an airblast point blank at her (-500 MP -31 SP)
[12:19] 55 [21 HP / 870 MP] SailorBlackstar has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! (x 3 Hits) [ Opponent: Attack again ] (72 damage +17 SP)
[12:20] ☼ Scouter indicates SailorBlackstar has HP level of 93!
[12:20] 61 [80 HP / 875 MP ] SailorBlackstar has BLOCKED a special attack! (13 damage +6 SP)
[12:20] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> WHAT!?
[12:21] <Komadori> :O
[12:21] 30 [80 HP / 375 MP] SPECIAL ATK: SailorBlackstar gathers all her energy and sends a large orb containg all 3 elements at quinox (-500 MP -31 SP)
[12:22] 28 [-129 HP/ 375 MP] Ultra Sailor Quinox has been HIT by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (157 damage + 8 SP)
[12:22] Ultra Sailor Quinox has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[12:22] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is hit by all three elements..and overwhelmed completely...and slams against the wall, unconcious
[12:22] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is now known as Matsumi Kaze
[12:23] * SailorBlackstar blinks
[12:23] * SailorBlackstar wobbles hops as fast as she can to mastu chan "MATSU CHAN!!"
[12:23] * Komadori opens the danger room doors and runs in
[12:24] * Komadori distributes the senzu beans
[12:24] <Matsumi Kaze> ugh...
[12:24] * Komadori will not distribute them ala krillin.
[12:24] * Matsumi Kaze slowly opens her see Freya GLARING at her
[12:24] <Matsumi Kaze> GYAAAAAAAAAAH
[12:24] <Freya> - MATSUMI!!!!!! -
[12:24] * SailorBlackstar detransforms and looks to matsumi worriedly "matsu chan?"
[12:24] * Freya grabs Matsumi..and drags her out of the danger room
[12:24] <Freya> we are going to train....until you aren't dissapointing
[12:25] <Matsumi Kaze> T.T
[12:25] * SailorBlackstar is now known as YumikoTakanashi
[12:25] * YumikoTakanashi watches utterly stunned
[12:26] *** Freya [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (we'll start with the weight presses)
[12:26] <YumikoTakanashi> umm
[12:26] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (T_T)
[12:26] * YumikoTakanashi fiddles with her necklace poping the senzu bean in her mouth "soooo i won?"
[12:29] * YumikoTakanashi looks over at komadori "when did yuh get here??"
[12:37] * YumikoTakanashi slowly and awkardly back out "ummmmmmm"
[12:37] *** YumikoTakanashi has left #suburbansenshi3 (wellll)
[19:55] <Calypso_MD> /set location Med Bay
[19:55] <Calypso_MD> /setlocation Med Bay
[19:57] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Me Bay
[19:57] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Med Bay
[19:57] *** Calypso_MD [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa calypso_md
[19:58] * Calypso_MD looks over Ness, who seems out of it
[19:58] *** Nelius Raoul has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:58] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[19:58] <Vanessa_Alexandra> ugh...
[19:58] * Nelius Raoul followed behind the Doctor.
[19:59] <Vanessa_Alexandra> i felt a car just hit me
[19:59] * Nelius Raoul looks at Vanessa_Alexandra.
[19:59] *** Vanessa_Alexandra is your average everyday Vanessa_Alexandra

[19:59] * Vanessa_Alexandra is now known as Vanessa Alexandra
[19:59] * Vanessa Alexandra looks in the mirror.
[19:59] *** Vanessa Alexandra is is wearing casual clothing. She is the Renadage Soldier. The sword on her back gives her comfort.
Her image Song is: "Strange Days" by Matthew Good Band. She is Level 1.

[20:00] <Nelius Raoul> (So this is the Doc's patient.)
[20:00] <Calypso_MD> you just had to be detoxed
[20:00] <Calypso_MD> you had a terrible poison.
[20:00] <Vanessa Alexandra> oh?
[20:02] <Vanessa Alexandra> what happen?
[20:02] <Calypso_MD> you tell us.
[20:02] <Calypso_MD> After your failed budokai
[20:02] * Vanessa Alexandra coughs and sits up
[20:03] * Nelius Raoul stays in the background, listening for any pertaining information.
[20:03] <Vanessa Alexandra> i started drinking...I know my meds forbid me to drink.
[20:04] <Vanessa Alexandra> but i couldn't go home to tell dante i failed qualifying for the budokai
[20:04] <Vanessa Alexandra> i wish people didn't see me weak
[20:05] <Calypso_MD> you know you shouldn't drink
[20:05] <Nelius Raoul> (So she has a relation to Dante.)
[20:05] <Calypso_MD> then tell us what happen
[20:06] <Vanessa Alexandra> Someone came up to me in the bar. Asking why I was drinking intoxicated
[20:07] <Vanessa Alexandra> I couldn't tell him off. I found the sweet smells of roses
[20:08] <Vanessa Alexandra> next thing I know, Mercer, Valeria, and my own son freed me from a prison.
[20:08] <Vanessa Alexandra> i dunno what happened
[20:08] <Calypso_MD> Curiously. Do you know how goner you have been, my dear?
[20:09] <Vanessa Alexandra> Are we in the middle of March
[20:09] <Calypso_MD> it's the start of April.
[20:09] <Calypso_MD> Whoever this Dandy person was
[20:10] <Calypso_MD> he's very clever. And we saved yopu from a far worse than death
[20:11] <Calypso_MD> we dunno what he was doing with capturing women in a lab
[20:12] <Nelius Raoul> Pardon me.
[20:12] * Nelius Raoul makes his presence known.
[20:12] <Calypso_MD> yes?
[20:13] <Nelius Raoul> This lab where she was busted out of... where's it located?
[20:13] * Vanessa Alexandra holds her head
[20:13] <Nelius Raoul> ...ah, if it hurts to remember, I can dismiss the question.
[20:14] <Calypso_MD> Florem, a city with an all female civilians
[20:15] <Calypso_MD> mercer and Dante had troubles with the locals, but with a sense of Justice...Valeria lead onwards
[20:16] <Nelius Raoul> Have to say, that's the first I've heard of such a city... though how many of those inhabitants are there willingly?
[20:16] <Vanessa Alexandra> yeah, that place confused me why there wasn't a lot of men
[20:17] <Vanessa Alexandra> but i dunno much about my captors
[20:17] <Vanessa Alexandra> my head has been killing me
[20:17] <Vanessa Alexandra> can i rest?
[20:18] <Calypso_MD> do you need her to answer any questions?
[20:19] <Nelius Raoul> I can wait for her to recover before I start asking. I'll come back at a later time.
[20:19] <Calypso_MD> all right.
[20:20] <Calypso_MD> let her be
[20:20] * Calypso_MD bows and takes his leave
[20:20] * Nelius Raoul leaves as well.
[20:21] *** Nelius Raoul has left #suburbansenshi3 (Florem, eh? Guess I'll ask around.)
[20:21] *** Calypso_MD [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (i'm putting you on iron pills.)
[20:21] *** Vanessa Alexandra has left #suburbansenshi3 (*falls asleep*)
[17:14] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: library
[17:15] * Sailor Miranda stretches and cracks her knuckles.
[17:15] * Sailor Miranda obtains hockey stick™
[17:18] *** SailorBlackstar has joined #suburbansenshi3
[17:18] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa sailorblackstar
[17:18] * SailorBlackstar sighs and brandishes her senshi pen
[17:18] ☼ Scouter indicates Sailor Miranda has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[17:19] ☼ Scouter indicates SailorBlackstar has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[17:19] <spiritflame> Sailor Miranda rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[17:19] <spiritflame> SailorBlackstar rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[17:19] 5 [250 HP / 979 MP] SailorBlackstar sends a roundhouse kik to miranda's head (-21 MP +5 SP)
[17:20] 6 [245 HP / 1002 MP] Sailor Miranda has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage +6 SP)
[17:20] * Sailor Miranda holds her arm up to block and deflects the attack.
[17:20] 11 [245 HP / 988 MP] Sailor Miranda stomps on Blackstar's foot (-14 MP +5 SP)
[17:21] 5 [250 HP / 984 MP] SailorBlackstar has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[17:21] * SailorBlackstar pulls her foot away
[17:21] * SailorBlackstar sends a flame charged puch to miranda's gut
[17:22] 12 [250 HP / 948 MP] SailorBlackstar sends a flame charged puch to miranda's gut (-36 MP +7 SP)
[17:22] 17 [240 HP / 992 MP] Sailor Miranda has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage +6 SP)
[17:23] * Sailor Miranda is punched but her deflection field diminishes almost all of the attack
[17:23] 23 [240 HP / 959 MP] Sailor Miranda swings another punch at Blackstar's throat. (-33 MP +6 SP)
[17:23] 23 [209 HP / 990 MP] SailorBlackstar has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (41 damage +11 SP)
[17:23] * SailorBlackstar grunts and backs away
[17:24] * SailorBlackstar forms 3 flame orbs throwing them at the woman
[17:24] 31 [209 HP / 970 MP] SailorBlackstar forms 3 flame orbs throwing them at the woman (-20 MP +8 SP)
[17:24] 29 [234 HP / 962 MP] Sailor Miranda has BLOCKED the attack! (6 damage +6 SP)
[17:24] <SailorBlackstar> (( SON OF A B[BLEEP]CH!! ))
[17:25] * Sailor Miranda once again, deflection shield
[17:25] 37 [234 HP / 954 MP] Sailor Miranda fires the orbs right back at Blackstar! (-8 MP +8 SP)
[17:25] <SailorBlackstar> (i need to find a way around that feild)
[17:25] 36 [159 HP / 971 MP] SailorBlackstar has been HIT!! (50 damage +5 SP)
[17:25] * SailorBlackstar is singed by her own attack
[17:26] 43 [159 HP / 948 MP] SailorBlackstar swings her senshi pen (now a sword) around at miranda (-23 MP +7 SP)
[17:26] 48 [208 HP / 1014 MP] Sailor Miranda has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (26 damage +11 SP)
[17:26] * Sailor Miranda 's shield breaks and she gets slammed.
[17:27] * SailorBlackstar fist pumps
[17:27] * Sailor Miranda is knocked into the stacks and knocks down some books.
[17:27] * Sailor Miranda gets up.
[17:27] * Sailor Miranda grabs the hockey stick.
[17:27] <Sailor Miranda> I think it's time we end this.
[17:27] * SailorBlackstar stares
[17:29] 17 [208 HP / 514 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Sailor Miranda swings the stick at Yumiko's center. It doesn't hit her per say but the deflection field should throw her through a good chunk of the stacks of books in the library. (-500 MP -31 SP)
[17:31] 43 [159 HP / 949 MP ] SailorBlackstar has DODGED a special attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[17:31] <Sailor Miranda> .....
[17:31] <Sailor Miranda> WHAT
[17:31] * SailorBlackstar blackflips out of the way
[17:31] <Sailor Miranda> NO WAY
[17:31] 12 [159 HP / 449 MP] SPECIAL ATK: SailorBlackstar charges miranda with her sword flames surrounding it (-500 MP -31 SP)
[17:32] 29 [94 HP / 518 MP ] Sailor Miranda has been SEARED by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (114 damage +12 SP)
[17:32] * Sailor Miranda spent too much of her deflection on that and now she takes that blow
[17:33] * Sailor Miranda is knocked through some bookcases but she slowly gets back up
[17:33] <SailorBlackstar> yuh should only use yuhr shield in dire moments
[17:33] 36 [94 HP / 512 MP] Sailor Miranda throws a book at Blackstar (-6 MP +7 SP)
[17:33] 20 [138 HP / 492 MP] SailorBlackstar has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (21 damage +8 SP)
[17:34] * SailorBlackstar slides across the floor and groans "ow"
[17:34] 26 [138 HP / 492 MP] SailorBlackstar sends 4 frozen orbs at miranda (-0 MP +6 SP)
[17:34] 45 [36 HP / 543 MP] Sailor Miranda has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (58 damage +9 SP)
[17:34] <SailorBlackstar> it
[17:34] <SailorBlackstar> is not
[17:34] * Sailor Miranda takes it and feels the cold on her arms and legs
[17:34] <SailorBlackstar> nice to throw things at people!!
[17:35] * Sailor Miranda looks and sees that the floor is nicely iced
[17:35] * Sailor Miranda picks up the stick
[17:35] 14 [36 HP / 43 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Sailor Miranda skates up to Blackstar and slams her in the collarbone with the hockey stick (-500 MP -31 SP)
[17:36] 38 [3 HP / 494 MP ] SailorBlackstar has been SMASHED BACK by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (135 damage +12 SP)
[17:36] * SailorBlackstar feels her collarbone crack unber the strike and flies back slamming into something behind her
[17:37] 45 [3 HP / 463 MP] SailorBlackstar throws several flames orbs at miranda panting hard (-31 MP +7 SP)
[17:37] 29 [-11 HP / 60 MP] Sailor Miranda has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (47 damage +15 SP)
[17:37] Sailor Miranda has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[17:37] * SailorBlackstar huffs and walks out
[17:37] * Sailor Miranda loses her footing and trips
[17:38] * Sailor Miranda is knocked the f[BLEEP]k out.
[17:38] *** SailorBlackstar has left #suburbansenshi3 (back to the others)
[19:28] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: who cares
[19:28] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:28] <@spiritflame> konbanwa matsumi kaze

