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<// J_Daito //> OH GOD DAMMIT
<FireFly_9> It's probbaly fallen back to a safe speed, like 2400 baud
<// J_Daito //> ARRRRAGH

welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[22:19] * Vermellia X. Rosso is HIT HARD BY THE GIANT METAL THING
[22:19] <@spiritflame> Vermellia X. Rosso: You have 517 MP / 415 HP / 40 SP
[22:19] 46 [415 HP / 483 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso CLEAVES with her scythe to cut off that cannon thing! (-34 MP +6 SP)
[22:20] 28 [879 HP / 1442 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:20] *** 1 more turn
[22:20] <Vermellia X. Rosso> (fast...)
[22:20] <Raihosha> (( it was [22:19] <spiritflame> Raihosha rolls 3d20 [ 13, 15, 4 ] ))
[22:20] * Vermellia X. Rosso will give sol this, he builds these robots well
[22:20] * Dreadnaught Trajan notes that Vermellia's skills are somewhat lacking.
[22:20] * Young Lich starts looking for a way to inscribe something on a large surface.
[22:21] *** Solartiger roll for it...
[22:21] <Dreadnaught Trajan> You require additional training. You remind me of an Aspirant I knew long, long ago.
[22:21] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ....
[22:21] <spiritflame> Solartiger rolls 3d20 [ 11, 11, 13 ]
[22:21] 33 [879 HP / 1404 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan stomps towards Vermellia and just presses up against her. (-38 MP +5 SP)
[22:22] 46 [415 HP / 493 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:22] *** the nail comes loose!
[22:22] *** you now have two hands
[22:22] * Vermellia X. Rosso KICKS back at it
[22:22] 33 [879 HP / 1406 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:22] 66 [384 HP / 532 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (31 damage +20 SP)
[22:22] *** Solartiger is carrying:
1. 0
2. $7000 check

Assets: G¥0 .

[22:22] <The Magistra> Vermillia. If it was possible to save your father one of the timelords would have already done so.
[22:22] <Lt. David O`Cain> (COUNTER BREAKER!)
[22:23] * Vermellia X. Rosso is SMASHED flat against the wall oh god the robot is humoing her
[22:23] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ^humping
[22:23] * Dreadnaught Trajan is plated in adamantium alloy at least an inch thick at its thinnest. Vermellia probably sprained her foot.
[22:23] <Vermellia X. Rosso> T_T
[22:23] <The Magistra> And he'd probably twist that desire anyways. If he's "Your new father" and he's alive... tada!
[22:23] <Vermellia X. Rosso> No he said my real dad.
[22:24] <Solartiger> (( can I get the hands up to the glass? ))
[22:24] <Vermellia X. Rosso> I'm not stupid I made sure of that.
[22:24] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Mom would be so glad to see him...
[22:24] <Vermellia X. Rosso> And so would I...
[22:25] 41 [879 HP / 1400 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan attempts to just knock Vermellia to the ground. (-6 MP +8 SP)
[22:25] *** How to get your hands up will be tricky. The hour hand looks like you can angle it properly up the hole
[22:25] 74 [351 HP / 549 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso has been SLAMMED BACK!! (33 damage +8 SP)
[22:25] * Young Lich approaches the crack in the glass.
[22:25] * Vermellia X. Rosso IS SMASHED into the plating
[22:25] 74 [351 HP / 608 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso assumes a defensive stance and awaits your next move. (0 damage)
[22:25] * Solartiger works with Rai to try and get the hour hand properly positioned in the hole.
[22:26] *** roll 1d20
[22:26] * Vermellia X. Rosso starts calming her breath, meditating
[22:26] <spiritflame> Solartiger rolls 1d20 [ 13 ]
[22:26] *** also an extra 1d20 to dodge the fighting
[22:26] * Young Lich chants, and move his hands.
[22:26] <spiritflame> Solartiger rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[22:26] *** it looks like you can angle it, but can you not get Vermillia's attention? Nope....
[22:27] 10 [879 HP / 900 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Dreadnaught Trajan just clubs Vermillia over the head, attempting to knock her unconscious by "jogging her memory too hard". (-500 MP -31 SP)
[22:27] 93 [238 HP / 622 MP ] Vermellia X. Rosso has been SMASHED BACK by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (113 damage +19 SP)
[22:27] * Vermellia X. Rosso spits uop blood, driven almost throughthe wall
[22:27] <Solartiger> (( does Rai need to roll as well? ))
[22:27] *** in a second
[22:28] *** Vermy roll 1d30
[22:28] 0 [238 HP / 522 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso LEAPS out of her spot over head the robot unleashing a barrage of high explosive rounds down on it and swinging her scythe at its neck, unleashing a 115 hit ULTRA COMBO! (-100 MP -93 SP) [ /sell 6]
[22:28] 10 [879 HP / 901 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:28] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ...................................
[22:28] <Dreadnaught Trajan> (( Yes. I did use /SELL 6 on that. ))
[22:28] <Abe Hisoka> You'd think that area would be super tight to fight in given all the other bodies.
[22:28] * Vermellia X. Rosso tumbles and skids to the ground
[22:29] <Vermellia X. Rosso> gods... dammit...
[22:29] <spiritflame> Vermellia X. Rosso rolls 1d30 [ 21 ]
[22:29] * Dreadnaught Trajan 's automantic shields completely withstood the attack.
[22:29] <Lt. David O`Cain> (Wah wah waaaaaah.)
[22:29] *** You spot them trying to move the hour hand.
[22:29] * Dreadnaught Trajan spins around to face Vermellia.
[22:29] * Vermellia X. Rosso moves like a cat, she can twist and turn in any spot :P
[22:29] <Dreadnaught Trajan> A good attack, stripling. You DO have some skill.
[22:30] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ..|..
[22:30] *** Do you continue to fight the Dreadnaught or do you try to stop them from breaking the glass?
[22:30] 16 [879 HP / 887 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan fires a short burst at Vermellia. (-14 MP +6 SP)
[22:30] * Young Lich looks for a way to get through the crack in the glass.
[22:30] 6 [233 HP / 532 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso has BLOCKED the attack! (5 damage +6 SP)
[22:30] * Vermellia X. Rosso BATS the shots aisde with her scythe
[22:30] *** The glass is pretty much smooth with the exception of the crack.
[22:30] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ... I gotta stop them ><
[22:30] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...
[22:31] <Hour hand> /sethp 300
[22:31] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Why are you trying to stop them? Are they not friends of yours?
[22:31] * Vermellia X. Rosso leaps on top of the robot and crouches on its head, looking up at the others
[22:31] ☼ Scouter indicates Hour hand has HP level of 200!
[22:31] <Young Lich> Why?
[22:31] <Vermellia X. Rosso> they are, but I need to Win this thing!
[22:31] <Vermellia X. Rosso> To save my dad!
[22:31] <Vermellia X. Rosso> (( what now ))
[22:31] <Young Lich> That's the only reason?
[22:32] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Do I need another?!
[22:32] *** You can continue to fight Vermillia.
[22:32] <Vermellia X. Rosso> He was my dad and they killed him and I was too late to save him and and...
[22:32] *** Vermy can attack the hour hand or attack the Dreadnaught
[22:32] <@spiritflame> Vermellia X. Rosso: You have 532 MP / 233 HP / 6 SP
[22:32] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Who killed your father then?
[22:32] *** Rai roll 1d20
[22:32] 11 [233 HP / 492 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso SWIPES at the hour hand (-40 MP +5 SP)
[22:33] <Lt. David O`Cain> Who was you dad, also?
[22:33] 12 [159 HP / 2 MP] Hour Hand has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (41 damage +12 SP)
[22:33] * Abe Hisoka totally hasn't pulled out her emergency sandwich and totally isn't eating it and watching this from the top of the hole. Nope.
[22:33] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Robbers from off world...
[22:33] * Hour Hand gets a dent.
[22:33] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Augustus Gestee Rosso...
[22:33] <spiritflame> Raihosha rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[22:33] 24 [879 HP / 884 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan throws Vermellia off of his upper casing. (-3 MP +8 SP)
[22:33] *** You guys manage to prop the hand up so that Abe can see it.
[22:34] <Vermellia X. Rosso> They took him hostage--
[22:34] 17 [216 HP / 510 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso has been HIT!! (17 damage +6 SP)
[22:34] * Vermellia X. Rosso is thrown off but digs her claws into the glass to hang on and continue fighting
[22:34] <Lt. David O`Cain> And who took him hostage?
[22:34] 23 [216 HP / 492 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso BLASTS at the hour hand again (-18 MP +6 SP)
[22:35] 26 [123 HP / 11 MP] Hour Hand has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (36 damage +14 SP)
[22:35] <Dreadnaught Trajan> He is dead, but you yet live. Nothing can change that.
[22:35] * Hour Hand definitely is looking bent out of shape now.
[22:35] 30 [216 HP / 479 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso RELOADS AND BLASTS AGAIN! (-13 MP +7 SP)
[22:35] 31 [879 HP / 858 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan tries to throw off Vermellia again. (-26 MP +7 SP)
[22:35] 38 [164 HP / 498 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (52 damage +8 SP)
[22:35] * Abe Hisoka chokes on sandwich and beats her chest till she stops
[22:35] 31 [94 HP / 14 MP] Hour Hand has been EVISCERATED!! (29 damage +5 SP)
[22:35] * Vermellia X. Rosso is FLUNG OFF
[22:35] *** this hand has a giant hole in it.
[22:36] 44 [164 HP / 484 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso TWISTS IN MIDAIR AND FIRES WITH ALL SHE HAS LEFT (-14 MP +6 SP)
[22:36] 39 [36 HP / 33 MP] Hour Hand has been HIT!! (58 damage +8 SP)
[22:36] <Vermellia X. Rosso> (( dammit lol i read the clock's mp as hers oh well ))
[22:36] * Hour Hand looks like it's about to be cleaved in half
[22:36] 0 [879 HP / 358 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Dreadnaught Trajan SWATS at Vermellia while she's in mid-air. (-500 MP -31 SP)
[22:36] * Young Lich tries to climb upward to reach the glass.
[22:37] 55 [17 HP / 500 MP ] Vermellia X. Rosso has been SLAMMED by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (147 damage +11 SP)
[22:37] * Vermellia X. Rosso IS HIT HARD and feels ribs crack
[22:37] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ><
[22:37] <Abe Hisoka> Oh oh
[22:37] <Abe Hisoka> GUYS
[22:37] <Abe Hisoka> KEEP THE THING THERE
[22:37] * Vermellia X. Rosso lands on the ground coughing up blood
[22:37] * Vermellia X. Rosso summons all her strength
[22:37] * Abe Hisoka reaches for the clock hand.
[22:37] <Dreadnaught Trajan> You cannot change the past! Don't try. I have. It always ends in failure.
[22:38] 0 [17 HP / 400 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso LEAPS UP AND MAKES ONE GIANT SWIPE AT THE HAND WITH HER SCYTHE, unleashing a 9 hit COMBO! (-100 MP -55 SP) [ /sell 4]
[22:38] * Abe Hisoka has her sandwich in her mouth because f[BLEEP]k if she's abandoning THAT.
[22:38] *** Abe roll 1d20
[22:38] * Solartiger holds the hand steady, while he tries to defend it.
[22:38] <spiritflame> Abe Hisoka rolls 1d20 [ 1 ]
[22:38] 44 [29 HP / 41 MP] Hour Hand has BLOCKED the attack! (7 damage +5 SP)
[22:38] <Abe Hisoka> oh no.
[22:38] <Abe Hisoka> I just got hit didn't I
[22:38] * Vermellia X. Rosso CRASHES back to the ground ><
[22:38] 5 [879 HP / 333 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan tries to shoot Vermellia's gun-scythe out of her hands. (-25 MP +5 SP)
[22:38] * Vermellia X. Rosso starts to cry
[22:38] 8 [-38 HP / 401 MP] Vermellia X. Rosso has been EVISCERATED!! (55 damage +8 SP)
[22:38] Vermellia X. Rosso has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[22:38] * Hour Hand is durable but yeah it winds up poking you REALLY HARD in the gut
[22:38] <Vermellia X. Rosso> /m lets out a PRIMAL SCREAM
[22:38] *** hisoka /sell 2
[22:38] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> !! abe!
[22:38] <Abe Hisoka> AGHGHFF
[22:39] *** Vermellia X. Rosso [vsxr@s-proc1.kasterborous.sen] has quit IRC (GOD DAMMIT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I JUST WANTED TO SAVE HIIIIIIIIIIIMMMM)
[22:39] * her gunscythe is left behind
[22:39] * Dreadnaught Trajan stomps over to where Vermellia is lying.
[22:39] 30 [400 HP / 500 MP] Abe Hisoka has been SLAMMED BACK!! (x 2 Hits) (44 damage +6 SP)
[22:39] *** Vermy is gone
[22:39] * Young Lich goes over and picks up the Gunscythe.
[22:39] * Abe Hisoka gets knocked back out of the hole.
[22:39] <Young Lich> (if possible)
[22:39] * Abe Hisoka grumbles and crawls back over
[22:39] * Abe Hisoka reaches for it AGAIN.
[22:40] * Dreadnaught Trajan opens a pair of panels on the front of his casing. Two slim manipulator-arms unfold.
[22:40] * it is still loaded with some high explosive rounds and is a sturdy weapon made of Low Energy Antriproton, a homebrew assemblage ba[BLEEP]rdization of a Nedean design
[22:40] <Hour Hand> dm roll 1d20
[22:40] *** ^^
[22:40] * Dreadnaught Trajan picks up Vermellia's gunscythe.
[22:40] * Raihosha attempts to strengthen the hour hand with some magic.
[22:40] <spiritflame> Abe Hisoka rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[22:40] <Abe Hisoka> GOT YA F[BLEEP]KER
[22:40] *** YOU GOT IT
[22:40] * Abe Hisoka SHOVES it into the crack
[22:40] * Abe Hisoka flails wildly to get balance back so she doesn't fall
[22:41] *** You need a combined total of 200 from d20s to cause damage
[22:41] *** everyone who helps gets a 2d20
[22:41] <The Magistra> ....
[22:41] <spiritflame> Abe Hisoka rolls 2d20 [ 14, 3 ]
[22:41] *** 17
[22:41] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte comes too, jesus christ
[22:41] * Dreadnaught Trajan sends the Thallax to assist the others.
[22:41] <spiritflame> Raihosha rolls 2d20 [ 10, 11 ]
[22:41] * Lt. David O`Cain decides to lend a hand
[22:41] <spiritflame> Paisley Pythia Peinforte rolls 2d20 [ 15, 20 ]
[22:42] <spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain rolls 2d20 [ 4, 3 ]
[22:42] <spiritflame> The Thallax rolls 2d20 [ 16, 20 ]
[22:42] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> What hit me...
[22:42] * Ultra Sailor Quinox helps
[22:42] <spiritflame> Solartiger rolls 2d20 [ 5, 13 ]
[22:42] * Young Lich calls his giant tall Dinosaur over next to him.
[22:42] <spiritflame> Ultra Sailor Quinox rolls 2d20 [ 4, 8 ]
[22:42] <Solartiger> Vermellia.
[22:42] * Young Lich climbs up the Dinosaur, so he can get to the crack in the glass overhead. Is this possible?
[22:42] <Dreadnaught Trajan> ...has disappeared.
[22:42] *** 156
[22:42] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I'm going to give that girl a piece of my... what.
[22:42] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte sees her Scythe and takes it, very clumsily dual weilding now.
[22:43] *** You got the hour hand jammed in decently
[22:43] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Let us hope we can reacquire her later. But for now we must concentrate on the task facing us now.
[22:43] * Dreadnaught Trajan lets Paisley take the Gunscythe from him.
[22:43] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> How can I help.
[22:43] <Young Lich> Well, you can help me through the glass, Paisley.
[22:43] *** is that everyone?
[22:43] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte puts Arataka away, clumsily holding the scythe
[22:44] * Young Lich attempts to balance upon the Dinosaur, and is trying to exit through the crack in the glass!
[22:44] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks to lich
[22:44] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Okay take no offense if I blast through you because I'm not sure I can aim right with this
[22:44] * Dreadnaught Trajan can try to help stabilize the hour hand in better.
[22:44] * Young Lich chants, and gestures with his hands... and turns into liquid.
[22:44] * The Magistra has no clue what's going on anymore
[22:44] * Abe Hisoka hears that and moves AWAY from the hole.
[22:44] * Young Lich starts flowing through the cracks in the glass, and tries to stand on the top of the glass ceiling.
[22:45] *** Lich roll 1d20
[22:45] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte aims the scythe like a pool cue because she's s[BLEEP]te at weapons ok
[22:45] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte c[BLEEP]ks it, losing her sigihting as it jerks up and then releveling it
[22:45] * Ultra Sailor Quinox offers paisley a silver coat
[22:45] <spiritflame> Young Lich rolls 1d20 [ 6 ]
[22:45] 43 [1000 HP / 937 MP] Paisley Pythia Peinforte FIRES AT IT (-31 MP +7 SP)
[22:45] *** you fail
[22:46] *** Paisley roll 3d20
[22:46] * Young Lich tries again?
[22:46] <spiritflame> Paisley Pythia Peinforte rolls 3d20 [ 13, 13, 14 ]
[22:46] * Young Lich attempts one last time, and will give up if this proves impossible.
[22:46] *** it SHATTERS
[22:46] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte is knocked flat on her ass by recoil
[22:46] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> YES
[22:46] *** the hour hand does at least
[22:46] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> OH GOD SHRAPNEL
[22:46] 44 [29 HP / 44 MP ] Hour Hand has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell special 300 ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:47] *** not this s[BLEEP]t again
[22:47] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte throws up a hex bariier...
[22:47] 86 [18443 HP / 159 MP ] Glass has taken a CRITICAL HIT from a Special Attack!! (220 damage +22 SP)
[22:47] 104 [-45157 HP/ 209 MP] Glass has taken a CRITICAL HIT from a Special Attack!! (x 300 Hits) (63600 damage + 18 SP)
[22:47] Glass has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[22:47] * Dreadnaught Trajan and the THallax all move to protect everyone from the shrapnel.
[22:47] *** the glass shatters open and the entire place starts to rumble around you
[22:47] <Abe Hisoka> WELL
[22:47] <spiritflame> Paisley Pythia Peinforte rolls 1d20 [ 15 ]
[22:47] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> gah!!!
[22:47] * The Magistra casts a barreir
[22:47] <Dreadnaught Trajan> What is happening?
[22:47] *** you are rapidly ejected out of the clock and into a very finely ornate room
[22:47] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte 's barrier holds
[22:47] * Abe Hisoka DIVES
[22:48] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte is shot out quicker than Jerry Quagmire's load.
[22:48] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ^Glen
[22:48] <Lt. David O`Cain> Whoa.
[22:48] * Solartiger lands on his feet.
[22:48] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte lands in the room
[22:48] * Young Lich briefly wishes he was not next to the glass!
[22:48] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:48] <@spiritflame> konbanwa young lich
[22:48] <Young Lich> (( Sorry, sorry. ))
[22:48] * Raihosha leaps for it.
[22:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox>
[22:48] * Young Lich is in the room, now.
[22:48] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte dusts herself off and leans the scythe over her shoulder which leans her backward comically
[22:48] * Dreadnaught Trajan scans the area.
[22:48] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> (How the hell does Vermellia hold this)
[22:49] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> you ok there, pizza?
[22:49] *** the clock is small and at your feet. You're currently in someone's bedroom with a very nice princess four post bed and a dresser with a mirror...which you have happened to break.
[22:49] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte uses more strength to stabilize it.
[22:49] * The Thallax march out and form a defensive perimeter.
[22:49] <The Magistra> ...ooops
[22:49] <Lt. David O`Cain> What the...?
[22:49] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> How transcendentally dimensional.
[22:49] *** The floors are beautiful hardwood and there is plenty of light from the windows, but the stars are black.
[22:49] <The Magistra> That's seven years bad luck I belive
[22:49] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte looks around for the people she heard earlier.
[22:49] * Young Lich looks around to see if the Tyrannosaurus is cramping the bedroom, with all the mecha here.
[22:49] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Where are the stars?
[22:49] *** By one of the windows is a table and two people having tea.
[22:49] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...
[22:50] *** The two people are staring at you.
[22:50] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte waves
[22:50] <Celeste> .....
[22:50] <Young Lich> Heeeeey.
[22:50] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Cheerio!
[22:50] <Kusanagi> My, isn't this rude.
[22:50] <The Thallax> Curious. The sky resembles a photo negative.
[22:50] <Lt. David O`Cain> Uh oh.
[22:50] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Rescue party here!
[22:50] <Dreadnaught Trajan> ^
[22:50] * Celeste raises an eyebrow.
[22:50] * Young Lich looks who the other person is.
[22:50] * Dreadnaught Trajan looks at Kusanagi.
[22:50] *** Kusanagi is a tall busty woman with hair the color of sharpened steel and strangely closed eyes, never open. Her clothes are the tatters of robes, cut to show tantalizing skin and tatters of ripped ofuda. Her smile cuts deep on you. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Tsuru No Sugomori" by Konachiro Miyata. She is Level 26.

[22:50] * Kusanagi frowns at her tea and sets the cup down.
[22:50] * Raihosha looks at Kusanagi.
[22:50] *** Kusanagi is a tall busty woman with hair the color of sharpened steel and strangely closed eyes, never open. Her clothes are the tatters of robes, cut to show tantalizing skin and tatters of ripped ofuda. Her smile cuts deep on you. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Tsuru No Sugomori" by Konachiro Miyata. She is Level 26.

