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<@S.X. Aino> Hotaru-P: The woman who sent out an image of her stern visage on a christmas card as a warning to all future generations.

welcome to #suburbansenshi3

[00:27] * George Glass takes Kanri by her hand and kisses it.
[00:28] * Kanri-chan shivers and bites her lip
[00:28] <George Glass> Hmmm? Is something wrong?
[00:29] * Kanri-chan blushes looking at george " what do yuh mean?"
[00:29] * George Glass chuckles.
[00:29] <George Glass> C'mon.
[00:29] <George Glass> The night is still young.
[00:29] <George Glass> I'm sure we can find enough to do at my place to fill the time.
[00:30] * Kanri-chan nods knowing full and well what she herself wants to do. "ok"
[00:31] * George Glass smiles down at Kanri, wraps eir arm around the catgirl's waist, pulls her close, and walks with her down the boardwalk in the general direction of the warehouses at tokyo bay docks.
[00:32] * Kanri-chan giggles in george's arm and walks with em to eir place
[00:33] *** AND THEN THE TWO OF THEM HAD FLUFFY HAPPY ROMANTIC SEX AND CUDDLES. And also Kanri made super tasty pancakes nad bacon and eggs for breakfast. Yum yum!

[19:18] *** Franziska von Karma [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[19:18] <@spiritflame> konbanwa franziska von karma
[19:18] </DM> The limousine pulls up next to one of the greatest eateries in the nation, with fine seafood and spotless reputation for fare from all over the world.
[19:19] <Maitre'D> Welcome!
[19:19] <Maitre'D> Please, we have our best table reserved for you!
[19:19] <Franziska von Karma> As is to be expected. Thank you.
[19:20] * Franziska von Karma tips the waiter generously.
[19:20] * Maitre'D leads Franziska past several bodyguards, who are at the door, wary, and whom one with the absolute keenest sense of human behavior cues might suspect are somewhat surprised not to see another of their number accompanying this newest guest.
[19:21] * Franziska von Karma regards them all with an unflinching icy gaze, eyes subtly sizing each one up
[19:23] *** The bodyguards are making certain nobody is following her, and after looking back unflinchingly, they open the door to the palatial room beyond.
[19:23] <spiritflame> Maitre'D rolls 2d6 [ 3, 4 ]
[19:24] <Maitre'D> Right this way, Madame, your food shall be perpared as you order! I thank you kindly for visiting our establishment.
[19:24] * Maitre'D bows and departs.
[19:24] * Franziska von Karma nods and enters imperiously.
[19:26] *** There is only one table, lined with silver, with the room made entirely of teak wood, and flawless, intricate carvings adorning every wall to a depth of several inches. The table is attended by a number of men in flawless suits, who are being waited on by incredibly humble and competent servers.
[19:26] <Seasoned Television Executive> On behalf of my colleages, allow me to extend to you our most enthusiastic greetings, Lady von Karma.
[19:27] *** A remarkably adept butler holds Franziska's chair out, and several other servants set up some video equipment and a presentation.
[19:27] * Franziska von Karma appreciates the quality of the design and sits graciously.
[19:27] <Franziska von Karma> I appreciate the invitation.
[19:28] <Franziska von Karma> I'd ask what this is all about, but I see you're preparing to answer that very question.
[19:28] <Seasoned Television Executive> Your reputation precedes you flawlessly. There was no other comparable to invite.
[19:28] <Franziska von Karma> As well it should.
[19:28] <Franziska von Karma> Your discernment is to be commended.
[19:29] *** The men all smile at each other, eagerly.
[19:29] <Seasoned Television Executive> Certainly, one such as yourself is a qualified judge of the absolute finest qualities in a staggering variety of subjects, and your compliments are most gracious.
[19:29] <Franziska von Karma> (Such flattery... these fools must think me a foolish fawn to be flummoxed with paltry praise...)
[19:30] <Franziska von Karma> This is true.
[19:30] <Franziska von Karma> (It is true.)
[19:31] *** The server shows Franziska that there is a flip up panel on the table with holographic images of almost every food imaginable, very nearly rivaling even the Hotel's Restaurant. A button can be used to order every dish, with a complete lack of serving limitations. It's clear now that there is a chef for every guest in this room, and all but one of them are hard at work.