[19:28] * Matsumi Kaze sits on the floor of her room..just staring ahead at nothing..
[19:28] <Matsumi Kaze> .....
[19:28] * Matsumi Kaze hugs her knees
[19:32] <Matsumi Kaze> ...what is the point
[19:35] * Matsumi Kaze sighs deeply
[19:39] <Matsumi Kaze> ....I just wish I didn't feel this way
[19:51] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[20:31] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: The Gate
[20:31] *** Nelius Raoul has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:31] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[20:32] * Nelius Raoul enters the room, having gotten better at using the Dimension Gate.
[20:32] <Nelius Raoul> Let's see... the coordinates that Valeria gave me are....
[20:33] * Nelius Raoul enters the coordinates for Florem.
[20:34] * Nelius Raoul powers up the gates and stands back.
[20:36] <Nelius Raoul> This ought to be it.
[20:36] <Nelius Raoul> Here goes.
[20:36] * Nelius Raoul enters the portal to Florem.
[20:40] *** Nelius Raoul has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:52] *** Kazuhiko [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kazuhiko
[22:52] *** YumikoTakanashi has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:52] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yumikotakanashi
[22:52] * Kazuhiko enters the hotel with a smile, heading straight for the bar
[22:53] <Kazuhiko> Hmmm~ It's been so long
[22:53] * YumikoTakanashi sitting at the bar waiting for her drink
[22:56] * YumikoTakanashi sighs as the drink comes and swirls the little toothpick in it
[23:08] <Kazuhiko> What's the problem young miss?
[23:11] <YumikoTakanashi> bored.. nothing to do tonight
[23:14] <Kazuhiko> That's too bad\
[23:15] * YumikoTakanashi nods looking and looks at him "what about yuh?"
[23:19] <Kazuhiko> Well I've....been away for quite a while
[23:19] <Kazuhiko> Assisting with my sister's affairs
[23:21] <YumikoTakanashi> ah
[23:21] <YumikoTakanashi> deserves a drink no?
[23:22] * Kazuhiko nods
[23:23] <YumikoTakanashi> hey i have an idea.. a stupid one but an idea nonetheless
[23:23] <Kazuhiko> Oh?
[23:24] <YumikoTakanashi> lets see who gets drunk first?
[23:34] * YumikoTakanashi shrugs chugs her drink and leaves "see ya later"
[23:34] *** YumikoTakanashi [0] has quit IRC
[23:41] *** Kazuhiko [] has quit IRC
[18:12] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Florem
[18:12] *** Nelius Raoul has joined #suburbansenshi3
[18:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul
[18:13] * Nelius Raoul emerges from his hideaway, ready to begin another night of searching.
[18:14] <Nelius Raoul> (Well, thankfully I've got the cover of night on my side.)
[18:14] * Nelius Raoul summons his wings and takes to the skies.
[18:18] <Nelius Raoul> (Hrm, nothing as of yet to the whereabouts of this "Dandy" character...)
[18:26] <Nelius Raoul> (...perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place.)
[18:29] * Nelius Raoul scans the city, trying to find some kind of lead.
[18:31] <Nelius Raoul> (Damn, still nothing...)
[18:37] <Nelius Raoul> (..the hell does a demon have to do to get a lead?)
[18:43] <Nelius Raoul> (...I REALLY hope Valeria gave me the right coordinates..)
[18:47] <Nelius Raoul> (Let)
[18:48] <Nelius Raoul> (...according to the info I got, that girl was busted out of a prison. Unless this place has hilariously fast construction crews, I should find a prison under repairs...)
[18:53] * Nelius Raoul continues his search.
[19:04] <Nelius Raoul> (....)
[19:08] <Nelius Raoul> (I'm getting nowhere like this. I need a different plan.)
[19:12] <Nelius Raoul> (...yet, why do I get the feeling I'm missing something?)
[19:20] <Nelius Raoul> (..this is going nowhere fast. Maybe I should get some more details back at the Hotel.)
[19:23] <Nelius Raoul> (Yeah, some extra details will work better.)
[19:23] * Nelius Raoul banks around and heads back for the hideaway, which is where he gated into Florem.
[19:24] * Nelius Raoul touches down, dismissing his wings before heading back through the warp to the Hotel.
[19:25] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: The Gate
[19:25] * Nelius Raoul steps through the gate, arriving back into the Hotel's basement.
[19:25] <Nelius Raoul> ...glad the gate's been cooperating. Better find either Valeria or the formerly drugged on.
[19:26] <Nelius Raoul> *one
[19:26] *** Nelius Raoul has left #suburbansenshi3
[19:28] * Uffago sits in the danger room, set to the program used for the astral classes, a field with trees on one side
[19:34] *** Yakone has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:34] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yakone
[19:35] <Uffago> evening, yakone
[19:36] <Yakone> good evening
[19:37] <Uffago> how has your day been?
[19:37] <Yakone> warmer than my liking
[19:38] *** Eiry [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:38] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eiry
[19:38] <Uffago> and cold for mine. but i'm getting used to it
[19:39] <Eiry> Hey Uffago, Yakone. I didn't realize you were back.
[19:39] <Yakone> Oh yes
[19:40] <Uffago> hello.
[19:42] * Eiry sits
[19:43] <Uffago> have much counseling have you done so far, yakone?
[19:43] <Yakone> None really
[19:46] * Uffago nods.
[19:48] <Uffago> with your general sessions, the people you see regularly, we usually start with how they're doing
[19:49] <Yakone> Okay
[19:52] <Uffago> and then we will explore what comes to mind first.
[19:53] <Yakone> Of course
[19:56] <Uffago> however, you will also want to pay attention to what is underneath
[19:56] * Yakone sits and nods
[19:58] <Uffago> so how have you been this last week, eiry?
[20:01] <Eiry> Okay, mostly. I was able to join the historical group last weekend, and work is busy as usual. Wednesday and Thursday we did an overnight for a morning wedding and not everything worked out the first time...
[20:03] *** while Eiry is talking, there are images of historical clothing and dancing, and the feeling of being in a different time and dress, then the general business of the shop, some sort of tension with Richard, and perhaps a small thought of guilt which doesn't really reach the surface before fading
[20:06] * Yakone watches this
[20:09] <Uffago> How has Richard been working out with the rest of the staff? I remember during seminar he was still integrating.
[20:13] <Eiry> Normally we're all pretty good now, but he's so laid back, we haven't really had many fights and so we haven't really worked that part out yet
[20:15] <Eiry> I'm not really sure how much he understands dominance yet, because half of us are Lupa and half of us aren't.
[20:16] <Eiry> Bbut otherwise he's been working out great.
[20:16] * Eiry 's mind is rather straight forward on this
[20:17] * Yakone tries to understand what it is she needs to do here
[20:17] <Uffago> yakone, what would you like to follow up on?
[20:18] <Yakone> I'm unsure of exactly what I should be following up on
[20:23] <Uffago> I would ask about overnight work.
[20:24] <Uffago> And something That will follow, I think...
[20:25] * Uffago gestures to Yakone to continue
[20:25] <Yakone> Overnight work? Well...
[20:27] * Yakone takes a moment to think
[20:27] <Yakone> Exactly how does your staff handle an overnight shift?
[20:28] <Eiry> Well, we work overnight when there are big events in the morning, usually, such as if we have to decorate a location. Sometimes we don't get in to see it in person beforehand, depending.
[20:29] <Eiry> Most of those we do by who's available...
[20:29] <Eiry> I don't uh...I guess I don't do as many of them now.
[20:31] * Eiry is thinking more of things with her family now, mostly Alta, and another brief flash of guilt
[20:31] <Yakone> You back off from work because of your child?
[20:33] <Eiry> I have to, Doli redid all of our schedules pretty immediately and hired Richard and Aina. It was really hard learning to have weekends, but...
[20:33] <Eiry> I really don't like leaving her that long.
[20:34] <Yakone> Is that where this feeling of negative emotion comes from?
[20:34] <Yakone> You feel bad about leaving her with someone else while you work?
[20:36] <Eiry> I don't get a lot of time with her during the week with the shop as it is.
[20:38] <Eiry> When you're gone for a while they start to wonder, and ask when you're going to be there.
[20:40] <Yakone> They don't understand that raising a child requires time?
[20:40] <Eiry> I can't usually take her with me to locations.
[20:40] * Yakone thinks a moment
[20:41] <Yakone> Does your mate care for her while you are away?
[20:41] <Eiry> Hm? Oh, no, I don't have to as often now. I just feel worse when I have too.
[20:42] <Eiry> Of course. But she's bonded to me. Do you remember what it was like when you were really little? I didn't much, but now I'm starting to remember more now that I have one myself.
[20:43] <Yakone> Arctic tribes behave differently. I bonded to my mother but not as strongly as one would expect. Arctic peoples have to be prepared to lose their young.
[20:48] <Eiry> Hm.
[20:50] <Eiry> It is a nice thing here, getting to know what different groups do.
[20:52] * Yakone manages a smile
[20:53] <Yakone> My time here has been incredibly enjoyable. I have learned much.
[20:54] <Uffago> that's very true. this setting is new, and much better than what we've been doing. that was well done, yakone. something to build on
[20:55] <Eiry> Well you want me next week, then?
[20:57] <Uffago> perhaps.
[20:58] <Uffago> I'll let you know.
[20:58] <Eiry> Alright. Have a good night, both of you.
[20:59] *** Eiry [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:59] <Yakone> Good night
[21:00] <Uffago> is there anything you'd like to discuss?
[21:01] <Yakone> Well...what was i doing exactly?
[21:02] <Uffago> our goal in counseling is to use our ability to read others
[21:03] <Uffago> like you expect your Speaker to do, everyone will expect from you, as well.
[21:05] <Uffago> When you have more experience, you will be able to feel deeper things, and smaller undercurrents.
[21:05] <Yakone> So listen...and help calm concerns or fears?
[21:05] <Yakone> I kept picking up on somethin gnegative, like sadness or guilt. Maybe both, but very small.
[21:06] <Uffago> at times. mostly, to discuss, and examine. Sometimes you will feel things that the other person is unaware of.
[21:09] * Yakone nods her head in understanding
[21:10] <Uffago> so, we will keep working.
[21:11] <Uffago> Tomorrow morning someone else has booked the room, so we will meet after lunch.
[21:11] <Yakone> Alright
[21:13] <Uffago> have a good evening, yakone
[21:14] <Yakone> I shall. The same with you.
[21:14] * Yakone rises to her feet and exits the danger room with a more positive and confident aura
[21:14] *** Yakone has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:15] * Uffago is away: meditating

[22:45] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: warehouse district
[22:46] *** Young Man has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa young man
[22:46] * Young Man walks along the if searching for something
[22:47] * Young Man winces a bit
[22:49] * Young Man passes by building to building
[22:51] * Young Man pauses..and stops in front of an old and disused one
[22:54] * Young Man walks over....and slides the door aside
[22:55] * Young Man walks into the large seems almost completely empty...except for a single large crate

[22:56] * Young Man walks slowly towards the crate..and puts his hands on it...
[22:56] *** the crate starts to make a large hum...and then a revving noise
[22:57] * Young Man quickly backs away
[22:59] *** the revving grows louder..until the crate BURSTS apart
[23:00] * Young Man covers his face..then looks.....
[23:00] *** the crate has broken apart revealing a green and red revs itself...then changes into a regular looking one...
[23:00] <Young Man> .......
[23:00] * Young Man walks over, feeling it....
[23:02] *** the motorcycle gives another rev...
[23:03] * Young Man gulps..and climbs on the back.....revving it a bit and smiling
[23:03] * Young Man rides out of the warehouse and into the night
[23:03] *** Young Man has left #suburbansenshi3

[19:08] *** YumikoTakanashi has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yumikotakanashi
[19:09] *** Tjanra Jorgen has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa tjanra jorgen
[19:10] * YumikoTakanashi giggles riding along
[19:11] * Tjanra Jorgen rides along with her
[19:12] <YumikoTakanashi> he he this fun tan chan!!
[19:13] <Tjanra Jorgen> yeah
[19:14] *** fog starts to flow in....out of nowhere..
[19:15] * YumikoTakanashi blinks looking around
[19:15] <Tjanra Jorgen> Guess it's getting a little hazy
[19:15] <YumikoTakanashi> huh? tan chan do yuh see the fog??
[19:16] *** several things move through the fog
[19:16] * Tjanra Jorgen stops riding her bike and looks around, "Well...that's not something I like to see...."
[19:16] <YumikoTakanashi> t..tan chan! whats that!!
[19:17] <Tjanra Jorgen> i dotn know
[19:18] * YumikoTakanashi hides by tan chan "please dont be bugs! oh please!"
[19:19] <Tjanra Jorgen> ...
[19:20] *** someone tries to grab Yumi
[19:21] * YumikoTakanashi screams and tries to pull away
[19:21] <YumikoTakanashi> no!!
[19:22] <YumikoTakanashi> tan chan help!!
[19:23] * Tjanra Jorgen spins around and reaches for Yumi
[19:23] * YumikoTakanashi reaches for tan chan despratly "tan chan! im scared!!"
[19:24] *** yumi manages to pull away..but someone grabs Jan instead
[19:24] <YumikoTakanashi> noooo!
[19:25] * YumikoTakanashi runs after firing a water orb " LET HER GOOOO!!!"
[19:25] * Mysterious Soldier is hit and barreled back
[19:26] * Mysterious Soldier is dressed all in black with a skin tight outfit, belt, black short jacket, black goggles and a symbol on his chest of a hand with an open eye in the middle
[19:26] * YumikoTakanashi runs to tan chan screaming "TAN CHAN!!! "
[19:26] * Tjanra Jorgen draws a knife and tries to fend off her attacker
[19:27] <Mysterious Soldier> GEE GEE
[19:27] <spiritflame> Mysterious Soldier rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[19:27] * YumikoTakanashi shivers "WHAT ARE YUH!!?"
[19:27] * Mysterious Soldier is stabbed!
[19:27] <Mysterious Soldier> GEEEEEEEEEEEE.....
[19:27] * Mysterious Soldier sinks to the ground...
[19:28] * YumikoTakanashi runs over to tan chan "are yuh ok?? what is it??"
[19:29] *** the fog clears...revealing the fact you're surrouding by these soldiers
[19:29] * Tjanra Jorgen is fine
[19:29] * YumikoTakanashi gasps looking around "holy..." forms several flame orbs
[19:29] * Tjanra Jorgen looks around at all the soldiers
[19:29] <Tjanra Jorgen> Yumi....
[19:30] <Tjanra Jorgen> Now would be a good time for that little....trick you do...
[19:30] <YumikoTakanashi> trick?
[19:30] <Tjanra Jorgen> Yeah where know...turn into that...fighter girl?
[19:30] <Mysterious Soldier> GEE GEE GEE
[19:30] <YumikoTakanashi> (( the disapearing? ))
[19:31] * YumikoTakanashi blinks and flips her neclace transforming "yuh mean senshi'ing???"
[19:31] * YumikoTakanashi is now known as SailorBlackstar
[19:31] * SailorBlackstar looks in the mirror.
[19:31] *** SailorBlackstar is she is a shor gorl with a completely purple fuku that has black and gray stripes on the end of the skirt, her jet black hair cascades down her back, she has violet eyes the have a mysterious tint about them. she has dull gray boots with violet buckles
image Song is: blackstar by avril lavigne. is Level 1.

[19:32] * SailorBlackstar readies her sword
[19:33] * Mysterious Soldiers pull out machete like knives
[19:34] <SailorBlackstar> holy s[BLEEP]t what are these things????
[19:34] * Mysterious Soldiers swings the blades at the two
[19:34] * SailorBlackstar paries and throws a barrier around tan chan
[19:35] <Tjanra Jorgen> Yumi!
[19:36] * Mysterious Soldiers hit the barrier...but try to swing again at yumi
[19:36] * SailorBlackstar looks to tan chan in fear
[19:36] * SailorBlackstar parries and swings to its neck pplace
[19:37] <spiritflame> Mysterious Soldiers rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[19:37] * Mysterious Soldiers blocks with it's blade
[19:38] * Mysterious Soldiers swings another blade at jan!
[19:38] * SailorBlackstar hisses and back up sending several flames to some of them "yuhr not going to touch tan chan!!~"
[19:40] <spiritflame> Mysterious Soldiers rolls 1d10 [ 5 ]
[19:41] * Mysterious Soldiers are set on fire!
[19:41] <Mysterious Soldiers> GEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
[19:41] * SailorBlackstar goes and stands in front of tan chan "NO!"
[19:42] * Tjanra Jorgen stands...useless...inside the barrier...
[19:43] * SailorBlackstar looks to tan chan relunctantly putting the barrier down
[19:44] * Mysterious Soldiers try to throw a knife at yumi
[19:44] * Tjanra Jorgen throws her own knife to keep it from hitting Yumi
[19:44] * SailorBlackstar isnt paying attention and is hit "ahhhhhh!~
[19:44] <SailorBlackstar> nooooooooooooooooooo
[19:45] <spiritflame> Mysterious Soldiers rolls 1d10 [ 7 ]
[19:45] * Mysterious Soldiers is hit by the flying knife
[19:45] <SailorBlackstar> tan chan nooooooooo!! what are yuh doing??
[19:46] * SailorBlackstar send several flames at the rest of the figures
[19:47] * Mysterious Soldiers are hit..but then suddenly move out of the if preparing for something
[19:49] * SailorBlackstar spins around searching
[19:51] <SailorBlackstar> ????
[19:52] * SailorBlackstar glares "yuhll not touch tan chan!"
[19:52] * ???? is now known as Kumo-Jin
[19:52] * SailorBlackstar looks at Kumo-jin.
[19:52] *** Kumo-jin is your average everyday Kumo-jin

[19:53] * SailorBlackstar looks at Kumo-Jin.
[19:53] *** Kumo-Jin is your average everyday Kumo-Jin

[19:53] * Kumo-Jin walks out of the fog....revealing a humanoid creature with a spier head, horns on it's head, extra legs on it's back and a belt with the hand and eye symbol on it
[19:53] * SailorBlackstar twitches and screams "IT HAD TO BE A BUUUUUUUUG!!!!"
[19:55] <Tjanra Jorgen> .....
[19:55] <Kumo-Jin> I AM KUMO-JIN
[19:55] <Kumo-Jin> HEE HEEE HEEEE
[19:56] <SailorBlackstar> (need some spider repelant.. always bugs!! why bugs??)
[19:56] * SailorBlackstar scratches her arm grossed out
[19:57] * Tjanra Jorgen draws a short sword and stands in front of Yumi
[19:57] <SailorBlackstar> what do yuh want yuhr creelpy uglyness
[19:58] * SailorBlackstar looks at the sword "where were yuh hiding that???
[19:58] <Kumo-Jin> YOU...will become our next weapons
[19:58] * Tjanra Jorgen does not respond
[19:58] <SailorBlackstar> um no thanks i have a uhh thing we have to go to....
[19:59] * SailorBlackstar grimaces as her sarcasm comes out
[20:00] <Kumo-Jin> ..if you will join us...YOU WILL DIE!
[20:00] * Kumo-Jin opens his jaws and fires a blast of webbing
[20:01] * SailorBlackstar looks around for somewhere to hide "ewwwwwwww"
[20:02] * Tjanra Jorgen swings her sword to slash the webbing
[20:02] * Tjanra Jorgen is also standing in front of yumi so no ew
[20:02] <SailorBlackstar> 0.0
[20:02] <spiritflame> Kumo-Jin rolls 1d10 [ 3 ]
[20:02] * Kumo-Jin 's webbing is slashed
[20:02] * Kumo-Jin removes one of it's legs..which becomes a blade
[20:03] <SailorBlackstar> 0.0
[20:03] <SailorBlackstar> what the hell!
[20:03] * SailorBlackstar readies her sword
[20:04] * Kumo-Jin looks over blackstar..then tan...then points to a soldier..then points to blackstar
[20:04] *** the soldier approuches blackstar with his blade
[20:04] * Kumo-Jin turns to Tan
[20:05] * SailorBlackstar points her sword from the soldier to kumo-jin
[20:06] * Kumo-Jin slashes his sword at Tan!
[20:06] * Mysterious Soldier slashes at Blackstar
[20:06] <spiritflame> Tjanra Jorgen rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[20:08] <spiritflame> SailorBlackstar rolls 1d10 [ 2 ]
[20:08] * SailorBlackstar is slashed and backs up up
[20:08] * Tjanra Jorgen blocks the hit with her blade
[20:09] * SailorBlackstar slashes at the figure angrily
[20:11] <spiritflame> Mysterious Soldier rolls 1d10 [ 8 ]
[20:11] * Mysterious Soldier is hit!
[20:11] <Kumo-jin> HEE will be a perfect weapon
[20:11] <Kumo-jin> (( brb guys >< ))
[20:11] <SailorBlackstar> no i will not.. and neither is tan chan!!
[20:17] * Mysterious Soldier thrusts towards blackstar with the blade
[20:18] <spiritflame> SailorBlackstar rolls 1d10 [ 6 ]
[20:18] * SailorBlackstar parries the attack
[20:18] <SailorBlackstar> /mr jabs at it
[20:18] * SailorBlackstar jabs at it
[20:18] * Kumo-Jin does another slash at Tan
[20:18] <spiritflame> Mysterious Soldier rolls 1d10 [ 7 ]
[20:19] * Mysterious Soldier is hit again
[20:19] <SailorBlackstar> (( well turning on a light might help XD ))
[20:20] <spiritflame> Tjanra Jorgen rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[20:20] * Tjanra Jorgen 's sword is knocked away
[20:21] <Kumo-Jin> HEE HEE HEEEEEEEEEE
[20:21] * Kumo-Jin tries to fire his webbing at Tan
[20:23] * SailorBlackstar swings at the figure again preoccupied
[20:23] <spiritflame> Tjanra Jorgen rolls 1d10 [ 4 ]
[20:23] * Tjanra Jorgen is caught in the webbing
[20:24] <Kumo-Jin> HEE HEE HEEE...
[20:24] <Kumo-Jin> PERFECT
[20:25] * Tjanra Jorgen shoots an icy glare at Kumo-Jin as her aura shifts
[20:27] * SailorBlackstar is swinging at the figures "no!!!"
[20:27] <spiritflame> Kumo-Jin rolls 1d10 [ 6 ]
[20:27] * Kumo-Jin gets hit...then snarls
[20:28] <Kumo-Jin> IF YOU WANT HER
[20:28] * Kumo-Jin grabs tan and BITES her on the neck
[20:28] * SailorBlackstar runs to him screaming "noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!"
[20:28] <Tjanra Jorgen> ........
[20:29] * Kumo-Jin throws Tan onto the ground
[20:30] * SailorBlackstar runs over and drops by tan chans side "tan chan!! "
[20:30] * Tjanra Jorgen slams into the ground hard, growing pale
[20:30] <Kumo-Jin> HEE HEE HEE...let's see how long she lasts
[20:30] * Kumo-Jin is consumed in fog...and vanishes
[20:30] *** Kumo-Jin has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:32] * Mysterious Soldiers flee
[20:32] *** Mysterious Soldiers has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:33] * SailorBlackstar scoops up tan chan and zooms back to the hotel with tears streaming from her eyes
[20:34] *** SailorBlackstar has left #suburbansenshi3 (tan chan hang on!!!)
[20:34] *** Tjanra Jorgen has left #suburbansenshi3