[22:51] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> wha....
[22:51] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ....
[22:51] <Kusanagi> Faces I didn't think I'd see again. And new ones~
[22:51] * Celeste finishes her tea.
[22:51] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I've seen pictures of you.
[22:51] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> is that....
[22:51] <Kusanagi> Did you order a rescue party?
[22:51] * Dreadnaught Trajan levels BOTH assault cannons at Kusanagi! "The heretic!!"
[22:51] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> You're K[BLEEP]otari or something...
[22:51] <Young Lich> HOLD IT, JACKASS!
[22:51] <Celeste> I anticipated them coming. I didn't think it would be like this.
[22:51] <Kusanagi> Kusanagi, thank you.
[22:51] <Young Lich> What are you doing. They have not harmed anyone yet.
[22:51] * Celeste stands in front of Kusanagi.
[22:51] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte looks around for others
[22:51] <Kusanagi> ... Ugh, you have all your shoes on.
[22:51] * Celeste has her hand on her blade.
[22:52] * Young Lich walks up. He gestures and chants briefly.
[22:52] * Young Lich is now known as Simon Kerrick
[22:52] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Yes. They're very expensive boots.
[22:52] <Simon Kerrick> Excuse us for the rude interruption. Can we please talk?
[22:52] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I like them very much. Hand-tailored.
[22:52] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte clambers through the window
[22:52] * Revived Fossil Tyrannosaurus is also in the room, standing still.
[22:52] * The Thallax all take a step forward and level their weapons. The ozone scent builds as a powerful electrical charge increases.
[22:52] *** the windows don't open
[22:52] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte KICKS the window
[22:53] <Simon Kerrick> Excuse me. I was wondering what you were all doing here?
[22:53] *** The windows don't break right now.
[22:53] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> DON'T IMPEDE MY CLAMBER GLASS
[22:53] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> GRAH
[22:53] <Kusanagi> I am keeping my dear friend company.
[22:53] <Celeste> I'm currently being punished.
[22:53] <Celeste> For my "insolence"
[22:53] <Simon Kerrick> Why are you being punished?
[22:53] <Simon Kerrick> What did you do?
[22:53] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte pulls out her pipe and lights it
[22:53] <Celeste> However, I did steal the watch from Father so that you'd get here.
[22:53] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte smokes it angrily to calm her nerves
[22:54] <Raihosha> It is a very nice bedroom.
[22:54] <Celeste> I defied him to ensure my survival.
[22:54] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> What do you mean "stole"
[22:54] * Kusanagi casually pours herself another cup of tea.
[22:54] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Elaborate.
[22:54] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hmmm.
[22:54] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte recalls what she was told about the last game.
[22:54] <Simon Kerrick> I am moved to doubts about the necessity of this quest. Vermillia seemed to genuinely want something good. In fact, mos of the people we have been stopping only want something good.
[22:54] <The Magistra> To be fair, I was born n America. Wearing shoes indoors is normal
[22:54] <Raihosha> Rather more pink than I prefer.
[22:54] <Celeste> It belonged to one of the bosses of the idol show, I took it to make sure that when you broke through you'd end up here.
[22:54] <Simon Kerrick> While I'm no bleeding heart idealist, I am curious if we actually need to be stopping them right now.
[22:55] <Celeste> ...I didn't expect the cavalry.
[22:55] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Are you kidding?
[22:55] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> You KNOW who we are, yes?
[22:55] <Celeste> ...
[22:55] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Did you think we were just going to slob around like Haruka!?
[22:55] <Celeste> Valid.
[22:55] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Where are the others.
[22:55] * Celeste looks through the party for Yai.
[22:56] <Dreadnaught Trajan> What is SHE doing here?
[22:56] * Celeste frowns, seeing he's not here.
[22:56] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Also. F[BLEEP]k you. Share the goddamn tea.
[22:56] <Kusanagi> Feel free. I have brought plenty.
[22:56] * Dreadnaught Trajan indicates Kusanagi with a quick motion of a gun-arm.
[22:56] * Simon Kerrick turns to the giant mechanical creature with the guns. "What is your feud with this person, servant of the Langisters?"
[22:57] * Kusanagi smiles~
[22:57] *** psYchO_saKi [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:57] <@spiritflame> konbanwa psycho_saki
[22:57] * psYchO_saKi LEAPS through the watch
[22:57] * psYchO_saKi points at Kusanagi
[22:57] <The Magistra> Heya Saki-Saki
[22:57] <psYchO_saKi> You. Alive. What. Explain.
[22:57] <Dreadnaught Trajan> This person is NOT unknown to us.
[22:57] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte looks to Saki
[22:57] * Komadori 's voice comes through something/
[22:57] <Simon Kerrick> I didn't ask that. I asked why you are levelling whatever that is at her.
[22:57] <psYchO_saKi> Are those swords loose again?!
[22:57] <Komadori> Are you guys stuck in that room?
[22:57] <Dreadnaught Trajan> She is responsible for instigating a great conflict with us.
[22:58] <Kusanagi> No?
[22:58] <Kusanagi> And I am not?
[22:58] <Lt. David O`Cain> They better not.
[22:58] <Simon Kerrick> So am I.
[22:58] <Kusanagi> I am going to be shot soon aren't I?
[22:58] * Celeste does not falter from guarding Kusanagi.
[22:58] * psYchO_saKi levels a gun at the Robot
[22:58] <psYchO_saKi> No shooting her until I have information.
[22:58] <Dreadnaught Trajan> As you wish.
[22:59] <Simon Kerrick> WHY ARE YOU GOING TO SHOOT HER?
[22:59] <Simon Kerrick> I have not seen her do anything!
[22:59] <Celeste> (( I need to pee ))
[22:59] <Kusanagi> This isn't about me. I came to keep my disciple company while she was hidden away here.
[22:59] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I'll leave you to it, since you know her, apparently.
[22:59] <Komadori> I'm going to try to unlock the doors and windows.
[22:59] <psYchO_saKi> OH.
[22:59] <Komadori> ^^
[22:59] <psYchO_saKi> I get it.
[22:59] <Kusanagi> Are you not all supposed to be saving people?
[22:59] <Komadori> Keep busy.
[22:59] * Raihosha tries the door.
[22:59] * psYchO_saKi turns to the robot
[22:59] <Simon Kerrick> I'm not supposed to be, no.
[22:59] <Komadori> (( brb restroom ))
[23:00] <psYchO_saKi> Celeste there is the reincarnation of Kannon Bosatsu.
[23:00] * Simon Kerrick turns to the Tyrannosaur, he touches it, and casts Plane Shift.
[23:00] <psYchO_saKi> You might remember her from your database of the Seven Swords incident.
[23:00] *** Revived Fossil Tyrannosaurus has quit IRC
[23:00] <Lt. David O`Cain> (( I, unfortunately, gotta bail. Maybe I should have stayed out of this. ^_^; ))
[23:00] <Simon Kerrick> He was just getting in the way.
[23:00] <Dreadnaught Trajan> (( Later, David. ))
[23:00] <psYchO_saKi> Kusanagi here was her superior on team rei-bot.
[23:00] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> SEVEN SWORDS!!!
[23:00] <Simon Kerrick> Look, I am really confused here. Why the bad blood?
[23:01] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks REALLY upset now
[23:01] <Dreadnaught Trajan> I remember her. And them.
[23:01] <psYchO_saKi> Call it old history and move on for now.
[23:01] * Ultra Sailor Quinox grips her spear, sweating...
[23:01] <The Magistra> That was before mine OR Mother's time.
[23:01] <Kusanagi> Years ago I fought against some of them.
[23:01] * Simon Kerrick looks exasperated.
[23:01] <Kusanagi> Years ago.
[23:01] <psYchO_saKi> Exposition will only stop the mission.
[23:01] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Speak to Langister or the Tanar'ri for more on that subject, Skeleton-Man.
[23:01] <psYchO_saKi> And let's not forget we HAVE a mission.
[23:01] *** Lt. David O`Cain [] has quit IRC (((Sleepytime for me. Work in the morning.)))
[23:02] <Simon Kerrick> Mmmmm, I suppose.
[23:02] <Kusanagi> Now are you all done with me? I'm not the important one~
[23:02] <Dreadnaught Trajan> How shall we proceed, Gunslinger Girl?
[23:02] <psYchO_saKi> Ignore her.
[23:02] <psYchO_saKi> Well wait.
[23:02] * Kusanagi returns to her tea.
[23:02] <psYchO_saKi> Do you know where the others are?
[23:03] <Celeste> Outside.
[23:03] * Celeste sighs.
[23:03] * Simon Kerrick goes over to Celeste. "Can I ask you something?"
[23:04] <Simon Kerrick> Why are you here?
[23:04] <Celeste> On the other side of the door. Unfortunately everything has changed.
[23:04] <Simon Kerrick> What do you WANT?
[23:04] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Why IS she here to begin with?
[23:04] <Celeste> Why am I here?
[23:04] <psYchO_saKi> Outside where...
[23:04] <Celeste> ...
[23:04] <Simon Kerrick> What did he promise you?
[23:04] <Celeste> There is so much complicated here.
[23:05] <Simon Kerrick> Well, the reason I want to know is that I am not entirely certain interfering is the right thing to do.
[23:05] <Celeste> I was trapped here for years with Faye. We believed you would come for us but you never did.
[23:05] <psYchO_saKi> Years?
[23:05] <The Magistra> Oddd
[23:05] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Wait, those words. "What do you want?" Did the Corruptor actually ask those words of you?
[23:05] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Time must run differently here...
[23:06] <Celeste> When I agreed to help the Corruptor and work to become his daughter I was given the freedom.
[23:06] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ....
[23:06] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Saki. Intern can't report this back to Actuary.
[23:06] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Go STOP HER.
[23:06] <Simon Kerrick> So he kept you until you agreed to help him?
[23:06] <Celeste> I was told that he would love me and if something ever happened he would come for me.
[23:06] <Raihosha> Years.
[23:06] <psYchO_saKi> What? Why... oh f[BLEEP]k.
[23:06] <The Magistra> Stop talking!
[23:06] <Simon Kerrick> Do you believe him?
[23:06] *** psYchO_saKi [] has quit IRC (DAMN RIGHT)
[23:06] * The Magistra runs over and clamps her hand over Celeste's mouth
[23:06] * Kusanagi folds her hands in her lap and listens quietly
[23:06] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Complication?
[23:07] <Raihosha> For all of you?
[23:07] <Simon Kerrick> I think we should let her finish. I don't understand this.
[23:07] <The Magistra> Temporal Complicaion I think
[23:07] * Kusanagi suddenly stands and grasps Magistra's wrist "Release her."
[23:07] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> why...why is this bad?
[23:07] <Simon Kerrick> .....
[23:07] * The Magistra backs off
[23:07] <Celeste> Things got complicated. I can't say any more than that because he's always listening ><
[23:07] * Simon Kerrick looks to Sakura April.
[23:07] * Kusanagi returns to her seat.
[23:07] <Simon Kerrick> She's gone.
[23:07] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Time has been warped within this place, hasn't it?
[23:07] <The Magistra> Because. From her end the idol show is already over
[23:08] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> that means...
[23:08] <Celeste> He knows I am fighting him now so he has locked me here.
[23:08] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....everything we're doing?...
[23:08] <Simon Kerrick> I get it.
[23:08] <Simon Kerrick> I think... I think his plan is to make you all the "bad guys."
[23:08] <The Magistra> No.
[23:09] * Simon Kerrick looks at Paisley. "That would make a fine revenge, would it not, Seer?"
[23:09] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ......
[23:09] <Celeste> ...
[23:09] <Celeste> ..."What makes you a hero"
[23:09] <Celeste> I heard the clock speak.
[23:09] <Simon Kerrick> Actually mean what he says for once, and then ensure that we will stop our friends from getting their hearts desires? And letting them remember that forever?
[23:09] <Celeste> "What are you willing to sacrifice?"
[23:09] <Celeste> "Are you willing to sacrifice your friends for your goal?"
[23:09] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....oh no....
[23:09] <Celeste> If you got your friends back, why would it ask these questions?
[23:10] <Simon Kerrick> The clock is literally speaking to you?
[23:10] * Simon Kerrick does not understand.
[23:10] <Celeste> Did it never occur to you?
[23:10] <Dreadnaught Trajan> And rekindle the conflict from before. Sacrifice all, including friends, to achieve your goal for power.
[23:10] * Ultra Sailor Quinox falls to her knees, holding her head...
[23:10] <Komadori> So it looks like the clock had codes written in it before.
[23:10] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I wasn't there for the past.
[23:10] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I think that right now.
[23:11] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> We need to focus on the present.
[23:11] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Because people's lives are on the line.
[23:11] <Simon Kerrick> ....I want to understand what is happening.
[23:11] <Simon Kerrick> I do NOT like being left out here, and I have no idea what you are talking about.
[23:11] * Simon Kerrick crosses his arms.
[23:11] <Raihosha> Why wouldn't it ask them, since you were our goal?
[23:11] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Simon.
[23:11] * The Magistra closes her eyes and checks the date
[23:11] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Agreed. From the information I was given, the Corruptor operates by word-play and manipulation. Is this accurate?
[23:11] <Simon Kerrick> Celeste... do you wish to come home with us?
[23:12] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Just calm down.
[23:12] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> whathaveIdonewhathaveIdone...
[23:13] * Dreadnaught Trajan stomps up to Celeste.
[23:13] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Oh god not you too Matsumi.
[23:13] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> AND YOU ROBOT
[23:13] * Kusanagi stands again
[23:13] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> JESUS. EVERYONE. CLEANSING BREATHS
[23:13] <Dreadnaught Trajan> How long have you been waiting for anyone to rescue you?
[23:13] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Sakura Potamos Yumiko are waiting!
[23:13] * Kusanagi gets between the dreadnaught and Kannon.
[23:13] * Raihosha tests the door again.
[23:13] * Ultra Sailor Quinox pauses and takes a few breaths.....
[23:13] * Dreadnaught Trajan is not trying to attack Celeste.
[23:14] <Komadori> The door should be unlocking soon
[23:14] <Raihosha> There is a saying. "Better late than never."
[23:14] <Kusanagi> All of you have not change how dramatic you are after all these years.
[23:14] * Celeste stares down the Dreadnaughts.
[23:14] <Celeste> From here? Not that long, a few hours.
[23:14] <Celeste> Kusanagi arrived because she sensed my loneliness.
[23:15] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte has no time for old feuds. This is 2014.
[23:15] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte walks over to the door and sizes it up
[23:15] <Dreadnaught Trajan> And during the previous time you were speaking of?
[23:15] <Celeste> This is folly. I am trying to help you.
[23:15] * Ultra Sailor Quinox winces trying to concentrate
[23:15] <Celeste> What previous time?
[23:15] 51 [1000 HP / 920 MP] Paisley Pythia Peinforte MOTHERDF[BLEEP]KING GIVES IT A EARTH 1337 PUNCH (-17 MP +8 SP)
[23:15] * Kusanagi walks to the senshi and offers her tea "Take a slow breath."
[23:16] ☼ Scouter indicates Door has HP level of 10!
[23:16] 0 [10 HP / 9 MP] Door has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[23:16] * Door f[BLEEP]king PUNCHES YOU BACK
[23:16] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Nevermind. We were unaware of what happened to anyone once we all departed and went into exile.
[23:16] 58 [994 HP / 928 MP] Paisley Pythia Peinforte has BLOCKED the attack! (6 damage +7 SP)
[23:16] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> NO B[BLEEP]CH
[23:16] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte STOPS IT WITH HER HAND
[23:16] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Paisley. Would you like some assistance.
[23:16] <Simon Kerrick> (( I already tried, it's magnetically sealed! Put that thing away or your'e gonna get us all killed! ))
[23:16] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> I DRANK THE WATER OF 1337 PRIME
[23:17] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...I don't need a goddamn robot.
[23:17] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> WaTCH
[23:17] <Dreadnaught Trajan> (( 3PO! THREE-PEE-OH!!!!! ))
[23:17] * Simon Kerrick looks to Celeste. "If you had to pick what we did, right now, what would it be?
[23:17] 65 [994 HP / 895 MP] Paisley Pythia Peinforte SPINKICKS THAT DOOR WITH THE POWER OF RAW SUBURBAN SENSHI (-33 MP +7 SP)
[23:17] 10 [-27 HP / 16 MP] Door has taken a CRITICAL HIT!! (37 damage +10 SP)
[23:17] Door has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[23:17] * Door has been BUSTED DOWN
[23:18] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte lowers her foot and dists off her hands
[23:18] * Celeste shrugs
[23:18] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Welcome to 2014, Major Kusanagi.
[23:18] <Dreadnaught Trajan> I am not a robot, by the way.
[23:18] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Where all are Awesome.
[23:18] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Hush now, you're a robot.
[23:18] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte heads through the door.
[23:18] *** meanwhile I need to quickly just put some names on these rooms
[23:18] <The Magistra> Major Motoko Kusanagi?
[23:19] <Dreadnaught Trajan> And you have yaoi-doujinshi in your handbag.
[23:19] <Kusanagi> I suppose this means you will be off, Kannon.
[23:19] * Raihosha follows Paisley.
[23:19] * Nah she got it wrong but she doesn't sweat the details
[23:19] * Celeste nods
[23:19] * Celeste bows to Kusanagi
[23:19] <Celeste> ...
[23:19] * Kusanagi bows with a smile.
[23:19] <Celeste> would it be rude to request a hug?
[23:19] * Kusanagi opens her arms.
[23:20] <Kusanagi> Not at all.
[23:20] <Kusanagi> It has been too long.
[23:20] * Dreadnaught Trajan turns and regards both Celeste and Kusanagi cautiously.
[23:20] * Simon Kerrick looks at Kusanagi.
[23:20] *** Kusanagi is a tall busty woman with hair the color of sharpened steel and strangely closed eyes, never open. Her clothes are the tatters of robes, cut to show tantalizing skin and tatters of ripped ofuda. Her smile cuts deep on you. More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: "Tsuru No Sugomori" by Konachiro Miyata. She is Level 26.

[23:20] * Celeste hugs Kusanagi.
[23:20] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Come along, Robot~
[23:20] * Kusanagi hugs Kannon.
[23:20] <Celeste> Thank you.
[23:20] <Kusanagi> Be safe.
[23:20] <Kusanagi> I will be back if you ever need me.
[23:20] <Solartiger> Celeste, if you are ready, welcome to The Cavalry.
[23:20] * Celeste nods
[23:21] <Celeste> Thank you.
[23:21] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Hopefully not.
[23:21] <The Magistra> Screw horses. I wanna ride Tiger back like mom did.
[23:21] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte goes FLYING through a door
[23:21] <Celeste> I hope to see you again, Kusanagi.
[23:21] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> OW WHAT NOW
[23:21] <Celeste> If not...
[23:21] <Solartiger> The Revolution starts now.
[23:21] *** Sakura Xadium Aino [cherryblossomstorm@ishtarterra.venus.cmn] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:21] <@spiritflame> konbanwa sakura xadium aino
[23:21] * The Thallax march after Paisley.
[23:21] * Celeste gives her a look, she knows what she means.
[23:21] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Not quite~
[23:21] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Well well well~
[23:21] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ............
[23:21] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> oh no...not this
[23:21] * Kusanagi chuckles and flashes her usual smile.
[23:22] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Old faces from unfamiliar places...
[23:22] * Ultra Sailor Quinox points her spear at sakura
[23:22] *** Paisley Pythia Peinforte is carrying:
1. Voynich Manuscript
2. Pipe
3. Dr Solon's Special Morbius Lotion
4. Current Issue of Teen Beat
5. Reforged Holy Sword Arataka
6. Solar / Drake Slash cartoon

Assets: G¥30000000 .

[23:22] *** one on one. I need to do some finishing touches.
[23:22] <Celeste> ....
[23:22] <Celeste> Sister.
[23:22] *** Paisley Pythia Peinforte has dropped Reforged Holy Sword Arataka
[23:22] <Celeste> Do you truly wish to do this?
[23:22] * Dreadnaught Trajan spins around to face Sakura, arming both assault cannons.
[23:22] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Sista~
[23:22] * Sakura Xadium Aino grins
[23:22] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Like gears in a clock we need to tick tock~
[23:22] * Sakura Xadium Aino grabs her blade
[23:22] <Simon Kerrick> Hey.
[23:23] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Hadoken? Seriously?
[23:23] ☼ Scouter indicates Sakura Xadium Aino has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[23:23] <Simon Kerrick> Can I ask you a question, Blossom?
[23:23] ☼ Scouter indicates Sakura Xadium Aino has HP level of 500!
[23:23] * Dreadnaught Trajan fires a shot to try and knock the sword away from Sakura.
[23:23] ☼ Scouter indicates Sakura Xadium Aino has SP level of 45!
[23:23] * Sakura Xadium Aino BATS it away like the old pro she is
[23:23] <Simon Kerrick> She's mine.
[23:23] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Blossom? That's a new one.
[23:23] * Simon Kerrick steps forward.
[23:23] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Sure.
[23:23] * Sakura Xadium Aino grins
[23:23] <Simon Kerrick> Before we do this, I have to know something. What were you promised?
[23:24] * Sakura Xadium Aino smiles slyly
[23:24] <The Magistra> Blossom? Does that make her "commander and the leader"
[23:24] <Sakura Xadium Aino> That's a secret~ ♫
[23:24] * Sakura Xadium Aino looks over at Kusanagi
[23:24] <The Magistra> So who's "The joy and the laughter" and who's "The toughest fighter
[23:24] <Simon Kerrick> I can respect keeping secrets, but then, if you won't tell me, then I have no reason to let you pass.
[23:24] <Sakura Xadium Aino> good to see you.
[23:24] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Sakura Xadium Aino...combat is unnecessary. We have come to rescue you from the Corruptor's falsehoods and manipulation.
[23:25] * Kusanagi bows to Sakura.
[23:25] <Simon Kerrick> I admit, I was having doubts about whether this was the right path.
[23:25] <Sakura Xadium Aino> But you realize if Noriko sees you, she's going to flip out.
[23:25] <Solartiger> Tigerback? Really?
[23:25] <Simon Kerrick> ????????????????
[23:25] <Kusanagi> Many will.
[23:25] * Simon Kerrick looks at Sakura Xadium Aino.
[23:25] *** Sakura Xadium Aino is