[19:32] * Franziska von Karma politely declines.
[19:32] <Franziska von Karma> Clearly you have spent a great deal of effort to being me here.
[19:33] *** A light above the final chef goes out, and he waits behind a curtain.
[19:33] <Seasoned Television Executive> Certainly, because your expertise is staggering.
[19:33] <Franziska von Karma> I prefer to view your proposal free of the distractign effects of what I am sure is the finest cuisine.
[19:34] <Franziska von Karma> I hope you will accept my apologies, but your work deserves my undivided attention.
[19:34] <Seasoned Television Executive> Indeed. We represent management at Studio Waldemar (German Accent included, btw). We hoped that you would listen to our proposition.
[19:34] <Franziska von Karma> (Studio Waldemar..)
[19:34] <Seasoned Television Executive> I spent 9 years as head director of trend research for our parent corporation, so I was asked to show you these figures.
[19:34] * Franziska von Karma folds her hands in front of her face Gendo-Style
[19:35] <Franziska von Karma> Go on...
[19:35] * Seasoned Television Executive points to the presentation stand. "As you can see, the viewership for the reality shows based upon experts correcting flaws in businesses is increasing at full steam."
[19:36] <Franziska von Karma> (Vladimir...)
[19:36] <Franziska von Karma> Yes.
[19:36] <Seasoned Television Executive> Expert hoteliers, restaunteurs, and even chefs go from flawed business to flawed business and correct all errors, with an irresistable demeanor of authority.
[19:37] <Franziska von Karma> I am familiar with the concept.
[19:37] <Seasoned Television Executive> Of course, your reputation for finding excellence and perfect truth has become a worldwide sensation after your legal successes.
[19:37] *** The men have all stopped eating too. Only one of them has a single bead of sweat.
[19:38] * Franziska von Karma is not oblivious to this behavior.
[19:38] <Franziska von Karma> As is to beexpected.
[19:38] <Seasoned Television Executive> Recently, a very gifted futurist and the leader of our multinational thinktank had an idea for a program.
[19:38] <Seasoned Television Executive> "Not Amused, with Franziska Von Karma."
[19:38] * Franziska von Karma side-eyes the one who is sweating, observing him closer very subtly
[19:38] * Seasoned Television Executive pauses to let hat sink in.
[19:39] <Franziska von Karma> It makes me sound like Monty Python royalty.
[19:40] <Franziska von Karma> But names are easily changed; go on.
[19:41] * Franziska von Karma makes sure the sweating one knows she's poring over him by narrowing her eyes very slightly when he looks in her direction
[19:41] <Franziska von Karma> I'm interested in this "Think Tank" as well.
[19:42] <Franziska von Karma> As well as the Futurist of whom you speak.
[19:42] * Seasoned Television Executive swallows, and is the next one to speak in an attempt to assert dominance.
[19:43] <Seasoned Television Executive> Certainly, you can meet him if you wish. It was his idea, when we began our ground work on establishing THE most powerful and exclusive business listing site, to integrate a television program.
[19:44] <Franziska von Karma> Excellent.
[19:44] <Franziska von Karma> I expect the arrangements to be made immediately.
[19:44] * Seasoned Television Executive snaps his fingers, and a person standing in the corner starts fiddling with a smart phone.
[19:44] * Franziska von Karma nods approvingly
[19:45] <Seasoned Television Executive> (( not literally, that's not how they are trying to impress her. ))
[19:45] <Franziska von Karma> (( she is being a tad condascending ))
[19:46] <Franziska von Karma> So this television programme is tied to a business listing service?
[19:46] <Seasoned Television Executive> We believe that, as businesses sign on to be promoted by our directory and booking network, that there will be, undoubtably, some that become substandard.
[19:46] <Franziska von Karma> How do the two relate?
[19:46] <Franziska von Karma> Ah.
[19:46] <Franziska von Karma> I see.
[19:46] <Franziska von Karma> And that is where I, presumably, would come in.
[19:47] <Franziska von Karma> An arbiter of quality.
[19:47] * Seasoned Television Executive then says, "They relate because you are not only reknowned for your appreciation and knowledge of the competent and exemplary, but for your manner in dealing with the shamefully inadequate.