[23:39] <Simon Kerrick> A chilly area, with a swiftly-flowing mountain stream. The calls of birds are easily audible.
[23:39] <Simon Kerrick> This looks perfect.
[23:39] * Simon Kerrick touches a ring, and chants for a few seconds.
[23:40] * SailorBlackstar falls and lands with a thud "owwww"
[23:40] <Simon Kerrick> Oh! I didn't mean to scare you.
[23:41] * SailorBlackstar rubs her bum looking at him "couldve sent a warning with it... like hold on"
[23:42] * SailorBlackstar looks at the fishing rod and then simon "fishing?"
[23:42] * Simon Kerrick holds up a fishing rod. "Fishing."
[23:43] <Simon Kerrick> I suppose I should have given you more warning, and I'm sorry.
[23:43] * SailorBlackstar nods and looks around "it cant be that hard
[23:43] <Simon Kerrick> Do you want to use bait I brought, or find some here?
[23:43] <SailorBlackstar> its ok simon.. it was an adventure of sorts
[23:43] <Simon Kerrick> I like to hear that.
[23:44] <Simon Kerrick> I am... kind of off-put by what you are wearing, is all.
[23:44] <SailorBlackstar> ummm whats bait?
[23:44] * Simon Kerrick looks at SailorBlackstar.
[23:44] *** SailorBlackstar is she is a shor gorl with a completely purple fuku that has black and gray stripes on the end of the skirt, her jet black hair cascades down her back, she has violet eyes the have a mysterious tint about them. she has dull gray boots with violet buckles
image Song is: blackstar by avril lavigne. is Level 1.

[23:44] * SailorBlackstar looks down
[23:44] <SailorBlackstar> huh... must have transformed when yuh pulled me through..... oops
[23:45] * SailorBlackstar detransforms
[23:45] * SailorBlackstar is now known as SailorBlackstar
[23:45] * SailorBlackstar is now known as YumikoTakanashi
[23:46] <YumikoTakanashi> better?
[23:47] <Simon Kerrick> I think so.
[23:47] <Simon Kerrick> You pretty much told me were a Senshi, it's just odd to see.
[23:47] <Simon Kerrick> Did I pull you away from something important?
[23:47] * YumikoTakanashi wiggles the rod and looks around for the pond
[23:47] * Simon Kerrick grabs a worm, and sticks him on the hook.
[23:48] <YumikoTakanashi> not too much.. i was just talking to aes
[23:48] <Simon Kerrick> "Alright, the main thing you need to make sure you don't do is to get your line tangled in those branches.
[23:48] * YumikoTakanashi watches "ew"
[23:48] <Simon Kerrick> Have you ever baited a hook?
[23:49] * YumikoTakanashi pokes the worm on his hook "no i havent.. is it dead?
[23:50] <Simon Kerrick> Just ah... put it on there. <.<
[23:50] * YumikoTakanashi looks at the ground searching "come out little wormies~"
[23:52] * Simon Kerrick opens a pouch on the side of his haversack, reaches inside, and after a little bit, hands Yumiko a worm.
[23:52] <Simon Kerrick> Here, now, don't drop him, and don't put him on near the end.
[23:52] * YumikoTakanashi looks at the worm and takes it..... feels it wiggle and squeals "its aliiiiiive ewwwww"
[23:53] * YumikoTakanashi hold the worm in a vicse grip
[23:53] <YumikoTakanashi> vice*
[23:53] * Simon Kerrick touches the worm. The air feels colder for a second, and the worm stops moving and does not move again.
[23:53] <Simon Kerrick> There, now, put the end onto your hook, and don't let your rod fall into the water or you will scare the fish.
[23:54] * YumikoTakanashi blinks and wigles it for a few seconds before poking through its middle with the hook "oh that felt wierd
[23:55] <YumikoTakanashi> (i look retarded)
[23:57] * YumikoTakanashi walks over to the water looking back at simon
[23:57] <YumikoTakanashi> come on
[23:58] * Simon Kerrick smiles, and looks up to where the branches are.
[23:58] <Simon Kerrick> Alright, now don't yell anymore, or they'll know we are here.
[23:58] * Simon Kerrick casts into the stream.
[23:58] <spiritflame> Simon Kerrick rolls 2d6 [ 4, 1 ]
[23:58] * YumikoTakanashi nods and looks at the water
[23:59] <Simon Kerrick> Gah, too close to the roots!
[23:59] * Simon Kerrick hastily starts reeling in his line.
[23:59] * YumikoTakanashi giggles quietly
[00:00] * YumikoTakanashi attempts to cast the line
[00:00] <spiritflame> YumikoTakanashi rolls 2d6 [ 5, 4 ]
[00:01] <Simon Kerrick> Nice!
[00:02] * YumikoTakanashi blinks
[00:02] <YumikoTakanashi> shhhhh yuh'll scare the fishies!
[00:03] * Simon Kerrick casts again.
[00:03] <spiritflame> Simon Kerrick rolls 2d6 [ 4, 6 ]
[00:04] * Simon Kerrick does awesome, even better than Yumiko, and hits some nice quiet water.
[00:04] <Simon Kerrick> Still got it, after all these years.
[00:04] * YumikoTakanashi reels in and tries again
[00:05] <spiritflame> YumikoTakanashi rolls 2d6 [ 6, 1 ]
[00:05] <Simon Kerrick> Hey, no, you were doing really well!
[00:05] <YumikoTakanashi> ?>
[00:05] <Simon Kerrick> That's okay, though, keep it there.
[00:06] * YumikoTakanashi sits and waits
[00:06] <Simon Kerrick> You know, I used to fish all the time. I was the master of a ship.
[00:07] <YumikoTakanashi> thats sounds cool
[00:07] <YumikoTakanashi> with yuhr own crew? like a pirate?
[00:09] * Simon Kerrick does not answer.
[00:09] * Simon Kerrick shakes his head, and reels his line. "You don't want to know."
[00:10] * YumikoTakanashi purse her lips and looks out at the water "it would be kinda cool to know a pirate
[00:10] <Simon Kerrick> But yes, the crew answered to me.
[00:11] <Simon Kerrick> I knew many. It was not a priviledge. Except, perhaps, Capt. Simone, but he occasionally tried to rob us.
[00:12] <YumikoTakanashi> wow. maybe one day yuh'll tell me a story?
[00:15] <Simon Kerrick> No. Not about that.
[00:15] <Simon Kerrick> You wouldn't want to hear about such things, anyway.
[00:15] <Simon Kerrick> What good is it to catch your own exotic fish, if you fear poison in your food?
[00:16] <YumikoTakanashi> theyre pretty and yuh can tell stories about it?
[00:18] * Simon Kerrick responds, and jiggles his line. "I swore never to tell some things."
[00:19] <Simon Kerrick> I did see amazing things, though. I've created amazing things, too, now that I have freed myself.
[00:19] * YumikoTakanashi nods and watches the water ripple
[00:19] <YumikoTakanashi> then im glad yuhr free simon
[00:21] <Simon Kerrick> Being free of Mortality. It's a wonderful thing.
[00:22] * YumikoTakanashi yawns quietly watching the water and looks to simon "do yuh ever get hungry?"
[00:23] <Simon Kerrick> Nope.
[00:24] <YumikoTakanashi> never??
[00:24] * Simon Kerrick is now known as Young Lich
[00:24] * Young Lich bends over and looks at his reflection.
[00:24] * Young Lich looks in the mirror.
[00:24] *** Young Lich is is a red-eyed, dessicated, fearsomely powerful undead being that walks in confident strides. He has secretly accomplished MANY goals despite his youth. He wears vestments stitched from skins of unicorns, and a frag vest and trauma plate covers his heart.
image Song is: "The Highwayman". is Level 1.

[00:25] *** Many fish and waterfowl instinctively flee in fear!
[00:26] * Young Lich watches them go. "Oops."
[00:26] <Young Lich> I am... sorry about that. Perhaps we should go.
[00:26] * YumikoTakanashi stares for a moment before looking back at the water "theyre fear is instinctive?
[00:26] <Young Lich> ....I am continually suppressing it. Do you know what would happen if I did not?
[00:27] <YumikoTakanashi> no .
[00:27] * YumikoTakanashi looks up at simon with out a hint of fear
[00:31] <YumikoTakanashi> like i said. everyone needs a friennd
[00:31] * Young Lich looks around, considering whether to show her or not.
[00:34] * YumikoTakanashi simply smiles and touches his hand gently "yuh dont have to worry simon.. im stronger than yuh think"
[00:34] <Young Lich> Heh, very well.
[00:34] <Young Lich> We can prove it another time.
[00:34] <Young Lich> Care to continue our outing another time?
[00:35] * YumikoTakanashi yawns and nods
[00:35] * Young Lich checks his line in the extremely unlikely case he caught a fish already.
[00:35] <spiritflame> Young Lich rolls 1d100 [ 62 ]
[00:35] <Young Lich> Nope. Nothing.
[00:35] <Young Lich> I'll see you again, okay?
[00:35] * Young Lich chants, and moves his hands.
[00:35] * Young Lich is now known as Simon Kerrick
[00:37] <YumikoTakanashi> wait how am i getting home??
[00:38] <Simon Kerrick> Just touch my hand.
[00:39] * YumikoTakanashi takes simons hand pulling the rod with with
[00:42] <Simon Kerrick> Don't worry. I promise you won't feel a thing.
[00:42] *** Simon Kerrick has quit IRC (Life is a calculated risk. So is Death.)
[00:42] * YumikoTakanashi nods smiling "it was nice seeing yuh again!"
[00:42] *** YumikoTakanashi has left #suburbansenshi3 (*to home*)
[22:11] <ike> test
[15:45] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[15:45] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa matsumi kaze

[15:46] <Matsumi Kaze> my time has a warrior
[15:46] * Matsumi Kaze smiles
[15:46] <Matsumi Kaze> I shouldn't be so unhappy....
[15:46] <Matsumi Kaze> I saved alot of people...
[15:46] <Matsumi Kaze> I did my job to the best of my abilities
[15:47] <Matsumi Kaze> I had alot of tales to tell
[15:48] <Matsumi Kaze> alot of adventures full of fun and wonderment
[15:49] <Matsumi Kaze> maybe those adventures will come again soon...
[15:49] * Matsumi Kaze looks up at the statue of the samurai in front of her
[15:49] <Matsumi Kaze> I hope the others can save them all
[15:50] *** Simon Kerrick has joined #suburbansenshi3
[15:50] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa simon kerrick
[15:50] * Matsumi Kaze is still gazing up at the statue
[15:51] <Matsumi Kaze> I wish I could change
[15:51] * Matsumi Kaze puts her hand on the shoulder looking down
[15:51] <Matsumi Kaze> ...I really wish I could...
[15:52] <Matsumi Kaze> valeria is right
[15:52] <Simon Kerrick> Hello, Matsumi Kaze.
[15:52] <Matsumi Kaze> I whine...I do it..then I reset...
[15:52] <Simon Kerrick> I see, then, that you are not beyond fear and doubt.
[15:52] <Matsumi Kaze> but I never change
[15:52] <Matsumi Kaze> I never adapt
[15:53] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I never grow
[15:54] * Matsumi Kaze sits down at the foot of the statue
[15:54] <Matsumi Kaze> I thought I could face everything..that was I strong enough to beat anything...
[15:55] * Simon Kerrick just stands there.
[15:56] <Matsumi Kaze> I never had to make choices like this..ever
[15:56] <Matsumi Kaze> ..always could cut the knot..take the third option
[15:57] *** there is scratching at the door of the temple.....lots of it
[15:58] <Simon Kerrick> Matsumi?
[15:58] <Matsumi Kaze> this isn't an age for singers or dangers...or spirit warriors
[15:58] <Matsumi Kaze> the valkyrie unit isn't needed..what is needed is a soldier
[15:58] *** the scratching becomes more a small claw smashes a hole in the door
[16:00] <Matsumi Kaze> if I save one person..I doom another...
[16:00] <Matsumi Kaze> if I don't save that one...I lose another....
[16:00] <Matsumi Kaze> if I lose that one...then I can never face the others
[16:01] *** several other claws burst through the door, the windows becoming black by masses of kouma bodies
[16:02] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I don't know what to do
[16:02] <Simon Kerrick's voice> I don't suppose you want suggestions, then.
[16:03] <Matsumi Kaze> ..I don' tknow if I have a purpose...
[16:03] *** the doors burst apart as kouma leap in..surrounding Matsumi
[16:04] <Matsumi Kaze> I don't know what to d-
[16:05] *** the kouma leap on her in a pile
[16:05] *** Matsumi Kaze [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[20:30] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Le Void
[20:30] * mango-chan changes topic to `You are now in the depths of something terrible.`
[20:31] *** Ultra Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:31] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ultra sailor quinox *** Happy Birthday, Takeuchi Naoko-sensei!!
[20:31] *** Indigo [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:31] <@spiritflame> konbanwa indigo *** Happy Birthday, Takeuchi Naoko-sensei!!
[20:31] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is holding onto her Rhapsody Spear, looking around
[20:32] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> what the cats...
[20:33] *** Raihosha [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa raihosha *** Happy Birthday, Takeuchi Naoko-sensei!!
[20:33] *** Solartiger [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa solartiger *** Happy Birthday, Takeuchi Naoko-sensei!!
[20:33] * Indigo 's ears perk up but she doesn't turn around.
[20:33] <Indigo> When did you get here, Matsumi?
[20:34] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh...about a day ago or so...
[20:34] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..I think
[20:34] * Ultra Sailor Quinox keeps the HELL away from Rai
[20:36] *** Adam Kanal [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa adam kanal *** Happy Birthday, Takeuchi Naoko-sensei!!
[20:36] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> though I could help...
[20:36] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> *thought
[20:37] <Adam Kanal> You probably can.
[20:37] *** doop doop doobie doop
[20:37] <Solartiger> Cats? I hope that wasn't an insult, Matsumi.
[20:38] * Ultra Sailor Quinox backs away from solartiger freaking fast
[20:38] <The Magistra> ....
[20:39] * Solartiger chuckles at Matsumi's reaction.
[20:39] *** From far off you hear something that by now you are very, very used to. There is a roar in the distance of something that does not sound like it is something very other. It may be far off but it is in the direction that Q is backing toward.
[20:39] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..............................
[20:39] * Ultra Sailor Quinox slooowly turns around
[20:39] <Adam Kanal> Oh, cool.
[20:39] *** I wouldn't exactly encourage that~
[20:39] <The Magistra> ....
[20:40] * Ultra Sailor Quinox keeps looking forward O_O
[20:40] <Solartiger> DOn't turn around Matsumi.
[20:40] <The Magistra> ...How much further till we're out of here...
[20:40] <Solartiger> Yai's instructions were somewhat clear.
[20:40] *** Now that I have your attention...
[20:41] <Raihosha> Hard to say, given that time and space ceased to have meaning a while back.
[20:41] <Adam Kanal> I can't tell if it's been days, months or hours.
[20:41] *** The path you've stepped upon has felt like it has taken long enough. Things that may not be considered described as men or creatures seem to surround you or encounter you but just as they may be aware of your existence something distracts them. From what you have gathered your charm works toward the front of the party.
[20:42] *** Roll 1d20, -2 for anyone who's not fared well in the void, extra -3 for a time active, +5 if you are aware of the nature of your surroundings, add a die if you have encountered something like this before
[20:42] <spiritflame> Indigo rolls 1d20 [ 19 ]
[20:42] <spiritflame> Ultra Sailor Quinox rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[20:42] <Raihosha> (( add what size a die? ))
[20:43] <spiritflame> Adam Kanal rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[20:43] *** The modifiers are for my knowledge
[20:43] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( wait you mean like. with the -2 to like roll 1d18? ))
[20:43] *** so tell me if you qualify for one of those and I will do the math myself
[20:44] <spiritflame> Raihosha rolls 1d20 [ 14 ]
[20:44] <spiritflame> The Magistra rolls 1d20 [ 19 ]
[20:44] *** Solartiger is the only one who should hypothetically have a 2d20
[20:44] <The Magistra> (( Magistra is both a time active and ill from this because she is a time active. ))
[20:44] <Raihosha> (( Minus 3, plus 5 and a possible additional die. ))
[20:45] *** for rai? Roll it
[20:45] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( matsumi probably would have minus 2 ))
[20:45] <Adam Kanal> (( uh, Adam's familiar with where they're trying to go if it's where I'm thinking. ))
[20:46] <Raihosha> (( I rolled the 1d20, without the added math, did you want me to roll a second d20? ))
[20:46] *** roll a 2d20 for solartiger
[20:47] <spiritflame> Solartiger rolls 2d20 [ 6, 9 ]
[20:47] <Solartiger> (( crap. that roll was crap. :P ))
[20:47] *** lmfao those would have been the s[BLEEP]ttiest rolls if it was a 1d20. You're lucky it compunds
[20:48] *** Matts I'm gonna take an extra -2 off since you joined late, you'll see why in a sec
[20:49] *** Some of you have been absolutely terrified by this place and have nearly had the urge to turn back. Adam almost did at one point. Matsumi it wasn't terribly surprising that she was rattled when she arrived to the party late, things happened to take a little more notice to her.
[20:49] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ......
[20:51] *** Indigo, Rai and Solartiger helped keep you all together. Magistra faired decently on her own but she couldn't do much to help calm the party, it's harrowing
[20:52] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks like she's barely holding on...and sticks close to indigo..far away from rai and soltig
[20:53] *** Some have joined you on your quest though you are uncertain when they arrived. Like Matsumi.
[20:53] *** You aren't sure if you have been her for days, weeks, years, or even seconds, but it is long enough.
[20:53] * Indigo holds Quinox's hand for support.
[20:54] * Ultra Sailor Quinox grips indigo's hand like a's sort of sweaty
[20:54] <The Magistra> Ugh. I hate this. It feels like someone's turned off one of my senses, like I can't feel anything
[20:55] <Adam Kanal> Aren't you just special.
[20:55] <Solartiger> One of your senses HAS been turned off. Just as if you walked into a pitch black room.
[20:56] <The Magistra> I know. :\
[20:56] * Indigo keeps her eyes forward.
[20:57] *** Finally you meet something that is actually real.
[20:57] <Raihosha> This is very dangerous territory, I'm glad Yai is able to distract them.
[20:57] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is trying to concentrate but is having trouble.....
[20:58] *** Your steps are no longer the elusive path that you have been traveling but there is something more solid to it, recognizable.
[20:58] <Raihosha> I think we've reached a potential rest area...
[20:59] <Solartiger> I'm not sure that makes here any safer.
[20:59] <Adam Kanal> IT's something, at least
[20:59] *** Now the path begins to become tangible and your mind is piecing itself back together after being through the strange and terrible. Time becomes straight and you feel safeā€”or at least like you are within your body again.
[21:00] * Indigo takes a deep breath.
[21:00] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....
[21:00] * Indigo lets it go.
[21:00] * Solartiger is using his enhanced senses to keep alert for danger.
[21:01] <The Magistra> Yes! Yes yes! I can feel time again
[21:01] * Ultra Sailor Quinox collapses onto her knees, hugging herself
[21:02] <Raihosha> I'm not sure where this piece of reality is... But it may help.
[21:02] *** The lights are not on, but it's more like you're in a dark room with an open window and the moon might be peeking through.
[21:02] * Adam Kanal sighs, rolling his shoulders back.
[21:03] <Adam Kanal> And of course, I forgot flares. Probably for the best, though.
[21:03] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ><
[21:05] * Ultra Sailor Quinox uses her spear as a prop and manages to get back onto her feet
[21:05] <Raihosha> Can you see anything, Solartiger?
[21:05] * Solartiger uses his night vision abilities to look around.
[21:05] *** Of what you can see this might be like an open field of some sort. At least to the north-south-east-west it does.
[21:07] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...looks...not bad
[21:07] <Solartiger> It seems like an open field...
[21:07] <Solartiger> But it feels like a room.
[21:07] *** If you look up....
[21:08] * Solartiger looks up.
[21:08] *** made ya look :]
[21:08] *** jk jk
[21:10] * Ultra Sailor Quinox just gazes across the field
[21:10] *** IF you look up there is a door. Gravity doesn't seem to affect it in the sense of the knocker is resting against the door entrance. None of you are within reach of it right now.
[21:11] * Raihosha attempts to "feel" the edges of this pocket of reality.
[21:11] *** on the door is a mask that may look like a greek tragedy-comedy mask but it is in a resting state.
[21:11] *** perimeter?
[21:11] * Ultra Sailor Quinox just watches everyone quietly
[21:12] * Raihosha notes perimeter, works. The inside "surface" since it is 3d might be more accurate.
[21:12] <The Magistra> ...
[21:13] *** It's kind of like the dome in under the dome but instead of being a solidly set limit there are blurs between what is real and what is not
[21:14] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....
[21:14] * Adam Kanal tries to tap the door, using his shiethed sword as an extension of his arm.
[21:15] <The Magistra> ...Is that really a good idea?
[21:15] *** It's expansive enough for you to be comfy and spread out to say, set up camp, but not much more than that.
[21:16] <Raihosha> You might want to try Solartiger's shoulder to try that, Adam.
[21:16] *** How high it goes is probably just above that door.
[21:16] * Indigo looks at Solartiger.
[21:16] *** Solartiger is a 5 meter tall felinoid, built like a wall and wearing heavy power armor (beautifully painted Pantone 2955c). One of his eyes is obviously mechanical, glowing balefully as he looks upon you with a weary expression. He is baby 149 of 400.
His image Song is: . He is Level 2.