More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 38.
Sakura Xadium Aino is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[23:25] <Kusanagi> I still do not see why. You all defeated me.
[23:25] <Kusanagi> But I suppose it is not the topic at hand.
[23:25] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Think you can handle that?
[23:25] * Kusanagi settles back into her tea.
[23:25] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Well because of what you represent.
[23:26] <Sakura Xadium Aino> She's missing someone she cares about. A lot.
[23:26] <Dreadnaught Trajan> And what you caused.
[23:26] * Sakura Xadium Aino turns to the robot
[23:26] <Raihosha> The past fears have not caught up with the new realities, Kusinagi.
[23:26] <Sakura Xadium Aino> that was how long ago?
[23:26] * Simon Kerrick stands between them.
[23:26] <Kusanagi> If I allow it to shoot me do you think it will relax?
[23:26] <Sakura Xadium Aino> I'd hope it wouldn't need to.
[23:27] * Simon Kerrick mutters something to himself...
[23:27] <Sakura Xadium Aino> I'd hope we can all shake hands and start over.
[23:27] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( I'm going to head fever is running high again...Matsumi is still there just...doing something I don't know. Have fun guys and seeya tomorrow! ))
[23:27] <Simon Kerrick> Every enemy, no matter how powerful.....
[23:27] <Sakura Xadium Aino> but then I'm an optimist who believes in impossible things.
[23:27] <The Magistra> ....
[23:27] <Dreadnaught Trajan> That is not for me to determine. Or my bullet to shoot should that choice be made.
[23:27] <The Magistra> We are not fighting Saki.
[23:27] <Dreadnaught Trajan> I am here as heavy support.
[23:27] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Simon seems to want a piece of me.
[23:27] <Kusanagi> I would love to start over. But my name is lost to time and I am not the important one here~
[23:28] <Kusanagi> Go to your fight.
[23:28] * Sakura Xadium Aino nods
[23:28] <Simon Kerrick> I want information more...
[23:28] *** Ultra Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi3 (*watches the fight..unsure what to do and trembling*)
[23:28] <Sakura Xadium Aino> heheh
[23:28] <Sakura Xadium Aino> You'll have to beat it out of me.
[23:28] * Dreadnaught Trajan stomps towards Sakura.
[23:28] <Simon Kerrick> You know who that guy is, right? Whatever you were promised, what are the chances he'll give you exactly what he promised?
[23:28] * Simon Kerrick is now known as Young Lich
[23:28] <Sakura Xadium Aino> He can do it.
[23:28] * Young Lich is grinning.
[23:29] * Young Lich cracks his neck.
[23:29] <Sakura Xadium Aino> He's one of the original Time Lords.
[23:29] <Sakura Xadium Aino> He knows the ways.
[23:29] <Dreadnaught Trajan> He can do it, but will he actually give you what you desire exactly how you desired it?
[23:29] <Young Lich> I didn't say COULD, I said "WILL."
[23:29] * Dreadnaught Trajan stops moving.
[23:29] <Sakura Xadium Aino> I believe he will. Because, like you, it suits him to uphold certain bargains.
[23:30] <Sakura Xadium Aino> He's a lot like you.
[23:30] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Except not motivated by fear.
[23:30] <Young Lich> You believe he will, then?
[23:30] <Young Lich> What could you want, that you could not obtain?
[23:30] <Young Lich> It matters now.
[23:30] <Sakura Xadium Aino> I have rules I have to follow. He doesn't.
[23:31] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Skeleton-Man. Shall I assume that you wish to face Sakura on your own?
[23:31] <Young Lich> But let me get this straight... if you prevail here, you will get your chance to regain your place beneath him, correct?
[23:31] * Young Lich nods and circles Sakura slowly.
[23:31] <Sakura Xadium Aino> There's a utility in leveraging that.
[23:31] <Sakura Xadium Aino> That sounds vaguly ecchi.
[23:31] <Young Lich> I won't let you become his daughter. It needs to be somebody weaker than you.
[23:31] <Sakura Xadium Aino> But yes.
[23:31] * Sakura Xadium Aino giggles
[23:31] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Why thanks~
[23:31] <Young Lich> You are wounded. I won't let you pass here. I don't care what you want.
[23:32] <Sakura Xadium Aino> I didn't know you were that worried about me~
[23:32] <Dreadnaught Trajan> You are a fool, Sakura Xadium Aino, for believing you can outwit one who takes such pride in wearing the mantle of "the Corruptor".
[23:32] <Young Lich> - MASTER... I the dreams of this hero... I offer as tribute to you! -
[23:32] <spiritflame> Sakura Xadium Aino rolls 1d20 [ 8 ]
[23:32] <spiritflame> Young Lich rolls 1d20 [ 20 ]
[23:32] <The Magistra> Master?
[23:32] <Young Lich> - WAHAHAHAHA! -
[23:32] <Sakura Xadium Aino> This was a fated match~
[23:32] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Probably the Demi-lich.
[23:33] 6 [1000 HP / 1465 MP] Young Lich Blasts Sakura with Superheated flame, without warning and before she can guard. (-35 MP +6 SP)
[23:33] 52 [460 HP / 1014 MP] Sakura Xadium Aino has been EVISCERATED!! (40 damage +7 SP)
[23:33] * The Magistra growls "STOP IT"
[23:33] * Sakura Xadium Aino is BURNED!
[23:33] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Skeleton-Man. I hereby recognize your challenge. Your Batchall has been accepted and you and Sakura Xadium Aino now stand in a Circle of Equals.
[23:34] * The Thallax assume a perimeter around Kerrick and Sakura. They make NO offensive action against either of them at all.
[23:34] 59 [460 HP / 996 MP] Sakura Xadium Aino STABS her holy sword through the center of his chest, channeling a large amount of spirit power into it (-18 MP +7 SP)
[23:34] <The Magistra> oh. Right. Holy sword plus sprit energy = Dead undead
[23:34] ☼ Scouter indicates Young Lich has SP level of 31!
[23:35] <Raihosha> Master?
[23:35] 36 [993 HP / 1468 MP] Young Lich has BLOCKED the attack! (7 damage +5 SP)
[23:35] * Raihosha gives Simon a penetrating look.
[23:35] * Young Lich reaches out and curses Sakura!
[23:35] <Raihosha> Surely not.
[23:35] 44 [993 HP / 1462 MP] Young Lich A curse be upon you! (-6 MP +8 SP)
[23:35] <Sakura Xadium Aino> ...
[23:35] 78 [421 HP / 1020 MP] Sakura Xadium Aino has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (39 damage +19 SP)
[23:36] * Sakura Xadium Aino is CURSED and collapses!
[23:36] * mango-chan changes topic to `Welcome to The Clockwork`
[23:36] <Young Lich> Ooooh, it looks like you were not able to stop the pain... happens to most people.
[23:36] <Young Lich> You know, I never learned the counterspell for that?
[23:36] 52 [993 HP / 1428 MP] Young Lich fireballs Sakura while she is down! (-34 MP +8 SP)
[23:36] * mango-chan changes topic to `Welcome To the Clockwork`
[23:36] 83 [366 HP / 1040 MP] Sakura Xadium Aino has been SLAMMED BACK!! (55 damage +5 SP)
[23:37] * Sakura Xadium Aino is BURNING ><
[23:37] * Sakura Xadium Aino grits her teeth and does not cry.
[23:37] * Dreadnaught Trajan refrains from speaking, as he's the Arbitrator of this Circle.
[23:37] <The Magistra> ....
[23:37] * The Magistra steps forwards, drawing her gunblade"
[23:37] * Sakura Xadium Aino forces herself to her feet, just cutting out her pain receptors mentally
[23:37] * Sakura Xadium Aino holds up her hand to stop maggie
[23:37] <Komadori> I have a map....
[23:37] 83 [366 HP / 1087 MP] Sakura Xadium Aino assumes a defensive stance and awaits your next move. (0 damage)
[23:38] <Komadori> Holy s[BLEEP]t.
[23:38] <Young Lich> Heh.
[23:39] * Sakura Xadium Aino takes a deep breath and stands
[23:39] 21 [993 HP / 928 MP] SPECIAL ATK: Young Lich raises his arms, and calls down a MASSIVE COLUMN OF BRIMSTONE AND HELLFIRE, that hurts targets that are pure of heart EVEN WORSE! (-500 MP -31 SP)
[23:39] <Komadori> ...This is a huge place.
[23:39] 98 [195 HP / 1103 MP ] Sakura Xadium Aino has been SMASHED BACK by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (171 damage +15 SP)
[23:39] * Sakura Xadium Aino is RAVAGED BY THE PAIN AND DARKNESS
[23:39] * Sakura Xadium Aino swings her blade around
[23:40] * Dreadnaught Trajan and the Thallax all hardly stumble at all.
[23:40] <Sakura Xadium Aino> - With the blood of the destroyers of evil.... -
[23:40] <Young Lich> There is a price for every action. I'm only too happy to embody it for you today. Drop that weapon.
[23:40] * Sakura Xadium Aino grins
[23:40] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Sure~
[23:40] <The Magistra> So I take it we're here in the family room?
[23:40] * Sakura Xadium Aino drops her blade straight down into the ground, where its monoatomic edge sinks into it like a kniife through butter...
[23:41] <Raihosha> Wrong, we'd be in the upper corner, labeled Celeste and Faye.
[23:41] <Komadori> Looks like it.
[23:41] 0 [195 HP / 1003 MP] Sakura Xadium Aino BANKAI! STAMPEDING POWER THAT BURNS EVIL!!! *a thousand blades shoot up under simon, each sending forth a huge column of holy power into the sky*, unleashing a 148 hit ULTRA COMBO! (-100 MP -98 SP) [ /sell 7]
[23:41] <Komadori> I think my readings are saying that Corruptor is on one floor and the power source is on another floor
[23:41] 21 [993 HP / 935 MP] Young Lich has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell 7 ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[23:41] <Komadori> So going up or down will take you to one of those.
[23:42] 6 [-211 HP / 1019 MP] Sakura Xadium Aino has been SLAMMED BACK!! (x 7 Hits) (406 damage +6 SP)
[23:42] Sakura Xadium Aino has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[23:42] <Dreadnaught Trajan> The Trial of Abjuration has been concluded. The Skeleton-Man is the clear and honorable victor.
[23:42] * Young Lich stands above her. "The dreams of every paladin turn to dust, in time."
[23:42] <The Magistra> SAKURA!
[23:42] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte groggily gets up
[23:42] <Komadori> Holy s[BLEEP]t....
[23:42] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> What happened now...
[23:42] * Celeste frowns.
[23:43] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte sees Arataka and absently picks it up.
[23:43] <Young Lich> - To you, My Master, I offer the suffering of the righteous! -
[23:43] <The Magistra> Simon just beat up Sakrua
[23:43] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Sakura Xadium Aino has been defeated.
[23:43] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> ...
[23:43] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Damn.
[23:43] * Celeste sighs.
[23:43] <Celeste> Goodbye, sister.
[23:43] * @Valeria Xadium Aino , back home, is cackling hysterically
[23:43] * Young Lich walks back over to the group. "She was too dangerous to allow to succeed. You know this."
[23:43] * The Magistra stomps over to Simon
[23:43] <Young Lich> Would you prefer her to take the place of Hazenine?
[23:43] <Raihosha> You aren't a priest, are you Simon?
[23:44] <The Magistra> "We're Here to RESUCE YOU THEM"
[23:44] <The Magistra> Not beat them up
[23:44] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte sighs
[23:44] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Let's get moving.
[23:44] <Young Lich> You are here to save your world from a dire threat. I helped you do that.
[23:44] <Young Lich> Come. We have much to do.
[23:44] * The Magistra just glares daggers at Simon. And will be for the rest of the evening, if not longer
[23:44] <Dreadnaught Trajan> (( I should be heading off to bed now myself. ))
[23:45] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> (( night ))
[23:45] * Komadori is in her console room evaluating this.
[23:45] <Abe Hisoka> can I stay with the lady with tea?
[23:45] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte is somewhat troubled that Simon was able to beat Sakura.
[23:45] <Komadori> Perhaps we should retreat for now
[23:46] * Young Lich hides the book that he was holding just a moment ago.
[23:46] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Maybe.
[23:46] <Komadori> I think we need to come up with a game plan and attack full force tomorrow.
[23:46] <Paisley Pythia Peinforte> Yeah.
[23:46] <Dreadnaught Trajan> I would not recommend remaining in this place.
[23:46] <The Magistra> You're not a mage, are you Kerrick
[23:46] * Paisley Pythia Peinforte quietly heads back.
[23:46] *** Paisley Pythia Peinforte [paisely_p@firstcircle.karn03-kasterborusrelay.sen] has left #suburbansenshi3 (This is disturbing.)
[23:46] * Celeste hesitates.
[23:46] * Celeste attempts to cross
[23:46] <spiritflame> Celeste rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[23:46] * Celeste does so
[23:46] <Kusanagi> Go.
[23:47] * Kusanagi waves.
[23:47] * Celeste looks back to Kusanagi.
[23:47] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Anyone remaining here, even for a short time, might be affected by whatever blandishments the Corruptor has infusing the environment.
[23:47] <Celeste> I suspect my time remaining is brief...
[23:47] * The Thallax begin to cross back over one by one.
[23:47] * Young Lich stands next to the scorch marks where Sakura was standing.
[23:48] <Kusanagi> If you need me, just call. I will be there for you and you always have a place with me.
[23:48] <Raihosha> So close.
[23:48] <Young Lich> I can't believe this. I can't believe I had forgotten.
[23:48] * The Magistra looks at Kerrick
[23:48] <The Magistra> Give me one good reason not to beat you down myself
[23:48] * Celeste crosses
[23:48] <Young Lich> Okay.
[23:48] <Raihosha> Because he's on your side, right now?
[23:48] * Kusanagi smiles
[23:48] <Young Lich> Your attacking me would be PRECISELY what Corruptor would want.
[23:49] <Kusanagi> The rest of you, stop arguing and go.
[23:49] <Young Lich> How's that for a reason?
[23:49] * Dreadnaught Trajan regards Kusanagi carefully.
[23:49] <Kusanagi> You've already ruined teatime.
[23:49] <The Magistra> It's also exactly what I want.
[23:49] * Young Lich looks over at Kusanagi again.
[23:49] <The Magistra> There was NO reason to fight Sakura
[23:49] *** Celeste has left #suburbansenshi3 ("No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me.")
[23:49] <Raihosha> Other than the fact she would have killed us?
[23:49] <Dreadnaught Trajan> No. Sakura desired that battle.
[23:49] <Young Lich> The reasons I felt are good enough for me.
[23:49] <Raihosha> Don't be a fool, Magistra.
[23:50] <The Magistra> Sakura wouldn't kill us Rai.
[23:50] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Because the Corruptor wished it.
[23:50] *** Raihosha [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Yumiko, don't give up. I WILL rescue you.)
[23:50] * Young Lich attempts to follow Raihosha as best he is able.
[23:50] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has quit IRC (I am a driven architect, who builds an Eternity.)
[23:51] <Solartiger> She would have, Magistra. She was here to stop us.
[23:51] <The Magistra> Then Rai is a bigger fool then I
[23:51] <The Magistra> Yumiko will likely try and stop us as well
[23:51] *** The Magistra [] has quit IRC (What will you do then Rai. Will you be able to face your daughter?)
[23:52] <Solartiger> He knows that, Magistra. That is the terrible thing. He knows that.
[23:52] *** Solartiger [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (And he will fight her, if that's what it takes to rescue her.)
[23:53] * Dreadnaught Trajan remains behind for the moment.
[23:53] * Dreadnaught Trajan looks to see who is left.
[23:55] * Dreadnaught Trajan turns and stomps through the portal, leaving Kusanagi behind.
[23:57] <Dreadnaught Trajan> If you were expecting me to rend you apart after everyone else had departed, then you are mistaken. If you have an executioner in your future, it is someone other than myself.
[23:57] *** Dreadnaught Trajan has left #suburbansenshi3

[17:21] *** This time when you enter you have to be careful of the large fragments of glass on the edge of the entrance.
[17:21] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: The Clockwork
[17:22] *** Ultra Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi3
[17:22] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa ultra sailor quinox
[17:22] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> gah!
[17:22] *** Meladina has joined #suburbansenshi3
[17:22] <@spiritflame> konnichiwa meladina
[17:23] *** As always, do a /stats if you've been in this puzzle before. Otherwise 1000 HP, 1500 MP, 25 SP
[17:24] *** You are currently in Celeste's room.
[17:25] <@spiritflame> Ultra Sailor Quinox: You have 526 MP / 548 HP / 70 SP
[17:25] ☼ Scouter indicates Meladina has HP level of 1000!
[17:25] * Ultra Sailor Quinox glances around the room
[17:25] ☼ Scouter indicates Meladina has MP level of 1500!
[17:25] ☼ Scouter indicates Meladina has SP level of 25!
[17:26] *** It's been cleaned since the last time you were there. You see the windows are large, the dresser has been reconstructed and the bedroom is a princess style four poster.
[17:27] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hmm...
[17:27] <Meladina> This is an interesting place
[17:27] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> yeah really....*looks for a door or such*
[17:28] *** By the window is the tea set from before but there is a still cast aside piece of a pomegranate.
[17:28] *** The door has still been blasted off.
[17:29] <Meladina> Did something happen here before?
[17:29] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> there was a fight...
[17:29] <Komadori> There was a party here yesterday
[17:30] <Meladina> I see
[17:30] <Komadori> They opened the door with force since it was locked.
[17:30] * Ultra Sailor Quinox peeks through the entrance
[17:31] <Komadori> So, see anything you can stick one of those chopsticks in yet?
[17:31] * Meladina looks for something
[17:32] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks around...
[17:33] * Ultra Sailor Quinox glances at all the items in the room
[17:33] *** The entrance is to the family room. There is a few couches and a table that looks like it could be for board games. There is also a few book cases around.
[17:33] *** Which room?
[17:35] <Meladina> Family room?
[17:35] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> you check celeste's room, I'll check the family room!
[17:35] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> start with the dresser!
[17:35] * Ultra Sailor Quinox wanders into the family room and looks over the book cases
[17:35] * Meladina nods and begins searching the bedroom
[17:36] *** FAMILY ROOM: You see plenty of bookcases, a few board games and the couches.
[17:36] <Komadori> CELESTE & FAYE'S ROOM: There is a princess four poster style bed, a crib, a dresser, a closet, a table and two chairs by the window.
[17:36] *** ^^^^
[17:37] * Ultra Sailor Quinox tries to see if any of the books on the bookcase stand out from the others
[17:37] * Meladina looks around to see if there's somewhere to stick the chopstick
[17:39] *** The books are pretty generic, though there are a few bookmarks sticking out. One book in particular has a metal spine
[17:39] * Ultra Sailor Quinox blinks....
[17:40] * Ultra Sailor Quinox moves back a bit..and tries to use her spear's blunt end to knock the book over
[17:40] * Meladina sees nowhere to put the chopstick and follows Matsumi into the family room
[17:41] *** There is a dresser with a jewelry holder, a cast iron tea pot, one of the posts looks like it could have a spot for a candle.
[17:41] *** In Celeste's room^
[17:42] <Komadori> (( sorry I'm improvising so bear with me @_@ ))
[17:43] *** The book is knocked back and it opens.
[17:43] * Meladina catches a glimpse of this spot before she leaves the room and turns around to investigate the post
[17:43] *** There is a bookmark that looks a little complicated, it has a little slot you can put something in for a bookmark...
[17:44] *** On the post it looks like there is supposed to be a candle stick, but it's pretty deep.
[17:44] * Meladina attempts to place a chopstick in the "candle" hole
[17:45] * Ultra Sailor Quinox walks over and looks to see what the shape of the slot is
[17:45] *** It's square shaped.
[17:45] *** Meladina roll 1d10
[17:45] <spiritflame> Meladina rolls 1d10 [ 1 ]
[17:45] *** You fit the chopstick!
[17:46] <Meladina> One down!
[17:47] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hey mel
[17:47] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> what do you think this is
[17:48] * Meladina walks into the family room for real now
[17:49] * Meladina approaches and looks at the bookmark, "I'm not sure"
[17:49] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> maybe there's something that fits in this...
[17:49] * Ultra Sailor Quinox glances around the room
[17:50] *** It looks chopstick sized, it's just square
[17:50] * Meladina holds up the second chopstick
[17:51] <Meladina> Could it really be this easy?
[17:51] *** it doesn't fit :/
[17:51] <Meladina> Nope
[17:51] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh....
[17:51] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks in the room to see if there is anything that would fit
[17:52] *** The bookcase turns around and there is a rag doll there.
[17:52] *** It is blonde with an orange bow and is dressed awfully similar to Sakura.
[17:52] <Meladina> Well now...
[17:52] <Sakura Doll> "Help me, help me."
[17:53] <Komadori> What is that?
[17:53] * Meladina picks up the doll
[17:53] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh
[17:53] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> it's a doll
[17:53] *** The doll has buttons sewn on the eyes.
[17:53] <Komadori> It's so cold. It's so dark.
[17:54] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> looks like sakura...
[17:54] <Komadori> Why would you do this to me?
[17:54] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh???
[17:54] *** ....
[17:54] <Sakura Doll> It's so cold. It's so dark.
[17:54] <Sakura Doll> - Why would you do this to me? -
[17:54] <Meladina> (( did they trade places or something? ))
[17:54] * Komadori said nothing <_<
[17:54] <Meladina> I think she needs would this doll know what to say? A recording perhaps?
[17:54] <Komadori> (( sssssh typos XD ))
[17:55] <Sakura Doll> - You hurt me. -
[17:55] * Ultra Sailor Quinox walks over and looks over the doll
[17:55] <Sakura Doll> - I hope he hurts you back. -
[17:56] <Meladina> ...what?
[17:56] <Sakura Doll> - I hope he takes away everything precious. -
[17:56] *** The doll starts ticking
[17:56] *** It suddenly speaks in a less angry tone
[17:57] *** It sounds cold, almost robotic.
[17:57] <Sakura Doll> What belongs to you that everyone else uses?
[17:57] <Meladina> .....
[17:57] <Komadori> It's a bomb!
[17:58] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> a riddle???
[17:58] * Ultra Sailor Quinox tosses the doll!
[17:58] <Komadori> You have to answer the riddle.
[17:58] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> oh!
[17:58] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> um
[17:58] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> uh
[17:58] <Komadori> Or the whole room's gonna blow! You've got five minutes.
[17:58] <Meladina> What belongs to you that everyone else uses....
[17:58] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> MY NAME
[17:59] *** The doll goes limp and the ticking stops
[17:59] <Komadori> ....
[17:59] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...*whew*
[18:00] <Komadori> There was life activity in there. It's gone now, and it's just a fragment.
[18:00] <Komadori> But that might be useful...
[18:00] <Meladina> A piece of Sakura inside the doll?
[18:00] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> should I take it with?
[18:01] <Komadori> The copied soul. Yeah, bring it with you.
[18:01] <Komadori> Maybe we can try to salvage them later.
[18:01] <Komadori> I can't promise anything but we might be able to save them.
[18:01] * Ultra Sailor Quinox takes the doll with her
[18:02] <Komadori> What would you like to do now?
[18:02] <Meladina> Moving forward?
[18:02] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks to see if there is anything else out of place in the family room
[18:02] <Meladina> Do you want to split up or move together?
[18:03] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> maybe we should move together...just in case
[18:03] <Komadori> there is a door next to Celeste's room, a door at the opposite end on the left that is open and another door opposite that and it's closed.
[18:03] *** ^^^
[18:03] *** Which door do you take?
[18:04] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> I'm going to check the one that's open
[18:04] * Ultra Sailor Quinox wanders over and looks through that door
[18:04] <Meladina> Alright then...let's check that door
[18:05] <Komadori> It's a bathroom!
[18:05] *** It's a bathroom!
[18:05] *** <_< sorry I need to stop that
[18:06] *** You see a porcelean bathroom with a mirror and a toilet. One of those reed diffusers is sitting on the sink.
[18:06] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh....
[18:06] * Ultra Sailor Quinox checks the toliet!
[18:06] *** Your reflection is there.
[18:06] *** Someone forgot to flush.
[18:06] * Meladina looks at the reed diffusers
[18:06] *** Someone was also going through shark week ><
[18:07] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....*closes the toliet*
[18:07] *** They are full of a red goopy substance that smells like tulips and agony.
[18:08] *** The reeds can be easily removed.
[18:08] *** They are also chopstick sized.
[18:08] * Meladina pulls out a reed and tries to put a chopstick in there
[18:08] *** Komadori flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[18:09] *** It fits!
[18:09] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> whoa!
[18:09] <Meladina> There we go
[18:10] *** The goop sizzles and crawls up the reeds but not the chopsticks.
[18:10] *** Do you remain here?
[18:10] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> maybe we should..move someplace else >.>
[18:11] <Meladina> Which way do you want to go?
[18:12] *** Dining room or Family room?
[18:12] * Ultra Sailor Quinox heads for teh dining room!
[18:13] * Meladina follows
[18:14] *** You see a chandelier hanging beautifully over a long spread dining room table. There are plates, glasses, utensils, a candelabra with no candles, there is a portrait of each of the sisters. Hazenine is painted on one end and Corruptor is painted on the other.
[18:14] *** Ike and Faye are missing.
[18:15] *** Celeste has a massive slash through her portrait.
[18:15] <Meladina> Well isn't this....interesting
[18:15] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....someone isn't happy
[18:15] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks to where the candelabra is
[18:16] *** A Vermy doll is tangled in the candelabra.
[18:16] <Vermellia Doll> Daddy, is that you?
[18:16] <Meladina> Another soul doll?
[18:17] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> I guess so...
[18:17] <Vermellia Doll> Help me! I'm stuck!
[18:17] <Vermellia Doll> Help me, Daddy!
[18:17] <Vermellia Doll> - ...You took my father away. -
[18:17] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks to see how high it is
[18:18] *** It's not the chandelier it's in the candelabra.
[18:18] *** The candelabra is on the table.
[18:18] * Meladina goes over to the candelabra and picks up the doll
[18:18] <Vermellia Doll> - No one will love me. -
[18:18] <Vermellia Doll> - No one. -
[18:18] * Vermellia Doll goes cold and the ticking sound happens again
[18:19] <Vermellia Doll> I am the forked tongue The whispered phrase A breath that flies Crumbles kingdoms Though I take no lives. Who am I?
[18:19] <Meladina> Here we go again
[18:19] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> um...any ideas, mel?
[18:19] <Komadori> This is a pattern.
[18:20] <Komadori> I don't get it. Yesterday they were fighting everyone.
[18:20] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> mel???
[18:20] <Komadori> Now we're solving riddles with dolls.
[18:20] <Komadori> What is even going on...
[18:21] <Meladina> ...I'm not sure....a rumor? Gossip?
[18:21] * Komadori is eating chips, you can hear it over the speaker.
[18:21] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> um...rumor..gossip......lie?
[18:21] * Vermellia doll stops ticking and goes limp.
[18:22] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ......
[18:22] <Meladina> Huh...
[18:22] * Meladina carries the Vermy doll with her
[18:22] <Meladina> Shall we move on?
[18:23] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> yeah...which way
[18:24] <Vermellia doll> The dining room door by Vermillia's room opens and you can cross there
[18:24] *** ^^^
[18:24] * Ultra Sailor Quinox goes through said door!
[18:24] *** There is also Geminine's room too
[18:24] * Meladina follows Matsumi
[18:25] *** Or the room that will eventually lead to the Kitchens
[18:25] *** You are now in Vermy's room.
[18:25] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks around the room
[18:25] *** Vermillia's room looks more like an armory rather than it does an actual room.
[18:27] *** weapons are hanging from the walls, there is a chest with a keyhole, and chains dangling from the ceiling.
[18:27] <Meladina> O.o
[18:28] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...woooooow
[18:28] *** This is certainly odd. There is a bed, though with the candle stick holder like Celeste's room.
[18:28] * Ultra Sailor Quinox walks over to the candle stick holder!
[18:29] *** It's a candle stick holder!
[18:30] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks it over
[18:30] *** There is also the chest with the keyhole that is round as well.
[18:30] <Meladina> Try the chopstick
[18:30] *** roll 1d20
[18:31] <spiritflame> Ultra Sailor Quinox rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[18:31] *** It fits!
[18:32] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> whoa!
[18:32] <Komadori> This is weirdly too easy.
[18:32] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> what do you think that chest contains
[18:32] <Meladina> I'm not sure
[18:33] *** Would you like to try to open it?
[18:34] * Meladina makes such an attempt
[18:34] *** The lock winds up looking like a clock.
[18:34] *** Roll 1d60.
[18:34] <spiritflame> Meladina rolls 1d60 [ 18 ]
[18:35] *** It unlocks!
[18:35] *** You find....ceiling mounts ¬_¬
[18:35] <Meladina> I am not sure what I think of this room >>
[18:36] <Komadori> ......
[18:36] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ......huh
[18:36] <Komadori> I'd probably encourage taking a shower after visiting that.
[18:36] <Komadori> OKAY one more room.
[18:37] *** Study or Vestibule?
[18:37] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks to Mel
[18:37] <Meladina> Study
[18:37] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> alright! study!
[18:38] * Meladina goes into the study
[18:38] * Ultra Sailor Quinox follows
[18:38] *** You take the door out and walk down the hall. There are paintings in the style of the renaissance depicting Hazenine's trial and the Nonary games
[18:39] *** Where there should be a door to the study there is instead a large painting of Vain standing infront of Hazenine about to rewrite her fate.
[18:39] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...oh wow......
[18:39] <Meladina> o.O
[18:40] *** On either side of you there are now doors.
[18:40] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks around the study..for anything out of place
[18:40] *** One will lead to Potamos's room, one will lead to the Vestibule
[18:40] *** There is no longer a door to the Study.
[18:41] <Meladina> Odd...thisdoesn't match the map
[18:42] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> uh oh
[18:43] * Meladina decides for Potamos' room then
[18:43] *** Potamos's room is filled with cakes!
[18:43] * Ultra Sailor Quinox follows
[18:43] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> whoa cake!
[18:44] *** They are all people size and there is also a big lifesize bowl of pudding in the middle of the room.
[18:44] <Meladina> What in the...
[18:45] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> oh man this is heaven!
[18:45] * Ultra Sailor Quinox looks over each cake for anything unusual
[18:46] <Meladina> I wasn't aware the human perception of 'heaven' was a room full of cake
[18:47] *** The room has the typical bed that looks like the other two beds. There is also a little metal hole on the top of one of the cakes. It looks chopstick sized.
[18:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ooo looks like another chopstick area!
[18:48] <Meladina> Let's try it
[18:48] *** roll 1d20
[18:49] <Meladina> (( who? ))
[18:49] *** Either of you
[18:50] <spiritflame> Meladina rolls 1d20 [ 7 ]
[18:50] *** The chopstick fits!
[18:50] <Komadori> I think that's all of them.
[18:50] <Komadori> That was weirdly easy.
[18:50] <Komadori> Did you bring the pocket watch?
[18:51] * Meladina holds it up
[18:51] * Ultra Sailor Quinox nods nods
[18:51] <Komadori> ....Leave it by the big portrait of Vain and Hazel.
[18:52] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> okies!
[18:53] * Meladina goes back to the portrait and drops off the pocket watch
[18:54] <Komadori> I'm about to trigger the electrodes.
[18:54] <Komadori> I encourage you evacuating now.
[18:55] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> where do we go???
[18:56] <Komadori> Through the watch.
[18:57] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> oh oh right
[18:57] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> after you mel!
[18:57] * Meladina jumps/touches/howeveryougethrough 's the watch
[18:58] * Ultra Sailor Quinox follows!
[18:58] * Komadori is away: ss2
[18:58] * Ultra Sailor Quinox is away 
[18:58] * Meladina is away 
[19:00] *** As Komadori activates the Electrodes, the entire pocket dimension changes. Rooms drop suddenly and the puzzle becomes much more linear.
[19:02] *** It looks like Clockwork as things turn, rise and fall. Doors crumple and hide the parodies of others while others reform. One room in particular is present on the board but like the study it is hidden.
[19:03] *** A painting of the Pieta replaced with Corruptor holding Hazenine covers the entrance to that room
[19:03] *** It's quiet now.
[19:05] * mango-chan changes topic to `Welcome to The Clockwork`
[20:40] *** Celeste has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa celeste
[20:41] *** Dreadnaught Trajan has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa dreadnaught trajan
[20:41] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa young lich
[20:41] * Celeste takes a deep breath.
[20:41] *** Aratasujou has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa aratasujou
[20:41] *** @The Intern [neminixblipsonara@cia674.panopticon.gallfrey.kasterborous.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:41] *** @spiritflame sets mode +o @The Intern