[19:48] * Franziska von Karma smiles wryly. "You wish for someone to whip the fools into shape."
[19:48] <Seasoned Television Executive> Lady von Karma, there is no better being, living or otherwise, who is more qualified to host this program, and you have used the precise term we were hesitant to employ."
[19:48] <Seasoned Television Executive> And... of course, you are absolutely correct.
[19:49] <Franziska von Karma> You are aware I am still actively a prosecutor for INTERPOL.
[19:49] <Franziska von Karma> It is possible that some of your subjects could be tied to ongoing investigations.
[19:50] <Franziska von Karma> Due to the interwined nature of global business.
[19:50] <Seasoned Television Executive> We will give you full scheduling and creative control, and are prepared to make any offer necessary. Whether or not you wish to arrive unannounced on businesses who wish to apply for top-status, and test their readiness and accomodation, or if you wish to arrive to "apply corrective measures" to every business ranked last in order to motivate them, or even wish to do something else, we leave that completely up to you.
[19:51] <Franziska von Karma> Each business would have to be thoroughly investigated beforehand in order to prevent potential conflicts of interest.
[19:51] <Seasoned Television Executive> Your name and manner are impeccable, and both ourselves and our supervisors knew that there was no better host than you.
[19:51] * Franziska von Karma lets the word thoroughly hang there a bit.
[19:52] <Franziska von Karma> Would there be a problem with this~?
[19:52] <A Seasoned Television Executive> We agree absolutely, and are prepared to do so. Those who judge and promote excellence must also exemplify it.
[19:52] <A Seasoned Television Executive> Which is, once again, why we sought out you.
[19:52] <Franziska von Karma> Mm... it would have to be INTERPOL doing the investigation, after all.
[19:53] <Franziska von Karma> In order to clear my ability to appear.
[19:53] * A Seasoned Television Executive looks at the other seasoned Television Executives.
[19:53] <Franziska von Karma> In fact, as I am still a civil servant, so too would Studio Waldemar and its parent organization.
[19:54] <Franziska von Karma> After all, INTERPOL cannot allow itself to be dragged into scandal.
[19:54] <Franziska von Karma> I trust this too, is acceptable?
[19:55] * Franziska von Karma rests her chin on her hands and smiles, observing them keenly
[19:55] * A Seasoned Television Executive steeples his hands. "I believe that could actually work to our collective advantage. If I may expound? Certainly, MANY consumers are concerned with corruption and corner-cutting and questionable business practices. Getting a clean bill of MORAL health and an affirmation of integrity might be a HUGE draw."
[19:55] <Franziska von Karma> Excellent.
[19:56] * A Seasoned Television Executive becomes more eager. "I did not even think of that. Indeed, after a while, people might question why a business is NOT willing to be vetted and accredited in this way."
[19:56] <Franziska von Karma> And this applies to Studio Waldemar and its Think-Tank parent as well, yes?
[19:57] * A Seasoned Television Executive looks over and checks smartphone-guy. He turns back after getting a thumbs-up.
[19:57] <A Seasoned Television Executive> Certainly. We are quite prepared to comply, setting aside the fact that refusing at this moment would be legal suicide.
[19:58] *** try to force a bit of a laugh to break a bit of ice.
[19:58] *** The other executives smile and give a bit of good-natured forced laughter in order to break the ice in the room.
[19:59] * Franziska von Karma 's smile widens a bit more, giving her all the appearance of a cat who has just swallowed a mouse.
[19:59] <Franziska von Karma> Then all that remains is for me to meet this founder of yours.
[19:59] <Franziska von Karma> I want to know who I would be working for.
[19:59] <A Seasoned Television Executive> .....
[19:59] <Franziska von Karma> And... the name of the programme would definitely need to be changed.
[20:00] <A Seasoned Television Executive> If "Not Amused" does not suit you, then it shall no longer be considered.
[20:00] <Franziska von Karma> Perhaps "The Pursuit of Perfection with Franziska von Karma" would flow better.
[20:01] <A Seasoned Television Executive> I believe it would. In fact research department suggested that you have never lost a case. That seems to be a splendid name.
[20:01] *** The executives nod and nod.