[21:16] *** So say...10 meters
[21:18] * Ultra Sailor Quinox watches them, leaning on her spear
[21:18] <Indigo> Hmmmm.
[21:19] * Raihosha looks at Adam..
[21:19] *** Adam. is your average everyday Adam.

[21:19] * Raihosha looks at Adam Kanal.
[21:19] *** Adam Kanal is human male, blonde, with blue eyes, and about 5'7". He's in a pair of blue jeans, a white shirt under a blue polo, and blue sneakers. His katana, Sakura, rests at his side. A scar runs from above his right eye all they way behind his left ear. More information about him is Here.
His image Song is: "Pieces" -- Red. He is Level 2.

[21:20] <Raihosha> Still, this is a roomy bit of campsite.
[21:20] <Raihosha> Everyone seems to be holding up?
[21:21] * Ultra Sailor Quinox just gazes straight ahead
[21:21] <The Magistra> I'm alright for the most part...
[21:21] <Indigo> Yeah.
[21:21] <Adam Kanal> Hmm.
[21:21] <Indigo> Hmmm.
[21:21] * Indigo is now known as Sailor Io
[21:21] * Adam Kanal walks over to ST, leaning up to whisper
[21:22] <Adam Kanal> mumblr mumble fast ball, mumble mutter...
[21:22] * Solartiger bends down to listen.
[21:22] * Ultra Sailor Quinox just seems to be in her own little world..
[21:23] <Solartiger> mumble safety mumble slow pitch mumble mumble
[21:23] * Sailor Io waves her hand infront of Q
[21:23] <Sailor Io> Hey.
[21:23] <Sailor Io> Try a wind gust.
[21:23] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hm?
[21:24] <Sailor Io> On the door.
[21:24] <Adam Kanal> mumblr mutter built tough mumblr mumblr risks needed
[21:24] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks up.....
[21:24] * Ultra Sailor Quinox holds up a hand...and sends an air blast at the door
[21:24] *** 1d20
[21:25] <spiritflame> Ultra Sailor Quinox rolls 1d20 [ 3 ]
[21:25] *** you miss. Your gust of wind seems to ripple the dome.
[21:26] * Ultra Sailor Quinox can't seem to concentrate properly...
[21:26] * Solartiger picks up Adam.
[21:26] <Adam Kanal> me squats into a ball-like shape.
[21:26] <spiritflame> Dome-chan rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[21:26] * Adam Kanal ^
[21:26] *** the door shrinks a little.
[21:27] *** The DOME shrinks a little. The door is fine.
[21:27] <The Magistra> Ummm. I think you guys should stop
[21:28] * Solartiger throws Adam at the door, like a shot-put.
[21:28] <spiritflame> Solartiger rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[21:28] *** Solartiger roll 2d20.
[21:29] <spiritflame> Solartiger rolls 2d20 [ 3, 11 ]
[21:29] *** make that 1d20
[21:29] *** You are lucky. While you miss, Adam does not get thrown back out into the void.
[21:29] * Adam Kanal is enjoying this ride
[21:29] *** Instead he just lands with a thud.
[21:29] <Adam Kanal> Worth it!
[21:30] * Ultra Sailor Quinox watches them go at it and gives a tiny smile..but quickly hides it
[21:30] <spiritflame> Dome-chan rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[21:31] *** There is that faint roar from before, coming from that direction of the wind gust.
[21:31] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...................
[21:31] * Adam Kanal pulls out his side arm, making sure it's charged.
[21:31] <Indigo> Okay....maybe we need a new strategy,
[21:32] <The Magistra> Did you try the door?
[21:32] * Ultra Sailor Quinox grips her spear..
[21:33] <Solartiger> We were trying to get him close enough to try.
[21:34] * Indigo tries lava wall and keeps it in one spot, waiting for it to cool and solidify.
[21:34] * Adam Kanal aims his side arm at the door and fires a stun blast.
[21:34] *** 1d20
[21:34] <spiritflame> Adam Kanal rolls 1d20 [ 19 ]
[21:35] *** where were you aiming on the door?
[21:36] *** because you definitely hit the door.
[21:36] * Ultra Sailor Quinox leans on her spear, glancing at indigo
[21:36] <Adam Kanal> Yes I was
[21:36] <Adam Kanal> Boom.
[21:36] <Adam Kanal> F[BLEEP]kin' skills, yo.
[21:37] * Adam Kanal dougies a little
[21:38] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> what are you doing?
[21:38] <Adam Kanal> IT's called the dougie
[21:38] <Adam Kanal> Kind of a big thing a few years back.
[21:39] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..never heard of it
[21:40] <Adam Kanal> Well you're also old. Or were.
[21:40] <Solartiger> So, did you aim for the knocker or the knob
[21:40] <Solartiger> ?
[21:41] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..thanks
[21:41] *** The knocker rattles enough to be considered a knock.
[21:41] <Adam Kanal> The knocker, duh.
[21:41] <Adam Kanal> I only enter uninvited if I have a warrant.
[21:43] * Adam Kanal smiles
[21:43] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> true
[21:44] * Raihosha looks at Matsumi.
[21:44] *** The mask opens it's eyes and look down at you all.
[21:44] *** The door lowers itself so that you can now all reach it.
[21:45] <The Magistra> if it starts quoteing Alice in wonder land, I quit
[21:45] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks away from rai
[21:45] *** While it seems quiet, writing appears on the perimeter of the door.
[21:45] <Adam Kanal> Please quote Alice in Wonderland, please dear Lord...
[21:45] <Door-chan> Whooooooo are youuuuuuu
[21:46] * Raihosha attempts to read the writing.
[21:46] *** No I'm kidding
[21:46] <The Magistra> ..Ok to be fair, that was the Catapiller, not the door knob
[21:47] <Door-chan> "We have been waiting."
[21:47] <Raihosha> We?
[21:47] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ??
[21:48] *** We have a question for you.
[21:48] <Door-chan> ^^^^
[21:48] <Door-chan> Are you a hero?
[21:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..............
[21:49] <The Magistra> Given we're more then one person, we can't be A hero
[21:49] <Raihosha> I'm a father in my current mission.
[21:49] * Adam Kanal sighs, shaking his head at Magistra
[21:49] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..I don't know anymore
[21:50] <Adam Kanal> I'm a space cop. And an demon hunter.
[21:50] <The Magistra> I'm a time traveler here visting family
[21:50] <The Magistra> Well... not HERE...
[21:53] <Door-chan> You tell me that you hunt demonds and enforce the law, and you have children on the line and you travel through time.
[21:53] <Door-chan> But what makes you a hero?
[21:53] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> .........I don't know..
[21:54] <Door-chan> If a story has a protagonist and an antagonist, how are you certain you are the hero?
[21:55] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...
[21:55] <The Magistra> Because the Dhe Ems say I am
[21:55] <Adam Kanal> It depends on the story teller, I guess.
[21:55] * Ultra Sailor Quinox moves to the back of the group
[21:55] <Solartiger> Because I do what's right.
[21:55] <Adam Kanal> What the literal f[BLEEP]k are you talking about, Time Woman?
[21:55] <Solartiger> Protect those who need protecting.
[21:55] <Door-chan> But what is right?
[21:55] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> because I am simply following the others
[21:56] <The Magistra> Every story has writers. Dhe Ehms are those writers.
[21:56] <Door-chan> How do you know that those who you are protecting are truly worth your protection? What if they flourish into the villain? Are you still the hero?
[21:56] <Raihosha> You aren't simply a follower, Matsumi, you're a leader as well.
[21:57] * Ultra Sailor Quinox doesn't look at rai
[21:57] <Door-chan> If you are following, then why did you come here?
[21:57] <Solartiger> The need my protection now. Worth doesn't come into it.
[21:57] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....because I want to help...
[21:57] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...and I thought I could find out who I was doing that
[21:57] <Indigo> ....
[21:57] <Adam Kanal> Look, Door-kun, I can vouch for everyone here minus two people.
[21:58] <The Magistra> Heros do not declare themsselves heros. Socity does that. And socity declares us heros
[21:58] <Adam Kanal> I've seen them fight for their loved ones, for innocent lives caught in the balance, and for justice and truth.
[21:58] <Door-chan> How can I find you credible, space cop?
[21:58] <Indigo> Hey. Magistra and who else?
[21:58] <Adam Kanal> My badge. My honor.
[21:59] <Adam Kanal> ST. He's too new to me.
[21:59] <The Magistra> A true hero does to seek to BE a hero, they just DO. They are not mesured by their own opinions, but by the Opinions of others
[21:59] <Door-chan> A badge is merely a symbol of status.
[21:59] * The Magistra seems to be talking to BOTH the door and Matsumi
[21:59] <Adam Kanal> How f[BLEEP]k f[BLEEP]k are you on WikiQuotes at a time like this?
[21:59] <The Magistra> ....That was a quote?
[22:00] <The Magistra> I just made that up off the top of my head.
[22:00] <Door-chan> What makes a hero a hero, then?
[22:00] * Ultra Sailor Quinox grips her spear
[22:00] <The Magistra> How socity at large veiws them
[22:01] <Adam Kanal> Charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent.
[22:01] * Adam Kanal is stone cold serious.
[22:01] <Raihosha> The usual answer, is the ability to sacrifice for the well-being of others.
[22:01] <Door-chan> Ru Paul would be very proud of your c[BLEEP]t.
[22:01] <The Magistra> But. Then again, there are heros who ARE Unknown to socity. Protecting it from the shadows. Their actions I guess mesure them
[22:02] <Adam Kanal> What?
[22:02] <Door-chan> What are you willing to sacrifice?
[22:02] <Adam Kanal> I don't have a c[BLEEP]t.
[22:03] <Adam Kanal> At least I don't think I do.
[22:03] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...
[22:03] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> myself
[22:03] * Adam Kanal looks over to Magistra, and ponders...
[22:03] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..I will sacrifice myself
[22:03] <Adam Kanal> My life.
[22:03] <Door-chan> Are you willing to sacrifice everything for your mission?
[22:03] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..yes
[22:03] <Door-chan> You have traveled far to get here.
[22:03] <Raihosha> I've done it before.
[22:04] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..I have nothing else to give.....
[22:04] <Door-chan> You will be tested.
[22:04] <Door-chan> Ask The Other this same question when you see him.
[22:05] <Door-chan> We expect to see great things from you.
[22:05] *** And we will hold you to this.
[22:05] <The Magistra> The Other?
[22:05] <Door-chan> ^^^^^
[22:05] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..what same question
[22:06] <Door-chan> Those who cross here must be asked what they will be willing to sacrifice.
[22:06] * Raihosha pauses.
[22:06] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..ok
[22:07] <Raihosha> Then I know where I am, and the door you must be.
[22:07] <Door-chan> We implore you again: Will you sacrifice everything?
[22:07] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> .................yes
[22:07] * Adam Kanal looks at his badge, lifting it up to look at a photograph...
[22:07] <Adam Kanal> Yes.
[22:08] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is tearing in her eyes...
[22:08] <Raihosha> Whatever is required.
[22:09] <Door-chan> Pose that word to those who cross this door.
[22:09] <The Magistra> Of course. As my mother gave her all before me, I am prepared to do the same
[22:09] * Indigo remains silent.
[22:09] *** The Door seal breaks and the doors open.
[22:10] *** As this happens the dome rattles.
[22:12] <The Magistra> ...
[22:12] <The Magistra> Maybe we should go though before this place falls apart
[22:12] *** Don't look down
[22:12] *** You might see this
[22:13] <Raihosha> (( Is that Fred? ))
[22:13] <Raihosha> (( Fred's a decent guy. ))
[22:13] * Adam Kanal walks through, not looking back.
[22:13] *** As long as you're not being....naughty
[22:14] <The Magistra> (( Go to bed Fred. ))
[22:14] * Raihosha goes through the door.
[22:14] *** It is spiraling your dome, closing in and shrinking the dome as it goes
[22:14] * Indigo hops in.
[22:15] <spiritflame> Dome-chan rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[22:15] * Ultra Sailor Quinox follows the others
[22:15] *** is holding up for you.
[22:16] * The Magistra follows the others
[22:16] * Solartiger ushers Magistra ahead, and he brings up the rear.
[22:17] *** The doors close behind you as you hear the screech of the creature and the dome shatters.
[22:18] <The Magistra> ....
[22:19] <Adam Kanal> Come on, heroes. We've got a plot to stop.
[22:19] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....
[22:19] *** As you take a moment to calm yourself, the first thing that comes to you is a chill and the echo of your feet on the ground. Wherever you are, it's made of metal.
[22:20] *** You are currently standing on a large circular thing that is divided down the center. The surface is smooth like ice and it is easy to slip if your shoes do not have traction. The golden walls surround you but when you look up you see your reflection but beyond that there is darkness. You are aware of the constant clicking sound but after a moment or two it is not something you hear unless you actively pay attention to it.
[22:21] * Solartiger runs his hand along the metal, trying to identify it.
[22:21] * Ultra Sailor Quinox taps her spear against the floor
[22:21] *** It's made of earth related metals, nothing that can rust.
[22:22] *** The floor is solid for now.
[22:22] <Solartiger> I wonder how old this place is?
[22:22] *** For now, there are two things.
[22:22] *** You can now create a portal that is a shortcut between here and home.
[22:23] *** However, if you do you cannot speak of this place without first asking what the door asked you.
[22:24] *** Once you cross a bracelet appears on your wrist. If you speak of this place to anyone who does not answer you proper, it breaks and you forget this place exists.
[22:24] *** There are no exceptions, no loopholes.
[22:25] *** You can't communicate this place unless the door would deem them worthy: if they are willing to sacrifice everything for this goal.
[22:26] *** Are there any questions?
[22:28] <Raihosha> (( I don't, anyone else? ))
[22:28] <Adam Kanal> (( not here ))
[22:28] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( nope ))
[22:29] *** That leaves one moar.
[22:30] <The Magistra> (( Nope ))
[22:30] *** if you fear discussing this place there is nothing saying you cannot stay until you can continue.
[22:30] *** Alright.
[22:31] *** Now make your own way home ;)
[22:32] * Indigo takes a seat.
[22:32] *** Raihosha [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (I'll wait here. I can't see leaving, yet.)
[22:32] * Ultra Sailor Quinox sits down and hugs her knees a bit
[22:32] *** Ultra Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi3 (...I don't know what to do)
[22:33] <Indigo> I'm going to stay.
[22:33] *** Indigo [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (And all the people hurried past real fast and no one ever smiled.)
[22:33] <Adam Kanal> Same.
[22:33] *** Adam Kanal [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (You make your own future)
[22:34] *** Solartiger [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (I stand by grandfather.)
[22:36] *** The Magistra [] has left #suburbansenshi3