[20:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa @the intern
[20:41] *** Augustus Gestee Rosso [ag-rosso@en2.hypernodeXVX117.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa augustus gestee rosso
[20:41] * Aratasujou looks around.
[20:41] *** Yaijinden has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa yaijinden
[20:41] *** @MJayDee [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:41] *** @spiritflame sets mode +o @MJayDee

[20:41] <@spiritflame> konbanwa @mjaydee
[20:42] *** Ultra Sailor Quinox has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa ultra sailor quinox
[20:42] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: The Vestibule!
[20:42] *** Meladina has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa meladina
[20:42] <Meladina> >>
[20:42] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> so here we are again
[20:42] *** Lt. David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:42] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lt. david o`cain
[20:42] <@MJayDee> and again and again and agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain
[20:43] * Young Lich looks around the room. "Is this the same place we left?"
[20:43] *** Solartiger [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa solartiger
[20:43] *** No you are not where you last were.
[20:43] *** Raihosha [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa raihosha
[20:43] * Dreadnaught Trajan arms and loads all of his weapons: lightning claws on his left servo-arm, Havoc missiles on his back, and twin-linked 40mm caseless autocannons on his right arm. Atomantic shields and ferromantic wards energize.
[20:43] *** Hanging above you is The Pocketwatch that you entered through. Those who were here earlier know it is, in fact, portable!
[20:43] * Aratasujou sits down on the Intern's shoulders. =^ ^=
[20:44] * Ultra Sailor Quinox holds onto her spear
[20:44] * Lt. David O`Cain looks at his current surroundings
[20:44] * Meladina has her pistol with her today and has it armed
[20:44] * Young Lich pays very close attention to Autustus Rosso. "......"
[20:44] *** You stand in a very large room that has stone flooring and is pretty fancy looking, maybe like a castle.
[20:44] * Augustus Gestee Rosso eyes this magical being dispassionately.
[20:45] * @The Intern has both her blades out
[20:45] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> whoooooa
[20:45] * Yaijinden opens his arms, spins in place
[20:45] <Young Lich> Are you protected from harm, or not, Mister Rosso?
[20:45] *** Above you the ceiling is painted to look like a night sky? Well, if the stars were black, that is.
[20:45] <Augustus Gestee Rosso> I believe this young lady here is protecting me/
[20:45] * @The Intern nods
[20:46] <Raihosha> (( a photonegative of a night sky? ))
[20:46] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hmmm.
[20:46] *** There is also a moon? Some moons? Something seems off about them.
[20:47] <Dreadnaught Trajan> The outside sky of the place we fought in last night was identical.
[20:47] * Ultra Sailor Quinox narrows her eyes at the moons
[20:47] <@MJayDee> is this tatoonie's skyline or something
[20:47] * Aratasujou examines the sky, attempting to figure out the discrepency.
[20:47] * Meladina sees if she recognizes this pattern
[20:47] * Young Lich stands within arm's reach of Autustus Rosso, and stays there no matter what unless stopped.
[20:47] * Raihosha spends some time trying to figure out what is off.
[20:48] * Yaijinden centers himself, briefly scanning for exits
[20:49] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Nedean. Stay close. You are a high-priority objective to protect.
[20:49] * Young Lich gestures. Chants. Casts a spell upon himself.
[20:49] <Augustus Gestee Rosso> ...So I've been told.
[20:49] *** There is a door that leads downstairs behind you and there is a door ahead with someone who is half fused with the door, their midsection protruding.
[20:49] * Dreadnaught Trajan scans the door ahead.
[20:50] * Ultra Sailor Quinox blinks
[20:50] * Young Lich gestures, chants, and casts another spell upon himself. Motes of light shimmer close to his form.
[20:50] * Yaijinden approaches the half-fused door, bowing when he is about ten feet away in ritual greeting
[20:50] *** It looks like....
[20:50] * Lt. David O`Cain stays close to Augustus, weilding the dual scythes
[20:50] * Meladina looks at the person in the door
[20:50] * Aratasujou starts floating upwards, examining everything from a different perspective.
[20:50] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...........
[20:51] ***

except that is not the person you are talking to.