[20:01] <Franziska von Karma> I will leave such banal considerations to your marketing committees for the time being.
[20:01] <Franziska von Karma> That is incorrect.
[20:01] <Franziska von Karma> I have lost cases in the past.
[20:01] * A Seasoned Television Executive seems shocked to hear this.
[20:02] <Franziska von Karma> ...Clearly your research is not as thorough as you led me to believe...
[20:02] * Franziska von Karma adopts a very displeased expression
[20:03] *** The men look at each other. "This will not stand. Steps will be taken."
[20:04] <Franziska von Karma> I thought quality was your paramount concern.
[20:04] <A Seasoned Television Executive> I am in charge of research, and I offer my sincerest apologies. It was often, for some reason, extremely difficult to procure information upon your activities, and this may have led to some of our sources being incorrectly weighted."
[20:04] * A Seasoned Television Executive swallows. "What do you wish done?"
[20:05] <Franziska von Karma> My first loss to Phoenix Wright was nationally televised.
[20:05] <Franziska von Karma> For your department to miss that glaring blemiish on my otherwise exemplary record...
[20:06] * A Seasoned Television Executive turns bright red.
[20:06] <Franziska von Karma> (What kind of operation is this...)
[20:06] * Franziska von Karma allows herself to almost glower.
[20:06] <Franziska von Karma> I do believe I definitely should meet your founder now.
[20:07] <Franziska von Karma> Because the strength of your presentation has faltered.
[20:07] <Franziska von Karma> One would hope your founder can restore my faith in this project.
[20:07] <A Seasoned Television Executive> One would hope.
[20:08] <Franziska von Karma> Make it happen! Now!
[20:08] * Franziska von Karma adopts her completely authoritative courtrrom manner
[20:08] <A Seasoned Television Executive> - @.@ -
[20:08] * Franziska von Karma leans back in her chair, arms crossed over her chest.
[20:09] *** The research guy stands up, and says, "I shall attend to this AT ONCE." He goes off into a private area, and removes himself (and hopefuly the imperfection) from the negotiations.
[20:09] * Franziska von Karma adopts a stony, unreadable look.
[20:10] * A Seasoned Television Executive now speaks up. "Certainly, while mistakes were most regrettably made, you feel that the concept has promise? I would very much like to claim that this error was merely a test of your presence when glaring errors need to be corrected, but to *MY KNOWLEDGE,* it is not."
[20:11] <Franziska von Karma> The premise is interesting.
[20:11] <Franziska von Karma> But I demand perfection from my business partners.
[20:12] <Franziska von Karma> As you would have me expect of those businesses I would be investigating.
[20:12] <A Seasoned Television Executive> It is, however, our unshakeable conviction that you would be perfect to not only give praise for refinement and quality where it is warranted, but also to rebuke inadequacy wherever it occurs.
[20:12] <Franziska von Karma> I understand that.
[20:12] * A Seasoned Television Executive eagerly adds, "As you have perfectly proven within this very room."
[20:13] <Franziska von Karma> And as I will continue to demonstrate when I meet your founder.
[20:13] * A Seasoned Television Executive look at each other.
[20:13] <Franziska von Karma> The arrangments for which, I assume are happening now.
[20:14] <A Seasoned Television Executive> In this case, perhaps there might be a follow-up meeting? Certainly, your stature and reputation are compelling. I am certain that the show would be a hit. In fact, our headquarters has instructed us to inform you that you are being offered a...
[20:15] * A Seasoned Television Executive says this with a nearly-flawlessly-disguised not of jealousy: "......partnership."
[20:16] <Franziska von Karma> Whether or not that will be accepted depends on what I find when that meeting is complete.
[20:16] * A Seasoned Television Executive signals his assistant to go and OMGhelp the Executive who left and bowed out.
[20:17] <Franziska von Karma> (( brb ))
[20:20] <Franziska von Karma> (( back ))
[20:20] <A Seasoned Television Executive> Madame, whatever the answer is, we noted your absence in the public sphere of prosecution, as well as the public eye, for extended periods. Our Think Tank, given the possibility that you might be winding down your role in the prosecution arena, we merely acted on the possibility that you might wish to seek a lucrative and imperious private-sector job, worthy of your reputation and talents.