[13:56] * The Corruptor sits in a shadowy room filled with shadows and presses black keys on a black keyboard, activating a long-dormat time scoop
[13:57] <The Corruptor> Excellent.
[13:58] <The Corruptor> I have long believed that Chaos can give rise to a spectacular sort of order, as is exemplified by the fact of my own renewed existence.
[13:58] <The Corruptor> I believe "Successor Idol" will let me put this most excellent theory into practice.
[13:59] <spiritflame> The Corruptor rolls 7d2088 [ 245, 1454, 1565, 778, 1391, 2085, 870 ]
[13:59] <The Corruptor> System. Identify targets 245, 1454, 1565, 778, 1391, 2085 and 870.
[14:04] *** > Targets found.
[14:05] * The Corruptor looks at Was SR.
[14:05] *** Was SR is former annoyance (well, will be an annoyance again I presume) to Suburban Senshi. Formerly known as SaturnReincarnation, a name that she will forever burn in the pits of hell, Was SR is looking to revive her Sailor Moon fandom, albeit in a healthy way.
Her image Song is: "Equivalencies" by King Missle. She is Level 1.

[14:05] <The Corruptor> Interesting.
[14:05] <The Corruptor> Profiles on the rest of them, please.
[14:05] * The Corruptor looks at Kirby.
[14:05] *** Kirby is an inhabitant of Euri's mind. Kirby was originally from the planet Pop Star, and has fought countless of battles since then. He was saved from death by Euri. Kirby is an adorable, pink puffball trailing a ball of yarn behind him.
His image Song is: "Gourmet Race" by Masahiro Sakurai. He is Level 1.

[14:05] * The Corruptor looks at Sakitty_Smile.
[14:05] *** Sakitty_Smile is Ogawa Saki, a student at Odaiba High. She wears her school uniform, and a strage book is in her hands...
Her image Song is: Asu wa Date na no ni, Imasugu Koe ga Kikitai. She is Level 1.

[14:06] * The Corruptor looks at D. Flac.
[14:06] *** D. Flac is a tall heroic looking man with long blue hair and a rather uninterested expression on his face. A blue traveling cloak covers a simple green shirt and brown pants, finished with traveling boots. A long sword is tied to his belt.
His image Song is: . He is Level 1.

[14:06] * The Corruptor looks at Adair.
[14:06] *** Adair is a tall young girl about 19 with long black hair normally braided back. Her eyes are a dark blue and her skin is very fair. She is commonly seen wearing knee-high boots, dressy black capris, a black tank top, and a long black trenchcoat.
image Song is: . is Level 1.

[14:06] * The Corruptor looks at Passionate MIDORI.
[14:06] *** Passionate MIDORI is Midori Himeno, the 21 year old, 28th successor to the ancient Fuin school of martial arts. She has bright, short red hair, blue eyes, and dark skin. She wears denim shorts, denim vest, red, fingerless gloves, a white bandana, and a purple tube top. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: Rough. She is Level 1.

[14:06] * The Corruptor looks at Mango-chan.
[14:06] *** Mango-chan is a green-eyed girl with red hair cut just to her neck and gets spiky at the ends. She has automail limbs on her left arm and right leg that look well used. Whatever she's wearing has bunnies on it somewhere. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: Martin Garrix - Animals (for 10 hours). She is Level 34.

[14:06] * The Corruptor looks at Lady Mimas.
[14:06] *** Lady Mimas is Jinan donned in deep purple and gray dress with a long slit and a red and pink belt that extends from her upper thigh to her knee.. She wears a red crown on her head and a long necklace with a cross tied at the end and beads filled with red-black liquid. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "About Her" by Malcom Mclaren. She is Level 1.

[14:07] <The Corruptor> Hmm.
[14:08] <The Corruptor> They shall do. Commence the Process.
[14:08] *** > Affirmative

[19:37] <@spiritflame> : only OPs may change topic
[19:37] * @spiritflame changes topic to `Idol Successor Round 1 Tonight! Geminine vs Iconoclast!`
[19:49] <spiritflame> The Corruptor rolls 1d3 [ 3 ]
[19:50] <The Corruptor> An easy one tonight...
[19:56] <The Corruptor> Tonight's special location: TOWER CITY!
[19:57] <The Corruptor> And our special judge for tonight is...
[19:57] * Drumroll...
[19:57] <spiritflame> The Corruptor rolls 1d7 [ 7 ]
[19:58] *** Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:58] <@spiritflame> konbanwa arrogant brawler luciano mimas p
[19:58] <The Corruptor> A biatch donned up in deep purple n' gray dress wit a long-ass slit n' a red n' pink belt dat extendz from her upper thigh ta her knee. Biatch wears a red crown on her head n' a long-ass phat gold rope wit a cold-ass lil cross tied all up in tha end n' beadz filled wit red-black liquid dat shw will poison yo ass wit. Masta of da Random Damage skool of Martial Arts.
[19:58] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> I'll break you, b[BLEEP]ches. ♡
[19:59] ☼ Scouter indicates G. Sunrise has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[19:59] ☼ Scouter indicates G. Sunrise has HP level of 500!
[20:00] <G. Sunrise> Ah'm ready... Ah'll be th' one who's chosen!
[20:00] ☼ Scouter indicates The Iconoclast has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[20:00] ☼ Scouter indicates The Iconoclast has HP level of 500!
[20:00] <The Iconoclast> Au Contraire, Madamoiselle. I'll be the perfect heir.
[20:01] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: The City of Skyscrapers
[20:03] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P takes a mic and spins it around
[20:03] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Once our audience gets here, we'll get this show started!
[20:07] *** Eliza McIntash has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eliza mcintash
[20:07] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:07] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[20:08] *** Ran Yakumo [Nine-Tailed Strategist@EnclaveFedCom.Net(Pirated S] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ran yakumo
[20:08] <Ran Yakumo> I have come on behalf of the Onryo to represent him here.
[20:09] *** mango-chan [twasbryllyg@greeneyedmonsters.blackhole] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa mango-chan
[20:09] <The Corruptor> That's sweet. I'm sure the Onryo is happy for the help.
[20:09] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:09] <@spiritflame> konbanwa
[20:09] * is watching this
[20:10] <mango-chan> Sooooooo
[20:10] * Ran Yakumo looks stern and unhappy, but composes herself with all the grace and dignity of a nine-tailed fox-woman.
[20:10] <mango-chan> There's only one of these.
[20:10] <mango-chan> Why is there only one of these?
[20:10] <mango-chan> Is only one of us voting?
[20:11] <The Corruptor> Nope!
[20:11] * Eliza McIntash is frowning deeply. She is carrying a Katana.
[20:11] <The Corruptor> You're all voting.
[20:11] <The Corruptor> But NOT in the way you might have been expecting.
[20:12] <mango-chan> ...wat
[20:12] <The Corruptor> You see, in order to advance in the game of Successor Idol...
[20:12] <The Corruptor> Our lovely contestants have to pass a series of trials. 7 in all.
[20:13] <The Corruptor> Tonight we have the stunning Geminine Sunrise and the Plucky young Iconoclast.
[20:13] <The Corruptor> They lucked out and got an easy level tonight:
[20:13] <The Corruptor> The city of towers
[20:14] <The Corruptor> Now you all will wan tto keep a good eye on that map
[20:14] <The Corruptor> Why?
[20:14] <The Corruptor> Because you ALL will be controlling the two competitors.
[20:14] <The Corruptor> THAT'S RIGHT!
[20:14] <The Corruptor> By voting, you decide where they go and what they do!
[20:15] * Eliza McIntash spits.
[20:15] <Ran Yakumo> Question.
[20:15] <The Corruptor> mmmyreeas?
[20:15] <Ran Yakumo> Was this what you originally explained to everyone previously?
[20:15] <The Corruptor> I said you had to vote. I didn't say how.
[20:15] <David O`Cain> (Oh boy! A voting version of MXC or Ninja Warrior!)
[20:16] <The Corruptor> The goal of this level is simple. Find the exit and leave.
[20:16] <David O`Cain> - (Sounds about right.) -
[20:16] <The Corruptor> there are 10 buildings, the exit is on one of them. Some havs SPOOKY DANGERS. Others do not.
[20:16] <The Corruptor> the first person to the exit wins the stage. the other loses.
[20:17] <Eliza McIntash> What happens to the loser?
[20:17] <The Corruptor> All I'll say for this round is one of these lovely two people will be released and sent home.
[20:17] <The Corruptor> safe and sound.
[20:18] <The Corruptor> As for which one? Who knows?
[20:18] <The Corruptor> By round two you'll know that answer!
[20:18] <The Corruptor> Uncertainy makes this one a little more exciting, ne?
[20:18] * Eliza McIntash frowns.
[20:18] * Jameson Atlas watches
[20:18] <The Corruptor> So. We're doing this in turns. Competitors, roll for initiative!
[20:18] <Ran Yakumo> Isn't this being a little covert though?
[20:18] <> straightforward and logical
[20:19] <spiritflame> G. Sunrise rolls 1d20 [ 17 ]
[20:19] <spiritflame> The Iconoclast rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[20:19] <mango-chan> We should probably roll for who uses this thing...
[20:19] <The Corruptor> Looks like the Lovely Gemininegets to move first!
[20:19] <Ran Yakumo> You're making everyone play a game for the safety of these people, but you're not being exactly straightforward about the rules and conditions.
[20:19] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> So here's the deal, b[BLEEP]ches.
[20:20] * Eliza McIntash looks at Arogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P.
[20:20] *** Arogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P is your average everyday Arogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P