[20:51] *** You are talking to......
[20:51] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> O_O
[20:51] * Young Lich casts yet another spell upon himself, all the while staying close to Mr. Rosso.
[20:51] <The Corruptor> Ding Dong ♫
[20:51] <@MJayDee> spiiiiiny
[20:51] <Young Lich> Are we supposed to know this person?
[20:51] * The Corruptor is half in the door
[20:51] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Some kind of Servitor?
[20:51] <Raihosha> (Oh god I know this one)
[20:52] <The Corruptor> WELCOME
[20:52] <Yaijinden> We have come.
[20:52] <Meladina> ....
[20:52] *** Above the door is the word "Pineapple"
[20:52] <Raihosha> Okay, I'm not using the knocker here...
[20:52] * Aratasujou swoops down, grabs hold of the Corruptor's nose, and TWISTS.
[20:52] <The Corruptor> I'd open myself up to you, but I'm afraid you'll have to rub me the iright way.
[20:52] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> cre-epy
[20:53] <Celeste> ....
[20:53] <The Corruptor> that's not the right way
[20:53] <Aratasujou> Ding-gind!
[20:53] <Aratasujou> ^dong
[20:53] <The Corruptor> that is an unapproved interaction
[20:53] * Aratasujou tries knocking instead. "JEHOVA'S WITNESSES~!"
[20:53] <Yaijinden> Are we talking about a handy? Because I don't have the time to make sure you enjoy it.
[20:53] * Young Lich checks if there are runes or letters upon the door.
[20:53] * The Corruptor 's eye get sput out
[20:53] * Celeste snickers.
[20:54] <Celeste> ....
[20:54] <The Magistra> Is now the part where we cut them open and Praise Hojo? Or am I thinking of a diffrent group
[20:54] <The Corruptor> OH GOD HALF OF YOU ARE GONE
[20:54] <Meladina> Pretty sure the door say ssomething like "pineapple"
[20:54] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ara knock it off >.>
[20:54] <Yaijinden> Pineapples! :O
[20:54] *** The door only says "Pineapple"
[20:54] <The Magistra> It does
[20:54] *** That is all.
[20:54] <The Magistra> But why Pinapple?
[20:54] <The Corruptor> Why are you all talking about fruit?
[20:54] <The Magistra> Pinapples are only good on cake
[20:54] <@MJayDee> Pine arms.....
[20:54] <Lt. David O`Cain> Pineapple, eh?
[20:55] <The Corruptor> It's hard being a door.
[20:55] * Young Lich goes over, and looks if there is something written on the other door.
[20:55] <The Corruptor> I can't eat.
[20:55] <Raihosha> Pinapples, traditionally, were used as a symbol of welcome on fenceposts.
[20:55] <Yaijinden> Must be. Would you like something to eat?
[20:55] *** There is nothing written on the other door :D
[20:55] <Young Lich> Nothing over here!
[20:55] <The Corruptor> Yes. but I've never eaten before.
[20:55] <The Corruptor> So I'm not sure if I'd like it.
[20:55] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Let us just smash the door to pieces and punch through this obstacle.
[20:55] * Young Lich uses Detect Magic upon the door, just in case... but then he quickly abandons this and goes over to Mr. Rosso again, staying there.
[20:55] <Celeste> If there was one fruit you could eat, what would you like to consume?
[20:55] <The Corruptor> So violent! O_O
[20:56] <Young Lich> I do not think that would be wise.
[20:56] <The Corruptor> Hmm
[20:56] * The Corruptor looks over the women
[20:56] <The Corruptor> Luscious melons~
[20:56] <Celeste> Melons are not nearly as delicious as you think that they are.
[20:56] <Dreadnaught Trajan> I am one of the Angels of Darkness and Death. Violence is my purpose.
[20:56] <Celeste> They have a strange texture to them.
[20:56] <Celeste> I might suggest something a bit more tart.
[20:56] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ><
[20:56] * Ultra Sailor Quinox covers her chest
[20:57] <The Corruptor> Tart?
[20:57] <Aratasujou> Doorman be a pervert?
[20:57] <Yaijinden> You've got a saucy attitude-- something with that delicious fructose that has a bit of bite to it.
[20:57] <The Corruptor> Like a mango?
[20:57] <The Magistra> ...
[20:57] <@MJayDee> if he keeps this up, I've got one helluvah cherry he can experience popping....
[20:57] <Aratasujou> You want pineapple juice?
[20:58] <The Magistra> I don't even know what's going on anymore
[20:58] <Lt. David O`Cain> I was thinking Granny Smith apples, but eh.
[20:58] *** mango-chan [twasbryllyg@greeneyedmonsters.blackhole] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:58] <@spiritflame> konbanwa mango-chan
[20:58] * mango-chan clings to the door.
[20:58] <The Magistra> ....
[20:58] <Yaijinden> Too sweet, not enough tang.
[20:58] <mango-chan> I'm delicious
[20:58] <The Magistra> GAY
[20:58] * mango-chan is away: NOT HERE
[20:58] <The Corruptor> I don't like juice.
[20:58] <The Corruptor> I think.
[20:58] <Aratasujou> She regenerated quickly.
[20:58] <Celeste> No, you seem a bit more sharp than that.
[20:59] <The Magistra> ....
[20:59] <Yaijinden> Something prickly.
[20:59] <The Magistra> Why are we wasteing our time talking about fruit
[20:59] <Lt. David O`Cain> Cactus?
[20:59] <Yaijinden> Something that takes a lot of effort to get to.
[20:59] <Aratasujou> Coconut?
[20:59] <@MJayDee> hey, don't go knockin' can kick you ass you know
[20:59] <Yaijinden> Agua is good, but it's not what I think he'd enjoy. Too subtle.
[20:59] <The Corruptor> Yes, I'd much prefer a different kind of conversation.
[20:59] <Aratasujou> Kiwi?
[20:59] <Meladina> Something originating from rather dangerously volcanic islands here, yes?
[20:59] *** The word above the door says "Pineapple"
[20:59] <The Corruptor> I don't want a kiwi! I don't want a Coconut!
[21:00] <Aratasujou> You wanna pineapple?
[21:00] <@MJayDee> Durian?
[21:00] <Celeste> Then what do you want?
[21:00] <Raihosha> Do we have any pineapples?
[21:00] <Young Lich> What are pineapples?
[21:00] <The Corruptor> Coconuts like like hairy balls-- no I don't want a pineapple!
[21:00] *** The Door opens.
[21:00] <Meladina> Ah wonderful
[21:00] * The Corruptor SCREAAAAAAAAAMMMS
[21:00] *** Unfortunately, this version of the Corruptor is split in half by the door opening.
[21:00] * Young Lich gets it.
[21:01] <Young Lich> I understand.
[21:01] * The Corruptor explodes into red jelly pus
[21:01] * Aratasujou cringes painfully at the loud shrieking! >__<
[21:01] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....
[21:01] <Lt. David O`Cain> Yeesh.
[21:01] <Celeste> :)
[21:01] <Augustus Gestee Rosso> ...Interesting.
[21:01] <Young Lich> Aratasujou, why don't you go through the door first?
[21:01] <Yaijinden> Hee hee!
[21:02] * Dreadnaught Trajan activates the flamethrower mounted underneath his left hand and bathes the Corruptor's red-jelly in cleansing flame!
[21:02] * Yaijinden takes the lead if Tiny Foxbot doesn't
[21:02] * Celeste follows behind Yaijinden.
[21:02] * Aratasujou floats through the door, humming and trilling.
[21:02] * Meladina follows everyone else
[21:02] * Dreadnaught Trajan stomps after everyone.
[21:02] <@MJayDee> neat
[21:03] * @MJayDee tags aloooong
[21:03] * Lt. David O`Cain keeps up with the group
[21:03] * Young Lich still stands beside Augustus Rosso.
[21:03] * @The Intern follows with Mister Rosso.
[21:03] * Aratasujou scans the area ahead, moving carefully every inch of the way.
[21:03] * The Magistra follows the others
[21:04] *** As you walk, the first image that you see is a renassance style painting of Vainamoinen staring down a bound Hazenine.
[21:04] * Ultra Sailor Quinox follows
[21:04] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ..whoa
[21:04] *** She is slowly crumbling to dust in the painting.
[21:04] <@MJayDee> fast painters
[21:04] <Aratasujou> The fate of Hazenine. Her fate was deserved.
[21:05] * Young Lich keeps one eye on Celeste, the other on the painting. "Part of me still does not accept that she's gone."
[21:05] * The Corruptor 's voice: "Yes, revel in the feeling of watching someone lose their loved one. :/"
[21:06] * Young Lich laughs exactly once.
[21:06] * @MJayDee ^
[21:06] *** As you walk down the very long hallway there are varying paintings. One is a family portrait of Corruptor and Hazel. There are paintings of each of the chosen siblings. Faye, Ike, Vermillia and Sakura all have their paintings turned upside down.
[21:06] *** Celeste's painting has a massive slash through it.
[21:06] * The Corruptor 's voice: "Would that you feel this pain, and suffer as I have!"
[21:06] <Young Lich> .....
[21:07] * Celeste ignores it.
[21:07] * Young Lich checks if Celeste's painting is upiside down or not.
[21:07] <@MJayDee> nobody knooooows, the trouble i've seeeeeen
[21:07] *** It is right side up.
[21:07] <Meladina> This looks something like it did earlier
[21:07] <@MJayDee> nobody knoooooows my sooooorroooooows
[21:07] <The Corruptor> Not.... yet :3
[21:07] <Raihosha> I sorrow for his loss, but not the fate of Hazel.
[21:07] <Young Lich> Hey Magistra. I wonder if something would happen if we turned another painting upside down. I'm thinking Hazenines.....
[21:07] <Aratasujou> There are some here who have already experienced similar loss.
[21:07] * Yaijinden stays placid, a few paces behind Tiny Foxbot, sympathetic but unmoved
[21:08] * Ultra Sailor Quinox quietly moves
[21:08] <Dreadnaught Trajan> I can incinerate this whole gallery if you desire.
[21:08] <The Magistra> You think you are the only one who has lost loved ones?
[21:08] * Young Lich goes over to the paintings.
[21:08] <Young Lich> Hang on.
[21:08] *** The last painting of this set is of Corruptor. He stands alone next to an empty seat that looks like it is waiting for one of the remaining paintings to be placed there with him.
[21:08] * The Magistra snickers
[21:08] <The Magistra> Do it
[21:08] <Raihosha> Please, don't be petty.
[21:08] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Select a target then.
[21:09] * Aratasujou pulls out a sketchbook. "Me can draw a new picture and put that in Corruptor-duptor's painting!"
[21:09] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hey guys why are you doing that
[21:09] <Young Lich> It's not for being petty...
[21:10] * Young Lich turns Hazenine's paint upside down, to see if anything happens.
[21:10] *** a marrionette of Hazenine falls on the Lich.
[21:10] <Young Lich> !!!
[21:10] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Perhaps we should just burn the Dezgra's painting instead?
[21:11] <Celeste> ....That's symbolic.
[21:11] <Young Lich> I am against doing that.
[21:11] <Meladina> o.O
[21:11] * Young Lich turns Ike's painting rightside up.
[21:11] * Aratasujou SWOOPS over and smashes the Hazenine puppet with Sledge-O-Matic!
[21:11] <Aratasujou> >:D
[21:12] <Young Lich> Impetuous fool.
[21:12] *** The Policia arrive and arrest you for vandalism
[21:12] * Celeste rolls her eyes.
[21:12] * Young Lich goes back over to Mr. Rosso.
[21:12] * Ultra Sailor Quinox facepalms
[21:12] <Young Lich> I guess the rest of them do not matter.
[21:12] *** The Iconoclast portait turns upside down again.
[21:12] <Raihosha> Carcosa... does it actually mean anything?
[21:12] <Young Lich> <.<
[21:12] <Celeste> ...
[21:12] <Young Lich> Did you just see that?
[21:13] <Young Lich> Mmmm, let us look for doors.
[21:13] <Meladina> This is so much more interesting this time around
[21:13] <Celeste> What about it?
[21:13] <Aratasujou> of the Tanar'ri primary sanctuary worlds. Unrelated to this situation.
[21:13] *** As you turn the corner! There are more paintings but this is more a Mural.
[21:13] * Young Lich hears this, and remembers it.
[21:14] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hm?
[21:14] * Aratasujou tries turning over Sakura's portrait.
[21:14] *** This time it's the story of the trial.
[21:14] <Young Lich> Leave that one be.
[21:14] * Young Lich looks and looks and looks, with increasing anxiety, to see if he is anywhere in this painting!
[21:14] *** So each side of the walls paints the story of the arguments, the jurors of the shadow proclamation, and the final verdict.
[21:14] <Aratasujou> Oooooo! There be Franziska-lady PWNING Hazel!
[21:14] <Young Lich> Not there, not there, not there...
[21:15] * Celeste looks at the walls.
[21:15] <Dreadnaught Trajan> You are skittish, Skeleton-Man.
[21:15] * Augustus Gestee Rosso begins to absorb the true scope of the context into which he's been placed.
[21:15] * Young Lich takes this opportunity to look at how Yaijinden is being portrayed in this mural, and whether it appears favorable or unfavorable.
[21:15] <Raihosha> I meant the lost city of Carcosa. I finally realized what the vestibule reminded me of.
[21:16] * Aratasujou records the details of the mural in her memory.
[21:16] <Lt. David O`Cain> What, Rai?
[21:16] <Young Lich> I merely hope I am not in the painting.
[21:16] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> Carcosa?
[21:16] *** The only one painted excessively favorable here is Indigo.
[21:17] *** Yaijinden is portrayed as apathetic overall.
[21:17] <Aratasujou> Why is Indigo favored like this?
[21:17] <@MJayDee> are pants?
[21:17] * Yaijinden absorbs that note with half a wry smirk
[21:17] <Meladina> Oh yes...I remember the trial
[21:17] <Raihosha> It may not be important, Matsumi.
[21:17] <Celeste> Because she defended Hazel Ninegate.
[21:17] <Yaijinden> I have pants, yes, but I am not pants per se.
[21:18] <Celeste> She was the only person who believed in Yaijinden's argument in favor for Hazel and defended him but failed.
[21:18] <Aratasujou> Is this why the Corruptor never targeted her?
[21:18] <Celeste> He mistook me for her.
[21:18] * Raihosha checks to see Aes's portrayal.
[21:18] <Celeste> Maybe she'd have been more sympathetic to his plight.
[21:18] <Meladina> What of the other jurors?
[21:18] <Dreadnaught Trajan> That oversight clearly did not move him to release you.
[21:18] <Raihosha> Was he actually wrong, Celeste?
[21:19] *** The other Jurors are cast as shadows while Indigo is cast in a light. Aes is cast neutrally.
[21:19] <Celeste> ...In what sense?
[21:19] <Celeste> ......
[21:19] <Raihosha> Because at that point, Indigo was still in the volcano, wasn't she?
[21:19] <Celeste> No.
[21:19] <Celeste> Indigo was freed about six months before this.
[21:19] <Raihosha> Oh.
[21:20] <Celeste> I had to request Lia to find her because she was unreachable for her summons.
[21:20] <Aratasujou> Correct. Indigo returned a few months after we did.
[21:20] * Young Lich stays next to Mr. Rosso.
[21:20] <Raihosha> I need to have my memory checked, then.
[21:20] *** It's cool that whole thing was fun times weird :D
[21:20] <Yaijinden> ♫.
[21:20] <Meladina> I wonder why he did not go after the others then
[21:20] * Aratasujou floats further along the passage, studying the mural closely.
[21:21] <The Magistra> Perhaps they were of no use to hi>
[21:21] <Aratasujou> Politically impossible, perhaps? Attacking the Shadow Proclamation might have resulted in Omega retaliating from Gallifrey.
[21:21] *** you pass one last corner and this time there are paintings of those who were taken and their connection with those who have angered Corruptor.
[21:21] * Lt. David O`Cain has the visor on his helmet change to a dark green tint as he activates a combination of FLIR and UV to see if there's any unusual heat signatures
[21:21] <@The Intern> @_@
[21:22] <@The Intern> (What the heck is that robot talking about?)
[21:22] *** At first the paintings look like everyone is pleased but if you look at them for just long enough terrible things happen.
[21:22] * Young Lich doesn't have one.
[21:22] * Aratasujou keeps looking at the paintings.
[21:22] * Dreadnaught Trajan looks as well.
[21:22] *** Sakura and Xaidum, for example, a happy family with Minako. The longer that you look at it the more it looks like they have abandoned Sakura and orphaned her.
[21:23] * Raihosha watches.
[21:23] *** Minako has gone off with Trunks, Xadium is more focused on Gemini.
[21:23] <@MJayDee> ok, that's cool
[21:23] *** Their backs are to Sakura.
[21:23] *** This continues as you go along
[21:23] <Dreadnaught Trajan> A portrait of the past.
[21:23] <@MJayDee> I wonder if he take commissions...
[21:24] * Dreadnaught Trajan examines the other paintings too.
[21:24] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> wow this is...depressing
[21:24] <Aratasujou> These must be reflections as to what the people he took desire.
[21:24] <Lt. David O`Cain> No kidding, Matsumi.
[21:24] <Raihosha> The work of a very angry man.
[21:24] * Aratasujou looks at Vermellia's picture.
[21:24] *** they all do the same s[BLEEP]t. Celeste and Faye are sitting and waiting and waiting and waiting, Potamos is abandoned....
[21:24] *** Rai you get free flavortext
[21:25] *** Potamos is waiting at the altar that is
[21:25] <Aratasujou> Potamos abandoned? By who?
[21:25] *** ANYWAY those who keep walking?
[21:25] *** You find a fork!
[21:26] *** Vermellia's is that of a oung girl happily playing in a field... but as the days goes on the sky grows darker and monsters loom on the horizon-- the happy girl cuts them down with her scythe, and her face becomes a demonic mask of twisted rage.
[21:26] * Aratasujou whips out a wooden spoon to go with the fork! :D
[21:26] * Yaijinden realizes in short order that this is not a fork he can use to pick up spaghetti. ._.
[21:26] *** You can go up or you can go up or you can go straight.
[21:26] <Meladina> oh my
[21:26] * Lt. David O`Cain is still searching for unusual heat signatures as he walks to the fork in the road
[21:26] * Aratasujou tries floating up.
[21:27] * Yaijinden opts for this "straight."
[21:27] * Dreadnaught Trajan scans the area ahead with his sensors.
[21:27] * Raihosha watches, sadly, as Yumiko's image slowly gets crowded out as more and more children, then mongoose tigers get added to the picture and she is almost totally lost in the image.
[21:27] <@The Intern> Hmm.
[21:27] * @The Intern heads straight as well
[21:27] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> hmmm
[21:27] * Celeste follows
[21:27] * Augustus Gestee Rosso follows the young lady.
[21:27] * Raihosha then catches up with the others, at Solartiger's urging.
[21:28] * Celeste slows.
[21:28] <Celeste> I have a terrible feeling.
[21:28] <@MJayDee> (( aaaaand, fracking hell. i'm gonna have to bow out :| i need to be up buttcrack of dawn for work stuffs, later ))
[21:28] <The Magistra> hmmm
[21:28] <Lt. David O`Cain> Which way to go...
[21:28] <Celeste> (( see ya! ))
[21:28] * Dreadnaught Trajan looks at the painting.
[21:29] <Raihosha> (( Night Mike. ))
[21:29] * Aratasujou has been commiting the paintings to memory.
[21:29] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> (( night mike ))
[21:29] <Aratasujou> (( I think I'll call in sick tomorrow at work since I'm still congested and coughing pretty strongly. As Janette can attest to. ))
[21:30] *** Bt the doors is a painting of The Pieta. Except, as everything is here, it's recomposed as Hazenine being held by her father.
[21:30] *** The door next to this painting is open.
[21:31] <Aratasujou> Corruptor has issues.
[21:31] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hmmm.
[21:31] * Yaijinden tries this door.
[21:31] <The Magistra> ....
[21:32] *** The door opens.
[21:32] * Dreadnaught Trajan stomps up to the open door and aims through it.
[21:32] *** You are in The Kitchen!
[21:32] *** It looks like a kitchen that is meant for a restaurant.
[21:32] *** But there are no cooks.
[21:32] *** There is no food.
[21:32] <Aratasujou> Ooooo! Me can cook good things for Corruptor! :D
[21:32] *** Meladina has left #suburbansenshi3 (think this is not working)
[21:33] *** There IS a heap of mashed potatoes. But they weren't necessary, were they?
[21:33] <Aratasujou> :/
[21:33] * The Corruptor is cooking an omelette
[21:33] * Yaijinden chuckles
[21:33] <The Corruptor> ♫
[21:33] <Celeste> .....
[21:33] * The Corruptor is furiously breaking eggs to make it
[21:33] <Yaijinden> Anybody in here but us chickens?
[21:33] * Celeste has her hand on her blade.
[21:33] * Aratasujou has a wooden spoon! >:D
[21:33] * The Corruptor breaks eggs with the words "Sakura", "Vermellia", "Lucien
[21:34] * and others on it
[21:34] * The Corruptor turns and looks at the party.
[21:34] <The Corruptor> 'Allo you all! and welcome...
[21:34] <The Corruptor> - To Hell's Kitchen. -
[21:34] <Celeste> Are you serious?
[21:34] * The Corruptor looks at the f[BLEEP]king grass traitor Celeste.
[21:34] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> oh god are you going to be talking in a british accent?
[21:35] * Dreadnaught Trajan takes a step forward and STOMPS his foot down hard.
[21:35] <Lt. David O`Cain> - (Gordon Ramsey he is not.) -
[21:35] <The Corruptor> - More serious that you f[BLEEP]kin' were. -
[21:35] * The Corruptor looks between her and Yaijinden.
[21:35] <Komadori> Hey, I'm getting a weird reading in here, like something just started clearing up.
[21:35] <Lt. David O`Cain> (But he sure makes a mean dish as well as insults.)
[21:35] <Celeste> The moment you discarded Faye was the moment that I ceased following you.
[21:35] * The Corruptor is in fact aping Ramsey, yes
[21:35] * Young Lich loooks if there is pineapple in the kitchen.
[21:36] <The Corruptor> - Eggs. Sometimes, you have to f[BLEEP]king BREAK them to make good food savvy? -
[21:36] * Dreadnaught Trajan snatches out with his left hand to try and capture the Corruptor in his lightning claw.
[21:36] * The Corruptor lights a pan on fire because flambe is sexy
[21:36] <spiritflame> The Corruptor rolls 1d20 [ 4 ]
[21:36] * Aratasujou digs her wooden spoon into the mashed potatoes in an attempt to scoop up a big glob of it.
[21:36] * The Corruptor is CAUGHT
[21:36] <Celeste> We're nothing more than pawns to you.
[21:37] <Celeste> .... ¬_¬
[21:37] * Young Lich does not use the pineapple now, but feels it's a good idea to keep things that are written on doors in dungeons.
[21:37] <Augustus Gestee Rosso> ...Pawns are used by both sides in this battle.
[21:37] <The Corruptor> ...
[21:37] <Young Lich> Shut up.
[21:37] <The Corruptor> HALLELJUJAH!
[21:37] * The Corruptor flails in religious ecstacy!
[21:37] <The Corruptor> HE IS RISEN!!!
[21:38] <The Corruptor> LAWD HE IS RISEN!!!!
[21:38] *** The pineapple is awesome though, you should use it.
[21:38] <Aratasujou> Which ones are closest to becoming Queens though?
[21:38] * The Corruptor POINTS at GESTEE
[21:38] <The Corruptor> THE DEAD WALK AGAIN!
[21:38] * The Magistra would rather cast Avacado
[21:38] * Young Lich looks for the door to the oven.
[21:38] <Augustus Gestee Rosso> ...
[21:38] * Young Lich opens the door to the oven, if this is possible.
[21:38] *** you have found an oven. Will you use the pineapple? :D
[21:38] * Dreadnaught Trajan grips the Corruptor tightly in his claw and hoists him up to "eye-level".
[21:38] * Young Lich walks back over to Augustus Gestee Rosso.
[21:39] <The Corruptor> - Celeste. You have one chance to change your fate. -
[21:39] <Young Lich> HEY! Kill him in the oven. I don't want to get splattered this time.
[21:39] <The Corruptor> - Kill him. -
[21:39] <Celeste> .....
[21:39] * Aratasujou flings mashed potatoes towards the COrruptor's mouth!
[21:39] * Young Lich reaches out and touches Augustus Gestee Rosso, while chanting.
[21:39] <Celeste> And why would I want to do that?
[21:39] * @The Intern stands in front of Rosso, blades crossed
[21:39] * Yaijinden smiles quietly but confidently
[21:40] <Celeste> I'm not interested in being your daughter.
[21:40] * Lt. David O`Cain stands next to Intern holding out his dual scythes
[21:40] <The Corruptor> - Your betrayal is complete, then. -
[21:40] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Shall I terminate him now or would you rather speak longer with him?
[21:40] <The Corruptor> - So tell me then, Celeste.... -
[21:40] <Celeste> Terminating him will only spawn another.
[21:40] * Young Lich fully expects to watch Celeste Die, in the next few seconds.
[21:40] <The Corruptor> - Of what... further use.. are you to me? -
[21:40] <Celeste> ...
[21:41] <Dreadnaught Trajan> SILENCE, DEZGRA!!
[21:41] <Young Lich> If somebody does not get her out of here, now she's dead.
[21:41] * Celeste CLEAVES The Corruptor.
[21:41] <The Magistra> Leave him. Let's just find our freinds
[21:41] <The Magistra> He is pathetic beyond words and no longer worth our attention
[21:41] <Komadori> The Power source!
[21:41] * The Corruptor keeps his eyes locked on her... then his head splits sideways and peels away like a banaan peel
[21:42] <Komadori> The power source is in there! IT's become clear now.
[21:42] <Komadori> It's in the kitchen.
[21:42] * The Corruptor 's brain flops out onto the ground and flops like a jellyfish
[21:42] * Dreadnaught Trajan activates his lightning claw and sends 20000 volts of electricity through his fingers, then clenches his hand shut.
[21:42] * The Corruptor 's body dissolves in clumps of electrified red...
[21:42] <Komadori> It just moved.
[21:42] <Komadori> ....It's.....
[21:42] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> um where...where in the kitchen??
[21:42] <Yaijinden> GET THAT BRAIN!
[21:42] <Komadori> It's.....
[21:42] * Aratasujou swoops down and SMASHES the brain with Sledge-O-Matic! "BRAIN-PAIN!! BRAIN-PAIN!"
[21:43] <Komadori> Oh god.
[21:43] * The Corruptor 's laughter can be heard in the background
[21:43] <Komadori> Yaijinden.
[21:43] <Komadori> I'm going to break my pinky now.
[21:43] <The Corruptor> Figured it out, did you~?
[21:43] <Yaijinden> What.
[21:43] <@The Intern> Wait, what?!
[21:43] <@The Intern> What do you mean?! T_T
[21:43] <@The Intern> We swore!
[21:43] <@The Intern> What's going on!?
[21:44] <Komadori> I'm sorry.
[21:44] <Young Lich> I don't think I've ever seen that much brain before.
[21:44] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> whaaa???
[21:44] <Celeste> ...........
[21:44] <Yaijinden> Be less sorry and more informative.
[21:44] <Celeste> You.
[21:44] <The Corruptor> That lovely young woman is indeed still useful to me~
[21:44] <Celeste> - You. -
[21:44] <Komadori> The power source is Celeste.
[21:44] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...............
[21:44] <The Corruptor> She so happily ate a pomegranate...
[21:45] <Dreadnaught Trajan> What does that mean?
[21:45] * Lt. David O`Cain turns his head to Celeste
[21:45] <The Corruptor> Do you remember that day~?
[21:45] *** Use Pineapple now?
[21:45] *** USE PINEAPPLE NOW?
[21:45] * Aratasujou scans Celeste.
[21:45] * Young Lich does not understand.
[21:45] * Yaijinden seizes pineapple
[21:45] * Yaijinden uses pineapple on Celeste
[21:45] <Young Lich> HEY, what?
[21:45] <Lt. David O`Cain> - (Hint hint, Lich.) -
[21:45] * Yaijinden is back to MUDding days
[21:45] <The Corruptor> such a delicious.... transcendentally dimensional... pomegrante....
[21:45] <Lt. David O`Cain> (KABOOM!)
[21:46] <@The Intern> !
[21:46] <@The Intern> WHAT WAS IN IT?!
[21:46] * Celeste is in fact, housing a power source to this entire dimsension within her. It's replaced her heart.
[21:46] <The Corruptor> - The Miracle of Omega... an Eye of Harmony~ -
[21:46] <The Corruptor> - a Singularity... -
[21:46] * Something leaps from the pineapple of all things, ghostly through Celeste, gripping something inside her, rolling tumbling in a heap before crashing into the oven.
[21:47] <@The Intern> ....
[21:47] *** Similar to how the homunculus has a philosopher's stone as a core, Celeste has everything that holds this dimension together--
[21:47] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ......
[21:47] * Young Lich reflexively puts his hand over his heart!
[21:47] <Aratasujou> YOU BE A BIG MEANIE!
[21:47] *** and this is why you use the pineapple
[21:47] <The Magistra> ....
[21:47] * Young Lich would point out, in his defense, it was a pineapple.
[21:47] <Dreadnaught Trajan> What is she doing here? Was she here the whole time?
[21:47] * Celeste however, does not currently have a heart
[21:48] * Celeste collapses.
[21:48] <@The Intern> It's a Singularity!@ Be careful!!!
[21:48] <Yaijinden> Four minutes.
[21:48] <@The Intern> CELESTE?!
[21:48] <Yaijinden> Deal with that.
[21:48] <Yaijinden> I have witchery to do.
[21:48] * @The Intern rushes to her
[21:48] <Young Lich> I have legitimately no idea what is going on right now.
[21:48] * Aratasujou slaps an Enhanced Bandage onto Celeste's forehead.
[21:48] <Abe Hisoka> Oh jease I'm going to die again because I did that please no.
[21:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> Celeste!!
[21:48] <The Corruptor> Nah ah~
[21:48] <Abe Hisoka> Um um.
[21:49] <The Magistra> ....
[21:49] * The Corruptor hits a button, and a tooth in celeste's mouth outgasses
[21:49] * Yaijinden goes to his knees and puts his hands through a series of mudras, chanting in a low, atonal voice
[21:49] <The Magistra> I'm entirely confused
[21:49] *** While s[BLEEP]t goes down
[21:49] <The Corruptor> Remember the Tooth~
[21:49] *** I will answer your questions.
[21:49] <Aratasujou> :O
[21:49] * The Corruptor has dispensed a dna-attacking poison
[21:49] *** What do you need me to explain?
[21:49] <The Corruptor> You can't have her~
[21:49] <Abe Hisoka> BECAUSE I HAVE
[21:50] * Aratasujou quickly tries to reach into Celeste's mouth and attempts to YANK out the tooth in question.
[21:50] * Congrats, you're bathed in the gas too!
[21:50] <The Magistra> The only people familer with Alchemy are Plushie and Mango
[21:50] * Yaijinden motions with his hand mudras to Abe, he can fake it
[21:50] * Celeste is just straight up dying here
[21:50] <Augustus Gestee Rosso> Corrosive gas...
[21:50] * Aratasujou isn't completely organic! >:D
[21:51] <Young Lich> I can suspend her in time... probably.
[21:51] <Young Lich> You.
[21:51] * Abe Hisoka slides over to Yai and just gives him the damn thing
[21:51] <Young Lich> You are coming with me.
[21:51] * Young Lich shoves Augustus Gestee Rosso into a corner.
[21:51] * Yaijinden takes the magic rock in both hands
[21:51] * Aratasujou looks to see if she succeeded in yanking the tooth in time.
[21:51] * The Corruptor sends out one of his JElly Babies to collect the brain on the floor
[21:51] * Young Lich starts chanting.
[21:51] * Yaijinden clasps his hands together over it and squeezes; light spills through his fingers, and he presses both hands roughly on Celeste's chest
[21:51] *** You are currently inhaling the gas from the poison that was in celeste
[21:51] * Dreadnaught Trajan aims his flamethrower at the brain and FIRES!
[21:51] * The Corruptor 's jelly baby picks it up, and looks at the body of Celeste laughing
[21:52] *** So both of you are breathing that s[BLEEP]t.
[21:52] <Aratasujou> >_>
[21:52] <Aratasujou> <_<
[21:52] * Young Lich holds out a vial made from the horn of a Rhino that is flecked with gold. He casts a spell on Mister Rosso.
[21:52] <Lt. David O`Cain> - (How's this, Green Text. The point of all this was for what, exactly?) -
[21:52] * The Magistra just sets the name stealing duplicate on fire like her mother did
[21:52] * Aratasujou puts the tooth in her mouth and shuts it. o__o
[21:52] * Yaijinden begins manufacturing a replacement heart from raw ether, because WITCHERY WORKS, B[BLEEP]CHES
[21:52] *** The Corruptor flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[21:52] *** Celeste flips a coin into the air and catches it, heads side up