[20:20] * A Seasoned Television Executive smiles at Franziska as best any executive is able.
[20:21] <Franziska von Karma> I work for INTERPOL. This means that I spend a great deal of tiem in classified investigation.
[20:21] <Franziska von Karma> I am an investigator as well as a Prosector.
[20:22] <Franziska von Karma> As long as a conflict of interest does not present itself, I would be amenable to such a position. But again, this is contingent upon my being satisfied with your organization... and your founder.
[20:23] <A Seasoned Television Executive> We will take all steps you deem necessary, and agree that your use of time makes perfect sense. We understand that, but the most powerful mind in our Research and Analysis department, who has NEVER been wrong before, stated that it did not seem sufficient to justify the timing and extensiveness of your seeming leaves of absence.
[20:24] * A Seasoned Television Executive hastily speaks up. "Of COURSE This could easily be wrong! A mistake was already made! SURELY we would be acting absurdly to suggest a contradict you."
[20:24] <Franziska von Karma> If a private corporation could accuratrely discern the length and breadth of INTERPOL investigations...
[20:24] * A Seasoned Television Executive nods emphatically, and adds: "Absolutely. Of course that would be correct."
[20:25] <Franziska von Karma> Well then INTERPOL would not be doing its job properly, would it?
[20:25] * A Seasoned Television Executive swallows.
[20:25] * Franziska von Karma smiles slightly condascendingly.
[20:26] * Franziska von Karma looks at her watch
[20:26] <A Seasoned Television Executive> We have absolutely NO POSSIBLE complaint about the efficacy of Interpol. You are surely correct. Measures will be taken, and we shall ensure that we ourselves typify the excellence and trustworthiness that we seek to promote."
[20:26] <Franziska von Karma> I see.
[20:26] * A Seasoned Television Executive look extremely relieved.
[20:27] <Franziska von Karma> Well, gentlemen and ladies, my time is at a premium.
[20:27] <Franziska von Karma> When your founder is able to meet with me, get in touch.
[20:27] <Franziska von Karma> Further gifts are not required.
[20:28] <A Seasoned Television Executive> And we are ever grateful for it. IN fact, to demonstrate our eagerness to do this, we have arranged for tokens of our appreciation to be delivered to you----'re exactly right because a word from the trustworhty is more important than a gift.
[20:28] <Franziska von Karma> Indeed.
[20:28] * Franziska von Karma stands and curtsies
[20:28] *** A man in the corner stands and presses a button.
[20:29] *** All of the Executives bow incredibly low in unison.
[20:29] * Franziska von Karma turns and looks at the one man who was sweating prior, just holding her gaze long enough to really freak him out
[20:29] *** That was the guy who messed up and ran off to arrange things!
[20:29] <Franziska von Karma> Thank you for a most enjoyable evening.
[20:30] <A Seasoned Television Executive> We are honored by your precence, and ever-grateful for your consideration. It is our forthright belief that as you consider our proposal, you will realize its great merits.
[20:30] <Franziska von Karma> I trust the driver is ready?
[20:30] <Franziska von Karma> I look forward to discussing this matter with your founder soon.
[20:30] *** The door opens the second she says this, and the driver is there. A professional nod is all that he 'says."
[20:31] * Franziska von Karma returns the nod and makes her way into the Limo
[20:31] * The Television Executives , and the servers, and their PA's, all bow in rehearsed unison. "You Honor Us, Lady von Karma."
[20:32] *** The driver escorts Franziska to the Limousine, and drives her home with flawless competence.
[20:32] *** Franziska von Karma [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (You say lawyers are unworthy of defending this world? There is a reason Lady Justice carries a Sword.)
[20:33] * The Television Executives all look at each other. "So. NOW what will we do?"
[20:33] *** A Television Producers has quit IRC (Calm Yourselves. This was a perfectly acceptable beginning.)
[20:34] * ??? watches them go...and then stuffs his mouth with another piece of steak...
[20:36] <???> ..weird bunch...
[20:36] * ???? takes a bite of lobster
[20:36] <????> yeah whatever..listen sure this is smart...I mean..remember the last time you took a job from her
[20:37] <???> hey it's no problem..we just get in there and get'll be a breeze...