[20:20] <The Corruptor> Ran sure does run her mouth, doesn't she! Let's listen to her complain while the rest of you get playing to SAVE one of YOUR friends!
[20:20] *** Suu [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:20] <@spiritflame> konbanwa suu
[20:20] *** A biatch donned up in deep purple n' gray dress wit a long-ass slit n' a red n' pink belt dat extendz from her upper thigh ta her knee. Biatch wears a red crown on her head n' a long-ass phat gold rope wit a cold-ass lil cross tied all up in tha end n' beadz filled wit red-black liquid dat shw will poison yo ass wit. Masta of da Random Damage skool of Martial Arts.
[20:20] * watches...thinking
[20:21] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> This will be a short level.
[20:21] * Ran Yakumo is trying to understand just what the rules are that they're all going to be playing by.
[20:21] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> The rules are this:
[20:21] <Jameson Atlas> My guess is we pick who dies
[20:22] <Suu> ...
[20:22] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> The competitors can leap from building to building as they seek the exit. You'll be deciding where they go, how they investigate, how they fight. You can even make them fight each other!
[20:22] * Ran Yakumo reflects upon the notes the Onryo gave her earlier.
[20:22] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> If one of them gets KOed, they automatically lose.
[20:23] <Ran Yakumo> Hmmm, the names on those towers...
[20:23] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Each of you audience members has a "Reverse Fate" option. If you don't like what happened to your favorite you can choose for it to be undone ONCE (excluding a defeat) The price is the other player has to /sell
[20:24] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> It's very delicious.
[20:25] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> So let's start.
[20:25] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Geminine is on the Scolex Building. She will move first, then control of Ike will be passed onto you.
[20:25] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Where do you all want Geminine to move?
[20:26] * looks to the others
[20:26] <> well..where shall we pick
[20:26] * mango-chan is holding the voting device.
[20:26] <The Corruptor> I suppose it bears mentioning you can only hop from one adjacenet builkding to another.
[20:27] <Ran Yakumo> Judging by the movies I've seen back home, I'd recommended against Stark, OCP, and Nakatomi Plaza. Because those places all exploded at some point.
[20:27] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Your choices are Ginga and Stark at this moment.
[20:27] <> I say ginga
[20:27] <mango-chan> So....Ginga
[20:27] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Any other votes?
[20:27] * mango-chan texts The Bad Guys     Ginga Tower!
[20:28] <Ran Yakumo> Ginga.
[20:28] 5 [500 HP / 987 MP] G. Sunrise LEAPS for Ginga Tower (-13 MP +5 SP)
[20:28] <spiritflame> G. Sunrise rolls 1d20 [ 19 ]
[20:28] * G. Sunrise makes it easily!
[20:28] <Suu> Ginga...
[20:29] * mango-chan hands the device to Suu.
[20:29] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> and now it's ike's turn. He's on Tyrell, so he can go to Rockerfeller or Glass.
[20:29] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> /D whoops
[20:30] *** Whoops
[20:30] <Suu> ...
[20:30] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Technical glitch. He's on rockerfeller, so he can go to Nakatomi, Wynand or Tyrell.
[20:30] * Suu examines the device
[20:30] <Ran Yakumo> Not Nakatomi! Or else it might just be Yippie-ki-yay motherf[BLEEP]ker.
[20:31] <Eliza McIntash> Natatomi
[20:31] <mango-chan> You text in the answer
[20:31] <> Nakatomi
[20:31] <mango-chan> I'd suggest Glass.
[20:31] <Ran Yakumo> Glass.
[20:31] <mango-chan> Or rather
[20:31] <mango-chan> Wynand.
[20:31] <Suu> ...
[20:32] <Suu> I dunno about glass.
[20:32] <Jameson Atlas> Didn't you hear the announcement?
[20:32] <Jameson Atlas> He can't go to Glass
[20:32] <Ran Yakumo> Wynand.
[20:32] <mango-chan> Wynand.
[20:32] <Suu> All right.
[20:32] <Suu> Any objections?
[20:32] <Jameson Atlas> Nope
[20:32] <The Corruptor> let's count those votes here...
[20:33] * Suu texts The Corruptor     Wynand
[20:33] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Wynand it is!
[20:33] <> apperently not
[20:33] * watches
[20:33] 6 [500 HP / 977 MP] The Iconoclast leaps to Wynand (-23 MP +6 SP)
[20:34] <spiritflame> The Iconoclast rolls 1d20 [ 5 ]
[20:34] * The Iconoclast FALLS BETWEEN THE GAPS!
[20:34] <The Iconoclast> AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH
[20:34] 23 [477 HP / 1008 MP] The Iconoclast has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (23 damage +17 SP)
[20:34] <Jameson Atlas> O.o
[20:34] <> ....
[20:34] 23 [477 HP / 1010 MP] The Iconoclast has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[20:34] * The Iconoclast manages to snag a ledge and climb back up somehow
[20:34] <Suu> ...
[20:35] * The Iconoclast is on Wynand <_<
[20:35] <mango-chan> I have an idea.
[20:35] *** Cut back to Gemini in Ginga. Shat should she do?
[20:35] *** ^Geminine
[20:35] <mango-chan> OCP.
[20:35] <The Corruptor> OH BUT WAIT JUST A MINUTE
[20:36] <The Corruptor> WHAT IS IT?!
[20:36] <mango-chan> ....
[20:36] *** Kaiju Seaking has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:36] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kaiju seaking
[20:36] ☼ Scouter indicates Kaiju Seaking has HP level of 1000!
[20:36] ☼ Scouter indicates Kaiju Seaking has HP level of 100!
[20:36] <Ran Yakumo> ...
[20:36] ☼ Scouter indicates Kaiju Seaking has MP level of 500!
[20:36] <Ran Yakumo> F[BLEEP]KYEAH, SEAKING!!
[20:36] <Kaiju Seaking> RAWR!!!!!
[20:37] * Kaiju Seaking STOMPS AROUND
[20:37] <> ........
[20:37] * slaps ran up the head
[20:37] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Geminine's gonan need something to fight with!
[20:37] <mango-chan> That's kind of hilarious.
[20:37] <The Corruptor> Let's get her a RANDOM COSMIC ITEM
[20:37] * The Corruptor summons one fromt he bowels of chaos
[20:37] <Suu> ...
[20:38] <mango-chan> I am now really hoping the Chrysler Building has King Kong, now.
[20:38] * G. Sunrise is armed with... A PALM TREE?!
[20:38] <G. Sunrise> Th' Hell
[20:38] <The Corruptor> Chaos is like that.
[20:38] <mango-chan> Hey!
[20:38] <mango-chan> Can we change that?
[20:38] <mango-chan> what she's armed with?
[20:38] <Ran Yakumo> Chaos breeds trolls?
[20:38] * G. Sunrise is literally hefting around a palm tree
[20:39] <The Corruptor> You can change it!
[20:39] <The Corruptor> But it will cost Ike~
[20:39] *** Do you want to? y/n
[20:39] <mango-chan> .....
[20:39] <Jameson Atlas> You could do just fine with a tree. You know how much damage it could do?
[20:39] <> ...
[20:39] <Ran Yakumo> I say we vote yes to change her weapon.
[20:40] 6 [100 HP / 472 MP] Kaiju Seaking WHIPS Geminine with a fin (-28 MP +6 SP)
[20:40] 5 [500 HP / 992 MP] G. Sunrise has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[20:40] <mango-chan> No I think she's fine with a tree.
[20:40] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Change her weapon~?
[20:40] <> no
[20:41] <The Corruptor> Let's make this interesting.
[20:41] ☼ Scouter indicates G. Sunrise has SP level of 31!
[20:41] <The Corruptor> Decide how she should respond to Seaking.
[20:42] <mango-chan> Go with a special thing.
[20:42] <Ran Yakumo> Calll it into her Pokeball!
[20:42] <> skewer it
[20:42] <The Corruptor> So you want her to do a special?
[20:42] * Jameson Atlas SMACKS Ran upside the head, "Shut up!"
[20:43] <The Corruptor> remember, you're controlling her~
[20:43] <Suu> ...
[20:43] <Ran Yakumo> No specials yet!
[20:43] <Suu> wedge it into its open mouth
[20:43] * Eliza McIntash votes special, assuming Gems cannot run.
[20:43] <mango-chan> So skewer the seaking with a tree
[20:44] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Mango and Eliza voted Special Attack. Ran wants call it into a pokeball. Suu wants the tree wedged in its mouth
[20:44] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Jameson?
[20:44] <mango-chan> Maybe we can roast the seaking and everyone can live happily ever after.
[20:44] <mango-chan> Except the seaking.
[20:45] <Lady Mimas> I have an idea~
[20:45] *** Lady Mimas [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:45] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lady mimas
[20:45] * Kaiju Seaking taps its fin impatiently
[20:45] <Lady Mimas> Oh, imposter.
[20:45] <Jameson Atlas> I think she should smash it
[20:45] <Lady Mimas> How about she throws the tree at the boy instead?
[20:46] <The Corruptor> ...whoa.
[20:46] <The Corruptor> Attacking Ike?
[20:46] <The Corruptor> Can you really get the others on board with that?
[20:46] <Lady Mimas> Yes. :)
[20:46] <The Corruptor> Make your case~
[20:46] <Ran Yakumo> Go for it.
[20:46] <Lady Mimas> You can end this much quicker if they simply attack eachother.
[20:46] * The Iconoclast is idling on Wynand Building, a finger up his nose.
[20:47] <Suu> ...
[20:47] * The Corruptor steeples his fingers and smiles broadly.
[20:47] <Lady Mimas> They're going to be doing harm regardless, think of it as a mercy ending.
[20:47] <> ...why are you advokating this, Ran
[20:47] <Ran Yakumo> Because we WANT this to end.
[20:47] <Suu> He said that ONE of them would be released safe and sound.
[20:48] <The Corruptor> The other will advance to the next round.
[20:48] <The Corruptor> Where you could potentally get them released!
[20:48] <Jameson Atlas> Something tells me that's not entirely accurate
[20:48] <The Corruptor> I stand by my word.
[20:48] <Ran Yakumo> He just neglected to say which of them would be sent forward.
[20:48] <The Corruptor> Yes, that's a surprise for this round.
[20:49] <The Corruptor> The other way is to make Geminie flee and have her fgind the exit first.
[20:49] <The Corruptor> Then they don't hurt each other.
[20:49] <The Corruptor> You know it's not on Scolex, not Rockerfeller.
[20:49] <Lady Mimas> But do you really want to not spare the boy?
[20:49] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Grammar, honey.
[20:50] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> It's a thing.
[20:50] <Lady Mimas> Make it quick and skewer him. He'll be fine.
[20:50] * Eliza McIntash wishes to have each one continue to search for the exit.
[20:50] <Lady Mimas> Oh, excuse me have you seen your name?
[20:50] <Lady Mimas> Have you seen your outfit?
[20:50] <Lady Mimas> I'm the classier of the two here.
[20:50] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> I am teh sex, I know.
[20:50] <Ran Yakumo> From what I've heard, Iconoclast is quite the...durable one.
[20:50] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Don't be jealous, yo.
[20:51] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Don't be a *jazz hands* Hata~
[20:51] <Lady Mimas> Who needs to be desirable from that perspective when you can have raw ultimate power?
[20:51] * Lady Mimas 's shadows grow behind her.
[20:51] <The Corruptor> if we don't have a consensius answer in one minute she's goign to sell special.
[20:51] <Lady Mimas> He'll be fine.
[20:51] <Lady Mimas> Skewer him.
[20:51] * Eliza McIntash is displeased at the egotism when lives are at stake.
[20:51] <Suu> ...
[20:51] <Suu> hold it
[20:51] * Eliza McIntash urges her to /special.
[20:52] <> yes, Suu?
[20:52] <Jameson Atlas> Who has the texter?
[20:52] * Suu hold up a finger for silence
[20:52] <Ran Yakumo> We need to decide.
[20:52] * Suu types something on her own phone "what if we voted for them to work together to find the exit"
[20:53] <Jameson Atlas> Hey i like that
[20:53] <> a possiblity
[20:53] * Kaiju Seaking kills itself out of boredom and dehydration because you know. fish. out of water.
[20:53] <Ran Yakumo> Definitely.
[20:53] 16 [-1810 HP/ 479 MP] Kaiju Seaking has been HIT by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (x 10 Hits) (1910 damage + 10 SP)
[20:53] Kaiju Seaking has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[20:53] <Jameson Atlas> Or that
[20:54] <Suu> Let's see...
[20:54] * Kaiju Seaking begins to smell jesus christ
[20:54] <Suu> Where are the two of them again>
[20:54] <The Corruptor> Geminine is on Ginga with the TV dinner and Ike is on Wynand.
[20:54] * Lady Mimas snickers.
[20:54] <Lady Mimas> Can we have the fish fry as a prize when this is over?
[20:55] <The Corruptor> You can have it now, I think it's rotting ><
[20:55] * Eliza McIntash believes it it Iek's move?
[20:55] <Ran Yakumo> Have them start coordinating a search for the exit.
[20:55] *** No one ever decided what gems was doing eliza
[20:55] *** Lady Mimas [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (You all are quite boring.)
[20:55] <Jameson Atlas> Just move her to the next building then?
[20:55] <mango-chan> So have her jump over to Wynand?
[20:55] <Suu> Okay.
[20:55] <The Corruptor> Final ask: Where are you moving Geminine next
[20:55] <Suu> We're moving Geminine...
[20:55] <mango-chan> Is that possible?
[20:56] <The Corruptor> It is :O
[20:56] <Suu> to Wynand.
[20:56] <The Corruptor> So be it~
[20:56] <mango-chan> To Wynand!
[20:56] 37 [500 HP / 966 MP] G. Sunrise LEAPS t' Wynand (-26 MP +6 SP)
[20:56] <Ran Yakumo> Wynand.
[20:56] <spiritflame> G. Sunrise rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[20:56] * G. Sunrise FALLS
[20:56] <The Corruptor> What a gao!
[20:56] <The Corruptor> gap!
[20:57] <Ran Yakumo> :O
[20:57] * Eliza McIntash wanted to vote OCP!
[20:57] 51 [349 HP / 970 MP ] G. Sunrise has been SEARED by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (151 damage +14 SP)
[20:57] <Eliza McIntash> :(
[20:57] <Suu> !!!
[20:57] * G. Sunrise is all battered but makes her way up ><
[20:57] * G. Sunrise stands before Ike
[20:57] <The Corruptor> Ike's turn~
[20:57] <mango-chan> Ike, take Geminine and go to OCP!
[20:57] <The Iconoclast> Exit's not here, red.
[20:58] <G. Sunrise> ...
[20:58] <The Corruptor> any other votes?
[20:58] <Jameson Atlas> fine with me
[20:58] * Eliza McIntash agrees.
[20:59] <Ran Yakumo> I agree too.
[20:59] <The Iconoclast> .....
[20:59] <Suu> Yes.
[20:59] * The Iconoclast finds himself grabbing Geminine ><
[20:59] 31 [477 HP / 995 MP] The Iconoclast grabs her (-15 MP +8 SP)
[20:59] 58 [343 HP / 973 MP] G. Sunrise has BLOCKED the attack! (6 damage +7 SP)
[20:59] <Ran Yakumo> Dead or alive, he's going with her.
[20:59] <G. Sunrise> NO.
[20:59] <G. Sunrise> Ah'm gonan win this!
[21:00] <The Corruptor> oh s[BLEEP]t.
[21:00] <The Corruptor> what now kids?
[21:00] <The Corruptor> Gem's turn~
[21:00] * looks to the others
[21:00] <Suu> ...
[21:01] * Suu types on her phone "Can she subdue him and carry him"
[21:01] <mango-chan> Let's try this again.
[21:01] <mango-chan> I don't think she can subdue him because if he is knocked out then the game is over....
[21:01] <The Corruptor> But if she landsa hit she can take him over her shoulder~
[21:02] <Ran Yakumo> Do that. Carry him over her shoulder if she has to.
[21:02] <The Iconoclast> I'M GONNA WIN!
[21:02] <The Corruptor> they are your poppets. your decision trumps.
[21:03] * Ran Yakumo wonders if there's a way they can both win.
[21:03] * G. Sunrise finds herself pullin' away an' gettin' ready to fight
[21:03] <The Corruptor> What kind of an attack shall she use?
[21:03] <Ran Yakumo> Let's make them work together.
[21:03] <Eliza McIntash> We can make them do anything?
[21:03] <The Corruptor> regular or combo or special~
[21:03] <mango-chan> Ike, you're baby number something!
[21:03] <The Corruptor> Yes... except for one thing which i won't revela just yet.
[21:03] <mango-chan> You're gonna work with her, I said so as your life giver thing!
[21:04] * Eliza McIntash wishes The Iconoclast would psychically reach out, and strike The Corruptor Dead!
[21:04] <mango-chan> Regular grab!
[21:04] <Ran Yakumo> Regular grab.
[21:04] 63 [343 HP / 950 MP] G. Sunrise grabs Ike (-23 MP +5 SP)
[21:04] <Suu> ...Regular grab
[21:04] 36 [472 HP / 1004 MP] The Iconoclast has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage +5 SP)
[21:04] <Jameson Atlas> o.O
[21:04] <The Iconoclast> NO WAY.
[21:04] <mango-chan> .....
[21:04] <The Iconoclast> THIS IS MY AMBITION
[21:04] <> they are stronger then they look
[21:04] <Jameson Atlas> Okay so I vote we stop wasting time trying to make them carry each other
[21:05] * mango-chan throws her hands up in the air sometimes saying eyo
[21:05] <The Corruptor> ike's turn...
[21:05] <> I was not aware Ike enjoyed crossdressing
[21:05] * Eliza McIntash wishes Ike would leap away to Glass Tower!
[21:05] <The Corruptor> you have to text in your votes people
[21:05] <The Corruptor> wishes are like horses
[21:05] <The Corruptor> what will Ike do?
[21:06] * looks to suu "well?"
[21:06] <mango-chan> Okay so I vote Ike goes to OCP
[21:06] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P just idles in the corner lint rolling her crown
[21:06] * Ran Yakumo texts in for Geminine and Ike to *work together and win together*!
[21:06] * Eliza McIntash texts that he should do that too, then. :P
[21:06] <Suu> ...I'm up with Ran.
[21:07] * Eliza McIntash texts she wants Ike to leap to OCP Tower.
[21:07] <Jameson Atlas> There's only one of those things and we all have to agree
[21:07] *** Eliza who were you agreeing with or were you wnating him to jumop
[21:07] <Eliza McIntash> (( fixed it. ))
[21:07] <Jameson Atlas> I say jump to OCP
[21:07] * The Iconoclast stiffly turns and LEAPS for OCP
[21:07] 43 [472 HP / 977 MP] The Iconoclast (-27 MP +7 SP)
[21:07] <spiritflame> The Iconoclast rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[21:07] 57 [316 HP / 980 MP ] The Iconoclast has been SLAMMED by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (156 damage +14 SP)
[21:08] * The Iconoclast Craters and pulls himself up anyway ><
[21:08] <mango-chan> Is the exit there?
[21:08] * The Iconoclast is standing on the OCP building. There may be sometbing there... but it's Geminine's turn...
[21:08] <Ran Yakumo> What was he talking about his ambition anyway?
[21:08] <mango-chan> ....Follow him.
[21:08] <The Corruptor> Now what does she do~?
[21:09] <Suu> Have Geminine search thoroughly
[21:09] <The Corruptor> remember, they seek to be my successor!
[21:09] <Ran Yakumo> Have her search the area.
[21:10] * Eliza McIntash texts that she wants Gemanine to Search.
[21:10] * The Corruptor chuckles "Any otehr votes?"
[21:10] <Ran Yakumo> Like hell they want to be this guy's successor.
[21:10] <mango-chan> I think they do.
[21:10] * Ran Yakumo texts that she wants Geminine to search as well.
[21:10] * G. Sunrise searches Wynand an' sees nothin'
[21:10] <mango-chan> Celeste is dead set on it.
[21:10] <mango-chan> I wouldn't be surprised if these guys are too
[21:11] * Eliza McIntash texts that Ike should jump to the Chrysler building!
[21:11] <The Corruptor> Looks like you all forgot Ike left her behind on Wynand~
[21:11] <The Corruptor> his turn now~
[21:11] <mango-chan> Explore the OCP building!
[21:11] <> explore the OCP building
[21:11] <Jameson Atlas> agreed
[21:12] <Suu> Explore the OCP building.
[21:12] <Ran Yakumo> He's there, so he might as well search around.
[21:12] * The Iconoclast looks around and finds... THE EXIT.... and an ED-209 combat unit. Which is guarding it. And is pissed off.
[21:12] *** ED-209 has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ed-209
[21:12] ☼ Scouter indicates ED-209 has HP level of 100!
[21:12] ☼ Scouter indicates ED-209 has MP level of 500!
[21:12] <Jameson Atlas> Well s[BLEEP]t
[21:13] <Suu> s[BLEEP]t...
[21:13] <Suu> He needs a weapon, and fast
[21:13] <Ran Yakumo> I KNEW IT!
[21:13] <Suu> And Geminine, too
[21:13] <mango-chan> He doesn't need a weapon he's the child of Yaijinden.
[21:13] <Ran Yakumo> TRIP IT! MAKE IT GO DOWN SOME STAIRS!!!!
[21:13] <The Corruptor> RANDOM CHAOS, WHAT DOES HE GET?!
[21:13] <mango-chan> Ike fight it with your shadow tentacles and go for a special.
[21:13] * The Iconoclast is EQQUIPPED WITH A CHILD!
[21:14] <Ran Yakumo> D:
[21:14] <> .....
[21:14] <The Corruptor> and it's Geminine's turn at the moment. She's on Wynand
[21:14] <mango-chan> Geminine to OCP
[21:14] * Eliza McIntash needs to know if the.... whatever... has an attack range of more than one building.
[21:14] *** it does not.
[21:14] <mango-chan> Wait
[21:14] <mango-chan> Guys
[21:15] <mango-chan> IS IKE PREGNANT?
[21:15] <> what?
[21:15] <mango-chan> Equipped with child
[21:15] <The Iconoclast> IT FELL OUT OF THE SKY I SWEAR TO GOD
[21:15] <Jameson Atlas> .....what?
[21:15] * The Iconoclast weilds a battle infant™
[21:15] <Suu> ...
[21:15] * G. Sunrise taps her foot, watin'
[21:15] <Suu> have it spit up on it in a vulnerable place!
[21:16] <Ran Yakumo> A...battle...infant. That's nice! =^ ^=
[21:16] <The Corruptor> Still Geminine's turn
[21:16] <mango-chan> Geminine to OCP.
[21:16] <Ran Yakumo> As for Geminine, what buildings is she next to?
[21:16] <Jameson Atlas> OCP
[21:16] <The Corruptor> Rockerfeller, OCP, Nakatomi, Stark.
[21:17] <Ran Yakumo> Go to OCP and help Icon-boy.
[21:17] * Eliza McIntash checks the map!
[21:17] * Ran Yakumo texts for Geminine to *help Iconoclast*
[21:17] * Eliza McIntash texts that Gemanine should jump to Stark Tower!
[21:17] <The Corruptor> Interesting Choice Eliza.
[21:18] <The Corruptor> Can you convicne the others?
[21:18] <Suu> Do it. He can't beat that robot by himself.
[21:18] <> why eliza
[21:18] <Jameson Atlas> we know where the exit is. why go for another place?
[21:18] <Ran Yakumo> Hmmmm...
[21:18] <> go to OCP
[21:19] <Ran Yakumo> OCP. I stand by my original decision.
[21:19] <The Corruptor> Looks like they aren't budging.
[21:19] 71 [343 HP / 950 MP] G. Sunrise Leaps for OCP! (-0 MP +8 SP)
[21:19] <spiritflame> G. Sunrise rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[21:19] * G. Sunrise MAKES IT!
[21:19] * G. Sunrise runs up by Ike
[21:20] * Eliza McIntash notes that since the Robot has only 1 building of attach range, they should just leave it alone and scram upon disturbing it.
[21:20] <The Corruptor> RANDOM CHAOS GIVE HER A WEAPON
[21:20] * Jameson Atlas notes that the robot is blocking the exit they need to get out >>
[21:20] * G. Sunrise equips with... a hare. ¬_¬
[21:20] <Ran Yakumo> JUST TRIP ED-209!!
[21:20] <G. Sunrise> GOLDANG IT
[21:20] * Eliza McIntash votes special!
[21:21] <The Iconoclast> ^BABBY
[21:21] <The Corruptor> Eliza wants ike to do a special
[21:21] <Suu> ...I vote special
[21:21] <The Corruptor> and anotehr vote fo rthe same
[21:21] <Jameson Atlas> special
[21:21] <The Corruptor> anyone else~
[21:21] <mango-chan> Special.
[21:21] <mango-chan> NO WAIT
[21:21] <mango-chan> COMBO
[21:21] <The Iconoclast> I am SO gonna waste this tin can!
[21:22] <The Corruptor> special or combo~?
[21:22] <> combo
[21:22] <Ran Yakumo> Special.
[21:22] <mango-chan> Combo
[21:22] <Suu> ...Combo
[21:22] <mango-chan> She has enough that it would waste either way but a special costs way more
[21:23] <The Iconoclast> ..I'm not a girl
[21:23] <Jameson Atlas> let's hope a combo does enough damage then
[21:23] * Eliza McIntash votes special!
[21:23] <mango-chan> Wait, it's Ike not geminine?
[21:23] * The Iconoclast grabs battle infant and spins his arms back at high speed winding up for a pitch...
[21:23] <mango-chan> Combo regardless
[21:23] <The Corruptor> Yup, Ike.
[21:23] <mango-chan> Oh god he's going to throw the baby
[21:24] 0 [316 HP / 880 MP] The Iconoclast HURLS THE BATTLE INFANT AT THE GODDAM ROBOT RIGHT AT ITS ROBOT D[BLEEP]K, unleashing a 9 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -57 SP) [ /sell 3]
[21:24] * Jameson Atlas takes a picture to show Kaelyn later
[21:24] <The Iconoclast> ..whuh?
[21:24] 0 [100 HP / 506 MP] ED-209 has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell 3 ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[21:24] * ED-209 has no d[BLEEP]k and so is unharmed and deflects babby
[21:24] <mango-chan> and that's what happens when you throw the baby.
[21:24] <The Iconoclast> O_o
[21:25] 5 [310 HP / 886 MP] The Iconoclast has BLOCKED the attack! (6 damage +5 SP)
[21:25] * The Iconoclast SMACKS the baby ASIDE
[21:25] * Eliza McIntash winces at the Baby-ball.
[21:25] <The Iconoclast> DENIED MOTHERF[BLEEP]KER
[21:25] <mango-chan> Welp.
[21:25] <mango-chan> That baby's probably dead.
[21:25] <The Corruptor> They're pretty hardy, actually.
[21:25] <Ran Yakumo> If it was ever alive to begin with.
[21:26] * G. Sunrise 's turn
[21:26] <The Corruptor> What's Geminine's move?
[21:26] <mango-chan> Kick it with a combo.
[21:26] <Ran Yakumo> Fight the ED-209!
[21:26] <Ran Yakumo> Combo!
[21:26] * G. Sunrise is holdin a lucky rabbit's foot
[21:26] <The Corruptor> Wait. Where's the rest of that hare.
[21:26] <Suu> Combo
[21:27] <G. Sunrise> Ate it. Got hungry.
[21:27] <The Corruptor> Eww.
[21:27] <Ran Yakumo> <__<;
[21:27] <Jameson Atlas> ew
[21:27] * Eliza McIntash votes special!
[21:27] <mango-chan> Combo.
[21:27] <G. Sunrise> Whut, Ya'll vegans or somethin'!?
[21:27] <Jameson Atlas> way to eat your weapon moron
[21:27] <The Corruptor> It looks like Combo is the order of the day
[21:27] <mango-chan> Combo like it would be that rabbit at a chinese restaurant
[21:27] <> combo
[21:28] <G. Sunrise> All Ah needs is this here foot.
[21:28] 0 [343 HP / 850 MP] G. Sunrise hurls th' foot right inta th' inner mechanism of th' robot thing, seizin' it up , unleashing a 48 hit HYPER COMBO! (-100 MP -71 SP) [ /sell 5]
[21:28] 18 [-20 HP / 532 MP] ED-209 has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! (x 5 Hits) [ Opponent: Attack again ] (120 damage +18 SP)
[21:28] ED-209 has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[21:28] <Ran Yakumo> Ouch!
[21:28] <G. Sunrise> Who's th' moron now, kid? :P
[21:28] <Suu> ...Are they OK?!
[21:29] <The Corruptor> ike's turn~
[21:29] * The Iconoclast got his face blown off but it casme back
[21:29] <mango-chan> ....
[21:29] <Jameson Atlas> This is so f[BLEEP]ked up
[21:29] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P giggles
[21:29] <mango-chan> TAke Geminine and go through the exit.
[21:29] <The Corruptor> ...and there we are.
[21:29] <The Corruptor> That one little thing they can't do.
[21:29] <The Corruptor> They can't exit together.
[21:30] * The Corruptor grins
[21:30] <mango-chan> ...
[21:30] <The Corruptor> One has to go first.
[21:30] <> .....
[21:30] <mango-chan> There's a one in two chance, then.
[21:30] <mango-chan> Ike goes first.
[21:30] <Eliza McIntash> ...
[21:30] <> that's how you're playing it
[21:30] <> there never was a chance, was there
[21:30] <Ran Yakumo> Damn.
[21:30] <Eliza's voice> The strongest one should exit first.
[21:30] <Jameson Atlas> That's a surprise to you?
[21:30] <The Corruptor> Of course there was!
[21:30] <Ran Yakumo> Even if they go in simultaneously?
[21:30] <The Corruptor> The chance was to steer your chosen one to victory!
[21:31] <The Corruptor> Not my fault you tried the "team up tactic"
[21:31] <Eliza's voice> We want both to leave, even if both cannot advance.
[21:31] <The Corruptor> And I want a magical gold farting pony.
[21:31] * looks to the others
[21:31] <The Corruptor> But we don't always get what we want.
[21:32] <mango-chan> Alright.
[21:32] <G. Sunrise> /starts
[21:32] <mango-chan> Ike goes first.
[21:32] <@spiritflame> G. Sunrise: You have 850 MP / 343 HP / 0 SP
[21:32] <mango-chan> Think of it this way.
[21:32] <Eliza's voice> Lying ass. As if the portal entry is the only thing that lets them leave.
[21:32] <Jameson Atlas> we get to make one change right? neither was defeated really.
[21:32] <@spiritflame> The Iconoclast: You have 886 MP / 310 HP / 5 SP
[21:32] <> Ike
[21:32] <Jameson Atlas> you said we could change anything but a defeat
[21:32] <Ran Yakumo> Wait!
[21:32] <mango-chan> We will know this time what the rules of the game will be
[21:32] <Ran Yakumo> Hmmm, could we actually change a RULE?
[21:32] <The Corruptor> You CAN but I also said who you change it for will negatively impact the other peson.
[21:32] <Eliza's voice> He also said that could only be used ONCE. Not per match, ONCE.
[21:33] <The Corruptor> No, once per match is fine.
[21:33] <Eliza's voice> 9.9
[21:33] <Eliza's voice> I vote that Ike should do nothing.
[21:33] <Jameson Atlas> they have to /sell yes....if that /sell doesn't result in a defeat then what's the difference?
[21:33] <The Corruptor> Oh, interesting.
[21:34] <The Corruptor> Idle them both?
[21:34] <The Corruptor> Well you could try that. But in that case I'd have to make them sell each idle.
[21:34] <mango-chan> Nope.
[21:34] <> no
[21:34] <Eliza's voice> That's not the plan.
[21:34] <The Corruptor> At some point we'd have a winner.
[21:34] <mango-chan> GUys I really want to know how to not die at the Demon Sultan
[21:34] <Eliza's voice> Just this one turn. Ike does nothing.
[21:34] <mango-chan> So.
[21:34] <mango-chan> Ike goes first.
[21:34] <mango-chan> I stand firm.
[21:34] <Ran Yakumo> Would that actually accomplish anything though? We'd only be able to idle them once.
[21:34] <> Ike
[21:34] <Eliza's voice> Ike goes last.
[21:35] <Eliza's voice> Gems goes first.
[21:35] <Jameson Atlas> Eliza cut the infatuation with gemini for one night? it's not even her
[21:35] <The Corruptor> Mango wants Ike to exit. So does Matsumi. Eliza wants him to wait.
[21:35] <The Corruptor> What of the rest?
[21:36] <Ran Yakumo> I vote that...Iconoclast got first through the eixt.
[21:36] <Ran Yakumo> ^exit
[21:36] <Eliza's voice> Thanks for the vote of confidence, but my vote is based upon the fact that Ike is more heavily injured, and more resilient to whatever bomb goes off.
[21:36] <Eliza's voice> He JUST SAID this is an easy challenge.
[21:36] <Eliza's voice> Let the stronger person pass.
[21:36] <Eliza's voice> Geminine goes first. Ike goes second.
[21:36] * The Corruptor watches them discuss.
[21:36] <Jameson Atlas> Only one of them goes through, Eliza
[21:37] <Ran Yakumo> No, that's not quite why I want Iconoclast to go first...
[21:37] <Eliza's voice> Then Geminine goes through.
[21:37] <Eitak_Razal> ....Someone kindly repeat the rules?
[21:37] <The Corruptor> One person can exit.
[21:37] <The Corruptor> That person wins.
[21:37] <Eliza's voice> It should be Geminine.
[21:37] <Eitak_Razal> I vote you let me cast a spell on them, no strings attached~
[21:37] <Eliza's voice> Ike stays here.
[21:38] <The Corruptor> Whther the winner or loser stays for the next round is a secret for this round.
[21:38] <The Corruptor> Eitak you can only vote on what ike should do.
[21:38] <Eitak_Razal> Awww. That's no fun
[21:38] <Eliza's voice> The kid is harder to permanently get rid of. He's more resilient. He should not continue.
[21:38] <The Corruptor> Its like you have a little ninentdo controller and can move him around.
[21:38] <Ran Yakumo> It's a coin flip either way. We don't have a choice.
[21:38] <Eliza's voice> WHAT?
[21:38] <Ran Yakumo> So...
[21:39] <The Corruptor> Sure you do. Idle him and let Geminine pass~
[21:39] <Suu> ...Geminine?
[21:39] <Eitak_Razal> Yeah, see I'm the min-maxer type. I want a strategy guide
[21:39] <The Corruptor> There's always a choice.
[21:39] <Eliza's voice> Geminine advances. Ike does not.
[21:39] <The Corruptor> Why has she become merely a voice all of a sudden.
[21:39] * Eliza's voice was *NEVER* there.
[21:39] <The Corruptor> What's up with THAT, y'all?
[21:39] <Jameson Atlas> We don't know wh owill come home though...who say sthat the person who comes through the portal is the one to come home?
[21:40] <Ran Yakumo>, I don't think so.
[21:40] * Eliza McIntash was NEVER there!
[21:40] * Ran Yakumo texts in that she wants Iconoclast to go through the exit first.
[21:40] <The Corruptor> Well here's the thing. For THIS round, you're ignronat as to who gets to stay. For all future rounds you'll know.
[21:41] <The Corruptor> This is just a bit of forced dramatic tension~ ;D
[21:41] * Eliza's voice texts in that she wants Ike to NOT go through the portal first. He stays still.
[21:41] <Eitak_Razal> I still want a strategy guide.
[21:41] <The Corruptor> Ratings, you understand.
[21:41] <The Corruptor> Okay. Final roll call for ike: What does he do!
[21:41] <Suu> He stays put
[21:41] <mango-chan> He goes through.
[21:41] <> goes through
[21:42] <Eliza's voice> he stays put!
[21:42] <The Corruptor> Ran, Eitak~?
[21:42] <Jameson Atlas> go through
[21:43] <Suu> ...majority rules, I guess...
[21:43] <Ran Yakumo> Go through.
[21:43] <Eliza's voice> Ran.... he should stay here. Whatever peril awaits the one that stays.... Ike should face it.
[21:43] <Eliza's voice> - Rrrrrrrrrr -
[21:43] <The Corruptor> And the deicison is made.
[21:44] <Eitak_Razal> ....Well it doesn't matter what I vote. Because Ran is a dummy and couldn't see the obvious choice of FORCEING A TIE
[21:44] * Ran Yakumo texts Eliza     I have a feeling that that's exactly what he's going to do.
[21:44] * The Iconoclast gives Geminine the finger. "SUCK IT! I GET TO BE FUTURE!"
[21:44] * The Iconoclast goes through the exit
[21:44] *** The Iconoclast [infinitelyshiningmaw@cauldron.sag0.sailorcorpsnet.sen] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Life is not fair. That doesn't mean you can't win.)
[21:45] <Ran Yakumo> Forcing a tie isn't an option here. Because they're both dead-set on going through.
[21:45] <The Corruptor> He won! HE WON!
[21:45] <@spiritflame> The Iconoclast: You have 886 MP / 310 HP / 5 SP
[21:45] <> I see
[21:45] <The Corruptor> Which means...
[21:45] <The Corruptor> he is returned to you.
[21:45] <Ran Yakumo> He advanced, didn't he?
[21:45] <G. Sunrise> YES!!!
[21:45] <Eliza's voice> This is good. I am pleased.
[21:46] <The Corruptor> Geminine Advances!
[21:46] <Eitak_Razal> Of course you are. He may as well be your father.
[21:46] <The Corruptor> "To Lose is to Win!"
[21:46] <Ran Yakumo> A question for Geminine if she wants to answer.
[21:46] * Eliza's Spirit wonders if the other rounds will be this way regarding who happens to advance?
[21:46] <mango-chan> least one of the four hundred babies survives.
[21:46] <Jameson Atlas> And you wanted her to go through, Eliza...
[21:47] <The Corruptor> Yes, now you know.
[21:47] <The Corruptor> The "loser" of the mach staysd and advances.
[21:47] <> clever
[21:47] <The Corruptor> This is the rule going forward.
[21:47] <Eliza's Spirit> Interesting. Are contestants healed between matches?
[21:47] <The Corruptor> Yes.
[21:47] <mango-chan> So when do we get Ike back?
[21:48] <mango-chan> Is he gonna come through the random door?
[21:48] * mango-chan looks to the door with anticipation
[21:48] <Ran Yakumo> Geminine, why do you want to go through with all of this?
[21:48] <Eliza's Spirit> I certainly hope he is comforted and welcomed when he returns.
[21:48] * Eliza's Spirit fades.
[21:48] *** Eliza's Spirit has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:48] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P giggles.
[21:48] <G. Sunrise> Ah want... Ah want t'be th' successor, t; shine in mah own light...
[21:48] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Oh not exactly~
[21:49] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Ike tried so hard! I think he should get a second shot.
[21:49] <> a catch...of course there is a catch
[21:49] <> so there was no chance ever of success..was there
[21:49] <> you always held all the cards
[21:49] <Ran Yakumo> Even though you might become the next Hazel Ninegate?
[21:49] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P holds up a pocket watch.
[21:49] <Ran Yakumo> NO!
[21:49] <G. Sunrise> Not quite, hear her out~
[21:49] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P rubs the glass and shows that Your Search Party is in there.
[21:50] <The Corruptor> ^
[21:50] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> We found out your friends are trying to cheat the little system.
[21:50] <> ..that is
[21:50] <Jameson Atlas> ....
[21:51] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> So this is what we like to call redemption circle.
[21:51] * Eliza MacIntash is in the glass too!
[21:51] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Our contestants have one more chance.
[21:52] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Maybe they'll win and decide to go to safety. But look at all those foes in there!
[21:52] <Suu> ...
[21:52] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> They might just not make it out alive.
[21:52] <Ran Yakumo> So you're holding them hostage. How cowardly of you.
[21:52] <> no they aren't
[21:52] <> basically..they are free to go..if they beat them
[21:52] <> so either our friends die and free him
[21:53] <> or he dies..and they lose him
[21:53] <The Corruptor> What a maudlin robot.
[21:53] <Eitak_Razal> I... Confused
[21:53] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Or maybe we'll give him one more chance if he wants to try again.
[21:53] <Eitak_Razal> *I'm
[21:53] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> And they're ever so eager to come back and try again.
[21:53] <Jameson Atlas> wait i'm lost
[21:53] <The Corruptor> Precisely.
[21:53] <Ran Yakumo> You never explained any of this prior to the start of this game.
[21:54] <The Corruptor> In other words, it's a second shot at the bell of dear Ike.
[21:54] <The Corruptor> You whine a lot. Learn as you go~
[21:54] <> he didn' thave to
[21:54] <The Corruptor> Ike and the other winners will confrotn the rescue party.
[21:54] <The Corruptor> if they win against them, they get to come back and compete to be my successor one more time.
[21:55] <The Corruptor> If they lose, the rescue party gets to keep them.
[21:55] <Ran Yakumo> Me? Whine? Hardly. I'm trying to figure out the rules of a game you're changing.
[21:55] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> If they lose....
[21:55] <The Corruptor> That's all.
[21:55] <Suu> (( I'm going to need to head off, sorry ))
[21:55] <Eitak_Razal> And if the rescue party choose to not fight? I SAW my daughter this morning. I can TELL her of your plan
[21:55] <> understood
[21:55] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Well we did promise to let them leave here safe and sound, did we not?
[21:55] <The Corruptor> Yes we sdid and so they have.
[21:55] <The Corruptor> (( night ))
[21:56] <Ran Yakumo> BUT.
[21:56] *** If Magistra finds out the bracelet she wears breaks and she forgets everything
[21:56] *** She has no idea how to get back or where they all went
[21:57] <Eitak_Razal> And if I write it down and tell her not to open until she gets back there?
[21:57] * Eitak_Razal will abuse every damn loophole she can
[21:57] *** Jameson Atlas [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (home)
[21:57] *** the whole party is ejected
[21:57] <Eitak_Razal> And that's a bad thing because?
[21:57] <Eitak_Razal> We just start over
[21:58] <Eitak_Razal> Make an new party, start from scratch
[21:58] *** The whole party is ejected from the dimension. Yai's guide isn't going to be there to protect them from the horrors anymore.
[21:59] *** has left #suburbansenshi3
[21:59] <Eitak_Razal> Again. What's stopping us from starting anew. Getting a new guide ETC
[21:59] * The Corruptor watches Eitak dimly.
[21:59] <The Corruptor> You must be loads of fun at Sundeons and dragons.
[21:59] <The Corruptor> ^Dungeons
[22:00] <spiritflame> Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[22:00] <Eitak_Razal> I hate playing by other people's rules. Did it for too long
[22:00] <Ran Yakumo> It's hardly a fair or fun game if only one side knows the rules.
[22:00] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> I could just break her bracelet right now.
[22:00] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> She's the only one who left, didn't she?
[22:00] * Ran Yakumo grins and wriggles her tails.
[22:00] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> They're waiting on one more.
[22:00] <The Corruptor> After tonight you have a clearer picture, do you not?
[22:01] <Ran Yakumo> You won't and you can't.
[22:01] <The Corruptor> ...Luciano... she just told you you can't.
[22:01] <The Corruptor> You gonna take that~?
[22:02] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> I can't what, now~?
[22:02] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P snaps her fingers
[22:02] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P has broken Magistra's bracelet.
[22:02] * Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P has now removed Magistra's memories of the dimension.
[22:03] <Ran Yakumo> Wow. What a disgusting coward.
[22:03] <Ran Yakumo> And an egotistical showoff.
[22:03] * The Magistra 's memories CAN'T be altered by anyone weaker then a Dhe Ehm. This has been a rule since Day one with her. YOU LOOSE GOOD SIR
[22:03] *** REally LEgo
[22:04] *** She loses her memories of the dimension.
[22:04] *** She can't go back.
[22:04] <The Magistra> (( I'm not getting punished for other people's actions ))
[22:04] *** This is not a rule of the Dhe Ehm.
[22:04] *** This is a rule of the UNIVERSE
[22:06] *** Ran Yakumo [Nine-Tailed Strategist@EnclaveFedCom.Net(Pirated S] has left #suburbansenshi3 ("We know for certain now that the game is rigged.")
[22:07] *** The universe grants Magistra her bracelet back
[22:07] *** She remembers this.
[22:09] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> That is the extent of my power.
[22:09] * The Magistra has no clue what the hell just happened
[22:10] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Now.
[22:11] *** The Corruptor [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (close up shop Luciano, will you)
[22:12] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> You have one more friend joining you on this little journey.
[22:13] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> The Wydening Gyre cannot know of what happens here or he will lose his most precious daughter.
[22:13] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Do you understand~? :)
[22:13] <Eitak_Razal> I'm surpised you're not binding us with tacky anklets or something
[22:13] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> I'm sure Celeste wouldn't mind, she'd certainly love a bye to the next round.
[22:14] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Oh no.
[22:14] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> With them memories are critical.
[22:14] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> With you I have lives that I can easily use.
[22:14] <Eitak_Razal> Eh.
[22:15] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Now then. I'll be watching~
[22:15] <Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P> Good night.
[22:15] *** Arrogant Brawler Luciano Mimas P has quit IRC