[21:53] *** Celeste flips a coin into the air and catches it, tails side up
[21:54] * Dreadnaught Trajan STAMPS on the brain for good measure.
[21:54] * Lt. David O`Cain winces a bit
[21:54] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Suffer.
[21:54] * The Corruptor , somewhere, writhes in pain for REALS
[21:54] <Abe Hisoka> The worst part of that scream was it was also off-key.
[21:54] * Young Lich is focuses upon Augustus Gestee Rosso, who he was following the entire time, in case he had to do something like this. He reaches out and touches him.
[21:55] <The Magistra> At least it wasn't Ugwah!
[21:55] * Celeste 's begining to form a heart yes
[21:55] * Augustus Gestee Rosso is touched?
[21:55] <Aratasujou> O__O
[21:55] * Aratasujou is still trying to keep the gas inside her. O__O
[21:55] <The Magistra> Leave him be kerrick
[21:55] *** The painting from beyond the door is altering. The dimension believes Celeste has passed.
[21:55] * Raihosha rummages through his inventory.
[21:55] * Young Lich cast the spell already when the poison was in the air. It IS too late.
[21:56] <Lt. David O`Cain> Um...
[21:56] * @The Intern is just in shock right now
[21:56] *** Guess who's probably being portrayed in said painting lol
[21:56] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....
[21:56] * @The Intern forces herself to think, think THINK
[21:56] * Yaijinden committs his will to this, weaving flesh, knitting tissue
[21:56] * Celeste is regaining consciousness albeit the first thing that comes out of her mouth is trying to scream in pain from the toxins.
[21:56] <Raihosha> I apologize, Mister Rosso.
[21:56] <Yaijinden> I am NOT. Letting some GODDAMN POCKET DIMENSION. Telling me what I CAN, and CANNOT DO.
[21:57] * @The Intern looks around for that singularity
[21:57] * @The Intern looks for Abe!
[21:57] <@The Intern> Where's that item!!!
[21:57] <Abe Hisoka> HI
[21:57] * Raihosha injects him with medical nannies to counteract poisons.
[21:57] <Abe Hisoka> HE HAS IT
[21:57] * Abe Hisoka points at Yai
[21:57] <The Magistra> Exactly Yai! Break the rules!
[21:57] * Aratasujou can't cast any healing magic, but she DOES produce magical energy from her mana-reactor. Perhaps she can assist someone else by providing the necessary energy?
[21:57] *** Congratulations, Yai. A pocket dimension f[BLEEP]king fears you.
[21:57] * Yaijinden has been taking raidance from the singularity, using it to fuel his energy; it's slipped out of his hands right now as he focuses on precision
[21:58] <The Corruptor> she's going to diiie~
[21:58] <The Corruptor> you're going to make a simple slip of the mind~
[21:58] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Not unless we make YOU die FIRST, Dezgra!
[21:58] <The Corruptor> one little intonation wrong~
[21:58] <The Corruptor> she will burn, and tear, and evpaorate and be lost to you forever~
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> Oh man
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> this is
[21:59] <The Corruptor> that warm body you so cherished, just a husk of rotting meat
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> going to hurt.
[21:59] <The Magistra> Isn't she just a copy? (No offnese) there's still a chance of finding the orginal
[21:59] * Abe Hisoka digs her fingers into nothing, rips at the universe.
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> These doors
[21:59] <Yaijinden> She is a -living human being-.
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> all lead
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> back here.
[21:59] * Aratasujou causes a message to appear on her clothes. "Can we somehow send this toxic gas to the Corruptor?"
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> so I can f[BLEEP]king
[21:59] <Young Lich> reeeeally?
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> cut off...
[21:59] <Abe Hisoka> this F[BLEEP]KING ROOM
[21:59] <The Corruptor> Is she~
[21:59] <Yaijinden> And I. Am going. To make this work.
[21:59] * Abe Hisoka RIPS at the dimension.
[21:59] <The Corruptor> Are you~
[22:00] <The Corruptor> Do you really have that feeling, that passion~
[22:00] <Abe Hisoka> I can shut him up for like FIVE minutes.
[22:00] <The Corruptor> that drive to make it work~
[22:00] *** jesus christ roll 1d400
[22:00] <spiritflame> Abe Hisoka rolls 1d400 [ 189 ]
[22:00] * Aratasujou moves over to Abe Hisoka.
[22:00] <The Corruptor> Or are you just a monster of a man who can't surpass his inner darkness~
[22:00] * Aratasujou still has the tooth in her mouth. ><;;;;
[22:00] <Young Lich> ...........
[22:00] *** .............nope
[22:00] <The Corruptor> trapped in the Gure~
[22:01] <The Corruptor> ^gyre~
[22:01] <The Corruptor> Can you really say you love~ that you care~
[22:01] <Abe Hisoka> dasklfja stupid f[BLEEP]king body's too new this suck.
[22:01] * Celeste has a tear rolling down her face.
[22:01] <The Corruptor> can you truly bring THAT FORWARD KHADI YAJINDEN OF THE WIDENING GYRE
[22:01] * Yaijinden makes the final twist in tissue
[22:01] * Aratasujou wants Abe to open a portal to the Corruptor for a moment so that she can give him a taste of his own poison.
[22:01] * Celeste reaches with all her will to touch him. Something, anything that is skin to skin.
[22:02] * Yaijinden claps his hands again and sparks JUMP between his hands
[22:02] * Abe Hisoka digs her fingers in again
[22:02] * Yaijinden pauses. Takes one of her hands in his.
[22:02] * The Corruptor goes silent, and the silence is DEAFENING
[22:02] * Yaijinden then SMACKS her on the chest to start that son of a b[BLEEP]ch back up
[22:02] * Abe Hisoka focuses
[22:02] <spiritflame> Celeste rolls 1d20 [ 12 ]
[22:02] * Celeste BREATHES
[22:02] * Raihosha is fascinated and wishes he had more attention for what Yaijinden is currently doing.
[22:03] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Feeling lost for words now, Corruptor?
[22:03] * Celeste now actually SCREAMS BECAUSE HOLY S[BLEEP]T POISON
[22:03] * The Corruptor does not answer.
[22:03] * then finally...
[22:04] <The Corruptor> - I suppose he is capable of it. -
[22:04] * Raihosha keeps an eye on the item Yaijinden dropped.
[22:04] <Yaijinden> Now. Part two of two.
[22:04] * The Corruptor goes silent again, and the lights begin to flicker as Corruptor loses interest in the scenario
[22:04] * Yaijinden forms another set of swift mudras
[22:04] <Yaijinden> Hold her down!
[22:04] * Abe Hisoka slowly begins tearing at the dimension. She has to focus. That voice was there.
[22:04] * Young Lich is lost. "I can't believe the pineapple was so important."
[22:05] *** The pineapple is AWESOME
[22:05] <Abe Hisoka> F[BLEEP]K YEAH I AM
[22:05] *** Abe roll 1d400
[22:05] * @The Intern helps to hold her down
[22:05] * Solartiger holds down Celeste for Yai.
[22:05] <spiritflame> Abe Hisoka rolls 1d400 [ 52 ]
[22:05] *** nope
[22:05] * Dreadnaught Trajan carefully places his claw down onto Celeste, firmly enough to pin her, but not so heavily that she's crushed.
[22:05] * Abe Hisoka falls back
[22:05] * Lt. David O`Cain uses telekinesis to keep Celeste down for Yai
[22:05] <Abe Hisoka> but I'm still f[BLEEP]king human.
[22:06] * Ultra Sailor Quinox works on holding down celeste's legs
[22:06] *** Hey role call
[22:06] *** Where's the thing holding this place together?
[22:06] <Solartiger> Yo.
[22:06] * Aratasujou quickly writes a note to Abe. "Open a portal to the Corruptor's location for me. We can try to poison him instead!"
[22:06] * Yaijinden strikes several centimeter-precise atemi points on Celeste's body, energizing, supercharging her own natural healing power to force the toxin out
[22:06] <Raihosha> I'm looking at it MGV.
[22:06] * Yaijinden has left the Singularity right next to where he's working
[22:07] * Aratasujou moves over to stand guard on the Singularity Seed.
[22:07] *** HAY KIDS TRYING TO HOLD DOWN CELESTE I think you only need one of them
[22:07] <spiritflame> Singularity rolls 1d300 [ 110 ]
[22:07] ☼ Scouter indicates Singularity has HP level of 110!
[22:07] <spiritflame> Singularity rolls 1d1000 [ 188 ]
[22:07] * Raihosha picks up the singularity?
[22:07] ☼ Scouter indicates Singularity has MP level of 188!
[22:08] <spiritflame> Singularity rolls 1d300 [ 37 ]
[22:08] <Young Lich> What are you holding, Raihosha?
[22:08] ☼ Scouter indicates Singularity has SP level of 37!
[22:08] * Young Lich walks back over, having "taken care of something" in the corner.
[22:08] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ...
[22:08] *** HP 1000, MP 1500, SP 25
[22:09] * Dreadnaught Trajan straightens up and goes over to check on the status of the Nedean.
[22:09] *** FIGHT
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates The Intern has HP level of 1000!
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates The Intern has MP level of 1500!
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates The Intern has SP level of 25!
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates Raihosha has HP level of 1000!
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates Abe Hisoka has HP level of 1000!
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates Raihosha has MP level of 1500!
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates Abe Hisoka has MP level of 1500!
[22:09] * Augustus Gestee Rosso is not here?
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates Abe Hisoka has SP level of 25!
[22:09] ☼ Scouter indicates Raihosha has SP level of 25!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Dreadnaught Trajan has HP level of 1000!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Dreadnaught Trajan has MP level of 1500!
[22:10] <Solartiger> /scouter
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Yaijinden has HP level of 1000!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Dreadnaught Trajan has SP level of 25!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Yaijinden has MP level of 1500!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Yaijinden has SP level of 25!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Solartiger has HP level of 1000!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Solartiger has MP level of 1500!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Solartiger has SP level of 25!
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Ultra Sailor Quinox has HP level of 1000!
[22:10] <@spiritflame> The Magistra: You have 1533 MP / 772 HP / 38 SP
[22:10] ☼ Scouter indicates Ultra Sailor Quinox has MP level of 1500!
[22:10] *** this one anyone can come at the freaking singularity since b[BLEEP]ches
[22:11] ☼ Scouter indicates Ultra Sailor Quinox has SP level of 25!
[22:11] * Aratasujou really doesn't want to keep holding in toxic, corrosive gas like Haruka does all the time! ><;;
[22:11] <The Magistra> I have no clue what's going on anymore
[22:11] ☼ Scouter indicates Aratasujou has HP level of 1000!
[22:11] ☼ Scouter indicates Aratasujou has MP level of 1500!
[22:11] ☼ Scouter indicates Aratasujou has SP level of 25!
[22:11] ☼ Scouter indicates Young Lich has MP level of 1500!
[22:11] ☼ Scouter indicates Young Lich has HP level of 1000!
[22:11] ☼ Scouter indicates Young Lich has SP level of 25!
[22:11] *** so this is what's going on.
[22:11] *** Corruptor's power source is in Rai's hands
[22:11] *** Yai is saving Celeste
[22:12] *** Hisoka came out of a pineapple.
[22:12] *** ANY QUESTIONS?
[22:12] <Aratasujou> (( Destroy the power source, destroy Corruptor? ))
[22:12] <@The Intern> We need to take control of the Singularity!
[22:12] *** Find out in game
[22:12] <@The Intern> Then we can reshape this place to our whim and find the others!
[22:13] 44 [110 HP / 154 MP] Singularity is not going down easy, Raihosha (-34 MP +7 SP)
[22:13] <Young Lich> NOW you are speaking my language!
[22:13] *** Magic.
[22:13] 30 [1000 HP / 1470 MP] Raihosha Forms a field around the Singularity and attempts to hold it. (-30 MP +5 SP)
[22:13] <@The Intern> (( we suing battle order? ))
[22:13] 37 [973 HP / 1474 MP] Raihosha has been HIT!! (27 damage +7 SP)
[22:13] *** nah that's cool just /fight this thing
[22:13] 61 [90 HP / 192 MP] Singularity has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (20 damage +17 SP)
[22:13] 31 [1000 HP / 1500 MP] The Intern SLASHES at the Singularity with both blades and all her might! (-0 MP +6 SP)
[22:13] * Raihosha 's hands are smoking slightly.
[22:14] ☼ Scouter indicates The Magistra has MP level of 1500!
[22:14] 32 [1000 HP / 1476 MP] Aratasujou slams the Singularity with a Squeaky-mallet. (-24 MP +7 SP)
[22:14] ☼ Scouter indicates The Magistra has HP level of 1000!
[22:14] 61 [90 HP / 196 MP] Singularity has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell 2 ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:14] ☼ Scouter indicates The Magistra has SP level of 25!
[22:14] <@spiritflame> Lt. David O`Cain: You have 1500 MP / 1000 HP / 25 SP
[22:14] 25 [1000 HP / 1000 MP] Young Lich tries to summon up the power for a special, but splutters out... don't feel bad, it happens to everyone... [ LOSE A TURN (Opponent gets to attack now then you can go)] (-0 MP)
[22:14] *** Ara and Intern /sell
[22:14] 46 [930 HP / 1535 MP] The Intern has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! (x 2 Hits) [ Opponent: Attack again ] (70 damage +15 SP)
[22:14] * Dreadnaught Trajan slashes the Singularity with his lightning claw.
[22:14] <Abe Hisoka> give me that dumb thing
[22:14] * @The Intern is SLAMMED back HARD @_@
[22:14] 52 [916 HP / 1517 MP] Aratasujou has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! (x 2 Hits) [ Opponent: Attack again ] (84 damage +20 SP)
[22:14] 42 [973 HP / 1471 MP] Raihosha collapses the field around the singularity, tighter. (-3 MP +5 SP)
[22:14] <Young Lich> Raihosha... throw it here
[22:15] <Young Lich> Throw it here!
[22:15] <Aratasujou> O___O
[22:15] 76 [62 HP / 197 MP] Singularity has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (28 damage +15 SP)
[22:15] 25 [1000 HP / 1000 MP] Abe Hisoka tries to summon up the power for a special, but splutters out... don't feel bad, it happens to everyone... [ LOSE A TURN (Opponent gets to attack now then you can go)] (-0 MP)
[22:15] 31 [1000 HP / 1490 MP] Abe Hisoka eats it. (-10 MP +6 SP)
[22:15] 83 [62 HP / 180 MP] Singularity lol hisoka (-17 MP +7 SP)
[22:15] 89 [36 HP / 194 MP] Singularity has been SLAMMED BACK!! (26 damage +6 SP)
[22:15] <Abe Hisoka> F[BLEEP]K THIS S[BLEEP]T.
[22:15] * Singularity is in Hisoka's mouth
[22:15] 30 [1000 HP / 1461 MP] Dreadnaught Trajan smashes the Singularity again. (-39 MP +5 SP)
[22:15] 32 [1000 HP / 1478 MP] Lt. David O`Cain uses telekinesis to crush the singularity (-22 MP +7 SP)
[22:15] 108 [2 HP / 237 MP] Singularity has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (34 damage +19 SP)
[22:15] 108 [2 HP / 239 MP] Singularity has DODGED the attack! (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:16] * Young Lich reels from a huge arc of pure magical energy, and is thrown into the corner!
[22:16] 15 [930 HP / 1035 MP] SPECIAL ATK: The Intern PUNCHES IT "I PINKY SWORE!!!" (-500 MP -31 SP)
[22:16] 115 [-132 HP/ 250 MP] Singularity has been HIT by a SPECIAL ATTACK!! (134 damage + 7 SP)
[22:16] Singularity has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[22:16] 39 [1000 HP / 1471 MP] Abe Hisoka chews (-19 MP +8 SP)
[22:16] 115 [-132 HP / 257 MP] Singularity has PARRIED the attack! [ Opponent: /sell ] (0 damage +0 SP)
[22:16] Singularity has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[22:16] * Singularity is now consumed by Hisoka
[22:16] * @The Intern huffs, it's the first time you've ever seen her so angry
[22:16] * Yaijinden ignores the swoirl of activity about him set on a monomaniacal focus, excising the toxin with Ancient Chinese Secrets backed up by Eldtritch Will; this is a life he can save, he is by god going to take every measure to do it
[22:16] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> whoa...
[22:17] * Abe Hisoka belches.
[22:17] <Abe Hisoka> F[BLEEP]k.
[22:17] *** Congratulations, aside from getting punched in the mouth? YOU NOW CONTROL THE DIMENSION :D
[22:17] <Abe Hisoka> ...
[22:17] <Young Lich> Well. That could have gone differently.
[22:17] * Aratasujou slowly sits back up. "ME SWALLOWED THE TOOTH!!!!!" O___O
[22:17] <Lt. David O`Cain> Are you gonna be alright, Ara-su?
[22:18] * SOlartiger remains holding Celeste.
[22:18] <Celeste> IT HURTS
[22:18] <Celeste> OH GOD IT'S EVERYWHERE
[22:18] <Solartiger> If you need to put the poison in me, I volunteer.
[22:18] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Then find the location of the Corruptor so that be might end him forever.
[22:18] <The Corruptor> mmm that magic is strong... but the poison is still stronger...
[22:18] *** This is what you know.
[22:18] <Young Lich> Or.... don't.
[22:19] * Aratasujou flips out, panicking! @___@
[22:19] * Abe Hisoka focuses. That poison. Every poison has a cure.
[22:19] <The Corruptor> just wanting to save a mere human life isnt going to cut it...
[22:19] <Young Lich> DO NOT KILL HIM. You won't get what you want if you do.
[22:19] * Abe Hisoka searches for where it is.
[22:19] <Yaijinden> I know it hurts. Bear with me, just a bit longer. Okay?
[22:19] <The Corruptor> any doctor can cure a mere poison
[22:19] * Aratasujou stops panicking.
[22:19] <The Corruptor> but this ailment runs deeper...
[22:19] * Yaijinden has his hand in hers, contact comfort as he functions on almost autopilot
[22:19] <The Corruptor> look at that new fancy heart you made for her...
[22:19] * Celeste 's breathing quickens, she tries to nod but there are tears running down her face
[22:20] * Aratasujou starts analyzing the poison she injested, letting her bioconverter break it down, analyzing how it works by monitoring how it's affecting her organic-based systems.
[22:20] <The Corruptor> look how even despite your efforts, it is unstable... quick... unsteady...
[22:20] <The Magistra> Racist
[22:20] <Abe Hisoka> No antidote. you guys f[BLEEP]kin-- figure s[BLEEP]t out.
[22:20] <The Corruptor> lacking...
[22:20] <The Corruptor> oh there's a simple enough cure.
[22:20] <Abe Hisoka> I know where everyone is.
[22:20] <Abe Hisoka> Everyone~
[22:20] <The Corruptor> a laughably simple one
[22:20] <Abe Hisoka> That includes you Mr Crazypants~
[22:21] <The Corruptor> oh feel free to attack me and lose my hints.
[22:21] <The Corruptor> or you can... SHUT UP AND F[BLEEP]KING LISTEN!!!
[22:21] <Celeste> Yai, I don't know if I can make it.
[22:21] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Send me.
[22:21] <Celeste> If I don't, if I don't....
[22:21] <Yaijinden> You will.
[22:21] * Celeste is trying to muster her will.
[22:21] <Yaijinden> Believe in me like I believed in you.
[22:21] <The Corruptor> The cure is a medicine older than time and space.
[22:21] <Dreadnaught Trajan> I shall make him give us the answers we seek. Through pain. And penance. And PAIN.
[22:21] <The Corruptor> but how CAN she believe~
[22:22] <The Corruptor> why should she~?
[22:22] <Abe Hisoka> You shut up and let the crazyman give hints.
[22:22] <Celeste> I can feel again. I can feel again.
[22:22] * Abe Hisoka points at the space marine? That's a space marine right?
[22:22] <The Corruptor> canyour burnt out husk of humanity parse it, Gyre?
[22:22] * Celeste squeezes his hand or tries to.
[22:22] * Aratasujou stumbles over to Celeste and slaps the last of her Enhanced Bandages onto her, hopefully to heal her a little bit.
[22:22] * Ultra Sailor Quinox tightens her fist
[22:22] <The Corruptor> Can you guess what is needed to save this girl?
[22:22] * Abe Hisoka gives a jerky twitch. oww. This kind'a burns.
[22:22] <Celeste> Except holy s[BLEEP]t this hurts.
[22:22] <Young Lich> If she is a living being, I think I can stop the poison.... probably.
[22:22] * Dreadnaught Trajan is indeed a SPace Marine.
[22:22] <Yaijinden> She lives. Try it.
[22:22] <The Corruptor> or are you afraid to face it
[22:23] * The Corruptor tuts
[22:23] <Yaijinden> It'll buy me some time.
[22:23] <spiritflame> Young Lich rolls 2d6 [ 4, 5 ]
[22:23] <The Corruptor> You'll find, I think, her body is physically fine now.
[22:23] <Yaijinden> Because I know what he wants me to do.
[22:23] <The Corruptor> but yet.... hahahaha.....
[22:23] <The Corruptor> hahahah... she dies.
[22:23] * Young Lich pulls out a gold and ruby-encrusted vial of glass and ivory. He points it at Celeste.
[22:23] <Young Lich> Do not resist.
[22:23] <Aratasujou> Make her into a Khadi?
[22:24] <Raihosha> Yaijinden. You can do this.
[22:24] <Yaijinden> Not another one.
[22:24] <Yaijinden> Not again.
[22:24] * Young Lich starts casting, and gestures, and smoke comes from the bottle and begins to engulf Celeste.
[22:24] <The Corruptor> even the process of becoming aKhadi won't save her.
[22:24] <The Corruptor> love But you are blind.
[22:25] <The Corruptor> I think I'll enjoy watching her slip slowly away from you, forever.
[22:25] *** what the hell is the smoke doing.
[22:25] <Raihosha> You know what is required here, Yai. And it is something you can do.
[22:25] * Aratasujou is curious to know what effect the poison had on her.
[22:25] <The Corruptor> All your wisdom... all your power... all your knowledge...
[22:25] * Yaijinden leans in
[22:25] <Yaijinden> I love you. No matter what happens.
[22:25] <Yaijinden> Do you trust me?
[22:25] <The Corruptor> - ... -
[22:25] * Celeste nods.
[22:26] <The Corruptor> [incoherent swearing]
[22:26] * Yaijinden draws her up into his arms
[22:26] * the sound of a mic being thrown down in a fit of pique
[22:26] *** The Corruptor [] has quit IRC (RAGEQUIT)
[22:26] * Yaijinden holds her, quietly
[22:26] * Celeste holds onto him.
[22:26] * Young Lich 's spell, IF UNRESISTED, can turn a living being into smoke, and store them ageless and unconscious in the vial until released. /sell if desired.
[22:26] <Lt. David O`Cain> He didn't like that.
[22:26] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Now can we shut him down? His rantings have long since past being annoying.
[22:27] * Young Lich casts Smokey Confinement.
[22:27] *** Do you still want to do that?
[22:27] <Abe Hisoka> Okay I can't just. I'll be back. I need to go get some
[22:27] <Abe Hisoka> some people.
[22:27] * Abe Hisoka baaaaaaacks out of the kitchen
[22:27] * Young Lich was trying before.... Player understands things have moved further from that moment.
[22:27] * Abe Hisoka books it to the Entertainment room
[22:27] <Solartiger> DO you need a hand, Hisoka?
[22:27] * Celeste clings to him and takes a deep breath.
[22:28] *** There is the study in your way. You control this dimension, do you move it?
[22:28] <Celeste> I love you too.
[22:28] * Solartiger tries to follow Hisoka.
[22:28] <Celeste> Thank you.
[22:28] * Abe Hisoka moves it like a motherf[BLEEP]ker
[22:28] * Celeste breathes.
[22:28] * @The Intern follows her
[22:28] * Dreadnaught Trajan remains where he is.
[22:28] * Young Lich does it, dammit! Yai said to try it!
[22:28] <Abe Hisoka> She can wait
[22:28] * Abe Hisoka continues moving.
[22:28] 83 [-78 HP / 180 MP] Celeste has been EVISCERATED!! (37 damage +8 SP)
[22:28] Celeste has BEEN DEFEATED!!!
[22:28] <Celeste> ....
[22:29] ☼ Scouter indicates Celeste has HP and MP levels of 250 / 1000!!
[22:29] 13 [206 HP / 1001 MP] Celeste has been STUNNED and LOST A TURN! [ Opponent: Attack again ] (44 damage +13 SP)
[22:29] <Yaijinden> We have it now.
[22:29] * Celeste is now being trapped turned into smoke COME ON
[22:29] * Aratasujou is still waiting to determine just what effect the poison has had on her.
[22:29] <Yaijinden> Call it off, if you can?
[22:29] *** The poison is gone at this point.
[22:29] * Abe Hisoka moves the hallway so she can walk straight, wills the door open.
[22:29] * Young Lich plugs the vial as the last of the smoke goes in.
[22:29] <Aratasujou> :D
[22:29] * Solartiger will stay with HIsoka.
[22:29] *** You find....
[22:30] * the poison ceased to have an effect on her a while back
[22:30] * She just had a different ailment
[22:30] <Celeste [original]> JENGA!
[22:30] <Yaijinden> You can let her go now.
[22:30] *** The jenga blocks fall right as Hisoka opens the door.
[22:30] <G. Sunrise> Dang it!
[22:30] <Young Lich> Who? Me?
[22:30] <Yaijinden> And thanks, Simon. For trying.
[22:30] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Aww man lol
[22:30] <The Magistra> ....
[22:30] <Yaijinden> Because I was sure as s[BLEEP]t out of ideas.
[22:30] *** Yes.
[22:30] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ....
[22:30] <The Magistra> ....
[22:30] <@The Intern> ...
[22:30] <Young Lich> I owe you for your silence.
[22:30] *** They have been playing JENGA
[22:30] * Abe Hisoka chuckles.
[22:31] <Vermellia X. Rosso> This Schwarma is amazing guys
[22:31] <Abe Hisoka> Hi guys I'm here to uh. Save you?
[22:31] <The Magistra> We came to rescue you and you've been playing Jenga!
[22:31] * Vermellia X. Rosso sees all these people running in?
[22:31] <Abe Hisoka> Everyone's in the kitchen.
[22:31] <Celeste [original]> ....Oh! What? REally?
[22:31] <The Magistra> That's it. I quit.
[22:31] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Rescue from what?
[22:31] <Aratasujou> :O
[22:31] * The Magistra throws her hands up
[22:31] * Young Lich keeps the Vial, for now.
[22:31] <Abe Hisoka> Oh. Oh it's one of these okay cool.
[22:31] <Abe Hisoka> Um
[22:31] <Abe Hisoka> Hmm..
[22:31] <The Iconoclast> Yeah we just have been stuck in this kitche'n for the last few hours.
[22:31] <Celeste [original]> S[BLEEP]t, we thought this was some party. Seriously, this game has been really fun.
[22:32] * Dreadnaught Trajan stomps up to everyone.
[22:32] <G. Sunrise> It felt good t' kick back a lil'
[22:32] <Abe Hisoka> I can let you all go home>
[22:32] <G. Sunrise> DANG what is THAT monster of a thing
[22:32] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> ........
[22:32] <Lt. David O`Cain> The hell? O_o
[22:32] * Ultra Sailor Quinox faints @_@
[22:32] * Abe Hisoka waves up a door.
[22:32] <Dreadnaught Trajan> What do you all remember?
[22:32] <Celeste [original]> Uh.
[22:32] <Solartiger> I'm afraid The Corruptor has claimed responsibility for your multi-week disappearance.
[22:32] <Celeste [original]> Oh!
[22:32] <Sakura Xadium Aino> We got invitations for a cruise.
[22:32] *** Young Lich has placed Mysterious Plugged Vials in Inventory Slot: 6
[22:32] * Aratasujou floats up and waves to everyone weakly.
[22:32] <Celeste [original]> Yeah.
[22:32] <Sakura Xadium Aino> We ended up here
[22:33] <G. Sunrise> Lotsa good food n' Jenga.
[22:33] <Vermellia X. Rosso> There's gotta be a catch, or a sales pitch...
[22:33] <Celeste [original]> ...I think we figured that out @_@
[22:33] <Vermellia X. Rosso> Potamos and Yumi are off reading magazines..
[22:33] <Lt. David O`Cain> Seriously? Cruise invites?
[22:33] * Ultra Sailor Quinox slowly stands
[22:33] <Dreadnaught Trajan> You were all deceived.
[22:33] <Abe Hisoka> Yeah I totally spotted him down the hall and the meeting takes like four hours.
[22:33] <Abe Hisoka> It's why I came to save you.
[22:33] <The Magistra> ....
[22:33] <Abe Hisoka> Door's over here.
[22:33] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Thanks!
[22:34] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Want some of this Schwarma?
[22:34] <Sakura Xadium Aino> It's really good!
[22:34] * Sakura Xadium Aino has box lunches
[22:34] <Abe Hisoka> Yes. Please.
[22:34] * Aratasujou flops over.
[22:34] * Abe Hisoka grabs some
[22:34] <Solartiger> Isn't that just a gyro?
[22:34] * Sakura Xadium Aino shares
[22:34] <Young Lich> Hello, Sakura.
[22:34] * @The Intern has already eaten 3
[22:34] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Hiya Simon!
[22:34] <Abe Hisoka> Now I gotta go check on some other stuff.
[22:34] * Solartiger sniffs the food.
[22:34] <The Magistra> ....
[22:34] * Aratasujou is on the floor, twitching a little. X__x
[22:34] <Abe Hisoka> I'll swing back by the house.
[22:35] * the food is amazing
[22:35] * Ultra Sailor Quinox NOMS FOOD, TEARS IN HER EYES
[22:35] <The Magistra> Ugh... I... AWARG
[22:35] * Abe Hisoka waaaaaaaves and books it back to Yai and Celeste.
[22:35] * it is the BEST food ever
[22:35] <Abe Hisoka> SHE'S NOT DEAD RIGHT?
[22:35] * Celeste le original heads out to follow Abe
[22:35] * @The Intern is sort of stunned, just eating
[22:35] <@The Intern> So you were never in any real danger?
[22:35] <Celeste le original> Hey Do I know you from somewhe---
[22:35] <Lt. David O`Cain> Maaaaan, I'm so lost now.
[22:35] <Yaijinden> Not from this, as any rate.
[22:35] <Vermellia X. Rosso> My damn waistline is?
[22:35] <The Magistra> I'll all prepped and ready for epic battles nad they never came. And you lot were just sitting here playing games while we thought you were in trouble
[22:35] <Vermellia X. Rosso> i can't stop eating!
[22:36] * Celeste le original is very confused.
[22:36] * Celeste le original is very. Very confused.
[22:36] <Yaijinden> Celeste, meet Celeste.
[22:36] * Solartiger eats some, since good food.
[22:36] * The Magistra is more confused
[22:36] * @The Intern will help you with this
[22:36] <Abe Hisoka> Yai I found them you can thank me later there's another room I have to
[22:36] * Abe Hisoka is just down the hallway
[22:36] * Young Lich does not eat. "Vermellia, I am glad to see you."
[22:36] * Yaijinden waves her off!
[22:36] <Dreadnaught Trajan> What exactly has happened here?
[22:36] <Celeste le original> ...Uh.
[22:36] * The Corruptor walks off into the night, whistling ♫ o/
[22:36] * Young Lich still looks around, warily. Very too-good-to-be-true vibes coming off the room.
[22:36] * Celeste looks at Celeste.
[22:37] * Abe Hisoka SLAMS her way into where he was-- DAMMIT
[22:37] <Abe Hisoka> First of all. I called it.
[22:37] <Celeste le original> So....
[22:37] *** Except in this case.. all the old legendss are true
[22:37] *** They were never in any danger at all.
[22:37] <Yaijinden> So let me spin you a story of the past month...
[22:37] *** Except from overeating too much delicious Schwarma.
[22:38] *** BUT! Life lessons may have been learned!
[22:38] * The Magistra doubts that very much
[22:38] * Abe Hisoka resumes reshaping the hallway as she moves-- doubles over oh gods she ate something dumb again.
[22:38] * Abe Hisoka forces herself back up.
[22:38] *** And insights gained into the haunted psyches of our favorite heroes!
[22:38] * Dreadnaught Trajan just remains silent for now.
[22:38] *** And a chance to beat s[BLEEP]t up!
[22:38] * Aratasujou is still out.
[22:38] * Yaijinden waves Original Flavor closer, gives her the Cliff's Notes on the past many days
[22:38] * Raihosha will hug Yumiko in greetings.
[22:39] <The Magistra> ....Is it alright if I just scream in rage
[22:39] * Ultra Sailor Quinox HUGS Sakura, crying a bit
[22:39] <Raihosha> Do it outside, if you must, Magistra.
[22:39] * Sakura Xadium Aino offers Maggie a twinkie.
[22:39] <Komadori> So everyone lives happily ever after, right?
[22:40] <Young Lich> Except The Corruptor, yes.
[22:40] <Komadori> Cool.
[22:40] * Young Lich looks at Sakura Xadium Aino.
[22:40] *** Sakura Xadium Aino is