[20:38] <????> I've got a bad feeling about this...
[20:39] <???> stop being so pessmistic....have I ever failed you!
[20:41] * ??? grins and pinches the butt of a waitress passing by
[20:41] * Waitress jumps and SLAMS her tray into the man's face
[20:41] <???> @_@ ehehe...*goes head first into the table*
[20:42] <????> ....sums it up there....
[20:42] *** ???? has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:42] *** ??? has left #suburbansenshi3

[21:14] *** Lady Mimas [] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa lady mimas
[21:14] *** Abe Hisoka has joined #suburbansenshi3
[21:14] <@spiritflame> konbanwa abe hisoka
[21:14] * Lady Mimas sits down in a nice little tea salon. Abe's been here before, it's Elda's room!
[21:15] * Abe Hisoka [Rooftop] sits rather politely, like this isn't the first time she's had a proper tea.
[21:15] * Abe Hisoka has moved back to the lobby
[21:15] <Abe Hisoka> If this is a plan to poison me again I am sorry to say I'm not going to fall.
[21:15] <Lady Mimas> I found some crane tea somewhere, I have a feeling it might not be your favorite cup but there are some who enjoy it when they need a clear mind and proper face.
[21:15] <Lady Mimas> Else they might just revert to nothing but sake.
[21:16] <Lady Mimas> And futac[BLEEP]k.
[21:16] * Abe Hisoka cups a hand over her mouth to keep from laughing too hard.
[21:16] <Abe Hisoka> Funny, really.
[21:16] <Abe Hisoka> Not even being sarcastic this time.
[21:16] <Lady Mimas> ;)
[21:17] <Abe Hisoka> I guess you enjoyed those six months?
[21:17] * Lady Mimas offers mochi.
[21:17] <Lady Mimas> I enjoyed lots of things.
[21:17] * Abe Hisoka snacks.
[21:17] <Lady Mimas> Sex is intriguing but it is not what really gets me off.
[21:18] <Abe Hisoka> No, you've always been more the "power" and "mindgames" type.
[21:18] <Lady Mimas> See, I didn't even have to tell you!
[21:18] <Lady Mimas> Clever girl.
[21:19] <Abe Hisoka> I wouldn't chase you if I wasn't prepared.
[21:19] <Lady Mimas> So it goes.
[21:19] <Lady Mimas> But will you ever really, truly be prepared?
[21:19] <Abe Hisoka> Of course not. I'm the one chasing you, after all.
[21:19] * Lady Mimas holds up her necklace, it has three vials of blood and two diamonds.
[21:20] <Lady Mimas> My shadows feed off the power of five seers.
[21:20] <Lady Mimas> Not to mention a sailor Crystal.
[21:21] <Abe Hisoka> I've seen some of what you can do. Your shadows are impressive.
[21:21] <Abe Hisoka> But apparently that domain is starting to get crowded with people with excessive egos. I feel sorry for you.
[21:22] * Abe Hisoka politely pulls her hood down and smooths her hair back.
[21:22] <Lady Mimas> Heh
[21:22] <Lady Mimas> The HOTEL?
[21:23] <Abe Hisoka> Honestly, if I hadn't made friends who care about the place, I would have Run off long ago.
[21:24] <Lady Mimas> They do enjoy the concept of "Clearly you don't understand what we're all about."
[21:24] * Lady Mimas takes a sip of her tea.
[21:24] <Lady Mimas> I am clearly, fully aware.
[21:24] <Abe Hisoka> So what are you getting from working with Nightfall?
[21:25] <Abe Hisoka> Or is that too direct a question to ask.
[21:25] <Lady Mimas> Hah.
[21:25] <Lady Mimas> I want the playing field leveled for everyone so that I may tower over it.
[21:25] <Abe Hisoka> "If everyone is equal I can be the better of them all."
[21:25] <Lady Mimas> Exactly.
[21:26] <Lady Mimas> Do you have your trope bingo cards?
[21:26] <Lady Mimas> I'm waiting to see which blocks you cross off!
[21:26] <Abe Hisoka> I figured this was going to be a profession chat. I even stopped swearing.
[21:26] <Lady Mimas> It was our favorite game to play when we confiscated them from you.