[20:01] <The Corruptor> Well now, who expected Round 2 so soon!
[20:02] <The Corruptor> It was a surprise to even me!
[20:02] <The Corruptor> But it's time for round 2!
[20:03] * @spiritflame changes topic to `Successor Idol Round 2: Faye vs Celeste! Your level map is here`
[20:04] <The Corruptor> Thank you, dear abomination~
[20:04] <@spiritflame> ..|..
[20:04] <The Corruptor> Now to see who our charming guest host for the night will be~
[20:04] <spiritflame> The Corruptor rolls 1d7 [ 3 ]
[20:05] *** Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:05] <@spiritflame> konbanwa tough lover dias flac dubya *** Happy Birthday, Hino Rei!!
[20:05] * Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya leans on his thick-ass sword.
[20:05] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Whatup Sirrah.
[20:05] <The Corruptor> Peace between Expellans and Voords, man.
[20:06] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Word.
[20:06] <The Corruptor> Keep this Jokers in line for me.
[20:06] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> By your most excellent command.
[20:06] * Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya bows and strokes his manly steel.
[20:11] <Celeste> You're reaking of innuendo.
[20:11] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> That is the stench of masculinity.
[20:12] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> You will "come" to enjoy it's musky succlecence.
[20:12] * Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya sheathes his sword so hard.
[20:13] <Celeste> Ugh.
[20:13] * Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya takes out a polishing cloth.
[20:14] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> If I rub it firmly enough and with speed, it begins to glisten.
[20:14] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Are you transfixed? You should be.
[20:16] * Celeste gets a kercheif to hide her disgust
[20:16] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> (Even now, she modestly hides her lust)
[20:17] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Fear not, lusty maid, for you cannot compare to the pleasures of the Two-headed Dragon.
[20:20] <Celeste> I certainly hope my daughter does not continue in this competition tonight because the thought of her being raised by you...
[20:20] * Faye is sitting in her stroller, pacifier in her mouth.
[20:21] <@MJayDee> you're fighting a baby? neat
[20:21] * Faye looks in the mirror.
[20:21] *** Faye is a toddler with big silver eyes and short green hair atop her head, clad in a bold, emerald-green jumper. She seems like an ordinary kid! More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: Black Rose / Green Sun. She is Level 1.