More information about her is Here.
Her image Song is: . She is Level 38.
Sakura Xadium Aino is an IRC Operator - Channel Administrator

[22:40] <Abe Hisoka> Hey. Hey guys. Still. One more double. What do we do.
[22:40] <Komadori> I nominate you take the schwarma.
[22:40] <Komadori> and you bring it here.
[22:40] <Komadori> And you feed me.
[22:40] * Abe Hisoka is absurdly uncomfortable.
[22:40] <Young Lich> .............
[22:40] * The Magistra eats the Twinkie instead of screaming.
[22:40] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> T.T
[22:40] <@The Intern> I'll bring you a box :D
[22:40] <@The Intern> We DID IT Miss Komadori!
[22:40] <Komadori> and I buy Hisoka some booze.
[22:40] <Dreadnaught Trajan> So I never actually fought the real Vermellia then, did I?
[22:40] <Lt. David O`Cain> One more? Who?
[22:40] <@The Intern> We saved them! :D
[22:40] <Komadori> I feel your pain, bro. I feel your pain.
[22:41] <Komadori> if it's any consolation I think you're hot.
[22:41] * Abe Hisoka moves the room, makes a hallway.
[22:41] <Komadori> let's go for drank
[22:41] <@The Intern> It doesn't look like it.
[22:41] <The Magistra> Does it really count as a rescue if they never needed rescueing?
[22:41] <Abe Hisoka> Geminine. That's the name
[22:41] * Abe Hisoka points
[22:41] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Where is Xadium then? And the Nedean?
[22:41] * Celeste (the original slowly nods)
[22:41] <@The Intern> Which makes sebsem given how easily yhry lost.
[22:41] <The Magistra> Oh s[BLEEP]t! I forgot about him
[22:41] <G. Sunrise> Ye'm?
[22:41] <Young Lich> I thought Xadium, was with you, Intern?
[22:41] <Celeste le original> So...
[22:41] <G. Sunrise> ^Yes'm?
[22:41] <Celeste le original> Uh.
[22:41] <@The Intern> <_<
[22:41] * Celeste le original slowly extends a hand to her.
[22:41] <Yaijinden> So I say we keep her.
[22:42] <@The Intern> It's... a longstoryandohgosh
[22:42] * Aratasujou hasn't moved since she fell to the ground.
[22:42] * Celeste shakes hands.
[22:42] <@The Intern> (I am so dead)
[22:42] <Celeste le original> I...don't see why not.
[22:42] <@The Intern> I don't know where Mr. Rosso is...
[22:42] * Abe Hisoka makes a closer door to not-being-in-this-dimension.
[22:42] <Vermellia X. Rosso> ...who?
[22:42] * Lt. David O`Cain carefully lifts Ara-su up, and places her on his shoulder, "Gonna be alright?"
[22:42] <@The Intern> N-nothing.
[22:43] <Dreadnaught Trajan> And what of the other person we encountered last night?
[22:43] <Celeste le original> I feel like I have so much spontaneous family @_@ Next thing you're going to tell me that there's a copy of Faye and she has a twin.
[22:43] * Vermellia X. Rosso frowns, thinking she heard her say "rosso" , but goes back to eating her Schwarma.
[22:43] <Young Lich> Wait... WHERE is Xadium?
[22:43] * Aratasujou is not responding. Something's wrong with her.
[22:43] <Celeste le original> Or that If I ask where Kusanagi is she will appear.
[22:43] * Oh, Sakura April left a copy of the Iron Baby Suit with rude vocoder for Faye
[22:44] <The Magistra> X did't come with us Simon
[22:44] <@The Intern> I'll explain later! ><
[22:44] <Sakura Xadium Aino> Pop?
[22:44] * Kusanagi fades in and walks up to-- oh.
[22:44] <Kusanagi> Hello both of you.
[22:44] <@The Intern> - LATER T_T -
[22:44] * Kusanagi bows to the two Kannon.
[22:44] <Celeste le original> .....
[22:44] <Celeste le original> wat
[22:44] <Sakura Xadium Aino> HOLY CRAPPERS
[22:44] <Yaijinden> Surprise!
[22:44] <Kusanagi> What a dreadful place to have the pleasure.
[22:44] <Sakura Xadium Aino> IT BEA KUSANAGI
[22:44] <Dreadnaught Trajan> You return again.
[22:44] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> huh?
[22:44] * Young Lich grabs The Intern.
[22:44] <Kusanagi> Sakura! It's been so long!
[22:44] <Sakura Xadium Aino> (You're not going after swords are you)
[22:44] <Celeste> That did actually happen.
[22:45] <Kusanagi> No?
[22:45] <@The Intern> Eek!
[22:45] <Lt. David O`Cain> Hello, Kusanagi.
[22:45] <Celeste> So I can stay?
[22:45] <Sakura Xadium Aino> AWESOME! Then welcome back!
[22:45] * Kusanagi holds up her hands to reveal she has no swords on her person at all.
[22:45] <Young Lich> Why are you su upset?
[22:45] * The Magistra scoots over to Kerrick
[22:45] * Celeste changes names for the sake of confusion
[22:45] * Celeste is now known as Kannon Bosatsu
[22:45] * Young Lich is talking to The Intern.
[22:45] * Kusanagi bows to everyone in greeting.
[22:45] * Celeste le Original is now known as Celeste
[22:45] * Celeste looks at Kannon Bosatsu.
[22:45] *** Kannon Bosatsu is a pale asian woman with her hair tied up and wearing a white tie-top/sarong and is barefoot with bangles. She has paintings on her body of various faces and bodies. Her eyes are silver, the area around it painted black. More information about is Here.
image Song is: 0. is Level 15.

[22:45] <@The Intern> I'll talk about it later.
[22:45] * Dreadnaught Trajan does not return the bow.
[22:46] <The Magistra> You were the last person to see Mr. Red. Where'd he go?
[22:46] * Kannon Bosatsu will change that later
[22:46] <@The Intern> I have to go ><
[22:46] <Abe Hisoka> Guys
[22:46] * @The Intern quickly makes her way out
[22:46] <Abe Hisoka> guys seriously
[22:46] <Abe Hisoka> we still have
[22:46] <Abe Hisoka> a minor issue.
[22:46] <Young Lich> DON'T!
[22:46] * Young Lich follows The Intern!
[22:46] *** @The Intern [neminixblipsonara@cia674.panopticon.gallfrey.kasterborous.sen] has left #suburbansenshi3 (FRATZ! FRATZ! FRATZ! FRATZ! FRATZ! FRATZ! FRATZ! FRATZ!)
[22:46] <Raihosha> And that is?
[22:46] <Yaijinden> Geminine. Or another?
[22:46] <Celeste> Huh?
[22:46] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Yes. Make certain the Actuary knows nothing of this.
[22:46] * Abe Hisoka is sweating like a motherf[BLEEP]ker.
[22:46] * Young Lich follows The Intern!
[22:46] <G. Sunrise> Huh?
[22:46] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has quit IRC (I am a driven architect, who builds an Eternity.)
[22:46] <Abe Hisoka> Geminine.
[22:46] <Abe Hisoka> That room
[22:47] <G. Sunrise> Whut about it?
[22:47] * Aratasujou still isn't moving.
[22:47] <Kannon Bosatsu> Let me speak to her
[22:47] <Lt. David O`Cain> Which room?
[22:47] <Abe Hisoka> cool.
[22:47] * Kannon Bosatsu goes to the door and opens the Study.
[22:47] <Abe Hisoka> Okay
[22:47] <Abe Hisoka> use the door as you need.
[22:47] <Abe Hisoka> I need
[22:47] <Abe Hisoka> to
[22:47] * Abe Hisoka drops
[22:47] * Abe Hisoka curls up with the worst stomach ache ever.
[22:47] <G. Sunrise> H-hey
[22:47] <G. Sunrise> Ugh
[22:47] * Raihosha scans Hisoka for her vitals.
[22:47] * G. Sunrise kneels down
[22:47] * Celeste goes to catch Hisoka.
[22:48] * Yaijinden pokes Aratasujou with a foot
[22:48] <G. Sunrise> This is gona hurt, girlie.
[22:48] <Kannon Bosatsu> Sister, it's over.
[22:48] * G. Sunrise pulls out some Ipecac from her Yannigan bag
[22:48] <G. Sunrise> Drink up now.
[22:48] <Dreadnaught Trajan> Stop playing around and depart this place before it implodes!
[22:48] <Kannon Bosatsu> He has left.
[22:48] * G. Sunrise gives it to her
[22:48] <Lt. David O`Cain> Ara-su?
[22:48] <Ultra Sailor Quinox> .....
[22:48] <Kannon Bosatsu> We're free.
[22:48] <G. Sunrise> This'll let you throw it up.
[22:48] * Aratasujou was damaged by the poison she ingested.
[22:48] * Kannon Bosatsu proceeds to reason with Bootleg Gemini
[22:48] <spiritflame> Kannon Bosatsu rolls 1d20 [ 1 ]
[22:49] * G. Sunrise is th' REAL one
[22:49] * Kannon Bosatsu fails horribly and just beats the s[BLEEP]t out of bootleg Gemini because she has no choice
[22:49] <G. Sunrise> WHUT
[22:49] * Kannon Bosatsu has an epic rap battle in the study.
[22:49] * G. Sunrise is gettin' berat on!
[22:49] * G. Sunrise WHUPS HER
[22:49] <Kusanagi> Oh I missed her.
[22:49] *** no the one in the study
[22:49] <G. Sunrise> AH'M TRYIN' T' HELP THIS LADY
[22:49] <Kusanagi> I'm so glad I can visit again.
[22:49] *** The bootleg
[22:50] * G. Sunrise is NOT the bootleg
[22:50] * G. Sunrise 's bootleg is AWOL XD
[22:50] <Dreadnaught Trajan> We need to depart. Now. Before it's too late.
[22:50] * Abe Hisoka drinks weakly.
[22:50] *** She's taking care of the bootleg not the real geminine----------
[22:50] *** GDI
[22:50] <Aratasujou> X__X
[22:50] * Kannon Bosatsu did none of that s[BLEEP]t then
[22:50] * AWOL XD
[22:50] * G. Sunrise gives Hisoka stuff t' throw up whut's in her tummy
[22:50] * The Magistra just looks around the place for whatever happened to Mr. Red. Using the spell kerrick was using as a magical tracer.
[22:51] <G. Sunrise> C'mon let's shake a leg ><
[22:51] *** You have five minutes to GTFO before this thing collapses in on itself
[22:51] * Rosso ain't here
[22:51] <The Magistra> ....
[22:51] * G. Sunrise helps Abe out
[22:51] <The Magistra> Strange
[22:51] <Abe Hisoka> Door. Go. Please.
[22:51] * Yaijinden lingers last, taking a head count
[22:51] <Abe Hisoka> I can survive this.
[22:51] * Raihosha picks up Hisoka and carries her.
[22:51] <Abe Hisoka> I have to keep the door open.
[22:51] * Lt. David O`Cain exits through the door, carrying Ara-su with him
[22:51] <G. Sunrise> Dang right y' will
[22:51] * Kannon Bosatsu takes Celeste and they gooo
[22:51] <G. Sunrise> Everyone out th' door.
[22:51] * Dreadnaught Trajan fires a burst into the ceiling and goes into full-throttle Instructor-Sergeant mode.
[22:51] * Ultra Sailor Quinox follows
[22:51] * Yaijinden is away 
[22:52] *** Ultra Sailor Quinox has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:52] * Kannon Bosatsu is away 
[22:52] * G. Sunrise gets half inta th' door
[22:52] * Kusanagi vanishes~
[22:52] * The Magistra follows?
[22:52] * Celeste is away 
[22:52] <G. Sunrise> Stand faciin' th' inside
[22:52] * Solartiger graps Aratasujou, carrying her.
[22:52] * G. Sunrise is behind her on the otehr side of the door
[22:52] * Dreadnaught Trajan stomps towards everyone else.
[22:52] * Lt. David O`Cain was carrying Ara-su, ST
[22:52] * Abe Hisoka makes sure everyone is out.
[22:52] * G. Sunrise HEIMLICHS Abe so she'll spit out her stuff
[22:52] <Abe Hisoka> OFHADKLJFF
[22:52] *** Dreadnaught Trajan has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:53] *** Let me know when you are all out.
[22:53] *** Aratasujou has left #suburbansenshi3 (NYORO~!! =^ ^=)
[22:53] *** Lt. David O`Cain [] has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:53] * G. Sunrise then leans back and pulls her through the door in a suplex
[22:53] * Abe Hisoka falls back through the doordofajdkf
[22:53] *** Abe Hisoka has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:53] * G. Sunrise is out with Abe
[22:53] *** G. Sunrise [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (I've been reasonable, with no results.)
[22:53] *** Solartiger [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (This is a retreat!)
[22:53] *** And that's everyone?
[22:53] * Sakura Xadium Aino -tachi left
[22:53] *** The dimension collapses in on itself.
[22:53] *** at first it folds and folds and folds and finally it deteriorates.
[22:54] * Raihosha and Yumiko snuck out right before the collapse. :P
[22:54] *** Corruptor is gone as far as you are concerned.
[22:54] *** But all that lingers for just a moment is the vestibule
[22:54] *** finally even the black stars and the strange moons go out.
[22:55] *** Everything falls to interstice.
[22:55] *** The bootlegs have all perished, worn away by their battles.
[22:55] *** Well.
[22:56] *** Somewhere, where the stars are black and the moon turns just a little strangely, a girl with long green hair and silver eyes steps forward.
[22:56] *** She knows her mission, she knows it's possible by sheer force of will.
[22:57] *** She brandishes a yellow ribbon in her hair, just like her sister before her.
[22:58] <The Firestarter> It's time to go home.
[22:58] * ??? looks at The Firestarter.
[22:58] *** The Firestarter is your average everyday The Firestarter

[22:58] * The Firestarter doesn't have a /look yet
[22:59] *** The Firestarter has quit IRC (The shadows lengthen in Carcosa.)

[23:00] <@spiritflame> Current Location is: Somewhere!
[23:00] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[23:00] <@spiritflame> konbanwa young lich
[23:00] <Young Lich> You crazy devouring strossis, wait up!
[23:02] <@The Intern> I can't tlak now I'm BUSY!
[23:02] * @The Intern RUNS, shocing a doughnut in her mouth
[23:03] <@The Intern> ^shoving
[23:03] * Young Lich runs behind her, not getting tired.
[23:03] <Young Lich> What's wrong? Is this about Xadium? Where is he?
[23:04] * @The Intern senses he won't stop, and skids to a quick halt
[23:04] <@The Intern> Listen, we were ambushed on Energy Nede 2.
[23:04] <Young Lich> Alright. Still listening.
[23:04] <@The Intern> We had to get Mr. Rosso out so I went ahead.
[23:04] <@The Intern> Paisley came to help, but he was gone.
[23:04] <@The Intern> That's the situation.
[23:05] <@The Intern> Now I have to go find him! Excuse me!
[23:05] <Young Lich> So you have no idea where he is. Is that the only problem?
[23:05] * @The Intern makes to bolt again
[23:05] <@The Intern> ....Yes!
[23:05] <Young Lich> !!!!!!
[23:05] * Young Lich looks down at a vial on his side.
[23:05] <Young Lich> Well. If that is the only thing troubling you... I will not stand in your way.
[23:06] <@The Intern> Thank you!
[23:06] * @The Intern BOLTS
[23:06] *** @The Intern [neminixblipsonara@cia674.panopticon.gallfrey.kasterborous.sen] has left #suburbansenshi3 (I'll work as hard as I can to help everyone!)
[23:06] * Young Lich is flying swiftly behind her now, on flapping wings made from bone. "You're sure?"
[23:06] * Young Lich stops.
[23:06] <Young Lich> Hmm.
[23:06] <Young Lich> Pawns. Pawns indeed.
[23:07] * Young Lich thinks and thinks and thinks what to do with his "new friend."
[23:08] *** Young Lich [SmilingSoulFarmer@sculptedeternity.con] has quit IRC (Plane Shift)
[23:47] * Kannon Bosatsu looks in the mirror.
[23:47] *** Kannon Bosatsu is is a woman with silver eyes and chin-length black hair with streaks of violet. She is dressed all in white and a black sash with a blade with a prayer seal brandished at her side. More information about is Here.
image Song is: Levels n' Stuff by Deadmau5. is Level 15.

[23:48] *** Kannon Bosatsu has quit IRC (Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.)
[23:48] *** Kannon Bosatsu has left #suburbansenshi3 (Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.)
[00:16] * looks at The Firestarter.
[00:16] *** The Firestarter is

Her image Song is: Motherfucking Dragonforce. She is Level 1.