[21:26] <Lady Mimas> Very well.
[21:27] * Lady Mimas sets her tea cup down.
[21:27] * Abe Hisoka chuckles and sips her tea.
[21:27] <Lady Mimas> Every form of opposition this place has faced, there is a simple loophole that exists to nullify it.
[21:28] <Lady Mimas> Have you not noticed that?
[21:28] <Abe Hisoka> I noticed. Retcannons. Agencies that hide changes in time and space itself.
[21:28] <Lady Mimas> The moment there is a chink in the armor, someone immediately is out to fix it.
[21:29] <Abe Hisoka> I tried to tell them it's why their world is so unstable, but no one listens to the girl in the hoodie.
[21:29] <Lady Mimas> In turn, there is no conflict. If they really wanted, they could just erradicate us in the blink of an eye, couldn't they?
[21:29] <Lady Mimas> And yet.
[21:29] <Lady Mimas> They haven't.
[21:30] <Lady Mimas> Possibly because they're holding back for our sakes or maybe because they can't bring themselves to consensus.
[21:30] <Abe Hisoka> I would personally think the second one. It's like herding cats with them.
[21:30] <Lady Mimas> Whatever the reason! ♫
[21:31] <Lady Mimas> While I would like to believe that it is possible to win, I don't think it really is.
[21:31] <Lady Mimas> But you and I see on the same page, here.
[21:32] <Lady Mimas> I'd like to take a weapon of this universe and use it against them.
[21:32] <Abe Hisoka> Their secrecy?
[21:32] <Lady Mimas> Mmmmhm.
[21:32] * Lady Mimas holds up a smart phone, it is a conversation posted on /b/
[21:32] <Lady Mimas> This is my failsafe.
[21:33] <Lady Mimas> Anonymous is already aware that something might just happen.
[21:33] * Abe Hisoka chuckles and sets her tea down.
[21:33] <Lady Mimas> albeit, there is quite a bit of pictures of tits and how many people came to this post....
[21:34] * Abe Hisoka snorts.
[21:34] <Lady Mimas> You're good at finding people, right?
[21:34] <Abe Hisoka> It tends to be part of my job.
[21:34] * Lady Mimas hands over a USB drive.
[21:34] <Lady Mimas> Julien Asange.
[21:35] * Abe Hisoka smirks.
[21:35] <Lady Mimas> If all else fails, I'm sure you can get Ikari Industries to blow some funds to help them.
[21:35] <Lady Mimas> Get it?
[21:36] <Abe Hisoka> I certainly do.
[21:36] <Abe Hisoka> I am also certain they think I'm going to betray them just with me sitting here.
[21:36] * Abe Hisoka slides the USB drive into a pocket of her hoodie.
[21:37] <Lady Mimas> Now, then.
[21:38] <Lady Mimas> Keep the tea and the mochi~
[21:38] <Lady Mimas> Offer it to the others, while you're at it~
[21:38] <Lady Mimas> So long! ♡
[21:38] *** Lady Mimas [] has left #suburbansenshi3 (But it's too late to say you're sorry.)
[21:38] <Abe Hisoka> I doubt that's wise.
[21:39] <Abe Hisoka> The tea has a hint of pineapple.
[21:39] * Abe Hisoka shakes her head.
[21:40] * Abe Hisoka downs the last of her cup.
[21:40] * Abe Hisoka cleans up.
[21:40] *** Abe Hisoka has left #suburbansenshi3
[20:12] *** @E.E. "Doc" Xadium [user-19fasjd@TARDIS904563.panopticon.gallifrey.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:12] *** @spiritflame sets mode +o @E.E. "Doc" Xadium

[20:12] <@spiritflame> konbanwa @e.e. "doc" xadium

[20:13] *** @E.E. "Doc" Xadium [user-19fasjd@TARDIS904563.panopticon.gallifrey.sen] has joined #suburbansenshi3
[20:13] *** @spiritflame sets mode +o @E.E. "Doc" Xadium

[20:13] <@spiritflame> konbanwa @e.e. "doc" xadium
[20:13] <@E.E. "Doc" Xadium> there
[20:13] <@E.E. "Doc" Xadium> actaully wait