[20:21] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> I have no business in the rearing of infants.
[20:21] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Celeste is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[20:21] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> I merely serve as loyal enforcer to his Excellence.
[20:21] <Celeste> Toddler.
[20:22] <Celeste> And thank god for that.
[20:22] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Todder in an iron midget suit.
[20:22] <@MJayDee> how'd i even get here anyway
[20:22] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> for today she is the Iron Baby.
[20:23] <Celeste> (( LAWL I was gonna go for mario kart stroller ))
[20:23] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Obviously, in a drunken Stupor you made your way into the dimension, sirrah.
[20:23] <Celeste> (( but Iron Baby works ))
[20:23] <Celeste> Looks like we have one viewer.
[20:23] <@MJayDee> ...makes sense to me
[20:24] <Celeste> Your ratings are going down it looks like.
[20:25] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Then perhaps the game will have to be made more... exciting.
[20:25] <Yaijinden> Please. I wouldn't miss this for the world.
[20:25] *** Yaijinden has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:25] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yaijinden *** Happy Birthday, Hino Rei!!
[20:25] <The Corruptor> Ahh, here comes the Husbando.
[20:26] <The Corruptor> And the Padré, all in one!
[20:26] <The Corruptor> Padré Husbando.
[20:26] <The Corruptor> Well, Sir Padre, here's an interesting perplexment for you.
[20:26] * Yaijinden smiles; it doesn't even come close to reaching his eyes
[20:26] <@MJayDee> and that night, japanese and spanish were wed in an unholy union
[20:26] <@MJayDee> and Spanese was born
[20:27] <mango-chan> Maaake that three
[20:27] <The Corruptor> By now you must know that the "Winner" of the round gets to leave this area.
[20:27] <Yaijinden> One of the progenitors of Jaspanglifrench.
[20:27] <mango-chan> And I'm the married one here >:(
[20:27] <Yaijinden> She does have a point!
[20:27] <The Corruptor> The "Loser" advances and comes one step closer to familal bliss with meinself.
[20:27] <The Corruptor> Yes yes, you're all having sex anyway what does it matter the Taxable status.
[20:28] * Yaijinden pops a squat
[20:28] <Yaijinden> I know who I want to advance.
[20:28] <mango-chan> Well, sex is gross and the last person to coax me into sex got a car battery to the face.
[20:28] * mango-chan peeks at him.
[20:28] <The Corruptor> Then help their opponent win~
[20:28] <The Corruptor> That's all there is to it.
[20:29] <The Corruptor> And oh, so there's no cries of trickery...
[20:29] <The Corruptor> The one coming back to you won't come back right away. They'll have a second chance at the prize when they confront your little rescue party.
[20:29] <The Corruptor> If they beat you, they can compete again for my kinship.
[20:29] <The Corruptor> If they lose, they're yours.
[20:29] <Yaijinden> I DVR'd the recording, aye.
[20:30] <The Corruptor> Comprendamenté?
[20:30] <mango-chan> So wait, if you DVR'd it why weren't we allowed to tell you?!
[20:30] <Yaijinden> One hundred of one hundred.
[20:30] * The Corruptor claps his hands together. "Swell! Then let's begin." Dias?
[20:30] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Tonight's level is the Forest moon of Endor!
[20:31] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Refer to the map in the Topic. Note that you're viewing it sideways.
[20:31] * bascially, it is a huge massive oaken tree, like my mighty blade
[20:32] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Celeste is at the bottom, faye near the top in her cute robotic skin.
[20:32] * Yaijinden is duly impressed!
[20:33] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> The exit is hidden somewhere within.
[20:33] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Through your votes, control their actions. The one to the exit goes home to you*
[20:33] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> * well you know the rest.
[20:33] <mango-chan> I'll follow your lead
[20:34] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Faye, Celeste, Senzu if you will~
[20:34] ☼ Scouter indicates Celeste has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[20:34] * Yaijinden nods tersely
[20:34] ☼ Scouter indicates has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[20:34] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> And let us begin the great contest.
[20:34] <spiritflame> rolls 1d20 [ 1 ]
[20:34] <@MJayDee> Can we release our team via the PC?
[20:34] <spiritflame> rolls 1d20 [ 18 ]
[20:34] <The Corruptor> Say again?
[20:34] <spiritflame> Celeste rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[20:35] <spiritflame> Faye rolls 1d20 [ 1 ]
[20:35] <@MJayDee> noooooooooothin~
[20:35] * will go first.
[20:35] * Celeste will go first
[20:35] <The Corruptor> The only restriction is you can't have more than one person through the exit at a time.
[20:35] <The Corruptor> It looks like Celeste is up! Your command?
[20:36] <@MJayDee> do we have a command list?
[20:36] <The Corruptor> Only what's generated by your perverted little brains.
[20:36] <Yaijinden> Search the Canopy!
[20:36] <mango-chan> It's kinda free form. But I'd go with WASD and then type in stuff
[20:37] *** There was gonna be one if I had more than two hour's notice we were doing this :P XD
[20:37] <The Corruptor> MJD, do you want her to search the canopy too?
[20:38] <@MJayDee> sure
[20:38] <mango-chan> Let's make that unanimous!
[20:38] 8 [250 HP / 992 MP] Celeste searches the canopy, then. (-8 MP +8 SP)
[20:38] <spiritflame> Celeste rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[20:39] *** nothing yet, but the rustling noise has attracted something which can be heard moving up ahead...
[20:40] <The Corruptor> What'sFaye going to do?
[20:40] * Faye and her iron toddler suit are dawdling about for now.
[20:40] <The Corruptor> In her cute-as-a-button Stark Industries Infant Militarization suit?
[20:40] <Yaijinden> West, towards the Sky God hut!
[20:40] <The Corruptor> It's her turn to make a move!
[20:40] <@MJayDee> West works for me
[20:41] * headilts but nods slowly
[20:41] <mango-chan> Yai, you know who you want to advance
[20:42] <mango-chan> Maybe you should have them group up?
[20:42] <Yaijinden> This is a brilliant idea.
[20:42] <The Corruptor> FUN FACT: The Suit's Vocalizer is equipped with dozens of stock phrases useful for dissing gamers on X Box Live!
[20:42] <@MJayDee> ....
[20:42] <Yaijinden> If I can retract a vote I'll point her eastward instead.
[20:42] <@MJayDee> you should not have told me that fact. :3
[20:42] <Yaijinden> Eastysouthy.
[20:42] <Faye> That's right, f[BLEEP]t!
[20:42] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> You may activate them for fun and amusement.
[20:43] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> And she already had.
[20:43] <Yaijinden> ... I don't know whether or not to be delighted or horrified.
[20:43] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: Celeste is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[20:43] <The Corruptor> I, myself am horrifically delighted.
[20:43] <Celeste> ¬_¬
[20:43] <The Corruptor> I guess she moves east!
[20:44] 0 [0 HP / -12 MP] Faye goes EAAAAAAST OUT OF MANA - ATTACK FAILS! (-12 MP)
[20:44] ☼ Scouter indicates Faye has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[20:44] 7 [250 HP / 960 MP] Faye GOES EAAAAAAST (-40 MP +7 SP)
[20:44] <The Corruptor> Roll plox
[20:44] <spiritflame> Faye rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[20:45] *** she can safely start to descend the great trunk
[20:45] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Great.... like my sword.
[20:45] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Celeste's turn.
[20:45] *** has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:45] <@spiritflame> konbanwa *** Happy Birthday, Hino Rei!!
[20:45] <Faye> This is easy s[BLEEP]t it's like measuring your d[BLEEP]k!
[20:45] * is still in costume
[20:46] <> ...what have I missed
[20:46] <Yaijinden> Move east, towards the trunk.
[20:46] *** Aes [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:46] <@spiritflame> konbanwa aes *** Happy Birthday, Hino Rei!!
[20:46] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> The infant wishes to measure my manhood.
[20:46] * Celeste has her head in her hands, chilling in the canopy/
[20:46] <Aes> What is this?
[20:46] <Faye> Hey a[BLEEP]le, it would be easy because you got none!
[20:46] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> See the map in the topic, is is a side view of the playing ground, a giant tree on Endor.
[20:47] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> No flaws. How true. I am quite flawless.
[20:47] <Tough Lover Dias Flac Dubya> Does everyone else wish for Celeste to move east?
[20:47] * Aes looks at his controller.
[20:47] <> move east
[20:47] <@spiritflame> ATTENTION: mango-chan is already registered. Check your password or enter a new name.
[20:47] <@MJayDee> eassstu
[20:48] <The Corruptor> Go to it!
[20:48] <mango-chan> Celeste is in a canopy, Faye is in a suit that speaks profanities.
[20:48] 16 [250 HP / 992 MP] Celeste goes east (-0 MP +8 SP)
[20:48] <spiritflame> Celeste rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[20:48] <The Corruptor> (aheavily armed suit that speaks profanities
[20:48] *** you are walking right along, avoiding several dangerous creatures.
[20:48] <Faye> Momma!
[20:49] *** RABID EWOK has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:49] <@spiritflame> konbanwa rabid ewok *** Happy Birthday, Hino Rei!!
[20:49] * Faye waves
[20:49] ☼ Scouter indicates RABID EWOK has HP level of 100!
[20:49] ☼ Scouter indicates RABID EWOK has MP level of 500!
[20:49] *** Exccept that one
[20:49] <RABID EWOK> hissss
[20:49] * looks unamused.
[20:50] * RABID EWOK gets on a stepstool and busts out a switchblade. Made from a Stormtrooper's cup, yo.
[20:50] * looks unamused.
[20:50] * looks unamused damnit
[20:50] 6 [100 HP / 487 MP] RABID EWOK attacks Celeste! (-13 MP +6 SP)
[20:50] <Celeste> ^
[20:50] 21 [208 HP / 994 MP] Celeste has been SLAMMED BACK!! (42 damage +5 SP)
[20:50] * Celeste rolls backwards.
[20:50] <The Corruptor> Uh-oh... things just got sticky all up in tha HOOD.
[20:50] <The Corruptor> Faye, yo momma needs you!
[20:50] <mango-chan> @_@
[20:51] <Yaijinden> Little furry ba[BLEEP]rd!
[20:51] <RABID EWOK> :r (Brainnnz)
[20:51] <@MJayDee> kick it in the fuzzy nuts1
[20:51] <> Yo momma's so fat she's the goddamn core of jupiter OOOOOOOOH
[20:51] <Aes> So wait... Faye has a turn, before Celeste can respond?
[20:51] <Faye> ^
[20:51] <The Corruptor> Hmm.
[20:51] <The Corruptor> Fair point.
[20:51] <Yaijinden> Celeste's turn was wandering to the tree trunk, I suspect.
[20:52] <The Corruptor> Go ahead and retaliate by their lesiure. Oh. And give yourself 50 SP too.
[20:52] <Aes> I am trying to understand the action order here.
[20:52] ☼ Scouter indicates Celeste has SP level of 50!
[20:53] <Celeste> Do I decide my attack type?
[20:53] <The Corruptor> Move, roll, react, switch, generally.
[20:53] <Celeste> Or should they?
[20:53] <The Corruptor> They do.
[20:53] <Yaijinden> Just /fight for now.