[16:17] *** Simon Kerrick has placed empty in Inventory Slot: 8
[16:17] *** Simon Kerrick has placed One remaining 100k Ruby in Inventory Slot: 9
[01:59] <K-9 Muprhy> ...
[01:59] * K-9 Muprhy is now known as K-9 Murphy
[01:59] <&K-9 Murphy> :3
[19:41] * Meanwhile , in Gensokyo...
[19:43] *** David O`Cain [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:43] <@spiritflame> konbanwa david o`cain *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:44] *** Carris and David, both of you emerge into a very dark and lush bamboo forest. The darkness is only partly due to the fact it's night: the trees are so high they block out the sky and moon, and there's a thick mist all around you that clings to the ground like a shroud.
[19:44] *** Carrie has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:44] <@spiritflame> konbanwa carrie *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[19:44] <Carrie> .................what the *cough cough*
[19:45] <David O`Cain> Damn it, why didn't you put us closer to Eientei, Yukari? I can't tell which part of the forest we're in.
[19:47] * David O`Cain looks for the pathway to Eientei
[19:47] *** It's quite dark and you can see no indications of landmarks. To search around, both of you roll 1d20.
[19:48] <spiritflame> Carrie rolls 1d20 [ 13 ]
[19:49] <spiritflame> David O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 2 ]
[19:49] * Carrie glances around
[19:49] *** David, you find nothing. Not even an indication of a trail.
[19:50] *** Carrie, your sense of smell detects the scent of...fur?
[19:51] <David O`Cain> Find anything, Carrie? I'm not having much luck.
[19:51] <Carrie> ...fur...smell fur
[19:51] *** Carrie, the scent-trail seems to lead towards something ahead of you a fair distance.
[19:52] <Carrie> that way *points*
[19:52] <David O`Cain> Let's follow it, then.
[19:53] *** As you pursue the source of the scent, both of you please roll 1d20 for encounters.
[19:54] <spiritflame> Carrie rolls 1d20 [ 9 ]
[19:54] <spiritflame> David O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[19:56] *** Carrie, you come across a big patch of what appears to be wolvesbane.
[19:58] <Carrie> what the....
[19:59] *** hear a terrifying sound. A voice that says very, very softly and quietly.
[19:59] <.> Take it easy~!
[20:00] <David O`Cain> Did you hear that, Carrie?
[20:01] <Carrie> huh what?
[20:01] *** Something is moving ahead of you through the trees, attempting to get away from you without causing too much noice.
[20:02] *** ^noise
[20:04] <Carrie> ....
[20:05] <David O`Cain> What's up, Carrie?
[20:05] *** Carrie, you have a decent fix on the noise-maker. What do you wish to do now?
[20:07] * Carrie tries to get a better look
[20:08] * David O`Cain follows Carrie
[20:08] *** The person is moving faster now. Roll 1d20 please!
[20:10] <spiritflame> Carrie rolls 1d20 [ 10 ]
[20:10] <spiritflame> David O`Cain rolls 1d20 [ 11 ]
[20:12] <You catch up > with the person and see her clearly!
[20:12] *** Kagerou Imaizumi has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kagerou imaizumi *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:13] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Ahhhh! What are you two doing here?! Why are you following me?!
[20:13] * Carrie 's wolf ears pop out
[20:14] <David O`Cain> Oh, sorry, miss. We were trying to make our way to Eientei.
[20:14] * Kagerou Imaizumi has wolf ears and a tail too. And long claws. Carrie...this girl is the same species as you: a werewolf!
[20:15] * Carrie 's tail pops out as well...
[20:15] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Eientei? You mean that manor in the middle of the forest? It's not that far away from here.
[20:16] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Wait...are you a werewolf too? Maybe I don't need to be afraid of you at least.
[20:16] <Carrie> yeah..I'm a werewolf
[20:17] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Good! At least I'm not alone out here. ^__^
[20:17] <Kagerou Imaizumi> And you two are?
[20:17] <David O`Cain> My name is David O`Cain.
[20:18] <Carrie> Carrie O'Cain
[20:18] * Kagerou Imaizumi sniffs David. "You look like a Human but you're not a Human. Not really."
[20:20] <David O`Cain> No, I'm not Human. I'm a Selenite. Essentially, I'm from the Moon in the Outside World.
[20:20] <Kagerou Imaizumi> An Outsider?!
[20:20] <Kagerou Imaizumi> You didn't...
[20:20] <Kagerou Imaizumi> You didn't come here with the Onryo, did you?
[20:21] <David O`Cain> No, it's just the two of us. Don't worry.
[20:21] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Oh good!
[20:21] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Humans are so scary sometimes!
[20:22] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Now, you want to go to Eientei right? I can lead you there, but I could use some help with something.
[20:23] <Kagerou Imaizumi> I've been trying to get to Eientei myself, but the gatekeeper keeps refusing me entry. I could use some of Eirin's medicine, but that little rabbit-girl just keeps telling me to go away and not come back until I find her something.
[20:23] <Carrie> huh why?
[20:24] <David O`Cain> Little rabbit-girl? Oh, you've gotta be kidding. ~_~
[20:24] <Kagerou Imaizumi> She says she wants me to seek out the Knights Who Say Ni, learn of what it is they seek, and bring it back to her.
[20:25] <Carrie> .____.
[20:25] * David O`Cain facepalms
[20:26] <Kagerou Imaizumi> you know anything about that?
[20:26] <Kagerou Imaizumi> It'd be really helpful if you did.
[20:26] <David O`Cain> The Knights Who Say Ni seek a shrübery.
[20:27] <Kagerou Imaizumi> A what?
[20:27] <Carrie> a bush
[20:27] * Kagerou Imaizumi flicks her ears in confusion.
[20:27] <Kagerou Imaizumi> A WHAT??!!!
[20:28] <Kagerou Imaizumi> A freakin' PLANT?! We're in the middle of a forest and she wanted me to find a PLANT!? How do you know that for sure though?
[20:29] <David O`Cain> I've seen the movie. Many times.
[20:30] <Carrie> me too
[20:30] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Movie? What's a movie?
[20:31] * Kagerou Imaizumi sighs. "You can explain it to me while I lead you there, if that's okay."
[20:31] <David O`Cain> Sure.
[20:32] * Kagerou Imaizumi starts leading you both in the opposite direction you'd originally been heading. She's not following landmarks as much as she's following scent-marks.
[20:32] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Here, you see?
[20:32] <David O`Cain> Ah, okay.
[20:32] * Kagerou Imaizumi points to some clumps of plants that don't really seem that much different from any of the other plants in the area, except that they're a little larger and more fragrant.
[20:34] <David O`Cain> Hmmmm.
[20:34] <Carrie> huh????
[20:34] * David O`Cain looks to see what sort of plant Kagerou found
[20:35] <Kagerou Imaizumi> That's actually a medicinal herb. They're more concentrated and frequent the closer you get to Eientei.
[20:36] <David O`Cain> Oh neat. That sounds very helpful, miss.
[20:37] *** Kagerou leads you through the forest down winding paths, around still ponds, and over a few bubbling streams. Eventually, you see a soft glow up ahead and find yourself walking on a firmly-packed dirt trail that leads to a small estate surrounded by a high wooden palisade.
[20:39] * Carrie coughs ><
[20:40] <David O`Cain> Thank you so much.
[20:40] <Tewi Inaba> HALT!
[20:40] *** Tewi Inaba has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:40] <@spiritflame> konbanwa tewi inaba *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:40] <David O`Cain> Oh. Hello, runt.
[20:40] * Tewi Inaba appears before you all in front of the main gate (which is closed). "Who desires entry into Eientei?!" >:3
[20:41] <Carrie> gah!
[20:41] * David O`Cain walks up to Tewi, "My daughter and I wish to enter Eientei to see Eirin."
[20:42] * Tewi Inaba points at Kagerou. "Have you found the Knights yet? If you haven't, then I don't want to see you around here.:
[20:43] <Tewi Inaba> You still have to bring me what it is I seek. ^___^
[20:44] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Hold on...
[20:44] * Kagerou Imaizumi goes over to the nearest bush.
[20:46] <David O`Cain> ?
[20:46] * Kagerou Imaizumi RIPS the whole bush out of the ground and HURLS it at Tewi.
[20:47] <Kagerou Imaizumi> There's your damn SCRUBBERY, you trickster rabbit!!!
[20:47] <Kagerou Imaizumi> NOW LET ME COME IN!! I need that medicine!!!
[20:48] <Tewi Inaba> Uhhh...
[20:49] <Carrie> hahaha *cough cough wheeze* ><
[20:49] <Tewi Inaba> Eientei is closed for the season, so you'll all have to come back in the summer when we're officially opened for visitors! ^__^;
[20:52] * Carrie snarls and TACKLES Tewi
[20:54] <David O`Cain> Not a wise idea, moron. My daughter is sick with the flu. We've come all this way to see Eirin for medicine to help her get better. You WILL let us in.
[20:54] <Tewi Inaba> AHHHH!!! HELP ME! A rabid wolf-girl is attacking me! She's got the MANGE!!!!
[20:54] * Kagerou Imaizumi joins in and helps tackle Tewi.
[20:55] * Carrie is showing her fangs and claws
[20:55] * Kagerou Imaizumi grabs Tewi's legs. "You get her arms!:
[20:55] * Carrie grabs tewi's arms
[20:56] * Kagerou Imaizumi starts swinging Tewi back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, higher and higher.
[20:56] <Tewi Inaba> Help! Me! Help! Me! Eirin!
[20:59] <Carrie> grrrr
[20:59] <Kagerou Imaizumi> On three! One! Two!
[21:00] <Kagerou Imaizumi> THREE!
[21:00] *** Carrie, what do you want to do now?
[21:00] <Carrie> THROW HER
[21:02] *** Roll 1d20 then!
[21:03] <spiritflame> Carrie rolls 1d20 [ 6 ]
[21:05] <David O`Cain> Hm.
[21:06] <spiritflame> Kagerou Imaizumi rolls 1d20 [ 7 ]
[21:06] * Tewi Inaba gets thrown upwards at a steep angle, then...THUD!!!!!
[21:07] * Tewi Inaba falls face down onto the surface of the trail. X___x
[21:07] *** The door is opening, by the way.
[21:07] <David O`Cain> Well, that works.
[21:07] <Carrie> let's *cough* get in
[21:08] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:08] <@spiritflame> konbanwa reisen udongein inaba *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[21:08] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Huh? What's going on out here?
[21:09] * Reisen Udongein Inaba emerges from one of the sliding doorways that rings the small courtyard of Eientei. Most of the hooded lanterns are still burning brightly, casting the whole place into sight for you all.
[21:09] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Oh, I remember you. David, yes?
[21:10] <David O`Cain> It is. Evening, Reisen.
[21:11] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> What brings you all here?
[21:11] * David O`Cain stands next to Carrie, "I came here with my daughter to get some medicine to help her get over the flu."
[21:11] * Reisen Udongein Inaba looks at the two werewolves with David. "Are they seeking treatment for Lycanthropy? I hope not. Being a werewolf is like being a Youkai. It's nothing to be ashamed of."
[21:13] <David O`Cain> I was hoping Eirin might have something.
[21:14] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> The master? Uhhhh...
[21:14] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> I can go get her, but do you really want me to?
[21:14] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> Some of her medicines are really overwhelming.
[21:15] <Carrie> wait what
[21:17] * Reisen Udongein Inaba looks around furtively and nods. "They are. Master can take things too far sometimes. Now, if you want I can give you some lesser medicine that's not so strong."
[21:17] <Kagerou Imaizumi> I don't care just so long as I get something! This itching is HORRIBLE! ><;;;;
[21:17] <Kagerou Imaizumi> And the CRAMPS! >__<;
[21:17] <David O`Cain> Eh?
[21:19] <Carrie> ...............
[21:20] * Kagerou Imaizumi grabs her belly and just groans a little.
[21:20] <Reisen Udongien Inaba> That's all?
[21:20] <Reisen Udongien Inaba> ...
[21:20] * Reisen Udongien Inaba tosses Kagerou some Extra-Strength Midol.
[21:21] <Reisen Udongien Inaba> Now, what about you two?
[21:22] * Carrie coughs hard ><
[21:22] <Reisen Udongien Inaba> I can give you some medicine off the shelves, but if you really want the Master's help she'll probably want to do an examination on your daughter.
[21:23] <David O`Cain> That's fine. Perhaps she can come up with something for her.
[21:23] <Someone> else comes outside, and she's stunningly beautiful.
[21:24] *** Eirin Yagokoro has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:24] <@spiritflame> konbanwa eirin yagokoro *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[21:24] <Eirin Yagokoro> Oh my. We have late night visitors. How lucky for us!
[21:24] <David O`Cain> Evening, Eirin.
[21:25] * Kagerou Imaizumi is struggling to take the child-proof lid off the Midol bottle she was given.
[21:26] * David O`Cain looks over to Kagerou, "Push down on the lid and twist."
[21:26] * Kagerou Imaizumi tries it and the lid pops open. :D
[21:27] <Eirin Yagokoro> may I help you both tonight? ^__^
[21:27] <Carrie> flu...
[21:28] <Eirin Yagokoro> Oh dear! Please come inside and into my office!
[21:28] <David O`Cain> Yeah. My daughter's got the flu, and I was hoping that you may have something to help her get better.
[21:28] * Reisen Udongein Inaba silently mouths "No! Don't let her do that to you!"
[21:29] <Eirin Yagokoro> Reisen...
[21:29] <Eirin Yagokoro> PUNISHMENT TIME~!
[21:29] * Carrie starts to head into the building
[21:29] <Reisen Udongein Inaba> O___O
[21:29] *** Reisen Udongein Inaba has left #suburbansenshi3 (RUNNING TIME!!!!)
[21:30] * David O`Cain heads towards the building
[21:30] <David O`Cain> How've things been as of late, Eirin?
[21:31] <Eirin Yagokoro> Oh, quite stressful. So many young maidens have been affected by that "Cat-girl Nanovirus" again.
[21:33] * Eirin Yagokoro leads everyone into Eientei (shoes and boots OFF please!). You are led down a wood-floored hallway with walls made up almost entirely of sliding doors and thin partitions (classic Feudal Japanese style architecture). After a minute or so you reach a room filled with apothecary tools, many thick tomes of medicine and anatomy, and an examination table.
[21:33] <David O`Cain> Sheesh. How did even start in the first place?
[21:34] <Eirin Yagokoro> Not quite sure. It's a nuisance mostly. It's effects aren't permanent.
[21:34] <Eirin Yagokoro> Here we go.
[21:35] <David O`Cain> I see.
[21:35] * Eirin Yagokoro looks at Carrie. "Get on the table, young lady." ^___^
[21:35] * Eirin Yagokoro pats the surface of her examination table. Why are there thick leather restraints built into it?
[21:35] * Carrie hops on the table
[21:36] * Eirin Yagokoro quickly and efficiently straps Carrie down. The broad smile never leaves Eirin's face.
[21:37] <David O`Cain> Um, is that really necessary?
[21:37] <Carrie> huh?
[21:40] <Eirin Yagokoro> Oh quite!
[21:40] <Eirin Yagokoro> Trust me, I'm a doctor! ^___^
[21:41] * Eirin Yagokoro starts examining Carrie, taking her temperature, listening to her pulse, running several crystals over her body, sprinkling various powders on her skin and examining the results, and then taking several blood samples with several needles.
[21:41] <Carrie> >.> <.<
[21:41] <Carrie> O_O
[21:41] <Eirin Yagokoro> There we go...
[21:43] <Eirin Yagokoro> Now, I could run a Zeta-scan on you using a device we scrounged up from the now-destroyed Church of Hubology. It'll only take a few minutes to do it.
[21:45] * David O`Cain just looks at Eirin, "Seriously?"
[21:46] <Eirin Yagokoro> Heh, I should know better since you know all about those crazies.
[21:46] <Eirin Yagokoro> Lets' see. Hmmm.
[21:46] <David O`Cain> You took a device from those nutjobs?
[21:48] * Eirin Yagokoro holds her hands over Carrie's body and intones some kind of incantation. A dazzling display of light suddenly plays over Carrie, forming into what looks like a three-dimensional holographic schematic of her body, with various parts colored in a variety of shades that don't make a lot of sense at first glance.
[21:48] <Carrie> O____O
[21:48] <David O`Cain> You do realize that they were in league with those Schizos, right?
[21:49] <Eirin Yagokoro> Naturally.
[21:49] <Eirin Yagokoro> Here we go! Hmmm, interesting.
[21:50] <David O`Cain> What is it?
[21:50] <Eirin Yagokoro> Young lady, it looks like I'll have to amputate both your legs above the knees. This won't take long at all. I'm VERY good with my saws.
[21:51] <Eirin Yagokoro> Just kidding! ^__~
[21:51] <David O`Cain> Geez. Don't joke about that!
[21:52] * Carrie fainted at those words
[21:52] <Eirin Yagokoro> But seriously, you're infected with quite the unusual strain of the influenza virus. It seems to be a variant that's able to affect magical creatures like werewolves.
[21:54] <David O`Cain> Really?
[21:54] <Eirin Yagokoro> Now, I can provide you with an alchemically-modified medicine to treat it, but there's a bit of a catch.
[21:55] <Eirin Yagokoro> The medicine might cause her to feel light-headed from time to time and it can't be taken orally.
[21:56] * Eirin Yagokoro shows you one of the pills in question. It's a suppository.
[21:57] <David O`Cain> Huh.
[21:58] <Eirin Yagokoro> It's guaranteed to work though. I stand beside all my treatments. ^___^
[21:59] <David O`Cain> Well, I suppose the benefits outweigh the side-effects. Thank you, Eirin.
[21:59] * David O`Cain extends a hand to Eirin
[22:00] * Eirin Yagokoro hands the medicine to David. "We should start treatment immediately for maximum effect."
[22:01] *** Tewi Inaba has joined #suburbansenshi3
[22:01] <@spiritflame> konbanwa tewi inaba *** Happy Constitution Day [Golden Week]!!
[22:01] * David O`Cain quickly exchanges the medicine with a small pouch
[22:01] <Tewi Inaba> Wow, Reisen! Your suppositories can heal that girl now!
[22:01] *** Tewi Inaba has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:03] * Carrie is unconcious
[22:03] <Eirin Yagokoro> Permit me then.
[22:03] * Eirin Yagokoro rolls Carrie over onto her stomach.
[22:03] * Eirin Yagokoro puts on a pair of rubber gloves that reach up to her biceps. *SNAP*
[22:04] * Eirin Yagokoro looks inside the pouch.
[22:05] * David O`Cain has given Eirin ten coins, each of them 1000 Gold Yen
[22:05] <Eirin Yagokoro> Ahh. Thank you. Now for your friend here.
[22:06] * Eirin Yagokoro administers one of the medicinal pills she prescribed for Carrie! >:D
[22:07] <Carrie> O_O
[22:09] * Eirin Yagokoro pats Carrie reassuringly. "There you go! How do you feel now?"
[22:10] <Carrie> .....don't like that feeling
[22:12] <Eirin Yagokoro> It'll be fine. You just need to take two of those every day for the next seven days and you'll be right as the mail!
[22:12] <Eirin Yagokoro> Or I could give you a couple of doses of the Hourisan Elixir, but let's not go there! ^___^
[22:12] <David O`Cain> The what?
[22:14] <Eirin Yagokoro> It's what Mokou and Kaguya took over a thousand years ago to make them immortal.
[22:15] * Eirin Yagokoro releases Carrie from the examination table.
[22:16] <David O`Cain> I see.
[22:16] <Eirin Yagokoro> Feeling any better at all? That medicine should work quickly.
[22:18] <Carrie> y..yeah I guess
[22:19] *** Carrie starts to feel just a little bit light-headed as the medicine begins to take effect.
[22:20] <Eirin Yagokoro> There you go! Off with you. ^___^
[22:21] <Carrie> @_@
[22:22] * David O`Cain takes a hold of Carrie, "I've got ya."
[22:22] *** ALL THE COLORS~!!!! @____@
[22:22] <Kagerou Imaizumi> Uhhhh, are you feeling all right there? Your eyes look kind of glassy.
[22:23] <Carrie> feel....woozy @_@
[22:26] * David O`Cain hoists Carrie onto his back, "Easy does it."
[22:27] *** Everything seems so bright and the colors are shifting around and moving and flowing and dancing and everything! WOOOOOOW~!!!!
[22:28] <Kagerou Imaizumi> O__o
[22:28] <Carrie> @__________@
[22:29] <David O`Cain> Carrie? Gonna be alright?
[22:30] *** Carrie should now start feeling comfortably numb. And seems to have turned into a very irate penguin. And where did Dad's legs go?
[22:34] <Kagerou Imaizumi> ...HUH?
[22:34] <Eirin Yagokoro> You should get her home soon. She's going to get sleepy before much longer. ^__^
[22:36] * A strange portal opens nearby.
[22:36] <David O`Cain> Yeah, I should. Eirin, thank you so much for helping Carrie. One of these days I'll try to make an extended visit not only to Eientei, but to Gensokyo.
[22:37] <Eirin Yagokoro> Of course.
[22:37] <Eirin Yagokoro> We all look forward to a visit from the Onryo himself, too.
[22:37] <Carrie> @____@ SQAWK
[22:38] * David O`Cain nods and then walks through the portal
[22:39] *** David O`Cain [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (Let's get you home first, kiddo.)
[22:39] *** Eirin Yagokoro has left #suburbansenshi3
[22:39] *** Carrie has left #suburbansenshi3 (@____@)
[22:39] *** Kagerou Imaizumi has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:13] *** test
[20:20] *** test
[20:20] *** test
[20:28] *** Charm Coffee is a two floor cafe. On the outside can be seen two very large darkened windows with the gleam in the inner, elegant lights piercing through the darkness of the night. Above the glass double doors swings the emblem of the shop and its name written in English.
[20:29] *** Inside, there's a bar situated to the right of the cafe littered with comfortable stools. Between the bar and the right-handed most window sits a large couch area with tables, fairly secluded. Towards the middle and left of the rest of the cafe is a series of small and medium sized tables with booths lining the left wall. In the back there's a curtained doorway leading to the restrooms.
[20:29] *** There's a beautiful spiral staircase leading to the 2nd floor but it is unnaccesible to most guests. The back left of the restaurant has a small, open stage, which currently has someone performing on it. Across from that, mostly hidden by the staircase, is a secluded v.i.p area.
[20:29] *** From the end of the bar is a doorway leading to the kitchen. At the end closest to the doorway sits a cash register, near a glass counter that shows the day's freshly made pastries. The cafe has a smattering of people already.
[20:32] *** George Glass [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:32] <@spiritflame> konbanwa george glass *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:32] * George Glass slowly strolls on up to the cafe.
[20:32] *** Nelius Raoul has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:32] <@spiritflame> konbanwa nelius raoul *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:33] * Nelius Raoul follows behind George, taking in the sights of Minato Ward.
[20:33] *** Kanri-chan has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:33] <@spiritflame> konbanwa kanri-chan *** Happy Greenery Day [Golden Week]!!
[20:33] * Kanri-chan is behind nelius looking around "wow"
[20:34] * George Glass opens one of the doors, letting a soothing, foreign-sounding song flow out into the night. George gestures to let them in first.
[20:35] * Nelius Raoul enters the cafe, having to duck slightly to fit through the door. Once he's in, he takes over holding the door open.
[20:35] * Kanri-chan blushes and hides in her hair entering
[20:35] * George Glass enters as well, thanking Nelius.
[20:36] * Mayu Minamoto looks up from serving a customer and smiles broadly. She waves at George, "Hey Georgie! Glad to see you again."
[20:36] * George Glass grins and waves back.
[20:36] <George Glass> C'mon, we can just sit anywhere. You guys want a booth or a table?
[20:36] * Kanri-chan hides behind raoul thankful he's so tall
[20:37] * Nelius Raoul steps away from the door, now that everyone's in.
[20:37] <Nelius Raoul> Either or is fine.
[20:38] * George Glass nods.
[20:38] <Nelius Raoul> ..Kanri?
[20:38] * George Glass walks over to one of the booths near the back, it's rather large and L-shaped.
[20:39] * George Glass slides on in. They're situated close to the stage with a clear view.
[20:39] * Kanri-chan blinks as she was too busy looking around "huh"
[20:39] * Matsumi Kaze is sitting in a table not far from the stage
[20:39] <Kanri-chan> look onee chan's here nelius
[20:40] <Nelius Raoul> Huh..
[20:40] <Nelius Raoul> Well, George got us a booth. Over this way.
[20:40] * Kanri-chan ends up sitting next to george and tries to leave a bit of a gap
[20:40] * RLD_Thorn is strumming an acoustic guitar on stage as she sings a low, mournful song full of longing and desire.